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Author Topic: Super Smash Bros Ultimate: A Link to the Witch [w/h Bayonetta]  (Read 960 times)


WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the videogames, franchises, characters etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Super Smash Bros Ultimate or any other videogame series, or their characters or publishers.

Starring: Bayonetta (Bayonetta series), Link (Legend of Zelda series)

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: A Link to the Witch

An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.   

Written by DaxG2001 ([email protected])
Codes: Cons, MF, oral, anal.

* * *

Link, the hero of Breath of the Wild, sat on a rock as he looked out to the battle going on on the elevated, impossibly floating platform far away over a seemingly bottomless pit. Clad in his blue Champion’s Tunic with light pants and brown boots. The legendary Master Sword and a Hylian Shield on his back. It was confusing enough being summoned to a strange, multiple land and terrain world like this. Then add in the unusual cast of characters, such as the small moustached man in overalls, a small pink sphere with feet, and the shorts-clad bear with a red bird in its backpack? It was a lot to take in. Let alone what appeared to be two other versions of himself, one a child and the other an abstract artistic style short one. Even the Princess Zelda brought here was from another world and seemed clueless about the Calamity and such events.

“Oh, peeping from afar are you, Link?” A thick British accent snapped him out of his thoughts as he instinctively leapt off from the rock, wielding his weapons. Blinking when he only saw a saucy, confident smile in response. “The type who likes to watch others going at it? Rather naughty for the Hero of the Wild, don’t you think?” She teased as Link, seeing no threat, stood down from the battle stance.

Bayonetta, one of the last of the Umbra Witches, stood in front of Link with hands on her shapely hips. Her ‘attire’ an otherworldly creation of her hair that she can shred and alter at will as one of her many demonic abilities. Appearing as a dark skin-tight bodysuit clinging to her rounded, juicy ass but currently with a covering upper part with flowing black ‘hair’ trails and white design. The hair on her hear of a short style with a look completed with glasses on her gorgeous face, long white gloves and her signature Bullet Arts guns with two visible on her heeled shoes.

Link, not being one to talk, merely gave a low bow as a means to say sorry for drawing his weapons. Getting a seductive laugh from her as she stepped forward. The two of them clearly knowing the identifies of one another as all the fighters in this world do.
“Strong, silent type aren’t you? Some ladies might be into that...” Bayonetta teased, glancing him over. “But you could be just another cute little swordsman from an Asian land. There’s already plenty of those around here.” She remarked. “But you’re something special, right? One doesn’t get the title of being the ‘Hero of the Wild’ without being able to back it up, correct?”
Link just responded with a nod. Modest about his skills rather than any sort of confidence.
Bayonetta made him step back a bit as she stepped very close in front of him as she continued to cast a gaze over him. “And they say you’re over a hundred years old as well… And here I thought I was the only old timer around here.” She joked as despite her own gorgeous, youthful appearance she was several hundred years older than even the man in front of him.

Link’s eyes widened when, teasing him further she leaned forward and got close enough to his face that their noses were an inch apart. “So, what do you say, Link? Fancy showing an old bird like me what a dashing young Hero like you can do? Or...” She leaned back, glancing at the weapon on his back. “Or is that big, long Master Sword of yours… Compensating… For something else?” She challenged with a smirk.
Link stood a little straighter as he immediately shook his head. However, a little innocently, he didn’t exactly understand that she wasn’t claiming it was because of a lack of size in combat ability he was making up for by using such a weapon.
“Splendid!” She said, making Link gasp as she took a hold of him by the Tunic. “This way then… Let’s see if we can make you finally make some noise for once then...” Bayonetta purred as she rather easily made Link walk along with him.

