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Silver Screen Express Ch. 15
Starring: Emma Watson

Codes: MF, Cons, Cheating, Oral, Rim, Anal, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Los Angeles, California

The door slammed shut to the gold van, just before the engine fired up with the key slid into the ignition. Today was Thursday, another day for David to hit the streets in his Silver Screen Express taxi van. The afternoon hours were just under way and he was getting back into the van after serving his break hour. Today had been slow, regardless of the cool weather that felt better during the morning. As the afternoon came along, the humidity was rising and it was just another blazing hot day in Los Angeles. The sun reflected down to illuminate over his white shirt, but it was a comfortable flip flops down below that made him feel much more at ease than wearing light colors during a hot day.

Turning the steering wheel of the van, he headed to a usual spot that he had driven through for so many years now. Downtown L.A. was usually David's domain for picking up fares, regardless if it was the new shiny company of the Silver Screen Express or his old days back on the roads with a regular old yellow taxi. It was a place he would always be familiar with, thanks to the years of experience he had spent here. It was better than last week when he was stuck on airport duty. There was nothing worse than picking up wealthy fares from airports and having to deal with their long trips and excessive luggage among the van. With extensive rides, David had to charge premium to the fares from airports to make a good earning for the day, since it took away from his hours on the street.

Downtown Los Angeles was always busy during the afternoon, but so far everything was going much better for David's work day. Just as he had hit the streets in the early hours, he was rolling with two fares including one that had left him a generous tip. Since his lunch break, David found himself back on the streets ready to find a new fare who needed a ride. All he had to do was sit behind the wheel and wait for the dispatch calls to come in. Sometimes a typical working day like this could be boring, but he kept his head up and figured eventually he would find an interesting passenger who would offer a decent conversation with him. Crossing over into a district area, David had his chance soon as the radio dispatch began to call out to various drivers for fares that had recently dialed the hotline.

There were many options to his liking, all thanks to the current area that David was located in. A man had called in, requesting a ride from a bar near by. Another option was a woman asking for a pickup outside a  boutique fashion store and then finally, a third choice was a woman calling for a ride from a nearby hotel. Weighing his choices, David went with the third option. Some of the more expensive hotels were off the main streets and he could escape the traffic easily and not get slowed down. The gold van moved through the streets, just as he grabbed the walkie talkie attached to the radio and let the radio dispatcher know which fare was going to be his. The hotel in particular was one of complete luxury and of such expensive bills that David could never afford in his lifetime as a cab driver.

The identity of his passenger was to look for a girl with brunette hair wearing a black shirt and blue jeans. She was said to be waiting just outside the hotel, making it how David could easily stop nearby and pick her up. he was familiar with the hotel, as he had passed it up several times before on a certain street. Moving the gold plated van through a few black cars, he pulled up to the hotel where he noticed security standing outside and what appeared to be his passenger standing in the right description of clothes to go by. David noticed she didn't have a purse with her, so he could only speculate what her destination was going to be. When he pulled the van up near the curb, he rolled down the passenger side window before he was greeted to a security guard yelling at him.

"You can't park here! Move along!"

David shook his head at the security guard, offering a soft smile as he answered him back.

"Sorry, I'm not parking here. I'm just here to pick up the lady standing right there."

"Come on, you can't be that fucking stupid! I told you I was waiting for a gold van, so piss off!"

Suddenly, a loud female voice had called out to the security guard. It was in a thick British accent, cursing at the man before the right side back door can sliding open to the van. The security guard looked embarrassed and bewildered. David watched as his passenger climbed into the van and then slammed the door shut. He couldn't help but laugh as he began to drive off. The mystery girl had a mischievous little grin painted across her lips. Her shirt didn't offer him anything to see, as it was just a regular black T-shirt. Her hair and eyes matched with a dark brown color, but David couldn't help but think something about her face seemed quite familiar to him. As he pulled away from the hotel, he spoke out to her.

"I owe you a thanks for that. I was worried he was going to have to make me move."

"Oh yeah, that guy is an idiot. This is the second day I've called for a pickup, you should've heard the argument he got into with the last driver."

David couldn't help but chuckle again. Her words revealed that he wasn't the first driver of the company to pick her up in the last two days. The tone of her words sounded so beautiful to his ears, all thanks to an accent that was obviously from over the pond.

"Well, I appreciate it. So what's your name and where can I take you?"

"My name is Emma and I need you to take me out to Long Beach. There's a bar around there called Mercy Street Inn, you know the place?"

"Yes, I know the place. I can get you there, just fine. The initial fee for this ride is going to be for five hundred dollars though, just to let you know."

"Yeah, I'll pay you when we get there. I forgot to ask, what's your name?"

"You can call me David."

"Alright, it's my pleasure to meet you today David."

Taking a second glance into his rear view mirror from above, David smirked. He gripped the steering wheel and then focused his eyes on the road. The Mercy Street Inn was a little spot he had fond memories of. Such memories of picking up a married couple some time ago that turned out to be rather kinky. David figured that she probably had spare money in her pockets, since he had first noticed she didn't bring her purse. Emma sat in the back seat, crossing her legs as she glanced out the windows while the van moved into the streets. David had to think of something to strike a conversation with her, though he was somewhat taken back by the lovely sound of her voice and beautiful face. When he stopped at a red light, he was able to take another look into his rear view mirror and admire her beautiful figure. To strike a conversation, he didn't have any other idea but to mention how familiar she looked.

"I can't help but wonder to myself. Your face...I...I've seen it some place before, but I don't know where."

She smirked before softly giggling.

"If you knew my last name, then it would probably hit you. I'm sure you've seen me before, especially if you watch movies. I've been around for a while now."

David raised his eyebrow while moving the car back through traffic after the light had faded green. So he had an actress as a passenger. He smirked to himself, thinking back to the last actress he had the pleasure of driving. Since working as a Silver Screen Express driver, he was beginning to accumulate quite the collection of beautiful famous women as passengers. Taking another look into his rear view mirror, he wasn't one that was really into guessing, as he was lazy with that game. David would've preferred if she flat out revealed her identity and last name to him instead.

"I'm not really sure if I can guess."

"Oh come on, don't be like that. You have to at least try."

There was a sense of playfulness in her voice, almost to the point that Emma could tempt him with her charm alone. An English woman with big tits was David's ultimate weakness. He had endured that fantasy before with the only other British female passenger he had before today, but now he was thinking of his chances with this girl. Turning the steering wheel of the van, he moved into another lane of traffic while replying back to her.

"Ummmmmm, all I can say is that Emma is definitely short for Emily. I am a lazy man, so I'll just guess that your last name must be White or Marsh, or something like that."

Weather it was his intention or not, he had managed to make her laugh with his words. Emma uncrossed her legs, sitting up among the black leather seats in the back of the van. From her leg movements, he noticed that she was wearing a black pair of sneakers with pink shoe string laced in.

"Seriously? Do you know of an Emma White or Emma Marsh who is a movie star? You might be lazy, but you can guess better than that!"

"Oh no, I'm bad with names, babe. Go easy on me with this. I can remember faces so much easier, but rarely can I recall names."

"Go easy on you, huh? Fine, I guess I'll do that. But you're gonna have to wait a minute."

When he glanced back up into the rear view mirror, a silly smirk had found it's place across Emma's lips. Apart from learning who she was, David found amusing that she would go back and forth with him like this. There was something about her voice that he absolutely loved. Just as he had told another English woman who sat in the back of his taxi van, he could listen to a lovely voice like that for hours on end. The van continued to move down the streets when Emma dropped her lower lip and then called out to him in a low voice.

"Does the name Emma Watson ring a bell to you? How's that for me going easy on you, huh?"

"Hmmmm, Emma Watson is your name?"

She rolled her eyes upon answering him, letting out a distinctive sigh.

"Yeah, now do you know who I am? I hope I don't have to explain to you my career."

Her tone changed, sounding somewhat annoyed at him. During her time in the back seat, Emma had noticed the rear view mirror and how it was turned in a way that he could look at the passenger from an angle. Among the back of the front seats, she could read safety signs and one sticker that detailed David's name and a picture of the driver. David had to think for a moment, all while he concentrated on driving. It took him a moment to think about it, as hearing the name Emma Watson did have a bit of familiarity to it. After a while minute of her sitting in the back seat patiently awaiting his answer, David chuckled. He remembered exactly where he had seen before over the years, gasping before he responded back.

"Wait, are you the girl who played in the Harry Potter movies a while back?"

"Yeah, that was me. A long time ago though, as you can see, I'm all grown up now."

David laughed at her words.

"Yeah, you're much older now. Time really flies by when you're busy, and here I am an old man driving a taxi van."

"You ever drive around any other movie stars before me, David?"

"Actually, yes. Quite a few to be exact."

"Really? You aren't afraid to tell me their names are you?"

Shaking his head, David was forced to laugh a bit. When he glanced back into his rear view mirror, he could see a devious look over Emma's face. It was almost as if she was having fun torturing his mind with her celebrity status of fortune and fame. Perhaps she expected him to be more star struck over her presence, but David had moved past that phase when he had driven other women before her who he had lusted for.

"No, I'm not telling you their names. That is strictly confidential, I can't share the details. When a woman puts her trust into me, I've gotta honor that."

"Maybe you can't share because you're a liar."

Once again, David was forced to laugh. She had responded in a smart tone, but he couldn't force himself to get mad at her words. For him to begin talking about his tales in the taxi, it would sound unbelievable unless there was much more evidence beyond the memories. Such memories he would hold dearly to himself forever. He thought for a second, figuring a way he could talk this over smoothly with her. If everything could go his way, then David would be adding the name Emma Watson in his diary tonight. The list was already getting longer, growing of the women who had taken their clothes off in the back of his cab and did nasty deeds with him.

"Oh no, it's true babe. I'll put it this way, what goes on in the back of this taxi, stays right there. It's all secrets, I can't tell you their names or what we do together."

Emma dropped her lower lip while listening to him. Judging by the expression painted over her face, David could only assume that she read through his words. He laid it down with absolutely no subtly whatsoever, allowing her the chance to guess just how sleazy his adventures could be with the right women.

"Well, I take it that I've stepped foot into the wrong van today. I called for a Silver Screen van, not the fucking shag mobile. Either that, or you're one hell of a liar, David."

He couldn't help but laugh at her term of a 'shag mobile'. Being an American, David was always fascinated with the language that those in England could give. Emma's tone of voice showed that she was quite annoyed and possibly offended by him, but David found any words she spoke to be full of ecstasy in temptation. Clearly showing that he had not learned from his mistakes with the last famous woman and going sloppy with his smooth talking, David went on and decided to offer something for Emma.

"Some women are pretty cheap with paying for these services you know? If you're wondering, yeah. We get it on, but it's my way of offering them something to pay up for not wanting to spend a good bit of hundreds of dollars on a ride. It involves them taking their clothes off, but we always have a fun time."

Crossing her legs in the back seat, Emma raised her eyebrow and replied to him in a low voice.

"Are you asking if you can fuck me, David?"

"Nope, I'm not asking at all. I'm implying that we can work a deal together if you don't have the money to pay for the ride."

Suddenly, Emma busted out laughing while shaking her head. David watched her as he stopped the van at another red light in traffic. There was a white Mercedes Benz in front of him, but his entire focus was on Emma sitting in the back of his van. She soon right through his poor attempts at seduction and seemed to be quite amused with him thus far.

"You say this like you have a lot of success seducing women, even though you don't put much effort into it at all."

"Oh yeah, I've had success! If I told you the names of famous babes I've nailed in the back of his van, you'd never believe me. But I guarantee you, if you talked to them, they would be able to tell you that it really happened."

She shook her head at him before replying.

"You've got quite an imagination, I'll tell you that."

David sighed. It was time to lay on his words thick. It didn't matter if he offended her or not with such an offer. He figured that if she wasn't screaming at him by now and calling him a pervert, then he had a lively chance of settling a deal for them to have some fun.

"How about we make a deal, babe? You don't believe me, then that's fine. But I will make you an offer here. I'll make this a free ride if you let me fuck you and then you can decide for yourself if you believe I've been through other Hollywood women. How about it, babe?"

Letting out a sigh, Emma didn't seem entertained with him anymore but David couldn't read her face since his eyes were focused on the road. She moved her legs, leaning up from the back of the van to get a good look at his face. It was a move that he had seen other women do before, checking him out to observe his facial features. He noticed a smile across her lips when she resumed sitting.

"You don't look so bad for an older man, I'll give you that. By the way you talk, I expect you to look much dirtier than that. You have a good smile, David. That goes a long way when it comes to cheeky old men like yourself."

Instead of her becoming annoyed with him, David was somewhat losing his patience. He let out a sigh as he found the van moving in the midst of heavy traffic. The trip to Long Beach had forced him to change his routes, but he could easily make an exit soon enough and take them to a quiet little spot nearby that he was familiar with.

"You didn't answer my question, Emma. Do you wanna fuck me or not? I need to know, cause we're close by a place I can take us. If I pass it up right now, we're gonna be stuck driving for another thirty minutes or so before I can get us parked some place nice and quiet."

"Well, to be honest with you, I was going out to a bar to have some drinks with my boyfriend. He was going to pay for the ride for me, but I think I have a change of plans now."

Her heavy English accent had told him what her answer was going to be. Emma smiled at him, just when she knew he was looking up into the rear view mirror. With a nod, she gave him the words he was hoping to hear from her.

"Yeah, let's do it. My boyfriend has to have a few drinks before he can fuck me real hard, but I'm sure you won't need to drink. You're a nasty old man, you proved that to me already."

Finally, David could smile to himself while gripping the steering wheel among his sweaty fingers. It was a nice little bonus to hear her call him names that would insult most men, but David found pride in his perverted nature.

"Alright, you've got yourself a free ride. You won't be thinking about your boyfriend while you're with me."

Now it was time to make that detour route and slip the van through traffic. There was a multi-story car park near by, a place that David had used before in the past. A car park was among his favorite places when it came to his little 'deals' with a sexy woman. His mind was thinking of the other English beauty who had to smooth talk into a deal some time back. He had fucked that woman in a car park, though she took much more convincing than Emma had just proven. While he was driving the car, Emma slipped her hand into the left side pocket of her pants to pull out her cellphone. It appeared that she was writing a text message, pushing her fingernails down over the flat screen as David continued driving. He couldn't help but tease her after witnessing her movement.

"Are you texting your boyfriend right now?"

"Yeah, I'm telling him that I've had a change of plans."

"Tell him that you found an older man who is going to fuck the shit outta you better than he ever could."

"Oh my god, I might just end up doing that."

When she began to laugh, David couldn't help but to tease her yet again.

"Tell him that you're about to fuck a sleazy old cab driver."

"If you live up to the hype, I'll text him after we're done."

"Alright, I'll hold you up to that."

Usually around this time, David would prefer to ask a woman to take off their clothes for him but Emma playing with her cellphone had made him forget this ritualistic detail. He turned the van, heading towards a multi-story car park that he knew all too well. The building sat in the same place, almost looking abandoned as the van was the lone vehicle entering. Emma had finished texting on her phone and threw it down to the floorboard. She glanced out the left side window, watching in motion of the van's movements and a change of scenery. The sunlight outside disappeared as the van moved into the tunnel of the car park. David smiled to himself, turning the steering wheel again once they went up another floor of the multi-story building.

"Today must be my lucky day to spend it with you, Emma."

"Oh yeah, but don't you get lucky often? I mean, you claim you do."

David chuckled at her words.

"You're gonna find that out soon enough that I'm truthful. I get lucky a lot, you are right about that."

Emma appeared to be a little nervous as she was now sitting among the middle of the black leather seats. David moved the van up another floor of the car park, always preferring to be at least three stories high when he was engaged with a woman in the back of the van. The third floor was nearly empty, apart from a truck and a sports car that were spaced far away from one another. His special spot was always to back up near the wall, far away from any vehicles so if any suspecting individuals entered the car park, they wouldn't immediately find them. He shifted gears after coming to a stop and then Emma glanced out the back windshield as she watched David back the van up into it's quiet little place. When the van came to a halt, David began to turn the key to shut off the engine.

"I like to call this one of my perfect little spots. You aren't worried anyone will catch us, babe?"

After a second glance through the windows, Emma bit her lower lip before replying to him.

"No, not at all."

He wasn't sure if she believed him yet or not, But Emma was about to learn that David's little business of free rides was indeed truthful. He left the keys in the ignition before opening the driver's door and setting his flip flops over the concrete floor. He made the short walk to the passenger's side, just as he had done a dozen times before. When the door came sliding open, he was greeted to see Emma face to face with him. She was grinning smugly as he stepped into the van and then closed the door behind them. She scouted over to the right side seats, offering him to join her on the left side. Emma raised her left hand, propping up her face as she looked back at him and spoke.

"I was right. You do look good for an older man. You look good enough to fool anyone from not knowing what a dirty sleazeball you truly are."

Such words made David grin, flashing his teeth at her. Her face was so beautiful, with only a slight coat of makeup not hiding her freckles across her cheeks and nose.

"But you didn't believe me at first, did you?"

Emma smirked.

"Now is your chance to prove it to me. If you can fuck me good enough, I'll believe that you get chances with other famous women. I'll also text my boyfriend and tell him how good it was. Would that make you happy, David?"

"Oh yes, and this is going to be a free ride anyway."

"Let's get started then, shall we?"

She made the first move, leaning over the black leather seats to push her soft pink lips to his. Emma wrapped her arms around David's neck as they began to kiss back and forth. It all began with their lips meeting for soft kisses, but he was the first one to dart his tongue into her mouth. David was on a quest to impress her, as this was only a hint of things to come. Deepening the kiss, Emma's tongue pushed against his before she moaned into his mouth. When their lips finally pulled apart, she sat back in the seat and looked into his eyes. There was no words between either of them as David began to lower himself down to his knees. Emma gasped when she realized that he was about to orally pleasure her.

"Oh my god, are you gonna-"

Looking up into her eyes, David nodded as he smirked.

"Yep! After I get these pants off you first."

"Oh my god, let me help you then! My boyfriend never does this for me!"

It was remarkable how excited Emma had become in such a quick amount of time. David had expected the thrill of cheating on her boyfriend with him to be a kinky motivation, but Emma was displaying happiness in the fact he was about to orally pleasure her. She snatched her sneakers off, dropping them loudly to the floorboard of the car while David put his hands to the front of her pants and unbuttoned them. Emma stood up and shook her hips to force her pants down, revealing a silky white thong underneath. He could see a bit of a wet spot in the front while he pulled her pants off her legs. Emma didn't bother taking off her white socks and David didn't focus on removing them either. His main focus was right on her thong, knowing the soft wet mound that was waiting him underneath. She looked into his eyes while tugging her thong down.

