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Re: Young Hollywood Shoots (Multi-celeb series) Session 7: [Kat and Katelyn]
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Young Hollywood Shoots

Session seven featuring actresses Kat McNamara from Arrow & Katelyn Nacon of The Walking Dead fame.

Codes (MF,F+M,inter,con,oral)

Lying on her stomach on the living room floor was the former star of The Walking Dead, Katelyn Nacon and on top of her was the newest star of the CW’s Arrow, Katherine McNamara. She was massaging lotion onto the back and shoulders of her fellow young actress.

The two were clad in bikinis while photographer Carter G snapped pictures of their “innocent” massage.

“Looking good ladies,” the photographer praised as the large bulge in his grey cutoff shorts continued to swell up.

“You have such beautiful skin,” Kat whispered in Katelyn’s ear. “Such a shame a show like The Walking Dead made you cover up this wonderful body of yours. Doesn’t she have a great body, Carter?”

“Oh, absolutely. Kate has such a nice size chest, it’s a shame you had to wear all that clothing on the show,” he agreed.

“And she has such a pretty smile with that big delicious mouth,” Kat continued on as she applied more lotion on her hands and started massaging Katelyn’s sizable bikini-clad ass. “Mmmmm. Who would have guessed this pasty white girl had such a remarkable body.”

Low moans escaped the former Walking Dead star’s mouth as Kat sneakily slipped a finger inside her bikini bottom and started rubbing against the outer labia of her acting colleague’s moist pussy.

“I bet you got a juicy fat pussy. How many times has your pussy been fucked real good?” Kat asked as she plunged another finger and dug both of them deep between Katelyn’s wet inner labia.

“Not e-enough,” she softly replied, steadily panting for air as she felt her cunt being ravished by Kat’s fingers.

Carter kneeled down and took some close-up shots of Kat’s fingers drilling in and out of Katelyn’s sweet twat. He saw the pink hole of her cuntmouth forming wetness and heard her moans become louder and louder.

The Arrow actress climbed off Katelyn’s back, got between her spread legs and spread them. She opened the blue bikini bottom further apart and planted her mouth on her cunt. She started licking like a cat starving for a taste of milk. She wiggled her tongue between wet folds of Katelyn’s clean-shaven snatch and reached her g-spot.

“Ooooooh…” Katelyn softly moaned as her body became overwhelmed with sexual excitement.

“I want you to sit on my face so I can eat your little juicy kitty,” a grinning Kat ordered the former Walking Dead actress, removing her face from Kate’s hot and soppy squeezebox and turned around to lie on her back.

The 20-year-old sat up with her dripping-wet pussy above the overzealous mouth of Kat McNamara. Kat dug in, wildly lapping her tongue against the outside surface of Katelyn’s cunt and tasting the young actress’s sweet juices that entered her starving mouth. Kat wrapped her arms around Katelyn’s thighs as she loudly feasted on her drippy twat, causing her colleague to moan feverishly.

“Oh shit. I didn’t know you had such killer instinct when it came to eating pussy,” Carter said taken aback. His 11-inch cock was massively rock-hard observing the 23-year-old blond actress munching away at the younger actress’s cunt. “I think your pussy deserves some attention too.”

Carter held his camera with one hand and pulled off Kat’s red bikini bottom apart with the other. Her pussy was hairless with puffy fat lips that smiled at him as he took a few snapshots. He then put the camera down and got between her open legs. He took a large inhale of the sweet scent emanating from her succulent cunt before diving in. Both actresses were moaning loud and frantic, but most of Kat’s moans were muffled by her face being buried nose-deep in Katelyn’s pink mushy love tunnel.

“I’m gonna cum! Ooooh, Kat! Oooh my god!” Katelyn cried, tossing her head back and surrendering to the apex of her sexual tension, quenching Kat’s thirst with her rich creamy cum.

While her mouth was being flooded with the syrupy juices out of her acting colleague’s hot cuntmouth, Kat reached her own sexual peak limits from Carter’s savage licking of her inflated creamy pussy and shattered through them. She arched her back which pushed her face further into Katelyn’s hot puss and her own scorching cunt further into Carter’s devouring mouth, wildly gasping for air and moaning loud. Once she felt his tongue attacking the fat clitoris that was the trigger point to make her instantly cum.

“Uuugghhhh, my pussy! Ooh fuck! Aaaahh, I’m cumming! Ooooooh Yessss! I’m cumming! Ooooh yeessss!” Kat moaned with her head free from between Katelyn’s legs and thrashing around on the floor.

Carter lapped and slurped up Kat’s thickly pussy cum until her orgasm died down. He then stood up with a monstrous bulge jutting from beneath his grey cutoff shorts. After a few minutes, both Kat and Katelyn got back to their senses and kneeled down in front of him.

