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On The Rebound (Britney Spears, Anna Kournikova)
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On The Rebound by Chop
Celeb(s) Ė Britney Spears, Anna Kournikova
Codes Ė MF, MFF, threesome
Originally posted on August 25 2002 at CSSA

Later that morning John boarded Britneyís private jet for the trip back to the mainland. He took his seat in the front of the plane, with the back half reserved just for Britney.

While waiting for take-off John struck up a conversation with Anna Smith, the head of public relations for Jive Records.

"So John what do you think of life on the road," Anna asked.

"Itís interesting," John said, thinking of last nightís experience.

"Itís been a real eye-opener so far."

"IĒll bet," Anna said.

"But it seems that Britneyís taken a real liking to you. In fact Iíve got to do some work for our other groups, but Iím supposed to go over the rest of Britneyís schedule with her. Do you think you could fill her in for me."

"Of course," John said.

Soon after take-off the pilot removed the seat belt warning light and Anna gave John the go ahead to go and brief Britney on the remainder of her schedule. John made his to the back of the plane and softly knocked on the door to the back half.

"Come in," Britney said.

John opened the door and got yet another surprise. There watching a movie on her big screen was Britney, dressed in just a pair of high cut, orange panties and an orange halter top.

"Have a seat," Britney said, motioning to the spot next to her on the love seat.

John sat down and began to watch the movie with Britney. She was watching "Eyes Wide Shut", which was Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidmanís excuse to air their amateur porn.

As things heated up between Cruise and Kidman on-screen John felt a hand on his thigh. Britney slowly moved her hand up his thigh and was soon stroking his rock hard cock through his pants.

John leaned over and again engaged the pop diva in a long, passionate kiss, while his hands roamed all over her perfect body. Britney broke their kiss and got off of the couch, kneeling in front of John. She unzipped Johnís khakiís and freed his rock hard cock from his pants. Britney began to stroke again and began to slide her tongue over the top of his cock.

But John had other ideas. He joined Britney on the floor, laying flat on his back. Britney caught his hint and removed her panties before planting her perfectly shave cunt right in Johnís face. She then renewed her attack on Johnís dick, while John began to tease her pussy lips before plunging his tongue deep into her pussy, paying special attention to her clit.

Eventually John was able to lube a finger and gently worked it into her anus. Soon after Britney began to grind her pussy into Johnís face and came violently, all the while sucking Johnís cock. Britneyís orgasm triggered Johnís orgasm and the two climbed back on to the couch.

All of this had happened with out a word between the two.

After five minutes of rest Britney again started gently stroking Johnís cock.

"I need your cock," Britney said. "I want it just like last night."

Soon he was hard again, but this time Britney straddled him and removed her halter top to expose her huge breasts. John began to suck on each of her nipples, giving each one equal attention. Britney slowly lowered herself onto Johnís dick. Britney began a steady rhythm, and John helped by cupping her beautiful ass and lifting her up each time.

After 10 minutes John lifted Britney up.

"Whatís wrong," Britney asked.

"Nothing,í John said. "Turn around and lay on top of me with your back to me."

Britney again caught on and guided Johnís dick back into her. Now Johnís cock began to rub her G-spot on every thrust. Almost immediately Britney climaxed loudly. Just as John was about to climax, the door opened and there stood Anna Smith.

"What the fuck is going on in here," Anna asked. "John weíre paying you to promote our clients, not fuck their brains out."

John quickly got dressed and went back to his seat. He read his magazines for the rest of the flight. As the plane neared Los Angeles airport Anna Smith sat down next to him.

"John I think it goes without saying that youíre fired," Anna said. "But there is one thing I have to know. Was it worth it?"

"Absolutely," John said as the plane landed.

John exited the plane at Los Angeles International Airport and took a commercial flight back to New York. Once he arrived at his apartment he checked his messages.

As he listened to his messages one in particular intrigued him.

"John, this is Leon Bordovsky,"the message said. "I represent Anna Kournikova and we are looking for someone to handle her publicity appearances while she is New York for the U.S. Open. Please call me back."

John dialed the phone and set up a meeting with Mr. Bordovsky and Ms. Kournikova in late July.

At the meeting John was dazzled by the Russian beauty, but he was turned off by her escort, Russian hockey player Sergei Federov. John had never liked hockey.

The meeting covered Annaís like and dis-likes for her public treatment and questions. At the end of the meeting John had just one question.

"Recently there have been several reports of Annaís love interests," John said eyeing Federov. "How do we handle that?"

Federov began to speak before Anna cut him off.

