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Press Start To Collect [Various videogame & anime characters]
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the video games, characters, developers, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own Nintendo, Mario Tennis Aces or any of its characters etc referenced in this story. All characters are 18 years or older in this story.

Starring: Princess Rosalina (Super Mario series)

Press Start To Collect – Chapter 1

An erotic video game fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

A Commissioned Story for [Anonymous].

Codes: Cons, MF, oral.

* * *

This is a story about a young man named Richard.

A rather unremarkable man in his late 20s who can very much be described as a nerd. While not churning away at an uninspiring, bland job he spent his time playing video games and enjoying a sizeable anime and manga collection. And an even larger selection of saved ‘rule 34’ pornography. So aside from his frame being of a decent toned level, nowhere close to a muscle-head but far away from overweight, there was nothing particularly special about this John Doe of an individual.

That was, until one day he answered the front door and found quite a remarkable sight in front of him.

It wasn’t seeing a complete stranger in a retro, 60s era or even later suit and hat outfit, complete with white hair and a walking cane. It was the selection of women that were not just fawning over him and hanging on his arms, but who they were. Specifically, women who in this real world of his shouldn’t actual exist. Lieutenant Uhura from the classic Star Trek television show, Princess Leia in her ‘slave’ outfit from the original Star Wars trilogy. Disney princess, who women who weren’t even properly real or based of an actress like the others, such as Cinderella and Snow White. There were a couple others that even Richard couldn’t quite recall but he supposed that if he had a porn collection from this man’s era, it would be filled with the likes of these women.

“Ah, you must be Richard, yes?” The old man remarked with a smile. “We talked online just last night. Well, I more spoke and had the Lieutenant here type for me.” He explained.
“W-What? How did…” Richard stuttered, scanning over the group. “I don’t think I know what you’re talking about…” He lied, rather taken aback by this all.
“Oh come now, Richard. You remember! We talked about what picks of women we’d have if we could enjoy ourselves a little harem of ladies from things we enjoy!” The strange man said, recounting the conversation. “You discussed all the fancy, modern games and so on and I… Well, I think you can see some of the choices that I listed.”
“Shit… You were that guy?” Richard’s tone showed that he joined the dots and that the info relayed back to him matched that online chat from the other night. “But you said you were on the other side of the world or something? How did you…?”

The conversation stopped when the older man hand to raise a handkerchief to cough into it. “I’m afraid I must keep the conversation short! Rather like how the time I have left is of a similar length.” The man said with a rather curious smile for such a blunt remark. “Regardless! I came here because it was refreshing to finally meet up with a man of a similar taste to my own… So before I pass on, I’d like to bequeath upon you my greatest treasure!” He said, motioning as Cinderella reached into one of his pockets for him. “Seeing as how I don’t have the proper family to pass it onto and, well, it’s hard to find the right people to trust these days.” He explained.

“It’s… A game disc?” Richard cautiously took a shining disk in a basic plastic case that was offered. Turning it over to see the usual shining underside of any standard media disc. The front label being just a white label with ‘Harem’ written on it.
“Think of it more as they key to the door.” The man explained. “It’s changed it’s look now compared to when I’d first gotten it!” He joked. “But it’s purpose is still the same. Pop it into one of your new fangled machines to play it and you can get yourself into the personal world I’ve been enjoying it for a long while. To be honest, I’ve never properly understood it myself but its a nice place where you don’t have to worry about food, water, any furniture or living items. Lovely and self-sustaining. And of course, plenty of room to house all sorts of lovely ladies, isn’t that right, girls?” The older man said, getting giggled from the clearly smitten women as he glanced at them all.

“Yeah, none of this is making any lick of sense to me, Mister…” Richard stated the obvious as he looked over the disc again.
“Oh it will! In time at least!” The old man claimed before having to cough. “I’ll take my leave now. I’m afraid I really don’t have too much time left to enjoy that magic little world… And don’t worry! These current ladies I’ve collected will all, well, sort of vanish and fade away when I pass so you don’t have to ‘clean up’ anything. So you can start up your own little harem from scratch!”
“So, what? I just put this into a machine, play it, and then ‘wham’? I’m in my own personal paradise and I can just go about grabbing babes I want?” Richard didn’t sound like he believe it, but certainly didn’t sound like he was against the idea.
“That’s the ticket! Although you have to earn the women you target… No free rides I’m afraid!” The elder said with another smile. “But I’m sure you’ll manage to do a fine job.”
“Uh, yeah, sure… And uh, nice meeting your ladies too I guess?” Richard offered as he stepped backward and into his house.
“Oh, my pleasure as well, Richard! Have a good time with it! I know I did!” The older man said, waving goodbye as his women did the same as Richard closed the door up.

“...The fuck??” Richard said, turning the case over a couple times. “This has got to be a prank or something…” He grumbled. “And how did that guy know where I lived?” He thought as he turned back around and opened the door up. “Hey! Old… Man?” He blinked however as the front doorstep was empty. Like that group, the fictional women and all, had never been there in the first place. Except that he was holding the clear evidence of him being there in his hand. “...This is fucking weird…” He stated the obvious as he closed the door. “I swear, if this gives me some kind of damn virus…” He looked over the disc again before sighing as he headed towards his room. One go on it wouldn’t hurt that much, right?

* * *

Minutes later in his room the young man started up one of his gaming consoles. Putting the disc in, he picked up the game controlled and watched as his TV screen booted up. Seeing not really a game menu, but one of a selection of choices. Listing off ‘Travel to home’, ‘Select destination’ or ‘summon woman’. Noting that last particular option wasn’t available to select yet. “OK, fine, I’ll play along with you old man… Wait, that sounded wrong.” Richard said to himself before shaking his head. “OK, fine. If I was to, say, start up some sort of super amazing, multiverse harem or something… Who would I pick…” He stroked his chin as he went through the destination option. Seeing not so much locations at the moment, but branching options to go into forms of media. Opting for video games, and then seeing the vast list of titles of games both familiar and vague. Assuming some older options might be from that old man’s era.

“Well I mean, fuck it… If I wanted to try and get with someone? I’d go for like the hottest Princess of the Super Mario games, at least in my opinion.” He said, shifting through to the Mario games and seeing the list of different titles from the Party games to the main console titles. “Actually, no. Wait.  I’m not gonna fucking risk going out into outer space when I don’t even know how all this shit works.” He reasoned. “Let me try… Yeah, the tennis game. Much safer option.” He said as he highlighted Mario Tennis Aces. “Well, I guess let’s try this out.” He said. Not thinking about changing out of his T-shirt or jeans either before he hit the select button.

Barely getting time to open his mouth before the bright, rainbow light shot out of the TV screen and engulfed him.

* * *

When he blinked, he was far away from being inside of his room but just holding that controller in his hand. A completely different universe in fact as he saw a far more bright, colourful world from the painted walls. Seeing posters with a language that didn’t seem to be actually real but showing crossed tennis rackets like it was advertising a tournament. “Woah…” Richard looked around and turned to the side. Stepping forward as he saw a large, open arena with empty seats and a full tennis court with net set up in the middle. And seeing the layout, banners and the layout he quickly pieced together that this wasn’t just any court. It was the Marina Stadium right out of Mario Tennis Aces. The several references to Mario characters on the ‘advertising’ boards proving that.

“Holy fuck! It actually worked?” He remarked seeing that while broad daylight, the arena was empty without even a staff (or Toad in this case) in sight. Putting the game controller into his back pocket as he walked out onto the court. Touching one of the sets of seating like he was checking that this was all real. “Heh… Anyone for tennis?” He joked to himself as he saw a set of spare tennis gear with racket on the player’s rest bench. Picking it up and seeing the mushroom logo printed across the strings.

“Oh? Hello?” He suddenly heard a female voice speaking up as he jolted back, dropping the racket. “Oh, forgive me! I just didn’t expect to see anyone else out on court today. This being a non-tournament day and all.”

His jaw was almost on the floor as he saw the stunning form of one of his many video game waifus elegantly coming out of the entrance tunnel towards the court. And not just because the woman approaching him wasn’t actually walking, but unnaturally floating through the air as blue sparkles of cosmic power allowed her to move without her feet touching the floor underneath her.

Princess Rosalina, originally from the Super Mario Galaxy titles but now very much a core part of many of the spin off and multiplayer games in the vast Super Mario catalogue. Her attire exactly that from the Tennis Aces title of a light blue sleeveless dress for a take of the tennis uniform most female players wear. The bottom of the outfit down at her thighs to show off her long legs in white stockings with functional blue sports shoes on. Even having a sports wristband on one arm. Still showing her Princess nature with the shining, silver-like crown on the top of her platinum blonde haired head, with those locks styled to be swept over one of her bright blue eyes. Along with the sparkling golden star earrings and gemstone accessory across her nicely sizeable chest.

“Oh, yes, I uh…” Richard stuttered as the beauty approached, carrying her own tennis bag and a racket, blue with a golden Power Star design on the strings. “I’m uh, new in town! Yeah!” He quickly lied. “I’m a total rookie to, well, everything that’s going on here.” He said, but partially telling the truth since he’s gone from being in the real world to right into a fictional one.
“I see! Well, I completely understand that.” Rosalina gave a warm smile as she came to a stop to hover above the ground in front of him. Putting her height advantage to him to look even taller than she already is. “I’m quite new to this tennis game myself actually… Ever since meeting with Mario? I’ve found myself in all these new, interesting past-times… Kart racing, party games, and even those sports events with those curious animals! It’s all felt like such a blur compared to being out in the Comet Observatory!” She joked as she held her racket over her shoulder.
“So we’re both sort of rookies to this then?” Richard might be a fish out of water for more than a few few reasons, but he saw a chance here. Knowing he would have to work in order to persuade this tall beauty to offer up some fun. “Well, I mean, I’m sure you’re more experienced in this sort of activity than I am, Princess.” He complimented.
“Well, I have won a few games to get to this point… But for someone who knows of me and my title? You haven’t introduced yourself yet to me.” Rosalina playfully teased.

“S-Sorry! I’m Richard!” He quickly said, almost blushing. “And I was, uh, wondering Princess… If… If you’d like to spar with me for a few games?” He stuttered out a quickly made up plan. “Showing me the tricks of the game, so to speak? Since I’m so new to this!”
“Oh? Well, I don’t consider myself to be that much of an expert…” Rosalina turned her head slightly but still smiled. “But I’m flattered that you’d think I’m good enough to be a coach… And I suppose practising against someone will be far more productive than just trying to do it on my own.” She reasoned. Clearly seeing no intent from this stranger other than some friendly tennis playing. “Are you sure you’re dressed appropriately though? That isn’t quite a tennis uniform…” She noted, looking back fully at him.
“Says the lovely lady wearing a full crown and earrings?” Richard cheekily countered.
“Ah! A fair point!” Rosalina said with another smile. “Very well then! I shall see if I can teach you anything… But don’t expect me to go easy on you for being new to this!” She warned with a teasing tone as she floated past him to take the other player’s bench like she was a proper opponent.
“Oh, I hope you don’t…” Richard said, sneaking a look at the Princess’ long legs as she moved past him.

* * *

Several, completely one-sided games later…

“My, that was most enjoyable!” Rosalina remarked, using her wrist band to wipe a drop of sweat from her cheek as she floated slowly down the corridor. “I commend you for being such a good sport! I don’t think you won a single game out of all the ones we played. The likes of Bowser would be kicking up quite the fuss over such a loss.”

“Yeah… I didn’t win a single point…” Richard said with a slightly pained smile after the thrashing out on court to show how much of a rookie he really was. “Managed to at least hit the ball back a couple times.” He added as he not only carried the spare set he’d found earlier but carrying her bags as well like he was just a mere ball boy.

“That’s the spirit! Keep that up and you’ll be an Ace like Mario in no time!” Rosalina encouraged with a smile as she approached the locker room door. “And thank you for offering to carry my bags for me. It’s nice to see a gentleman around here as well as a gracious runner-up.” She said, completely fooled by his intentions as she even opened up the door to the women’s changing room for him to follow her in. The room, while as colourful as the rest of the arena, was rather still just a regular sports changing room with stalls, lockers and benches.

“But you know, Princess…” Richard saw a chance here, alone in the spacious room with a stunning video game beauty. “Although you won out there, you still haven’t received a well earned prize for your victory today.” He said as he put down the bags in a corner locker.
“Oh? Well, it’s really not necessary to pay me for anything. I’m not a real coach after all.” Rosalina said like it was a polite decline.
“I’m not paying! And I do think you deserve something for putting up with me, never mind showing me how to actually play some tennis.” He stated to persist.
“Well, if you do insist? I suppose it would be rude of me to turn down the request of such a helpful gentleman like yourself.” Rosalina said as she fell for it. “What exactly do you have in mind?”
“Well, how about you take a seat first?” He offered as the Princess smiled and hovered over, sitting down on the bench as the back of her skirt rested over the other side of it, hiking up to just cover her modesty. “Now, allow me to give you a just and proper reward for today…” He claimed as he knelt down in front of her and placed his hands on her legs.

“W-Wait! Richard? What are you doing?” She gasped with a laugh, staring down like she couldn’t believe what was happening as he reached up and under her tennis dress. Sliding down the plain white under shorts she had underneath them to bring them down to her feet, but leaving her shoes on as he took the garment off. “I’m not quite so sure this is appropriate for a Princess to be doing!” She claimed but didn’t exactly tell him to stop, like she was interested in seeing where this was going. Allowing him to spread her long, smooth legs apart and inched between them, before he pushed the bottom of her elegant dress up to show off her lower body. Seeing that what appeared to have just been leggings on her limbs were more like stockings, ending at the top of the thighs and leaving him free access to the tight looking, smoothly shaven pussy of the beautiful Princess.

Another gasp escaping the stunning blonde in the next moment, but one of a mix of shock and already pleasure as Richard ran his tongue up her slit. Groaning himself at the taste as despite this being a fictional beauty, she felt perfectly real. All the more reason, aside from warming her up for this sudden encounter, to keep working his tongue on her. Sliding slowly up and down with a smooth motion to explore the entrance. Keeping his hands on her legs so they stayed spread. While she didn’t seem like she was going to close them up or push him away, he could feel her thighs squirming in a bit as he started to eat her out. Knowing that if he had to work to impress and bag a beauty like this, he’d need to bring the pleasure to this tight piece of pussy.

“Oooooooh! Mmmmm! Richard! That’s… Mmmmm!” She was still staring down in shock at this sudden turn of events. Her hands out to the sides and gripping the back of the bench she was on for a slight lean as she let this stranger lap at her pussy. “When you said you wanted some training… Mmmmm! I don’t quite think this is what I thought you had in mine! Mmmmm…” She moaned out with a blush on her visible cheek. Like she knew full well how naughty this all was, especially with a man she’s only just met, but couldn’t bring herself to turn down this advance from him. The fact that she was feeling stimulation from that hungry tongue running up and down her slot no doubt helping that face as she let her legs stay apart in his firm hold. “Mmmmm! And I could get… Ahhhh! We could get in so much trouble if we’re caught! Mmmmm!” She groaned. Her feet angled up as her legs were spread as once in a while a brief sparkle from her cosmic powers were seen coming from her feet, like she was having to control herself and stay seated and not just float off while getting eaten out.

While he heard her loud and clear, the man from the ‘real world’ didn’t want to ruin the mood by making up an excuse. That, and his mouth was otherwise very busy with working across her snatch to brush around her entrance. Exploring all around to quite rightly enjoy himself the flavour of an untouchable woman (and not just due to her royal status). Moaning at the taste which just served along with her slowly growing moans to keep him encouraged to press ahead. Teasing going into her folds with another slide up the vertical slit before going for another motion to trail around the outer folds. Groaning into her box as even from just eating her out he was packing a hard-on in his jeans from this oral sex he was dishing out. Hands staying up on her thighs however to avoid playing with himself until he’d earned a piece of her.

“Mmmmm!! Oh my! Mmmmm! That’s… MMMM! That’s so good! MMMMM!” The moans from the ruler of the Gateway Galaxy kept coming when he finally pushed his tongue forward and entered her snug pussy. His attack starting with some quick darting in and out as he got a better feeling of how his work was making juices form as he pleasured her. “AHHHHH… My goodness! MMMM… Forgive me for saying this… MMMM! But you’re much more suited at something like this… Ooooooooh! Than you are playing tennis! MMMMM…” She groaned out as her exposed eye was already half closed as her gaze stayed locked onto the face now deeply pressed up against her crotch. Feeling the brush of her lips against her as he worked his tongue in and out. Now able to drink down her juices so his approval at her sweetness could be heard from his muffled moans. And getting the sign of how much, despite her worries about being caught in the act she was, from the moment her hand moved down and rested rather tenderly on the top of his head. Somehow despite her leaning position her crown still was perfectly in place on her own golden haired head with no signs of slipping off even as she squirmed in growing delight from his mouth skills.

He allowed himself a brief smirk into her pussy at her comment before slurping onto her entrance in a loud, shameless manner. Juices coating his lips now as he went back to sliding his tongue into her. Reaching as far as he could into her tight tunnel while helping himself to a little squeeze of her thighs while focusing on lapping at her twat. Flicks of his tongue up and down against her box to keep her groaning out as if this wasn’t just the best oral she’s ever gotten, but maybe the first time getting eaten out at all. Helping him to sway this stunner as he keep sliding his tongue all around inside of her pussy to find the sensitive spots. Taking his time with her so she could fully enjoy the worship and be more than encouraged to accept this ‘prize’ going to the next level after this warm-up.

“MMMMM! Ahhhhh… It’s so good! MMMMM! Where did you learn… AHHHHH! To do such a naughty thing? MMMMM!” She moaned out as a fresh drop of sweat now rolled down her cheek. As if having to handle this was already far more intense than the whole training session of sporting action she’d been in earlier on. Her hand holding onto his head with a slight grip on his hair as she looked almost hypnotized. Unable to rip her gaze from between her legs and his face stuffed between them as he licked and slurped away onto her dampening box. “AHHHH… I’m starting to wonder what… MMMM! Might have been the prize you’d want from me if… MMMM! Oh goodness! MMMM… If you had beaten me out there!” She was able to joke between her moans. Her hips still being held but able to slightly grind as she stayed leaning back. Rubbing her entrance against that mouth as he dished out the skilled tongue fucking. Showing off a level of talent for dining on pussy more expected from a porn star than perhaps a regular nerd like him. Not that the woman taking this was complaining as she groaned again as his tongue flicked away to let him sip down her juices.

Hearing that gave him the perfect opening to proceed with the next stage of his lewd plan, even as he was just making it up as he went along. Lifting away from her now damp pussy and noting the groan she’d let out at him stopping. “Well, I could either just tell you? Or maybe I could show you…” Richard said as he rose to his feet. Giving her yet another sight to gasp at and stare with a wide eye as he unbuttoned and lowered his jeans. Showing off an impressively length and fat to match cock that, from her look alone, seemed to scream that this was by far easily the biggest she’s seen in this fictional world of hers.

“Th-That’s huge!!” Rosalina continued to stare as he moved around the bench. “Wait! What? In here?” She didn’t sound like she was protesting as she asked the question. Not resisting as he took her legs and moved her so she was laying down on her back along the bench. Lifting up one leg, still covered in the long stocking and her footwear, as he moved in towards her. Having not even thought about making sure to bring some protection with him since he didn’t even believe this would work and teleport him into a video game. “Aren’t we suppose to this in some place more private?? Like a bedroom perhaps?” She sounded like trying to buy herself some time to process this all as she bit down on her lower lip. Watching as he moved up close and ran the head of his cock across her entrance.

“Sorry, Princess! But I don’t think either of us want this game to be delayed, right?” He was the one able to tease now as he pushed forward. Making them both moan out as he felt exactly how tight the Super Mario series royalty was as her wet walls gripped him like a vice, despite the work he’d done to loosen her a little with his tonguing. Having to ease back back and forth into her even just the crown of his dick and the first couple of inches as they both adjusted to the feeling. “MMMM! God damn! That’s… Mmmmm! Princess! You feel amazing! MMMM! Damn, that’s so good!” He didn’t have to hold back now at least verbally as his dirty talk complimented the snugness around his thick prick as he began to pump. Keeping one leg held up and against him as he worked his hips back and forth. Not even being bothered when a sparkle of her galactic abilities flew off her footwear and brushed against his face as he pumped away. Smoothly pushing in to give her the time to get used to the feeling of such a massive invasion. Still clueless that this man isn’t even from not just this planet, but the entire dimension that she resides in.

“MMMMM! Ooooooooooooh! MMMMM! O-Oh my! MMMMM!!” Laying on her back on the bench, the ruler of the Comet Observatory kept her head tilted up to stare down across her still tennis dress-clad body. Seeing that fat cock pushing into her slot before sliding back out, but the head never leaving her so he could get right back into her and gradually feed more into that hot, wet pussy of hers. “MMMMM! I don’t t-think all of that could possibly… MMMM! Possibly fit inside of me! It’s just… AHHHHH! OH MY! MMMMM… It’s just too much! Too big! MMMMM!” She groaned out as her one visible eye darted from up at his smiling face to see how much he was openly moaning himself at enjoying her tight slot. To down at her own crotch for the vanishing act of her pussy, despite her own questions about handling such a size of man-meat, taking his thrusts as it was clear he wasn’t planning on stopping until she was filled right up.

“AHHHH… Well, Princess? MMMM… I didn’t think I could play tennis until a half hour ago! MMMM! Actually? Don’t use that as an example…” He joked between his thrusts. Showing once again that while actual on court skills are very lacking, he was more than equipped to handle her snug snatch perfectly. Thrusting in and out as already he was making her gorgeous body slide along the bench with a jolt. Leaving her earrings swinging and her long golden hair swaying a bit as she kept gazing down to watch him go to work. Yet, not that either of them seemed to worried about it, her crown remained frozen in place on the top of her head ever as she got fucked on her back. “MMMM… So I’m sure you’ll do just fine handling all of me… It feels to me like… MMMMM! God this is so good! MMMM… Feels to me like your tight little pussy is made to take some big dick like mine…” He got in another naughty line of praise as he pumped away. Seeing her far leg out to the side dangling as she happily let herself be used despite her groans and concerns from before. Nothing like a big slab of dick to even warm up a beauty who should be watching over and protecting the cosmos instead of getting banged in a sporting locker room like this.

“MMMMM! I-It does feel good! AHHHHH! MMMMM… I’ve never done something like this before! OOOOOOOOH! MMMMM!” She groaned out as more drops of sweat were starting to form across her face and down her arms, and not just from the dose of energy she’d used up in the practice rounds of tennis earlier on. Clearly getting dicked down better than she’s ever had before in her already eventful life. Her arms back behind her head, clutching the edges of the bench she’s laying on while letting this stranger have his way with her snug pussy for a wicked reward. “MMMMM! And you’re so big! So, so big! AHHHHH! MMMMM… You’re spreading me open so much! MMMM!! It’s so wrong… But it feels just too good! MMMM!!” Her moans continued as she took his constant, firm thrusts to work in and out of her damp slot. He might be getting deeper and deeper still into her but she was still vice-like around him. Gripping the biggest, thickest dick she’s ever had (and ever will get for that matter) and still not knowing the full, wicked intent behind  him entering into her world.

Giving into the sin of this unexpected, for both of them, encounter as she didn’t even realise it when her tongue flicked out briefly to run over her upper lip. Combined with her eyes, at least shown by the one visible from that stylish swept across blonde hair of hers, being half-closed as the growing lust showed from her. His pumping cock easily warming her up now to earn himself more of this beautiful Princess as she jolted back and forth in time with his pumps. Giving him more than a workout as well as he pumped deep into a fantastic, tight and wet snatch that easily felt far better and hotter than any fuck or sexual experience he’s engaged in back in the ‘real world’. A fine distraction from not just his weak excuses and hastily made up plan, but the fact that the door into this locker room wasn’t even locked so if anyone, royalty or otherwise, walked in they’d see the two of them in some very far from family friendly action compared to what’s usually in the games she’s known for starring in.

“MMMMM… Sounds like I’ve still got to work and make a believer out of you…” Richard said, using her words against her with a slight twist to them. Easing his dick out of her slot and making them both groan in the process.
“W-Well, you’ve been kind enough so far with this ‘reward’ of mine…” Rosalina took a moment to draw in air before she sat up on the bench. “I think it’s only far to see what else you can do, since you’re so skilled at this all.” She said, but her tone made it sound like this might just a bit of an excuse for the two of them to keep going at it.
“My pleasure, Princess…” He seized on the offer. Helping her up from the bench but this time just so he could lay back down onto it himself with his rock hard cock, lightly coated in her juices, standing at full attention.

“And I’m just to, get back onto you? Like this?” It sounded like the stunning Princess wasn’t even familiar with different sexual positions as she slowly moved onto the grinning man. Or perhaps more accurately, floated over him as she used her natural powers as the ruler of the cosmos to gently move through the air. Lowered herself down onto his body with perfect positioning and having a leg either side of him so she didn’t even touch the bench. Making them both moan as she took his thick length up into her wet and still tight pussy and impressively doing so without even a hand on his dick to guide him in. “MMMM! Did you get even bigger than before?? MMMMM! AHHHH… Feels like you’re getting even deeper into me!” She groaned as her placed both hands on his chest for support as she began to lift herself up before easing back down. No actual movement of her legs done as she instead used those powers of hers to hover upward before allowing gravity to bring her back down onto his length. Still adjusting to being spread open by such a vast size of dick as she used a smooth but slow pace. Helping her to keep steady, his hands went onto her slender waist but holding her through the sports dress she still had on. Like it was a thrill on its own to be able to fuck this beautiful woman while she was still fully clothed.