“My god, he’s massive!” Kat muttered with her gorgeous olive-green eyes being filled with lust and an enormous rock-hard bulge.

“Yeah, no shit! Never seen a penis this big in my life,” Katelyn spoke with a bit of fear in her voice.

“The more cock, the merrier,” Kat teased, caressing the outline of Carter’s oversized throbbing appendage. “Once you put your virgin lips on this, you’re going to love it.”

“Oh. Katelyn has never sucked dick before?” Carter asked a bit curious.

“Putting a penis in my mouth has never been ideal,” Katelyn replied.

“Well, you’re about to get a lesson in cock sucking 101 today. I’ll go first,” said Kat while whipping off her red bikini top and baring her orange-sized breasts and their thick yet small rubbery nipples. She then pulled down Carter’s cutoff grey shorts and his raging hard mammoth black cock sprung out. Both actresses gasped with wide eyes and open mouths.

“Fuck me… That thing is ginormous…” Katelyn muttered.

“It’s so big, powerful, and black. Just how I like them,” Kat teased, grabbing Carter’s lengthy veiny shaft with both of her small hands and began stroking it up and down. She leaned forward putting her mouth over the swollen tip of his cock and started sucking. Inch by inch, Kat stroked her mouth up and down his rock-hard erection until engulfing 6 inches between her sucking lips. Her hands steadily pumped away at his shaft as she increased the speed of her sucking.

Katelyn watched the Arrow actress suck on Carter’s massive black cock with bated breath, wondering if she was going to choke on his meaty tool the further gorged down to the back of her throat.

Katherine pulled her mouth up for a brief second, keeping the swollen plum-sized helmet of his shaft enclosed between her lips and trapped between her teeth. She lightly nibbled on his cockhead and then rubbed the tip of her tongue up and down the open slit of his penis. She wiggled her tongue back and forth, up and down on his pee-hole, tasting a bit of salty pre-cum that leaked from the opening.

Carter moaned deeply, running his fingers through the actress’s long blond wavy hair while her mouth enclosed over 6 meaty inches of his hard black member. Her head bobbed swiftly while she sucked and moaned loudly with her mouth stuffed full of fat dick. She removed one hand off his shaft and moved it to cup his heavy hanging ball sack and started massaging it. After several minutes, Kat pulled her mouth off his cock and massaged her saliva into the rock-hard veiny flesh.

“Here Kate. I got it all nice and ready for you. Just take your time and go at your own pace,” Kat instructed the former Walking Dead actress.

Katelyn took a deep breath as she couldn’t believe she was staring at the biggest cock she ever saw and her first black one. She gripped his throbbing slimy shaft with both of her hands in a closed fist attempt as she prepared to give her first blowjob. She lightly kissed the massive knob of his tool before using her tongue to lick every inch of his dickhead. Katelyn then enclosed her mouth over his cockhead and began sucking while her hands stroked his lengthy black shaft.

“How does that taste, Kate? How does that dark chocolate fat cock feel in your mouth?” Kat whispered in her ear.

“Not bad… Not bad at all,” Katelyn responded, momentarily pulling her lips off the tip of his throbbing sausage and slid her tongue up and down his shaft. She kept her hands massaging the root of his big cock while her tongue licked and lapped over the rest of his hot raw flesh.

“Don’t forget those big balls,” Kat mentioned. “They are so juicy and fat.”

Katelyn moved her head below his long pulsing member and dragged her tongue over his heavy cum-filled scrotum. She alternated between sucking on his large testicles, attempting to fit them in her mouth.

“Mmmm. Not bad for lips that used to be virgin,” Carter teased, enjoying the liveliness of Katelyn’s mouth devouring his heavy ball sack.

After spending a couple of minutes leaving his balls dripping in saliva, Katelyn returned her mouth to his oversized member and took in 4-inches. She slowly stroked her mouth up and down the hot throbbing 4-inches of his hard cock between her lips. Her fellow actress was becoming restless watching her have all the fun.

“Can’t let you have all the fun, Kate. I say he has enough dick for two,” said Kat as she attached her mouth onto one side of his granite-hard shaft while Katelyn increased the bobbing her of head.

“Ooooh shit, ladies. Ooh fuck,” Carter moaned, looking down and watching two beautiful young actresses share his enormous black cock.

Kat and Katelyn alternated sucking his fat oversized dick at the tip while the other stroked his inflamed veiny shaft up and down.

“We don’t want him to cum yet. We want him to fuck us with his huge black cock,” seductively said Kat, stroking his insanely hard member while Katelyn continued bobbing her mouth up and down a little portion of his prick. “You ready to fuck us hard with this big ass dick? You ready to split open our little pussies with this enormous rock hard giant cock?”