* * *

Minutes later, the two fighters have ‘borrowed’ the top of the Great Plateau Tower stage as Bayonetta effortlessly drops down into a wide squat as she has Link resting with his back against the podium usually for placing Sheikah Slate into. A seductive eyebrow raised to tease as she pulls down his pants, and her eyes widen as she sees that he’s packing quite the sword of his own in the nicely thick and long length that springs free. “Well well… So much for compensating, huh darling?” She purred, grasping him with a gloved hand and beginning to stroke. “Let’s have some fun… And see if I can make a hero like you get a little wicked.” She basically decided for him, but the nod of the head he gave as he stared back in clear awe of what was happening was all the consent she needed.

Sliding her tongue out, she groaned herself as she started to lick at his cock. A slow swirl around the tip while her hand kept running up and down, ensuring he was nice and hard. His moans already quite clear as she lapped at his prick. Dabbing a light coating of spit onto the crown as she worked her tongue all the way around for a couple more rotations. Enjoying herself with his big fat cock as she leaned down, running her tongue up the underside from back to crown and then swirling again as her hand resumed pumping the rod. A brief moment taken to reach around, making him gasp when she sneaked a grope of his toned ass in before toying with him further as she gave the head of his tool a brief kiss before getting another round of licks in.

“Not bad, hero...” She remarked as she gave a firm stroke up and down. “Now lets see how you like my magic trick… Making a sword disappear into my throat.” Bayonetta stated, and in the next moment parted her lips to take his cock inside to make him moan out. Keeping a hand on his hip as she started to bob up and down. Easily taking half of his size into her wicked, experienced mouth as she wrapped her lips around him. Still getting in the occasional lick up at his tool as it passed in and out of her warm, damp mouth. Enjoying not just the thickness and length of such a cock inside her, but the fact that he hadn’t already blown a load from the sensation of her oral hole was an encouragement along for her. Ensuring she kept sucking away as she slurped and groaned around his rod.

“Mmmmmmphhh… Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmphhhh...” Her own moans were muffled as she removed the hand from around his base and brought it down between her legs. Keeping the wide angle squat held perfectly as she started to pleasure herself with slow strokes back and forth across her crotch. Getting off on sucking some cock as her saliva began to drip down the shaft of the Hero of the Wild. Her free hand just used to ensure she wasn’t distracted from the task at hand. Brushing strands of her jet black hair from away out of her face, or pushing her classy spectacles back on her nose as the slipped from the repeated, energetic bobbing her head was doing along his pole. “Mmmmmphh… Mmmm! Mmmmmmphhh… Mmmmmm...” All as she stared up sinfully at a man from another world than she’s from, but already impressing him more than most of the sexual encounters she had in her long, centuries old life. Her smooth steady bobbing however more like the actions expected of a regular younger woman. Even if most females wouldn’t even be able to handle this amount of meaty dick like she is.

Link just stayed leaning against the podium as his hands gripped the edge. Groaning out with noises of approval rather than proper words as he kept his eyes glued onto the stunning face sliding up and down his cock. Not experienced at all with taking this sort of sexual act but more than built to take it as he was rock hard inside of that wicked and pleasurable oral hole. Going in deep as he gasped, feeling his dick not getting pleasured by her snug throat as she really showed off her skills. Putting him to the test as he watched her nose start to touch his crotch and her chin brush off his balls as she handled all of his member. His heroic side making him question if this was OK to feel so good without really giving anything in return, but the fact she was groaning around him and rubbing herself eliminating any concerns.

“MMMMMPHH!! Mmmmm… MMMMPHHHH...” She groaned loudly as she deep throated that huge cock, finding her throat getting stretched out wonderfully. Having not enjoyed this kind of filling up for a good few decades or longer as the Umbra Witch fucked her stunning face on his fat dick. Not even gagging for a moment as she lifted up and down over and over. Pressing her lips down into the base and taking her time with savouring, slow slurps along his shaft. The saliva drooling down her chin, landing onto her ‘clothing’ over chest as it completely lathered his shaft. Even now she was still getting in a lick up at his underside every now and then. Eventually lifting all the way up and off with a low gasp. Smiling again as she gave his dick an approving smooch on the tip.

