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Mr. Disco (NEW!)
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Mr. Disco Ch. 1
Starring: Lucy Pinder

Codes: MF, Oral, Tit Fuck, Anal, Cumshot

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Ibiza, Spain

Cool air cut through the vent, filling the space with a chilly breeze to wash away the hotness within the hotel room. From the bedroom, a man stood in the bathroom with a tooth brush lodged between his teeth and scrubbing away. After he was done, he looked in the mirror at himself. The fact in the reflection was that of a man at 37 years old: brown eyes, short brown hair and a clean shaved face. Outside the bathroom, a clean red shirt and a white jacket sat for his suit. He had already put on the matching white pants and his gold necklace around his neck. The man's name was Luke Evans and he was here to do more than just partying.

Ibiza was a place he was quite familiar with from experience in the past few years. While his name was Luke Evans, he was often known as 'Mr. Disco'. He worked as an agent in the modeling industry branching out from Los Angeles to over the pond into the UK. The nickname came from the fact he indulged in the nightlife and enjoyed a good party. The island of Ibiza was one of his favorite playgrounds to spend time at. After he got himself dressed, he began to head out of the hotel room when his cellphone began to vibrate and ring in the jacket of his suit. He pulled out and checked the screen, seeing his friend Peter was calling right on time.

"Hey Peter, we're still on schedule right?"

"Yes, was just calling to check up on you. I'm heading to pick up you soon."

"Alright, I'll be outside the hotel waiting."

There was a meeting at hand for today, just one of the reasons he had come to Ibiza. For the past 4 years, Luke had been operating outside Los Angeles as an agent to a number of different models. Some were freelance and others had their own agencies. In the time spent, he had to work alongside the girls to see to it that they were not getting ripped off or pushed into bad contracts. After two years, he ended up traveling to the UK and working there with other glamour models. It was there that he met Peter Morris, a man who had became his best friend from their work in the business. Peter managed negotiations among modeling agencies and had connections to top photographers in the business.

With Peter at his side, it was much easier to handle the job as an agent. Last year, the two had worked with a couple big names from America that had jumped over the pond into the English fashion world. To celebrate any success, they often retreated back to Ibizia to blow money and party at the clubs. Luke had earned his nickname 'Mr. Disco' from a couple models he worked with who couldn't help but get into the partying with him. The clubs in London, L.A. and Ibiza were his heavenly kingdom of fun. He had been born in a small town of California but moved into the big city as he got older after college over 15 years ago. At this point in his life, he could not recognize his former life at all, not after he started working in L.A. as an adult.

Outside the hotel, he looked over the streets while he waited for Peter to arrive. He assumed that it would be by taxi to escort them to the meeting. Just yesterday they had arrived from their flight, on schedule to meet with an agent about a possible contract with a large modeling agency. Just a couple minutes of waiting, the taxi pulled up and came to a stop. Luke could see his friend from within the windows, the big black mustache and long black hair was enough to tell him it was Peter. Opening the door, he climbed into the taxi with him. Peter spoke in his thick English accent.

"Morning Luke, you sleep well?"

He sighed, nodding his head while the car began to move off.

"I never sleep good the first night in Ibiza, not until I hit the clubs."

Peter chuckled.

"Yeah, right...Well, this meeting is within an hour out back at a hotel."

"Let's get it over with so we can party later, did you talk to this guy again?"

"Yes, we're meeting at a beach across from here. It's a private bay, I was told."

"Oh yeah? We'll see, let's just get this thing over with.



The taxi ride between Peter and Luke set an imbalanced scale of enthusiasm. Peter could easily read over his friend's blank expressions over his face. The meeting had to happen, weather they wanted to do it today or not. The man that would be across from them was a businessman by the name of Nigel Taylor. He had reached out to them just last month about a new modeling agency in the works back in London, they were in need of agents and photographers. It was unknown at this point if they had any contracts with models so far that were well known in the business, but perhaps that would be revealed at this meeting. The taxi eventually stopped by the beach and Peter reached into his pocket to pay the driver before the two stepped out. The sun glared into their eyes, forcing Luke to reach into the inner pocket of his jacket and slip on his pair of dark Persol sunglasses. Peter stood by him before pointing out to the figure of a man standing alongside the beach.

"That must be him, right there!"

Luke looked forward and then back at his friend. The figure was definitely of a man in a black suit, standing there all by himself with his hands folded in front of him.

"Yep, that's our guy. Let's get it over with..."

Together, the two men walked while kicking the sand with their shoes. The figure that stood before them began to become more visible in appearance. It was an older man, obvious from the grey in his hair. He stood with a sinister grin over his face, an odd detail that struck through Luke's mind. As they stood across from the man, they were greeted in his thick English accent.

"Ah, gentleman. You must be Mr. Evans and Mr. Morris."

Peter nodded, speaking before Luke could get a chance to.

"Yes, that's us."

"I am here on behalf of Mr. Nigel Taylor...My name is Malcolm Green."

Instantly, Luke looked back over at his friend before speaking. They had been lied to, it appeared. He thought they were meeting with Nigel himself, not anyone else. This could not have been the guy they spoke to over the phone last week, that man had an obvious American accent. Luke objected in a response.

"Wait...I thought Mr. Taylor was going to meet us personally?"

The older man smirked.

"No, Mr. Taylor will meet you after we negotiate. He is back in London right now."

Luke took a couple steps in the sand, looking down before he responded.

"So, he sent you to get us to sign the contracts? I think I get it, he's the kind of busy guy who wants to avoid a negative confrontation."

Peter looked over at his friend, deciding that it was best to chime in with a reply before Luke could turn this into an argument. He responded to Malcolm.

"Well what's on the table for us with your company?"

The old man took a deep breath before replying. By now, Luke and Peter both had their hands in their pockets and looking forward. The wind quietly blew through their hair and past the sand.

"Gentleman, our company is going to thrive through London with the glamour industry. In case you didn't know, Nigel Taylor is the son of David Taylor."

Peter quickly replied.

"The same billionaire David Taylor who owns the fashion magazines in the UK?"

Malcolm nodded his head.

"Yes, Nigel is his son stepping out into the world with his own business. He began with the Paradise Dreams Hotel. Now, he is all set to open the Perfect Kiss Modeling agency."

Slipping off his sunglasses, Luke responded.

"Perfect Kiss? That's the name?"

The old man nodded, Peter responded.

"So, what's the deal for us?"

"We want you to be agents with our company. You will work alongside models, we already have brought in our photographers and have a building in London. The building is set with a small hotel, a real pleasure palace of luxury."

Luke replied.

"Yeah, yeah...but what's the real take? Me and my partner here, we are freelancers. We take whatever work comes our way and we go. We don't work with no company, as it makes it easier for us with no rules. We're only loyal to the models."

"Your loyalty would be to our company, if you take the offer. Mr. Taylor wants you and your friend for a reason...He's heard nothing but good things about you, he was impressed from the work he's heard. We already have some models back in the UK, but you could open new doors for us."

"We ain't exactly bridge builders, if that's what you think we are..."

Malcolm laughed at Luke's comment.

"True, but I'm sure money will be more of an answer to you than anything else...You would be ridiculous to pass up the offer, you can become powerful in this industry making millions in money. Or, you can reject it and go back to kicking the dust with no power in any agencies at all. Tell me Mr. Evans, don't you want to live an even better life than this? Ditch the clubs and island resorts for private jets and limos?"

Luke smiled, he couldn't help himself but to chuckle. The whole offer seemed ridiculous, but also snobby in a way. He wasn't impressed one bit from the offer, more so that Nigel Taylor couldn't bring himself to meet them in person. He looked back at Malcolm and shook his head, not caring if his friend beside him was going to reject.

"I think I will have to turn this offer down, I'm a little disappointed. For all this big talk about your company, I think it would have been more convincing had the rich spoiled kid living off daddy's coat tails would have came down here and met with us himself. You see, I'm not exactly used to dealing with spoiled rich kids...I definitely ain't about to lower myself to taking orders from one that don't want to see me face to face unless I sign a contract."

The old man looked back a bit surprised before replying.

"So, I take it that you reject our offer? You could be saying no to a lot of money in the future."

With a smirk over his face, Luke shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't want your offer, no. Tell Nigel Taylor that he needs to learn some real social skills. Sending someone else to do all the talking, isn't exactly proper for business relations. But then again, guess I'm not surprised since he's a rich kid who is used to having his ass kissed. You can tell him that for me, I don't care."

The old man sighed and looked back Peter now and spoke.

"And you? What is your take on a deal?"

Peter smiled and looked back at Luke before replying.

"I...I think he said it best! I go where my partner goes, so it's a no!"

"Very well then gentleman, this was a waste of time."

Luke turned his back to the old and began to walk off. He shoved his hands into his pockets, while Peter followed behind him. He couldn't believe the waste this was, an offer just to work for some rich spoiled son of a billionaire. It wasn't until they had walked off a bit, Peter looked over his shoulder and back before speaking up to his friend.

"Do you think we made the right choice with telling him basically to piss off?"

"Maybe it wasn't the smartest choice, but I'm not about to degrade myself to following orders to some spoiled rich brat who couldn't even meet us face to face. Why you think he didn't want to meet us, Peter? He's scared we would stomp all over his feelings by telling him no."

"Whatever you say, I just hope it don't come back and bite us on the ass somehow...We could use money at times."

"Yeah, but I got my pride and nothing is going to take that away. So, you coming to the club with me tonight?"

Peter nodded.

"Yeah, I'll hit you up at Space later..."

"Space? Perfect, definitely a favorite of mine. I'll wait for you tonight."



Night fall is when the real awakening came, at least for a man like Luke. Ibiza was a mad house with so many clubs, the ultimate city to spend a night moving from club to club and enjoying the dance floors, music and women. He had went back to his hotel earlier and forgotten all about the meeting with the old man acting on behalf of Nigel Taylor. It didn't bother him at all, though he heard the dissatisfaction in Peter's voice earlier. Nevertheless, here he was at the club Space enjoying himself at the bar while listening to some music. Space was one of the biggest clubs in the Ibiza night scene, a favorite for Luke.

He had been waiting for an hour so far at the bar. Simply with a glass of wine as he watched the dance floor and bobbed his head lightly to the heavy dance music playing. It was odd that Peter had not showed up yet, he was never late to enjoy the club with him. Whatever the case was, Luke didn't want to let it bother him too much. he turned around to face the bar when a woman approached in a black dress. She stood right beside him, forcing a distraction for him to look up at her face.

"Hi there!"

She waved at him. Luke's eyes became enlarged as he looked over at this woman. Her face was beautiful, brown hair hanging down but nothing could escape his thoughts other than what he seen from her dress. She wore a black dress with a cut out of her large breasts, the ample view at her cleavage was simply amazing. He looked back at her and smiled.

"Yes, hello. You're looking great!"

The woman smirked before laughing and responding to him. The tone of her voice was strong with an English accent.

"Thanks! I'm Lucy, and you?"

"I'm Luke, pleasure to meet you Lucy."

Looking down at him sitting, Lucy smiled.

"Are you waiting for someone, Luke?"

He looked up only to smile to her before responding.

"I was...but not anymore."

"Good, I need someone to dance with me. I noticed you sitting here by the bar all alone and figured you didn't have a girl with you."

After taking another look at her face and her cleavage, something had come to his mind. He thought he had recognized her and now, Luke realized just who she was. This was a glamour model from Britain, one that he had always dreamed of meeting and working alongside.

"My god, you're Lucy Pinder!"

She gasped for a minute before responding to him.

"Oh my, and you are Mr. Disco! You are Luke Evans!"

"Yes, that's me! Come on Lucy, I'll give you that dance!"

She was smiling full of energy, the excitement over her face was easy to read. She offered him her hand and pulled him up from his seat. Together, they moved away from the bar before walking into the sea of bodies that was of the dance floor. Lucy pulled his hand until they were between a number of people, ready to rock on the dance floor. To Luke, this was just another night in Ibiza but with much better company. On the dance floor, Lucy let go of his hand and began to jump to the rhythm of the music. Her body pushed up against him while the music drifted into a high tempo.

Luke reached his hand for Lucy's. She responded by grabbing him and pulling him closer to her as they stepped around more people. This was like any other night at Space, the club was always a mad house packed with countless numbers of people. The techno music began to slow down on beat and then his eyes watched as Lucy's huge tits bounced in her small dress. Despite her fame as a glamour model from the UK, she could always come to Ibiza and hide without worrying of anyone recognizing her. The irony was that she was dancing with the one person who would've recognized her. Their bodies shuffled on the dance floor until Lucy pulled his hand to leave the floor, she needed a drink. Calling out to him as she giggled.

"Come on, I need a drink! I'm having so much fun tonight!"

"Yeah me too, come on let's have some drinks!"

As they approached bar, Lucy called out to the bartender.

"I would like a bottle of wine, cherry flavored!"

"I'll pay for it!"

Luke looked over at her, she smirked at him as she watched him reach into his pocket to lay the money down on the table.

"Oh...Such a gentleman..."

The bartender leaned down to grab the bottle out of a mini refrigerator down below and two glasses. Once it was sat on the bar, Luke handed over the money and then took the bottle and handed it to Lucy. He then took a hold of the two wine glasses and they walked away, it was time for a bit of privacy at their own table. Luke followed behind Lucy as they went over the club and eventually found a private table off to the side. They sat down together, she moved to open the bottle while he sat the glasses down. She spoke up.

"So, I just got to dance with the infamous Mr. Disco..."

"As I did with the legendary glamour queen of Britain."

Her lips curved into a smug grin at his words, unable to hide back the fact she enjoyed such compliments. She unsealed the top of the bottle and then poured the wine into both of their glasses while speaking up again.

"I've heard a lot about you...You used to work with a friend of mine back home."

"Oh yeah? Shame I never got to work alongside you before your retirement, Lucy. That would have been a dream come true."

He reached to grasp the small glass in his hands. She did the same as they looked back at one another, raising the glasses to their lips. Again, the British woman spoke.

"I'm actually considering making a comeback into glamour fashion."

Hearing those words, he grinned before answering with a question of his own.

"Need an agent?"

Lucy smirked in response to his offer, drinking down her wine before nodding.

"Yes, actually. But not tonight...Tonight I need a man to keep me company."

Luke sipped on the wine before swallowing the entire glass down and then placing it on the table. Her eyes watched his every move, even to the point that he couldn't keep his eyes away from her cleavage. Lucy knew that her breasts were a simple way to get a man's attention. The original thoughts of waiting for Peter to arrive at the club had long escaped Luke's mind at this point. He had a question for Lucy.

"So, who was your friend that I used to work with? I've helped a few girls from Britian."

"Rosie Jones...She never told you about me?"

He shook his head at her response.

"No, but had we met back then I could assure you that I would have done a hell of a job with you."

She smirked, finishing off her glass of wine after raising it to her lips. She replied while setting the glass down.

"Yeah, I heard many great things about you. The infamous Mr. Disco..."

Lucy chuckled, laughing at the thought of it now.

"We should've met years ago, I love to party!"

"That's why I am here, babe! Nothing beats a good night in Ibiza!"

Grabbing the bottle, Lucy looked down to refill their glasses slowly in silence. The only thing to their ears was the loud dance music playing in the ambience of the club. She sat the bottle back down, allowing them both to grab their glasses again and hold them up as a 'cheers'. Luke looked into her eyes while she spoke.

"This is to us!"

"To us, Lucy. As friends and future partners."

The glasses clanked up against one another loudly, she smirked to his words.

"Future partners? I like that."

While he moved the glass up to his lips, Luke could not keep his eyes away from Lucy's. She watched his every move, giving him center attention. She drank down the wine slowly while he quickly downed the entire glass and sat it down. Taking in a deep breath as he swallowed, Luke spoke up.

"You said you're looking to get back into the game with modeling, huh? So, when are you planning the return?"

"Let's not talk about that right now, please Luke? We can discuss it tomorrow."

"Oh, so you're already planning to see me again?"

She laughed, shaking her head.

"You are quite the charmer, Luke! Just like Rosie had said you were."

"Tell her I said thanks."

"No, I'm sure I will be the one thanking her after tonight."

The subtle hint in her reply was made. Luke grabbed the bottle to refill his glass while Lucy raised hers and drank down the last remainder of the alcoholic substance. Lucy didn't want to give him a chance to ask about her last reply, so she spoke once more.

"Where are you staying, Luke?"

"At a hotel not far from here."

"Let's go there."

Before he could reply, Lucy got up from the table and looked down at him while stepping forward. Luke began to rise from his seat, he was somewhat surprised how fast she wanted to get out of here.

"Are you sure? What about the wine?"

"Oh, leave it. Let's go back to your place and have a real party between ourselves."

"You're wanting to get back to my place pretty fast, babe. I'm kinda surprised."

She sighed, looking at him with a smug grin.

"Oh please, don't say that! Once I've got you all to myself, you won't be thinking about anything else. Now come on!"

Lucy offered her hand to pull Luke up. Their fingers laced between one another and then she led the way out of the club. She did not come to Ibiza just to shake her ass on the dance floor. These trips were for a reason, to erase the lonely place that remained for her. Lucy's life had been lonely the past year trying to work in films. Though she never had met Luke before, she had heard so much about him from her friend that she felt that they had a connection somewhere. After stepping out of the entrance of the club, they had to call a taxi and go back to his hotel where they would be alone.



High heels stomped loudly up the stairs in the hotel. It was a short drive the club back to the hotel and now Lucy held onto Luke's hand as they walked the stairs together. His room was on the third floor of the little hotel. She had been in Ibiza enough times over the years to know a number of hotels, but not this one. Luke stopped his feet once they got up the staircase, seeing as they were alone. He turned to look at Lucy.

"What do I have to say to get you to kiss me?"

Lucy didn't bother replying to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed him against the wall as her lushious lips pressed against his and she kissed him passionately. Luke moaned into her mouth, feeling her huge tits pressed up against his chest. Upon breaking the kiss, she stepped back from him and he took a deep breath before complimenting her kiss.

"Damn, I liked that"

"I knew you would, there's going to be even more to like."

He reached into the pocket of his jacket and grabbed the key to his hotel room. Once again, they walked down the hall, coming to the fourth room on the right. He stopped and slid his key into the door knob to unlock it, allowing them both to walk in. Lucy didn't waste a second to stop her high heels into his hotel room and then he followed behind her, shutting the door as they had stepped in. She immediately surveyed the room with her eyes, seeing the large couch and a coffee table in the middle of the room. She turned back and smiled at him.

"Nice place, we'll be making use of the couch soon."

Luke turned back to her and smiled before leaning his head in. Lucy realized the hint and pushed her lips to meet his again. Once more they kissed passionately, her tongue danced along his while he put his hands over her shoulders. They moved their heads, still kissing as she pushed her hands over his jacket and pulled at it. He ran his hands down her shoulders and could not resist the urge to smash his hands over those amazing breasts. Lucy broke the kiss and leaned her neck back, closing her eyes. The feeling of his hands over her big tits was amazing. Luke leaned in and began to kiss up her neck, a sensitive place that always turned her on. As his kisses trailed down her neck, Lucy moaned in a soothing voice.

"Ohhhhhhh, I like that Luke!"

She ran her fingers up, cupping the back of his neck as he moved from the right, to the left side of her neck and kissed up it again. Lucy just stood there, enjoying every second of his lips touching her smooth skin. Once his mouth came up to her cheek, he softly whispered into her ear.

"I'm going to make you feel like you're on top of the world tonight babe."

"Mmmmm, I am going to do the same for you."

Lucy bit her lower lip and then moved her hands to push him back. She had to stop him now, to buy off the time and luring him by playing as a tease.

"Go ahead and get your clothes off, honey. I want you naked, that way I don't have to worry about anything like having to stop to take your shoes off or something once you're fucking me."

Laughing at her, he shook his head.

"Not fair! You're getting naked too, then!"

"No! I am going to give you a strip show, but I want you naked first!"

"Fine, you win. I'm not going to argue with you."

She placed her hand on her hip as she watched him walk away from her and back to the bedroom. Luke looked over his shoulder and winked at her. He liked the playful attitude so far, she was different from most women. Back in his bedroom, he quickly took his shoes and socks off first. Lucy stood there in the living room and began to undo the zipper to her dress while listening to him throw his clothes off in the bedroom. One minute later, Luke walked out in complete nudity. Lucy's eyes looked at his chest, proof that his body was in shape. He held his growing cock in his right hand before he moved and sat on the couch.

"Wow, I'm impressed. You're in shape, unlike a lot of agents I know in the industry."

Luke shook his head and chuckled a laugh.

"I have to be in shape, otherwise I'd like horrible. Now, it's your turn to undress."

"Right, eyes up here!"

Her voice commanded him with authority. She stepped forward, stomping her heels over the carpet on the floor. Lucy stood in front of him and looked in his eyes as she slowly began to peel her dress off. She wanted to watch his eyes. It was one of her favorite things to do, to see a man lose his breath when she revealed her enormous big breasts. Pushing her dress down, those monster sized tits popped out. Like any other man before him, Luke's eyes enlarged and he watched them as they were now hanging down. Lucy pushed the rest of her dress down until she was standing in nothing but a black thong tucked between her ass crack. Luke's eyes trailed up her stomach, back to her breasts and then to her beautiful face.

"You are the most beautiful woman I think i have ever seen...and I've seen a lot."

A smirk ran across her lips.

"You can't be serious, I know you've seen many girls."

"Oh I'm serious, look at your boobs! They are the best in the world, I knew it when I seen them in magazines years ago."

"These big titties, Luke?"

She ran her hands up to her breasts, squeezing them. Lucy then moved her legs out and lowered herself down on his lap. She could feel his large cock poking up between her thong underneath. Pushing her tits to his face, she removed her hands and spoke again.

"Touch them, lick them...These boobs are yours tonight!"

Luke's hands quickly pushed over her breasts while his eyes looked over at them. He gave her eye contact before he moved his mouth to her right tit and brought her nipple into his mouth. He playfully licked at her hardening nipple, she gasped her breath.

"Mmmmmm, get them all wet with your tongue!"

After licking on her right nipple, he moved to her left and began to slobber over her other nipple to coat it equally in his saliva. Lucy moaned while gently running her fingers through his brown hair. His cock was growing hard under her, begging for her attention. She ignored it, only to place her hands on her large breasts and smother his face between them once again. Luke moaned, slobbering all over her breasts and leaving them dripping in his spit. She couldn't resist it anymore, she had to have his cock. Reaching down, Lucy wrapped her little hand around it before she raised herself up from his lap. A small string of saliva dripped her right breast as she looked at Luke, stroking his cock in her hand. Her eyes wandered down and then back up at his while she began to lower herself down to her knees.

"Ohhhhh...This cock feels amazing in my hand, I can't wait to taste it!"

Lucy kept her eyes locked on him as she moved her knees on the floor to position herself perfectly. Luke was receiving something of a dream-like experience, watching the beauty queen of Britain down on her knees stroking his rod. Lucy smiled softly before parting her lips and pushing the head between her lips. He gasped his breath just as she moved her mouth down and pushed his cock between her jaws. Finally, she closed her eyes and began to slowly bob her head up and down on his meat stick, devouring him. Luke moaned out, watching her for every second as he felt her tongue pushed up against his rod. She moaned up against his rod, sending vibrations into his body. Eventually, Lucy came up from his cock and forced the head off her lips with a loud pop noise. She wrapped her hand around it, spitting on the head before she looked back up at Luke and spoke to him.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah...You like that, Luke?"

"Fuck yes, I do baby."

She closed her eyes and brought her lips back down on his cock, devouring him. She moaned into the shaft a couple times while bobbing her head up and down. 'Mmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmm'. Again she came up with a loud pop noise, a string of saliva fell from her teeth down to his rod. Lucy wanted to taste him, to swallow his hot load before he fucked her but she wasn't going to deprive him of the one thing that she could easily guess was on his mind.

"I love this cock, Mmmmmmm."

"I love how you suck it!"

"Oh honey, I'm gonna be doing more than just suck on it."

Looking up into his eyes, she brought her lips down again and this time kissed the head of his dick. So far, Luke was blown away at the sensual touch Lucy was giving him. She was more than just a beautiful woman. She moved back, letting go of his cock as she brought her hands up to her tits and pushed them up. Luke's eyes became enlarged again, he knew exactly what Lucy was about to do. He placed his hand down at the base of his cock to push it towards her, just as she moved her tits apart to create a perfect space for him to push his rod between those amazing breasts. She folded her fingers over the base of his cock, using her arms to push her big tits together and trap his cock between. Lucy looked up into his eyes and smiled.

"Ohhhhhh man, oh my god...I...I always dreamed of this."

"You aren't dreaming right now, you really are feeling my titties wrapped around your cock."

Slowly, she moved her breasts up and down on him. So far, Lucy had made everything slow but she knew that eventually the pace would be picked up. She wanted Luke to enjoy a bit of slow love first, all before they began to really fuck each other's brains out. Her fingers moved to cup her breasts and then she began to pound them up and down, fucking his cock nice and slow. Lucy looked in his eyes and moaned, Luke had to catch his breath.

"Ohhhh, god! These are the best tits in the world!"

"Oh yeah!? They are, aren't they? Tell me that again!"

"Lucy, your tits are the best ever!!"

She loved to hear comments about her beauty, it was one of the easiest ways to feed her ego. Here she was, pumping those big tits up and down on his cock. From the size of her enormous breasts, Luke's cock completely disappeared each time she thrust down on him. He reached up to cup her chin with his fingers and bent down to kiss her lips. Their lips moved up against one another's, all while her tits continued to fuck his cock at the same time. After breaking the kiss, she looked down to watch the head of his dick push up. Lucy stuck her tongue out so each time his cock pushed up, she flicked it over the head.

"Ohhhhhh god, fuck!!! Lucy this is amazing!"

"Mmmmm, cum for me Luke! I want your cum in my mouth!"

"Ohhhh, I'm almost there!"

"Yes, give me your cum! I want to swallow your thick load!"

Her eyes looked up at him as she pumped her tits one more time. Luke nodded to her, giving her the signal.

"Here it comes, baby!"

Without wasting any time, Lucy pushed her lips around the head of his swollen meat stick. She let go of her breasts and placed her hands on his legs, gripping her nails down into his skin. Luke grunted and began to moan, her eyes looked up into his as she kept her mouth sealed over the head of his cock.

"Ohhhh, fuck!!!! Oh god, yes! Yes!!"

His cock exploded in her jaws. Once she could taste his cum swirling around in her mouth, Lucy moved her eyes to gaze into his and never broke eye contact as his cock shot wad after wad into her mouth. All Luke did was drop his lower lip, gasping for his breath as he looked down at this goddess. Lucy drained his cock of every drop of cum.

"Oh, god!!! Ohhhhhhh man, that was fucking fantastic!"

Her lips came off his cock with a loud pop noise. Lucy moved her right hand to wrap her fingers back around his thick shaft. She leaned up and opened her mouth to reveal to him, all his cum sitting between her jaws. Closing her lips together, she swallowed it down loudly. Just the sight of Lucy swallowing his load was enough to make him moan out to her once again.

"Ohhhh, fuck! Swallow it down, baby!"

"Mmmmm, that was tasty."

Luke's mind was blown. The way Lucy had sucked his cock and then managed to titty fuck him before draining him of cum, was a pleasure out of this world. Lucy let go of his cock and stood up from her knees. She wasted no time reaching down and pulling her thong below, revealing her wet pussy to him. She kept her hair shaved and ready to feel him deep inside her. After her thong made it down past her ankles, she stepped out and revealed herself wearing nothing but heels. She ran her hand down to her opening clit, playfully pushing her finger in before smiling at him.

"I can't wait to feel your big hard cock deep inside of me."

Raising his hands, Luke nodded to her.

"Come on, get on top of me Lucy!"

"As you wish!"

It was funny to her that he wanted her to be on top. Lucy figured a man like this would want to be in control with fucking her. She wasn't going to reject this opportunity to be on top. She moved to the couch and sank her knees down into it as her body hovered him. Luke leaned back, allowing Lucy's huge tits to smash up against his face while she used her left hand to reach down and grab his cock. Slowly, she began to guide his rod into her sweet loving cup. Luke was too busy licking over tits at the time.

"Ohhhhhhh, yeah!"

Lucy's voice gasped in her thick British accent just as the head of his cock pushed into her pussy. She lowered her head just as Luke leaned up to kiss her lips again. While they kissed, she pushed herself down and forced his cock to slide up inside her.

"Oh, yeah! That pussy feels amazing! Fuck me Lucy!"

"Yes, yes yes!!!"

Wrapping his arm around her body, Luke moved as Lucy began to thrust her hips down and pump herself on his hard rod. She arched her body, clutching onto the arm of the couch. Her huge breasts were bouncing, slapping up against his face. Luke concentrated on licking her nipples, sucking away at her tits as she pounded herself down on him over and over. Her long brunette hair swayed around while she moaned out to him.

"Oh, yeah! That's it! You like me fucking this big cock, Luke!?"

"Fuck yes I do babe!!!"

Luke had an idea in mind while he used his free hand to run over her smooth skin. His left arm remained wrapped around her, but now he used his left hand to run down her ass cheeks. Finding her back door hole, he shoved his middle finger into her causing Lucy to gasp and yell in excitement.


His finger playfully pushed into her dark hole while he bucked his hips, trying to keep in pace with Lucy pushing down on him. Over and over, his cock thrust into her pussy while his finger was now entering her ass. Lucy looked over her shoulder, moaning as she closed her eyes and called out to him in a soothing voice.

"Ohhhhhh, yes! Make me cum on your big cock!

This is what she wanted more than anything, to feel her own climax building up. Luke still remained, pushing his finger into her ass while she pumped herself down on his cock. Lucy knew the time was coming soon, she wanted to reach her orgasm from his meaty rod. Still clutching the arm of the couch, she moved her arm up. Those huge breasts were still bouncing wildly up against his face, smothering him with her titanic sized tits. Luke tried to lick them but was too concentrated on the pleasure of feeling his cock deep within her sweet pussy.

"Fuck, Lucy I'm gonna cum!"


"Ohhhhh, I'm going to baby!"

Gasping for breath, Lucy cried out to him as her voice became louder.


She made one final thrust down onto his cock before stopping. Luke took the time to push his finger deep into her ass and then she moved her fingers to his shoulders, gripping his skin as her nails cut into his flesh. The moment had arrived, Lucy screamed in her voice as she felt her climax commencing. Luke took a deep breath as he looked up to her, listening to her voice scream out.


Lucy's body shook, rumbling on top of him. He closed his eyes and cried out, feeling his cock explode again. This was his second orgasm for the night and this time he was experiencing it with her own. It didn't even cross his mind that her nails had dug into his skin and made him bleed. At this moment, he couldn't feel any pain. Only the immense pleasure he received from the climax they shared at this moment. He removed his finger from her dark hole, only to use his hand and grip her ass cheek. Lucy was completely out of breath. When she opened her eyes, she looked down at him, their eyes meeting once more. She smiled, laughing softly as she leaned down to kiss his lips. Their tongues met and the kiss became a passionate one.

Luke's hands moved over her body while they kissed. He couldn't help himself, but to caress her soft skin and come back to her huge breasts. He pushed his hands down, squeezing them as Lucy began to kiss him deeper. She moaned into his mouth and finally, she pulled back to break the kiss. Still catching her breath, she remove her hands from his shoulders and then noticed the little cuts she left on him.

"Oh god, I am so sorry! I didn't mean to cut you with my nails, Luke!"

He cracked up laughing, it was unbelievable that she was worried about little cuts.

"It's no big deal! I didn't feel a thing!"

She smirked at him and leaned back down to kiss his lips. There was something about this man that was different from most that Lucy had dealt with. After breaking the kiss, she moved over to his right shoulder and kissed the little cuts from her nails. He laughed again.

"What are you doing!?"

"Kissing your wounds to make it better!"

Throwing his head back, Luke laughed loudly. He could not believe her, the playful gesture she unfolded before him. Lucy moved to the left shoulder and placed equal kisses on the small cuts before she grinned back at him. He laughed again before speaking.

"You are something else, you know that?"

"It's only cause I like you, Luke!"

There was no reason to give him a chance to say something stupid, Lucy leaned down and kissed his lips again. He squeezed her tits one more time while they kissed. After pulling their lips apart, she looked at him with a playful smirk over her face.

"I gotta say, you know how to use your finger in a certain spot. How about you punish me for cutting you? Bend me over and fuck me in the ass."

Finally it dawned on him, the game she wanted to play with teasing. Luke bit his lower lip before replying.

"Oh, you want me to fuck you up the ass?"

"Mmmmhhhmmmm...Teach me to be a good girl."

She winked at him before she began to move off him, releasing his cock from her pussy while raising her body. Luke sat there for a moment, allowing her the time to get off him and move into the new position. He had something else on his mind, speaking out to inform her.

"After I fuck your ass, I want to cum on your big tits."

"Oh yeah, you can do that. I want you to cum all over them."

By now Lucy had climbed over the couch and had positioned herself on all fours. Her hands pushed down into the arm rest of the couch while her knees were placed down. She looked over her shoulder to watch Luke get into position. Her eyes looked up at him while she bit her bottom lip and teased him again with naughty words.

"You can spank me too, while you're at it."

Those words just forced him to rear his hand back and loudly slap the right cheek of her ass. She yelped in an innocent voice.

"Awww! That hurt!"

"I'm sure it did."

Her voice crackled, giggling at him as she bit her lower lip. Lucy looked down at the couch, allowing her long brown hair to hang just as she felt Luke pushing the head of his cock into her dark hole. She took a breath and moaned, just as he slid his rod into her. Within seconds, he was slowly pushing into her, feelig the tightness of her ass. He took a deep breath, softly moaning as he began to buck his forward. The feeling of his cock driving into her ass back and forth was wonderful and only the beginning of pleasure. Lucy kept her head down, softly moaning but without saying a single word.

A couple minutes had went by as he was still slowly thrusting into her ass, pumping his cock in and out of her. By now, it felt like a long time since anyone had spoke though it was only some minutes. Luke moved his hands over her ass cheeks, pushing into her soft skin as he watched his hard rod move in and out of her. Finally, Lucy opened her eyes and had to say something to break the silence between their moans.

"Oh, yeah! Fuck that ass! Smack it with your hand!"

Gritting his teeth, Luke reared his left hand back and struck it down hard over her cheek. The loud clap echoed across the room. Lucy moaned, just as he began to pick up pace and thrust his cock faster into her dark hole. He reared his hand back again and this time, slapped her ass hard. She almost jumped from her position and then yelled out.


His hand slapped over her ass again, the sting was felt on his palm. Luke continued to pump his thick rod into her ass, lifting his neck and roaring out a moan for the busty goddess. Lucy was loving this, she wanted him to experience all three of her holes and her epic tits. Soon, his cock would be between those breasts once again. Luke groaned out.

"This body was made to be banged!"

"Yes! Yes, and it's all yours!"

Taking a deep breath, Luke came to a stop from thrusting his cock into her ass. He knew that if he didn't stop himself now, he would end up emptying his balls deep within her. He wanted to blow his load over her tits before anything.

"Lucy, I want to fuck your tits now!"

"Oh yeah, do it! I want that dick between my big titties again!"

With one last strike of his hand to spank her ass, Luke moved back to allow his cock to exit her ass once and for all. Once she was free, he called out to her.

"Get on your knees!"

Lucy didn't have to be told twice about that. She climbed off the couch and down on the floor, she stood on her knees. Luke moved in front of her and held his cock in his hand, watching her use her hands to lift up those amazing beautiful breasts. Lucy pulled them apart and then smiled at him. He placed his cock right between them, watching her close them together. This time, he took control and began to buck his hips forward. His cock pushed between her breasts up and down, fucking her tits. Lucy looked up into his eyes and smiled.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah...Fuck those big titties one last time! Mmmmmmm!!"

Her eyes looked up at him, but he needed little encouragement. His cock pumped between her big breasts while he moaned. Lucy looked down, watching the head poke up with each thrust. He was so close to busting his nut and she was experienced with men who enjoyed making big messes over her face or tits. Her eyes looked back up at him, begging for him to unleash his cum over her.

"Come on, cum on me! Cum on my big tits, Luke!"

"Oh, I'm going to, here it is!"

He couldn't take it anymore. He stopped moving his hips and grabbed his cock out from between her tits. Stroking it hard and fast, he erupted and shot a thick string of cum up her left breast. Lucy quickly put her hands on her tits, raised her neck and help up her boobs to create the perfect canvas for his white paint. A thick wad flew up her neck and dripped streams down her right tit. Lucy moaned, feeling the hot stickiness over her skin while calling out to him in her thick English accent.

"Ohhhhhh, yes!"

Luke was groaning, as he couldn't control himself. He shot another torrent of his cum striking over her right breast and then a long line gong down her left breast to her nipple. Lucy couldn't believe how powerful his orgasm was, with this being his third for the night. She reached her hand to his cock and removed his hand to replace it with her own.

She wanted to finish him off and she did, squeezing his dick with her sensual touch and forcing another torrent of cum to splash over her tits. Her eyes wandered down, watching the streams of his semen drip down while she stroked him again to shoot another spurt of cum down her breasts.

Lucy had a complete mess on her tits. She couldn't believe how much cum she was draining from his balls as she continued to jack him off, getting the last bits of his cum over her soft skin. He had loaded her down, an impressive amount of cum considering that it was only one cock to drench her. After she was done, she looked down at the mess over her breasts one last time. This was one of the biggest messes of cum she had received over her tits from just one cock. With his rod still in her hand, she looked up into his eyes and then licked the underside of his shaft and brought the head to her lips and gave it a kiss.

"Oh my god...This is so wonderful, look at all this cum."

She let go of his cock and held her tits up, looking back up at him again with a big smile on her face.

"You sure loaded me down! So much cum for only one man, oh my god...I enjoyed every minute of that."

"So did I, Lucy."

Placing his hand on her shoulder, Luke leaned down as she smiled at him. He couldn't stop him from kissing her lips once again. Lucy closed her eyes, embracing his kiss full of passion before their lips moved away from one another. She spoke to him.

"I best get cleaned up and join you in bed, Luke. I had a whole lot of fun with you, wouldn't mind doing this again later on."

"Well, you still need an agent to get back into the game, yes?"

She nodded, laughing at him.

"I think I have the best agent in the world, he just finished unloading all his cum over my tits."

Luke laughed.

"Damn right he did!"

While he moved to sit back on the couch, she ran her hands down and collected some of the cum from her breasts before feeding it to her mouth. They had worn each other out for the night, but Lucy couldn't be anymore happier. She had to clean herself up and then soon, she would be joining Luke in the bedroom together to fall asleep.



The crack of daylight had begun to appear through the blinds in the window. It was still morning and too early to get up after having a wonderful night. Luke lay asleep between the sheets in the bed of his hotel room. Right next to him, was Lucy asleep with her arm over him. It was an amazing to fall asleep next to someone that you could trust. Despite only knowing him for a night, Lucy had strong feelings about Luke. His reputation had lived up, all from her friend telling her stories from a couple years ago. Still, they remained asleep until a cellphone began to loudly ring over by the nightstand. Luke was asleep in a dream, hearing the ringing sound as if it was only part of the atmosphere to the illusion deep within his brain. After a few seconds, his eyes began to open and he took a deep breath. Half asleep, he reached over the night stand to grab his phone and answer it without looking at the screen first.


"Hey! Did I wake you?"

The voice on the other end of the phone was none other than his best friend Peter's. Luke sat up in the bed, replying back to him. He felt an arm wrapped over his chest, looking down to see Lucy still sound asleep next to him.

"Yeah...I partied pretty good last night."

"I figured you did. Look, sorry I kept you waiting last night. Didn't mean to never show up at the club, I was just tired yesterday to be honest."

His brain was still recharging upon waking up, but Luke couldn't help but break a small laugh. It didn't matter that Peter didn't show up, he had Lucy right next to him in the bed to make up for it.

"It's all good, no problem."

"Look, don't forget that we're due for the plane in a couple hours. We're headed back to London today."

"What time is it now?"

"it's a quarter to 10, you've got two hours before we meet at the airport."

"Oh shit, yeah...I'll see you then."

Clicking the phone, Luke hung up the call. He rested his head back on the pillow behind him and took a deep sigh. Lucy had awakened next to him and let out a big yawn before speaking.

"Who was that?"

"My friend Peter, I guess I have to leave soon. We're headed back to London in a few hours. I hate to say goodbye like this, I had the time of my life with you last night."

She smiled looking in his eyes while stretching her hand over his bare chest. Over Luke's face, he had a visible five o'clock shadow that washed over his previously clean shaved face.

"I did too, Luke. I can't wait to get back to London myself. You're going to be my agent, right?"

"Yes, I am your agent now."

Returning the smile, he reached his hand to gently hold Lucy's. Her eyes looked at their fingers, laced together almost like shoe strings. She looked back at him while moving to rest her head over his chest.

"I think I would like...more than just that."

She sighed, unable to come up with the words for him. It was so strange, to have deep feelings for a man that she had only met last night. Luke ran his hand through her hair, before softly caressing her cheek.

"Me too, Lucy...I have to leave today, when are you going to be back in London?"

"Next week for sure, I will call you. I'm going to be thinking about you, will you be thinking about me?"

Moving from his chest, she raised her head to look into his eyes. He didn't respond in words, only with a little smile and nodding his head. That was all it took for her to know his thoughts. She leaned over and softly kissed his lips, not caring that both of them had only awakened minutes earlier. They kissed passionately, his hands moved to cup her face and run his fingers through her hair. When they broke the kiss, Lucy moved to get up out of the bed. She hated that they had to say goodbye for now.

"Well, I guess you have a plane to catch soon, mister! I won't keep you waiting. We need to trade phone numbers before you leave."

Luke pulled back the blanket as he began to rise from the bed. He grabbed his cellphone and handed it to Lucy so she could add herself into the contacts.

"There you go babe, I better go on and get a shower, shave and get ready."

"I'll put my number into your phone, text me later so I know it's you."

While he got out of the bed and moved to go to the bathroom, Lucy didn't waste a minute toying with his phone to register her name and number into his contacts. She hated that they would be leaving each other for now, but at least she would be able to communicate with him before they reunited in a week. Besides the small set back, she couldn't wait to return home and pick back up in modeling now. Nothing was going to stop her at all with this man by her side.

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Mr. Disco Ch. 2
Starring: Michelle Marsh, Lucy Pinder

Codes: MF, Oral, Tit Fuck, Anal, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

London, England

The plane had docked in back at the airport, a little over an hour ago. A silent flight from Ibiza Spain, back to the home of England had been made. Lucy Pinder found herself headed back to her hotel suite upon arriving back in town. Last week, she had spent quite a weekend with Luke Evans. It may have only been one night face to face, but it helped when she could text and communicate with him back and forth. Luke was in London and waiting for her, just as he and his partner had to begin again in their line of work.

It had not crossed his mind yet, that Peter seemed to be a bit distant from him. Luke wondered what exactly it was. The meeting with Malcolm Green by the beach had left such a sour taste in his mouth. Though Peter would not out-right say it to him, Luke knew that it was bothering him. The job offer to work with a company with the guarantee of a better income, it was either that or pride. Sadly for Luke, he let his pride get the better of him which led to killing the deal. He and Peter had exchanged some small talk since arriving back home in London, but nothing about the modeling agency under Nigel Taylor.

At the moment, Luke couldn't bother to think about his best friend. He sat in his apartment, going through a notebook of checking things to do. Lucy seemed to be serious about resurrecting her career as a model, coming out of retirement with a storm. Though the plan was to take things slow, he couldn't resist but to plan everything out in his little red notebook. He remained true to his word, that his job came before everything else. Still, there was the chance for a relationship with her. That was something he had no desire to ignore, to have a woman like her at his side would put his heart on top. After setting his pen down on the nightstand next to his bed, he heard the cellphone ringing. A grin wiped over his face when he seen it was Lucy, he quickly answered her call.

"Hey, Lucy! I was just thinking about you."

"I'm sure you were Luke, I've spent a lot time thinking about you too. Guess who's back in London?"

"The sexiest woman from England, that's who I'm guessing."

She giggled, her thick British accent could be heard over the phone. Lucy's voice brought such a joy to Luke.

"Yes, I'm back. I thought we could go out tonight, celebrate our friendship at a club."

"Sure, that sounds like my kinda ball game after all."

"Splendid! How does Club Technique sound for you?"

"That's perfect, I ain't been to that club in a while. I know it's in Soho, that's a short distance from where I am."

"Alright Luke, I'll be there and waiting for you around 7 tonight. Don't be late!"

"No problem, I won't be!"

The phone clicked, hanging up. All Luke could do was smile to himself, knowing that he was about to have a second date with Lucy Pinder. It would have been a dream come true for many men across the country of England. This after all, was the most successful glamour model from the UK. He already felt lucky enough to become her agent and work with her on a career revival. He got up from the bed and moved to the closet, making sure that he had the perfect suit for tonight. The white blazer remained on the coat with matching white pants. Nothing would look better than a purple undershirt, he grinned to himself knowing that this was going to be a great night.



Lucy had to prepare herself for a night out with Luke. She had a special surprise for him, if all was going to go well. Her good friend Michelle Marsh was in town and she figured, it was time for them both to spend a night at the club. If all went well, Luke would have quite a surprise on his hands for the evening. Sitting on the bed in her apartment, she grabbed her cellphone and scrolled through the numbers looking for Michelle's number. It had been a little bit of time since she had last spoken to Michelle. At this point, they both had been retired from the glamour industry. Michelle had no plans to ever make a return, at least not to Lucy's knowledge. After finding her in her contact list, Lucy dialed the phone and waited for her old friend to answer.


"Hey Michelle, long time no see..."

A chuckle could be heard from the other end of the phone, while the two English women began to talk back to one another.

"Lucy, it's been a while indeed. What are you up to?"

"I'm back in London at the moment, thinking about heading out to Club Technique tonight. I've got a date, you would like him."

"You're dating a man, Lucy? That's so unlike you to find a good man..."

The brunette laughed at her friend's words.

"Yes, he is going to be my new agent. I'm returning to the modelling scene real soon. So, would you like to join us back at the club and relive old times?"

"Yes, I'll be there...I need to get out of the house anyway. What time?"

"Around 7, I'll be waiting for you."

"Tonight sounds like it's going to be rather...kinky, Lucy."

"You can bet, if all goes well!"

Lucy clicked to hang up the phone and then laughed to herself. She was growing strong feelings for Luke, already wanting to give him a fantasy experience with her best friend. Some years back, it would have been considered a dream for many men, to bed Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh together. Few men had experienced such a thing, just as some lucky men back at Club Technique found their way going home with either of the women. Whatever the case, Lucy was prepared to make Luke a happy man tonight.

What Lucy was unaware of, was the wild party life that Michelle had been keeping long after retirement. She was one who loved to live on the wild side, enjoying a bit of trouble with men down the road. For Michelle, it had been a few months since she tangled together with a man. She had taken a break from the clubs but now, with one of her good friends at her side, how could she turn this offer down? The buxom blonde knew that some new fun was going to be awaiting her tonight with Lucy's new friend.



Soho was within Westminster; an inner city within London, the home of some of the best dance clubs around the area. Luke was no stranger whatsoever to any of the clubs here, especially Club Technique. The bright pink lights faded into blue before morphing back into a ray of neon colors. The music of the hour, was usually in the form of a sub-genre called 'House'. The club was quite the attraction decades ago, now living on the nostalgia of past club and House dance. This was the pay off, after the time he had spent with all work and no play. Luke remained committed to his job, already booking plans to various studios where he could take Lucy in the beginning of her comeback to modelling.

Luke knew that the news of Lucy Pinder's return to the glamour industry would spread like wildfire. He had planned to contain the news, focusing on work with a low key modelling studio he knew, that would do anything for a big name such as her. He was already mapping out a good pay day for her, just the way he liked to work as agent. Right now, he didn't need to think about it while he stepped into the club and entered. The loud dance music pierced through his ears, it was a high tempo tonight that was surely to set the tone for a frantic dance floor. Just as he planned, he wore the white suit with matching white pants and a purple shirt underneath.

He made his way to bar, unsure of where Lucy would be in the club at first. While standing there, he ordered a glass of water. Deciding to stand there and have a couple sips, he looked over to his right and then, he smiled to himself. The queen of glamour herself was walked towards him with a big grin over her face. Lucy wore a black dress, one not very much different from what she wore back when they met in Ibiza. Her long brown hair was fixed up in a pony tail. She walked up to him and greeted him with a big smile.

"There he is, the infamous Mr. Disco!"

"And there she is, the one and only Lucy Pinder!"

Lucy stepped forward to him, pushing her hand over his arm and then kissing his lips softly. Despite the communication they kept together through texting, it surely felt like a long time since she had last seen him. She smiled back at him, speaking once again.

"You look great, I like the white suit."

"Thanks babe, you always look good no matter what you're wearing."

"I want to introduce you to a friend of mine tonight..."

She looked around before sighing, finishing her reply to Luke.

"Don't look like she's come around yet, sadly."

"Who is it, Lucy?"

Turning back, she grinned at him.

"Michelle Marsh..."

Luke nearly dropped his jaw. Was it 2008 again? Anyone that was into following glamour girls knew that Lucy and Michelle were a duo at one time. He already felt like he had won some kind of prize having the privilege to meet the buxom blonde soon.

"Wow, I never got to meet her back when I worked in England. This is going to be a great night, it looks like."

"Oh, Luke! Honey, you have no idea how good it's about to get!"

From the distance of the bar, was another scene going down at a lonely table. A man with dark brown hair and a clean face sat, sipping on a beer as he thought to himself. James had been down on his luck as of late, a party animal and one that had been burned many times over with his run in through wild women. He had previously worked security at another club called 'Telekon', now he was out of luck after losing his job from the excessive partying and drinking. He sat his table, just watching near the entrance as new strangers entered the club. After a couple minutes, something caught his eye. A blonde haired woman walked in wearing a white dress and matching white high heels. Platinum blonde hair, a curvy body and what appeared to be a great cleavage teasing her huge tits.

James dropped his jaw, was it really her? Michelle Marsh had previously been a woman that he dated some months back. They had broken up after a rumor surfaced that she had slept with one of his friends back at the club 'Electric Eye'. Though it may or not have been true, James couldn't help but feel resentful towards her. This was definitely her, walking through and looking around. He couldn't believe this odd coincidence, fate had tipped him on the better side of a coin tonight. He would definitely be confronting her shortly, once he had the chance. So many questions, so many answers remained on his mind. He watched the blonde woman walk to the bar and meet with who he thought were her friends. A brunette girl and a man in a white suit. He just sat there, drinking down was left in the bottle of his beer while watching them talk.

"Oh my god, Michelle! You look so sexy tonight!"

"Thank you Lucy dear, and who is your friend here?"

Lucy stepped aside, running her hand over Luke's shoulder before properly giving him the introduction he deserved from her.

"This is the one and only, Mr. Disco...I'm sure you've heard the stories, haven't you Michelle?"

The blonde girl smirked. Her big blue eyes sparkled almost as she looked back at Luke almost with the sight of hunger over her face.

"Why yes, you're Luke Evans right?"

"I am."

Michelle smiled big before nodding.

"I have heard much about you, Luke. Always the party man and charmer. It's a shame we did not meet years ago, I would have loved to have been in your company."

"Well, tonight is your chance..."

Lucy looked back over at them both before she reached down and clutched for Luke's hand.

"Are we ready to dance, Luke? How about you, Michelle? I want to shake my bottom on the dance floor."

Michelle shook her head.

"Not just yet, I need a few drinks first...Once I've had a couple, I will surely be on the dance floor with you both."

Holding onto Luke's hand, Lucy pulled him playfully. Showing that she wanted to dance, he chuckled softly and then turned to Michelle.

"It was nice meeting you, Michelle!"

"Likewise Luke, I will see you shortly."

Lucy pulled Luke by his hand as they walked away from the bar. Michelle just stood there and watched them playfully laugh at one another before walking out onto the dance floor. She had heard many stories back in the day about the infamous Mr. Disco. Given how much Michelle herself enjoyed a wild sex life, it was a shame that they had not met sooner. She took a seat at the bar and then ordered herself a martini. When her drink was served, she smiled and thanked the bartender. Sitting there, she took a few sips before a voice from behind her had caught her attention.

"Hey Michelle, is that you?"

The voice seemed oddly familiar to her ears. Michelle turned around to see the face of a man from her past. James stood there with a sinister grin over his face and his arms crossed, taking Michelle completely by surprise. She thought for a second what to say to him, before smiling and greeting him.

"Good evening James, it's been a long time since I last seen you."

"Not long enough, Michelle...Finally, I meet with you again."

She was unsure what he meant at first. They had broken up several months ago and this had been the first time she had laid eyes on him now since their fateful break up. Michelle turned back to the bar, raising her glass to her lips while he sat next to her. Off from the bar, Lucy and Luke were dancing together among the crowd on the dance floor. James had waited until she was alone to confront her. He spoke up.

"I knew we would meet again some day, as we should. I know you fucked Mickey, he told me all about it. I was wondering why you would cheat on me like that."

Michelle nearly choked on her drink before swallowing it down. She looked back over at James and then raised her eyebrow.

"Cheated on you? Like what? So that's why we broke up?"

"Don't lie about it, you know as well as I do. You fucked my mate, didn't you? He told me all about it. Every little detail down to the end."

By now, all she could do was smirk. Michelle wasn't exactly sure what he was talking about.

"Mickey who? I've fucked a lot of men in the past, though I know I didn't cheat on you James. Maybe I did shag your mate, but I can promise you that it was before we hooked up."

"You're full of shit, and you know it! Just admit it! Admit that you fucked him and cheated on me!"

She simply sighed before looking back at him. If she was going to have to put up with James, it wasn't even worth having more than one drink.

"You know what I think, James? I think you're drunk!"

Looking back at the bartender, Michelle spoke up.

"Hey, bartender! Don't serve this man, yeah? He's a drunk asshole, just ignore him."

Laughing to herself, she quickly got up from the bar stool and walked off towards the dance floor. James was left alone, embarrassed as the bartender laughed and looked at him like he was a bum. How dare she humiliate him like this, he thought to himself. This wasn't the last time that they would meet again tonight, he promised himself that. If Michelle wanted to lie to his face, he would even up things with her before they both left the club. The music was dropping now, while the dance floor started to slow down. The DJ in command was using everything to play retro jams. A couple notes of a piano began to hit, and then the DJ yelled out through his microphone.


The piano intro played and then voices could be heard in the crowd shouting. Any music nerd knew the number that was coming up as the bass beat began to drop. Luke smiled back at Lucy, he knew this was the classic anthem by none other than Marshall Jefferson. Luke loved this song, and it was even better that it wasn't some modernized remix. The DJ was playing nothing but the original. He looked over at Lucy, smiling big as he grabbed her hand and began to jump to the beat. Lucy laughed at him, seeing the excitement on his face.

"Go for it Luke! Jump with me!"

She pressed her body up against his, still holding his hand as they jumped to the high tempo rhythm of the song. From the corner of her eye, Lucy noticed Michelle was finally joining them on the dance floor. Lucy held out her hand and them stepped away from Luke. Both of them buxom women held their hands together and moved around him, almost trapping him between their bodies. Michelle began to grind up against him from his front view. Luke turned his head to see Lucy pushing her body against his back. For a moment, he couldn't help but enjoy the experience of being sandwiched between the two of them. Michelle quickly turned around as the lyrics to the song began to play. The blonde woman began to shake her body in front of her, her epic breasts moving up and down in the tight white dress that she wore.

Lucy moved back from Luke and then slid her body next to Michelle, giving a show for her man. They moved frantically on the dance floor between all the people. The two women had danced together so many times over the years, Luke could certainly see the experience from how they moved up against one another. Looking into his eyes, Lucy grabbed his hand again and then pulled him back to her. She smashed her body up against him, allowing him to feel her giant boobs pressed up against his chest. The song remained playing, as the lyrics had moved to those simple words repeated over and over : move your body, shake your body.

Michelle remained dancing, not even caring about any of the other people in the crowd. Her cellphone began to vibrate in the pocket of her dress, she ignored it at first until she felt the vibration up against her skin. She turned to look at Lucy, grabbing her hand to get her attention and then yelling at her.

"Lucy! Luke!"

The brunette woman looked back at her friend and yelled back.


"I'm going to the bathroom, I'll meet you both once you're off the dance floor!"

"Alright, take care Michelle!"

Lucy ignored her, as Michelle began to walk off. The blonde reached for her phone through one of the pockets to her dress, while she stomped her heels off the dance floor and looked around for the bathroom. All the while, Lucy took the advantage to have Luke all to herself to show off her impressive dance moves to. Michelle saw the small hallway that led to the bathrooms and quickly walked her way to the ladies room. Once she got in, she tried to answer her phone but it stopped ringing once the door shut behind her.

"Oh, dammit!"

She sighed knowing that she had missed a call. Her loud high heels echoed in the quiet bathroom as she walked towards the stall. The ladies room remained empty, not a soul except herself. She pushed the door leading to one of the stalls and sat down on the toilet while looking at her phone. All by herself, Michelle noticed that she had missed a call from a friend of hers. Using her phone, she decided to text her friend and make sure everything was fine. While sitting there and typing out the text with her fingertips, she heard the bathroom door open again and then the stomp of shoes entering. She ignored it, but then heard a loud sound outside of her stall of something being dragged around the door. Michelle stopped texting and then looked around.Her eyes wandered down to the floor, she watched as a shadow was made from the stomping of shoes towards the stalls. The shoes came to a stop and then she decided to speak.

"Who is there!? I'll be right out!"

Outside the bathroom stall, James smiled to himself. He had her all where he wanted her now, all by herself and with no escape. She was going to pay for embarrassing him at the bar, let alone pay for cheating on him months ago. Upon entering the bathroom, he had dragged the metal janitor's sign that said 'Wet Floors' under the door knob, blocking it from entrance. No one outside the bathroom would be able to enter. Now he raised his foot and kicked in the stall, startling Michelle as she looked up to see him with a shocked expression over her face still holding her cellphone.

"OH MY GOD, JAMES!!?? What the fuck are you doing here!?"

He grinned to her.

"You've got a lot of fucking nerve to embarrass me like that back at the bar, yet you still couldn't admit that you cheated on me."

Looking at him, she rolled her eyes and then let out a long sigh.

"Is that what this is about? Did you lock the fucking door or something?"

"Yep, it's locked. You ain't leaving this bathroom until I am done with you, slut."

"What...what do you want from me, James? I'm sorry I made you look like a fool earlier."

He shook his head at her.

"Oh no, you aren't simply getting out of this with an apology. You had your chance to admit to me that you cheated and tell me why, but I'm past that point now. You want to act like a slut, you're going to get treated like a fucking slut."

Michelle's jaw dropped. She knew what he was hinting to, there would be no way out of this but to just accept it for now. She didn't reply, just as James snapped his fingers and stepped back from the stall. The bulge in his jean pants was enough to hint what she was about to do.

"Come on, get up out of there. Get down on your fucking knees and take my pants off, now."

His words were spoken with authority. Michelle didn't say a word, she simply did as she was told, dropping her phone to the floor and coming out of the bathroom stall before lowering herself down on her knees. The coldness of the floor could be felt on her hands and knees. From within the bathroom, the loud bass and drum sounds of the club music could still be heard. She looked up at James while she used her hands and unbuckled the front of his pants. He reached down and ran his right hand into her long blonde hair, gripping it to prove that he was in control of this situation. As she pushed his pants down, he nodded at her and snapped his fingers again.

"Pull your dress down too, I want to see those big titties..."

Since this was going to be the end of James and Michelle's destroyed relationship from months ago, he wasn't wasting his time in the bathroom with just her mouth. She was going to be fucked in the bathroom like a slut, and he wanted to see her whole body. He watched her push the front of her dress down and then those huge breasts popped out. He reached down with his left hand and squeezed her right breast, teasing her. Still holding her by the hair, he pulled her head to look at him at him before pushing her face up against his white underwear. His clothed cock swiped over her cheek.

"You know what to do now, get my dick in your smart ass fucking mouth."

She raised her hands up and pushed his underwear down. Looking at his cock, Michelle made eye contact as she pushed her lips around his swollen meat. James remained in control, keeping her hair in his hand as he began to slowly push her mouth down on his cock. She moaned while slowly sucking his rod, James moved her head up and down slowly. He gave her time to get used to it, all with the hint that he was about to fuck her mouth. This was punishment for her being such a smart ass to him earlier. Michelle gagged for a moment, before he pulled her hair, forcing her head to bob up and down as she sucked his cock.

"Mmmmmm, that's it...Suck it."

Michelle's hands gripped his jeans from both legs, slightly pulling them down more as he began to force her head down harder and faster. He breathed in, just as he heard her gag a bit on his cock.

"Fuck yeah, that's a good little whore..."

He looked down at her, grinning as her eyes looked back at him. James was always rough with her back when they were dating, so Michelle knew what to expect here. He pushed her mouth all the way down, taking his cock to the back of her throat. He held her there until he heard her choke. Michelle's eyes watered up as she looked back at him. He still was smiling, before he pulled her mouth up and then began to buck his hips while holding her head in place. James moaned loudly as he began to fuck her mouth.


Her mouth had made a muffled string of gagging and sucking sounds as James moved her up and down, proceeding to skull fuck her. He pushed her mouth all the way down once more, feeling his cock slam to the back of her throat. While holding her there, Michelle's lips were buried in the bush of his ball hair, she remained there until finally gagging and choking. Like before, her eyes began to tear up. This time, her eyeliner became runny. James finally pulled her head, allowing his cock to finally release from her lips with a number of sticky saliva strings. Michelle was out of breath, looking up at him as he still kept his hand holding her hair.

"I-I still didn't cheat on you back-"

"Shut up, bitch! Spit on my cock!"

Looking back into his eyes, she gritted her teeth and then spit on the head of his rod, following his exact orders. His rod was already covered, shiny and coated in her saliva.

"Get your hands on the fucking floor! Don't hold onto me!"

Once again, Michelle did as she was told, moving her hands off his pants. James pushed her head back down on his cock, forcing her to take it again. Like before, he began to buck his hips forward and from holding her head in place, he fucked her mouth. Michelle's mouth began to make muffled sucking sounds again.


This time, James pulled her mouth up, forcing her lips to make a pop noise as his cock was released again. He had new orders for her now. She was out of breath, slowly catching herself. James ran his hand through her hair again, balling up her long golden locks as he moved her head and looked down at his slobber covered shaft.

"Look at that, bitch. Look at my fucking cock!"

Michelle's eyes looked up at him as she gritted her teeth, looking at him in rage. James just smiled down at her and held his rod in his left hand and began to smack it up against her left cheek.

"You like that, huh? Getting this nasty fucking cock beat up against your slutty face?"

"Yeah! More!"

James laughed hearing her words, his cock slapped over her cheek and then he moved to spank it up against her parted lips and gritted teeth. It created a slapping sound in the bathroom. He pulled on her hair now, he had a new order for her.

"Get your hands on your tits, now. Hold those big titties up."

She knew what he was hinting for, Michelle was well aware that men liked to fuck her huge natural tits. She put her hands up, holding those massive breasts up for him as James shoved his cock between them. Still holding her by the hair, he jerked her head forward while bucking his hips. He began to fuck her tits fast, ready to cum all over them.

"Yeah that's it, this is what your big tits were made for."

Michelle didn't respond to him, she simply held her tits together and watched his cock thrust between them. James moaned, bucking his hips harder as he began to pound between those amazing breasts. This was something he had missed from their relationship and wasn't going to leave tonight without showing appreciation for her epic titanic-sized breasts. Michelle looked up in his eyes while he continued to thrust his rod between her breasts.

"You always did like my titties, James."

"Of course, this is what you were made for. Your tits were made to be fucked, and what better place for a whore like you to be fucked in a bathroom?"

Over and over, his cock pumped between her magnificent breasts. She looked down, figuring to play into this sex now and take some enjoyment for herself. With him holding her hair, it was impossible for Michelle to lean her head down and lick the head each time it thrust up. All she could do was watch and listen to him moan. James was getting close, ready to cum all over her. He was saving her face for last, figuring now was a perfect opportunity to make her jack him off over her boobs.

"Let go of your tits, whore. Grab my cock."

Michelle quickly let go of her tits and snatched his cock up tightly with her right hand. James spoke again.

"Finish me off over your tits."

She looked up at his face as she began to stroke his cock as fast as she could. Michelle used her free hand to hold her breasts up as his cock was aimed right at them. She dropped her lower lip and spoke to him in her low seductive, English accent.

"You want to cum on my tits?"

"Yes, just what a whore with big tits needs. They need cum all over them, YES!!! OH GOD!!"

He moaned loudly just as his cock had erupted between her fingers. James jerked her head from the grip in her hair, not allowing her to look down as she continued to stroke his cock and wad after wad was released over her huge glorious breasts. A thick spurt of cum drenched her left boob, while another shot up her neck. Another wad of cum had decorated over her right nipple, drenching it in his thick seed. Michelle smiled big at him as she felt his warm seed shooting all over her breasts. Once it seemed he was finished, James let go of her hair finally and allowed her to look down at the mess over her huge tits. Michelle instantly gripped her left breast and held it up to her mouth before licking it off. Her big blue eyes looked back at James, she knew that he wasn't done with her yet. She spoke to him.

"How do you wanna fuck me now?"

James responded by reaching back and gripping her by the hair again. He used his left hand and grabbed her arm, forcing her up off the floor and from her knees. Once she was standing up, he turned her around and let go of her arm. He pushed the remainder of her dress down, seeing that she had no sort of underwear on whatsoever. He saw the enlarged cross tattoo of a tramp stamp that said 'Blessed'. He reached his hand back and slapped the left cheek of her ass hard. In front of Michelle was the sinks and mirrors for the bathroom. James snapped his fingers and pointed forward.

"There, get your hands up against the sink."

She moaned as he slapped her ass again. She stomped her heels forward, spreading her legs as her hands pushed up against the sink. She looked into the mirror, seeing the saliva on her face from where he smacked his dick up against her face earlier. Her tits were covered in cum, she only could lick a bit off before he stopped her. From behind, James reared his hand back and slapped the left cheek of her ass. He struggled a bit, moving forward with his pants and underwear down to his ankles. It wasn't worth stripping completely naked, for he had to leave after they were done. His eyes looked over the tattoo she had once more before he spoke.

"You know how a whore gets fucked in the bathroom, don't you?"

"No James, you tell me!"

"They get fucked in the ass, like they deserve!"

His hand slapped over the right cheek of her ass just before he pulled those cheeks apart and began to slide his cock into her dark hole. Michelle closed her eyes, unable to hold back the pleasure. She moaned as she felt his cock pump into her ass. She remembered that James was a man that liked to make good use of her ass back when they were a couple. She clutched the front of the sink with her hands and began to moan as he fucked her ass, thrusting his cock into her.

"Ohhhhh, yes! Do it, James! Fuck my ass!"

Once again, his hand slapped over her ass. The sound echoed through the bathroom. James reached forward and gripped her hair again while he bucked his hips, ramming his cock into her tight ass. Michelle kept her eyes closed, moaning loudly as he began to push into her harder and faster. It didn't matter how loud her voice raised, not a soul outside the bathroom would be able to hear her while James pounded her ass with his thick dick. She gritted her teeth, moaning loudly before yelling to him.


He pulled her hair harder, slapping her ass with his hand. Michelle looked in the mirror and could see the look of pleasure over his face. Her huge breasts bounced a bit before they pushed up against the cold edge of the sink. She yelped, feeling the palm of his hand strike across the left side of her ass once again. Michelle couldn't help herself. He may have been an asshole, but she was enjoying this time even after the rough beginning she had with him. So far, several minutes had passed and she had lost track of time within the bathroom.


Outside the bathroom and back inside the club, Lucy and Luke had sat down at a table after dancing together through a couple of songs on the House playlist. The two had been talking for the past ten minutes about the plans that Luke had in place for Lucy's return into modelling. She was happy that he had planned out the progress starting in a matter of days, it wouldn't be long for her to be back on a studio set. Lucy had become worried as Michelle had not returned yet. While they sat at their table having a few drinks, Lucy looked across back at the little hall to where the bathrooms led. She wondered if at any moment Michelle would come out now. Not a single person had come towards the bathroom doors, at least from her view. She sighed before speaking to Luke.

"Michelle has been gone a while, you know?"

"Yeah I noticed...You think maybe that phone call was an emergency?"

"Hmmmm could be."

Luke sat at the table sipping on his drink through a straw, Lucy kept her eyes locked in view with the bathroom area.



Smack. Smack. Smack. That was the only sound that could be heard back in the bathroom. James had grown tired of pounding Michelle in the ass, so he moved back and allowed her to get on top of him. This was the last time they would be fucking one another, so it was best to go out enjoying her on top one last time. His hands remained on the cold floor while Michelle had bent her knees and was riding his cock on top. Her large breasts bounced up and down, just as her ass slapped against his balls as she came down each time. She ran her hands down to his chest, closing her eyes and tilting her head up as his cock drove into her pussy with each thrust.

James watched her with his eyes, seeing those huge amazing breasts bounce up and down as Michelle worked herself over his cock. She had to be coming close to her climax and that was exactly where he wanted her. Over and over, the blonde with the huge boobs pumped herself up and down on his cock. She was out of breath, knowing that her time was drawing short. Eventually, Michelle slowed herself down and looked into his eyes.

"James...I'm about to-"

"You're about to fucking cum? Get up, get off me!"

Wasting no time, Michelle raised herself up. His cock slid out of her pussy and then James quickly moved to grab her hair once again. He wanted her bent over again on her knees when she was about to cum.

"Get up, on your knees!"

He struggled at first to get up, since his pants were pushed down to his ankles. Michelle quickly moved into the position for him. It was easier for her since her dress was completely removed from her body and all that remained was her heels. It took a minute, but once James was up, he stood behind Michelle and slid his cock back into her pussy. From the doggy style position, he began to pump his hips forward and fuck her once again.

"Ohhhhhhh, fuck! Make me cum, James!!"

As his cock pushed into her harder, Michelle closed her eyes and yelled out to him. This was it, she couldn't hold back as her pussy tightened up around him and her juices released. Her voice screamed out, echoing across the walls in the bathroom.


It took everything for James to hold back his own orgasm. He had planned from the beginning how he was going to finish himself off. He moaned, feeling her juices all over his cock from within her pussy. Since he had already cum on her tits earlier, he knew just the place left for his last load. He slid his cock out of her pussy and yelled to her.

"Get up! On your fucking knees, like a good whore!"

Michelle didn't waste her time, she wanted him to be finished and the end of this. Even though it was fun getting fucked in the bathroom, she was ready to say goodbye to James for good. She moved and quickly got on her knees. James reached his hand down and gripped her hair, all while stroking his cock in his right hand. While holding her hair in place, he moved his cock towards her and she knew what was about to come. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth. All it took was his hand stroking his meat and then it happened: a thick string of his cum shot across her right cheek and into her hand. James took a breeath, moaning out to her.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah! Ohhhhh god, there it is! Take that fucking cum!"

Another thick string of cum shot from his cock over her left cheek, striking right into the corner of her eyelid and down her cheek. Michelle moaned, feeling the warm stickiness over her face. He moved his cock and shot another wad, but it missed her face entirely and struck down to her tits. Still gripping her hair, he held his cock up and then shot the next splash of his cum over her forehead. Thick drops of cum went into her blonde hair and down her forehead. Since he had already cum earlier on her breasts, his last orgasm was not nearly as powerful as before.

Michelle opened her eyes and gritted her teeth, looking up at him as James took his cock and spanked it over her gritted teeth one last time. He squeezed his dick, just as Michelle opened her mouth wide. James took the hint and pushed her head down on the head of his cock. While he was out of breath, he watched her suck on the head and milk the final drops of his cum into her hungry mouth. Once she was done, he pulled her hair and his cock popped from her lips with a loud pop noise. They were finished at last, her face was a mess in his cum.

"That was fucking nice."

James let go of her hair, leaving her on the floor with her face covered in his seed. He stepped away from Michelle and reached down to pull his pants and underwear back up. It took him a minute to get his pants button back on and then to buckle his belt back up. All the while, she remained on the floor out of breath, slowly catching back to herself. Once he had fastened his belt back together, he looked down at her and spoke.

"Come on, get your ass up!"

Just as she looked back up at him, he reached down and snatched her hair up for one last time with his right hand. He then used his left hand to grab her arm and pull her up on her feet. James held her, and stepped her towards the open stall where he had originally found her. It was time to put her back in the place that he found her, all for someone else to discover her in the bathroom.

"Move, sit your fucking ass right back down there! Right back where I found you! Now we're done, bye Michelle! I never want to deal with your cheating, slutty ass again."

A sinister laugh crackled from his voice just as he let go of her arm and sat Michelle back down on the toilet seat. She looked up at him, running her hand through her hair while sitting naked on the toilet seat. James was true to his words, leaving her back where he had discovered her, only with her face drenched in cum and to the point of exhaustion. Her pink dress remained as a pile on the floor outside the stall. He wanted to humiliate her to the next person that walked into the bathroom, payback for her humiliating him at the bar. She caught her breath, all while she heard him stomp towards the door and move away the janitor's sign that he had used to block entry into the door.

With James leaving the bathroom, Michelle used her hand to wipe up some of the cum she felt on her face. She moved out of the stall and towards the sink. Not caring that she was naked at the moment, she had to clean herself up. Back in the club, Lucy had sat watching the bathroom area. She noticed a man coming out of the ladies room with a smug grin over his face. Instantly, she knew that something was wrong as Michelle had not come out of the bathroom. She turned and looked back at Luke before speaking.

"Wait here, hun. I'll be right back."

In the bathroom, Michelle quickly cleaned her face at the sink. Some of the remainders of his cum was in her hair and her tits were still covered in his seed, she had to wash herself up before getting dressed. While she ran water at the sink, she heard the door open. She turned to see her friend Lucy step in with a shocked expression over her face. Lucy yelled out.

"Oh no, Michelle! What the hell did that man do to you!? Did he-"

She shook her head before cutting her friend off in a response, yelling to Lucy.

"No! That was my ex-boyfriend...I called him an asshole back at the bar, he wasn't happy. He thinks I cheated on him with a friend of his. So, he fucked me in the bathroom just now and left me here."

Lucy moved to the floor and picked up Michelle's dress. All she wanted to was help her friend now, though it enraged her deep down to witness this. For someone to treat her friend like this, she hoped that revenge was possible.

"I'm glad it was me walking in, and not anyone else."

"Yeah, well...I'm glad you're here to help me out too. I wanted to go home with you and Luke tonight, but not now...I'm all partied out after this."

Michelle turned to Lucy as her friend handed her the dress. She stepped out of her heels and moved back from the sink to slip the one-piece outfit back on. Lucy noticed a strand of cum in her hair. She reached down and quickly swiped it over her finger and then washed it off at the sink while Michelle re-dressed.

"I'm gonna take you home. Let me go outside and tell Luke this is an emergency. I'll meet up with him again in a few days, for now, I'm going to tend to you."

"Thanks Lucy, I appreciate it..."

Already, Michelle was thinking about revenge. She wanted James to pay some how, some way. To see him be truly humiliated the way he had left her to be discovered. Lucy left the bathroom to talk to Luke, all while Michelle had dressed back up and then stood at the sink, cleaning up her face once more. She would have to go back in the bathroom stall and retrieve her cellphone before they were to leave. James may have thought this was the end, but it would not be. She would find a way to get him back, some how.



"There you are, looking fabulous!"

The sound of a voice was that of a photographer looking back through the lens of his camera while he shot photo after photo. Across from the set was Lucy Pinder, wearing a lingerie outfit with her hair moved down and all the focus on her beautiful body tucked into the revealing outfit. This was the third phase of the photoshoot, already Lucy had modeled in other outfits. She ran her hand up into her hair and gritted her teeth, giving one of those classic 'seductive' facial expressions. The camera flashed, taking another shot of her. Luke watched from across the room, his hands were tucked into the pockets of his jacket as he smiled and watched through the lens of his sunglasses. This was his girl, doing what she did best.

The London studio went by the ironic name of 'Parallel Lines'. They were a new studio opening up, having Lucy Pinder as a big name to shoot under their photography crew was a great step in the right direction. Lucy was guaranteed a check right away with a modelling deal, just as Luke had worked to achieved. The photoshoot would be for a calendar to be released from the studio, independently. Lucy had already worked the deal to sign autographed copies of over 500 calendars for pre-order deals. The afternoon hours were winding down and now with the shoot done, Lucy walked off the set and reunited with him off to the side. She put her hands on her hips, almost as if she was modelling for Luke.

"Well, how do I look Luke?"

"What do you mean, how do you look? You always look amazing Lucy, I think you did great today. This calendar should sell out fast."

"Thanks honey, I only have you to thank for all of this Luke."

She smiled at him before walking off. She wanted to tell him something else, but it was too soon for that. She had to change up, back into her street clothes as she was ready to leave and go back to the hotel with him. Lucy and Luke were long overdue for some pleasure time together. They should've been between the sheets just a few nights ago, had it not been for the incident with Michelle's ex-boyfriend throwing off perfect plans. Tonight however, there would be nothing holding them back from making sweet love. This was their night and she had him all to herself, just like she wanted.

After dressing back in her casual clothes, Lucy returned with Luke to exit the studio. She held his hand while they walked down the staircase leading to the exit downstairs. Her car was parked in the back parking lot, just as they agreed to go back to his apartment the night before. Something was bothering Luke, she could see it over his face regardless if he tried to hide it behind the sunglasses. After they reached the bottom of the stairs and proceeded to walk back outside, Luke finally spoke up to her.

"Can you do me a favor Lucy?"

She turned to him and smiled.

"Yes, what is it?"

"It's about your friend Michelle and what happened to her the other night back at the club. I want you to talk to her, get me the phone number of this James guy who did that to her back in the bathroom. I want his number."

Biting her lower lip, Lucy stopped and held his hand.

"Why do you want this guy's number, Luke?"

"Just get it for me, babe. I'm going to give this asshole a visit myself, I'll make Michelle real happy when I'm done with him. He'll be apologizing and begging for forgiveness when I'm finished with him."

"I'm sure Michelle would be happy with that...I just...I just don't want to see you get hurt, Luke."

He rolled his eyes, turning to look back at her before he let go of her hands.

"Lucy, I can handle myself. I've been doing this for years. I'm not just any other modelling agent, you know? I'm gonna take care of this. Just talk to her, get me the guy's phone number and I'll hunt him down through that. If it was you in trouble, I'd do the same."

She looked back at him and smiled. Luke didn't understand her feelings, she never wanted to see him in any true harm. Not after what was developing between the two of them. Lucy nodded to him before she walked forward.

"Alright, honey...I'll get it for you. Now let's go back to your place and relax!"



Back at the apartment, Luke and Lucy had decided to unwind themselves. He knew that she was planning for something steaming hot during the night. Before going back, they decided to drive into a drive-thru and get some quick fast food for an easy dinner. It was better than calling for takeout at the hotel and easier than cooking. Luke had to text back to his friend Peter, just to check on him. The two had been somewhat distant from one another as of recently since leaving Ibiza, that was something he did not enjoy. He had to introduce Lucy to Peter and hopefully, they could all work on a friendship in the future.

The television set had remained on in the living room of the hotel. Lucy and Luke sat together watching through channels after they had arrived back, but she had other ideas on her mind about now. It was finally time for their to use their bodies against one another. She went to the bathroom and stripped down while he sat in front of the TV outside. She removed her jeans and threw her shirt off. Underneath, her gigantic breasts remained in tact behind a pink bra and matching pink thong. She looked herself back in the mirror, taking her heels off so she her feet touched the floor. The last little detail she did was take the ponytail from the pocket of her jeans and place it over her right hand, figuring that it would come in handy later. She then quietly left the bathroom, all prepared to give a surprise to him.

There he was sitting on the couch and watching TV. Luke wore a pair of shorts and a button up T-shirt. Lucy wasn't bothered by any show he was watching. The remote remained on the left armrest of the couch. As she stepped back into the living room, she picked it up and then pointed it at the television before clicking it off. She then quickly stepped in front of the TV, giving him a better show to focus his eyes on as she stood in nothing but the pink thong and matching bra.

"Now, isn't this a better sight than whatever junk you were watching on the tube?"

Luke's eyes slowly narrowed over Lucy's amazing figure. Every curve of her body, on up to her stomach and those amazing gigantic boobs. He then looked up at her smiling face, her ear rings shined through the light above. He looked in her eyes and smirked.

"This is a much better sight, indeed! God, you look so fucking beautiful baby."

"Thanks, now I think it's time we got back down to business."

"Yes indeed!"

Lucy wasted no time moving towards Luke. She put her hands on his chest and pushed him into the couch before shoving her body against him. Their lips met and she kissed the man passionately, just as she had done in Ibiza. Her huge breasts pushed up against his chest, just as Luke reached up and squeezed them in the bra she wore. Lucy moved her legs out, straddling him so she could place a seat down on his lap. Still kissing him, she moaned in his mouth before breaking the kiss. She could feel his hard cock growing under her. Luke's hands squeezed her tits, causing her to respond by reaching behind her shoulders and undoing the bra. She tossed it off to the side, freeing her large boobs to his view.

"Squeeze those tits now, Luke!"

His hands reached up and smashed into her giant boobs. Lucy truly did have the greatest pair of tits that Luke had ever experienced in his life. He felt her nipples harden up against the palms of his hands, all while his fingers sank down into her. Lucy reached down and tried to unbutton his shorts, she wanted his cock more than anything now. She waited until his hands were free of her tits and then she moved off him and stood up. Lucy pushed her thong down to the floor, revealing her pussy wet and read. After she had become completely naked, she fell down to knees. Luke knew what she wanted, so he stood up and undid the button holding his shorts together. Lucy looked in his eyes, and reached her hands over his shorts.

"No, let me take them off!"

"Oh, so you want to take them off?"

"Yes, that's my job!"

She giggled in her thick English accent before pushing his shorts down. From his underwear briefs, she could see his hard cock poking out. Luke stepped out of his shorts and then Lucy used both hands and pulled his underwear down, slowly forming a grin over her face as his cock came into her sight. She quickly used her right hand to wrap her fingers around it before she shoved his underwear down to his ankles. Luke stepped out of them and then sat back down on the couch while the queen of glamour stroked his hard cock. Lucy licked her lips, showing him the hunger that was within her. She looked up into his eyes with a smirk.

"This is the only cock I want, and it's all mine!"

"Ohhhh yeah, that cock belongs to you Lucy. Only you, babe."

It didn't matter that his words confirmed it, she knew it was a fact. She leaned her lips down and placed a kiss over the head of his shaft. Luke's dick was the only one she wanted for now on, she couldn't hold back the feelings of love she had grown for him. Using her tongue, she slowly licked the underside of his cock as she moved her hand away from it. She came back up to the head and then looked in his eyes before slowly sinking her lips down, sliding his cock into her mouth. Lucy began to suck on his meat pole, taking it slowly while her hands gripped his legs.