“Oh fuck yeaaah,” Carter moaned. “Who wants it first?”

A couple of minutes later, Carter was laying on the ground with his humongous cock covered in one of his specialty condoms. Katherine McNamara slowly pushed her tight soaked and wet cunt over his jutting pillar.

“Holy shit, this cock is so fucking massive! It’s splitting my fucking pussy apart, Oh my god,” Kat cried, sinking her pink creamy squeezebox as far as it could go onto his rock-hard member. She sat on a large portion of his cock in a squatting position with her hands placed firmly on his beefy chest and moved the puffy walls of her pink hot twat up and down his long fuck stick with smooth continuous strokes. Within seconds, Kat was beside herself, frantically moaning louder and louder on the biggest and fattest cock she ever experienced.

“OOOOOOOOOOOH FUCK! THIS DICK! OOOOOOOOOH GOD!! FUCCCK!” she cried out. “So fucking big! Oooooh god! Ooooooh shit!”

While watching Kat fuck herself on Carter’s massively long member, Katelyn moved to sit on Carter’s mouth, facing the loud moaning Arrow actress. She felt her overwhelmingly moist pussy instantly become ultra-hot under his lethal tongue assault. Katelyn started moaning loudly in unison with Kat.

“Uuuuuhnnn -- I’m cumming! Ooooooohhhh GOD -- OOOOOOOH GOD!” yelled Kat as she soaked Carter’s meaty shaft with her creamy cum juices. She squeezed his pectorals while her bald cuntmouth twitched violently and cum continued flowing like a broken faucet.

Katelyn felt her own orgasm surging through her body from Carter’s intense oral skills. Her moans were muffled while she was cumming from Kat leaning over and giving her a passionate hot kiss.

After both young actresses finish cumming and their orgasms subsided, Carter put on a new XXL jimmy cap and positioned Katelyn sideways on the floor. He lifted one of her legs up and had Kat stick his immense cock inside her fellow actress’s tight bald snatch. He steadily pushed a good length of his meaty hard member up and inside her drenched cunt.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH!” Katelyn cried loudly as her entire body was trembling due to waves of bliss coursing through from the biggest cock she ever experienced ramming her tight pink tunnel inside out. Her sizable knockers bounced their way out of her green bikini top and leaped around on her chest each time Carter thrust his massive cock up inside her clean-shaven dippy twat.

“Damn. He’s pounding your pussy real good,” Kat teased, hanging over Carter’s side and watching his super hard dick plow in and out of Katelyn. She reached over and started rubbing Kate’s thin-skinned clitoris sending the moaning actress further into a tailspin of pleasure.

“OOOOH-- MY -- GOD, NOOOO! Oh god, oh god, oh god! FUCCK! Ooooooh god!” cried and moaned Katelyn and it was all she could tolerate before succumbing to the biggest orgasm she ever experienced. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH GOD!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!”

After a few more seconds of thrusting inside Katelyn’s cum-streaming honey pot, Carter pulled out and Kat yanked his condom off and took his throbbing tool between her sexy soft lips. She cradled and fondled his giant balls with one hand while the other pumped his shaft at the base as she eagerly sucked his big cock. Carter felt the spunk in his gigantic ball sack boiling and couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Oh shit, Kat! Aaaah fuck! AAAAAAH, I’m cumming,” he called out as his thick gooey jism flooded the blond actress’s mouth. Kat swallowed what she could before pulling her mouth off and letting the rest of his cum blast her face and chest.

“Oh god!” the Arrow actress cried out, her face hidden behind a gooey mess of Carter’s hot spunk.

“Wow. His dick stays big even after unloading all that cum on your face,” Katelyn gasped and observed. She took a finger, wiped some of Carter’s thick cum off Kat’s face and sucked it off. “Wow… It has a very powerful unique salty taste.”

“I know and I want some more!” Kat exclaimed with glee, using her own fingers to wipe Carter’s semen off her face and sucked it off her fingers.

“There’s plenty more where that came from,” he mentioned, stroking his enormous black cock back to life.

“My pussy is still sore,” Katelyn said.

“C’mon, Kate. One last fuck before we hit the road,” Kat suggested.

“Alright ladies, get on your hands and knees on the couch and line those sweet pussies up,” Carter instructed while wrapping another XXL condom over his throbbing member.

Both actresses obliged, pressing their firm butts together on the couch as Carter stood behind them stroking his lengthy rod. He rubbed the thick knob of his massive spear against the sleek opening of Katelyn’s tender young cuntmouth and pushed through her outer and inner labia. She cried and moaned with each inch of his mammoth tool prying and stretching her cunt lips open.