"Mmmmmm, come on and eat this cunt, you nasty old fucker!"

A level of aggressiveness was raised in Emma's voice as her thong fell down to her ankles and to the floorboard of the van. David was situated right between her legs and soon, he felt her legs dangling over his shoulders and her thighs squeezing around his face. He didn't even have the opportunity to tell her how much he adored that nickname she had just given him. Emma was in control right now and all he could take in was one look at the small strip of brown hair above her sexy mound. The pink lips of her opening glistened and shined from her wetness. David opened his mouth and slipped his tongue right into the fold. He heard Emma gasp as he proceeded to begin eating her, just as she desired.

"Ohhhhhhhh, god! Yes, that's it. Mmmmm, just like that. You're such a sleazy old fucker, eat it!!"

Plunging his tongue into her clit, he twirled it before thrusting back into her. Emma pushed the palms of her hands down into the seat and raised her neck up before moaning aloud. There was no better way than eating pussy for David to begin with a lovely woman like her. Now he was listening to her scream as he orally pleasured this English beauty.

"Keep going, keep going! Don't you fucking stop for anything, yeah!!"

Emma wasn't going to allow him the chance to stop, even if he was going to. David continued to snake his tongue through her clit, shaking it around with each thrust he made. His hands ran from behind her bare nude figure, gripping her ass cheeks as he squeezed them. When his eyes moved up, he could see Emma stripping her shirt off and throwing it to the floor and revealing a light blue bra over her breasts. She whimpered whole stripping off the remaining pieces of clothing over her body. When she snatched her bra free, David got a glimpse at her perky tits while his tongue was still slithering in and out of her clit. Emma squeezed her legs tighter around his head, kicking her feet as her heels hit his back.


It was such a delight to hear her refer to him as a 'nasty old fucker' again. David absolutely loved when a woman called him such names, as it fit his dirty mind. He never stopped, still using his tongue to pleasure her while his fingertips gripped her ass cheeks and pushed into them. Emma gritted her teeth, as she didn't have much longer to bear. He knew her time was drawing close due to the panting and heavy breathing noises she was making.


Her words were the only warning sign he needed, a for sure telling factor that he was so close to pushing her over the edge. David went faster, moving his tongue in and out of her clit while Emma threw her head back. That long beautiful brunette hair moved down her shoulders, flowing naturally. She pushed her right hand down into his hair, almost as if she wasn't holding him in place enough. When he felt her fingernails digging into the back of his fading hair, he knew that he was about to have a mouth full of her woman spunk.


With her body tensing up, Emma couldn't control herself any longer as a thick wad of her juices went flying past David's teeth and into his working mouth. He had worked hard to orally pleasure her and now he was rewarded with tasting her juices. She let out a sharp moan, echoing across the four walls of the van. Easing the tight grip of her legs wrapped around his head, Emma spread them out and moved them from out over his shoulders. Now that David was free, he could move his mouth away from her clit and look up into her face. He moved his hands out from under where he had previously gripped her ass cheeks.She was out of breath, needing a few seconds to catch back up while he had the opportunity to tease her.

"Did this dirty old fucker right here manage to eat you better than your dumbass boyfriend?"

He spoke with a classic, shit-eating smug grin over his face. Emma glanced down at him and nodded her head before replying in a cry.

"That was so fucking good! You know how to eat cunt, I like that. Get up, I want your fucking now and I want it now!"

Words almost in desperation had called out, just before Emma put her hands on his shoulders to show how impatient she truly was. David climbed up from the floorboard of the van, standing up as he now took the time to finally kick off his flip flops. Emma crawled down to her knees before him, putting her hands at the front of his shorts and completely ignoring his shirt all together. Emma laughed at his shorts while pulling the button down.

"I can't believe you're wearing shorts during this time of the year."

The sound of his zipper being pulled down filled his ears and then Emma spoke once more in her sultry English accent.

"If you were a cab driver back in my country, you would most likely need pants by now. You'd be freezing your dirty, cheeky arse off during winter in just flip flops and a pair of shorts."

David's jaw dropped and then he laughed listening to her. It was that cute accent he loved so much and even the kind of proper words he had come to expect from an English woman.

"It's so hot out here in L.A, I can wear shorts most of the year with no problem."

She ignored his reply for now, focused among other things. Emma pushed his shorts down, along with his underwear all in one go to allow his hard cock to spring free and into the grasp of her right hand. She wrapped her fingers around it and then leaned down to place a kiss over the head while David was stepping out of his shorts and underwear. Emma went slow, stroking his rod back and forth in her hand before holding it up against her face.

"Damn, this is a great size for a cock. I can see why women like getting in the back of this van with you."

He was unsure of what she was doing at first. Emma moved his cock back to face it and then looked at it from underneath as she began to stroke it again. The grip of her fingers were tighter than most women he had been with in the back of his cab.

"Bigger than your boyfriend's, I take it?"

Emma chuckled and then starred up into his eyes while her hand pumped down to the base of his swollen rod.

"Yeah, but I didn't want to inflate your ego by telling you."

Still locking eyes with him, Emma softly kissed the head of his shaft. David didn't say anything back as he gazed into her big brown hues before she parted her lips. The warmth of her mouth could be felt around his pole as Emma slid her lips down and began to suck it. She closed her eyes, focusing all her concentration on his thick meat pole. All he could do was stand there, watching as one of the most desirable women in Hollywood was now slobbering over his cock. Her left hand moved down to play with his balls, rubbing them back and forth while she slowly bobbed her head up and down. Now it was David's turn to moan aloud and brag.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck yeah. Show me how you suck dick, babe. Show me why your boyfriend is lucky."

His voice forced her to look back up at him. Emma slowly moved her lips up, coming off his rod with a loud pop sound. A bubble of spit formed as she began to blow it over the head of his shaft before loudly slurping it back in. A string of drool ran out the left corner of her mouth as she spit on his cock. She placed another kiss over the head of his rod, only this time it was more sloppy and noisy. Looking up into David's face, she replied while gripping his cock with both hands.

"You want me to do to you, the things I do to my boyfriend? Is that what you want, you nasty old fucker?"

"Yeah, show me how lucky he is, Emma. Show me the kind of freak you are for him."

A smirk appeared over her face as she looked so devious now. David watched as she crawled between his legs while still gripping his cock together with both hands. He spread his legs out, just before he felt her tongue sliding up the crack of his ass. Before he could even say a word to her, David completely lost his train of thought while feeling the pleasure of Emma's tongue twirling around his little dark hole between his ass cheeks.


This was something David always loved, but would never ask from a woman. Now he was gasping for his breath while Emma was sliding her tongue back and forth between the crack of his ass. Each time she reached the end, she used the tip of her tongue to twirl around his little hole, all while pumping her hands slowly over his cock at the same time. Emma had proven to him that she could multi-task just fine.

"Ohhhhhh my god, you are a fucking animal, babe."

After his compliments, Emma moved her mouth away from his ass and climbed back out from between his legs. Bringing her lips back to the head of his cock, she circled her tongue around the head and then moved both hands away from him. Her face painted the look of an alluring desire and then, she spoke up to him.

"I want you to do something for me, David."

"What do you want this nasty old fucker to do for you, babe?"

Smirking at him, she replied after a moment.

"I want you to fuck my mouth. Fuck it like it's a cunt, or skull-fuck me if that's the term you prefer."

Hearing her request, David brought his right hand down and gripped her hair gently. He turned his head to grin back at her and then replied back.

"Careful what you wish for, I can get pretty fucking hardcore with that..."

"Stop talking and skull-fuck me, you nasty mother fucker!"

If it was Emma's intention to force him into doing it by calling him by a 'mother fucker', she was close to achieving just that. David gripped her hair tighter and then slammed her mouth down on his cock. With the hard thrust, her lips buried at the base of his cock while the head was slammed to the back of her throat. She instantly gagged, her eyes watering up as she made choking sounds over his cock. David then pulled her hair, forcing her mouth free of his cock to breath. He was testing her to see if she truly wanted this. Emma took a deep breath as he pulled her hair to force her to look into his face. She screamed at her in her thick accent.

"Why are you stopping!? Come on, fuck my mouth! I told you, I wanna feel you fucking my mouth like it's a cunt! Go on and fucking do it, I know you want to!"

No reply was spoken from David as he followed her wish, Holding her head in place, he thrust his cock back into her mouth and began to buck his hips forward. Emma's mouth began to make several slobbering and gagging sounds as he proceeded to skull-fuck her.


Strings of spit went flying from the corners of her mouth, landing in various places among the floorboard of the van. Emma's eyes watered up, streams of tears flowing down her cheeks as David planted both hands on her head now as he proceeded to fuck her mouth, 'like it's a cunt', as she had said in her own words. He gritted his teeth, grunting as he continued.

"Fuck!! This mouth is made to be fucked, ohhhh yeah!!"

He didn't stop, still ramming his cock back and forth in her oral hole. Coats of saliva built up around his shaft, all from her everlasting mouth generating it. Emma's mouth still produced various slurping and slobbering sounds that David simply loved hearing.


Pushing her lips all the way to the base of his cock, David groaned as he removed his left hand from her head but held her there with his right grip. He soon had realized that if he didn't stop this skull-fucking, he would end up blowing his load right down her throat. It took a few seconds, but Emma finally gagged and the sound of her coughing and choking could be heard. After he heard the muffled sounds, David finally pulled her hair up to release his cock from those loving lips. Emma gasped, breathing out as three strings of saliva dangled back connecting to his cock. A flood of spit fell, dangling down her chin as she began to laugh after catching her breath. David was taken back by her finding this funny some how.

"What the fuck are you laughing at?"

"You! I'm laughing at you, you nasty old fucker!"

David took a deep breath, not even answering her back. Emma used her left hand to collect some of the dangling ropes of spit, breaking them off to sway among her already sticky fingers. A smirk moved past her lips as her cheeks were somewhat shiny from the streams of tears that his aggressive skull-fucking had produced.

"You don't wanna keep fucking my mouth, and I know just the reason why. You're too scared you'll cum in my mouth before you get to shove that big fat dick in my cunt or ass, is that right?"

Unbelievable. David's grin had become a blank poker face while Emma was pretty much giggling at him. There was a bit of smugness in her voice, but he couldn't deny it. She had easily read him, almost to the point that she knew what to expect from a man like him.

"How did you know, that's just-"

"It's simple! You're a sleazy old man. All men like you think exactly the same, now are you ready to fuck me or do you wanna fuck my face again?"

"No, I wanna to fuck you now. Come on, I'll help you up. I want to bend you over this seat and fuck the shit outta you, that's what I wanna do, babe."

As David held his hand out, Emma reached up and allowed him to pull her up. She looked back at him with her fatigued face and grinned, just before speaking again.

"Just one more thing, David. I want to fuck me in the ass first."

The expression over his face was completely in shock. David wasn't sure if Emma had told him that just to get a reaction out of him or not. She remained with that same smug smile over her face before calling out to him once more.

"Is that a problem? Are you one of those men who is too scared to shove that big dick in a girl's ass?"

David replied back to her, mocking her smart-ass tone.

"Oh yeah, I'm soooo scared to fuck you in the ass, babe. Not like I haven't done it to a dozen other women in the back of this van before you."

"Alright then, come on and let's do it!"

She had completely ignored the tone in his voice. All Emma did was turn around and bend herself over the seats. Her knees were planted on the floorboard as she could feel the hard leather of the seats over her soft skin. David was a bit surprised, as she was the first woman in the back of the van to request her ass to be taken first. All through out the day, he had learned that Emma Watson was quite a kinky little fox. He stepped behind her, moving into position. David's right hand held over his cock, glistening in her saliva as small drops dripped to the floor. Emma moved her hands behind herself, pulling her ass cheeks apart to show him her dark little hole that she wanted him to shove his cock into.

"Come on, give me that big fucking dick! I want it right in my ass, you nasty old fucker!"

"Alright, but just because you called me that. I love when you tell me that."

Raising up his left foot, David planted it down into the seat and then used his right hand to guide the head of his cock through her ass. Emma raised her head, closing her eyes as she let out a soft moan.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, yeah. There it is, that's the way I like it. Get in there and ram me in the fucking ass, David! Come on, you nasty old fucker!!"

Taking the first thrust into her ass, David groaned as he moved his right hand to grip her hip. Emma refused to move her hands, still pulling her ass cheeks apart as every inch of his cock was pushing into her dark little hole. Her eyes starred into the seats before she closed them and began to scream out to him like she did earlier today.


As much as he would've loved to spank her, David couldn't. His focus was entirely on thrusting his hard meat thoroughly into her anal tunnel. Over and over, he began to pick up speed with pumping his cock into her fine ass. Every second, he pumped his cock further and harder into her. His thick balls slapped to the undersides of her cute ass cheeks.


Her voice screamed out to him with much enthusiasm. David grunted as he listened to Emma yelling to him. If she wanted it like this, he wasn't going to stop but he knew that he had to eventually come to a halt and not force himself to cum. It was a wonder that he managed to hold off after all fucking her mouth the way he did. Emma kept her hands in place, still pulling apart her ass cheeks while her tits shoved up against the seats. David made a few more thrusts before he made his mind up that he wanted to fuck her pussy and make her squirm around on the taxi van's seats. Pulling his cock from her ass, he took a step back and brought both his hands up to grip her hair.

"Turn around for me, babe! I wanna see your beautiful face while I'm fucking you!"

Emma moaned as David pulled her hair and she quickly turned around until her back was pushed against the seats. Spreading her legs out, she looked into his eyes as he moved his hands away from her head. A smirk was over her face, just before she called out to him.

"Fuck me, David! Come on, I want you to fuck the shit outta me!"

The streams of saliva that had flowed from her mouth earlier had created streams that ran down her neck and to her perky boobs. Before David was ready, he gripped her legs and moved them over his shoulders. Emma moaned and smirked at him while he used his hand to guide his cock into her pussy. At last, the final hole was the one that he made gush earlier. As he began to thrust into her, Emma gasped and called out to him.

"Mmmmmm, that's it! Ohhhhhh, yeah! Fuck me, just like that."

Seeing her tits move a bit, David couldn't believe that all this time had went by and he had yet to really touch them with his hands. Leaning forward, her legs bent and remained over his shoulders as he reached both hands out to grip her tits. The hardness of her nipples could be felt poking against his palms as squeezed them and Emma proved the flexibility she had within her athletic body. Her ankles spread out, no longer touching his shoulders as she looked right into his eyes and screamed to his face.

"Fuck me!! FUCK ME, DAVID! COME ON!!"

With her teeth gritted, Emma barked louder to him.


Taking one last squeeze of her tits, David leaned up and then moved his hands to grip her legs so he could truly push all his strength into bucking his hips to fuck her. Emma gasped, her tits began to bounce while the sound of his balls slapping against her ass could be heard loudly.


Smack. Smack. Smack. His balls were beating against her ass while every inch of his cock disappeared when entering her sweet, tight pussy. Other sounds of the ruffling on the seats could be heard, all mixed in the harmony of their voices moaning out in a chorus together. David groaned when Emma moved her legs away, spreading them out so that her sock covered feet could push against his ass cheeks from behind. Over and over, he didn't stop as his cock was fucking her lovely clit.


"I hear you, babe!"


Heavy breathing was soon to be heard as David didn't stop not once. He was still pushing his cock forward and back into Emma's pussy as she was soon to reach her breaking point. It was taking everything in him at the When she began to squirm around over the seat, David locked his eyes onto her knowing that the time was coming now.


Emma's eyes widened just before they shut and she groaned out with her teeth gritted. He felt the sudden rush of her second climax of the day. After reopening her eyes, Emma looked up to see his face just as David was pulling his cock free from her clit. It was his turn now to finally experience the pleasure of an exploding orgasm.

"Get down on your fucking knees again, babe! I want you to finish me off with that nasty mouth, Emma!"

After the last two famous women he had fucked in his cab managed to avoid getting a hot sticky facial, there was no way David was going to go a third woman in a row without splattering her face into a sticky mess. He watched as Emma got up from the seats and fell down to her knees, just as she was told. Her hand wrapped around his shaft, just like before as her lips slurped up her wet juices to clean his rod. With her hand gripping the base of his dick, Emma slid her lips back down his pole and began to quickly bob her head up and down his shaft as she sucked it.

"Oh my god, I'm so fucking close right now!"

Reaching down with one hand, David gripped the back of her hair. He was already so close, but when the time was to come, she wasn't going to be able to escape his cum from splashing all over her beautiful face. As he stood there, he allowed her the moment to suck and slobber all over his cock one last time until it felt inevitable that he was going to erupt soon. Pulling her hair hard, his cock came out from between her lips with a loud pop sound. David quickly used his free hand to grab his cock and begin stroking it while he held her head in place.

"Cum for me, you nasty old fucker! I want that hot load, ohhhh yeah!!"


She closed her eyes, flashing a grin before sticking her tongue out and saying 'ahhhh'. David pulled her hair, turning her face as his cock was aimed at such an angle he figured he would be drenching the left side of her face. He cried out as the first burst came flying out, striking high into her hair to create a thick mess in her brunette locks.

Drops of cum fell from her hair, landing onto the floorboard below. The second wad splattered over her left cheek and nose, just as Emma stuck her tongue out to tease him.


David cried out as he was still shooting his hot gooey seed all over the British starlet's face. Another wad went flying into her hair with some spurts going straight to the floor and a bit to the seats. A clear shot went directly into her closed left eye lid, trickling down almost like a tear drop. Another wad trickled above the right side of her upper lip, dangling into her open mouth. When a string of cum landed over Emma's waiting tongue, she brought it back between her lips and loudly swallowed it down. As David began to feel his orgasm fading on as his load was becoming weaker, he moved his hand from the back of her head and let go of her hair. It felt so good to bust a nut all over Emma's beautiful face and now she was sitting there on her knees, her face a sticky drenched mess with his cum.

"Ohhhh, my god. I've got cum all over me, don't I look pretty now?"

Her words in that sexy English tone made him smile while he was trying to catch his breath. David was nearly exhausted after such a powerful orgasm. As he stood there, he watched Emma slowly open her eyes and then give that cute, smug grin back to him from down below. A loud pitched song began to play from somewhere in the van, immediately catching both of them off guard. Emma let out a sigh and rolled her eyes, as it was the sound of her cellphone. Reaching across the floorboard, she grabbed it and then called out to David.

"Oh my god, that's my boyfriend calling."

"Do you want me to answer it and talk to him?"

"Fuck no! I've got this, hold on."

After yelling back at David, she pushed her finger over the screen of the phone to answer it and then brought it up to her cum covered face.


David stood there, looking down at her face dripping in cum while she spoke back through the phone.