More than happy to watch his plan bare some wicked fruit, he stayed laying back and allowed her to control the pace. Watching that body almost elegantly rise and fall on his cock as she rode him with a slow, steady motion. It was one thing to get a piece of a stunner like this but to do so while she’s using super powers to deliver some sex? Little wonder that the smile remained stuck on his face. Providing more than enough pleasure for the both of them as she bounced and left her earrings swinging back and forth while her golden hair swayed a bit behind her. Glimpses of his dick seen when the bottom of her attire flew up when she shifted on his cock before dropping down. Not that while on his back he was getting off easy as having to handle being so deep in a fantastic, wet snatch and handling a ride from a stunning Nintendo character like this was leaving him groaning as moisture formed across his toned body.

“MMMM! OOOOOOOOH! It’s amazing!! MMMMM! I think I’m starting… MMMM! To enjoy this a lot more… AHHHH! Than any cart racing or sports game! MMMMM!!” Rosalina moaned out, slightly tilting her head back but somehow her shining crown remaining perfectly in place on the top of her head. Her moans now not having the same hint of concern for taking part in such a lewd act as she had been at the start of this encounter. Happily burying his dick up inside of her snug love tunnel as she dropped into his body before smoothly lifting up with a fresh moan. “AHHHHH! It’s so good! MMMMM! I never knew it could feel this good! MMMMM! Filling me up so deep! AHHHHH… MMMMM!!” She groaned out as her hands slid across his chest while carrying out this ride. Whether she intended it or not, she proved his early dirty talk right about her and her lovely body were built for fucking when her backside pressed against his legs. Taking ever thick inch of his big cock up into her increasingly needy pussy. For a moment clenching her teeth while her eyes rolled upward before turning her stare back down to her sudden lover as she carried on bouncing away on his length.

A grin staying plastered on his face as he held her waist and let her do the work for both of them on his cock. Seeing how it wasn’t just her confidence at having sex but the pleasure was building with each motion up and down she delivered on that still rock hard cock. In turn, the pace of her bounces were building as she picked up a little bit more speed to the rhythm. That allowing a new sound to join the mix of their moans and the slight creak of the bench they’re using to fuck on as the light smack of her rounded backside hitting into his body began to be heard. Her flowing dress not doing anything to muffle the slap of their frames meeting as it continued to float in time with her shifts to give those brief but delicious glimpses of her slot handling his dick. Along with the nicely generous layer of her juices over that dick as she took him both balls deep and bareback into her snatch.

“MMMMM… Are you so sure about me teaching you a thing or two about how to handle some dick, Princess? MMMM FUCK… Feels like to me… MMMM! You’re quite impressive on and off the court…” His back-handed compliments continued between his shameless moans. Stroking up her sides a little bit while leaving her free to show off an ability she never knew she had, or needed, until now. Making her look more suited for a more adult rated piece of media than the usual family friendly gameplay she’s involved with. “MMMM… Surely you’ve done this before, Princess? AHHHH FUCK! MMMMM… Riding me like you’re more a pro at taking my cock… MMMM! Than you are a pro tennis player! MMMMM…” He continued to tease as he enjoyed watching her body bounce away. Treating him like they’ve been familiar fuck buddies for months rather than minutes. Groaning out when her snatch smacked down into his body before she lifted up. Even with her height, she didn’t even need to set her feet down on the floor as she used her Galactic powers to boost herself upward and ease back down. Her toes inches off the floor as the sparkles shined in the gap between to put her abilities to perfect use, but in a much more naughty way than she’s ever done before.

“AHHHHH! But it’s true! MMMMM! I’ve never… AHHHHH! It’s so big!! MMMMM! I’ve never done anything like t-this before!! MMMMM!!” The half of her face that wasn’t covered by her platinum blonde hair showed a half-closed eye of desire as she stared down. Lifting herself up and down again and again and making it look like she’s frequently used her powers to bounce away on a lucky stud’s shaft instead of this being a first, but not, last time. “AHHHHH! But it’s so good! MMMM! I need it! I can’t stop! AHHHHH! I w-want more of it!! MMMM!!” It was almost a far from regal beg from out of her moaning lips as she continued to lift and drop herself onto his rod. The effect of not just handling some big dick deep inside of her but delivering a ride while controlling her abilities draining her energy as drops of sweat rolled down her gorgeous features. Leaving her tennis dress clinging to her already sexy body and the telling hard nipples from her tits poking though as her chest nicely bounced in time with the motion of her body.

“More? MMMM! Oh, I can give you all of that, Princess!” Richard grinned at the opportunity as he took a firmer hold of her slim waist. Waiting until she dropped down onto his cock before he thrust upward with easily a lot more face than the calm, savouring pace she’d been using on him. The loud moan of delight that escaped the Super Mario Galaxy beauty showing the risk had been well worth taking as he continued to drill upward. Matching her drops down onto him to fill her up right to the max and keep the slap ringing out louder than before. “MMMM! Everything you fucking need, I’ve got for you! MMMMM!” He said, grunting himself as even without taking her with a rapid pace, slamming up with force was taking more energy out of him than he could have been using to just let her ride away on him. Remembering the warning for before about earning any woman he wants to add to his multiverse harem so he needed to go all out to impress and satisfy this powered up beauty.

“AHHHHHH YESSSSSSS!! MMMMMMM!! MORE! MORE!! OOOOOOOOOH!! MMMMM I NEED IT!! AHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS!!” Her moans were loud and now totally devoid of shame, almost like she’d been snapped into a completely different woman thanks to some good sex from a massive cock. Her hands now grabbing onto his shirt as her eyes rolled upward, leaving her panting for delight as she got filled up. Making it hard to tell whether she was actually still using her abilities to float to make herself ride up and down on that pumping length or if she was just being bounced sharply on his prick thanks to his pumps. “OH YES! YES!! AHHHHHH IT’S SO GOOOOOOOOD MMMMMMMMMM!!” She called out in a way that if anyone was in the arena, even with the door closed to this locker room they’d hear the sounds of pleasure and the slap of skin on skin from either end of the corridor and probably out in the Marina Stadium as well. But in this moment the woman who is supposed to rule over the cosmos looks like she cares more about pleasure and having the best sex of her life than any royal duties.

All to his advantage as he stared up with a grin and kept thrusting up balls deep into that dripping slot of the moaning beauty mounted on his prick. Not seeing the full event of his cock slamming up into its new home of her box because of her now moisture-soaked dress she wore partially covering up her crotch. But the feeling more than doing it as even after being stretched out and filled with all of his meaty length her pussy was still gripping his dick like her life, let alone the Gateway Galaxy, depended on it. Grunting himself as he was having to put on a banging performance of a lifetime in his own right, and ironically with a woman who doesn’t even exist in his own world. Not that any goddess-level pussy like this could possible compare to any ‘real’ woman back in his home reality.

“AHHHH! AHHHH! AHHHHH!!” Rosalina was near panting now as that one, clear eye of hers rolled right back as her mouth opened up to show her tongue flicking out as she lost control of her senses. Her head tilting back, while her crown impossibly still remained on her head as she moaned out with a near scream as her snatch clamped around his shaft. Cumming hard over his length that’s almost resized her twat at this point. Unleashing juices down his length to just further soak him to the point her arousal dripped down onto the bench he’s been laying on. “MMMMM!! AHHHHHH… OOOOOOOOOOOH…” She groaned out as the sweat dripped off her face and down onto his chest as she allowed herself to be pumped through her peak. Feeling every moment as he kept on drilling her and made that slap of his crotch hitting her skin ring out. So by the time he lifted her up and off from his lap, her snatch was left gaping open as her juices drooled out to show exactly how built to fuck she actually was.

“God damn that was fucking awesome…” Richard stated the obvious as he moved out from under her. To his pleasant surprise her powers were still fully functioning even after such a heavy round of sex so he could actually not just keep her off the ground, but rotate her into a new position as her body was out horizontally with her chest and stomach facing down at the floor. “But I’ve got one last reward for your win today, Princess…” He said. Using his hands to tilt her face up towards him as he made her float in place so her head was in line with the dick she’d just orgasmed all over. Having earned the right to both had a last dose of fun with her along with getting his own rocks off after giving her the first of many intense peaks to remember.

“Mmmmmm… Whatever you want… Teach me more…” A far more seductive purr escaping her mouth now to sound even hotter than the elegant words she’d been using before. Her mouth parting willingly wide as he slid his cock into her, and making her groan out as she instantly got the first taste ever of her own pussy from off that shaft. Not letting that stop her from actively pushing her head down onto his shaft as he pumped in, delivering what was likely her first ever mid-air blowjob as well as she slurped on his inches. Groaning as she tasted her own fluids and began to clean them off as her full lips sealed around his size. Only a slight stretch when he pushed in deep to show that while one hole was used to his vast thickness and length, she needed a bit of training with the others.

He had enough in the tank for now at least to give her a quick dose of how to give some oral pleasure. Nicely capping off the encounter that saw him starting his mission to bag this Nintendo princess by eating her out and now she’s returning the favour with slow bobs along his throbbing cock. Easily making him moan as he got the warm and dampness of her mouth as he fed her a generous amount of inches. His hand carefully on the back of her head with that shining crown, as ever still perfectly placed on the top of her golden haired head, just a few inches above his fingers. Leaving him free to focus on just pumping away to help feed her his length even as she was happily working her oral hole along his size.

“Mmmmmphhh! Mmmmm! Hmmmmphhh… Shhhhrrrlllppp…” She groaned around his man-meat as her eye, still full of desire, stared up and enjoyed the look of pleasure on her face. Having replaced her own pussy juices with her own saliva as it now began to drip both off of his cock and down her own chin. The mess landing down onto the floor below at his feet as she stayed suspended off the ground like she was floating through the galaxy. “Mmmmm… Ssssrrrlllppp… Mmmmmphhh! Mmmmm…” Keeping her starry earrings and long hair swaying back and forth in time with the steady motion of her head. Another display that made it look like this is far from the first time she’s sucked some cock and especially like this. Even applying her tongue to the underside of his shaft as it passes in and out of her.

“MMMMM! Holy shit, that’s some fucking… MMMM! Good fucking head! MMMMM… You damn well know your way around a big old cock, Princess!” He marvelled with a smile, seeing how deeply she was slurping on him. Her eye widening briefly when the tip of his length brushed against the back of her mouth for another sign that she might be truly built to handle a porn star-like length such as this. Her slurps smooth and quick along him as she moaned around his member. Still turned on just by sucking dick and hearing his groans of approval as his prick pulsed again between those soft, plump lips of hers. Proof alone that she can give oral sex just as good (and probably even better) as she can take it. “MMMMM! Keep this up… MMMM! And I ain’t gonna last long with how… MMMMM! Fucking good you are at sucking this big fucking cock of mine!” He half-heartedly warned as clearly neither of them wanted to take a break, let alone ease up on this sinful locker room fun they were reaching the end off.

Sensing the end was coming, the gorgeous Princess used her powers again to float her way down as she assumed almost a kneeling position in front of him. Allowing her hands to rest on his thighs while her knees and lower legs stayed hovering above the floor so she was still slurping away without even touching the floor. Perhaps showing a newfound kink of hers that she never knew she needed before of using the powers that should be for ruling and protecting the cosmos instead to get wild and naughty with a man she’s never met before. Showing again natural talent when it comes to using her mouth as her deep, swift sucks along his shaft made him a little thankful that he’d gotten this blowjob at the end rather than the start. A mouth this good would drain any other man within seconds even at the beginning of an encounter!

In fact, both of them were so caught up in the action that’s been going over for what felt like over an hour that neither of them heard the laughter of female voices approaching from down the corridor. Rosalina not being the only Princess who wanted to take advantage of a free court to practice on today it seemed as Daisy and Peach, in their own tennis attires, walked down towards the locker room after their own friendly practise session. Opening the door up without thinking of the need to knock first just as Richard pulled his rod out of that groaning mouth and began to pump rapidly along his throbbing manhood.

Shocked gasps and the clattering of bags from her fellow Princesses, standing and staring from the doorway as they watched an unknown man start to unload hot, thick streaks of spunk across the stunning, moaning face of Rosalina. The ropes of white catching across the exposed side of her face to coat her from nose to chin and lips to cheek. Having to close her eye to avoid the shots going high as unsurprisingly her blonde, swept to the side hair got matted filthily with several blasts like a full on branding as part of his new set of playthings. So much jizz dumped onto her that by the time he jerked out the final drips it was already oozing down and off her features to stain across her tennis dress and onto her rounded chest and even on the accessory in the middle too stain her clothing.

“Mmmmm… Amazing…” Rosalina even managed to stay suspended off the ground as she got her face plastered. Carefully reaching up and using in dirty fashion the wristband she wore to wipe away jizz from her eye. “That was…” She began to say before she, and her newfound lover, noticed the stares from the doorway. “D-Daisy?? Peach?? This… This is!!” She glanced between them and his softening cock. “I was just being rewarded for a win! That’s all!” Was the claim she came up with before with major blushes, both Daisy and Peach fled from the scene in a sudden hurry. “Oh my… I think I got caught up in the moment…” She said with a not exactly shameful smile.

“And I think they’re about to call security to get me kicked out of here!” He said, thinking fast and yanking his pants back up. “We need to get out of here!” He said, not wanting to face the wrath of a gang of angry plumbers or other video game characters. Holding her under shorts in one hand while he pulled out the controller from his pocket. Noticing now for the first time that there was a new, glowing button in the middle with a house logo on it to no doubt indicating a fast track way to get ‘home’ but not exactly to his actual reality. “Hold on tight, Princess! Let’s hope this works!” He said, taking a hold of her hand while pressing the button.

“Where are we…” Rosalina started to ask before suddenly in a flash of bright, colourful light, both of them vanished completely from the world. Leaving behind just the scent of sex in the air and the splats of saliva and juices on the floor and bench as the only traces of them. Richard of course wanting to avoid trouble from dealing with those mad at him having fucked one of their beloved Princesses. But for the most part? He was more eager to go another round with her as they tested out his new, mysterious, interdimensional home…

And to move on and add more women to his collection. After all, now he knew the potential of the ‘key’ he had? All he had to do was Press Start To Collect…

* * *

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Re: Press Start To Collect [Various videogame characters]
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the video games, characters, developers, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own Dead or Alive or any of its characters etc referenced in this story. All characters are 18 years or older in this story.

Starring: Hitomi, Leifang (all Dead or Alive series)

Press Start To Collect – Chapter 2

An erotic video game fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

A Commissioned Story for [Anonymous].

Codes: Cons, MF, FF, MFF, oral.

* * *

It had been a few days, and several fantastic rounds of sex, since Richard had found himself in this new unusual world of a personal paradise. A surprise face-to-face meeting with a man he’d only spoken to online leading him to having a mysterious device that seemed to either take multiple forms or just had several ‘parts’ to it. A machine that, against all logic, allowed him to access fantastic fictional worlds and get to meet some of the hottest waifus and characters that he wanted. Sure, he had to work a little bit in order to get with who he wanted but he was already reaping the benefits from his first trip.

Having taking the plunge to visit a world of a Super Mario game, and able to return to this new home of his between worlds with Princess Rosalina. A world that was on a major magical, beyond comprehension scale. Like if putting God mode and infinite items and health in a videogame was materialised as an entire world. And he’d not even really left the main mansion or grounds to explore beyond it. Well, he didn’t have much the time to with how busy he was with enjoying the lovely blonde Princess in various rooms of the house. In between discovering the perks of the devices and machines that provided at the touch of a button whatever food, drink or other homely items that were needed.

Yet as good as the past few days had been with one babe? The temptation to take full advantage of the ‘power’ of his collecting machine and build up a proper harem like out of a dirty drawn magazine was too good to miss. Hence why he was sitting down in front of the big screen in what he was calling his ‘Collection Room’ as he pushed the mysterious shining disc into the reader of the device. Watching the screen load up as he picked up the controller to use it to scroll through the various options with all the many games on offer.

“I got super lucky with the first game… Landing in a place where I’m not going to be shot at or put through some demonic hell-scape or zombie hoard…” Richard mused to himself, clad in jeans and a loosely fitting shirt. “But I’m not gonna take too big a risk with this next one… I still want to ease myself into this whole universe hopping stuff before I try for one of my major fave babes… I’ll hold off on being slap bang in the middle of the Raccoon City Incident just yet…” He added as he thought out loud. The realisation that most of his favourite waifus and girls were in worlds and universes far too high risk for a powerless novice and regular guy like him. Even family friendly locations like Hyrule or the Mario world he’d been in could result in a nasty end if he picked the wrong place or game to teleport into.

“Let’s see… Well, if I’m gonna make sure and not come into contact with any guns or weapons… I might as well try and test what I can do over in a fighting game!” He reasoned as he selected the genre of game, and then found the many titles within. “Yeah, let’s go with Dead or Alive! At least that way I can handle getting my ass kicked but it’s not going to leave me dead in some made-up world.” He said, moving down to pick the latest instalment of the franchise. “Plus, I can see if these fictional places let me handle a lot more punishment that I could back in the real world.” He said. Knowing as well that he was no fighter or brawler, so he’d need to earn getting his way with any babe in a different way than just winning any fight.

“Leaving so soon?” He almost dropped the controller, jolting out of his chair as he stood to turn around and see Princess Rosalina with her arms folded over her chest. Clad in a form of her signature blue dress as she raised an eyebrow. “And what was that about ‘other babes’?” She questioned.
“Well, you see… This is uh…” He scratched the back of his head at being caught out. “Well, I mean! This is a huge place after all! We need more people here not just to keep the place running and, you know, that kind of stuff. Plus it’s going to be a little boring with just us both here, right?”
“Is that so…” Rosalina floated over towards him. “Well, you did end up breaking one of those tall vases with that cleaning robot you summoned in yesterday… And some other company I suppose wouldn’t be too bad…” She added before tapping him on the forehead with her sparkling wand. “But don’t think you’re getting to ignore me just by bringing some other women here, Richard… I expect you to keep up your end of our agreement.” Rosalina said with sly smile. “I demand to be kept properly satisfied if I am to stay here and ignore my duties back up in the stars.”
“Hell yeah!! I mean, uh, yes! Of course I will! No problem!” Richard said with a nod, breathing somewhat a sigh of relief that his first harem member wasn’t too majorly mad at finding out she wasn’t going to be his only one.
“We shall see… Don’t be too long now having fun with ‘other’ babes…” Rosalina teased as she turned and floated her way out of the room.

“I’ll be right back!” Richard said as the hit the Start button on the controller. Before a bright flash of light emerged from the monitor to engulf him as he got transported through space and time into the new fictional world.

* * *

It was one thing to pick a videogame title to jump into, but it was another to know where exactly you’d be dumped into. The first time was a massive tennis arena, but on this occasion when he emerged out of the bright light he found himself in… A bar? Blinking at the olden style American-like fixtures, stools and tables along with a bar itself at the back. Looking like the Taylor’s Bar from the Fuel stage of DoA 5. But when he turned around to see the rest of the room he saw that it wasn’t really a bar he was in. But a replica of it as across the way he saw a barricade of glass and metal with a walking path beyond to what looked like other replicas of stages on the other side.

“Oh damn! This is… What was it called again…” He tapped his finger to his head before nodding. “Unforgettable! Ha, ironically.” He smiled to himself. “That’s this stage from Dead or Alive 6, where they stuck stages from other games into the one big one. Nice. Beats being chucked into the wrestling ring with the electrified ropes or in the middle of the car pile-up.” He said, seeing the bright side. “Still, makes me wonder who might show up here… Helena? Tina? Kasumi? Might even settle for some of the guest Ninja Gaiden girls…” He looked around again. “Wonder if it’s a real bar…” He decided to investigate as he walked around the chairs and helping himself to open up the bar counter ‘shelf’ to step into it to rummage around.

But just as he was about to grab a bottle, he suddenly heard the sound of grunting followed by a clattering of wood and metal. Making him duck down behind it as more sounds of pained groans and physical contact were heard getting closer. Peering over the top just to see a road sign coming flying across the bar set from another area of the exhibit as he ducked back down again. More clearly hearing female voices now and some gasping for air before he again cautiously looked over from his sport of safety.

Seeing not just one of his favourite ‘mains’ to play as in Dead or Alive, but two of them in fact. One being the busty (as is usual for the women of this game) German beauty Hitomi clad in jeans and a studded belt with a sleeveless white with pink trim top on. Her fingerless fighting gloves looking dusty from a fight and her long, dark brown hair with a pink headband in it. The other stunner was the Chinese fighter Leifang. Wearing one of her more signature Chinese dresses of a red and gold design, hugging her curves and showing off thigh at the side. Her own brown hair tied at the sides in her familiar ‘rings’ with the ends just dangling at the shoulders.

“Like I said, I’m treating this like a real fight! Not a sparring match!” Hitomi said, raising her fists back up. “And this place is just made for fighting in!”
“I’m not going to hold back, just because you’re my friend!” Leifang was just as fired up, putting herself into a martial arts pose as she lowered her body down and extended her legs, ready to pounce. “So you’d better be ready to…”
Before either woman could say more, Richard broke the tension by accidentally dropping the bottle he’d been holding. Making both women snap their looks towards him. “I, uh… Would you ladies like a drink?” He sheepishly offered, grabbing two bottles and holding them up.
“And who are you supposed to be?” Leifang rose up to her feet, putting her hands on her waist.
“You’re not dressed like the museum staff… Or a bar tender either.” Hitomi added.

“Me? I’m just a guy called Richard... I’m more of a fan of the Dead or Alive Tournament shall we say…” Richard said, thinking up an excuse quickly as he put the bottles down. “I mean, I know who you two are. You’re Hitomi, the woman known as the Fist of Innocence, coming all the way from Germany… And you’re The T’ai Chi Chi’an Genius, Leifang.”
“You know us from the Tournament?” Hitomi sounded interested. “Well, I suppose when it comes to me and Leifang, we are a couple of the best fighters around. But I am still surprised since I’ve never seen you around any of the fights before.”
“Oh believe me, I’m way more of a spectator than an actual competitor.” Richard said as he opened up the bar to leave it. “I leave that to the experts. Don’t try this stuff at home and all that.”

“Not even a fighter?” Leifang glanced at her friend before back to him. “Well, perhaps then you can help me and Hitomi out then. Since you interrupted our sparring match just now.”
“I… I can?” Richard started smiling, thinking his luck was in. “I mean, sure I can! Can I referee a fight between you both, or…”
“You can be our new student!” Leifang suddenly announced, making his smile instantly vanish as he turned a little pale. “Hitomi is always bragging about being a karate instructor these days, but I know I can teach a thing or two about my own skills and techniques. So you’re going to take our classes and we’ll see which one of us can teach you the best.”
“That’s a great idea, Leifang!” Hitomi agreed before Richard could even get a word in. “I can show you my training style and I’ll make this rookie into a first class fighter in no time!”
“Are you sure you ladies don’t want to just fight it out a bit…” Richard almost pleaded but both his arms were grabbed by the two.
“Come on, Richard! There’s a danger zone replica downstairs that’s going to be perfect for this!” Hitomi said with a smile as the two women easily pulled the man along with him towards the barricade.

* * *

An hour, and many martial arts throws and slams to the ground later…

“No… No more…” Richard laid on his back on the museum floor between exhibits as he panted. A shine of sweat across his face and his clothes looking worse for wear too with many streaks of dirt across them. “I don’t think I’m cut out for this fighting stuff… I’ll leave it to the experts. He heaved for air. Finding out that his threshold for pain was now vastly improved to the real world, as he didn’t have a broken spine, cracked ribs or even bruises on his body. It still hurt like Hell to be tossed around so regularly by two skilled fighters as neither woman standing above him had even broken out into a drop of sweat yet.

“Guess we’ll call it a draw then?” Leifang said with a sigh. “I thought dealing with Jann Lee was bothersome. This guy is something else.”
“I don’t know, I’m kind of impressed that he’s still breathing. And he didn’t just give up after the first toss over like Zack did that one time on the Island…” Hitomi said as she looked over him.
“I’ll take that as a compliment…” Richard sat up with a pained groan. “But trust me, ladies… As much as you two are my mains? I’m way more of a lover than a fighter…”
“Excuse me?” Leifang narrowed her eyes. “First of all, that doesn’t say much with how bad you were at learning from us both. And second? If you’re such a fan of us both? Then I think you’ll already know that there’s no way some regular guy like you could handle taking me on, never mind both of us.
“H-Hey! Don’t drag me into this!” Hitomi glared at her friend. “Just because you’re obsessed with Jann Lee and he won’t give you the time of day? Don’t bring me into your issues!”
“Me?? You’re the one obsessed with Ein!” Leifang countered, looking at the other fighter. “He ran off to be a ninja or whatever instead of hanging around you!”
“That’s not what happened at all!” Hitomi cutely stomped her foot, outraged by the insult. “And don’t talk bad about Ein!”

“Oh, I think I know a way for you two to settle your little rivalry here…” Richard smiled as he saw his chance as he got back up to his feet. So when the two women turned to look at him, both their eyes widened when he slid down his pants. Showing off the meaty, long white cock that he was packing. The sight of it certainly working to stop the bickering between the two as they stared at the hardening meat.

