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Sarah Young, My Dream Girl
« on: December 24, 2019, 08:25:25 AM »
Note- Another tribute, this time to Sarah Young, England's finest ever porn star.


If you could have an identical replica of your dream girl who would you pick?

Johnny was twenty five, unmarried, and stinking rich.
The young man was a genius and had founded, managed, and then sold 'UK Robotics,' the first British company to manufacture humanoid robots with an artificial intelligence.
He had made a shitload of money in the process and planned to live a life of luxury.

For the last year he had spent time and money on trying to create his perfect mate.
He had spent many hours on his favourite website, 'Pornhub,' and had become obsessed with one adult actress more than any other.
Born in England and a massive success in European porn movies in the early nineties, Johnny decided that Sarah Young was to be his ideal woman.

The woman was the epitome of the English Rose, demure, softly spoken, polite and charming.
Yet on screen she had taken the biggest cocks in the industry, up the ass, in threesomes, orgies and all with a graceful elegance that was her trademark. This female humanoid robot he had created, or fembot, was a perfect facsimile of the real Sarah, circa 1990.
Composed of intricate electro mechanics and superb modeling of silicone for the skin.

At her height of fame five foot three Sarah had a voluptuous feminine frame with prominent soccer ball sized breasts and trim waist and stomach.
A mass of back combed dark hair spread out over her back, high bangs came over her forehead.
Curvaceous hips drew the eye to her little fluff of pubes above smooth pouty labia.
Her dark brooding eyes were under arched brows, and her white teeth were visible as her red lips parted seductively.

Today was Sarah's first day and she came to Johnny who was relaxing at his bar. She wore a red bikini and high heeled sandals as he turned to gaze at his creation.
"Happy birthday Sarah, and welcome to your new home. I want you to make me happy, and hopefully I will succeed in making you more human."

"Thank you master Johnny. But, I don't understand. Am I not like you?"

"You are Sarah, but at the same time very different. In time I will make you accept your emotions. Now go and prepare my dinner."

"Yes master."

Most people had scoffed at Johnny and his crazy idea. Who would want a relationship with a robot?
A sexual relationship no less, but if they knew just how perfect he had made Sarah, they would be surprised.
And the sex was just as real as it could possibly be.
He would bet any man would love to trade places with him if they could see his Sarah Young prototype.

The dinner was perfect and later Johnny had Sarah run his bath. He had dressed her in one of his favourite type of fetish costumes, namely a sleeveless one piece red catsuit with an enormous zipper up the front which was drawn down to just below the swell of her large bosom.
The latex was tight fitting and hugged her voluptuous form like a second skin, especially pulled tight around the pussy.
Knee high black boots with five inch heels and six buckles gave her five foot three inch frame extra height.

"May I take your towel, master Johnny?"

The tall man had stripped and had a towel around his waist.
He kept fit in his personal gym and had developed a fat free and muscular figure over the months.
He handed her the towel and as he settled in the hot water he looked admiringly at his dream girl.

"Sarah, strip off please."

"At once, master."

Sarah put her right boot up on the side of the tub, unzipped it and removed it. Then she raised her other leg and took the off the other boot.
Johnny looked on with a leer and began to get an erection as the smouldering fembot put her hand to her front zip and tugged it all the way down to just above her vagina.

With both hands she peeled the outfit back over her shoulders so that her huge 42 DD weighted boobs literally bounced free from the confines of the catsuit.
She bent forward at the waist and continued to drag the form fitting latex from her body and legs.

Johnny inspected his creation, firm looking tits, an ass that could crack nuts and slender legs.
He felt the huge left boob, the skin felt smooth and warm, the nipple hard. Sarah did not move, then, as if she had read his mind, her thighs parted slightly and he put his fingers to her vulva.
He moved his middle digit inside the pussy and found sticky moisture in the channel.
Withdrawing his finger, he licked it and it tasted sweet like honey.

"Perfect, just perfect, now, wash my back please Sarah."

Sarah sat naked beside the tub and took a cloth to rub her master's back.

"That feels good, do you enjoy being my slave Sarah?"

"I only exist to please you, master Johnny."

