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Author Topic: Jurassic Park After Dark Part 3 - Lex and Claire  (Read 162 times)


Jurassic Park After Dark Part 3 - Lex and Claire
« on: June 22, 2022, 09:23:57 PM »
 (The events of this story take place shortly after Jurassic World)

       Lex follows Claire into another bedroom in the hotel room, closing the door behind them. "That's better. We don't need the boys coming in here bothering us," Claire jokes, sitting down on the bed. She taps on the bed next to her, and Lex gets the message, sitting down next to her. "What was going on in there? I was sleeping in here and then I heard screaming and yelling coming from the other room. It sounded like someone was being murdered in there!" Claire exclaims. Lex feels her face blush. "That was probably me you heard. It was...a little intense in there," Lex says, laughing nervously. "Holy shit! What were they doing to you?" Claire asks. Lex's face grows even darker red. "Well it's been awhile since I've had sex and when I met Barry...I don't know. He was so good looking and I'd never been with a black guy before," Lex laughs. "I've had great sex before but that was amazing," Lex exclaims. "I'll bet," Claire says, smirking. "It got even crazier when Owen showed up. The guys took me into the bedroom and basically tag teamed me. I've never been with two guys until tonight," Lex giggles.
        "Owen and I are sort of dating and he's talked me into having Barry join us once or twice, so I know what that's like," Claire responds. "You and Owen...Oh my god! I'm sorry Claire. I didn't know!" Lex exclaims. Lex's panic quickly turns to confusion as Claire begins laughing. "It's alright. Owen and I have a more...'open' relationship than most couples," Claire explains. The redhead slides a little closer to Lex. Claire leans in closer, her face just inches away from Lex's. "And the fact you're so cute doesn't hurt either," she says in raspy voice as she puts a hand on
Lex's cheek and kisses her hard. Lex's eyes go wide in shock. She pulls away quickly, panicked. "I'm so sorry Lex! I didn't think you'd mind," Claire exclaims. "I thought maybe you were into girls too." Lex just stares at the redhead in silence for a moment before responding. "I've never been with a woman before. And I wasn't expecting you to kiss me either," Lex explains. She smiles before adding, "I wouldn't mind if you were my first."
        Claire slides off the bed and undoes the belt on her bathrobe, opens it, and lets in fall to the floor. Lex, already naked, takes a moment to examine the redhead. Claire isn't as thin as Lex is, but Claire is definitely the more well endowed of the two women. Claire's breasts are easily a C cup, which is much larger than her own. As her eyes move down Claire's body she's drawn to her wide hips, followed by the small patch of red hair between her legs. Claire bends down to move the robe out of the way and Lex catches a glimpse of Claire's enormous ass. A bit of jealousy momentarily comes over her as she wishes her own figure was more like Claire's.
        Lex quickly snaps back to reality as Claire climbs back on the bed and crawls on all fours over to Lex. She gently pushes Lex onto her back and straddles her. She leans in kissing Lex's neck and shoulders, her long red hair brushing against her naked body. Claire runs a few fingers under Lex's chin, tilted her face towards Claire's, and then she moves in to kiss her on the lips again. This time Lex is ready. She presses back hard against the redhead's lips, causing Claire to let out a low, muffled moan. The two women kiss each other, hungrily, and Lex has to admit that no man has ever kissed her like this before. These kisses are longer, more passionate and somehow softer at the same time, and it isn't just the softness of Claire's lips.
        Claire is the one who pulls away this time. Any disappointment Lex is feeling quickly disappears as Claire moves down the bed and sees the redhead's face vanish between her legs. Lex's body buckles in surprise as Claire runs her tongue along the outer lips of her pussy. Lex feels Claire's tongue moving in long, slow circles around her clit. Claire's technique isn't like that of any man Lex has every been with. All they ever wanted was to get Lex off as quick as possible so they could get to the sex quicker. Claire's approach is completely different. The redhead moves slowly and deliberately, making sure Lex feels every last bit of pleasure. She's in no hurry and Lex wouldn't have it any other way.
        It's no different when Claire finally adds a few fingers to the mix. Lex gasps as she feels Claire's index and middle fingers slide into her pussy. Rather than frantically darting from side to side, desperately trying to make her cum, Claire's fingers move methodically and with purpose. Lex can feel Claire exploring every last inch of her tight pussy. Lex's hips buckle every time Claire splits her fingers, stretching her tight walls. Lex feels the dampness between her legs increasing as Claire to pleasure her. The breaking point is when Claire's teeth nip at her swollen clit. The orgasm hit her harder, her body tensing up. She grabs the back of Claire's head and pulls her face deeper between her legs, wrapping her thighs around her head. The redhead continues licking and rubbing Lex's most sensitive spots, completely ignoring Lex's convulsing until her climax subsides.