"Look, listen...I've been busy the last hour, that's why I'm late...What have I been doing? Something simple, you know? I've been fucking this old nasty man the past hour, since you always have to get drunk before you fuck me. He's old too, better than you. Maybe if you didn't have to always need drinks before we get naked, I wouldn't have to take up some old nasty man's offer like this cheeky fucker."

Glancing back up at David, Emma, winked at him before speaking back into the phone.

"Fuck me? Oh no, fuck you too loser!"

Moving the phone away from her ear, Emma hung up as she now had cum splashed against the screen. David began to laugh as he watched her lick the cum from the screen of her cellphone.

"I guess there's a new jealous ex-boyfriend out in the streets who probably is jealous of me now."

Emma giggled at his words after licking up the excessive cum that had splashed over her phone. David couldn't help but tease her again, remembering that she didn't believe him earlier today when he told her about getting lucky with women before her.

"Well, now do you believe me, babe? You definitely aren't the first famous woman I've fucked in the back of my taxi van. I hope this was enough to prove to you."

"Oh yeah, you were right. I believe you, and since you were so reluctant to give me names, I hope that means I can trust you not to brag about our little incident today. This is our little secret now, right David?"

He nodded to her while laughing.

"Our little secret, no problem babe. I promise, I ain't got anyone to tell even if I wanted to. I'm just a boring old fucker that drives a cab."

Moving her hands through her hair, Emma got busy wiping up all the cum. Much of it was still on her face and then she let out a sigh, realizing that she was collecting strands that dangled from her long hair. David smirked as he reached down to grab his underwear and begin getting redressed so he could return to the driver's seat.

"So, do you still wanna go out to Long Beach or not? This is still a free ride, I'm not going to charge you. I keep my word when I offer a deal."

Shaking her head, Emma smirked before replying in her sultry accent.

"Hell no, that loser can go fuck himself for all I care. Take me home, please. I think I need to jump in the shower, since you got so much cum in my hair, it's gonna take me a bit of time to get it all out."

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Re: Silver Screen Express
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Silver Screen Express Ch. 16
Starring: Katy Perry

Codes: MF, Cons, Dirty Talk, Oral, Tit Fuck, Anal, Spank, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Los Angeles, California

Hot air streamed through the vents inside the van, warming up what felt like an ice box during the early morning hours. Winter mornings were almost here in L.A. For a town known for it's blazing heat, it was quite a relief to have a lovely morning like this in early November where one didn't have to worry about sweating. Right now, the afternoon hours were beginning to pass through and an aged man was sitting behind the wheel of his gold van as he worked through the busy streets of downtown L.A. Today was Wednesday, often known as the 'hump day' during a work week. For many people, it was a joy to get over the half way mark, meaning the day the eagle flew with a pay check would be approaching much sooner than before.

David sat in the driver's seat of his gold Silver Screen Express van, gripping the steering wheel firmly within his hands. Today had been the first time since mid-February that he was forced to bundle up in warmer clothes. He was forced to wear a pair of blue jean pants instead of the preferred cargo shorts. His feet were pushed into a pair of sneakers he didn't often wear during the year. They still appeared to be brand new, as they weren't his favorite flip flops that were truly worn in. The one piece of warm clothing David didn't bother with was wearing a jacket or sweater. He went for a black shirt, knowing that once the afternoon hours had rolled through, he would be forced to switch the heater off in his van as the day would've warmed up by now.

So far, the day had gone by rather slowly for a Wednesday morning. Over the past two weeks, David had worked a few night shifts again much to his distaste. Some drivers may have grown to enjoy a night shift, but at his age, David knew he probably never would find himself comfortable on the streets once the sun had went down. Shady characters seemed to always have a habit of calling for a Silver Screen van during the dead of night. Only someone with deep pockets could afford to regularly call for service, though who he was picking up at night tended to be a mystery. This week had been going by somewhat better, as David wasn't stressed about meeting odd people at night. In the last few hours, he had only completed two fares, but they had him driving all over the roads to Bel Air and Beverly Hills.

The wealthy neighborhoods often were a decent place to stick around while waiting for more fares to call in requesting rides. Since he had been working with the company for a few years now, David had the privilege of driving many residents from these areas over time. With two fares complete for the day, it wasn't hard for him to decide to stick around driving the van through the roads of Beverley Hills while he listened to the radio dispatch repeat call-ins requesting various rides. By now, the sun had settled over the day and it was about time he could turn off the heater in the van and switch on the air conditioner at a low level of power. He licked his lips while listening to the dispatch, knowing that a full ten minutes had passed of him pondering his thoughts among various customers requesting to be picked up.

There was always one subtle rule when staying in a specific area as a taxi driver. David had learned many years ago when driving an old yellow cab that sometimes you had to wait a long time to find a fare in a certain area. Several minutes usually went by from when he heard the call from any residential places. Once he had waited around twenty minutes, he was about to give in and call in for his lunch break. Just when he had almost lost his hope, the dispatch radio called in for a woman who was requesting a ride outside of Beverly Hills. At last, David thought to himself as he grabbed the walkie-talkie to call in that this fare would be his. His wait had paid off from cruising around the same place as now he had a fare to make a bit of money with. He shifted gears, turning around so he could head down the street that was given to him from the dispatcher.

It was a short drive for David, but he went on and punched in the address through his GPS tracker just to be on the safe side and not getting lost. He may have been familiar with these roads, but he couldn't tell every house from which. The only time he had spent in Beverly Hills had been from working, as it was never a place he would go joyriding to witness various homes he would never be able to afford in his lifetime. At times, David thought of himself as an adventurer when it came to his job as a cab driver. He was able to go through several trips, sometimes meet interesting people along the way who gave him memorable conversations. Perhaps his next client of the day would be someone to cherish in his memories, he could at least hope. His career of driving taxis before the gold colored company vans had been quite illustrative in his diaries, but now he had a lot more grandiose memories written down.

The van pulled up into a white painted gateway where a large, two story mansion resided beyond the open gates. White and black mosaic tiles built a driveway in stone with large bushes around it. From a driveway in the distance, David could see two luxury sports cars but couldn't make out what they exactly were. Both were yellow in different sizes, clearly luxury rides he could never afford. Before pulling into the driveway, he shifted gears into reverse and backed up slowly beyond the gates. From his rear-view mirror, he could see out the back windshield what appeared to be a figure of a woman in a black shirt and blue jeans awaiting him. David knew this had to be customer who had called in for a ride. When he stopped the van, he shifted gears again while awaiting her to climb into the back seat. He didn't have to wait for long as he could already hear the left side back door sliding open as she climbed into the back.

"Hello there!"

David called out to her as he got a quick reply.

"Hi! Who's my driver today?"

"I'm David and you are?"


"It's a pleasure to meet someone with such a lovely face today, Katy."

"Thank you!"

He turned around and was greeted to a smiling face with big blue eyes. Her hair was jet black, split down the middle with a few strands of purple dye off to both sides. A beautiful smile came over her face with pink lipstick, flashing a set of perfect white teeth. Below, David glanced down to see quite a busty cleavage tucked in her low cut black shirt. It wasn't often that a client introduced themselves to him like this. Right away, they knew each other's names and David couldn't help but smile back to her beautiful face. When he turned to face the steering wheel again, she went on and had a seat in the back. David got the impression right away that she must have been a returning customer, since she had asked who her driver was right away. When he placed his hands back over the steering wheel, he glanced up into his rear view mirror to take another look at her as she was now sitting over the black leather seats.

"So, I take it that this isn't your first time calling?"

Katy shook her head.

"No, I call all the time. Sometimes twice a week, if I'm still in town."

"Well, I don't recognize you at all, dear so I don't think I've had the pleasure of driving such a pretty woman like you."

Right away, David didn't even catch himself flirting with this woman not even a full five minutes after she had climbed into the back of his cab. Katy laughed to herself, as she didn't seem bothered by his behavior so far. He decided to constrain himself for now, knowing that it would be rude if he carried on like this.

"So, where do you wanna go?"

"I've gotta get out of here and to the studio to get some work done today."

"Where's this place at, Katy?"

"It's in downtown L.A., hold on. I'll get out my phone and give you the address."

He turned around as he heard her hand rustling through one of the pockets of her jeans. When David glanced to the floorboard, he spotted a large pair of black high heels over her feet. Though he was trying not to think about her beauty, it was quite difficult to not allow his imagination to roam freely with thoughts of her. This black haired beauty was definitely dressed to kill. Pale white skin and gorgeous big blue eyes, not even counting the impressive rack he had laid his eyes on. David took a second view into her heavy cleavage as she handed him her phone.

"Here you go, the address is right there."

To David's eyes, he was reading a text message that appeared to be a conversation with someone working in a music studio. It was probably a producer or sound engineer, at least he guessed. The address was listed with a message that spoke in details about an accident with sound equipment that led to another part of the studio having to be used for today's session. He couldn't ignore all the message, as she was referred to as 'Miss. Perry' towards the end of the words. Once he typed in the GPS to estimate their destination, David handed the phone back to her and now was ready to take off from the driveway of her mansion. Across downtown, the studio was some distance away that would require a long drive lasting at least an hour. The realization hit him hard that he was driving pop singer Katy Perry to a recording studio. Her name definitely had matched her gorgeous looks, David had become lucky yet again to drive a famous name in his taxi.

"Alright, this drive looks like it might take an hour or so. The initial fee is for five hundred dollars, I'll add up the other charges when we get there."

"That's alright, I know just how I can pay you for such time."

As he pulled out of the gateway, David chuckled a bit at her comment. He figured now was the best time to tease her about her status of fame.

"You aren't gonna try and pay me by giving me an autograph, are you?"

Among the backseat, Katy busted out giggling before grinning big. She seemed to be subtly surprised as she crossed her legs, sitting firmly in the middle of the black leather seats in the back of the gold van.

"Oh, so you guessed who I am, huh? That's funny, the other drivers never can tell it's me."

"Your name was in the text."

She gasped, dropping her lower lip trying to pull off a shocked expression. David had glanced upwards into the rear view mirror to capture such a comical look painted over Katy's gorgeous face.

"You do know that makes you a bit of a nosey man, don't you?"

"It was in the text, I couldn't avoid reading it!"

Katy was still giggling from the back seat. The scenery of Beverly Hills could be seen through a blurring vision outside the windows as the van was passing through the roads. Since she didn't immediately reply back, he couldn't help but speak again.

"That's okay, I wasn't gonna ask you for an autograph anyway. I've driven some famous people in the past, I know better than to ask for something like that."

"Most fans don't ask for autographs anymore, they would rather take a selfie so they can post it online."

"Is that so? I guess I'm more old fashioned, I'm used to thinking autographs were the best treasure from famous singers and bands."

"Well, you look like an older man, so you can blame it on age. I'm sure you've seen a lot of interesting things before."

David laughed at her words. He had not forgotten that she mentioned another way of paying for the ride, as he already was thinking to himself that it couldn't possibly be the same offer he made for beautiful ladies before her. He could at least hope while gripping the steering wheel and making a quick turn in traffic. Something about Katy Perry sitting in the back of his van had quite the effect on his mind. At least judging by her attitude so far, she had a goofy personality that was refreshing from every other person who had sat down in the back of the van so far this week. His two customers earlier today had been forgettable, not offering much of a discussion but Katy had already done a great job forcing him to crack up in laughter.

"So, you said something about another way of paying for the ride, did I catch that right?"

Sitting up in her seat, Katy nodded her head as she looked up into the rear view mirror. David caught her eyes, as it seemed she had done this before with other drivers of the van service.

"Yeah, I usually dance back here and most drivers don't mind giving me a discount if I shake my stuff back here."

"You dance for the other drivers?"

Katy nodded her head, knowing that he had to be taking second glances at her when he wasn't watching the road. In front of David's view, he was driving behind a slow moving truck with purple metallic paint nearly blinding his eyes from the sun shining down below. Katy's revelation was almost a shock to him, but deep down he knew this was the kind of kinky woman who would revel in such things as she had mentioned. If she had no problem dancing in the back of the cab, then he probably had an ample opportunity to offer something a bit more than just a subtle dance. For now, he was just going to wait and not push his offer too much.

"So you want me to put on a little show for you back here, David? Something tells me that you're the kind of man that would enjoy something like this."

The roles seemed to be reversed with this woman sitting in the back of his van. David was just now realizing that Katy was the one making the moves and not him, as he usually did. He chuckled at her words, she had to know that he wasn't going to say no to her. If other drivers in the past had enjoyed such a sight, of course a kinky old man like David wasn't going to deny this chance. Something else was still on his mind that he had to ask her, he couldn't believe how easy this was turning out.

"Yeah, I'd love to see that. But first, tell me why you like to do this? It can't just be to knock off the prices for the rides. I know you're a famous woman and I've seen that house you stay in, so I know this is pretty much chump change for someone like you."

A sigh was heard from among the back seats as Katy glanced up into the ceiling. The van was still rolling down the streets, but David was already considering making a scenic route as he had done so many times before. Her heels touched the floorboard of the van from under her as she sat there and then replied while running her left hand through her long raven black hair.

"I don't know how to answer that for you."

"Why not?"

"Well, let's just put this way..."

She bit down on her lower lip, sticking the edge of her tongue out. Katy pushed her hands down into the seat, letting out another sigh. When David glanced into the rear view mirror again, he had noticed that she was wearing a few rings over both hands and a bracelet over her left wrist that he didn't notice before. She seemed like silver or white gold for her elegant jewelry.

"Would you find it hard to believe that I like to have a bit of naughty fun from time to time?"

"Not at all, you aren't alone when it comes to that!"

"Alright then, so just enjoy what I'm about to do for you. Oh yeah, try not to get us into a car accident, I know it's gonna be hard for you to keep watching the road once I get started back here."

David had to chuckle at her words, as once again he was thinking about how easy this seemed to be. Katy pulled her shirt over her head, already taking her clothes off without him having to request the removal whatsoever. Her shirt was thrown to the floorboard of the van so quickly. There was only one other woman in the past year who had done something similar to this, so he couldn't help but remain shocked that Katy was so open with her dirty mind. Beyond her black shirt was a black matching push up bra, containing her busty beauties. David took a deep breath when he glanced back up into the rear view mirror.

"Ohhh my, what do we have back here now?"

Katy didn't utter a word back to him. All her focus was diverted to giving up a little bit of a dance now. She began to grind her hips down into the seats before closing her eyes and grinning as she looked forward. When she began to shake her body back and forth, her large tits bounced and jiggled slightly from the bra they were held in. David smirked at the image he was witnessing each time he glanced into the rear view mirror above. By now, he had already taken a turn onto the left side of a street and was moving through an alternate route. He had complete confidence in himself that he would soon be in the back seat with Katy not before long. While he had these thoughts, nothing was going to break her concentration from moving her body from within the back of the cab van.

After she was done shaking her tits, Katy stood up and turned around. It wasn't much of a factor to be driving within a moving vehicle, as she had experience throughout her past. Turning around to face the seats, she pushed her hands down and then spread her legs while bending over to pump her large ass into the air. When David glanced into his rear view mirror, he was greeted to the sight of her jean clad booty sticking straight up as she attempted to twerk it up and down in a rotation. She didn't have any music or beats to bump to, just the ambient sounds of the moving vehicle. It was somewhat difficult for her ass to properly bump back and forth, but Katy remained impressive as she was shaking it. David couldn't help but grin while he turned the steering wheel again. By now, they had moved from the busy highways and down another street leading closer towards a part of town that wasn't as populated during the afternoon hours.

"Damn, you know how to shake that ass, babe."

"Mmmmmm, I can do more than just shake it."

Her voice had changed, instantly becoming more seductive and a slightly more slutty. Katy knew just how to toy with his fantasies the more she was shaking that lovely rump in his view. She was playing into the role of a seductress, as this was all too easy for her little game. David was ready to make her an offer now, unable to contain himself any longer.

"Well, if you wanted this ride to be free, I've gotta hand it to you babe. Nothing makes me happier than a sexy girl like you who can shake that ass back there."


She giggled, flashing her teeth in a grin but David's eyes weren't glancing into the rear view mirror above this time. Katy sat back down over the left side seat and began to grind her hips down as if she were performing a lap dance into the leather cushions of the seat. With her recent teasing act, he couldn't refuse any longer.

"Do you always manage to get the other drivers to make the ride free just from your dancing alone?"

"Yes, all the time!"

Katy didn't seem to catch on at all that he was hinting to something more than just a private strip tease from the back of the van. She continued pumping her ass down into the back seats, still grinding.

"Have you ever had a driver offer to get in the back seat with you and have a good time?
I think you know what I mean."

She licked her lips, this time he caught her seductive actions from glancing back into his trusty rear view mirror. Katy shook her head to his question.

"No, are you trying to ask if we can get it on?"

"Yeah, basically. I remember you said that you had to wait before recording in the studio, so how long do you have to actually wait? I can take us out to a quiet place somewhere far off from here, get in the back seat with you and we can both have a good time together."

Suddenly, Katy busted out laughing. His offer was amusing to her, but David wanted an answer almost immediately. He rudely spoke again before she had a chance to respond to him.

"So what's it gonna be? Do you wanna fuck me?"

When Katy finally stopped giggling at him, she smiled and nodded her head.

"Sure, why the fuck not? You're sexy for an older guy and we both seem to have a lot in common together. So this is just a quick fuck, right? I won't have to worry about you dropping by over at my place wanting another booty call, or will I?"

"Just a quick one! After we're done, I'll take you over to the music studio. Don't worry, I won't be bothering you again unless I end up being your driver another time."

"Oh, I'm sure you would love to drive me around again in the future."

"If it means you'll be dancing in the back again, fuck yes!"

She smirked at his reply.

"Alright, that's enough talking for now. Come on, take me to this 'quiet place' you mentioned. I wanna have some fun, but I don't wanna have to wait all fucking day. Hurry up if you want a lap dance from me."

"We'll be there soon. While I drive, you wouldn't mind taking the rest of your clothes for me, would you?"

"Oh, I can do that."

At last, David could enjoy the sweet sight of watching a beautiful woman strip off their clothes in the back seat of his van again. Before Katy, the previous women who he had lucked int a chance with had waited until they were parked and engine shut off before they removed their clothes. Katy unbuttoned her jeans and kicked her heels off, pressing her bare feet over the black floorboard of the van while David was focused on driving. He had driven them through a run down part of town, several miles off the highway that was a necessity for reaching her eventual destination at the recording studio. He was confident that he could find an easy place to park, somewhere along an abandoned building around here. When it came to driving through a place like this, you had to take risks being parked somewhere away from wandering eyes, but it wasn't something that truly scared him. After years of doing such kinky things like this, David was used to taking his chances.