“I… I may take back what I said about him not being much of a lover…” Leifang admitted before clearing her throat as she composed herself. “That is, if you can even use it!”
“That’s a huge cock! I didn’t know they could be so big!” Hitomi added. “And there’s nothing like a good unwind after some fighting like some fun!” She said, before surprising him and her friend with a sudden charge forward, tackling him back down to the floor.
“H-Hey!! Who is the one dragging who into something now??” Leifang now was the one stomping her foot as she watched Hitomi haul off the man’s pants as he was now on his back. “And what would your Ein think if he saw you??”
“Leifang! Are you gonna join in or what?” Hitomi challenged as she got down onto all fours between his now free to spread legs. Gripping his cock and pumping him. “First guy to make him cums wins if you still want to fight it out?” She offered with a smirk.
“That’s not fair! You’re the only one hogging his cock!” Leifang said as she approached the others. “Maybe it’s the first one of us that he makes cum that loses if that’s how you want to play!” She said, reaching down to sweep her dress to the side as she reached under and eased the panties underneath her clothing down her smooth leg.

“Deal!” Hitomi said before she made this lucky man moan out when she brought her face down and slid his cock between her ripe lips. An approving groan escaping her as her lips stretched around that thickness before she began to pump her mouth up and down. Still gripping the base with her fingerless glove and giving the odd stroke while her mouth did the main work here. Giving him a feel that despite this being a fictional world, this oral hole was nicely warm and wet. Ensuring his rock hard in moments for her to glide along and savour the feeling of what was, by her own admission, the biggest cock she’s ever laid eyes on. But even so, with the smooth way she was moving her pretty face up and down along him it seemed like she was built to handle huge lengths like this. Taking up the inches into her mouth while staring across with a look that already wasn’t exactly ashamed of suddenly blowing a man she barely knows.

As much as he would have loved to watch that slurping going on, the man on his back soon had his attention captured by the other Dead or Alive beauty lowering herself down onto his face as she used her flexible legs to squat down over him. Her dress hiked to the side to allow access as he grinned and accepted the offer by tilting up towards her. A gasp escaping her as his tongue extended out and began to slide across her tight entrance. His turn to let out groans to show how much he was enjoying the taste already as he worked back and forth. A slow and savouring motion to get to dine on some delicious Chinese pussy. In turn, making the beauty above him moan out as despite her objections before, the feeling of a not exactly inexperienced tongue against her sex was warming her up as well to fucking a man she’d just been basically rag-dolling and tossing about moments before.

Plus, Leifang’s gaze was also locked onto the big cock that her close friend was currently sucking on. Seeing Hitomi bobbing her head smoothly up and down to muffle the moans as the German stunner went to work on that thick size. Showing off her own experience at oral as she kept the motion going nice and deep to stuff his inches between her lips. Keeping them tightly wrapped around the shaft and never lifting up too far so that his cock escaped from her newly hungry mouth. Hitomi even able to exchange a look with the other fighter staring down at her. Not missing a beat even with being watched in such a lewd position. With her shapely ass raised up and her big tits brushing on the ground as she kept her face deep into his crotch so she could suck away and get her saliva coating his shaft.

“MMMMMPHHHH… MMMMM… MMMMPHHH… SHHHHLLLPPPP…” Hitomi groaned as her hands moved from holding his length to clutching his thighs as she drove her face further down onto his member. Her long, dark brown hair now trailing on the ground too from the close contact as she feasted on his big prick. Making it seem like her oral hole was made for taking huge cocks like this with the ease of her stuffing his inches in and out between her lips. “MMMMMPHHH… MMMMM… SHHHLLLPPP… MMMMMPHHH MMMM…” Her fingers squeezing his legs with approval as she filled herself up. Even letting out a moan when she looked across the frame of the man she was blowing and saw his tongue flicking up against her friend’s damping slit. Feeling her own arousal building too as her groans kept being gagged by the dick she was slurping away on as her spit began to drip down and trickle onto his balls.

“MMMMM!! For a fighting rookie… MMMMM! GOD… This guy has… MMMMM! Some talent w-where it matters! MMMM…” Leifang admitted as she clutched her own knees to keep her stunning body in the squat. Keeping her snatch pressed against the mouth of this man as she enjoyed the tongue work across her now slick folds. His tongue exploring around inside of her to seek out the sweet spots as he sipped down her forming juices with a smile. Knowing he was doing a good job of convincing her about his own remarks about being a better lover than fighter and not just from her moans. Feeling her shifting slightly to grind that wet pussy down into his tongue as he pushed up as deep as he could reach. Making a mess in his own right with her fluids staining around his mouth and all over his lips. “MMMMM! Just don’t… AHHHHH! Wear him out too much, Hitomi! MMMMM! I want to really test out what our new pupil… MMMM! Is really made off!”

“MMMMMPHHH… MMMMM! MMMMPHHH… MMMM MMMM MMMMPHHHH…” Hitomi didn’t seem to be listening to her fellow fighter as she continued to purr around this fat cock as she plunged her hot mouth up and down like it was second nature to her. Her hair swaying back and forth and tits jiggling in her top with that famed ‘physics engine’ of the video game she’s a part of. Moving her mouth right down until her nose was touching his skin as she got more spit over her already dripping chin as it met his balls. Deep throating his prick with the same ease as she fights in battle and not even gagging for a moment as her eyes stared across at her newfound lover, even as she was sharing him with her best friend. “MMMMM… MMMMPHHHH… SHHHRRRLLLPPP… MMMM…” Looking far from The Fist of Innocence she’s supposed to be as she performed in such a filthy manner. Keeping her face pressed down to stuff her oral tunnel full with dick in a way she’s clearly made to do, but never got the chance to do in her years chasing after another ‘love interest’. Not letting that effect her now as she lifted up from his base just to pump a few more times to steal another round on him.

When Hitomi did eventually lift her head up and off, she let out a filthy groan even before she took in air. Shifting back to sit up on her knees. “Oh this guy is a lover alright!” She grinned as she reached down to pull off her belt. “And I’m going to find out exactly how good he is!” She said, shifting position as she eased down her pants.
“Hey! It’s my turn on him now!” Leifang said, gasping herself as she lifted up from mounting his face. “If there’s anything left of his dick after the way you were sucking him!” She said as she now moved to get onto the floor between his legs. Her legs spread wide with a sexy arch to raise her ass up as her dress fell back down over herself.
“Not even letting him get up? What would your beloved Jann Lee think if he saw you acting like this?” Hitomi teased as the two women shared glares as they were clearly worked up, fighting over this big dick as Leifang guided him into her mouth.
“Mmmmm! I am seriously not complaining about whatever you ladies want… Ahhhhh! Want to do to me…” Richard wisely said, as he was so busy now watching Leifang sucking him off that he didn’t pay attention to Hitomi pushing down her jeans and panties to show off her own smoothly shaved snatch, as well as the hint of moisture down there from her own building lust.

Not even being freaked out by another woman’s spit covering his length, the Chinese beauty went right to work returning the favour after getting her snatch so nicely eaten out moments before. Slurping already at a loud pace as she worked her face up and down along his size. Making the tail ends of her ringlets styled hair sway as she worked back and forth. Showing off her famed leg strength with keeping her body angled as her ass was raised up. Another advantage being she could slip her own hand back under herself and the Oriental dress she still had on. Stroking away slowly across her already wet pussy as she got off on sucking on some big, thick white dick. Making her moans be muffled as she pumped her mouth along that member and showing she’s no novice either in the fine art of sucking dick.

Similar to the previous, and almost matching, position they were all in, Richard couldn’t moan out freely for too much longer before another hot piece of videogame pussy was lowered onto his face. This time Hitomi who was mounting him so that her legs were either side of his head and knees against the floor as she rested back. Moaning as he went straight to work and pushed his tongue up into that already moist hole. Staring up to see Hitomi licking her lips with approval and putting on quite the show for him with her hands going to her own huge tits. Squeezing them through the top she still had on as she began to grind her hips. Working her slot against his still hungry tongue even with this being the second flavour of international snatch he’s gotten to enjoy so far as they fuck on the museum floor.

“MMMMMPHHH!! SHHHHRRRLLLKKK… MMMMM… SHHHRRLLLPPPP…” Leifang’s eyes narrowed with a mix of lust at getting to enjoy a huge slab of dick and seeing her friend hogging the spot she’d just been enjoying earlier on. Like she’d much rather have this stranger and his huge rod all to herself. Having to settle right now for bobbing smoothly up and down to show off her own top notch oral skills. “MMMM… MMMMPHHHH… MMMMM! SHHHHLLLLPPP…” Getting her own saliva now adding to the layer already over him as she pushed down deeply. Making it seem like she’s more a fit for the roster of a hentai game than a fighting title as just like her friend she wasn’t gagging for a moment as his dick hit the back of her damp and hot mouth. All as she made a mess of a different sort across her own fingers as she brushed away back and forth over her slick folds to keep the pleasure high enough that her nipples were rock hard and trying to pierce through her dress.

“MMMMM… And here I thought you were just bluffing! MMMM! This guy really does… OH FUCK! MMMM… Know what he’s doing! MMMMM…” Hitomi moaned out as she rode the smiling face of this man that she barely knows, but has already sucked off like they’ve been lovers for years. Licking her lips while her lower ones were being lapped at as the man she was on top of kept his mouth pressed up into her. Exploring deep around in her twat that was already wet even before he’d made contact with her. Now just giving back a bit of the fantastic head he’d gotten from her with his own oral talents on the stunning fighting game character. “MMMM… But I think he likes my pussy more, Leifang! MMMMM… He’s eating me out sooooooooooooo good! MMMMM FUCK!” Hitomi deliberately picked her words while glancing over her shoulder. Seeing the expected glare from her friend at the teasing while Hitomi moaned away. Even reaching down to grab his hands and bring them up to her still covered tits as he happily squeezed her juicy rack to get more moans out of her.

“MMMMMPHHH!!! FFHHHHRRKKKNNNN BBBHHHTTCHHH!! MMMMPHH!!” Refusing to be beaten whether it’s in combat or when it comes to sex, Leifang took the claim as motivation to plunge her gorgeous features right down into his crotch. A full on deep throat to spread her throat wickedly wide as she groaned away. Her ringlets brushing against his thighs as she stayed held down to show that she was clearly as good at pleasuring men as the other stunningly designed Dead or Alive character opposite her. “MMMMM… SHHHLLLRRRPPP… MMMMMMPHHHH… MMMMM…” Keeping herself moaning away too with her fingers rubbing away over her slot. Juices dripping slowly down her thighs as she kept her legs raised and spread wide in a way that even gymnasts would struggle to keep up for even half the time. Never mind all while she pumped her mouth briskly up and down as she went back to sucking that huge, delicious cock. Moans both clear and muffled filling the hall as they went at one another for a battle that was far more fun and erotic than the combat they’re known for.

“MMMMM… See? The way he’s squeezing my tits? MMMM… He wants to fuck me first…” Hitomi claimed as her hands were on the back of his to encourage the groping while she rode his face.
Hearing that, Leifang pulled off from his shaft with a loud and lewd ‘pop’ sound as she glared. “You’re making him feel you up!” She pointed out as, with a little groan, she moved out of position in order to stand up.
“Doesn’t change my statement…” Hitomi claimed, letting go of his hands in order for her to move off from his mouth. “After all, as good as he clearly is? He can’t fuck both of us at once, right?” She said, before pulling her top up and over her head. Disposing of the bra too as those fantastic, huge breasts of hers were revealed.
“Actually?” Richard finally got a chance to chip in as he got up to his feet. “I’ve got a way that might work for us all?” He said, getting their attention just as Leifang was reaching back to remove her dress. “Let’s use this barrier. Just bend over it for me, Hitomi.” He said as curious, but also wanting more of his dick, Hitomi agreed as she moved over to the clear barricade that’s supposed to separate the museum from the exhibitions. Sticking her nicely rounded ass out as her upper body hung over the other side along with her big tits.

Richard moved up behind her with Leifang beside him. First making sure Hitomi was taken care off as, without even having any protection to slip on before entering, pushed his saliva-soaked dick into her already moist pussy. Feeling tightness but not much resistance as they both moaned out as he was able to slide in deep. Getting right to work as he began to pump in and out of her box that for a fictional beauty felt as amazing, hot and wet as the real deal. But not forgetting the other beauty up close to him as he reached over. Able to lift up Leifang’s leg that was out of the side slit of her Chinese dress so it could show off flexibility again with a high kick-like pose to extend up. Allowing his hand to go in to her crotch as he curled in fingers into her also wet snatch much to her moaning approval.

“MMMMM… You certainly have the… AHHHHH… Techniques of a lover… MMMMM… To make up for the lack of fighting skill…” Leifang moaned out as one of her hands held the barricade her friend was being fucked over as the other gripped his shoulder to keep herself up in the position on one leg. Working her pussy down against his pumping fingers. Just enough of a movement to not just make the tails of her ring-styled hair sway but cause her own large bust to bounce in her attire.  “AHHHHH… I suppose I can forgive you for… MMMMM! Settling with starting off with her instead of me…” She added between groans as even as she got finger fucked, her eyes were locked down onto the shaft moving in and out of her best friend as she clearly wanted something thicker and longer than just a couple of digits.

“MMMMM! Wait your fucking turn!! OH FUCK!! MMMMM… HOLY FUCK… This cock!! MMMMM!! So fucking big!!” Hitomi loudly moaned, even more than she’d been doing when eaten out as she got her tight pussy spread open by this shaft that was very familiar to the both of them now. Finally getting a sweat on now as the droplets formed across her pretty, groaning features and over that nearly nude body of hers with just the foot and handwear on along with a headband. Her long dark hair swinging as she couldn’t help but shove her own body back against the thrusts she was taking as she stayed bent over the barrier. Her breasts jiggling in time with the motion and making a slap of their own even before her ass was smacking off his body. “OOOOOOOH FUCK! MMMMM… So fucking good! AHHHHHH FUCK!! He should be the one… MMMMM!! Fucking teaching me, not the other way around! AHHHH FUCK!!” She added between groans as she looked back over her should with a wide, shameless smile and a fiery stare that alone screamed for him to give it to her.

“MMMMM… That could be arranged, you know…” He had his own big smile on, and rightly so with him being able to pleasure two gorgeous Dead or Alive fighters at the same time. Sliding his thick rod in and out of the snug, wet German twat while he plunged his fingers smoothly into the just as moist Chinese pussy of the beauty leaning against him. His gaze switching between the two as he watched Hitomi’s plump backside start to clap off his waist before back to look over the still dress-wearing frame of Leifang as she shifted her hips to grind that pussy against his hand. “AHHHH… But let me earn this ‘win’ first against you two before we talk about any fun after this…” He said, knowing that he still needed to convince these two to come with him after this threesome was done and dusted. Heading down that road at a good pace already with how his cock was enjoying a new home in the soaking hole of Hitomi as she backed herself up against him over and over. Ensuring he was balls deep in her slot as her inner tunnel perfectly gripped his thickness. Another display that just like her mouth she and the rest of her curvy body were more than built (or should that be designed?) for pleasure.

“AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMM!! Fucking sign me up! OOOOOOOH FUCK! FUCK YESSSS! MMMMM AHHHHH…” Hitomi sounded already won over as her juices slowly trickled down her thighs as she stayed bent over and spread legged for him and his massive shaft. Keeping up the timing perfectly, as expected for a karate instructor, so that whenever a firm pump went in deep to her snatch, she was driving that needy hole back with even more force. The slap ringing out around the museum as she gave back as good as she got to make sure she was filled up to the hilt. “MMMMM! FUCK! You’re the one… UHHHH!! Who needs to take me on as your student! MMMMM!! Teach me how to… AHHHHH!! Fuck as good as this all the time! MMMMM!!” She groaned out with a stare back at not just him, but down to his crotch to watch that huge shaft vanish into herself. Making the most of not just taking the biggest dick she’s ever seen in her life, but one that can clearly last after surviving being balls deep in not just her but her close friend’s oral tunnels.

“MMMM… If you want to see him show his skills? MMMMM!! You need to let him finally get… AHHHHH… That weapon of his into me…” Leifang said with a seductive tone as she stroked a hand over the shoulder of the arm that was keeping soaked fingers driving away in and out of her box. Filling her up knuckles deep but even so, clearly not quite scratching the itch like a meaty slab of dick would. Her eyes darting back and forth like she was watching a tennis match to follow that cock ploughing away into the other fighter. Still getting pleasured in her own right through as the little drops of sweat rolling down her cheeks and arms were showing. Impressing herself again as she kept her leg raised up high without showing any signs of pain from the extended stretch so her slot could take his skilled fingers.

“MMMMM… Well, it’s only fair that I keep both of you involved in this…” Richard said as he pulled out of Hitomi’s snatch. Noting the look of annoyance at having not been finished by a long shot with him. “But how about we take it over to there?” He said, pointing across the museum to the ‘stage’ that was set up to resemble ‘Gambler’s Paradise’ of the outside of Hotel Oasis complete with sidewalk, road and some cars.
“I think I know exactly what you want…” Leifang smiled as she moved back as he took his fingers out of her. Allowing her to quickly dispose of her dress to drop it to the ground. Leaving her much like her friend to be nearly nude with just footwear on and wrist accessories. Her own large tits shaking as she hopped over the barricade and made her way towards the other side of the room.
“I’m not done with you yet…” Hitomi said in a lustful whisper as she and Richard followed as they climbed over the barrier and then the other one opposite to go into the casino-area.
“Me neither, but I need to take care of her first…” He gave her a sly wink as he approached Leifang. Seeing her being up on the front of one of the cars on her back with her legs already invitingly wide.

So there was no issue for him to step in and push his cock up into her wet, snug tunnel and make them both moan as he pushed in deeply. Her legs staying spread as, much to her annoyance with a glare to match, she saw Hitomi kneel on the car bonnet too as she reached over and gripped her friend’s ankles to keep them apart. Leaving him free to hold her thighs as he began to thrust. Getting their moans going as she took his cock with the same sort of smooth ease as her fellow Dead or Alive character had been doing. The finger fucking allowing him to soon enough plough in to the hilt as his body connected with hers to fill her right up. The impact already making her body shift on the smooth surface of the vehicle so those juicy tits of her were bouncing as she moaned in delight.

“So, you’re saying I need to make sure she’s finished in order to get more of you?” Hitomi smirked as she glanced at the cock that had been fresh out of her own snatch now going bareback into her good friend’s slot. “I think I can handle that…” She said as she leaned her head down. Making Leifang squeal out in pleasure and leaving a stunned but happy smile on his face as Hitomi invited herself to lap her tongue out at the top of the pussy currently being fucked. Driving the pleasure up to new levels as the Chinese beauty was already moaning out from handling such a fat white dick, but the addiction of a hungry (and more for dick than another woman) German tongue onto those already sensitive folds just took it to new heights. A feeling that would have made most normal women orgasm on the spot from the first minute of tongue work alone.

“AHHHHHH!! DAMN YOU! MMMMM! AHHHHHH!! OOOOOOOOOOHHH MMMMM!!” Leifang howled in lust and annoyance but tellingly didn’t try to make this two-on-one attach stop as she panted out and laid in her forming sweat. Her hands reaching up but just to grip the other woman. Driving her fingers into Hitomi’s snatch to try and counter the pleasure being applied to her but even now her pumps weren’t even on half the timing or force that had been done to her a few minutes before. “UHHHHH!! I DIDN’T EVEN…. MMMMM!! LOSE A FIGHT BEFORE YOU STARTED LICKING ME! MMMMM!!” Leifang added. Making it sound like this isn’t the first time that Hitomi has gone down on her before. Just never with a thick shaft added into the sinful mix as the pumps kept coming smooth and quick. Hitomi even rocking her body back and forth against the digits sliding in to her while she lapped at her friend’s wet pussy.

“MMMMM… Just fucking finish her off… Then get that big fucking dick back in me! MMMMM…” Hitomi sounded like she was giving an order rather than merely encouraging. As if the sight of one hot fighting game babe licking at another’s snatch wasn’t motivation enough. The sound of the squelching of juices at either end of her heard along with all the moaning as she dined on a delicious twat while having her own firmly pumped with digits. Leaving those fingers soaked but noting looking quite as close to release as her friend is. Hitomi’s tits swaying underneath her and her position making them more slap against than merely brush into Leifang’s just as juicy set of mountains. Her eyes locked down on the pussy she was lapping at and not just to keep herself on the target. Able to get a close up at the shaft that had been balls deep inside of her now thrusting away into another just as snug and dripping wet love tunnel.

“AHHHHHH YESSS!! JUST FUCK ME! MMMMM!! PLEASE!! AHHHHH GOD! DON’T… MMMMM!! DON’T FUCKING STOP!! AHHHHHH!!” Leifang panted out as sweat coated her body and face, while that stylish ringlet hair was getting messy with several strands sticking out of place as her locks shifted back and forth in time with the jolts her frame was doing. The smack of his crotch hitting into hers mixing with the moans in the air as he drilled her balls deep again and again. A hard hitting beauty like this just as built for a stiff fucking as she is skilled in battle. And seeing how she’s down for some girl-on-girl just as much as she is taking cock making it all the more hotter. And potentially all the more fun once she’s a part of his building multiverse harem. Certainly seeing her squirm in pleasure while having a couple fingers rammed into a fellow stunning fighter’s twat as she got fucked herself made it clear the lucky stud balls deep in her had picked her out as one of his mains. Just never thinking it would ultimately lead to getting to nail her silly on the front of a car in a museum piece dedicated to DoA stages of the past.

He almost missed the sight of that lewd expression of Leifang’s eyes rolling back and her teeth grinding together as she arrived at her peak. A swirl of the skilled tongue by Hitomi around the other woman’s clit enough along with that pumping dick to send her over the edge. Giving her friend more juices to lap up as they flowed out and further soaked that thick pole as he made sure to keep giving it to her nice and hard. Fucking her through the powerful orgasm to leave her panting as the moisture rolled off her body just to drip and do the same off the paintwork of the vehicle she’s been taken on. Richard letting out almost a sigh of relief, impressed himself that he managed to last when he pulled out and wiped sweat off his forehead. Getting a look at the gaping state of the snatch he’d just been hammering.

Yet he only got a brief time to look at that as seizing the moment Hitomi moved to change position. Getting onto her all fours and this time sticking her ass out towards him as she stayed up on the car too. Just grinning back at him as he returned the look and took the offer. Shoving that cock, dripping with another woman’s orgasm, into a just as needy piece of videogame pussy. Making them both moan as she backed up instantly to make her rump slap back into his body as he began to thrust. The two working at a perfect pace so that whenever he thrust forward, she was sending her slot right back to make sure she got filled up to a limit she never knew she had before. Leaving her ass jiggling and her huge tits swinging as they hung underneath her.

In such a lusty state, Hitomi didn’t stop there as she reached down and grabbed her tired friend’s hands. Directing one onto her hip and the other down onto her own pussy. Ensuring that Leifang now got a chance to work over her slot now and even after a strong peak, the Oriental stunner got with the task and slowly worked her fingers along the other woman’s pussy while it got filled up by thick inches. Clearly though, this wasn’t enough as holding the back of Leifang’s head, Hitomi pulled her up towards her jiggling tits and made them rub across the stunning face of her friend. Rewarded when Hitomi moaned out, feeling the other beauty start to kiss and lick the ample flesh as Hitomi stroked through Leifang’s hair in approval.

Still smiling, Richard almost felt like he was a bit part player in this lesbian action that was going on over the front of the car. This was obviously far from the first time either of these two women have explored one another’s curvy bodies. But with how good his dick felt buried in some tight, wet German pussy he wasn’t going to kick up a fuss. Just playing his role to perfection and impressing the second, and certainly not least, of these two with more stiff pumps into her slot. Feeling the brush of the other woman’s fingers on his dick once in a while as he banged Hitomi doggy style. Sweating himself as it had been one thing to handle one fictional babe in his first adventure but now going right to a threesome was a fantasy he’d always had but never thought would come true. He was rising to the occasion in more ways than one as he kept on drilling Hitomi from behind while the already well fucked Leifang underneath her helped him with her stroking fingers to race Hitomi towards her own well deserved peak.

This certainly wasn’t the sort of destruction or even combat that the DOA Memorial Museum was used to seeing when women like these stepped into it. But much like show a fight can break out anywhere, even a stage to look like the outside of a Casino can be the perfect host for a steamy bisexual threesome. Two gorgeous, very busty women going at one another almost as much as they were the fat cock being rammed into one of them. Skin hitting skin ringing out along with loud, shameless moans. A sight even lewder than any beach volleyball these two beauties have gotten involved in. But the only thing on the mind of the woman on all fours was getting off on getting nailed from behind by this huge dick. Shoving her body straight back and shifting again to meet the next stiff pump hammering deep into her soaking twat and doing the motion all over again. All as she kept the other worn out beauty’s face up into her tits to encourage sucking and licking in a way to make clear this is far from the first, or last for that matter, these women will enjoy one another for some post-fight fun.

“FUCK! YES! HARDER! MORE! FUCKING USE ME! YES! FUCK!! MMMMMM!!” Hitomi’s cries of delight sounded like more suited for a pornography film than a long running fighting game series. Panting out as the sweat dripped from her face, leaving strands of her long hair sticking to her face from all the swaying. One hand clutching the locks of Leifang as she sucked on one of Hitomi’s hard nipples to further boost the pleasure. All while Hitomi’s backside clapped into her newfound lover again and again as she took his dick nice and deep. “FUCK! I’M CLOSE… DON’T FUCKING STOP! OH FUCK YES! YES!! AHHHHHH YES YES YESSSSSSSS MMMMMM!!” Her eyes starting to roll upward as the pleasure raced through her. Forgetting all about the love interest she’s supposed to have, much like the beauty underneath her has as well. Now this new man and his huge dick has finally given her the sort of wild, hard and hole stretching action that she never knew she could handle before, but now seems like she was born to take.