He closed his eyes and together with the hot water and the massage from his creation Johnny now had a full erection. He stood up out of the water and his midsection came to be at Sarah's eye line.

"You have a very large cock master." She looked closely at his stiff member.

"Yes, it is about eight inches when erect. Do you like it?"

"It's fascinating. May I touch it?" She asked out of curiosity.

"Yes, you may."

Sarah held the astonishing tool in both hands and used her fingers to run down the thick shaft and to cup the balls.

"Quite firm isn't it, and hot to the touch."

Sarah turned his rigid prick this way and that, examining each inch of the meat.

"Master, my throat is becoming wet, is this normal?"

"Yes it is, oh great news, yes, you are becoming aroused, as am I. I am such a genius! Right, now put my cock in your mouth."

"Yes master."

In a single beat Sarah had taken his whole length inside her mouth and down her throat.
On bended knees she started to suck on him with a natural expertise and enthusiasm.
Her head drew back and forth, keeping a constant movement, her lips tightly wrapped around the long shaft.

"Very good my dear, I'm very impressed."

Sarah made loud noises with her tongue and lips, her saliva dribbled down his shaft and her chin.

"I do believe I am now salivating from my vagina master, is that normal?"

"Lubricating, not salivating. Yes that is normal, all part of sexual arousal. Do you have any urges Sarah?"

Sarah held the big pole in her left fist and looked up at his face.
Her cheeks were blushing and her breath came in laboured gulps.

"I...have an urge...to insert your cock...into my...into my..."

"Into your pussy?"

"Yes master, my pussy. I feel the need to pleasure you, and at the same time myself."

Johnny nodded and smiled and put his hand to the back of her head in order to make her continue with the blowjob.
Her flattened tongue slid up and down the underside of his shaft, followed by a swirl around his shaven balls.
She rose up to the head again and popped into her wet mouth and sucked long and fast.

As she sucked him off she spoke randomly.

"I think, mmmmm, that you are, uuugggg, ready for insertion now. Am I correct?"

"Yes you are, you learn quickly my dear Sarah."

"Master, I am ready also, I need the penetration now, I cannot wait."

"Hah, very well, do not move."

Johnny got out of the tub and came behind the kneeling female robot.
She put both hands on the tub as he shoved his erect cock straight up inside her pussy.

"Yes! This is good. I feel hot, I feel pleasure, sensual pleasure. My vagina tingles so much."

"Good, good, your cunt feels nice to me also."

"My cunt. I have the urge to moan master...oh yes! Is...is this appropriate?"

"Yes, continue."

Sarah groaned and writhed as she was fucked, he gripped her hips and his balls smacked against her butt.
She tossed her head back and flung her tresses over him. He slid his hands up her back, then curved around her sides to cradle her swinging boobs.

Sarah braced herself on the bath and angled her hips up to let him have a better position to thrust right up.
Each time he shoved in she groaned, her breasts heaved and she pushed back.
His hard cock drove up with ease into her well oiled quim, seemingly she was literally made for him.

"I am enjoying this very much master Johnny. May I be allowed to watch?"


He positioned the fembot onto her butt on the edge of the tub and flung her right leg up over his left shoulder.
With his right hand he held her left leg out wide and thrust inside her again. He brought her face up with his hand behind her head.
His cock filled her as he slid in to the hilt with one stroke.
With long and deliberate moves he pumped in and out, concentration etched on his face.

"It feels so good, is this what...it...ooohh... feels like to be alive?"

"I would agree."

"I have a request master."

"Yes what is it?

"Will you fuck me every night?"

"I very much intend to."

"I...I seem to have another request master."

"Oh yes?"


"Very well."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you." She yelled over and over.

Sarah made those little wheezing noises he had witnessed in her porn movies, so cute he thought.

"Let me show you something."

She sat on tub edge and he seized her pussy between his lips as her legs parted willingly.
She hissed with delight as he rolled her bald labia around, massaging with his tongue.
Her breath came hard and fast as he settled into a steady stroke.

"I enjoy your tongue very much."

Johnny used his forefinger to delve inside as well and Sarah grasped it with her cunt.
He withdrew slowly, resumed, and gradually built up speed.
Her hips bucked and he realised she was literally fucking his digit!