From the back seat, Katy had slipped her jeans off her legs to reveal a black thong tucked between her ass cheeks and covering her wet mound that was visible from the front of her body. Since David seemed done speaking, Katy glanced out the window to see the fast moving images of urban decay all to her eye sight. Sitting in silence, she finally undid the straps holding her bra together and pushed them from her shoulders. When she snatched it off, her pale white tits came bouncing freely as the van hit a bump in the road and caused them to shake around. The only piece of clothing that remained over her voluptuous figure was her thong. When David's eyes met once more with the mirror above, he couldn't help but grin at the exposure of her free breasts. Katy used her index and middle fingers to squeeze over both her nipples, almost as if she were modelling for him now.

"Ohhhhh, man. Those tits are so fucking beautiful."

"Oh, you like big boobs, huh? I knew you were a tits man, I could tell from when I first saw you."

There was truth in Katy's words that David couldn't deny. She had subtly caught him looking from her eyes down to her cleavage when they were face to face earlier upon their first moments meeting in the cab. Across the street, David had spotted what used to be an old fast food restaurant but was now a large abandoned building tagged in multiple layers of colorful graffiti paint. He slowed down, pulling the van around the back where there was clearly a wall dividing the abandoned place with another block. Katy watched out the windows, realizing that he had just taken her to a place that appeared to be quite a seedy part of town that she would never be caught walking any streets. David stopped the van, shifting gears to park as they were completely behind the building now. He turned to look at her from the back seat, a bit of concern could clearly be read from his expression.

"How's this for a spot, babe?"


Katy hummed as she looked out the windows. The wall across the building was tagged in several layers of graffiti, all in different colors. She looked back to David and smirked.

"You sure know how to pick a nice place, I'll give you that. This place looks trashy as hell, honestly. I just hope no one catches us."

"Don't worry, even if somebody does catch us, we'll just tell them to fuck off."

"Oh, that should go over just smoothly."

She smirked, as he was unsure if she was being sarcastic or honest with such a reply. With his right hand, he turned the key in the ignition to shut the car's engine off and now it was time to get out of the driver's seat and climb in the back door. The hot air hit over David's face when he stepped out, as the day had clearly warmed enough to the point he could've wore his cargo shorts and flip flops. Katy sat quietly, awaiting him in the back seat before the left side door came sliding open and she was greeted to David's smug grin. He stepped in, closing the door behind them before he moved to sit down on the right side seat, directly next to her. Katy turned and grinned to him before sighing and speaking.

"I can't believe we're actually doing this. None of the other drivers are ever brave enough to ask if they can fuck me."

"Well, today you must have met the right one, huh?"

"Maybe so, I just hope you know how to handle me."

With a wink, Katy wasn't in the mood for continuing small talk. She leaned over, brushing her lips to his while David was inhaling the sweet scent of her strong perfume. Katy kissed his lips softly as she leaned across the seats, ready to climb into his lap. Though he had not said anything about it, she had not forgotten about offering him a lap dance with her luscious body. The kiss deepened before Katy sunk it into one of blazing hot passion. She straddled him, climbing into his lap as she felt the textures of his jeans under her bare ass cheeks. When the kiss finally ended, David was gazing back into the big blue eyes of a goddess. Katy cupped the back of his head, leaning back to blind his sights with her big tits. She then pushed his head between her tits and moved her hands to squeeze them around his face as she slowly began to grind her hips.

"You love these big titties, don't you? Go on, slobber all over 'em, David! Get 'em all slippery and wet with your tongue, mmmmmmmm."  

To hear Katy speak of his love for her tits had him thinking about other famous women who he had the pleasure of enjoying a time with in the back of his cab. David parted his lips and proceeded to lap his tongue around her left nipple, leaving it dripping in his saliva before he moved to her right tit and began sucking on it. She continued to hold her tits up, smashing them up against his face repeatedly. Her ass was grinding hard over his crotch, forcing Katy to already feel his growing erection poking up in the pair of jeans he was wearing.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah! Suck on my tits, you dirty old man!"

Her words had sparked one of his favorite subtle fetishes, one he definitely would ask her for. For now, David concentrated on slurping up his spit and slobbering over Katy's big pale white breasts. It was an act known as 'motor boating', but she wasn't about to say those words aloud as she squealed and giggled to feeling his lips and spit all over her boobs. All while he was busy indulging in the heaven that was of having his head between Katy Perry's famous tits, she was still grinding that thick rump down over the front of his pants.

"Mmmmmm, I think someone is begging to come out and play..."

From underneath her, Katy could feel his hard cock poking straight up into the crack of her thong-clad ass. When David finally pulled his head out from between her tits, he knew just what he wanted to request from her filthy mouth.

"I love these tits, babe. You wouldn't mind calling me a nasty fucker, would you? Or a sleazy cab driver, you know?"

Katy couldn't help herself from laughing at his words.

"Sure, whatever rocks your boat, David."

It was time to end this short lap dance and truly get down to the naughty things she was waiting to do with him. Katy climbed off his lap and then dropped down to her knees, resting between his legs as she grinned up at him. She spoke just as David began to pull his shirt from over his head.

"I think it's time that you need to get naked, so we get naughty. I'll take your pants off."

"Thanks babe, it's my first time wearing them in months."

"Ohhhhh, I hope they've been washed since then."

"They've been washed and hanging in the closet for a long time, babe."

David replied just as he got his shirt off and threw it to the floorboard. The zipper of his pants could be heard as Katy pushed it down after popping the button in the front. She tugged them down a bit to see his white underwear. Licking her lips, she then moved down to his shoes and began to shake his left foot free. David couldn't help but grin, thinking to himself that the first day in months he had wore those shoes and a pair of pants, his luck had struck gold with Katy Perry. This was going to be a wonderful addition to his diary later tonight. It didn't take her long before both of his shoes were pulled off and then she was tugging his pants down off his legs. Katy gazed up into his eyes when she pulled his underwear down, allowing his fattened rod to come poking free from the clothed prison it had been trapped within. Her right hand wrapped around his cock, slowly stroking it as she pulled his underwear from her ankles. Only his socks remained over his body, the lone piece of clothing Katy allowed David to keep on.

"Older men always have bigger dicks, mmmmmmmmm."

She licked her upper lip, breaking eye contact to look down at his swollen cock. David couldn't help but correct her speech.

"You mean sleazy old men, right babe?"

Katy was somewhat annoyed, flashing her eyes back at him with a snarky grin. Her hand gripped his rod tighter as she began to move it up and down.

"Yeah, that's what I meant! Sleazy old fucks who drive cabs and forget to charge a pretty girl like me cause she knows how to shake her ass!"

Her reply was in a complete smart ass tone of voice. David wasn't bothered by her response, how could he complain anyway? This was a once in a lifetime dream, just as every other famous lady he had managed to get lucky with. Katy was done talking however, she parted her lips and breathed over the head of his rod before using her tongue to twirl around it. David took a deep breath as she pushed her hand down to the base. Her free hand came from under, massaging his balls just as she slid his rod between her lips and began to slowly suck it.

"Ohhhhhhh, yes babe. Go on, take it!"

He groaned, uttering his words in a slow cry while sitting there and receiving this lovely pleasure from her. David had closed his eyes only momentarily while he could feel Katy's lips moving up and down his long cock. 'Mmmmm', she moaned with her tongue pushed against his veiny pole. When David reopened his eyes and glanced down, he looked at the strands of purple in her hair as the sound of her lips moving up and down his pole could be heard loud and clear through the inside walls of the taxi van. When Katy brought her lips up, she made a loud pop sound as she came off his cock. Her eyes glanced back up as David spoke to her.

"How's it taste, babe?"

"Mmmmmmm, thick and nasty. Nasty like you!"

After replying, she spit hard on his cock and then used her right hand to stroke him, using her own saliva as lube. David wasn't sure if she was still trying to be a smart ass with her reply or if she was sincerely attempting to speak filthy words to wet his ears. Katy moved her hand away and then brought his cock back between her lips. This time, she pushed her hands down over his legs to concentration on furiously bobbing her head up and down over every inch of his rod.


David couldn't help but scream as Katy began to deepthroat his rod. 'Mmm, mmm, mmm' she moaned aloud while tasting every inch of his long pole. Her pink lips moved up and down while streams of saliva ran off into his ball hair. Katy gripped his legs as she pushed her mouth all the way down, taking every inch of his cock as her lips buried within the bush of his ball hair. David gasped, completely taken by surprise at how vigorously she was devouring his cock.

"Ohhhhhhh, fuck! You know how to fucking suck it, babe!"

His voice had changed a bit, almost as if he were crying for her pleasure. It took several seconds, but eventually Katy gagged and coughed over his cock. She brought her lips up, freeing his rod of her lips with another pop sound. Long strings of drool dangled from her lips back to his cock. She wrapped her right hand around it and then grinned upwards to him with her spit hanging from her lips.

"Mmmmmm, I could suck this cock all day. It's so fucking meaty..."

Breaking eye contact, Katy spit on his cock again and then used her hand to smear her spit in. Her hand glided easily over his drool covered shaft. Usually David enjoyed fucking a good pair of lips, but since he was sitting down, he wanted to enjoy Katy pleasuring him and seeing what filthy tricks this sensual singer had up her sleeves. When she brought her lips back down to the head, he thought that she was going to suck his cock again but instead all she did was kiss the purple crown head of his rod. Katy let go of him only to bring her large breasts up, grinning at him as she began to shove her milky white tits over his cock.

"Dirty old men just can't ever get enough of my big titties. I know this is what you want."

"Ohhhh, fuck yeah! Fuck me with those tits, Katy!"

Of course he wasn't going to deny any pleasure from her using her busty chest on him. Katy could read David better than he probably knew himself. She pushed her big breasts around his cock, trapping it as she leaned her head down and looked at the head. Parting her lips, she used her tongue to twirl around the head of his shaft in a clock wise rotation. Her eyes met with his, gazing back at him until she was finally done teasing him with her tongue. When Katy closed her lips, she began to pump her large tits up and down, fucking his wet cock with them.

"Mmmmm, that cock feels so fucking good between my tits. Ohhhhhh, yeah!!"

David wasn't too familiar with Katy's music, but her voice had called out to him almost as if she were singing an interlude for an erotic song. He didn't reply back to her as she continued to bounce her breasts up and down over his cock. He groaned, only the head of his long shaft poking up each time she brought her tits crashing down over it. Katy looked into his eyes, grinning as she enjoyed knowing that she was driving this man absolutely crazy with her busty beauties.

"Ohhhh, god! Keep workin' those tits, ohhhh fuck yeah!"

The strands of purple in her hair became lighter due to the sun beaming down from the back windshield of the van. David couldn't take his eyes off Katy, watching the action as she was still fucking his cock with her lovely breasts. Given her sucking and tit-fucking skills, Katy could guess that he had to be close to busting a nut by now.

"You're gonna cum for me, aren't you? AREN'T YOU, YOU NASTY OLD MAN!?"

"Yes, babe, yes!! I'm so close!"

Katy was in complete control by this point. His orgasm was hers to command, all coming down to the timing for his tasty treat. She stopped pumping her tits, only to lean her head down and run her tongue around the head. As David watched her, he brought his hand down to the base of his cock, pulling out from between her large boobs.

Katy responded by wrapping her lips around his cock and then gazing up into his eyes.

"God, you are so beautiful, babe."

Since David had pulled his cock from free her tits, Katy was determined to finish him off with her lips. As she gazed back into his eyes, Katy completely let go of her breasts and began to push her lips down the first inches of his dick while sucking him hard. David took a deep breath, groaning aloud.

"Fuck! God, I'm soooo fucking close now!!"

Normally he preferred to be in control of his orgasms, but David had been lost within the moment with Katy. She had taken control and this orgasm was going to be hers to enjoy. She only broke eye contact to close her lips, bobbing her head up and down as she sucked on his cock over and over. 'Mmmmm, mmm, mmmm' she moaned while listening to him groan. David finally moved his finger tips away from the base of his rod before gritting his teeth and yelling.

"Oh god, oh shit! FUCK! FUCK!! OHHHHHHH, MAN!!"

Katy's mouth was greeted with the rush of his hot seed pouring out from his exploding cock. She tasted his creamy seed, swallowing a little bit of it as she pushed her lips further down. At most, Katy wanted to drain his cock of every last drop that she could. The last thing she was going to allow was for him to pull free and decorate her face right now. He was still groaning as she milked his cock. Once Katy was complete in her efforts, she popped his used rod from her lips with an audible noise before letting it flop freely against his chest. Katy leaned up, her lips parted to reveal his sticky white cum plastered all through her oral canal. When she finally pushed her pink lips back together, Katy loudly swallowed his load.

"How did that cum taste, babe?"

"Mmmmmmmmmm, it was delicious. I expected it to be disgusting, since you are some nasty old man, after all."

He couldn't help but chuckle. By now Katy's smart ass act had grown on David, he found it quite charming of her to act this way. He watched her pat his cock with the palm of her right hand before speaking again.

"Come on, I need you to get hard again so you can fuck me. I know you love my tits, but we aren't done just yet."

"Nope, we're not even close to being finished yet. What about that ass too, babe?"

Katy moaned as she climbed up from the floorboard, rising up from her knees. She leaned down and kissed his lips softly before she turned to face the seats.

"I like getting fucked in the ass too, but you're gonna be doing all the work this time, David. I've let you be lazy so far, but now it's time you show me that you really want me."

Now it was over to David to take control. Katy bent herself over the left side seat, offering the position of doggy style. She finally pulled her thong down, dangling it past her bare feet as it fell to the floor. At last, she was completely naked after a long wait had went by. When he finally got up from his seat, David shook his head as he looked down at her beautiful pale ass.

"Get up for me, babe. I wanna see your eyes when I'm fucking you."

Surprised by his request, Katy groaned as she rolled over into the middle of the seat. David watched her actions as her head was pushed up against the back of the leather seats and her back down over the under cushion. She licked her lips while looking into his face as he was situated standing between her legs.

"Mmmmmm, are you gonna fuck me like a naughty old man, David?"

Laughing at her words, David shook his head. Katy raised her left leg and rubbed her bare foot up against his chest. He gently wrapped his fingers around her ankle while shaking his head.

"No, I'm gonna fuck you like a perverted old taxi driver cause that's what I am!"

She sighed before rolling her eyes.

"Why do you insist on calling yourself something that sounds so dumb? Ugh, whatever! Just fuck me! You're a lot better looking than you give yourself credit for, but whatever rocks your boat, baby! Come on and fuck me David! Fuck me!!"

Her attitude was quite charming, even if she was being a complete smart ass to him. David glanced down to her pretty pink lips of her clit, instantly noticing the shiny wetness over her entrance. He raised her left to arch over his shoulders, just as Katy placed both of her hands to the back of her head. He could see some kind of tattoo over her right arm near her shoulder, but he paid it no attention as he grabbed his cock and guided the head into her wet folds. Above her clit, he could see a small strip of hair. Katy dropped her lower lip and gasped.

"Ohhhhhh, yessss. Get in there, mmmmmmm."

She appeared so smug with her hands behind her head, almost as if she found this to be relaxing. He couldn't help but guess that she often was this way with other men, taking in pleasure to live like a queen while some sucker got the thrill of his life with the one and only Katy Perry. David began to slowly pump his cock back and forth into her pussy, taking in a deep breath as he enjoyed the feeling of her tightness wrapped around his long thick shaft. As he found a slow rhythm thrusting into her, Katy wasn't satisfied yet. She looked up into his face, noticing that his eyes were simply watching her large breasts slowly move to the left and right in motion.

"Ohhhhhh, god yeah! Come on, fuck me! Fuck me hard, you nasty mother fucker!!"

Finally, Katy had given in to his one desire to hear such nasty nicknames directed at him from her voice. David grunted and began to buck his hips harder and more quickly, sending his cock to pump into her at a faster pace. With her large breasts now bouncing back and forth, Katy was pleased.


The sound of their bodies smacking against each other could be heard as David took control pumping his cock into that lovely pussy. He was now enjoying how loudly she screamed, her voice had to cause a bit of an echo nearby outside the van. Katy had finally moved her hands from the back of her head, pushing her palms down into the leather seats and no longer looking as if she were relaxing at a spa. Her eyes gazed up into his face as she screamed to him.


With her left leg pushing over his shoulder, David leaned down, flexing her leg as he came down to get a closer view of her great big milky white tits jiggling and shaking everywhere. Katy began to whimper, closing her eyes as a few strands of her black and purple hair waved all about. She was so close already, thanks to his efforts of a hard fuck. David groaned, calling out to her.

"You like that, babe?"


Her voice was pitching loudly into his ear drums, almost deafening him, but he refused to let up. Over and over, David continued to buck his hips and drive his cock into her pussy. Katy pulled her leg out from over his shoulder, quickly demonstrating her amazing flexible skills as she spread her legs further while her orgasm was merely seconds away at this point. His cock never stopped pumping into her sweet pussy. With each thrust David sent into her, Katy was reaching her breaking point.


"Cum for me, babe! Yes, go on! CUM FOR ME, KATY!!"

With her eyes still remaining tightly shut, Katy gritted her teeth before loudly crying out and then gasping as she had reached her climax. David could feel her juices from within, as he slowed down and took one final thrust into her. As her eyes opened, she looked at him so lovingly only for a few brief seconds before grinning and trying to catch her breath. David took a step back, using his hand to guide his cock as he pulled it from her pussy. A bit of her juices leaked from her clit, flooding down to the seats. David made a mental note that a good scrubbing of the insides of the van was going to be needed before tomorrow's work. Katy licked her lips, glaring back at him as she was now free of his cock and able to move into a new position.

"Mmmmmmm, we aren't finished yet. I hope you fuck my ass as good as you pounded my pussy, cause it's been a while since I've had a good pounding back there. If you don't cum in either of my holes, you can cum all over my face."

She smirked to him, getting up from the seat and then lowering herself down to her knees. David couldn't help but moan over her offer to cum on her face. Katy turned to face the seats, noticing the stand of her own cum hanging from the edge in the middle. She licked it up with her tongue, swallowing while David moved into position and seemed to be busy gazing at her large rump from behind. He appeared to be some how mesmerized with her thick booty. Katy giggled and then shook her ass, forcing her cheeks to wobble back and forth.

"Goddamn, this is a fine ass right here. I love to see you shake it back and forth, you know how to work it."

Katy complied with his wish for a short tease as she began to twerk her ass, forcing the cheeks to bounce up and down. She licked her lips, letting out a soft moan before she felt a hard smack over her left cheek.


"Ohhhhhh, yeah!!"

She cried out in excitement, moaning as his hand had spanked her ass cheek hard. Katy licked her lips, glancing over her shoulder as she teased him by still shaking her ass.

"Mmmmmmm, you're gonna spank my ass too?"

"Fuck yeah!"


As his hand slapped across her ass once more, Katy bit down on her lower lip and then called out to him. She almost was begging in a desperate tone now.