All Luke could do was watch her, moaning as this was one of the most gorgeous women in the world giving him oral pleasure. He thought so highly of Lucy, unable to hold back the fact that he truly wanted a relationship with her now. Here she was, bobbing her head up and down on his shaft while creating sucking and slobbering noises from her mouth. He took a deep breath, knowing that he had waited so long to experience her doing these amazing things to him once more. Lucy moved back to the head of his shaft and then quickly came off with a loud pop noise. Lucy flicked her tongue back and then spit on his cock.

"Ohhhhh, I missed your cock Luke! I want to make you feel like you are ruling the world tonight!"

"Babe, I already am on top of the world with you! You are all I need!"

She smiled up at him hearing those words. Lucy stroked his shaft with her hand before going back down on it with her mouth. She began to bob her head up and down faster, driving more aggressively as she began to devour his cock with her mouth. Loud slurping and sucking sounds were all he could hear, as she moved her mouth up and down. Streams of her saliva began to drip down to his balls, Luke took a deep breath before moaning.

"Ohhhh, god! You really know how to work me over!"

Before he was to blow his first load, Lucy wasn't going to deprive him from the ultimate pleasure. She knew that with her huge boobs, she was built to have her tits fucked. She moved her hands down to her breasts, pinching her nipples and then gripping her breasts to hold them up as she sucked his cock for a bit more. She came up, forcing another loud pop sound. Saliva strings sway back from her lips to his slobber covered cock, as she raised her breasts up. Luke instantly knew what was about to happen, so he pushed his hand down and guided his cock to be absorbed between her huge breasts. Luke took a deep breath, moaning out to her.

"Ohhhhhh man, those tits...My god, those tits."

"Feels good, huh?"

She smiled at him, squeezing her breasts around his cock as she began to slowly rock them up and down. He laughed at her while she began to fuck his cock with those big tits.

"Oh yeah, I can't describe how good it feels...Ohhhhhhh, fuck!"

Lucy loved to have her tits fucked. She took a deep breath, breathing in as she gritted her teeth and gave Luke her seductive eyes while still moving her huge tits up and down on his cock. Her breasts were so massive, his cock completely disappeared each time she pumped down. She broke eye contact, only to look down and use her tongue to swipe the head each time it poked up between her breasts. Luke moaned, just as she began to pump her breasts up and down harder and faster.

"Oh god, you're gonna me cum already!"

"Yes! Cum! Cum for me Luke! I want to taste your fucking cum!"

Her words were yelled at him though her thick accent. Luke loved her voice so much, all while she continued to pump those amazing breasts up and down over and over. He took a deep breath, not wanting this pleasure to end but it was coming soon. He bit his lower lip, almost in a prayer that he could hold off the coming orgasm. He yelled out to her.

"FUCK!!! I'm gonna cum now, Lucy!"

His words were the best alert she needed. Lucy quickly let go of her breasts, freeing his cock so she could wrap her hand around it and push her lips over the head. She began to quickly stroke him, pumping his dick between her fingers and begging for his cum. Luke gritted his teeth before moaning out.


While he yelled loudly, Lucy tasted the explosion of his seed between her jaws. She moaned over the head of his cock, as he shot wad after wad into her loving mouth. She swallowed it down as fast as she could, taking every last drop and every spurt of his thick seed. Her eyes looked up at him. Once it seemed he was finished, Lucy released his rod from her mouth making a loud pop sound and then she leaned up, opening her mouth wide to show him that she had swallowed it all down. Luke had to catch his breath while he smiled at her.

"Damn, you're a fucking beast Lucy..."

"Mmmmm, thank you."

Before she replied to him in length, she climbed up and kissed his lips softly. Her hand reached down to stroke his cock as Luke kissed her again, this time dancing his tongue into her mouth. After breaking the kiss, Lucy grinned and spoke to him.

"You know what I really enjoyed back when we fucked in Ibiza?"

"What, Lucy?"

"When you had your big cock in my ass. That felt wonderful..."

He chuckled lightly, biting his lower lip before nodding at her.

"So I take it, your ass is where you want it now?"

She nodded her head at him, but she had other ideas besides him pounding her. He would get the opportunity to pound her pussy later. Lucy moved back and then placed her left foot up on the couch near him, hinting that she wanted to climb up and ride him Luke placed his hands up, helping her as she sank both of her feet into the couch and hovering herself over his lap. Lucy used her left hand and reached down to grab his cock, guiding into her anal hole between her ass cheeks. She placed both of her hands down on his legs behind her, while Luke's hands went underneath to grip both of her ass cheeks and lower her down. His rod pushed into her ass while she gasped her breath.

"Oh, yeah! That's it Luke, mmmmmmm!! Your cock feels so good in my ass, like that!"

His eyes just watched her gigantic breasts swaying in his face. This was one of the reasons Lucy wanted to be on top, she could tease him with her huge boobs. Luke pumped his cock up, just as she used her hands holding his legs to balance herself pushing down, forcing his cock to drive up and down into her dark hole. She moaned, all while her huge breasts began to bounce up and down. He moved his face forward, allowing her giant tits to smother him.

"Oh yeah, you like those big titties too!"

Lucy leaned forward, pushing her breasts against his face while his cock was still pumping into her ass. Luke opened his mouth and proceeded to slobber all over her giant mounds of flesh. He licked her left nipple before sucking on her right breast. His hands gripped over her ass cheeks hard, all while he still pumped his his upward and moaned to the feeling his cock sliding in and out of her ass. She closed her eyes, moaning before calling out to him.

"Ohhhhhh yeah!!! I like that, fuck my ass, Luke! Mmmmmm!!"

His fingers gripped into her ass harder, Luke remained pumping his hips forward and pushing his cock into her ass as hard as he possibly could. It was difficult for him with her on top but there was no room for complaining that he got to experience her epic breasts bouncing and moving up and down in his face. Lucy however, was ready for something else. Her pussy was dripping wet and desperate for his swollen meat. She came to a stop, feeling him thrust his rod into her ass one last time before she began to move up.

"Oh my god, Luke! YES! I want you to fuck me now! Let me feel that hard cock in my pussy!"

Before she moved off him, she leaned down and placed a kiss over his lips. Luke had stopped moving his hips and allowed his hands to move away from her ass. Upon breaking the kiss, Lucy began to rise. His cock slid out of her ass and then she moved off him and stood on her feet. She offered her hand to Luke, pulling him off the couch before she wrapped her hand around his cock.

"Which way to the bedroom, love?"

Luke pointed over to the right, where an open door was.

"Right there!"

"Come on!"

Holding his cock firmly in her grasp, Lucy stepped forward and then walked Luke by his cock to the bedroom. She giggled to herself, this was a sexual gesture she loved to play on a man when she had the opportunity. She stopped her feet once she had walked in and was standing at the edge of the bed. Letting go of his dick, she climbed up on the bed and then lay on her back, slowly inching herself so her legs could reach off the bed and allowing him the perfect position to pump into her. Luke moved her legs over his body to the point that Lucy could mount them up on his shoulders. Afterwards, he moved to slide his cock into her pussy. The buxom brunette took a deep breath, feeling his rod enter her for the first time since the night they had met.

"Mmmmm, yeah! FUCK ME LUKE!!"

Her voice screamed out to him in command. Lucy was tired of waiting, all those texts they had sent back and forth and then having to wait for three nights. Finally, they were right back where they belonged. His cock drove into her with each thrust. Luke gripped her legs while she stretched her feet out beyond his shoulders. Each time he thrust his cock into her, those epic huge breasts bounced up and down. It was more than just a feeling of lustful passionate love, the sight of watching those breasts move back and forth was amazing to him. Her mouth gasped wide open as she moaned out loudly.


Over and over, Luke couldn't stop himself. He drove his cock into her time and time again, gritting his teeth at the pleasure he felt from her sweet lovely pussy. She spread her legs from over his shoulders and bent her knees. Luke pounded her pussy with his hard cock, still watching her breasts bounce up and down. Lucy's hair had spread out over the bed creating a forest of her beautiful brunette locks of hair. She screamed out to him, gasping for breath almost.


Since she had moved her legs and bent her knees, he could only grip the lower part of her legs near her ankles. Luke slowed himself down, pumping into her slowly. With each thrust, he watched her giant breasts rock back and forth. Lucy closed her eyes, knowing that it was coming so soon. She could feel her body tensing up. He slowed down, only making it easier for her to feel her body reach the incoming climax. She opened her eyes and looked up at him before yelling out.


Her voice loudly cried out through the bedroom as her body tensed up and Luke felt her orgasm. He had stopped himself, embracing the feeling of this sensual woman as she had reached her orgasm. Lucky for him, he had not blown his load yet. He wanted to at least cum on those tits, just as he did back in Ibiza. He made one final thrust into her pussy, watching her catch her breath. She was so beautiful at this moment. Luke swallowed his own breath before he nodded down at her.

"Lucy...that was amazing, I'm not finished yet."

Looking up at him, she slowly caught her breath before laughing in that thick English accent of hers. Her eyes glanced down and then back up at him.

"You know...I want you to cum on-"

"Your big tits?"

She bust out laughing again.

"Oh god, yes! You must be a mind reader, love! Yeah, I want your hot load all over my boobs, just like the first night we spent together!"

"Alright then, that's what we're gonna do next!"

Lucy watched him step back, his cock slipping out and free from her pussy. Now was the perfect time to make use of that ponytail wrapped around her wrist. She quickly unwrapped it from her hand, and then moved off the bed, balling up her hair in one hand as she used the pony tail and braided it up. Last thing she wanted was her long hair getting in the way for a perfect shot of him to cum all over her perfect tits. Luke took a few steps back from the bed while Lucy moved up and climbed down to her knees. His cock was wet, covered in her pussy juices. She wrapped her hand around it and brought it into her mouth, sucking her own sweet juices off to clean him.

Once she was done, she moved her hands over her breasts and released his cock out of her hold. She held her breasts up for him, spitting down the middle of them before he pushed his cock back in the middle. Lucy refused to deprive him of another titty fuck. It was the perfect way to finish him off, she thought to herself. He stood there, watching her squeeze those huge breasts together and then she began to rock back and forth. Like earlier, she fucked his cock between her large boobs. Luke moaned out to her in his voice.

"Those fucking tits are among the best thing I've ever experienced in my life.

Her pony tail whipped from her back, Lucy looked up at him and smiled.

"Oh yeah? My tits are the best, aren't they?"

With a big grin on his face, he nodded.

"Fuck yeah! The best I've ever had!"

She smiled up at him, still moving her breasts up and down over his fat dick. Lucy enjoyed flattery more than most. It made her happier than anything to hear a man talk about her beauty, to tell her she was 'the best' in terms of body. Pumping her breasts up and down on his cock, all she could do was smile up at him. Luke didn't want to cum, but he knew the inevitable would approach at any minute. He looked down, nodding at her before speaking.

"Lucy, babe! I'm going to fucking cum!"

Hearing those words, she stopped and let go of her breasts. This allowed Luke to reach down and grab his rod. She held up her breasts, giving him the perfect canvas to make a mess over her mounds of flesh. All it took was one stroke of his cock, and then Luke screamed out.


A large spurt of his cum shot across her right breast. From the angle of where he was standing, he couldn't resist but to shoot another thick string up her right breast again. His cum shot over her tits and to her neck, drenching her a pearl necklace like they did the first night they met. Grunting, he kept stroking his cock as more strings of cum continued to shoot out and onto her skin. It wasn't a strong load of cum, since he had already forced an orgasm early, but still a respectable load that painted over her right breast. He was somewhat disappointed in himself that he didn't strike but one of her breasts, but this was going to be far from the last time they shared a night together.

Seeing as he was nearly complete with making a mess over her skin, Lucy moaned at the warm feeling and then let go of her tits. She looked up at him laughing in her thick accent, before she looked down and then back at him.

"Ohhhh, yeah! That's what I'm talking about! You drenched me good!"

She reached her hands down and cupped her breasts, holding them up for him to see. Her skin was shiny, coated in his cum. Lucy then took her right hand and used her finger to scoop up some of his seed and feed it to her mouth, sucking it dry.

"Mmmmmm, yummy!"

Luke took a deep breath while his eyes remained focused on the beautiful woman licking his cum from her hand. It was a beautiful sight to witness, just enough to tell him that he truly was beginning to fall in love with this woman. Lucy glanced back up at him and winked.

"I better get cleaned up and we get some rest now...I'm so glad to have you back, we're going to have even more fun next week."

"Indeed we are, Lucy...The future looks bright for us."

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Re: Mr. Disco
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Mr. Disco Ch. 3
Starring: Lucy Pinder

Codes: MF, Oral, Romance, Violence

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

London, England

Strong winds blew through the air, rustling the trees off to the side near the road. A man in a white shirt sat behind the wheel of the car, quietly cruising down an empty street while the evening sun began to go down. Peter sat on the driver's side, looking through the windshield at the dark clouds on the horizon. Next to him was Luke, sitting on the side and looking out the window through his pair of dark sunglasses. They were together today, all to take care of business around town. Finally, Peter had reunited with his friend and partner in business. It felt like it had been some time to get him away from Lucy.

Earlier in the morning, they had driven out of the West End of London to meet with a modelling studio. The studio known as 'Living Ornaments'. The headquarters was located in London but they also had a studio in L.A. and Miami back in the states. Word traveled fast through town, among the return of Lucy Pinder into the glamour industry. Luke brought Peter along, as they worked out the deal for a photoshoot. It would have to be next week, back in Miami. A high pay day was coming for Lucy with this shoot, it would instantly reach a magazine publication after it was done. With Lucy working solo and not signed to any agency so far, this kept Luke in good company to make deals with studios for photo deals.

Still while driving, Peter couldn't help but wonder if his friend was growing distant towards him. He had finally met Lucy Pinder himself, an introduction that happened over the morning. Peter still couldn't resist the thought that there was something going on and his old friend was keeping him out of it. Luke looked over at his friend and then back at the road in front of him. They were on their way back to their hotel that wasn't far off in the West End of London, close to Soho. While driving, Peter decided to strike up some conversation.

"You've found the goldmine with this Pinder babe. If only we had met her years ago."

"I know, I'm quite lucky."

Peter glanced over at his friend and then back at the road. His choice of words was rather revealing.

"You're the lucky one? I guess so. That leaves me out of the picture."

"What do you mean that leaves you out?"

"We are partners, aren't we? You and me, Luke. We've been in this a long time together, scored some beautiful women together. I kept wondering when are you going to invite me in with Lucy."

"Really? You're expecting me to invite you in?"

Peter sighed, turning the car as they moved down another road.

"I don't see why not. You usually don't have a problem inviting me for a double fucking session. Remember the time we worked for Keeley Hazell?"

Luke rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"Seriously? We're gonna talk about this now?"

"Yeah, we are. Remember when we worked for Keeley Hazell? I could've dated her, but I invited you to join me to fuck her. Remember that?"

"Peter, just stop."

"No! Remember that!?"

"Fine, yeah! I do remember it, that was about 7 years ago."

"And it was me who shared her with you...so, it shouldn't be that hard for you to share Lucy with me."

"Not happening."

Peter laughed at his words. It seemed his friend was falling in love with the woman, that gave him easy ammunition to tease him with.

"Are you in love with her, Luke?"

"I don't know....honestly, I don't."

"Well, if you won't share her with your best mate, I think you might be. You need to think long and hard on it, Luke...You know what they say about men in this business that fall in love, you start to slip with the job."

While sitting in his seat, Luke took a deep breath while listening to his friend. Perhaps it was true, he was falling in love with Lucy Pinder. The part he doubted was his words about not having much time left in the job, if it was true.

"You know, I can hook you up with her friend if I want. I've got to a little job for her anyway."

"What friend?"

"Michelle Marsh."

Peter chuckled softly before replying, changing roads one more time as they were coming close to the hotel.

"That's a name I haven't heard in some years. So, she still hangs with Pinder, yeah? Wonder if she wants to come back into modelling."

"I don't know. But I need you to help me out with something."

"Oh, yeah? Like what?"

"Michelle's ex-boyfriend is some douche bag named James. I got his phone number, and I was going to ask if you can track it down from your computer. I need to pay him a visit."

"Very well, I can do that. Text me the number once we're at the hotel and then I'll get to work on tracking him."

"Thanks pal, you gonna come with me too? I'm gonna introduce a baseball bat to this prick."

The car slowed down as Peter pulled into the back parking lot behind the hotel, they had made it back. He then replied to his friend.

"Yeah sure, why not? You won't need the bat if I come along."

Luke laughed.

"This is gonna be good times, like always."



Back at the hotel, Luke was greeted to Lucy. It seemed as if she was beginning to 'move in' living in his room at this point. The thought remained on his mind what Peter had said, if he was falling in love with the woman. It was funny that he had mentioned Keeley Hazell to him. That was a fun job about 7 years ago, something that led to a kinky threesome. Luke thought different of Lucy. It was nothing against his friend, just that he did not want to think of any other man kissing her or experiencing her sensual side. Perhaps he truly was falling in love with her, for he knew that he didn't want Peter to have her for himself.

He would have to tell her about the modelling deal he had worked up for her this week. She had a magazine shoot right here in London, this time with an old contact of hers. The last time that Lucy had appeared in the glamour magazine 'Strange Charm' was back in 2010. The deal had been worked out for a pay check right on the spot after the shoot was over. Lucy was excited when he informed her of the news. They sat together at the dinner table while they ate on takeout an hour after he had arrived back to the apartment. Lucy spoke between him.

"Word has traveled pretty quickly through town. You wouldn't believe the phone calls I've been getting this week."

Luke smiled.

"Oh yeah? Tell me about it, baby."

"I've had a few agencies call me and some old agents want to know who I'm working with now. A management also called me too."

"What are you telling them, Lucy?"

"I'm telling them that I don't talk business by myself, only with my agent on the phone and that my agent..."

She stopped and giggled before finishing her sentence.

"Is rather a private man who don't discuss things easily over the phone."

He couldn't help himself but laughing while nodding his head.

"Lucy honey, you know me too well already."

"It's not only knowing you, I trust you Luke."

"I know you do, I promise I won't let you down Lucy."

Getting up from the table, he reached into the pocket of his jacket to pull his cellphone out. They were done eating for now, Lucy had plans of spending the night with him watching some movies. She looked over him before speaking again.

"So, when is the shoot with Strange Charm?"

"Two days from here, it's going to be at Living Ornaments studios."

"So, Wednesday?"

He nodded to her while smiling.

"Yep, in two days you're gonna be walking around with a stack of money from another hot modelling shoot."

"All thanks to you!"

Luke laughed at her comment as he took his phone in his hand and began to walk out of the small kitchen of his apartment and to the bathroom. Lucy raised herself from her chair and her eyes followed him before yelling out.

"I want to watch Bo Selecta with you tonight!"

"Don't worry honey, we can! I just need a minute to text my friend and to take off my suit."

Walking into the bathroom, Luke slipped his jacket off and moved to hang it over the rack behind the door. He always preferred to keep his suit jacket in the bathroom of a hotel where he was staying. After he was done, he sat down on the toilet and flipped through his texts to find the phone number that Lucy had sent to him yesterday regarding Michelle's ex. Memorizing the number, he pulled an open text to Peter and submitted the number in before hitting the 'send' button. Watching the screen of his phone, he made sure the text was sent before he put his phone back into his pocket. It was time to go spend an evening without worries alongside Lucy.



Across town in London, Luke sat in a chair off to the side in the studio watching the modelling shoot unfold before his very eyes. A light blue panel was in the background colored with some palm trees as Lucy stood tall in a pair of white high heels and modeled in a little white swimsuit. This was her second photo session since her return to the scene, still nothing that required nudity or for her to show off those amazing breasts. She was waiting for the perfect time to go topless again. While Luke sat there, he held his smart phone in his hands while watching her. Many thoughts had been running through his mind during the morning, not just about Lucy.

He wondered if his friend Peter had been growing somewhat distant towards him. The conversation they shared in the car a couple days ago was quite telling. Peter seemed upset that he wasn't sharing Lucy with him. The memories of the time they worked with Keeley Hazell had flashed in his mind the night before in a dream. That was a long time back and that was all fun, but he didn't want to share Lucy with his friend. There was more to this woman besides her smoldering temptations in the bedroom. Luke couldn't deny it as a fact, he truly was beginning to fall in love with this woman. All the way to the point of wanting to shield her in protection from anything.

While he sat and watched Lucy's photos snap from the flash of the camera and her posing body move back and forth, the thoughts continued to go through his mind. He thought about what Peter had told him, about the fact that falling in love would probably force him to slip on his job. He didn't care, he wasn't going to hold back from the feelings he had for this woman. It was a fact that after 4 years, he knew that a 'burn out' would approach him from the job. It probably would've happened sooner if he didn't have his best friend to rely on. Luke figured that when the time would arrive, it was worth walking away with a valuable prize. The swinger lifestyle as a hard-partying agent may have been a lot of fun, but it couldn't last forever. After Lucy had finished her photo session, she rejoined Luke after dressing back up in her casual clothes of a brown shirt and a pair of jeans.

"Did you enjoy the scenery, Luke?"

Looking up at her smiling face, he nodded. Lucy put her hands on her hips, quietly making a little posse for him.

"Yes, I sure enjoyed watching you snap photos. You looked wonderful, did you get your check for this gig?"

She nodded and smiled before replying.

"Yep, they signed it before I did the photos. I've got some money now to spend, you know?"

Biting her lower lip, Lucy teased him as she spoke again.

"How about I take you out tonight? I know a club I think you would have a blast at."

"Where to, baby?"

"This place called Twitched."

Luke smirked, nodding his head.

"I've been to Twitched a number of times over the years babe, great place."

Lucy immediately clapped her hands together and jumped in her heels. Her huge breasts slightly bounced under her shirt.

"Perfect! Invite your friend, I can finally meet him."

"Alright babe, it's a plan. When do you want to leave?"

"How about in a few hours? We can go as a date. I would call Michelle and try to hook up a double date with your friend but I don't think she wants to be bothered right now."

"That's fine, knowing Peter he can easily find some chick on the dance floor."



Since the club date with Lucy had been arranged, Luke went back to his apartment to prepare himself. Lucy wanted to wear white, no doubt to match his own combination of a white blazer and white pants. Putting on the white blazer, he had picked a bright purple neon shirt to wear underneath. Lucy wore her pair of stone washed blue jeans, white high heels and a matching large white belt over her pants. From her torso, she put on a little white shirt, something that could tease him with her huge boobs that were tucked in a large bra. After fixing her long brunette hair up, they were out the door as Luke had texted Peter for them to meet at 'Twitched'.

It was a funny coincidence that Lucy had specifically chosen this club. Peter had worked memories into Luke's mind by mentioning Keeley's name a few days ago. It was this club that led to a night of a threesome when they worked with the once-famous glamour model. Even back in those days, Luke wanted to meet Lucy Pinder eventually. He wondered what exactly Keeley may have been up to these days, but she wasn't in his mind of desire. There was only one woman that could please him at this point, only one woman he wanted to share the bed with. The thoughts slipped from his mind when they arrived at the club and checked in through security. The black darkness was reminiscent, something he could never forget about this place.

Above the walls were blinking blue and pink lights. The theme of Twitched was an old style 80's club, the music was always Retro Wave style jams of the modern era. While the songs may have been recently made, they were easy to mistake for something out of the 80's charts. Back in the mid 2000's, the club was more known for playing industrial music but times had changed. Lucy and Luke made their way to the bar where they decided they would wait for Peter. The two sat together while enjoying a few drinks of straight up whiskey and liquor. After about 20 minutes, Peter had entered the club. Luke looked behind him and noticed his friend, the long hair and beard was a clear giveaway beyond his black suit.

"Luke, there you are..."

"Hey there pal, glad you could make it."

Lucy raised herself from her seat on the bar stool. Peter's eyes quickly moved over to her as she spoke in her thick English accent.

"You must be Peter, I've heard a lot about you. Luke tells me nothing but wonderful things about you."

The buxom glamour goddess held up her hand, offering him to shake it. Luke watched as Peter shook her hand.

"Oh yes, you're Lucy Pinder. Many men in this country and pretty much around the world have dreams about you every night."

She smiled, always one that enjoyed comments of praise. Peter looked back over at his friend.

"Luke, I need a minute with you please."

"Alright, hold on Lucy, I'll be right back."

Luke leaned over and kissed her cheek before he walked off with Peter. He had guessed this was about the job on hand involving Michelle's ex-boyfriend. The two men walked off from the bar over to a place near an empty table. Peter shoved his hands down in his pockets before looking back up at Luke.

"I've got the information on your boy. His name is James Sulley, works security at a club not that far from here."

Nodding, Luke looked around before answering his friend.

"Perfect, I figure we should pay him a visit soon."

"He works the night shift down at Fury Dance. We can take him there."

"Alright Luke, you're on. Tomorrow night? I can come pick you up and we wait for him to end his shift around 6 in the morning."

"I like that, it's a deal."

From an agreement, they walked off from the table to reunite with Lucy back at the bar. She had been watching from there, at least Luke figured. She greeted him with a smile as he had returned. An instrumental song was playing from the speakers while the dance floor was beginning to go crazy. Lucy yelled out to Luke.

"Luke! Come on, let's go on the dance floor together!"

"Okay Lucy, let's go!"

She quickly took a hold of his hand and nearly dragged him away from the bar. Peter got to stand there and watch the two of them move off into the crowd on the dance floor. Here he was, not even in the club for five minutes and watched his friend leave him alone again. It was clear to him that Lucy was becoming the main priority for Luke. While he could've easily joined them on the dance floor, he figured it was better off not to. Peter could tell from the way that Lucy looked into Luke's eyes, that it would only lead to a bitter dispute if he tried to get between them. He couldn't see them among the many people on the dance floor anyway.

From the floor was packed like any other night club. Lucy held onto Luke's hand as they listened to the synth keyboards blaring over a heavy beat. Shuffling between a number of people she turned and grinned at him. Letting go of his hand, she pushed her body up against him and then laughed while throwing her hands up.

"Come on, Luke! You are Mr. Disco! Show me how it's done!"

"I never would've guessed that you were a club babe, Lucy!"

Her laughter could not be heard among the loudness of the music. Lucy turned around and called out to him.

"You better be paying attention, Luke!"

"Ohhhh, don't worry I am!"

Shaking her hips, she grabbed his arm behind her and then proceeded to slowly grind her ass up against his legs and towards his crotch. Lucy was already going over the edge teasing, touching him with her beautiful body. She raised her arms back up and then Luke softly grabbed her arms as Lucy continued to bump and grind her ass up and down on him.

"Damn, that is so fucking nice!"

He couldn't stop himself from bragging. Lucy didn't care at all if there were any wondering eyes from the bystanders. The dance floor had so many people, they blended in. She quickly turned around and faced him, shoving herself up against him as her huge breasts pushed over his chest. Luke looked down at the impressive cleavage she showed off, all before his eyes met hers and he smirked. Lucy teased him.

"Enjoying that view and feeling?"

"Ohhhhh, you have no idea babe!"

"How about we make a real party back at the apartment? Screw this club, I want you!"

"That's fine Lucy, I'm all for that!"

Stepping back, she grabbed his hand and went to walking him off the dance floor. Lucy couldn't help herself, just some dancing was enough to turn her on. They had not been at the club long, but she wanted him all to herself. While they walked off, Luke stopped her while his mind got the better of his thoughts.

"Wait, what about Peter? Kinda rude for me to just leave him here, you know?"

Lucy shook her head.

"He's your friend, hun. He'll understand, besides are you gonna say no to me?"

He laughed at her. She teased him with her eyes, trying to force an innocent look over her face.

"No, I would never say no to you."

"Good, now let's get back to your apartment! I want you to fuck me!"

His eyes had become big from her words. It was funny to hear Lucy say it so openly in the middle of a club. She pulled on his hand again, ready to get him out of the club and back in her car to drive to his apartment. After they left the club, Luke didn't think about his friend anymore. The thought had slipped his mind. Besides, he would have tomorrow night with Peter for some work.


A muffled sound was followed by a back slammed up against the door. Lucy moaned into Luke's mouth as she shoved him up against the door. Now that they were back to the apartment, she wasn't about to stop herself from putting her hands all over him. Lucy wanted him so badly, tonight would be the time for truth and tell. Breaking the kiss, she stepped back but kept her fingers locked over his jacket. Lucy spoke to him in a low voice.

"Come on, Luke I want you to take me to the bedroom."

"You're the one that's been leading me around tonight!"

"And now it's time for you to step up, be the man in charge."

Before she could allow him to do anything else, Lucy threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. As he stepped back from the door, she brought her legs up and wrapped them around his waist, pushing him back into the door. Luke got the hint once he felt her legs around him. He moved his hands to her back and then stepped forward. The length of her heels pushed into his ass cheeks from behind. Lucy moaned into his mouth as they continued to kiss as he took every step away from the door and towards the bedroom. Her huge tits bounced with each step, he took his time while dancing his tongue along hers. Luckily, the bedroom door was left open and allowed him to walk on in. He broke the kiss upon reaching the edge of the bed, taking in a deep breath before he let of her back. Lucy moved her legs from around him and allowed herself to fall backwards on the bed.

"God, you're so fucking beautiful!"

Luke spoke as he watched her body bounce on the bed. Lucy just laughed at him. He pulled his jacket off and thew it to the floor. Her eyes gazed up as she watched him throw his purple shirt off and toss it to the floor. Lucy licked her lips when she seen his bare chest. It may not have been his intention but Luke was giving her a full strip show just now. He kicked his shoes off and then moved to unbutton his pants. Lucy moaned.

"Oh my, look at you..."

He didn't say a word in response. Lucy leaned up, sitting on the bed as she just watched him. Once he pushed his white pants off, he had his underwear to dispose of. When he pulled them down, Lucy grinned watching his cock spring out. She reached her little hand out to grab it while yelling to him.

"I want this!"

Taking in a deep breath, Luke moaned at the feeling of her fingers wrapped around his dick. Lucy began to stroke him while he had pushed his underwear down to his ankles. He stepped out of the underwear, kicking it to the side as he stood fully naked to her. Luke bit her lower lip and looked in his eyes while stroking his meat. Luke nodded while moaning to her.

"Ohhhhh, yeah...Lucy, I gotta get you naked now."

"Mmmmmmmm, you gave me a strip show and now you want to take my clothes off, baby?"

Her eyes looked into his, giving him that innocent look once again that she had given him in the club. Lucy moved her left hand and now was stroking his cock between both of her hands. Luke cupped her face in both of his hands, leaning down to kiss her forehead. Tonight was going to be the night he confessed his feelings to this sensual woman.

"Yes, I want to strip you now darling."

Still stroking his cock slowly in her hands, Lucy leaned herself up. Luke cupped her face in the palms of his hands while softly kissing her lips. After the small kiss, he let go and then Lucy removed her hands from his hard rod. His hands went for the shoulder straps of her shoulder. Lucy closed her eyes and threw her arms up, allowing him to pull the shirt and slip it over her head and toss it to the floor. His eyes looked over at her huge breasts that were trapped in a large blue bra. Luke ran his hand down to her left breast, softly squeezing it. Lucy moaned and looked up in his eyes. She figured that he would take that off next, but he didn't. He brought his hands down to the large white belt over his jeans. He began to unbuckle it, loosening the belt after it came undone.

Lucy watched his cock sway back and forth as was forced to take a few steps back. She lay back on the bed when she felt him removing her high heels off her feet. Lucy decided to help him out, undoing the little button on the front of her bra that held her breasts together in it's tight prison. Luke's hands moved up to the front of her jeans to unbutton them. She threw her bra to the floor just as she felt him pushing her pants down. Lucy's free boobs bounced around as she pushed her hands over her waist and gave him a helping hand in stripping her. After Luke had pulled down her pants and let them fall to the floor, there was only a little blue thong left. He looked up at Lucy and smiled, god she was so adorable.

"I recognize that thong."

She smirked before responding.

"You should, I kept it on after my modelling shoot today. You seemed to like it, so I kept it for you."

He couldn't help but laugh while shaking his head.

"You are just something else, baby."

All in the little details, he was amazed that she kept the thong just for him. Lucy leaned back on the bed as she watched him lower himself down at the edge of the bed. Luke slowly crept his head up between her legs, giving Lucy the hint of what he was about to do. She moved her left leg to hang over his shoulder while she watched him playfully pull at her thong with his teeth. Right down the middle, between her thighs. He gripped it and slowly slid it down with his teeth. Lucy leaned up, giggling at his sexy little gesture of removing the final piece of clothing from her body. Once he had pulled her thong past her knees, he stopped and looked at her beautiful pussy. It was shaved, just like it had been before. Soft and wet, he knew exactly what he wanted now while licking his lips.

Lucy couldn't say a word. Not when she felt his breath striking over her sweet pink lips down below. Luke pulled her thong past her knees while his tongue ventured into the soft slit of her pussy. She began to raise her knees, pushing her feet into the sheets while his tongue moved deeper into her loving cup. Luke kept it slow, enjoying the taste of his woman. She closed her eyes, letting out a deep gasp of breath as his mouth began to eat her out. Lucy wasn't expecting this from him at first. She wanted his cock, but this was a good reason for her to wait on devouring his meat.

"Ohhhhh, Luke...Ye-YES!!! EAT ME, OHHHHH!!"

The sound of her raised voice was enough to make him slither his tongue into her deeper and faster. Lucy squeezed her legs around his head before slowly moving to grind her pussy over his mouth. He was hungry, dying to taste her juices. Luke determined he wasn't going to stop until he forced her into the first climax of a long night. Lucy moaned while running her fingers down into the sheets of the bed, gripping them as she called out.

"Oh, god! Yes! EAT ME, FUCK YES!!"

Her breathing raised rapidly between moaning. Lucy gritted her teeth, growling her moans as she could feel Luke's tongue poking into her slit faster with each thrust. She wanted him to push her over the edge and surely enough, he was working as fast as he could. She ran her hand down into his hair, pulling it. Men often would pull on her hair when she gave them blow jobs, she couldn't help but to do the same thing to her man as he licked her out. She wanted him to force her over the verge so badly.

"Come on, Luke! Do it! Fucking make me cum with your mouth!!"

Feeling his tongue thrust into her harder, Lucy raised her neck as she felt her climax coming on strong. Her legs squeezed around his head momentarily before she stopped. She flicked her tongue over her upper lip and then roared out while her nails dug into the silver sheets of the bed.


Lucy's legs began to shake as her body trembled. Luke felt her juices slam into his mouth, squirting down his throat. He quickly swallowed it down as fast as he could, all before shoving his tongue into her one last time. Now that he was finished, he raised himself up from between her legs. Lucy was trying to catch her breath, looking up into his eyes as she could see a small trail of her juices leaking out the right corner of his mouth. Without giving him a chance to say a word, she ran her hand to the back of his head and pushed him down hard, forcing a kiss over his lips as she wrapped her arms around him. Her naked breasts pushed up against his chest, allowing him to feel her hardened nipples poking into his skin. She rolled them over, breaking the kiss when he was on his back and she was on top of him. Lucy leaned up and spoke to him.

"That was amazing, feeling you lick me like that."

"Only for you, after the sucking you've given my cock before."

She smirked, her hand reaching down to find his hard meat. Lucy began to stroke his cock hard and fast. Luke moaned while she spoke.

"You've got me hungry now! I know what I want!"

"Take it Lucy, it's yours!"

It was wonderful to hear him tell her that his cock was hers. Indeed, Lucy did feel like she owned his meat. For Luke, she was the only woman he wanted to wrap her hand around his dick and claim it. He didn't want any other girls, for he had the holy grail of the glamour world right here in the bed with him. Lucy stroked his rod up and down while she lowered herself down to the edge of the bed. Since he was laying flat on his back, he could easily lean up and watch her. Lucy stroked his shaft hard, while leaning her head down. Her long brown hair fell but she didn't let it bother her as she leaned her mouth down and placed a kiss over the head of his cock. Lucy watched as his glamour goddess opened her mouth and took his hard cock between her lips.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck yes!"

Her hands rested over his legs while she began to bob her head up and down on his hard shaft. Lucy took his cock, devouring it in her mouth. She came up to breath, releasing his rod past her lips and making a loud pop noise. Her eyes looked back up at him as she stroked his cock in her little hand.

"I love your cock, Luke."

"Oh? Do you, babe?"

Without responding to him in words, she licked the underside of his meat stick and then kissed the head again. Still stroking it, she responded to him.

"Yes, it's mine! Your cock belongs to me!"

"I'm not going to deny you of that, darling!"

Lucy responded in actions instead of words. She took his cock back into her mouth and this time, she moved up and down faster with it. She pushed his cock all the way to the back of her throat, displaying her array of deep throat skills. Luke groaned, feeling the crown of his cock slamming to the back of her throat. Her hands went down to his balls, playfully massaging them. Over and over, she moved her lips up and down on his cock while streams of her saliva dripped down his meat pole. Luke ran his hand down, playing with her hair. Lucy kept expecting him to take control and push her down, but he didn't. He spoke up while moaning.

"Ohhhhhh, babe...If you own my cock, then I own those big fucking tits of yours."

Hearing his words, Lucy immediately came up and made a pop noise as she released his cock from her lips.

"Oh, you want to fuck my big titties, Luke?"

"Fucking yes! I would never say no to that!"

He leaned up, just as she moved her naked body off the bed and stepped her feet on the floor. Luke came off the bed, joining her on the edge just as the buxom glamour goddess fell down to her knees before him. Lucy loved having her boobs fucked, she knew it was what her body was built for. As Luke stood there, she grabbed her large breasts and held them up when a new idea came to her mind. Luke was holding his cock in his hand, she promptly grabbed it while using her left arm to wrap around her breasts and hold them up.

"Better yet, let me titfuck you!"

"Alright baby, yes! God I love those titties!"

Lucy didn't waste a second letting go of his cock and then bringing her breasts up to part a way between them. She pushed them around his rod, squeezing them together and then she began to move up and down. Luke was amazed how his cock completely would disappear between her boobs. They were so big, even though he had slept with a number of models that had big tits, Lucy's were his absolute favorite. She had the greatest pair he had ever felt his cock between. Softly moaning, he watched her pump them up and down on his rod. Occasionally, the head of his dick would poke up when she pushed down. Lucy leaned down and licked the head every time she had a chance.

"Ohhhhhhh, god yes! Fuck yeah!! Fuck me with those huge knockers, baby!"

She didn't say a word, simply continuing her motion of pumping her huge breasts up and down over his cock. Luke moaned, knowing that the way Lucy worked him, she was sure to make him cum at any moment.

"This is so fucking amazing, every time I get my cock between your tits."

"Ohhhh yeah? You like that, huh?"

Lucy looked in his eyes as she kept pumping her breasts up and down. Luke ran his hand down to her shoulder and nodded.

"Yes, I love those tits so much!"

"Tell me that I have the best boobs ever."

"You do! Fuck yes you do! Lucy, you have the greatest tits in the world!"

That was all it took to satisfy her ego. Lucy loved it when a man complimented her, flattering her in absolute praise. She smiled at him and began to move her breasts up and down faster on his cock, titty fucking him as fast as she possibly could. Since he had moved his hand down to her shoulder, Luke decided to take control and thrust forward between her huge breasts. Lucy soon realized he wanted control and she came to a stop, allowing him to pump his cock through her huge tits.

"Mmmm, that's it! Fuck those titties!"

Lucy moaned, feeling his cock drive between her breasts. She licked her lips, ready for his cum. Since he had no problem swallowing her juices, she planned to drain his cock with her mouth. Over and over, Luke drove his cock between her tits. Lucy called out to him again.

"Fuck my titties! I want you to cum! Let me know when you're ready, I want it in my mouth."

"Ohhhhhh Lucy, I'm getting close!!"

Immediately she let go of her breasts after he had stopped pumping. Lucy figured from his words, he must have truly been closing to blowing that hot load. She grabbed his cock in her right hand brought it back into her mouth. She began to suck on his rod, moving her hand up in sync with her lips to stroke and suck him at the same time. Luke began panting, trying so hard to hold it back. He moved his hand from her shoulder as she had taken over from here.


She quickly looked up into his eyes, witnessing his face curled up as she felt his cock explode within her mouth. Lucy kept eye contact while she tasted his hot seed pouring out over her tongue and into her oral canal. Lucy took a deep breath, slowing breathing as he could feel every wad of cum from his rod shooting into her mouth. Lucy moaned while her jaws filled with his thick seed. She stroked his cock, squeezing it to get every bit of cum drained from his balls. Luke was still moaning as her lips popped off the head. She broke eye contact, looking at his cock while she squeezed it and swallowed his load at the same time. Lucy opened her mouth, breathing out before speaking.

"Mmmmmm, yummy!"

"You're a fucking animal, the way you handle me like that. Ohhhhh, man."

Ignoring his words, Lucy squeezed his cock and watched the last drops of cum slowly begin to push out. She licked it up with her tongue before gritting her teeth and speaking to him in a low seductive tone.

"Ohhhhhh, your cum tasted lovely Luke."

"So did yours."

She giggled, slowly raising herself up from her knees and running her hands over his chest. He moved his hands over hers, folding their fingers together as Lucy pushed her lips to his and kissed him passionately. They moaned into each other's mouths before Luke broke the kiss to stare back into her eyes. Now was the time for him to admit his feelings to her while they were enjoying tonight.

"Lucy, I have something to tell you."

"What is it, honey?"

He moved his hands over her body, running them up to feel her huge breasts. Slowly, he squeezed them while looking into her eyes and speaking.

"I'm in love with you."

"You are, Luke?"

She grinned while he just nodded his head.

"Yeah I am, I can't hold that back anymore."

"Well, I'm in love with you too Luke. I was trying to tell you that when I put on white to match the look you had tonight."

He couldn't help but laugh at her comment.

"You got your point across well, I noticed."

Lucy took his hand, moving back to the bed as she pushed him down. While her desire was for him to fuck her earlier, that was beyond the point now. She was in control. This wasn't just fucking, it was going to be love making now. As Luke lay on the bed, she quickly climbed up and straddled his waist. Sinking her knees down into the sheets of the bed, she grabbed his cock with her left hand while hovering her pussy above it. All Luke could do was watch as his loving goddess began to lower herself down on his rod.

"Go ahead, Lucy! I know you want it just as much as I do!"

Without saying a word, she simply raised her neck and then lowered herself down to impale his cock into her waiting pussy. Luke moaned loudly feeling her pussy wrapped around his dick.

"Ohhhhhh, yes! Fuck me Lucy!!"

Her hands pushed down over his chest while she began to move up and down on him. Luke's eyes watched as those huge boobs began to bounce back and forth, up and down. Lucy went slow at first, moaning as she rocked back and forth and drove his cock into her pussy. Luke moved his hands over to her hips while he tried to thrust forward. Lucy quickly began to pick up speed now, closing her eyes as she screamed out to him.




She loved it when it was possible to make him scream her name aloud. Lucy knew last week that she was falling in love, unable to hold it back. Over and over, she slammed her body down on him. Her huge breasts bouncing and jiggling with each thrust down. Lucy had taken control for now, but Luke surely had the desire. He leaned up, moving his hands to her monster-sized breasts as he squeezed them while they bounced. She continued to thrust down on him before he yelled out.



Before he replied in words, Luke made his move to take control. From leaning up, he pushed his body up against hers until Lucy began to fall backwards on the bed. Her legs flipped in the air before wrapping around his waist. Now he was on top, thrusting his cock into her pussy while her huge breasts bounced up against his chest. Lucy looked in his eyes before screaming her words out to him.


He gritted his teeth, pushing his hands down into the bed beside her as he bucked his hips as hard as he could. His hard rod pounded into her loving cup over and over, he wanted to force her to the point they both could reach a climax together. A fitting touch to the night they professed their love to one another. She closed her eyes, trying to hold back the moment before crying out to him once again.

"Oh yes, ohhhhhhhhhhh god! LUKE, MAKE ME CUM, OHHHHHHH GOD YES!!!'

The moment came as his cock continued to thrust into her. Luke was beyond his breaking point, just on the verge of reaching his second orgasm. Lucy's hands ran up to his back and then her nails scraped into his skin just as she roared out loudly.


While her voice loudly screamed in her thick English accent, Luke's own moans were drowned out from the sound of her screaming. His cock exploded deep within her at the same time that her pussy tightened up and hit her second climax of the night. Luke moved his lips to hers, they kissed together while their bodies shook and experienced the climax together as lovers. Upon breaking the kiss, he looked down into her eyes and smiled while catching his breath.

"That was one hell of a ride tonight, Lucy. I love you."

"I love you too Luke, I think you've worn me all out."

She laughed while he just nodded and smiled back to her.

"I guess we should get some rest then, together."

"Yes together, as one!"

He moved off her, allowing his rod to slip out and exit her slit. As he crawled around the bed, he pulled the covers back to invite them both to lay next to the pillows. The time had come for another restful slumber, only this time he would be going to sleep knowing the feelings they held for one another. It all began with a night in Ibiza and now, that was something Luke would never forget the entire time he was with Lucy.



The black night was hanging above in the sky while the clock moved towards 4:30 AM. A quiet silver car sat in the back parking lot for the club 'Fury Dance', all quiet and blending in with the ambiance. Behind the wheel in the driver's seat was Peter, restless as his eyes wandered over the quiet scene. He dressed down for this occasion, only in a black T-shirt and a pair of jeans. Sitting next to him was Luke, arms crossed as he took in a deep sigh. His purple shirt contained a few wrinkles, though his dress pants had made him sweaty in the silent car. Together, they had been waiting for a few hours now for their target to clock out of work and retreat to the parking lot. When he went to leave, there would be a surprise waiting for him.

Peter had done his homework digging up on James. All he had to do was track the phone number and then from his laptop, he went to work digging on an individual. He knew the license plate to his car along with his shift hours. In times, Peter could be a brutal enforcer when he was allowed to dish out dirty work with his fists. He quite enjoyed to play muscle at times, it was worth the wait like tonight. He and Luke had been sitting in the car for the past few hours, all while having short conversations here and there. He knew that Luke had to be calling in love with that woman, it was evident when he had left him at the club last night. Peter didn't tease him tonight about it, he didn't want to get Luke's mind on other things besides the job at hand. A sigh was heard next to him from Luke, who looked at his watch and then back at the empty dark parking lot.

"I'm glad I don't have to sit out here every single night. Playing security guard would be pretty boring."

Looking around, Peter chuckled before responding to his friend.

"I'm just glad there isn't any security outside this place, makes our job easier."

Looking back down to the floor board of the car, Luke gazed at the baseball he had brought with him. Any moment now, he just sat back in his seat and folded his arms. His eyes remained locked forward at the scene. Next to their car was the one marked with James' license plate, so they would be sure to catch him. Peter had smoked a couple cigarettes while waiting, still puffing one on the edge of his mouth as he looked forward. A figure was approaching in a security uniform, evident with the club's logo on the shirt. Taking one last puff in the cigarette, he removed it from his mouth and spoke.

"Is that our boy approaching?"

Luke nodded.

"Yep, brown hair a clean face. Let's go ahead and meet him."

Peter reached his hand to stop Luke from exiting the car. He noticed that he was clutching on the baseball bat.

"No, you don't need the bat. You've got me here."

Giving him a nod, Luke went on and opened the door. The cool air of the night hit him as he stepped out. Seconds later, Peter stepped out of the car and they both shut the doors. They slowly approached the man walking to them, he didn't even notice the two men at first. Eventually Luke called out to him.

"Hey! Are you James Sulley?"

The man stopped walking and looked over at both of them before nodding. He spoke in a casual English accent.

"Yeah, that's me. What do you fellas want?"

Luke crossed his arms, Peter took a final puff on his cigarette before throwing it onto the concrete ground while his friend addressed James.

"I'm a friend of Michelle's. You know? That girl you left naked in the bathroom back at the club last week?"

James shook his head while grinning.

"Ohhhhhh, so you must be the new guy that she's fucking on the side. What did she do? Send you to beat the shit out of me?"

"No, this one is on me. I tell you what though, you call and apologize to her right now, and I'll let you go. No blood or bruises if you can be a man about it and apologize. That's the deal."

The man laughed, shaking his head.

"Gee, you're even stupider than you look. Why the fuck am I gonna apologize to that bitch? She is the one that should be apologizing to me! If she wants to act like a whore, she is gonna get treated like."

Luke glanced over at Peter quickly and gave him the wink. It was time to play rough. He unfolded his arms and stepped towards James while nodding his head.

"Alright then, you chose poorly about this!"

The man stepped forward to Luke and threw his fist in a swing. Luke quickly moved to the left, dodging the punch. At the same time, Peter came behind James and put his hands on his shoulders. While James struggled to turn around, Luke took the opening to rear his fist back and punch him right in the gut. James cried out in pain, lunging forward as his knees slammed to the ground. Peter couldn't stop himself from kicking the man in the back, forcing him further on the ground. Luke looked down at him and spoke.

"My friend here can be quite sadistic when he gets a chance to display his taste for brutality. You chose poorly, you should've just called her and apologized!"

"Fuck you!"

Peter brought his foot back and then kicked James hard in the mouth. The kick was heard with a hard crunch as blood went flying out of his mouth. James choked at first, clutching his jaw as the blood ran out of his mouth and down his chin. Luke smirked down at him, shoving his hands in his pocket. He had no more room to pull a punch, this was all Peter's show. James yelled out at them.

"You, YOU FUCKER!! I think my tooth is cracked!"

A laugh could be heard from Peter's voice. James tried to catch his breath while looking up at them. Peter slowly reared his foot back again, just to toy with the man's brain to make him think he was about to deliver another kick. He watched his defensive mechanisms, holding up his hands to cover his head.

"No, wait! I-I'll call her! I'll apologize to her when I get home! Tell her I'm sorry!!"

"It's too late for that, you should've listened like my mate said."

Peter responded back to him with excitement in his voice before James screamed his reply.


In that instance, Peter reached down and snatched the man up by his hair to stand him up. James reacted, putting his hands over Peter's, trying to shake his grip. Once he was stood back up on his feet, the taller man reared his right hand back and punched him in the stomach again. As James body moved forward and he clutched a hold of his stomach, Peter grabbed his arm and twisted it around before raising his left leg and kneeing him in the stomach again. James fell back down to the concrete ground of the parking lot, clutching his stomach that was bruised from the multiple hits. Luke decided to speak up, perhaps now was the time for James to make that phone call.

"If you want to call her, you're doing it right now. No waiting until you get home, you do it right fucking now."

"If I call her...if I call, will you let me go?"

Luke nodded with a big grin over his face.

"Sure, go ahead."

James coughed blood out of his mouth. His tooth was surely cracked on his right jaw. He reached into his pocket, grabbing his cell phone and wasting no time going through the contact list. He kept Michelle's name in there despite their break up. He opened her section of the contact and then hit the dial button. He was still breathing heavy as he looked up at both men while raising the phone up to his ear. He listened to his ring while clutching onto his stomach with his open hand. Thirty seconds went by with no answer and soon he was taken to the voice mail. He looked up at Luke and spoke.

"She isn't answering, it went right to voice mail."

"Then leave her a fucking message! Apologize to her!"

He waited for the message machine to play, Michelle's voice could be heard with her own personalized 'leave me a message' saying. After the beep had clicked, James went to talking.

"Michelle! It's...it's me, James! I just wanted to tell you, I'm very very deeply sorry for last week. What I did to you at-at the club!"

Luke rolled his eyes at at the slow and stuttering sound of James' words. He reached down and snatched the phone of his hand, talking directly into it.

"Hey babe, you know who this is talking now. This asshole won't be bothering you again, you have my word on that."

He looked back down at James and yelled.

"You touch that woman again, next time I'll bring the bat to bust your fucking knee caps. You got that!?"

"Yes, yes! I got it!"

Luke pressed the button, hanging up the phone and then tossed it to the ground next to James. The man was lucky to catch the phone in his hands, or else it probably would have broke on the concrete. Peter nodded to his friend now and it was time to go. They moved back to their car, opening the doors to enter while they left James bloody and bruised crawling on the ground. Hopefully this would be a lesson learned to the prick. Luke had wanted to do a special deed to earn Michelle's trust as a friend, he hoped this would be enough to satisfy her after the awful experience with James.

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Mr. Disco Ch. 4
Starring: Lucy Pinder, Jennifer Ellison

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London, England

"Mmmmmmm, slide it up in there."

Luke looked down at Lucy as her eyes caught his and she gave him a mischievous little grin. The two had been making use of the bedroom in the apartment going on for the whole weekend with constant love making. After confessing their feelings to one another, Lucy couldn't stop herself from fucking Luke at any moment she had the opportunity. For the past several hours they had been going at it, starting after a nice romantic dinner. Right now he sat on her stomach and pushed his cock up against her glorious breasts while she pushed them together teasing him. It wasn't the first time he would be fucking her tits tonight but she refused to deny him the pleasure of doing it again.

Smack. Smack. Smack. the sound echoed lightly through the room as Lucy took a deep breath feeling the head of his cock beating up against her right nipple. Lucy just bit her lower lip, looking up into his eyes to tease him with the visions. Her hands had already pushed those giant boobs together. If he wanted his cock between them, he would have to dig it in himself. Lucy's eyes watched as he took his cock and buried it between her tits. He had to push hard to get it between there as she squeezed her breasts together tightly. Once he had pushed it down, he looked into her eyes and began to slowly push up and down. His hard rod was somewhere between her tits, completely shielded from his view due to the large size of her famous pair.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, man. These are the best tits ever."

"I know, as you've told me so many times already."

She laughed while he began to thrust forward between her huge tits. All Luke could do was smile, but Lucy couldn't tell if his smile was from pleasure or her laughing voice. When you were in love with someone, everything felt so much better. Lucy always had enjoyed a man to compliment her, to tell her how she was the best but it felt so much more real with Luke. When they made love, it felt different from the past. Despite previous lovers in recent years, something about him was above other men.

"Mmmmmm, fuck those titties baby! They're all yours now!"

His cock continued to pump between her impressive, well stacked breasts. Luke had his share of buxom women in his lifetime, but Lucy certainly was his favorite. Had someone told him years ago that he would be falling in love with her, he never would've believed them. Over and over, he thrust his rod between her breasts until he took a deep breath. Knowing that he was about to cum, he just had to inform her.

"Lucy baby, I'm ready to blow!"

Her eyes looked up at him and she gasped while letting go of her boobs. She had an idea in mind, something they had not done yet in the bedroom. he had already busted a nut filling up her pussy and mouth earlier tonight, Lucy had something else in mind.

"Get up, Luke! I wanna try something new."

"Oh, like what?"

Lucy smirked at him and raised her eyebrow before answering him.

"Let me finish you with my feet."

With a slight chuckle, he nodded his head.

"Sure, I haven't had a woman ever do that to me."

Luke got up, moving off her stomach as he began to rise and stand up on the bed for Lucy. She was happy to hear that she would be the first, and hopefully only woman to ever use her feet on him. Her hands moved over her breasts, softly smashing her palms over her nipples while she gave him a show of massaging her breasts while moving both of her feet over his stomach. She teased him until she felt his warm hands over her feet, moving them so they could clamp down over his cock. Once her feet pushed down over his rod, Luke moaned out while sh began to rub her soles up and down over his cock.

"Come on, Luke! Cum on my feet!"

He grunted, holding her feet as she moved them up and down against his hard rod. Lucy's fingers squeezed at her nipples, her breasts rocking back and forth until she watched his face curl up as Luke began to grunt. He pushed the head of his cock between the big toe of her left foot, right in place where he could shoot over those beautiful feet. All it took was Lucy to push her toes down, curling them up around his cock and then he exploded.


His voice cried out as a thick wad of cum shot up her foot and over her ankle. Lucy licked her lips, moaning at the hot sticky substance striking her skin. A second spurt of cum shot over her foot, causing her to move her right leg around so he could cum on them both equally. The third wad of cum landed on her right feet's toes. As the last remains of his seed were coming out, Lucy squeezed his dick between her toes, forcing the remaining drops to leak out and run a stream down her feet. She giggled in her thick British accent.

"Oh my god, that feels so good! Mmmmmmm!"

She closed her eyes, as he was trying to catch his breath. Luke pushed his cock out from between her toes while Lucy moved her feet back and he began to crawl back down on the bed. A soft chuckle was heard again from her voice before she turned to look at him.

"I love you, Luke. You can be so filthy at times!"

"It was your dirty mind at work, dear."

"Guilty as charged!"

Lucy winked at him after responding. He laid back, resting in the bed while she leaned up to collect the cum off her feet using her fingers to scoop it up. The glamour goddess got out of bed, looking at him from over her shoulder while she licked her fingers dry of cum. He pulled back the covers to slip inside, thinking to himself just how lucky he was to be in love with this woman. She was something else, above and beyond all the other lovers he previous had experiences with. After Lucy cleaned herself up in the bathroom, she put on a small night gown before joining him between the sheets to go off into a slumber.



Monday morning came after a slow weekend of relaxation. After Luke had awakened, he did his daily routine of taking a shower and shaving his face after getting out. Lucy had made breakfast an hour earlier as they sat together eating. He had a phone call from Peter about thirty minutes before he joined Lucy for toast and eggs. She sat there with her hair pinned back in a pony tail and wearing just a simple shirt and a pair of panties. After he got dressed, she pulled up her laptop at the kitchen table to check her emails. Luke walked back into the bedroom to get himself dressed up for today. He put on a pair of black pants and grabbed his neon blue blazer jacket out of the closet. Underneath he wore a black shirt, going on a 'black and blue' look for the day. After tucking his phone into the pocket of his jacket, he slipped on his shoes while Lucy called out to him.

"Luke, honey!?"

"Yeah, I'm back here!"

Shoving his feet into the loafers, he walked around a bit before coming out of the bedroom. As he walked out, Lucy turned her head to look at him. When she seen the suit, she knew he had to leave soon. She spoke after looking at him.

"You're heading out?"

Luke nodded.

"Yeah, I'm about to go meet with Peter and see what he's got for me."

"Oh! Before you go, Michelle has a new cellphone and she wants you to have her number!"

"I gotta run, babe! Go ahead and tell me the number and I'll memorize it while I'm calling for a cab."

He leaned over to give her a soft goodbye kiss on her left cheek. Lucy leaned up to return the kiss. They smiled at one another before he walked out of the kitchen to head for the front door. As he walked out, she began to yell out the cellphone number.

"It's zero-two-two, two-four-four, eight-four-eight-seven!"

It seemed as if he was ignoring her while his hand reached for the door knob so Lucy yelled back at him.

"Say it back for me! Make sure you got it!"

Luke glanced back over at her while his hand remained on the knob, calling it back to her.


"Yes! That's it! See you tonight honey, love you!"

"Love you too, darling!"

The sound of the door opening could be heard, but Lucy ignored his exit. She sat down at the kitchen table, running her finger over the little mouse pad of her laptop. She was checking her emails, going through replies of old friends and reading over business offers. Since the world was clearly out that she was back in business through the glamour industry, there were a dozen emails between agents and companies reaching out for her. With so many of them, she mostly moved to the spam folder and ignored it. There was a few 'thank you' emails from companies she worked with in the past. There was however, one email in particular that caught her attention from a company. It couldn't have been a spam message, given how thoroughly written it was.

'Dear Miss. Pinder, congratulations on your triumphant return to the modelling world. You were always a shining beacon of beauty, the one woman who's star is still shining bright despite a recent absence. I congratulate you up front as a friend, despite the fact we have never met before. I'm sure that when we will finally shake hands, you will see a powerful friendship in the making.

I reach out to you with an offer, one that will be difficult to refuse. I reach out to you as the CEO and owner of a new modelling agency looking for great talent. I know everything about you. I understand that you are currently represented by a freelancing agent who has quite a name for himself in many social circles. He will only get you so far, we can make you the highest paid glamour model in the UK. Such a status that would be reserved to you, exclusively.

Join us, we want you.

Nigel Taylor, Perfect Kiss Modelling.'

A date on the message showed that it had only been sent out two days ago, fresh and new. Lucy read over the email twice, thinking to herself how it must have been worded by the man himself: Nigel Taylor. It was a recognizable name that rang in her head. Taylor was a common surname, but that didn't matter. There was a family linked with that name who were almost impossible to avoid when it came to modelling. The father was a business tycoon, that much she knew. The name Nigel had been heard to her ears in the past, but Lucy never met him before. Despite the heavily persuasive email, she clicked down on the mouse for the 'delete' button and carried on with the rest of her emails.



Leaving the hotel, Luke took a taxi out to meet with Peter around Soho at a small restaurant where they had lunch and could discuss things in private. During the ride there, thought of Michelle Marsh while he memorized the phone number. Over and over, he kept repeating it in his head: zero-two-two, two-four-four, eight-four-eight-seven. It was almost like he sang the tune of a song within his mind with the phone number. He had to text back and forth with Peter to get a location for them to meet at. During the process, he easily forgot that he could've just put the number in his phone just then. Michelle probably wanted to thank him for dealing with her ex-boyfriend just last week. That was Luke's first guess, he hoped that he had earned her friendship, since she was Lucy's best friend.

When it came to communications with Peter, he rarely ever stayed on the phone for long or sent text messages that didn't contain more than a few words. He liked to work things in a more 'old fashioned way' as he would tell you face to face. The wind blew through the man's hair, while he stood outside the little restaurant with Luke. Just minutes ago, they had shared a few cups of coffee while Peter ate lunch. Both of them had shoved their hands in their pockets, feeling the cool breeze blow over them. Peter wore a brown leather jacket and blue jeans. As pedestrians walked by, he spoke to Luke.

"So, any plans on the next move with Lucy?"

"Not just yet. I want to try and get a modelling shoot back in the States. We had a pretty good offer from L.A., but I want her to be paid more."

"Oh well, while you're trying that I think I got something for you."

"What's that?"

Peter looked around, the wind blowing again as it knocked his hair around while he replied.

"A little online company called 'Strip Tease'. I have a contact with them, they said Lucy shot with them some years ago. They would love to have her back. Instant payment right away."

"I'll have to talk to her about it."

"Yeah, I got you mate. I'll catch you later, Luke."

"Alright Peter, good looking out."

The two men parted ways walking away from one another. While Luke paced down the sidewalk, his cellphone beeped from within his jacket pocket. He pulled it out to read a text from an unknown number simply stating 'hey'. He ignored it and shoved the phone back inside his jacket pocket, figuring that it was probably the wrong number texting him. After walking a few more steps, the phone beeped again. This time when he stopped to the read text, it was far more specific: 'Luke! Need to see you ASAP! Drop by my apartment.' Just a few seconds later, a new text popped up with an address located in Westminister, not far from where he was standing. Looking around, he waved his hand to call a nearby taxi.

"Taxi, right here!"

A black van-like cab pulled up at the curb, inviting him to the backseat. Luke got in and gave out the directions reading it aloud from the screen of his cellphone. As the car began to drive down the road, he let out a sigh in his breath. This couldn't have been Lucy texting out of an emergency, Luke was unsure who it was. The only thing he did know, is that the person knew his name. It could've been an old friend desperately in need of a fix, maybe an old girlfriend or something else. Whatever the case, he felt that it would be wrong to ignore something that seemed so urgent. While the cab rolled through the streets, Luke texted back the unknown with just a simple reply: 'on my way'.

Just a few minutes later while waiting in the cab, he receivers another text message. This one had a room number to the apartment that was listed in the address. Luke didn't reply back to the message, he simply put the phone back it's place within his jacket. He was curious if this could've been Michelle, since Lucy made sure to give him her new phone number just before he left earlier. After a short drive through the London streets, the cab began to slow down and Luke knew right then that his stop was up. He reached into his jacket, the opposite pocket to take out some money to pay the driver. After the exchange, he slid the door open to the cab, feeling the wind rip across his face for a moment.

The look of the apartments showed off an upper class image. Whoever had texted him, surely had deep pockets to afford such a place. He fetched his phone out of the jacket pocket again to read the text one last time to find the room number. The small buildings were lined up, all with numbers on them. Luke walked a bit, feeling the cold air as he reached the sixth marked building and walked in. There was no reception at the desk, proving that these truly were private apartments for wealthy owners. The room number was upstairs, so he slowly made it a staircase and turned down a narrow hall where he found the room '4' on it. Unknowing what the mystery awaited, he tucked his phone back into the pocket of his jacket and then raised his hand to knock slowly. He stood there waiting for a just a second before the door slowly opened to the face of a blonde haired woman with big brown eyes starring back at him.

"Luke! I'm so glad you could make it!"

Jennifer Ellison stood beyond the door. She was an old lover in his life, one of many memories. Luke gasped when he looked back at her face. She gave him that cute smile, something he always remembered in his sleep. Her eyes were fixed up with heavy dark eye liner and mascara, her body covered in a purple trench coat. Her long golden hair was split down the middle. She stepped back to invite him into the room.

"Jennifer, it's been a long time. What's going on? I got your text and was wondering who it was. Is everything alright?"

Stepping behind him, loud heels clacked over the floor as she shut the door. Jennifer looked back at him with a face puzzled in concern.

"I needed to see you one last time, Luke."

"One last time?"

As they stood face to face, she looked back and tried to force a smile to him before letting out a sigh.

"I'm leaving the UK tomorrow for Romania. I just wanted to see you one last time, before I go."

He blushed. It was an odd feeling, for Luke had not spoken to Jennifer in a few years. Why would she seek him out like this? He wasn't sure if she was lying or not, but he believed her words.

"Romania? Why did you want to see me? We broke up some years back, but I always wanted to be friends."

She laughed at him, an obvious forced chuckle. Her heels clicked and clacked as she stepped away from him. The apartment room was large, a TV set and a couch sat in the middle of the room. Jennifer ignored the couch, walking behind it until she was standing from the back. Looking back at her former lover, she replied to him.

"I know. We started out as a business relationship then it turned into romance, but that was a long time ago. I just broke up with a bloke I was dating from last year and now I'm heading to Romania to do some modelling work. I'm gonna be gone for a long time. I just thought...I thought that I would talk to you before I leave!"

He put his hands in his pockets, walking around the apartment room to join her behind the couch. Jennifer looked away before glancing back up at him and speaking again.

"There's something about you that isn't like other men, you know? You're more real than most guys I've dated. I can talk to you about anything and you won't judge me."

Luke ignored her for a bit, just looking back at her as he shook his head. He ran his hand up to her shoulder before nodding to her.

"No, I would never judge you. We may not be lovers anymore, but you're still a friend to me."

Finally, her face lit up and she smiled big. it was a sincere face of happiness, showing her pearly white teeth. Jennifer threw her arms around him and hugged him.

"Thank you, Luke. I knew I could trust you today."

His hand patted her back while they hugged. Once the stepped away, Jennifer reached to grab his hand. She tucked her fingers around it while leading him to the couch.

"Please stay with me today, Luke. Just for a few hours, is that fine?"

"Yeah, I can do that for you."

Together, they moved to sit down on the couch. She clutched on his hand, refusing to let go until they had a seat. He turned to look, watching her bite her lower lip. She spoke up to him.

"So, what's been going on with you? I heard you brought Lucy Pinder's modelling career back from the grave, that's a big accomplishment on your part."

Luke smiled while nodding his head.

"Oh yeah, it's true. I found Lucy about two months ago. We hit it off, I became her agent and I'm building her back up."

Jennifer could tell from the look on his face, something was up with he and Lucy. Going by her own experiences with Luke, she just had to ask the question.

"Are you dating her, Luke?"

He looked back at her, thinking for a moment before he nodded his head. Jennifer once more.

"Are you in love with her too?"

"I think so...yeah! To be honest with you, yes I am in love with that woman."

It was true. Jennifer already knew the answer just from reading his facial expression. She turned away from him and sighed while looking down. Luke suddenly realized that it wasn't the words she wanted to hear, but it was still the truth. This had to be painful for her, since the two had a relationship that lasted a long while in the past.

"Look, Jennifer. I'm sorry it didn't work out for us. I know we tried."

"It's not that, Luke! It isn't that at all. I texted you today because...."

She turned to look at him, biting her lower lip nervously before blurting out the truth.

"Well, because I was hoping that you could maybe talk me out of flying out of country to model. You see, I want you to be my agent again. You would get me out of these reality TV shows and back into some real gigs."

"I could be your agent, that's no problem. I've managed multiple girls before as clients."

Shaking her head, Jennifer rolled her eyes.

"Yeah and what happened with that? That's why we broke up, don't you remember? You just couldn't stop yourself from thinking with your dick and then shoving it in those other sluts. I cried when I found out that you shagged Rosie!"

He hung his head in shame, unable to shake away the truth. Jennifer had not forgotten, for that was the true reason their relationship had ended. Every man had a weakness, his was some things that he couldn't refuse: one of them being the bedroom blues. Turning back to look at her, he replied.

"What about Peter? He could-"

"Oh, hell no!! I don't like him at all and you know this! I don't even get why you are so loyal to that sleazeball."

"He's my best friend, that's why!"

"Best friends can betray each other. You do understand that, right? Everybody has a price. You should be watching him more closely, just giving you some advice."

Jennifer didn't want to linger on this subject any longer. Seeing him face to face for the first time in six years was enough to bring up some of heartbreaking feelings. She got up from the couch and marched back to the bedroom with her heels clicking and clacking hard over the floor. If it weren't for him cheating, they could've been married years ago. Luke would never give up his swinger lifestyle, but Jennifer seen him as the ideal stepfather to her kids. She loved it back in the day when he called her a MILF. Back in the day, she was his MILF above everything else. Standing near her dresser, she went on and unbuttoned the first top buttons of her trench coat. Outside the bedroom, Luke sat there on the couch for a moment before he rose up and looked around.

"Jennifer? Where did you go?"

"Come in here, honey..."

Her words were spoken almost in a matter that made him feel as if he were back in the year 2011. He quickly got up from the couch and walked behind it, heading to where an open door was. He could see a bed near some windows, just before he walked in. Jennifer stood across from him with her hands over her trench coat.

"What do you want, Jennifer?"

"What do I want? I want you, baby!"

In that instance, she pulled the last button of her trench coat and snatched it back.

Throwing the coat to the floor, she revealed herself all suited up in an outfit involving a set of 'fuck me pumps' styled black high heels; black fishnet stockings trailing up her long legs and leading to a black and pink laced thong. A small silver ring shined from her belly button. From above her body, she wore a matching pink and black push up bra revealing those huge breasts that Luke always knew to his eyes. His jaw dropped and his eyes became huge instantly. Her outfit had careful planning, all in the act of seduction with this day. Jennifer grabbed at the little straps over her shoulder, pulling them down before she wrapped her right arm around her bra to hold it from falling off.

She used her left hand and slid the little thong down just a bit, not enough to reveal her sweet entrance. With her eyes locked on his, she slowly walked towards him. Once she was merely inches away from him, she pushed her big tits up against his chest and then used her left hand to grab the back of his head and force his lips to hers. Jennifer forced Luke to kiss her, slithering her tongue into his mouth as she passionately kissed the man she once loved. It took a few seconds but eventually, she felt his tongue pushing into her mouth. Jennifer moaned into his mouth before breaking the kiss and looking back into his eyes. He still had that dumbfounded look on his face.

"Jennifer, what the hell are we doing!?"

"Just what we need to do, Luke."

Her voice changed into a seductive tone, but still in that cute English accent that he could always recognize. Moving her arm away from her bra, she let it fall to the floor, exposing her great big titties as she pushed them back up against his clothed chest. Jennifer wrapped her arms around him, refusing to let the man go while she seduced him.

"I want you to fuck me."

"But, I'll be cheating on Lucy! You don't care about that!?"

Shaking her head, Jennifer giggled.

"Why should I care? You cheated on me with Rosie and some other whores back in the day. Don't lie to yourself, Luke. You can't give up your lifestyle, you'll cheat on her eventually too. Now, come on! I'm leaving the country tomorrow and you're the last man I want to fuck before I go! Come on, let's do it!!"

She wrapped her arms around him, pushing her mouth back to his to force another kiss. Jennifer pushed him hard, forcing Luke to walk backwards until his back slammed into the wall. Her hands unbuttoned his jacket, running up and down his black shirt while she pushed those huge breasts up against him as they kissed. His cock was growing, springing up in his pants. Luke couldn't help but think about Lucy, the woman he was in love with. He was betraying her right now. He pushed Jennifer to break the kiss and then shook his head while breathing in heavy.

"No, I can't do this!"

Jennifer's hands moved to his collar as she got in his face to respond. Her eyes looked so devious, the smile on her face proved she had dirty thoughts.

"Yes you can! Just think, it's only cheating unless you get caught. I know how you are, baby. I'm sure you were cheating on me long before you were busted, and it didn't bother you before I found out. Think about it like that!"

Without giving him the opportunity to reply, she pushed her lips back to his and kissed him once more while brushing her huge tits up and down against his chest. Jennifer's hand moved down, grabbing at his crotch. She squeezed it from within his pants and finally, he moaned into her mouth. His hands reached up to grab at her breasts before they broke the kiss. She leaned back, closing her eyes to feel him squeeze her boobs. Once she reopened her eyes, and looked at him, Jennifer licked her lips.

"Let's get your damn clothes off, now!"

"Yeah, I'm ready baby!"

She couldn't help but giggle at his words. Now he was talking in her dirty language. Luke could not refuse after how strong she came up on him with her seduction skills. Jennifer lowered herself down to her knees while she watched him throw his blue jacket to the floor. Her hands went for the button and zipper of his pants, quickly unbuttoning and sliding that zipper down. Regardless what he said now, she knew that he had to miss the old naughty fun that they had together. After pushing his pants down, she grabbed his cock out from his underwear and wrapped her fingers around it. Luke already had thrown his black shirt off, revealing his sexy chest to her. Jennifer looked up in his eyes while she ran her left hand up, feeling the hair on his torso.

"Mmmmmmmm, my sexy man. I've missed you Luke. Did you miss me?"

All he did was take in a deep breath. As he didn't reply to her, Jennifer leaned up, still holding his dick from inside his underwear. She rubbed her nipples up against his chest while pushing into him. Finally, she leaned in for another passionate kiss. She could feel him wrap his arms around her while she began to stroke his hard cock as they kissed. Upon breaking the kiss, she asked him again.

"Did you miss me, baby?"

"Fuck yeah! I missed you, Jennifer!"

His hands squeezed her breasts again as she kissed him one last time. Luke could feel her hard nipples poking up against his palms. He already could feel the shame in doing this, but he couldn't refuse her. This was an old flame reignited from years gone by. She broke the kiss and then ran her hands down, trailing down his skin as he removed his hands from her tits and stood there watching her. She starred him in the eyes as she sank down to her knees. Just like she used to always do for him. Both her hands pushed his underwear down, revealing his swollen hard dick. His underwear joined his pants down at his ankles. Jennifer reached to pull for his loafer shoes, slipping the left one off.

"Come on, baby! Let me take your shoes off so we can get you completely naked!"

Pulling on his right shoe, Jennifer pushed it off and then began to rise up from her knees as she watched him step out of his pants and underwear. Luke put his hands to her breasts again, squeezing them once more before he kissed her passionately on the lips. Upon breaking their lips apart, Jennifer waited for him to let go of her breasts and then she lowered herself back down to her knees. Her little hand wrapped around his hard meat and then she starred into his eyes before opening her mouth and pushing the head into her warm mouth. 'Mmmmmmm' she moaned into his cock as she began to slowly bob her head up and down, sucking on it. Never once did Jennifer break eye contact from him.

Luke took a deep breath as he watched his old love suck on his cock for what would be the last time. Jennifer's mouth began to slobber, sucking on his rod loudly. All he could do was try not to think about Lucy as the blonde model was sucking on his length. She moved her hands to play with his balls, slamming her mouth all the way down to show off that she could still deep throat him years later. Memories ran through his mind of all the old times he used to have with her. She pushed her lips all the way down to the base, devouring his entire shaft before she gagged and came off his cock. Jennifer released it, forcing a loud pop noise with strings of saliva wangling back from her lips to his dick. She spit on the head before collecting up the saliva ropes in her hands.

"Ohhhhhhh, god yeah! I missed your big fucking dick!"

Jennifer looked back into his eyes while she loudly kissed the tip of his shaft. Her hand gripped back around his shaft, stroking it hard as she continued to speak.

"Did you miss how I used to suck it for you?"

"Yeah, I have Jennifer!"

She gritted her teeth, pushing out her lips before she took his cock and began to smack it up against her open lips. It created a loud smacking sound. Luke gasped his breath, moaning as he watched her.

"Ohhhh, my god! So fucking hot!"

Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Little stuff like this he couldn't help but miss from her. Jennifer eventually stopped, only to push her lips back down his rod. She began to bob her head up and down yet again, devouring his hard meat as she sucked on it. Over and over, she pushed his cock in and out down her throat. Her hands moved to grip her huge tits from underneath. All the while her mouth continued to move, bobbing up and down over his shaft until she held her breasts up. Jennifer released his cock from her lips with another pop noise while holding her boobs up.

"You ready to fuck these titties!?"

"Fuck yes!! Ohhhhh, yeah baby!!"

This was her favorite thing to do with Luke years ago. She knew that he could never resist her tits, even if he was with another buxom woman at the time. She held them up, wrapping them around his cock as she squeezed them tightly together. Luke moaned as he watched his cock practically disappear between the large folds of her breasts. Her eyes glanced back up at him and then she began to pump them up and down, fucking his thick cock with her wonderful boobs.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah! Mmmmmm!! You like these big titties wrapped that hard fucking cock? Mmmmm, I know you missed this!"

Jennifer smiled big at him as she called out. Over and over, her glorious breasts pumped up and down, down and up. She fucked his cock to a pulp, just as she had done so many times years ago. Luke tried so hard not to think about another woman, but he couldn't help but get flashbacks of his cock stuck between Lucy's breasts like last night. He moaned, calling out to Jennifer to get it off his mind.

"Yeah, your breasts were always excellent! Make me cum with them!"

Hearing his words speak of cumming, Jennifer instantly slowed herself down. She made one final thrust with her breasts, raising her head up and moaning as the head of his shaft peaked up. She didn't want him cumming over her just yet, not before she experienced him in her pussy for what would be the final time. Jennifer let go of her tits, freeing his cock from the fleshy prison as she stood up and faced him.

"Not just yet, honey. I want you to fuck me, fuck me hard! Fuck me like we're still together!"

She quickly pressed her lips to his, forcing a kiss. After their lips broke away, she turned around and placed her hands on the bed. Luke knew just the position that Jennifer always loved: doggy style. She crawled up on the bed, situating herself on all fours. From behind, he pushed his hands over the silky pink and black thong, pushing it down. He didn't bother removing those sexy fishnet stockings or her heels, they looked great on her. His hand reached back and smacked the left cheek of her ass, causing her to moan as he moved his fingers down to feel the moist wetness of her entrance. Luke climbed up on the bed, placing one hand on her lower back and the other on her hip. As his knees bent, he guided his cock into her sweet pussy.

"Yes, Luke! Come on, fuck me baby!"

His hard cock slid into her opening. Jennifer closed her eyes, raising her head as she began to moan while he slowly bucked his hips forward and began to thrust into her. Her hands pushed down over the white sheets of the bed and then she felt his dick ramming into her harder and faster. Luke didn't waste any time getting into a fast tempo fucking the woman he used to love. All she did was bite her lower lip, moaning out softly while her long golden hair began to sway and move around. From underneath, Jennifer's huge tits bounced up and down with each thrust Luke pumped into her.

"Oh yeah, that's it! Mmmmm, fuck me! Fuck me harder!!"

Her voice called out to him again, all while his balls began to smack up against the underside of her ass cheeks. Jennifer opened her eyes, looking up at the bright windows where she could see the sun light. She moaned again, calling out to him louder.


Thrust after thrust, Luke bucked his hips harder and pumped his thick rod in and out of her sweet pussy. It was a wonder that he had not busted his nut yet after she sucked and titty fucked him minutes earlier. Years ago, he and Jennifer used to fuck for hours on end in several positions until they reached exhaustion. She was already proving that she still had the skills like back then. As he thrust his hips forward, Jennifer eventually rolled her hips to push back into him. She had a card to play now, ready to take control. Her fingernails dug into the sheets of the bed just before she pushed herself forward to make his cock exit her pussy. Jennifer quickly turned around, looking at him as her hands reached up to grab at his shoulders. She shoved Luke down to his back on the bed and then quickly climbed atop him.

Throwing her legs around him, she straddled the man and then used her right hand to grab his thick cock and shove it back into her pussy. Jennifer raised herself up as she felt his cock sliding back inside her. Luke pumped his hips forward while Jennifer cupped the back of his head with her right hand. She focused on smothering him with her breasts, squeezing his head over one of her tits. His mouth found her nipple at the same time she pushed her left hand down on the mattress.

Luke tucked his left hand over her hip while wrapping his other arm around her back. Bucking his hips, he pumped his dick into her while slobbering all over her breast in his mouth. Jennifer's body began to rock back and forth on top of him.

"Ohhhhh, yeah! You love those titties, suck on 'em! Mmmmmmm, fuck me!!"

She was not getting off him until they both had reached a climax within one another. Luke's long cock continued to thrust in and out of her as she tightened the grip of her fingers over the back of his neck. He moved his head, smothering himself between both of her amazing large breasts. Jennifer's eyes closed as she called out to him.


It almost was blurted from her lips that she was close to reaching her breaking point. The sound of his balls slapping upward over her ass cheeks could be heard again as Luke began to grunt after raising his head from between her tits. He was so close to blowing his load now. Jennifer looked down at his face and then moved her left hand to squeeze her breasts back around his face, to smother him again. She gasped before calling out.



He gritted his teeth, calling out after her. Jennifer's voice drowned him out as her body shook and her juices began to flow from inside her pussy.


A long time had passed since they shared an orgasm together. Luke felt his cock explode within her, right at the same time that Jennifer reached her climax. They had reached their orgasm together, as if they were still lovers from the old years of the past. Jennifer leaned up, arching herself up while Luke opened his eyes to look at this beautiful woman sitting atop him. Her body was so beautiful, from her little belly button ring to her gorgeous large breasts all the way to that cute face. Luke had to slowly catch his breath while looking up at her. She ran her hands through her hair and then leaned down to kiss his lips. He moaned into her mouth, running his hands all over her back before she broke their lips apart.

"Mmmmm, that was so fucking good. Just like the old days. I remember, you used to hold me so tight."

Her voice lingered in his ears before she kissed him again. Jennifer softly caressed his cheeks, pushing her huge tits up against his chest before she ended the kiss. As she leaned back up, the woman raised herself to allow his cock a release of freedom from her pussy. Jennifer crawled around on the bed while Luke looked back at her. He swallowed his breath, ready to speak but she beat him to it.

"You know, you've still got one more hole."

Looking back at her, Luke couldn't help but smirk. Jennifer never forgot such things when it came to the sex. She always made sure that he fucked every hole and her tits. Her ass was the obvious answer, Luke just laughed.

"Yeah, that one is my favorite."

"Oh, so my ass was always your favorite, huh?"

Jennifer smirked to tease him before rolling off the bed. She waited for him to climb up and once they both were standing up on the floor, she smiled and him and bent over. Her thong had been pushed down to her ankles from earlier but now she managed to finally step her heels out of it. Luke moved behind her as Jennifer leaned down, pushing her thick beautiful ass up for him. He reached his hand back, smacking her thick ass. She moaned before calling out.

"MMMMMMM, yeah! Smack that ass baby! Spank it like you did back when it was all yours!"