“Well well, Link… You impress me.” Bayonetta said with honesty. “I can count on one hand the amount of times a man has lasted just inside my mouth… You might just be the handsome little hero I’ve been looking for.” She teased as she stood up.
Link, gasping a bit, just nodded as a thank you for what he took as a compliment. His cock rock hard and dripping with her spit.
As he tried to stand up, she just pushed him back against the podium. “Now, now. Don’t be too eager… The fun’s just getting started.” She licked her teeth as she struck a pose with arms up and hip to the side. Link staring with surprise as manipulated her hair to create a gap in her attire at the crotch. Exposing a smooth and already wet pussy. “Let’s see if the hero’s Master Sword can fit into this sheath...” She added as she invited herself up to mount him as he laid on the angled podium top.

Reaching down, she guided his prick up into her tightness. Making them both moan out as his thick size was slipped into her snug, wet hole as the bewitching beauty adjusted on top of the hero of Hyrule. Her hands on his shoulders, commanding the position with a lean forward over him. Allowing her to put her gorgeous long legs and thick hips to work as her feet stayed planted on the ground.  Rising up and down, quickly getting into the motion as she started to fuck him. The long trails of the ‘hair’ on her attire swaying behind her as she bounced. Keeping Link groaning but saying no words as she handed his size with clear skill and experience, as expected not just of a shamelessly flirty and seductive woman, but one with centuries of age over him.

“MMMMM… Oh Hero! You fit wonderfully! MMMMM… Don’t tell me this… MMMMM… Kind of big, hard weapon has been locked away for over a hundred years unused! MMMMM...” She teased with a smirk, looking down at the man she’s riding as she works her wet slot up and down his prick smoothly and steadily. Already a slap of skin hitting skin sounding out when she worked down as her juicy ass rippled in her ‘clothing’. Her thick British accent making her dirty talk even hotter as she all too easily had her wicked, but willing, way with a legendary hero from another world. “MMMM… I shall have to have words with your Princess… MMMMM… Keeping such a thick, long sword like this locked away! MMMMM… Simply unforgivable...” She claimed as her hands stroked over his Tunic-covered chest. Controlling the pace as she worked herself up and down. As shameless with her filthy words as she was just engaging in such an act on the sacred platform of the Great Plateau Tower with an open air view of the world around them. So their moans would easily echo around to even by heard by anyone on the ground if there were about.

Link laid back and moaned as he, more than flustered by the charms and confidence of this beauty from another world, was even hesitating to place his hands onto her stunning frame as she bounced away on him. Part of him thinking perhaps this was some sort of test that he must endure, even with how fantastic his cock felt to be buried inside of a woman. Her tight, wet folds gripping his cock with a hint of ownership to it along with the desire. Perhaps not surprisingly, the Umbra Witch took the choice out of his hands when she grabbed his arms. Bringing his fingers up to her slim waist to hold, and making her groan approvingly when he firmly held her and gave a nod of understanding. Bayonetta licking her lips again. She did enjoy a nice young man who took his orders well.

“MMMMM… Good boy...” She let out a sexy laugh. Rewarding his hold on her, and taking advantage of the new support she got from it, by increasing her rhythm to work over his length. Sending her rounded, fleshy ass slapping down hard to make the clap really ring out. Driving her pussy down to the hilt, filling herself up with all of his meaty inches. In turn making her own short haired head tilt back as she let out the sort of moan that was more suited for a XXX-Rated form of entertainment than a fighting videogame. “MMMMM… Oh my! MMMMM… Good boy indeed! MMMMM… Making me feel a dozen decades younger already! MMMMM...” She moaned as the sweat started to form on her pretty facial features, and not just because her body was still ‘clothed’ by the demonic bodysuit attire provided by her enchanted hair. Making the most of being with a lover who can actually last inside of her wicked body as she bounced away and kept them both groaning out in delight.