While he rammed into Katelyn, Carter used the hand closes to Kat and thrust two fingers in and out of her hot pink tunnel. He felt her womanly juices already pouring out onto his plunging fingers. He alternated between sticking his 11-inch hard cock and fingers in both actresses’ syrupy squeezeboxes until he brought both girls to massive orgasms and he exploded an immense turret of gooey jism all over their backs and asses to end the session…
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Re: Young Hollywood Shoots (Multi-celeb series) Session 7: [Auli'i Cravalho]
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Young Hollywood Shoots

Session eight with the upcoming star of the live action musical of The Little Mermaid
Auli'i Cravalho

Codes (MF,inter,con,oral,fj)

The beautiful star of Disney’s Moana, Auli’i Cravalho came by the studio this week for a photoshoot session that showed off the 18-year-old’s mature side. She agreed to take some pictures while wearing a few provocative yet stylish outfits and racy lingerie. Auli’i also heard the stories that quite a bit of raunchy shenanigans happen after the photoshoots are done and like most virgin teens, she let her curiosity got the better of her.

Auli’i agreed to have a private session with Carter G under a few conditions. The first one being that she wears a mask that hides her face. The next condition was giving her a stage name or nickname so he doesn’t use her real name. The safety measures were just in case somehow Carter misplaces the photographs or video of her engaging in sexual lewd acts that would hurt her young career and standing with the kid family-friendly corporate known as Disney.

The last condition Carter G was a bit hesitant to agree upon and that was no intercourse. Auli’i wanted to keep her pussy nice and tight for her future husband and would only suck Carter’s huge black fat cock, let him fuck her big teen boobs, and finish him off with a foot job. Carter agreed as he wasn’t going to be foolish to pass up this opportunity.

He sat down on his couch stark naked with his massive cock looking heavy and lumber between his thighs. In front of him stood the Moana actress wearing a red and yellow Luchador mask with eyes and mouth holes and a matching black set of undergarments. She also wore a pair of cat ears over the mask just to be cute. Her large breasts overflowed the top of her black brassiere and all of it excited Carter and his 11-inch penis.

Auli’i got down on her knees between Carter’s open legs and seized his enormously fat cock with both hands not able to close her fingers around it and started lightly licking the bulging mushroom head. She felt his thick tool throbbing and growing in length between her hands as she stroked the shaft. Auli’i enclosed her mouth over the tip of his black spear, sucking and slurping on it and slowly moving her lips down to take a couple of inches of the shaft in her mouth. She steadily bobbed her head up and down a medium length of his cock while making gurgling sounds.

“Oh, Miss Hawaii 5-0. Not bad for a beginner. Are you really a virgin?” asked Carter, calling the Moana actress by her stage name. They both agreed upon that name from her being born in Hawaii and it’s the name of his favorite television show.

“I’m not all innocent and naïve. I watch porn,” she informed Carter, momentarily taking his huge dark cock out of her mouth. The actress slithered her tongue up and down the entire span of his vein-throbbing appendage before taking the fat knob and a chuck of his shaft back between her lips.

Carter moaned as Auli’i sucked and stroked his giant cock for a few minutes. After a few more minutes, he begrudgingly pulled his member out of her mouth and stood up. He positioned the both of them so that the hidden camera in the bookshelf got a nice side view of the actress and his oversized wet dick jutting in front of her masked face.

“Go ahead and take off your bra, Miss Hawaii 5-0. Free those big puppies,” Carter instructed, slapping and rubbing his slimy fat prick all over the front of her mask. He lodged his black hard cock inside her mouth, rubbing the engorged knob against her inner cheeks and the roof of her mouth as Auli’i unhooked her bra. Her big teen titties trembled out as the bra dropped on the floor in the form of perfectly round globes with dark brown average-sized areolas and thick pointy nipples of the same color.

“Very nice,” Carter approved, sliding his enormous dick in and out of the teen’s mouth. Each time he pulled out and thrust back in, he slid his member further down her throat. He began a steady rhythm of face-fucking the Moana actress until she began gagging and coughing up saliva. “My cock is all nice and wet and ready for fuck those big titties.”

Carter reached down with his hands and scooped up Auli’i’s large breasts and squeezed them around his sleek tool. He started pumping his solid hard manhood upwards between her soft pillows of desirable pleasure. Each time Carter pushed up, the tip of his meaty wang slammed underneath her chin.

“Suck it when it reaches your mouth,” Carter instructed.

Auli’i bent her head down slightly and played capture the swollen helmet of his shaft between her succulent lips each time he plunged upwards. Pre-jizz oozed from the slit of his hard dick and into her mouth.