"I feel dizzy, what is happening?"

"You are experiencing sexual rapture my darling. Now, Straddle me." He said and sat on the tub.

"Like this?"

Sarah faced away from Johnny and plonked down onto his lap, his cock was swallowed up in a single thrust.
He pulled her curvy body to him until her legs were outside of his and spread out wide.
Immediately she started to ride up and down on his erect pole.

Satisfied greatly with her he smiled to himself. With her great melons in his hands he felt her incredibly wet and tight cunt grip his cock.
Her inner walls enveloped him most tantalisingly and even he was impressed on what a job he had done.
This mark two was a great improvement on his first attempt.
Sarah growled with pleasure as she rocked to and fro.

"This is all very overwhelming, aahh...Sir. May I touch myself?"

He mumbled a yes and she used her right hand to play with her clit that protruded from the little hood.
Johnny wasn't sure what she was doing but her grinding on his rigid prick became more animated.
Her thighs clamped to his and he squeezed her tits harder.

"Lets try another position." He said, mainly to ward off his impending orgasm.

They stood up and John lifted her right leg and fucked her standing doggy. With her left hand rested on the tub, her right came around his neck, with her head tilted back her shimmering hair tumbled down her back.
Her left was firmly on the floor tiles, while her right was up and his right arm held her under her knee.

Her cunt was still impossibly tight around his hard pecker as he thrust up into her deep.
She turned her head to him and her sultry eyes met his. He stood on his tiptoes in order to push up and lift her diminutive frame up.

"I love this cock so, will you fuck only me master?" She said as she rose up and down.

"Only you, Sarah Young, only you."

"That is what you said to me master Johnny." A familiar voice came from behind them.

Stunned, Johnny withdrew his shiny cock from his fembot and faced the figure of Sarah Young, Mark One!

Totally naked, hands on hips, and legs parted his prototype looked at the rutting couple.
Her flawless shaped tits heaved on her slender midriff as the original fembot narrowed her eyes.

"Who is that master?" Said Sarah Mark Two.

"Who is that master?" Said Sarah Mark One.

"Well girls, I guess you could say you are twin sisters.

Johnny had persevered for months with his first Sarah and had the likeness and mechanics down perfect.
But the vagina was too shallow for him and he hadn't had the desired satisfaction his genius deserved.

Sarah One stood before her alternative and assumed the exact same posture. Their massive mammaries were an inch from touching each others.
They stared at each other as if admiring their own reflection.

"You think I look like her?"

They both spoke in unison, their voices identical, their faces completely similar.

"I only exist to serve you master Johnny, you need no other than me." Said Sarah Two.

"I am the original, I must be the one to serve my master, right Johnny?" Sarah One said as she glowered at her rival.

The man ran a hand through his hair, his erect cock twitched at the sight of the two naked stunners.

"Hush, you slut! Only I will fuck my master."

"Ignore this one master, she won't be able to please you as I only can."

Now their noses were in each others face, eyes burning.

"You take that back bitch! I am the best fuck here. I have a hot, liquid ache in my vagina that only Johnny can quench."

Johnny got worried, the last thing he wanted was the girls to start a fight.

"Girls I like the both of you, there is no need to get angry. You turn me on, and YOU turn me on."

He pointed to each in turn.

"Now, just be nice and kiss."

The dual stacked fembots looked at him, and then one another.
They embraced so that their enormous tits mashed against the others and they French kissed for a full minute.
Johnny wanked his stiff cock as he watched.

"Now lie down and pleasure each other."

"Yes master." They both twittered.

On the bathroom floor the identical pair merged gracefully into a sixty nine position and he looked on amazed as their voluptuous bodies gyrated against each other.
They seemed instinctively to know what to do, his programming was brilliant. The girls breathed hard, their luscious tits rubbed together sensuously.
Sarah One was on top with her head down between the thighs of Two, who gripped the first girls legs and plunged her tongue into the hot cunt above her face.

What a gorgeous ass One had! Smooth, soft and rounded.