More proof of that arriving when her head tilted back to let out a long and loud moan as her body shuddered. Cumming hard over the already greatly soaked dick that was ploughing away as the man behind her made sure she got to experience every mind-blowing moment of this peak. Aided by Leifang underneath her still kissing and slurping away on those shaking tits while her hand stroked away to get extra sticking from the juices being released. A familiar sight for him as he eased out of that well fucked to say the least hole to see how stretched wide he and his thickness have left her. But the wide, sex-drunk smile on her face proof that she regrets none of it. Taking a moment to slump down against her friend as they both panted and looked not just satisfied, but equal winners of this sexual ‘battle’.

“Now, ladies? I hope you don’t mind… But…” Richard tried to say something but speaking up broke the two women out of their trance. Looking over at him before they found a new burst of energy. Moving off the car and getting down eagerly to their knees in front of him. “Yes! This fucking works for me!” He said as he didn’t even get a chance to grip his cock before he was now the one getting a two-on-one attack and not in the painful way he’d been through earlier on.

He didn’t stand a chance but in a good way! Two sets of hot, panting mouths wrapping around him as Leifang took the left side and Hitomi the right. Slurping, sucking and licking on his pole as it pulsed between the two sets of soft lips. No issue for either of them tasting Hitomi’s orgasm from off his rod as one beauty slurped off the taste of her own pussy from off his length and the other sampled a clearly far from unfamiliar flavour of the other woman’s juices. Tongues lashing out as they stared up, still hungry from dick after he’d more than earned the right to say he was far better as a lover than a fighter. Both DoA fighters groaning against his meat as they sucked away and worked along the sides of his prick. Reaching the tip to swat their tongues at the crown and brush into one another in the lusty process.

Neither woman minded either when he groaned out and began to shoot his load. Both moaning getting a generous share of his spunk as it fired out from his shaft. Another brief fight over his cock as both women gripped him, aiming his dick between the two of them so they each got streaks of thick white across their pretty faces. Some stray blasts from the tugging ending up in their hair as one of Leifang’s ringlets got stained with a shot that dripped from the top down to the lower of the ring, and Hitomi got blasted in the strands at the side of her head. Plenty of his seed for their features of course, and delivering such a generous amount that by the time he was spent they each had cum dripping from off their cheeks and chin to land down. Staining over their large, heaving chests for a sight as rewarding as those panting faces of theirs.

“Well damn… That was amazing! I mean, really… Damn!” Richard was lost for words, staring down at the cum-glazed faces as he looked back and forth.
“Mmmmm… We all won from that battle…” Hitomi stated the obvious as she licked her lips, stealing a taste of his spunk.
“I’d agree with that…” Leifang added as she gasped for air. “And I think we all agree that we need to have a rematch of this. And sooner rather than later!”
“Well, ladies… Actually? I think I can help with that…” Richard said as he glanced across the room to his pants and the controller sticking out of the back pocket.

The moment of post-sex bliss shattered however by the sounds of footsteps approaching from the lower floor. “THIS IS MUSEUM SECURITY!!” A voice yelled out. “MISS DOUGLAS WANTS TO KNOW WHO HAS BROKEN IN HERE!! THIS BUILDING IS OFF LIMITS TODAY!” The man didn’t sound happy, and it didn’t sound like there was just one guard either.
“In fact, let me just help us all out with out problem!” Richard quickly found speed of his own. Hopping over one railing and then the other. Not even bothering to scoop up the clothes as he just grabbed the controller and headed back just as torchlights were seen coming up the stairs.

Both women were confused but didn’t complain as they watched their new lover put an arm around them both before hitting that glowing ‘Home’ button on the device. Barely gasps heard from the women as the three of them were suddenly covered in a bright light. In the next second, the three of them no longer existing in the world as they vanished from sight. Teleported off to the mysterious world between worlds where already a blonde Princess was waiting. That just left the team of guards to enter the hallway and be very confused as to why there was a Chinese dress, a top and jeans, and some men’s clothing scattered around the room but no signs of life at all. And a very awkward report to file to Helena Douglas in the near future.

For Richard, it had been a second attempt and an even better than expected success mission to bag two women for the price of one adventure. And as his confidence grew with the different women he managed to impress? There might be more encounters to come as soon as he Pressed Start to Collect…”

* * *

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Re: Press Start To Collect [Various videogame characters]
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2023, 04:53:54 AM »
WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the video games, characters, developers, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own Dead or Alive or any of its characters etc referenced in this story. All characters are 18 years or older in this story.

Starring: Ema Skye, Maya Fey (both Ace Attorney series)

Press Start To Collect – Chapter 3

An erotic video game fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

A Commissioned Story for [Anonymous].

Codes: Cons, MF, FF, MFF, oral.

* * *

In the mysterious world between worlds…

“H-Hey! That’s cheating! Put me down!” Hitomi squealed out as Richard peered out of the window. Looking down into the courtyard of the mansion grounds that served as his main residence in this wonderland of plenty he was now calling his home. Having to take a second to process the sight of a tough and stunning Dead or Alive fighter being magically suspended off the ground, and upside down at that, as Princess Rosalina waved a wand to use her powers for mischief.

“You said you wanted to see how I could defend myself, right?” Rosalina smirked with her free hand on her hip. “I might not use my fists, but I have my own ways…” She teased, floating around the struggling woman.
“Leifang! Do something!” Hitomi whined, pouting as she folded her arms over her chest.
“I am! I’m staying out of it!” Leifang just sat on a the edge of a fountain with a smile as she watched this all play out.
Richard sighed, but couldn’t help but smile. “Rosalina? Please put her down.” He asked, before sticking out a hand. “Gently! Put her down gently!” He made sure to add.

“Of course.” Rosalina said, waving her wand again as Hitomi yelped, managing to turn herself and land down onto her feet into a stance she’d take rolling out of a throw.
“That was all her fault!” Hitomi claimed, pointing at the Princess. “She started it.”
“I don’t believe that to be accurate…” Rosalina countered, as she brushed her hair back.
“She said, she said.” Leifang shrugged. “Who are you going to believe? Let’s just move on. It’s not like we can have a court case or anything.”

“Hmmm… Court case…” An idea struck Richard as he smiled. “Ladies! I’m heading out for a little while! I’ll be back soon!” He announced as he moved back from the window. “And I’ll be bringing back at least a new friend too!” He added with a yell over the shoulder. Only hearing the sounds of more playful teasing and banter between the current crop of women he had to enjoy.

* * *

A few minutes later (or thereabouts, considering he was taking trips through time, space and dimensions) Richard stepped out from the bright light that he was familiar with from using his teleportation devices. Just like the one that resembled a video game controller in his hand as he slipped it back into his pocket. Blinking as he saw the new world he’s selected to enter as he let out a whistle. Once again picking another universe of a computer game, and once vastly different to the previous two he’s visited and ‘borrowed’ the women of.

“The Wright Anything Agency office itself…” He let out a whistle and a nod as he looked around. Moving a hand across the sturdy desk and seeing the name plate of ‘P. Wright’ on it. “And if there’s any babe from this game that I’m going to try and score with? It’s got to be Maya Fey… Although I’m kinda glad I didn’t just drop into here and just end up having someone yell ‘Objection!’ at me.” He said with a chuckle.

His thoughts broken away however when he heard the door unlocking to the office as he turned around. His surprised expression met by jaws dropping of not just one lady, but two walking in. Having clearly been expecting to see someone else, and specifically a familiar Attorney, in his usual office.

“Hey! You’re not Phoenix!” Ema Skye stated with an outraged tone, and she didn’t need to use her expertise as a Forensic Scientist to figure out that this man is somewhere he shouldn’t be. The gorgeous woman with long brown hair clad in a signature white lab coat with an arm band pinned to one sleeve helpfully stating ‘FORENSICS’ on it. Her nicely curved body wearing brown pants that went down to below the knees with high heels on her feet, and up top a combo of a green buttoned jacket and a pink shirt underneath, with a red tie bow. The look topped off with stylish pink lens sunglasses currently resting in her hair.

“As much as I’d like to say it’s rare for me to see a crime in progress? I’ve sadly seen quite a lot of unusual things…” Maya Fey remarked as she closed the door, quickly locking it. The Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique and Spirit Medium dressed in long, flowing white robes that covered her own curvaceous frame with a purple wrap around her waist. Her long black hair secured into a ponytail at the back with a ring, and her locks styled into lengthy strands at both sides of her head with channelers spheres set through them.

“I can explain…” Richard began to say. Barely getting a chance to process that he didn’t just have the target for his desires in Maya here, but a just as delicious bonus of Ema as well.
“Oh, can you?” Ema narrowed her eyes at him. “Invading our friend’s office? Breaking in? Stealing property?? Probably trying to set up something even more sinister!” She said accusingly.
“Hey now, that’s an awful lot accusations you’re levelling at me!” Richard said, holding his hands up. “Where’s your proof that I’m here with bad intentions in mind?”
“Well, you being a total stranger to us is suspicious… And from the way you’re dressed it all too casual for this kind of office.” Maya noted of Richard’s shirt and jeans combo.
“Are you… Cross examining me?” Richard couldn’t help but smile a bit. His nerdy knowledge about them and the Ace Attorney series could come in handy here.

“You bet we are!” Ema took the bait with a confident smile, pointing a finger at him. “I’ve helped out a bunch of cases as has Maya! We’ll expose you and turn you in like the crook you are!”
“Very well…” Richard glanced between the two as he held out his arms and hands to them both. “You just accused me of breaking and entering… So tell me where’s the tools I used to break in?” He pointed out before motioning around the room. “And for that matter, the evidence that showed I’ve broken in? I don’t see any damage to the walls, or to the door.”
“T-That’s not the only way to break in!” Ema gritted her teeth as a flaw in her accusations was pointed out. “And you might have used a lock pick or something! That’s what I’m trying to figure out.”
“If he’d done that, we’d wouldn’t have to unlock the door.” Maya noted, even at the expense of a glare from her friend. “Why would he lock a door right behind him if he was breaking in. Too much of a bother with any lock pick. And he has a point, as strange as this all seems…” Maya stroked back a little of her hair as she looked him over. “He can’t be hiding anything else on him with that outfit. And he’s only got… A game controller? In his pocket?” Her keen eye noticed it sticking out of his back pocket.

“And I might add? You’ll see that nothing in this office of your friend is out of place. Not even a draw opened.” Richard continued. “You both know how well kept his office is, being so close to him after all. And from these empty pockets of mine, I haven’t stolen anything or even picked anything up.” He added.
“That’s because we caught you before you could swipe anything!” Ema pouted as her argument was being defeated.
“Hold on a second… It sounds like you don’t just know Phoenix, but the both of us as well.” Maya again picked up on that detail.
“Well of course! I mean, where do I start?” Richard smiled, looking to Maya since she was his own intended target from all of this. “Before your status as a Master Channeler, you’ve were Wright’s co-counsel for years and his primary assistant. Along with, well, being the unfortunate client of his in many of his cases. You have the record for the most trails of any client for his agency, right?” He stated, making Maya’s eyes widen.

“That’s a slight exaggeration, surely…” Maya nervously stroked back her hair and she wasn’t even lying that convincingly.
“And you, Ema? Before you became the top notch Forensic Scientist you are today? You had a time being a police detective, helping out Wright as well. Even if it took you a couple years to finally get the job you wanted.” Richard said.
“Hey! I got the pass I needed, that’s all that mattered.” Ema said, folding her arms over her chest. “OK, fine! You know who we are, but we don’t know a thing about you.” She pointed out.
“Aside from the fact that you spoke about our history with, dare I say? Almost respect? Admiration? Maybe… Something more?” Maya pointed out as she locked onto him.

“Well to be honest? I came here to meet you, Maya.” Richard admitted with a smile, holding his hands up again. “Nothing bad or sinister of course! I just wanted…”
“Oh please, I don’t buy this sweet talk!” Ema cut him off as she walked forward. “I bet he’s hiding something on him! Something majorly incriminating!” She decided.
“Uh, be my guest I guess?” Richard was bemused as he conducted a pat down search on him, making him back up slightly against the desk.
“Well?” Maya moved in as well, but she stood at the side as she glanced over him.
“Nothing but this weird controller thing…” Ema sighed as she knelt down. But I bet he’s got something else on him…” She added, patting along his legs.

An idea striking Richard as he started to grin. “Allow me to help you out with your ‘investigation’ here, ladies…” He said, reaching down for his belt. “Let’s turn this into a little strip search, shall we?” He announced, as both women’s eyes went wide but before they could protest, they soon both let out shocked gasps as he pushed down his jeans. Showing off to them both what ‘weapon’ he’d been hiding in the thick, long cock between his legs. “As you can see, I’ve at least got nothing to be ashamed of to hide…” He joked as he glanced between the two.

“I… I see…” Maya’s eyes locked onto his length as she swallowed down some saliva. “I guess you’re a big fan then if you came here to see me…” She remarked as from her look, she wasn’t used to seeing a shaft the size of his.
But Ema was getting the full one, close look at his dick as it was starting to harden. “I k-knew you were up to something!” She tried to sound like she’d just helped a court case to be won but her tone of voice showed she felt well out of her element here. “Just didn’t think it was with such a thick… Long… Big cock like this…”
“You know, you still have broken into our friend’s office…” Maya spoke up as she moved and took a seat on the desk to the side of where Richard was. “I think that you still need to explain yourself… If you’re not going to put that dick of yours away…” She added as her eyes still lingered onto him and he noticed a spark of desire behind them. “...Ema? What are you doing??” Even her eyes went wide as suddenly Ema reached up with a hand and gripped that shaft.

“What do you mean?? I’m a scientist! I’m just collecting evidence, that’s all!” Ema claimed as she pumped along that fat, long cock and he saw a similar glint of need in her gaze now at the sight of such a massive slab of dick. “I need to test if there’s malicious intent behind this weapon he’s got, nothing more!” She didn’t sound all that convincing. Especially when her next move was leaning in, sticking her tongue out to work across the top of his shaft. A groan escaping her, already enjoying the taste as she swirled around the crown while he moaned as she double teamed him already with her hand and tongue. “Mmmmm… Needs a really full investigation… You conduct an interview or something and I’ll just… Handle… This” She slightly mumbled as her tongue ran down the side, brushing into her fingers briefly before moving back up as switched to the other side. Focusing again on the head with soft groans as it she wasn’t doing much of a job hiding the fact she was going at him because of getting a piece of a large cock for the first time.

“Mmmmm… Maybe instead of explaining myself? I can make it up to you two for the surprise?” Richard said with a smile as he looked at the other beauty next to him. He needed to make sure both women were entertained if he wanted to convince them both that he’s worth their time. He moved his hands down onto the maiden wrap around Maya’s Spirit Medium attire. A bite of the lower lip from her but no objections as he peeled it off, letting the front of her robes fall apart for a look at her gorgeous and more than impressively curved body. “A real shame to keep this all covered up, you know…” He smiled and noticed the blush on her from his sweet talk before he moved his hand down. Getting a gasp from Maya as he fingers went onto her pussy as tellingly, her legs spread apart to welcome him in even with a slow motion. Allowing him to freely explore as he began to stroke across her sex. Making her lean back a bit to enjoy the sensations which in turn allowed him to gaze ate her large, rounded tits as she began to moan out.

“Hey! Don’t ignore me!” Ema pouted as she huffed, seeing the treatment the other woman was getting. “You’re acting like she’s your favourite or something! Well, I’ll show you what the best Forensic Scientist in the land can do!” She boasted, taking the sight of this still suspicious man pleasuring her friend as a challenge as she guided his cock into her mouth. Easily making him moan, let alone turn to look down as she began to bob along his prick. Holding the base to keep him steady as she worked up and down. Her eyes narrowed slightly from being stretched around his thickness but soon enough adjusting to the size. Working up and down, with just a brief gap between her palm and her mouth as she smoothly worked him over. Groaning herself but the sound being muffled as she kept her lips pressed. Perhaps a little encouraged to keep at him as well by hearing his own moans of approval and the wide smile on his face.

He was lucky he didn’t have to state the truth that while he was loving this blowjob from one Ace Attorney beauty, it was the babe he was currently rubbing the snatch off that was his actual target of lust. And able to enjoy her as he felt her arousal building as his skilled fingers roamed back and forth along her tight feeling slit. Her own hand gripping his shoulder as Maya let out a low groan. Her hips shifting slightly to try and grind her twat against his digits. “More… Mmmmmm! More, please…” She moaned, as her eyes looked over him with a brief lick of her upper lip. He just grinned, eager to take the offer as he got bolder with his motion. Pressing the tips of his fingers against her folds, getting more gasps out of her while leaning in towards her. A naughty groan now escaping her as he ran his tongue up the side of her neck, leaving her to shiver from the unexpected but not unwelcome motion. Enjoying being the focus of his attention as he started to slide his fingers up into her tightness.

“Mmmmmphhh! Hmmmmphh!! Mmmmm!!” Ema wasn’t going to be beaten here, and was treating this like some sort of contest more important than helping a friend win a trail. Her mouth briskly working up and down, working saliva across his thick inches as her hand had left his base completely. Needing her hands free to brush her long brown hair back and keep her stylish glasses up above her forehead as they bounced and fell out of place from the energetic motion of her head. “Mmmmmphhh!! Shhhlllkkk… Mmmmm! Mmmmmphhh…” Her slurps were loud and rather shameless already as showed off the talent her mouth had to take in so many inches without even gagging yet. Even making a mess of herself as her spit dripped off her chin and from his length. Hitting across the cute tie of her shit and onto her lab coat at the sides. Her eyes locked up at the fun going on above her with more than a hint of envy in her gaze to go with the ever growing desire as she made more than an impressive showing for herself with his level of oral skill.

It wasn’t from being rude that his attention wasn’t on the beauty sucking him off, but he was more than thrilled to be able to stuff his fingers up into a snug, already wet pussy of his planned target for this trip. Warming her up nicely with smooth pumps of his digits in and out of her and enjoying the light bounce of Maya’s tits as she tried to work against his hand. He was the one getting surprised though when he tried to lick her neck again, only for her to turn with a sly smile and part her lips. Rather guiding him into a very welcome smooch as they two of them began to share moans, made kinkier by the fact his were from the efforts of the other beauty in the room. Grinning into the kiss as he could tell that while Maya was licking back at his tongue at a soft pace, the way his fingers were stuffed into her knuckles deep proved she had great sexual potential in her own right.

Lifting her head off, Ema pouted again and folded her arms. “That’s not fair! I’m doing all the work here!” She claimed, clearly not a fan of being left as just a ‘bonus’ to this action. “Where’s my smooch and rubbing playtime?”
Breaking the kiss, much to his groaning disappointment, Maya just cast a smile down at her friend. “Hop up here and I could give you one if you’d like?” She teasingly said, making Ema blush furiously while, with widened eyes at the surprise of that remark, Richard just grinned at the sounds of that.
“T-That’s not what I meant!” Skye said in a huff as she stood up, staring to undo her tie. “I meant this guy still needs to make it up to me for breaking into this office.” She claimed as she started undressing, unbuttoning her green undercoat next.
“Oh, I think our new client here can help you with that…” Fey said, moving off the desk to stand. “Lay down, please…” She directed as Richard quickly moved to lay across on his back. “Ema can move up onto you when she’s ready… I’ll see if I can match up to what our client clearly expects out of me…” She even teased, as her own investigative skills didn’t need to be tested too much to see that she was his favourite out of the two of them.

“If it’s any help? You’re both extremely beautiful women, and very talented too!” He said to butter both women up as he grinned. But proving Maya’s theory to be true as his eyes were locked on her as she, still having her robes on to hang loosely on her shoulders, moved around the desk to go between his legs. Her tits hanging down to sway a bit as she bent over to lean in as her dark haired head moved down. Making him moan out as her mouth parted and she guided his shaft in. No issue with servicing a cock coated in another woman’s spit either as she sealed her own soft lips around his thickness. Similarly to her friend having to stretch around his vast size but it wasn’t long before she began to lift her head up towards his crown, before pushing back down. And already not even holding him as she pleasured. One hand up, stroking back the side strands of her hair with the channeling spheres tied in them as they starting swinging back and forth. The other down under her stunning body as she wasn’t too ashamed to give herself a slow rub to carry on the job already started on her.

“OK then, client! Time to pay up!” His attention was snapped away from staring at the blowjob when he looked up just to see a pussy, already looking a little wet, now being lowered down onto his face. Ema having taken off almost all her clothing, leaving herself just wearing her signature lab coat with the band pinned on one arm. “MMMM! H-Hey! At least let me adjust first! MMMMM!!” She moaned out as he didn’t even wait for her to fully settle down on top of him. Reaching up with his hands and holding her thighs and tilting his head up. Eagerly pushing his tongue against her slit as he didn’t want her feeling left out, even with her being a very exquisite addition to enjoy. Getting her groaning out as he ran his tongue along the entrance, exploring around her folds and smiling up into her. Not just because of how much he was enjoying the oral from the other stunner, but hearing the moans up above him to show that Ema wasn’t too mad about being in ‘second place’ here with how good his tongue felt. Keeping her wetness growing as he started to flick against her snatch.

“Mmmmmphhh… Shhhhlllkkk… Mmmmmmphh… Shhhhlllrrkkk…” Slow and steady was the pace Maya was using as she made her lips glide up and down his long pole as she added her own saliva to the mess already covering him. Acting like she was savouring the moment as her hands stroked his thighs. Only briefly lifting away to brush her hair back into place. All the while keeping a hand busy to leave her fingers sticky with her own arousal as she self-pleasured while slurping away on a meaty cock. “Mmmmm! Mmmmphhh… Shhhhllrrppp… Mmmmm…” Her eyes closed as she let out muffled moans around his shaft. Handling his size deeply into her oral hole to make it seem like she was experienced in taking a far, far larger than average size like this. Even though, just like the beauty currently being eaten out, this was easily the biggest cock she’s ever taken on in her extremely eventful life.

“Oooooooooh FUCK!! MMMMM… God, he’s… AHHHHH! He knows what he’s fucking doing! MMMM…” Skye’s moans were showing that there was nothing quite like a hungry tongue to change her attitude as she started to grind downward onto the grinning mouth of the man underneath her. Rubbing her slick folds across his tongue as it slipped up into her and further explored around. Her hands resting on his chest as she firmly pressed down into him, encouraging the lick and wanting him to probe in as deeply as he could. “MMMM… Maybe that little warm up… AHHHHH! I did for him got him all fired up? MMMMM… Just another piece of evidence to investigate! MMMMM!” She added between groans, and from her words before maybe this has been a long held back kink of hers to find a way to conduct some sort of sexual investigation that’s a long way removed from the forensics she’s so talented and known for.

“Mmmmm! Mmmmmphhh… Mmmmm!! Shhhllkk… Mmmmm!” Maya couldn’t comment on it, with her mouth stuffed full with dick as she worked her stunning features up and down onto him. Her own moans bouncing off his inches as she continued to rub away at her pussy while sucking him off. Tensing up slightly when the crown of his prick connected with the back of her soothing, damp mouth. Only needing a second of a break, using it to twist her jet black haired head from side to side as she did a little rubbing of her own to work her lips against his length. “Mmmmm… Mmmmphhh! Mmmmmphhh… Mmmmmphhh…” Then it was back to work, bobbing away at that slow but very pleasurable pace. Her saliva seeping out to drip down to his balls as she was seeing (and feeling from how rock hard he was, stuffed deep in her oral hole) how this man could handle a whole lot of action with this being the second red hot blowjob he’s survived through already.

As she moved her mouth up and down like a steady elevator, Maya’s eyes locked onto the sight across the toned body of the man she and her friend were sharing. Seeing how that tongue was lapping away up at Ema’s slot as Maya purred in approval. Keeping her own head bobbing as her fingers brushed away across her own tight, wet slit. An idea coming to mind as she smiled around the shaft she was working over as she lifted off from that prick. Groaning before spitting down onto it as she stood up. Moving around the desk and over to her friend still mounted on Richard’s face. Soon making Ema gasp out when she invited herself to use her hand, still slick with her own juices, down to rub across the top of Skye’s nicely damp snatch.

“H-Hey! MMMMM! What do you… AHHHH?? Think y-you’re doing??” Ema gasped out, before biting her lip as she locked eyes with the other woman and saw the shameless but still sly smile she had on. Maya just working away with her fingers to dance over the pussy already being eaten out.
“Oh? Is something wrong?” Maya faked ignorance but still kept smiling as she rubbed over that needy pussy. “I was just helping make up for the fact I’m his favourite, that’s all.” She claimed as she teased a little more by using her free hand to reach up and push Ema’s glasses back up into her hair.
“B-By rubbing my pussy?? I’ve never done this before!!” Ema almost whimpered, but made no effort to push Maya’s impressively skilled fingers away from her wetness. Perhaps that helped by Richard just carrying on lapping up with his tongue to sip down the juices from that snatch now being double teamed.
“Well, you’ve always been good at learning, right? Our expert Forensic Scientist…” Fey said for a mild taunt as she brought her hand upward. Moving across the stomach before giving Ema’s nicely sized and rounded tits a firm group to keep her friend groaning out. “So I think I can teach you a thing or two… If you let me get his cock first that is.”