Link gritted his teeth as he glanced down and saw the glimpses of his prick reappearing from out of her box as she lifted up to the mid point on his length. Before she dropped sharply down and made him vanish up into her snug, moist twat with a fresh, lusty groan. A part of him knowing this was wrong to do, let alone on a battlefield. A hero like him had standards to live up to. Yet he couldn’t deny the incredible feeling of a wonderful pussy sliding up and down on his length to keep him making moans and gasps of enjoyment. The closest he comes to actually speaking from those manly groans as he too started to sweat in the Champion’s Tunic he still wore. Besides, this was a unique, strange world nothing like his own. Perhaps a secret or two that stayed in this place and didn’t follow him back home wouldn’t hurt.

“MMMMM… Goodness! Oooooooooh! MMMMM… Now this is what I call a battle! MMMMM… Think you can defeat this wicked witch with such a… MMMMM… Lewd, sinful sword? AHHHHH… I think we’ll see you try...” Bayonetta groaned as she took a moment to push her stylish glasses back up her face before she went back to caressing his chest seductively. Even as she was riding away quickly and with force on his cock, leaving his manhood with a shine of her juices from the repeated motion. Certainly not looking like she was a woman centuries older than her appearance made her out to be with such an energetic, commanding motion. Keeping her rump clapping down into his toned body as she bounced up and down. Even reaching down to make one of his hands slide up her frame and onto her bust, encouraging him to grope her sizeable chest as his eyes widened in surprise. “MMMMM… Good, obedient little boy… Maybe I’ll make quite the naughty man out of you yet, Hero of the Wild...” She purred as she felt his digits timidly dig into her. Her ‘attire’ providing no resistance as a layer so he got a good feel, in more ways than one, of her large breasts as they jiggled in his grip. Gasping herself when she felt his hips buck, sending his cock unintentionally thrusting into her slot as she grit her teeth herself. Like she almost lost focus from the feeling.

“MMMMM… That was a dirty little trick, Hero...” Bayonetta smirked, thinking the reflex motion was planned as she came to a stop on his cock.
Link just blinked, confused by what she meant. Perhaps fortunate that he doesn’t speak, as it wasn’t likely that anything he’d say to her would convince her that it was the accident it really was.
“If you wanted to have your turn, you could have just said so...” She said, dismounting him but just so she could turn that lovely body around. Leaving her ass squashed into his crotch as she held his length inside her love tunnel. “Oh, of course… You’re more a man of action that words, right Link?” She teased, looking over her shoulder as she put his hands back on her waist. “Well? Get to work, hero… A new quest awaits you...”

The blonde hunk from Hyrule nodded, even if he didn’t pick up on the innuendos being tossed his way. Holding her firmly as he began to thrust upward, sending his fat and long cock up nice and deep into the angel hunter’s wet and snug pussy. Her folds still gripping his cock with need and desire as she now got to feel him going in nice and deep from a whole new angle. The slap of her juicy butt cheeks hitting his body ringing out once again as he pumped up to go balls deep into her snatch. Allowing her to have her fun as she kept her body riding him so she could drop down sharply to meet each incoming thrust into her box. Ensuring the maximum pleasure from being filled up to a limit that very few men have even gotten the honour to experience. Let alone the fact that she can’t recall the last time someone had lasted this long inside of her.

“MMMMM… YES! MMMMM LINK! Ooooooooh! That’s it, darling! MMMMM… Harder, deeper! MMMMM… Make me feel it! MMMMM!” She seductively groaned her approval in that thick British-like accent as her arms were reaching back. Cupping his head with a smile cast at him as she enjoyed the cute look on his handsome, moaning face. Encouraging her, as if the feeling of a big dick pumping into her twat wasn’t enough, to ride that cock even as he was already driving up like a piston working in overdrive. “AHHHHH… Goodness! MMMMM YES!! You’re actually giving me a workout, hero! MMMMMM OOOOOOOH… More… MMMMM MORE! Harder, you wonderful boy! MMMM!” The sweat dripping from her face as her pussy stayed clamped around that shaft which was stretching her out in a way she hasn’t felt in several, countless decades. Enjoying herself so much that she tapped into her powers. Creating a new gap in her clothing across her chest to expose her large, rounded tits as they bounced away freely and wildly. At least until she began to fondle herself for an extra dose of pleasure.