Between her thighs he could see Two with her tongue deep in the pink folds of the other.
Then she kissed around the globes of each cheek, deep in the cleft between her legs.
One finger fucked her twin and each of them moaned loudly.

"I'm very wet now master Johnny," said Two.

"Me also," said the other.

"Master Johnny?" Said One as she looked over.

"Yes my dear."

"May we suck your cock together?"

"An excellent idea!"

The girls parted and got down on their knees and faced the horny man who sat on the side of the tub. One gently pushed on his chest as Two fondled his balls.

Placed either side of him they pressed their lips to his rigid stalk and together slid up and down, their arms entwined about each other.
Johnny sucked in air as their mouths gave him intense pleasure.
In turn each fembot would pop his swollen crown into their mouth and then pass it over.
He reached out and put a hand on the backs of their heads.

"Having fun master?" Said One as her twin sucked on his length.

They switched and Two spoke.

"We love your prick master, it's the best in the world."

His love rod pulsed, achingly rigid, as it was enveloped by a hot mouth.

"I need to fuck you, real bad!" Uttered the man as One inhaled his cock deeply and sucked on him languorously.


Sarah One laid on her back, a towel behind her head and Two slid on her stomach and lifted One's legs onto her shoulders.
Johnny moved behind and pulled Sarah Two up by the hips and pressed his knob inside her molten cunt.

"Fuck me master." She said in her sweet English accent.

The three of them heaved and shook as he rammed his cock in and out. He raised his body up so that his weight was on his toes, his calf muscles screamed as his muscular butt pounded her.

The pace was relentless and his rock hard cock glistened as it emerged from her slick cunt with each thrust.

Sarah One rubbed her pussy with both hands as she kissed her sister with an open mouth and searching tongue.

Then Johnny pulled out and lowered his body slightly so he could penetrate the other Sarah under her twin.
It took him three attempts to find a way in her tightness, and when he did his cock head pressed onto her G-spot.

"Master! I leak!" She said as she achieved her first orgasm.

She grunted and locked eyes with Sarah Two on top of her.

"I want to leak also." She said.

"Climax my dears, the word is climax."

Johnny raised up from the foaming cunt of Sarah One and entered the other and proceeded with a languid fuck.
Her pussy tightened as she pushed back at him, loud and erotic squelching sounds came from her sodden pussy.

"It's too good," she whimpered. "Don't ever stop fucking me."

Her cunt felt like velvet around his sensitive horn as he pounded her from behind.
It would be no bother fucking her forever!
She grunted and moaned as he thrust deep into her creamy pussy.

"Master! I'm cumming! I'm cumming all over your cock!"

This was too much for him to take and he pulled out and laid on his back.

"Yes my darlings, I am gonna spew! Come to me."

Sarah Young One, and Sarah Young Two both knelt on his chest as his cock spurted out in a torrent of white cum that splashed all over their faces.

Amazing! Sperm dripped and oozed down their chins to their enormous tits as they both smiled.
Still more came out as his balls twitched and he fired off jet after jet.

He wiped the perspiration from his brow as the fembots folded their arms on his body, their faces caked with his seed.

"Did you like that master Johnny?"

"Did we do well master?"

He laughed and bent forward. He had fucked not one, but TWO Sarah Young robots! Both identical and both just like the real thing.

"I am more than pleased. Now let me freshen up some. Oh, and when you drain the tub be careful of the water. I don't need either of you short circuiting."

Water was the one thing he feared near his creations, and on reflection he thought that maybe the bathroom was not the ideal place for sex with robots.

Johnny left the twin fembots.
It wasn't until an hour later he found the both of them lying under the water in the bath defunct, eyes wide open, tatters of burnt flesh floated on the surface.

They must have argued some more and dunked each other in the tub and obliterated each other.

Oh well, back to the drawing board. Johnny had an idea to make a copy of Racquel Darrian, his favourite American porn star from the nineties.
He turned on his laptop and went straight to 'Pornhub' and typed her name in the search box.

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Re: Sarah Young, My Dream Girl
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2019, 10:34:43 AM »
Nice story, I love reading about vintage models and porn stars. They are always a delight to come across. Thank you for this story and hope you are having a Merry Christmas.
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