His hands both reared back before equally laying smacks on both cheeks. Jennifer moaned as she sank her hands down into the sheets of the bed. Within seconds, she bit her lower lip while feeling him pull apart her firm ass cheeks. Soon, she felt the head of his dick poking into her dark hole and then he slid it in. She gasped her breath upon feeling the initial first thrust.

"Ohhhhhhh, mmmmm....Yeah, I always liked it when you would fuck me in the ass! In fact, no man since you has touched that hole!"

Peeking over her shoulder, Jennifer winked at him. He wasn't sure if she was lying or not but how could he care right now? The old flames of passion had been reignited today between them and he wanted to enjoy every moment of this. He moved both his hands to the small of her back while thrusting his hips forward. His long shaft pushed into her ass, back and forth. Jennifer moaned as he began to go into a steady rhythm with her back door hole.

"Ohhhh, yeah! Come on, Luke! Fuck that tight ass! FUCK MY ASS HARD! HARDER!!"

Her words of encouragement rang clearly with the act of motivation. Luke grunted as he began to buck his hips as hard as he could. His dick pounded her beautiful tight ass, pumping in and out of her at a steady pace. Jennifer's huge tits shook back and forth while her grip over the mattress caused it to shake a bit. Over and over, his hard cock pumped into her tight ass.

"Ohhhhhh, yes! Just like that, go Luke!! Fuck my ass!!"

"Fuck! I always did love your ass!!"

"I know you did, FUCK MY ASS!!!"

While she screamed out to him, Luke moaned and gasped his breath as his hard cock continued to thrust into her ass. Jennifer's nails dug into the white sheets over the bed, ripping them in lines while she listened to the sound of his balls slapping up against her ass each time he pumped his dick into her back hole. Luke knew that if he kept this up, he would end up blowing another load but he didn't want to cum in her ass. If Jennifer truly was telling him this may be the last time he was to ever see her, he wanted to at least fuck those tits one last time. With one final thrust into her ass, he came to a stop before calling out to her.

"Baby, I wanna feel my dick between those titties one last time."

"Ohhhh, you want my big boobs, Luke?

"Fuck yes!"

He took a few steps back, pulling his cock out of her ass. Once Jennifer felt him come out, she leaned back up and turned around from the bed and dropped down to her knees. She wrapped her little hand around his dick and stroked it fast in her hand. Up and down, her hand moved as she looked up into his eyes with a big smirk.

"I knew you missed my tits, you always did fuck 'em real good."

The devious little grin over her face was so sexy. An image that Luke would forever have engraved in my mind. He watched her stroke his cock for a bit before opening her mouth and taking it back in. Jennifer moved both her hands to her tits, rubbing her nipples between her fingers while her mouth bobbed up and down on his shaft. 'Mmmmmmm', she moaned into his rod while bobbing her head up and down, slobbering all over it. Luke stood there moaning as his former lover sucked his cock. Jennifer came up to the head, releasing it with a pop sound. A thick string of saliva dangled from her lower lip back to his cock. She raised her tits up, pushing his fat dick between them before she squeezed them together.

"God...This was the best feeling ever back in the day."

Luke bragged aloud as Jennifer smothered his cock between her boobs. The saliva string broke, dangling down her chin. He took in a deep breath before watching her look down and spit over the head of his cock. Once she was ready, she began to pump them up and down, fucking his cock with those glorious tits.

"Ohhhhh, god baby! Yeah, fuck me with those tits!"

His voice called out to her, but Jennifer ignored him. She looked down, watching as his rod would completely disappear each time she thrust them down. When the head would pop back up between her tits, she licked her tongue over it again and again. Luke moaned as she began to pound her breasts faster over his cock.

"Ohhhhhhh, man! Ohhhhhh, fuck you're gonna make me cum!"

Finally, she looked up into his eyes. Her tits still pumping up and down over his cock.

"I want you to cum all over my face, honey. Just like you used to do in the old days!"

"Ohhhhhh, yeah!"

Jennifer bit her lower lip, moaning in her soft English voice while her breasts continued to fuck his hard dick. Up and down she pumped them, over and over. The look on his face was slowly changing. Soon enough, he was going to bust his nut all over her cute face. Once she seen his lips curl up and heard the grunt in his voice, she knew what was about to happen.

"Are you ready to cum for me, Luke!? Don't you wanna blow your hot steamy load all over my fucking face!?"


His words gave her the go-ahead signal to let go of her tits. Jennifer quickly wrapped her hand around his shaft and leaned down, aiming it at her pretty face. Luke stood there, watching his ex-girlfriend wank him off. Her hand glided so quickly over his cock. Jennifer looked in his eyes, still stroking his meat while she yelled at him.

"Mmmmmmm, yeah! You gonna give it to me!? GONNA GIVE IT TO ME!?"

"Oh, yeah! You know it, baby!"


She closed her eyes and within a few seconds, she heard him grunt loudly and then felt a thick wad of cum fly over her forehead. Jennifer moaned, still pushing her hand back and forth over his shaft as it sent another spurt flying into her left eyelid and drenching down her cheek.

"Mmmmm, yeah!"

A soft moan escaped past her lips as she felt more warm sticky substance striking over her face. A few strings of cum went over her left eyebrow and over her forehead. Jennifer continued to stroke his cock while the spurts of cum began to weaken. She leaned up, licking her lips before she placed the head of his rod over her tongue and then closed her lips. Despite the cum drenched over her left eyelid, she slowly opened her eyes. Blinking at him as a few drops of cum in her eyebrow fell down. Jennifer moaned, sucking the head of his cock to milk the final drops. Luke was left simply speechless at her actions.

"God, Jennifer...You never change at all. You're still a dirty lover."


The sound echoing was her muffled moans over his cock. She released it from her mouth with a pop noise before swallowing the remainder of his load within her mouth. The heavy dark eyeliner around her eyes had smeared a bit on her left side due to the cum. She began to rise up from her knees with a big grin over her face.

"Yeah, you haven't changed either. Mmmmm, you're still my sexy man."

Standing up to him, Jennifer swiped her hand over her face to collect some of the cum and feed it to her lips. Luke just let out a sigh of relief before sitting on the bed. Her heels boomed over the carpet floor as she began to walk to the bathroom attached to the bedroom. He just sat there, realizing the horrible truth that he had just cheated on Lucy. Soon he could hear a water faucet running, figuring that it must have been Jennifer washing her face. He reached down to grab his underwear and slip them back on, and then his pair of black pants. By the time Jennifer walked out of the bathroom, she wore a black night gown and had cleaned up her face from her makeup and his cum. Her long golden hair was pinned up in a pony tail. She stood without her heels, making her height a bit shorter.

"Do you feel bad, honey?"

His eyes looked up at her. She gave him a curious yet honest little smile. Luke sighed before nodding his head.

"Yeah, actually I do. Since we broke up, I promised myself if I ever found myself in another serious relationship, I wouldn't fuck around like this."

Jennifer walked near him, running her hand over his shoulder before replying.

"Honey, it's only cheating if you get caught. Think about it like that. No one has to know what we did today."

He didn't reply back to her. He just laid back on the bed, stretching himself out. Jennifer moved to walk out of the bedroom and then turned to look over her shoulder.

"Luke, honey?"

"Yes, dear?"

"How about a glass of wine?"

"Sure, I'd love one last drink with you."

"Wait right there, please! I want to drink with you from the bed, like we used to do."

From those words, Luke couldn't help but smile. It brought back memories of how he and Jennifer used to share some drinks from within the bed before falling to sleep in each other's arms. She left the room while he climbed up further in the bed, deciding that he wanted to replicate those old memories and rest his head among the pillows. A few minutes later, Jennifer returned in the bedroom holding two wine glasses filled with a dark red drink. Luke sat up in the bed while Jennifer slowly moved to join him on the other side. Still holding a glass in each hand, she wasn't quite ready yet to hand over his. She starred back into his eyes before speaking.

"Before we share these drinks, I wanna give you a kiss first. It's a special kinda kiss."

"Oh yeah, babe? What do you mean by that?"

Jennifer giggled before smiling at him mischievously.

"This is the perfect kiss."

For some reason her words had a sense of familiarity to his mind, but Luke didn't ponder on the thought. He carefully leaned up and pushed his lips to hers. They embraced one another for a slow passionate kiss. After breaking their lips apart, Jennifer smiled back at him and offered him the left glass. Luke grabbed it and then held it up to hers, speaking up to give a 'toast'.

"This is to us, old lovers forever in friendship."

"To us, we believe in a land of love."

Her eyes focused back on him after she spoke. Their glasses clanked up against one another, rattling the liquid around. They both moved the glasses to their lips simultaneously, but Jennifer refused to keep her eyes away from him. She made sure to watch him raise the glass and drink down the wine. It was cherry flavored, his favorite that she remembered. After he drank half of his glass, she went on and downed the remainder of hers. Hoping it would influence him to finish it off. She could've smiled when watching him proceed to do just that. As Luke finished off the glass, he held it up and wiped his lips with his hand.

"That's some nice wine, baby. You didn't forget how much I like cherry."

Jennifer giggled at him in a seductive tone. As Luke looked back at her, his vision began to double. Her eyes became a set of four and the colors began to darken.

"I could never forget such a thing, honey."

The words she spoke echoed in slow motion through his mind while the colors through his eyes began to change. Luke blinked, looking back at her as he dropped his jaw. Jennifer watched his face change as he went from looking like a deer in headlights, to complete utter shock.

"I...I don't feel...so...I don't-"

His words slurred out slowly, unable to complete a sentence of speech. She smiled back at him and replied.

"I hope you can forgive me for this, goodnight Luke."

He dropped the empty glass over the bed and his head hit the pillow. Jennifer could tell by now that he was completely knocked out. His wine glass had been spiked with a drug to put him in a slumber, she was surprised how fast it worked. All it took was seconds to put him out. At first, she thought the drug would take at least thirty minutes to kick in, but it worked instantly. She ran her hand over his forehead and cheek. Softly caressing his face, Jennifer bit her lower lip before grabbing his empty wine glass from the bed and placing them both on the nightstand. The job was done as he had no reaction from her touch. She got up from the bed, reaching down to grab his blue jacket and tossing it up on the bed beside him along with his black shirt. Luke wouldn't be getting back up from the bed by himself.

Next, she went to the dresser in the room and grabbed her cellphone from it. Opening up her contacts, she made a short little text to notify her associate down the hall in another room. 'It's done, come and get him.' The blonde model looked back at her former lover one last time and then sighed. There was a hint in her language spoken to him right before their final kiss. This was all set up from the beginning. Every bit of her story about leaving for Romania was a lie. Even the apartment was rented for this special job to lure him into a trap. After the text was sent, she put the phone back down and walked into the living room. Jennifer desperately awaited for her contact to come while she sat nervously on the couch. Within a few minutes, a knock was heard on the door. She quickly got up and ran to the door, opening it to a tall muscular man with dark hair and a big black mustache wearing a black suit and tie.

"Hey, it's done. He's asleep in the bedroom."

She stepped back, allowing the tall man entry into the apartment. His shoes stomped loudly over the floor while Jennifer led him to the bedroom. They stood side by side,looking at the sight of Luke in a drug induced slumber. The man turned to look at Jennifer and nodded before speaking to her.

"Good job, here's your reward."

The man reached into the pocket of his jacket, pulling out a small passport with a rubber-band attached to it with a few credit cards and a note. He handed it to Jennifer and spoke again.

"A little extra present from Mr. Green. He said he wanted to thank you personally for this, but he was busy today."

Jennifer pulled the cards from the rubber-band and smiled. The small note added to them, informed her that it was U.S. dollars, around ten thousand in cash loaded on the cards. Her passport was for the United States.

"Awww, that was sweet of him. Tell him thanks for me, please."

"No problem, ma'am."

"Well, I better put on some better clothes for my flight. He's all yours, I put his jacket on the bed for you. He usually carries his necessities within the pockets, just so you know."

A deal with the devil had been made from Jennifer. She achieved revenge for the old breakup she had with Luke some years back. The passport was all part of the deal, in return for her seduction skills to leave Luke in the hands of a few security enforcers within the Perfect Kiss Modelling Agency. Malcolm Green had reached out to her just a week ago with a nice offer. The old man had finished the rounds of his homework in the street, taking all the information he could get on Luke's former life. He needed a weak spot that would make it easy to lure him into a trap. Once he discovered Jennifer and learned of their previous relationship, he found the perfect weapon.

Jennifer had been thinking of leaving the UK for a while to go on a vacation. She was promised 'anything you want' in return of the deal, a wish that had now successfully come true for her. She even got a little bit of extra in spending cash out of the deal. The man in the suit pulled out his cellphone to call and inform his crew stationed around the block. A black van would be arriving soon. While the man stood there on the phone, Jennifer went for one of her luggage bags to grab some clothes. She had to get changed in a regular old shirt and a pair of jeans before heading out to her flight. The next stop for her was Miami and a nice, long vacation out on the beaches. As for Luke, he was in for a rude awakening in the near future.

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Mr. Disco Ch. 5
Starring: Lucy Pinder

Codes: MF, Oral, Spanking, Facial, Romance, Kidnapping/Hostage, Violence

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

London, England

The drug induced slumber lasted over twelve hours for Luke. After Jennifer had left him to the goons who had made a deal, he was escorted to a secret location among a warehouse in London. They threw him in the back of a van before making the long drive out. The drug sleep lasted so long, as his body had to be moved inside of the warehouse where he would remain hostage. During the slumber, Luke had odd dreams witnessing himself trapped in some maze while running from away from a giant ball. On the walls in the dream was a number written in pink lipstick various times: 022-244-8487. It was the cellphone number he had memorized in the day leading up the events of meeting with Jennifer.

Within the dreams, Luke saw himself confronted by two women: Lucy Pinder and Jennifer Ellison. The thoughts of his betrayal and cheating on Lucy were already in his conscious. The events of yesterday created a tremulous situation, one that would come with many consequences. He had cheated on Lucy with Jennifer, sparking the old flame as he allowed his former lover to seduce him. At the same time, he had not a clue what was going in the awakened world. He had been stripped of his jacket and tied up to a chair with his hands cuffed behind his back. By the time he began to awaken, a blurry vision was caught in his eye sights while he gazed forward at what appeared to be a tall older man standing and wearing a dark green suit. With a smug grin, the older man began to speak.

"Wakey, wakey dear boy..."

As Luke came to his senses, he felt the restraints over his wrists and then looked down, realizing that a brown rope was tied over his chest and he was bound to a chair. His ankles were tied to the front legs of the chair, forcing him immobile completely by restraints.

"Remember me?"

The old man was none other than Malcolm Green standing before him. The same man who offered Luke and his best friend Peter a business opportunity in Ibiza back a few months ago. The older man shoved his hands in his pockets, appearing pleased at the situation. Behind him stood two tall men in suits. Luke finally came to his senses from awakening and blurting out.

"What the fuck is this!? Where am I and who the fuck are you!?"

"You must be slow when you first wake up, my boy. You don't remember me? I'm Malcolm Green, we had a meeting not that long ago..."

Suddenly, Luke caught the old man in his memory and snapped awake.

"Oh...It's you! You're that old guy who works for that fucking rich kid."

"You've caused a lot of trouble lately for that 'rich kid' so to speak. Nigel Taylor says hello!"

"What is this and how the hell did I end up here!?"

"Oh, you forget, don't you? You just couldn't help but be seduced by an old friend of yours. Women truly are your weakness, I have heard, Mr. Evans."

Luke's eyes wandered around the room. It appeared to be a warehouse of some sort, loaded with crates and materials throughout the building. A table across from the chair had his jacket and all of his accessories from within neatly arranged on the table. He could've easily guessed that the goons had went through his cellphone. The old man continued speaking to him, despite Luke's attention waning to other things. He didn't listen to the muttering words, paying it no attention as he went over the current situation in his mind. Was this all a set up to keep him hostage? Or was it worse and would end with death? Fear was beginning to settle with his stomach.


Two days had passed since Lucy Pinder last heard a word from her boyfriend Luke. It appeared that he had gone missing when she was expecting him to return back to the hotel. She wasn't worried at first until midnight had passed yesterday and calling his phone went straight to voice mail. She left text messages, numerous calls trying to reach him. After forty eight hours, she definitely feared for the worst at this point. She tried to call Michelle, thinking perhaps he talked to her. Lucy had remembered her last conversation with Luke was giving him Michelle's new cell phone number. Her friend had not spoken to him, leaving Lucy wondering what to do next.

After taking a quick shower, she made herself breakfast while sending a text message to Peter. He was Luke's best friend after all, but even Peter was surprised at Luke's disappearance and had not the slightest clue of his whereabouts. The most Lucy could do was continue texting and calling his cellphone, hoping that eventually he would answer and let her know what was going on. Lucy wouldn't know what could've possibly happened to Luke. Peter offered no suggestions whatsoever. He simply vanished almost in thin air it seemed. While she sat and ate her breakfast, she kept the phone on the table hoping for it to begin ringing at any moment.




"Take that, you stupid fucking piece of shit!"

A fist slammed into Luke's stomach as he cried out in pain. He had been moved from the chair, handcuffed to a chain that was attached to the ceiling. As he dangled there, his body moving with each punch. The other thug came forward, rearing his fist back before slamming it into Luke's left eye. Then another punch came from the opposite man, again in the gut. With yet another punch to his face, blood flew out of his mouth and onto the floor. In the distance, Malcolm stood in arrogant triumph as he watched Luke take the beating. Over and over, the men would rear their fists back and deliver blows into his face and his chest. After a bit of time, Malcolm snapped his fingers to take a break.

"Alright, alright. That's enough for now, let him breath."

The two men stepped back, revealing Luke with a trail of blood running from the right corner of his mouth. The bruises were already beginning to form on his face, around his eye and with swelling in his cheek. More bruises were felt on his ribs, as he didn't feel good whatsoever. If this was the price he paid for cheating on his love Lucy, then it was worth it. No amount of guilt could make up for it, but he truly felt miserable both emotionally and physically. Malcolm watched a string of blood drip from his lower lip before speaking up.

"You took something from Nigel Taylor that he desperately wanted."

"Wha....what are you talking about?"

A laugh was heard from the old man.

"Don't act stupid, my boy! You've become the agent to a highly sought after piece of beauty. The one model that's future should belong to Perfect Kiss."

Suddenly, it all made sense. Lucy Pinder, his girlfriend and client. Luke swallowed the blood in his mouth before replying with her name.


"Yes, that's correct! If you don't want to take another beating, how about you call her? Tell her about your guilty conscious. Then, tell her to sign with Perfect Kiss Modelling. We can end this now if you do the right thing."

This was something that Luke had to think about. Allowing himself to be seduced by Jennifer had led to this. Not only had he cheated on Lucy, he now had put her in danger with a man who desperately wanted her with his company. Could he take the offer and call her now? Luke thought hard on it. He didn't care about his own safety and well-being. The beating was worth it, if it meant that he could keep Lucy out of harm's way with sinister businessmen. Luke knew exactly why Nigel Taylor would want Lucy, she was still the most famous glamour model from Britain. Other than that, Luke felt he deserved some pain and punishment for cheating on her. He didn't look back at the old man, instead shaking his head before yelling out to him with his answer.

"No, fuck you! You can beat me senseless, I don't fucking care! I will not give her up to you and that spoiled rotten rich kid!"

Malcolm was not amused with this answer.

"You display such arrogance. Very well, then..."

He turned to look back at the two men behind him. Giving them a nod, he spoke again.

"Go ahead, make him bleed."

Taking a few steps back, the old man watched as his goons came forward to Luke's chained body once again. This time, the first punch went straight into his right cheek, followed by the other thug punching him in the nose and busting it wide open. Blood began to run out of both nostrils, mixing with the sweat that was flowing from his head due to the heat of the room. Luke had no idea the true plot that was unfolding. Word was passed around by the street to his best friend Peter. This had all been a plan to hopefully obtain Lucy Pinder as an asset with the company, and putting Luke into obscurity forever as a broken freelance model agent who fought the bigger machine and lost.


'I knew it! I knew we shouldn't have just told that old bastard to piss off like that! I knew this would come back and bite me in the ass some how!'. Peter sighed while speaking to himself. He had heard a rumor just an hour ago that Luke was taken hostage with Malcolm Green, as courtesy to Nigel Taylor. The first thing he did was text Lucy, alerting her that he had some information about Luke. He then took a taxi ride back to the apartment she shared with Luke. After entering the building, he stormed up the stairs and to the room number. Upon knocking, Lucy swung the door open to greet Peter with a face of confusion and worry.

"Oh god, tell me you've found him Peter! I've been sitting here worried sick all day."

"I haven't found him, but I have some news."

Lucy shut the door after Peter stepped in. Her eyes never left the man, as she watched him move to the couch and sit down. Lucy spoke up again.

"Well, what is it!? I am worried sick!"

"Luke's stepped on some pretty big toes, to put it simple. I fucking knew it! I told him to think twice about this whole deal!"

The brunette glamour model was bewildered by his words.

"What....what are you speaking of?"

Peter sighed, leaning over as he ran his hands through his curly brown hair.

"Nigel Taylor. That's the guy who Luke has enraged. It happened back when he met you, way back then. I knew this would come back and hurt us some how. I tried to tell Luke not to piss that guy off, but he lets his pride get in the way of thinking."

Lucy's heart sank for a minute. She recognized that name, how could she not? Just yesterday she had a personalized email from Nigel Taylor and Perfect Kiss Modelling. She thought it over, now realizing that Luke's problems were intertwined with hers. Taylor wanted her to sign to his company, he had made the offer. Lucy swallowed her breath before speaking up to Peter.

"Oh...Oh god, this is my fault."

Peter raised his head from his hands, looking back at her before shaking his head.

"No, how is this your fault!? That don't-"

"It is! Nigel Taylor personally contacted me recently. He wants me to join Perfect Kiss. I guess he figured I would ditch Luke and sign to a bigger company."

Suddenly, it all made sense. The problems with Nigel Taylor and Luke. Peter realized at this moment that Taylor must have wanted Lucy bad enough to plot something like this. It seemed like blackmail. Lucy had figured the puzzle out almost immediately. She had to think of something to try and rescue Peter. Her first thought was meeting Nigel Taylor himself, offering her body for a night of sex. Perhaps that would be enough to free Luke from his hostage situation. Lucy truly loved him, for he was the only reason that she had any desire to do glamour modelling again. When no words were spoken, she let out a sign and continued on.

"Do you think you could get me in contact with him? I've got an idea."

"What's your idea, Lucy?"

"Nigel Taylor wants me. Maybe I can get him to let Luke go if I deal with him."

"Are you sure you want to do that, Lucy? I can get you in contact with him, but I need to know if you're 100% positive about it."

She nodded.

"Yes, I can do it. I am in love with Luke, I don't want to leave him like this suffering. If you can get a hold of someone that knows Nigel Taylor, tell him Lucy Pinder wants to make a deal with him."

"Alright, I'll see what I can do. Just hang tight, this might take me a day or two."

Letting out a heavy breath, Lucy had to think for herself. She would come up with a plan tonight. It was the least she could do, to try and free the man she loved. Peter left her alone after an hour, allowing Lucy to return back to her loneliness lost in thoughts. As she thought of something, she decided to call her friend Michelle and discuss it over. A second opinion would come in handy, but more than anything, Lucy wanted to hear her advice. Despite her own experience over the years, Michelle had been around longer and always was a great voice of judgement.



A man living in a nightmare spent it bruised and beaten for the evening. After taking quite the beating, Luke was fed a sandwich and forced to drink water from one of the men before they moved him from the chain and made him sleep on the floor of the warehouse in complete darkness. His hands were still cuffed and his feet were tied up. There was no way he could escape anyway on his own. Luke was positive that one of his ribs had been cracked. As he lay in the darkness and fell asleep among the pain, he thought about that phone number that he had memorized just days earlier before his life had turned to hell: zero-two-two, two-four-four, eight-four-eight-seven. With the phone number memorized, his first thought if he could make it out of this situation alive, he would be calling Michelle for help.

Within the other side of town, there was another man who was eager to talk business with the woman who called herself Luke's lover. Nigel Taylor had come down from the ivory tower of his penthouse suite in London and was ready to talk with Lucy. The rich playboy business man had a smug grin over his face when he looked back into the gold-plated mirror during the morning. The man stood tall, always wearing a suit that costed a few thousand dollars from American tailors. His hair was dark brown and always slicked back. There was never a single hair on his face after a morning shave. His body was a skinny build, nothing out of the ordinary. Though he had spent the better part of his life riding on his father's coat tails, he was confident as a business man with the launch of Perfect Kiss modelling.

Last night, he had been contacted by one of his office assistants that Peter had reached out and wanted to talk. An hour later, another call came in that Lucy Pinder herself wanted to talk to him this time around. Nigel always had a number of men in town to watch over things with the modelling businesses. Agents knew of them and could get in contact and pass a word around. A deal had been arranged for Lucy to wait for a limousine to pick her up outside of her hotel. Nigel was well aware of where she lived, as he had people keeping his eyes on Luke the past week to set up this entire plan. One way or another, the man was confident that he would have Lucy with his Perfect Kiss modelling company. He was going to own her by the contract, completely eliminating Luke as a freelance agent.

The head office to Perfect Kiss was located in Westminster. The luxurious building stood several stories high. While it wasn't a skyscraper, it was impressive in it's own right. The building had a luxury hotel attached to it, all part of the business itself. With several expensive modelling studios, the hotel was treated as a side piece for the business. The hotel was often called the "pleasure palace", following whispers of rumors that spoke of the wild nights that went on in the upper floors. Lucy would be escorted to the building from the limo as Nigel had made it to his office and awaited her. Among his desk, he had assorted photos that he could not wait to reveal to her. This was all more than just meeting, it was a bargain chip to seduce this beautiful women to signing a contract with him.

As she sat in the backseat of the limo, Lucy sighed. She dressed in a black shirt with straps, pushing her heavy large breasts up. Below, she had on a pair of black matching tight pants and high heels. Over her shirt was a blue denim button up jacket. She had convinced herself last night that she could possibly lure Nigel Taylor with the art of seduction. She didn't want to cheat on Luke, but if it were to save his life, then it was worth it. Her love had only grown stronger from this recent development with his kidnapping. Last night, she talked to Michelle over the phone, discussing her plan with her.

Michelle tried to talk Lucy out of it, but to no avail. Lucy was convinced she could offer herself to Nigel and make a deal. Michelle told her it was useless and that in the worst case scenario, he could kidnap her to. Lucy didn't want to hear it, but there was substance in Michelle's warning. While sitting in the back of the limo, Luke remained the only thing on her mind. The vehicle itself was fancy with gold and leather interior. Though Lucy had seen much grandiose things in her life, this was something else. She wondered to herself from the perspective of an upcoming model, they could almost become hypnotized by this kind of luxury and a smooth talking businessman to whisper in their ears. Already in the back of the limo, she was beginning to feel like this could possibly be a trap and she was going directly into the spider's web.

She had witnessed many things over the course of her career that would seem unbelievable from an outsider. Experience had taught Lucy to be prepared for anything with this meeting. When the limo pulled through the parking garage, she swallowed her breath before four bodyguards began to escort her from the garage and into the building. Several minutes later, she began to feel nervous standing in a gold-plated elevator that was moving up to the top floor of the office building. The bodyguards were tall muscular black men in suits, but Lucy didn't find them to be intimidating to her eyes. Everything was moving so quickly with the pace of the day. After a long elevator ride up, she was escorted down a marble stone floored hall and to a large black door with gold plated interior. There was no name plate, but it was pretty obvious who's office it was.

"Go ahead and knock. When he's ready, he'll open the door for you."

One of the bodyguards spoke to Lucy in a stern tone. The four men walked off, leaving the glamour model to herself at the door. She bit her lower lip, almost afraid of what awaited her behind the door. It was too late anyway, it wasn't like she could turn around and walk away. Lucy raised her right hand and softly knocked on the door with her knuckles. A few seconds later, a voice called out beyond the door.

"Come in!"

She placed her hand over the gold knob, looking at what appeared to be a round diamond over the knob. it sparkled when she turned the knob and opened the door. Lucy stepped into the office, her eyes gazing forward at the immense space. The marble floor under her was so shiny, she glanced into her reflection from looking down. There was a red carpet over the floor and then a large desk that was made with a black marble top and gold, a few stacks of folders and papers among it. The man himself was nowhere to be found at first sight. She stepped around, her heels clacking over the floor as the door shut behind her. Nigel Taylor watched her from the left side of the room, standing in the corner with his arms crossed. The rich playboy kept his eyes locked on her as if she were his prey.

"Greetings, Lucy. I'm glad you could make it, I've been looking forward to meeting you."

Turning, she looked back at the man. Nigel had one of the most sinister smiles over his face that she had seen in a business man before. His teeth flashed, almost like a shark. At that moment, she felt like his prey as he walked around and moved closer to her, offering his hand to shake. Lucy didn't want to touch his hand at first, but forced herself to reach out and feel his cold hands. She replied back to him.

"I think you know why I'm here to meet you, Nigel."

"Indeed, I do. I heard you wanted to talk a deal with me, so let's hear it."

He walked away from her, forcing her to face his back as he moved to his desk. With some distance between them now, Nigel turned around and crossed his arms over his chest. He wore a black pinstriped suite with a white shirt underneath. Lucy licked her lips, trying her best to keep firm confidence as she began to play the role of a seductress. She was somewhat surprised that he didn't speak more, cutting straight to the point at hand about her offer. Looking back into his face, Lucy smirked decided to simply be up front about her offer.

"I want to give you something in return for Luke's freedom. I've heard that you're keeping him hostage, basically. I think I know why you kidnapped him, but it's beyond the point. I could show you a good time and you let him free if I impress you enough. How does that sound?"

Nigel raised his eyebrow. He thought to himself that this woman seemed to be so naive. She obviously didn't seem to know about Luke's affair that led to this whole situation. Rather than play into her offer, he had a better trick up his sleeve to seduce her. He shook his head before replying back to her.

"What do you think is the reason I kidnapped him, Lucy? I would like to hear your thoughts."

"I got your email that you sent me with your offer. I know that's what it has to be over. I take it that you're upset that I refused to sign with your company and stuck it out with Luke as my agent. Well, there is a reason to that. I am in love with him. I didn't return to modelling just to get rich again."

The man laughed at her words. This was going to be easy, Nigel thought to himself.

"Lucy, you are more naive than I imagined. You really think that man would love you?"

She looked at him almost offended to his words.

"I know he loves me! You can't question that!"

"Ohhhhh, yes I can."

Nigel turned to look back over his desk. He grabbed three photo prints that were laid out on his desk. He then walked back over to Lucy and handed them to her, speaking back to her.

"I think you deserve to have a look at these, dear."

Lucy held the photos, starring at them. They were snapped shots of Luke with a blonde haired woman walking into what appeared to be an apartment building. Three photos, showing them entering. Her eyes became enlarged and her jaw dropped. Nigel noticed the change in her facial expressions and spoke again.

"Those were taking during the week. Do you know of his relationship in the past with Jennifer Ellison?"

"No...Oh, god...This....this can't be true."

She took a deep breath, looking away from the photos. Lucy's heart was breaking inside as she began to feel the sadness wash over her. How could he do this to her? Nigel spoke again.

"Luke and Jennifer were lovers years ago. He used to manage her as an agent. She wants to make a comeback in the industry, much like yourself. I heard about him meeting with her and I had these photos taken."

"So he cheated on me with her...Oh, god."

Lucy bit her lower lip and pushed her arm towards Nigel. He took the photos back from her as he could see the sorrow painted over her face. She swallowed her breath and bit her lower lip as a tear began to fall out of her left eye. As she began to cry, Nigel put the photos back on his desk and moved to comfort her. He patted her shoulder, and then she broke down.

"You deserved to know, Lucy. Please, don't cry babe. Who knows how long this has been going on behind your back? I had to let you know, you needed to."

The tears were flowing down her face. The dark eyeliner around her eyes began to smudge. She wiped away her tears as Nigel attempted to hug her. Lucy wiped her face with her left hand. He patted her shoulder and then stepped away from her. Nigel was prepared now to try and change the subject to business.

"You really want that man as your agent, Lucy? Who's to say he won't leave you for her? Luke after all has a weakness for blondes. Come on, I can offer you something better."

She sighed, turning to look back at him. Her face showcased her obvious anger she felt at the moment. She was done crying, ready to move on.

"Why would you want me to be one of your models? I haven't been active in years, I just recently came back. There are many newer girls who are the popular names now."

Nigel gave her a small grin. He patted her shoulder and looked into her eyes as he spoke.

"Lucy, you are forgetting the value in yourself. You were always the most beautiful glamour model this country has ever had to offer. It would be an honor to have you. I could make you far richer than Luke ever could."

"I didn't come back to make money. If that was my goal, I would be shooting nude sessions for Playboy right now. Luke is the reason I came back. He was the reason I decided to approach you today."

He laughed to her before replying. Nigel was prepared to speak his lies like music to her ears. Knowing that her heart was wounded now, she would easily believe his fabrications.

"I find that funny, since you approached me because of Luke. I had been waiting to show you those photos for some time now."

Lucy thought about his words. It almost seemed as if she had been lured by Nigel in some plan. She thought back to what Peter had told her yesterday. Something about stepping on Nigel's toes was a bad idea.

"Why did you kidnap Luke in the first place? It wasn't over me, was it really?"

Nigel shook his head to her.

"Not about you, my dear. We have a history that goes back a bit. It was payback for him snubbing me, let's just put it that way. Now with you, I figured you should know about your boyfriend cheating on you with his ex."

Moving in towards her, Nigel placed his hand over her shoulder. Lucy looked up into the man's eyes as he gave her a grin. He spoke again.

"How about you cut your ties with that pathetic fool and move in with a real man?"

She glanced away before looking back into his eyes. Nigel continued speaking.

"I'll let Luke go back into the world. Out of your life for good, you can move on with something better..."

Lucy stepped away from him, still gazing back into his eyes. She thought for a few seconds, knowing that her original intentions would've been to offer herself in a negotiation. Now she was thinking more of slight revenge on Luke. Biting her lower lip, she nodded at Nigel before speaking.

"Yeah, you can do that. Let him go, I don't want to think about him right now! You can fuck me real good, and then we can talk business."

The man smirked, flashing that famous shit-eating grin that the Taylor men were infamous for. Lucy smiled to him, careless that she was surrendering her body to this wealthy playboy. After learning of what Luke had done to her, she didn't want to think about him right now.

"Very well, Lucy. That's my kind of girl right there, nice and dirty."

Moving forward, Nigel leaned in and invited her to kiss him. Thoughts ran through Lucy's mind of how sleazy this man could be. She heard the rumors about the Taylor family in the past before. For all she knew, he probably had previously fucked many women in his office before her. She kissed his lips, and pushed her hands over his suit, embracing a full passionate kiss. The man moaned into her mouth before breaking the kiss. Lucy wanted to be treated dirty since Luke had made a fool of her. No passion, just a good rough fucking to get him off her mind. As she stepped back, she took off her denim jacket and began to strip before him.

"I want you to fuck me, Nigel. Fuck me like one of your whores."

"Oh Lucy, I plan on making you into one."

He stood there, watching as she had begun undressing herself without him even having to request her to do so. Nigel cracked a sinister laugh when he watched her pull her shirt her off, revealing those large breasts in a tight black bra. It was as if Lucy seemed to know that he was a man who preferred to be in control at all times. When she began to tug her pants down, he spoke up.

"When you're finished getting naked, put your heels back on. You look sluttier in them."

She didn't say a word back to him. Nigel stepped away, allowing her to undress in the middle of the room. He walked towards the right side of his office, where there were two large white leather chairs and a fancy coffee table. Among the table was a few books sitting there, he moved them over to his desk and then he began to undress himself, slipping his jacket off. Nigel undressed near his desk where he could neatly fold his clothes there to put back on once they were finished fucking. Within a few seconds he heard her heels clicking and clacking over the floor loudly. Lucy took a few slow steps towards him, taking in a deep breath as she stood there in the nude with her hands holding over her amazing large breasts. It took him several minutes to get fully undressed. First with his shirt and then his pants and shoes coming off. Lucy stood their patiently. Once he was ready, Nigel turned around and smiled to her while holding his cock in his left hand.

"Why are you covering your tits, Lucy?"

"I thought you might like a surprise."

"Uncover them now."

His voice had changed into a low tone, almost dark sounding. Lucy swallowed her breath and removed her hands from her large natural breasts, allowing them to be fully viewed in his eyesight. Nigel raised his head and slowly began to smirk. He was done playing the smooth talker. he would soon witness what an animal he could be in the act of sex. Nigel stepped closer to her and ran both of his hands up to touch her breasts, impressed as his hands looked so small pressing into them. Her boobs were hypnotizing, all the way to the point that he didn't look down at her pussy. His focus was completely on her famous tits and nothing else.

Lucy looked up into his face and reached her right hand down to grab his cock. She began to stroke his meat pole, leaning forward to kiss his lips as he began to squeeze her amazing large boobs. They continued to kiss, moaning into each other's mouths as Lucy's hand worked his cock. As their lips pulled away, Nigel glanced back to her and smiled. He eventually looked down, watching her hand carefully stroking his rod. Nigel finally witnessed her pussy, nicely wet and shaved. Lucy's eyes remained locked onto his for several seconds before she looked down.

"Come on, I want you to get down on your fucking knees."

As Lucy began to lower herself down, she used both of her hands and brushed her hair away. This was the moment that Nigel was ready to give her a taste of his own control. He used his right hand to reach down and grip the back of her head hard. Lucy moaned as he snatched her hair up. He began to take a few steps backwards, forcing her to crawl with him. Nigel wanted them near the white leather chairs for now. He stopped and then nodded to her, as he was ready for her to suck on his dick. Nigel let go of her hair and then watched as Lucy pushed her lips together and kissed the head of his cock. Her big brown eyes gazed up into his as she began to slowly lick the underside of his large shaft and move her hands down to play with his balls.

She almost felt ashamed. This was the first cock Lucy had in so long besides Luke's. The feeling of dirtiness clouded her mind, even knowing that Luke had cheated on her. As she moaned, she stopped thinking about it as Lucy lowered her mouth down his dick and began to suck on it. Nigel took a deep breath as he watched the glamour goddess Lucy Pinder herself begin to suck on his cock. This was a fantasy of many men, even years after she had previously retired from modeling. Slurping sounds became audible as Lucy moved her lips back and forth. She came up, making a loud pop noise as she released his cock from her mouth. Lucy then moaned and spit on his shaft, something that pleased Nigel greatly.

"Yeah, there you go. Spit on that fucking cock, Lucy. I want you to get it all slippery with your slutty mouth."

With a smile painted over her face, she leaned forward and twirled her tongue over the head. Lucy couldn't help but enjoy this. Luke never got this dirty with her, he was a bit more romantic. Nigel reminded her of old times when she could enjoy indulging in filth. As she went back down on his cock, this time she bobbed her head up and down faster. Both of her hands toyed with his balls, rubbing her fingertips over the texture of his skin. Nigel moaned, impressed at her skills of sucking dick. He allowed her to freely suck on his rod for a few minutes before he placed his right hand down into her hair. Now was the time that he was about to take control and fuck her pretty face.

"Look at me, bitch!"

His slobber coated shaft remained between her lips. Lucy instantly looked at him with her big brown eyes. Alerted that he had called her a 'bitch' just out of nowhere. Nigel grinned at her before speaking again.

"I want your hands behind your back. Don't take your eyes off me, look at me while I fuck your mouth."

She followed his command, placing both of her hands behind her back. Nigel was ready now to take control.While his fingers dug through her hair, he held her in place as he began to buck his hips and thrust his cock into the English beauty's mouth. Lucy continued to stare into his face as he began to fuck her mouth. She gagged a bit, her mouth creating various sucking and slobbering noises. Her large breasts began to bounce and shake all around, but her head remained sturdy due to the strong grip of his hand in her hair.


"Ohhhhhhhhh, yes! You wanted me to fuck you like a whore, Lucy? You're going to be one of my whores after today's over! TAKE THAT FUCKING COCK, BITCH!!"


Strings of saliva began to drip from his cock and sling to the floor. Lucy's eyes watered up a bit as Nigel continued to fuck her mouth. He began to breath heavily, knowing that if he continued at this rate, he would end up busting his nut faster than he had planned. Coming to a stop from thrusting his hips, Nigel pushed her mouth all the way down until her lips were buried at the base of his cock. He held her there for a few seconds waiting until he head her choking on his cock. Lucy coughed and closed her eyes. Tears developed and ran down her face in black streams, mixed with the eyeliner. After counting several seconds, Nigel pulled her hair back and released his cock from her mouth. Long strings of saliva dripped from his cock back to her mouth.

Lucy caught her breath, looking up into his eyes. Nigel had that same sinister look over his face like before. In the heat of the moment, he was enjoying every moment of his control over her. He grabbed his slobber coated rod with his left hand while still holding her hair. Lucy closed her eyes before she felt him begin to smack his cock up against her left cheek. Her arms remained behind her back. Once more, Nigel was impressed as she began to moan as he beat his cock up against her face. Lucy pushed her lips together, teasing him to beat his cock up against her lips and make various smacking noises. So far, Nigel couldn't complain at all about the submissive behavior she had. It was as if she knew her place already as a whore to him. After a few seconds of beating his dick over her pink lips, he stopped and spoke to her.

"Very good, you know how to suck cock like a true whore. Hold your tits up for me, I want you to give me a tit wank."

Slowly opening her eyes, Lucy moaned as she moved her hands from behind her back and gripped her large titanic-sized breasts. She just knew this man wasn't going to refuse to fuck her breasts, it was her what she was famous for after all. She smiled up at him as she held her tits apart and allowed him to push his dripping wet dick between them. Nigel let go of her hair, watching as she pushed her breasts together to trap his cock between them. It never mattered the length of a shaft, Lucy's tits always made it disappear between them. She began to slowly pump them up and down, fucking his cock.

"Ohhhhhhhh, fuck!! God, those tits feel so fucking amazing."

Nigel moaned. His face washed over in pleasure. Lucy continued to pump her tits over his cock as she looked up and smiled at him. The eyeliner she wore had become runny with two dark tear streams that ran down her cheeks. She spoke back to him while still moving her breasts up and down, back and forth.

"You like my boobs, Nigel?"

"Fuck yeah! This is what you were built for, Lucy! Those tits were made to be fucked."

"Mmmm, I know. I love feeling a hard cock between my tits!"

"Happy to hear you enjoy being a fucking whore."

Still moving her tits up and down, Lucy broke eye contact to gaze down and watch the head of his cock poke up with each thrust she made down. Nigel stood there, embracing the feeling of pleasure this sensual woman gave him. Lucy eventually leaned her head down and began to strike her tongue over the head of his cock each time it poked up. Her large breasts fucked his cock over and over, nice and slow. She wanted him to enjoy this, knowing that at any moment, he could take control if he wanted to. All Nigel did was stand there and moan aloud as the most famous British glamour model was titty fucking him. After several minutes, he reached his hand down and grabbed the back of her hair once more. Lucy came to a stop as he grabbed her hair. Nigel yelled to her.

"Come on! Get up, bitch!"

Lucy instantly let go of her breasts, freeing his cock. As she began to rise, Nigel pulled her hair hard to force her up on her feet. She was taken by surprise at his dominant nature, let alone being referred to as a 'bitch'. It was completely different from Luke's loving nature in the bedroom. Nigel was treating her as if she were a whore, quite different from what Lucy had grown to expect from the man she had been seeing. With her standing up, Nigel forced her to the back of the white leather chair.

"Put your hands up on the back of that fucking chair."

"Ohhhhh, you're gonna fuck me from behind?"

He let go of her hair, only to rear his hand back and slap her ass. Lucy moaned out as the smack echoed throughout the room. She leaned over while gripping the chair, placing herself in position for him to take her from behind.

"Yeah! Just hold onto that chair, I want to feel this pussy."

Nigel stepped behind the glamour goddess. His hands moved, gripping both of her ass cheeks and squeezing them. He moved his right hand to guide his cock into her wet dripping clit. She let out a deep breath, moaning in her thick English accent. Nigel felt the tight warmth of her pussy and moaned. As he began to thrust forward into her, he reared his hand right hand back and laid down a smack over the right cheek of her ass.

"Fuck!! You've got one tight cunt! I like that, perfect for one of my whores!"

"Ohhhhh, yeah! OH!"

Spank! Once again, Nigel laid his palm down over her right ass cheeks. He used his left hand to grip one of her hips, making it easier for him to pound into her and fuck her pussy back and forth with his hard dick. Lucy's huge breasts began to bounce, beating up against the back of the chair as she firmly gripped it tighter. Her fingernails were digging into the leather texture, her hair waving all around as Nigel continued to fuck her. She moaned out, crying to him.


Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Each time Lucy said a word, Nigel would rear his hand back and lay a smack down over the right cheek of her ass. His balls began to slap up against the underside of her ass, creating a light smacking sound with each thrust he sent into her pussy. The warmth of her clit was so great, he just knew that this woman was going to quickly become one of his favorites among his harem of whores. Nigel spanked her ass one last time before screaming out while still thrusting his cock into her.

"FUCK YES!! God, you are going to be mine! This pussy feels so fucking good! I'm gonna make you into my filthy fuck doll, Lucy!!"


"You're going to be one of my whores, Lucy! You will be my filthy fuck doll! GET USED TO THAT NICKNAME, YOU DIRTY FUCKING BITCH!!"

Over and over, Nigel sent his cock pounding into her pussy. Lucy's jaw dropped and she began to moan, screaming out louder. He was pushing her towards a climax and she couldn't wait to feel it. Gritting her teeth, she cried out in her voice before yelling to him.


He reared his hand back like before and spanked her ass. Though Nigel didn't say it, he didn't want to hear making any demands. Taking one final thrust into her pussy, Nigel began to ease his cock out of her clit. This caught Lucy by surprise, forcing her to turn and look over her shoulder. A few seconds later, he lowered himself down to his knees and embedded his lips over pussy. She cried out, spreading her legs as her heels stomped over the floor.

"Ohhhhh, yeah! Mmmmm!! Go on, make me....OHHHH!"

She was panting, crying out loudly as his tongue began to dart and lick all around her clit. Lucy moved her hands away from the chair, standing straight up. Nigel simply did not want to allow himself to cum in her pussy, that was why he came to a halt and decided to eat her out. All it took was a few seconds and Lucy could feel her body tensing up. She dropped her lower lip and cried out.


Her loud voice screamed out as Nigel could taste her juices shooting into his mouth. The hot liquid her pussy produced filled his mouth. Nigel quickly swallowed it down and then moved his mouth away as he began to get up from his knees. Lucy was slow to catch her breath, but Nigel still didn't have a problem ordering her around.

"Hey, bitch! Get back down on your fucking knees! I just made you cum, now it's your turn to do that for me. I'm going to drench your slutty face in my cum, and watch it drip down to those big boobs. You've earned it for being such a good whore."

"Ohhhh yes, mmmmmm."

As Nigel stood tall once more, he watched the glamour model obey his command and fall back down to her knees. He walked away, moving towards his desk just so he could watch her crawl her way towards him. With a grin, he bragged as he watched her beginning to crawl towards him.

"That's it, be a good whore! Crawl over here to this fucking cock, my filthy fuck doll!"

Lucy looked up into his eyes, gritting her teeth to give him a seductive look. As she made her way to his cock, she kissed it while looking up into his eyes. The smudge of her eyeliner made her truly look like a whore to him. Nigel smirked as he ordered her again.

"Hold those big titties up for me and wrap those girls around my dick."

"Oh yeah, you wanna fuck 'em huh?"

"Fuck yes!! I could get used to fucking them every day."

She giggled to him as she held her breasts up and did exactly as he had ordered her. Lucy wrapped them around his long shaft, squeezing them around it firmly like she did before. This time around, Nigel would be fucking her tits. He placed his right hand down on her shoulder and began to thrust forward, driving his cock between her amazing large breasts. Lucy looked up into his eyes and moaned out.

"Ohhhhh, yeah! Yes! Yes!! Fuck my titties! Go on, fuck 'em hard until you cum!!"

For once, he didn't say anything back. All Nigel could do was grunt and buck his hips forward, watching as his cock was completely disappeared between her tits. Each time he thrust up, the head of his shaft would poke up. He was already close to blowing his load. After holding his orgasm back all day, Lucy would be in for quite the splash with a lot of cum. A few seconds later, he pulled his cock from her tits and began to stroke it with his right hand. Lucy held her tits and opened her mouth while looking into his eyes. Though it had been some time since a man shot his load on her face, she was no rookie for getting a sticky facial.

"Ohhhhhhh, yeah! Fuck!! I'm about to cum all over your slutty face! You're going to be my cum dumpster, Lucy! My filthy fuck doll and a cum dumpster!"

"Give it to me, I want it!"

"Here it is!! FUCK!!"

The man cried out as his cock finally exploded from the touch of his hand. The first spurt of cum shot over her left cheek and quickly dripped down like a tear drop of spunk that fell down to her big tits. Lucy closed her eyes just before he shot a thick stream of cum directly up her forehead and into her hair. Nigel began to pant, moaning loudly as another burst of cum shot directly into her right eye lid and getting drops into her hair. Lucy moaned, feeling yet another layer of cum shoot over the left side of her forehead and drenching her eyebrow.

"Yeah, there you go! Now you look like a cum dumpster! Take it, you filthy fuck doll!"

More hot cum shot from his cock. Lucy's face was becoming drenching in layers of his seed that dripped down her neck and to her huge breasts. She was soaked in one of the messiest facials she had received in a long time from just one cock. Nigel squeezed his cock to milk the remaining drops down to her tits and then they were finished. He took a deep breath, looking down at her as he admired the mess he created as if she were a piece of art.

"That was fun, Lucy. You're a hell of a girl once you take your clothes off."


Taking in a deep breath, Lucy used her hands to wipe up the cum in her eyelids so she could reopening her eyes. Her face was absolutely drenched in cum. She ran her hand through her hair collecting bits of his cum that got in her hair. At this point she felt dirty, even if Luke had cheated on her. This wasn't enough to make her forget about him completely. There were still feelings attached. When she opened her eyes, she noticed Nigel had stepped away. He moved back to his desk and put his underwear and pants back on. Lucy listened to the clothes rustling as he dressed back up. After a few seconds she spoke.

"I need to get cleaned up. Now that we've had some fun, I assume you want to talk business with me."

"Don't worry about that, Lucy. I'll take care of that for you, just sit there on the floor. Don't worry about the business stuff either, you need some rest. We'll get your contract ready later this week."

During the act of sex, she didn't mind his dominance but now, he was beginning to make her feel uncomfortable. Lucy sat there on her knees as she listened to him pick up a phone and dial a button. A few seconds later, Nigel's voice spoke through the phone.

"Kimberly, I need you now...."

There was a pause before he spoke again.

"Look, call Malcolm. Give him the word to set the guy free. Just dump his worthless ass out on the street. I imagine he's had fun torturing him, he don't have to kill him now. Everything's good, his girlfriend came through for us and she's going to be quite the addition to my trophies..."

Lucy listened to Nigel speaking through the phone. She gasped in shock of horror listening to the words over the phone. She still had strong feelings for Luke. Were they really planning to kill him with torture? It made her heart just about drop. He referred to her as a 'trophy' as well, this bothered her. After a long pause, Nigel replied into the phone.

"Yeah...Look, I need you up here in the next five minutes. Bring a collar, you can take her to the palace and let her get cleaned up and try on some outfits. I want her in my penthouse suite with Holly."

He hung the phone up and got up from his desk. Lucy moved around and looked to him in shock. She didn't think much of his words as she had become horrified to hear everything he said.

"You weren't really going to kill Luke, were you!?"

Nigel glanced down at her with a smug grin over his face. He yelled to her in a stern voice.

"That's none of your fucking business. You're not in a position to ask questions like that, remember your place! You wanted to make a deal with me, so I spared him. He has you to thank for his life, weather he's grateful for that or not is his choice."

Her lower lip dropped in dread. Lucy began to panic at this instance. Despite the cheating, she felt this was going too far. The man literally had just told her that she had saved Luke's life but at what cost? Lucy had allowed herself to become lured right into what was obviously a trap from the beginning. Luke would have his freedom but now it appeared there was no escape from Nigel and his Perfect Kiss modelling company. She spoke again in fear, questioning her future.

"What are you going to do with me!?"

With that classic smug grin over his face, he chuckled before answering her.

"You'll learn soon."

At that moment, the office door opened. Lucy immediately looked forward to see a woman standing tall from the doorway with her hands on her hips. The woman was wearing black leather short skirt just above her knees. Her legs were in fishnet stockings and her feet in a pair of tall pump style heels. From above, Lucy could see a white shirt revealing a large cleavage. Her hair was blood red fixed up in a ponytail. The woman gazed down at Lucy's cum covered face and grinned.

"Well, well. If it isn't Miss. Pinder looking lovely down there covered in cum."

Lucy didn't know what to say back at the woman. It was obvious that she was a dominant control type as Nigel had been. She didn't initially notice, but there was a round leather collar in the woman's left hand and a chain in the right. Her heels loudly stomped over the floor as she walked over to Lucy and spoke.

"Get your nasty fucking ass up, whore!"

The woman spoke in a mean stern voice. Lucy didn't waste a second, rising up from her knees. The cum was dripping down her face, but she couldn't tend to it right now as this dominant woman had her attention. As she stood up, Nigel walked over with a big smile on his face. He watched as the woman took the leather collar and strapped it over Lucy's neck. There was as big metal ring in the middle of the collar. She attached the chain to it and now it was time to go.

"Thanks Kimberly, I'll see you tonight. Make sure Lucy picks out what she likes to decorate her room."

"Not a problem, sir."

Lucy didn't say a word. She didn't know what to say, afraid for what was about to happen to her. The woman turned around and pulled the chain, leading her out of the office. A rhythm was created of their heels clacking down the hall, as Lucy was naked and led by this woman. After they left the office, she couldn't but speak up.

"What the fuck is going on and who the fuck are you!? Where are you taking me and what's with this collar and chain!?"

The woman stopped in her tracks. She turned around, looking back at Lucy with a stern look on her face. Lucy looked back into her piercing blue eyes.

"First of all, you need to drop the fucking attitude."

She tugged the chain hard, forcing Lucy to step forward as she was caught by surprise.

"Second, my name is Kimberly. That will be MISTRESS Kimberly to you! And third, the collar and chain is to keep you under my supervision until I know you can be trusted without it. You are Mr. Taylor's new trophy."

"A trophy?"

"A trophy whore, that is. Now let's go! I am taking you to the palace where you will be cleaned up and to get some new outfits for you."

The mistress turned around and led Lucy's naked body again by the chain. Lucy didn't say another word as the dominant woman moved her. The 'palace' was in reference to the hotel attached to the Perfect Kiss office building. On the top floor was Nigel's personal penthouse suite. It was where he kept a harem of women at times, but usually only having his 'trophy whores' as he liked to call them. Lucy would be replacing one that had previously gotten away from his grasp. She would be alongside another glamour model who had been with Nigel for some time now. One thing was certain, she would not be leaving this building until her name was signed along the dotted line of a contract with Perfect Kiss modelling. Kimberly led them into an elevator and then pressed the button to a bottom floor reserved for personnel only.



Rolling wheels of a car smoothly moved down the road. Luke was consumed in complete darkness among the trunk of the car. Inside he was bruised, bloody and beaten. He became sure that he had a cracked rib from yesterday, as the right side of his chest was in awful pain. His face had been swollen up and bruised. His left eye was blacked and swollen, while his nose had been busted and had dried blood that ran out. His black shirt was stained in dark signs of blood. Luke was unsure of where he was being taken. He wasn't told anything as he was slung into the back of the trunk. Two of the thugs who had previously beaten him the day before were driving. For all he knew, they were taking him out to be buried.

Luke spent the next hour in the back of the trunk wondering if these minutes would be his last. For the time, he sat back seething in the resentment of his betrayal to Lucy. Had he not allowed himself to be seduced by Jennifer, none of this would've happened. From cheating and betraying their love, he felt in some ways, he deserved this kind of tormenting punishment. Still, he thought of ways he could find an escape. From the day his life had turned to hell, he had that phone number memorized from Lucy's voice. Zero-two-two, two-four-four, eight-four-eight-seven. Luke found himself still repeating the ten digit number. Eventually the car stopped, but the engine was still on. Luke lay there in the trunk, only for it to open with the fading afternoon sun and one of the thugs holding his blue suit jacket. The man threw his jacket down and spoke.

"Your wallet and phone are in there. Go on and get out of the trunk. We're watching you. Don't try and do anything stupid. If I were you, I would get the fuck out of town and stay gone."

Clutching his stomach in one arm and his jacket in the other, Luke grunted as he began to crawl up and climb out of the trunk. As his feet hit the pavement ground, he tried to slip his jacket on but ended up falling to the ground in agonizing pain. Letting out a groan in pain, he lay there on the side of the road as the man got back in the car and soon drove off. It took Luke several minutes to get back up on his feet. He walked around, limping for a few minutes breathing heavy. Some how, he had to find a way to get used to moving around in this difficult pain. It took him several minutes just to realize where he had been dropped off. Luke was at some kind of park where there wasn't many people. He stumbled around at first before falling back down after several steps and wiping the sweat from his forehead.

It took Luke several minutes to adjust to a slow walk, as he did not want to attract any attention to his beaten and bruised state of body. After wandering around the park, he eventually realized that he had been dropped off at Hyde Park. Luke dug into his jacket for his cellphone, only to stop himself after a few seconds of thinking. If he was truly being watched as the thug had warned, he figured a tracking program may have been installed into his cellphone. His first thought was to call Michelle, as he had her phone number memorized in his head. After walking around for nearly thirty minutes, Luke sighed in relief as he came across a rare red payphone box.

Any other time, he would've thought how obsolete the red phone booth boxes had become in the UK, but Luke didn't think about that right now. He stumbled into it, opening the door and nearly collapsing against the wall before closing it. Once again, Luke found himself grunting in pain. The cracked rib on the right side of his stomach was tormenting him. He pulled his wallet from his jacket and looked in the loose change department to grab a few coins. After he put them into the machine, he grabbed the phone and punched in the buttons to dial Michelle's cellphone: 022-244-8487. He stood there, listening to the phone ring for a few seconds.

"Come on, for fuck sake! Answer the goddamn phone, please!!"

He cried out in frustration while listening to it ring for a few more seconds. Luke feared that Michelle may ignore the phone call due to it being an unknown number on her cellphone. Finally after a few seconds, a woman answered the phone.


"Michelle, is that you?"

"Yes, who is this?"

"Oh, thank fucking god! It's Luke!"

"Luke!!?? Oh my god, there you are! Lucy and I have been worried sick! Are you okay?"

"I'm alive...I'm pretty beat up, but I'm alive. Can you talk to Lucy for me? I need to talk to her about something really important."

"Wait, Lucy is not with you right now?"

Her response was strange to Luke's ears. He sighed before replying back.

"No, what do you mean by that? I wouldn't be asking for her if she were with me right now."

"Oh...This isn't good."

"What do you mean? Has something been going on lately?"

Michelle sighed into the phone. The night before, Lucy had admitted to her the plan she had to meet with Nigel Taylor and discuss a deal to free Luke. Now it seemed that Michelle's worst fears had come true. If Lucy wasn't with Luke, then she had to be with Nigel Taylor.

"Lucy went out to meet with someone to try and get things resolved to have you freed. Someone told her that it was Nigel Taylor who had you kidnapped. She went out to meet with him today. I thought she would be with you right now."

Luke's lower lip dropped.

"Oh god, this can't be true. Holy shit, this is fucking bad."

"It's true! I tried to warn her that it seemed like a trap maybe."

He paused, letting her words sink into his mind. Luke instantly thought in regret and rage. If Lucy had met with Nigel Taylor, there was no telling the damage that had been done now. It all made sense to him now. Why Jennifer would show up the way she did and seduce him. Everything happened for a reason. The trap had been orchestrated so precise, he felt like such a fool.

"Luke! Are you still there?"

Clutching the phone in his hand, he screamed in rage.


Michelle heard his screaming from the other end of the phone. A heavy breathing was audible, as if he were about to endure a mental breakdown. The only thing she knew to do was offer her help.

"Luke, I'm so sorry! I want to help you, please!"

"I...I can't believe this. Ohhhh, fuck! I'll have to explain it to you next time I see you."

"Where are you at right now?"

"I'm at Hyde Park. If you could pick me up, I would appreciate it. I'm in one of those red phone booth boxes out here. You can't miss it once you find it since they're so hard to come across these days..."

He was still breathing heavy over the phone in pain. She replied after a slight pause.

"It will take me some time to drive out there but I'll be there as fast as I can. I'll find you when I get there."

"Look, Michelle! I need to get some place safe. These people, they're watching me...When you get here, we need to get away fast! I can't go back to my apartment, I know they're watching."

"Alright, Luke! Wait there, I'll be coming soon."

The phone clicked, hanging up. Luke immediately fell over in the phone booth, sinking down to his knees in pain. Beyond the physical pain of withstanding the beatings from yesterday, his heart was shattered to learn about Lucy meeting with Nigel Taylor. Everything made sense now with the events that unfolded. This was revenge for the day he turned down the offer in Ibiza. Luke felt defeated at this point. Everything he had worked for with Lucy in their relationship and the revival of her career appeared to be falling apart now. After several minutes, he left the red phone booth box and moved to sit down on a bench next to it as waited for Michelle to arrival. Despite these setbacks, he would figure out something eventually. He was beaten and bruised, but far away from giving up.

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Mr. Disco Ch. 6
Starring: Lucy Pinder, Holly Peers, Michelle Marsh

Codes: MF, MFF, Oral, Tit Fuck, MDom, Romance

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

London, England

Among the darkness, a chain rattling created noise in the dark purple room. Heels were heard stomping over the floor, following a woman breathing heavily. A figure moved beyond the curtains, towards the bed as the chain stopped when a woman sat down in the middle of the king size bed. Lucy Pinder found herself in the captivity of a woman she had been addressing as 'Mistress' all through the night. The busty glamour model sat on the bed, breathing heavily. She was afraid, unknowing what to expect at this point. Kimberly stood holding her chain as she began to detach it from the collar around her neck. A tight one piece bustier outfit had been fitted over Lucy's body. With the chain removed from the ring of her collar, Kimberly sighed.

"Why are you so nervous all the time? Just relax."

Kimberly began to stomp off. Her heels clicked loudly over the floor. In the past few hour, Lucy had been taken to Nigel's penthouse suite. She had a bath and then spent an entire hour going through clothes, outfits and sets of high heels seeing what could fit and what outfits she preferred. After that, Kimberly took her into what would be her room among the penthouse suite and allowed Lucy to pick bed sheet colors and a few decorations. When Lucy asked what all this was about, Kimberly threatened her with the riding crop and told her to shut her mouth. All she was told was that she was to be Nigel's new 'trophy whore'. Kimberly hinted that another woman lived in the suite with him, as Lucy would not be alone. Nigel fancied himself as a playboy who preferred to be surrounded by a harem of women.

A trophy whore was among Nigel's favorites, only a special woman who he deemed worthy to live with him. Lucy realized soon enough that she was in captivity with this man. Though he had not returned, it had dawned on her earlier tonight that she would not be escaping rather easily. Kimberly removed the leather collar from her neck an hour ago and replaced it with a locking silver metal collar. It required a key to take off and had been fitted to Lucy's neck size. She felt like a slave in a dangerous game while wearing the heavy piece of metal around her neck. In the front of the collar was a large metal ring where the chain had been attached earlier. Among the room, dark curtains were hanging from every passageway. Lucy heard footsteps and saw the curtains rustling from the left side of the room. She panicked, calling out in fear.

"Who's there!? Show yourself!"

Laughter crackled from a soft voice almost in a sinister laugh. Lucy only knew that the voice was coming from a woman, but it was definitely not Kimberly. The curtains pulled apart and then a woman stood tall in a similar bustier outfit that Lucy was wearing. She looked back at her with piercing green eyes. Lucy instantly recognized the woman. Her jaw dropped as it was an old friend of hers from back in her days of modelling in various glamour magazines.

"Oh my god, Holly!"

"Hello Lucy, it's been quite a long time."

The curtain moved as Holly Peers stepped out, offering a smug grin to Lucy as the old friends were now reunited. To Lucy, this was a strange coincidence that she didn't quite understand at first. There wasn't a collar placed around Holly's neck, something she instantly noticed. The other woman joined her, sitting on the bed as the smirk was still painted across her lips.

"What are you doing here, Holly? I haven't seen you in years."

"I'm with Nigel now, I live here with him. He told me that I would have company today as a surprise, I had no idea that you would be joining us."

Lucy took a deep breath as she glanced away. Something didn't quite make sense to her but she couldn't put her finger on the thoughts yet. Holly looked over and spoke again.

"You look scared, Lucy. What's the matter?"

"I...I don't know what I'm doing here. I feel like I've become a prisoner here."

Holly paced her finger up to Lucy's lips, silently calling for her to hush.

"Shhhh! Calm down, everything is going to be fine. Nigel obviously thinks highly of you. If he didn't, you would be in the harem downstairs and not up here with me."

The other woman giggled while reaching her hand to hold Lucy's. Holly spoke again.

"It's been a while since I had a companion up here with me."

Lucy was thinking to herself while she remained quiet. Luke was still on her mind, as this entire situation of offering sex was originally to free Luke. Now it had developed into something far different, bringing her into captivity and reunited with her old friend Holly. She thought about what Holly was saying, mentioning a harem. She finally spoke back to her friend while gazing into her beautiful green eyes.

"That other woman told me I was to become a trophy whore. What did she mean by that?"

"Oh honey, that means you are special. I'm Nigel's other trophy whore. He likes to keep two, his favorite women. You will live with him like I do, we're going to have so much fun together."

Holly crackled into giggling once more. She patted Lucy on the shoulder, reassuring her as the nervous tensions were still clear from her facial expressions.

"Lucy, you should feel honored. He thinks highly of you, obviously. If he didn't, he would've put you in the harem with the other girls. If you were in the harem, then he would share you out to other men. He's not doing that though, oh no. You're a trophy whore, that means you're special."

Reaching her hand out, Holly slid her index finger through the large metal ring attached to Lucy's collar. She tugged it, just as she had seen Nigel had done to her when she had worn the collar herself. She pulled Lucy closer until their lips were merely inches away. Starring into her big brown eyes, she smirked and spoke again.

"You and me are about to become best friends. Just like we used to be when we used to model together. Welcome, Lucy."

Holly leaned in and kissed her lips softly while letting go of the ring to the collar. Lucy embraced the kiss before twirling her tongue over the other woman's. It had been a long time since she kissed a girl, but that changed now. After the kiss, Holly simply smirked at Lucy and got up from the bed. She began to walk off, but glanced over her shoulder to see Lucy still seated on the bed. The fear was beginning to fade away from Lucy's face.

"Come on, Lucy! Let's have some drinks, have you ate anything yet?"

She shook her head. Holly smiled and spoke once more.

"Well, come on! This hotel has a fine service, you can order whatever you want. This one is on me, we will have dinner together and I'll tell you everything you want to know."

"Alright, that sounds good."

All the questions in her thoughts, Lucy was confident would be answered now. She knew Holly over the years, she was a woman that she always trusted as friend. Though it had been so long since they last spoke, things had clearly changed but she seemed to remain the same. Lucy got up from the bed and followed her friend, breathing in relief as they went to the kitchen. True to Holly's word she called up room service and allowed Lucy to order whatever she wanted. The kitchen in the penthouse suite was massive and luxurious, just the kind of style Nigel Taylor preferred. For the next hour, Lucy and Holly would catch up on old times while having dinner together.


Across town, Michelle Marsh had taken Luke from the park and back to her apartment home on the west side of London. He was beaten, bruised and bloody, yet had an odd sense of paranoia. While she drove him away from the park, he became suspicious that he was being followed or watched. By the time they arrived back at the apartment, Michelle had to help him up the stairs, for he could barely walk. She moved him over the couch in her apartment and then proceeded to take his shirt off to look over his wounds. Luke was certain that he had a cracked rib from the beatings he endured. His face had swollen up in the bruises from days ago.

Michelle found herself nursing Luke, it was the least she could do. Despite the physical beatings he had endured, he was mostly upset over the fact that Lucy had given herself up for his personal freedom. Though he didn't talk much with Michelle before passing out, it was one thing he did have to mention. On the couch, he passed out shirtless after Michelle proceeded to place bandages over his face and an ice pack over his stomach where he had bruises. Once he was good and comfortable, it appeared he simply fell asleep. Michelle let out a sigh when she noticed him asleep on the couch. Staying true to her word to take care of him, she went into the bedroom where she planned to take a nap for now. Michelle left Luke a note to wake her when he got up.

Taking care of this man was the least that she could do. It wasn't so much that Michelle felt she owed Lucy, it was Luke she truly cared about. After the way he took care of her problems with James, she knew Luke was a good man with a heart. Michelle was humiliated that night out with Lucy and Luke when James decided to fuck her in the bathroom and leave her there naked with her face dripping in cum. Luke took care of him, beating him to a bloody pulp and forcing the man to call and apologize to her. Though Michelle had yet to truly thank Luke for his nice deed, now she was determined to repay his kindness by taking care of him while he was at this low point. As she laid down to take her nap, Michelle found herself thinking about him.

Late in the night, Michelle woke up to hear stomping in the living room of her apartment. Her first initial thought was that Luke must have been up and moving around. Her assumption was confirmed when she heard him groaning in pain in his voice. Rising out of bed, she tied her black night robe and came rushing out to find Luke leaned over the stove in the kitchen. He had one hand against the surface while the other arm was wrapped around clutching his stomach. It was obvious from the expression on his face that he was experiencing a world of pain. Michelle noticed he had torn off the bandages, she came rushing towards him, placing her hand over his shoulder as she spoke in a low voice.

"Luke, what's wrong? Did you get my note? I wanted you to wake me when you got up."

"Yeah, but I didn't want to. I don't want you waiting hand and foot on me, Michelle."

She turned, looking into his eyes after he had spoken.

"Luke, you can barely walk. Come on, let me help you. I'll take care of everything, don't worry. If you're hungry, I'll make you something."

"Yeah, you're right. Those fuckers did a good number on me. Ohhhh, damn!"

Clutching his stomach, he cried out in pain as Michelle gently wrapped her arm around him. The busty blonde glamour model walked Luke out of the kitchen and back into the living room. True to her word, she would fix him a meal once he told her what he wanted. Michelle was ready to nurse Luke back to health and take care of this man. As he sat down, she offered him a smile and spoke in her low soft voice.

"Just relax, I'll make sure you get better. Anything you need Luke, I'm here to help you."



After an evening spent with Holly, Lucy had found herself becoming more confident within the chambers of Nigel's penthouse suite. The dinner went well while Holly explained various things to her old friend. Their friendship in modelling had been strong years ago back when they were appearing in magazines together. Lucy wasn't aware that Holly had continued her career, while she had went into retirement a few years ago. Nigel did not arrive back at the hotel during the night, so this had left the two ladies all to themselves to catch up on old times.

Holly's career had taken a major turn in the last year all thanks to Nigel. She had explained to Lucy how she pretty much was his main woman. They went to events together and had began having a high profile relationship. Holly was the original 'trophy whore' and she took great pride in that. Nigel was the type of man who preferred the swinger lifestyle, though he always had two loyal women at his side for all times: his trophy whores. Lucy got the impression right away that he was a man of dominance. It was the only explanation she truly had for the metal collar that was locked around her neck. Holly had joked to her that the collar would come off when she was ready to sign her contract with the Perfect Kiss modelling company.

Lucy had realized from the beginning that her career was about to change forever. While in Nigel's captivity, she had absolutely no say in anything. The contract would completely change her career, to be owned by him and his company. She did not ask Holly about the contract situation, she knew everything deep in the back of her mind. Lucy didn't feel she had a choice. She had foolishly exchanged her freedom to ensure Luke's safety. Even though he had cheated on her, she still had strong feelings for him. Maybe there would be a light at the end of the tunnel and everything could work itself out, she could at least hope. Holly had hinted that before Lucy, there was another girl who was at her side as the other trophy whore in the past. Lucy was curious who it could be, but Holly refused to go into further details.

Holly had explained what she meant by the 'harem' she had referred to last night. Being a trophy whore to Nigel Taylor was a true privilege, for the harem was on the floor below of his penthouse suite that he referred to as 'the palace'. Perfect Kiss accepted new up and coming models, offering them work as escorts to rich clients off on the side. The harem offered the girls a chance to make some money off the side, as Nigel had two men in place to work as the pimps in arranging such deals while Kimberly was the mistress of the harem. Kimberly was a stern and dominating mistress when it came to the girls of the harem, Holly laughed when describing the mistress. Lucy quickly realized how lucky she was that Nigel did think highly of her. She wasn't in love with this man, but anything beat having to play the role of an escort in his harem.

The green eyed busty model made a sinister smirk when she watched Lucy walk into the living room of the penthouse. The collar shined over her neck, the ring bouncing as the brunette girl walked in a white one piece outfit revealing her large cleavage. Holly wore a similar outfit, except that it was in a black color. Deep down, Holly couldn't be happier with this reunion between herself and Lucy. She had great confidence that Lucy would make a great partner as trophy whores in servicing her man. Nigel would be arriving back home tonight and the night would be a lustful event between the three. Taking another look at Lucy, Holly walked back to her bedroom where she could call Nigel on the telephone. She crossed her legs on the purple sheets of the bed while grabbing her cellphone from the nightstand. After scrolling through the contact list, she find Nigel and placed the phone up to her ear while waiting on him to answer.

"Hey baby!"

Holly spoke back into the phone once she heard the ringing stop as Nigel had answered. He was quiet for a few seconds before answering her back.

"Hey, how are things going, Holly? Are you getting along good with Lucy?"

She giggled before replying.

"Yeah! Things are going great so far."

"How is she doing? Kimberly said that she was submissive when she handled her last night."

"Oh, she's right about that."

Turning her head, Holly made sure Lucy had not walked into the room. She didn't want the other girl to hear her for what she was about to tell Nigel.

"I think she's going to be an easy submissive one, for sure. Lucy seemed nervous and afraid last night, so I talked with her for some hours. I told her how she should feel proud that she is going to be your trophy whore with me."

"I hope you and her will be prepared for tonight. I'm going to fuck the shit outta her like I did the other day."

Holly giggled.

"I can't wait to watch, honey. I want to see you fuck her mouth, make her into your whore."

"Oh, I am gonna do that for sure. Lucy is my new filthy fuck doll, that's what I like to call her."

"Filthy fuck doll? I like that. It's nice and slutty, a fitting nickname for her."

Nigel laughed into the other end of the phone.

"Yeah, I thought it sounded cute. I've gotta go for now. Have Lucy prepared for tonight, this is going to be special."

"Sure thing, see you tonight honey."


The noise of the television filled the living room while Luke sat down on the couch in a white robe. He had spent most of the morning flipping through channels while he remained bruised and beaten. Michelle had helped him to the bathroom where he was able to shave his face and wash up before taking a long hot bath. When he had got out, Michelle proceeded to change the bandages over his face and put an ice pack over his face when he returned to the couch. It was the afternoon now and yet she was still trying to help him out. The blonde woman had fixed her hair up in a ponytail and put on a white T-shirt with daisy duke shorts on underneath. Together, the two of them sat on the couch watching TV. Luke himself was wearing a button up white shirt, making it easier to tend to the wounds on his chest. Michelle noticed that his glass of water was empty and got up to take it and refill it.

"I'll be right back, let me fix that for you."

Luke let out a sigh. Though he was a bit helpless from how beaten and bruised he was, he still thought Michelle was doing too much for him. Here she was, waiting on him hand and foot and nursing his wounds. Luke didn't understand why Michelle was being so kind to him. All she wanted to do was help him after all this rough time he went through. He had become paranoid over Malcolm's goons warning him. Just as they had told him that they were watching his every move, he could feel their presence. On the coffee table was his cellphone and wallet. Luke thought about his best friend Peter for a moment. It seemed odd that Peter had yet to call his cellphone, but Luke wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone.

He still felt guilty about betraying Lucy. All of this had been his fault, he knew it from the bottom of his heart. Had he not allowed Jennifer to seduce him in the first place, none of this would've happened. The beating he took for cheating was worth every bruise and scratch. Now all Luke could think about was that Lucy had submitted herself to Nigel to allow his freedom. 'That woman must have really loved me to do that'. He thought to himself while sitting there and gazing into the television set. Michelle returned and placed the glass of water on the coffee table. A new straw had been placed into it as well as fresh ice. She looked over the distraught look on his face before joining him on the couch.

"Luke, what's wrong?"

Letting out a sigh, he shook his head before replying to her.

"This is all my fault. Fucking all of it, I caused this."

"What did you cause?"

"Lucy is gone now. Nigel probably took her and isn't going to let her go until he gets what he wants. I can't believe she would go and make a deal with that man over me."

Michelle reached out and cupped his face. She looked into his face with her big blue eyes.

"That's cause she loves you, Luke. I didn't think it was wise of her to do that, but she acted out of her emotions for you."

"And I let her down! Had it not been for me fucking around, none of this would've happened!"

A puzzled look ran across Michelle's face before she answered him back.

"How did you let her down?"

Luke rolled his eyes and shook his head. He had to confess his sins to someone. Peter wasn't around, but maybe Michelle would understand. He didn't want any pity, for he truly had felt guilty for betraying her with his one night stand.

"A long time ago, I used to be dating another woman. You know Jennifer Ellison, right?"

Michelle nodded to him.

"Yeah, what about her?"

Taking a deep breath, Luke thought for a minute before he began to confess his horrible deeds to Lucy's best friend.

"She came back and I had not seen her in years. Jennifer tricked me, but it's my fault. I allowed her to seduce me at this apartment last week. We had sex and then she offered me a drink and I woke up in a warehouse with three guys ready to beat the shit out of me. Everything is my fault, I shouldn't have been thinking with my dick..."

Michelle reached her hand up and cupped his face. She gently caressed his bruised skin as she looked back into his eyes.

"Are you telling me the truth, Luke? So you cheated on Lucy with your ex?"

"Yes, it's my fault...had I not done this, none of this would've happened. I fucked everything up!"

He grunted, almost as if were about to break down crying. Michelle looked back at him somewhat disappointed. After a moment, a tear fell from his left eye as Luke became emotionally upset with himself. He spoke one last time before the tears came.

"I deserved to get the shit kicked out of me. This is payback for betraying a woman that truly loved me."

"Luke, stop!"

She didn't know how to comfort him. Michelle had realized that his pain went a lot further than the physical beating he had endured. He was emotionally torn apart in true guilt, as she clearly had seen from how he busted down in tears. She leaned over and hugged him, pulling him into her arms as they sat there on the couch. She had to think of a way to comfort him, for she could not tolerate seeing the man broken like this.

"Look, you made a mistake. I know, it happens."

He didn't say a word back, all he could do was let the tears fall and sob while Michelle held him. Letting out a sigh, she ran both of her hands to the back of his neck and gently ran them through his hair. It was almost astounding to see this man broken down like this. Michelle had remembered what he he had done to her ex-boyfriend and the beating Luke had given him. It was a sight to behold to see a tough guy break down crying over the love for a woman. As he had been honest with her, Michelle had only grew to respect him even more.

"Calm down, Luke. Don't worry, please stop! We'll find a way to get Lucy back, I promise!"

Michelle felt that everything rested on her shoulders now. Here she was with her best friend's lover, comforting and nursing the broken man. Though she had her own feelings for Luke, she knew that she couldn't allow it to get in the way for now. Michelle was determined to nurse him back to health and get him back on his feet. In some odd ways, she could feel Luke's pain after the hell she had been through with broken relationships. She understood the temptation and allure a man could take from being seduced, simply because Michelle had done the very same thing to men in the past. For now, all they had was each other and she was here to comfort him and wash away the sorrow and pain.



The night fall had approached over the last several hours. Among the penthouse suite, Lucy decided to take advantage of the luxury at her command with room service. Holly had influenced her to call and ask for anything she wanted with food or drinks. Kimberly did not return to the penthouse to deal with the ladies, for tonight Nigel was going to have his fun with them. Holly and Lucy spent their time together relaxing and enjoying some music while they caught up on old times. Apart from listening to music, Lucy found herself gazing out of the large tall windows of the penthouse. She glanced down at the city from below, occasionally viewing the sparking lights during the sunset and the dark hours approaching. The tall London buildings lit up as darkness came.

From gazing out the windows, she felt like a prisoner in a high castle. It helped that she still had the metal collar locked around her neck, allowing her imagination to give off such feelings of captivity. Despite the thoughts, some of it was true. She really was a prisoner to Nigel and would be until her contract was signed for the Perfect Kiss company. Occasionally, her mind raced in thoughts about Luke, but she didn't mention him at all to Holly. Any time Lucy stood there gazing out of the window, Holly would watch her and smirk from behind. To Holly, she felt that Lucy would make the perfect submissive girl for her and Nigel to dominate and have fun with in the bedroom. He would be arriving at any minute now, as both of the ladies had prepared themselves in matching outfits. Lucy still wore the white one piece outfit revealing her cleavage, while Holly had changed into a similar outfit that was purple.

Nigel had sent a text message to Holly just a few minutes ago, informing her to prepare for his arrival. Once Lucy had returned to the living room, Holly was standing there with her arms crossed and giving the other woman a sinister smirk. She wanted to test Lucy, just to see her reactions. The impression of a submissive girl was already there for the other trophy whore, but Holly wanted to tease her regardless to see her reactions. All Lucy did was smile at her and place her hands over her hips. After a moment, she spoke up to address Holly.

"You look excited, is there a reason for that?"

Slowly, Holly nodded her head.

"Yes, Nigel is going to be here soon. You know what that means, right?"

Lucy giggled and smirked. They had discussed this many times already today, as she was well aware what they had planned. She approached Holly while slowly nodding. Holly's eyes shifted to the collar around Lucy's neck.

"Oh yeah, we're about to have a threesome, right?"

Holly smirked as Lucy replied. She reached her hand for the large ring attached to Lucy's collar and wrapped her index finger around it. With one tug, she brought Lucy's lips to hers for a soft kiss. After pulling their lips apart, she looked back into those big brown eyes and replied.

"Yeah, but who says we can't get started now? Come on, kiss me!"

Lucy responded only in actions, pushing her lips up to Holly's as they embraced a passionate kiss together. A moan was heard between Holly's lips while she danced her tongue with the other British beauty. Like before, this was a test to see how far Lucy would go with desire. So far, she didn't disappoint Holly whatsoever as she felt Lucy's hands roam up to her large breasts. Within seconds, they were squeezing each other's breasts while continuously kissing back and forth. The sound of stomping could be heard in the background, but neither woman was hindered by the sound. Breathing was soon heard as an unknown presence stood behind them and greeted them loudly.

"Well, well...Nice to see you ladies are getting along."

Their lips pulled apart to turn and look to see Nigel standing tall. A smug grin ran across his face as the man stood in a black suit. Holly offered him a smile before speaking.

"Why yes, we've been getting along so well tonight."