        Claire removes herself from between the panting blonde's thighs and lies next to her on the bed, lightly stroking Lex's cheek. She leans in, kissing her on the lips softly. "Open up," Claire purrs. Lex opens her mouth and Claire slips the fingers she used on her pussy into Lex's mouth. Lex sucks on the fingers, the sweet taste of her juices turning her on even more. "That was amazing!" Lex gasps, still recovering from the orgasm. "We're just getting started. It's time for you to return the favor," Claire says in a low seductive voice. Lex starts to sit up, no doubt planning to eat Claire out, when Claire gently pushes her back down on the bed. Lex gives her a look of confusion and the only answer she gets is when Claire lifts a leg over Lex's upper body. Claire begins to lower her crotch towards Lex's face as Lex arches her neck to meet her halfway.
        Lex has never eaten a girl out before but she is determined not to let Claire down after the tongue lashing she received. She tries to imitate the same movements Claire used on her but Claire isn't having it. "Don't just copy what I did. You have to figure out your own technique," Claire laughs. She applies more weight to her hips and Lex's nose and mouth are practically smothered by Claire's now wet pussy and large ass. Lex grabs firmly on to either side of Claire's ass to steady herself and buries her face as deep as she can into Claire's folds.   Claire moans loudly at the sensation. "That's more like it," she groans. She moves her hips back and forth as Lex continues licking and sucking on her clit, smearing her juices all over Lex's face. Lex moves one of her hands from Claire's ass and puts three fingers inside Claire's tight pussy. She moves the fingers in a circular motion over and over, and Claire's moans let her know she's doing it right. Lex increases the speed of her tongue and fingers, causing Claire to go into a frenzy. The volume of her moans increases, as does the speed of her hips. As Claire wildly rides Lex's face her hand slips off of Claire's ass and one of her fingers accidentally slips into Claire's asshole... It's more the the fiery redhead can handle. The combination of Lex's tongue on her clit, and fingers  simultaneously in her pussy and ass pushes Claire over the edge.
        Claire orgasms violently, her whole body spasming in pleasure. Her thighs are like a vise grip on Lex's head. Lex digs her fingers into Claire's thighs, doing her best not to be smothered to death, when suddenly liquid sprays all over Lex's face. She's caught off guard and Claire, finally finished with her climax, climbs off of Lex, a look of surprise on her face as well. "Wow! I don't know what you did Lex, but it definitely worked. You're the first woman to ever make me squirt," Claire says, laughing. She leans in and begins licking Lex's face clean. Lex takes Claire's face in her hands and kisses her hard, slipping her tongue into Claire's mouth, their tongues wrestling with each other.
        Claire is the first to pull away, Lex pouting as she does. "Hey, don't look at me like that," Claire protests. "Especially not when I'm about to make it worth your while to forgive me," she says, grinning at Lex. Claire moves down on the bed, and with a hand on each of Lex's knees she slowly spreads Lex's legs open. Claire angles herself so that her pussy is pressed up against Lex's, and she begins grinding her hips against Lex's hips. It's a strange feeling, Lex thinks, but a really, really good one. Their juices mix together as the two women continue grinding against each other, lubricating their pussies as they bring each other to climax.
        Both women let out a loud moan as they reach orgasm, Lex first and Claire a few seconds later. Their bodies tremble as wave after wave of pleasure radiates through each of them, starting deep inside their pussies. It's the first time Lex has ever reached orgasms without being penetrated, whether it's a few fingers, a hard dick or her favorite vibrator, but she welcomes the sensation. The women practically pass out on the bed, panting heavily.
        Claire is the first to move, untangling her legs from Lex and wriggling across the bed to lay down next to the blonde. She caresses Lex's cheek gently before pulling her towards her, kissing the blonde deeply. Lex grins widely, blushing. "That was incredible," Lex exclaims. "Yeah it was," Claire agrees. The redhead goes to the night stand and pulls out a small pad of paper. Lex watches her write something on the paper. Claire hands it to Lex. "Here's my contact info. Call me if you want to get together sometime," Claire says, blushing. "Definitely," Lex replies, a wide grin on her face. 
        Lex returns to the living room and gets dressed as Barry and Owen, sitting on the couch, watch her with smirks on their faces. She returns their gazes with a sly smile of her own before going over the the table near the couch. Lex picks up the pen and writes her phone number on a piece of paper. She hands it to Barry saying, "If any of you are ever in town and want to meet up just give me a call." She leaves the room, closing the door behind her. As
Lex finally reaches her own hotel room she can't wait to get out of her clothes and into bed. Moments later, she grins widely as she lies down, completely naked, the events of the night replaying in her mind. She's totally exhausted but she can't help herself as she slowly slides a hand down between her thighs. Lex frantically rubs her swollen clit for several moments before she finally reaches orgasm. She's lost count of how many times she's came tonight and Lex can't help but feel a small bit of embarrassment. As she drifts asleep she hopes her dreams will be as pleasurable as her evening....


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