"Well, you can spank it while you fuck it. Now come on, I need it. I need you to fuck my ass, David. I want it soooo bad, you just don't know how much I need this right now."


"Call me a dirty old fucker again, Katy!"

She suddenly grunted before screaming to him.


If it weren't for having his cock so hard and starring down at such an amazing ass, David would've laughed to hear her yell at him with such names. He gripped her ass cheeks, pulling them apart before quickly guiding his shaft to her dark little hole. Katy gasped and yelled in excitement as she felt the head pushing in.


David raised both of his hands as he made the first initial thrust into her ass. As Katy closed her eyes and groaned, he spread his fingers out and then sent them down for a double-slap over both her beautiful ass cheeks.



His hands were now stinging from the hard smacks, but Katy seemed to be getting more and more thrilled with how hard he played with her. David grunted and raised his left leg up, pushing his sock clad foot down into the leather seat as he began to pump every inch of his cock into her tight anal hole.

Katy continued to scream at him, her voice becoming louder with each sentence of nasty words she yelled to him.


It seemed that Katy knew that he was going to wear himself out into fatigue with the way he was fucking her ass. David grunted, almost running out of breath as he pumped every inch of his fat cock into her ass. Over and over, he continued while she moaned and yelled.


"Ohhhhhh, fuck yes I do!"


She expected him to spank her ass again, but David didn't. He was trying so hard to hold off the impending orgasm he had been building up for her all this time. It would be his second load of the day and this time around, David wanted to splatter his seed over her gorgeous face. As he began to slow down, there was a few more thrusts into her lovely rear end that David could make. After the last one, he slapped over the right cheek of her ass and eased his lengthy pole out from her dark tunnel before groaning aloud. Katy could be heard giggling, she knew him all too well. He didn't cum yet, that was all she needed to know for what his next move was going to be. When he took a few steps back, Katy turned around to glance at him from over her shoulder.

"You're about to cum, aren't you!? AREN'T YOU!!?"

"Fuck yes!! Turn around for me, babe!"

"Mmmmm, gladly! I know you're about to cum for me, I know it!"

A giggle was heard from Katy's voice, forcing David to briefly wonder if she was enjoying just how easy it was for her body to push him over the edge. It was taking all the strength he could muster in his veins not to blow his load right then and there. As she turned around, she licked her lips, gazing up into his eyes so he could witness the final expression of hunger she had for his long hard meat pole. David brought his right hand to the back of her hair, but before he could resume control, Katy pushed her lips over the head of his rod and quickly slid her lips down it.

"Ohhhhhh, man! Fuck!!"

There was a bit of panic in his voice. Katy knew that she could push him to the edge rather quickly. David curled up his hand in her hair, pushing her mouth down to give her the impression that he wanted her to finish him off with her lips. Moaning with her tongue pushed up against his throbbing pole, it was only a matter of time when he couldn't take it anymore. David grunted and pulled her hair to free his cock from her wonderful lips with a pop sound. Katy felt him still gripping her hair as she looked in his eyes and called out to him.

"Are you gonna cum for me, David!?"

"Fuck yeah!!"

Katy licked her lips as she knew that she was about to get a face full of spunk. It was time to tease him until he couldn't take it anymore. She watched him place his other hand around his cock and begin stroking hard and fast. Closing her eyes, she called out to him.

"Are you gonna cum on my face, you nasty old mother fucker? HUH!?"


"Mmmmm, give it to me! Come on and cover my face, I want your cum!!"

David squinted his eyes, trying his best not to close them as he soon felt his second orgasm for the day proceeding.


His voice cried out right at the same time a thick wad of cum went flying out of his cock. Katy moaned when she felt it splatter over her forehead, excess drops ricocheting to the floorboard below. A smile appeared across her lips while he was still wanking his rod to empty his balls.

"Mmmmmmm, cum on my face, that's it."

Katy softly laughed in a low voice just as another wad of cum went flying over the right side of her face, drenching under her eye. She soon felt a few thick droplets splashing over her left temple while some of it got into her hair. Since David had already blown one load today, his orgasm wasn't as powerful as he wished it could've been. He let go of her hair, but was still holding onto the base of his cock with his other hand. Katy's face shined from the cum that had splashed over her skin. Taking in a deep breath, David softly smiled as he watched Katy grin up at him and open her eyes. His mind wandered back to reality, as he had to soon get dressed with her and drive back through downtown and to the recording schedule. He remembered that she had told him about waiting when she got there, but now she probably could walk right in and not have to wait at all.

"Well, that was fun babe, but I think I've got a trip to make for you. I've gotta get you over to that studio."

"Oh my god, I almost forgot about that. Time has been flying, I was expecting someone to call if I was late."

"No worries, I'll take you over there...after you clean up your face."

Just when David grinned, Katy flashed her pearly white teeth before cracking up giggling. After her short laugh, she kissed the head of his cock and then replied to him.

"Yeah, you gave me quite a mess, didn't you?"

"Sure fucking did."

"Well, if you're ever my driver again when I call, maybe you'll get lucky again in the future."

She winked at him, still keeping that goofy grin over her face. David smiled before he moved away, knowing that he had to collect his clothes off the floor soon and get back on the road. It was quite a coincidence that the first day in so long that he put on a pair of pants and shoes, he would strike his luck with a wonderful fare like this. He didn't consider himself to be superstitious, but maybe there was a sign of luck with wearing pants and shoes from time to time. Later tonight, David had all intent to go home and write down his next diary entry with the name Katy Perry. Even if he didn't pick up another fare day, he didn't need to make another dime for today's working. He had received more than enough from Katy to feel that he truly was some lucky man today.

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Re: Silver Screen Express
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Silver Screen Express Ch. 17
Starring: Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale

Codes: MFF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Rim, Cheating

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Special thanks to KMB for this idea.

Los Angeles, California 

Friday morning had come, pushing the work week to it's desirable closing hours. As an old saying went, 'the eagle flies on Friday' and that eagle couldn't fly any sooner when it came to David. After a disastrous work week involving troubles with his gold plated Silver Screen Express taxi van, David couldn't wait for the week to end. Back on Monday, the van began having trouble with the brakes. This minor inconvenience was only a prelude of stress to come in the passing days. By Wednesday morning, something was wrong with the ignition and start up. He had lost a day's pay out in the street on Thursday after having the car put in the shop. Now he was only hoping he could make up for that lost day by netting some extra tips from the wealthy fares whom would be calling in for service from the exclusive company. It was the least David could do, as no one enjoyed a shortage in their pay check of the week. 

The winter cold fronts had come and gone through L.A., leaving a streak of nice weather before fading off into nothing. Since the cold days had passed, David was back to wearing a pair of shorts and the usual flip flops over his feet when he sat in the driver's seat of his van. Since December, he had taken to wearing a black shirt out to work almost every day of the week. With his face cleanly shaved and wearing a new set of fresh cologne he received as a Christmas gift, David was back on the streets as usual with his gold plated taxi van. Through the morning, he picked up two fares to net around eight hundred dollars before the 10:30 hit the clock for his usual lunch break. He took the stop near a gas station to put twenty dollars into the gas tank and then buy a snack. The wind blew through his hair while standing outside for a few minutes, just the last bit of winter breeze still pushing on through town. 

By the time he was back on the streets, David had turned off Pico Boulvard, approaching near the Staples Center and Los Angeles Convention Center. The traffic of the afternoon was always a hassle between this part of time, but he couldn't complain when it was a hot spot for fares calling in. Sure enough to David's assumption, the dispatch panel of his taxi van was going off with multiple calling customers within his vicinity. While stopping at a red light, he raised the styrofoam cup that had been sitting in his cup folder, taking a sip of water. Within seconds, the dispatch played a story of two girls near the Gilbert Lindsay Plaza requesting a pickup. Since David was already less than five minutes from that street, he called in to take this fare for himself. When the light turned green again, the van turned down another street with the wheels rolling towards David's destination. There was a row of pedestrians near the street, but he seemed to have spotted his fares quite easily. Two girls, one with black hair and the other a blonde flagged down the gold van before he pulled to a stop. He shifted gears, coming to a stop and unlocking the doors. Within seconds, David could hear the right side passenger door sliding open. He glanced up into the rear view mirror while greeting the two ladies. 

"Hello there! I take it that you're the two who called for a ride?" 

Sounds of shuffling could be heard as they climbed into the taxi van. David usually glanced up into his rear view mirror to have a look, but he had been too slow before hearing a voice gasp and lightly whispering audible words: 'Oh my god! Ashley look, it's him!'. By the time David did try to look into his rear view mirror, he felt a hand tapping him over his back. He instantly turned around to be greeted at the smiling face of a black haired girl. She busted up giggling as she looked back into his old face, seemingly excited for what was a reunion of sorts. Wearing a small black jacket over a while shirt and a pair of daisy dukes style jean shorts below, Vanessa Hudgens had found her way back into David's taxi. He paid no attention to the blonde haired girl sitting next to her on the right side, as he smiled back to Vanessa's lovely face. 

"Oh hey there, babe! It's been a while since I last set eyes on you, what a surprise!"

"You remember me, David?" 

She raised her eyebrow before speaking. With a soft smile, he nodded his head. From the back, David could see the blonde girl sitting there and observing them. She wore a white shirt and a pair of blue jeans, a casual dress code for a warm afternoon in town. 

"Yeah, of course I do! How could I forget someone like you in the back of my van?" 

The black haired girl busted up giggling before turning to look at her friend sitting next to her. David had turned away to face the steering wheel of his van, gripping it with a smile as he began to pull away from the side of the streets. The doors were closed and the van would soon be rolling down the roads just as it always did after picking up a fare. Memories were flooding through David's mind of the first time he had met Vanessa Hudgens. Given how excited she was, he now had a good feeling about today's work. Perhaps this was going to be a memorable Friday despite the concerns he carried over his work earnings. He spoke up while slowing the van down to a stop with a red light. 

"So Vanessa, it's been a long time huh? Who's your friend you've got there with you?" 

"Hi there, my name's Ashley." 

It was a different voice greeting David now. When he glanced up into the rear view mirror, he witnessed a smile across the woman's pink lips. He chuckled a bit before Vanessa spoke again. 

"This is my friend Ashley Tisdale, have you heard of her?" 

"I'm afraid I can't say I have." 

"What? That's too bad. I'm a singer, you probably would like my music if you ever gave it a chance." 

"I'll have to remember that later." 

He replied while the light in front of the van had flashed green, allowing him to continue moving along traffic. Another giggle was heard from the back seat before Vanessa's voice answered back. 

"Well, she's heard all about you. I told her about the time I met the infamous 'David the taxi man' of Los Angeles." 

Another laugh was heard, this time from Ashley's voice.

"Oh my god, Vanessa! If this is the old sleazeball you've been telling me about, I'm amazed! He remembered you, but that doesn't mean I all of a sudden believe your tall tales about him." 

"So you still think I'm full of it, huh?" 

Raising his eyebrow, David listened to the two girls bicker a bit. It seemed that Vanessa had told secrets of her times within the back of his taxi last year. He couldn't help but smile to himself, as this had become an eventful coincidence. From time to time, David had moments where he picked up the same passengers over extended stretches of time. This was the first time that David had a repeating fare that just so happened to be a woman of famed status. He was unfamiliar with Ashley Tisdale, but perhaps that would change later on. It had been a few months since he last had the privilege of driving around a celebrity from outside Hollywood. Today may have been his lucky day to reunite with Vanessa. He grinned to himself while thinking back to the dirty things they had done right in the back of this taxi van. Despite this, he still had to learn their desired place of destination. 

"So, where can I take you two ladies? You called for a ride, so I know I've gotta take you somewhere." 

Vanessa gasped as she began to reply to him. 

"Oh, we needed to get back to my friend's apartment, but now..." 

As she paused, a laugh was heard from the other woman's voice. David had his eyes focused on the road in front of him, but had peeked up into the rear view mirror momentarily to see Ashley smirking back at her friend. 

"Now what?" 

Vanessa giggled before continuing on. 

"Now we're in the back of a sexy man's taxi and I can prove to you that it was true!" 

Ashley sighed. 

"Seriously, Vanessa? You really don't think I believe you about that, huh?" 

"Where's the apartment at, babe?" 

David's voice had interrupted them.

"It's back around Burton Way, I'll let you know the address when we get close." 

Ashley had replied back to him before Vanessa had a chance to say anything else. 

"Alright, just to let you know the initial fee will be for five hundred dollars. By the time we'll get there, I'll add up the rest of the payment." 

As David gripped the steering wheel, he rolled to his left side to make a sharp turn. He was familiar with the Burton Way street, knowing that it was home to a number of luxurious apartments and a few hotels. His mind had become drenched in nostalgia over the previous time he had picked up Vanessa last year. When he glanced back into the rear view mirror again, Vanessa had leaned over and was whispering into her friend's ear. He noticed her eye glancing towards the back of the front seats, almost as if she knew his keen eye would have a focus on them between driving. Through his memories, he could recall a funny conversation he had with Vanessa when they spent a day in his cab. He was curious if she still liked to get naked for her limo drivers, as she had confessed to David last year. After a minute of silence, David was soon alerted to Vanessa's voice. 

"Hey David, I need to ask you something real quick." 

"Yes, babe?" 

She licked her lips, crossing her legs among the black leather seat in the back. Her friend sat beside her, glancing up to the back of David's head as Vanessa spoke. 

"Are you still making 'deals' with gorgeous women who get in the back of your van?" 

He chuckled at her question. The fact remained for David that it had been over three months now since the last time he had to clean cum stains from the back of his taxi van. Here he was earlier in the morning worried about a shortage of money in his check, but now Vanessa was making him completely forgot about that in return of something else he enjoyed. After a moment, he replied back to her. 

"Yeah, you already know how that works. I'll give you a free ride and take us some place nice and quiet, if you let me have some fun with you." 

Vanessa giggled before responding back to him. 

"Nice. You haven't changed one bit." 

"Oh my god, I guess it is true after all. You're such a fucking slut, Vanessa!" 

Ashley's words had caused her friend to giggle at her before answering back. 

"Don't deny it! You get around too!" 

The two girls began to laugh at each other as David kept his concentration solely over navigating through the traffic ahead of them. He was already beginning to think of what back roads he knew in this area, as places he could take them for a bit of fun. Ashley glanced up at the seats, knowing that David was properly studying them from the rear view mirror that was visible above. 

"Since you're a sleazy old guy who does nasty things on the job, I figure I should ask you something. Have you ever had a threesome in the back of your van before?" 

David laughed. It was funny to him as he usually had to go through a routine attempt of seducing the beautiful women who climbed into the back of his van. Vanessa and her friend Ashley were quite different. They seemed to already be horny, looking to indulge in their own fun. Such a question like this had caused him to chuckle briefly before answering her back. David could recall the threesome he had last year involving an actress and her husband. A threesome with two beautiful ladies was something he had yet to experience, but how could he lie to her? 

"Yeah, last year. A lovely actress from New York called my cab and she brought along her husband. He and I gave her a pretty good work out that day, that was a lot of fun." 

Vanessa patted Ashley's shoulder before speaking. 

"See, I told you. David is a kinky old bastard, he knows how to get around." 

"But you haven't had two girls at once in the back of this van, huh?" 

Ashley smirked after her question. David knew exactly what the two girls were hinting for, as they made it obvious from the start. A threesome between the two of them would be a nice way to make up for the week's disappointments. David figured he could forget all about his shortened pay checks, if it meant another chance for Vanessa to work him over into a frenzy. Her friend sounded like his type of fun loving woman. Taking a turn through the roads, he was now seriously thinking about where he could take them for a 'quiet little spot' to hide the van from preying eyes. The sound of their breathing could be heard among the van rolling down the streets as David finally was ready to speak up and make an offer. He figured this is what Vanessa had to be waiting for since she had experience with the games he played. 

"Alright ladies, I'll tell you what. You both wanna free ride? I'll make this ride free if you'll let me climb in the back seat and get naked with both of you. I can take us to a quiet place right now." 

A grin formed across Vanessa's lips before she clapped her hands together. 

"Yes, finally! We are getting fucked today! Woo hoo! No more waiting around hoping to find lucky guys at parties!" 

Such excitement was displayed from Vanessa before she cupped Ashley's face and leaned in for a slight kiss over the lips. David smirked to himself when he caught sight of their kiss through the rear view mirror. After taking a turn down another road, he soon realized the perfect spot where he could hide the gold van clear from any wandering strangers. David spotted an abandoned building off to the side. It's walls were covered in graffiti and decay over the grey concrete. The building itself was previously a law office on the outskirts of town, but that seemed like a lifetime ago back two decades. Another turn had to be made before he could properly navigate his way beyond the building. He wanted to park behind it since there was clearly a wall to the left side that would hide the van entirely. While he was busy driving, the girls in the back had their own way of burning time. 

Vanessa and Ashley had been close friends for many years, going back to their days in Disney and the fame of High School Musical. Over time, they had developed a close bond they spent together on wild adventures. Some of them became rather lustful, as today's events were currently unfolding. Even though Ashley was married, she still had a habit of going out with her friend and keeping secrets away from her husband. Vanessa pushed her lips to Ashley's once more, this time sharing a tender kiss between them. David didn't catch sight of it, as his focus was shifted back to the road, but he soon heard the sound of their moans. After breaking the kiss, the two brown eyed ladies looked back at one another before Vanessa glanced over towards the back of the front seats. She smirked, ready to tease her friend. 

"How about we go ahead and take our clothes off? Let's give that kinky old bastard a bit of a distraction." 

"And you aren't scared that will make him lose his focus on the road?" 

David's voice cracked into laughter at Ashley's words. He teased them with his response. 

"You aren't the first one to say that. Go ahead, I dare you to get naked right now. I'm sure I can focus just fine up here." 

Vanessa giggled, glancing back to her friend as she moved over the leather seats. Together, they both began to strip down. Vanessa threw off her jacket first, allowing it to fall to the black floorboard of the vehicle below. David had not realized earlier that both of her feet were pushed into a pair of white high heels that showed off her toes. Ashley wore a black pair of pump style heels, going along with the surprise she had underneath her clothes. The next time David had glanced up into his rear view mirror, he could see Vanessa's nude body from behind while Ashley was wearing some kind of black lingerie that must have been underneath her casual clothes. He smiled to himself, calling out to them. 

"Mmmm, hot damn. There's that nice ass, Vanessa." 

"Ohhhhh, yeah? You missed this ass huh, you dirty old bastard?" 

"Fuck yeah, I did!" 