"Iím good friends with both Sergei and Pavel Bure, not to mention several players on the tour," Anna said. "But I am not serious with anyone."

The Russian hockey player bowed his head in silence as if his heart had just been crushed.

Johnís first assignment the following day was to pick Ms. Kournikova up from practice and escort her to a photo shoot and anywhere else she needed to go. As planned John met Anna after her practice at the National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows. Anna was running late and decided to shower at the photo shoot.

John hailed a cab and gave the driver the address, before closing the slot.

The pair rode in silence before Anna spoke up.

"You know how you got this job donít you," Anna asked. "Britney recommended you. She and I have met several times, and she said you were the best."

"Well thank you Anna," John said.

"Youíre not following me. I meant the BEST," said the Russian beauty, sliding her skirt up to reveal no panties and a well-shaved pussy."

Anna let her skirt fall back down and John placed his hand on her thigh.

"Letís go to your apartment," Anna said, gently blocking his hand.

John leaned forward and gave the driver the new address before replacing his hand on her thigh and moving it slowly upward. He reached her swollen pussy lips. He began to gently rub her lips, before parting her lips and inserting his index finger into her cunt and rubbing her clit with his thumb. Soon after they arrived at his apartment, and John stopped before Anna could reach her orgasm.

In the elevator on the way up Anna begged John to finisher her off. John refused and Anna began to pout. John lifted her face and kissed her, teasing her wet cunt with his hand.

"Ohhhh," Anna softly moaned.

Once inside Johnís apartment the pair headed straight for the bedroom. Anna paused at the entrance. John brushed her long pony tail aside and kissed her neck from behind as he slowly unzipped her practice dress. He removed the dress to find nothing underneath and reached around to fondle her breasts. John took each nipple between his thumb and fingers and gently squeezed. He was amazed, her nipples were like pencil erasers.

Anna again let out a soft moan of ecstasy as John played with her nipples, before leading him to the bed. She sat him down on the bedand reached into her bag, withdrawing a pair of handcuffs.

"Sorry sweetie, I donít do that stuff," John said.

"Oh I donít want you put them on, I want them on me," Anna said.

Anna turned around and placed her hands behind her back. John applied the handcuffs, leaving them extra loose.

"Tighter," Anna commanded.

Without a word John closed the cuffs as tight as they would go aroundher wrists. Anna winced in pain.

"Take me any way you want me," Anna said.

John laid her down on the bed and kissed her on the lips. She responded with her tongue before John broke the kiss and began to suck on her luscious titties. Anna let out a small scream as John took her nipples between his teeth.

John released her nipples and kissed his way down her body to her wet pussy. John teased her lips again with his tongue before spreading her lips and attacking her clit.

Anna gasped and threw her beautiful long legs over Johnís shoulders and squeezing his head between her thighs. Once again John refused to let Anna climax and pulled back.

The Russian knock-out whimpered again as John spread her legs and began to run his stiff cock up and down her pussy before slowly inserting it and beginning a slow steady rhythm. Her hands pinned underneath her elevated her body just enough so that every stroke made contact with her clit. This brought Anna to an ear-shattering climax.

John again went down on Anna and lapped up her juices as they flowed from her pussy.

Anna reminded him that she still needed to clean up after practice and the sex. With her hands still cuffed behind her John guided Anna to the bathroom and ran her a bath in his extra large whirl pool tub. He guided Anna in and sat her down in the tub.

John left for a second, but Anna was still horny. She threw one leg over the side of the tub, exposing her aching pussy to one of the water jets. Anna began to moan again as John entered the room.

"Getting a little ahead of ourselves arenít we," John asked.

Anna groaned again as John made her stop and turned her around in the tub to face the back wall. He repositioned the handcuffs so her arms were in front of her now and chained to a washcloth rack.

John jumped into the tub as well and entered Anna from behind as Ann bucked her hips back to meet his every thrust. She came again, but John did not. Instead John grabbed his surprise, a tube of anal lube and applied it generously to her anus.

John knew she was not a virgin, but wondered about this way.

"Has Sergei ever taken you this way," John whispered into her ear.

"No," Anna gasped as John inserted a finger up to the first knuckle. Without a word John slowly worked the head of his cock into her anus and resumed his rhythm before reaching around to play with her breasts and her clit.

Just before his orgasm John pulled out and shot his load all over Annaís back. Anna moaned with delight.

The pair then showered together, applying soap liberally to the other and producing another pair of orgasms.

The two got dressed and left for the photo shoot. Once there, Anna lavished attention on Sergei, who was concerned about their delayed arrival.

Anna quieted him with a kiss, but winked at John, leaving him to wish.
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