“Mmmmm. These titties are fantastic,” Carter moaned, filling his large sweaty palms with Auli’i’s fatty light-skinned tissue as he fucked her round globes.

After a few minutes, he had Auli’i lie down on her back and he straddled her chest to continue fucking her big boobs and pushing his dickhead inside her mouth. From time to time, Carter would lift his massive veiny organ from between the soft cushions of Auli’i’s teen bosoms and slapped it against the ample jiggly flesh. He also raked the knob of his prick against her dark areolas and nipples leaving them coated in pre-spunk. 

“Squeeze your tits around my cock,” he ordered, slapping his 11-inches of rock-hard meaty cock slab between her pillowy jugs. Carter reached backward with one hand and slipped two of his fingers passed her black panties and between the juicy wet folds of her cunt. Auli’i moaned on instant contact. Not only did she have the first dick she ever saw in person and experienced between her big teen tits, but someone else’s fingers invading her pink tight virgin hole in earnest.

“Ooooooooooohhh,” Auli’i cried out multiple times, each one louder than the next. Her shuddering body has never experienced such heights of sexual contentment before today’s photoshoot with Carter. “Oooooh my god -- Oooooh god! Ooooh my god -- Oooooooooooooohhhh!” The screeching sound of Auli’i breaking through her sexual limitations and reaching her orgasm was music to Carter’s ears. His fingers continued to probe and dig inside her soggy sweet goodness while she was cumming hard like a freight train all over his thrusting fingers and the floor.

After a few seconds, Carter pulled his cum-drippy fingers from inside her creamy snatch and stuck them inside her mouth while the jiggly softness of her breasts still wrapped around his excited throbbing cock.

“You owe me those sexy feet,” Carter reminded the Moana actress, pulling his giant cock from between her well-fucked breasts. “Turn around on your stomach and put your feet in the air.”

Auli’i did as she was told and soon felt his throbbing hot hard flesh between the arches of her soft feet. She has heard of people with foot fetishes but never thought her feet would be desired enough for a foot job.

Gripping her small feet from the toes and heels, Carter squeezed Auli’i’s feet around his rock-hard manhood, scrunching her peach-colored soles and began thrusting in earnest.  A couple of minutes later, he turned Auli’i’s feet inwards so the bottoms of her feet faced each other and feverishly plowed his hot raw fuck stick between the wrinkled gap of her soles. While basking in the moment of fucking Auli’i’s virgin feet, Carter glazed down at her sizable ass still hidden beneath her black panties and increased his thrusting speed until his heavy black balls could no longer handle the pressure.

“I’m about to cum! Turn around,” he quickly ordered, panting for air.

The upcoming star of the live action musical, The Little Mermaid turned around and got into a kneeling position in front of the biggest and hardest cock that she hoped to never see again and out erupted was several massive ropes of thick gooey cum all over her masked face.

“Aaaaaah fucccck!” grunted Carter, aiming his throbbing long cock down at her pendulous breasts and covering them in his last remaining substantial sticky load.
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Young Hollywood Shoots

Session nine with Jumanji star
Madison Iseman

Codes (MMF,cons,oral,anal,inter,cunninglous)

“Who has a bigger dick? Me or The Rock?” Carter asked a gleefully smiling Madison Iseman.

“Just judging by the gigantic bulge in your briefs, I would say you by far, but I need to see it,” the blonde 23-year-old actress suggested, propped up on her knees on Carter’s infamous casting couch in nothing but a flimsy white tank top, green boy shorts, and white ankle socks.

“All in due time, lovely” Carter replied as he snapped a photo of the hot petite blonde. “You’re here as a birthday present to my big homie who got released from prison today. He hasn’t had pussy in 9 years. He’s ready to fuck. You satisfy my boy tonight, I’ll satisfy you.”

That brought a big smile to Madison’s face just as the doorbell rang.

“Right on time.”

Carter winked at Madison and headed towards the door. Madison heard the two long time friends getting reacquainted before entering the living room.

Behind Carter walked a 5’9 stocky black man with a faded jet black goatee wearing an all gray sweatsuit, dark shades, and a black flat cap.

“Yo Madison, this is my boy Rashid but we call him R-Thug,” Carter introduced. “And Rashid, this is your fresh out of prison gift, Madison Iseman. She’s an actress. Not sure if you saw any Jumanji movies while locked up in the joint.”

“Nope. Never seen them,” Rashid replied. “But damn, shawty fine as a motherfucker. How you doin, girly?”

Madison blushed. “Not too bad. How about you?”

“Horny as a motherfucker,” he replied making Carter and Madison laugh. “Carter told me you fucked The Rock. Well, I ain’t no Dwayne Johnson but I’m going to fuck you real good because I’m fresh out of prison and haven’t had pussy in 9 years.”