She raised her left hand back and then spanked her own ass while glancing behind her shoulder. Ashley smirked over at her friend and suddenly came up with an idea to tease him while he was still driving. She leaned over, whispering into Vanessa's ear. 'If he goes crazy over your ass, let's see how he reacts when we do some twerkin' back here'. They moved over the seats, climbing over them as both girls moved into a position on their knees and pressing their hands against the leather surface of the back seats. From the left side seat, Vanessa began to roll her hips and grind her ass before Ashley repeated the process in the right side seat. The next time David glanced up into his rear view mirror, he had witnessed what appeared to be a booty shaking contest in the back of his van between the two beautiful girls. Letting out a short laugh, he spoke in praise to them. 

"Oh, you two like to work it from behind, huh? I like that..." 

Ashley moaned without answering him back, all while Vanessa had cracked up giggling. They eventually came to a stop, moving back from the seats to face each other. David stopped the van once he had driven behind the abandoned law office building. As he shifted gears, Ashley placed her hands over Vanessa's shoulders while the other woman wrapped her hands around her neck. They began to kiss once more while David backed the van up and turned to glance out the back windshield. He almost became distracted at the sight of Ashley knocking Vanessa's naked body down over the seats as they were locked into a passionate kiss. 

"Ohhhhhhhh, that's some good kissing going on there. I can't wait to have some fun with you..." 

He was clearly referring to Ashley, though he didn't say such. She ignored his words, still focusing all her energy on kissing her friend. The van came to a stop again once David had positioned properly around the wall of the old building. Out the windows he could see various colors of graffiti spray painted over the decaying walls, but he paid the street art no attention whatsoever. Turning the key in the ignition, he shut the engine off just as the girls broke their kiss. Vanessa knew what this meant, as he would soon be joining them in the back seat of the van. The driver's side door opened and then David set his flip flop shoes outside over the concrete pavement before shutting the door. Vanessa pushed Ashley off her, calling out. 

"Get up, he's coming!" 

"Alright, alright!" 

Licking her lips after replying, Ashley stomped her heels over the floorboard of the van. When both of them stood up, the sound of their heels had been muted from the carpeted floorboard. David had approached the left side back door before sliding it open and stepping in. For Ashley, this was the first time she had come face to face with the man. It was almost funny in her mind that she would agree to fuck a man without seeing his face, but Vanessa had led her on this kinky adventure. David smiled over both of them before stepping in and sliding the door shut behind them. Now all three of them were locked into the large space of the van's back seats. Vanessa stood naked to his left side while Ashley was to the right still in her black lingerie. He reached up with his left hand, cupping Vanessa's face as he gently caressed it. 

"It's been a while, babe. I've missed you." 

She smirked at him, teasing back. 

"Yeah, right! I'm sure you've been fucking other women since then." 

"Hey, I ain't denying it!" 

Ashley watched as her friend leaned in and kissed the older man. She thought to herself that there was probably more going on between them, but Vanessa had told her quite the tale about him. 'David the taxi man' had kept the dark haired woman satisfied to the point of bragging about her one time chance with him. When they broke the kiss, he looked over at Ashley. She shook her head to him before speaking up. 

"Sorry, but I don't wanna kiss you. The only man I'll kiss is my husband." 

David raised his eyebrow while looking back at Ashley. Cheating wives were some of his favorite women among the long list of famous names that had taken their clothes off in the back of his cab. Just to know that she was married made him more excited to write about her in his diary later tonight. 

"So you'll fuck other men behind his back but you won't kiss them?" 

After speaking, he smirked while looking back at her. Ashley looked back at him as she became offended and yelled back. 

"That's none of your goddamn business, you fucking sleaze bag!" 

"Okay, okay! I apologize! Save the kisses for this cute thing right here, I don't need to kiss you." 

With his apology, David began to strip his body of clothes. He stepped out of his flip flops while unbuttoning his shorts, giving the two girls something of a strip show as he pushed them down. Vanessa whistled, teasing him as she called out. 

"Hubba hubba, mmmmmmm. That's my sexy old cab driver right there!" 

While Vanessa teased him, Ashley licked her eyes as she glanced down to the bulge sticking out of his underwear. It wasn't until David had shoved his white briefs down and revealed his hardening rod, she finally felt confident about this. Ashley licked her lips as Vanessa began to clap her hands and shout at him. 

"Wooooo, there you go! Get that shirt off and show me that sexy stomach!" 

David almost laughed at Vanessa's actions while he finished up by removing his shirt. There was something funny about this girl, as she seemed to glimmer in excitement while she was horny. As she stood there completely in the nude, he could see the shiny wetness developing around her pussy even though she wasn't pleasuring herself with her fingers. When he stepped out of his shorts and underwear, David sat down in the middle of the seats and now it was time to begin. Both girls fell down to their knees, giving him the impression that they had a history of having threesomes together with lucky bastards like him. They crawled over to him, gazing up into his face with the smiles that greeted him. David took in a deep breath before he felt Vanessa grabbing his cock. Ashley broke eye contact to look at his large meat pole, licking her lips as her friend began to stroke it back and forth with her caring hand. 

"Ohhhhhh yeah, get it hard for me, babe." 

"Mmmmmmm, that's exactly what I'm gonna do right now." 

Vanessa's voice had changed, becoming more slutty in a low tone. Ashley moved her hand away, bringing her palm down to his balls as she began to rub them while Vanessa's right hand was pumping his shaft up and down at a slow pace. David breathed heavily, feeling the hardness of his cock and then letting out a soft moan when Ashley began to massage his balls with one hand. Once Vanessa had felt that his thick rod was to it's fullest size, she licked her lips and moved between his legs. David watched as she placed her soft pink lips over the head and kissed it. 

"Mmmmm, I've missed this big dick so fucking much." 

"Have you, babe?" 

Her eyes shifted, glancing up into his face as she gave him a little smile, flashing her teeth. Ashley moved her hand away from his balls, allowing Vanessa the full space between his legs to begin with her oral skills. All the blonde woman could do was lick her lips as she watched Vanessa close her eyes and envelope her little pink lips around his cock. 'Mmmm', Vanessa moaned slightly as she began to quickly bob her lips up and down the first few inches of his cock. Ashley looked up into his face and spoke in a low, slutty voice. 

"You love her whore mouth, don't you?" 

David didn't respond to Ashley's words. All he could do was lick his lips, softly grinning at the choice of words with 'whore mouth'. Vanessa moved her hands to cup his hanging nut sack down below, She began to rake her fingernails across his balls while she plunged her mouth down, bobbing her lips and down his cock. She was locked into the heat of the moment and absolutely nothing was going to interrupt her concentration while aggressively sucked his thick meat pole. Closing his eyes, David took a deep breath as he could hear every slobbering and sucking noise that Vanessa's mouth was creating. 

"God, ohhhhhh! Fuck yes!!" 

With his voice crying out in pleasure, Vanessa had opened her eyes and looked up into his face. David opened his eyes as she stopped and began to move her lips back up to the head of his cock. Vanessa sucked on it hard before releasing it loudly with a popping sound that echoed through the four corners of the vehicle. Strings of saliva dripped from her open lips, as Vanessa let out a sensual giggle and then moved her hands back to the base of his wet cock. Her eyes looked into David's face once more as she then used her tongue to lick the underside of his long shaft. Once her tongue had reached the head, she twirled around it before breaking eye contact. This was her show as Ashley was only sitting next to her on the floorboard and watching the talents Vanessa worked with that 'whore mouth' of hers. She lowered herself down further between his legs, pushing her head between David's thighs. He soon felt her tongue lapping over his nut sack. 

"Suck on those nuts, babe! That's it right there, ohhhh yeah!" 

For the time being, Ashley had felt left out while Vanessa was giving a full demonstration of the skills she had with her 'whore mouth'. The sound of her slobbering and sucking over his nuts could be heard loudly. Ashley let out a moan, studying her friend as she became tempted to strip off her lingerie and finally become completely naked. Vanessa popped his left nut between her lips, sucking on it before letting it fall freely from her mouth. She didn't plan to spend a lot of time slobbering on his nuts so she moved further down between his thighs. She knew what David enjoyed from the first time she had fucked him in the back of his van. When her tongue raked through his ass cheeks, he knew exactly what to do. David leaned back a bit, giving Vanessa more room from underneath to find his dark little hole between his cheeks. 

"Yes, get freaky down there for me, babe! That's it!!" 

Ashley bit down on her lower lip as Vanessa began to rim him. Vanessa had moved her hands between his thighs, creating an ample opportunity now for Ashley to use her hands and wrap them around his dick. While Vanessa poked the tip of her tongue around the little hole between his ass cheeks, Ashley began to slowly stroke his cock with both of her hands. A small string of spit had dripped down from David's nuts, falling above Vanessa's upper lip. She opened her eyes, gazing up into his face as she continued to eat his ass. The sounds her mouth had created had mixed in with his soft moans, all while Ashley was breathing heavily. The blonde woman had felt as if she were left out so far as Vanessa had taken the spotlight to wow him like she had done last year. Ashley didn't have her chance until Vanessa had completely removed her head from between his thighs, now it was over to her. Looking back at her friend, Vanessa spoke to her. 

"Show him what you've got! How about you use YOUR whore mouth for a change!" 

Such a choice words coming from her friend, all Ashley could do was smirk as Vanessa had moved back to his left side. At last, Ashley was about to have her time to show David what she could do. He sat there, watching the blonde girl move between his legs and flashing him a cute smirk. 

"Go ahead, babe. I wanna see if you can choke on that dick like your friend. Show me if you've really got a whore mouth like her." 

"Ohhhhh, you're about to see alright!" 

A sense of excitement could be heard through Ashley's words before she planted her lips down over the head of his cock and began to suck. She wasted no time going down on his thick cock at a fast pace, causing David to moan aloud. 

"Ohhhhhh, babe! You aren't one to start off slow, that's for sure!" 

He had the impression that this must have been a competitive nature between the two friends. Vanessa had already proven herself in front of Ashley, as her friend now seemed to be attempting to go above and beyond her. Placing her hands over his hips, Ashley's boobs began to bounce about as she plunged her lips up and down. The sounds she made while slobbering over his meaty rod could be heard loudly. 


Sitting next to Ashley was Vanessa whom had dropped her lower lip while watching. She had witnessed this so many times in the past. Though she had done her own job impressing David, Vanessa was leaving the true fireworks to Ashley, as she knew that her friend could make men scream and wail from the power of her mouth. Her breasts began to bounce around a bit from the containment of the lacy black lingerie bra. Vanessa studied her every move, waiting for the perfect time to tell David when to take control. 

"Oh, fuck! You know exactly what you're doing!" 

His praise was well received, as Ashley indeed knew how to work his cock back and forth between her lips. The moment came when Ashley positioned her hands behind her back. Vanessa knew just what to do as her friend pushed her lips all the way down to the base of his cock, deepthroating every inch of his long rod. Vanessa shouted to him. 

"Quick! Grab her by the hair and fuck her mouth! Trust me, she's waiting for it." 

Hands behind the back was the sign that Ashley often gave to her friend when they were locked into a threesome with a lucky guy. David followed Vanessa's instructions and gripped Ashley's blonde hair within his left hand. When he pushed her mouth down, she eagerly began to aggressively bob her head up and down, regardless if he had taken control or not. 

"FUCK!! Ohhhhh man, this is amazing!" 

Vanessa giggled as she listened to the sounds that Ashley's mouth created as David then bucked his hips while pushing her head down. Over and over, his entire cock disappeared between her lips as she moved back and forth. At this rate, he was bound to lose control and shoot his within her oral canal but he no longer cared. It had been far too long since he had a day of pleasure in the back of his taxi van. Ashley had proved herself, as she had not choked a single instance while feeling the head of his cock slamming to the back of her throat. Grunting aloud, David gritted his teeth before growling more moans. 

"I could fuck this mouth all day, god!!" 

"Yeah, my friend has the REAL whore mouth, don't she!?" 

"Fuck yes!" 

He let out another moan as Vanessa's words were so teasing. With a few more pumps into Ashley's mouth, David couldn't hold himself back. He pushed the blonde singer's mouth all the way down and then closed his eyes before roaring aloud as his orgasm commenced. 


His cock had erupted into a steamy explosion from within Ashley's mouth, filling it with his hot seed. Her big brown eyes gazed up into his face while David was attempting to catch his breath. She gave him a little wink as he removed his hand from her hair. Ashley brought her lips up, releasing his fat cock with a popping sound. She then giggled before turning to Vanessa who ran her hands up to her cheeks. While the man had to recover from his climax, he was gifted with the sight of them locking lips and kissing. During the kiss, Ashley used her tongue to swap some of the cum into her friend's loving mouth. Vanessa broke the kiss, pulling back to reveal a long string of cum before they both sucked it up. The string broke, falling down Ashley's chin before she slurped it back up and swallowed it down. David couldn't believe what he was witnessing with his very own eyes. 

"My god, both of you have a whore mouth, that's for sure." 

After his words had alerted them, both girls turned and looked to David's face before letting out laughs almost simultaneously. Their voices became something of a chorus, echoing loudly through the van's four corners. Ashley licked her lips before responding to him.

"So a dirty old sleazeball like you enjoyed that, huh?" 

"Hell yeah, he did! I told you this old bastard likes to get nasty!" 

Vanessa's words teased Ashley back, but she was focused on other things. 

"That's a great big cock he's got, I hope he knows how to use it to make us scream our fucking lungs out." 

David smirked before responding to her words. 

"Oh, don't worry about that, babe. I know just how to use my equipment." 

"So, who do you wanna fuck first?" 

He ignored Ashley's words and glanced over at Vanessa, giving her the nod. 

"I want you first, Vanessa. Get up on top of me, I wanna pound that ass." 

Letting out a whistle, Vanessa turned and looked at her friend while David sat back in the seats. 

"See, I told you he was an ass-man!" 

Patting his lap, David called out to her again. 

"Reverse position for me, babe. That way your friend can work her whore mouth over your pussy." 

"Ohhhhh, how charming. I was beginning to wonder if you were gonna leave me out." 

Ashley smirked, her words coming off like a smart ass with her tone. After Vanessa had risen up from the floor, she turned her back to David. He wrapped his arms around her waist while she began to sit down over his lap. Her hands reached down, wrapping around his fat dick as she pushed it up and between her ass cheeks. Ashley remained on the floor, leaning up on her knees while it took a bit of time for Vanessa to shove the head of his cock towards her back door hole. Once she could feel it poking through, a soft grin formed over her face. She lifted her legs up, hinting for David to use them to hold her up. His hands moved over her legs, taking in a grip. 

"That's it, come on! I want to feel that big dick pounding me in the ass! GIVE IT TO ME, YOU NASTY OLD BASTARD!!" 

"Ask and you shall receive, babe!" 

Vanessa stretched her legs up to her shoulders, demonstrating that she had flexibility and the body of a dancer with her strong legs. With this position, David had better access to the hole between her ass cheeks. He bucked his hips forward, taking in the first thrust while Ashley leaned in, ready to plant her mouth down over Vanessa's shaved cunt. 

"Ohhhh, yeah! That's it, give it to me! GIVE IT TO ME!!" 

Thrusting his hips harder, David gripped her legs tighter within his grasp as he pounded his cock forward into her ass. Vanessa bounced among his lap, her boobs bouncing up and down with each thrust. Letting out loud moans, her hair began to sway around wildly as David took control and pumped his long shaft forward into her ass. Though Ashley wanted to eat her friend's pussy, she found it quite difficult to accomplish as David pounded into Vanessa's ass at such a fast pace, her body bounced a bit from his lap. 


David loved it when a woman called him names such as the ones uttered from Vanessa's mouth. He groaned, continuing to buck his hips forward and driving his long shaft into her ass. Ashley eventually placed her hands between Vanessa's thighs and leaned in, trying to lock her mouth over the pink folds of her friend's pussy. It was a struggle with Vanessa's clit rubbing up against her mouth and then over her nose. She still attempted to do something by darting her tongue into that pussy while Vanessa continued to scream. 


Despite this pleasure, David had planned to stop soon. He slowed down, thrusting forward one last time and then coming to a complete stop. With no further movements, Ashley was now allowed to venture her tongue further into Vanessa's clit, causing the girl to scream once again. 


Ashley's tongue slithered deeper into Vanessa's twat before she shook it from within. The wetness of her mouth had rubbed over Ashley's upper lip and nose, as the scent of Vanessa's dripping folds had filled her nostrils. Taking in a deep breath, Vanessa looked down. Since David had stopped pumping his dick into her ass, she lowered her legs, causing him to let go of them. Her hands moved through Ashley's thick blonde hair. David breathed over Vanessa's neck before calling out.

"Alright, that's enough! I wanna piece of your blonde friend now." 

His words had alerted Ashley to stop, pulling her tongue away from Vanessa's clit as she leaned up from the floor. Vanessa set her heels down over the floorboard as David helped lift her up from his lap. His cock slid from Vanessa's tight back door hole before flopping freely away. David moved up from the seats and then spoke up, knowing just how he wanted these two sexy sluts for the next round. 

"I want you both on the seats, side by side." 

"Mmmmmm, you gonna fuck us from behind then?" 

He smirked at Ashley, letting out a laugh. 

"Yeah, I'd like to do that." 

"Just so long as that cock is in my pussy soon, I don't care how you wanna take me." 

With his right hand, David smacked Ashley's ass after she spoke. Vanessa went on and climbed over the seat, wasting no time getting into position while he teased Ashley.

"If you want me to fuck you, then you better get the rest of that lingerie off now, babe." 

"Ohhhhh, I thought you'd like me to keep it on." 

She replied with a smirk, teasing him. Ashley pulled over the left shoulder strap of her bra before tugging it loose. After snatching the bra off and dropping it to the floor, she tugged her thong down. David licked his lips, letting out a laugh as she began to step out of the thong, leaving it over the floor. 

"Damn, that's a cute ass right there." 

Unable to stop himself, David lightly spanked over her ass once more. Ashley giggled before climbing on the seats. This time he had Ashley to his left side view and Vanessa over to the right. The two girls looked at each other, exchanging goofy grins while David positioned himself behind Ashley. With his right hand wrapped around his cock, he guided it between Ashley's thighs, quickly finding her pussy and slowly thrusting in. His other hand rested down the small of her back. 

"Mmmmmmmm, yeah...Go on, I want you to fuck me." 

Vanessa bit down on her lower lip while listening to her friend moan. She couldn't help herself, she had to reach down with her right hand and begin to finger herself while her friend was being fucked right next to her. David took his time, experiencing the warmth feeling and tightness of Ashley's pussy before he began to pick up the pace in speed. 

"God, this pussy is so fucking tight." 

"Are you complaining about it, you old sleazy bastard?" 

Ashley teased him with her dirty words, prompting him to spank her ass before replying. 

"Fuck no! Do I sound like I'm complaining?" 