Link grunted as he kept his cock slamming up and enjoyed the cushioning feeling of her plump rear repeatedly slapping down into his crotch. Not thinking for a moment about how fucking on the alter of the Great Plateau Tower was rather disrespectful to his homeland and its people, considering the Calamity and all. More focused, as any man would be, on driving his cock up into such a wonderful, bewitching piece of dripping pussy. The smack of his body hitting hers as he drives in balls deep over and over echoing out from the tower top and likely the sound carrying over a great distance along with their shameless moans. His sacred Champion’s Tunic now clinging to his toned, desirable body from the effort used to fuck the Umbra Witch impaling herself again and again on his meaty pole.

Half going on instinct and the other following her own motions, he took the sight of her gorgeous chest as an invitation. Reaching up to grasp her mound and rewarded not just with a fresh, loud moan from his newfound lover from another world, but her hand going onto his to encourage the grope. His fingers now taking a hold deeper than during the previous position as his confidence grew, but still not enough to prevent her breast from bouncing in his hand. The woman on top of him fuelled herself by the touch to keep riding away on him. The sweat dripping down her exposed back, arms and her face as she was tested in this sexual ‘contest’ more than at any time during her long, angel hunting life.

“MMMMM OH BY THE SEVEN CIRCLES! MMMMM!! YES, LINK! AHHHHH!! HARDER, YOU WONDERFUL MAN! MMMMM!!” She moaned out as her hand gripped his blonde hair as she rocked back into him. Resting her back against his chest so he could get a moment to do all the work. Making her body jolt and slide over his as he pumped away briskly and stiffly into her soaking wet pussy. Her free hand fondling the breast that he wasn’t feeling up to keep pleasure racing through her body. “MMMMM… A hero deserves a reward, after all! MMMMM YES! MORE! MORE!! AHHHHHH MMMMM… That’s it, hero! MMMMM! LINK! LINK!! AHHHHHH!” She gasped out her glasses bounced a bit on her nose, barely staying on as her frame was rocking up and down as she took his pounding pace. Thrilling her over and above the fact that she had gotten the Hero of the Wild to engage willingly in such a sinful act. Reaping the rewards of this with a round of sex that was already levels above any encounter she’s been in across her many years of existence.

“MMMMM… Link! S-Stop, my love!” Bayonetta gasped, as Link with a groan pulled out of her well fucked and dripping pussy. “Oh, no… Nothing’s wrong, you stunning, handsome man...” She purred, caressing his cheek. “But you want your favourite witch to really have her fun, right?”
Link, gasping for air and rather thankful for a brief break, just nodded in agreement as his chest heaved against her slick with sweat back.
“Splendid...” She said, dismounting his body before she pulled him off from the Sheikah Slate podium. Moving onto it herself with a bend over it and lifting a knee up onto it, sticking her juicy, rounded ass out towards him. “One moment, please.” She said. Altering her powered hair again as she made the tear at her crotch widen out so that her whole, rounded booty was exposed.

Link wasn’t quite sure what she wanted as he stood and watched. But then further confused when, seemingly out of nowhere Bayonetta had produced a small container in her hand. Dipping her fingers into what looked like clear, thick liquid before she reached around her rear. Pushing fingers into her own backside with a groan and starting to pump in and out as she prepared herself. “Mmmmmm… Oh, what’s that? Where did I… Mmmmm… Where did I keep this lube? Same place any woman keeps her things… In her Inventory of course.” She gave a wink back at him as she finger fucked her butt for a quick round to work the lube in. Ah, the inventory. Of course. Made perfect sense to Link as he nodded and just watched as he got her back passage all prepared for him.