“I would hope so. My pussy is very horny,” Madison responded flirtatiously.

“Mmmm. Let me see that cat.”

Madison sat back on the couch and pulled down her boy shorts and lacey piece of undergarment. Her bald pussy was exposed to both black men.

“Eat up, Rashid. We have all night,” said Carter as he took a few photographs of Madison’s vagina. His prison buddy threw off his flat cap before dropping to his knees between Madison’s legs and pushing his face into her cunt until the hairs of his goatee brushed up against her outer labia. He slid his tongue between the throbbing wet lips of her twat and began licking.

Soft whimpering moans were emitting from Madison’s lips as the thick tongue of Rashid’s barreled hungrily in her wet snatch.

“Damn. This is way better than that garbage they fed me in prison,” Rashid jokingly made a comparison and then resumed sloppily eating her young cunt.

He hooked one of his beefy arms around her fair-skinned thigh and used his other arm to reach up with his fingers to divide the soppy hot lips of her pussy exposing the pink flesh of her vagina and dark pink clitoris. He inserted a large black ashy finger into her wet sweet pinkness while closing his mouth over her throbbing clit and orally assaulting it with his tongue.

“Ooooohhh,” the young blond cooed. Her eyes were closed as her body became overwhelmed with chills from the oral assault perpetrated by Rashid’s finger and tongue.

The big man nibbled and sucked on Madison’s sensitive clit while steadily drilling his large black finger in and out of her throbbing wet snatch making her back arch and toes curl.

“Damn your pussy taste good,” he complimented then resumed his savage assault, trapping her little thick clitoris between his lips and vigorously sucked on it.

“OH SHIT!” Madison cried. Sweat rolled down her face as her breathing intensified. The sensation of this black man’s finger and mouth attacking her pink flesh hole was becoming too overbearing. “Aaaaaahh, god!”

Carter stood back, taking pictures and recording the action on tape. He attended to fuck Madison first before getting a phone call from his old friend Rashid saying he was being released from a 9-year sentence. Carter knew Rashid would want to get his dick wet from some pussy and there’s no hotter pussy to fuck than a famous young actress with minor sexual experience.

Madison’s only sexual experience has been with one guy who had a normal-sized penis and wasn’t bold enough to lick her vagina. Rashid was the first guy to gobble her young squeezebox.

“Holy fuck! Ohhhhh, god! Oh, Yesss! Oh yesssss!” cried Madison. Her petite body trembled as she came hard from the relentless oral assault on her pussy.

Rashid continued licking every pink wet inch of the actress’s fleshy cunt while she was in orgasm, flooding his mouth and the surrounding area with her creamy nectar. Both of his large black hands seized the back of her legs and held them high as he continued sloppily eating her juicy twat, probing his fat tongue in every nook and canny sending Madison into another round of intense orgasms.

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhh!!” she cried through another body-shuddering orgasm.

“Damn, brutha. You’re making up for those nine years in lockdown,” Carter commented.

All Carter heard in response was loud slurping from his old friend as he devoured Madison’s drenched cunt. After another few minutes, Rashid finally pulled his face from the actress’s hot womb with his lips and goatee glistening in her cum.

“Fuck bro. Never had snowbunny pussy before and it tasted damn good, but I probably would have eaten this shit even if it stank,” said Rashid as he stood up and dropped his gray sweatpants revealing his rock-hard dick that was about the same length and girth of a normal-sized snickers bar. His ball sack hung-low and were the size of plums.

“Come put those pretty lips on papa’s cock.”

Madison slid up to the edge of the couch planting her feet onto the ground and took hold of Rashid’s throbbing member. While stroking his dick, Madison leaned down and planted her mouth on his balls. She dragged her tongue over the dark wrinkled surface of his musty-smelling scrotum including licking behind his hanging ball sack. She then gobbled one testicle into her mouth, sucking long and lovingly on it before switching to his other testicle. Both of his nuts were bathed and coated in Madison’s saliva as she sucked.

“Damn! It’s great to feel a bitch’s mouth on my sack after 9 years,” Rashid groaned.

After thoroughly loving his fat nuts with her mouth, Madison took his entire hard black cock in her throat. It pulsed between her lips as she savored the hot raw flesh in her throat for a few seconds before pulling up and commencing to bobbing her mouth steadily up and down the entire length of his junk until her lips touched the base each time. Madison sucked the full length of his rampant dick, wetly and swiftly for a few minutes while caressing his wide backside.