Lucy looked a bit nervous as she looked back at Nigel. He watched as Holly ran her hand across Lucy's cheek while he addressed them both.

"I've had a long day working hard, I wanna have some fun with my two trophy whores. How about it?"

"Yes, I've been looking forward to seeing you all day."

"Oh, you have?"

To Nigel's surprise, Lucy was the one who spoke up. She nodded at him while an inviting smirk ran across her face. Despite her appearing nervous at first, she didn't seem to be anymore. Holly stepped forward and then reached her hand for the ring attached to Lucy's collar like before. She tugged on it and began to lead the way.

"Come on, it's time to enjoy ourselves!"

Holly pulled Lucy and led the way towards Nigel's bedroom. As he began to follow her, Nigel nodded at Holly. She was his most trusted woman at his side, proving herself time and time again. He loved watching her lead Lucy by the collar. Once they reached the bedroom, it was time to turn the lights down and get their clothes off. He watched Holly pull Lucy to the bed and then he began to remove his suit jacket while addressing them both.

"Go ahead and get your fucking clothes off, ladies. We're about to have one hell of a night to remember."


Light shined from above over the dinner table as Luke sat there with Michelle after the two had enjoyed a quiet dinner among themselves. She cooked for the two of them, spending the evening together and having a few subtle conversations. Luke had began to realize over the past several hours that Michelle had truly wanted to help him and she was probably the only friend he had left right now. Where was Peter during all this time? Not one text message or phone call at all. Despite his affair with Jennifer Ellison, he couldn't stop thinking about something she had told him. She had warned him about Peter and to keep an eye out on him. As Luke sat there at the dinner table scrolling through his phone, Michelle got up and placed their dirty dishes in the sink to wash later. She glanced over her shoulder and watched him with the phone, forcing her to speak out to him.

"You aren't about to try and call Lucy, are you?"

He sighed before replying to her.

"No, not at all. I've been sitting here thinking for a bit..."

She returned to join him at the kitchen table. Michelle offered him a smile before speaking up.

"What's on your mind, Luke?"

"My best friend is Peter, you know this right?"

Michelle shook her head.

"No. Lucy has only told me about you, she only mentioned him once or twice."

"He's my best friend and he's been my partner for years. Why the hell hasn't he called me? I just checked my phone and he tried calling days ago but since I've been free, I haven't got one call from him at all or a text. Something is not right with that, you know what I mean?"

Looking back at him, Michelle was ready to tell the truth. Luke wasn't aware that Peter had been involved in setting up the meeting between Lucy and Nigel Taylor. She had to reveal this truth to him, perhaps he could come to his own assumptions while he questioned the motives of his best friend.

"Peter arranged the meeting between Lucy and Nigel. I should've told you about that, do you think he could also be holding your friend captive?"

Luke looked back down at the table while he thought to himself. Jennifer's words were still ringing in his head: 'Best friends can betray each other. You do understand that, right? Everybody has a price. You should be watching him more closely, just giving you some advice'. Michelle looked back at him, curious as he appeared to be in a deep thought.

"Luke? Are you okay?"

"Everybody has a price...I think Peter might have betrayed me, Michelle."

"What makes you say that?"

"Back several months ago in Ibiza, he didn't want me to say no to the deal with Perfect Kiss. All of this, this whole fucking deal goes back to that one meeting. Before I met Lucy, Taylor offered the both of us a deal with his modelling company. I was pretty rude to his guy, but Peter thought it was stupid cause we could've made bank and got rich off working with that company."

He looked back down at the table before shaking his head. In a way, he felt like he had connected all the dots and realized a big conspiracy plot that started this entire mess. It all made sense now; Jennifer seducing him, Peter bringing Lucy to Nigel Taylor, everything came full circle that this was a master plan that worked out. There was definitely truth in Jennifer's warning to him. Though she had played her part in setting him up, Luke believed that she sincerely was trying to warn him about Peter.

"I get it now, everybody has a price. I'm willing to bet money that Peter is in with them now and probably lured Lucy to Nigel. This whole thing was one big set up from the beginning...I was so fucking stupid!"

After yelling, he slammed his clenched fist down over the kitchen table. Michelle realized his anger and got up from the table, rushing over to place her hand on his shoulder.

"You're not stupid, Luke! Stuff like that happens, you made a mistake. It's going to be fine, trust me."

"But I-"

"Stop!! Come on, calm down for me! I'm sorry about your friend and I'm sorry about Lucy, but you have me. I'm here for you and I promise I'm not going to betray you."

He glanced up into her big blue eyes. Michelle spoke again.

"Look, we'll get Lucy back. I promise you that, but you're not in any shape to do much right now. You need to take it easy, Luke. I'm here for you, remember that."

"I believe you Michelle..."

She gave him a smile and then patted his shoulder.

"Now come on, let's go back to the living room. I'm going to change the bandages on your chest and then you can get some rest. We'll talk about all this tomorrow, but right now, I think you need to get some rest."


Slurping and slobbering sounds echoed from down on the floor as Holly eagerly worked her lips up and down Nigel's cock. The three of them had become a naked party, the man stood tall watching his loyal lover suck his cock. Lucy was down on her knees, sitting next to Holly patiently waiting her turn. Over and over, Holly's crimson lips moved up and down Nigel's shaft, causing him to groan and cry out into pleasure. After a few minutes, Holly came to a stop and her lips made an audible pop sound as she came off his cock. Strings of drool fell from her lower lip and down to the floor. She reached out with her right hand and grabbed the metal ring attached to Lucy's collar, pulling her forward.

"It's your turn now, Lucy."

"Oh, is it?"

She smiled at Holly as she was pulled by the collar to face Nigel's cock.Holly let go of the ring attached to Lucy's collar and then ran both of her hands into her long brunette hair. Lucy looked back to Nigel's shaft, noticing how it was soaked in Holly's saliva. She wrapped her hand around it and spoke up to both of them.

"I've been craving this-"

"Shut up and suck it!"

Holly cut Lucy off before pushing her head down. Nigel bucked his hips forward, his cock entering Lucy's mouth. A mischievous smirk ran across Holly's face as she pushed Lucy's mouth down and watched her friend take in the first several inches of his cock. Lucy unwrapped her fingers around around his cock, figuring that she was about to get skull fucked by how aggressive Holly pushed her lips down. Nigel smirked and began to buck his hips forward and back, his cock thrusting into her mouth and back. Lucy's mouth began to make several sucking noises as she gagged on his meat pole.


With a slight giggle, Holly pushed Lucy's head all the way down as Nigel stopped. Every inch of his long shaft sunk between her lips, the head pushing to the back of her throat. Holly continued to hold the other woman's head down until they heard Lucy gag and choke on his thick meat. Her eyes watered up, smearing the dark eyeliner around her eyes.

"Pull her up, Holly!"

Obeying his words, Holly pulled Lucy's hair to release his cock from her mouth. A flood of spit fell from her lower lip as his cock was dripping in saliva strings. Nigel grabbed a hold of his cock and began to rub the slimy shaft up against Lucy's left cheek. Holly gripped her hair and teased her.

"You like his cock, Lucy?"

"Mmmmm, yeah!"

Nigel began to smack his dick up against her left cheek. Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound echoed from the floor as Lucy closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. Holly couldn't help but giggle at this sight. Nigel called out to Lucy.

"Hey, bitch! Look at me!"

Gritting her teeth, Lucy opened her eyes and looked up at Nigel. He had a classic shit eating grin on his face, just the type of smile she expected from a smug man like him.

"Hold those big titties up for me! I wanna fuck 'em!"

Holly's jaw dropped. She couldn't believe that Nigel was going to ask Lucy for a tit wank before her. She never had this problem with other women but now was beginning to realize that there was some competition at hand. Lucy held her large breasts up and quickly wrapped them around his cock. She bit her lower lip and smiled up at Nigel has began to buck his hips and drive his cock back and forth between her tits.

"Ohhhh, fuck yeah! That's it!! You're my filthy fuck doll, Lucy. God, I love fucking these big titties."

"Mmmmm, yeah! Come on, fuck my tits! Oh yeah, fuck those titties!!"

Each time Nigel bucked his hips and drove his cock between Lucy's gigantic tits, the big ring attached to her collar would clank and bounce around. Holly watched, as Lucy looked so happy to get titty fucked by him. Nigel's shifted to see the snotty look over Holly's face. He knew she was jealous, this was all a game for him to play with her emotions. Over and over, he continued to buck his hips and force his cock back and forth between Lucy's tits.

"Mmmmm, oh yeah! Come on, fuck my tits! Yes!!"

Holly held up her own large tits, envying Lucy at this moment. When Nigel glanced back at her, a new idea came to his mind. He stopped thrusting his hips and came to a halt. He wanted to see if both these busty glamour models could pull of a double titty fuck. Something that any man who had seen their magazine spreads probably fantasized about.

"Holly, get over here. Hold your tits up against Lucy's, smash 'em together."

The two women looked at each other as they turned to face and followed his order. Lucy held up her large breasts as Holly smashed them up against hers. Their hard nipples rubbed against other. Nigel was pleased, nodding his head. He placed his left hand on the back of Lucy's shoulder and then called out to them.

"Come on, I want you both to smash those tits around my dick! Both of you, fucking do it!"

Lucy was heard giggling as she moved a bit and watched his cock push between both of their tits. Holly took a bit of time to position herself fully, but after a moment, his cock began lost between both of their large breasts pressed together. He moved both of his hands to grip their shoulders, allowing him to buck his hips forward and thrust his cock between both of their pairs of tits smashed together. Lucy was to his left, Holly to the right side. As he continued to thrust his hips and fuck their boobs, Holly pushed her lips up against Lucy's and the two of them began to move their heads while kissing. Nigel moaned, amazed as he listened to their lips kiss back and forth.

"Oh yeah, there you go! I love to see my trophy whores loving each other like this!"

Together, Lucy and Holly continued to kiss while Nigel was busy pumping his cock between their large tits pressed together. It was still a struggle to do, but what a sight it was to behold. The glorious breasts of Lucy Pinder and Holly Peers smashed together. It was even greater to watch them kiss the way they did, twirling their tongues back and forth as their lips remained glued together. Eventually, Nigel came to a stop and moved his hands away from their shoulders. The two glamour models broke their lips apart, ending their kisses. Nigel reached his hand down to pull at Holly's hair, alerting her attention.

"Get up, baby."

"I hope you're gonna fuck me first after I had to watch you titty fuck her before me!"

Holly spoke to Nigel as she stood up from her knees. He gave her a sinister grin before busting out laughing.

"Am I hearing some jealousy out of you tonight, Holly? Get your fucking ass over to the bed!"

All Lucy could do was sit there on her knees, watching as Nigel pulled Holly's hair and moved her to the bed. It was the first time Lucy had witnessed his dominant side with another woman besides herself. Holly climbed up on the bed, pushing her knees down as Nigel followed behind her and sunk his own knees over the soft sheets. He turned his head to look at Lucy who was still sitting on her knees on the floor. Nigel motioned his fingers, quietly telling Lucy to get up. Pulling Holly's hair, he positioned himself ready to slide his cock into her wet clit from underneath. She gasped and called out to him.

"Come on, what are you waiting for? Fuck me, dammit!"

Pulling her right hand back, she pulled one of her ass cheeks to tease him. Nigel reared his free hand back and slapped Holly's ass hard.

"Don't start acting like a bitch, baby! I'll fuck you when I'm ready!"

Nigel turned to look at Lucy who was standing near the bed. He motioned for her to come nearer, momentarily letting go of Holly's hair to grab the ring attached at Lucy's collar and pull her towards them.

"Here, sit right here Lucy. You can watch me fuck Holly, since you're being a good girl."

Lucy smiled, but all Nigel cared about was hearing Holly sigh in frustration. He reached his left hand back up and gripped her hair once more. Using his right hand, he guided his cock finally to the folds of her sweet pink pussy. Holly gasped when she felt him slide that thick rod into her entrance.

"Mmmmm, yeah! There it is, fuck me!"

He pulled her hair tighter while he made the first thrusts into Holly's pussy. Lucy sat there like an obedient slut, just watching as Nigel pumped his cock forward and back into Holly's pussy. So far, he was pleased in Lucy obeying his words. Just like the proper filthy fuck doll he envisioned her to become for him.

"Yes, that's it! Come on, fuck me! FUCK ME!!"

Like before, Nigel tugged on Holly's hair while bucking his hips and thrusting his cock into her. Her amazing huge breasts bounced up and down as she raised her neck and moaned loudly. Since Lucy was sitting next to him doing nothing, Nigel reached his hand to try and grab at the ring of her collar. He did manage to get her attention, as she turned and spoke.


"You see how hard I'm fucking her, Lucy? This is how I'm going to enjoy my weekends fucking the shit outta you too!"

Lucy licked her lips, watching as he would buck his hips and slam his cock into Holly over and over. As for Holly, she knew exactly what he was trying to do by sweet-talking Lucy like this. So far, his attempt was not working. Holly knew very well that Lucy wouldn't be taking her place as his favorite, even if she was the other trophy whore. Over and over, Holly screamed as Nigel continued to thrust his cock into her and back. The grip of his fingers into her hair tightened a bit, while the sound of his balls slapping between her thighs could be heard each time he bucked his hips.


Just what Nigel was expecting, to hear Holly notify him of when she was close. He was not going to finish her off however, that would be Lucy's job soon. With his final thrusts into her, he began to slow down before pulling out completely. He let go of Holly's hair, reaching out to grab the metal ring attached to Lucy's collar and tugging her closer.

"Get between her legs and finish her off, Lucy! Show me that you can do your fucking job!"

"Yes sir!"

Holly was slowly catching her breath when she heard the rustling over the bed sheets. Nigel was pleased and found it cute that Lucy had referred to him as 'sir'. He watched as his new trophy whole fell to her back and slid under Holly's legs. Within seconds, Lucy planted her lips to Holly's clit and darted her tongue into the other brunette beauty. Holly gasped and leaned up, sitting down on Lucy's face as she ran her hands up to her large breasts to squeeze them.

"Mmmmm, yeah! Come on, finish me! FINISH ME, LUCY!! LICK MY CLIT LIKE A GOOD FUCKING SLUT!!"

Nigel grinned, chuckling a bit as he listened to Holly scream at her. It was hilarious to him deep down how Lucy could play the submissive one to the both of them. He had hoped to drive Holly a bit jealous during this threesome, just to see her reactions in competition to another woman. He moved to lay down over the bed, already getting into position for what he wanted to do next. Holly licked her lips, squeezing her breasts harder as she clenched her teeth together and felt her orgasm finally come.


It was always a joy to hear Holly scream in pleasure. Now Nigel got to witness her body shake a bit as she remained seated over Lucy's face. Her juices flew into the mouth of the other woman. Lucy groaned, swallowing up Holly's sweet juices as Holly began to climb off her, freeing Lucy's face of her clit. After crawling around a bit on the bed, Holly reached her finger to tug on the ring of Lucy's collar but not without Nigel yelling at her in protest.

"Leave her alone, Holly! I'm about to play with this bitch, not you!"

Lucy giggled at his words as she moved up. Nigel grinned at her and motioned his hands over to her. It was time for her to get on top and ride him, all at his request.

"Get over here, Lucy! I want you to get on top. As for you, Holly-"

Glancing at the other woman, he smirked at her.

"I don't think you're going to complain that you get to watch Lucy's big tits bounce up and down, are you?"

Shaking her head, Holly smirked.

"No, I want to see if she can bounce better than me."

Perhaps his attempts to make her jealous were effective after all, Nigel thought to himself. As he lay there, Lucy moved in position to climb over him. She turned her back to face Nigel, knowing that the proper reverse position was required to give Holly this show. The other woman sat on her knees, just watching as Lucy sunk her heels down into the sheets and climbed over him. She planted her hands down into the bed on both sides of Nigel's body, meanwhile he used his left hand to grip one of her hips and his right hand to hold his cock up and brush it up against her wet clit. Lucy whimpered feeling the head of his cock pushing up against her clit. Nigel was ready to encourage her now.

"Come on, do it! Push that pussy down on my dick, Lucy! Show me that you can ride this big fucking cock!"

Just like that, Lucy followed his request and slammed down hard. His cock impaled into her clit as she sank all the way down until his balls slapped against her thighs. She raised her head and screamed out loudly.


Holly licked her lips as she watched Lucy began to pump herself down over Nigel's cock. Those large breasts began to bounce and sway around each time Lucy thrust herself down over Nigel's large dick. Holly smirked and was impressed.

"My god, look at those titties bouncing."

"You fucking like that, Lucy!?"


Lucy's hair began to bounce around as she closed her eyes. Every time she thrust herself downward over Nigel's cock, her tits bounced and moved all about.

Holly couldn't help but begin to finger her clit as she watched Lucy thrusting herself down onto his cock. Raising her head, Lucy looked down while her fingernails pulled into the bed sheets. She watched her own breasts bouncing around as Nigel began to groan.

"Ohhhh, fuck yes! This is what you were built for Lucy, damn your body was made to fuck!"

Holly giggled at Nigel's words.

"If only you were watching her titties bounce! You're missing out!"

Now it was Holly's turn to attempt a spin of making Nigel jealous in the heat of the moment. Lucy continued to thrust down on him for another minute until he squeezed his hands around her hips and called out.

"Come on, get up! I need you to lay down and then I'm going to fuck you harder than this!"

Though she could've, Holly didn't laugh at all. She grinned to herself, silently taking in the fact she could force Nigel to move a position like this. He bought into her attempt to make him jealous so easily. Lucy climbed off him and moved around the bed, laying down while Nigel himself had to crawl up and move. From her new position, Lucy's legs hung from the bed. Holly looked down at her face and spoke to her.

"I think I might sit on your face again..."

"Let Lucy decide if she wants to eat you out again. It's her choice."

Nigel spoke as he stood from the bed and moved between Lucy's legs. Holly was somewhat surprised by his words. She didn't expect him to give Lucy any freedom of choice right now, but he did. Lucy looked back at Holly and smirked.

"Crawl up on the bed, Holly. I'll lean my head up and eat you but I want Nigel to hear me scream."

"That's my whore right there, I like to hear that."

He couldn't have been more pleased at Lucy's words. Nigel began to feel that she was growing loyal to him with such a choice of words. Moving between her legs, he grabbed his cock and pushed the head up against her pussy. Rubbing it against her clit, he teased her until he heard her whimpering in pleasure. Holly followed Lucy's instructions and climbed back onto the bed. She moved to her knees and hands, backing herself up to the point that her clit hovered above Lucy's face. A gasp was heard from Lucy's strong voice as Nigel pushed his cock back into her.

"Oh god, yes!"

Before Holly could become impatient, she felt Lucy dart her tongue into her clit right on time. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as Lucy licked her pussy and proceeded to eat her.

"Mmmmm, that's it! Go on, eat me! EAT ME!!"

Nigel ignored Holly's words as he began to thrust his cock forward into Lucy's pussy. His eyes shifted up, watching her giant breasts move around a bit. This was exactly what he wanted to do after Holly's words had got the better of him. Nigel bit his lower lip while bucking his hips harder, driving his cock back and forth into Lucy's pussy. He had the sight of two goddesses on the bed, Lucy was busy eating Holly's pussy while she was being fucked. After a moment, Lucy moved her mouth away from Holly's clit to scream to Nigel.


"Scream louder, bitch! Tell me that you're my filthy fuck doll!"


Without skipping a beat, Lucy planted her mouth back to Holly's cit after she had screamed. By now, Nigel was determined to pound his cock into her pussy until he was ready to blow. He planned to cover her stomach and tits in his seed, to make her into a shiny mess of hot cum. Over and over, his cock pumped faster and harder into her pussy. Holly could be heard whimpering from Lucy's tongue at work over her clit. She was impressed with her skills of eating pussy, a true improvement over the last trophy whore she shared the bedroom with. Lucy couldn't continue working her tongue after another few seconds. She moved her mouth away, only to scream at Nigel.


"Cum for me, my filthy fuck doll! Just like that!!"

One final hard thrust into her, Nigel focused on watching Lucy's face. She gasped her breath and them screamed as her orgasm commenced.


"Cum, you filthy whore!"

Nigel raised his head and let out a loud roar as he felt her juices flooding around his pole. Lucy's loud screams as her climax echoed through to the large ceiling above. Holly crawled forward as she knew Nigel had to be close. From experience in these threesomes with him, she always liked to watch him paint the other girl down. He was predictable after the few years she had spent watching him fuck another woman with her. True to her assumption, Holly had turned around just in time to see Nigel pull his cock out from Lucy's pussy and stand there between her legs jacking himself off. She smirked and called out to him.

"Are you about to cum all over her, baby?"

"Fuck yeah! Lucy is gonna look like my fucking cum dumpster real soon."

Lucy licked her lips and leaned up on the bed. Pushing her hands down into the bed, she arched her chest up to make it easier for his aim. Stroking his cock, Nigel grunted and aimed forward at Lucy's busty chest. Within seconds, he screamed out.


A thick string of semen shot from his dick, flying up her stomach and streaking to her breasts. Another wad shot the distance to lnd over her right nipple in a thick wad. Holly gasped and then spoke encouraging words to him.

"Ohhhhh, yeah! Look at that, cover her! Cover her like the whore she is!"

Lucy licked her lips and moaned as she felt strings of cum flying over her stomach and streaking towards her breasts. One wad went over her left tit while a few thick droplets managed to make the distance, but most of his cum shot over her stomach to create small rivers of his hot seed. Once he was finished, Nigel looked forward at her body covered in cum. She looked so beautiful, the collar around her neck was shining from the distance as the cum dripped over her body. Lucy Pinder was his new trophy whore. Just the thought of this was enough to make Nigel smile in that usual smug grin he was famous for. He didn't know that Holly had moved over to gaze at Lucy's beautiful body covered in cum.

"Mmmmm, she needs a good cleaning now. Leave that to me!"

Leaning over, Holly opened her mouth and began to lick up the cum from Lucy's stomach. Lucy licked her own lips and moaned at the other woman cleaning her. Nigel raised his hands and clapped them, always impressed with the little things Holly did to surprise him. He walked off from the room, heading to the bathroom as he left his two trophy whores together in the bed. Once Holly had collected enough cum in her mouth, she moved to kiss Lucy and share the taste of his seed. A moan was heard between their lips as Lucy swallowed up the cum. it was a passionate loving kiss between the two of them before they swallowed his cum together. Soon, they would be in the bed with Nigel and sleeping as a party of three. Though Lucy felt like a prisoner in his world, she would be lying to herself if she didn't admit how much she enjoyed this time with him and Holly.



Beyond the pains of emotion and physical wounds, Luke was beginning to grow strong again thanks to Michelle nursing him. The two of them had spent the last three days talking and spending time together, apart from her feeding him and tending to his wounds. Though he had a cracked rib that was going to take time to heal, the bruises over his face and stomach were beginning to fade away. Every night, Michelle cooked a dinner between the two of them, as well as helping him to the bathtub if he needed it. It was not a problem to her to help this man who she was beginning to grow strong feelings to. Even though he was her best friend's boyfriend, Michelle didn't care. There was something about Luke that made him a good man in her eyes.

Michelle had never forgotten what Luke did to her ex-boyfriend James. The beating that he gave that man was something that made her respect him more than anything. She had thought over the past few days about James humiliating her in the bathroom of that night club. Though she didn't ever mention it to Luke, she did want to thank him somehow. It was incredible to see a tough man like himself break down crying over his heart break to Lucy. It was at that moment that Michelle knew that Luke was a man of pure heart, just the kind of person she wished she could have fallen in love with years ago. He was the infamous Mr. Disco, she had heard all the stories of his wild party life, but now he was a broken man who she helped pick back up from the floor.

By now, Luke was able to walk around again without limping or stumbling all over the place. During the afternoon, Michelle watched him go to the bathroom and prepare a bath by himself. He was often reluctant to ask for her aid, but he always accepted her help. Michelle couldn't help but feel that she was beginning to fall in love with this man after the past few days. Every time they talked, she felt the pain in his voice. She had witnessed it over his body when she tended to his wounds. He had confessed his sins of cheating on Lucy with his ex, an act that made Michelle greatly admired him. She had known men in the past who absolutely would never admit such a bad deed. After all this time, Michelle knew exactly why Lucy liked him so much and had been in love with this man.

After she heard the water stop in the bathroom, Michelle thought to herself about to taking a chance with him. With his own best friend Peter seemingly betraying him, Michelle already felt like she was his unofficial sidekick. He was a broken and beaten man, but she wanted to pull him back on his feet and restore his confidence. With her mind made up to take this chance of easing his sorrows, Michelle reached behind her head and undid her ponytail. She wore a white T-shirt, covering over her large breasts and a pair of black polka-dotted pajama shorts. With her long blonde hair straightened out over her shoulders, she went to the bathroom door and found it unlocked. She slowly opened it, and stepped in to find Luke sitting down in the tub and soaking in the hot water.

"Hey Luke, you mind if I come in?"

"No, I don't mind at all. Come on in, Michelle."

From the answer in his soft voice, Michelle smiled and quietly stepped into the bathroom. She walked over and bent down on her knees to sit by him while he was relaxing in the bathtub. A bruise around his eye had been fading, but still looked a bit bad from Michelle's keen eye. She thought to herself about his problems with Peter, striking up a conversation on the subject.

"Did your friend call or text you yet?"

"No, not at all."

Luke shook his head and then glanced back at Michelle's face. She looked at him almost like an angel with great concern.

"Don't sound like he really cares about you, then. After all the hell you've been through, I would think he would be worried for you like Lucy was."

"Yeah, one would think. Peter has been my partner for years. He was like a brother to me..."

Once again, Luke shook his head and sighed.

"It hurts to know someone will betray you like that. All for money, I know that's what it had to be over."

She placed her hand over his shoulder before replying back.

"I won't betray you, I can promise you that."

When he glanced back at her face, Luke smiled as he looked into those big beautiful blue eyes. Michelle had done everything for him the past week. She nursed him; cooked for him, tended to him and waited on him hand and foot. He appreciated every single thing she did for him.

"I believe you, Michelle. You've been a good friend to me this past week, you might be the only one I have left after all of this. But why? Are you only doing this for me because of Lucy?"

She shook her head to him. Michelle gently caressed his face with her hand, cupping his chin to make him look into her eyes as she replied back.

"No, it's not about her at all. You are a good man, I've seen this in you. The way you handled James, you know, my ex-boyfriend."

Luke laughed. It was the first time she had made the man smile all week.

"Oh, that guy? Yeah, what about him?"

"You made him pay for treating me the way he did that night. He left me in the bathroom of that club like a whore. No man has ever went out of his way to do something like that for me. I knew after that, you have a good heart."

Moving her hand away from his face, she leaned down and kissed his forehead. Luke moved his left hand out of the water and ran it to her shoulder. Though he didn't want to, he couldn't hold back for now. He pushed his lips to Michelle's and began to slowly kiss her passionately. It wasn't something he had any plans of doing, but Michelle had worked with him so much this past week, he felt strong feelings for her. She pushed her tongue up against his, slowly sharing the passionate kiss until their lips pulled apart. When she glanced back at his face, he had a look of guilty momentarily. She spoke up, ready to fix that.

"Don't feel bad about kissing me. Lucy isn't here right now, but I promise we're going to get her back. She is my best friend, I'm going to help you get her back. Your friend may have betrayed you, but you have me. I will help you every step of the way, Luke."

Sinking back down into the hot water of the tub, Luke took a deep breath as he listened to her words. Michelle wished that the bath tub was large enough for her to climb in with him, but it didn't have the space. Luke eventually smiled again and nodded his head to her. The blonde former glamour model had worked her charm to restore his confidence.

"Yeah, we're going to get her back. I'm not ready yet, but I will be soon. I need some new clothes. Maybe in a few days I can go out and get myself a new suit."

"Leave that to me! I'll get it for you!"

Luke laughed when he looked back at Michelle's lovely face.

"Michelle, you've done more than enough for me. I can never repay you for all of this. I'd feel better if I bought myself my own new suit."

"But you're not ready for that yet. Once we get the bruises completely off your face, then you'll be ready to wear a new suit."

She leaned down again and kissed his forehead. This time, Luke moved from the water and cupped her face to kiss her passionately once more. She moaned into his mouth, dancing her tongue along his for a deep passionate kiss. Michelle pulled away from him and then stood up. Her large tits bounced from under her shirt as she placed her hands on her hips and spoke back to him.

"Do you know how you can repay me, Luke?"


Grabbing the ends of her shirt, she pulled it over her head. Her large breasts sagged down as she stood there almost naked. Luke's eyes trailed over her body, noticing the little silver belly button ring piercing. Michelle gave him a smirk and teased.

"You can fuck me like a real man! Come on, I want to show you a good time. You deserve it after all the pain you've been through."

With a half smile, Luke thought about it for a moment. Of all the glamour models he had spent affairs with, Michelle Marsh was one that was a dream from years ago. His thoughts went back to Lucy and the fact he had already betrayed her when he allowed Jennifer Ellison to seduce him last week.

"I don't think I should do this, Michelle. After all, I've already cheated on Lucy once."

"She's my best friend, silly! Come on, we both deserve a good time. After all the pain you've been through, I want to blow your mind. You can think of this as a reward for taking care of my ex, how about that? Get out of the tub and come in the bedroom and fuck me! Come on, I know you want to."

Turning her back to him, Michelle placed her hands around her pajama shorts and thong, sliding them both down together. Luke got a clear sight at her bare naked ass and the big tramp stamp tattoo of the silver cross with the word 'Blessed' over it. The busty blonde looked over her shoulder and gave him a small smirk before she walked her naked body out of the bathroom, teasing him. Luke could feel his erection rising from within the warm water. Desire had gotten the better of him and he quickly rose up to stand from the tub. Michelle giggled when she heard the water splashing. She sat on the blue sheets of her bed while she heard him stomp out. Luke didn't even bother drying his wet body as he walked to the bedroom to find her there waiting for him.

When Luke walked in, she got up from the bed and walked to him, wrapping her arm around him and shoving her large tits up against his chest. Michelle pressed her lips to his, kissing him passionately once more. Even though he was her best friend's lover, Michelle truly didn't care anymore. She was falling in love with Luke. Deep down, she wanted to blow his mind and pleasure him like Lucy had probably done in the past, but she remembered that she had to be gentle with him. His body was still healing from the beating he took. After breaking the kiss, she gently hugged him, allowing her erect nipples to push up against his chest. Michelle ran her right hand down to grab his cock, slowly stroking it while she looked into his eyes and spoke in a low voice.

"Let me take care of you, honey. I'll be gentle with you, I want you to enjoy every moment of this."

She kissed him again. Luke loved hearing her subtle British accent to his ears. After their lips pulled apart once more, Michelle gave him a wink and then fell down to her knees. Her left hand pushed up against his leg while she was wanking his cock with the grip of her right hand. Like before, she gave him that little loving smile before parting her pink lips and sliding them down his cock. Luke gasped and called out to her.

"Oh god, yes! Suck it, Michelle! Yes!!"

There was no sense in feeling guilty about this woman. Luke figured it was best to enjoy every moment of her pleasure. Michelle went fast, aggressively bobbing her head up and down his cock. She devoured his meat pole with hunger and force. When her lips came back to the head, she made a pop noise coming off them. Flicking her tongue, she spit on his dick and then looked up into his eyes to talk in her low slutty voice now.

"You've got a great cock, Luke. Your disco stick, that's what I'm gonna call it."

She loudly kissed the head with her lips. Luke groaned. He didn't even catch the joke of 'disco stick' with his nickname of Mr. Disco. All he did was stand there, watching Michelle lean down and begin to roll her tongue over his balls.

"Oh god, yeah! Lick those balls, baby!"

His wish was her command. Michelle wanted to truly blow his mind. She hoped to make him addicted to her sex, all out of the passionate feelings she felt for this man. Her tongue rolled over his balls before she pulled the left nut between her jaws.


Luke instantly became more excited as Michelle loudly slobbered and sucked over his balls. After the horrible beating he took at the hands of Nigel's thugs and all this torment, just a bit of oral pleasure was enough to send his feelings back up. Michelle alternated his balls, sucking on one before the other. A string of drool dripped from his nuts, falling to the floor before she finally stopped and brought her mouth back to his cock. She looked up into his eyes while gripping his hips. Michelle slowly pushed her lips down the shaft, taking every inch of it until her lips buried at the base. She wanted to show off her deep throat skills, proving to him that she was quite the goddess in the bedroom. Luke threw his head back and cried out in pleasure.

"Ohhhhh, god! You are so fucking amazing, Michelle!"

Such praise from him was what she wanted to hear. She bobbed her head up and down, sucking every inch of his cock. Michelle didn't gag or choke, she handled his entire length with ease. Over and over, Michelle bobbed her head up and down. 'Mmm, mmmm, mmmmm', slight moans were heard from down below. Luke whimpered and moaned. She eventually came up, releasing his rod from her lips with another pop sound. Strings of saliva fell from his slobber coated shaft. Michelle got up from her knees and moved back to his face. She kissed him softly and then turned around to face the bed.

"Come on, Luke! I want you to fuck me! But don't forget you've got that cracked rib, don't hurt yourself, please."

He laughed at her words. Even in the heat of the moment like this, Michelle couldn't prevent her caring tenderness from showing.

"Alright, babe. Go on and climb up on the bed, I'm right behind you."

She smirked at him while turning around and proceeding to get up on the bed. As soon as Michelle climbed up on all fours, she could feel the bed sink down a bit as Luke had climbed up and sunk his wet feet down into the sheets. His eyes roamed over the large tattoo over her lower back. As he starred down into the 'Blessed' writing text, he used his left hand to push his cock towards her wet pussy. Michelle let out a soft moan, arching her hands up on the bed to hold herself up. He went slow, sinking his cock into the warmth of her clit. She let out a soft moan, feeling him slide into her.

"Mmmmmm, there you go. How does that feel, Luke?"

"It feels fucking great!"

"Go on and fuck me, honey. Fuck me the way you've always dreamed."

Knowing his limits with a wounded body, Luke figured he had to go slow with her. He moved his hands to her lower back, running them over the beautiful ink of her tattoo while he began to thrust his cock into her. Slowly, he moved his hips back and forth. Michelle closed her eyes and moaned, loving every second of his cock slowly pumping into her. This was just the very thing she wanted so bad, this man to make love to her. She wanted to fuck her so badly, at last she was experiencing the man she had grown feelings for, thrusting his hard cock into her. Raising her head, Michelle let out a soft moan before teasing him.

"Mmmmmmm, that's it. Nice and slow, just like that. Fuck me however you want to, honey."

Luke took in a heavy breath, still thrusting his hips forward and back slowly. He wanted to pound her pussy, to truly fuck her harder. The limits were in place, but he couldn't help himself. Desire was getting the better of his mind. He picked up the pace, pumping his cock into her a little bit faster. Michelle's large tits began to bounce from underneath her. Though she had warned him not to hurt himself by fucking her, the only thing on her mind now was this pleasure. She panted and then called out to him.

"Ohhhh god, yes! YES! That's it, come on, FUCK ME! FUCK ME, LUKE!! FUCK ME!!"

He moved his feet forward, stepping them even further as he began to ram his cock back and forth into her pussy. Michelle's arms collapsed, her large breasts pushed down into the blue sheets of the bed as Luke was now pumping his thick shaft harder and faster into pussy. She gasped before screaming yet again.


Panting and catching his breath, Luke couldn't stop himself. He continued to pump his cock harder and faster into Michelle's tight pussy. At this point, he didn't plan to stop until he felt her climax. Michelle gritted her teeth, growling as she yelled to him.


"God, you're so fucking tight Michelle!"


Slight pains over his stomach could be felt where his rib had been cracked, but Luke didn't let the pain hinder him. He couldn't stop himself, the pleasure was too good from fucking Michelle. Her hands ran over the sheets, clawing them with her long nails as she gasped and felt her orgasm coming.


Her teeth gritted as Michelle's body tensed up and reached the point of a release. It took everything in Luke not to bust his nut and cum inside her, but he didn't. Luke made one final thrust, keeping his cock into her pussy as he felt her tight walls tense up during her orgasm. Michelle quickly caught her breath and called out to him with a request.

"Don't cum yet, darling! Don't cum inside me, I've got an idea!!"

Taking a step back, Luke pulled his cock out of her pussy and then climbed off the bed. He didn't know what Michelle had in mind but soon he would witness it. She quickly got up and turned to look at him with a mischievous lustful grin. The platinum blonde glamour model grabbed his wet cock with her right hand as she moved off the bed. She pushed her lips to his, giving him a short kiss before pulling their lips apart and sinking down to her knees. Michelle wasted no time wrapping her lips around his cock and sliding it down into her mouth. She cleaned him of her juices, sucking them up and swallowing them down. After releasing his dick from her mouth, she reached her hands down and grabbed her titanic-sized breasts, holding them up for him. Michelle looked into his eyes and spoke.

"I know you love big boobs, Luke. Come on, Mr. Disco! Get that disco stick between my disco ball boobs and fuck 'em!"

If it weren't for being so caught in the heat of her lust, Luke may have laughed at her kinky words. As Michelle held her large breasts up, he used his right hand to guide his cock between them. She looked up into his eyes, smiling at him in passion as she squeezed her breasts around his cock. Luke placed his left hand over her shoulder as he began to thrust between her large breasts.

"Oh my god, your tits are fucking amazing!"

"Mmmmm, yeah! They're made for fucking! Fuck 'em, Luke! Fuck my titties!"

Michelle's breasts were an equal match on par of Lucy's. Just like when he would fuck Lucy's tits, Luke watched his entire cock disappear between the folds of Michelle's tits. She never once broke eye contact with him. She smiled, moaned and just gazed back at his face with her big blue eyes. Luke brought his right hand down to squeeze one of her tits, keeping his left hand locked over her shoulder.

"Squeeze my tit, Luke! Yeah, come on! Fuck my titties, fuck 'em hard!"

Finally breaking eye contact with him, Michelle looked down to see his cock driving back and forth between her tits. Luke grunted and whimpered, calling out to her.

"My god, these are some of the best tits ever!"

"Oh yeah, fuck 'em! FUCK MY TITTIES!!"

He whimpered, not wanting this pleasure to end whatsoever. He was so close to blowing his load, Luke didn't want to stop. He squeezed his hand over her right breast before grunting.

"FUCK!! I'm gonna cum soon, I can't fucking stop it!"

"Keep fucking my titties, Luke! Fuck my tits until you cum! Don't fucking stop!!"

Dropping her lower lip, Michelle looked into his face right on time. With one final thrust, Luke's cock exploded and began to shoot cum forward and up.

"Ohhhhhh, FUCK!!"

As he yelled, Michelle looked down and opened her mouth as she felt a bit of his cum splash up over her neck. Some strings shot forward and ended up going all over the floor below. One strand of cum splashed over her left cheek, close to her mouth. A thick string shot up and went into her long golden hair while he continued to thrust his cock between her tits. Some wads of cum went up to her neck and streamed down while most of it shot between her tits, making her tunnel of tit-flesh into a cum filled pipe. As his orgasm began to come down, Luke slowed down before coming to a stop. He was out of breath, gazing down at the cum all over Michelle. She looked into his eyes and gave him a soft smile.

"Mmmmm, did you have fun?"

Without saying a word, he just nodded his head. Michelle giggled at him, replying as if he had spoken back to her.

"Yeah, I know I did too."



Lucy sat down in front of a mirror, gazing back at herself while Kimberly stood behind her. She had just finished fixing up her hair and getting prepared for a dinner date with Nigel. From behind the seated woman, Kimberly slid the key into the lock place of the metal collar and turned it. As it unlocked, she used her hand to pull it back, finally freeing Lucy's neck of that lovely decoration. Since Lucy had proven herself to being obedient in Nigel's penthouse suite and appeared to be loyal in this quick amount of time, Kimberly went on and removed the collar from her neck. While looking back into the mirror, Lucy raised her hand and softly touched her neck that was now visible for the first time in days.

"You've earned my trust. I hope that you're smart enough not to betray him in the future."

Turning to look at the mistress, Lucy starred at Kimberly's cold face. The older woman was always stern with her, giving the impression that she must have been quite the dominating mistress with other women. Lucy nodded her head to her, without saying a word. Kimberly stomped off, leaving Lucy by herself looking into the mirror. Now that she was free of the collar, Lucy knew her contract with Perfect Kiss modelling would be the next step. She still felt like a captive to Nigel, even if she had enjoyed the past week. Deep down, she still thought about Luke and wondered if there was a way out of this. Lucy was beginning to realize that if she were to cross paths with Luke again, she would probably have to choose her career or true love. She knew the contract that would be prepared for her would leave her little control, making her a slave to the company.

She had to meet Nigel for dinner soon in the penthouse suite. Holly had left the penthouse with him to go out on some date, leaving Lucy all alone when Kimberly wasn't in the room. As she sat at the mirror table, she thought to herself how she could find a way out of this. Maybe after signing the contract, Nigel would give her the freedom that Holly had. Lucy already was thinking of what she could do after escaping this hotel, even if the thoughts were in her mind of the lack of freedom she would have with her career. Thoughts of Luke still clouded her mind. Lucy couldn't help but wonder what was going on with him, but she kept these thoughts to herself and never spoke a word of it to Nigel or Holly.


Water ran from the faucet and into the sink as Luke had finished up shaving and was now cleaning his face. He had just finished showering and stood shirtless as he had washed his face. By now, the bruises and swelling had come down and he was beginning to look normal again. There was still the problem of his cracked rib, but he was more confident than ever now that it would heal. He had woke up alone to find a note Michelle had left him, telling him that she would be returning in the afternoon. After the first day of their love making, he had grown more confident with her as a friend. There was still the problem of not hearing from Peter again, but Luke didn't care right now. At least he had Michelle.

While he cleaned up in the bathroom, he did not hear the front door open. Michelle walked through the door, holding two large shopping bags in her left hand, and some bagged jackets on clothes hangers in her right hand. Her heels stomped through the living room as she placed the bags down near the coffee table and the jackets over the couch. This was meant to be a surprise for him, she had been planning. Michelle didn't care that Luke didn't want her to go out and buy him some new clothes, she did it anyway. Using his blood stained jacket, shirt and the pants from the day she found him, Michelle was able to write down the exact sizes and go out shopping. She heard the water in the bathroom and then called out to him in her sultry English accent.

"Luke, I'm home!"

"Just one moment, please!"

She bit her lower lip, excited over this moment. Michelle stood wearing a black shirt with a leather jacket. From below, she had on a pair of blue jeans that she wore to go out shopping. She grabbed the two shopping bags, moving them to the coffee table where she could easily pull out the surprise for him. A few seconds later, Luke walked through the living room wearing a pair of shorts and a button up white shirt. Michelle looked at him and smiled, as he was surprised to see the bags over the coffee table.

"Where did you go, Michelle? I guess you've been out shopping?"

Nodding her head slowly, Michelle smiled before replying.

"Yes! I've got a surprise for you! Here, take this!"

Pulling a box out of the bag, she handed to him what was an expensive new large screened smartphone.

"You need a new phone, just in case someone is tracking you on the older one."

Luke could not believe the heavy generosity from Michelle to buy him a phone this expensive. Before he could say anything back, she took a hold of the other bag and offered it to him.

"These are your new shirts and there's four pair of pants in there too."

His jaw dropped. Luke sat down, not even noticing the bagged jackets next to him. He went through the tall shopping bag, taking every folded shirt out. Michelle had bought him several pastel and neon colored shirts, he counted up to eight shirts. Underneath the stacked shirts, there was pants in the colors of grey, white and black. He could not believe that she would know such a detail without him telling her. She must have truly studied the way he dressed. Michelle then walked over to grab the bagged jackets, shaking them to get his attention.

"Don't forget about this! These are your new suit jackets to go with the clothes!"

Yet again, Luke was blown away at her kindness. She dropped the bagged jackets over his lap. There was four of them. He pulled one apart to see a brand new white blazer jacket. The second one was a black jacket, the third grey and the last one was a light blue color that matched his old jacket. Luke was already thinking that she must have really spent a good bit of money on all these clothes. The jackets alone were an expensive name brand. When he looked back at Michelle, she had the biggest grin on her face.

"Well, what do you think? That's the style of fashion you like, isn't it?"

"I love this, but you didn't have to buy me anything. My god, I feel bad that you probably spent a lot on me."

"Don't feel bad. I wanted to do something nice for you, I used an old credit card that my ex-boyfriend gave me last year."

Luke glanced back down at the clothes one last time. He couldn't help but smile. Michelle must have truly thought highly of him to do something like this. When he looked back at her face, she smiled and spoke once more.

"Now you can be Mr. Disco again with the right clothes. Whenever you're ready, we'll find Lucy, together."

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Mr. Disco Ch. 7
Starring: Lucy Pinder, Holly Peers, Michelle Marsh

Codes: MF, MDom, Cheating/Affairs, Oral, Tit Fuck, Facial, 69, Slut

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

London, England

Time passed by when you were having fun, at least that was an old saying that could ring true for some people. For others, it may have been the opposite and time couldn't move slower in the emptiness of dread. Lucy Pinder didn't quite know she felt as two weeks had passed by since her meeting with Nigel and being taken behind the closed doors of his inner private life. In such a quick amount of time, her career was beginning to point up after years of retirement but at the cost of her personal life. She was forced to say goodbye to her lover, yet was still thinking of him often during the days.

Her contract with Perfect Kiss Modelling had been presented by Nigel. She didn't get enough time to truly read through it, but she knew it was a trap to hold her career hostage to the wealthy playboy and his company. Without hesitation, she signed the contract in a black ink pen after she could feel Holly Peers and Nigel both glaring at her from a distance. It was so easy to sign under pressure, but Lucy didn't have the real commitment in her heart regardless how much Nigel appeared to be in love with her. A party was held in celebration of Lucy joining Perfect Kiss, Nigel felt that he was truly on top of the world to land the most famous glamour model in all of Britain. She celebrated alongside Holly Peers, the other 'trophy whore' that remained a companion partner to Lucy in the bedroom.

In the following days after the celebration event, Lucy was to be introduced to her new agent who would be overseeing her modelling shoots and deals. Nigel was in complete control but the agent was a particular surprise he had planned for some time now. Someone who he felt was wise enough to realize when a dead end was going to be the end of their career. A special someone who didn't suffer from the same ignorance that Luke had committed months ago on that fateful day on the beach in Ibiza. Lucy was led into a room where she was to be introduced to her new agent. She wore a black dress, matching Nigel's black suit. Her jaw immediately dropped when she came face to face with the man who was to become her agent. Nigel spoke up.

"Lucy dear, this is Peter Morris. I'm sure you two may know each other, yeah?"

She needed a moment to digest her thoughts of being face to face with the bearded man. This was Luke's best friend and now Lucy had realized that he had betrayed Luke entirely. She looked back at Nigel and forced a smile before answering him.

"Yes, we've met some time ago."

A smug grin crossed along Peter's lips. He had truly left behind his best friend to make a move for greener pastures. To Lucy, it almost seemed like a sinister joke for her to move from Luke to his best friend as her agent.

"Your first shoot is going to be with a studio called 'Strip Tease', you remember doing a session for them back in the day, Lucy?"

It was Nigel speaking up once again. She turned back to him and nodded her head. It was so long ago that she had worked a session for that website, Lucy had forgotten much of the details. Nigel carried on speaking

"We bought out 'Strip Tease' about two months ago, so it's our little studio now. Peter will be handling your further deals in the future as your agent. I'm sure this won't be a problem now, will it?"

Turning back to him, Lucy shook her head.

"No, not a problem at all."

"Good, you're going to be getting paid quite well for your first shoot under contract, Lucy. Make me proud, baby."

After replying, Nigel kissed her forehead and then gave her a reassuring smile. Lucy went off with Peter, finding herself in an elevator fifteen minutes later with her former lover's best friend. The inner walls of the elevator were painted black with lining of gold around them. Lucy had still not left the Perfect Kiss office buildings since the day she surrendered herself to Nigel Taylor. She had remained in what he called 'the palace', the luxury hotel building right next to the offices. The penthouse suite is where she resided day and night with Nigel and Holly. Silence filled the compact room as they were riding the elevator down. They stood side by side, never looking at one another as there wasn't much to say. Lucy had realized what had happened with Luke but it wasn't anything she could do it about it. She knew her place with Nigel, now secured under a contract to replace the collar she once wore around her neck. Peter's motivations were simple for betraying his best friend like this. Everybody had a price.

"So, how are you enjoying this change of scenery?"

Peter spoke up, alerting Lucy to glance back at him.

"It's...different, I can say that."

"Yes it is, but it's much better than life before."

Peter's reply had sorta caught Lucy off guard. She wanted to mention Luke, but was hesitant at first. She had come to face reality that everything with Nigel was calculated to lead to her joining Perfect Kiss, but now there was Luke's best friend involved. There was more than just lust and greed, now there was the ultimate betrayal shuffled in the mix of things. Letting out a sigh, Lucy spoke again, but didn't mention Luke.

"I didn't expect to see you here at all, Peter."

He chuckled briefly before shaking his head to her.

"Yeah, it's funny how that turned out. Just a month ago, you were all wrapped up with Luke and now the tables have flipped and I'm filling his shoes as your agent. Life sure knows how to change your cards when you least expect it."

"What made you betray him like that? That was your best friend, wasn't it?"

Shaking his head, Peter looked back at Lucy.

"Lucy dear, it ain't like that. This is business. Luke was a dead end for me and sometime down the road, you've gotta think about your future. Besides, I don't see you complaining about how it's turned out for you. In fact, I think you look a lot happier with Nigel than you try not to be."

"Shut up!"

He laughed, realizing that his words had struck a nerve to make Lucy angry at him. The brunette woman looked back at him, gritting her teeth in an obvious state of anger. Lucy barked back at him.

"You are to be my agent, I didn't ask for your opinion on my personal life. Don't mention Luke to me again. You betrayed him, so I have absolutely no trust in you."

"So, does that mean you think I will be betraying Nigel too?"

Lucy smirked back at him and shook her head. Though she still had feelings for Luke, it was undeniable to her at this point where she stood in terms of Nigel. She knew her place, she was his trophy whore.

"You aren't gonna get that opportunity even if you tried."

"Alright then, let's get back to business. I'm taking you down to the studio for your photo shoot."

"That's fine, but keep your mouth shut about my private life. Stick to doing your job, Peter."

Just like that, there wasn't any point in a conversation anymore. Lucy was in control, regardless if he was her agent or not. Peter knew his limits and this job wasn't going to be like all the fun years he spent with Luke. He was now playing in a dangerous game, one that could easily cost him dearly if he attempted to tread over Nigel's toes. The chance of scenery was worth it, as the man had no regrets about his past. Luke was seen as a dead end for a career opportunity anyway. Peter knew if Lucy didn't realize that, she would figure it out soon enough. Wealth and luxury were the cost of loyal friendships, but in the end none of that was going to matter if everything went as planned. Peter wanted a future he could believe in, one where he didn't have to worry about work. At this point in the game, Lucy knew she couldn't get out of Nigel's web even if she tried right now.


Grey clouds were visible from the large windows back in the penthouse suite. Holly Peers gazed into her reflection momentarily as she watched them slowly move. Down below, the city could be seen in the day light but she paid it absolutely no attention. A wine glass was half full, clutched by her left hand as she raised it up to her lips and took a sip. Holly had been thinking of the situation with Nigel and Lucy. She had realized that he showcased a bit of favoritism to his new trophy whore toy. It was nothing particularly unusual, as Holly had witnessed the same behavior in the past with the other trophy whores. There was one trend that always occurred, a girl never lasted alongside her. Holly didn't enjoy competition when she knew Nigel was becoming attached to a woman over her.

Before Lucy, there was a few others who had been involved with them. There was only one woman who truly had given Holly a run for the money with Nigel's heart and her name was none other than Kelly Brook herself. Holly was never intimidated by the others, such as Rosie Jones or Keeley Hazell. Back in those days, Nigel still was a ruthless business man who could end a model's career faster than jump starting it. When Keeley wanted out, he made sure to send her into retirement a few years ago. Lucy's career was now in his lap and Holly felt better about such a thing. Even if jealousy had come between the two women, she knew that she could figure a way to send Lucy into retirement too if a competition came between them. Holly had been with Nigel for several years and wasn't about to let another woman steal that from her.

There was only one woman that ever shared the status as a trophy whore who had truly put fear into Holly's mind. Lucy wasn't that woman and by the look of things, Holly was thankful she wouldn't have to deal with such a thing, as that specific model was now a star in Hollywood. Lucy wasn't going to be a problem to her, even if Nigel were to begin favoring her over Holly. At least Holly could rest well knowing that Lucy's heart wasn't exactly in the right place. She was an easy woman to read, as her loyalty to the man so far seemed to be out of fear and luxury. Knowing her situation with Luke, Holly almost felt like it would be an easy task to tempt Lucy if she ever wanted to. As she stood there sipping on her wine while thinking, the sound of a door opening across the room could be heard. Holly set her glass down on the coffee table, stepping her heels from the carpet over the hard surface of the marble floor as she greeted Nigel with a smile.

"There you are, Mr. Wonderful. How has your day been going so far?"

Nigel smirked. He never left the penthouse without wearing a suit and here was Holly in nothing more than a black one piece bustier outfit, exposing her heavy cleavage just above a gold zipper. Such an outfit revealed what dirty thoughts were moving through her mind. Nigel flashed his teeth as he smiled, replying back to her.

"Quite the outfit you've got there, baby."

"I knew you would like it."

Her heels loudly clacked over the floor as Holly approached Nigel. She ran her left hand up over his suit, feeling the textures under her fingertips. Pushing her lips to his, she kissed the man she loved. Nigel wrapped his arms around her and returned the kiss, creating one of blistering passion. At last, Holly had her moment alone with the man while Lucy was away. This was just the time she had been anticipating, to have him all to herself. When the kiss broke, Holly turned around to reveal the back side of her one piece outfit. A thong was tucked between her ass cheeks, allowing her to tease him by rubbing her bare ass up against his crotch.

"Where's Lucy? This might be the first time I've ever seen you return without her."

Holly spoke while continued to grind her ass up against his crotch. She bent over, pumping it back as she felt his hard rod beginning to poke through his pants. Nigel laughed as he replied to her.

"She's off doing a photo shoot, but she'll be back later."

"Oh, I'm glad I don't have to do pictures with her today."

Still grinding over his crotch, Holly's words made Nigel smirked. He almost could sense the jealousy in her with such a remark.

"Are you jealous of Lucy, my dear?"

From hearing his reply, Holly stopped and quickly turned around to look into his eyes. She shook her head before responding.

"No, why would I be? She's much better than the other sluts you've picked as trophy whores in the past."

Little did Holly know, Nigel was simply testing her reaction by such a question. The blank face and serious answer was enough to tell him that Holly had concerns of her own deep down. She may not have revealed it to him just now, but her body language said it all. He watched as she turned around and stomped her heels forward, pushing one leg out before the other. Nigel spoke again as she turned around to face him from the short distance.

"What do you think of Lucy? She is better than Kelly, I must definitely say that."

"Indeed she is! Lucy fears you, she is naturally submissive in how she acts. I always did like her, but I like it better when we're alone so I can have you all to myself."

Just after speaking, Holly tugged at the zipper holding her tits together. All it took was pushing it down a little bit, and her heavy large breasts were beginning to spill out. Before Nigel could reply, she spoke again.

"Let's not talk about her, please? We're all alone now baby, and I wanna do some dirty things to you."

Her tone of voice had changed into one of a more seductive nature. He knew Holly all too well over the years, as Nigel had always loved the woman for her loyalty to him. It couldn't be denied though that there was an obvious sense of jealousy and competition with her statements about Lucy. None of it mattered at the moment as he began to pull his jacket off and kick his shoes off. Holly turned and winked at him before slowly walking to the master bedroom. Her heels were silent when she reached the carpet, leaving him behind to watch her ass cheeks push back and forth as she swaggered off. If this had been Lucy, he would've asked her to undress him like a good slut, but Holly was different. He didn't have to order her around, since she had earned her spot high up long ago.

Taking his time to remove his clothes, Nigel wanted to make Holly wait. So far he had observed her behavior and wanted to see if she would truly become impatient if he took his sweet time getting naked. The cool air touched over his nude skin as he made the walk from the living room to his luxury bedroom where Holly awaited him. A surprise to her reaction, he had yet to hear her impatiently calling for him. She may have been blinded by her love for the man, but she knew her place like Lucy. Nigel was in control, always. When he finally reached the bedroom and poked his head through the door, greeted with Holly sitting on her knees over the bed in all her nude glory. Without saying a word, he crawled over the bed and was greeted to Holly wrapping her arms around him before shoving her lips to his.

Nigel could feel her full, large breasts pushing up against his chest as their tongues danced together. Holly whimpered into his mouth while she felt Nigel run his hand between their bodies to find her soft entrance. He pushed his middle finger into her clit, teasing her as she kissed him harder. When they finally broke the kiss, Holly had closed her eyes and moaned. Her nipples had become harder, erect against her amazing giant breasts. Nigel moved his hand away from her pussy below, just so he could push his palms over her tits and feel the full hardness of those large nipples. She opened her eyes, gazing back at him with those large green hues. Finally, Nigel was ready to break the silence by speaking to her.

"You ready to have some fun, baby?"

"Mmmmmm, yes."

The Manchester beauty replied back to him before biting her lower lip. Nigel knew what she was going to do first, as Holly usually initiated their naughty times in a similar pattern every time. Nigel laid there on the bed, sitting up as he watched Holly move down to the edge below. Her right hand wrapped around his swollen cock, beginning to wank it back and forth. Holly looked back into his eyes as she lowered herself down at the edge of the bed. Shaking her head slowly, she giggled before lowering her head and speaking.

"I hope you always know that I love this cock more than any other woman you bring up here with me. They might suck it constantly, but that's because they're whores who love a good cock. I'm the only one who will only ever want your cock and not any other man's."

"Yes, I know Holly."

Her words had made him think, but soon Nigel was losing his train of thought as Holly lowered her mouth and used her tongue to twirl around the head of his dick in a counter clock wise rotation. Nigel took a deep breath just before she wrapped her lips around his long pole. Nigel pushed his hands into the sheets of the bed as he watched Holly begin to bob her lips up and down, sucking his cock rather quickly. Her right hand moved to the past while her left hand was cradling his balls, massaging them gently. Nigel moaned as she continued to push those lips down and up over his rod.

"Ohhhhhhh, fuck...I love how you work it, baby."

Slobbering and sucking sounds filled the room as Holly focused all her concentration on tasting his meaty pole. When she came up for a break, Holly's lips made a loud pop noise. She flickered her tongue back and spit on his shaft. When she went back down on it, this time Holly moved her lips up and down more aggressively. She sucked on inch after inch of his long fat cock, taking it all. Nigel took a deep, heavy breath before moaning and calling out to his loyal trophy whore.

"That's it, that's it! Fuck yes, take that fucking cock, baby!"

Still devouring his cock, Holly had another idea besides mindlessly sucking his cock until she was awarded with his hot load. Nigel knew her all too well, as she only began with sucking him to prepare his rod for the next pleasure. Moving her hands away, she held her breasts up and then Nigel knew what to expect when her lips came to the head of his cock and released it with a loud popping sound. A few strings of saliva dangled from her lower lip, falling down to her heavy cleavage as Holly raised her large 32F breasts up and smashed his cock between them. She always enjoyed to see that initial reaction over his face any time her tits engulfed his cock between them. Giggling mischievously, Holly shook her head before speaking in her low cheeky voice.

"You never are able to get enough of these big boobies, can you, honey?"

"Nope, never. You know how much I love 'em, baby."

Nigel had the most smug grin painted across his lips as Holly began to titty fuck his slobber covered shaft. Holly went slow at first, dropping her lower lip as she refused to break eye contact.

It may have been a goofy expression on her face, but she always enjoyed watching as Nigel couldn't keep eye contact with her before glancing down to see his cock trapped between her large boobs. Her long dark hair was hanging beyond her shoulders, making it visible to see gold hoop piercings in her ears. Nigel's entire focus was watching the head of his cock poke up each time she made a thrust down before it disappeared back between her breasts. He thought about Lucy for a moment, as both of his trophy whores had supreme tits that couldn't be matched by other girls.

"Mmmmmmm, that big dick feels so fucking good between my tits."

"Keep working 'em, Holly! Up and down, you know how to do it."

Biting her lower lip, she began to move a bit faster. Still starring back into his eyes, Holly giggled as she titty fucked his long pole.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah? I do it better than your other whore, right?"

Such a response like this made Nigel raise his eyebrow. It couldn't be denied any longer at this point, as this was definitely a competition game between Holly and Lucy. He wasn't about to stroke her ego, instead he just smiled and nodded his head without uttering a word back in reply. Holly began to pump her breasts up and down faster, fucking his dick to a pulp. An idea formed in his mind as he watched his busty whore continue to work her tits to pleasure him.

"Don't stop, baby. I'll let you know when I'm ready to cum."

"Mmmmm, are you gonna make a mess on my tits or am I gonna get to swallow it?"

Now was Nigel's moment to really tease her. Since she had spoken of doing things better than Lucy, he was ready to remind her about his other trophy whore.

"No, I'm gonna cum all over your face. Then, we can see if you really take a messy facial better than Lucy."

His words made her smile fade into a bit of a frown. Holly was somewhat angry at his response, but not to the point that she wanted to stop. She looked back at him, snarling as she continued to pump her tits. Nigel smirked, enjoying the change of pace as she appeared to be angry at him. If she was truly jealous of Lucy, he had all intentions to tease her about it. The man never felt he had to worry about an attitude with Lucy, not like how Holly would get worked up over this. He liked it better when she got angry, as it made her work more aggressively with him. Those large amazing breasts pounded over his cock time and time again, but it wasn't long before Nigel was ready to cum. It was almost as if Holly was trying to push him over the edge faster than usual. He reached his hand out to snatch the back of her hair as he called out to her.


"Mmmmmm!! cum all over my fucking face, baby!"

Holly yelled at him in such a sensual voice as she let go of her breasts to allow Nigel to grab his cock with his free hand. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, sticking her tongue out as she eagerly anticipated his hot seed. Nigel took heavy breathes while stroking his long cock, grunting and tightening the grip in her hair until he felt the sudden rush of his cum come flying out.


Gasping aloud, Holly's lips curved into a smile when she felt the first spurt of his cum strike across her left cheek. The next wave of cum flew directly over her upper lip, coating her nose with cum as it dripped into her open mouth and over her waiting tongue. Another wad shot up the left side of her nose before trailing down. Nigel decided to push the crown of his cock over her tongue and allow her to milk the rest of his seed with her tender mouth. He didn't give her a massive load to the face like he would've done Lucy, but it was enough to judge how she took it. Opening her eyes, Holly gazed up into his eyes with the cum splattered over her face as she began to bob her head up and down the first few inches of his cock, forcing him to shoot his remaining load into her mouth. 'Mmm, mmmm, mmmmm' she moaned while watching his face curl up in pleasure. Nigel pulled her hair, forcing his cock to flop freely with another pop sound. Holly quickly swallowed his load, parting her lips to reveal that it had disappeared.

"Ohhhhhhh, that cum tasted so fucking good."

"Get up baby, I'm gonna fuck you the way I like to do Lucy."

Holly giggled as the cum was dripping down from her face. Nigel kept his hand among her dark hair, curling his fingers to let her know he was in control. He got up from the bed, turning her around so her back was facing him. Holly bent over, moving her hands down to her hips as she knew just how Nigel was about to fuck her. A standing up doggy style position was one of her favorites.

"Come on, get in there. I want that big fucking dick in my cunt, right now. I want you to fuck me, Nigel! I am your best trophy whore you'll ever have, fuck me like you mean it!!"

Pulling her hair tightly, Nigel used his free hand to guide his cock into the folds of her wet clit. He heard Holly gasp and begin moaning as he was now thrusting his cock into her clit back and forth. Her huge tits bounced up and down as he pumped his rod into her. She closed her eyes, pushing her legs apart as her heels stomped over the carpet floor.

"Mmmmm, yeah! Ohhhhhh god, yeah!! Fuck me! Fuck the shit outta me, baby!!"

The sound of Nigel's balls smacking over the underside of her ass could be heard, but nothing was drowning out Holly's moans and heavy breathing. This is what she wanted, for him to fuck her the way he used to. She always loved Nigel's dominant nature in the bedroom, such a version of him she had only had to witness recently with how he handled Lucy. The cum from her upper lip dripped down to the floor as Holly yelled at him once more.

"Fuck me, Nigel! FUCK ME!! FUCK MEEEEE!!!"

Gritting his teeth, he pulled her hair harder, moving both of his hands into her long dark hair as he bucked his hips. Over and over, the sound of their bodies smacking could be heard apart from the moans they created. Holly opened her eyes, yelling aloud.


This was all it took from him to drive her close to an orgasm. There was only one man in Holly's life that could do this to her and give her so much heavenly pleasure. Given how fast Nigel was thrusting his cock into her pussy, she could only think that he would cum inside of her this time. He slowed down a bit, still gripping her hair to hold her in place as his hips bucked forward. Holly yelled to him.


Just as she yelled, a thick string of cum dripped from above her upper lip and fell to the floor as her body began to tremble and shake. Nigel made a few final thrusts and then her time had approached as she dropped her lower lip and cried out. He finally broke his silence, moaning as he felt her cum gushing around his cock.

"Fuck yeah, there you go baby!"

Holly couldn't reply back to him as she was slowly attempting to catch her breath. She soon cried out again as Nigel tugged at her hair and then began to experience his own climax.

"This is for you, baby! Ohhhhhh, yeah!!"

Though gasping, she found herself slowly smiling as she moaned from the feeling of his seed entering her. Nigel let go of her hair, watching as Holly moved her hands away from her hips and then raised her head up.

"Mmmmmmm, Nigel. I always love the way you take me."

Taking a few steps back, he pulled his cock from her clit and then sat down on the bed. Holly turned around to face Nigel before dropping down to her knees. She used her mouth to clean his cock, sucking up her own juices mixed with his. From her actions alone, Nigel had changed his mind about stroking her ego. He just had to give Holly a bit of credit and admiration through kind words in comparison to the other trophy whore.

"You're the best, baby. Lucy could learn a lot from you, let me tell you that."

Nigel's words made Holly look up at him with those big green eyes. She released his cock from her lips, making another slobbering pop sound like before. She didn't reply back to him, all she did was smile before taking the head of his cock and beating it against her lips. Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound was like a melody to Nigel's ears. It was moments like this that could only be captured by the two of them, but Nigel had plenty of other things roaming through his mind about his other trophy whore. He was most confident that Lucy would leave him impressed with a good day's work from her photo shoot.



The door remained shut back to the apartment, as Luke sat quietly on the couch browsing the internet with a laptop sitting in his lap. By now, his wounds had healed on his face and he only felt slight pain from the cracked rib that he had endured weeks ago. He had Michelle Marsh of all people in the world to thank for nursing and aiding him during this rough time. While he sat there online, he went through modelling websites and did a few searches online to read about the Perfect Kiss modelling company and the billionaire playboy centered behind it. Since the events that had led to this situation, Luke was obsessed with figuring a way to some how get Lucy back out from the clutches of Nigel Taylor. Many of the odds were stacked against him and he had soon come to accept this reality.

It wasn't so easy for someone like him to go head to head with a powerful figure. He would be doing it all in the name of love and redemption, to try and earn Lucy's heart back. It would be a dangerous game and he knew just little the odds were in his favor. If anything, Luke had to imagine that Lucy was locked into a contract now. As a free lance modelling agent, he knew all about contracts to keep models with special companies. Lucy had to know about it too, that was the least he could consider. Michelle had promised him they were going to try and get her back, as she was the only friend Luke had left at this point. He still had yet to hear back from Peter, which was just enough to tell him that his best friend no longer cared about him whatsoever.

Though Michelle had promised Luke that they were going to try and get Lucy back, it wasn't as if she didn't have her own agenda at hand. So far in the following weeks with Luke, she found herself beginning to grow feelings for the man. All this time, Michelle had been with him as she had witnessed him as a wounded, heart broken animal. He had been beaten to the point that he needed a caring hand, which she had given him. She felt his pain, his regrets and had formed a bond with Luke. It was no question to her that he truly loved Lucy, but now Michelle found herself falling in love with her best friend's man. For now, she was hiding the feelings from him but they had already come out a bit. Michelle knew that Luke was a good man after what he had done for, taking revenge on her ex-boyfriend James. Those feelings had slowly been coming to life, all after Luke had given in to her temptation to satisfy their lustful urges. He may not have been in love with her, but Michelle felt confident she could steal him if she tried.

The car pulled up outside the apartment complex and soon, she would be face to face with Luke again. Over the past week, Michelle had been working alongside Luke trying to find some kind of leads to get them closer to Nigel Taylor. There were other models in his past that he had worked with, as Luke thought to himself that maybe one of them would link him to the powerful man or give him some insight on how business operated. Michelle had her own friends from her old days in the modelling industry. Though she was retired now, she had went out of her way to contact a few of them and see if she could dig up something that could be of help towards Luke's goal. Just now, she was arriving back to the apartment with bad news to reveal to him. She had contacted an old agent she worked with years ago but was of no help with information regarding Perfect Kiss. As she made her way down the hall of the apartment, Michelle pushed her sunglasses up above her head. She turned the door knob and entered the apartment, offering a smile to Luke when she saw him seated on the couch.

"Hey, I'm back!"

Luke was greeted to her soft smile when he looked up to her. Michelle stood in a pair of stonewashed blue jeans and a pink shirt, revealing an ample view of her heavy cleavage. The shirt matched the one on Luke's body, as she had decided to subtly begin wearing the same neon and pastel colored clothes that he liked.

"How did your meeting go with your old friend?"

Michelle let out a sigh as she slipped her sneakers off, all while replying back to Luke.

"Not good. I talked to Nate, he was my agent over a decade ago. He knows nothing of Perfect Kiss modelling, he's moved on to managing actresses now. I guess I don't have many connections anymore."

Ignoring her words momentarily, Luke gazed into the screen of the laptop as he checked a profile page to a special model who he had worked with years ago. With another click, he pulled up her recent history and began to browse what appeared to be a retired or stalled career for a model who was only thirty-one years old. Luke spent the next minute reading through links to gossip websites detailing a bit of dirt on this familiar face he knew from a while ago. When Michelle noticed that his attention was completely fixated over the laptop, she walked over to the couch and sat down. Luke finally spoke up to her.

"Do you know Keeley Hazell?"

Michelle's face lit up as she nodded and responded back to him.

"Oh, yes! She was a big name some years back, just before I retired. I remember her all too well, she was a star."

"It says right here that she used to be associated with Nigel Taylor and was to become a premier model with Perfect Kiss, but then she went into a sudden retirement at twenty-nine years old. That's kinda suspicious, don't you think?"

"Hmmmm, that is interesting. I take it that you know Keeley too?"

Chuckling a bit, Luke laughed as he turned to look at Michelle's beautiful face and big blue eyes. He had fond memories of his time with Keeley, back when he and Peter managed her for a short bit.

"Yeah, from a while back. This was back in 2009, Peter and I were her agents for a brief bit. She's quite the sassy girl, very naughty too. I wonder if I can track her down and see what she's up to. Maybe she could be the one to open the door and get us closer to Nigel Taylor."

"Well, if that's what you want, I can call her up. We last talked some months ago, but we haven't talked about the modelling business in a while."

"I would appreciate that, Michelle. Call her up and get a metting set, that would be great."

"No problem, mister, but first I think you need to relax a bit."

Reaching her hands down, Michelle moved Luke's hands away from the laptop so she could properly close it. She then offered him a soft grin before speaking again.

"How about I make something for us? We can have dinner and relax together."

"That sounds good, but as long as we don't become distracted. We've got a lot of stuff to do to get this ball rolling."

"Don't worry, honey! I'm going to make sure you are on top of things, at all times."

Michelle winked at him before getting up from the couch. She had just caught herself thinking about seducing him right then and there, but had to control herself. The temptation was there for her, but to truly succeed, Michelle knew that she couldn't make her feelings too obvious. She would work alongside Luke for what it meant, but she was beginning to think of bigger ideas for taking him all to herself. After all, his plans to try and win Lucy back were far beyond reach with low odds. It was going to take much planning, a master strategy and a bit of luck to come out a winner. Deep down, Michelle doubted everything with his ideas. If there was to be one back up plan, she wanted this man all to herself without Lucy around to interfere. At least to her, this idea seemed far more realistic than him going head to head with a powerful billionaire and coming out on top. As Michelle left the room, she bit her lower lip while thinking this whole situation over.



Nigel uttered under his breath as he glanced to the black and white photo copy prints to Lucy's recent photo session for Strip Tease. From above, the lights radiated the view, as Nigel was standing in his office with the company of two special people. Lucy stood across him as Peter was next to her, his hands shoved into the pockets of his jeans. Nigel flipped through the photos, one after the other demonstrating Lucy's full beauty in a variety of poses while wearing black lingerie outfits. There was nothing topless in the photos, the session was just to have her in some revealing lingerie outfits for show. Still flipping through the photo prints, Nigel grinned.

"These are amazing, you've done a great job, Lucy."

"Thank you, I'm happy that you're pleased."

When he moved the photos from his face, all Nigel could see was Lucy's smiling face. A white T-shirt hugged over her curves, underneath a black zip up jacket. From below, she had on a pair of white pants with a large black belt strapped underneath them. He glanced over at Peter, starring into the black T-shirt the man wore before he was ready to dismiss him.

"You've done a good job, but you can leave now."

"Alright, I'll be seeing you around."

Peter turned around, making an exit from the office room as now Nigel and Lucy were alone together. Lucy now had the opportunity to verbally confront him about gifting the role of agent to none other than Peter. Lucy dropped her lower lip, curiously glancing towards Nigel but the man seemed to have read her thoughts and offered a smile before speaking up.

"You look like you've got something on your mind, dear. What's the matter, Lucy? Speak to me."

Glancing back to the door for a second, Lucy turned to look back at Nigel before replying.

"Do you trust that man to work for you as my agent? Knowing his connections to Luke, I'm surprised you allowed him to become close to me like that."

Nigel placed his hand on Lucy's shoulder and then gave her a reassuring nod.

"Yes, of course. I owed him a good job after what he did for me recently. He knows your old lover isn't relevant anymore and he's moved up into the big leagues like you have done, my dear."

Taking her hand, Lucy gently held Nigel's hand over her shoulder before moving it. She pushed her palm against his, lacing their fingers together. She knew that he was a man in control at all times, but she felt that if she could be gentle with him, perhaps she had a chance to persuade him about things.

"That's not what I meant, love."


With his raised eyebrows, Nigel was invoked with curiosity. Lucy smiled softly, still holding his hand as she replied back.

"What if he makes a move on me? It's not that he was Luke's best friend that I'm worried about. I'm more concerned that he may try his luck with me."

"You really think he would try to do that?"

Lucy nodded her head.

"If he was willing to betray his best friend, he probably will betray you too some day."

Nigel smirked as he heard Lucy's words. It was a clear sign to him of obedience and loyalty for his new trophy whore. For her to open up about such a thing, he now felt that he could trust her. He cupped her face with both hands, starring back into those big brown eyes as he replied to her in a low voice.

"Lucy my dear, I'm glad you told me this but you have nothing to fear."

His teeth flashed as he grinned, now speaking in a more sinister face.

"If he ever tries to make a move on you, I'll kill him."

Still cupping her cheeks, he leaned in and kissed her lips hard. When Nigel pulled his face away, he grinned once more before speaking again.

"And as for Luke, I won't have a problem sending him six feet into the ground either if he dares come close to you. You are mine now Lucy, all mine. I will not allow other men to steal you out from under my nose."

He patted her right cheek before moving his hands completely away from her face. Lucy swallowed her breath, digesting his words in her mind. She knew that Nigel was a dangerous man and after he had almost nearly had Luke killed, that was enough to tell her there was much sincerity in his words. When Nigel turned her back to her, Lucy quietly let out a sigh. It wasn't so much relief, as she was jut learning more and more about this man. When Nigel turned to face her again, he clapped his hands together almost as if he wanted to see if she would tremble in fear. Lucy just stood there, not frightened by his cold demeanor.

"We are having a celebration tonight in town. There's a private party that is going to be held down in the banquet of the hotel. We are going to celebrate our achievements with Perfect Kiss. I want you to come with me, Lucy."

Lucy couldn't prevent herself from lighting up with a smile before she replied back.

"I would love that! What time do we need to leave?"

"We've got about two hours, baby. I've got a designer coming in to see you soon. I want you to pick out your outfit, wear something classy for me. Go for what you want and make it expensive, baby. I want you to look like a queen tonight."

"Will Holly be going with us too?"

Nigel shook his head.

"No, this is just for the two of us. She is staying put, I only want you there by my side."



The day was fading to an end as Luke and Michelle remained quietly together inside her apartment. Luke had started writing down a notebook on everything he found online from searching on the Perfect Kiss company and attempting to find whatever dirt he could dig up on Nigel Taylor and any models that may have been unhappy. It wasn't much to go by, but it was better to shoot for something rather than do nothing at all. After he had taken enough notes, he had dinner with Michelle just as they had done the previous nights together. The apartment place of hers had slowly become a home to him, as it was the only place he truly felt safe. Soon enough though, he would have to go back on the streets and take the risks that any goons working for Nigel Taylor could be watching him at any minute. Luke was sure someone would be keeping tabs on him, but he remained fearless.

Apart from Luke, the other person in the apartment had strong feelings for herself. Michelle had kept her thoughts hidden from him, but eventually she would have to reveal them to him. She couldn't hold it back any longer, she had truly fallen in love with the man. No more did she really care about getting Lucy back for him. What difference did it make to her? Michelle wanted Luke, she didn't need another woman in the way, regardless if that was her best friend or not. She had all intentions of helping Luke, but somewhere down the line Michelle had to use her skills of seduction to try and lure him. Could she manage to make him forget about Lucy all together? Michelle had confidence in herself, but knew that she had to play a game of hard ball for this man's heart. Back in the bedroom, she took off her clothes and slipped on a pink robe. It was better to try tonight rather than not try at all. She wanted him so badly, even if it was just a good hard fucking.

"Hey Michelle, are you busy?"

It was Luke's voice calling out to her from the kitchen. She heard the faucet stop to the sink, as he had been busy washing dishes from when they had dinner.

"Just one minute, please!"

Brushing her blond hair behind her shoulders, Michelle licked her lips as she looked at herself through the mirror in front of her. The pink robe was tied around her waist, allowing her busty cleavage to almost come pouring out. Down below, Michelle wasn't wearing anything from underneath the robe. She stepped out of the bedroom and walked past the kitchen, noticing that Luke was completely finished washing the dishes. She walked back to the living room where she found him seated on the couch, as he had been for most of the day. The coffee table contained the closed laptop, a notebook, his phone and a few pens. When he turned to look at her, he seemed surprised.

"Are you getting ready for bed, Michelle?"

With an immediate reaction to his words, Michelle figured it was best to play along with his question. Nodding her head, she responded.

"Yeah, I figure we might as well."

"Did you call Keeley for me?"

She shook her head.

"No, not yet. You've done enough work today, I figured we can do that tomorrow."

He let out a sigh, but it didn't seem that he had caught onto Michelle's subtle attempt of becoming a temptation as of yet. In all honestly, Michelle didn't have any intentions of calling Keeley, at least not yet. She had to try and seduce him to make him hers. If tonight failed, she still had plenty of ways to try him since it didn't seem Lucy was going to be coming back any time soon, if she were to return at all. Stepping away from the living room, Michelle decided to venture off to the bedroom. It was to her best efforts to try and make him chase after her, for then she would know if tonight was a great night to smolder him with love. Sure enough, when Michelle turned around he was standing in the door way to the bedroom. Luke was wearing a pair of white pants and a purple shirt, something that Michelle planned to take off soon. She gave him a seductive grin and then spoke.

"Did you want to join me in bed, Luke?"

"I didn't think about that. I'm not really tired."

Michelle giggled, approaching him as she gazed forth with those big blue eyes.

"So, how was it?"

Luke glanced back to her appearing to be somewhat dumbfounded with the expression painted over his face. He knew that she was hinting to the time they had sex in the past week. Until now, they had not spoken about it.

"Oh, that was...amazing. It really was."

"Just amazing?"

She replied back biting her lower lip. Luke's cheeks flushed into a red hue, as he seemed to be blushing. Michelle ran her hands up his shoulders as he began to reply.

"It was more than that. I don't know how to tell you such things, but you're quite the animal in the bedroom. You live up to any kind of fantasy a would have about you."

Now was her time to lay it down on him, nice and thick. Michelle had to reveal her true feelings to him now before it was too late.

"Honey, I can be more than that in the bedroom. If you think Lucy is great, you haven't seen nothing yet. I have to tell you this now Luke, I am in love with you..."

He looked back at her shocked as she smiled. Michelle continued.

"And I don't care if you are still in love with Lucy. I don't care at all, I can do things to you better than she ever could."

With her hands, Michelle grabbed his wrists, pushing them towards the opening folds of her robes to tempt him into touching her giant breasts.

"Go on, take them. They're yours, Luke...I love you."

Just like that, it was nothing to Michelle to utter those three simple words to this man. When his fingertips brushed against her nipples, Michelle took things a step further as she leaned forward and pushed her lips to his. She gripped his wrists tighter, locking lips when she finally felt the palms of his hands push against her tits and squeeze them. Luke had given in, so easily. Without any reluctance or a cry in protest, he was now locking lips and kissing her passionately as he felt her nipples harden up against his palms. When the kiss finally broke, Michelle went in for a second kiss, this time locking lips with him longer as their tongues were dancing back and forth alongside one another. This time when their lips pulled apart, Luke moved to take the robe off, only to witness Michelle helping his hands find a rightful place over her body.

"You want me, don't you, Luke?"

He still didn't reply back to her words, but Michelle was going to make him. She cupped his face with both hands, glaring back at him with her big blue eyes as she spoke in a low, slutty voice.

"You want me, don't deny it."

"I shouldn't be doing this, Michelle...you know it, we should-"

She prevented him from saying anything else, pushing her lips to his for another short kiss.

"Is it Lucy that's on your mind right now, baby? Honey, you need to stop thinking about her. She's not here right now, this is about me and you. Let me love you, I can do things better than her, you'll see. Just one night, let's have this between ourselves. Don't mention her again tonight, if you're gonna mention a woman's name, I want it to be mine and not hers."

Michelle's spoken words were anything but a betrayal to her best friend. Luke gave in, reaching in to kiss her lips which she turned into a passionate kiss. The robe slipped and fell to the floor as she was now standing naked before him. Wrapping her arms around his back, Michelle pushed her heavy breasts up against his chest before they broke the kiss. She could feel the bulge in his pants, striking close to her thighs. Looking back into his eyes, she brought her right hand down to rub his crotch.

"I think someone wants to play with me."

Her voice was calling to him, seductive as ever almost with a purr to it.

"Yes he does, baby."