“O-OK…” Ema bit her lip as she nodded. Gasping as she was guided up and off the desk, which allowed Richard to roll off from it to stand as he caught his breath.
“I’m just glad you two are getting along now…” Richard remarked as now Maya took the position to lay on her back, with her robes still on so they sprawled out under her and off the edges of the desk. “But I think I’m going to enjoy this next bit even more!” He stated the obvious as Ema moved back up but this time was facing away from him with her back to him. No issue there as while Skye lowered down, he moved between Maya’s legs to spread them. Lining his shaft up with her wet entrance and having no issue about entering into her bareback since she, like her friend, were now all too happy to fuck in the office of the famous attorney they should be helping. Instead of fucking a random man they’ve just encountered.

Although he clearly had a number one out of the two beauties, even he had to pause and watch the lesbian action that kicked off across from him. Maya now taking over the role that he’d been doing seconds before. Bringing her tongue out to slide over the already wet folds of a woman she’s known since her days of being a high school student. The beautiful Spirit Medium showing she’s experienced in a lot more than just the ‘other side’, she’s familiar with her fellow gender as well. Brushing her tongue back and forth across the outer folds to sample the flavour and make Ema moan out above her. Those gasps of pleasure only increasing when Maya didn’t hold back, and plunged her tongue straight up to pick up from where the lucky man sharing them both had left off.

The squirming of Fey’s legs towards him reminding him he wasn’t just here to watch. Pushing his thick fuck-stick into Maya’s dripping wet snatch and able to slide in nicely deep just with the first thrust thanks to the fingering and rubbing both he and the very woman he’s now banging had done. A loud moan escaping him as, just like he’d imagined, she was wonderfully tight as her slick walls clamped around his size. No need for any in depth investigation here to prove that this was the biggest cock she’s ever taken in her life. Reaching down, he held her legs apart by the thighs as he began to go to work. Thrusting smoothly into her box to make them both moan out, even if her calls were more than muffled by the snatch she was munching on. Leaving him to grin broadly as he got the first piece of his initial main target, and she wasn’t disappointing one bit with how fantastic her snatch felt clinging to each pump he firmly delivered.

“AHHHHH! M-Maya!! How did… MMMMM! Where did you learn to do such a thing?? MMMMM!!” Ema stared down with wide, stunned eyes as she moaned away. Finding herself grinding down into her friend’s gorgeous features as she took her first tongue fucking, and making it sound like it was going to be tough to top this level to worship alone from the amount of moans escaping her. “Ooooooooooh FUCK!! MMMMM… T-This will definitely require… MMMMM! FUCK… M-More investigating after today! AHHHHHH! MMMMM…” Skye groaned, as sweat began to form to slowly roll down her cheek. Quickly adjusting to her first time getting into some lesbian action as one of her hands moved up onto herself. Giving her rounded breast a squeeze to send more jolts of delight flowing through her. Certainly not looking mad at having to wait her turn to take his cock with how fantastic the tongue felt deeply roaming around in her dampness.

Richard wasn’t even disappointed at not getting the full sight of the girl-on-girl fun with Ema’s position on the woman he was currently banging. Staring down with a smile as he watched his thick length vanish forward into Maya’s snug twat. Only easing out a couple inches or so before sliding back in and making the firm slap of his skin connecting with hers ring out. Filling her up to the hilt like she was more an expert at Size Queen action than the Master of Kurain Channeling Technique that she’s supposed to be. Moaning himself with each pump he sent into her as he used just the right amount of force to cause her body to jolt on the smooth surface of the desk. Giving him the treat of seeing her large tits bouncing thanks to each pump he delivered.

“MMMMMPHHH… MMMMM… MMMMMPHHH MMMM…” Maya had her mouthful again to make her moans get muffled. An equal love of sucking dick and eating pussy as she now put her tongue to work darting in and out of the brown haired beauty mounted on her face. Staring up lustfully as she was getting the best of both worlds – ploughed by a big dick while dining on delicious pussy at the same time. “MMMMM… MMMMMPHHH… HMMMMPHHH…” Juices coating around her mouth and chin, dripping down off her jaw to drip onto the robes she still had on but making a mess onto herself was far from her worries right now. Just looking to enjoy the moment as she delivered a skilled tongue fucking while getting banged nice and deep. Leaving her with a shine of moisture starting to form across her own curvy body as she worked her tongue like a piston up into the slot of a fellow, fictional stunner right above her.

“MMMM… I missed the lore about you… AHHHHH… Being down to have fun with guys as well as babes, Maya… MMMMM!” Richard joked in between his pumps as he put on a more than decent performance in his own right. Thrusting with a nicely stiff, well timed motion to keep the beauty he was balls deep in both moaning out and encouraged to keep eating out Ema’s wet box. Giving her thighs a squeeze as he pumped in and out, keeping that smack sounding out when his crotch hit into hers. His length having gone from being coated by both women’s spit to now having a glaze of juices as he enjoyed Fey’s tight, wet tunnel. “AHHHH… Maybe that part was in one of the games… I mean, the investigations that didn’t get an official release yet…” He corrected himself, but thankfully both beauties across from here were too caught up in one another (along with the work his shaft was doing to satisfy one in particular) to notice his slip. And who was he to question about how this was all happening – he just needed to revel in it as his loud moans already showed he was doing. Pumping in and out of the box of one busty beauty as she lashed away with her tongue at the snatch of an equally attractive and nicely stacked woman on top of her.

However, it was Maya who made the first move to get the action onto the next position. Using her hands to push Ema up and off from her mouth as Ema quickly moved to stand next to the desk. “I think that’s enough of a lesson, don’t you?” Maya decided as she licked her lips, cleaning up the excess juices before she moved but rather than leaving the desk, she sat up and inched back. Positioned so her arms were back behind her to grab the end of the furniture they’ve been using to fuck on and over.
“I don’t think I’ll be as good as you are…” Ema said, but even so found herself moving as she bent over along the desk. Taking the invite to position her head between those spread legs of Maya. Leaving her own desirable body pressing into the surface of the desk for a slight squish of her tits. “But I wouldn’t be who I am today if I didn’t investigate every place and option I could!”
“And I’ll make sure you don’t feel like you’re ‘second best’ here…” Richard teased as he moved behind Skye to form another mini train of sin. Lining his cock up with Ema’s entrance and finding the entry smooth and easy thanks to how soaking wet she is.

“MMMMM!! OH FUCK! THAT’S… MMMMMPHHH!!” Ema’s moaning from being penetrated was cut off as Maya captured her head with a firm, but not painful, headscissors. Ensuring that Ema’s inexperienced mouth got pressed against the set of slick lower lips of the Spirit Medium. The contact alone enough to make Maya groan out but proper moans soon coming as the other woman quickly got with the programme. No doubt encouraged to shove her tongue into another woman for the first time thanks to feeling a nice, fat cock thrusting into her snatch from the back. “MMMMM!! MMMMMPHHH!! MMMMM…” Ema groaned out, her eyes already staring upward in delight as even for a talented Forensic Scientist like her, having to deal with so many sensations at once was leaving her brilliant mind frazzled with pleasure. Overwhelmed with the taste of pussy for the first time in her life, combined with getting banged by the thickest, longest dick she’s ever taken as well. A minor miracle then that she was even able to flick her tongue out at all against Maya’s snatch to ensure she was moaning out as well.

“MMMMM… Decent work, Ema… MMMM… A little deeper, please! MMMMM! Yes… Just like… AHHHHH! Just like that! MMMMM…” Maya guided her friend through the crash course at the fine art of pussy eating as she worked her own hips up to make her snatch rub across the groaning mouth clamped into her. Reaching down to hold onto the brown haired head of the other beautiful woman, and even making sure to keep Ema’s sunglasses pushed up into her hair as she dined on her twat. Maya though not forgetting about the other element of this threesome with a glance across. Seeing Ema’s nicely rounded ass starting to smack back into the waist of the man getting to stuff her full. Another lick of Maya’s lips as she clearly wasn’t done with him or his big dick, but for now introducing Ema into the world of lesbian fun would help scratch the itch of pleasure for the moment at least.

Indeed, already Richard was able to drive in balls deep into Ema’s nice, tight and dripping wet love tunnel as he took her from behind. His hands holding her waist to help keep her in place as he worked himself stiffly in and out of her. The slap of her ass clapping back into him ringing out around the office they’d turned into a little sex den. Mixing nicely with the moans both clear and muffled from the three of them. Once again showing an impressive pace and ability to be able last not just until this point of the action, but doing some against two of the hottest women in all the Ace Attorney series who each on their own would be a major test for any man to satisfy. Needless to say he was doing a very good job so far, even as the sweat was forming across his own body as he put in the effort and energy to pump some top notch, snug pussy.

“MMMMMPHH!! MMMMM!! MMMMM MMMMPHH MMMMM!!” Juices were dripping down Ema’s chin as she tried her best to much away on the slot getting bucked into her pretty face. Just adding to the mess of saliva, juices and sweat already on the top of the desk she’s bent over on. Groaning as she felt Maya’s thighs grind against her head to keep the hold onto her and give her only just the little amount of air to keep going with her quickly learning pussy munching. Making up for the lack of experience with eagerness thanks to the high state of lust she’s in. “MMMMM!! MMMMM! MMMMMPHHHH MMMMM…” Ema’s tongue stuffed as far into Maya’s soaking hole as she could reach. Getting rewarded for her efforts by taking a huge length in and out of her slot as the stiff pumping of her snatch carried on from behind. The lab coat she still had on now clinging to her gorgeous body and more than a few strands of her long brown hair now out of place to join with the ones already strewn across her features.

Matters not helped by Maya herself clutching onto the spiked back portion of Ema’s hair to hold like a leash. Allowing her to both keep Ema pressed between her legs and keep on rubbing her needy snatch against that groaning mouth. Maya’s other hand giving her large tits a squeeze for an added boost to the pleasure. Her own hair looking far from the perfect style that a Master spirit channeler like her should be in. Matching the messy state her own usually pure robes are in from all the sweat falling off of her. Her eyes switching from down at the lewd expression on Ema’s face as stuffed between those thighs it looked like she was barely thinking straight right now. Then over across her friend to catch glimpses of that thick shaft ramming away into Ema’s snatch. Showing that Maya still had a craving for some good dick even after already taking a turn with him.

It looked like she’d soon get a shot at him as Ema’s eyes stayed rolled back as her body began to shiver in delight, slamming down a hand onto the desk like she was truly giving in to the pleasure. Not just cumming but doing so hard over that pumping cock as he was left groaning out as her inner walls found a new tightness. Driving her to experience every moment of this peak as her pussy clung to that rod. Thankfully, he not just lasted through that added pressure but kept on thrusting. Allowing her to ride it all out even if it left her more drooling into the other woman’s pussy than any proper licking. A smile on Maya’s face as she loosened her hold and moved off the desk, so that sinful, ahegao expression across Ema’s face could be properly seen with a wide smile by the time he finally pulled out of her.

“Now then…” Maya spoke with a purr as she moved around the desk and still didn’t bother to take off her robes. “Shall we see how you treat your favourite?”
“Well, if you insist…” Richard smiled as he stepped away from Ema as she panted out and tried to recover. “I think I can… Woah!” He was caught off guard when in her own lusty eagerness, Fey jumped up onto him and wrapped her legs around his body to match her arms around around his neck.

Before he could even yell out ‘Objection!’ (not that he planned to!) Maya showed off the very un-Medium state of desire she was in. Pushing herself down to slide his fat cock back into her snatch as she clutched onto his body. Not just pressing her big tits against his chest, but doing the same with her mouth onto his. Another lewd kiss and this time with a lot more energy behind it than the earlier kiss. Moaning loudly into his smile as she even lifted herself up to start the position off. Bouncing on his dick to drive herself down and make a smack ring out as she fucked herself on his fat cock. Her previously pristine robes, now soaked with sweat and half clinging to her had the tail sends swaying about as her chest rubbed against his body. Her long dark hair bouncing in time and leaving the side strands brushing against him as the channeler spheres smacked off his skin.

“MMMMMPHHH! MMMMM! MMMMMPHHH…” Fey’s eyes were closed as she deeply made out with a man she’s only laid eyes on today. Swapping spit and exchanging moans as her tongue danced around his. Her wet snatch once again tightly gripping his length as he was easily taken balls deep up into her still needy tunnel, even after being pleasured by him and another woman so far. “MMMMM! MMMM!! MMMMMPHHHH…” She certainly had zero regrets about acting in such a naughty way in the office of a famed Attorney she should be assisting. Showing off splendid technique and stamina to be able to lift and drop herself onto such a rod at this late stage of the action. Her eyes flickering open briefly but appearing rolling up as she was gradually approaching her own well deserved climax.

Richard has been so caught up, and understandably so, in watching his beauty ride harder than a rodeo all over his cock than he only remembered another beauty was still in the room when, even in her own tired state, Ema moved up to behind her close friend. Giving him a saucy wink as she circled a finger around in her mouth, then made herself known by first giving Maya’s rounded backside a firm slap to make the other beauty’s head tilt back with a groan. But a gasp soon following as Ema joined in by slipping a finger up into Maya’s backside, and using nothing but her own spit as she began to work it in and out. Even seizing on Fey arching back as her arms went from around the neck to gripping his shoulders as Ema’s other hand reached around to dig into the ample bust of the stunner getting her turn to be rammed.

Specially so, as the lucky guy enjoying this threesome joined in to really put Maya through the works to treat her more like a porn star than the Spirit Medium she’s supposed to be. Thrusting his fat, long cock up into that soaking love tunnel as she still rocked up and down onto him. Already having made a home for herself in her box but even now the feeling of him pumping away was leaving her moaning out in delight. Making her ass shift back against the finger sliding in and out of her clearly sensitive, and likely never offered up asshole from the grinning beauty behind her. Maya’s tongue flicking out of her mouth as her head rolled back for a moment. A sign that as sexually skilled as she might be, this was a whole different experience for her to try and last through.

“OH YESSSSSSSSS! AAAAAAAAAHH!! YES! YES! DON’T STOP! AHHHHHH YESSSSSS!!”  The squeals of delight were loud and constant as Fey tried to keep up with the pace being done to both of her lower holes. Her jet black hair a sweat-soaked mess much like her robes clinging her her curvy body, with plenty of strands out of place and stuck across her face, let alone barely keeping those spheres tied though the hair at her sides in place. “AHHHHH! AHHHHH! MMMMM! YES! YES YES YESSSSSSSS AHHHHHH!!” She couldn’t even bring her eyes to gaze at either the grinning man ploughing away into her still snug box, or the woman behind her finger banging her backside as the threesome became a steamy two-against-one. But no losers in sight as both she and the guy she was clutching onto moaned away with each thrust he delivered and every firm bounce down into him she managed to do.

Soon enough it was Maya’s turn not just to orgasm harder than she’s ever done before in her life, but have the same kind of shameful, lewd fucked silly expression that she helped Ema have on earlier before. So it was a turn about with Ema helping with a finger sliding in and out of Maya’s ass to ensure she came hard with eyes rolled up and her tongue hanging out the side of her grinning mouth. Another soaking of juices for Richard’s cock to handle as he groaned out and managed to endure another round of a pussy clenching around his inches as he pumped away. Not wanting to disappoint his intended target by not letting her feel every mind-blowing moment of her peak before he eventually pulled out. And both he and the other beauty he’d used having to help her stand steady, left with weak legs after coming back down to Earth.

“Ladies, I hope you don’t mind…” Richard grinned as the sweat rolled down his face. “But I’m getting real close to my limit here…” He said, but to his surprise even after all the action so far, both women were eager to lower themselves down to kneel in front of him. “Guess there’s no ‘Objections’ here!” He couldn’t help but use a fitting pun for the occasion as he gripped his length and started to furiously stroke off as he pulsed in his hand.

No need to hold back now after getting these two stunners off. Now getting his own well earned reward, and giving them both a treat for good measure. Groaning deeply as he began to shoot his hot, thick spunk across the stunning faces of the two Ace Attorney characters in front of them. Not playing favourites here as he made sure the seed hit onto the cheeks, noses and chins of both women as they moaned at the sinful sensation. Even shooting high enough so that he made streaks of his load get caught in the hair up across the forehead of both women. Getting sticky through Maya’s dark locks and even hitting over the stylish glasses Ema had through her brown locks. Neither woman minded about the mess that matched the shine of moisture over both their bodies by the time he was flicking out the last drips onto Maya’s features.

“Mmmmm… That’s quite the amount of ‘evidence’ you’ve given us, client…” Maya teased, smiling with cum-stained lips as she stayed kneeling for a moment.
“I can’t wait… Ahhhhh… To properly analyse all of this…” Ema added with a grin of her own.
“I’m very glad to here that there’s no objections to this all… Oh, I just used that joke, right?” Richard said with a chuckle. “And I’m glad that…”

He was about to say more, when there was a firm knock at the door that made them all jolt and look over. “Hey! What’s going on in there in Mister Wright’s office?” A gruff sounding voice demanded. “I’m gonna call the cops! I know you’re not him! He’s out of town for the day!”

“H-he is?? Maybe I got my days mixed up?” Ema bit her lip.
“We are in a lot of trouble…” Maya said as she stood up as Ema soon followed. “No way we can fight out of this mess with the evidence all over us and on the desk…” She stated the obvious.

“Oh? In that case? I have the perfect ‘alibi’ shall we saw?” Richard smiled, being a little more confident in his teleportation skills now with this being a third successful trip. “Here, grab your stuff!” He quickly bundled up the clothes of each woman, handing them to him as he pulled his own pants up. “I’ll explain in a few moments!” He said to the confused beauties as he pulled out the mysterious, game controller-like device from out of his pocket and wrapped an arm around each woman.

Barely the gasp was heard from either of them when he hitting the ‘Home’ button and a bright light suddenly surrounded them all. In the next moment, all three of them had vanished so by the time the office door was properly opened up all that was left was a suspicious, but unexplainable even by the best attorneys and detectives in the land, mess of saliva and juices on the floor and desk. And the two women now warped off to a new paradise of a wonderland in another dimension wouldn’t feel too bad about leaving lives of court cases and evidence examining behind as long as their new friend kept the red hot action going for them, and the other ladies he’s been slowly collecting.

And with the confidence now that he could not just bag two beauties in one go once again, the potential to expand this new harem of his was endless each time he Pressed Start to Collect…

* * *

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Re: Press Start To Collect [Various videogame characters]
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the video games, characters, developers, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own Dead by Daylight or any of its characters etc referenced in this story. All characters are 18 years or older in this story.

Starring: Feng Min, Yui Kimura, Yun-Jin Lee (all Dead by Daylight)

Press Start To Collect – Chapter 4

An erotic video game fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

A Commissioned Story for [Anonymous].

Codes: Cons, MF, FF, MFFF, oral, inter.

* * *

In the mysterious world between worlds…

“OK, OK… Selection time…” Richard smiled to himself, sitting back on his chair as he looked at the ‘selection machine’ in front of him as he picked up the videogame-like controller that matched the smaller version in his jeans pocket. “I still think it’s too early to go and try to enter one of those dangerous worlds full of shooting and monsters and stuff…” He said to himself as he brushed his smart shirt for a moment before looking back to the screen. “After all, I still don’t know if I have like any sort of respawning or healing functions in any of these worlds.” He mused.

“Richaaaaaaaaaaaaaard!” He heard a voice calling out, starling him as he almost dropped the controller. Standing up as he saw Maya Fey walking in before Hitomi followed in, both women looking like they’d had a falling out. “Tell her!”
“No, tell her!” Hitomi countered.
“Are you two bickering again?” Richard sighed. Who would have thought building a harem of gorgeous fictional women from videogames would be so tough? Having to pass judgement over arguments and the like alongside rounds of awesome sex.
“I am merely wanting my right to practice my channelling to be respected.” Fey stated, shooting Hitomi a glare.
“And I need proper meditation time so I can be ready for a fight!” Hitomi complained, stomping her foot.
“Isn’t that, like, both the same sort of thing?” Richard frowned, scratching the back of his head with the controlling. Not noticing that in doing so, he was sending the selection function on the screen behind him into overdrive to blur through options.

“IT IS NOT!!” Both women snapped at him to further startle him.
“See? You’re just being mean, scaring my man like that!” Hitomi said, moving up as she moved up to Richard’s side. “Pleeeeeeeease, Richard… Tell this weird shrine maiden to take her odd channelling stuff and stick it!” She purred, putting on a seductive look as she leaned against him, deliberately rubbing her big chest against him.
“No, he doesn’t want to waste time with lowly brawling brutes like you!” Maya claimed, turning on the charm herself as moved up to his other side for the same sultry pose against him. “He’d rather be soothed and calmed by my skilled technique.”
“Uh, ladies? Can we all just calm down?” He tried to keep things composed, even as his eyes darted between the two sets of big tits against him.
“Oh I’ll show you some technique!” Hitomi glared across at her sudden rival. “A good old fist to the face technique! Come here!!”

Hitomi raised a fist off as Maya yelped and stumbled back to avoid it. Richard tossing his arms in the way to prevent any violence between his girls. But Hitomi was just performing a skilled fake out to intimidate so her first didn’t actually strike a punch. Sadly, with his hands going in between the women, her fist ended up bumping the controller to timely hit the Start button. Richard’s eyes going wide as he was suddenly consumed by the familiar bright light, teleporting him out of existence to make him vanish from this world as he went to another universe. The controller dropping to the ground to leave the two women alone in the room.

“...THAT WAS YOUR FAULT!” The two snapped at one another before folding arms and turning away in a huff. Leaving just the selected videogame shown on the big widescreen TV.

Dead by Daylight.

* * *

“Oh fuck.” Richard said, gulping in fear as he walked out from the light into a clearly dark, unsettling and to him familiar from plenty of gameplay hours world. The dark, unnatural sky above. Uncut, messy ground below. The handily placed bits of crates and broken walls with a pallet up against one side ready to be pulled down, with a semi-crumbled building with a bare brick wall close by. Oh, and in the distance away seeing a very painful looking metal hook hanging from a wooden structure. “This was not where I wanted to be sent to!” He said with a worried whine in his voice. “I can’t take on some oversized evil Killer on my own! Not when I’m not able to main as Yun-Jin! This is why I wanted to start off easy with simple, non-lethal, no putting people onto big metal hooks games!” He said out loud as he pulled out the controller from his pocket. Trying to almost ‘rage quit’ right out of this universe as he began rapidly tapping the Home button on it, but nothing was working. Did it need time to recharge between teleports? He’d never needed to instantly return ‘home’ before after all…

“Hey! You there? Who are you??” He suddenly heard a voice, as he turned around. Seeing someone approaching. “Hey! Guys! I think there’s… A new Survivor with us?”  Richard’s eyes narrowed, seeing a glasses wearing man in a shirt and tie timidly approaching. Dwight Fairfield to be precise. And while that should have been a reassuring sight, Richard was actually more interested in seeing the other three ‘team members’ that followed after him. And perhaps handily for him and his mission to snag gorgeous videogame beauties, the rest of them were a trio of lovely Asian ladies.

One of them being the former street racer and gang leader in Japanese beauty Yui Kimura. Clad in her dark with gold design racing pants and jacket with the signature colours of her gang of a pink top across her chest. Her short, light coloured hair coupled by the racing goggles she had across her forehead as she eyed up this mysterious new man with a hint of suspicion.

The second being a Chinese stunner of the focused but to her own fault overly competitive e-sports player Feng Min. Her tight body clad in the blue and black gaming uniform of a short sleeved sports shirt and matching shorts. A surprised look on the short, dark haired woman but a hint of relief at having a potential new ally around.

But it was the third woman who really caught his attention in the Korean stunner, and easily the most morally questionable of not just these Survivors but all of them put together. The self-interested music producer Yun-Jin Lee whose expensive attire of dark skirt with tights underneath, fluffy furred coat and purple shirt underneath made her stand massively out in this dark realm. Her hair dyed purple with a shade or red lipstick across her lips as she was looking over Richard not with concern, but more like seeing already if she could use him to fit her own plans of survival.

“Wait, hold on! I know what this looks like!” Richard said, putting his hands behind his back since he still had the controller. “But I’m, uh, one of you! I’m a Survivor too!” He said, able to use his knowledge of the gameplay to his advantage as the four approached. “I know this is real odd. We don’t usually have five on the team instead of the usual max of four. But I’m like, new to this whole Trails thing.” He claimed, lying through his teeth. Apart from well, being new as in just being teleported into this universe.

“Well, if you know what’s all going on and even know the lingo? Then welcome aboard, I guess.” Dwight, ever the gullible and nervous leader, bought the excuse. “I mean, more the merrier, right?” He said, looking to the others as Feng and Yui agreed with a nod. Although Yun-Jin had her head slightly tilted as she noticed this newcomer was holding and hiding something.
“Right? So, like, here me out…” Richard said, quickly coming up with a plan. “There’s more of us than the Killer is expecting, right? So? We use that to our advantage.” He said, capturing the interest quickly of the others. “Dwight? You go distract whoever the Killer is this time. We all know you can loop like no-one else can. Uh, I mean, so I’ve heard…” He said to cover himself. “The rest of us use the advantage of superior numbers to quickly smash all the objectives. We’ll get those generators done and escape in record time!”
“Well, I mean… Yeah, sounds good! Really good!” Again Dwight bought it. “Any objections, team-mates?” He looked to the others and this time even Lee shook her head as they all agreed to it. “OK! Wish, uh, wish me luck…” He gulped nervously. “See you on the other side!” Dwight said, taking off back into the darkness.