“Hot damn this bitch can suck a mean cock better than the boys in the joint,” groaned Rashid, praising the young actress’s oral skills. He clutched the sides of Madison’s blond head, held it steady, and started thrusting his cock into the back of her throat. His cum-filled balls slammed into Madison’s chin and his overlapping hairy belly hit up against her angelic face with each thrust. “Aaaaaahh fuck!”

Madison moaned as her mouth was being fed hard black dick. She felt the swollen knob of his hard shaft hitting the back of her throat and occasionally pushing up into her cheeks as her face was being wildly fucked by Rashid. Long strands of her saliva escaped her mouth, drenching her chin and the top of her flimsy tank top.

“Oh fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh damn,” obscenities spewed from Rashid’s mouth as stiff member began twitching like crazy inside the actress’s mouth. “OH MY GOD!!”

Rashid came hard into Madison’s mouth with a violent surge of jism. His entire body shook from the intense orgasm as he unloaded thick wads of his creamy semen inside the actress’s mouth.

“Oh fuck yeaaaah. Swallow that shit. Oh, fuck.”

Madison was reluctant to swallow Rashid’s thick baby batter as she never swallowed cum before. It tasted awful but she championed herself to swallow his entire thick wad.

After Rashid finished cumming in Madison’s mouth, he pulled out with his limp cock covered in saliva and cum.

“I ain’t blasted a load that good in a long while. I bet I can get twice as much cum out when I fuck that fat pussy.”

After a few minutes of idle time passing, Rashid got his cock back to full erection and waited for Madison to lie down on the ground with her legs open. The newly released black man from prison got between her legs with his throbbing cock in his hand and gradually pushed the tip of his tool inside her wet cunt, followed by the rest of his shaft.

“Oh yeah. Sweet pussy,” Rashid groaned, placing Madison’s ankles on his broad shoulders and began bucking his hips. With each thrust, he pushed the entire length of his hard shaft between her soppy cuntlips until his heavy balls slammed up against the outer labia of her pussy.

Carter stood back with his massive erection jutting from his briefs and snapped pictures of his heavyset friend fucking with savage enjoyment his first pussy in 9 years. He took some behind the scenes shots of Rashid flexing his ass muscles each time he drove his rampant cock inside the young moaning actress. Her sock-covered feet flailed in the air and sporadically at times, her heels bumped into his flexing buttocks.

After a few minutes, Rashid let Madison’s legs fall to his side and collapsed his heavy body on top of hers to resume feeding her twat his stiff member. His big dark lips planted kisses all over her sweaty face and neck as he jackhammered his dick between the throbbing lips of her fleshy pink cunt.

“Oh fuck, girl. Oh fuck,” Rashid groaned. His portly body was drenched in funky sweat and soaked Madison’s white beater top. She moaned hysterically nearing her climax.

“Ahhhhhh, fuck! Ohhhhh god! Ohhhhh GOD!!” the loud cries and moaned echoed from Madison’s mouth as she reached her climax. The muscles in her snatch tighten over his Rashid’s thrusting cock as a powerful and deep orgasm swept through her jerking body. “UUUHHHHHHHHH!!

While in mid-orgasm, Rashid rolled over on his back with Madison on top of his dick and seized her petite round butt. He began bouncing the 23-year-old on his turgid tool. Her small titties bounced wildly underneath the sweat-soaked tank top with her tiny erected nipples visible through the top.

“Ride this dick, girl, ride it hard,” Rashid groaned and gave her taut ass a tight squeeze.

Madison alternated between grinding and bouncing on his black cock. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open with nothing but moans coming out. Her mouth looked enticing to Carter. He moved closer to the moaning actress and dropped his briefs revealing his massive hard dick. With no hesitation, he pushed the large knob of his throbbing shaft between Madison’s beautiful lips. She took the obvious hint and bobbed her head up and down the enormous black dick between her lips while the hung photographer took pictures.

“You’re doing such a good job I figured I would reward you early. Get my cock nice and wet,” said Carter.

The blonde actress opened her mouth up as wide as humanly possible and took 6 inches of Carter’s throbbing dark man meat between her sucking lips. The other pair of tight wet lips between her legs was filled to the balls with Rashid’s cock, milking his meaty rod for all it’s worth as he thrust up inside her womb.

“Damn. I’m about to fill this bitch up,” Rashid cried out. He felt that familiar surge from his largely expanding ball sack that flow through his raging hard twitching shaft and a massive explosion of gooey cum released from the mushroom helmet inside Madison. “UHHHHHHHHHH!!”

While Rashid was cumming, Carter held the back of Madison’s head with one hand and swiftly fucked her mouth with his long meaty schlong. She gagged feeling the mammoth hard cock pushing to the back of her throat as saliva spilled out of her mouth from the rapid thrusting. It was the biggest cock Madison had seen since Dwayne Johnson’s 9 inch beast. It felt like somebody pushing a 12 liter Soda bottle between her lips and down her esophagus.