He spoke just as he began to thrust his hips, driving his cock forward into her twat. Ashley closed her eyes, letting out a soft moan as she could feel inch after inch of his thick rod pumping into her. Vanessa continued to drive her middle and index finger into her own pussy, twirling them around as she moaned. 

"Yes, ohhhhh yes. Fuck me. Mmmmmm, fuck me." 

Ashley's words were spoken softly while the sound of David's balls slapping between her thighs became audible with each thrust he sent into her. He moved his hands over her ass cheeks, gripping them as he began to pound into her harder and faster, causing her tits to bounce from underneath. As her hair began to wave around, Ashley opened her eyes and called out to him. 


A slight moan was heard apart from her loud screaming, as it was Vanessa calling out while digging her fingers deeper into her cunt. David didn't stop, still pounding away into the beautiful blonde's loving hole as she screamed louder with each passing minute. 


She gritted her teeth while the sound of their bodies smacking together could be heard among all the moans. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound was only interrupted momentarily by Vanessa's own moans and then calling out to him impatiently. 

"Make her cum, David! Do it so you can fuck me next! I don't wanna wait any longer!" 

Vanessa wanted it so bad and she didn't want to wait any longer. When Ashley's voice began to raise with her heavy breathing, she knew that her friend wasn't going to last much longer. Over and over, David continued to pound his thick cock into that tight pussy. Ashley raked her fingernails over the back of the black leather seats, unable to hold back her breaking inner walls as his cock continued to pump into her. 


"Take it, babe! YES!!" 


As Ashley screamed, her body began to shake and then David experienced the feeling of her warm juices flooding around his cock. She had become fulfilled in the ecstasy of pleasure by finally reaching her climax. David snatched his cock free from her dripping pussy and now he was prepared to give his rod to Vanessa. Ashley felt his rod departing from her used, dripping hole. Vanessa excitedly called out to him when she felt his hands moving over her hips after David had stepped around to his right side. 

"Finally, yes! I want you to fuck me! Fuck me hard like you did the last time you picked me up in this van." 

"Vanessa, wait!" 

It was Ashley's voice calling out. She moved over the seats, turning to look at David as she had something else in mind for all three of them.

"Move down on the floor, Vanessa! I want you to lick my pussy clean while he fucks you from behind, how about that?" 

David raised his eyebrow, obviously impressed with her offer of a new position. 

"I like that, let's do it." 

He took a few steps back, allowing Vanessa enough room to move off the seats. David had the impression from Ashley's idea that she wasn't used to being left out. The two girls must have shared a number of exciting threesomes before in the past. They worked like a duo together with him, leaving him thoroughly impressed during all this time. Moving to the middle of the seats, Ashley sat down and threw her legs over Vanessa's shoulders, as they were now in position together. Just when Vanessa buried her lips to Ashley's pussy, that was when David went on and guided his cock into the dark haired beauty's pussy. A muffled moan escaped her lips when he made the first thrust into her. Ashley groaned, gazing up at David's face as she placed her hands over her breasts, softly rubbing them while her friend began to eat her. 

"Mmmmmm, you're such a sleazy old fucker, you know?" 

Letting out a laugh, David smirked at her, flashing his teeth. He began to thrust his cock into Vanessa's cunt as he replied back to Ashley. 

"Yeah! Tell me something I don't know, babe!" 

The blonde singer squeezed over her tits, poking her nipples between her fingers as she returned a smug grin to him. Vanessa wasted no time collecting all of Ashley's juices and swallowing them down her throat like a hungry slut. She moved her hands over her friend's legs, just to position herself better between her legs. Ashley's heels poked over Vanessa's back as the black haired girl was busy thrusting her tongue into her friend's pussy. A muffled moan was heard through Vanessa's voice, sending vibrations into Ashley's skin. David moved his hands to grip over her ass cheeks, rearing back his right hand to playfully spank Vanessa as he continued to thrust into her. Ashley expected David to utter a reply back to her, but he didn't. He ignored her smart ass tone as he cried out in pleasure. 

"Ohhhhhhh, fuck yeah! I've missed this pussy, you sexy little thing!" 

"I bet you're gonna miss watching her use her whore mouth to eat me after today!" 

Ashley's words teased him like so many times before in the day. David glanced down, his eyes tracing over Vanessa's back as he pounded his cock into her pussy again and again. He worked at a steady pace, not pumping into her too fast like he had done Ashley, all out of the fear that he would blow his load within Vanessa. The thought of making a sticky mess over the girls had not crossed his mind, as he simply did not want this pleasure to end. 

"Fuck, ohhhh god!"

David cried out in a fury of pleasure. He could feel a few drops of sweat running through his hair and moving down his forehead.The sounds of slobbering and sucking could be heard as Vanessa was still hard at work, eating Ashley's tight little pink pussy. Vanessa expected to reach her orgasm soon, as she had already worked herself into a frenzy using her fingers to pleasure herself only minutes earlier. Ashley threw her head back against the seats, closing her eyes as she moaned. Her hands were still squeezing over her own tits while she called out to Vanessa. 

"Mmmmmmmm, I love it when you work that whore mouth and eat me out. You just love my pussy, even if you don't ever tell me you do." 

The sound of heavy breathing could be heard as Vanessa was drawing closer and closer to reaching her climax. David continued to slowly thrust his cock into her pussy, trying his best to hold back his own orgasm. As she ventured her tongue through her friend's tight cunt, Vanessa was ready to scream after she felt every inch of his rod pumping into her over and over. Unable to hold herself back any longer, Vanessa raised her head up and then cried out now that her mouth wasn't embedded over Ashley's clit. 


Ashley studied the reaction across Vanessa's face as she had reached her orgasm. From behind Vanessa's body, David was grunting as he quickly pulled his cock out of her pussy. Vanessa's juices squirted over the floorboard down below. After months of not having to scrub any cum stains from the back of the van, David was going to have a mess to clean up over the weekend. 

"Ohhhh man, I'm about to cum now! FUCK, FUCK!!" 

Licking her lips, Vanessa quickly recovered from her orgasm and was ready to finish him off. 

"Leave that to me! I've got this, don't worry you dirty bastard!!" 

Her words were spoken with familiarity to David, as he could've sworn that the first time he had met Vanessa, she had done the same thing. She had all intentions of using her 'whore mouth' to finish him off while Ashley sat back among the seats and watched. Once Vanessa had turned around to face David, she grabbed his cock with her right hand and slipped it between her lips. David didn't have enough time to react if he wanted to blow his load over her face. With her hand tightly wrapped around his shaft, Vanessa began to stroke his thick meat up and down while she sucked on the head, eagerly waiting for his load to shoot into her whore mouth. 


Ashley began to giggle as she heard David moaning aloud. He cried out as Vanessa had forced his cock to erupt into her mouth, filling her jaws with his hot seed. Now she had come even with her friend, as they both had tasted his cum. She continued to stroke his cock, making sure to squeeze out every last drop into her loving whore mouth. He panted, breathing heavily as Vanessa worked to drain his cock. 

"God, that's what I remember about you, babe...You are such a dirty fucking girl." 

"That she is!" 

David glanced over at Ashley to see her grinning at him, just as she had done countless times before. Seemingly satisfied with enough cum in her mouth by now, Vanessa pulled her lips away from his cock with a loud pop noise and then moved up from the floor. She turned to face her friend, climbing up over the seats to give her a kiss. David stood there and watched as they locked lips together for a short kiss. Vanessa came up, looking Ashley in the eyes as she dropped her lower lip. 

The blonde singer parted her lips, sticking her tongue out ready to catch a string of cum that Vanessa made drip from her mouth. It missed her mouth entirely, landing over the left cheek of Ashley's face and dripping down her neck. The two girls began to kiss once more as David just stood there and watched the little show they put on for him. Reality was coming back to the center of his mind, as he was beginning to remember he had a job to do. He smiled, feeling better about today's events to make up for whatever losses he had in his pay check. A chance coincidence had turned into a fun event that had washed away any dread he had on his mind during the morning. 

"That was a lot of fun girls, but I think it's about time I got you both back over to that apartment. That is, after we all get our clothes back on, of course." 

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Re: Silver Screen Express
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Silver Screen Express Ch. 18
Starring: Alexis Ren

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Rim, Dirty Talk, Facial, Slut

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

For a dear friend, this story is for you. Enjoy!

Los Angeles, California

The morning sun was slow to rise now that daylight savings time had come through altering the clocks slightly. David always hated this, as he usually blamed the loss of time on screwing up his sleeping schedule and working hours. Regardless of the slight changes, his job remained the same. The gold taxi van was filled with gas and ready for a new day on a Thursday morning. Cold air was felt in the early morning, but today made only the third day of spring as the current season of the new year. Despite the chilly air, David still left his home wearing the usual flip flops and a pair of shorts. Once the sun had risen completely and the afternoon faded through, he was confident that the typical L.A. heat would drive away the previous cold morning. 

A slight change had come into David's working schedule, along with a few other selected drivers with the Silver Screen Express company. For the past three days, they were no longer navigating the streets looking for fares like they normally went about with their day. David was chosen along with three other drivers to participate in a special job involving transportation for a wealthy client and his associates. Not all the details were made public, giving David the impression that this was simply a rich man who had paid in full to have his friends treated with a bit of luxurious transpiration. For the special job, David and the other drivers were offered a bit of extra money than they regularly would've made. It was hard to complain about anything when earning a thousand dollars per transport for one of these special people.

For the deal alone, David didn't have a single issue with taking on this special job as today made his third time. He had to drive out to the airport and wait for the client to step out. It was a mystery who was going to enter the gold van, as no driver was given any information about the clients. David figured he had caught on with the whole situation after yesterday. Tie first client he had picked up from the airport happened to be a photographer who had explained to him that they were coming home from a business trip in London. The second client was a model whom didn't give David many details when he prompted a friendly conversation. He assumed that this ordeal was at the hands of someone running a modelling business and bringing back an entire crew of people. Perhaps it was a special business trip for everyone involved, at least he assumed to himself. 

As 10:30 AM, the warmness of the city had killed away all remains of the cool breeze from before the sun rise. David sat back in the driver's seat of his gold van, taking the exact same route to the LAX airport from yesterday's trip. What passenger awaited him today was a mystery, just like any day when he was riding the streets for fares. Scratching over his white shirt, David glanced towards some of the traffic as he slowed down the van to move towards the parking spaces waiting outside the entrance. He had been instructed to wait their from the radio dispatch. Another gold Silver Screen Express van was seen ahead of him, parked in a space next to a black Mercedes Benz. While sitting there waiting for his passenger to arrive, David unscrewed the top of a soda bottle to take a drink. Before clocking in for the job, he had went around a convenience store and bought a quick drink. 

Letting out a sigh, David's eyes wandered to see the countless number of people entering and exiting through the front doors of the airport. People came and went, often carrying luggage among other necessities they were bringing along with them. He didn't know what lucky person would be his fare today so he remained sitting and pondering the thought to himself. Taking another drink from his bottle of soda, he let out another sigh before placing it back down into the cup holder console. He considered turning on the radio to pass time, but David wasn't quite in the mood to listen to any Pop music for the time being. After a few minutes had passed by, David turned to glance out of the passenger side window as he noticed a girl approaching the cab. She wore a sleeveless black shirt and Daisy Dukes styled jean shorts. A pink backpack was strapped over both her shoulders. Her hair appeared to be of brunette color. She tapped over the window with her knuckles, prompting David to push the button on the side door console to roll the window down and greet her. 

"Hello there, are you my passenger for today?" 

"You're a driver for the Silver Screen company, right?" 

David smiled and nodded to quietly answer her question. 

"That means you're my driver today!" 

After replying, she moved to the back door to slide it open. David rolled the passenger side window back up as he turned to glance in the back, taking a good look at his lone fare for today. 

"What's your name, Miss?" 

"I'm Alexis and you?" 

"Call me David. Is this your first time riding in a Silver Screen van?" 

"No. I called one last year back when I was home. Let's say that you're the second man to be driving me around in a pretty gold van." 

"Well, at least today I don't have to charge you like I normally do my fares. Today is your lucky day, Alexis." 

After exchanging a bit of small talk, the girl sat down on the seat to the far right side. She grabbed the handle for the back door and slid it shut, all while David sat back in the driver's seat and studied her briefly from the rear view mirror above. Alexis had long slender legs, as David caught sight of what appeared to be black tennis shoes over her feet with red shoe strings. Judging by her appearance and yesterday's passenger, he assumed she had to be a model. He was curious how she could get away with wearing something skimpy such as the Daisy Dukes shorts while boarding a flight. Something he planned to ask her about once the wheels of his van were rolling through the streets. Before he was ready to shift gears, David had one final question. 

"Where can I take you today, Alexis?" 

"I need to get back home in Santa Monica. I've got an apartment out at Ocean Park, can you take me there?" 

"Yes, that will be no problem. I'm paid to take you anywhere today, so there isn't a reason for me to tell you no!" 

This would be a short drive for David, as he knew that Santa Monica wasn't far north from the airport itself. Ocean Park was north of Venice Beach, a place that he was familiar with over the years of learning the streets of this town. It wasn't unusual for him to pick up fares across L.A. who requested a ride out to a destination near the beach. Shifting gears, he moved the van back through the streets to make a slow exit from the airport. The traffic itself was almost always an issue near the airport. While David was driving, Alexis moved the straps of the pink backpack from over her shoulders and tossed it down to the black floorboard of the van. She remained resting over the black leather seats with something of a goofy grin across her face. David caught sight of her lovely face when he glanced back up into his rear view mirror. Her dark eyes were alluring to his mind. 

"So Alexis, I take it that you're a model, huh?" 

"You've guessed right, I'll give you that. What makes you think I'm a model anyway?" 

Turning the steering wheel to move the van over to another street, David replied to her at length. 

"Well, the last girl I had to drive from the airport yesterday told me she was a model. The man before that was a photographer, so I've assumed that all of you must be with the same company or something. There's someone who is paying for all these rides so you lovely people are taken care of coming back to L.A., am I right in assuming all of this?" 

Alexis raised her eyebrows before slowly nodding to him. David witnessed her actions from a second glance up into the rear view mirror above. 

"You're a smart man. It's true, I'm working as a model. My name is Alexis Ren, maybe you've heard of me?" 

"Alexis Ren, huh?" 

David shook his head while gazing forward into the traffic ahead of them. At his age, the only models he tended to be familiar with were those of his generation. Alexis appeared to be too young to go back to those days, so he couldn't say that he had truly heard her name prior to this meeting today. 

"I don't think I know of you from anywhere. Sorry, babe." 

"That's okay, I kinda figured. You look like an older man, you probably don't even keep up with Hollywood gossip stuff, do you?" 

Her response had made him laugh. Unknowing to David, Alexis had a watchful eye studying him from the back seat. She had noticed the faded grey hairs among his head, figuring that he had to be half her age. 

"How old are you, David?" 

"Well, tell me how old you are, Alexis?" 

Answering back with the same question had just caused the girl to giggle at him. From outside the van, a motorcycle could be heard passing by the left side, but Alexis wasn't distracted by the loud noises it created. 

"I'm twenty-one, don't I at least look it to you?" 

He chuckled at her reply. David always had a liking for a feisty spirit in the back of his taxi van. Without telling her the actual number of his age, he figured he would tease her a bit. After stopping at a red light, he had a moment to glance back up into the rear view mirror and study her pretty face. She was quite the attraction, but he wasn't sure yet if he would be taking a chance with her. David wanted to at least get a reaction out of her first, to see what kind of girl she was. 

"Twenty one, huh? Let's just say that I'm old enough to be your father. I'm over half your age." 

Alexis busted up giggling before she replied. 

"Maybe you're right, but at least you look better than most old men I see."

With such a reaction like that, David grinned to himself while moving the car through a slight bit of traffic. Santa Monica was a short drive, going for thirty minutes after a few turns. Despite his steady navigation, his mind was beginning to wonder about something else. Alexis seemed like she was just his type of girl to get down and dirty in the back of the cab. Of course, David could'e been wrong in his assumption. He felt that he still needed time to learn her personality before he could know for sure if this would be another girl to take her clothes off from the back of his vehicle.

"So you like seeing older men, huh?" 

"Mmmmmmmmm, yeah. Sometimes I like a nice older man. They tend to know how to do things better than a simple boy toy around my age, you know?" 

Yet another response that gave David new thoughts. If she talked like this, he figured that Alexis would be an easy one to seduce for some fun. He took a turn off the street, deciding to already hit the back roads and look for a quiet place to take them. Something gave him a great impression that she would be the latest addition to his diary entries. Last month he had gotten lucky with a chance reunion that led to him scrubbing out cum stains from the back of the van. Though his adventures with beautiful women as fares had become rare so far this year, he had not given up hope. While David was driving, Alexis leaned down for the backpack on the floor and unzipped it to grab her phone. He replied to her while she distracted herself with a glowing screen towards her face. 

"I like the way you talk, babe. Maybe you and I could get to know each other better today."

She didn't reply back to him. Instead when David glanced back up into the rear view mirror, he caught sight of her playing with her cellphone. The van passed through a street that was almost empty except for one car passing by on the opposite side. He was thinking to himself where he knew of a good location around these parts of the beach side in Santa Monica. David spoke up again with a question, ready to tease her. 

"What are you doing on your phone, babe? Texting your boyfriend?" 

"No! I'm posting on my Twitter account, just taking a quick selfie for my fans." 

David chuckled. The road he had taken had led them through a few apartments down the south side of Santa Monica. He turned again, passing by an abandoned building. Social media was something completely foreign to him. He didn't spend a whole lot of time on the internet when he was home. The thought ran across his mind of her taking a 'selfie' photo just before getting naked in the back of his taxi. David bit down on his lower lip while Alexis looked back up from the phone when she was finished with her online post. Her eyes wandered to glance out the windows when her jaw dropped a bit. 

"Ummmmm, are you sure you know where you're going? This don't look like the road to Ocean Park." 

This wasn't something he was prepared for. Of all the years he spent seducing women in the back of his cabs, David rarely had to deal with a passenger guessing that he was taking a wrong route instead of following their destination. He quickly thought up a lie to tell her. 

"We're going there, don't worry! This is just an easier road to get there."

"Are you sure? I grew up here and this don't look like a road I know that takes less time." 

She had either caught onto his lie or David simply had chosen the wrong words to attempt at convincing her. Regardless of her words, he didn't care. Instead of playing the usual game, he figured that he could lay his cards on the table and be honest to her about his desire. 

"I'll tell you what, babe. You aren't wrong, I went the wrong way. Can I ask you something, Alexis?" 

"Sure, go ahead!" 

Sitting up in the middle of the black leather seats, Alexis rested her hands beneath her chin as she propped her head up. David continued to drive the van, all while speaking out the truth of what he wanted to do with her. 