Since Luke had said words that she wanted to hear, Michelle leaned her lips forward and softly kissed him again. She then tugged at the ends of his shirt, pulling it over his head. Luke unbuttoned his pants, but not before he saw her hands go down to push them down and leave him standing in nothing more than his underwear. Michelle began to slowly lower herself down to her knees, never breaking eye contact with Luke. He brought his hand down and softly caressed it through her golden hair while she pulled his underwear down to allow his hardening cock to spring free and into the grasp of her right hand. There was some things that Luke couldn't refuse, one of them being the bedroom blues.


Lights flashed from outside the building while the rain came pouring down. The stormy atmosphere would be a problem for anyone outside, but down the banquet halls of the hotel building sitting next to the Perfect Kiss modelling offices, there was nothing hindering a good time from anyone inside. Among the many guests of fashion designers, local celebrities and anyone with deep pockets who enjoyed a social gathering, Nigel was the man at the center of this party. Dressed in a pinstripe black suit with a blue tie, next to him was Lucy Pinder herself. Lucy had picked out a black dress to match his outfit, a low cut revealing her famous tits with ample cleavage and black leather belt around her waist. Her hair had been fixed up to reveal golden hoop rings hanging from her ears. Over her wrists was gold bracelets and one with diamonds over it. Below her legs, her feet were pushed into a pair of black matching high heels with gold lining around them. Nigel had wanted her to look like royalty tonight, so she seen no reason not to pick out some fancy jewelry.

She was so beautiful, that was all Nigel could think to himself when he was walking around the main room and introducing Lucy to his various friends and associates. It was different from a casual hand shake or introduction, Lucy held onto his arm and he was introducing her as his new trophy woman. Nigel took great pride in having a social gathering such as this, one where he could revel in his wealth and luxury surrounded by people who could only dream of having the life he had. Everyone here had a purpose, as they were members of high society. From Lucy's perspective, this was the type of party that she had only ever experienced one another time. It was ten years ago when she attended a party like this, only a date with a friend. Now she was experiencing it from another point of view, as she was one of the biggest attractions of attention, but she knew it was all to stroke Nigel's ego and nothing more. As a man of power, it didn't take much for him to intimidate others with his presence alone.

From the way he introduced her to every single person who approached him, Lucy was well aware that she was simply a toy that Nigel was showing off to his powerful friends. There had to be a reason he didn't want Holly there with them, as now the spotlight was entirely on her as the woman romantically linked to Nigel Taylor. She relaxed, enjoying the attention that she received and all the people rushing to bow before her with respect. It was almost as if she and him truly were a king and a queen. From the main room, a quartet jazz band was playing live music. Before dinner, Lucy danced with Nigel through a crowd of strangers. She closed her eyes, relaxing as he held her hand and they danced together. Nigel starred back into her lovely face as he spoke.

"Are you having fun tonight, baby?"

Lucy nodded her head before grinning with her teeth.

"Yes, I am. I feel like a princess tonight."

"Then I guess I am your prince, huh?"

She nodded her head again before giggling. They continued their dance, for soon they would be seated a table together for dinner. Somewhere in the high tower back to the penthouse suite, Holly couldn't have been sitting there amused. Lucy knew that it didn't feel right for her to his only trophy woman there tonight. Nigel had a new favorite besides Holly and he didn't care if there was any competition between his two trophy whores. As he was witnessing the social status he commanded with Lucy at his side, he felt more smug than ever. Though no man would say it to his face, Nigel was confident that he knew every sucker at this party could only wish they were the one holding Lucy's hand. Even if they didn't appear jealous, he was the one who had the bragging rights to have the one and only Lucy Pinder as his trophy woman.



Michelle moaned as she slurped her lips over Luke's hard cock. They had moved to a sixty-nine position over the blue sheets of her bedroom bed. They had began with Michelle down on her knees sucking him off, but now they had moved to a position more fulfilling for both of them. Luke's back remained laying down over the bed while his mouth was embedded to Michelle's clit. From atop him, she pushed her hands down into the sheets of the bed while bobbing her mouth up and down over his slobber coated shaft. Her large famous tits hung, nearly touching his skin while she could feel his own hands gripping her ass cheeks while he ate her pussy. Together, they orally pleasured each other simultaneously. Michelle's lips devoured every inch of his cock while she felt Luke's tongue slipping back and forth into her pussy.

Not a sound was heard from their voices, only whimpering muffled moans filled the silence. It seemed to Luke that the harder he was thrusting his tongue into her clit, the faster Michelle worked with her mouth. 'Mmm, mmmm, mmmmm', Michelle groaned and moaned against his shaft as she pushed her lips all the way down. It was an attempt to prove to him that she could deepthroat every inch of his hard meat, trying outdo Lucy. Her long golden hair moved over her face, but she refused to brush it aside. For now, Michelle was close to reaching her climax all thanks to Luke's own skills using his tongue to thrust into her pussy. Since she knew her time was short, Michelle wanted to try and force him to blow his hot load in her mouth so they could share each other's orgasm together. As her time came, Michelle still continued to pump her lips up and down his cock just as her juices came gushing into Luke's mouth.

It wasn't long before Luke's cock finally erupted between her closed pink lips. Michelle didn't let her orgasm take away her strength, as this was all in an attempt to prove to him that she was more than just an animal in the bedroom. As his hard pole was filling her mouth with a creamy reward, Michelle swallowed it down at the same time Luke was gulping her clit juices. She could hear him moaning muffled sounds while his tongue was still shoved into her pussy, but Michelle was far too concentrated on devouring every inch of his meaty cock before she was coming up. When it came time to finally release his cock free from her lips, Michelle slowly moved her lips to the head and popped off with a loud noise as she took a deep breath while using her left hand to finally brush her hair out from her face.

"Mmmmmmm, I just love your disco stick, honey. It's mine now!"

She giggled after referring to his cock as a 'disco stick', just before crawled forward and finally freeing his mouth of her clit. Michelle moved to lay her back down over the blue sheets of the bed now. She watched as Luke got up, crawling forward while she began to hold her huge breasts up, inviting him to fuck them.

"You wanna fuck these titties, don't you? Get over here and slide that disco stick between 'em, honey."

Luke didn't utter a single word in response. He moved, straddling her stomach where he took a seat. He watched as Michelle pulled her tits apart and then smashed them around his cock after he slid his thick pole right in place. He pushed his hands down into the bed sheets, breathing heavily as he watched her hands push those tits together as he began to pump his shaft between them. Michelle starred into his eyes, refusing to look away. She wanted this man so bad and now was her opportunity as she clearly had him wrapped in a vortex of lust with her voluptuous figure. Luke grunted and called out.

"Ohhhhh, fuck! Those tits are so fucking amazing."

"You like my big titties, baby?"

He grunted, watching as the head of his cock poked up before disappearing back down into the folds of her giant tits.

"Ohhhh, god yes! I love these tits, Michelle!"

Still gazing into his eyes, she replied to him in a low voice.

"Mmmm, fuck 'em, Luke! Fuck those big titties! They're all yours now, fuck 'em like you mean it."


White tablecloths were pulled over every round table in the banquet room for dinner back at the hotel. There was only one small table that had a gold tablecloth, seated there was Lucy and Nigel as they enjoyed dinner together. Lucy sat on the left side while Nigel was to her right. A bottle of champagne had been saved in a bucket of ice, reserved exclusively for him and her together. Nigel allowed Lucy the moment to pop the cork. The bottle was dated for 1921, the flavor was raspberry. When the top came flying off, Nigel brought two glasses together for her to pour them. Before taking a sip, she leaned closer to him and placed a soft kiss over his lips. There was little words spoken between the two of them, but Nigel loved how affectionate Lucy was to him during this evening.

As they sat enjoying wine together, it was a perfect time for people to approach Nigel and discuss business with him. The table was small and round, but on the other side was an empty chair. Occasionally, someone would pass by and offer small talks to him, but only a few had come to truly talk business. At one point, Malcolm Green had dropped by the table to talk some important business details over with Nigel. Any time he was engaged with a conversation, Lucy just sat there quietly like a good girl. She knew her place at his side and didn't want to cause a scene. So far, so good, she realized that without Holly here, Lucy was outshining her as the more favorable woman. As time was beginning to progress, Lucy was enjoying her moments with Nigel more and more.

Sitting there, Lucy couldn't help but overhear topics of discussion between Nigel and his business associates who sat down across from the table. One man was a lawyer who discussed some sort of lawsuit that was going through the courts back in the U.S. Another man was a photographer who had come to beg Nigel for a deal with the modelling company. Nigel toyed with the man's emotion, getting his hopes high before crashing them down with an easy answer of 'no'. To keep from growing bored, Lucy decided to tempt the man sitting next to her. It had been a few days anyway since Nigel had last fucked her, so she was willing to try and tempt his lust here, regardless if they were seen by others. While Nigel was engaged in a discussion, she slipped her right hand between his legs and pushed down on his crotch, squeezing it with her fingers. She ended up forcing an interruption between Nigel and another man. He glared back at Lucy and gave her a smile. When the man left the table, Nigel glared back at her again and let out a sigh before speaking out to her. His hand reached under the table and grabbed her wrist with a tight grip.

"What the fuck do you think you're trying to do?"

Lucy looked back at him a bit surprised and shook her head. The look over his face was menacing, as was the grip he held over her wrist, but Lucy wasn't intimidated by Nigel. She didn't do anything wrong, so she didn't feel there was a reason to be afraid.

"No! You sounded so uncomfortable with that man, I thought I might try and relax you a bit."

Suddenly, Nigel's snarling frown had faded into a smug grin. He didn't seem angry anymore, at the snap of a finger his mood had changed and he let go of her wrist.

"Ohhhhhh, so that's what you were trying to do? You're a lovely girl, Lucy."

"Thank you!"

She leaned forward and kissed his cheek. Though he was a cold man, Lucy was witnessing him blush and lighting up in excitement. Nigel's smile had become wider. It appeared that her sultry charm had worked in softening him up so far tonight. Lucy spoke again.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to turn you on if I did. I just thought my touch would soothe your nerves and relieve you of stress."

"You don't have to apologize, baby. You did get me hard though, caught me by surprise."

"Mr. Taylor, may I have a few seconds with you, please?"

Nigel was instantly alerted to the voice of an old man calling out to him from his left ear. He turned to see Malcolm Green standing before him, a smile over the old man's face as he spoke again.


"Mr. Varga is here tonight and would like to speak with you."

Glancing back to the old man, Nigel was surprised with an immediate reaction.

"Ohhhhh, shit. You mean John Varga, for real?"

Malcolm nodded with a smile.

"Send him! Tell him he can join me at my table, I would love to talk with him!"

When the old man walked off, Lucy only could focus on the large grin over Nigel's face. He appeared so happy at the moment, though she had no idea who John Varga was. Nigel took a deep breath and then turned back to Lucy, speaking to her.

"Alright, this is important. You've been a good girl so far, keep up the good work, baby."

Lucy smirked, still not afraid to play the temptress to him.

"But what if I decide to use my hand and-"


Nigel cut her off from speaking, raising his finger as he grinned at her.

"I'm planning on getting in bed with you tonight once we're alone again. But if you can't help yourself and decide to grab my dick again, then I'm afraid I won't be able to control myself."

"What do you mean by that?"

He grinned.

"If you can't keep your hands to yourself, I'll take you to the men's room and get you down on the floor to suck me off. Your choice, Lucy. You want to be a good girl and wait until we're alone or if you can't help yourself, go ahead and grab me while I'm talking to this man. I dare you, babe."

His words were quite funny to Lucy. She couldn't help but smirk, as the thought ran through her mind of being taken to the bathroom to suck his fat cock. Nigel probably thought that she would find such an incident to be embarrassing, but Lucy found it quite daring. Soon, a tall man in a grey colored suit approached the table. He appeared to be older, though his hair was completely black showing no sign of age. This must have been Mr. Varga, as now Nigel was glowing in excitement to discuss things with this other man. Lucy sat there, refilling her glass of wine as she was ready to listen to them. The temptation of grabbing his crotch again from under the table constantly lingered on her mind.


"Ohhhhhh, god! Yes, yes! Fuck me! FUCK ME!! HARDER, YESSSSS!! HARDER!!"

Michelle cried out before screaming to Luke. They had moved from the bedroom back to the living room and now Michelle was positioned on all fours over the couch, laying her head down over the cushion as Luke was behind her. Doggy style was one of her favorite positions and now she could enjoy every moment of him pounding his long shaft into her clit from behind. He placed his right hand over the small of her back, moving it over that large tramp stamp tattoo with the word 'Blessed'.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah! Fuck me, Luke! Fuck me, mmmmm!!"

She closed her eyes, continuing to whimper out to him. The sound of his balls slapping against the underside of her ass could be heard with each hard thrust Luke sent into her tight pussy. Her large tits were pressed down into the cushion of the couch, preventing them from bouncing and shaking around. He wasn't thinking about Lucy anymore, as he was now completely enjoying the pleasure of her best friend's gorgeous form. Michelle was a natural blonde bombshell, something that he could've easily fallen in love with over a decade ago. She bit her lower lip as he groaned.

"Fuck! This pussy is so tight!"

Biting her lower lip, she cried out to him softly

"Yes, yessssss! Ohhhhhh, god yes!! Make me...make me cum, Luke!"

He never stopped, still thrusting his hard cock into her clit. Luke bit down on his lower lip, moving his hand to grip her right side ass cheek as he knew she was close to reaching another orgasm for tonight. Michelle raised her head, pounding her fist down over the cushion of the couch as she gritted her teeth and howled to him.


With one final thrust, Luke felt her climax proceed as her walls tightened and Michelle's body shook. Her voice cried out loudly, echoing throughout the apartment's walls. He swallowed his breath, quickly pulling his rod from her pussy to prevent his own orgasm. Luke looked down at his pole, glistening in her juices as it dripped over the couch. Michelle moved, quickly turning around to face him as she looked down at his cock, licking her lips as she saw her own pussy juices dripping from it. Her big blue eyes looked up at him as she laid her back down over the couch, resting her head under the arm rest.

"You didn't cum, honey. Do you want me to finish you off with my mouth? Or do you wanna fuck my titties again?"

"Your tits! Ohhhh god, I gotta fuck 'em again, Michelle!"

She could've almost guessed his reaction. A man like Luke clearly had a thing for big tits. Michelle watched him bend his right knee and then sit down on her stomach, just like he had done in the bedroom. She pulled her large natural breasts apart, inviting him to slip his dripping cock between them. She then squeezed them together, gazing up into his eyes as he began to pump his fat dick back and forth between her tits. Michelle bit her lower lip, moaning to the feeling of his cock between her tits while she looked into his eyes.

"Mmmmmm, fuck 'em hard, baby."

With her words of encouragement, Michelle soon felt him pumping his rod harder between her boobs. She still refused to break eye contact him, even though his eyes were focused on watching her tits. They were so large that his rod had completely disappeared in the fold between them. Luke gritted his teeth, groaning as his orgasm was fast approaching. It would be the second time tonight that Michelle had forced him to cum, moving to a different room to carry on their lustful game.

"You're gonna cum soon, aren't you honey?"

"Fuck yeah, I'm so close!!"

Biting her lower lip once more, Michelle called out to him.

"Cum in my face! I want your hot cum all over me!"

Her words were enough to almost make him blow his load while still having his rod between her tits. The pleasure of titty fucking was something Luke didn't want to stop, but he only had a few more thrusts into him before he knew his time was up. Michelle licked her lips, starring back into his eyes as she yelled to him again.

"Come on, give it to me! Give me that hot fucking load! Cum all over my face, I want it!!"

"Ohhhhh, fuck!! Here you go, babe!!"

Just as Luke responded to her screaming voice, Michelle had let go of her tits to allow him to pull his cock free. She didn't close her eyes, still looking right at him as his hard rod was pointed directly at her face as he stroked it as fast as he possibly could. Once again, Michelle licked her lips as she listened to him breathing deeply and gasping.


When Luke yelled, he couldn't hold back anymore. A hot string of his seed went flying to Michelle's face, striking the left side of her forehead and streaking into her hair. He grunted as another wad went flying, striking her forehead and getting more drops into her hair. The third wave of his cum completely missed her face, streaking over the couch just before he moved closer. Michelle didn't flinch or blink whatsoever, she only grinned as she was still starring into his eyes as he made a mess over her face. A clear string went flying into her hair, just before thick droplets ran down the left side of her nose. The final bit of his cum was another layer over her left forehead, this one streaking over her eye and trickling down with thick droplets. Michelle grinned as he finished, almost as if she were about to say 'thank you' for the mess made over her face. Instead of speaking at all, Michelle raised her middle finger and scooped up a bit of cum from her face. She looked into his eyes while bringing the tip of her middle finger past her lips and sucking it clean.



Across the table from Nigel and Lucy sat John Varga as he began a business oriented discussion. It was the first time Lucy had ever heard that name before, but she soon learned from their conversation that he was an important name in the fashion and modelling industry back in America. Nigel showcased great enthusiasm about working with the man who preferred to be called by his last name instead of the first. From the beginning of their negotiation, Lucy soon realized that Varga was a man who had great control over his operations as a photographer. He quickly put his foot down with Nigel, refusing to shoot for him outside of his preferred home in Miami Florida. The question of a photo session soon came up turned to Lucy. Nigel had turned and looked to her face as he asked her if she would like to travel down to Miami and shoot for Varga. Her answer? An obvious 'yes'. She didn't want to disappoint Nigel by telling him no.

There was something else lingering on her mind about not wanting to disappoint the man. Nigel's temptation of daring her to grab at his crotch again from underneath the table. Lucy had thought about the public embarrassment that could come from strangers witnessing them in the men's room. She knew better than to ask Nigel about such things, as he was clearly the man in control. As she listened on to the business discussion about photo shoots, Lucy was tempted to reach her hand over and grab his crotch like before. Varga spoke about doing a photography based book using various models. He had to speak to Nigel since one model he wanted to work with was under contract with Perfect Kiss. After a good bit of back and forth talking, it appeared that he was about to have a second Perfect Kiss model to work with, Lucy herself.

Once the conversation began to shift towards schedules and time differences, that was when Lucy thought more clearly about making her move. The last thing she wanted was for Nigel to anticipate and second guess her grabbing him. She was going to do it, but the right moment was far more important than anything else. The thought of sucking cock in a bathroom was something that made her wet down below. Lucy had never been taken into a men's room to orally pleasure anyone before. It was sleazy coming from a man like Nigel, but she liked the dirty thought of it. When Nigel had asked Lucy about going to Miami within the next few days, that was when she slid her right hand between his legs and went for a grab at his crotch. She watched the expression on his face as Nigel almost gave a sinister grin as he was still in conversation with Varga for another minute.

"I'm glad you dropped by to the party tonight, it's been a pleasure meeting you."

"Likewise, I'm looking forward to working with you soon."

Varga extended his and out across the table, prompting Nigel to do the same as the two men shook hands. Nigel spoke back to him.

"I'll call you tomorrow and let you know when we're on our way."

"No, don't waste your time. Call my offices when you're in Miami, then we can talk without having to wait."

"Alright, that will be fine."

When the man got up from his chair, Lucy knew that it was a short hourglass ticking away by the time Nigel would turn his complete attention to her. She had tempted him and now she would soon witness his reaction. He waited until Varga had completely left in a distance before turning to glance at her while raising his eyebrow and grinning.

"You've got a lot of balls for a woman, Lucy, I've gotta give you that. Knowing you, I thought for sure that you would keep your hands to yourself after I warned you. Now, I promised I was going to take you into the men's room and fuck your mouth if you grabbed my dick again from under the table."

Taking a deep breath, Lucy nodded to him before licking her lips.

"I want you to do it..."

"So you want me to take you into the bathroom for a blowjob like a nasty slut, huh? You're a dirty girl, baby. That's what I love about you."

Nigel kissed her cheek and then got up from the table, offering his hand to her.

"Get up."

Nigel's voice became commanding. It was the voice she knew from the bedroom. Lucy slowly got up, placing her hand into his before he clutched it and pulled her hard from the table. The party itself was still going strong and would last until midnight, regardless if the man of the hour had left with his trophy woman. Nigel walked Lucy across the room and to where the bathrooms were. A fat man stood outside the two door ways, but Nigel ignored him as he opened the door leading into the men's room and walked Lucy in. The white walls created a light contrast from the bright room outside back in the main party room. Nigel let go of Lucy's hand, listening to her heels loudly stomp over the floor. The bathroom was large with six door stalls and six other stalls for urinals. The sinks were at six a piece, currently having two men standing near by washing their hands. Lucy walked to the corner, near the door and across from the sinks. She didn't glance over at the men standing there, but soon she heard a laugh and a man speaking.

"Ohhhhh, what's this? You've brought a woman into the bathroom, Nigel?"

The man who spoke was tall, dark skinned and dressed in a suit like every man at the party. He approached Nigel, giving a classic smug grin that only these wealthy men of high society could pull off. Lucy didn't utter a word as Nigel replied back to his friend.

"Hey Warren, you recognize her man? This is Lucy Pinder standing before you."

Nigel reached out with his right hand, cupping her cheek as his friend gasped and looked back at her with a shock.

"Holy shit, dude! Wow! You must feel like you've struck gold to land this babe, I remember her in all those old lad magazines years ago."

"Yes, Lucy is mine now. She's mine and no one else's."

As Nigel spoke, he pushed his thumb at the edge of her mouth tempting her. Lucy barely parted her lips and sucked on the tip of his thumb like an obedient, submissive girl. Nigel was basically showing her off to his friend now. He moved his hand away from her face and then nodded to Lucy as he spoke directly to her.

"Lucy, tell Warren why I've brought you here in the men's room."

Her eyes looked at the other man and then she smiled before speaking back.

"Nigel brought me here to give him a blow job. I grabbed at his pants while we were having dinner, I just had to prove to him I'm hungry for something more meaty."

His friend busted out laughing while Nigel himself had a smug grin over his face. After she had spoken, the other man in the bathroom had finished washing his hands and left. It may have been an attempt to humiliate her, but Lucy found it somewhat amusing as Warren seemed to have an interest in her. Warren spoke up to her.

"You aren't in the mood for two now, are you?"

Lucy smiled and shook her head to him.

"No thanks! There's only one cock I am going to suck, but you can stand there and watch...that's if Nigel will let you."

She winked at Nigel who then reached his hand to the back of her head, gripping her hair to pull her forward for a hard kiss on the lips. After the kiss, he let go of her hair and then ordered her in a stern matter.

"Get down on the floor right now. Take my pants down and get to work."

Lucy licked her lips, looking away from Nigel as obeyed his words. She dropped her knees to the floor, covered by the long black dress she was wearing. The bathroom itself was a bit more luxurious, like the rest of the hotel. Lucy felt the marble stone floor's cold feeling before she used both her hands to reach up and unbuckle the belt holding his pants together. Warren stood there, watching as the busty brunette glamour model pushed Nigel's pants and underwear down before wrapping her little hand around his cock. His pants and underwear were pushed down to his ankles.

"Damn, she knows how to take orders. You know a bitch is worth it, if she knows her place."

Warren spoke up as he watched Lucy stroking Nigel's cock.

"That, she does. I like to call her my filthy fuck doll, isn't that right, Lucy?"

"Yes sir!"

Nigel moaned when he heard Lucy's answer back to him. Holly rarely ever called him 'sir', and it wasn't the first time Lucy had naturally said such a thing. He wasn't bothered whatsoever to be next to another man as his whore was going to work for him. Nigel liked it that another man was here to see what exactly was for him to only enjoy. He wasn't grinning just because Lucy's hands were wanking his shaft back and forth. Nigel had to smirk over the fact that Warren could only stand there and watch, wishing that he was receiving the same pleasure from this sensual woman. After a moment, Nigel reached down with his right hand and ran it through her long brown hair. He gripped her hair and then Lucy let go of his cock as he placed his left hand around his shaft. Looking down at her beautiful face, he ordered her.

"Suck on my balls first, get 'em dripping wet with your nasty mouth."

She didn't utter a word back to him. Lucy used both hands to run her fingers around his thighs while she felt him push her head towards his balls. Her tongue lapped over them before she loudly began to suck and slobber over the left nut first. Nigel groaned, calling out to her.

"Ohhhhhhh, fuck yes. That's my filthy fuck doll right there. You see this? No other whore knows how to do it better than Lucy."

Lucy moaned against his nuts before moving her tongue to the right one.

She popped it between her jaws and sucked on it while Nigel was slowly pumping his cock in his hand. Suddenly, the bathroom door opened and the sound of foot steps could be heard. Warren stepped away from the corner, calling out to the men who had just walked in.

"Guys, check this shit out right here! Lucy Pinder is blowing Nigel in here!"


"Oh fuck yeah, I gotta see this!"

The sound of her mouth slobbering all over his nuts could be heard. When the other two men stood behind Nigel trying to watch, Lucy soon heard his voice calling out to them.

"You can watch, but none of you can take photos or record this. If I see any phones out, I'll call security to break your fucking legs!"

Nigel's voice called out in stern authority, intimidating the men who were watching. By the time he pulled her hair to free her mouth from his balls, Lucy looked up to see three faces of strangers around Nigel. All of them watching as she planted her lips at the head of his cock. A string of drool dripped from his ball sack, falling to the marble floor under her.

"Ohhhh, shit! That's hot right there!"

One man called out as Lucy slowly began to bob her head up and down over Nigel's cock. His hand had been removed from her hair, allowing her to suck at whatever pace she desired. Warren began to clap, calling out her name as he was now cheering her on.

"Lucy! Lucy! Lucy! Fuck yeah, show us what you got!"

While Warren was cheering, another man sighed as if he were annoyed. Lucy closed her eyes, refusing to let the watching strangers bother her whatsoever. She moaned while taking inch after inch of Nigel's long, thick shaft. Due to the voices of the other horny men, she was unable to hear Nigel's heavy breathing or moans.. Lucy looked up into his eyes, focusing on his face and not the other men as she brought her lips to the had and came off with a pop noise. A string of drool dangled from her upper lip, connected back to his slobber covered pole.

"Quite the impressive whore you've got there, Nigel. I always knew Pinder was a dirty girl. She looks better than a porn star down there."

Lucy licked her lips as she heard the stranger's compliment. Nigel soon placed his hand to the back of her head, alerting her attention to look into his eyes.

"I don't need no fucking porn stars. This is my filthy fuck doll...MINE!!"

Nigel yelled to all the men watching around him. He then looked down at Lucy and spoke to her.

"Do you wanna show these sorry mother fuckers what they wish they could get from their women?"

To hear him call the other men 'sorry mother fuckers', Lucy couldn't help but giggle before replying.

"Yes! Let me show them how I take your big, meaty cock."

Nigel called out to the men.

"Watch this! She can take it all, just watch!"

Before he said a word back, Lucy could've guessed exactly what Nigel wanted to do. She pushed her lips back down the first inches of his cock, soon to feel his hand gripping her hair almost like a pony tail. Her gold hoop ear rings were visible as Nigel pushed her mouth down all the way. She gagged at first, taking every inch of his hard meat pole. The three men around Nigel all gasped before calling out.

"Holy shit!"


"That's some fucking hot stuff right there, wow!"

Using her tongue, Lucy licked his balls from the position with his entire cock between her lips.

A string of saliva fell from her lower lip, dripping off her chin. Lucy had got the impression early on that he must have done this with women before her. She could imagine him taking Holly into a bathroom for something kinky like this. Nigel pulled her hair once more, forcing his cock to flop freely from her lips with a loud pop noise. Lucy could hear all the men moaning, but her complete focus was on Nigel alone.

"Get your tits out Lucy, I wanna fuck 'em."

All the men gasped except for Nigel. Lucy could hear a few whispers uttered as she pushed the front of her dress down a bit to allow her large natural breasts to come spilling out. With all eyes focused on her from the five men, she felt tempted to give them something as a tease. As she held her breasts up for Nigel, she glared over all of them with a grin, flashing her teeth. Lucy licked her lips, looking back down at Nigel's cock as he placed it firmly between her tits. The string of saliva from her chin finally broke off and fell between her tits, but she decided to spit on the head before squeezing her boobs around his hard shaft.

"Sorry fellas, but he's the only one that gets to feel this. You can watch, but none of you can touch this. This is for him, not you."

At that moment, Nigel couldn't have been more proud of hearing Lucy's words. She embraced being his trophy whore once and for all. As Lucy held her big titties together, Nigel began to buck his hips and drive his cock back and forth between them.

The men around him all gasped and moan. Lucy could see a bulge sticking up in the front of Warren's pants and one of the other men as they stood there watching Nigel titty fuck her. Warren sighed and spoke to Nigel.

"Dude, you get to fuck Lucy Pinder's tits, that has to be amazing. I've gotta go jack off now, holy shit. I can't believe I'm seeing this right now."

Lucy giggled as the man walked off. Nigel ignored him, too busy focusing on groaning as he pumped his long rod back and forth between her glorious breasts. A stall could be heard opening as Warren tended to himself in private. Since he had left, one of the other men walked in his spot and unbuckled his pants to begin jacking himself off right there in plain view, but Nigel put a stop to that fast. He stopped thrusting his cock between Lucy's tits to turn to his right and push the guy away.

"Back the fuck off!! If you're gonna jack off, go do it in a fucking stall! This is MY filthy fuck doll! You can watch, but she ain't for you!"

Nigel had focused on watching the man, only to make sure that he did leave the scene and head for a stall. Just then, another man walked into the bathroom but quickly walked back out when he noticed the scene. Since he wasn't paying attention to Lucy, she decided to let go of her breasts and bring her lips back down over the head of his dick. This time, Lucy sucked on him while using her right hand to wank and suck his cock simultaneously. She gave him the dual sync of a blow job and hand job together at once. When Nigel finally turned his attention back to her, Lucy was quickly bobbing her head up and down his shaft while her hand stroked the inches that her mouth wasn't sucking. Nigel thought this pleasure could last longer, but he was already to his breaking point. He grabbed her hair, pulling her mouth off his cock. Lucy let go of her hair, gazing up into his face somewhat concerned as she knew he was about to blow his load all over her face. Nigel always covered her face, there wasn't a time he neglected to.

"Fuck! That's it, I'm gonna cum now!"

She was afraid to ask him, but Lucy didn't want to get a sticky facial right here in the men's bathroom. It wouldn't have bothered her having the strangers watch her, but it was something else. This was the one time she didn't want it, since it would ruin her makeup and she would have to wash her face and go back to his penthouse suite with a face clean of makeup. Lucy didn't know how to ask him at first, but she had to make a move now before his cock exploded. Swallowing her breath, she finally spoke up.

"Nigel, wait!"

His hand slowed down, unexpected to Lucy. She figured he would ignored her and blast her face in cum, but to her surprise, he was slowing down as he looked into her eyes. Lucy's eyes were almost begging, as she knew just what to ask him now.

"Can I swallow it, please?"

Coming to a complete halt, Nigel moved his hand away from his cock and then smirked. There was still a suit wearing stranger standing at arm length to him while he spoke to Lucy.

"Yeah, you can swallow it. You're a good filthy fuck doll, make sure you swallow every last drop."

Lucy felt his right hand come down and grip her hair, pulling into a pony tail as Nigel then fed his cock back into her mouth. HIs entire shaft disappeared between her lips as the head reached the back of her throat and Lucy's red lips were buried once more at the base.

His wet balls pushed against her chin. Nigel held her there, groaning as he felt his cock explode within her jaws.

"Ohhhhh, fuck!"

The man standing next to him gasped, raising his eyebrows at witnessing such an event. Lucy didn't gag or choke as Nigel's rod filled her mouth with his hot seed. Nigel held her there, making sure that her mouth milked every last drop of cum as he felt his orgasm still coming on. From one of the bathroom stalls, Warren's voice could be heard moaning as he finally reached his limit from wanking himself off. When he was finally done, he let go of her hair and allowed Lucy to raise her lips up and come off his cock with a loud pop sound like before. Lucy leaned up, parting her lips to reveal to Nigel and the other man a thick puddle of semen mixed with her own saliva over her tongue. When she closed her lips, she loudly swallowed it down.

"Sweet Jesus, that was fucking dirty as hell."

Nigel laughed at the man's words as Lucy opened her mouth, revealing that she swallowed all of his hot seed down her throat. All Nigel could do was smile, he was so proud of her.

"You've put on a hell of a show in here, baby. Come on, I've gotta get my pants back up, you get your tits back in that dress and then we're leaving this party for good."



Sunlight peeled into the large glass windows of the penthouse suite, completely bringing light to the rooms that had remained dark from last night. It had been a busy morning so far for Nigel and Lucy. To prepare for their Miami trip, he got up early in the morning to pack his suitcases. He let Lucy sleep in until around ten o'clock when he woke her up. She had been busy herself, preparing her own luggage for a flight to southern Florida. There was another model who Nigel had to call and send to Miami to work with John Varga, but Lucy was going to be with him on the private plane. He wanted her to always be in his eye sight, safe and sound. After last night, the other woman who shared a role as his trophy whore was left feeling neglected.

Holly had listened to Nigel and Lucy make love last night while she sat in her own room by herself. The cold shoulder had been given to her and now she couldn't help but truly feel jealous of his new toy. Weather he was trying to show favoritism or not, none of that mattered. Holly felt that she didn't matter at all right now to the man she loved. He had found a new woman and though he liked to always have two who he called trophy whores, it was becoming more obvious than ever that Lucy came at first place above her. Though she didn't have the heart to get angry with him, Holly did feel the bitterness inside of her. After speaking to Nigel during the morning about his trip to Miami, she had locked herself in her bedroom, disappointed in being told no. He didn't want her going on the trip, just Lucy. To try and make her happy, Nigel had left her a credit card and told her she could 'go crazy' spending with it, but there were some things that money couldn't buy in the world. One of them was love.

"Are we all set, baby?"

Nigel called out to Lucy who was coming out of her bedroom with a final piece of luggage. She wore casual street clothes consisting of a black shirt and blue jeans. In her right hand was a luggage stroller, mostly filled with clothes that she wanted to bring along during the trip.

"Yes, this is everything I'm bringing."

"Very good, we're leaving in the next hour."

He nodded to her, walking to the door as Lucy was right behind him with the luggage stroller's wheels rolling along the floor. Holly peeked out of her door, listening to them before she stepped out while clutching a glass of wine in her hand. The green eyed glamour model heard the door open as they left and then it shut again. Now that she was isolated alone in the penthouse, Holly wanted to drain her sorrows away and kick out a little fit of rage while no one was there to witness her fit. She went into the kitchen and refilled her glass of wine, gulping it down in just two big sips. As she stood there, pondering her thoughts about Nigel moving on from her with another woman, Holly grimaced. She slung the wine glass hard across the kitchen room, listening to the glass shatter as it hit the refrigerator. Never did she feel more betrayed by the man she loved more than anything, all for his lust to another woman.

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Mr. Disco Ch. 8
Starring: Michelle Marsh, Lucy Pinder, Keeley Hazell, Holly Peers

Codes: MF, MMF, Exhibit/Voyeur, MDom, Solo, Oral, Tit Fuck, Double Penetration, Facial, Slut

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

London, England

Bed sheets rustled while the frame rattled up against the wall. Pedals of red roses had fallen from the blue blankets of the bed, creating a mess on the floor below. A smacking sound was echoing through out the room, all along with the solid rhythm of the bed shaking and the chorus of their moans. Light shined from the windows behind the bed, as the afternoon hours had moved into the day. What had began as a small affair had quickly morphed into full passionate lust. Michelle Marsh had fallen in love with Luke and now she was spending every bit of time she could with him. She hoped that he would forget all about Lucy after a few busy nights of steaming hot sex together, knowing that she had the body to truly seduce and drive this man wild. It wasn't an easy task when feelings of another woman were involved, but Michelle was as confident as ever that she would succeed in taking this man all for herself.

"Ohhhhh god, yes! YES!! YESSSSSSS!!"

Michelle raised her head up, her eyes remaining closed as she howled and cried out to him. Her nails raked against his chest as she was already close to reaching her orgasm. This is how hard she had been fucking him the past two days, but still unable to reveal her true love for him. She knew that she wouldn't get her wish of Luke telling her those three little magical words without her having to try with him. For now, Michelle indulged on the pleasure she received from his long cock thrusting up into her tight moist clit.


From Luke's point of view, he was starring up into the body of a blonde haired goddess. Those famous large natural tits were flapping up and down each time Michelle had thrust herself downward over his thick pole. A silver belly button ring was pierced through her navel and though he could not see her face, all he needed was the sight of that golden hair flying back and forth. Michelle had proven herself right away to be quite the goddess in the bedroom, but his heart still belonged to another woman. He had trouble growing feelings of her, as he seen her as just another friend with benefits. Her loud voice pierced through the bedroom when she reached her climax. Once Michelle had got what she wanted, it was time to switch positions and let Luke enjoy the one pleasure she knew he could never refuse, her giant milky white titties.

If only moans could come out as spoken words, they would've been talking up a storm just by breathing. Michelle got up and then kissed him passionately before it was time to make the last position she wanted. From the previous night they had fucked each other, she liked to go into multiple rooms with Luke. It was her idea to begin in the bedroom and some how end up in the living room where she preferred to save her tits to use on him last. Michelle liked her titty fucking skills to finish him and end the night with a creamy mess over her firm skin. Once he was seated on the couch, Michelle situated herself right between his legs and was gazing into his face with her big blue eyes while she tucked her gigantic breasts over his long cock.

"Fuck my titties, Luke! Mmmmmmm, pump that big disco stick between 'em, ohhhhh yeah! That's it, fuck 'em good!!"

Not once did Michelle break eye contact, still gazing up into his brown hues as she pumped her large tits up and down over his large fat cock. Luke grunted, unable to hold himself back. Michelle's skills with using her breasts as weapons were on par with Lucy, but he would never compare them in the back of his mind. All it took was for Michelle to use her big tits like this and it was just enough to send him over the edge, unable to constrain his orgasm from erupting.


"Mmmmmm, cum for me! Ohhhhh, yeah!! Just like that! There you go!!"

Michelle gleefully awaited his cock to explode and it came as she pumped her breasts down while the first string of his cum went flying from between her tits like silly string. It landed on the floor before the next spurts sprayed her upper chest, coating her down in a pearl necklace. Closing her eyes, Michelle embraced the warm feeling of his seed soaking her skin. Licking her lips, Michelle moaned to the sound of his voice groaning while his cock was giving her a sticky pearl necklace while it was still tucked between her large boobs. Once his cock was drained, she finally let go of her tits and wrapped the fingers of her right hand around it. Michelle resumed eye contact, only to stare him down while she kissed the head of what she had named his 'disco stick'.

"God I love this cock, it's all mine now. Mine!!"

Giving his rod a final kiss, Michelle got up from her knees while Luke remained laying there catching his breath. She had a mess to clean up over her tits while he was coming back down to earth and taking a hit of reality with the situation of today. Last night he had spent the evening fucking Michelle and had forgot about calling Keeley Hazell for the meeting. Now it was the afternoon and yet again, Luke wasn't sure if Michelle had made that phone call or not. He didn't even noticed her naked body moving from the living room as she walked back to the bathroom. The faucet to the sink could be heard running, as she was obviously washing the cum from her chest. Once he had caught his breath, it was time to call out to her and speak about something other than all the blazing hot sex they had been enjoying.


"One minute, baby!"

He was sitting naked on the couch, not even bothered by the slimy string of cum that was visible down on the floor below. When Michelle returned to the living room a few moments later, she had a mischievous grin over her face. She folded her arms under her tits, teasing him once she had his eye sight.

"Ready for another round, baby?"

"Another round, seriously?"

She giggled at him.

"Yes! That was the third, I'm ready for a fourth round! We ain't stopping until I've drained every last drop of cum from those thick balls of yours."

With words like that, it took everything in Luke not to find a new found erection. Michelle had proven to be quite the sex machine in the bedroom. Lucy had an remarkable drive, but Michelle was pushing him to his limits. He knew that if they ended up going further hours of fucking, she would have drained his strength for the rest of the day. It was difficult to turn down such an offer, but Luke knew he had work to do. Before he could react, she approached him and kissed his lips. As he looked back at her, he spoke up about another subject.

"I need to ask you something important. Did you call Keeley for me this morning?"

Suddenly, Michelle's smile faded into a small frown.

"No, why?"

Luke sighed, shaking his head while she pushed her hands gently over his chest.

"You told me you would get in contact with her, remember?"

After a moment, Michelle nodded.

"Oh yeah, I remember now but I've changed my mind."


Stepping away from him, Michelle glanced away and thought to herself while biting her lower lip. The time had come for her to reveal her true feelings to this man. He probably wasn't going to like it, since she knew his mind must have still been revolving around Lucy. When she turned to look back at him, Michelle finally blurted out what she had been waiting to say since yesterday.

"I'm in love with you, Luke. I can't hold it back anymore, I really am. I know you are concerned about Lucy and you want to try and win her back, but I'm in love with you and I'd rather have you all to myself."

His lower lip dropped. Luke didn't know what to say as Michelle's revelation was almost like a nuclear bomb going off in his brain. She continued on.

"I was thinking if you gave me a chance, maybe you would move on from Lucy and settle down with me instead. Besides, you know as well as I do how unrealistic your chances are of some how getting her back. I mean, Nigel Taylor is a very powerful man, you've already been beat to a bloody pulp once and I don't want to see you end up dying from chasing her. It isn't worth losing your life."

Moving back towards him, Michelle gently ran her right hand over his chest while looking into his eyes.

"We can be together, I'll love you and we can see how far this relationship takes us. I know you're a good man, Luke. That's what I like about you. I wish we had met before you had met Lucy, cause then I wouldn't be competing with a woman who isn't even here right now."

Even though he had a few minutes to digest everything she was telling him, Luke still didn't know what to think. How the hell could she be in love with me? He asked himself this question repeatedly throughout his mind. He looked away from her face, glancing towards the ceiling as he let out a sigh. One thing that bothered him more than anything was to hear Michelle speak of Lucy like this, knowing that they had been best friends for a long time. When he looked back at her, he knew just what he was going to tell her in response.

"That's your best friend right there. You don't give a shit about her being stuck with some sleaze ball rich asshole like Nigel Taylor?"

Moving away from her, Luke sighed again as his eyes surveyed across the room. He placed his hands on his hips while speaking again.

"You want me, but I can't believe you would just stop caring all together about Lucy like that."

"Luke, I am in love with you! Please, listen to me..."

Michelle turned, moving towards him so she could look into his face. All he did was shake his head before replying back.

"But I'm not in love with you."

His words were enough to hurt her deep down, but Michelle's heart wasn't broken yet. She knew that there was much time needed to make him truly love her. From hearing him still speak in worry about Lucy had given her concerns. Perhaps she couldn't sway him away from her with her body alone, but whatever the case, she wasn't about to let this man walk out of her life so easily.

"How can you love someone who isn't even here? Lucy has probably changed since she went to Nigel. Have you even thought about that? You don't know if she's changed or not!" 

Luke snapped back at her.

"And you don't know either! Who's to say she really wants to put up with him? We don't know what is going on with Lucy. Your guess is as good as mine, but one way or another I want to try and see her again. If she don't love me anymore, that's fine. I can take it, but I want her to tell me. I've been heart broken before, I can take it and move on if she don't want me anymore."

Michelle didn't speak back to him. She expected an argument but in his words, she felt that she still had a chance. If Lucy rejected him, then Michelle knew that he would be easy to fall for her as long as she stuck around. After a moment, he moved back to the bedroom where he put back on his underwear and a pair of white pants. When Luke returned to the living room, he spoke to Michelle.

"Give me your phone, please. I want Keeley's number, I'll call her myself since you didn't want to."

Her jaw suddenly fell. Michelle had just realized that he was taking control of this operation. What she originally thought could be a duo between them was now becoming his solo show where she would only be tagging along if necessary. She didn't argue with him, as she didn't want to screw up her chances in the future of building a stable relationship with him. Michelle went over to the coffee table in the living room and grabbed her cellphone, offering it to him. Luke smiled and nodded.

"Thanks, I'm going to call Keeley and see what's up."

"Alright, tell her I said hi please."

"I will."

From Michelle's perspective, she couldn't help but feel this was a blown opportunity if Luke was to go alone to meet with Keeley. Michelle wanted to be there, playing as his sidekick. Now she knew that he most likely would be going alone, if the meeting was to occur in the first place. It was only a minor set back for Michelle, but Luke did have a point in his words. Lucy was her best friend and deep down, she was worried about her. She didn't want to let those concerns get in the way of Luke, as he was what she wanted more than anything. If it meant betraying her best friend, she was going to do it. Since he had brought it up, Michelle couldn't help but think of Lucy and now begin to feel a bit of guilt inside of her. Whatever happened, Mr. Disco was ready to finally get out of Michelle's apartment and back into the streets of London.


Miami, Florida

The sun remained behind a few clouds while the sky itself was the usual blue. There was no wind, even as the November cold fronts came sweeping over, southern Florida was still known for it's heat. Nigel and Lucy had arrived by the afternoon hours. The private jet landed at the airport before being stationed into a private hangar. Back on the plane, Lucy had taken a long nap to make up for the flight's time, but Nigel had spent most of his time sending text messages back and forth through his phone to his brother who was currently in Miami. Sebastian Taylor had been in the U.S. for a few weeks now, living up his lifestyle as a playboy down in South Beach. Despite talking to his brother, Nigel still had many tasks to complete since he was meeting with John Varga and waiting on Peter to call him once he had arrived in Miami. Peter would be working negotiations alongside of him with Varga since he was Lucy's new agent.

After he and Lucy left the airport, they were escorted across town to a luxury condo hotel situated on Brickell Key. The hotel itself was a gift from Nigel's brother, an offer that was made earlier during the flight when they were texting back and forth. During the trip to the hotel, Nigel didn't tell Lucy anything about his brother. To him, she was his trophy whore property and that's where it ended. He didn't want to discuss anything with her except business and their personal relationship. To him, Lucy was his property as a treasured trophy whore and he didn't want any other man potentially stealing her from him. He had told his brother about Lucy who appeared to be ecstatic about meeting her.

Back at the hotel, Lucy's eyes were greeted with a luxury room similar to what she had seen back at the building in London next to the Perfect Kiss modelling offices. Nigel wanted nothing more than top class, the best of the best. The hotel room was on an upper floor with mirrored windows, grey marble stone and gold interior inside. According to his brother, it was the best hotel that money had to offer. Even better for Nigel, he wasn't paying for any of it whatsoever, as this was all his brother's kindness. Once they had been in the room for at least half an hour and the luggage brought in, Lucy sat on the large red couch and smiled to Nigel's way.

"This place is gorgeous, I love it."

"Yes, it is. I'm waiting on a few phone calls, for now we can relax now that we're off that plane."

Business seemed to be the main thing revolving through Nigel's mind, at least from how Lucy observed his behavior. Since they had made it back to the hotel room, he had done nothing more than pace around the living room gripping his cellphone in his right hand. An odd knock was heard at the back of the door. It was three slow taps, but Nigel became annoyed almost instantly in an irate matter.

"Fucking seriously!? We just got here and they're already sending room service? This better be something good."

Lucy watched as he huffed a breath before moving to the door. When he turned the knob, Nigel's angry demeanor completely changed as he was greeted to his brother standing before him. With wavy brown hair and a white shirt decorated in a floral pattern, Sebastian grinned to his brother, stepping in for a hug.

"Hey, it's good to see you again."

"You scared the shit out of me, I wasn't expecting that to be you behind the door."

"Hey, ease up and relax man. No need to be like that over here."

In the distance, Lucy watched before she got up from the couch to go and see the guest for herself. When she stepped forward, Sebastian turned and looked towards Lucy's way with a dumbfounded expression across his face.

"Hi there!"

She turned to look at Nigel and spoke again.

"Nigel, who's this?"

"This is my brother, allow me to introduce the two of you. Lucy, this is Sebastian."

Looking back at the other man, Lucy offered him a smile and her hand to shake. The expression painted over his face was as if he was starring at an angel before him.

"My god, you are Lucy Pinder..."

"Yes, it's me. It's a pleasure to meet you, Sebastian."

While Lucy and Sebastian shook hands face to face, Nigel stood there studying the looks across their faces. It was easy to see that his brother had been caught by surprise simply from Lucy's presence alone. His brother looked towards him and spoke again.

"Wow, you didn't tell me you were dating Lucy Pinder."

Nigel gave him a smug grin.

"It's true, Lucy belongs to me now. Isn't that right, babe?"

Smiling back to him, Lucy nodded and spoke.

"Yes, dear."

He leaned forward, planting a soft kiss over Lucy's lips before they both looked back at Sebastian.The man was in complete shock. Over the years, Lucy had witnessed such reactions from her friends when they came face to face with her. For Nigel, he didn't see himself as dating Lucy. She truly did belong to him, just as he had said aloud. There was a reason he had told his brother such a thing, letting him know that Lucy was off limits. When the two brothers looked back to one another, Nigel spoke to Lucy.

"Lucy, I'll be right back. I need to speak with Sebastian in private for a moment."

Lucy wasn't a fool. She knew that they probably wanted to discuss her, given Nigel's reaction to his brother standing there in disbelief over her presence. She watched both men step back outside the door, preventing her from listening in to their conversation.

"Holy fucking shit, man! I can't believe you hooked up with Lucy Pinder, I'm just in shock right now."

Nigel smirked before answering his brother back.

"It's more than just a hook up. I've got her in the back of my pocket, we are bringing her back into the glamour modelling business. I'm going to make Lucy the face of Perfect Kiss after I'm done here in Florida."

"Oh, I get it now. This is more about business than pleasure? She is one of the best, so I can see her career resurrecting thanks to you. When did you two begin dating?"

"We're not dating, Sebastian. No, I've got something far greater than that."

With a sinister grin, Nigel continued speaking as he looked back into his brother's face.

"I own that bitch in there, I am her god. She does exactly what I say and she knows her place without me having to slap some sense into her. Lucy understands I can give her the best life she could've ever dreamed of just as quickly as I can take it away. I've never seen a more submissive whore, one who truly knows her place."

Sebastian's face dropped into an almost depressive gaze while Nigel returned his smug smile. He understood how his brother was towards women, treating them as fuck dolls at best. His words were a bit disturbing, as he spoke of himself as a god to her. Over the years they had major disagreements about this, as Sebastian could never stand Nigel's attitude towards women, but the man was still his brother. He only hoped that Lucy didn't have to deal with the same treatment other women in the past had been subjected to at the hands of his brother. His lust for Lucy was still not enough to make him fear Nigel with giving him an odd request.

"Yeah I see, but does she like threesomes?"

Chuckling lightly, Nigel replied.

"Are you asking me to share one of my trophy whores with you?"

"No, I'm asking if she enjoys a good threesome. Not you, her. Ask her for me, if you want to. If she doesn't wanna play, that's fine. Don't force her on it, let her decide herself."

Nigel waited a moment while listening to his brother's words. They were the opposite kind of men when it came to handling a woman. He was amazed that Sebastian had respect for Lucy like this, but he wanted to tease him about it further. It was apparent that he had lust for the busty glamour model, as he could see from when his eyes first looked to her and the shock that went across his face.

"You know, I could always make Lucy have a threesome, but I don't generally like to share my trophy whores. Lucy is my filthy fuck doll, as I like to remind her all the time."

"No, I don't want you to make her do anything she doesn't want to. If she don't want to, that's fine with me. You don't have to force her to do it, man."

Again, Nigel chuckled to his brother.

"Alright, we'll do it your way. I'll talk to her about it soon. You mind getting room service to send us some wine and maybe lunch?"

"Sure, that'll be no problem."

The two men turned away to one another as Nigel reopened the door to join Lucy after this private conversation with his brother. While Sebastian walked away, he couldn't stop himself from thinking about what he had just witnessed. 'How in the hell did Lucy Pinder end up with him?', he spoke within his mind. He did not know Lucy but she seemed like a good woman from all the things he had heard over the years. They had never met before, but he heard stories of her in passing with social circles. Sebastian was a partying playboy, unlike his brother as his lifestyle was much more reckless. He managed hotels and real estate, carrying the torch of their billionaire father before them. Sebastian loved to party and keep his life in the fast lane while blowing money as if it grew on trees. Miami was a playground where he could accomplish just that with no consequences.

Sebastian was well aware that Nigel frowned upon his lifestyle, often plucking his nose towards him in arrogance. Despite his brother's cold demeanor, he always ignored him and did not play into the role of a sibling rivalry. He didn't believe that his brother had anything inside his heart resembling a soul. There may have been subtle moments of kindness and generosity, but it was all for show to create a plastic image of himself. Sebastian didn't mention Holly Peers, though he knew that she was the main woman in his brother's life who was always supportive and loyal at his side. He referred to her as a 'trophy whore', just as he had spoken of Lucy a few minutes earlier. Holly had been a friend of his through the years, as they occasionally talked on the phone and had drinks together any time they were at parties. Sebastian had the impression that Holly had a lot more freedom than Lucy was given. Whatever happened between them, he was disappointed to see a woman like her involved with his brother.



London, England

Rays of pink and blue colors flashed across the room as an assortment of people walked through the club. Luke stood alone, wearing his white blazer jacket with a green shirt beneath. His pants below were of a grey color, fitting the style of his persona as the one and only Mr. Disco. Earlier during the day he had called Keeley Hazell over the phone to request a date for a meeting. Keeley had known him from the past, so she insisted they meet a special club across town called Heaven 17. It wasn't anything special, as a retro club where the DJ's stuck to playing nothing out of their usual mix of Synth Pop and New Wave hits of the past. Luke had been to the club a number of times over the years, but had not stepped foot through the front doors since 2014 at least. Keeley had given him instructions to arrive around midnight, just when the club was packed and entering it's most hectic hours.

Years had passed since Luke had laid his eyes over Keeley. They had a history together, going back to when both he and Peter were modelling agents. His former best friend had managed Keeley for a small period of time and Luke would forever have the memory engraved in the back of his mind of a one chance threesome they all shared together. He expected Keeley to bring that up when they met, as he took several guesses of what they were going to talk about. Over the phone, he had simply asked her if she could give him information on Nigel Taylor. Now he was at the club, standing around hoping that she would walk through the door at any moment. Luke continued watching as new faces moved through the front door, but he was suddenly alerted to someone tapping his shoulder from behind. He turned around to a smiling short woman in a black dress.

"Hey there, Mr. Disco! You don't look any different from the last time I've seen you."

When Luke turned to see, Keeley Hazell stood in front of him in a black dress with straps over each shoulder. Her long dirty blonde hair hung from her shoulders as Luke tried his best efforts not to glance below into her heavy busty cleavage. He smiled back at her lovely face and replied.

"You haven't changed at all either, Keeley. Damn, you look better than ever if I must say."

"Thanks, I'm glad you could make it. Come on, I wanna sit down some place private with you so we can talk."

"That would be lovely, babe."

Keeley gave a soft smile while raising her left hand and offering it for her to hold. As they held hands, she walked Luke across the club and to the private tables over on the left side away from the dance floor. The back of her dress was exposed, giving him a clear view of her skin as Luke also had also noticed she was wearing a pair of heels that made her feet and toes visible. Once they found a table, Keeley sat across from Luke as they found their privacy together. A waiter came by as they both ordered drinks together. Keeley wanted a light martini while Luke went on for something a bit harder with whiskey. After a minute, the waiter walked away and they were finally alone together face to face. Luke had spent most of the day thinking of how he would approach a conversation with Keeley. Without having Michelle next to him, he felt more confident about his chances.

"So, how's things been for you lately?"

Luke spoke first as Keeley let out a sigh. She smiled back at him before responding.

"Not good, I suppose. I'm retired from modelling, I'm actually surprised to know that you're still fighting this business. Do you still associate with Peter?"

Shaking his head, Luke replied.

"No, I haven't seen him in a few weeks now. I do remember back when he managed you."

"Yeah, me too. That's the only reason way for me to remember you at all. You were so nice to me back then."

He smiled.

"Well, I haven't changed that much except that I've gotten older."

Keeley bit her lower lip while nodding. After a moment, she spoke again.

"I know you didn't call me up to hang out, so let's waste our time going over meaningless things from the past. So, why did you want to meet with me over Nigel Taylor?"

She wasted no time getting right to the true reason of why they were meeting in the first place. Luke swallowed his breath before replying.

"I'm in a pretty bad situation right now with this guy. I figured you could help me since it's been printed in gossip rags that you've had a feud with this asshole. After what I've went through recently, I figure he must be the reason you are retired now."

"You've guessed correctly."

Her voice replied in a stern tone. The lights of the club flashed across her face, giving a yellow light as Luke gazed back at her. After a few seconds of silence, the waiter had returned and delivered their drinks to them. Luke watched as Keeley sipped the straw of her martini. Since she didn't speak back, he continued on.

"I was offered to join Perfect Kiss. They wanted me as an agent. Nigel sent one of his people to me and Peter, but I rejected their offer. I'm guessing Peter joined later on."

"What made you tell them no?"

"Well, to be quite honest, I didn't like the idea of working for some snotty rich brat who couldn't even meet with me face to face. That fucking guy has never worked a day in his life and is just living off inheritance. It's people like him why this world is going down the drain, absolutely no awareness of what goes on with normal people like us."

Keeley giggled and smiled back to him.

"I can't argue with that. If you've ever been around him, that's about accurate for his behavior."

Luke continued.

"Do you remember Lucy Pinder?"

She nodded to him.

"Of course, who could forget her?"

"I brought Lucy out of retirement as her agent. I don't know how this all happened, but I'm guessing Nigel wanted her and I was in his way. I was kidnapped, beaten and tortured while Lucy gave herself up to him just so they wouldn't finish me off."

As his story rang through her ears, Keeley raised her eyebrow but she didn't seem to be complete surprised with Luke's tale. Taking another sip of her martini, Keeley waited a moment before answering him back.

"He tried to have you killed?"

"He was going to have me killed. I would be dead right now had it not been for Lucy giving herself up to him. I don't know what to do to get her back."

"I'm not shocked, Luke. Nigel had both of my bodyguards murdered under suspicious circumstances. I didn't find out he was responsible until after the fact."

Her words were a startling revelation that left Luke speechless for a moment.

"He had your bodyguards killed?"

"Yes, both of them. It was meant to look like a murder-suicide at the crime scene. They had been with me for over six years. The papers ran stories that they were jealous for me and got into a fight that ended with gunshots. No fingerprints were on the gun, but it was a closed case."

Looking back into his eyes, Keeley spoke once more while Luke sipped on his glass of whiskey.

"You're lucky to be alive and here now."

Luke sat the glass down after swallowing up the alcohol, just so he could answer her back. His American accent was the opposite of her strong British voice.

"I wouldn't be if Lucy had not given herself up to him."

"Nigel and his people are very dangerous. I'm sorry that Lucy is involved with them now, it's going to be next to impossible for her to get out."

"So how did you get involved with him, Keeley? I've been curious since I started digging on him."

With a sigh, Keeley licked her lower lip while Luke began to consume the whiskey from his glass. She began to speak.

"This all happened about five years ago. It was before he started Perfect Kiss, but he was in the process of getting it up and going. I tried to make a comeback into the industry and had an agent who was connected to Nigel. I was offered to join a company in his name called Strip Tease. So, I joined and quickly I was taken in by Nigel. He wanted me all for himself."

Pausing momentarily, she took another drink from the straw in her glass. Licking her lips, Keeley looked back to Luke and continued speaking.

"From the outside, working with his company appears to be an amazing offer. I was paid the most I had seen in all of my years of glamour modelling. I still have most of that money too. Nigel was building a harem of models back then and I'm sure he still is. But if he really likes you, he wants you all to himself. I was what he liked to call his 'trophy whore', so to speak."

"Trophy whore?"

"Yes, his trophy whore. He treats you like a slave while trying everything to break your spirits. Absolute obedience is what he wants more than anything. You know a girl is his trophy whore if she is seen in photos with him. Nigel always likes to parade himself around with his girls, it's his way of telling other men that they belong solely to him and no one else."

"So you're basically a prisoner with him?"

Keeley shook her head.

"At first, yes. Once he believes he can trust you, he lets you go out but not without being watched at all times. Why do you think he had my bodyguards killed? Nigel isn't like other men in the business who put on a nice guy act. He's up front about the asshole he is. He didn't bother giving them a reason to trust him. They were murdered so he could give me a new pair of bodyguards that wouldn't be a problem to him."

Luke sat back, his mind had almost become wrangled into a headache as he thought to himself before speaking.

"I've gotta figure out a way to get Lucy back. I don't know how, but I've gotta do it."

She glanced back at him surprised.

"You're in love with her aren't you, Luke?"

Nodding his head, he replied back.

"Yes, I am. I want to try and get her back from him."

Keeley shook her head to him.

"Honey, that isn't going to be easy at all. You're lucky to still be breathing after what you went through. Even if you can some how get to her, I am sure Nigel isn't letting Lucy walk away easily. I have no doubt in my mind he made her sign a contract like he did me."

"Tell me about this contract."

"It's the reason I am officially retired now. Nigel makes you sign a contract where all control of your career is shifted to his private management. Even if you read the contract, it's quite telling how screwed you are but he gives you no other choice but to sign it. I'll never be able to return to modelling again because of that prick, but at least I got out with my life."

"So you're telling me that if Lucy were to leave, her career will be shattered?"

"Yes, that's exactly what I am telling you. As long as she is with him, she gets to enjoy her career for what it is. The minute that she leaves, he will do everything he can to destroy her."

Such brutal words, Luke was left to ponder for a few minutes. Beyond their table, the loud music and atmosphere of the club seemed so far away. He realized that at any costs, the consequences of his actions were going to outweigh anything good. There would not be a happy ending to this quest. Lucy would have to choose between a man in love with her or the stability of her career. It could potentially cost him his life, but what did he have to lose at this point? Luke felt the chances were worth it. With a nod, he replied back to Keeley.

"I just need to see her one last time. I can understand if you don't want to help me, some how I need to find out about her."

"You wanna play hero huh and save her?"

"Yes, I can't stop myself. I know it's stupid but I'm in love with the woman. If it weren't for that, I wouldn't be bothering with something like this."

Keeley softly smiled to him.

"I'll help you, Luke."

"You will? But why?"

Raising the glass again, she sucked the final remains of her martini through the straw. After the setting the glass back down, she gazed back into his eyes and replied.

"You're in it because you love someone. I have nothing left at this point. My career is over because of that pig. I want to at least get some satisfaction in giving him headaches, I don't care how small the damage is that I give him. It's better than spending the rest of my life mourning over him destroying the one thing I loved to do. You wanna hit him where it hurts? I'm still friends with a few people in his company who can help. I can easily make a few phone calls and get some information for you."

After speaking, Keeley slid her hand across the table offering him to shake it. Luke took a deep breath as he realized that they were about to create an alliance together. Keeley could help him far more than Michelle could at this point. He slid his hand across the table and laced his fingers with hers. They both smiled together as Luke replied to her.

"If you help me, I'll make it worth your while Keeley."

"I'm going to help you, Luke. We'll find that bastard and make him hurt. Would you like to dance with me to celebrate our new friendship?"

"Oh yeah, I'd love to."

Letting go of his hand, Keeley reached across the table and grabbed his glass of whiskey. She didn't ask his permission at all, simply taking the glass as her own and downing what remained in the glass. Luke got up from the table while she slammed the glass down. Licking her lips, she smiled back at him and took his hand.

"Come on, I've always wanted to dance with Mr. Disco. We should've done this years ago."

There was still much left to discuss between Keeley and Luke. He had not told her a thing about Michelle Marsh and didn't plan to. The less she knew about the other woman, the better. Keeley felt she had a man now who could help deliver a strike right into Nigel's heart and she was ready to help every step of the way. When they hit the dance floor, everything changed around them as a new beginning had dawned. Luke almost felt as if he had stepped back into 2009 with Keeley, as she still had that same beautiful smile. The lights above shifted into a dark purple color, fading over her skin as he glanced back at her face. From the distance, the DJ sitting at the work station overlooked the crowd below on the floor. Silence fell as a song was switched through the set list. The tempo of the drums began to set what was a pop hit from the eighties.

Synth keys played chords as the lights began to flash an array of colors right on cue with the music playing. Luke stood there, gazing back into Keeley's face as he watched the colors change across her skin. From purple to blue and a change to yellow, Keeley smiled as she looked back at Luke and then took his hand ready to dance. The bass began to play with the song as Lionel Richie's voice called out, singing an uptempo tune. Around Luke and Keeley, the dance floor shifted into the rhythm of the music but their forums remained on each other and nothing else. Keeley pulled him towards her, shoving her body up against his. When Luke's eyes glanced down at her busty cleavage rubbing up against her chest, he heard her voice crackling into a giggle. Stepping away from her, Luke tugged at her hand and then Keeley began to spin around as she moved with him. Her hips worked in rotation, almost matching the beat of the music. Like moments before, the lights began to flash as the song moved to it's chorus. Lionel Richie's voice called out the title of the song from within it's next verse.

"We were running with the night! Playing in the shadows! Just you and I, until the morning light. We were running! Running with the night!"

During the chorus, Keeley turned around and shoved her back to Luke. He wrapped his hands gently around her hips and she pushed her ass up against his crotch. Turning to look over her shoulder, she closed her eyes while the lights above were blinking in key with the chords of the song. When she reopened her eyes, she turned around to face them. Both of them tried to move their hips in sync with the song, but Luke was the only one experienced here. He wasn't much of a dancer, as he was more of a man who liked to party instead. Keeley took both of his hands and moved a few steps backwards as she invited him to take the lead with the dance. Neither of them seemed to have any idea what they were doing, just grinding and moving on the dance floor among strangers. Luke moved one hand to her back and then Keeley got the idea to force him into a dip motion. She took hold of his other hand, arching her back during the second chorus of the song. As Luke learned her down, their faces were only an inch away and the temptation to lay a kiss over her lips had come over him.

Keeley starred back into his eyes as the guitar solo of the song began to play it's opening notes. She flashed her upper teeth by grinning to him. Luke moved her back up as they continued to dance together. After the dip, Keeley began to move her body more aggressively to Luke. She turned around like before and began to grind up against him. He played along, running his hands over her dress only to tempt her into another devious act among the strangers on the dance floor. Keeley turned around to glare into Luke's eyes while bringing her right hand down to push her palm down over his crotch. His cock was already hard from touching up against her body and now Keeley was looking him into the eyes while pushing her hand down to feel him. Luke smirked back at her, seeing that she no longer wanted to dance. Playing dirty was the only thing Keeley had on her mind now. She took his hand again and began to drag him off the dance floor.

"Come on, I wanna have some real fun now!"

From the grip of her hand, Luke was forced to walk with her, retreating from the dance floor as Keeley stomped her heels forward. She was ready to lay it down over him, hot and heavy. Luke walked with her as she went straight to the bathrooms. By now, his cock was sticking straight up in his pants, visible to anyone around. Keeley stopped as she looked to the doors leading to the bathrooms. The men's room was to the left while the women's room was to the right. Luke pointed with his left hand, motioning for them to go into the men's room.

"Let's go in there!"

She shook her head and snapped back at him.

"No way! I want you and I don't want some other bloke walking in and wanting some."

With her words spoken, Keeley pulled him towards the ladies room and they entered. The bright lights and white walls made a stark impression to his eyes from inside the club where it was darker. Luke knew that Keeley could be a pretty wild girl, but he did not expect her to drag him to a bathroom like this. Luckily, the room was completely empty as Keeley stomped her heels loudly through the room and looking over the stalls. With each step she made, her heels would echo through the white room. Turning to face her, Luke spoke up as they were standing in front of a sink and mirror.

"I didn't think you were the type of woman who liked to get fucked in a bathroom."

The expression across her face flashed, almost as if she had become offended. Keeley replied back to him quickly.

"I'm not! You're not ready to fuck me yet, I'm hungry right now. I'm hungry for your cock and I hope you're hungry for a bit of pussy."

"Fuck yes, baby. Let's do it!"

Regardless an answer, he wasn't going to tell her no. Luke had experiences in bathrooms before with lovely ladies, but Keeley was in control of her game. Licking her lips, she pushed them to Luke's for a passionate kiss. It was the first time in years that he tasted her tongue, moving his up against hers as the former glamour model moaned into his mouth. The scent of her perfume was almost overwhelming, but Keeley's act of seduction had mostly come from the heat of the dance floor. While they continued kissing, she leaned back against the sink and ran her hands to the front of his pants to push over his crotch like before. Luke finally broke the kiss and Keeley looked into his eyes before falling down to her knees. She wasted no time unbuttoning the front of his pants and sliding the zipper down. He helped her, pulling his cock from his pants while Keeley moved her hands to his sides. Her eyes became enlarged and she took deep breath while looking at his long rod.

Luke expected her to say something, but she didn't. Lost among their dirty act was the fear or a stranger walking in the bathroom to witness them. Keeley was still dressed while only Luke had his cock poking out the front of his pants. Without taking their clothes fully off, they could have some fun and then make a quick exit from the club. Keeley glanced up into his eyes while moving her pink lips to the head of his cock. She began by twirling her tongue around it and then kissing the head. After two kisses, she slid his thick pole between her lips and brought her tongue to press against the underside of it. 'Mmmmmmm', she let out a moan while sending vibrations into him. Luke stood there, taking a deep breath as he watched her begin to bob her lips up and down his long cock.

"Ohhhhhhh, fuck yes..."

She ignored his cries of pleasure. Keeley was focused entirely on tasting his meat, as she had been indeed hungry for his hard cock. She remembered him from their chance encounter years ago, even though it was more of his best friend involved. Closing her eyes, she continued to move her lips up and down his cock. Bringing her right hand to wrap around the base of his shaft, Keeley remained sucking until bringing her lips up to come off only momentarily with a pop sound as her eyes opened. She quickly wrapped her lips back around his dick, sucking on the head as she began to pump her hand up and down to give him the dual pleasure of a blow job and hand job simultaneously. As sounds of slobbering and drool became audible, they were both alerted to the bathroom door opening. The music from outside became louder for a moment.

"Oh, shit..."

He spoke just as Keeley's eyes shot up at him while his cock dangled free from her mouth. They only had seconds to act fast as the sound of a woman stepping into the bathroom was heard. Luke quickly offered Keeley his hand, pulling her up from the floor and then hurrying backwards into an open stall. She took control by wrapping her right hand around his cock and then using her left hand to quickly close the stall door behind them. Keeley managed to lock the stall while Luke sat down on the toilet behind him. Once they were locked in subtle privacy within the bathroom, she began to lower herself back down to her knees while pushing his pants further down. Her right hand remained gripping his swollen rod, almost as if she were claiming ownership of it. Once her knees were touching the cold floor below, Keeley looked in his eyes and spoke in a low voice.

"Curl my hair up for a pony tail."

Her low words were more of a direct order than anything else. A sound was heard from a female voice outside the bathroom stall, as the stranger seemed to hear audibly what Keeley had said. Luke did as he was told, using both hands to curl up a quick pony tail while she planted her lips down to the head of his cock. Her long brunette locks had been neatly fixed up for tonight, as Luke took notice as he curled them up. Keeley removed her right hand from his cock to bring both of her hands to the back of her head and quickly tie up a sloppy pony tail. She figured Luke wouldn't know how to do it, as he moved his hands away and let her do it herself. Once she was finished, Keeley wrapped her left hand around Luke's cock and continued to suck on the head.

Up and down, she began to pump her left hand. Up and down, her grip quickly glided over several inches of his cock with sudden speed. She stopped for a minute and brought both hands to his cock, pushing her fingers over it while slowly stroking it. Luke was amazed with the talent of her hands. Keeley wasn't a nasty girl who liked to choke herself on a big dick. She went slow and sensual, working her hands so he could enjoy them along with the feeling of her mouth. She began to move her lips down his cock, sucking it in perfect sync with her left hand stroking the inches below that weren't between her lips. Her eyes looked up into his, never once gazing away as Keeley worked to pleasure him. Her clit was dripping wet down below, creating a small pond wet mound in the front of her thong. As badly as she wanted to reach down and finger herself, Keeley didn't. She worked to pleasure Luke, giving him what she hoped to be the most sensual and tender blowjob he had ever received from a woman.

When they heard steps approaching the door only to exit, that was Keeley's sign that she could turn up the heat and truly work her mouth over Luke's cock. Breaking eye contact with him, she closed them while pushing her left hand down to the base of his cock. Keeley began to take more of his cock into her mouth, still slowly sucking as her lips moved up and down. Since she believed they were alone in the bathroom, she wasn't holding back from trying to remain quiet any longer. Noises of slobbering and sucking were audible from within the stall they occupied. When she heard Luke take a deep breath and almost cry out, Keeley gazed back up into his eyes and moved her lips back up to the pink head of his shaft. Her lips came off with a loud pop sound that echoed through the bathroom's walls. A string of drool dangled from her lower lip back to his cock as Keeley began to pump it with her left hand.


Keeley spoke to him in a low and sensual voice. Glancing down to her, he replied.

"Yes, baby?"

She licked her lips before calling out to him this time.

"I wanna make you cum, but there's just one thing you need to understand first. Do not cum on my face. If you pull my hair and then wank yourself to unload all over my face, then I'll leave you here and you'll be on your own to find Lucy."

"Alright, baby. I promise I won't cum on your face."

"Just remember where we are. This isn't the place to get nasty like that."

She made a point with her words. Luke nodded his head as Keeley resumed sucking his thick meat pole. Both of them were still dressed for a night out and he understood that giving her a mess to the face would force her to clean up her makeup. She looked so classy in the black dress, the thought had never crossed his mind to splatter her beautiful face in his seed. Her words gave him the impression of men in the past who must not have respected her desires. Luke just sat there, enjoying every second of her lips moving up and down as she sucked his cock to a pulp. 'Mmmmmmm', Keeley moaned with her tongue pushed against his shaft. A trail of her saliva dripped down to his balls while she continued to move her lips up and down.

"Ohhhhhh, man..."

Luke's crying voice was just enough to tell Keeley she was working wonders into his mind. He was amazed with how she sucked him, nice and slow. It almost felt as if she could suck him forever, if only he didn't have to blow his load into her oral hole. Though neither of them seemed to want this pleasure to end, it was to come soon. The hourglass was beginning to run out as Luke could feel his cum bolting through his veins and ready to gush from his cock and into Keeley's loving mouth. He was unable to control himself any longer, calling out to her loudly.


His voice echoed throughout the bathroom but only for Keeley to hear. She knew just how she wanted to finish him and taste his seed. Pumping her lips back to the head of his cock, she both hands to wrap all her fingers around his slobber-coated shaft. Keeley continued sucking the head as both her hands worked, stroking that dick as fast as she could.


As Luke's crying voice echoed through the bathroom walls, Keeley tasted the steaming hot liquid substance that shot into her mouth. Squeezing her lips harder around the head of his shaft, she removed her hands and began to bob her head up and down as he shot wad after wad of his hot seed into her loving mouth. Luke arched his head back, almost losing his seating over the toilet.

"God, that is so fucking amazing. You are something else, Keeley."

Still bobbing her head up and down, Keeley milked his cock of every last drop. Once she couldn't suck anymore out, she pulled his rod free from her lips and leaned up to show him the puddle of cum mixed within her own spit over her tongue. She closed her lips and then loudly swallowed it down. Luke took a deep breath as he watched every second of her actions, but Keeley was ready to take charge.

"Hurry up, get down on the floor. I want you to lick me, make me cum fast so we can get outta here!"

Her words were almost like a reality check, waking him from his erotic daydreaming. Luke hurried to move off the toilet seat, brushing past Keeley as she squeezed herself over him inside the stall to take a seat. Once her ass hit the seat, she reached out with her right hand, helping him down to his knees. Luke didn't get into position fast enough for Keeley, so she pushed her left leg over his shoulder, draping her dress over his head and back. Keeley yelled to him in her thick English accent.

"Get down there!"

Pressing his palms down to the cold floor beneath him, Luke couldn't see anything from the darkness of her black dress. His head was buried between her thighs with his mouth touching the soft cotton fabric of her thong. Keeley soon felt it being pulled down as he gripped it through his teeth and shoved her thong down a bit. Luke brought his hands up to rub her thighs, feeling the wet drops that had leaked from her waiting pussy. Keeley lifted her dress just enough, glancing down trying to see him. There wasn't any hairs above her clit, as Luke now had clear view. Wasting no time, he shoved his mouth to her pretty pink folds and then snaked his tongue into her with a hard thrust. Keeley gasped before screaming.

"Ohhhhhhhh, my god!!"

Gasping for her breath, the former glamour model threw her head back and let out a soft cry while shutting her eyes. Keeley sat there, taking in all the pleasure of feeling his tongue venture into her pussy and thrust forward. Since she had rushed him, Luke knew he couldn't take his time and eat her as slowly as she had sucked his cock moments earlier. The fear of another unwanted stranger entering the bathroom was at the front of his thoughts.

"Mmmmmm, keep going! Eat me, EAT ME!!"

Keeley didn't seem to care at all about anyone stepping through the door as she yelled loudly. Luke's head remained buried between her thighs, his tongue still darting back and forth into her tight clit to lick her again and again. Pushing her hands down over the toilet seat, she opened her eyes and licked her lips. When she felt his tongue slow down, she let out a moan while biting down on her lower lip. Keeley didn't hesitate to drop her left hand down under her dress and shove her fingers into the back of his hair.

"Don't stop! Don't you fucking stop!! Make me cum, Luke! FASTER!!"

All doubts he previously had about her caring where they were at had now been answered. Luke began to snake his tongue as far as it could reach within her clit, shaking it all around from within while he felt her nails digging through his hair. Keeley almost lost her balance over the toilet seat as she spread her legs out, moving her leg that had previously been over his back.


Her loud voice called out with a single word, bouncing in echoes from within the small bathroom. Luke figured that she had to close to her orgasm by now, if she could scream with that much power to her voice. Thrusting his tongue into her clit faster and harder, the man waited for her to pussy to bust open to reward him with the taste of her love nectar.


Biting down on her lower lip, she closed her eyes and almost began to cry out.


As Keeley screamed once more, Luke tasted her juices that shot directly into his mouth. He almost gagged over the sweet rush spilling into his jaws. She began to pant, gasping for her breath all while Luke was swallowing her body fluids down as quickly as he could. After a few more seconds, Keeley was busy trying to catch her breath. Luke moved his head out from her thighs, pushing her thong back up before he crawled out from beneath her dress. Moving to stand back up, he pulled his pants back up while Keeley was still seated over the toilet. She watched him, pulling his zipper back up and pushing the buttons back together. After she had caught her breath, she stood up from the toilet, facing him again.

"Come on, let's get outta here."

"Not just yet, babe."

Luke spoke up just before pressing his lips to hers for a soft kiss. Keeley giggled after the kiss and they opened the stall together. As they began to walk towards the door, it opened as two women stepped in and looked over them but Luke paid them no attention. The strangers probably were speculating that something dirty had went down between the two leaving, something that made Keeley smirk. Together she and Luke marched out the bathroom and back into the club, but it was time to leave and go home. After they stepped out of the front entrance  doors and into the cold London night, Luke stopped and thanked Keeley for seeing him. They exchanged phone numbers as she promised to call his cellphone tomorrow once she had found some information for him. Luke left feeling that he had just made a new valuable friendship, one that could potentially lead him directly to Lucy.



Miami, Florida

A hot afternoon had melted away what was previously a chilly morning. Hours had passed by rather quickly from Nigel's perspective. With Peter in Miami for business, they scheduled a meeting with John Varga for the day. With Lucy at his side, Nigel went on to meet with Varga back at his mansion. The famed photographer had a habit of doing everything from the walls of his luxury home. it was how he handled most of his business meetings, rather than making the trip to South Beach where his small office resided. The day seemed to be moving through a quick speed until Nigel and Lucy had stepped foot into the door of Varga's home. After a few hours, it felt like an eternity of waiting through a game of three men upstairs arguing business deals. Lucy found herself in the living room alone with nothing much to do but sit around and wait while drinking tea. She had no idea what was going on outside the mansion as Nigel and Peter stood their ground in a discussion with John Varga all by himself.

Aggravation had bled through Nigel's mind as a slight annoyance was a complete understatement of the situation. He did not expect Varga to be a man who would shake his head and tell him no. Without Peter there to serve as the voice of debate, this negotiation would've ended much earlier with Nigel and Lucy on a plane heading back home to London. It was Nigel's idea to have Lucy pose and do photo sessions for Varga, but that was shot down instantly as the man had his own agenda at mind. Not used to hearing someone tell him 'no', Nigel didn't know what to think of the older photographer. It didn't matter that he and Peter were dressed in top dollar suits while Varga stood in nothing more but a pair of swim trunks and purple robe over his body and a large pair of sunglasses shielding his eyes. They stood near the swimming pool, their reflections visible among the surface of the waters. Peter continued speaking for Nigel.

"This is simply a big misunderstanding. Mr. Taylor would like to work something out while he is in Miami, maybe we could reschedule something for later?"

Varga wasn't intimidated by anyone, regardless how fat their banking accounts were.  His work as a photographer was long celebrated and just his name alone had weight in the fashion industry. This was his house and he refused to allow anyone to dictate business terms to him. None of this was new to the older man, not even Nigel Taylor's sour attitude in front of him. Unlike this man, Varga didn't need someone to do negotiating for him, as he found this to be amusing at best. He shook his head and replied back to Peter.

"Why would I re-schedule anything for you? I wanted to speak about a model within your company and it isn't the one back inside. Rosie Jones is who I thought we were going to negotiate about today, not Lucy Pinder."

"I'm afraid Miss. Jones is busy right now."

He ignored Peter's words, looking directly at Nigel instead. Varga wasn't going to waste his time allowing the other man to negotiate for him. He figured that Nigel must have been used to running away from arguments, instead having someone else do it all for him.

"You want me to take pretty pictures of your trophy girlfriend, is that right?"

Nigel shoved his hands into his pockets, giving a stern look back at the older man as he silently was filled with anger after his snide comment. He remembered the discussion they had at the party only a few days ago removed from his mind. Rosie Jones was on contract with Perfect Kiss modelling, one of Nigel's most valuable assets. Varga had briefly mentioned Rosie Jones and how he wanted to photograph her for his upcoming photography book. It appeared the older man didn't forget any details from their meeting. He recognized Lucy, easily figuring out just what Nigel had in mind and referring to her as a 'trophy'. Nigel had completely forgotten that he wanted Rosie, as he originally believed that Varga would roll over and accept an easy pay check with no argument. He had to think of a more business-friendly reply, though he wanted to tell the man straight up to go fuck himself.

"You've got the most popular glamour model that my country has to offer sitting in your house and you really want Rosie Jones over her?"

Not amused by the reply, Varga stood still. His expression was hard to read for Peter and Nigel since his eyes were shielded behind the large black sunglasses. He began to reply, but not without inserting a subtle insult within his words.

"When you brought Miss. Pinder's name into this, I figured we were gonna work an exchange deal out. I would gladly shoot a session with her in trade of you bringing Rosie Jones here. You see, usually I'm too busy with better offers than getting paid by rich playboys to take photos of their gorgeous girlfriends."

In an instance Nigel's blank face moved to become a disappointed frown. Varga smirked as he could see the uneasiness across the other man's face. Peter spoke up, arguing for Nigel.

"But Miss. Jones is busy back in London, that's why I suggested that we maybe reschedule a meeting."

Varga shook his head.

"No thanks. You traveled all the way to Miami without bringing her along. I should be surprised at such incompetence, but I'm not."