“Let me get some of that pussy,” Carter suggested, pulling his throbbing dick from Madison’s sloppy wet mouth. “Sit up on the couch and spread those beautiful legs, sweetie.”

Madison got off of Rashid with her throbbing pussy filled and leaking his cum and sat on the couch with her legs spread. Carter got in between her legs and massaged the outside of her gooey wet snatch with the huge knob of his black tool before slowly pushing it between the sticky wet cunt lips.

“Aaaah fuck. Your cock is fucking huge,” Madison cried as she felt the hard shaft splitting her pussy lips apart.

“I get that a lot,” Carter responded, leaning his large muscular body over Madison’s and started drilling half of his dark meat inside her tight juicy twat.

“AAAAAAAH FUCCCK!” the actress cried out frantically from the immense pain of having such an enormous hard cock pushing into the depths of her snug pink snatch.

Rashid climbed up onto the couch beside Madison and fed her loud mouth his rejuvenated erection. All seven inches of his stiff wood pushed smoothly between her gorgeous lips.

The groans of both black men filled the studio office as they filled the petite Madison’s holes simultaneously with their black cocks. She came within a few minutes of Carter’s thrusting half of his meaty long bone inside her tight twat.

Carter pulled out mid-orgasm and flipped Madison over so she was kneeling on the couch. He plunged his rampant tool back between her gooey cunt lips and began thrusting sending Madison into a moaning frenzy.


Carter pounded hard loosening up the tight muscles in her pink flesh hole to fill her pussy with a few more lengthy inches of his black spear.

“UGGGGGGHHHH!! OHHHHHH GODDDDDD!! OHHH MY GODDDDD!!” the actress cried out as another wave of intense orgasms surged through her flailing body.

Carter yanked her head back by her long blond hair as he relentlessly fucked her cunt.

“OHHHH FUCK! OHHHH FUCK!! OHHHHH GODDDDDD!!” she wailed with her tongue wagging outside of her mouth and drool spilling down the sides of her lips.

“Damn bruh. I wanna this little whore again,” Rashid chimed in.

“You can fuck her ass. There’s some lube on the table,” Carter suggested.

He fucked Madison through her intense orgasm and then pulled his dick out dripping in cum sauce. He lied down on the ground and Madison followed. She inhaled her hot sticky fuck tunnel over his humongous throbbing shaft, whimpering loudly down over every vein-popping inch. She leaned forward with half of Carter’s meaty junk lodged in between her juicy vaginal lips.

Rashid got between their legs and divided Madison’s petite soft ass cheeks. He took some lube and poured it on the opening of her anus. He used one of his beefy fingers to massage the warm lubrication into her puckered brown asshole. He then pressed the bulbous tip of his shaft against her rectum and slowly pushed his way inside.

“Fuck, my ass!” Madison yelped as she just lost her anal cherry.

Rashid started fucking her taut butthole, slamming his big belly into her firm ass with each hard pounding thrust while her body lied prone on top of Carter’s. He held onto her hips firmly as he pushed the entire length of his hard black cock inside her asshole. Madison still wore her white beater top on that was soaked in sweat as her body dragged up and down Carter’s chiseled chest.

“You like this black cock in yo ass, don’t you bitch? Don’t you?” Rashid taunted, giving the soft fair-skinned cheeks of her ass a few spanks.

“AAAAH! Yeah! OH GOD! OH YESSSSS! OH, GOD!” Madison screamed as her aching asshole swallowed the newly released convict’s raw prick.

Carter began thrusting his gigantic cock up inside Madison’s hot piss soaked pussy at the same time making the actress scream and moan to their ears popped. The hot and lewd double penetration went on for several minutes and Madison came multiple times from the hard black cocks drilling her holes.

“Aaaah, shit!” Rashid cried with his cock twitching like crazy while being swallowed up by Madison’s asshole. Rather than cumming inside her ass, he pulled out and released several thick ropes of hot spunk all over her soft ass and lower back.

 Carter continued bulldozing his monster cock inside Madison’s cunt, giving her one final orgasm to take home with her.


“Oh shit! I’m about cum!” Carter moaned. He pushed Madison over to the side releasing his dick and aimed the knob directly in her face. Massive rope after massive rope blasted the blond actress in the face until it was completely drenched in gooey jism.

“Damn, Carter. Maybe I should go to jail more often if this is the type of welcome home present I get,” Rashid said as both black men stood over an exhausted Madison with their flaccid cocks wagging in her cum-drenched face.
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Great work on all of these chapters, just wanted to leave you some kind feedback as you definitely deserve it.

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