Soon enough she motioned with a curling finger for him to step forward. Making him gasp as she made sure to grip his cock and pump him, spreading lube out over his cock for good measure. Then guiding that shaft not into her snatch as he’d assumed she wanted. Both of them groaning out when his fat length was pushed into her tight asshole. If her pussy had been spread open by him before, then this was driving open a passage hard as even without being halfway in, she was already arching back and pushing her hips towards him. Her hand down between her legs, rubbing at herself in sinful delight as she got ass fucked by the same big cock she’s already had deep in her mouth and pussy over the course of this erotic ‘battle’.

“MMMMMM AHHHHHH YESSS!! LIKE THAT! MMMMMM!! OOOOOOOH YESSSSSS…. MMMMMM… BUGGER THAT ARSE, LINK! MMMMMM!! FILL ME UP! AHHHHHH!!” She moaned out as her tits swung in time with the shifting back against his thrusts the Umbra Witch was doing. Sweat dripping off her face almost as much as her juices were coating her fingers and trickling down her thighs. Staring back with a burning lust for the Hero of the Wild as she encouraged and pushed back against his stiff, deepening pumps into her rear. Knowing full well this has to be the first time he’s ever engaged in anal sex, and it’s not exactly like she’s ever found a man who can live up to her supremely high sex drive and standards either. “AHHHHH YES!! DEEPER! HARDER, YOU HANDSOME, AMAZING MAN YOU! OOOOOOOOOH!! MMMMMM!! BUGGER THIS DIRTY BLOODY WITCH! MMMMM!! DEEP HER NAUGHTY ARSE!! AHHHHH!!” She gasped out as that thick British accent combined with dirty slang made her words enough that many a normal man would have cum just from hearing her. Perhaps fortunate that the one currently stuffing her didn’t understand most of it, but took it as encouragement to keep going.

Link held onto her waist, which allowed him to keep her steady and in place so he could pump away with his fat shaft into that juicy, jiggling backside of the seductive woman from another world. Groaning himself as he enjoyed a feeling unlike anything he’s experienced before including in her other pleasurable holes already today. He never knew that a woman could get enjoyment, to put it mildly in this case from her near screaming moans and dripping wet snatch, from her ass being fucked. He wasn’t going to argue against her, and not just because he didn’t really have the words to do so. Moaning away as his own sweat left the famed Champion’s Tunic almost see-through and stuck against his desirable, toned body.

“AHHHHH YESSS!! MMMMM!! YOU DIRTY, RANDY LITTLE BUGGER YOU! OOOOOOH!! GIVING IT TO… MMMMM!! A NASTY, OLD SLAG LIKE ME! MMMMM… AHHHH YESSSS!! MMMMM!!” She yelled out lustfully. A shift in her own movement, and instead of just rubbing away at her pussy she stuffed fingers into herself. Able to easily go knuckles deep with the first thrust thanks to the previous fucking she’s taken down there before. Leaving her gritting her teeth as she continues to drive her curvaceous body, still ‘clad’ in her supernatural clothing, sharply back into the stiff pumps she’s taking from the back. Working with just one foot on the floor as she keeps her ass raised up and shoved out for him to plough into over and over. “MMMMM!! I’M BLOODY OLD ENOUGH… AHHHHHH!! TO BE YOUR GREAT GRANDMOTHER A THOUSAND TIMES OVER! OOOOOOOOOOH!! MMMMMM YESSSSSSSS!! AHHHHHHH!!” She gasped out as her plump, juicy cheeks finally started connecting with his crotch. Her head hanging down as she moaned as there was almost a switch in roles with her looking like she wasn’t in control as the stud behind her kept standing straight to drive his shaft in and out of her super snug asshole.