“So…” Yun-Jin spoke up first as the other man was now gone. “Who actually are you? And what’s that you’re hiding.” She said, pointing to Richard’s arm with a questioning look.”
“OK, who I actually am? I’m really your one-way ticket out of here.” Richard said, smiling a little as he showed the women his device to catch their attention. Just as, handily for that moment, the Home button on the top lit up to show it was ready to go. “I used this bad boy right here to teleport me into this world, and I can bring all three of you out here along with me!” He said, making their eyes widen at his statement, backed up by a more confident tone. “But to be brutally honest, I don’t have the time right now or the subtlety to just make another bullshit excuse like I just gave to Dwight there. So for you three? I’ll make it plain and simple. If you three help out and make me cum? I’m whisk you all out of here.” He bluntly said.

“E-Excuse me??” Feng’s jaw dropped. “What did you just say??”
“If you know who we all are, then you should know it takes some balls to say something like that to me.” Yui narrowed her eyes at the lewd offer.
“Bold, I’ll admit that…” Yun-Jin said, sizing him up with a more calmed expression. “But you also could be lying… A whole lot of unexplained shit goes on around here and you might just be another one of them.” She said, glancing back to his controller.
“Maybe we should just leave you to get hooked instead of poor Dwight!” Min added with a glare. “We’re supposed to be a team after all!”

“And you three also have nothing to lose here, and potentially everything to gain…” Richard quickly pointed out, seeing that he needed to sway these three Asians. “Besides, you Feng? We know how competitive you are. Nearly lead to you spiralling out of control with those bar visits, right?” He said, using the lore he remembered about these characters to his advantage as Feng’s mouth opened in outrage but she stopped herself since he wasn’t exactly wrong. “You aren’t going to be outdone or outplayed and let these other women beat you to freedom, right? And you, Yui? We all know how immensely driven you are to win. Street races or otherwise like you did for your gang members.” He said casting a look to Kimura who responded with a measured nod. “And well, Lee? I mean…”

“Don’t say a word.” Yun-Jin cut him off, but gave a knowing, sly smile like she could guess that he was aware of her questionable morals before he told the other women how she wouldn’t hesitate to stab any of them in the back. “I’ll admit, you’ve got my interest now. After all, you came in here acting afraid and now you’ve got us alone your tone and attitude has changed.” She pointed out, and had a hint in her voice like she was impressed by the poker face. “Rather… Enterprising…” She claimed with another glance over.
“He’s got a point. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.” Yui was the first to actually step forward. “But believe us… If this turns out to just be a bunch of bullshit? It’s not going to be the Killers that you have to fucking worry about.” She warned and that statement got a united agreement of nods from the trio of gorgeous Asians.

“Then I think we have a deal!” Richard smiled, tucking the controller away into his back pocket. Quickly getting things underway as he undid his belt in order to ease down his pants and boxers. So that now the three women’s eyes were widening again. But this time from seeing that lengthy, thick white cock that he was packing. Already hardening as even in such a worrying, dangerous location like this the thought of getting a piece of three hot videogame babes was warming him up.

“Now he’s really got my interest…” Yun-Jin remarked as Richard stepped out of his lower clothing, moving to the section of brick wall as he leaned his back against it.
“I’ll say! Fucking biggest cock I’ve ever seen!” Yui added as she walked forward to follow him.
“W-What?? We’re just going along with this?” Feng was hesitant as she watched Kimura kneel down. “Fine! But like we just said, if you’re messing us around we’ll be the ones putting you on a hook before you’re even found by a Killer.” She warned as she decided to drop down, kneeling alongside Yui.
“Uh, aren’t you going to join in?” Richard looked to the third beauty as she more casually approached. Since he had his sights really set on getting to tap the Korean of the three even above the other two stunners.
“Oh, well, someone has to keep watch, right?” Yun-Jin lied with an open smile on her face. “Never know how well poor Dwight will manage to keep looping that Killer…” She said, leaning with her side to the wall to stare down at the other two moving in for his cock. Clearing wanting to watch a show first before she had to do any effort so she’s already manipulating the situation to her advantage.

“No funny business, remember!” Yui warned as she leaned in towards the left side of his cock, and with a similar look of not wanting to be messed around Feng glared up as she moved to the right side. Despite the concerns, both Asian beauties sticking their tongues out and starting to trail up the sides of this big white cock. Groans coming from the both of them at a taste that didn’t seem too unwanted as both women slid up and down. A brief glance at one another, like they half-expected this stranger to just blow a load in a second from the double team, but continuing on as they licked and flicked with their tongues. Making him moan with a smile as he stared down and watched two hot Survivors working over his thickness with a nicely smooth pace each.

“Come on now, girls… It’s going to take more than just some timid licking to finish off our new ‘hero’ here…” Yun-Jin suddenly said, making the three look to her (with particularly annoyed glares from the two kneeling beauties.” The Korean smirking as she leaned against the wall beside Richard to watch on. “What? We’re tough women, right? We can dish out a lot more than some basic licking…” She said, deliberately provoking her team-mates as she showed off the manipulative side of herself while taking a look over that fat shaft. A slight hint of approval since his rod was far bigger than any she’d seen before being lost to the fog.

“Are you saying I’m holding back? Never!” Feng bought the taunting as she moved up. “Watch and learn!” The e-sports player said before opening her mouth up and sinking down. Yui left to raise an eyebrow with a brief amused smirk, like she was happy she didn’t need to pander to the arrogant beauty not yet taking part in this, so she could move down towards his balls. Leaving Min free to start to bob her head up and down, making her short dark hair sway back and forth as she worked her head. “MMMMPHHH… Mmmmmm… HMMMMPHHH…” Feng’s lips stretching around the thickness as she filled up her mouth. Her competitive nature translating into a rather fierce and bold pace already to work swifty up and down on his shaft. Working saliva onto him as she took in half of his size while staring up with narrowed, focuses eyes at the man she’s only just met. Not even glancing down as Yui was putting her tongue to work again, flicking out at his balls to keep the two-on-one attack going on.

“That’s more like it…” Yun-Jin licked her upper lip a little, watching the Chinese stunner slurp along that meaty pole while the Japanese woman beside her swirled her tongue around one of his heavy balls. Getting to see first hand that this grinning man wasn’t just bluffing as he handled getting both parts of his manhood serviced. Feng’s lips still fighting to stay pressed while she worked her mouth smoothly up and down, not used to such a vast thickness but the motion more than enough to make him moan out. “Give him a good little warm up… Before the main event takes the stage…” Lee added with a smirk, making it sound like she was using them to try and wear down this lucky man before she took the credit for finishing him off to earn her ‘escape’. Not knowing that it would taken even more than just her to bring him to a peak. Richard glancing over to look over her. He’d actually been itching to want to screw her first but perhaps this would be a case of saving the best until last?

“MMMMMMPHH!! GAAAAAAAHHH!! HHHHHHLLLKKK!!” Feng was finding out herself how much it would take to wear him down as her eyes went wide. Feeling the fat head of his cock hitting the back of her warm and wet mouth when she pushed down. A lot more cock than she was used to, leaving her choking as she slid onto him as her saliva drooled down. Even making Yui below her groan as she got a splat of spit hitting her cheek from the slobbering head now being delivered. “GAAAAAAHHH… HHHHHHLLLKK… MMMMMM… MMMMMMPHHH…” Feng even reached up to grab the bottom of his shirt as she tried not so much to refocus, but refusing to be defeated like it was another tournament game. Sending her gorgeous face right up and down even at the expense of choking away on his shaft. The pained look contrasted by his grin as he let her show off a different kind of competitiveness with her oral skill.

“Maybe you should have spent more time hooking up in real life than just cyber sex?” Yun-Jin teased, seeing and hearing the raspy choking. “Or did you not have any time for dick just slamming away on your little keyboard instead of getting your holes slammed instead?”
Pulling up, Feng let out a gasp before her stare turned to the woman still standing up. “Shut it! It’s just a bigger size than I’m used to!” She truthfully stated with an annoyed tone. “I don’t see you here taking on this fat white dick! Why don’t you… H-Hey!” Min complained, being shoved a bit as the other beauty on her knees moved to be right in front of him. The tone rather like she wasn’t actually finished with him yet.

“I think he just needs a real winner to take him on, right?” Yui said with a smirk, looking up at him before she parted her own soft lips. Sinking down with an approving groan of her own and not fazed by the saliva of another female still coating him. “Mmmmmphhh… Mmmmmm… Shhhrrllppp…” The gang leader’s turn now to put her mouth to full use, sinking down before smoothly raising back up as she got the motion going. Only glancing smugly at Feng as she came back in with a glare, having to settle for taking over the role of focusing on those round, heavy balls on him. Lapping at the sack at her side while Kimura got to enjoy the thick shaft. Bobbing along him to properly add her spit to the layer already over him as her own short, lighter coloured hair began to sway. Another display already that this, much like the other woman kneeling alongside her, wasn’t exactly her first time sucking off a guy.

“Figures that the street racer knows how to work a ‘stick’, right?” Lee kept the mocking along with dirty talk going as she folded her arms to watch the display of oral skill going on. Yui’s gorgeous features going up and down as the Japanese woman’s head moved along his rod. The signature racing goggles across her forehead not even shifting a bit despite the far from timid motion she’s using. Feasting on that big cock to groan around him and drag her lips back and forth. “Or maybe she had to pay of a mechanic or two in her day with some ‘favours’ to pay for bike repairs? She seems to know how to handle a dick maybe better than a bike…” Yun-Jin added with a smirk. The remark working to make Yui glare to the side at her before the taunting bore fruit. Kimura pushing her face down further as she slurped away, and now had her turn to feet the crown of him connect with the back of her talented mouth just as the smirking Korean had hoped would happen.

“MMMMPHHH… GAAAAAAAAAAHH!! HHHHHLLLKKK!!” More saliva oozing down as now the street racer was choking away on this fat cock. Her lips having to reapply around his inches as she kept moving up and down even while letting out loud gags. Barely even taking the time to brush her hair back, let alone care that now she was the one making drops of spit fall down and hit onto Feng’s cheek just below as she kept on swirling her tongue around his balls. “GAHHHHH… MMMMMPHHH… GAHHHHH HHHHRRRKK…” Yui’s eyes were narrowed with focus as even with the discomfort of her mouth getting stuffed, and willingly so, with a lot more dick than she can actually handle, she refused to stop her bobbing motion. Making a mess onto herself with spit leaving stains across her trademark pink coloured top far from a worry when she had a point to prove sucking off this fat Western dick.

“I’m a little disappointed to be honest… This is looking more like a third place performance? Maybe even below a podium finish…” Yun-Jin continued to mock as she manipulated things for her own self-interest.
Hearing the latest insult making Yui pull off as both she and Feng glared up. “I don’t see you fucking helping!” Kimura snapped.
“Yeah! If you’re going to be part of this team, get down here and you show us how it should be done then!” Feng added and with a sarcastic tone to make it an insult rather than just a challenge.
“Oh, I’ll gladly show you two little girls how to properly do things…” Lee smirked, finally stepping forward from the wall. “After all, it’s not like I’ve never blown someone to get my way… It’s just nice to finally find one that’s big enough like I deserve!” She bragged, hiking up her skirt slightly so she could lower herself to her knees. Getting in front of the grinning man as the other two women inched to the side to let the third join them at last.

“The main star never goes on before the support acts after all…” Yun-Jin bragged as she mocked the other women not just with words, but putting her hands onto their shoulders as she leaned her dyed haired head in. Her full lips parting as she unknowingly gave the man what he’d been waiting for with the feeling of his ‘main’ character’s mouth now sliding down his pole to make him moan. Getting right to work working her head up and down as she stared up with what was likely a well practised seductive look. “Mmmmphh… Shhhhrrllppp… Mmmmm… Mmmmmphhh…” Groaning around his prick as she too had to have her lips stretch out wide around his length. Not letting that put her off as she tried to seize the advantage of the other two women’s work on him with a steady pace. Her own saliva joining the mixture already coating him and starting to drip down her chin already as she bobbed away.

Her fellow Survivors seemed to sense this as they briefly played along. Making it a triple team to keep him moaning as Feng lapped at one of his heavy balls while Yui swirled her tongue around the other at her side. The two exchanging knowing glances as they took care of his nuts to leave Yun-Jin slurping away on his length. Her poker face slipping, flashing annoyance when she got the hint that even with as good and soothing as her mouth was, it still wasn’t enough to make him blow a load here at the third round of taking a blowjob as he was enjoying. The smile stuck to his face as he got to make three stunning women ‘earn’ their freedom with some red hot sex. Spit coating his nuts and cock so much that it was already dripping down to the ground of this unnatural world of the ‘trail’ the women were supposed to be running for their lives in instead of taking turns dishing out some head.

Lee had only just gotten back to gazing seductively up at her newest meal ticket (just for freedom this time instead of career advancement) when she felt not just one, but two hands gripping her short, coloured hair. Her eyes widening as Min and Kimura did double teaming again but this time to force the Korean’s gorgeous face not just down deep, but right into the crotch of Richard as he groaned out in delight. Yun-Jin gagging hard as that fat cock was slammed beyond her throat and straight into her tight throat. No doubt previously untouched territory with any previous lover she’s had. Lee’s hand’s fruitlessly trying to tug the other two women back as they got some payback for her arrogant taunting by making her deep throat. Leaving Yun-Jin choking hard with glaring eyes as her lips smeared her lipstick around his base.

“GAAAAAAAAAAHH!! HHHHHLLLKKKK!! GAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!” Her outraged stare was accompanied by rasping choking as her saliva drooled out not just over his crotch and down his balls, but off her own chin to leave stains of her spit over the expensive ruffle in the middle of her top. Trying to pull off as while she was happy to suck him off, taking a deep throat-stretching fuck like this was another story. But no choice but to deliver it as her fellow Survivors got their payback to make her be face-down against his body. The contrast of her gorgeous Asian skin and his pale white body as she gagged around his dick. “GAAAAAAAAHHHH! SHHHHHLLLKKK!! GAAAAAAHHHH… HHHHHRRRRLLLKK!!” The sight of her choking away combined with two other pretty Asians keeping her held in place for a far more erotic kind of ‘trail’ than what they’re used to. But eventually, Feng and Yui eventually let go to allow Yun-Jin to race her head right up and off of him. The loud ‘pop’ of his dick escaping her aching oral hole barely heard thanks to her loud gasp and choking. Spitting out a thick dollop of spit before, seemingly flustered, she swatted the other two women away as she quickly got up to her feet.

“You fucking bitches!!” Yun-Jin snapped with a clearly pissed off tone and a stare to match. “It’s bad enough getting stuck on these fucking hooks around here! Never mind getting impaled on his fucking cock!” She complained as her voice exposed her true nature here.
“And here we thought you could handle it, Miss high-and-mighty record producer!” Yui mocked back.
“Guess someone’s latest ‘hit’ flopped on the charts instead of topping them, huh?” Feng added in to return the favour of being mocked about her career like Lee had been doing to them before.
“Oh very funny… As if a little bitch like you could handle a man like this.” Yun-Jin taunted. “You’re probably too used to cyber sex and RPs over messenger than real sex.”
“That so? Well, watch and learn again…” Feng said, boldly shoving down the shorts of her e-sports uniform attire. Giving Richard reason to smile again as he saw not just that tight Chinese pussy on display but noticed how she already seemed to be wet. “It’s not just gaming that I’m the expert at!” She announced as she stepped out of her shorts.

“Actually, if you don’t mind? Allow me to help ‘prove’ yourself…” Richard saw the chance to finally speak up as Feng gave a confirming nod. Being led over the brick wall as she was positioned to lean against it. One leg lifted up to be side-on towards the American stud as he held that limb. Allowing him to slide his fat, soaking in spit cock into her tightness bareback and from the moment he slid in, her dark haired head tilted back with a loud moan. Looking back with wide, but this time approving eyes as she was finding out that he wasn’t just bragging either. Starting to thrust up firmly into her snug love tunnel as he began to spread her open. Moaning himself as even as good as all three mouths had been over him, this was some top notch, tight Asian pussy that was perfect to be clamped around a thick white prick like his.

“OH FUCK! MMMM! That’s… MMMM! OH FUCK… That’s fucking big! MMMM!” Feng found one of her hands gripping his arm as he fucked her from the side. Ploughing his rod right up into her box before sliding back and never letting the head escape from her folds. Her slickness increasing with each pump, as only expected not just from a woman who has been spending her life surviving instead of fucking as of late, but one taking the biggest cock she’s ever had before. “MMMMM FUCK… And fucking good, too! AHHHHH! You know… FUCK! MMMM… What you’re doing! OOOOOOOOH FUCK!!” She groaned out. Already starting to break out in a sweat as her tight body began to buck towards the wall as he sent in stiff pumps into her slot. Her nipples hard and poking through the uniform top she still had on while her pussy got nice and wet to replace the spit over his length with her juices. Perhaps even forgetting she’s supposed to be ‘earning’ a ticket out of this otherworld she’s been trapped in as she happily offered up her pussy to this stranger from another dimension.

That pussy almost so good that Richard nearly forgot about the other two Dead by Daylight characters involved in this four-way. Glancing over when he heard a moan and saw Yui being pushed up against the wall as well by Yun-Jin. Both women however holding one another with not just a hand on the shoulder but one down into the crotch of the other was well. Yui’s stuffed up under the Korean’s skirt while Yun-Jin had her hand down under the waistband of racing pants of the Japanese beauty. And while the two were exchanging glares, it was clear from the bulging and the piston-like movement of the covered hands that they were ‘entertaining’ one another with some finger fucking. Perhaps not so much to keep them both aroused until they got their turn, but to try and one-up the other as the grinding of teeth both were doing showed that this was more hate fucking than mere lesbian fun.

“MMMMM! H-Hey! Don’t ignore me! A game can’t be won if you don’t have your full focus!” Min complained, reaching up to turn his face back to hers even though he’d been smoothly and stiffly stuffing her snatch with his shaft. Ensuring they both moaned out as he drove in nice and deep. Making the smack of skin hitting skin sound out as he pumped her full like she was more suited for staring in adult videos than competing in e-sports tournaments. “MMMMM! Yes! FUCK… MMMMM! D-Deeper! HARDER! MMMMM FUCK! It’s sooooooooo good! MMMMM!!” She gasped out, taking a long moment to stare down at her crotch as he rod ploughed away into her. Having never been filled up so much at any time of her life before or after being ‘lost to the fog’. And not being used to either the size of his meaty length or a level of fucking this skilled clearly affecting her as the sweat rolled off her exposed skin and left her shirt clinging to her tight Chinese body as his fat white dick rammed away into her.

The two-by-two action carrying on as while Richard focused on sampling Min’s wonderful, tight and now dripping wet box, the two other stunning Asians were going at one another to try and overpower the other. Driving fingers sharply up into the other’s twat as they let moans more from frustration than just the pleasure they both felt. Glaring at one another as Lee pushed Yui back into the wall but Kimura was grinding her hips up against the other woman’s hand to give back as good as she was getting. Especially with her own digits darting in and out to leave their juices dripping down their inner tights. A sight more seen thanks to the skirt Yun-Jin had on, but hidden by the racing pants Yui still had on. A little mess on their clothing far from their worries as they each showed off the rather less than pure side of themselves as they tried to finger fuck the other out of being in the running to get another shot as the big cock they’ve both choked hard over.

They wouldn’t have to wait too long for that opportunity however as Feng’s fingers dug into Richard’s arm as her eyes began to stare upward. A cock this big and a pounding this good too much for her to handle due to her inexperience with ‘real life’ action. The e-sports beauty letting out a long, deep moan as her pussy began to clamp around his thrusting shaft. Adding to the coating of juices already over him as he hit her peak, leaving her body shivering a bit as she rubbed against the wall she was being fucked against. She might have been the first to hit a peak but wasn’t going to be left disappointed since he carried on pumping away, and not just to enjoy the feeling of snugness all around his member. Making sure the newest edition to his fictional harem was well taken care off as she got to ride out all the waves of pleasure before she panted out, coming back to, well, not exactly Earth but wherever this realm of the trails is, as he pulled out of her slot to leave her groaning from the empty feeling between her legs.

“Mmmmm… Felt like a championship performance to me, Feng!” Richard smiled, letting go of her leg so she could lean back against the wall with her back in order to recover.
Hearing this, Yui was able to seize the moment. A little of her questionable, gang leader-like past shown as she used a sneaky leg trip to send Yun-Jin tumbling to the ground on her butt as she moved away from the wall. “Time for a ride!” She grinned, grabbing Richard by the arm and barely giving him a say in things as she took him over to the pulled down pallet between boxes, often used by Survivors like her to block or stun a chasing Killer.
“Fucking bitch!!” Yun-Jin snarled, as she was usually the one doing back stabbing instead of being turned on. “...You. You can keep me warmed up.” She decided, looking to Min with a glare as she grabbed the tired woman by the shoulders and stared to pushing her down.

Richard meanwhile was grinning again as he was pushed down to lay on her back on the pallet, so his body was at that same angle as his arms were out to grab onto the sides to keep himself in position. Watching as Kimura, after quickly shoving down her pants, moved on top of him and mounted his cock like it was another racing bike. Making them both moan out as she lowered her own soaking wet pussy down onto that already soaked prick. Easily sinking down nice and deep as her grip went above his head to the top of the pallet. Licking her lips as she stared down at him and began to work her tight Japanese body up and down on his meaty white dick. Giving him the second delicious but just as wonderful feeling of some different Asian pussy as she started to buck up and down. Doing all the work and happily so as her short hair already stared to sway behind her thanks to the eager movement.

“MMMMM FUCK! Fucking like that, huh? MMMMM! Fucking tight, hot pussy like mine can’t be fucking beat! MMMM!” She boasted as the gang leader drove herself sharply up and down onto his length. Showing off her skill once again to show it’s not just dishing out a hot blowjob that she’s limited to. Working her snug love tunnel up and down his pole, spreading herself open as he could tell that she wasn’t quite used to handling something of this vast size inside of her but wasn’t planning on simply easing herself into things. Bouncing along his length as she moaned out and gave as much thought about the fact this cock has just come from out of another woman as she was the fact she was taking him bareback. “MMMMM FUCK! And a cock this fucking big? MMMMM! This fucking good? MMMMM! Might be fucking better than any prize money I ever won! MMMM!” She added with a wink. Somehow the goggles she wore across her forehead staying perfectly in place even with the fiery way she was driving her tight body up and down. Making the wooden pallet they were using to fuck on creak underneath them from the pressure of her determined pace.

Back across at the section of wall, Yun-Jin was was venting out some frustrations as she had a leg over Feng’s shoulder, keeping the Chinese beauty both kneeling and against the brickwork as she ground her moist Korean pussy down against the groaning mouth of the already well-fucked woman. Feng having to stare up and lap her tongue against the other Survivor’s folds and not just using a timid motion because of a lack of experience with this act either. Lee’s aggressive bucking not helping in that regard either but the moans the music producer with very questionable morals was letting out weren’t exactly just from the sensation of a fellow female eating her out. Getting off more on the power of this position as she mounted Min’s face to rub down into her mouth. Glaring down with a wicked smirk as she used that pretty face to entertain herself as she waited for her go to get that huge dick.

“MMMMM FUCK! SHIT! MMMMM… If you weren’t trying to recruit me?? MMMMM FUCK… I’d fucking let you into my gang right away with… AHHHH FUCK!! With a dick this fucking good! MMMMM!” Kimura moaned out as the sweat formed across her gorgeous body. Leaving her jacket and top sticking to her as the half-naked beauty bucked sharply up and down. Making a slap ring out as her frame struck down into his, stuffing every thick inch into her wet pussy as her walls clung to his vast size. Looking like interracial sex was second nature to her as she had no complaints impaling herself deep onto a big white dick with her snug Japanese love tunnel. “AHHHHH FUCK! FUCK!! MMMMM!! FUCK! I’m… MMMMM! I’m fucking close! OH FUCK! Finally!! MMMMM!” She groaned out, her head lowering a bit while her perky tits bounced in her pink top and it hugged against her, showing off the rock hard nipples trying to poke through while the outside of her jacket flapped about from her motion. Looking like she was far more skilled with this sort of erotic riding than any race, illegal street or otherwise, that she was once known for.

“MMMM… Fucking little bitch! Eat that fucking pussy! You little gaming slut! MMMM!” Yun-Jin meanwhile was unleashing dirty talk in a far more filthy and mocking way than meaning the encouragement as she stared down. Rubbing her slick pussy back and forth across Feng’s face, making juices drip down to join the splats of spit already across Min’s e-sports uniform top she still had on. “MMMMM… Feels like you’re enjoying this… MMMM! Just as much as when you were hogging all that big cock to yourself! Fucking little slut! MMMMM…” Lee hissed with a sinister lick of her lips. Like she had designs on reliving this position many times over once they were all free from this world between worlds. For the moment, just making Feng groan out into her pussy as she kept grinding down and keeping Feng’s tongue stuffed up deep into her needy, wet slot. Much like how she’d happily backstab to get ahead in the music industry, Lee was all too happy to take advantage of Feng’s tired state to use her like a living sex toy. Keeping herself nice and wet for her approaching turn to show off why she deserved the freedom being offered to this trio of stunning Survivors.