Glancing towards Nigel, he continued speaking.

"We have no deal here. Your mouthpiece isn't going to talk you out of this. You can offer me as much money as you want, but it won't change my mind. If you wanna work with me, then bring Rosie Jones with you next time. Bring her and then we can talk about an exchange deal. I'll gladly do a separate photo session with Pinder, but not until I can speak to Miss. Jones about my book."

Taking in a deep breath, Nigel sighed in anger. As badly as he wanted to curse at the other man, he remained calm and just nodded his head.

"I'll see what I can do."

After speaking, he turned away and began to march back to the door with Peter following along. Varga smiled to himself as the men seemed to be leaving. Today had to come eventually. There had to be a moment where Nigel couldn't throw money at someone and have them tell him 'yes' in response for whatever he wanted. He was surprised that Varga wasn't intimidated by his sheer wealth. Originally he had figured that the man would forget about Rosie entirely when realizing the opportunity to photograph Lucy instead. When the hot air hit him inside the home, Nigel was ready to collect Lucy and get out of here. He remembered what his brother had spoke of yesterday, now figuring that a threesome would be nice to blow off steam from Varga's insults. Lucy stepped out of the living room, joining Nigel and Peter in the foyer.

"Did your meeting go well?"

Nigel stopped walking and then nodded to her.

"Yeah, it was fine. I just wanna get outta here and back to the hotel."

He lied and Lucy could see right through his hollow words, but she didn't want to push him to open up for her. Peter went ahead of them, already out the front door as Lucy and Nigel began to walk together. Underneath a blue denim jacket, she had on a white shirt, covering her body completely with a pair of stonewashed blue jeans over her legs to match her jacket. As they began to head out the door and back into the bright sunlight of the day, Nigel changed the subject to Lucy.

"My brother wanted me to ask you something."

"Oh, he did? Does he want an autograph?"

Nigel chuckled at her words before shaking his head. He stopped as they were walking back to the car, turning to glance towards Lucy as he replied.

"No, not an autograph. Sebastian wanted to know if I would share you in a threesome with him."

Lucy smirked, raising her eyebrow. He continued speaking.

"Normally I don't share my trophy whores with any other man, but he wanted to know how you felt about it. It's up to you, babe. Do you wanna invite him over as a guest?"

As she stood there, Lucy thought to herself while gazing back into Nigel's face. This almost felt like a gift to her, as she loved to be the center of attention between two men in the bedroom. It was strange hearing Nigel say such a thing, as she knew he was the type of authoritarian man who wouldn't share her, but perhaps he was close with his brother. After thinking to herself, Lucy smiled and nodded her head.

"Sure, this could be a lot of fun. It's been a while since I had two men together at the same time."

"Very well, then. I'll call him when we get back to the hotel and we can get ready."

So the decision was settled from Lucy's word. They walked back to the car, ready to take the drive back to the hotel alone. Apart from her own choice, Nigel had his own reasons to participate in a threesome. He wanted to witness how Lucy interacted with another man, to see if she really went the distance to please him. Nigel still wondered if she was thinking about Luke, as this test would at least tell him if she had desires for another man besides himself. From the initial response, he truly believed that she wanted this. The true winner after all would be Sebastian, as he would have his once in a lifetime chance at a woman he had fantasized over for several years. Nigel was just happy to wash this awful meeting away from his mind with a session of steamy lust with his trophy whore.


London, England

While the afternoon hours were proceeding in other parts of the globe, nightfall had come for the current 7 PM time back in London. Luke had spent the day with Michelle, discussing the meeting he had with Keeley from last night. Despite a their disagreement from the other day, Michelle didn't seem to hold a grudge whatsoever at Luke. She remained at his side, eager to help at any moment. Luke had been waiting all day for Keeley to call him though he didn't discuss the details that were described to him back to Michelle. Given her confession of falling in love with him, he didn't want to fuel that flame by telling her of what all Keeley had described to him. All through the day, he couldn't help but wonder in fear if Lucy had truly become a 'trophy whore' to Nigel as Keeley had described. The possibility of some how seeing her again seemed to be an even bigger long shot than before if she was kept around the man himself at all times.

Despite such hopeless feelings, he wasn't ready to give up just yet. Keeley seemed to be the perfect key to unlocking any possible chance of a rescue or at least a meeting face to face with Lucy. Luke needed to see her one last time, just to know if their love was truly dead or if there was a chance to make things right again. On the flip side, he was curious as of Keeley's motivations and why she would risk everything just for revenge. Maybe it was true that retribution was something that could never be ignored, Luke wondered in his thoughts. The last time he had been face to face with her was over eight years ago. Beyond the surface of changing times, she still seemed like the same girl. While sitting in the living room of Michelle's apartment, Luke's phone began to ring right at 7:56 on the clock. When he seen Keeley's name flashing over the front of the screen, he smiled and quickly answered. Finally, he was ready to talk with her.


"Hey, Luke! Are you busy right now?"

"No, I've been hoping you would call me back all day."

"I've spent all day talking to some old friends of mine that work in Perfect Kiss."

"Did you find anything out about Lucy?"

"Yes, I sure did."

Luke took a deep breath, unable to hold back his next question.

"Is she a trophy whore to him?"

A moment of silence moved through before Keeley could be heard breathing into the phone before her response.

"I'm afraid so."

"Shit, it's just as I feared."

"Well, it's definitely true. Nigel takes her everywhere with him, so I guess he doesn't trust her enough to give her some freedoms yet. He just left for Miami a few days ago, she's with him. Do you wanna go on a suicide mission to get her back? It's up to you, hon."

He didn't have to ponder on her words for very long. Weather this was a suicide mission or not, Luke was ready to chase Nigel anywhere for his chance to win Lucy back.

"Yeah, I'm going."

"Then I'm coming with you, Luke. I can get a flight booked tonight, go ahead and pack up your things. I'll call you back in a few hours once I have everything ready. When we're together again, I'll explain everything I've heard."

"Wow, you don't have to do this, Keeley. I can go by myself."

"No, I'm going with you. I'll call you back once I get us a flight booked."

She hung up the phone, leaving Luke there in amazement. From the distance, he could heard the shower waters running. Michelle was busy in the bathroom, though he would have to soon speak to her and inform her that he was leaving for the U.S. Still, he was taken back in complete shock at how willing Keeley was to help him. He had to question her motivations, as it seemed so strange someone like her would go out of their way to help him. Walking back to the bedroom of Michelle's apartment, Luke went on and began to pack a suitcase with his clothes. He hoped Michelle would understand his sudden departure and hopefully not beg to tag along with him. Since he had not told Keeley a single word about her, the last thing he wanted was both former glamour models meeting face to face.



Miami, Florida

"Ohhhhhhh, god! Fuck yes, this is amazing!"

Sebastian took a deep breath as he groaned in pleasure. He and his brother stood tall, not wearing a single piece of clothing over their bodies. On the floor, Lucy sat completely naked with her hands both wrapped around Nigel and Sebastian's hard cocks, licking her lips. Her right hand cradled Sebastian's shaft while his brother Nigel's hard rod was gripped within her left hand. Their lustful act had began several minutes ago and Lucy was already on the floor sucking and wanking their hard cocks. Below her face, her giant breasts hung as they were soaked in slobber. Nigel asked her to spit on her tits and lick them, all to tease himself and his brother with a full display of her glorious body shining from the lights above. Lucy moved to her left side and began to suck over Nigel's rod like moments before. Drool strings were dripping from both corners of her mouth with a thick saliva rope that dangled from her chin. Lucy took turns alternating between their cocks to equally slobber all over them.

A pop sound was heard as Lucy moved her lips off Nigel's rod and then turned right again to give Sebastian's shiny pole equal attention. Her big brown eyes looked up at him as she began to slowly bob her head up and down, all while pumping Nigel's dick in her left hand. She moved slowly, allowing both men to enjoy her hard work pleasuring them before the real fucking was to commence. To Sebastian this was a dream come true. To have one of the most beautiful women in all of the world down on the floor sucking him off. He didn't even care that he had to beg his brother to share her, it was better than not taking a chance at all. It was music to his ears to hear Lucy's lips make another pop sound as she came off his cock and returned those lips back to Nigel's dripping rod. The sounds of her slobbering over their cocks was audible as more strings of drool had dripped from the corners of her mouth. Like before, her right hand pumped Sebastian's cock back and forth while she was busy bobbing her lips up and down Nigel's long pole.

"Those tits are so fucking beautiful down there. God, I can't stop looking at 'em."

Again, Sebastian spoke after gasping his breath. Beyond the pleasure he was receiving from his beloved filthy fuck doll, Nigel was studying his brother's reactions. He must have wanked himself off a number of times while looking at photos of Lucy's bare tits in magazines. To see them in person definitely was a breathtaking experience. Over Lucy's neck was a sparkling diamond necklace. Nigel couldn't put a collar over her neck in front of his brother, so he gave her some majestic jewelry that he had brought along with him. Matching the necklace was a pair of white gold, small hoop ear rings with diamonds encrusted through them. The jewelry gave her the right look, demonstrating how valuable she was to his business as an asset piece. Lucy's hair was a bit of a mess since Nigel had already ran his hands through it when snatching her up. He waited until she popped her lips off his cock again before alerting her. Knowing that his brother wanted to feel her tits first, he was going to allow him the first shot at it.

"Lucy baby, I think Sebastian wants to fuck your tits."

"Oh god, fuck yeah! I wanna fuck 'em so bad!!"

Her eyes turned, glancing up at both of them as Sebastian spoke with great excitement. Lucy gritted her teeth, mimicking one of her most well known slutty faces she used in various poses for her photo sessions. Her hands let go of their cocks and then she placed them over her drool covered breasts, holding them up and making them jiggle around as Sebastian planted his left hand down over her right shoulder. Since Lucy was seated on her buttocks, she lost her place and almost fell over as Sebastian pushed his his hand down on her shoulder. Behind her was a coffee table and plush foot stool. Nigel began to stroke his cock while moving the foot stool behind Lucy's back to offer support for her to lean back. She let out a moan, her eyes never leaving Nigel as his large dick hovered above her face. Sebastian was stroking his cock, moving it towards her right boob before beginning to slap it up against her solid hard nipple. Letting out another moan, her eyes finally shifted to Sebastian as she called out to him.

"You like that!? You wanna shove that cock between my huge boobs!?"

Smack. Smack. Smack. The feeling of his rod beating up against her nipple had caused Lucy to cry out in pleasure. This was most slutty Nigel had ever witnessed her so far. Lucy was embracing all her inner dirty side, unleashing it upon both of them. Sebastian moved in front of her and then Lucy leaned back up, quickly setting herself down on her knees to form a proper position for titty fucking him. His fingers dug into her shoulder as Lucy held her breasts up for him to shove his saliva-covered shaft between them. Right when she felt Sebastian's long pole between her tits, Lucy felt Nigel's hand come down to grip her hair, forcing her head to turn.

"Suck on this fucking cock, baby..."

As Lucy turned her head, Nigel's cock went directly to her lips. She wasted no time wrapping her lips around it as she could feel Sebastian make the first thrust between her giant breasts.

"Holy fuck!! These tits are so massive!"

Sebastian gasped after crying out. It was a common reaction that Lucy had grown used to from men who were experiencing the power of her tits for the first time. Every cock she ever had would disappear between her tits, demonstrating the dominant power she had with her busty chest. As she slobbered over Nigel's rod, she squeezed her breasts tighter over Sebastian's cock. He cried out, thrusting forward as the head of his shaft poked up between her tits. Lucy closed her eyes and began to moan over Nigel's cock. Sebastian was gripping her right shoulder while his brother had a tight grip over the back of Lucy's head within her hair.

"You enjoying her tits, man?"

Nigel taunted his brother while he began to thrust his cock between Lucy's lips. Her right cheek bulged a bit with each thrust he sent between her lips.


He would've laughed at his brother's reaction, if only he wasn't focused on pumping his cock back and forth between Lucy's lips. While Sebastian was thrusting his cock forward between her tits, Nigel was ready to turn up the heat and begin fucking Lucy's mouth like he usually did. He called out to her, curling his fingers tighter into her long brunette hair.

"Look at me right now, I wanna see those eyes. Look at me, bitch!"

Lucy's eyes opened and gazed up at Nigel's face. He gave her his classic shit-eating grin as he began to thrust his cock harder and faster between her lips. Sebastian was bothered by hearing her referred to as 'bitch', but he couldn't complain while moaning and still pumping his dick between her wonderful boobs. Lucy began to gag over Nigel's cock.


As her mouth made various noises of choking and slobbering, Nigel spoke up to his brother.

"This is why I call her my filthy fuck doll. That body was made for fucking."

Sebastian was still pumping his cock forward and back between her big tits. Lucy could feel his rod thrusting between them, but she was unable to move her head and watch. Nigel gripped her hair with both hands, pushing his cock all the way into her mouth until her pink lips met at the base. She gagged before loudly choking on it.

"Take it all, baby...Take it all..."

Her eyes became watery as Nigel remained still, all while his brother was having the time of his life titty fucking her. From her teary eyes, Lucy's dark eyeliner began to smear. Nigel waited until he heard another gag and then he pulled his cock from her lips to let her breath. Several strings of saliva dripped down, falling over her tits. Lucy took a deep breath, looking up into his eyes. She ignored Sebastian completely, maintaining complete eye contact with Nigel. Like before, he flashed her his sinister smile with his perfect white teeth.

"You like choking on that cock, baby?"


She replied quickly, still gazing into his eyes. Nigel moved his hands to both sides of her head as he thrust his cock back between her lips. While he began to fuck her mouth again, Sebastian had slowed down from thrusting his cock between her boobs. He now witnessed Nigel beginning to aggressively fuck her mouth, slamming his cock back and forth down her throat. Lucy began to make several audible slobbering and gagging noises from her lips.


Nigel grunted, calling out to his brother.

"You see this!? This is how you show that bitch that you're the fucking boss! Lucy knows her place as my filthy fuck doll, see?"

Spit began to fly from the corners of Lucy's lips, landing over her neck and breasts below. She almost lost her grip entirely over her tits as Sebastian had stopped completely. The man stood as his brother roughly fucked Lucy's mouth. He pulled his cock free from her breasts, taking a few steps back as he was forced to watch Nigel buck his hips and drive his cock into her mouth repeatedly. Her eyes were shut, unable to witness the smirk across Nigel's lips. He knew that this kind of behavior disturbed his brother, as he went the extra mile to remind him that he had put Lucy 'in her place', so to speak. Since Sebastian had stepped back, Nigel was able to move in front of her to make a better position to fuck her mouth.


She was still making various slobbering and gagging noises from within her mouth. Sebastian watched as Nigel pushed her mouth all the way down his cock again. This time, Lucy didn't choke at first. It took a matter of several seconds until she was heard gagging. Nigel held her there, spit dripped from her lips and over his balls before falling to the floor below. He turned to Sebastian and smiled at him, looking at the horrified expression over his brother's face. Nigel wanted to call him a pussy so bad, but didn't. The uneasiness over Sebastian's face brought him enough joy. Lucy's eyes watered up once more with a dark tear drop falling from the corner of her right eye. When Nigel finally pulled his cock free from her lips, she gasped and took in a deep breath while several strings of drool dripped from her mouth and dangled back to his cock. A flood of spit fell from Lucy's lower lip, covering her neck and falling to her tits below. It only took her a few seconds to catch her breath, and then Lucy smiled. Nigel moved one hand to stroke his cock while gripping her hair in the other hand.

"You're a nasty fucking bitch, Lucy. Is that right?"

He tugged her hair, forcing her to turn her head and gaze back at him from the angle of her left shoulder. With strings of drool dangling from her chin, Lucy gave him a smirk and replied back.

"I'm YOUR nasty fucking bitch!"

Nigel couldn't have been more pleased with her words. Lucy was focusing all her attention to him, showing obvious favoritism as Sebastian was forced to stand there and jack himself off while watching his brother and his beloved trophy whore. Nigel spoke, ordering her to put those big tits to use for him now.

"Hold your tits up, you know what I want you to do with them."

"Mmmmmm, yes sir."

To be called 'sir' was the cherry atop the sundae for Nigel. His hand remained gripping her hair, reminding Lucy every second that she was under his control. Licking her lips, she held her big boobs up so Nigel could smash his cock between them. Lucy's eyes looked down, spitting on his cock before she squeezed them together and looked back up into his eyes. She began to pump her tits up and down, fucking his cock while she bit her lower lip. Sebastian wanted to join in so badly, but he didn't. Nigel wasn't going to allow him to anyway. This was all for show, letting his brother know that Lucy was off limits. He removed his hands from her hair as she moved at a fast pace, pumping those big breasts up and down over his cock. Lucy broke eye contact, only to look down and watch the head of his cock poke up. She stopped momentarily, leaning her head down to lick over the head of his meat pole.

"Good girl..."

Lucy's eyes shot back up to Nigel's face as she began to pump her tits up and down again. He stood there like a king embracing the pleasure that his loyal obedient servant was giving him. Sebastian stepped over so he could watch Lucy tit-fuck his brother. To experience her tits the first time was amazing, but he couldn't help himself but to watch as she gave pleasure to another man. Nigel caught his brother next to him. All Sebastian could do was stand there and wank his dick back and forth in his hand. Nigel knew he was waiting for the moment they both would be fucking her together, so he called out to Lucy down below.


"Yes sir?"

"Are you ready to get double-fucked?"

After he spoke, Lucy stopped moving her breasts up and down his cock. She glanced over at Sebastian for a moment before looking back at Nigel. Swallowing her breath, she nodded her head.

"Yes, I'm ready."

She let go of her breasts and then Nigel offered both hands to pull her up from her knees. Lucy stood tall in a pair of basic black high heels. Across the floor were various articles of clothing from all three of them. Nigel wasn't going to be fucking her ass, the one hole on a woman that he never liked to place his rod inside. Lucy pushed her lips to Nigel, offering a soft kiss as he took a few steps backwards until they moved to the large king size bed. Nigel let go of her hands to get atop the bed, laying down flat on his back. Lucy climbed onto the bed, moving over Nigel's body as she hovered over him. Her hands pushed down over his chest while her knees were over the front blankets of the bed, spread out so Sebastian could climb up and take her in a doggy style position from behind. Nigel brushed her hair from her cheeks, leaning up to softly kiss her lips and speak.

"Are we all set, baby?"

Lucy glanced over her shoulder to see Sebastian climbing onto the bed. She took notice of the nervous expression painted over his face. He looked to her almost as if he was worried for her sake. Lucy gave him a soft smile and then turned her head, answering Nigel.

"Yes, my love. I'm ready to feel both of those hard cocks pounding into me."

Licking her lips, she took in a deep breath as Nigel reached down below to grab his meat pole. Lucy felt it brushing against her soft wetness, just before he pushed in. She let out a soft cry and then she felt Sebastian's hands over her ass, spreading her cheeks apart to venture his thick rod into her dark little hole from behind. Lucy knew how rough and dominating Nigel could be, but she didn't know what to expect from his brother. Within seconds, she felt both of their cocks slowly thrusting into her. Gasping her breath, she cried out.


Nigel began to buck his hips forward, slamming his cock into Lucy while Sebastian took his time by moving slow. The busty glamour model remained, closing her eyes while her giant breasts began to shake, rubbing up against Nigel's stomach. He had a new verbal order to give his favorite trophy whore.

"Scream, Lucy! Scream for me, my filthy fuck doll!! FUCKING SCREAM!!!"

"Ohhhhhhh, yeah! Ohhhhhhh!!"



In unison both men thrust their cocks into her simultaneously. Nigel wrapped his hands around Lucy's waist, folding his fingers over the small of her back as he continued to thrust his hips forward and pound his cock into her pussy. Sebastian raised his left hand and lightly spanked over her ass while pumping his cock into her.




London, England

A cold winter night was visible through the window of the London taxi cab. Roughly two hours after her first phone call, Keeley returned a call back to Luke informing him that she had booked two tickets for a a midnight flight to Miami Florida. So far she had been true to her word, so he called for a taxi early before leaving Michelle's apartment. With just one briefcase of clothes and other important belongings, Keeley had asked him to meet at a car park across town. The airport itself was still some distance away, but she wanted to make sure everything was packed in her vehicle. Before leaving, Luke had a long conversation with Michelle. He was surprised that she agreed to stay behind, as she had clearly told him that she would remain here whenever he needed her. 'I'll be waiting for you when you get back home' was her final words with a loving smile before he walked out the door. Michelle had blew him a kiss, but Luke didn't catch sight of her act.

From the back seat of the taxi cab, he watched the various lights move as the wheels turned down the streets. Luke knew this could possibly be the last time he saw London, but he didn't care. He was going to find Lucy if it was the last thing he did in his life. During the quiet drive in the back of the cab van, Luke wondered about the things Keeley had told him. He had just learned a few hours ago that his worst fears were true for Lucy's status within Nigel's game. Weather she had become another man's trophy or not, he didn't care. Luke believed in the power of true love, regardless if most people thought it was just a fairy tale. He would trade any material belongings for the woman in his heart. When the taxi reached the car garage, Luke paid his fare and stepped out into the cold air clutching his briefcase.

The wind whistled from the distance, offering a subtle sound that faded into the ambiance of the dark night. Beyond the car garage, various sounds through the night could be heard. Luke was dressed in a pair of black pants, a black shirt and a gray jacket over his body. As he stepped through the first floor of the car park, he did not see a single person among his view. There were various cars parked around, though he guessed Keeley had to be waiting somewhere near one of them. As he made the walk towards the back of the garage and near the curve to drive up the next floor, a female voice called out to him.

"Hey, Luke! Over here, hon!"

When he turned to his right, Keeley Hazell stood next to a white BMW car. She was dressed in black pants and a black jacket to match. The buttons were undone at the front, teasing his eye with her heavy cleavage. Below, he could see a few gold necklaces dangling from her neck.

"Keeley, there you are."

She approached him, her high heels clicking and clacking over the concrete pavement down below. Luke gazed into her eyes for a moment as she took his briefcase from his hand.

"I'll take this for you."

He stood there, watching as she stomped around to the back seat of the car and opened the door to place his suitecase among her own luggage. When she shutthe door, Keeley gazed back to him and spoke.

"You packed everything you needed?"


Keeley giggled to him, stepping back to face him more closer. She spoke in a low voice to him.

"Good, just making sure. When we get to Miami, I'll book us a hotel. I know just the places Nigel likes to spend his time, so I'll be able to help you when we get there. We've still got an hour and a half before the flight, so you wanna talk about anything before we go?"

Luke nodded.

"Yeah, I've been thinking about this all day. Why are you wanting to help me so badly? You told me how dangerous this is and yet, you aren't afraid of anything so far."

She ran her hands to the front of his jacket, glancing down before gazing back into his eyes.

"I already told you why, Luke! Nigel destroyed me. I have nothing left to lose if I wanna get involved with someone who wants to fuck with him. Besides, I like you. I always have."

"Well, I'm releived you think highly of me."

Her voice crackled into a giggle as Luke smiled back to her. Something else was clearly on Keeley's mind, apparent from the subtle grin she had given him.

"So, how did you like last night at the club?"

"Last night was great. You should know I'm always up for partying at a nice place."

Shaking her head, Keeley rolled her eyes at him.

"No no no, hon. Don't act stupid, you know what I mean. How did you like it back in the bathroom?"

This was a question Luke didn't quite expect from her, nevertheless while they were standing in a car park during the cold evening hours. Raising his eyebrow, he looked back at her and replied.

"Oh, that was a lot of fun. I was just worried that someone was going to walk in and catch us."

"Somebody did walk in."

"Yeah, I know!"

Keeley giggled again.

"That's what it made so much fun."

After subtly speaking, she cupped his face in her cold hands and pushed her lips to his. Luke closed his eyes, kissing Keeley back tenderly. While their tongues played against one another, he already could feel his cock getting harder once more from the sensual ways of this lovely woman. Keeley pulled their lips apart, giving him another playful smirk as she moved her hands down to the front of his pants. Luke couldn't help but wonder that she must have guessed that a passionate kiss would spark an erection to stick up in front of his pants. Her eyes shifted back to his and then she spoke.

"Looks like someone wants to have some fun right now."

She wasn't going to give the man a chance to say no. Keeley kissed him again while pulling the front button of his pants undone. When she broke the kiss, Luke's voice was heard taking in a deep breath while Keeley fell down to her knees before him. It didn't matter at all to her that they were in a public place or how cold the night was. She pushed his pants and underwear down, just far enough to cradle his warm cock into her cold hands. Luke shouted to her.

"Oh shit, are you sure about this!? What if someone comes out and sees us?"

Keeley simply laughed to him.

"What if someone does? We can tell them to piss off and mind their own bloody business."

Luke was slowly beginning to realize this was a game to her and all he could do was play along. Keeley was teasing him with a sensual act in a public place, not caring whatsoever if it made him uncomfortable. It was the one sign he had that she was a genuine risk taker. She looked away from him as she began to wank his cock back and forth with both of her hands. Luke was looking around the car garage, in absolute fear that some random person would be walking in at any moment to collect their vehicle and drive off into the night. Keeley's voice called out to grab his attention.

"You liked how I sucked your cock last night, didn't you?"

He turned to look down at Keeley who was still stroking his cock with her cold hands.

"Yes, I did. You give the best blow jobs of any girl in the glamour industry."

"Who told you that?"

"No one, I'm simply stating a fact."

She didn't quite believe his words but didn't worry about it. Keeley looked up into his eyes, placing her chilly lips over the head of his warm cock. With a loud kiss, she pulled her lips back and then shoved his meat pole up against her right cheek. She began to lightly beat the head against her face while speaking to him.

"After the licking you gave me, I can't wait to have you fuck me. But not until we're in Miami and behind locked doors."

"I'm fine with that, babe! Beats standing around worrying someone might catch us."

A soft giggle came from her voice as Keeley stopped playing with his cock and shoved it back into her warm mouth. This time, she began to bob her head up and down his cock. Her hand moved to the base, maintaining a firm grip as she bobbed her lips up and down. 'Mmm, mmm, mmm' she moaned while moving her lips up and down. She broke eye contact, closing her eyes while Luke was busy gazing in all directions still in fear that a random stranger may step into the garage and catch them. Keeley was taking her time, just like last night when they were in the bathroom.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck! You know how to work me over."

Luke couldn't help himself but to brag aloud. Keeley was still slobbering all his cock with nothing in the outside world hindering her concentration. He got the impression that she must have had a history of doing dirty deeds such as this, risking random strangers from witnessing such an act from a famous glamour model. When she opened her eyes, Keeley gazed up at his face while slowly bringing her lips back to the head and releasing his cock with a loud popping noise. Keeley kissed the head of his cock and then spit on it. Her saliva fell to the concrete floor below as Luke's rod was glistening in her drool. She had other ideas besides spending all her time sucking on his pole. She moved her hands down to her jacket, sliding the head of his cock back into her mouth while starring into his eyes. As Keeley snatched her buttons undone to her jacket, the top row of her teeth lightly grazed over the head of his cock.

"Oh my god, yeah!"

He groaned as he watched Keeley pop her big tits out. A designer brand pink colored bra covered her glorious breasts. Without uttering a word to him, Keeley kissed the head of his cock and then worked to pull her tits free from her bra. She had caught Luke's eyes gazing down at them multiple times and now it was time to give him the treat of her breasts. He no longer seemed to care about the possibility of a stranger entering the garage. Luke's hands had become cold outside, an obvious feeling when he grabbed his cock and worked to push it between Keeley's exposed breasts.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm, I know you wanna fuck these titties. Do it Luke, fuck em good."

Her voice called out to him in a lustful moan. Keeley's breasts were warm, pushing over his cock as she squeezed them together. Her eyes never left his, only for a second to lean down and spit over the head. Luke began to buck his hips forward, driving his cock between her tits. Keeley moaned, looking up into his eyes.

"You like that, hon?"

"Oh, fuck yes!"

Looking up into his eyes, she gave him a soft grin and then spoke in a low voice.

"I think my tits were made for your cock."

Her words served simply as a larger motivation for Luke to begin thrusting his dick faster between her tits. Keeley moaned, looking down to watch the head of his cock poke up between her breasts with each thrust he made. She parted her lips, using her tongue to flick the head each time it moved up. Luke placed his hands on her shoulders, holding her down in place as he continued to drive his cock up and down into her amazing tits. Keeley stopped licking the head, just to look back into his eyes and moan to him.

"You like fucking my titties, Luke?"

"Ohhhhh, god! Yes I fucking do!!"

"Mmmmmmmm!! I wanna make you cum, hon. I wanna swallow it like last night."

Grunting and moaning, Luke couldn't concentrate on her words for long. He began to breath heavily, knowing that he didn't have much time before he blew his load. Over and over, his cock remained thrusting between her amazing tits. From the expressions over his face, Keeley knew he was about to blow for her.

"Are you gonna cum for me, hon!?"


She knew what to do to finish him off without creating a mess over her skin and staining her clothes. Keeley leaned her head down, still holding her tits among her cold hands. Waiting until Luke made one final thrust up, she locked her lips around the head of his pole, lightly using her teeth to get a firm grip. Luke began to groan louder, moaning as he shot his load into her warm, loving jaws.


His voice echoed throughout the car garage, fading in with the ambiance of the night outside. Luke cried out while his cock exploded between Keeley's lips, sending waves of his hot seed into her jaws all for her to taste and swallow. Luke took in a deep breath as the cold night air was hitting him. Keeley took her time, milking his cock for every last drop and then swallowing it down. She refused to release his rod from between her lips until she had swallowed it all up. Once she was finished, a pop noise was heard as she let his cock go free from her lips.

"Mmmmmm, that tasted good. Now that we've had some fun are you ready to get moving to the airport?"

"Yeah, let's get outta here. I'm just glad no one walked in and seen us."

Keeley got up from her knees, giggling at Luke's comments. She had to fix her bra and jacket while he had to do the same with his pants. Luke wondered why they couldn't have just had fun in the car, but he understood just the reason why Keeley would do such a thing. This was her kind of fun, playing into risky business. It didn't cross his mind at all that he now had back to back nights of lustful fun with her, all without even seeing her in the nude. Regardless such an event, Luke was at least confident that they were one step closer to finding Lucy. Hopefully things would continue to go their way once they reached the U.S.


Miami, Florida


Lucy screamed, her voice echoing all through the room as she remained sitting atop Sebastian with his cock thrusting into her pussy. Standing in front of her was Nigel, pumping his rod between her big juicy tits while Lucy held them up. The three of them had now been fucking for hours with Lucy managing to reach two orgasms while she had already forced Sebastian to bust his nut within her ass, but Nigel wouldn't allow his brother to fill her pussy with his seed. When Lucy didn't have both cocks stuffed in her holes, she had one between her tits instead. Despite all this wonderful pleasure, it had to eventually come to an end. Sebastian was slowly moving his cock into her pussy, but Nigel had not lost any strength at all from fatigue. He stood tall, thrusting his hips forward to pound his cock into her breasts. After all this time, he had yet to blow his load but it was coming soon. She knew where Nigel would be blowing his load, always over her face. Lucy still wasn't sure about Sebastian's choice as he was a different kind of man. Nigel came to a complete stop, calling out to his brother.

"Fuck, I'm ready to cum! Are you ready too?"

"Yes, yes!! I'm gonna cum again!"

"She's my filthy fuck doll, so I'm gonna make her into a mess first!"

Hearing their words, Lucy had to quickly prepare herself to be made into a mess. It was a wonder that they went through all these hours and yet she didn't receieve any cum to her face yet. Her makeup was ruined with her eyeliner smeared and runny. Lucy soon felt Nigel's hands, pulling her hair to lift her up. Sebastian's cock fell from her clit, flopping freely against his stomach. Nigel moved her a bit on the bed while Lucy yelled to him.

"Cum on my face, cum on my face, love!"

"You know that's exactly what I'm gonna fucking do, you nasty bitch. You ready for it?"

"Yes, I'm always ready!"

Her knees pushed down into the bed sheets as Nigel kept one hand to the back of her hair, holding her in place while his other hand quickly stroked his cock. Lucy closed her eyes and parted her lips, shoving her tongue out to catch any excessive cum. Both of her hands held her giant breasts up, ready to catch any cum that may drip down below. Sebastian leaned up on the bed, watching every second as his brother was about to decorate her beautiful face.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah! OHHHHHHHH, FUCK YEAH!!"

Nigel gritted his teeth, growling his words while his cock began to erupt from the touch of his hand. A thick wave of cum splashed directly over Lucy's forehead, followed by two strings that went flying into her hair. Sebastian groaned, watching as his brother unloaded his cum all over her beautiful face. The next thick wad went directly into her right eyelid, dripping down before another string trailed over her right cheek. Crawling up to his knees, Sebastian finally stood up on his feet, still watching Lucy receive all of his brother's hot spunk. Only a few droplets landed over her tongue with most of it creating a mess over her face. With his orgasm becoming weaker, Nigel squeezed his cock to get the last remaining spurts to go over her breasts down below. Now that he was done, it was Sebastian's turn.

"You're next. Good luck making a bigger mess than that."

Sebastian ignored his brother's words as he moved in front of Lucy. She began to massage her tits in her hands, forcing them to bounce back and forth. Her eyes remained closed, knowing that she still had more cum to fill her skin. Since he had already blown his load once within her ass, Sebastian knew he wasn't going to make a huge mess like his brother had accomplished. Her face was already a drenched and dripping canvas of art, so he aimed his cock down to her breasts and began to stroke it as fast as he could.

"Here it comes! Ohhhhhh, man! Yes, here it comes! FUCK!!"

Lucy moaned, dropping her lower lip as she felt Sebastian's warm seed splashing over both of her big tits below. She moved her hands over her nipples, squeezing them as she felt a layer of cum splash over her right hand. String after string of cum went over Lucy's breasts, giving them a proper decorating she had rightfully earned from a man who had many fantasies about those tits over the years. When he was done, Sebastian stepped aside and Lucy began to slowly open her eyes up. A smile went across her face before she called out to both men standing before her over the bed.

"You both made me into a mess, I think I need a shower now."

"Did you have fun, Lucy?"

It was Sebstian who spoke up to her. Licking her lips, she gave him a grin and replied.

"Yes, this was a wonderful day!"



London, England

Lights filled the large windows of the penthouse with the city overlooking down below. Silence had filled the walls over the past few days as Nigel had left with Lucy. Holly Peers had found herself all alone in their little world. She had sent text messages to Nigel only for him not to send any reply, forcing her to sit around in the penthouse speculating the fears she had within her heart. Ever since he had claimed Lucy, Holly couldn't prevent herself from feeling afraid that he was moving on from her with a new trophy whore. She didn't like competition. Nigel was the love of her life and she knew that no other woman would accept his dominance with more pleasure than herself. Lucy wasn't the first woman to bow to him in submission out of fear. Holly had witnessed many girls before her, though he had a habit of becoming attached to his new play toys over her.

As the morning went on, Holly had isolated herself in Nigel's penthouse. She could've easily left and spent as much money as she desired, but she didn't feel like shopping without him around. She was still insulted by the fact that he would bring Lucy out of the country with him, but leave her all by herself alone. Since she had not heard from Nigel in a few days, Holly began to dwell in her paranoid fears of being replaced by Lucy as his main woman. It didn't matter to her if they both had the status of trophy whore. Nigel was growing more and more attached to Lucy, forcing Holly to feel threatened of her position within his heart. Without indulging in her fears any further, she decided to relax with a hot shower to soothe her mind.

Beyond the glass door of the shower, the water ran from above. Holly had pinned her long black hair back in a pony tail, standing there as she raised her head and allowed the water to sprinkle and trickle down over her soft skin. After a few minutes, steam began to rise and cover the glass doors. The sound of the shower faucet was relaxing to Holly's mind, offering a solid rhythm. She began to breathe easier, taking in a few deep breaths and then letting it out. When she finally moved her feet in the shower, she pushed her back up against the wall and raised her neck. Various thoughts about Nigel began to flood through her mind. Despite the sudden fear she kept at the front of her mind at all times, she wasn't thinking about it right now. When Lucy's name came up, she was able to quickly block it out of her mind by thinking of him instead.

When her mind shifted to Nigel's smile, Holly felt her nipples harden up. She began to move her hands over her body, running them over her stomach and up to her big breasts. With her nipples pressed against her palms, she leaned over. Her eyes remained closed as she gritted her teeth and let out a soft, purring moan. It was a shame he wasn't here to join in on her fun, but Holly had no problem fantasizing and imagining Nigel stepping into the shower. Her imagination had taken the better part of her mind, blocking out her fearful thoughts. Down below, her clit became wet from the heat of her dirty thoughts. The hot water continued to trickle down, still relaxing her as Holly used her right hand to move down and shove her index finger into her clit.

'Ohhhhhhhh, Nigel. Take me into your arms and let me love you'. She softly spoke, still imagining that he was going to step through the glass shower door. Holly had to imagine his strong and stern voice within her mind, all while beginning to venture her middle finger into her pussy. With two fingers, she began to thrust them forward. She let out a loud moan, squeezing her breast within her left hand as she still leaned against the wall. Reality would tell her that no one would be joining her, but she wanted to indulge in this fantasy out of her lonely isolation. As her fingers began to thrust further into her clit, she spread her legs and rubbed her ass up against the white wall of the shower. This was better than using a toy, at least she thought to herself. Over and over, she poked her fingers into her pussy.

"I need you...I want you...I need you, I need you so fucking bad..."

Biting her lower lip after speaking, Holly simply couldn't take this any longer. She began panting, letting out soft moans as she let the urge take over with fingering herself. All it took was dirty thoughts of her man and she was soaking wet down below. The shower was still running, but with her eyes closed, Holly felt she was in another world. Letting out a soft moan, she began to work her fingers faster and harder.

"Ohhhhhh, god. Ohhhh, I wish you were here right now. I miss you so much..."

Holly whimpered after speaking. When she finally opened her eyes, steam had filled the shower and created a layer of fog over the glass. She paid it no attention, still thrusting her fingers into her pussy. She pumped them faster, reminiscing over a single moment when Nigel would pound his hard cock into her. As her orgasm drew closer, she began to breathe harder. Holly made one final thrust and then twisted her knuckles before belting out a loud scream.


Beyond the walls of the bathroom and through the master bedroom, her voice rang through the penthouse suite. There wasn't a soul to hear her dirty act, not that she cared at all. After she had forced her juices to leak and trickle down her leg, Holly had a return to reality. Nigel wasn't going to be stepping through the shower door to join her. Her face moved into a frown as she soon realized that yet again, she was here all by herself while he was gone with another woman at his side. While these thoughts clouded her mind once again, she picked up the soap and proceeded to wash her body trying not to think of it any longer. The least she could do was send him text messages, hoping he would eventually answer back and letting her know she didn't have anything to worry about. Just a simple 'I love you' would be enough to ease Holly's mind.

When Holly came out of the shower, she took her time drying her hair. Since there wasn't anything else to do, she figured it wouldn't hurt to paint her nails before getting dressed. The color she went for was black, always matching her hair. She eventually got dressed in a simple T-shirt and a pair of sweat pants to wear around the place. Her hair had been washed separately from the shower, as she wrapped it back up in a pony tail after it had completely dried. Holly went back to the living room, glancing over the lonely room and the windows that allowed the sun to come shining through. She stepped around to the kitchen when her cellphone began to rang. Holly raced to grab it off the counter, hoping that it would be Nigel calling. Disappointment came sudden as she realized the name on the screen belonged to Matthew and not Nigel. Pushing her finger over the screen, she accepted the call and brought the phone to her ear.


"Hey, Holly! How are you doing?"

"I'm fine..."

"You asked me yesterday if I had heard from Nigel. Well, I made some calls for you."

She gasped when hearing his voice. Holly had completely forgotten until just now. Matthew was an office assistant who worked with Nigel, sometimes overseeing important meetings.

"You did? How is he doing."

"He seems to be doing just lovely, dear. He went out partying yesterday with his brother Sebastian."

"Was Lucy with them?"

"Of course! They went to Disco Fever last night and a yacht party. They've been having a hell of a time."

Holly bit her lower lip after he spoke. The paranoid fears she had were now rushing at high speeds through her mind. 'Oh my god, oh my god. He is out lollygagging with her, partying with his brother and didn't bring me? I knew it, I fucking knew it'. She spoke in her mind while remaining silent with the phone up to her ear.

"Holly are you still there?"

Matthew's voice caught her attention.

"I have to go. Thanks, I'll make it up to you later."

"No problem."

After hanging up the phone, she gritted her teeth in rage and threw the phone across the room. Holly then grabbed a glass from the kitchen bar and slung it against the wall, causing the glass to shatter as she began breaking down.


Swiping her arm over the counter, Holly grabbed a large wine bottle and then slung it towards the refrigerator. The glass busted in several pieces with the dark juice splattering all over the place. She ran out of the kitchen, stepping over broken glass and then clutched a vase of flowers. Gritting her teeth, she slammed it into the wall forcing it to break and create a bigger mess. Her heart was slowly breaking into pieces, no different from everything she was destroying in the living room. Holly felt all of her fears of Lucy were coming true, one after another. 'I'm being replaced, this can't be happening. Oh my god. He's replacing me with her'. Her eyes watered up with tears as she came stumbling, falling down to her knees over the carpet floor. As she began to cry, Holly determined that this was not going to end well at all. She was not going to allow Nigel to replace her with Lucy. 'It's either going to be me or her. ME! I'm not allowing this, no way in hell. She isn't replacing me, I'm not going to allow any of this to happen'. Speaking in her mind, she clutched her hands into fists, building up her anger and rage at thoughts of being replaced by the man she loved.

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Mr. Disco Ch. 9
Starring: Lucy Pinder, Rosie Jones, Keeley Hazell

Codes: MF, MFF, Romance, MDom, Oral, Tit Fuck, Facial, Spank

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Miami, Florida

Silence had momentarily filled Nigel's hotel room sitting among Brickell Key. Upstairs, Lucy Pinder found herself in the bathroom fixing up her hair after a short shower. Nigel himself was downstairs, talking on his cellphone in privacy. After the events with John Varga, he had found himself in an odd position he wasn't accustomed towards by any means. Usually Nigel was the one who easily won his arguments and business deals, but for once he was on the losing end and had to cave in to the demands of the famed photographer. It was gut wrenching to be defeated by anyone, but Nigel he had no other choice. He wanted the photography session with Lucy to the point he was calling Rosie Jones' agent back with the company to organize a meeting. Earlier in the day, he had phoned Peter to inform him that he would be acting as Rosie's agent in Miami following the negotiation proceedings with John Varga upon her arrival.

"So she's on her way right now? Good, I'm looking forward to seeing her."

Standing up from the couch, Nigel nodded to himself while holding the phone up to his ear. A long sleeve white button-up shirt was clad over his torso while he wore the usual pinstriped dress pants down below. Only his leather belt wrapped around his body and tucked through the loop holes stood out in contrast from the lights above. After hanging up the phone, he placed it on the glass coffee table sitting in front of the couch and then sat back down. Nigel silently thought to himself as he remained secluded alone. Hopefully having Rosie in Miami to meet with Varga would straighten out their business dealing. It still didn't make much sense in his mind that he couldn't shove Varga around with the size of his wallet alone. Most men were usually intimated by Nigel just for the sheer fact of his wealth alone. To come face to face with a man who simply wasn't intimidated by him like this was an alien experience for Nigel. Sitting back on the couch, he rested his right handed fist under his chin while thinking to himself.

Once Lucy was done with her hair, she dressed back up and was prepared to meet Nigel downstairs. The past few days had been something of an adventure between her and the man who now owned her under contract. She was beginning to feel as if Luke were a distant memory in her heart. Lucy had went partying with Nigel, alongside his brother Sebastian. For the first time since joining Nigel, she was beginning to relax and enjoy this new lifestyle alongside him as his loyal 'trophy whore'. It was Lucy herself who had led the charge, calling Rosie Jones and asking her to come along to Miami. Nigel was pleased with Lucy's actions, as she was clearly proving that his favoritism towards her was paying off. Holly Peers wasn't too happy, as evident from the text messages she had been leaving Nigel all morning. He didn't reply back to her frantic texts, most of them concerned with his well being. This wasn't the first time Holly had been beaten out in a competition game played by the man whom she loved. He soon heard footsteps from behind, heels clacking loudly over the floor below. Nigel turned around to see Lucy standing behind him.

"Oh, Lucy..."

Her lips curved into a smile as she glanced back to him. She stood tall in a pair of black high heels, the same in which she had worn earlier this week. Nigel's eyes surveyed her body, as Lucy stood wearing a low cut black blouse with strings over her shoulders. Her massive, signature breasts almost came spilling out of the small shirt. Below the shirt, she had on a a pair of simple polka dotted booty shorts. Since they had no plans to go out tonight, Lucy took to wearing casual clothes around the hotel suite. Nigel spoke again.

"You look magnificent."

"Thank you, dear."

She approached him after he had spoke back. Lucy walked over to the couch, joining her man as she sat on the left side of him. Once more, Nigel spoke to her.

"Rosie is coming to Miami to meet with Varga. Thank you for talking to her. I appreciate that very much."

"It's no problem at all, Nigel. She and I are good friends, I used to talk to her on a daily basis."

Nigel smirked. He was ready to ask a question, one that would reveal much of Lucy's feelings to him about her new place.

"How did she react knowing you are now with Perfect Kiss?"

Giggling a bit, Lucy smiled back to him flashing her teeth.

"Rosie was almost ecstatic over the phone. She couldn't believe it at first, going by her immediate reaction when I told her. She told me she can't wait to see us."

Still in a grin, Nigel nodded his head to her. He began to get up from the couch, moving his hands to cup Lucy's face. Leaning in towards her, he spoke softly.

"Good, you've done a fine job as of late, Lucy. I'm very happy with you."

He then kissed her lips before letting go of her face. Nigel wasn't one to tell a woman that he was proud of her. For Lucy to hear him say he was 'very happy' was something of an achievement. Moving away from the couch, he left her there as he quietly began to march upstairs back to the bedroom. Lucy didn't utter a word to him as she was left alone in her thoughts. She wanted to ask him if they would be seeing his brother again tomorrow. The past few days had been so much fun partying alongside Sebastian. Nigel had soon discovered that Lucy was a clubbing girl, the type who could take on a champion of the dance floor and reign supreme. It was this hobby that made her click so well with Luke, a man known as 'Mr. Disco'. Despite her attitude changing in the last few days towards Nigel, she was still thinking about Luke quietly in her thoughts. There was something about Nigel's brother Sebastian that reminded her of Luke. Something about his warmth kindness and a sense of respect towards her.


Beyond the white walls of the room, Luke shared a hotel suite with Keeley Hazell across back in South Beach. Upon arriving in Miami, she hooked them a stay for two weeks at one of the most luxurious hotels along Miami Beach. Avoiding the Art Deco hotels that were filled with tourists, it was Keeley's idea to offer Luke the best her money could buy at a place of complete privacy. The suite itself was two rooms, including an upstairs that had a separate bedroom and a balcony view. The first few nights Luke and Keeley had slept in separate rooms, but she felt that was going to change soon between the two of them. She was waiting to make a bit of progress before laying on her act of loving passion.  So far, they had only been in town for three days but Keeley had fulfilled her promise to go through her connections in Miami that were linked to Nigel. She knew just where to search, as she had her experience playing in his web of games from the past.

Miami was one of Luke's favorite places to spend a night in the U.S. It was a shame to him that he wasn't spending a vacation here alongside the woman whom he loved. Every day, he thought of Lucy and became curious of how she was spending her days. If he were to find her in Miami, he just hoped that she was in good health. Of course, Luke still had to ponder on the chances of her moving on in life. He was beginning to realize that it was very much a strong chance that she had moved on from her time with him and started over. Before leaving London, Michelle had told him such things and only now Luke was starting to consider them. Whatever the case, he felt that there was nothing to lose here. The odds were stacked against him, but Luke had determined himself to go out down fighting until the end. Such a bold stance had made Keeley respect him more than she had years ago.

The first thing Keeley did in Miami was call a few guys she had known from years ago. Men whom she knew were still connected to Nigel. It didn't take much of attempt to learn that he was indeed in town, alongside Lucy as well as his brother Sebastian. The topic of Sebastian Taylor was something Keeley did not often consider. She had known Nigel's brother as a partying animal. He was the type of man always living life in the fast lane and didn't seem to have any regrets of his indulgent behavior. Despite this, Keeley had remembered him as a man in the family whom had a good heart and made right decisions. It was well known that Sebastian did not approve of how Nigel treated his women, something Keeley had learned years ago when he stood up for her. She also knew that Nigel deep down couldn't stand Sebastian. He viewed him as a failure in life, born into money and blowing it at any opportunity he had to have fun. Keeley found it strange to hear that Nigel would allow Sebastian to party alongside himself and Lucy.

Sitting down at the kitchen table, Keeley had a black leather bound journal book opened. Her cellphone was next to the notebook, as it had been used in the past hour. Among two pages were several notes of her contacts she had from her old days in the modelling industry. Old friends, boyfriends and good contacts she had kept over the years, their phone numbers and email addresses were listed if she were ever to reach out to them once more. With her long dirty blonde hair pinned up in a pony tail, she wore a small white button up shirt over her body clad only in a black thong and bra. Luke made his way down the spiraling staircase before stepping into the kitchen. He wore a light green shirt with white pants below. His face was clean after spending the last few minutes shaving. Keeley had not noticed his entrance at first, not until she raised her head and then smiled at him.

"Oh, hey hon."

"Hey Keeley, you look like you've been busy."

"Yes, I have. I've made some calls all around town. We've got a few leads on Nigel and Lucy. It's not much, but I guess it's something for a starting point."

"Do we?"

Luke's voice raised in excitement to answer her back. The former glamour model just smiled back, answering his American accent back in her British tone.

"Yes, someone's been out partying lately."

"With Lucy?"

Keeley nodded her head.

"Yes, I hear Nigel has been making the rounds with her. His brother Sebastian was with them a few nights ago. They went to Disco Fever, that new club that is quite popular down here. You know of it, hon?"

"Yeah, I've been there once about two years ago when it first opened."

Shoving his hands into his pocket, Luke thought to himself for a moment. He spoke once more after gathering his thoughts.

"What should we do? Maybe sit back in one of these clubs and hope that Nigel shows up with her again?"

Shaking her head, Keeley laughed.

"No, that's a waste of time. We need to find out what they're really in town for. Nigel usually does not bring his trophy whores with him and stay for a week if it's not something important. I am sure he's bringing Lucy down here for a photo shoot of some sort."

"Is that what he used to do with you, Keeley?"

Looking back into his face, she nodded her head slowly. Keeley answered him back.

"Yes, he often took me to the States for photo shoots. A couple times to Miami, but I am not sure where he would have Lucy for a photo session. I'm tempted to give his brother a call, a friend of mine seen him out with them."

"Nigel has a brother?"

"Yes, he does. His name is Sebastian and I can assure you he's a good guy. He helped me get away from Nigel back in the day. To be honest with you Luke, Nigel hates his guts."

Luke became curious at Keeley's words now. He had not known at all of Nigel's brother, as the name Sebastian was one he had not heard. Standing before the table, he nodded to Keeley and spoke once more.

"Tell me about this Sebastian fellow, please. I've never heard of him. I don't keep up with the Taylor family's gossip."

Licking her lips, Keeley smiled to Luke before giggling.

"Well, he's...he's different, to put it simple. Sebastian is nothing like his brother at all. Where Nigel is a monster of himself, Sebastian has his own vices. Sex, drugs, partying. He likes to go wild, but beneath all that, he is a good man. I know for a fact he does not approve of what his brother does, but he has no say in the matter. You see, Sebastian is like the black sheep of the entire Taylor family. If you're in the right social circles to meet him, he's a lot of fun and can be very charming. But when it comes to that family, they'll always frown upon him since he's a magnet for controversy in tabloid stories. The way he blows money left and right, he'll never be able to run a functioning business. Despite his flaws, he has more of a heart than Nigel ever has."

After she had spoken to him at length, Luke thought to himself for a moment. He let her words sink, as she described Sebastian. Perhaps he could lead them to Lucy? It was a question worth pondering, as Luke felt the possibility was there. He speculated that perhaps if Sebastian was truly this good o a man, maybe he could help them rescue Lucy from Nigel's clutches.

"Do you think it would be a good idea to reach out to Sebastian, then? Maybe he could lead us directly to Lucy. If he's this kinda guy, maybe he could help her get away from him."

"I'm thinking about it, Luke. You see, the problem with that is, reaching out to him probably would lead Nigel directly to us. I'm sure he watches his brother like he does everything else, so this could end up blowing our cover down here. Besides, Sebastian has his handlers who are connected right back to Nigel. I imagine they already know to look out for any mention of your name."

Luke sighed.

"Perhaps you're right, but I think we're going to end up having to take risks like this. It's a hard choice, but we have to try something."

Keeley's eyes glanced up into his eyes.

"We'll see in due time. I'll think about it..."

With her lovely voice answering him back, she shut the leather bound journal book and got up from the table. Luke stepped aside as Keeley began to walk out of the kitchen. His eyes had noticed the unbuttoned white shirt, revealing only her black thong and bra over her tight fit body. He turned around to speak to her.

"Where are you going, babe?"

She quickly turned around, giving him a smirk.

"I'm gonna go jump in the shower. Wanna join me, Luke?"

Raising his eyebrow, he chuckled before answering her back.

"But you're not dirty at all."

Keeley giggled. At last, she felt that she had Luke all to herself. She had promised him that he was in for a surprise once they were in Miami. They were long overdue for this after the incident in the parking garage. She was more than ready to begin a bit of dirty talking with him.

"I'm sure you can change that, can't you hon? You can make me dirty enough to the point I'll need to take a shower."

Without uttering another word, Keeley turned her back to him and stomped off, leaving him there in the doorway to the kitchen. Her bare feet moved quietly over the carpet floor. She wanted to tease him this time around. After walking across the room, she stood near the tall glass windows and turned around to face him. With ease, she disrobed her body of the little white shirt, letting it fall to the floor below. The light of the sun shined down on her from the window, making the outline of Keeey's form illuminate. Luke watched as she reached up behind her head and undid the pony tail keeping her dirty blonde hair together. Just when she had caught her eyes looking her over her body, Keeley then moved her hands behind her back.

She undid her bra, allowing the straps hugging over her shoulders to come undone and the piece to slide completely off. With her big breasts exposed in the view, she glanced down and then gazed back towards Luke.

He swallowed his breath while looking at her semi-nude body. Keeley didn't say a word to him as her eyes caught into his gaze from across the room. The last time they were naked together, they had only given each other oral pleasures. That was about to change, as Keeley definitely wanted more. She used both hands to slip down to her black thong, tugging it down. By now, Luke had took the hint to begin stripping himself free of his own clothes. Starting with his shirt, he threw it to the floor before unbuttoning his pants. At the same time as he worked to get his pants off, Keeley had stepped out of her thong and revealed her sweet opening hole without a single piece of hair anywhere near it. As she was completely nude at this point, Keeley began to slowly approach Luke. The sound of his pants and underwear coming down could be heard, but not louder than the soft giggle she produced within her voice. On the left side of them sat a yellow coach, as well as a wooden coffee table.

"Come to me, Luke. Come here..."

Her voice called out like a seductress. Both of their bodies were completely nude of any clothing by now. Luke took a few steps moving closer as Keeley was now standing before him. She ran her hands up his chest, leaning in to kiss his lips. Luke sunk his tongue into her mouth and before they knew it, the kiss had erupted into one of blazing passion. As they kissed repeatedly, Luke pushed his hands over her breasts. He could feel her nipples hardening up under his palms, all while Keeley sank both of her hands down below to wrap around his cock. Slowly and carefully, her hands wrapped around his thick shaft and began to stroke it up and down while his own hands were squeezing her boobs. Keeley moaned into his mouth before breaking their lips apart. Her hazel eyes glared back at him as she spoke to him in a whispering voice.

"Stand right there for me, Luke baby...I'm gonna make you feel good, just watch me. Don't look away, you might miss something with those curious eyes of yours."

She kissed him softly on the lips again, all while still gazing back into his eyes. Keeley then slowly began to lower herself down to her knees. Luke was forced to remove his hands from her breasts while both of her hands were slowly wanking his cock back and forth. Here she was, playing into the role of a sexy seductress before him. Once her knees hit the carpet floor beneath them, Keeley moved her left hand away and brought her mouth towards his cock. The first thing she did was part her lips, using her tongue to lick down the underside of his long shaft. She closed her eyes as her tongue began to slide up the length of his cock, meeting at the head. Opening her eyes once more, Keeley looked up into his face while bringing her lips to the head.

She pushed it into her mouth, softly kissing it before releasing it with a popping sound. Luke took in a deep breath before moaning and running his hand through her wavy blonde hair.

"Ohhhhhh, man..."

Luke couldn't control himself from muttering a few words. After what Keeley had done to him with her mouth back in London, he was left with an impression that would never fade from his memories. She didn't just suck his cock, she made love to it with her mouth. Very few women in his life could compete with her skills, as Keeley was proving herself yet again. Her eyes shut again as she continued to suck him. Slowly, she worked her lips down the first few inches of his cock. Her right hand fingers were still snugly wrapped around the base. His hand moved to stroke through her dirty blonde hair while Keeley slowly bobbed her lips up and down. She sucked his rod so sensually, making it slow and everlasting. Removing his hand from her hair, Luke spoke up.

"You give the best blow jobs in the world, Keeley."

His words forced her to open her eyes and glare up at him while his cock remained between her lips. 'I do it better than the woman you're chasing after, huh?' Keeley spoke in her mind the very words she wanted to blurt out at him. She wasn't going to insult Lucy to his face, instead she popped her lips from his rod with a loud sounding and looked up into his eyes. A string of spit dangled from her open mouth back to his rod. With a soft moan, she teased him by talking dirty.

"Mmmmmmm, who told you about my world-famous lips, Luke?"

Luke smiled as she began to stroke his cock back and forth with her right hand. His eyes looked into her face while answering her back.

"Nobody. I'm telling you that right now."

Keeley smiled and leaned up. She didn't have to say it, she hinted by raising her head. What she wanted was another kiss. When Luke leaned down, she used her left hand to roam her fingers to the back of his neck. Her other hand continued to pump his cock back and forth while their lips met for another passionate kiss. Luke was a fantastic kisser. Keeley could tell from his personality and style, just why women would line up for a chance with this man. Even though she was retired from modelling, she felt lucky to be with him right now. Once the kiss broke and Luke leaned up, she was now prepared to turn up the speed. Keeley broke eye contact to bring his cock back into her mouth. This time, she began to bob her head up and down faster. Luke took in a deep breath while her right hand pushed down to the base and she began to slobber over his rod, inch by inch.

"Ohhhhh, god!!"

As he cried out to her, Keeley had this man right where she wanted him. To hear him cry out while orally pleasuring him. This was the third time she had sucked his cock and once more, she was enjoying every inch of his long rod. She moved her right hand away, now pushing both her hands over his legs to position herself in a way to aggressively pump her lips up and down his cock. Luke groaned as he could feel her pushing further down. It didn't take much effort for Keeley to begin deepthroating that big cock. Her wavy hair moved into her face while she slammed his cock down her throat. Only with a slight gag, Keeley demonstrated that his words of praise were indeed true. She had the skills to be called one of the best when it came to blow jobs.


When he screamed out, she pushed her lips all the way down the base of his cock, devouring every inch of his long length. She held herself there, counting to ten in her head. Keeley just wanted to prove to him that she could take his entire shaft all on her own. She gagged, choking only slightly before slowly pulling her lips back up. As she moved her lips to the head, Keeley gazed up into his face. Luke had curled his lips up, groaning before she released his cock with an audible popping noise. Saliva strings dangled from her gaping mouth back to his shiny, slobber coated dick. His cock was ready for the next pleasuring event she had in mind. Keeley ordered Luke in her thick British voice as she looked back into his eyes.

"Get on the couch..."

Luke took a few steps back, swallowing his breath. Keeley was in complete control now, but he didn't move fast enough to please her. She yelled to him.

"Sit on the couch!"

Her English accent sounded even sexier to his ears when she yelled sternly. Luke stepped backwards and sat down on the yellow couch that was behind him. His cock bounced freely as no hand tamed it. Keeley was pleased with him doing as he was told. She crawled between his legs, still resting on her knees as she then placed her hands below underneath her giant breasts. Luke gasped, dropping his lower lip as Keeley smashed those big titties around his cock, trapping it between them. Looking into his eyes, she gritted her teeth while squeezing that big dick between her large breasts. Keeley positioned her hands underneath her breasts, spreading her fingers to lock together while lightly grazing over his pole from beneath. She began to pump her breasts up and down, still looking into his eyes as she teased him with her sultry, English tone of voice.

"You like that, Luke!? You like feeling my big boobs go up and down that cock!?"

"Ohhh, fuck yeah!"

She continued to pound her breasts up and down, fucking his cock hard with them. Keeley never once broke eye contact, she sat there watching his facial expressions change while Luke's eyes were focused watching his cock disappear between her tits with only the the head poking back up. Keeley was truly something else of a naughty sex kitten. At this rate, she was going to end up making him cum quicker than he had hoped for. Her wavy hair dangled, moving across her shoulders as she worked her breasts up and down his cock.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, yeah! That big cock feels so good between my tits, mmmmm!!"

As Keeley spoke her filthy words back to him, Luke remained sitting there with his eyes still focused on watching her breasts move up and down his cock. He could feel her fingers slightly rubbing over his pole from underneath, but barely. Luke began to pant as Keeley cracked up giggling in a sensual voice.

"Mmmmmm, you love my big titties. You don't have to say it, I know you do."

His eyes looked back at her. Like before, there was the desire for a kiss between them, only this time it was Luke wanting to kiss her. The way Keeley worked her tits up and down, it was only a matter of time she made his cock explode into a steamy mess of his sticky seed. Luke leaned forward as she was still starring into his eyes while moving her breasts up and down. When he licked his lips, Keeley finally got the hint and stopped moving her boobs over his dick. She let go of them, leaning up off her knees as Luke cupped her face and leaned down to meet her lips with a kiss. This subtle surprise was something Keeley thoroughly enjoyed. She kissed him back with a touch of tenderness while moaning into his mouth. While kissing, she thought about climbing atop him to ride his cock, but she would let him decide how he wanted to finally fuck her. When the kiss finally broke, Keeley looked into his eyes and spoke.

"You're a wonderful kisser, hon. I love your cock, but it's about high time you finally fucked me. I've been waiting so long for this."

Biting down on his lower lip, Luke answered her back.

"How about you lean down on the couch and let me get behind you."

She smirked to him.

"Mmmmmmmmm, doggy style, huh? And here I thought you would want me to ride it."

"Maybe we can do that later."

Luke laughed while moving his hands away from her body. Keeley moved to her feet while he got up from the couch. There was something about this girl that was so sensual and loving outside her dirty seductive ways. Such chemistry like this in the act of lust made her someone Luke knew he would never forget. No matter what happened in the future, Keeley had already burned her way into his memories to last a lifetime. Once Keeley had leaned over facing the couch, Luke stepped behind her and gazed down at her lovely bum while she planted her palms into the cushion of the couch in front of her. Keeley breathed in, letting out a sigh as she could see his shadow moving over the couch. Luke stepped behind her and brought his left hand between her thighs. His right hand fingers were wrapped around his cock, pushing the head towards her soft, wet folds.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, yeah..."

Keeley her head and let out a soft moan before biting down on her lower lip at the feeling of his rod sliding into her entrance hole. The wait was finally over. Now it was time to see if he could truly fuck her as well as he licked her clit that night back at the club in London. Luke made the initial thrust into her, forcing her to let out a soft moan. He moved slow at first, getting into a rhythm as his hips moved forward. His hands moved to her hips, resting just above her nicely shaped buttocks. Once he had gripped over her skin, Luke began to thrust forward, driving his cock into her pussy back and forth.

"Ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhh yeah! That's it! Fuck me, Luke! Fuck me, fuck me!!"

While she called out to him, her big tits began to bounce around from underneath her. Keeley's long, dirty blonde wavy hair shook all over the place. Luke moved slow, grunting as he bit down on his lower lip for a moment. Keeley was satisfied, but not quite yet. She wanted to get him to turn up the heat, just as she had done to him minutes earlier. With her left hand, she reached back to grip her ass cheek and pull it back a bit.

Keeley turned her head to the left side, allowing one side of her long hair to fall and began swaying with each thrust he sent into her buxom, tight fit body. This time, she screamed at him while closing her eyes.


Her voice echoed from every corner of the room. Just as Luke had heard her, he bucked his hips hard and began to slam his cock back and forth into that tight cunt. He grunted while fucking her harder, thrusting his big dick into her faster. Her eyes remained closed as Keeley raised her head up. She kept her hand from behind, still gripping her own ass cheek while her other hand's fingers were digging into the surface of the couch cushion from underneath.


Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound their bodies created from his entire length slamming into her began a beating sound mixed in with the chorus of all their moans. This was more than just fucking, at least Keeley thought to herself. She considered this to be an act of passionate love making, even if it was a bit on the dirty side. Luke was proving he had just what it took in him to leave her satisfaction completely fulfilled in the acts of pleasure. Over and over, his thick shaft pumped into her tight twat. Keeley began to cry out to him once more, still screaming.


It was something that Luke always loved, to hear an English girl use the word 'bloody'. Keeley had yelled it through his ears and like she had said, he didn't stop. Still bucking his hips, he knew that at this rate, he would end up blowing his load deep inside her. He wanted to try and hold back his orgasm, just so he could fuck those tits one last time before making a sticky mess over her beautiful skin. Luke knew that Keeley had to be close to her own climax, as he could feel her inner walls tightening around his throbbing cock. Those famous big tits were still bouncing all around from underneath her as Keeley bit down on her lower lip one final time. She couldn't stop herself from crying aloud to Luke.


As she spoke, Luke made one final hard thrust into her cunt. He slammed his length hard into her, forcing his balls to slap against her thighs. Keeley gasped, dropping her lower lip as she cried out in the midst of her orgasm.


Coming to a complete stop, Luke raised up his right hand and lightly smacked it over Keeley's bum. The little spank had caused her to moan while catching her breath. Luke had maintained himself not to blow his load inside her. He slowly pulled his cock free of her pussy, looking down to see it shining in her love juices. As Keeley began to lean back up from the couch, Luke softly ran his hands over her body. She stood up, arching her back to him as his hands moved her breasts and his lips brushed to the right side of her neck. With her eyes still shut, Keeley lifted her neck up and then moaning as he began to softly kiss his way up her neck. She was still catching her breath while letting out a moan to Luke's soft touch. It was small moments like this that made the man stand out for Keeley. Moving her hands over his, she pushed down, hinting for him to squeeze her breasts harder while still kissing up her neck.

"Ohhhhhhh, Luke baby..."

Muttering her words, Keeley could feel his cock poking between her legs. She turned around, looking into his eyes before wrapping her left hand around the back of his neck. With their lips pushing together, Keeley kissed him with full tenderness while her right hand reached down for his hard cock, dripping in her juices. Falling down to her knees, Keeley quickly brought his dick back into her mouth to clean him of her own juices. As she sucked him clean, she swallowed down her warm juices while moaning against his shaft. 'Mmmmmmm', her soft purring moan sent vibrations into Luke's skin. Afraid that she would finish him off with her mouth, Luke leaned down with both hands and grabbed at her breasts, holding them up to hint at Keeley that he wanted her to fuck him with them one last time. Her eyes looked up into his face as she knew directly what he was hinting at. Keeley held her breasts up, bringing her lips up to the head of his cock as she quickly released it with a loud popping noise while wrapping her breasts around it simeltanousely.

"Oh my god, that was so fucking hot."

Her little trick had impressed Luke. Keeley smiled, flashing her teeth beneath her upper lip before looking down at his cock between her tits. She flicked her tongue, spitting on the head as Luke began to buck his hips forward to drive his length back and forth between her tits. Going by the sounds of his heavy breathing, Keeley knew that Luke didn't have much longer to go before his cock exploded into a warm, gooey mess. He continued to thrust his hips, driving his rod back and forth while she glance down to watch it moving.


As Luke called out, he made one last thrust between her titties and then his cock began to explode.

The initial wave of cum shot from her breasts and up to her face. Keeley felt his cum strike her forehead, dripping down over her right eyebrow, the right side of her nose and a drop down the middle of her chin. The initial blast had caught her by surprise, forcing her to moan. Luke cried out as more cum came squirting out of his cock, shooting lines up near her neck and between her breasts. He couldn't stop himself from still bucking his hips and driving that cock back and forth between her wonderful tits. Keeley looked up at him and spoke with the cum dripping from her face.

"That was one hell of a shot. I didn't expect you to cum in my face with your cock between my tits."

She glanced back down to look at his cock after speaking. Luke didn't immediately reply back to her as he was still watching the cum squirt from his cock over her skin. Once his rod had been entirely depleted of cum, he swallowed his breath and finally came to a stop. Luke answered her back after another moment of catching his breath.

"I didn't mean to cum on your face, Keeley. I wasn't trying to."

Letting out a sigh, she smirked to him before giggling.

"Why are you apologizing, hon? You made me dirty enough to need a shower now. Look at this, you even gave me a pearl necklace. Mmmmmmmmm, it feel so good."

Suddenly, it had dawned on him. She had joked about taking a shower before their clothes had come off. Keeley's voice was so sensual to his ears, almost making his cock erect again by the sound of her words. Luke smiled down at her before laughing.

"Oh right, I forgot about that."

Keeley giggled at him again while smiling up into his face with her hazel colored eyes. She had to grab hold of her emotions and not let them overtake her in this moment. Luke had a sensual touch with her, knowing just how to fuck her right and push her into a hard climax. She was impressed with him to such a limit, Keeley knew she would have to hold herself from falling in love with this man. They still had a job to do together while they were in this town. Despite this, she couldn't hold back the thoughts of second chances. What if all this chasing Nigel Taylor around was for nothing? It was still possible that Lucy could turn him down and then what? Keeley couldn't tell Luke to his face, but she was beginning to grow feelings for this man. Such thoughts were subjects she had to keep hidden and hopefully they would fade away before she could fall in love with him.



Outside, the clear blue skies only held a few clouds high above. It didn't matter how cold the winter was up north, Miami was always a paradise of fresh warm weather for anyone traveling down south to escape cold temperatures. Birds were heard chirping from the trees, as Nigel Taylor listened to them while shutting the door to his car. The right side back door came opening, as a light brown haired girl came stepping out. The sunlight blinded over her big black pair of sunglasses. Rosie Jones stood on the other side of the car, ready to walk with Nigel. The twenty-seven year old glamour model had flown into Miami, all set to meet with John Varga. She stood tall, wearing a pair of jeans, going with her blue and white striped shirt beneath a black jacket. In the other car, Lucy stepped out from the passenger seat while Peter got out of the driver's side. A bodyguard accompanied Nigel from the other car, as the five of them were now prepared to go into the mansion.

Lucy stepped around to meet with Rosie, offering her a smile as the men began to walk towards the front doors. Inside, Varga was expecting them. Before they had gathered together, Nigel had called in to tell the photographer that Rosie had made it into Miami for the meeting. Hopefully everything would go smoothly, working out the failed negotiation that had occurred days prior between Nigel and Varga. Lucy stood beside her friend as they walked to the front doors from behind the men. Lucy dressed casually in a black shirt with jeans that almost matched the ones Rosie had over her legs. The two ladies walked to the front doors, as they were invited in by one of Varga's bodyguards. Upon entering, the entire party was informed that Varga himself was waiting outside in his back yard near the swimming pool. He only wanted to see Rosie, as well as Nigel. Peter insisted that he join, as he was to negotiate the deal. Shaking her head to him, Rosie spoke up.

"No, you don't have to go. If Mr. Varga wants to see me, I can handle this myself."

Glancing over at Nigel who stood over her in his black suit, her eyes looked into his while she spoke.

"I wish you had told me sooner that it was Varga who wanted to meet with me. I'm ready to go."

Rosie smiled back at Nigel as she turned away, ready to be escorted to the back of the home. Lucy stood back with Peter and one of Nigel's bodyguards, as they could only watch as Nigel and Rosie swaggered off. Rosie was excited for this meeting. She had known of Varga's name ever since she began modelling. He was something of a hot topic within the modelling world, especially after his success with photography books. The latest one by the name of 'Surface Seduction' had been all the talk, as Varga was the first photographer to achieve a full nude shoot with American model sensation Kate Upton. This meeting was something of a dream come true for Rosie, to know that the man wanted to meet her for a photography session. Together with Nigel, she walked out into the sunlight outside. The rays of light among the swimming pool's surface almost blinded her. Across the pool, the man himself sat in a lounge chair with his bare feet propped up. John Varga pushed his sunglasses up when he saw Rosie Jones and Nigel Taylor stepping before him.

"Well, look what we have here..."

Leaning up from his chair, Varga moved his face into a smirk. He seemed pleased that Nigel could deliver the one and only Rosie Jones to him. She smiled before moving to see the man, almost rushing over to him in excitement.

"Oh my gosh, it really is you. Hello there, Mr. Varga!"

Her thick English accent made Varga smile even brighter. He got up from his chair. His feet touching over the stone walkway near the swimming pool as Rosie extended her hand out for his to shake. All Nigel could do was stand back, watching as his model under contract shook hands with the photographer.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss. Jones. I've been hoping this day could come for a while now."

"I almost fainted when I heard that you wanted to meet with me."

Varga chuckled briefly at her words. His gaze looked over towards Nigel, ignoring the arrogant expression over his face as he spoke to him.

"I thank you for allowing this meeting. You've come up on your end of the deal, now it's my turn to honor my side for you."

Rosie turned her head, glancing back at Nigel as he replied to Varga.

"Good, that makes me happy. I would've been real mad if I dragged Rosie out here all for nothing."

Varga laughed at him.

"You've nothing to worry about. You'll get your photo session with Pinder this week for sure. Just tell me when you want it, I'll prepare my studio in the mansion for you."

Raising his eyebrow, Nigel thought to himself. If he truly wanted to fuck with this man, the possibility was there. He could request the photo session for today or tomorrow, knowing that would throw a wrench into a schedule. Despite the tempting urge to cause a headache, Nigel held off on his thoughts.

"Wonderful to hear. We can talk about the photo session tomorrow."

After Nigel's reply, Varga shifted his gaze back to Rosie and spoke to her.

"Miss. Jones, I'd like to discuss with you a proposition for your modelling career."

"A proposition?"

"Yes, indeed. You see Miss. Jones, I am putting together a roster of models for a new photography book. The sessions will mostly be done in my home studio."

Her lower lip dropped as Rosie gasped, looking back at him with widening eyes.

"I would absolutely love to work with you, Mr. Varga. I've seen your works as of recent. It would be my honor to appear in one of your photo books after your fine work with the last model you did a book with."

Varga laughed at her words before smiling.

"That last book has gotten me a lot of praise, hasn't it? I would love to work with you and we negotiate something. I can show you a bit of the sketches I have in mind for a photo session featuring you. Among the many models I've wanted to do for my book, you are one I chose from the beginning, Miss. Jones."

"It's an honor to be sought after by a photographer of your talent. I truly mean that, Mr. Varga."

"Let's go inside, shall we? I want to show you the sketches and ideas I have. You see, there's a fashion designer who is involved with my book. She came up with a lot of the ideas, you'll be working with her too."

As Varga and Rosie began to walk back inside, the inner pocket inside Nigel's suit jacket began to vibrate. His cellphone rang as he had an incoming call coming from London. The caller ID read off one of his office assistants named Amber back home in England. Amber usually worked alongside his agents and only ever called him personally when she had something of importance. To see her name on the phone had made him curious right away. He answered the phone.


"Good day, Mr. Taylor. How are you doing?"

"I'm doing alright so far today, Amber. Are you calling because you've got something for me?"

A pause was heard over the cellphone before Nigel could hear pages turning. He soon realized that she had him on speaker phone, more than likely from her office.

"Yes, as a matter of fact I do. I think you're going to be quite pleased with what I've got for you today, sir."

"Well, what is it?"

"We received a phone call today directly from a model herself who wants to drop her current solo deal and move into Perfect Kiss. She wants to negotiate and is looking for a new agent. When I heard who it was, I just had to call you myself to tell you."

"And who is this mystery model?"

"Melissa Debling, sir."

When Amber answered him back, Nigel smiled to himself. Melissa Debling had been a hot topic in glamour magazines, most notable for her topless photo shoots. To have this opportunity on hand to sign her to his company, Nigel wasn't about to refuse this chance.

"That's very good, Amber. Tell me more about this, what all did she talk to you about?"

He continued to press his assistant for information regarding Melissa, meanwhile in the mansion Varga was discussing his proposal with Rosie Jones. Lucy and Peter sat alone in the living room, enjoying tea that was brought out to them by one of Varga's bodyguards within the mansion. Several minutes had passed until NIgel stepped back into the mansion through the back door. He was escorted to the living room where Lucy looked on to find him smiling for a change. Walking over to Peter, he pointed to him before speaking.

"I need to talk to you soon, I've got a job for you."

Peter glanced back to Nigel. The bearded man nodded his head before answering him back.

"A job, huh?"

"Yeah, you're heading back to London tonight. I'll tell you about it in a minute. Is Rosie still negotiating with Varga?"

Lucy spoke up.

"They went upstairs, he wanted to show her some pictures."

Nigel didn't bother even looking at Lucy as he heard her voice. All he did was nod and shove his hands into his pockets. He pointed his thumb to the outer room, motioning for Peter to leave and join him for a private discussion. Lucy sighed over his apparent rude behavior towards her. She couldn't say or do anything about it as she had already realized Nigel viewed her as nothing more than his loyal 'trophy whore' as she had been called. As she sat there alone, Lucy remained quiet. Within minutes, Rosie came out from the hall, flashing her teeth in a bright smile before turning to Lucy and speaking.

"It's gonna happen! I'm going to be shooting for one of Varga's books!"

Moving up from her seat, Lucy smiled back at her friend before offering a hug.

"That's wonderful, Rosie! I'm so happy for you!"

The two girls hugged together before Nigel stepped back into the room. He was done giving Peter the details for his meeting that would follow with Melissa back in London. A smug grin ran across his lips as he looked over both of them, pondering to himself some dirty thoughts. After today's success, he was looking to celebrate by shedding his clothes and getting laid. Of course the woman who would be serving him would be none other than his trophy whore Lucy herself. But now Nigel was thinking of spicing up such an event, if only Rosie would want to join along with him. He stepped over, waiting until Rosie and Lucy were done hugging before he spoke.

"You look quite happy, Rosie. How did your meeting go?"

"It's official! I'm going to be doing a session for one of Varga's books. He already knew exactly where he wanted me for a photo shoot."

Nigel nodded to her.

"That's very good."

Turning to glance at Lucy, he addressed her next.

"You will be doing a photo session with Varga too, Lucy. You and I will be doing some portraits together to celebrate our relationship."

He watched Lucy's face turn into a confused gaze. Rosie smiled back at her before speaking.

"That's great, Lucy. You've got a good man here in Nigel."

After Rosie spoke, Lucy finally smiled and seemed to snap out of what ever day dream she was having in front of him. Such acts translated to Nigel as submissive obedience. Something he was quite fond of when it came to a long term relationship. Moving between the girls, he placed his hands on their shoulders. Lucy stood to his right while Rosie was to the left.

"You know ladies, I've been thinking back there...Since we've all had a good day, how about we celebrate together?"

His eyes shifted to Rosie.

"How would you like to join Lucy and I later for a bit of fun?"

Rosie glanced down for a moment, as she knew exactly what Nigel was hinting towards. Since joining Perfect Kiss, she had went along with some of his games in the past. Rosie was a common model of his 'harem' back in London, sometimes spending nights with Nigel and Holly, but this was the first she had learned of Lucy's status within his inner-world. Years ago, Rosie had enjoyed a threesome involving Lucy and a lucky man. The other women smiled back at her before speaking.

"It's been a while since we took our clothes off together...without having any cameras snapping photos of us."

Finally, Rosie laughed before glancing back to Lucy. She had made her mind up with this offer. She looked back at Nigel and nodded to him.

"Sure, I'll come along. This could be a lot of fun."

Nigel smirked before replying back to her.

"Indeed, we are going to celebrate our victories tonight. All three of us together, what a party, huh?"



Back at Nigel's hotel suite, he had quite the scene unfolding in his bedroom before him. Rosie had went back to the hotel along with both he and Lucy. She joined them first for an evening dinner, served freshly from the hotel's own room service. Nigel ordered an expensive bottle of wine to share with the two ladies. Rosie and Lucy traded laughs as they retold a few stories to Nigel, going back to their days with an old glamour modelling magazine that had long closed it's doors. When he opened the wine bottle, they all pushed their glasses together before the purple colored beverage was poured into their glasses. Lucy was just happy to be sharing a day with her old friend for a change. She had not seen Rosie in over three years, as they had previously passed by one another a night in a club. From all the good times they had shared together, tonight felt like a new chapter in the old book of their friendship. For Rosie, this would not be the first time she had been naked together with Lucy. It wasn't even the first when it came to sharing a room with Nigel.

When she had first joined the Perfect Kiss company, Rosie spent an evening alongside Holly Peers and the man himself. She learned with speed that he was a dominant man, as they played an interesting night with Holly putting a collar around her neck and chaining her up. So far tonight, it didn't seem Lucy was going to play the dominant mistress role that Holly could channel. When the time came for them to go upstairs and take their clothes off, Rosie took Lucy's hand and walked with her as if they were lovers themselves. They put on a mini strip show for Nigel before Rosie hurried off to the bathroom. Before sex, she wanted to fix her hair just to make sure her light brown locks were properly straightened out. She anticipated that Nigel would be snatching her by the hair like he had done before. With all three of them completely naked, it was time to begin. Nigel sat on the edge of the bed as Rosie and Lucy came out, stepping before him. Not a single piece of clothing was on their voluptuous busty bodies, nothing except a black pair of high heels under Lucy's feet and a white pair of heels for Rosie. The two glamour models made their way to him before dropping down to their knees. Rosie was on his left hand side with Lucy to the right.

"Let's begin, shall we?"

His words prompted both of them to look up into his face. It didn't matter how many times Lucy had seen it, Nigel's grin was among the most smug and arrogant she had ever seen in her life. Rosie broke eye contact and was the first to wrap one of her hands around his cock. Both women positioned themselves over one of his legs on both sides. Soon, Lucy joined Rosie by wrapping one hand around his cock. The two girls stroked his rod, wanking it until it had grown into its full erect size. Nigel had two sets of eyes glaring up at him from the floor as the girls now had to decide who would be the first to suck on it. Rosie leaned in from her side, pushing her lips around the head as she decided she would be the first to begin sucking his long cock. Lucy moved her hands down to his balls and then used her tongue to lick the underside of his cock while Rosie began to twirl her tongue around the head. Nigel took in a heavy breath, letting out a long sigh.

"It's nice to see two whores who know how to share a cock for one another."