Link just stared down as he gasped out and groaned in between his own hip movement. Watching that almost hypnotic sight of her fleshy butt cheeks clapping back into his waist as her kept driving herself wickedly into his piston-like motion. His balls slapping off her body and brushing occasionally against her hand as she kept up the wild finger banging of her twat while taking it up the ass from behind. Not even feeling a sting of the weight of such a plump backside striking him with erotic force as he kept driving in and out of her. Thankful that unlike back in his home world he didn’t seem to have the same sort of stamina limitations he’d have when engaging in physical activities. Then again, he’s never ever been balls deep inside a woman’s thick, stunning ass before in his life.

“YES! AHHHHHH!! YES!! YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSS AHHHHHHHH LIIIIIIIINK MMMMMMMMM!!” Bayonetta’s head tilted back as her eyes behind her glasses rolled up in delight as an orgasm with centuries of built of frustration behind it ripped through her body. Leaving juices gushing out of her twat, soaking her hand and arm let alone the floor below as she stuffed her digits in deep. Slumping against the podium of the tower they’ve been fucking on, even before she’d finished cumming, as her big tits rubbed into the console. Grunting in quite primal fashion as she couldn’t even push back now from such an intense peak. Luckily, the ‘student’ she’s been teaching made up for her lack of focus as he kept hammering into her backside. Ensuring that she rode out every moment of her orgasm even if it came at the expense of her back passage being left spread open for even longer than even a witch like her can usually recover from.

Link grunted as he pulled out from that more than just well fucked backside. His cock throbbing as he gasped. But he didn’t get a chance to make the next move as, even as tired as she was, Bayonetta turned around and got back down into a signature, sexy squat pose. “Got a reward for me, hero?” She purred, gripping his poke with a gloved hand and not caring about the sticky mess of her own juices that she was getting onto herself. “Come on, lover… Time for the best part!” She demanded more than encouraged with a shameless smile to match as she rapidly stroked him off.

It didn’t take long at all before Link closed his eyes and his head tilted back. Cumming as thick, hot blasts of spunk fired out. Leaving Bayonetta moaning as the seed splashed over her gorgeous face with the lens of her glasses getting coated completely to drip off from the glass and frames. She kept stroking away to milk out a load that perhaps was a back up over a hundred years in his own right. Feeling his jizz hitting her cheeks, nose, lips and chin. Not even annoyed by the high, stray shots that caught into her short, sexy hair on the top of her head. Only letting go of his ‘Master Sword’ when he went limp in her grasp. Allowing her to reach up and just pull her glasses down her nose so she could stare up with a smirk at him as the cum dripped from her face and spectacles onto her heaving tits and staining her dark ‘clothing’ around her bust.

“Mmmmmm… My goodness...” Bayonetta stayed squatting as she stared up with a grin. “You know how to make an old dear like me feel a half millennium younger...” She complimented. “Or is shagging a dirty slag up her arse a regular custom back in Hyrule?” She teased as the jizz still coated and dripped from her features.
Link, again not understanding what she was saying, just shook his head as he stood half dressed and gasping with sweat soaking him.
“Good… I’d hate to think you weren’t giving a witch like me anything but the special treatment, Hero of the Wild.” She purred as she gave him a wink. “Now then… I suppose we’d better...”

Before she could finish her thought, suddenly flashes of light appeared around them on this area usually a battlefield. Blinking into vision, Link’s eyes widening as he saw a blonde haired Princess in a large skirted pink dress, a blue haired swordswoman, a green haired Goddess in white robes, and a pale faced woman in gym attire of black leggings and a blue top. All of them looking ready for a battle. That was, of course, until they all gasped and saw the state of the two already here on the Great Plateau Tower.

“Looks like a new challenger approaches...” Bayonetta said, standing up with a wicked smile as she moved back to lean against the podium. “Or should I say, four of them...” She teased. Not fazed by the jizz still falling off her face onto her chest and clothing as she seemed happy to just watch this next round of fun.
Link didn’t speak, but let out an audible gulp of concern at the new sets of hungry eyes all over him.  He had a feeling this was going to be quite the long, physical battle… But he was going to have to use his new ‘special’ Master Sword again to survive it…

* * *

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