“UHHHH! FUCK! OH FUCK!! FUCK!! MMMMM FUCK FUCK FUCCCCCCCKK AHHHHH!!” Usually in the dark world where these ruthless ‘trails’ are held making any sort of sound, let out loud screams of delight would be a one-way ticket to being stuffed onto a sacrifice hook. No such concerns now as Yui stared ahead with her expression resembling more of a hentai character being fucked silly than the top street racer she’s supposed to be. Eyes rolled up and tongue flicking briefly out of her open, moaning mouth as her body worked on autopilot to drive up and down on Richard’s massive cock. Easily sending her straight into a hard orgasm, soaking his prick for the second time today with a wave of juices as Kimura panted out and drove herself through the waves of pleasure. The pallet they were on somehow staying intact but showing signs of strain with a crack and slight bend in at the middle from the pressure of her hard bounces. Richard moaning out as that pussy found a new tightness to squeeze his shaft but managed to stay hard. Allowing her to bounce herself through the peaks until she finally came to a stop but mounted onto him. Grinding down and mumbling in delight about ‘finding a new boss’ of her own.

Yui didn’t get too much time to enjoy the moment as licking her lips with an opportunistic stare, Yun-Jin dismounted Feng’s face. Just to haul the other woman up and drag her across to the other two. “You two can have sloppy seconds with one another…” Lee said, shoving Min to the pallet as she rudely shoved Yui off from Richard, just to pull him off from it herself. “As the old classic says – if you want something done right? Do it yourself…” She added, and gave him a hint of what she wanted as she moved down to the ground, getting onto her hands and knees before reaching back, hiking up her skirt to show off her nicely rounded ass and dripping wet pussy as she was so horny for her turn with him she was happy to be fucked basically fully clothed.

No complaints for Richard who, with his cock still rock hard even after two rounds with different pieces of tight, wet, Asian pussy, still had something left in the tank to put this fat, long Western cock to good use. Dropping down behind his favourite character from this videogame series as he got into position. Sliding his dick into her snugness as the two of them moaned out, and he grinned as even before he got the chance to thrust, she was sliding her body back towards him to help work his big dick into her. Unlike the last position through, he had no plans on just letting her do all the work here. Reaching down, gripping her still covered waist as he began to thrust. Their moans just increasing as she reacted and matched his motion. Driving her hips back to send her pussy back into him as he drove in.

“MMMMM FUCK! YES! MMMMM! That’s what I fucking need! MMMMM! What I fucking deserve! MMMMM FUCK! A big, fat, fucking cock! MMMMM! Filling me up! AHHHH FUCK!” Yun-Jin stared back over her shoulder as her short, dyed hair swung back and forth as she rocked on all fours. Not just a familiar position for her, but knowing how to work her tight Korean body to properly take such a big cock. Like she’s more of a seasoned porn star than the ruthless music producer she used to be. “MMMMM! Come on! Don’t go easy on me! MMMM FUCK! Harder! Deeper!! MMMMM! You fucking now… AHHHH! You saved the best for last! So fucking fuck me! MMMMM YES!!” She hissed out as she shoved herself sharply back, matching not just his stiff pace but the timing as well. Easing her snug, wet slot forward before firmly pushing her hips back as the next thrust came in. Her words not just dirty talk for the sake of the mood or mere encouragement, but perhaps playing off the sense she had that out of the three beautiful Survivors she was his ‘main’.

“MMMM! FUCK! OH FUCK… YES! FUCK… Never been… MMMMM! So fucking full before! OH FUCK! YES! MMMMM YES YES YES! FUCK!!” Now it was her turn to get her sweat on as the beads rolled down and formed across her gorgeous face. Her clothing starting to cling to her body from the stockings to the furred jacket and ruffled top. Caring letting for mess or cleaning her as she drove her rounded ass sharply back. Meeting his crotch coming in as the clap began to ring out along with both of their moans. Impressively taking every inch in to the hilt despite having never tacked such a long, thick rod like this before in her life. “MMMM FUCK!! COME ON! MORE! GIVE IT TO ME! AHHHH FUCK! FUCK YES! SO… MMMMM!! SO FUCKING GOOOOOOOOD! FUCK!!” She groaned out as her eyes switched from down at her ass to see his cock ploughing in, to brief glances up at the grinning features of the man she’s only just met. Her lusty look here perhaps showing she’s for the moment forgotten that her giving up sex was to pay her way to escaping this world as she enjoys both the pleasure and that huge dick ramming deep into her.

Their moans wasn’t the only cry going in this ‘Realm’ either. Up on that tilted over pallet, both Feng and Yui were laying on their sides facing one another as they engaged in not just a steamy lip-lock, but some finger banging fun as well. Exchanging moans along with some spit as they gazed with half-closed eyes at the fellow Asian opposite them. Smoothly working their digits in and out of the other and their motion far more of mutual pleasuring that the hate fucking each had experienced with the other Survivor earlier on. Leaving sweat and juices dripping onto the wooden boards they were laying on it still creaked a little from them grinding against one another a bit. So even in their tired states and not long removed from orgasm, they still had horny needs after the best fucking they’ve ever had.

The morally questionable beauty getting fucked from behind in the classic doggy style position on the ground now feeling that same pleasure. Her dyed haired head hanging down as she moaned out. Her ass clapping back over and over but not feeling any sting of pain from the sharp way she was driving herself back. Getting met with a similarly stiff motion to drill her still snug but soaking wet box nice and full with his huge cock. Richard impressing in his own right not just lasting with such a stunning fictional beauty but doing so as his third round of pounding some wonderful, tight Asian pussy with his meaty white dick. Let alone with the earlier double and triple team oral he went through before stuffing lower holes with his man-meat.

“UHHHHH! FUCK! OH FUCK… FUCK DON’T STOP! UHHHH! FUCK! TOO MUCH! T-TOO GOOD! OH FUCK! SHIT!! FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!” Lee howled out in delight and perhaps her head being tilted down was a good thing. Hiding the shameful look of pleasure with her smile wide, tongue hanging from the side and drool escaping to hit the ground as her eyes began to roll upward. Having never been banging so hard and good, never mind not being used to sex lasting this long alongside the feeling of being stretch out by such a thick slab of dick. Acting though like its second nature to her to get a pounding like this as even as the sweat dripped from her face, leaving strands of her coloured hair sticking to her cheeks, her body carried on driving back and forth like she was a living sex machine. Perfectly built to take a huge cock like this as he kept on ploughing her from the back as he groaned out with more than a healthy shine of moisture coating him in his own right.

“YES! FUCKING YES!! CUMMING! GOING TO F-FINALLY… FUCKING!! CUMMMMMMMM MMMMMMM FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!” Another loud and long moan as Yun-Jin arched and slammed her body back. Hitting such a hard peak that it made her seem like she’d frozen in time as her body seized up as the pleasure raced through her. Leaving her to buck back and forth as he kept holding her and drilled her slot to fuck her through that intense orgasm. Juices not just further soaking his already well layered prick, but dripping from her slot and down her tights-covered legs to drip to the ground she’s on all fours on. “FUCK… UHHHHH… MMMMM… FUUUUUUUCKK…” She mumbled out, able to find the energy to gaze back with that fucked silly expression to look like finally she’s found someone she might think twice about stabbing in the back. Letting out a long groan as she got that empty feeling between her legs as he pulled out of her well used and now left gaping, just like her fellow Survivors have been, snatch.

“Talk about someone hogging all that cock to herself!” Feng said with a smile as she and Yui finally broke off their kiss. Moving off the straining pallet to move around and head over to Richard. Yun-Jin too worn out to care about the taunting as she saw the other two women go to their knees in front of him.
“I think you mentioned something about making you cum, after all…” Yui added with a smirk as she was on the left side as Lee knelt herself in front of him, with Min on the right.
“F-Fucking sluts… You’ve all got no shame…” Yun-Jin hissed even as she was staring up and waiting for her a reward as well as they watched Richard rapidly stroking his member.

One hot, Asian face was a stunning target alone, but having three of them from different countries? An unmissable drop zone for him to blow a fat load onto. Groaning out as he pumped and started to shoot his hot, thick spunk across their moaning face. A generous helping for all three as he managed to aim across the trio. Splattering the white ropes across the darker toned features of each, hitting across their cheeks, noses and mouths. Some catching into the different coloured hair of all three for good measure as he jerked off and made sure to milk himself dry to leave all three groaning in approval. So much jizz left onto them that by the time he was easing out the last drips, his spunk was dripping off their faces to hit across the different clothing they still had on. Leaving Feng’s e-sports top uniform stained, Yui’s signature pink gang top splattered and Yun-Jin’s designer ruffled top ruined from the dripping cum. Not to mention even Yui’s goggles across her forehead getting tail ends of blasts over the lenses for good measure.

“Mmmmm… Delicious…” Yun-Jin purred, licking her lips clean to steal a taste of his load. “Perfect for a leading lady like me…”
“Bullshit! It was my fine riding that got such a big fucking load worked up!” Yui claimed as she sat back and enjoyed the facial.
“Oh come on!” Feng turned to look at the others through her own covering. “We all know that…”

She was about to say more. The sound of loud yelling and what sounded like a disturbing, and painful, sound of someone being driven onto a hook being heard in the distance as the three women snapped to look in one direction where the noise came from. Their Survivor senses seeing something that Richard, not from this realm, couldn’t see.

“Dwight! He just got ‘hooked’!” Feng gasped with concern, as the three women rose to their feet. “We’ve got to…” She was about to say help him, when she was silenced by Lee tossing her the shorts she had on.
“Fuck him! He’s gone for!” Yun-Jin showed off that backstabbing nature as she tossed Yui her pants. “You! We made you cum! Now live up to your end of the fucking deal! Get us the fuck out of here!” She said with a glare, grabbing onto his shirt. Even if that look was ruined by the fresh load across her features.
“My pleasure, ladies!” Richard quickly hauled his pants up too. Pulling out that mysterious machine and hitting the button. “GG! And not even needing a hatch!” He said as the women gasped.

That bright, unnatural light forming for a moment as it engulfed the four of them and in the next moment they all had vanished from sight as the light faded away. Leaving just the pallet behind them to finally crack in two and fall to the ground while the only evidence remaining was of pussy juices, sweat and saliva all on the ground to show anyone had been there. Not that this realm would remain for too much longer as, with no other Survivors left to save the one now ‘hooked’ this would be a rather short (well, for as long as the action had gone on for) ‘Trail’.

A lucky break to have gone to such a violent, dangerous and creepy universe and not just survived but escaped with three new beauties. But after proving he can make through that sort of world, perhaps there was the potential to go after beauties from just as, if not even more threatening worlds. Would he be able to pull it off all over again? He might get the chance to the next time he Pressed Start to Collect…

* * *

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Re: Press Start To Collect [Various videogame & anime characters]
« Reply #4 on: May 17, 2023, 03:57:06 AM »
WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the video games, characters, developers, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own One-Punch Man or any of its characters etc referenced in this story. All characters are 18 years or older in this story.
Starring: Fubuki (One-Punch Man)
Press Start To Collect – Chapter 5
An erotic anime/manga fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

A Commissioned Story for [Anonymous].
Codes: Cons, MF, oral.

* * *

Having a growing collection of stunning women from various video games was one thing. Keeping the relationships between them all sweet, let alone making sure they were all satisfied, was another! Richard was finding that out as he walked down one of the steps of the sprawling, castle-like grounds of his residence in this world-between-world. Raising an eyebrow as he saw the devious and questionable Yun-Jin Lee from the Dead by Daylight series with her arms folded, sizing up Princess Rosalina from the Super Mario games.

“All I’m saying, my dear…” Lee had a clearly teasing tone to her voice. “Is that it’s a little unfair for you to be hogging all these powers to yourself. Poor women like me have to drag our poor feet around this place! We can’t just float around like you.”
“That’s not how it works…” Rosalina sighed as she hovered just off the ground thanks to her abilities. “I can’t just ‘loan’ you my powers. And even if I could? I don’t think I would! Not to you at least.”
“Now that’s just being selfish! We’re all supposed to get along here after all.” Yun-Jin claimed but she had that manipulative glint in her eyes to show her intentions were far from pure here. “I just need to test our special, floaty skills out, that’s all. Just having one super-powered woman around here isn’t fair after all.”

“Hmmmm…” Hearing that gave Richard a thought as he stroked his chin for a moment. The women only now noticed he was there and had overheard him. “Actually… That’s a great idea!” He said, snapping his fingers. “And thinking about it? I know exactly which powered-up woman to bring in!” He said, not even explaining his idea as he turned and headed off down a path towards another part of the estate.

“HEY!! That’s not what I meant!!” Lee yelled, stomping her foot as Rosalina let out a giggle. “I meant to give me her fucking powers! Not bring in someone else with them!!” She called out in outrage but he was already heading off towards his ‘Selection Room’.

* * *

A change of pace was always nice, especially when he could pick and choose from a whole range of forms of media and the fictional worlds within. And after a few trips in strictly video game-related worlds, why not branch out to a place that’s far more known for being an anime and manga than perhaps the spin-off video games it’s had?

Exactly why he’d selected to land himself into the universe of the One-Punch Man series. Knowing it would be a little bit of risk to plant himself into a world of powerful heroes and vicious monsters. He did feel slightly more confident now after managing to survive in a deadly world on his previous trip but still didn’t want to take too huge a risk. So when the emerged out of the bright light, stepping onto what appeared to be a normal street in some form of a Japanese-like city, he sucked in some air in relief that he wasn’t in the middle of a battle or similar.

“OK, OK…” Richard said, popping the controller-like device into his pocket that would be his ticket back out of this world to his ‘home’. “Just need to ask for some directions or something and I can find where the Blizzard Gang’s base is.” He said, with his mind already made up about which heroine from this world he planned on ‘convincing’ to come back with him.

Best-laid plans of course often go a miss. Finding that out while he was pondering which was to head off to, he saw a large, looming shadow crossing over him from behind. Slowly looking around before his eyes widened when he saw the wide, scary, toothy grin of some large monster-like creature. Snarling and drooling some gunge as the beast might have been on two legs, but clearly wasn’t human. “Fressssssssh meeeeeeat…” It growled, showing off jagged claws on its ‘hands’ as they flexed in anticipation for some food.

“NOPE NOPE NOPE!!” Smartly but rather cowardly, Richard turned and ran. Grabbing a trash can he saw and chucked it behind him without even looking back. Hearing a clatter of a slash and a guttural roar as the monster easily sliced the can in half with ease. Having run a few feet away before he heard another commotion behind him, with some grunting and the sound of strikes and thumping as well. Causing him to look back over his shoulder and he nearly stumbled over himself seeing a different, but welcome sight.
 A group of men, all clad in matching black suits with white shirts and long black ties, but of different builds and heights. Even better that the monster was now down on the ground, suitably dealt with and pouring what seemed to be some sort of unnatural blood out onto the road from its skull.

“Never fear, citizen!” One of the suited men announced with pride as he had a club-like weapon of some sort in his hand. “Another evil creature has been stopped by The Blizzard Group!” He announced as the other gang members nodded in agreement.
“Blizzard Group??” Richard processed the words and put together the outfits as he started to smile. “That’s perfect! Uh, I mean… That’s great! What lucky timing!” He said, approaching the group. “I must thank your leader for saving me! You know, through putting together such a great team like this.” He claimed.
“Well, thanks are always welcome… But you can tell the Hero Association what a good job we’ve all done on behalf of the Blizzard of Hell.” Another of the suited men said. “The Boss doesn’t have time to waste with regular citizens.”
“Although, this guy is kind of suspicious…” A third man pointed out. “He’s clearly from a different country… And those clothes are quite odd.”

“Easy now, folks! I’m unarmed and harmless, as you could all see.” Richard held his hands up. “I know Fub… I mean, I know Miss Blizzard is a very busy woman! But I’m a big fan… And it would, you know, make my life to finally meet her and thank her in person.” He claimed.
“Well, the Boss did say we needed to get the good word about what we do out… Having a glowing review from a saved citizen might work.” The first suited man mused. “Fine! But no funny business, you! You’ll only get a couple of minutes of time with our Boss, so make them count!”
“Oh, believe me! I plan on it!” Richard said with a smile that masked his true intentions.

* * *

Minutes later, at the headquarters of the Blizzard Gang.

“Here to thank me?” The beautiful and powerful esper known as Fubuki, the Number One ranked B-Class Hero of the Hero Association, didn’t seem to be too interested as she checked over her nails. Sitting back on the luxury seating of her private relaxing room in the base. Her stunning, curvy body was packed into a tight, long dark green dress that matched the colour of her short hair. An expensive, white fur coat hung on her shoulders and a couple of dazzling pearl necklaces rested just above her large tits. “Well, I appreciate the words. It’s about time my Group did some good work around here after some recent incidents.” She said with an arrogant tone to her voice.

“It was my honour, really!” Richard said as he stood with two of the Group members beside him acting as her bodyguards, despite how dangerous she was in her own right. “I mean, to be saved by the one and only, B-Class ranked Number One Hero? The leader of the Blizzard Group? The better half of the Psychic Sisters? This is a moment I’ll never forget!” He said, glossing over the fact that it was her cronies and not her directly that saved him earlier on.

“Better half?” Hearing that actually caught her interest as she looked over at him. “Better than my sister?”
“I mean, of course! Better in every way!” He smiled, seeing the opening to pounce now that she was listening to him. “I mean, your style, your abilities, your leadership… And if you don’t mind me saying? You have stunning good looks and, like, everything about you is too! You’re miles ahead of the Terrible Tornado!”
“Well… I already knew that all of course.” Fubuki claimed, stroking her hair back. “But it never hurts to hear it directly from someone else for a change… That is, hearing it out loud of course.” She corrected herself but made it sound like she’s never actually heard anyone else but herself say that she was the better sibling to her clearly more powerful, higher-ranked sister.

“OK, that’s enough!” One of the guards said, gripping Richard by the shoulder. “The Boss already knows how good she is. You’ve wasted our time enough already!”
“Actually? Leave him be.” Fubuki announced. Leaving Richard smiling while the guards blinked in confusion. “I’m flattered by the praise. It’s been a long while since I’ve let a fan have the honour of speaking to me. Besides, it might make for some good publicity. Private time with the Hellish Blizzard? We could make some money out of some meet and greets.” She mused.
“B-But Boss! This isn’t what we do! And this guy seemingly came out of nowhere and…” The second guard protested.
“Oh come on, guys? What am I exactly going to do?” Richard said. “I’m just a regular guy. And even if I tried anything? You really think that Lady Fubuki here will break a sweat dealing with me?” He pointed out.
“Exactly. Leave us be.” Fubuki instructed, pointing to the door leading out of the room. “You both can wait out there until
 I summon you to escort my fan here from the building.”
“Y-yes, Boss.” The two guards nodded, even with a bit of reluctance, before turning to leave as they closed the door behind him. Giving less-than-thrilled glances back at Richard as they left.

“...So, you know my real name? Rather than just as the Blizzard from Hell?” Fubuki questioned as she sat back, looking him over.
“Uh, I guess that just slipped out!” Richard offered with a little gulp, worried his cover might be blown. “But I am super thankful that you, well, your Group saved me and all. And I mean it when I think you’re the better sister! In every way!”
“Go on…” She said, adjusting her fur coat slightly.
“Well, I think to be blunt? You’re the more interesting, the more appealing sibling. The better looking, with the hotter body!” And he didn’t need to exaggerate his feelings about that.

“Well well… Someone’s rather bold to be looking at me in that way!” Fubuki had a sly, amused smile on her pretty face. Not offended by the compliments about her figure. “And it is true… My sister might be the ‘big’ one to me. But she’s not exactly blessed in being ‘big’ where it matters, right?”
“Absolutely not! You’re miles better than she is.” He confirmed.
“And yet, you eye me up like this but know that if you cross a line, I could basically wipe you from existence if I wanted to…” She pointed out. “I might not be as highly ranked or powerful as my sister, but there’s more than my Group for the reason why I’m top of the B-Class rankings.”

“Sounds like I might have offended you there…” Richard claimed, stepping forward. “Maybe I can offer an ‘apology’ to you?” He said with a smile, turning on the charm again with a clear suggestive tone to his voice. “And at the same time, really show you my thanks?”
“Now that’s an offer I’ve… Well, never gotten before…” Fubuki admitted, knowing exactly what he was meaning from his words as she glanced over at him again. “You really are a confident one… Thinking you stand a chance against the Hellish Blizzard?”
“If that’s a challenge, then I accept it!” He said with a nod.
“...You know, I have an eye for talent. As my Group clearly shows with all the top ranks below me.” She claimed, clearly mulling over the lewd deal. “And there’s something about you… Not so much special, but something that makes me think you might not be wasting my time…”

Richard watched as Fubuki raised up a hand and waved it. Making her hand glow green to show off her esper powers as the bottom of her signature dress began to float up. His smile grew as he got a full view of the smoothly shaved, tight-looking pussy she had as she spread her legs and exposed herself. Using her powers to open up the dress but hike up the top to roll it a bit, so she could still look down and see herself.

“Then perhaps you can put that mouth of yours to an even better use than just showering me with the compliments I finally deserve…” Fubuki said, clearly showing that his choice of words to butter her up had worked perfectly to play off her ego and the sibling envy she had. “Although, I’m not going to stop you if you keep reminding me about how we both know that I’m so much better than my sister...”

“Oh, it would be my pleasure… And not just to keep talking about how great you are!” Richard said as he moved to kneel down in front of the powerful heroine. Staring up to lock a gaze with her green eyes as he leaned down while placing his hands onto her smooth thighs. A gasp escaped her as he ran his tongue up her tight pussy, getting right to work as he explored the outer folds. A clearly delicious taste as he groaned a little as he slid his tongue along her slit. Allowing himself to smile into her as he felt a slight buck forward towards his mouth even just from the early performance. As expected with a woman with not just such high standards but quite the ego, she didn’t let any regular guy get a taste of her. So being eaten out by a far-from-inexperienced tongue was already building the pleasure inside of her.

“Mmmmm… Now, this? Ahhhhh… This is a way of thanking me… Mmmm! I could get very used to! Mmmmm…” The esper said as she moaned out. Her glowing hand still kept her dress raised up for him to access her snatch, but her powers allowed the garment to be folded in so she still had a clear view as well of this stranger dining on her pussy. Not even caring that her moans were echoing a bit around the room as she leaned back. “Mmmm… And someone knows what they’re doing it seems… Ahhhhh… I knew there was something about you I liked the look of…” She mused between groans like she sensed something was more than meets the eye about this man. A lot more focused on enjoying his tongue work as he explored her dampening folds. Feeling him probing around her entrance as she stared on. Already her nipples hardening and poking through her dress like already this is some of the best oral she’s ever had, but even at that it was a short list of times she’d let her tasty twat be munched on.

Seizing the chance to dine on a woman who could easily use her powers to beat him up, let alone set her gang of B-Class Heroes onto him, he leaned further into her. Sliding his tongue into her pussy to get another moan out of her as her legs pulled in towards him, resting over his shoulders for yet another display of approval for his oral skills. Helping himself to squeeze of her thighs while he worked his tongue deep into her wet box. Exploring around to find the sweet spots and in general just enjoying the wonderful flavour of the anime and manga stunner in front of him. Juices already coating his mouth and lips as he lapped at her snatch. Not a damn bad view for him either to gaze up over her stunning, curvy body and saw the look of pleasure across that beautiful enough already face of hers.

“MMMM! You’re very good, my new fan! MMMM!! This is… MMMM!! I’d say the best time I’ve had yet… MMMM… With someone going down on me! Ahhhhhhh…” She fuelled him on with her dirty talk, and it didn’t sound like a bluff to just see what else he could do either. Moaning out as she worked her snatch up against his mouth. A light grind to keep her folds pressed to his lips and most of all ensure his tongue was stuffed right up into her slot. Her eyes narrowed with strong desire but even as she got pleasured, she wasn’t losing control of her powers as she kept her dress held out and hiked up. “MMMMM… About time I got… MMMM! The respect I deserved around here! MMMMM… I doubt any of those… AHHHHH… Those Heroes of my Blizzard Gang could treat me to such a good time as you are!” She added with a brief lick of her top lip. Not exactly a glowing endorsement of her cronies and she didn’t seem to mind or care if they heard that remark from the other side of the door. Groaning again as she bucked towards his mouth. Even tugging her expensive fur coat to the side a bit like she needed a bit of air into her from how good it felt to have this man going down on her.

“Mmmmmphh!! Mmmmmphh… Mmmmmm…” As much as he would have loved to respond to that glowing review of his licking skill, he was rather busy having that delicious, wet snatch smothering his mouth. Darting his tongue in and out to keep her groaning out as even her legs were sliding a little bit on his shoulders to squirm from how good he was eating her out. Needless to say, a big old tent was pitched in his pants from dining on the One-Punch Man beauty but smartly sticking to giving her some oral delights than risking ruining the mood by taking care of himself. Even sneaking in a break down there by just leaving his tongue pushed deep into her, so that her grinding against him did the work as she moaned out from the sensation.

Thankfully, it didn’t seem that she was only interested in being eaten out. A wave of her free hand made a glow appear over him as his eyes widened, but it just caused him to lean back as she pushed him away with her powers as he scrambled to stand up. “Good… Very good, my new fan…” Fubuki complimented him as she brushed her fingers through her short locks. “What was your name again?”
“Uh, Richard, Miss Blizzard.” He said as the glow left him.
“Well then, Richard… Let’s see if the rest of you matches what your mouth can clearly deliver…” She decided with a confident smile as she performed another motion with her hand.
“W-Woah! Easy there!” Richard gasped again as this time her esper powers were used to shed his clothing for him. His belt was loosened without him touching it before his pants and boxers were lowered down. Nearly stumbling as his shoes got popped up too and he mumbled into his shirt as it got lifted up and over his head too. Leaving him naked as his clothing got dumped into quite a neat little folded pile on a corner table.