Neither girl spoke back to him. Nigel just sat there on the bed moving his hands over the white sheets beneath him as Lucy and Rosie made themselves busy by licking and sucking over his cock. Lucy moved down below towards his balls, cradling them among her hands as Rosie began to slowly bob her head up and down. 'Mmmmmmm', Rosie let out a soft moan as she pushed her lips down and up, repeating the process while slobbering all over the first few inches of his dick. It was a difficult position for Lucy to move herself underneath the other woman, moving down between his thighs. Once she properly comfortable in the position, Lucy parted her lips and began to slather her tongue over Nigel's ball sack. He took in another deep breath, sighing in pleasure as he now had Rosie sucking his cock and Lucy working his balls into her mouth. Nigel moved his hands down into Rosie's hair, gently gripping her light brown locks.

Rosie knew it was only a matter of time that this man displayed his dominant side of lust. She knew very well just how rough Nigel could play once the heat had been turned up a few notches, but she didn't anticipate him to begin so quickly. With his hands gripping her hair tightly, Rosie soon felt him pushing her mouth down to take his slobbery cock even further. As he began to fuck her mouth, Lucy had shoved both of his nuts into her mouth and sucked on them as her jaws inflated out. Slobbering and gagging sounds were soon to be the only noises that were heard between the voices of both glamour models. Rosie gagged, moving her hands to push down over his hips while Nigel was plunging her lips down his cock repeatedly. Over and over, she slobbered and gagged over his thick cock. The many sounds Rosie's mouth created were loudly heard echoing throughout the room.


"Take that fucking cock, you whore! TAKE IT!!"

Lucy could be heard slurping over her own spit down below as Nigel pushed Rosie's lips all the way down. He knew she could deepthroat his dick, as she had proven herself capable back in the day. Rosie gagged, her eyes watering up momentarily before Nigel yanked her hair to force her back up and his cock to come free of her lips with an audible popping sound. Saliva strings broke, dangling from the corners of Rosie's mouth as Nigel let go of her hair. She crackled her voice into a sensual laugh before answering him back.

"You just love treating me like a whore you found out in the streets, don't you?"

Nigel smirked down at her.

"Yeah, I might as well remind you while I put you in your place."

Licking his lips, he spoke once more. Nigel was ready for some real fun, as he felt the two ladies had done enough work slobbering all over his cock and balls.

"Lucy, you can stop sucking on those balls now. Move aside so Rosie can work her tits."

Lapping her tongue over his sack one last time, Lucy did as she was told by leaning back up and then crawled off to the side near his right leg. She moaned while watching her friend position herself between his legs. Rosie moved her hands up to her breasts, holding them up while Nigel used his right hand to make sure his slobbery cock was standing directly upward. Glancing over to his right side, Nigel noticed a string of saliva dangling from Lucy's lower lip. He spoke to her.

"Lucy, spit on her tits and get 'em all slippery. Help her out, my filthy fuck doll."

"Mmmmmmmm, yes sir."

Rosie giggled at what Nigel had called her friend. Lucy leaned forward, flicking her tongue as she proceeded to spit over both of Rosie's giant natural tits. Her saliva landed over the right tit first, before coating Rosie's left one. Lucy spit a third time right in middle where his cock would soon be. After the other woman had completed her task, Rosie leaned forward, pulling her breasts apart to shove Nigel's cock between them. He took a deep breath as Rosie squeezed her tits, making his cock completely disappear from sight while between them.

Lucy licked her lips and moved her hands over her own breasts, playing with her nipples as she watched her friend begin to work them. Rosie looked back into Nigel's eyes and giggled.

"So, you call her your filthy fuck doll, huh?"

He nodded his head.

"Yep, that's Lucy's appropriate nickname. What do you think of it, whore?"

Once more, Rosie giggled as she began to slowly pump her breasts up and down over his cock. Her poking nipples were erect and shiny from Lucy's spit that dripped down from them.

"I think it fits her. So I guess 'whore' is my nickname, huh?"

She smirked at him after the sassy response. Nigel let out a moan, watching the head of his rod poke up between her tits as he thought to himself.

"Nah, you have an attitude. I'll just call you my dirty bitch, how about that?"

Still moving her breasts up and down slowly, Rosie giggled at his words.

"I should've known you would call me a bitch, dear. You always do know how to throw that word out when you mean it affectionately."

"That's right, bitch. Now get to work, fuck me with those big titties."

She smirked, almost as if she were begging for him to splatter her face in cum with such a choice of words in response. Nigel enjoyed Rosie's attitude, as she was one who knew how to talk dirty right back at him. Sitting next to her, Lucy submissively waited her turn to fuck him with her own pair of giant titties. For now, he allowed Rosie to continue her slow titty fucking movements. Up and down, she moved her big breasts. He moaned at the feeling of her amazing tits pushing back and forth. Rosie eventually glanced away from his face, looking down to see the head of his cock poking up with each thrust she made. Parting her lips, she flicked her tongue over the head each time it poked up. Nigel let out a slight moan, sitting there in silence as Lucy's eyes looked back at him and smiled. It would be her turn real soon, though her eyes were only begging for attention. After another minute, he finally gave Lucy the nod and spoke an order to Rosie.

"Time's up, you dirty fucking bitch! It's time to let my filthy fuck doll put her big tits to work now."

Rosie smiled up at him as she let go of her breasts and began to rise from her knees. His cock flopped free from between her massive tits and now, it was Lucy's turn to get some action going with her breasts. While Rosie sat back down on her knees to the left, Lucy had crawled her way between Nigel's legs just as her friend had done before her. Rosie bit down on her lower lip, letting out a moan as she watched Lucy move those big famous breasts and shove Nigel's dick right between them. It was an impressive display, as Rosie had witnessed this back in the past. Lucy always looked to be enjoying herself when she began to titty fuck a man. Nigel's very own trophy whore parted her lips, gritting her teeth as she glared back at him while she began to pump her breasts up and down over his cock. Rosie could be heard gasping before speaking up.

"Gosh, she's so fucking hot doing that. You're better than me at that, Lucy."

Lucy ignored her friend's words as she continued to slowly move her breasts up and down. Like with Rosie's tits, Nigel's cock had completely disappeared between them. She moved slow, just as her friend did. Nigel couldn't remove his eyes from the site of Lucy's buxom chest working over his long shaft. He replied back to Rosie since Lucy wasn't uttering any words.

"This is what she was made for. To be my filthy fuck doll. Those tits were made to be fucked, don't you agree, you dirty little bitch?"

Like before, Rosie crackled her voice into a sensual giggle. She licked her lips and waited until Lucy had pumped her breasts down. Rosie then leaned down and kissed the head of his cock. Lucy closed her eyes and raised her neck, moaning. Nigel was quite surprised to see the girls working together like this. Each time Lucy pumped her massive breasts down, Rosie would either lick the head of his shaft or suck on it lightly. Lucy eventually opened her eyes, leaning down to see Rosie. As she was still moving her breasts up and down at a slow pace, she parted her lips and began to kiss Rosie back. Nigel's smile grew as he called out to them.

"Such loving whores, quite impressive."

A moan was heard between both their voices as they swapped kisses, dancing their tongues together. When Lucy finally came to a halt moving her tits, Nigel had enough and was ready to take control. The two girls broke their kisses and then he began to rise up from the bed. Lucy moved back to the side of his leg while Nigel reached down with both hands to grip their hair. Now that he was standing up, Nigel was ready for one last show piece between them before he chose which one would have their pussy stretched by his cock first.

"Dirty bitch! Filthy fuck doll! Kiss each other again, let me see you two whores loving each other."

Nigel's right hand gripped Lucy's hair tighter than his left fingers roaming through Rosie's light brown locks of hair. He favored the woman he truly owned. They moved a bit on their knees, facing each other as their lips pushed back together for another kiss. What came next was a surprise, as Nigel's cock was directly behind them and poking towards their lips. Lucy realized it before Rosie, that he was going to try and thrust his rod between their lips pushed together. The two girls gazed back into each others eyes as Nigel tightened his grip through their hair. Letting out a grunt, he began to thrust his cock forward, breaking between their lips and created a number of odd popping sounds.



Lucy moaned before Rosie did, but their voices were cut short by the constant flopping sounds that were made. Nigel's cock broke between their lips, poking out from the other side. With his rod pushing between their lips, it made their kisses difficult to accomplish. Nigel continued to play this little game until he had finally made his mind up which cunt he wanted to be inside first. Since he could have Lucy any day of the week, he felt Rosie was due to have hers first. Coming to a complete stop, he let go of  their hair. The two girls moved, Lucy looked up at him while Rosie began to lick his shaft. Lucy eventually broke eye contact, joining her friend to slobber over his rod with her. Nigel responded by using both hands to grab Rosie by the hair, pulling her light brown locks and prompting Lucy to stop.

"Mmmmm, is there something you want, baby?"

Rosie gazed up at him after speaking. Nigel nodded his head.

"Yeah, I wanna fuck you first. Get up for me, dirty bitch."

Pointing to the bed with his left hand, Nigel then ordered Lucy.

"Get on the bed, my filthy fuck doll. You can watch from over there."

"Yes sir..."

The tone of Lucy's voice displayed a bit of disappointment, as she realized Nigel wasn't going to allow her to play with Rosie while he fucked her. Rising from the floor, she made her way to the bed just as he had ordered. Rosie stood up, and nodded to him, offering her hand as she expected him to walk her towards the bed. Instead of taking her hand, Nigel gripped her hair tighter, pulling it as he moved her across the room. Near the doorway leading back downstairs was a large glass surface bar sitting alone with only a television on the far left side. Rosie could see her reflection over the glass surface when she gazed over it, meanwhile Lucy was left all by herself across the room laying on the bed. Nigel let go of Rosie's hair as he ordered her.

"Hands on the fucking table and spread your legs out."

She found his seriousness and stern manners to be somewhat humorous. Rosie bit down on her lower lip to stop herself from laughing. Her hands pushed down over the cold surface of the glass counter while spreading her legs out. She had a feeling that Nigel would chose this position, as she had remembered him doing it years ago. Only this time, she didn't have Holly in front of her holding a chain connected to her collar. Rosie had realized that Lucy wasn't the dominant mistress in the bedroom that Nigel's other trophy whore was. Nigel's eyes shifted down, looking over the cute sparkling tramp stamp tattoo that Rosie had over her lower back. With his right hand fingers wrapped around his shaft, he guided it into her pussy from behind. Rosie grinned and let out a soft moan as she felt him entering her.

"Mmmmmmm, that's it. Go on, dear. Get that big dick in there and fuck your nasty bitch real good!"

Just as she began to speak, Nigel thrust into her while moving his hands. Rosie had turned her head to left side, allowing her hair to hang from one side of her head. He used his right hand to reach up and grip her hair from beyond her right shoulder while resting his left hand above her hip. Rosie gritted her teeth, letting out a hissing moan as she could feel his long shaft slowly pumping into her tight cunt.

"Ohhhhhhhh, yeah..."

When Rosie spoke again, Nigel moved his left hand from her hip down to grip one of her ass cheeks among his fingers. Her big tits began to bounce, moving all about with each thrust he sent into her pussy. As his eyes narrowed back down over that beautiful tramp stamp tattoo, he couldn't stop himself from rearing his left hand back to spank her on the ass.


"Ohhhhhhh, yeah! That's it!"

Again, he reared his hand back while thrusting his cock into that tight pussy.


"That's it, give it to me! GIVE IT TO ME!!"


"Ohhhhhhhh, yeah!!"

Rosie became more and more excited as Nigel would smack the palm of his hand over the left cheek of her ass. A red mark formed resembling his palm while he continued to thrust his cock into her. He tightened the grip he held in her hair through his right hand, meanwhile across the room the other woman was feeling left out. Lucy sat up on the bed and used her left hand to reach down and begin to finger her pussy. She felt neglected at the moment, left out of the true fun while watching Nigel fuck Rosie into another world of pleasure.


As she cried out, Rosie's hair waved around and her tits were swinging from one direction to the other. Lucy could hear the sound of the sound of Nigel and Rosie's body smacking as he slammed every inch of his long pole into her juicy cunt. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. The sounds echoed throughout the bedroom. Over and over, he continued to pound that cock into her. Rosie couldn't take much more before she was going to reach her orgasm. Across the room, Lucy was furiously driving her index and middle fingers into her pussy, fingering herself as she listened to Rosie scream.


Rosie gasped after screaming, unable to hold herself back. Nigel let go of her hair with his right hand, just to rear it back and spank her on the other side of her ass that he had previously neglected. Rosie cried out in an ecstasy of pleasure, her load screams echoing down stairs from the hotel suite. When Nigel pulled his cock from her used pussy, her juices came gushing from down her legs. He had yet to cum, as he was saving every drop of his load to create a mess later on. Nigel stepped away, leaving Rosie up against the counter trying to catch her breath. She turned and glanced over her shoulder to see him approaching the bed where Lucy awaited him to treat her to some attention. The first thing Nigel did was frown upon seeing Lucy use her fingers over her clit.

"Did I tell you that you could finger yourself, whore? Huh!?"

Lucy looked back at him somewhat surprised. Nigel stomped over to her, gritting his teeth as she shook her head and answered him back.

"No sir, I-"

"Then why are you doing it, huh!? ANSWER ME, YOU FUCKING WHORE!!"

Laughter was heard across the room before Rosie stomped her heels over and spoke up to Lucy's defense.

"Nigel, dear! Lucy over here feels left out, that's all. She needs some lovin', not someone screaming to her face."

It was a surprise to hear Rosie coming to her defense. With Nigel's angry demeanor, Lucy expected him to react harshly to Rosie standing before him. All he did was laugh though and nod at Rosie.

"Yes, I suppose you're right then. Get on the bed, my dirty bitch. Give Lucy something to eat while I fuck her."

Lucy dropped her lower jaw before responding.

"That's exactly what I want!"

Now Lucy was all smiles as Rosie climbed over the bed, sinking her heels down into the satin sheets beneath her. Lucy had been seated at the edge of the bed, making a proper position where Rosie could stand over her and have her pussy licked, all while Nigel pounded that big cock into Lucy's waiting twat. Rosie was gentle with the way she ran her hands through Lucy's long brunette locks of hair. Moving her face towards her opening hole, as a bit of her juices had dripped down between her thighs. Lucy wasted no time licking it up, lapping her tongue to collect Rosie's love juices while Nigel positioned himself between her legs. Spreading her legs out further, Lucy let out a moan when she felt the head of Nigel's poke entering her pussy. Taking the first thrust into her, he listened to the loving moan she made from her voice, all before Lucy embedded her lips directly over Rosie's soft, wet mound. She sat up, firmly in a position where she could spread her legs out for Nigel to take her. Throwing her head back, Rosie used her left hand to roam through her hair as she let out a moan at the feeling of Lucy's tongue slipping inside of her.

"Ohhhhhhhh, mmmmmmm...That feels so fucking good."

As Nigel looked forward, he was starring directly into Rosie's tight bum. He loved her tramp stamp tattoo so much, despite never speaking any words of praise to her about the lovely ink work. The red mark was still visible over the left cheek of her ass from the spanking that he had delivered to her. As Nigel began to slowly thrust into Lucy's pussy, he moved his hands up the small of Rosie's back, hinting for her to bend over. Muffled moans could be heard coming from Lucy's voice, all while Rosie let out a few soft cries in her lovely voice. When she didn't bend over for him, Nigel reared his right hand back so he could spank her ass.

"Bend over for me!"

"Ohhhhh, yes!! YESSSSSS!!!"

Rosie's voice cried in excitement as the spanking sound echoed through the room. She let out a louder moan as Lucy was snaking her tongue through her clit, darting it back and forth. As she finally bent over for him, Rosie moved both her hands to Lucy's hair while teasing Nigel with her words.

"I guess I've been a bad quite the bad little whore if you're gonna spank me again!"

"That's fucking right, bitch! You are one bad fucking dirty bitch and I need to spank your ass for being bad!!"

Yelling at her, Nigel groaned as he heard Rosie's voice cracking in laughter like so many times before. Bucking his hips forward, he continued to fuck Lucy's cunt while he moved his hands out in a position where he could smack both of her ass cheeks with his palms.


The double spank forced Rosie to moan louder as the sound grew louder. Underneath Rosie and between her legs, Nigel could see Lucy's giant breasts bouncing back and forth with each hard thrust he sent into her. His trophy whore was already close to her own climax, all thanks to the fingering she had been doing while he made himself busy taking Rosie across the room. Lucy groaned, moving her lips away from Rosie's clit only momentarily to scream at her man.

"Fuck me, ohhhhh yeah! FUCK ME!!"

Quickly placing her mouth back over Rosie's clit, Lucy shot her tongue deeper, twirling it around while she felt Nigel's long shaft pumping into her again and again. Rosie had forgotten how experienced of a licker she considered Lucy, as the woman was already close to forcing her into her second orgasm for the day. Biting down on her lower lip, she closed her eyes and gently ran her fingers through Lucy's hair, calling out to her.

"Oh god, I'm gonna cum again!"



The sudden feeling of Nigel's right hand smacking her ass had forced Rosie to shoot her eyes open wide and drop her lower lip gasping. She didn't feel this coming whatsoever. The smack of his hand had come as a surprise, instantly alerting her. He reared his hand back, repeating the process.


"Ohhhhh, yeah!!"


"Mmmmmm, lay it down on me! Spank me, baby!"

An idea had quickly formed through Rosie's mind, one that would tease him beyond belief. Though Nigel was busy pumping his shaft back and forth into Lucy's pussy, the spanking he gave Rosie's ass in front of him was only the second thing he focused on his mind. She began to roll her hips, twerking her ass in front of him to become an even bigger tease than he could possibly imagine. Suddenly, Rosie stopped and gritted her teeth, just as Nigel's hand came striking her ass yet again.



Right as Rosie screamed, Lucy's own orgasm began as she cried a muffled moan right into Rosie's pussy. Unable to continue her hip movements, Rosie stopped twerking. Nigel let out a gasp as he felt Lucy's warm juices flooding his cock from within her.

"Ohhhh, man! You always cum so fucking hard, baby."

His words were unexpected, as Nigel never referred to Lucy as 'baby' but she was too caught in the pleasure of her orgasm to even notice. He pulled his cock from her leaking cunt, all while Rosie screamed loudly. Her body shook as Lucy's mouth was filled with the loving juices that her pussy produced. Nigel and Lucy both had accomplished something unexpected, as they had their turn making Rosie cum. His eyes shifted up, looking at the red marks over both of Rosie's ass cheeks. His hands were burning from the constant spanks, but he didn't regret it. It was only a matter of time he experienced his own orgasm. By now, Nigel had been trying his hardest to hold back, but he could no longer wait. Quickly stepping back, he pulled his cock free from Lucy's pussy and then yelled to both of the girls.

"Ohhhhhhh, god! I can't hold back, I'm gonna fucking blow now! Both of you, get down on your fucking knees for me!!"

Rosie took a deep breath, pulling Lucy's hair to force her mouth free from her clit. Both girls moved from the bed, turning around to face Nigel as they both dropped to their knees. Lucy was to the left side while Rosie sat on the right. Standing in front of them was Nigel, curling his face up as he groaned and wanked his cock furiously aiming directly at them. Lucy stuck her tongue out, moaning out an audible 'ahhhhhh' while Rosie smiled big and spoke up.

"Cum all over us, Nigel! This dirty bitch wants it! GIVE ME YOUR CUM, BABY!!"

Nigel grunted. He gritted his teeth, roaring out to Rosie's filthy request.


With one final stroke of his hand, Nigel let out a roaring moan while his cock had finally exploded. The first initial blast of cum splattered over Lucy's forehead and into her hair. He then moved his rod a bit, aiming at Rosie who closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out, eagerly awaiting the sticky mess she desired. Thick strings of cum splashed over her left cheek, drenching her closed eye lid. He then aimed back towards Lucy while panting and groaning.


Lucy's hands held up her breasts below, ready to catch any excessive cum that didn't land on her face. By now, she was used to Nigel always giving her facials after they were done with a lustful session. He shot another wad over her face, striking the left side of her nose and dripping down her chin. A few strings flew over her forehead and into her hair before he aimed his cock back towards Rosie. She opened her eyes, just in time to see a few spurts landing over her face and hair. Rosie busted up giggling in her lovely voice as Nigel was now panting and trying to catch his breath after unloading his balls all over the two beautiful girls. They sat together, still on their knees while dripping in a mess from cum over their faces. Lucy licked her lips before softly laughing. Rosie smiled up at Nigel before speaking.

"That was a lot of fun, baby. I enjoyed every minute of being your dirty bitch tonight. Thank you."

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Re: Mr. Disco
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Mr. Disco Ch. 10
Starring: Keeley Hazell, Lucy Pinder, Melissa Debling

Codes: MF, Oral, Tit Fuck, Anal, Dirty Talk, Spank

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Miami, Florida

Steam rose from the within the bathroom, leaving a foggy surface over every piece of glass intact. As the days had went passing by in Miami, Luke had found himself caught in the crossfire of a truly lustful romance with a special woman. Keeley Hazell had proven herself to be more than a reliable friend and connection in his journey. The things she had done to him were enough to almost make him forget about the woman his heart belonged to. Being in Miami with a loving woman such as her was almost something of a vacation, despite the tasks at hand they were in town to complete. Luke couldn't resist Keeley as the days began to pass by. They slept together in the same bed, as well as taking a shower together as they were doing now. With the fog covering every glass surface throughout the bathroom, Luke found himself moaning as the former glamour model pleasured him with her mouth. Keeley sat on her knees, closing her eyes and bobbing her head up and down his cock.

Falling in love was never a simple task for Keeley, but she found herself moving closer and closer with this man. Though she had come to Miami with him on his quest to find Lucy, Keeley was beginning to feel the temptation of trying to lure Luke's heart all to herself. She knew it was wrong, but she was also well aware that his entire mission was something of a long shot. Neither of them had anything to lose in this game and were risking it all, but Keeley knew Nigel Taylor much better than Luke. Anyone who had escaped his web of power knew just how far the man would go to take something that he desired. It was a hard pill for Luke to swallow, but Keeley knew she would have to tell him eventually that seeing Lucy again probably wouldn't come to reality. Even now as they spent their time in the same city, Keeley found herself reluctant to make phone calls and ask questions. Luke wanted her to call Nigel's brother Sebastian so badly, but she didn't want to. Keeley knew it was greedy of her, but she wanted Luke all to herself at this point.

Moving from the shower back outside, it didn't take long for them to dry off their naked bodies. Their morning had started with a nice hot shower, but now Keeley was prepared to truly kick the heat up a notch once she had wiped her body clean. Like a true woman in charge, she ordered Luke not to put his clothes on after they stepped out. He left the bathroom while she took a blow drier to fix up her dirty blonde hair. Their hearts were racing back in the shower, giving her all she needed to know that temptation and lust was in the air. Keeley prided herself on her skills of seduction. For her, it had been such a long time that she had grown close to a man she felt that love was possible. Weather Luke didn't want to believe it or not, she knew deep down he was the right man for her. If only she could persuade him to end this little quest trying to win back a woman who was now the 'trophy whore' to another man. With her hair done from the blow drier, she stepped back into the living room of their hotel suite, eyeing him down.


She spoke in a low, sultry tone while gazing back into his eyes. Luke raised his head, smirking to her as he replied with her own name.

"Yes, Keeley?"

That was all she needed to hear to make a move on him. Once she had heard his voice calling her name, Keeley knew exactly what she was about to do. Pushing her hands over his chest, Keeley kissed his lips. Her tongue slithered past his teeth, dancing along his as Luke initiated their kiss into one of bitter tenderness. His hands moved to the front of her body, pushing his palms over her big breasts to feel her hard nipples poking against him. Keeley moaned into his mouth before pulling the kiss apart. She didn't want to speak another word. All she wanted was to feel his throbbing rod inside of her. She placed her hands on his shoulders, hinting to him that she wanted to do it right here, standing up on the floor. Luke didn't quite catch onto her subtle hint until she wrapped her legs around him. He responded by hugging his left arm around her and using his right hand to hold her up by placing it over her buttocks from below. Keeley used both of her hands to reach down and grab his cock, shoving it right into her juicy opening hole.

"Take me, Luke! Oh god, take me hon!"

Her words called out to him with an eager sense of desperation. He seen it within her eyes, as Keeley wanted this so badly. Luke groaned as he felt his cock slide up into her and then he began to buck his hips while standing up and holding her. She wrapped her legs around him tightly, squeezing them around his back while his right hand fingers sunk down into her left ass cheek. Keeley shoved her chest up against his, allowing him to feel the full firmness of her big breasts rubbing against him. Each time Luke made a thrust, she attempted to grind her hips down. It was somewhat difficult to do this while they were standing up, but she didn't care. She needed him so bad and was now receiving that wonderful feeling of every inch of his long cock pumping into her.

"Ohhhhh, yes! Yes!! YESSSSSSS!!!"

Luke heard Keeley's voice raising, becoming louder with each spoken word as he continued to drive his cock into her. He maintained the position of holding her while standing up. Keeley kept her legs wrapped around him as she tried to push herself downward to force his thick dick to pump into her tight pussy. After several movements between them, Lucy eventually fell to the floor and Keeley bent her knees over the carpet while she remained on top.

"Oh god, ohhhh!!"

His cries were heard to Keeley but she ignored him. All that could be heard besides their breathing and moaning were the faint sounds of their bodies slamming together. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound echoed through the room while Luke's eyes were fixated at the glorious view of Keeley's large breasts bouncing up and down before him. Over and over, she continued to pound her cunt down to impale his cock inside herself her. She ran her hands down to his stomach, pushing down as she felt her orgasm fast approaching. Licking her lips, Keeley closed her eyes and raised her head before groaning aloud as the height of her pleasure was now fulfilled.


She came to a stop followed by a few seconds of silence before Luke joined her in screaming as he reached his climax.


The way he screamed her name as his cock exploded within her had brought much joy to Keeley. This was something they could get used to, she considered in the back of her mind. Keeley could no longer deny her feelings that had blossomed for this man over the short time they had spent together. She knew that she had fallen in love with him, regardless if she had the courage to confess her feelings at the time being. They still had a job to do here in Miami, but Keeley didn't care as much as Luke did. What was the chance that all of this running around chasing love was for a loss? He had to know deep down that the likelihood of Lucy returning to him was slim to none. Keeley knew just how hard it was to get away from Nigel. She only hoped in the following days maybe Luke would change his mind and perhaps they could make this friendship into something of a passionate relationship.


London, England

The plane had touched back down landing in the early morning, as Peter Morris was now back in his home country ready to negotiate on behalf of Nigel. This was his first job as an agent since joining the Perfect Kiss Modelling agency. It was on Nigel's word that he was to meet with Melissa Debling and negotiate a contract for her joining the company. With the current state of the glamour business world in shambles, it only made sense that one of the lasting big names in the industry would want to join the vast growing empire. Times had changed in the last five years, beginning when the lad magazines began to close shop and go out of publication. Much of the glamour modelling business was dead at this point, but under Nigel's company he was carrying the last torch of a decaying industry into his own. If not for Nigel's attempts to resurrect the industry, it would be well and truly dead.

Peter considered the reason why Melissa would want to join Perfect Kiss. It had to be over the current landscape of the modelling industry, he believed. The days of working as agent for various glamour models had long come to an end. Gone were the times he and Luke managed several girls over a decade ago when the industry was at the height of it's game. There wasn't much left anymore but it didn't matter. All Peter cared about in the end was having this job and the privilege that came with it. When it came down to choosing his future over a friendship, he didn't feel the regrets for betraying the man whom was his best friend. That was all in the past and only the future mattered in the end for moving forward. When it came time for his retirement, he planned to have enough money to settle down in the U.S. with a comfy home in a quiet place.

In Westminster, the Perfect Kiss building awaited the arrival of Melissa for her meeting with Peter. Since joining the company as an agent, he had his own luxury suite in the hotel attachment of the large building. Many of the models took advantage of the rent free suites that were offered to them for staying. The top floor was the penthouse suite where Nigel stayed along with his favorite two 'trophy whores' as he called them. A high class security team covered every floor of the building, creating a network of tight surveillance. What Peter did not know was just how dedicated Nigel was to keeping a controlling grip over all operations. He had his own inner circle of a handful of people in management whom kept tabs on every activity among the business, going right down to keeping a file on all the agents. It didn't matter that Peter knew it or not, he was being watched at all times by someone else in the company.

The meeting room set for them was on the first floor. Peter sat with a suitcase on the dark red mahogany wood table while he waited for Melissa to arrive. Checking the silver watch strapped over his left wrist, the time would be short. He had already been informed by an assistant that she had arrived to the building, only now waiting for her to enter the room. The room itself was decorated with white painted Greek statues, matching the white color of the walls. Over his body he wore a button up white shirt underneath a black pinstriped suit jacket and wore denim blue jeans. Peter didn't always wear full suits, as he took comfort over fashion style as his choice of wear. His hair was short, while he kept the signature big black mustache he was known by. After a few minutes, the door across the room came open and the sound of high heels clicking and clacking over the floor were audible. Peter glanced up to see a short blonde haired woman wearing a black one piece dress with straps on both shoulders offering an ample view of her heavy cleavage. There was no mistaking Melissa Debling to his eye.

"Good day to you, Melissa."

She turned, glancing to him with her big brown eyes before smiling.

"Hello Mr. Green, it's a pleasure to be here with you today."

He gave her a nod, surveying her lovely body as she pulled a chair out and sat across from him. Once Melissa had firmly sat down, Peter was prepared to begin negotiations with her.

"So, I take it that you've approached Perfect Kiss in hopes of becoming a model alongside this company. Is that correct?"

Melissa smiled before nodding her head in agreement. After a moment, she replied back.

"Yes, that's correct. I've heard good things about this place. It's been some time since I've had a contract with an agency or magazine. I usually run everything myself."

"That's understandable. The industry has pretty much died in the past few years, outside of what we have here at this company."

"Yeah, that's sadly been the case. I was making a pretty good income using my website, but things have been a little dry as of lately when it comes to the money."

"I understand your concerns. You'll be paid well under contract with us. I will be representing you as your agent. There are still places around the world that pay up front for a bit of glamour modelling action. On the other side of things, if you would like to continue with your online business, we can arrange that."

Hearing Peter's words of confirmation to her, Melissa smiled. He seemed to know from the beginning just the very reason she had come this far to joining the agency.

"I like that. I was making most of my income from the pay site anyway. It would be a blessing if we could continue that."

"Don't worry, we will do it. You may have to take the website down for a bit so we can re-brand it under the Perfect Kiss name."

"I don't mind that at all."

Curving his lips into a grin, Peter was confident now that Melissa would easily sign her contract. This was going to be a great day of work after all. Rising up from his seat, he offered her a hand to help her stand back up.

"How about I show you around the place? If you are to join us, you have the option for a residency at our hotel. We take care of our models desires and needs."

She took his hand, rising up as their eyes met for the time being.

"I would certainly love a tour. You may lead the way, mister."


Miami, Florida

Brightness flickered among the flashing of lights in the room as Nigel stood tall in front of the camera. On the floor was Lucy, posing in a submissive position. Her body was naked except for a black thong covering her snatch down below. Her knees were position in a crawling stance while both of her hands were wrapped around Nigel's left leg. He wore a black pinstriped suit, not unlike his usual dress wear. John Varga was standing behind the camera work station, snapping the various photos. Since Nigel had come through on his end of the deal to allow the famed photographer the chance to work with Rosie Jones, it was only fair if he honored his promise. Despite the display of pride over Nigel's face in the photos, he still wasn't happy that he couldn't intimidate Varga with his name and status of wealth. It didn't matter for now as he and Lucy remained still for their photos.

The position that Nigel had chosen for Lucy was one of a silent message. He was her god and she was the servant. Weather she would ever admit it or was a small detail in which he didn't care of. Nigel knew that her fear of him was the truth. She would do as he said and obey his every wish, just like a good trophy whore always did. The few portrait photos were to be a reminder of this, as Nigel made sure Lucy was the one on her hands and knees while he was standing tall and proud. As her god, he could make many wonderful things come of her life with wealth and power. He could also take it away and punish her with the damnation and destruction of her good name. Should she ever think of betraying him, Nigel had his ways to torment her as she was still under contract with him. If Lucy had not by now, she would eventually come to appreciate him in time.

It was safer to take precautions rather than be sorry for losing control in the future. Nigel had learned such things the hard way when it came to other women in his past. He wouldn't lose Lucy as he did Keeley Hazell or the other woman who had escaped his wrath of punishment. After a few hours at Varga's place, Nigel looked over the finished portraits and ordered his own personal prints. He was satisfied with them, as he was with Lucy's body language and facial expressions among the few photos. With a smug grin on his face, he informed Varga that he would be making the payments later in the day for this fine artistic work. Before they left the photographer's home, Nigel had to inform Lucy just how proud he was of her today. She would be in for a lovely surprise later in the evening. After changing back into her black dress that had been worn to the photographer's home, Lucy stood in the living room as Nigel reunited with her. Upon approaching her, he cupped her face and leaned in for a small kiss.

"You did well for me, Lucy. I'm proud of you."

Looking back into his eyes, she answered his words.

"I did? I haven't even got to see the photos yet."

"Don't worry about that. You'll see them when they're hanging high on the walls back home in London."

Moving his hands away from her face, Nigel patted her shoulder before stepping back. He offered a moment of silence to Lucy before he continued.

"I will be rewarding you tonight with a little surprise. You can guess what it is, but I won't be telling you just yet."

"I love surprises."

Without answering her back, Nigel turned away from her. Lucy just stood, considering his words in silence. Soon Varga re-entered the room to discuss something with Nigel while she was left all on her own. Despite the controller demeanor that Nigel had, Lucy was beginning to grow accustomed to this lifestyle of wealth and extravagance alongside him. She liked being alone without having to complete with another woman. Thinking of Holly Peers who resided back at the tower in London, Lucy could only wonder how well the other woman would handle all of this. Knowing Holly from her past, she was aware of the competitive nature the other woman had. The time spent here in Florida felt as something of a calm before the storm. Lucy knew when they went back to London, things were sure to change for better or worse.


London, England

Luxury and power were the two key things Melissa Debling had noticed among the short tour of the Perfect Kiss hotel building. Peter showed her around the lobby, before venturing off to other rooms and going up an elevator. He was so certain that she would be signing her contract not before long. Among the third floor of the hotel was a number of vacant rooms left unoccupied. Peter made sure to keep her away from the higher floors of the hotel that led to Nigel's domain. His personal harem was the final top floor beneath the penthouse. For all that Peter knew, it was a likely chance that Melissa would end up there someday if Nigel took a liking to her. From the third floor, Melissa surveyed each and every unoccupied room alongside Peter, all while they traded small talk back and forth. It didn't take her long to begin flirting with the man who would soon be her agent. A soft way to Peter that she was indeed ready to join this company.

"I like this room better than the last one."

Melissa spoke after stepping around the crimson red carpet covering the floor. Each room appeared to be the same, with white walls and gold lining. Every bed was the same large size, along with the massive flat screen television sets hanging from the living room wall. A marble stoned coffee table was in the living room along with a large white leather couch. The same white color was among the nylon curtains hanging beyond the large window. Melissa's heels sunk into the carpet with each step she made, surveying the room. Peter couldn't tell any difference beyond the rooms, as they all appeared magnificent to his eye.

"Really? I don't see any difference at all with the two rooms."

Turning around, she smirked at him.

"Are you sure? I'm not in that room, so this one is instantly different just from my presence alone."

He glanced back at her somewhat confused with her words. Melissa spoke to him again, her voice changing into one of lust and seduction.

"You can be up front with me about this, Peter. I know it's your job to woo me into joining Perfect Kiss, but I know you're thinking about something else."

"Like what?"

"What do you mean 'like what', Peter? Don't beat around the bush, honey. Every time I've got my back turned, I can see you outta the corner of my eye looking at my arse. Or like right now, you can't keep your eyes on my face without glancing down at my boobs."

Raising up his eyebrow, Peter licked his lips. There was no sense in denying his desire for her. He was hoping they could have a little fun together before or after her signature went on the printed contract paper. Smirking to her, he gave the lustful glamour model a nod.

"Sure, I might as well admit it. I'd do a lot of bad things to you if this wasn't a business meeting."

The stage was set and Melissa had this man all to herself, thanks to her beauty alone. She knew a man like him couldn't resist her, but it was her own desire that she cared about above his pleasure. Stepping forward to him, Melissa moved face to face with the man who would soon be her agent. Biting down on her lower lip, she thought for a few seconds before speaking.

"I'll make you a deal. I'll sign the contract, but I want this room...after you've fucked me in it. How about that?"

"I'll see to it that you end up with this room, baby. Don't worry about a thing."

"Very well then, I believe we have an agreement."

Without speaking another word, Melissa pushed her lips to his for a moment of soft kissing. His beard brushed among her chin, softly caressing over her face while Peter wrapped his around her to pull her body in close. He wanted to feel those giant tits pushed up against his chest before her clothes were to come off. This was the beginning of what was about to be a day of some nasty hard fucking. It had been so long since Peter had lost got lucky with a woman in the business, now he was striking gold with one of the best out there. He had his fair share of wonderful women in the past along Luke, but Melissa was one he would've never achieved without letting go of his former best friend and old life. On the other hand, Peter had his own desires and needs to think about. He wanted to at least have a chance like this with Melissa while Nigel wasn't anywhere around.


Miami, Florida

'I can't do it, there's simply no way.' Keeley spoke to herself within her mind while taking in a deep sigh. Luke had been pressing her on the topic of contacting Nigel's brother, Sebastian. She understood that it was the one potential lead for him to find Lucy in this town, but Keeley didn't want to do this. Her feelings of passion had come to life when it came to Luke. There was no way she could ignore such feelings of tenderness any longer. During the time they had spent together bonding out of this pain, she couldn't hold back the fact she was falling in love with the man. It could've happened in the past, but would he be persuaded by her to end this foolish quest? Keeley figured that Luke had to know his chances were slim to none anyway. Even if he did reach Lucy again, was it worth risking his life? He had already escaped the possibility of death once. A second risk wasn't worth it.


Luke called out to her from the living room. She had been sitting alone in the bedroom wearing nothing but a gold robe over her nude body. Perhaps he could be persuaded more easily with her body, as she thought to herself. They had spent much time in Miami making love with one other, enough time to make Keeley believe that something was real between them. Or maybe it was just the delusions of wishful thinking. Luke soon got up from the couch and slowly stepped his way around to join her in the bedroom. It was a simple guess what he was about to mention to her once they were face to face again.

"Did you call Sebastian Taylor for me?"

Looking into his face, Keeley wanted to answer him back almost immediately but didn't. She knew Luke was about to ask this question, but how could she lie? From the expression of concern over his face, she felt her heart sank. He was still thinking about Lucy and not her. Swallowing her breath, Keeley shook her head to him.

"No, I didn't call him."

"Why not? You've had all day to give him a ring. I can't just sit here waiting all the time. We need to figure out where Lucy is now, otherwise this trip was all for nothing."

She took a deep breath listening to his complaints. He even mentioned the other woman's name, another sting to her heart. At this time, she realized it would be impossible to avoid this argument between them. Keeley decided to confess her feelings now instead of waiting.

"To tell you the truth hon, I don't wanna call him. I know I should do it for you, but I don't wanna.You see Luke, I know you still have feelings for Lucy but I think you should be thinking about the future."

Luke rolled his eyes and took a deep breath, sighing. He began to shake his head back and forth while Keeley leaned up from the bed, gazing up at his face before continuing on with her words.

"I...I don't wanna lose you again. If you keep poking your nose around Nigel's business, you know what could happen to you. I don't wanna see you end up dead over this. Luke, I love you."

She said it loud and clear. His heart sank while thinking of the final four words in her speech. Luke didn't know how to react to this. His heart belonged only to one woman whom he was willing to chase all over the map trying to win back. It had bothered him when Michelle confessed her feelings to him back in London but now he had two women who had fallen for him. Looking at her face, Luke took in a deep breath. He was about to shatter her heart with his words. It would be a tough thing to say but he felt there wasn't any other choice.

"Keeley, you cannot love me. You know-"

Cutting him off, she yelled to him.

"Yes I can! There's no sense in me denying my feelings to you anymore! When we first started out on this trip, I didn't think it could happen but I learned it was true today. I've been feeling this way all day, so I might as well tell you at last. I don't wanna call Sebastian for you. I would rather you just forget about her and we can make it work for the future."

"Oh my god, you cannot be serious about this."

"I am definitely serious! What's the point in denying your true feelings? Pull your head out of the sand and think about what you're doing, Luke. You don't know Nigel as well as I do. Believe me when I tell you that you are lucky to still be standing where you are today."

Rising up from the bed, she stood face to face with the man. Keeley couldn't hold back, she carried on.

"Do you really think Nigel is gonna allow Lucy to ever see you again? And who's to say that she picks him over you? I guess you think that you can some how get her back and then you both live happily ever after. No problems, a typical fairy tale ending with you as the knight in shining armour. What a bloody ridiculous fantasy world you live in!"

Her anger came out in full force to him. Luke stepped back, not sure of how to respond to her words at first. He would undoubtedly hurt her with what he was going to say, but there didn't seem to be another option here. Before he could say anything, Keeley spoke once more.

"Do you love me, Luke? Just tell me now. Don't lie, tell me how you really feel about me. If you don't love me, then I wanna hear you say it."

His eyes glanced down for a moment before looking back at her. Luke shook his head.

"Fine. I'm not in love with you, Keeley. I'm in love with Lucy."

Feeling the pain from his words, Keeley bit down on her lower lip trying to hold back the tears. She had lost to a woman who wasn't even here, a woman he had no idea would even take him back. It was foolish, but what else could she do? It was no use in fighting him over this. If his heart was set on Lucy, she wouldn't get caught in the crossfire of his slim chances in this dangerous game. As the tears began to roll down her face, Keeley raised her left hand to wipe them away before answering him back.

"Very well, then. You've made your choice. I'll call Sebastian right now and see what's up with Nigel and Lucy."

"Keeley, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you-"

Cutting him off, she gritted her teeth before growling at him while gazing up into his eyes

"Don't tell me you're sorry. I won't forgive you for breaking my heart like this, but I will bring you closer to her. After all, we came here together so I could help you find Lucy. I will call Sebastian and see if he can get me some information. But you must understand one thing, Luke. After this, you'll be on your own from here. You chose her over me and you're gonna have to live with that. Don't call me ever again. I'm not getting in the middle of you and Nigel and shedding tears if worst comes to worst. This is your choice and you can't go back after this."

He nodded to her, unable to argue with any of her points. Luke knew he had to give her space after the devastating blow he had sent to her heart. Perhaps she was right, he would be better off ending this quest of love and settling down with a woman who had fallen for him. He had that same opportunity with Michelle back in London, but Luke refused her advance as well. Weather he was right or wrong in this decision, he followed his gut instincts with what his heart told him.

"Alright, Keeley. I appreciate what you've done for me, it truly means a lot."


London, England

"Just like that, suck that fucking cock!"

No time had been wasted between Melissa and Peter when it came to disrobing of their clothes. The door to the vacant hotel room had been slammed shut and locked from the outside. Before they entered the bedroom, Melissa had given him something of a small strip tease. With all attention centered around her, she had sat down on the bed and bounced her augmented breasts before snatching the bra off.

Her state of a topless front had only come after she had taken off a black thong and teased him with the view of her dripping wet pussy first. Peter didn't bother returning the favor with any kind of show as he took every article of clothing from his body and slung it all among the floor. Now he was standing tall; gripping the back of her head with those blonde locks of hair curled up in his hand, all while Melissa worked her lips down his shaft.

Her right hand fingers were wrapped around the base of his cock in a tight grip as she stroked upward in sync with her lips working down several inches of his hard meat pole. 'Mmm, mmm, mmm'. Melissa moaned while her breasts were shaking down below with the hard movements of her neck bobbing up and down. Peter refused to let go of her hair. Melissa moved her hand away and then pushed her mouth all the way down, taking every inch of his cock between her lips. After a few seconds, she gagged and choked on his length before pulling her lips back up. He figured that she was about to pop his rod out of her mouth but Melissa surprised him by going back down on it and moaning a muffled noise. Her cheeks sank as she sucked on his dick for another few seconds. When Melissa pulled her lips back up again, this time she did release his cock with a loud popping sound.

"Mmmmmm, your pole is quite the tasty one."

She spoke to him like a true seductress. Peter gazed down into her big blue eyes, watching the saliva strings pull apart from her pink lips back to his slobber-coated shaft. His hand remained in her hair, tightening the grip to give her a slight hint of what he wanted to do. Melissa crackled into a goofy laugh, flashing her teeth at him with a grin before she teased him.

"You wanna fuck my mouth, tough guy? Do it!"

"Be careful what you fucking wish for, baby."

Of course a good bit of skull-fucking was what Peter hoped to do from maintaining his fingers in her hair. Now with Melissa's approval, he placed his other hand down into her blonde locks of hair, curling his fingers up to strengthen his grip. Melissa parted her lips, sliding the head of his shaft back between them and then preparing herself for what was soon to come within seconds. He bucked his hips forward, grunting as his cock slammed down the back of her throat. Melissa immediately gagged, not expecting him to begin like this. Peter wasn't wasting time whatsoever with turning this dirty moment into one of pure hardcore lust.

"Take that fucking cock, you sexy whore!"

Choking on his rod, Melissa maintained herself while her eyes watered up. Peter began to thrust his rod back and forth between her lips as she began to suck on it. Holding her head in place with both of his hands, he grunted again while bucking his hips.


The noises her mouth created were a delight to his ears, listening to the gags and choking noises. Peter took a deep breath, watching as his ball sack smacked against her lower lip and chin from the fast paced movements he took. Her breasts were bouncing down below slightly, teasing Peter's eye sight as the desire to grab at one was circling through his mind.

"Take it, take it baby! Ohhhhh, yes!!"

His voice slightly changed, giving Melissa the notice that he was concentration on this pleasure. From where her eyes had watered up, her mascara and eyeliner smeared a bit in dark smudges. Over and over, Peter pumped his fat dick through her oral hole. He couldn't hold back the desire to touch her breasts with his hands. Peter moved his right hand out of her hair, reaching down to play with one of her boobs as he fondled it with his palm. Melissa closed her eyes, feeling him slow down while her left nipple was pinched between his fingers. Peter eventually had to come to a stop, crying out in pleasure as he moved his right hand to grip his cock from the base and pull it free from her loving lips. An audible popping noise echoed throughout the room, no different from before.

"God, you are so fucking sexy, Melissa."

Peter spoke while looking at his shiny cock, dripping in her saliva. Melissa's face had slightly changed from the smearing of her eyeliner. She figured he was about to ask for a tit-fuck, so she moved both hands to her large breasts and held them up as he removed his own hands. Peter knew what she was hinting for, but he had other plans for this wondrous body of pleasure. It was no doubt he wanted his cock between her breasts, but not just yet.

"You like my big boobs, Peter."

"Fuck yeah I do, but I wanna see that cute bottom you've got back there. Get up for me and turn around."

Melissa listened to his commanding voice before she licked her lips and let out a soft moan. It was unlike other men in the past, none of whom could resist the urge of an invitation at fucking her tits. Perhaps this was a different type of man from what she was used to. Rising up from her knees, she turned around and pushed her legs together before wiggling her plump ass before him. Peter was satisfied with this act of teasing.

"Impressive. Such an underrated arse, you know?"

His complimenting words made Melissa giggled. Peter raised up his right hand and lowered it down for a good smack over the right cheek of her booty.


"Mmmmm, ohhhh! Someone's eager for a bit of play from behind!"

Teasing with her words, Melissa licked her lips and shook her ass again. If a thick ass was what really turned Peter on, then he was indeed a different man from what she expected. Pushing her heels into the floor, she lowered her ass before rising it back up, another act of teasing. Her subtle attempts to rile up his fever resulted in Peter raising his hand again.


"Mmmmm, yeah! Smack my arse again, mister!"

The 'mister' at the end of her spoken word was enough to make Peter rear his hand back one more time and lay another strike over her beautiful bottom.


She flinched, stepping forward at the feeling of his mighty hand delivering a powerful swat to her ass. Melissa bit down on her lower lip, figuring that she would soon feel another hand-slap to her fine buttocks. Peter was done for now, admiring the soft red mark that had formed over her right cheek. It was time to experience that ass with his magic stick.

"Bend over against the bed for me."

"Ohhhhh? Are you gonna fuck me up the arse with your big meaty dick, Peter? Does my agent wanna take a crack at my ass before he fucks my pussy real good?"

Her filthy words had caused him to chuckle slightly. Once Melissa bent over the bed's edge, Peter stepped behind her to observe her lovely rump with his eyes before replying in meaningless words.

"Yeah, something like that."

Not wanting to waste precious time with small talk, Peter stepped forward and used both hands to pull apart her ass cheeks. Melissa had laid her chest down over the bed, pushing her hands over the red sheets covering the mattress. When she felt Peter's throbbing rod slide into her ass crack, she bit down on her lower lip. Unable to shake the urge from within, Melissa closed her eyes and teased him once again with her language of smut.

"Mmmmmmm, I can feel that hard fucking dick poking towards my arse. What are you waiting for, mister? Push it in there and take it!"

"I like it when you call me 'mister', baby."

Peter spoke just as he guided the head of his shaft through her dark little hole between the crack of her ass. Melissa took a deep breath, an exaggerated gasp so he could hear it.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah! That's it. Mmmmmm, I wanna feel that fat dick in my arse."

Taking the first hard thrust into her, Peter couldn't prevent himself from groaning. This was a tight ass, something he learned instantly from the feeling within.

"Damn, you've got a fucking tight one."

"Mmmmmhhhmmmmm. Nice and tight bottom, just like you wanted, huh?"

The goofiness in her voice would've made him chuckle at any other moment, but this wasn't a time for teasing. Peter began to buck his hips forward, moving his hands to grip her sides while watching his cock slowly disappear entering her tight buttocks.

"There you go, mmmmmmm..."

Melisas could feel every last inch of his hard pole pushing into her. She listened to the grunts in Peter's voice before he began to pick up the pace a bit, ramming his fat cock into her ass and back.

"Mmmmmm, fuck my arse. Fuck my arse, mister!"

To hear her call him 'mister' yet again, Peter responded by raising his left hand and then sending it downward for a good smack over her ass.


"Oh yeah! Spank that tight arse while you pound it with your fat fucking dick, mister!


He couldn't hold himself back any longer now. Peter slammed his cock into her ass repeatedly, bucking his hips a steady rhythm while sending inch after inch of his lengthy pole into her tight bottom. All the while, he reared his hand back and continued to spank her.








She didn't forget to call him that silly nickname he adored from her beautiful voice. With one more full thrust into her ass, Peter let out a roar of pleasure while his balls smacked over the undersides of her ass. He could've continued pounding away but he had to stop, knowing that her pussy had to be desperately leaking wet for attention by now. Stepping back, he watched his cock begin to slip from her ass before it bounced up. Melissa glanced beyond her right shoulder upon the absent feeling of his rod in her back door hole.

"Turn around and lay on your back for ."

His commanding words were just what Melissa wanted to hear. After having to feel the heat brewing from down below with her labia, it was about time he gave some attention to her loving entrance. Melissa followed his instructions, flipping her body over to face him while her legs dangled from the end of the bed. Peter stood between her legs, gazing down at her clean entrance. Those pink lips of her snatch were so tempting for his lips. Not a single line of hair remained above the folds. Gripping his rod with his right hand, he smacked the head over her vulva lips. Melissa moaned as he began to tease her.

"You've got such a big fucking dick, mister. You're gonna fuck me with it, yeah?"

Rubbing his cock over her clit, Peter gazed up at her large breasts while Melissa called out to him.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, yeah! I want you to fuck me so hard, mister! I want you to give me every last inch of that hard...long...fat...fucking DICK!"

Her voice had changed from seductive to a full tone of erotic filthiness. Peter took a deep breath, inching his cock past the wet folds of her pussy while Melissa spread her legs and bent her knees.

"Ohhhhh, yeah. I wanna feel it inside of me."

"Like this, baby?"

Slipping his cock in further, Peter made the first slow thrust inside of her. He watched the chest movements of her body while Melissa took in a deep breath.

"Yes, ohhhhhhhhh yeah..."

To hear her moan like this in her full voice was a new delight. Melissa took another deep breath and then adjusted her legs, pushing her heels from behind so that the edge would poke into his bare ass cheeks from behind. It was a subtle, quiet way of telling this confident man just how badly she desired for him to fuck her raw.

"Give me your dick, mister. Give it to me."

Peter chuckled at his words, leaning down so he could take in a better view at her voluptuos body and busty tits.

"I love it when you call me that, baby."

"I know you do, mister. But don't tease me like this! I want you to fuck me. FUCK ME!!"

Now she was screaming to him in complete demand. When Melissa shoved her heels down harder on his buttocks from behind, Peter knew he had little choice in this matter. He reached his hands upward, pressing down on her stomach as he began to buck his hips and drive his long pole back and forth into her tight pussy.

"Yes, yesssss!! That's it!! Fuck me, mister!! FUCK ME HARDER!!"

Her heavy breasts bounced with each hard thrust Peter sent into her loving cup. He couldn't hold himself back anymore, bucking his hips harder with each thrust. The frame of the bed began to rattle, shaking along with the steady pace of Melissa's great large boobs bouncing up and down. She gritted her teeth, looking into his eyes while throwing her arms over her head.


A few drops sweat fell from above his eyebrows while Peter grunted and continued to pound every inch of his long rod into her twat. This was how Melissa wanted it and he couldn't stop himself once he achieved a steady pace.


Melissa's demands were met with Peter pushing all of his strength into bucking his hips. She was already close to an orgasm due to how fast he handled her, fucking her pussy just the way she had desired him to. She closed her eyes, feeling her great big breasts bouncing all around until he placed his hands over them and gave both of her tits a squeeze. Peter felt the hardness of her nipples shaking around against his palms before tightening his grip. Over and over, he continued to ram his cock all while trying to hold off his own climax from happening too soon.


Her voice raised yet again with her screams. Peter slowed down momentarily as he felt her climax drawing closer, only a mere seconds away. Moving his hands away from her breasts, he took a few more slowed thrusts inside of her and then Melissa opened her eyes wide before crying out.


Silence fell upon the room with a gasp while Melissa experienced her climax. Peter had felt her juices gushing to flood his cock from within. The feeling was enough to make him nearly blow his load inside her, but luckily he had pulled his rod free of that wonderful pussy before it was possible. Despite such a hard orgasm, Melissa hoped he wasn't finished yet. There was still one last thing she wanted from her new agent.

"Bring me that dick! Get up here and fuck my tits, mister!"

She knew what would work his gears into a frenzy by calling him that name again and inviting with her breasts. No man could resist her breasts, not even one with an ass fixation. Peter wasted no time climbing up on the bed and sitting down over her chest. Melissa pushed her breasts together, teasing him as she watched her new agent grab his cock and shove the head up against her right nipple.

"Spank that big dick up against my fucking tit, mmmm yeah!!"

Unable to hold himself back, Peter bit down on his lower lip as he began to follow through with her request. Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound echoed through the room as the head of his shaft hit up against her hardened nipple. Melissa giggled.

"Don't forget the other one!"

From her reminder, Peter pointed his cock towards her left breast and repeated the process. Smack. Smack. Smack. Just like before, Melissa giggled in excitement.

"You just can't get enough of these big tits, can you? Mmmmmm, I can't wait to-"

He swiftly cut her off in speech.

"Shut up and wrap 'em around my cock!"

His sudden words were unexpected, little did she think he would promptly silence her speech. Melissa moved her hands over her breasts as Peter positioned his cock atop him. She squeezed them together, slowly to the point that his meat pole slid the cracking passage and disappeared between the folds.

It was an impressive display as Peter couldn't see his cock at all, but he definitely felt the firmness of her great breasts.

"Ohhhhh, fuck. You have no idea how good that feels, baby."

Since he had quieted her words moments earlier, Melissa had no desire to utter another word for now. She licked her lips as he began to thrust his hips forward, driving his cock back and forth between her large boobs. Hearing his heavy breathing, Melissa knew he was enjoying this pleasureful experience.

"God, those tits are something else."

It didn't bother Peter one bit that her tits weren't natural. What could he say? They didn't have to be real for all he cared. Over and over, he slowly pumped his cock between her breasts. Melissa moaned, glancing down to see the head of his lengthy shaft poking up between the folds. She spit on it before it disappeared back between her breasts. Peter didn't want to stop, for this was too much of an enjoyment to him. Slow and steady, he continued to rock his hard dick forward and back. Melissa gazed up into his face with her big blue eyes, teasing him with a smirk when his eyes caught hers. She could no longer resist the urge to tease him with her dirty words.

"You like that, huh? Mmmmmmm, I know you do. Look at you, you're having the time of your life fucking my tits."

Letting out a giggle, Melissa flashed her teeth. She continued her filthy speech while Peter was still thrusting his cock between her boobs.

"Don't stop, mister! Don't you fucking stop until that fat dick explodes between my tits. I wanna feel your cum, ohhhh yes. Mmmmmmm, I wanna feel it pouring out from between my titties. Can you cum for me, mister? Can you? Can you!?"

"Ohhh god, baby! Fuck!!"

His words came out in a cry. Peter slowed down while Melissa continued.

"Can you cum for me? Can you, please?"

She spoke to him almost in a whisper. If not for her powerful tits, Peter could've shot his load right then and there from the soothing sound of her lovely voice. He grunted, gritting his teeth as he could no longer hold back with a final thrust.

"Ohhhhhhh, FUCK!! YESSSSS!!"

Glancing downward, Melissa squeezed her breasts together as hard as she possibly could while feeling the warm splash of his cum seeping out from beyond her breasts.

"Mmmmmm, yeah! That's it, cum for me, mister!"

Hearing her call him as 'mister' yet again just made him cum harder. Peter sighed in relief at this wonderful feeling while his cum squirted between her breasts, creating a flowing river of thick semen that leaked beyond her breasts to create a puddle around her neck. Her pink lips curled up into the most smug grin Peter had witnessed from her face yet.

"Thanks for the pearl necklace, mister!"

Melissa winked after speaking her words. All he could do was sigh upon watching her lean her head forward and lick the head of his cock between her breasts. She had done quite the number on Peter who was now exhausted as he looked down at the cute smirk across her face.

"Damn, I could get used to spending time with you, baby."

"I hope that's a possibility, given that you'll be my new agent after today. I think this could be the beginning of a fine friendship, don't you think?"

"Yeah, I think so too."


Miami, Florida

The late afternoon hours had shifted into the evening while Keeley sat on the phone with Sebastian Taylor. Staying true to her word with Luke, she called the man and engaged into a conversation with him. It had been the first time in what seemed to be ages since Keeley and Sebastian last spoke to one another. Much had changed in her life, but his was mostly the same apart from his family problems. Sebastian confessed to her what had been going on with Nigel and Lucy, all after Keeley had told him that somebody special wanted to know. Lucky for her, the man would tell her anything as long as she sat there and let him ramble about various subjects. He could be a lot of fun at times if someone was looking for a party. Keeley would never tell Luke, but she felt that he would get along with Sebastian on some level of contact. After she hung up the phone, Keeley joined Luke in the living room to discuss with him.

"Alright hon, I think I've got some information you'll like to hear."

Luke sat up from the couch, turning to watch her enter the room before she moved to join him on the couch.

"Well, you were on the phone for over an hour. Somebody must've really missed you lately."

"I could've guessed that Nigel would bring her down here for some kind of photo shoot. Does the name Varga ring a bell to you?"


Keeley smiled.

"Yes, John Varga. You aren't familiar with him?"

"I guess not. The name is kinda familiar but I don't think I've ever met him before."

"Sebastian says that Nigel had been trying to work a deal with him and from what he heard the other day, it was successful. Varga is a big shot photographer. I remember him from my glamour modelling days. His shoots often end up in magazines and he does his own books."

Thinking to himself, Luke didn't know where to begin with this exactly. It wasn't much of a lead, but it was something. Perhaps he could negotiate with this photographer but with what? The question remained in his mind while he sighed. Keeley studied his concerned face before Luke replied back.

"Does he work here in Miami?"

"I think so. Sebastian said that Nigel had to fly in here to meet with him and do the photo shoot. I assume that means his studio is down here."

An idea suddenly came into Luke's mind. He got up from the couch, ready to fetch his laptop and begin searching over the world wide web.

"I'm gonna get on my laptop and see where his office is located. I guess I'll go over there tomorrow and demand a meeting."

"What are you gonna do if he says no?"

He turned around, gazing directly at Keeley as he began to speak again.

"I'll make a nuisance of myself to get the guy's attention. I'll drive them fucking crazy in that office, how about that?"

To her mind his idea sounded ridiculous, but it was so much like the man she knew. All Keeley could do was smile as he turned around and stepped around the room to locate his laptop from the kitchen table. She wasn't about to stop him. Such a risky plan was what she had come to expect out of Luke. He was truly acting out with his emotions guiding him and not better thinking. It was nothing she could do to stop him from making a fool of himself. He chose the woman he was chasing over her and that was the end of their relationship. Keeley planned on leaving first thing tomorrow and headin back to London. She would stay true to her word from earlier. Luke was going to be on his own without her help. If he failed to get a meeting out of John Varga, then this trip would be all for nothing since he turned away Keeley's passion. There was nothing left for Luke to lose, as he was ready to act of desperate need to try and win back the woman he loved.


The night was young as Lucy looked out of the large glass window of the hotel suite on Brickell Key. From beyond the glass, her eyes glanced below as Lucy could see the city beginning to light up while the sky faded away into darkness and the night came out to play. Her mind wandered, thinking back to the days in London when she used to gaze out the window from Nigel's penthouse. She remembered the feelings of captivity when gazing out of the windows from high above, almost like the tallest tower to a castle. There wasn't a collar locked around her neck like before and yet, she still felt a similarity to that memory. Nigel was a powerful man and he enjoyed the position where he could live like a king. At least she would have wealth in this new life, but Lucy's mind often wandered to other places. To be known as his 'trophy whore' was something she had shaky thoughts in regards of. Across the room, she could Nigel speaking into his cellphone in a calm manner.

After they had left Varga's estate, Nigel took Lucy out for dinner at an exclusive restaurant in Downtown. They were both required to head back to the hotel suite to get a change of clothes before heading back out. At dinner, Lucy and Nigel enjoyed themselves with a toast to their bonding love. It was more of a celebration of his dominating win over the new woman he had given the title of 'trophy whore' to. From time to time, Lucy did see a softer side to him but it was rare. It seemed he had to constantly remind her of her place and that he was the boss at all times. She wondered of things were going to change once they had went back to London, but Lucy had her doubts. Knowing Holly from the past and how the other woman had been around her, she expected a competition between them to unfold. While she stood in front of the window, Lucy began to untie the knot holding her black robe together. She knew once Nigel was off the phone, they would soon be engaged into a game of sensual pleasure.

"That's wonderful to hear. I'm glad to hear Melissa Debling is on contract now."

Nigel was speaking to his assistant Amber. The details were what Lucy remained uncertain of, but Melissa's name was one she knew of. He stood there in his black pants and white shirt, as he had removed much of his suit earlier.

"No, that's fine. I'll thank Peter myself. I appreciate you calling and letting me know. I'll be back in London sometime tomorrow. Leave her file over my desk. I wanna have a look at her website and I'll see where we can make some improvements."

From his words, Lucy had her thoughts answered in regards of when they would be going back home. She slowly turned around, studying the expression over his face. For a rare moment, Nigel smiled to himself while talking over the phone.

"Thanks again, Amber. Have a wonderful evening, I'll see you tomorrow on time as usual."

Pulling the phone away from his hear, he touched the flat screen to hang up the call. Lucy then pulled her robes apart to gain his attention along with her words.

"The company's acquired a new model I take it?"

"Yes. Melissa Debling has joined us. Do you know her, Lucy?"

Nodding her head, Lucy smirked.

"Of course. She's been around a while, I remember shooting for a magazine with her in the building."

Slowly approaching Lucy, Nigel took it upon himself to begin unbuttoning his shirt. Lucy's watched the movement of his hands before he was standing merely inches away from her. Now she figured was a time to remind him about the 'surprise' he had mentioned earlier.

"Do I have to wait until tomorrow when we're back in London to see what my surprise is?"

Raising up his eyebrows, Nigel shook his head. There was no true gift for her. Nothing that she may have been expecting, as he just wanted to provoke a reaction out of her.

"No, I'll go ahead and tell you what your surprise is. I think you know we're about to light this room on fire, yes?"

Lucy leaned forward, licking her lips before softly kissing his lips. Nigel had her now, looking into those big brown eyes as he explained himself to her.

"Look at your beautiful face..."

He moved his hands to cup her cheeks, still gazing into Lucy's eyes.

"My filthy fuck doll has such an incredible face. I'm gonna give you a break tonight, Lucy. You've earned a treat. So, instead of me blasting your beautiful face in cum, I'm gonna let you choose where I discharge."

She didn't know how to react to his words. This was it? What a surprise, Lucy thought to herself. Through his actions, she had learned of how much he prided himself in vanity and his ivory tower of an ego. There were still times like this where Nigel could catch her off guard. Perhaps Lucy didn't know him as well after all, for he proved every single time that there was a new level to his ego. Taking cum to the face was something she didn't mind, but from his words it sounded like a privilege for her to choose where he would spill his seed. She stepped back, roaming her hands through his unbuttoned shirt over his bare chest. Breaking eye contact, Lucy thought to herself before his voice called out to her.

"What's wrong? That's not what you expected?"

"No, not at-"

"There's no sense in lying, Lucy..."

He moved his left hand to cup her chin, forcing her to look up into his smug grin. This is what Nigel enjoyed more than anything with the women he gave the title of 'trophy whore' to. Lucy had been a true natural to him, more submissive than he could've dreamed.

"Tell me now, my filthy fuck doll. Where do you want me to cum for you tonight?"

Licking her lips, Lucy looked up at him while moving her hands to the front of his pants.

"How about all over my massive chest?"

She gritted her teeth after uttering her dirty words. All Nigel could do was nod to her request. As he spoke, Lucy dropped the robe to reveal her naked voluptuous body to him.

"That's a fine choice. I'll be covering those massive tits with my cum tonight and then you can lick it all up, like a good whore. What are you waiting for, Lucy? Get on your fucking knees and take my pants off."

Without uttering a word in response to him, Lucy did just as she was told. Dropping down to her knees, the buxom brunette model undid his belt while Nigel threw his shirt to the floor. For the final evening spent together in this luxury hotel suite, he wanted to see how well Lucy would work to pleasure him without ordering her. Once she got his pants shoved down to his ankles, both hands moved to his underwear before sliding them down, allowing his growing cock to spring free and into her sight. Nigel stepped out of his pants and underwear while watching his filthy fuck doll wrap both of her hands around his cock. Lucy wasted no time stroking it, adjusting her tightened fingers around his meat pole to pump back and forth with her hands. He was impressed thus far with her display of commitment. Once his dick was at the proper full length, Lucy moved her left hand away and parted small her lips to breathe down over his rod.

Flicking her tongue to her upper lip, Lucy gazed up at Nigel's face before slipping the head of his long cock past her lips. She expected to feel his fingers roaming through her long hair soon, but the man stood idle as the buxom brunette began to slowly bob her head up and down, lovingly sucking his dick. 'Mmmmmm', Lucy moaned while a few light sucking noises echoed from her position down below. Still looking forward to the feeling of Nigel's hand in her hair, she soon closed her eyes to concentrate on moving her lips up and down his thick pole. His eyes scanned down, watching as Lucy soon moved her right hand away from the base of his cock to place it down below with her over hand. She held her breasts up, pinching her nipples between her own fingers as she continued to slobber all over his hardened cock. Eventually Lucy came to a stop, raising her lips to the head to release it with a popping sound.

"Ohhhhhhh, yeah."

She expected Nigel to utter some stern command to her but he didn't. All he did in response was let out a low moan. For once she had time on her own, sitting there and gazing at the saliva strings that dangled from her mouth back to his drool-soaked cock. Lucy pushed her lips together, kissing the head while still squeezing her own tits within her hands. Nigel watched her envelope her lips back around his length and proceed to suck it once more. This time Lucy worked her lips up and down at a faster pace, slobbering all over his cock while her tits were halted from bouncing within the grasp of her own hands.

"Suck that fucking cock, there you go. You are my filthy fuck doll, never forget that."

He may have been talking smut with her, but for now Lucy still had something of control from her position on her knees. Pumping her lips up and down his rod, she moaned while closing her eyes. At any moment she still expected to feel his hands reaching through to snatch her up by the hair, yet Nigel didn't. He remained still, watching her pleasure him on her own. Deep down in his mind, he doubted that Lucy would attempt to force an orgasm out of him solely with the use of her lips. Nigel knew his trophy whore all too well and figured she was just preparing him for what was going to be a sloppy session of tit-fucking. He wasn't going to tell her what he wanted. For once, Lucy would be able to pleasure him herself.

"I think you were hungry tonight and didn't wanna tell me."

Lucy ignored his words, still moving her lips up and down his cock before she slowed down. Opening her eyes once more, she looked up into his face before slowly slipping her lips to the head and releasing it with an audible pop sound. Gritting her teeth, Lucy looked up into his eyes. This was the kind of face that Nigel adored from his trophy whore. Resisting the temptation to grab her hair, he listened to her low voice speaking to him.

"Maybe I've been craving a hard cock all day...or maybe..."

"Maybe what?"

Her lips curved into a grin as she pulled her breasts apart. Lucy broke eye contact just to look down at his wet cock for a brief second and then back up at his face.

"Or maybe I'd rather stick it right here."

Nigel moaned as he felt her giant breasts wrapping around his slobber-covered shaft. When Lucy squeezed her amazing heavy boobs around his cock, the entire length disappear except for the head slightly poking up. No matter how many times she did this for him, it was a feeling of pleasure he could never grow tired of. She glanced down, looking at the head poking out and parting her lips to flick it with her tongue. Nigel smiled brightly as his trophy whore began to slowly pump her breasts up and down, fucking his cock to a pulp with them.

"Fuck, this is just what I wanted from you."

Looking up into his eyes, Lucy smirked while she slowly pumped her tits up and down. Nigel took a deep breath before he finally moved his right hand down into her hair, gently caressing her brunette locks. Soon he would be taking control but at least for now, Lucy had free reign to work her skills over him. Despite her eyes looking up at his face, Nigel concentrated his view on watching his cock pump up and disappear in the tight fold between her wonderful breasts.

"Keep going my filthy fuck doll."

"Mmmmmm, you just love calling me that, don't you?"

"I love reminding you, whore. Never forget what you are to me."

Ever so charming with his filthy words, Lucy could've expected him to call her something else as an answer to her small question. She didn't answer him back and had looked away from his face to gaze down and watch his cock pumping up and through the folds of her large breasts. Nigel's hand remained in her hair as he began to curl it up into a weak pony tail between his fingers. She expected him to be pulling her hair shortly, but that didn't prevent her from continuing to pump her boobs up and down over his cock. Nigel was already considering just how long he had to go before his cock would explode. He wanted to be inside her pussy before his orgasm had drawn closer. Timing and pleasure were two things that sadly went together, despite how much he didn't want this to end. Lucy began to moan while working her tits up and down.

"Ohhhhhh, mmmmmm. This feels so wonderful. Mmmmm, I love feeling your cock between my tits."

Nigel almost had to question if Lucy was exaggerating with her words. He didn't expect her to tease him with filthy words like this. Her sincerity was questionable since she didn't bother making eye contact with him. Over and over, she continued to slowly pump her breasts up and down over his fat dick. At this time, Nigel was ready to take over and show her who the real boss was. Lucy had her fun but it was his turn now. Tightening his grip in her hair, he pulled it to tilt her head upward to look up at him. He then began to buck his hips forward, taking over as he was the one now pumping his cock up and down between those wonderful tits.

"Look at me, you dirty bitch. Eyes up here, don't you fucking look away again."

Lucy glanced upward upon hearing his stern voice call out to her. Nigel gazed down at her beautiful face while still thrusting his hips forward to drive his fat cock back and forth between her tits. He moved faster from how Lucy had worked them moments earlier. With his left hand, Nigel pushed his fingers around her cheeks to force her lips open in an O. He then slipped his thumb between her lips while curling his fingers under her chin. Lucy maintained eye contact with him, sucking on his thumb between her lips while he continued to fuck her tits.

"That's it, good girl."

He shoved his thumb deeper into her mouth, feeling Lucy's tongue wiggle over it all while he was still bucking his hips forward. Lucy squeezed her breasts as hard as she possibly could around his cock, but she could tell from the look over his face that he would soon stop. Over time, she had learned of Nigel's bedroom habits all too well. Within seconds, he surely came to a halt with his thrusting movements. Taking a deep breath, he snatched his thumb from her lips and then moved both hands into her hair.

"Get up."

Before Lucy had the chance to rise up from her knees, Nigel pulled her hair and lifted her up to standing on her bare feet. She let out a moan, standing before him. Lucy shoved her busty chest to him, shaking her tits up against his skin. Looking beyond his right shoulder, Nigel knew there was that same glass coffee table sitting on the floor behind Lucy. He had become familiar with his surroundings after several days of staying in this hotel suite. Stepping forward, he caused Lucy to step backwards and to the coffee table. Once he had Lucy standing where he wanted her, Nigel let go of her hair to reach from behind her and knock down a few magazines and an old drink glass to the floor. Lucy heard the loud commotion of the glass cup cracking over the floor. It was apparent to her that he wanted her sitting down over the coffee table, so she wasted no time getting into position.

"Lay your back down for me, Lucy."

Licking her lips, Lucy swallowed her breath while looking up into Nigel's face. She extended her back over the cold glass surface of the coffee table. Unable to prevent herself from licking her lips once again, she bent her knees, spreading her legs out to reveal her wet and dripping opening before him. Nigel stepped forward before her as he watched Lucy place her hands over her knees. His eyes looked over those beautiful large breasts before he gazed down into the pink folds of her entrance. With his right hand fingers wrapped around his cock, he guided it into her while Lucy moaned out to him.

"Ohhhh, fuck me Nigel. Come fuck your dirty little whore, ohhhh yes..."

Her voice was faint with a soft moan as Lucy felt his rod sliding in. Nigel moved his hands, pushing them underneath the bent folds of her legs as he began to thrust forward.

"God, this pussy is among the best I've ever had in all my life! Ohhhhh, fuck!!"

Nigel cried out as he began to pick up the pace almost instantly, pounding her pussy with his throbbing rod. Lucy closed her eyes, her head nearly hung from the coffee table's edge due to it's compact size. With each full thrust inside her, Lucy's giant breasts bounced up and down. Nigel couldn't have found a better place to rest his eyesight than here. He continued to pump his cock into her juicy cunt, watching those big tits shake all around.


His efforts paid off as Lucy belted out moans in her loud voice, echoing throughout the large luxurious room. The only sound heard beyond their moans and faint breathing was Nigel's thick balls smacking up between her thighs with each hard thrust. His eyes never left the amazing sight of those great big famous breasts shaking and bouncing around. This was the pleasure he lived for with his trophy whores.


She gritted her teeth, feeling every inch of his hard cock slam into her.


Her filthy words were just enough to push him into an overdrive, unable to hold back as he pounded his cock into her pussy time and time again. Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound of his balls hitting her thighs repeatedly were heard loudly over the spare seconds in which neither of them were moaning aloud. Nigel kept his eyes centered on her massive tits that were still bouncing around. Closer she was drawing to that heavenly experience of a precious climax. Lucy opened her eyes, glancing beyond her left shoulder as her body bounced slightly from Nigel pounding his cock into her pussy. It was impossible to hold back her orgasm any longer. Parting her lips, she gasped before crying out to him.


He slowed down, almost coming to a complete halt upon the feeling of Lucy's inner walls leaking from within. Nigel took great pride in forcing her orgasm so quickly, but it was only a matter of time that he experienced his own. Stepping back, he quickly pulled his cock from her used pussy and then leaned forward. Lucy's eyes moved up as she watched Nigel lean over the coffee table, moving his hands towards her head.

"Get down..."

Using his right hand, he snatched her hair up within a tight grasp.

"Get down on your fucking knees, NOW!!"

Nigel screamed to her, witnessing the bewildered expression form on Lucy's face before she leaned up from the coffee table. He pulled her hair, helping her down. Lucy's knees hit the floor with a loud thump. He didn't forget her request to cum on her tits.

"Hold your tits up, get 'em ready for me."

Lucy watched him let go of her hair before gripping it once more with his left hand. She looked forward, seeing his hard cock held by his right hand as Nigel began to stroke it hard and fast. She held her breasts up, placing her hands beneath those immense tits he loved so much. Gritting her teeth, Lucy gave him one final glare up into his eyes. She didn't utter any words, knowing that her looks would be more than enough to send him over the edge. Still wanking his cock back and forth with his hand, Nigel groaned before he could no longer hold back.


Just as his voice roared aloud, Lucy watched as a torrent of cum went flying from his cock and drenching her left breast in cum. She moaned, glancing down to watch another thick string of his seed slather over her left tit and drip down her nipple. Nigel moved his aim, firing off another wad of cum that painted over her right breast and streaked up to her neck.

"Ohhhhhhh, man! FUCK!!"

Yet again he cried out, still stroking his cock with his hand to send off more spurts of cum over her lovely breasts. Lucy took a deep breath upon feeling his warm bodily liquids covering her skin. It strangely reminded her of the last men who used to cum all over her tits. For a brief moment, her mind was on Luke while Nigel let go of her hair as stood out of breath. The streams of cum dripped from her breasts, flowing down to her stomach. Now that he was done, Nigel smiled down to her.

"Quite a load huh? Don't forget to lick it up for me. Get cleaned up and then get upstairs. I wanna get a good night's rest with you before we head back to London in the morning."



The morning soon couldn't have come any faster for a man with determination among the center of his mind. Luke had spent last night surfing the internet to track information about John Varga. Once he learned that his office was located in South Beach, he knew just where he was going to spend his time tomorrow. The office wasn't far from the hotel he was sharing with Keeley, making for what would be a short walk through the streets. Luke would need to do something to gain the photographer's attention. Perhaps he would've heard Luke's name in passing seeing as Varga seemed to enjoy working with many glamour models over the years. It was a risky move, but one that was better than sitting around and doing nothing. As he parted ways with Keeley, Luke dressed up for today's meeting with all plans of heading down to Varga's office right at 8 AM sharp. Parting ways with Keeley was easier to do all in one go than sticking around. He had already broken her heart with his decision and Luke didn't plan on hanging around to remind her of that awful feeling. There wouldn't be a way to fix the bridge between them anyway.

Dressing up in his casual clothes of white pants and a pink shirt beyond the white blazer jacket he always kept with him, Luke began walking through the South Beach streets early in the morning. He planned to be right there at the offices of John Varga within minutes of the opening hours that had been listed on his official website. Back at the hotel, he had already packed up his belongings, ready to leave upon any news. Through his walk, the streets of South Beach were as busy as ever. He had heard the tales of how it was among Miami's largest tourist attractions and could only believe it from what he witnessed with his own eyes. Varga's office was located down a block of several pastel color painted buildings behind a row of hotels. Once he reached the front doors of the light blue colored building, Luke stood there for a moment thinking to himself. Beyond the doors he could see a young man sitting behind a white reception desk. It took Luke a few seconds thinking of how he would approach this before he sighed and then pulled open the front door. He was greeted to the feeling of an air conditioned building offering a cool breeze. He stomped his way to the front desk.

"Good morning, how can I help you?"

Luke was greeted to the voice of a young man sitting behind the desk. His blonde hair was cut short, his face clean shaved and all Luke could make out was a neon green button up shirt. Taking a few glances over the young man, Luke spoke directly to him in reply.

"I'm here to see Mr. Varga. It's something important."

"Mr. Varga is a busy man. I will need to know your name and do you have a business appointment scheduled with him?"

"No, I have nothing scheduled with him unless you wanna schedule him something right now. Look, I don't have all day. This is important that I talk to him. Call him and tell him that someone wants to talk to him about Nigel Taylor. Can you do that for me?"

The man shook his head before replying.

"Sir, if you want to see Mr. Varga, you need to file an appointment with him. That's all I can-"

Cutting him off, Luke leaned across the desk and pointed his right hand finger into the young man's face.

"No! I don't have much time, so you listen to me. Call him on the phone right now, just do it for me."

Moving his finger from the man's face, Luke bit down on his lower lip and then immediately changed his demeanor. Perhaps this would be easier if he wasn't so stern and threatening.

"Look, you call him on the phone you can tell him anything you think of me. Tell him you've got a raging maniac or a psychotic asshole in this office. Tell him anything you want, just make it clear that I need to talk to him about Nigel Taylor and it's really fucking important."

After a moment of silence, the young man chuckled a laugh and smirked.

"You're funny. I could just call security from upstairs and tell them to escort you out, but I guess I can do this for you. It's not everyday some tough guy in a suit comes barging through the door demanding a meeting like this. Whatever your business is with Mr. Varga and this Nigel Taylor you mention, it's none of my concern."

Shifting his eyes back to Luke, the man reached across the desk for the office phone. From there, Luke could see his fingernails were painted black. He took a deep breath and stepped back from the desk, placing his hands on his hips as he watched the man press a button over the office phone. He raised the phone up to his ear, before uttering something else to Luke.

"Just so you know, Mr. Varga often sleeps in up to the afternoon hours. So if he don't answer, you're just gonna have to wait until he gets up. I'll leave him a message for you."

The phone rang while Luke just stood there and let out a sigh. A few seconds later, it appeared to be connected from the other line.

"Good morning, Mr. Varga. I hope I didn't wake you by calling this early. How did you sleep?"

A faint response was heard from where Luke was standing before the man carried on.

"Well, I normally would never call this early but something different has happened within the first few minutes of having the office open today..."

He shifted his eyes to Luke, giving him a small grin before he spoke into the phone again.

"A rude man has come barging through the front doors demanding to meet with you. He says it's of the utmost importance and in regards to a man named Nigel Taylor. This rude man refuses to leave and says he doesn't have much time, claims whatever he wants to talk to you about is very important. He hasn't told me his name, so I don't know who he is. Do you want to meet with him, sir?"

Moments went by in silence as the young man looked away from Luke. He nodded his head twice before he finally replied back.

"Very well. I'll inform him now, sir."

He hung up the phone and then smiled up at Luke.

"You are a lucky man, let me tell you that. Mr. Varga says he will meet you. Usually he don't like meeting with strangers who just come in here and don't give their name, but he believes you are a special case. He will be dropping by the office around eleven-thirty, so you've got a few hours to wait."

Luke sighed in relief. It was a long shot for such a meeting to occur, but success had come. He glanced down over the tiled floor for a moment to think to himself. When his eyes looked back up at the desk, he spoke again.

"Did Mr. Varga say anything about Nigel Taylor when you said his name?"

The young man nodded.

"Yes. He says that he knew there was something odd about Mr. Taylor, which is the only reason he has agreed to meet with you."

His reply answered a few single questions that had been roaming through Luke's mind since last night. So Nigel did take Lucy to meet with Varga. That part was true to verify the information Keeley had found out last night. Whatever this odd something was, Luke was eager to find out, hopefully if Varga would go into details during their meeting. To wait three hours for this meeting, he figured it wouldn't hurt to leave the office and go pay for breakfast at a nearby fast food restaurant not far. He had time to burn but it would be moving by slowly at the rate of his anticipation for this meeting. Before he walked out the door, he turned to speak to the young man one more time.