“Well well… You are quite a big fan of mine…” Her eyes were locked onto his more than impressively sized cock. “That’s the biggest cock I think I’ve ever seen!” She added, and loud enough that even her guards out at the other side of the door would have heard it.
“You’ll be glad to know that, not bragging or anything…” Richard smiled as he stepped forward towards her. “It’s not just for show… I know how to use it as well.”
“A confident one, aren’t you?” Fubuki locked eyes with him as she kept her legs spread invitingly for him. “Don’t start thinking I’m the kind of woman who is so easily won over… It takes more than just some good licking and a big cock to impress a leading Professional Hero like me!” She boasted with a hint of her signature arrogance.
“Oh, I think I’ll impress you, Miss Blizzard…” He smiled, moving in and kneeling slightly as he lined up his fat cock with her wet entrance as he took a hold of her still dress-covered waist. “Besides… I think that you’re far more built to take this size of cock. Your sister could never be able to handle all of this, right?” He said, knowing that the sibling rivalry was
 still something he could play off of in order to get what he wanted out of her.
It worked as she narrowed her eyes. “I’m better than her in every way!” Fubuki snapped as her hands gripped the edge of her fur coat. “Come on! Show me what you can do with the Number One Ranked B-Class Her-OOOOOOOOOOOOH!!”

Cutting off her speech to make her moan out with a tilt of her head, he invited himself to push his cock bareback into that wet pussy. Groaning in joy himself at how tight and damp the curvaceous beauty’s twat felt around his thickness. That perfect mix of his vast size that made her spread and tightness of her love tunnel from not just being used to far smaller, thinner dicks than his, but not allowing too many men, pro heroes or otherwise, to get a piece of her. On her part, she once again applied her powers to keep her dress raised up but still over her body so she could now go from watching this man she’s only known for under a quarter of an hour go from eating her pussy out to now full-on fucking her. The same lusty approval in her eyes for this as well as she leaned back and let him do the work to begin to fill up her snatch.

“MMMMM!! My, my! Richard! MMMMM… This is how… MMMMM! A Hero like me should be treated! AHHHHH!! FUCK…” Her moans were sounding a hint louder now that she’d even been from just taking oral alone. Her gorgeous, green eyes darted from up at his smiling, handsome features to down at her snatch getting pumped. Lingering stares there at how her tightness was making his thick inches disappear before he slid back out. Never fully leaving her slot so he could keep pumping away with a smooth and steady motion for a display of his own that he very much knew what he was doing here. “MMMM… You’re already… AHHHH FUCK… Stretching me out!! MMMMM… Not too many men… AHHHHH! Can ever say they’ve done that! MMMMM!!” As if she needed to give him any further encouragement to keep banging her and showing her a filthy, good time. But her dirty talk was doing just that as she groaned away. Her walls were wet and left his cock with a nice coating of juices over his length to drip down towards his base before he was even all the way into her. And with a body like this, she was no doubt built as he’d teased her about to take every thick inch before this was all said and done.

“MMMM! Lady Fubuki! MMMMM… You feel so wonderful! MMMMM! Nice and tight… AHHHH! It’s amazing!” He was stating the obvious, but deliberately talking up and making his pleasure be heard loudly alongside the moans he was letting out. Knowing that members of the Blizzard Group that she leads would have to stand outside and imagine the sights going on within from the sounds. Another reason why he was grinning as he stared down. Watching her large breasts bounce within the tight dress she had on as her body shifted from the first thrusts he sent deep into her. Her snatch while still spreading which allowed him to gradually slide in further into her box, remaining clamped around him to ensure he groaned out. A pussy this good made him think that few men, servants of hers or otherwise, would be able to last against her even for this long.

“MMMMM! And you’re quite the man yourself! MMMMM… It’s been quite a while… No, it’s been forever! MMMM! Since any lover of mine hasn’t just finished already! MMMM!” She confirmed that question for him without even needing to be provoked to do so. The stunning esper groaned away as her body jolted against the lavish seating. Her short, dark green hair swayed back and forth in time with her motion and even her expensive pearl necklaces jingled a little from her shifts. Her main focus being stuffed full as she stared down, licking her lips again at this huge shaft sliding in and out of her. “MMMMM! Yes! FUCK!! Give me… MMMM! Give me all that big cock! MMMMM!! There’s no way… MMMMM! My fucking sister could even handle half of something this huge! AHHHHH FUCK!!” She added with a groan. Showing a clear thrill of being able to get something that her even more powerful and higher-ranked sibling wasn’t able to. Clueless through a mix of her own ego and the great pleasure she was currently getting that she was actually being played to give this stranger from another world exactly what he wanted out of her.

“AHHHH… If you insist, Miss Blizzard! MMMM…” He kept smiling, as he didn’t have any plans to stop fucking her with her snatch feeling so damn good wrapped around him. Enjoying the expression of her moaning face, before looking down at that stunning body at her jiggling tits, then all the way to her crotch as his cock plunged forward into her. The smack of skin hitting skin finally rang out to go with their loud and shameless cries. Buried balls deep now into the beautiful manga and anime character’s tightness as he kept her nice and damp. No reason to ease off just because he was all the way in so he kept the pace smooth and firm. Ensuring she jolted back onto the couch while still clad in her dress and coat to give a thrill in its own right to get a piece of a horny beauty so up for action she didn’t want to waste time by removing her own clothes. Even after she’d stripped him down with ease just with her powers alone.

“MMMMM… Oh, I do insist… I really… MMMM!! Fucking insist! MMMM…” She licked her lips again as her gaze moved up to lock eyes with him. Running a hand up her attire and slipping under her coat to pull it aside, half off her body. Her hand gave her big tit a firm squeeze, making herself groan in the process as she put on a little show of her own as the thrill of getting fucked so well was sparking actions she likely wouldn’t do for just any other lucky man. “AHHHHH… Keep this up… MMMMM! And I might have to make you a new, personal member… MMMM! Of the Blizzard Group…” She added as a drop of sweat rolled down the side of her face. She’d already admitted it, but that was more proof that this powerful beauty wasn’t used to action lasting this long. The hungry look in her dazzling green eyes showed she wanted a lot more of it too. Trying to keep staring up at him, but was unable to help herself from looking down to see his prick vanishing up into her before smoothly drawing back out just to pump back in and keep her moaning.

So it was a bit of a risk when he eased that cock out of her, making them both groan from the empty feeling. “Perhaps I can try and impress you further then, Miss Blizzard?” He quickly said, seeing her eyes narrowing from the break in the fun. “A new position I mean of course.”
“I’m usually the woman who is in control…” Fubuki mused as she sat up, brushing her hair back. “But you’ve impressed me so far, Richard… So go on…”
“Well, how about you follow me, if you’d be so kind of course…” He said as she rose to her feet. Nodding before she followed him across the room, over to the door into her private room. “If you wouldn’t mind?” He motioned.

“Oh, now aren’t you naughty…” She smirked with quite a wicked glint in her eyes. Not even needing it to be spelt out as she moved up to face the door. Putting both hands onto it, already making a rattle be heard from the press before bending over. Sticking out her nicely thick backside and not even using her powers this time as the man behind her hiked her long dress up and over her shapely hips to expose her snatch once again. “Someone might hear us, you know… Whatever would happen to my reputation as the B-Class Rank One pro Hero?” Fubuki teased, looking back over her shoulder and the fur coat she also still had on as he lined up back with her snatch. But she seemingly knew full well why he’d wanted her like this as even just speaking in that normal tone for that moment, the far lower-ranked B-Class heroes on the other side easily heard every word.

The men no doubt squirming and pitching tents in their pants had to deal with a lot more when they heard the next loud, long moan that the Blizzard Group’s leader let out. Her tight, wet pussy getting filled up with a nice big cock and this time the lucky guy behind her was able to thrust into the hilt with the first stroke thanks to the previous fucking she’s taken. Now getting it from behind as her juicy backside was pressed up against his waist. Ensuring a clap rang out to go with the moans the next time he pumped firmly in as her flesh rippled. Her body rocked towards the door before she pushed off to send her backside out, meeting the next incoming thrust to ensure she was stuffed balls deep.

“MMMM! FUCK! FUCK!! So fucking big!! MMMMM!! This is a… UHHHH!! S-Class Rank cock if ever… MMMMM!! If ever I’ve taken it! MMMMM FUCK!!” She groaned in delight, staring back at him while she impressed in her own right. Not just by being able to take such a vast size deep into her love tunnel, but by giving back as good as she was receiving. Sending her rump sharply back, crashing into his crotch so that even if one of them froze in this position, the other would still be doing more than enough work for the both of them. “AHHHH… Where the Hell… MMMM! Has a guy like you been hiding when I needed them?? MMMMM FUCK…” She moaned as her short, dark green hair swayed in time with her motion to push her snatch back along his thrusting member. Her big tits even jiggled in her tight dress, hanging down a bit and that lavish fur coat flapping from her body moving back and forth. Thinking nothing now about being fucked in her signature attire even as the sweat continued to form on her stunning frame from the best action she’s ever had.

“AHHHHH… I’ve been, well, on a few adventures… MMMM…” Richard dodged the question with a smile. Not wanting to admit yet that this isn’t just the first time he’s fucked a beautiful fictional character, but not even the first one with powers either. Knowing that actions could speak a lot louder than any excuse he came up with as he thrust his thick, long cock into that still snug but now
 very wet pussy of the curvy but arrogant stunner. Seeing glimpses of his cock reappearing from out of her twat as he pulled a few inches out, just to drive firmly back in to stuff her full and keep his inches soaked in her juices. Going bareback allowed him to feel every direct contact of the wonderful squeeze her tunnel was applying to his thickness for a show alone of how much she was loving this without even taking into account her lust stare back and her loud moans.

“MMMM!! You’ll be putting an end to any sort of adventures now, Richard! MMMM!! You’re on… AHHHHH FUCK! MMMM!! Personal, Hellish Blizzard sex duty from now on! MMMM FUCK! FUCK!!” She hissed out, deciding on a job for him without even asking first. Showing how good this action was to want to pay him to keep stuffing her so deep, hard and expertly. Staying bent up against the door with her arms spread out and her legs doing the same for easy access. Making a rattle be heard each time she was jolted forward before she shoved her rump back in anticipation of his next balls deep pump. So even if this room was soundproofed, hearing the clinking of the hinges and handle would prove some fucking against the door was going on. “MMMMM!! I don’t give a damn if you’re not even… MMMMM! A real fucking hero! AHHHHH FUCK!! A cock this… MMMM!! This fucking good?? MMMMM!! I’d fucking ditch those tiny cocked… UHHHH!! Minute men of my Blizzard Group to join your gang if you had one! AHHHHH FUCK!!” She nearly ranted between her moans. Just unleashing more insults at the poor men she knew were right outside of the door and could hear every filthy word she uttered.

“AHHHHH… You know… MMMM… Maybe that can be arranged, Lady Fubuki…” He smirked since that had been his plan of sorts all along. He’d worry about convincing her to ditch this world of heroes and monsters to run off to his ever-growing harem once he’d finished off properly satisfying her. Which right now meant carrying on with thrusting his thick length all the way into her soaking but still deliciously snug pussy. Seeing how worked up she was not just from how eagerly she was driving her backside back into him to keep her cheeks clapping as he thrust in. The moisture forming over her already red-hot body made the dress she had on stick even tighter than usual against her upper body. While her fur coat was barely hanging onto her shoulders and her back as she stared still back at him as she got fucked from behind. “That is… MMMMM… If you can handle the kind of action… AHHHH… That even your sister couldn’t take?” He made sure to state. Wanting to see if he could get some real over-the-top fun with a beauty clearly down to fuck with the best action she’s ever had so far.

A groan escaped him when she slammed her butt back into him and stayed there, letting him pump into her slot while her eyes narrowed as she stared back at him. “MMMMM… I can fucking handle anything! She’d never… AHHHHH FUCK… Be able to take even half of this big fucking dick of yours…” She added with a lusty hiss. That clap rang out as she got banged from the back and still bent over towards the door. Looking far from the respected and feared top-ranking Pro Hero of the B-Class she’s supposed to be, and more like a dressed up, high-price escort as she got fucked while clad in her lavish, expensive dress. “MMMMM… Don’t believe me?? AHHHH! I’ll fucking show you! Pull out of me!” She demanded as she licked her lips again, letting out a groan when he, with a big grin, did as asked to give her that empty feeling in her stretched-out twat once again. “Let me show what the Hellish Blizzard has been wanting to do for years… I’ve just never had the big fucking cock or the man who could last to be able to do it!”

“Well, I mean, you had me interested before… But I…” Richard started to say before he let out a not-exactly-brave yelp when the glow of her esper powers formed over him. Making him leave his feet as he was levitated off the ground. Made to lay in the air with his back facing the floor below and his still rock-hard cock pointing up at the roof.
“No way my fucking sister could even think about using powers for this kind of thing…” Fubuki smiled as she used those same abilities to make herself float upward. “You must understand… I’m a woman after all! And I have needs and desires…” She said as the bottom of her dress fluttered as she moved up and over his hovering body.
“Oh, I’m not complaining one bit!” He said with a big grin as he watched her lower down onto him. “I’m just surprised it took us this long for you to be on top! Just like you deserve, right?”
“Top of the B-Class, and a whole lot more…” She easily fell for the compliment as she eased down. Making them both moan as she, without even needing to directly grip his length, eased his cock back up into her still-needy pussy. “Now let me show you how the real, best of the Psychic Sisters can pleasure a man!” She almost growled as her eyes glowed briefly, and not just from having to use her abilities to keep the both of them up off the ground.

Her dress now hanging down and over his own sweating body might have covered up the sight of the action, but they both felt it when she rose upward and then slammed her crotch right down into his. That loud slap rang out from the connection and mixed with their moans as she started to ride him. Sending her fur coat flapping, her hair swaying and her big tits bouncing in her attire as she rode him with an already intense motion. Groaning out with her arms out to the sides, not even gripping him or squeezing her legs against him as they dangled at the sides. Her hands glowed as she not just used those esper abilities to keep him suspended for this wild ride, but defied gravity herself to raise her snatch up along his prick before driving straight down. Filling herself up balls deep with his fat cock before lifting up to the midway point on him and dropping down to quickly repeat it.

“MMMMM! AHHHHH YES! MMMMM!! This is it! AHHHHH! The special, secret… UHHHHH!! Hellish Ride I’ve been perfecting! MMMMM FUCK!!” A wide, shameless grin was across her sweat-dripping features as she let out similarly matching moans. Cries that wouldn’t just be heard by those squirming guards right outside the room, but likely elsewhere down the halls in the Blizzard Group headquarters as well. Scratching clearly a long-held itch to be able to use her lethal powers for a far more lewd purpose. “MMMMM!! My fucking sister could never pull this off! AHHHH!! She wouldn’t be able to even take… MMMM! FUCK!! Half this huge fucking cock of yours! MMMMM!! Let alone think about… UHHHH!! Fucking off the ground like we are!!” Whether she planned it or not, the Hellish Blizzard was giving a running commentary of even the position she was doing as if hearing her loud moans wouldn’t be sinful enough to deal with. Her large chest shook away in time with her body’s motion and left little to the imagination with her dress clinging to her curves now while her fur coat shifted to barely stay on the shoulders from the very eager motion.

“AHHHH… Now, aren’t you glad… MMMMM! You let me show you the respect that… MMMMM FUCK!! That you really deserve?” The lucky man, in more ways than one, smiled as he stared and watch her rock up and down on his prick. Keeping him buried in to enjoy that dripping wet tightness as her snatch was now more than resized to his vast thickness and length. Not slacking off though as he kept his composure to stay nice and hard. Knowing it wouldn’t end well for him, especially at this late stage, to disappoint and have an early finish against this powerful esper. “MMMMM… Not like all those other guys obsessing with your far lesser sister! MMMMM…” He made sure to add. Knowing he was close to swaying her to add her to his harem of fictional beauties, but still needed to finish the job. Although she was doing a fine job of that herself now by doing all the heavy lifting and not just from her using those powers to keep them both floating. Driving her pussy all the way down before raising quickly up to fuck herself on his familiar big dick.

“MMMMM!! Fuck no! MMMMM!! Finally! A real man… MMMMM!! And one with good fucking taste as well!!” She grinned down at her newfound ‘biggest fan’ through loose strands of her dark green hair. Putting on a performance worthy of being in the S-Class ranks of sexual ability as she drove her twat sharply up and down while using her powers to fuck this stud up off the ground. Keeping him held perfectly in place even with how hard her body was slamming down against his to keep that smack of them connecting ringing out. “AHHHH FUCK! FUCK!! I’m… OH FUCK! I’m close! MMMMM FUCK! YES! FINALLY! AHHHHH!! Finally someone fucking around here… UHHHHH!! Can actually make me fucking cum!! MMMMM FUCK!!” She yelled out, just unleashing further insults whether she meant it or not at her own Group of fellow, but under-ranked, B-Class heroes including those right outside her door having to listen in as she got the best sex in all her very eventful life. The only thing on her mind right now was getting off at last from proper action as she continued to drive her snatch all the way down into this groaning man’s crotch. A pussy this snug, wet and good shows why indeed few men, if any at all, have ever been able to satisfy her in the past.

Seeing her peak was fast approaching, he seized the chance to both impress her a little bit more and also show off that he could do more than just take some red-hot action. Reaching up with his arms, showing that even while being levitated by her abilities he had some movement, as he took the risk to grip onto both of her large tits through the dress she still had on. It worked, not just from the tilt back of delight her head performed, but her glowing hands clamping onto the back of his to encourage the groping. Perhaps surprisingly
 with how intensely she’s been using her powers, there wasn’t a sting of pain felt by him from her grip to encourage the fondling. Leaving him able to dig into the ample flesh to fondle her through the matching green of her attire to her hair. Her chest still bounced even in his grip as she kept driving up and down onto his cock. Keeping them both moaning out as he got to feel up her juicy rack in a way no man could possibly get close to doing before today.

“UHHHH! YES! FUCK! FUCK!! YES YES YES!!” Her head tilted back as that fur coat finally fell with a defeated slump off her shoulders, leaving it hanging off one of his legs as she slammed down onto his cock. Shuddering in place and moaning out loudly into the ceiling, the sound echoed around to not just be heard outside the door but perhaps all through the building. “CUMMING! FUCKING CUMMING!! YES! FUCK YES YES AAAAAAHHH MMMMMMM!!” She howled in delight as her snatch clamped around that huge cock. Another wave of juices soaking him, so much to leak out that it dripped down to the floor below them to join the drips of sweat for evidence of the sinful fun across the ground. Hissing in pleasure as her hips rocked back and forth, grinding down into his dick as she rode out the intense high and stuck her tits out towards his groping hands. Her head finally leaned back to briefly show rolled-back eyes before her gaze locked onto him with a very approving smile as she let go of his hands to brush her sweat-soaked hair back.

“MMMMM… I guess you needed that? Right, Lady Fubuki?” Richard already knew the answer to that as he looked over the still-clothed beauty.
“Ahhhh… You have no idea…” Fubuki purred as she made a wave with her hand. Using her powers again to this time lift herself up and off his cock. “But it seems my ‘biggest fan’ hasn’t had enough of me yet?” She smirked, seeing how he was still rock hard but now soaked in her juices as she lowered herself down to stand on the floor. Positioned between his spread legs as she glanced at her coat. “And holding my coat for me? So helpful…” She teased, before rather too casually slipping the fur back onto herself even in her sweaty state.
“Well, I mean, I couldn’t let you down by finishing before you!” He said, seeing her move in close to his crotch. “Uh, speaking of letting people down… Am I getting to come down now, or…?” He asked.
“Not when I can let you experience something that my ‘big’ sister could never possibly be able to do…” She gave a wicked smirk as she gripped the neckline of that signature dress with her glowing hands. Giving him something new to stare and grin at when she ripped open the top of her attire, letting her huge tits spill free with a jiggle as her pear necklaces now rested above against bare skin.

All the provoking of the sibling rivalry has gotten an unexpected but very welcome outcome as Fubuki wrapped her massive breasts around that thick length to make him moan out. His suspended-in-the-air position left him perfectly lined up with her chest so she didn’t even need to lean or move up onto tiptoes to sandwich his prick in between her mounds. Going the extra mile by not even directly holding her rack to do so. Able to use her powers still, even right after her strong orgasm, to squeeze his length with her breasts. Having no problems either with smearing her pussy juices onto her already sweat-coated skin from the direct contact with the shaft that had just been balls deep up into her snatch.

Having suffered through listening to their leader’s loud moans and hard orgasm from the other side of the door, the other B-Class Heroes out in the hall had to hear the firm slap of the big tits of the Rank One heroine now crashing down into the lucky man’s crotch before sliding back up as she fucked his fat cock with her juicy breasts. Going hands-free with it, just using those esper powers to move her titties up and down with a firm and smooth motion. Making it seem like she’s given this technique plenty of practice if not from experience, despite stating that few men have ever lasted even half as long as he has with her. A minor miracle that he didn’t just blow a load within the first thirty seconds with how the feel of her ample flesh smothering his rod made him deeply groan as she stroked him off with those big breasts.

“Mmmmm… My flat-chested fucking sister could never pull this off…” Fubuki kept smirking as she worked her mounds all the way up and down along him. Making his inches vanish between her orbs as she raised them up before the head popped out between them as she brought them all the way into his crotch. Repeating the motion and letting out a groan of her own as she enjoyed the hot feeling of that huge shaft that she was very familiar with now being pumped between her massive rack. “This clearly makes me the better sister, right? Mmmmm… She wouldn’t have even half a clue about how to properly take care of such a nice, fat, long cock like this… A perfect size for taking between a set of wonderful breasts like mine, right?” She purred as she lifted her mounds up and then quickly slid them back down over and over again. Her still lustful gaze switched from staring at his cock thrusting out of her rack to up at his moaning expression. Still turned on by this as now she took her turn to pleasure him after more than getting off thanks to him.

A far better outcome than he could have dreamed of as he was left levitated off the floor while the sweat still dripped off of him. Smiling away as his head tilted to stare down as he watched his cock getting fucked not by her wet pussy but by those fantastic pair of breasts she had. Thankful to experience some classic, full-sized anime and manga female proportions as her rack slid up and down his rod to make start to throb in that deep cleavage. Thankful too that the beauty performing this titwank was clearly getting off on the feeling as well. And neither he nor this stunner needed to physically move at all to make the most of her breasts. Using her usually feared and deadly powers for a much more pleasurable purpose to make that rack bounce along his dick without any direct contact.

“MMMM! Watch out, Lady Fubuki! MMMM FUCK! Here it cums!!” He was smart enough to warn her as he pulsed between her mounds, but her response to it was just to stare right down as she kept her tits moving along him. So when he grunted and the first blast shot out of his cock, the spunk splattered across her stunning face to leave her groaning from the sensation. A trio of blasts hit over her cheeks, nose and mouth with a little catching into her dark green hair at the sides of her head. The rest of that fittingly large load fired up but just landed back down onto the tops of those jiggling breasts. The spunk dripped down the sides and back into her cleavage to leave a suitable mess all over her as she milked him dry. A bit of cum was even left hanging off the expensive pearl necklaces she had on for extra branding. A groan of approval left her when she finally waved a hand to release her tits from her own power, leaving her breasts heaving as she stepped back and admired the spunk all across them with a little dripping off her own face back down onto them.

“A big fan in more ways than one…” Fubuki remarked with jizz across her smiling lips. Another motion with her hand as his body began to tilt. Making him kick as he scrambled and got his footing to stand up.
“Nothing but the best for the Blizzard of Hell, right?” Richard smiled as he sucked in some air.
“Oh, but of course!” She said, glancing down at his spent cock. “But speaking of the best… I seem to recall you saying something earlier about…”

She was going to say more when, as if sensing some danger approaching her body jolted to stand up straight as her eyes widened. In the next second, the sound of some screaming was heard in the distance followed by a quite painful-sounding crash of some furniture being smashed (and probably by someone being thrown across a room in rage).

“That… Doesn’t sound good.” Richard quickly moved across the room, grabbing his clothes off the table and fishing out the control.
“It’s my sister! The Terrible Tornado!!” Fubuki backed away from the far door as more sounds of pain and destruction were heard, and appeared to be getting closer as well.
“She… Well, we…” She looked at him, biting her bottom lip. “Us Psychic Sisters… We, well… Sometimes share a lot more than just being able to use telepathy…” She stated. “And I have a feeling she might have felt more than just my remarks about here…”
“Well, I’m not going to risk standing here to wait and find out!” He wisely said. Pulling Fubuki against him with one arm, while his clothes were tucked under the other as he pressed the activation button on the controller. “I’ll explain on the other side!”

Before Fubuki could question what he meant, her eyes widened as she let out a gasp. Experiencing powers even greater than her own to teleport her not just out of the room, but away from this universe completely. So that only the remains of sweat and juices on the floor would prove enough evidence for that certain ‘big’ sister to go on her own personal rampage to eventually level the Blizzard Group headquarters into rubble. Perhaps quite the price to pay for Fubuki having enjoyed some top-notch fun, but in her new home she wouldn’t have to worry about the aftermath of the day’s events. It would be quite a change to go from leading a bunch of heroes to now being part of a stunning selection of women for a personal harem… And perhaps more other fictional beauties would be joining her in the future… Time would tell when Richard next decided to Press Start To Collect!

* * *

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