"Thanks, I appreciate it. I'm going for breakfast at one of these joints around here. You want something? I'll bring you something back."

A laugh was heard before he shook his head.

"No thank you, I'm fine."



The page flipped to a magazine as Luke had been sitting in the office lobby, patiently waiting for his meeting with John Varga. After a quick meal, he had returned to the lobby which remained quiet apart from a phone call every now and then with the young man behind the receptionist desk. Luke didn't bother breaking any conversation with him, as the man appeared to be busy writing down stuff on note pads and talking over the phone with every call. Varga appeared to be a busy man with a solid set up for his photography business. The office lobby was a bland room with a light purple color over the walls and a few plants in the corners near the front glass door. Over the left wall was a portrait of a woman in yellow glittering body paint. Luke figured it must have been one of Varga's works. As he looked through the pages of a sports magazine, soon the front door came open and he looked his eyes up to see the man himself. John Varga stood in a pair of flip flops, white shorts and a blue shirt over his chest. Luke knew it was him going by the slicked back black hair and the large pair of sunglasses over his eyes. He pointed his finger at Luke and spoke.

"So you're the mystery man who came in here and was rude to Larry behind the desk?"

Luke stood up and tried to smile as he introduced himself.

"Mr. Varga, I'm Luke Evans. I'm sorry I made an appearance like this, but I need to talk to you about something important."

The man breathed heavily before shaking his head and pointing his finger forward at the receptionist desk.

"I don't care who you are. I'll talk with you, but not before you apologize to my assistant Larry sitting behind that desk. I don't appreciate anyone stomping in here and talking down to my people."

A surprising reply, one that Luke didn't expect. He swallowed his breath and his pride before turning around and walking to the reception desk once more. Larry blushed, his face becoming red as he tried to prevent himself from laughing over this whole incident. Luke let out a sigh and then apologized.

"I'm sorry for cussing at you earlier and being a prick."

After his words were spoken, a stomp was heard behind Luke.

"Good, now I can speak with you. Let's go upstairs."

Stepping aside, Luke watched Varga move in front of him before he followed along. They both walked beyond the desk and up the staircase that led to a few doors. Varga opened one on the far left, stepping through and turning the light on. The room was filled wall to wall with files and photography equipment. Once Luke stepped into the room, he watched the man take off his sunglasses and carefully place them into his pockets. Varga folded his arms over his chest while looking back at Luke with a curious expression as he spoke.

"You say you're Luke Evans, huh? You wanna talk with me with about Nigel Taylor?"

"Yeah, that's me. I'm a modelling agent, you may have heard of me."

Varga shifted his eyebrows unimpressed.

"Should I have?"

With a response like that, Luke could tell his patience was thin. He was going to be straight forward with this man, as the truth was perhaps his best bet of negotiating.

"Look, this is all gonna sound weird but I swear it's true. I was an agent representing Lucy Pinder until recently. I was also dating her.

"So you're not with Perfect Kiss then?"

"Fuck no! It's a long story and you probably won't believe me if I tell you all the shit I've been through because of Nigel Taylor. I've been trying to get in touch with Lucy again for a while. To put it simple, he's taken her from me. She's now with his company, I'm assuming under contract.

"I'm sorry to tell you that you can't do much about that. Once a contract is signed, that's it."

"I know, but that's beyond the point. I'm in love with her and he's taken her away from me. I need to get her the hell away from him."

Varga crackled his voice into a laugh. Luke wasn't sure if he should be offended or surprised at this reaction. The older man shook his head before replying.

"I knew there was something strange about that him and that girl. Now I get it."

It was painful to crack a smile but Varga couldn't help himself. It suddenly all made sense to him now. Nigel bringing Lucy to him and the demand for such photos that would be for a personal private collection. His assumption that she was a trophy girlfriend to him was all true, but he didn't suspect anything as ridiculous as this. For a man with so much wealth and power to be insecure over a single woman was almost as unbelievable to him as it was comedic. Luke pleaded to him in desperation.

"If there is anyway you can lead me to her, I'll pay you back whatever way you'd like. That bastard has caused us so much pain but I don't care, I just want to see Lucy again."

"I approached Nigel Taylor some time ago in London. I just needed an agreement to work with a model who's contract is under Perfect Kiss. I'm currently in the process of doing a new photography book and there was a special lady I wanted. I didn't expect him to bring Miss. Pinder to me and turn this into some kind of personal deal. Now it all makes sense to me. I get it, this was more messy than I could've ever thought."

"Is there anyway we could work together?"

Thinking for a moment, Varga raised his eyebrow before replying.

"It's hard for me to say, given the disagreements we had. Nigel ain't the kinda guy that I warm up to. But I'm sure there's a way we could do something."

His face turned to a smile. There was a reason Varga entertained himself with this possibility, for a new idea had suddenly come into his mind. If Luke was truly this hot shot modelling agent, he was willing to see how far he could go to do anything for a deal.

"So, you're some big shot agent up in Britain who lands names like Pinder, huh? If you are truly interested in working something out with me, I want you to prove it. Show me that your name is one I should've heard of before."

"What do you mean?"

"There's someone else from Britain I've been dying to negotiate with all year. I've got another photography book planned, one which I hope will become the sequel to my top seller from last year. This woman is special, for she is the only one out of the entire industry that I would like to work with for this specific book."

"Who is it?"

Varga smirked.

"Kelly Brook. Do you know of her?"

Luke chuckled. He knew where the man was going with this.

"Of course, who doesn't know of her?"

"I met Kelly several years ago. I did some shoots for her about eight or nine years ago. My problem right now is that her current agent absolutely refuses to listen to anyone who won't guarantee top dollar for a deal. I've been trying to reach out to her since February of this year."

This was predictable to Luke's mind. To help Varga, he knew now that he was going to have to meet with a different woman.

"And let me guess? You want me to help you with this?"

Nodding his head slowly, Varga smiled.

"If you can do something about the agent working with her and replace him, then yes. Bring Kelly Brook to negotiate a book deal with me and I'll make a call to Nigel Taylor with a photography deal for Miss. Pinder. How's that?"

Thinking to himself for a moment, Luke wasn't about to say no. He knew there was little to no choice in this matter. With nothing left to lose, he would push forward with any hope of trying to get closer to Lucy. Despite his experience of years through the business, Kelly Brook was someone he had never become close to. She was always in the distance, a bigger star that he never had the privilege of meeting. It was time to change that from his past. He nodded his head to Varga, agreeing with him.

"Alright, I'll do it."

"We have a deal then. I have my doubts about you, so I'm hoping that you end up proving me wrong."

"I guess I'll have to catch a plane back to London soon."

Varga shook his head.

"No, Miss. Brook is currently on the west side of the U.S. of A. She's situated in California; L.A. to be more exact, if you're planning on leaving today. Write me down your phone number and I'll have one of my people text you some information to keep handy."

Listening to his words, Luke nodded to him. His next destination was acknowledged, at least this would be another place he had familiarity with. As the old saying went, there's no place like home. It felt like a lifetime ago when he last stepped foot in his state of birth and the town he once knew as home. Despite what was most likely going to be a heavy task at hand, Luke strangely felt confident about this trip.

"No problem. Looks like I'll be going home sweet home then."

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Mr. Disco Ch. 11
Starring: Kelly Brook, Holly Peers, Lucy Pinder, Melissa Debling

Codes: MF, MFF, Strip Tease/Lap Dance, Male Dominant, Oral, Tit Fuck, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

After 3 long years away, I'm proud to publish a new chapter of this series. Thank you to everyone who have asked me about this series over the past 3 years, I'm happy to know that many people out there enjoyed this glamour based series. I want to give special thanks to John Connors, CHLP and Timelessly So. You guys gave me some great ideas over time that led to this return. Set the lights low, turn up the volume on the songs and enjoy!

Los Angeles, California

The plane had touched down, docking into LAX airport a few minutes after 8 PM on the clock. Between time differences traveling from one end of the U.S. to the other, jet lag was something completely out of Luke's system by this point. He had left Keeley Hazell back in Miami after his meeting with John Varga, ready to to go out on another journey that would hopefully bring him closer to the overall goal of finding himself face to face with Lucy Pinder once again. Everything had hinged on this job for Varga, as Luke had to hope the old man truly kept his word. This was the only chance he truly felt that he had with getting close to her after all the pain he had been through following Nigel Taylor around. To come so close back in Miami, only to be denied and have more missteps was almost discouraging.

All along, Luke had to quietly consider the possibility in the back of his mind that all of this had been a waste for nothing. What if Lucy didn't want to see him again? What if she had truly had fallen in love with Nigel? There were other similar questions that went through his mind when sitting strapped in the seat aboard that airplane. All of this could've been for nothing, leaving Keeley behind with a broken heart and avoiding the lust of Michelle Marsh, if the worst had happened. Better still, Luke believed that there had to be a chance. If Lucy truly loved him, then she would forgive him for the mistake he had made a while back. These thoughts remained at the center of his mind, passing the hours aboard the three hour long flight.

Before leaving, Varga had given Luke some information regarding Kelly Brook, whom he had to meet with. The old man was hoping Luke could become her agent and work out a deal for another photography book under his name. It was a lucky break that Luke actually was familiar with Kelly's current agent. Varga had passed along contact information not only for her, but the agent who had turned down previous offers in the year. Gene Bird was represent Kelly's modelling career now outside of Hollywood. Luke had caught a lucky break, as he had previous interactions with Gene over the years. Another American man like him, Gene had managed models out of Zoo magazine back when publications were something to rely on within the glamour industry. Luke had not thought about Gene in years, but now he was wondering how the man was able to land a job managing work for Kelly Brook.

Years ago, Kelly had been something of a sacred object that was untouchable for most agents working for models or employed by the lads mags themselves. Though Luke had met her, he had not really shared much time with her like he did with other models. She wasn't just a glamour model, but one who had risen beyond her Page 3 days and was a national sensation across Britain. Back in the day, many thought Lucy Pinder would've reached that same level of fame. All of it felt like a lifetime ago by this point. That was years ago, before the magazines were bought out and merged under one new corporate chain - Perfect Kiss. The glamour industry had been falling for the past five years, but one could argue that Nigel Taylor's business practices were keeping it afloat. At least for now.

After getting off the plane, Luke took a taxi to go book a cheap hotel room close by in Downtown L.A. With only a spare bit of clothes and some money he brought with him, this would be a good time to call the bank and check one of his personal accounts. Los Angeles was a home far away from him. Any time he stepped foot back there to feel the hot L.A. sun, there was a sense of loneliness that crept through his mind. Back at the hotel he couldn't shake that feeling while shaving his face and jumping in the shower. Maybe it would've been smarter to play things along and bring Keeley with him, but that bridge was gone. Reuniting with Lucy was the main goal for Luke at this point. The one driving point that kept him going in life throughout what was starting to feel like a wild goose chase of a journey.

Feeling fresh with a shower and shaking, Luke combed his short dark hair back in the bathroom before stepping out. He would need to order something to eat soon, as he had not had a meal since the morning back in Miami. While stepping around the empty hotel room, he began to think of how he would approach Gene. The two had not spoken in many years. The last Luke had heard of Gene, he had been managing Stacey Poole, but that was a long time ago. How he went from Stacey all the way to Kelly Brook was a mystery. Rumors had always swirled around back in London of how wild Kelly was with her sex life, so perhaps that had something do with her and Gene. The man had a reputation as a player, but then again Luke could brag for himself too. Standing with his phone in hand, he thought up some excuses to make a call. There had to be a reason for this call, something believable. Pressing the screen of his smartphone, he raised it to his ear and listened to the ringing.

"Hello? Who's calling?"

The voice had a level of familiarity to Luke's ears. No one besides Gene himself seemed to answering these random calls.

"Hey, Gene! Is that you? It's Luke Evans."

"Oh, hey Luke! It's been a long time since I last talked to you. Why are you calling me today?"

"I heard you were working with Kelly Brook in LA, is that true?"

"Yeah... who told you?"

Quietly thinking to himself, Luke knew he could easily lie by mentioning his old best friend Peter Morris. Even though the man had betrayed him, his name would still carry weight to an agent like Gene.

"You remember my old partner Peter? He was one of Kelly's mates a long time back. I guess he heard it from her."

"Oh yeah, I remember him."

Luke changed the subject, steering course of the conversation with his next reply.

"Look, I'm in LA and looking for work. I was trying to manage something for Keeley Hazell but things didn't go too well. You wanna hook up and have a few drinks?"

"Wow, you were working with Keeley? Now that's someone I haven't heard from in a long time."

"Yeah, but not anymore. I guess you could say I'm a freelancer now just like back in the day. Any chance I can meet up with you and Kelly?"

"Sure, I know you were never the type of guy to miss a party. Is that still true for you, Luke?"

Chuckling at that comment, Luke was quick to reply.

"Yeah, I'm down for a bit of partying. Been a while since I've been in a club back home, I can say that much."

"Come join us at the Spooky Republic club tomorrow night. We'll be there around ten, I hope that's not too early for you."

"Trust me, it's not. I'll be there on time."

The phone clicked hanging up. Luke stood there for a moment and thought to himself about this club. Spooky Republic, what kind of name was that? He didn't know his way around the L.A. club scene like he did parts of London or Ibiza. The most he could hope for was that this wasn't a Halloween themed place where he would stick out like a sore thumb with his bright pastel colors. Perhaps now was the best time more than ever to go out and buy some new threads. It had been a long time since he spent money on a tailored suit back home. Luke could only hope he was in L.A. for a few days at most, for he didn't want to spend weeks here trying to wine and dine Kelly. Tomorrow night, he would have to make a play for her in terms of seduction and just hope that luck would be on his side. All of this would be coming down to a chance.


London, England

Back home at last, Nigel Taylor's private jet plane had touched down hours ago docking into the airport. He had escorted Lucy Pinder back to the luxury penthouse suite he had in Westminster, eager to go back to work for Perfect Kiss and take some phone calls. The trip to Miami had been one for fun, as he and Lucy were joined by his brother Sebastian at one point, as well as Rosie Jones. Nigel was eager to get back in his office and see the contracts signed by a new model who was joining the company. One special blonde by the name of Melissa Debling was set to officially ink her name into Perfect Kiss and prepare some new photoshoots with studios under the corporate name. This was a meeting he was most looking forward to.

Back at the penthouse suite, he had Lucy escorted up to join Holly Peers. His two favorite trophy whores as he liked to call them. It would be a reunion between the ladies, one that Nigel didn't care to witness. He didn't have to worry about Holly. She had proven her loyalty to him in the past and he didn't expect her to open her mouth in protest over the fact he neglected her from the fun with Lucy back in Miami. Holly knew her place and didn't question his authority over her. That was one of the reasons Nigel had her with the status of trophy whore. If not, there were always other models residing in the hotel attached to the Perfect Kiss office building. The pleasure palace as he liked to call it had many of a harem of whores that Nigel had access to.

He couldn't wait to meet up with Melissa. For the longest time, he had been wanting to sign her to Perfect Kiss. Peter so far had proved his usefulness with landing her name over the dotted line on a contract. Pleased with the news, Nigel was quick to call up Melissa and begin chatting with her over the phone. All the while he talked to another woman from his office, Lucy had unpacked her clothes and began to unwind back in the penthouse suite. She came in while Holly was in the shower, seemingly unalerted by her presence. Lucy went to the bedroom and began to strip down, getting more comfortable in a simple shirt covering her massive breasts and then a pair of booty shorts down below. As time was going by, she was growing used to how Nigel handled himself, though she still had to question if this was absolute happiness in life.

Back on the plane, Nigel informed Lucy that he wanted her to do a calendar shoot in the following weeks. She was under contract with Perfect Kiss and though the news had already broke, Nigel wanted to make a statement that the infamous Lucy Pinder was shooting at his studio. She agreed and they celebrated this with a few glasses of wine. Nigel wasn't in the mood to get frisky and dirty with the woman he dubbed his filthy fuck doll. This caught Lucy by surprise, but perhaps she had successfully tired him out back in Miami. Whatever the case, she was happy to be back in London for now, reunited with Holly. The other woman had no such desire to be in the same room with Lucy again. Nigel was all Holly cared about and for the past week, she felt entirely forgotten by him.

Standing in the shower, Holly set her big blue eyes forward over the fogged glass door. The warm water trickled down her voluptuous figure. She moved her hands to her breasts, squeezing them at the thought of Nigel pressing his palms against her erect nipples. Closing her eyes, she couldn't push back the feeling of lust as her cunt became wetter with each passing second. Oh, how she longed for Nigel's touch. It felt like years were beginning to pass from the time he had left with Lucy. That other woman who's name she didn't even want to think about. Oh, how much she hated when he brought another woman into their life as competition. Holly was certain that she would win in the end, as she had managed to push Nigel's previous trophy whore women out of the picture. He was her man and at the end of the day, she would never share him.

Sliding her hands beneath her breasts, she touched over the feather tattoo beneath her left breast and then began to roam her fingers down her wet body. Her fingertips glided with ease as her wet hair bounced down her back with Holly moving her head around. Once again, she was lost in the thoughts of the man whom she loved with all her life. It had been so long. That was all Holly could keep telling herself when she slid her left hand index finger beyond the pink folds of her vulva and began to finger herself. Cooing softly, Holly bit down on her lower lip and began to cry out in pleasure. It was all from the touch of her hand, but she had to relieve this sense of loneliness, regardless that Nigel would soon be home. Moaning out, she opened her eyes and turned to face the sliding glass door of the shower.

In the distance, Holly suddenly heard the sound of someone back in the bedroom. Could that be him? Her natural instincts flushed as she began to finger herself more aggressively. Dipping her index and middle fingers into her pussy, she used her other hand to rub at her clit above. Despite Nigel not being around, she kept her bush completely shaved as if he had not left the country at all. Maybe that was him outside the bathroom in the apartment. There was no need to second guess now as Holly embraced this pleasure, still thrusting her fingers into her cunt in an effort to work herself into a quick orgasm. She couldn't go another day without him. Keeping her eyes shut, Holly moaned. Crying out in her lust, she wiggled her fingers over her clit in sync with her two fingers shoving back and forth beyond her pink folds.

"Ohhhhh, ohhhhhhhh, YESSSSSSS!!"

Crying out in ecstasy, her legs began to shake the feeling of what was a hard climax. Her juices sprayed down onto the white floor of the shower and trickling down her thighs. Layers of fog had created a cloudy atmosphere from within the bathroom and shower. At least Holly was clean at this point, still drenched in warm water that sprayed from the faucet above. She braced herself, catching her breath and opening her eyes at the sound of foot steps outside. Now was time to turn off the water and prepare herself for Nigel's arrival, if that was truly him wandering the penthouse suite. With a smile on her face, she ran her hands through her hair, straightening those dark locks beyond her shoulders before sliding the door open to the shower. There, standing at the shower door was Lucy to greet her. Holly's smile completely fell as she looked at the other woman standing in her shirt and black shorts.

"Hey, sorry! I didn't know that was you in the shower."

Lucy smiled back at her but Holly wasn't going to return the favor. Nigel wasn't back, instead she was starring back at that other woman she had to share him with. The water trickled down her naked body as she stomped her feet to grab a towel from the rack. Lucy could tell from that disgusted expression across Holly's face, she didn't seem thrilled to see her.

"Where's Nigel? You came back without him?"

"He sent me up so he could go to work. We just got off the plane earlier today."

Holly wasn't amused. If anything, it was an insult that he would come back into the country and not even see her before going back to the office. Right then and there, she knew Lucy was a threat to her. Of course, she had speculated it before but now, Holly surely believed it. She could co-exist with Lucy for now, but it would never last. Something would have to give and Holly had made her mind up before Nigel and Lucy came back home. This wasn't going to work with the both of them. She didn't plan on sitting in second place to Lucy. While wrapping the towel around her body, Lucy looked back at her friend and could tell there was a level of animosity between them now. Holly had not even asked questions like how Lucy had been or if they had a good time in Miami.

Stepping out of the bathroom, Lucy left Holly there without bothering her. She couldn't shake the feeling that something was off between them. It was that look in her eye that had made her feel uneasy. While stepping out of the bedroom and back into the living room, she let out a sigh wandering her way into the kitchen. Lucy didn't ask for this, though she had put her name on the line of a contract to join Perfect Kiss. She didn't know that she would end up here in a love triangle with someone who was once a friend of hers years ago. Nigel Taylor liked to play his games but right now, there was nothing she could do but see it out. It was easy for her to guess that Holly had a problem with her out of jealousy, but Lucy didn't love Nigel. There was a difference between liking a man and falling in love. As she grabbed the front handle of the refrigerator, a door could be heard opening from the living room.

"Nigel! Welcome home, darling!"

Holly's voice rang out as she came dashing to the front door to greet her man by throwing her arms around his neck and shoving her body up against his. She had her hair fixed up in a towel, a black robe covering her busty form. Nigel was in a black pinstriped suit as usual. Dark hair slicked back and a clean shaved face to fit his usual skinny form. He kissed Holly passionately as Lucy came running into the room to also greet him.

"How was your trip? I missed you so much."

"It was good, but there's no place like home."

He responded before returning the kiss. What Lucy witnessed was the complete opposite in behavior from Holly compared to the previous minutes of dealing with her cold shoulder. She stepped behind Holly and Nigel's eyes connected with her as he looked back at her, now ignoring Holly.

"Happy to be back home, huh?"

Lucy nodded back at him and then Holly turned her head to give Lucy a dirty look. That snarling face was visible from the corner of her eye but she kept her eyes focused on Nigel instead.

"Yes, how was work?"

"Everything's fine, just tending to the usual paper work. I've got Melissa coming up to join us later. We're gonna have dinner."

"Melissa Debling?"

It was Holly who spoke up as she unwrapped her arms from his neck and stood face to face with Nigel. Lucy already knew about the new model who had joined the agency. He turned to Holly, nodding his head with a small grin.

"Yes, she's with Perfect Kiss now. Shall I say, she's finally found her home with us."

Holly returned the grin.

"Mmmmm, congratulations. I know I'm happy to hear she's part of the company now. Melissa should've joined us years ago."

His eyes shifted to Lucy as he spoke.

"Put on something nice with a lot of cleavage for us to go out later. I want you looking hot, showing those boobs off when we go to see her."

All Lucy did was nod her head obediently before replying.

"Yes sir."

Hearing this and seeing that look on Lucy's face, Holly stood there for a moment and wondered to herself. Did she just hear this right? The man had not been home not even five minutes and planned a date for a one night stand, but involving Lucy and not her? Nigel walked past her and Lucy stepped aside so he could go into the bedroom. Holly followed behind him.

"Wait, Nigel!"

He ignored her and continued to walk, finally turning around in the bedroom to look at her as she unloaded on him.

"You're taking Lucy on a date with Melissa? Why not me? Why not both of us? I haven't seen you in what feels like months. You come home and that's literally the first thing you say when you walk through the door!"

Nigel pointed his finger at her, giving her a stern look followed by a rebuttal in a low tone.

"Holly, you know better than to talk to me like that. Watch your fucking mouth."

She took a step back, all while Lucy was watching in the distance. Holly swallowed her breath before replying.

"I'm sorry, hon. It's just-"

Cutting her off, Nigel wagged his finger at her and shook his head.

"No! Don't give me any bullshit. You drop the fucking attitude right now and be a good girl."

"I missed you so much, that's all."

Looking defeated and as if her feelings were hurt, Holly glanced away from Nigel and then untied her robe, dropping it to the floor to reveal her naked body to him. All the while, Lucy continued to watch from beyond the doorway. Holly didn't utter another word, offering her body to him as Nigel took one look at her giant breasts and smirked. She was hurt, on the verge of tears for how neglected she felt. Nigel could see the sadness in Holly's face as he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her. The least he could do was push his lips to hers and offer a passionate kiss. Lucy quietly moved away from the door, as she heard Holly suddenly moan. She easily guessed that the other woman had melted in Nigel's arms, desperately clinging to him for some much needed loving passion.

For a moment Lucy thought of the situation she had found herself in. Holly had true feelings of love for Nigel, but she didn't. A powerful man who managed to take her away from someone she had truly fallen in love with and for what? There was no sense in second guessing right now, for she knew that it was impossible to simply pack up and walk out of this situation like it was nothing. This relationship was intertwined with business interests now with her name under contract. All Lucy could think about now was meeting with Melissa later tonight. Some years had passed since she last saw her. There was a time when Melissa occasionally joined Lucy and other girls for drinks at parties after photo shoots. Already, it was easy for her to guess what Nigel wanted, but without Holly involved, Lucy feared of having some problems later on down the road.



Los Angeles, California

Car doors slammed shut from the distance underneath the dark sky. Luke had stepped out of a taxi and onto the concrete pavement outside of a large black club building. His eyes shot up, reading the large red sign that said Spooky Republic in full caps. The sign colors slowly faded from red to orange, then yellow and back to red. Outside, he couldn't hear any overdriven bass booming sounds which was enough to know that the music wasn't too loud inside. A pair of grey pants covered his legs matching a brand new grey jacket. It was unbuttoned, revealing a bright pink shirt underneath. With his hair properly fixed up, Luke truly felt like Mr. Disco coming home to hit the dance floor, hopefully with one Miss. Kelly Brook as his date.

The circumstances no longer mattered to him. There was something about this whole meeting that made Luke's confidence elevate sky high. He felt this way back in Miami when he first met with Varga, but now as he was heading to the front doors of the club, he only felt more. Back in the day, he had only met Kelly Brook once. It all felt like a lifetime ago, now that she was in Hollywood taking her chances at a different career. That was one of the many reasons she always stood out among other glamour models. Kelly was on a whole other platform above everyone else working photoshoots. Beyond the large black doors to the club entrance, two security guards in black suits stepped towards Luke. They had to frisk him, checking for weapons and then it was on him to reach into his jacket pocket and reveal his ID.

Beyond the front doors, Luke could hear the faint sound of strings in a mix to a song that screamed it was straight out of the seventies decade. So far, Spooky Republic put on the atmosphere of a dark club, interiors also black with a steel floor down below. He walked down a narrow hallway and then entered what looked to be a classic disco club with nothing truly terrifying about it, minus such an odd name. Steel metal handrails were put up on both sides of the room, leading to what was private tables off to the right side near a bar. Luke's eyes centered on the white and black checkered floor to what was a giant dance floor. A DJ was sitting behind a turntable station at the stage in the back. Tonight must have been some kind of throwback retro night, cause the sound of the music was of a classic. The voice of Candi Staton called out above a mid tempo beat, the chorus lyrics to an old hit.

"Run to me! Whenever you're lonely.
Run to me! I can be your only.
Run to me! When you're down hearted.
Get to me! I'll get you started!"

The tempo began to shift with the array of round shaped neon lights flickering across the room. Luke's face illuminated with pink and yellow colors as he took into thought those old lyrics to a song he had not heard in ages. His eyes shifted, once again looking around as the second verse of the song was heard clearly.

"When I lean on you and you depend on me, that's not weakness.
Two hands are better than one and any way is more fun if we do it together.
But I really don't mean to critique your style, I just wanna stay with you while...
You think of it that way, think about it babe. I'm only a woman!"

As the song shifted back to the chorus, a voice suddenly called out to Luke in a thick English accent.

"Well, well, do my eyes deceive me or is that the infamous Mr. Disco come here to see me?"

Turning to his left, Luke was greeted with Kelly Brook standing before him in a black dress. Her hands pushed over her curvy hips and a big grin formed across her pink lips with those pearly white teeth. Her long brunette hair was fixed up with slight curls, parted down the middle. Beneath her face, the dress had a V cut revealing heavy cleavage. She looked bigger and more beautiful than he could've guessed since first seeing her many years ago. His eyes widened before smiling back up at him.

"That's me, but you can call me Luke, dear. It's been a long time, Kelly."

Still grinning, she extended her right hand out awkwardly. No rings were on her finger but it was as if the woman expected him to kiss her hand out of respect. Luke did just that, lowering his head and pushing his lips against her hand. After the short kiss, Kelly was pleased and drew back her arm. Leaning back up, Luke spoke to her as he tried not to stare at her heavy cleavage.

"Did Gene come here with you?"

"Now now, that's an odd question, Luke. Did you come here to see me or him?"

Luke blushed at her flirty question.

"I came to see you, I was just wondering if you were alone."

Kelly raised her eyebrows at him. A bold statement from Luke was enough for her to draw her hands back, neatly folding her fingers together. Her eyes remained locked on him as she replied.

"I'm not. Gene is on his second round of drinks so far. He can't seem to figure out what you wanted to meet us for, but I assume you're here to party."

"Yeah! I came here to party with you, that's for sure."

Giggling at him, Kelly grabbed his right hand, pulling him with authority.

"Then come on! There's no time to wait!"

As she snatched Luke, he nearly tripped, stumbling forward. He didn't expect her to grab his hand like this and lead the way, but Kelly was quick to set the tone that she was the one in control of her date. This small move told Luke enough of what to expect from this woman. He could still hear the sound of that Candi Staton song, the chorus ringing yet again. As Kelly guided him down a walkway and to a private table, he had to wonder to himself. Was he running to her? The private tables consisted of padded seats up against walls with a large black round table in the middle. Luke caught sight of Gene sitting alone with a half glass and a bottle of tequila. He had a slight dark beard, black hair and dark eyes. A blue blazer jacket covered what was a collared white shirt.

"Gene! Look who I found! Our guest has arrived!"

Kelly was still grinning as she let go of Luke's hand and caught the other man's attention. Gene looked up, smiling at Luke.

"There he is, still dressing like it's eighties night."

Luke chuckled at that remark as he extended his right hand across the table.

"Yeah, you don't look too bad yourself."

As Gene shook his hand, he replied.

"I should've told you on the phone to come expecting seventies night. You dressed for the wrong decade."

Kelly sat down, sliding closer to Gene and leaving Luke to sit across from them on the opposite side. This put Gene in the middle between them. He didn't pay it much attention as he began to refill his glass. Kelly smiled over to Luke, speaking up.

"Wanna go for a drink? I can call a waiter if you want."

He shook his head.

"No, I'm good."

The Candi Staton song had ended and now the DJ seemed to be shuffling through his vinyl records to put on the turn table. Only low bass beats were heard in the distance. Luke couldn't shake those lyrics out of his head as he smiled back at Kelly and then spoke with a smile.

"That music put me in a good mood. Does this DJ always put on the oldies?"

Gene laughed.

"It's seventies night! I told you!"


Kelly spoke to him in a low, but almost stern voice, glaring her eyes at him.

"Don't be rude, honey."

He dropped the attitude, smiling.

"Sorry Luke, I guess it's been a while. I'm not used to seeing you around, or you calling out the blue."

"It's cool, I'm not offended. It's just been a while for me since I heard any old jams like that. Songs like that make me want to get up and start moving."

Kelly began to get up from where she was seated. She extended her arm out for Luke.

"You wanna dance, sweetie?"

Taking her hand, Luke returned the smile.

"It would be an honor."

Gene sat there, still drinking as Kelly pulled Luke up from where he was seated. They had only sat down for a small bit of time and now the DJ had put on another vinyl. The sound of guitar chords played as Kelly dragged Luke with her towards the dance floor. She let go of his hand and turned around, glaring at him.

"I never dreamed you would come out here to L.A. and dance with me all these years later."

"Oh yeah? You've thought about me recently?"

Kelly nodded her head at him.

"After Gene told me you've been wasting your time working for Keeley's irrelevant arse, I guess you could say I've had my thoughts on you."

Luke was not expecting Kelly to badmouth Keeley to him like that and now he was stepping onto the dance floor with her. If there was some kind of rift between the two women, he was eager to know the details. For now, all he could do was relax and get into a flow now as he soon realized the song that was beginning to play. Another seventies hit, this time by The Jimmy Castor Bunch. Kelly offered him a hand, pulling Luke into the crowd of people and then throwing her arms up to begin dance at the tempo of a chord progression played by the guitars. Luke felt more relaxed than ever now, gazing back into Kelly's big brown eyes as they began to dance.

"Everything is beautiful to me...."

A catchy riff played after that line, then repeated. Kelly turned her back, swaying and bouncing her hips as they brushed around multiple people in the ground. She bumped her buttocks up against him and quickly turned around, smirking at him. That lyric continued to repeat itself as Luke was willing to surrender himself to the music. Maybe this is what he needed, to lose himself in an atmosphere like this all while Kelly was dancing up on him. Again, she turned her back to him, but this time bumped her buttocks up against his crotch for a quick grind. All before turning around and giving him a smirk.

"So what's the real occasion you came out here to see me? Trying to work in Hollywood? I take it Keeley dragged you out here. She still thinks she can be an actress with people not knowing who the hell she is."

Not expecting her to talk over the song and try to start up a conversation while dancing, Luke shook his head. He waited a moment before replying to her as they shuffled to the rhythm of the song.

"No, I'm not working for her anymore. Actually, I came out here to see you about something business related."

"Business you say? You sure you didn't come here just to talk to Gene?"

Luke blushed as Kelly was flirting with him by making that joke. He shook his head at her, still moving on the dance floor as she stepped a bit closer. His eyes glanced down at her massive cleavage, only for a second before gazing back up at her beautiful face.

"You know John Varga? The photographer down in Miami?"

Kelly stopped dancing after hearing that name. Her eyes never left Luke's face as she softly smiled.

"Yeah, I know him."

"He asked me to talk to you about a deal. He wants to do a photography book with you."

"Varga does!?"

Her eyes widened as she looked surprised. Luke just nodded back at her as Kelly gasped and spoke again.

"Wow, why am I just now hearing about this? He sent me a hardback copy of his last book. Have you seen it? I think it's called Surface Seduction?"

Pushing her lips together, she whistled but the sound of her voice was muted over the loudness of the song still playing.

"He knows how to make art with women. Sexy would be an understatement with the shoots he did with Kate Upton. You gotta see that book, it's amazing."

While people brushed around them, Luke took Kelly's hand and was ready to pull her off from the dance floor. He didn't want to be bothered by someone else stepping around them as the music continued to play. Kelly moved her hands to the metal rail outside the dance floor, holding onto it after Luke let go of her hand. He carried on speaking.

"I met Varga a few days ago in Miami. He told me he's been trying like hell to get a deal with you for a photography book."

"Strange I am just now hearing about this."

"Yeah, I thought so too. He told me that your current agent has been a pain in the ass all year. I take it he was talking about Gene?"

Kelly didn't respond back. She stood there, glancing away from Luke as she had a disgusted look on her face. There was no need to push her by carrying on with the discussion. So far, Luke was honest in all his words. Maybe Varga was right and they truly had some kind of business relationship in the past. To see the resentment expressed on her face told Luke that there had to be a history between them. She looked back at Luke and spoke again.

"Can you get me in touch with him tomorrow?"

"Who? Varga?"

"Who else do you think I'm talking about?"

She gave him that 'matter of fact' look with pushing her hands onto her hips. Luke was just trying to be silly, but Kelly clearly was serious right now. He nodded back at her.

"Yeah, I can get you in touch with him first thing in the morning if you want."


With a full smile, Kelly was pleased with that answer. Letting of the rail, she stepped past Luke and spoke again.

"Excuse me for a moment. I have to fire my agent."

Standing there, Luke turned to watch her stomp off. Those black high heels clacking loudly into the floor, muted with the sound of people talking and the music still playing in the background. He followed after Kelly as she approached that table where Gene was still sitting and drinking. She crossed her arms over her busty chest, giving him a dirty look before speaking up in a stern manner.

"So John Varga has been wanting to shoot a new picture book with me and you didn't tell me?"

Dumbfounded and surprised, Gene looked back at her from where he was sitting.

"Luke told you that?"

"As a matter of fact, yes!"

Quick to reply in her sassy tone, Kelly unfolded her arms and leaned down over the table. Her eyes never left Gene's face, all while Luke was standing back behind her and watching this situation unfold. Gene leaned up and yelled back at her.

"I did you a favor! That old man wasn't going to pay you top dollar or even cut you in a publishing deal! He was gonna rip you off!"

"How do you know that? I know Varga, I could've negotiated with him myself!"

"You don't know, cause you don't have to-"

Kelly cut off his speech by reaching for the wine goblet glass on the table and then slinging the drink into Gene's face. He stopped talking, just as Luke stepped back in shock at her splashing the drink in his face. Kelly then pulled her right hand back and slapped him across the face with such force, the smack echoed loudly. She wasn't done after the slap. With both hands, Kelly grabbed him by the shirt and dragged him to sit up. The sheer strength in her arms demonstrated she could've stood him and gave the man a hard beating.

"You're fired, Gene! That's the third time I've caught you lying to me in the past few months. I'm done with you!"

Pulling at his shirt with her hands clenched up, Kelly shoved him back and forced him to sit down. Luke was in disbelief at what he just witnessed, seeing her manhandle Gene with such ease. That one demonstration told him deep down Kelly would be in charge with everything she wanted to do. This was a woman who absolutely didn't take no shit off anyone, Luke thought to himself. With a full grin flashing her teeth she turned around to see Luke standing there and offered him her hand.

"Come on, let's go party back at my place!"

As she grabbed his hand to pull him along, Kelly flipped her hair to glance behind her right shoulder and look at Gene one last time. She didn't utter a word to the man she had dismissed as her agent merely seconds ago. Instead, she raised her free hand up and flipped him the middle finger. Hand in hand, Kelly and Luke made an exit from the club together as his heart beat began to pound from within. There was an adrenaline rush, all while the sound of seventies style disco was still playing in the distance. As he clutched onto Kelly's hand, Luke had to wonder if this was a new beginning, like his adventure with Keeley and Michelle before her, only now he was back home and felt more alive than ever. What plans she had at store back at her place, Luke could only wonder now as they were leaving the club together for some real fun.



Since Luke didn't have any drinks, Kelly ordered him to drive her back to the luxury apartment she had in L.A. This was followed by her making a joke about how driving was backwards from back home in England. With a proper GPS tracking system in her silver Porsche, Luke had no problems taking the short drive back to her apartment. Kelly led the way just like in the club, setting the tone that she was the head woman in charge. She pulled at his hand, ordered him where to go in her apartment and then poured them both a glass of wine as they shared a short conversation. Luke couldn't help but think about Gene left behind in the club but he wasn't on Kelly's mind at all. When she raised her lips to that glass and swallowed down the wine, Luke could see the hunger in her deep chestnut brown eyes.

She looked at him with such fire in her eyes that Luke almost felt as if he were a prey to Kelly. The woman had already revealed a certain level of dominance back in the club, but it wasn't until their lips met for a passionate kiss, then he knew he couldn't disappoint her. Their tongues danced together as she shoved her busty tits up against his chest. Sharing that kiss, Luke was beginning to feel he could start over again with Kelly, as if all this journey had been for nothing. She was a great kisser but when they were done he immediately tried to talk about the deal with Varga. Kelly shot him down, insisting they would discuss business when she was in the mood tomorrow. For now, she wanted to "cleanse him of the thought of Keeley from his mind", speaking in such a way that she had contempt for Keeley and wanted him all to herself.

Back to her bedroom, Kelly set the stage for a private show by turning on music and instructing Luke to get comfortable. He did this by taking his shoes and socks off. Removing the jacket from his suit and then sitting down on the bed as she walked across the room to a vinyl player. For now, the dress remained over her curvy body, but Luke got to witness her full phat ass when she bent over to dig through a white shelf sitting beneath her vinyl player. He caught a glimpse of an album she pulled out with the name 'Luther' in large silver letters. Kelly glanced behind her shoulder, offering Luke a sultry grin as she pulled the record out from the sleeve. Carefully placing it onto the player, Kelly then got up and moved away from the record player. She began to step around the bedroom, her heels clicking and clacking across the floor as she went to her personal bathroom.

"Don't start the record until I say so, got it?"

"Yeah, I got it."

With a quick reply, Luke's eyes gazed across the room. Light pink was the color of the walls while her bed was made up with white sheets, matching the shelves in the room with framed photos and other personal belongings. He had to wonder how long Kelly had been staying here, as the bedroom was personalized to her liking. She had shut the door to her bathroom and then Luke got up to walk over to her vinyl player. There was an impressive vinyl collection down on the shelf beneath the player, but his eyes were scanning over the album she had taken out. Grabbing the LP sleeve, he flipped it over to learn that this was Luther Vandross' debut album from 1976. He looked over the track list as Kelly suddenly called out to him.

"Start the album! I'm about to come out!"

Without replying to her in spoken word, Luke moved the needle over the vinyl and then hit the play button. As he stepped back, the opening riff began to play of the first track - Funky Music. He took a seat back on the bed as Luther Vandross' soulful voice began to call out 'hey! hey, hey yeah! Oh, carry on, carry on, carry on!' The bathroom door knob turned and a sliver of light poured out as Kelly made her grand entrance at the sound of the old music playing. Luke's eyes gazed forward at the sound of her high heels clicking and clacking. The dress was gone and now Kelly stood in a lingerie outfit. Light blue stockings pulled up to her thighs, matching her bottom piece that covered her pussy. His eyes scanned up her perfect stomach, witnessing those giant natural breasts in a matching bra.

"Every time I hear... funky music. I just can't stand still! I've got to move!"

As the words to the first verse began to play, Kelly locked her eyes onto Luke. She began to step closer to him, matching the beat and tempo of the music, all while Luther's voice continued on.

"Every time I feel... my motor gettin' in gear. Funky music is... somewhere near! Here it is!"

The tempo immediately changed as Kelly bent over and flipped her long brunette hair.

"Funky music! Sure enough! Is a part of me!"

With the chorus beginning, Kelly leaned back up and her arms up. She began to push her hips in and out, swaying with this fast tempo now. Luke didn't take his eyes off her as she was putting on this lingerie-clad dance for him to such a fun song.

"I'll do the singing! Just give me the beat! From the drummer, please!"

Arms still raised in the air, Kelly moved to her left side. She beat her hips a few times in tempo with the bass, then moved to the right. The chorus continued on, but her eyes never left Luke's face as she witnessed that expression of amazement he had. She waited until the chorus ended and the music shifted back to the opening riffs and then she finally lowered her arms. Luke swallowed his breath, gazing at her massive breasts. The woman knew right where his eyes were and that prompted her to raise her right hand up to her left shoulder and lower one of her bra straps. Kelly quickly took her bra off, shaking her huge natural breasts and witnessing his eyes become enlarged.

"Funky sounds I hear... When I'm walkin',"

Biting down on her lower lip, Kelly studied where Luke set his eyes on her breasts and then she began to twirl her bra around with her right hand index finger. It spun around as he sat up and the song carried on.

"It seems like everywhere I turn... I hear the funky beat!"

She stepped a bit closer, dropping the bra and then shaking her breasts around. Luke watched them flap and wobble around at the bass of the song.

"Yes I do! Yes I do! Yes I doooo! People think... that I'm a little crazy!"

Hearing Luther's voice still singing had only created more of a temptation as Luke was gazing at Kelly's huge tits. There wasn't another woman he was thinking about right now as she moved towards him and pushed her hand against his chest. Quickly straddling him, Kelly climbed onto his lap and moved her hands to her boobs. She shoved them up into Luke's face.

"Yes they do! Cause they'll see me walking... then I'll start dancing in the street! And then I say - sock it to me! FUNKY! MUSIC!"

The chorus began to play once again as Kelly pulled her breasts apart and smothered Luke's face with them. He shook his head around, slobbering and sucking in a quick attempt to properly motorboat those breasts. They were bigger and better than ever and now, he had them all to himself. Kelly shook her tits and began to grind her hips down onto his crotch at the tempo of the song. While Luke's face was still shoved between her boobs, he could feel her ass bumping and grinding down onto him, matching the tempo of the beat. This had quickly went from a striptease to a proper lap dance, all at the right tempo of that wonderful song.

"Funky music! Sure enough! Is a part of me!
I'll do the singin', just give me the beat!
From the drummer please! Everybody!
Yeah, yeah! Dance to the funky sound!
I go crazy! Yes I do! Every time funky music comes around!"


London, England

"I don't know what year this wine is, but I must say it's quite delicious."

Lucy Pinder spoke up as she was pouring her third glass of the night. She sat a private table across from Nigel, brushing shoulders with Melissa Debling on her right side as they were both facing the man of the hour. True to his word, Nigel had arranged a date at a high class restaurant with one of his favorite women and the newest model signed onto his company. Lucy did as Nigel ordered her to, finding a proper dress that revealed heavy cleavage nearly spilling out of the front. Melissa on the other hand a similar outfit, but dressed in white. A dress that was almost too tight for her. Nigel couldn't help but think she looked like a high class escort, but he wasn't going to make that comment in public.

The thought of having a date with two women like this, out in public around other people of wealth and status only stroked his ego further. He couldn't stop grinning, as he felt like a king sitting there with two women that would later serve him in the bedroom. Melissa wanted to discuss business now that she was under contract at Perfect Kiss. This prompted Lucy to bring up that she had a calendar shoot upcoming. Melissa talked about wanting to choose photographers to her likening and have a level of creative control for her photoshoots. Nigel agreed to her demands, telling her that she wouldn't have to worry about having any problems. If she didn't approve of a photographer, he could be removed from the set and replaced by someone to her liking.

"So earlier you said something doing group photo shoots."

Melissa spoke up. Nigel nodded back at her.

"Yeah. Wouldn't you like to do a photo shoot with Lucy or someone else."

Lucy turned her head, glancing over at Melissa with a smile. The two girls looked at each other then grinned back at Nigel. Melissa flashed her teeth before replying.

"Sure, why not? But I was thinking about a friend of mine instead. Does the name Stacey Poole ring a bell?"

"Of course it does."

Giggling at Nigel's response, Melissa carried on.

"You should offer her a contract. I could get in touch with her for you."

Lucy took another sip of her glass as Nigel focused on the other woman.

"I'd love to sign her. If you could bring her to my office, I would make it worth your while."

"Oh yeah, did I hear that right? Mr. Boss man is gonna make this worth my while?"

Her eyes shifted over to Lucy as Melissa was obviously flirting. When they both looked back at Nigel, he smirked.

"I might as well break the news with what I wanna do after this date. We're going back to the palace and the three of us are gonna up to your new room, Melissa."

"My new room?"

"That's right. When I sign a model, they get their own private room at my hotel."

The wink Nigel made was enough to almost make Lucy gag. The level of smugness he displayed was overwhelming, but Melissa seemed amused by it.

"I take it you wanna watch me and Lucy strip down in that room huh?"

Still smirking, Nigel quirked his eyebrows up.

"Yeah, I was gonna ask first."

Again, Melissa glanced over at Lucy. Their shoulders were touching again as she made a quiet gesture. All Nigel did was sit back, finding it amusing that the two of them seemed to have chemistry together like this. He knew it wasn't Lucy's first go at a threesome but what of Melissa? He had to wonder with how she put on the act. Finally after a few seconds, she glanced back at Nigel and nodded.

"I hope you can handle the both of us. Two against one really isn't fair, you know?"

Nigel locked his eyes at Melissa, replying in a low voice.

"Trust me, I know how to handle two in the bedroom."

Lucy glanced over at Melissa, for she knew what was to come more so than the blonde model. Holly would not be joining them, as that was something else centered on Lucy's mind. Not making any comment whatsoever, she sipped the final remainder of wine from her glass. Soon they would be leaving and heading back to the hotel or palace as Nigel referred to it. Lucy could only hope that Melissa knew how to withstand a man such as Nigel. If not, then the busty blonde would quickly have a rude awakening on her hands. One thing Lucy knew for sure, it was going to be a wild night once they got up to that private room. She was almost eager to witness what the suites looked like for the Perfect Kiss models. It was her guess that they were elegant fancy hotel rooms, but not at the level of luxury of the penthouse she and Holly shared with Nigel.


Los Angeles, California

A string of saliva trickled past Kelly's pink lips while her right hand gripped Luke's cock and held it directly up. His clothes had been removed almost ten minutes ago. The record player was stopped after she had her fun dancing to that one specific song that started the album. After she got off Luke's lap, Kelly finished stripping by shoving her thong down to reveal her shaved pussy, glistening in wetness. She turned around and bent over, smacking her own thick ass cheeks to tease him. With her naked, it was his turn to strip, but she revealed her dominant hand by grabbing his shirt and nearly ripping it off. Kelly took it upon herself to strip Luke, all while rubbing her big tits up against his chest and teasing him with the touch of her hand. That time had passed with no words spoken between them.

Now she was down on her knees, slowly sucking him in the most sensual way possible. Kelly had went from fast paced dancing to a song that got Luke's adrenaline running to now taking her time. He stood there on the floor, gazing down into her big brown eyes and feeling another string of her drool fall down onto his shiny, saliva soaked shaft. Kelly spit again then shoved that fat dick back between her lips. Unwrapping her hand from the base, she began to bob her head up and down, sucking him inch by inch. He moaned, crying out to her in pleasure as the woman closed her eyes. Stuck in pure concentration, Kelly was determined to devour his cock all for herself. She moved faster, bobbing her head up and down and shoving her lips all the way down to the base, deepthroating that cock.

"Ohhhhhh, god!"

As Luke cried out to her, that wasn't enough for her to stop. Kelly continued, still sucking him inch by inch as she buried her lips down into his bush of ball hairs. Feeling his balls smack against her chin below, Kelly held her position and moved her hands down to her breasts. She pinched her own nipples and squeezed her tits while pulling her lips back to the head, not once gagging on the length of his shaft. Her eyes opened as she gazed up at Luke's face and then released his cock from her lips with a popping noise.

"Ahhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm yeah..."

Saliva strings dangled from her mouth back to his cock. Kelly closed her lips and then began to loudly slobber as she blew a bubble of spit and pushed her lips back to the head of his cock and gave it a slobbery kiss. The drool began to dangle from her lips, breaking off and falling to her mighty tits below. She raised her right hand, gripping his cock and then opening her mouth. As Kelly extended her tongue out, she began to slap his cock against it creating loud smacking noises. His eyes never left hers before she squeezed her lips back around that shaft and resumed sucking it. Moving her hand yet again, Kelly played with her boobs while bobbing her head up and down. Luke was holding onto dear life, trying to withstand her slow, but aggressive lust that was channeled through her oral pleasuring.

"Ohhhhhhh, my god. You're so fucking good..."

He cried his words out to her, but Kelly showed no mercy. Over and over, she bobbed her head up and down while Luke curled his face up, just trying his hardest to hold back from blowing his load down her throat. Whimpering to her, he almost began to curl his toes up at the sound of her mouth slobbering up and down his long shaft. Finally, Kelly pulled her lips back to the head and released his cock with another popping sound. Her eyes glared up at him as she grinned at Luke and began to play with her breasts. She bounced them up and down, rubbing them together with her hands.

"You think you can handle fucking these titties, Luke? I mean, can you fuck 'em without cumming too soon?"

Raising her eyebrows, Kelly teased him as she continued to play with her breasts. Bouncing them up and down, then rubbing them together. It was apparent she could see how distraught he was. All with the talent of her mouth, she had nearly worked him into an early orgasm.

"Wanna fuck these big titties? Think you can handle my big tits, hmmmm?" 

Teasing had become taunting. Kelly knew how to say the right words and push a man like him. Luke nodded, grabbing his cock as she then pulled her tits apart to offer him a passage.

"Oh yeah, I wanna fuck 'em! God, they're so fucking big. I don't remember them being that big years ago."

Wasting no time, she leaned forward and squeezed those giant breasts around his cock. Those tits were so large, they completely swallowed up his shaft with only the head poking up in the middle. Luke moved his hand back and Kelly let out a moan. Her eyes locked onto him as she bit down on her lower lip.

"Mmmmmmm, you better fuck 'em real good. Prove that you can handle these titties!"

It was onto Luke now to take over. Kelly made it clear she wasn't going to be doing all the work after the sensual sucking she had given his cock. With his left hand, Luke moved it behind her shoulder so he could hold her into place as he began to buck his hips. Kelly moaned, gasping for breath as his cock was now driving back and forth between her tits.

"Ohhhhh, yeah! Just like that! Fuck my titties!"

She moved her left hand underneath one of her tits, then the right hand upward in an awkward way of gripping them. Luke's eyes watched as the entire length of his shaft had disappeared between her breasts with the head poking up. Over and over, he thrust hard to the point a smacking noise became audible between their bodies, all while she moaned in that sexy English accent of hers. Luke couldn't control himself. Though he had done this with other busty glamour models, he was feeling something special with Kelly right now. As he continued to thrust his cock between her breasts, he moaned and called out to her.

"Oh my fucking god, these tits are amazing."

"Mmmmmm, yes they are. I love having a big cock shoved right between 'em. Come on, keep fucking my titties. Yes, oh yes! Fuck 'em, Luke!"

As he continued to thrust between her tits, she loosened her grip and then his cock came flopping free. Kelly laughed at this accident and held her breasts back up, offering another passage for him to shove his cock back between them. Laughing again, she smiled wide while looking up at his face as he began to fuck her tits yet again. Luke wasn't the only one enjoying this, as she was finding the pleasure to overwhelm her. Over and over, he continued to pump his cock between those tits.

"Mmmmmm, that's it! That's it! Ohhhhhhhhh, yeah!"

Breaking eye contact, Kelly finally gave in and looked down below to watch his cock thrust up and down between her big boobs. She opened her mouth and began to flick her tongue across the head each time it poked up. Again and again, Luke continued to thrust and then Kelly squeezed her lips around the head when he slowed down. Trapping his cock between her tits with the head in her mouth, her big brown eyes shot up at him. She winked and then pulled her lips off with a popping noise. Luke stepped back as she let go of her breasts, freeing his cock. He couldn't hold back from teasing her now with taunting words like she did him.


"Mmmmmmm, yeah."

Kelly grabbed his cock, twisting her right hand fingers around it as she bit down on her lower lip. Luke took a step back as she began to rise up from her knees and stand before him.

"You know how to work that cock between a pair of big tits. I like that in a man."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yes, you just won a first class ticket to the next phase of this lovely night."

Giving her a confused look, Luke replied.

"Uhhh, what?"

Her hand was still gripping his shaft, prompting Kelly to begin wanking it back and forth as she giggled.

"Yeah! A ticket to go for a ride!"

If her job was to confuse him to reveal a surprise, Kelly had Luke right where she wanted. With her free hand, she shoved him backwards with such force, he went stumbling backwards. She let go of his cock and then pushed him again. He fell down onto the bed with a slight bounce. Kelly then giggled as she climbed up atop him, rubbing her busty chest up against his and then pushing their lips together for a passionate kiss. Luke wrapped his arms around her, moaning into her mouth as he slid his fingers down to caress her thick curves. They traded back and forth kisses, dancing their tongues together before Kelly broke their lips apart. She smiled down at him as she pressed her hands onto his chest and raised herself up.

"Time to go for a ride, honey."

Luke flashed his teeth before he began to laugh. He had to admire Kelly's sense of humor that came out when she wanted to be playful. Her knees were bent, pushed down on both sides of him and into the bed. She leaned herself up and used both hands to reach down and grab his cock. All Luke could was lay there, gazing up at the white ceiling above until he tilted his sight at Kelly's gorgeous face and busty tits. She carefully raised his cock with both hands, lining herself up and rubbing the head against her wet pink folds. He exhaled, taking one deep breath and swallowing as he awaited this moment. Kelly bit down on her lower lip and then slowly, lower herself down. Luke began to moan at the warm tight feeling of his cock entering her.

"Ohhhhhhhh, yeah..."

As he moaned out, he leaned up a bit, moving his hands to roam up her hips. Kelly threw her arms behind the back of her head, carefully fixing her hair to make sure every last brunette lock was beyond her shoulders. Luke moved his hands across her stomach, latching a grip onto her hanging breasts. As he squeezed her tits, Kelly moved her hands to his wrist as a way to quietly encourage him to hold her tits. She then began to roll her hips, forcing his cock to pump into her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm, feels so good having you inside of me."

"Ride me Kelly!"

"Ohhhhh yeah, you want me to ride you Luke darling?"

She bit down on her lower lip, purring her moans as she continued to roll her hips. Luke could feel her hard nipples poking into his palms as he squeezed at her breasts. Kelly never took her eyes off him as he began to soon buck his hips forward in an effort to meet with the rhythm in which she moved her hips. They were locked together now in the act of making love. Kelly moaned out to him, finally moving her hands away from his wrists. Luke began to play with her breasts, squeezing them and moving one hand to slightly smack them and watch them wobble. Kelly dropped her lower lip, moaning before she pushed both of her hands down to his chest and leaned down. Her hair fell and then Luke had greater access to throw his arms around her neck and pull her in.

Their lips met for another round of passionate kissing and now he could finally buck his hips forward to drive his cock into her tight cunt. Kelly moaned into his mouth, still grinding as she was the one in control. When she pulled her lips away to break the kiss, Kelly let out a loud moan. Her thick English accent came out in full strength and then she leaned back up. Luke moved his hands to her hips as she was now bouncing up and down on his cock. The bed began to wobble, shaking and beating up against the bedroom wall. Kelly's giant breasts were shaking, moving up and down. Luke watched her boobs move all around as she then threw her arms behind her head and began to ride him harder and faster. As he moaned out to her, she refused to take her eyes away from his face.


London, England

The trip back to the hotel had been short. Nigel didn't waste any time bringing Lucy and Melissa up to the floor where the blonde model had her personal room in the hotel. For Lucy, she had her question of curiosity answered with witnessing what a standard suite room looked like in Nigel's hotel. Dark interior design complete with silver lining and black bed sheets in the bedroom. The floors were of a dark red carpet, but it wasn't the bedroom where Nigel wanted the girls. The living room had better space with a full large black leather couch and matching plush chairs near an oval shaped glass table in the middle. That couch was the first thing Nigel made use of after locking the door shut behind Lucy and Melissa.

He shared a kiss with Lucy first, then locked lips with Melissa. Going into the living room, he ordered Lucy to undress him since she was the only trophy whore in the room. Melissa took off her dress without Nigel ordering her, revealing her busty body in a small black micro bikini. Why she would wear that under her dress was puzzling to Nigel, but what the hell did he care? The bikini top was so tight, her enhanced tits looked as if they were going to bust out at given second. Seeing Melissa like this, he snapped his fingers at Lucy and ordered her to get naked. Melissa teased him that she was still wearing some kind of clothes, making her tits slightly bounce up and down in the micro bikini. All that did was get him to order her like he did Lucy.

As he sat on the couch, once again Nigel felt like a king. Lucy and Melissa were down on their knees prepared to serve him. Melissa was on his left hand side while Lucy was on the right. Each girl leaned up with Lucy gritted her teeth and glaring back at Nigel as if he were a rightful master. Melissa had a playful smile across her face. A hand from each was wrapped around his cock. Lucy gripped from the base while Melissa moved her hand above. Together, they twisted the hands, stroking his cock as Nigel sat there and moaned. So far, he was pleased as he got into the mood for both of them. Licking her lips, Lucy moved her hand away, allowing Melissa full range to jerk him off with her hand. Rather than stroking his cock, Lucy glanced down at his hanging ball sack and parted her lips.

Nigel smirked at the feeling of Lucy's mouth licking on his balls. He moaned and then caught sight of Melissa's blue hues glaring up at him. Lucy used her hands to guide his balls into her mouth and began to loudly suck on them. All he could do was sit there and embrace this feeling of pleasure before Melissa moved above Lucy. She wanted to be directly in front of him before sliding her hand down to the base of his cock and holding it up. As Nigel sat there, he soon watched Melissa break eye contact and look down at the head of his long shaft. She flicked her tongue over it as Lucy was still busy sucking his balls. He had not ordered them to do this but for now, Nigel was going to sit back and enjoy it. Lucy noticed Melissa getting into position to suck him and she moved her head up, done with sucking his balls for now.

"Look at me."

Calling out in a stern voice, Nigel managed to get Melissa's complete attention. Her eyes shifted up at him, along with Lucy's dark brown hues. The other woman found her spot on the right side as Melissa was now Nigel's main focus. He sat there, watched now as she slid his cock into her mouth and began to suck it. Nice and slow, she bobbed her head up and down the first few inches of his thick shaft. So far, he wasn't impressed. Then again, Melissa didn't know the kind of hard fucking she was in for with Nigel. She didn't break eye contact with him, as that one small sign of what an obedient slut she could be. As she continued to suck, Nigel lowered his right hand to her hair, hinting for Melissa to suck more of his shaft. She gagged on it as he pushed her down.

"That's it, that's it. I didn't tell you to just slobber on it, you fucking whore. Suck it like a whore, show me what you're worth!"

Pushing her head further down, Nigel moaned when he heard Melissa choke. He pulled her hair, watching as his cock came out of her mouth and flopped against his stomach. Letting go of her hair, he glared down at her as the blonde model began to giggle.

"Ohhhh, you play rough huh? Don't worry. I can suck a mean cock when you get me in the mood!"

Lucy gasped as she watched Melissa go back down, sucking on Nigel's cock. This time, she pushed her hands into his legs and began to quickly bob her head up and down. He sat there, pleased so far hearing the slobbering and sucking noises from her mouth.


Hearing those sounds and watching all of it had only made Lucy moan at the feeling of the tingling sensation down between her thighs. She was wet and could barely hold herself back from pleasuring herself by the touch of her hand. Nigel moved his hands to both sides of Melissa's head, gripping her golden hair as he then began to thrust upward and fucking her mouth. More slobbering and sucking noises came from this action before Nigel stopped and let go of her hair. Melissa released his cock from her mouth with a popping sound and giggled.

"Ohhhhh, there's gonna be a lot more than this soon!"

Since it was an act of a threesome, Melissa knew to move aside and let Lucy have her turn with him. Her brunette hair sway as Lucy ran her fingers through it and crawled her way in front of Nigel. She gazed up at him while reaching down and wrapping her fingers around his shaft. He trusted Lucy, so he kept his hands to himself and sat there, watching her part those soft pink lips and twirl her tongue around the head of his pole. Starting with a slow bit of licking, Lucy enveloped her lips around the head, gazing her eyes back up at him for a moment. She knew to make proper eye contact, but looked away as she began to suck. She didn't hesitate to slide his shaft to the back of her throat, starting off the night with early deepthroat.

"Ohhhhhhh, yeah. You see that, Melissa? This is how a whore sucks cock. Pay attention to Lucy and you might learn something."

That comment was insulting towards Melissa, but she knew better than to question the man who she referred to as boss. She gave Nigel a funny look, then began to watch Lucy. Slowly, Lucy bobbed her head up and down, making muffled moans that sent vibrations into him. Melissa gave Nigel a smirk. Her eyes would go back and forth from watching Lucy to looking up at his face but it wasn't enough to distract him. His focus was centered entirely on Lucy as she was still sucking him off. Nice and slowly, she bobbed her head up and down without Nigel having to take over like he did for Melissa. Finally pulling her lips back at the head, Lucy shot her eyes up and him and loudly released his cock with a popping sound that echoed through the room.

Lucy didn't speak as she parted her lips and began to lick the underside of his cock. The tip of her tongue trailed up to the head as the final act of oral pleasure she had for him right now. Without saying any words, she knew what to do next all without Nigel ordering her. She moved her hands down to her massive famous breasts and pushed them up. Nigel slid the fingers of his right hand down, holding his cock upward for her. He knew what she was about to do, so the least he could do was offer slight aid. Slowly, Lucy pushed her magnificent large breasts up and squeezed them around his cock. Nigel pulled his hand back, pleased with her actions as his cock was now cradled between those lovely tits. Lucy moaned, dropping her lower lip as she then began to pump her tits up and down as Melissa gasped.


Melissa only spoke a single word as Nigel suddenly began to thrust upward, taking over with fucking Lucy's amazing tits. The blonde model had to widen her eyes, moving in a little closer to get a better view of Lucy's famous chest put to work.

"That is just... beautiful."

Again, Melissa spoke but Nigel wasn't paying her any attention. Over and over, he pumped his cock up between Lucy's giant breasts. The brunette model moaned, glancing down to watch the head poke up and then glaring her eyes up at him. Smack. Smack. Smack. the sound of Lucy's boobs hitting against his skin below made a solid clapping rhythm. Finally he took a look over at Melissa, still bucking his hips forward.

"You think that's beautiful?"

His eyes shifted back to Lucy who had gritted her teeth, glaring up at him. Nigel suddenly came to an abrupt hall. As he stopped Lucy broke eye contact with him, glancing down to see the head of his cock poking up. She parted her lips and flicked her tongue across it, all before Nigel clapped his hands, ready to move on to the real fucking.

"That's enough now, Lucy."

Hearing his words call for her, Lucy knew what to do. She let go of her tits, watching his shaft slightly bounce as it was now free. Nigel then began to rise up from where he was seated, causing Lucy to crawl backwards and move out of his way. He turned his attention to Melissa who was still on his left side. Turning to her, he offered a hand to pull her up from the floor.

"I've been thinking about fucking you all day since I finished your paper work back at the office."

"Ohhhhh, really?"

Melissa smirked at him, flashing her teeth as she stood up and moved her hands to her breasts. All Lucy did was sit there on her knees, watching as the blonde model shoved those big enhanced boobs up against Nigel's chest. Her efforts were rewarded with soft kiss. Nigel stepped back and pointed his finger at the couch.

"Get down on all fours for me."

"Oh, doggy style, huh? I should've knew that would be your position."

Ignoring Melissa's words, Nigel looked over at Lucy and then reached down with a hand, snatching her up by the hair. She moaned at his rough touch as he pulled her up to her feet and then gave her a shove towards the couch. Lucy fell backwards, her buttocks landing onto the cushions of the couch on the left side from where Nigel was standing. Melissa couldn't help but laugh at how he manhandled Lucy.

"I guess she gets to sit there and watch you fuck me, huh?"

Again Melissa spoke up as she pushed the palms of her hands down into the couch seat, spreading her legs out and then bumping her ass up against him. Nigel gave her booty a quick spank as a result of her snarky tone. She began to roll her hips, twerking her ass out as Lucy sat there, looking back at Melissa's face. The blonde model had a wide grin, flashing her teeth deviously. Lucy moved her hands to her giant boobs, squeezing and rubbing them together until Nigel gave her permission to finger herself. He was busy gripping his cock and running it down to Melissa's thighs. The teasing had made her gasp and moan, all before he reached for her blonde locks of hair with his other hand and snatched her up.

"Ready for it!?"

"Mmmmmm, yeah! Give it to me! Fuck the shit outta me!"

Lucy watched the expression change across Melissa's face. She from giggling and gasping to suddenly letting out a sharp moan upon the feeling of Nigel's thick shaft sliding into her juicy cunt. He snatched her hair and then began to buck his hips, pumping his cock into her pussy.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!!"

Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound of their bodies hitting together became louder with each passing second. Nigel glanced down, watching those thick ass cheeks bounce each time he thrust into her. He pulled her hair for a final time before letting go and using his hand to begin spanking her. Lucy gasped when she heard that loud slap across Melissa's booty.

"Ohhhhhh god! Fuckkkkk!!"

Overwhelmed by his aggression, Melissa closed her eyes. She panted as her big tits began to bounce up and down from how hard Nigel was giving it to her. Lucy spread her fingers up, feeling her nipples beneath her palms as she slowly massaged her tits, watching the entire time. She knew after he was done with Melissa, it would be her turn.

"Damn, this is what you were built for! That pussy is so tight, you're made for fucking!"

Slowing himself down, Nigel looked over at Lucy and then called out to her in a stern voice.

"You! Let Melissa get on top of you. I wanna see those tits pushed together."

Alerted by his order, Lucy laid back on the couch as Nigel pulled his cock from Melissa's cunt. He only did this to allow the other model to climb up and rest herself on Lucy's busty body. Boob to boob, their chests were soon smashed against one another. Lucy let out a soft moan, as she knew Melissa could feel the wetness of her pussy rubbing up against her down below. Nigel licked his lips, admiring this view of the two babes pushed together like that. Their faces were merely inches away. Lucy looked back at Melissa with loving eyes, trying to fight off the temptation she had within, for she didn't want to act without his order.

"Go ahead and kiss if that's what you wanna do."

The girls looked back at with. Melissa smirked and Lucy let out a soft giggle. When they turned to face one another, it was Melissa who initiated the kiss. She pushed her lips against Lucy who went on to roman her hands down Melissa's back. As they locked lips, Lucy kissed Melissa passionately. Nigel watched for a moment, pleased at this loving touch between the two models. He then moved around the couch, going to the other side and bending one leg so he could climb up and get into position. He began to rub his cock up against Melissa's vulva lips. She moaned into Lucy's mouth, breaking the kiss and then looking behind her right shoulder to call for him.

"I need you to fuck me again. I want you to fuck me nice and hard, Mr. Boss man."

"Oh yeah, nice and hard?"

Still rubbing his shaft against her pink folds, Nigel wanted to hear her beg. Melissa whimpered as Lucy began to kiss up her neck.

"Nice and hard, yes! Ohhhhhh, yes! Please fuck me, boss man!"

To hear her call him that again, Nigel spanked her ass and then slid his shaft back in. Melissa turned her head, moaning into Lucy's face as they locked lips again and began to kiss, right in time with his thrusts into her. Raising his hand, Nigel spanked that ass again before grabbing both of her hips and pumping his cock into her with hard thrusts. Melissa immediately moaned into Lucy's moan, breaking the kiss and screaming.


The Irish accent came out in Melissa's voice as she screamed aloud, her voice echoing throughout the hotel suite. She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes. Her body bounced, rubbing up against Lucy who could only lay there with Melissa atop her and feel the hard momentum as Nigel fucked her. He drew back his hand and began to spank that ass. Smacking his palm against it once, twice and then a third time as hard as he could.


Melissa's screams nearly deafened Lucy from being so close to her mouth. Over and over, Nigel continued to pound his cock in that pussy. Done spanking her, he could see a big red mark across the right cheek of her ass. He continued to fuck her, giving her every inch of his cock before coming to an abrupt stop and pulling out. All that did was make Melissa gasp, dropping her lower lip as she turned to look Nigel's way from across her right shoulder. He gripped his shaft and called out.

"Get up! Lucy, it's your turn now."

He could hear the pouting from Melissa which would've amused Nigel if he wasn't in this kind of mood for fucking. She began to climb off Lucy, then he reached down and snatched her up by the hair. Melissa yelped as Nigel pulled her up and had her sit down on the couch. Lucy wasted no time rising up, sitting as she awaited the position Nigel wanted her in. He let go of Melissa's hair and then took Lucy by the hand, directing her to get down on the floor.

"On your hands and knees, right there on the fucking floor."

Melissa raised an eyebrow as she heard the stern and mean tone Nigel had for Lucy. She fell to her hands and knees, turning around to face the couch and then looking up at Melissa. Nigel then set his eyes on the blonde woman, waiting for her big blue eyes to look back at him.

"You ever had a whore like Lucy eat you out?"

Hearing those words, Lucy gasped and then glanced up from across her left shoulder.

"Nigel, dear... If I may."

His eyes shifted down at her, then he spoke.

"You in the mood to use your mouth on her, Lucy?"

Lucy nodded with a soft smile. Grinning back at her, Nigel smacked her ass with his right hand.


She let out an exaggerated moan while Melissa adjusted her on the couch. She slid forward, spreading her legs out so Lucy could crawl forward and place her head between Melissa's thighs. As Nigel stood behind Lucy, he waited for her to get into position. Waiting until she was making herself busy with a mouth full of pussy before he pushed his cock into her. Lucy took her time, licking her lips while Melissa grinned up at Nigel and giggled.

"I guess I should thank you for this since you're the boss."

"No, you don't have to thank me. I know how to put whores to good use. Lucy knows her place. After all, she likes being a good girl."

Right as Nigel finished his words, Lucy slid her tongue inside of Melissa's cunt. The blonde model made a loud gasp then moved her hands onto her breasts. She squeezed her own tits, glancing down at Lucy's gorgeous face as she began to pleasure her. With the girls satisfied, it was now Nigel's turn. He stroked his cock, taking his time before shoving it down between Lucy's thighs. When he found her wet entrance, he made the initial thrust and then leaned down. His hands ran underneath her, latching onto those giant breasts as he gave them a squeeze and began to thrust. Lucy moaned muffled noises with her tongue still inside Melissa. Fearing that she would raise her head up, Melissa moved her right hand down to Lucy's head, holding her in place while she used her left hand and began to rub at her clit above.

Muffled noises began odd slobbering noises as Lucy opened her eyes and glanced up. Here she was, with Nigel behind her pumping his cock into her pussy and Melissa holding her in place to continue pleasuring her. She wasn't expecting both of them to put her in a position like this, as Lucy was soon to be overwhelmed with pleasure. Nigel squeezed her breasts and then he began to buck his hips forward, driving that long shaft into her cunt. This only made Lucy wiggle her tongue around, desperately attempting to devour Melissa as she continued this pleasure. She could hear Melissa panting, gasping and then exhaling deep breaths. All the while, Nigel began to groan as he worked in a steady rhythm, fucking his trophy whore as hard as he could. When he let go of her breasts, they began to bounce and sway around from underneath.

"Ohhhhhhh, Lucy! Yessss, yesssssss! Mmmmmmmmm, lick it good!"

The excitement echoed from Melissa's voice as she quickly pinched and rubbed her clit between two fingers. Lucy's head slightly moved from the sheer force of Nigel fucking her. This only made Melissa grip her hair tighter, keeping her in place. Nigel moved his hands to Lucy's hips, groaning as he was pounding his cock into her at such a steady pace. Over and over, he delivered inch after inch of his dick into her. He had to make sure she got the equal hard fucking that Melissa had minutes earlier, only Lucy wasn't screaming her lungs out. Instead, it was Melissa cooing and letting out load moans.

"Ohhhh god! I'm soooooo close! Keep going, keep going! DON'T STOP, LUCY!!"

Moaning and whimpering out, Melissa spread her legs out and raised her head. She moved her hands back to her breasts, squeezing them hard as she knew that in seconds she would be screaming at the feeling of heavenly sensation. Each time Nigel thrust into Lucy's cunt, that only motivated Lucy to thrust her tongue in and out of Melissa's opening at a faster pace. Again and again, she wiggled her tongue around and finally, the blonde model screamed aloud as her legs began to shake and she curled her toes up.


Lucy raised her head just in time, pulling her mouth from Melissa's cunt for what followed with a sudden burst of squirting juices flooding onto Lucy's face. Melissa reached her climax with such force that some of her juices squirted over Lucy's head and landed down her back. Lucy gasped, moaning and then screaming out.


It didn't matter to Lucy as she felt the warm sticky fluid now trickling down her face. She had luckily closed her eyes, now blinking them as she began to open them and see. Nigel continued to thrust his cock into her pussy though he had slowed down a bit. Lucy knew he was about to stop and pull out, giving her seconds to wait. Nigel did just that, as he gripped his shaft and stepped back.

"Get up on the couch. I want to look at your face when you cum for me."

Lucy had turned to glance beyond her right shoulder to see Nigel but he didn't give her enough time to rise up. Reaching down, he snatched her up by the hair, raising her up as she clenched her teeth and growled a moan. Melissa's juices streamed down her face and neck. Nigel turned Lucy around and shoved her down on the couch. She sat directly next to Melissa who was on her left side. Glancing up at his eyes, Lucy bit down on her lower lip and spread her legs out. She moved her hands over her breasts, teasing Nigel as she bounced them around in her hands but his eyes were focused on her shaved pussy down below. Pushing the head of his cock to re-enter her, Nigel watched her facial expression change as Lucy gasped and then looked satisfied that he was inside her again.

"You want to cum all over my cock, don't you, Lucy? Wanna cum for me, like a good girl?"

Nodding her head at his words, Lucy replied softly with a purring moan.

"Yes Sir... Yes, I do."

Nigel moved his hands to Lucy's legs and arched them up onto his shoulders. He gripped at her calves as he began to pump his cock into her pussy. Melissa leaned over the couch, resting her back on one of the armrests so she could get a better view of Nigel fucking Lucy. She watched, making soft moans as she noticed Lucy's giant boobs beginning to wobble and shake within her gripping hands. Nigel began to thrust harder and faster with each passing second, giving Lucy all he had knowing he could still hold back from blowing his load. As he continued to thrust, she panted and moaned. Her voice elevated louder as he went faster.

"Oh god! Ohhhh god! OHHHHHHHH GOD!!!"

Melissa's eyes widened and then she slowly grinned. Witnessing this had only turned her on more. She crawled towards Lucy, daring to touch the other woman without Nigel's permission. He was locked in, hands gripping her legs that were arched up as he pounded his cock into her tight pussy again and again. Lucy screamed, her voice echoing in the distance throughout the suite. It was clear Nigel wasn't going to stop until he pushed her into a long awaited orgasm. Melissa couldn't help herself as she watched. She leaned over and helped Lucy by moving her left hand fingers up to her clit and pinching it. Lucy immediately panted and began to cry out in her voice.


From the touch of Melissa's hand, Lucy couldn't hold back anymore. She closed her eyes, flenching her teeth together and then belting out a loud scream. Nigel made one final thrust and let go of her legs. As soon as he felt the gush of her juices from within her pussy, he stepped back and immediately pulled out, stepping to the side. Lucy's love nectar squirted out with such force, it splattered onto his left arm and then drenched the floor down below. Melissa gasped, eyes widening as she witnessed such an explosive climax from Lucy.

"Holy fuck! Wow!!"

Melissa appeared more impressed by Lucy's hard orgasm than Nigel himself was. It didn't matter to him, as he was giving Lucy time to recover and still herself. His eyes looked up at Melissa's face and he motioned with his right hand fingers for her to crawl down.

"Get over here. I think it's time I shoved my cock between your big fake tits. I want another tit-wank, this time from you."

"Ohhh, you want a tit-wank from me?"

Not in the mood for her teasing words, Nigel pointed his finger down at the floor.

"Shut up and get to work down here."

Lucy was catching her breath, laying there on the couch as she felt slight movement from Melissa crawling down and approaching Nigel. She grinned, flashing her pearly white teeth and then giggling before she made her way towards him, stomping her knees and palms down into the floor. Nigel towered over Melissa. She gazed up, rising to her knees and then moving her hands to her breasts. As she held them up, she spoke up.

"You wanna fuck these tits, don't you?"

He wasn't amused at her teasing in such a mocking manner, but Nigel didn't say anything. He gripped his cock and guided it between her tits once Melissa pulled them apart. Withdrawing his hand, he watched her squeeze those tits together to trap his dick between them. Unlike earlier, Nigel bucked his hips at a slow pace. He moaned feeling his cock push up and down between Melissa's phat breasts. She grinned up at him, flashing her teeth.

"Going slow with me huh? I guess you don't wanna blow that hot fucking load too soon."

Nigel groaned, scrunching his face up as he continued to fuck her tits. Melissa moaned, giggling at him as it was so evident to her that he was going slow for a reason.

"Ohhhh, yeah! Mmmmmmmm, fuck my tits!"

Raising her hand up, Lucy wiped some of Melissa's juices from her face and then she began to lean up from the couch. From where she was seated she could only see the back of Melissa and her long blonde hair flowing beyond her shoulders. Lucy breathed heavily, listening to the soft moans and then seeing that scrunched up look on Nigel's face. That was all she needed to see to know he was about to finally explode. Panting and groaning, he didn't want to stop. Nigel knew he waited too late to tittyfuck Melissa, but he didn't care. He was doing it now and wanted to enjoy this. Those big blue eyes starred up at him, as if she were gazing at his black soul all while he thrust his cock between her breasts.

"Shoot your load for me, boss man? I want your cum... all over my face."

Letting out another grunt, Nigel made a few final thrusts between Melissa's boobs and then he finally snatched his cock out. She raised her face up, closing her eyes as she kept her hands holding her tits up. Wanking his cock back and forth, Nigel grunted and groaned as a thick string of cum shot out and slathered onto Melissa's forehead, running down her nose. Lucy remained sitting on the couch, not bothering to get up and watch him make a mess out of Melissa's pretty face. More stings of cum splattered onto her face, drenching the right side and streaking into her hair. Melissa opened her eyes, smirking up at him as she bit down on her lower lip.

"Mmmmmm, nothing like getting messy after a rough night."


Los Angeles, California

"Ohhhhhhh, yeah! I'm gonna give it to you, babe!"

Sweat dripped from Luke's forehead as he stood in the bathroom, gripping his cock with his right hand. He jerked it back and forth, aiming directly at one of the greatest pairs of boobs he ever had in his life. Kelly Brook's big brown eyes gazed up at him. Sweat had formed at the top of her forehead too, for they had been going back forth for hours at this point. Taking him for a ride was only one thing she had planned to do. Kelly had made him get off the bed and she wanted to try other positions, making use of the floor and bed. They found their way into the bathroom after he had impressed her enough with his tongue in her pussy. The lights in the bathroom were bright, illuminating white tiles and a matching plain set of walls. Luke groaned, glancing down at her breasts as she cradled them in her hands.

"I want your cum all over these titties! If you love 'em so much, then cum all over 'em!"

Kelly had managed to work him into a frenzy, pushing him to the point of no return with another round of titty-fucking when they got into the bathroom. Kelly was ready to finish him. Her eyes glanced at his cock momentarily before she looked back up at his face. She held her breasts up, rubbing them together and squeezing them as a way to tease him. As Luke panted and moaned, he slid his hand down to the base of his shaft and then cried out.


String after string of his cum began to spray across Kelly's big tits. She moaned at the feeling of his warm liquid substance coating her skin. Kelly softly smiled, flashing her teeth up at him and then gazing down to watch him continue to blast her tits in cum. One string went far enough it touched her left wrist. Giggling softly, she looked up at Luke with loving eyes as he squeezed his shaft to force out the final drops. Kelly grabbed his dick, feeding the head to her mouth and sucking out those last drops. Luke was exhausted and out of breath completely. It was a wonder he could still stand on both legs after these hours of fucking with Kelly. She drained him, as his load was splattered across her amazing tits. She pulled her lips from his cock with a popping sound, audible swallowing down the last remaining drops.

"Mmmmmmm... Creamy!"

Looking up at him, she flashed her teeth in a full grin before speaking.

"Damn honey, you look tired now."

Luke nodded his head.

"Yeah, you really know how to work me over."

Her voice cracked up in a loud laugh.

"Well, what can I say? I'm the kind of girl that likes to go all night. Let's get a shower and head to bed soon."

"Sounds good to me."

Climbing up from her knees, Kelly glanced down at her breasts and witnessed the streams of his cum dripping down. Once again, Luke had to take a deep breath. Meeting this woman was one thing he had planned, but he couldn't have guessed he would spend the night engaging her in a lustful contest. He had forgotten all about Gene who was left at the club, but one thing still in Luke's thoughts was the meeting with John Varga. He had Kelly now. Tomorrow morning he would have to make that phone call to the man. A trip back to Miami would likely be the next journey ahead. If not for Kelly's loving touch, he would almost feel a bit of sadness to come home and have to leave California so soon.

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Brilliants, so glad to have you back writing this series!
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Big Tits, Disco and Glamour are back in style. I guess Stacey Poole will show up soon with that hint?

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Great to see this amazing series back with a bang. Hope we see more chapters soon!
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Wow. Amazing cade. 8#=D


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