"Well, suppose I asked you to make a little deal with me. Today is different cause I can't charge you the standard fee that I usually have to do with passengers. Sometimes, when my passenger is a beautiful girl like you, I tend to offer a little deal for them."

A small grin began to form over her lips. David caught the expression when glancing back up to the rear view mirror. Alexis spoke as the van stopped at a red light, waiting for some pedestrians to cross the street. 

"Ohhhhh, I think I know what you mean now. Let me take a guess, you offer to allow a woman to give you some kind of kinky service to pay for a ride. Is that right?" 

He almost chuckled a hard laugh at her choice of words, uttering 'kinky service'. Once the few people had crossed the street, the traffic light flashed green, allowing the van to continue moving along the road. 

"Yeah, something like that. I guess you could say I specialize in kinky services, if that's what you wanna call it." 

Alexis busted up laughing. She threw her head back to the seat behind her before clapping her hands. By now she had noticed the mirror at the top, fixated on her so he could watch her from the front of the vehicle. 

"You're a crazy old man, but I like that!"

"What's it gonna be, babe? You wanna give me some kinky services or not? I guess I just have to ask you cause I can't offer nothing like a free ride. You see, usually I offer a cute sexy thing like you a free ride if they'll let me get in the back and have sex for an hour. I just can't offer you anything like that since this ride is already free. So, I guess I'll just ask you this, you wanna have some fun with an old man like me?" 

Letting out a sigh, she bit down on her bottom lip while thinking of the offer. David didn't know how she was going to react, but he had taken his chance after assuming she would be a wild thing back there. She had the look of a girl who was just his type of a nasty slut, if only his assumption were to be true after all. After a few seconds of silence, Alexis seemed to have made her mind up and spoke in response. 

"Sure, why not? I haven't been with a good man now in a while and you seem like a guy who likes to have fun with no strings attached." 

David grinned while moving the steering wheel to take a left turn. She was indeed an easy one to convince after all. Today was going to be fun, counting as a bonus to today's pay check for this special job. 

"Alright, I like that. Hold on, I'll take us some place quiet around here where no one will notice us." 

Alexis gasped and pointed her finger to the left side.

"I'll show you a good spot! Take another turn right there!" 

This wasn't something David had expected from a passenger. Not only had Alexis agreed for an afternoon of hot fucking, she was now directing him where to go. He took the turn on the left, following her instructions. She spoke again. 

"Keep going straight right there. You'll see an old car wash, I used to hang out there when I was young. It's a good spot to hide this van." 

Impressed with her street knowledge, David nodded as he continued driving. 

"Wow, you really do know this town quite well." 

"Well, yeah! I should know it, right? I grew up here, this is my hometown after all." 

He laughed at her response, loving the sound of how excited her voice came to be. Alexis' instructions turned out to be true, as David saw the old abandoned car wash that would make a good place to keep the van for now. The building itself looked to be several decades old with concrete crumbling at one wall and several layers of graffiti spray painted over the walls in an array of various colors. Whatever pieces for the car wash itself had been long stripped out, leaving the building as a shadow of its former self. Slowing down, he pulled the van through the old car wash, all while Alexis remained sitting in the middle of the black leather seats with a grin across her face. Once he had stopped the van, David turned the key in the ignition to shut the engine off like so many times before. He opened the driver's door and then stepped his flop flops down over the concrete below him, making that short walk to the left side back door like he always did with an event like this. When the door came sliding open, Alexis looked over him and smirked. 

"Come on in, David!"

"I thought you'd never ask, babe." 

"Well, it is your van after all." 

She winked at him while still smirking. David couldn't help but slightly chuckle at her beautiful personality unfolded before him. He slid the door shut behind him, locking both of them in the back of the van now. He then moved to sit down over the back seat on the left side. Alexis leaned over, looking into his face with a smile. She made the first move, pushing her pink lips to his for a small kiss. She then stood up while he kicked off his flip flops and touched the floorboard of the van with his bare feet. Alexis stood up from where she had previously been seated. While David sat back in his seat, she began to take off her little black shirt. He suddenly remembered that he had wanted to ask her how she boarded the flight in Daisy Dukes style shorts. As Alexis pulled the shirt over her head, he spoke. 

"Hey babe, I've got a question for you." 

"What is it, sexy?" 

After pulling the shirt off, she held it up to her bare chest while David went on speaking. 

"Did they let you board that flight wearing those shorts? I didn't think they allowed passengers to wear something so...skimpy." 

Alexis giggled, still holding the shirt up to cover her breasts. 

"Nope! I wore a pair of skinny jeans on the flight but I changed into the shorts in the bathroom just so I could be a bit more comfortable, that's all." 

After speaking her words, she pulled the shirt away to reveal that she didn't have a bra beneath containing her perky tits. David grinned at her and teased once more. 

"And you didn't wear a bra on the flight either?" 

Giving an innocent smile, Alexis shook her head to him before tossing the black shirt down to the floorboard beneath her. She then unbuttoned the front of her Daisy Dukes style jean shorts, pushing the silver zipper down to make an audible noise. David's eyes never left her body, looking over her tits and down her slender yet muscular built stomach. Alexis appeared to be a girl who stayed in great shape. Leaning over, she watched him roam his hands to softly caress over her smooth skin. Alexis gazed into his eyes, studying David's facial expressions when he moved his hands over her breasts to give them a nice squeeze. Her nipples hardened up under his palms. 

"Nice tits, damn you're in great shape." 

"I like to work out. I look better in front of the camera when my body is in good shape." 

"Yeah, I bet you also look real good when you're sweaty too." 

"You like to see a girl drenched in sweat, huh?" 

"Fuck yes I do, babe." 

After speaking to him, Alexis shoved her jean shorts down to reveal a crimson red thong underneath. David licked his lips before she pushed it down, allowing him to witness her dripping wet pussy. Not a single line of hair remained above her opening hole. She stepped out of the thong and shorts, but kept the strings of her sneakers tied over her feet. David didn't mind, as the shoes themselves added another charm to her lovely appearance. Biting down on her lower lip, Alexis began to fall down to her knees in front of him. 

"I wanna see how big your dick is. I wanna see it right now." 

"Why don't you take my shorts off and find out for yourself."

"Mmmmm, I think I might just do that." 

The tone of her voice had changed to a seductive degree. Alexis gave him a cute smile as she pulled apart the button holding his shorts together. She shoved them down his legs and to his ankles where David soundly stepped out of them. Licking her lips, Alexis slowly tugged his white underwear down to allow his hardening shaft to come freely popping out. She gasped, smiling with her teeth before pushing his underwear down to his ankles. 

"Is it big enough for you, babe?" 

Her eyes shot back up at him while she wrapped her hands around his swelling cock. Alexis licked her lips while David stepped his feet out of his underwear, leaving them as a pile on the floorboard like the rest of their clothes. 

"Mmmmmm, yeah. This is why I like older men. They've got the bigger dicks, that's for damn sure." 

She giggled after speaking while David pulled his shirt over his head. He could feel the warmth of Alexis' mouth over his cock as she began to slowly suck on it. After a kiss to the head, she used her tongue to lick the underside of his shaft while he tossed his shirt down to the floorboard of the van. Behind him, the sun beamed down through the back windshield of the car, almost blinding her had it not been for David's head blocking the view. When he finally laid his eyes down on Alexis, she rubbed the head of his cock over her lips, almost as if she were mimicking a tube of lipstick.She soon stopped and moved the head of his rod over her left cheek before she began to smack it across her face. David moaned. 

"Ohhhhh, you are such a fucking tease..." 

Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound of his cock beating up against her face was heard loudly throughout the four walls of the van. Alexis eventually stopped and moved his cock directly under her lips before replying to him with such filthy words. 

"You haven't seen me yet. You haven't seen what a nasty cock sucker I can be." 

Just like that, she fed his imagination with her dirty words before parting her lips and siding them back down his long hard dick. Alexis moved her hand down to the base of his cock as she began to slowly bob her head up and down, letting out a muffled moan as her tongue was wrapped around his shaft. David groaned, calling out to her. 

"Ohhhhhhh, fuck yeah. That's my kind of girl right there, suck it! Show me what a nasty fucking whore you are." 

Alexis' eyes gazed up at him before she pulled her lips to the head of his meaty shaft and then released it with a popping noise. She had her own ideas in mind now that he had said something about getting nasty. 

"You wanna see a nasty whore, David? I've been told that I can be pretty filthy when my clothes come off." 

"Fuck yeah! The nastier, the better! That's the kind of girls I like in the back of my cab." 

She loudly coughed and then spit down on his cock hard. Alexis' eyes shot back up at David as she took her tongue and circled it around the head of his cock. When she pushed his cock back between her lips, Alexis began to bob her head up and down. She slobbered over his thick shaft loudly, causing some slurping and spiting noises to be audible from her warm mouth. David took in a deep breath, moving his hand to the back of her head as if he were petting her. Alexis wasn't bothered by the touch of his hand as she was busy pumping her lips up and down his long rod. 

"That's it babe, ohhhhh yeah. Just like that, get nasty with it! I wanna see what a dirty slut you really are." 

Of anything, Alexis was motivated by his words. She plunged her lips down further, taking the entire length of his cock deeply down her throat. At first she had gagged a bit but not until pulling her lips back up to the head and releasing it with another sound of a pop. Alexis gritted her teeth while glaring back into David's face. She breathed a bit while a few saliva strings dangled from her lower lip back to his soaked cock. David thought for sure that Alexis was about to say something, but she didn't. Instead, she parted her lips once more and spit on his cock. With both hands, she began to stroke it up and down, rubbing in her saliva over his shiny rod. 

"You know how to suck cocks, I have to give you that. You've gotta lot of experience."

"Mmmmmm, yeah. I can do more than just suck on it, you know? You ain't seen nothing yet." 

Licking her lips, Alexis moved down below, burying her head between his thighs. Over her left hand index finger, he noticed a tattoo of what appeared to be a small revolver pistol.  David was unsure of what she was about to do until she had moved her left hand away, burying it between his thighs only to run it through the crack of his ass from behind. Suddenly he realized just what she was about to do him. He leaned back and spread her legs out, making it easier for her to run her tongue through the crack of his ass. 

"Ohhhhhhh, fuck yes! You know the kind of freaky shit I like, babe." 

David was a man who would never complain when it came to the pleasure of a woman rimming him. He leaned back in his seat, just as Alexis had slid her tongue through the crack of his ass. She buried her face further between his thighs, just enough where she could ease her tongue and find his dark little hole. The tip of her tongue twirled around it, causing him to moan aloud. 

"Ohhhhhh, man! Yes!!" 

While she continued to thrust her tongue between his ass cheeks, Alexis slowly wanked his cock back and forth with the grip of her right hand. David moaned once more, unable to hold himself back. This was such a delightful surprise to him, as he loved to have a woman rim him from the back of the van. Her eyes glanced up, looking at his big hard cock that was in front of her face, all while still shoving her tongue between his ass cheeks and snaking it back out. After another minute, she was ready to get on top and ride that big cock. Alexis moved her mouth away before slathering his balls to drip in her saliva. She licked over both of his nuts, feeling his long hairs over her tongue before she came to a complete stop and began to rise up from the floorboard of the van. Watching her place her right foot up into the black leather seat, David soon realized what she was about to do. Alexis placed both of her hands around his hard dick, holding it up as she straddled him and pushed her other leg down into the seat. 

"Get up there, babe! That's it, just like that!" 

He spoke while moving his hands underneath to hold her ass cheeks and help her climb into this position. Alexis giggled in her sensual voice. A few drops of wetness leaked from her clit down to his cock below. 

"I'm gonna ride this big fucking cock like a real dirty whore, mmmmmm!!" 

Just as she finished speaking, Alexis slammed her pussy down and removed her hands from around his pole. She gasped in her breath before calling out to him. 

"Ohhhhh, god! Fuck!! This big dick fills me up!"

"Damn, that's one tight pussy you've got there!" 

David moved his hands over her breasts, pushing down on them as Alexis panted and caught herself. He could feel the warmth of her juicy pussy, just as she began to roll her hips and grind down onto him. Alexis moved her hands to his shoulders, pushing down on them as she licked her lips while moving into a groove atop of David. 

"Ride it, babe! That's it, go for it!" 

Alexis cried out at first, as it always took her a bit of time to get used to the size of a hard cock inside of her. Taking in a deep breath, she smiled at David as she began to roll her hips again. He leaned back in the seat and began to thrust his hips forward, driving his cock into her pussy and causing her to scream in excitement and pleasure. 

"Mmmmmmm, fuck!! That's it! Come on and fuck me, you sexy old man!" 

Her words had influenced him to continue bucking his hips forward, all while Alexis herself was rolling her hips to grind her pussy down. They created a perfect sync, working their bodies together. David moved his hands down to her hips, allowing her boobs to go shaking around in his view. When Alexis raised her arms back up, he could see what appeared to be black ink of small tattoos under her wrists. Her hair shook wildly as Alexis closed her eyes and screamed once more. 


Since she had called him something of a sexy old man, he couldn't resist the urge to mutter something back in dirty words. David groaned as he moved his hands to slap over her bouncing titties. 

"God, you're one sexy fucking whore! Ride that cock, you nasty bitch!" 

The sound of her body slamming down over him could be heard loudly amidst their crying voices. Alexis moved her hands down to his bare chest, pushing her fingers through the hair while she worked her hips down. Over and over, his cock pushed into her tight pussy. She had no plans of stopping until she had experienced her orgasm at the very least. David moved his hands to wrap around her body pulling her closer so that her breasts were bouncing towards his face. 


"Keep going, babe! Talk to me and tell me what a nasty fucking whore you are!" 

David raised his left hand only to send it down for a hard spank over her ass from behind. Alexis cried out, but slam herself down, forcing his fat dick to pump thoroughly into her pussy with no plans of stopping whatsoever. 


"Fuck yes! Keep talking to me, babe!" 

She closed her eyes, still pushing herself down over him while yelling her words. 


He didn't realize just how close she really was to reaching her climax. Over and over, Alexis pushed herself down to thrust his cock into her. It wasn't until she raked her fingernails across his hairy chest did David finally realize she wasn't wrong about being close. 


She cried out her final words before coming to a complete stop. David soon found himself moaning as Alexis cried out in a loud roar of pleasure. He could feel her sweet juices flooding his rod from within her tight cunt. He felt truly lucky not to blow his own load inside her. David had already been thinking about painting her face in his white seed before their time together was finished. Alexis took a deep breath as she began to climb up from him, allowing his long pole to slowly ease it's way out of her pussy before thumbing down against his chest. Once she set her sneakers down over the floorboard and stood before him once more, the model giggled as she gazed down at him. 

"That was so fucking fun, but I hope we're not done yet." 

Her eyes glanced down at his hard cock. She licked her lips upon speaking once more. 

"I still haven't made you explode yet." 

David grinned at her. 

"Oh yeah, that's right. We still have time and I'd love to bend you over this seat and fuck you in the ass."

"Ohhhhh, is that what you do with those special ladies you offer deals to? You end up fucking 'em right up the ass from the back of this van?" 

"Yep! They love it too, so I wonder if you'd love to have your ass pounded." 

"Mmmmmm, I've never known a man who would pass up the opportunity to give it to me from behind there. Get up from the seat and let me get there and I'll let you get behind me and pound me. Maybe I'll make your cock explode in my ass. That would make me feel like such a dirty fucking cum dumpster." 

As he got up from the seat, David smirked upon hearing her choice of words directed to him. 

"A cum dumpster, huh? I fucking love nasty sluts like that. Go on and get on the seats, I'm gonna pound the shit outta you, babe." 

Alexis gave him a wink before moving to the seats. She laid down over them, moving her head to face the left side window. Over the years, David had learned how to take advantage of every position that the back of a vehicle could offer for having dirty sex. When he watched her push her knees down to raise her ass up, he knew just how he wanted to do this now. He stepped behind her, gazing down at her impressive ass. It was nice and thick, built for a good fucking session. Glancing over her left side shoulder, Alexis licked her lips before she began to grind her ass a bit, making it twerk as her ass cheeks rolled and bounced. 

"You like my ass, huh?" 

"Ohhhh, fuck yeah. With an ass like this, I can see why you like taking it from behind. This is gonna be a lot of fun." 

"Don't keep me waiting then. I want you to pound me like a little fucking whore." 

"Don't worry, I'm gonna pound this ass like a fucking cum dumpster deserves it." 

After speaking, David pushed his right leg into the corner near the door and then lifted up his left foot, pushing it down to get into position. With her ass pushed up perfectly in position from her knees, he grabbed his cock and guided it between her cheeks, finding that dark little hole as he began to thrust his rod into her. Alexis let out a moan before he made the first hard thrust into her ass. 

"Mmmmmmm, yeah! That's it! Get that big dick in there and fuck my ass! I'm your fucking cum dumpster and you're gonna fuck my ass like one!" 

"That's right, babe!" 

She moved her hands, spreading them out over the ends of the left side seat where she set her face down over the black leather surface. David took a few easy thrusts before moving his right hand down to her back, holding her there in position as he began to ram his hips forward and drive his cock into her ass. Once he found a rhythm to thrust his length into her, he grunted and called out. 

"Holy fuck! I could fuck this ass all the time if I was able to drive you around every day!" 

Alexis closed her eyes, moaning in pleasure as she could feel every last inch of his hard cock pumping into her booty. David grunted, as he continued to pound into her over and over. His entire shaft disappeared in her ass while his balls slapped over the underside of her ass cheeks. His eyes watched the ripple and bouncing surface of her thick cheeks with each thrust he sent into her. Since she had not said anything back to him in over a minute's time, he called out to her. 

"Tell me that you're my cum dumpster, Alexis! Say it, babe!" 


The sound of her screaming voice had quite the influence as Alexis managed to push David into another speed. Over and over, he rammed her ass with his hard cock, pumping it thoroughly into her tight dark hole. He grunted, gritting his teeth while still bucking his hips. At the very least, David had made a mental note to waste his load by blowing it within her buttocks. She called herself a 'cum dumpster' and he wanted to make her truly appear like one soon enough. 


Though she screamed and begged for more, David didn't have any intentions of continuing beyond here. He made a few final thrusts into her ass before coming to a complete stop. Moving his hands to hover over her thick cheeks, he clapped them down for a light spank before he began to pull his rod from her ass while speaking. 

"Ohhhhhh, man. I ain't done with you yet, babe. You wanna be my cum dumpster, then I have to make you fucking look like one. Get down on your knees and face me." 

A giggle was heard crackling among her voice. Alexis sighed before she got up from the seats and moved down into the position he had asked of her. She looked up at him, offering a cute smirk over her lips before teasing him. 

"What are you gonna do to make me look like a cum dumpster? I mean, I'm already naked." 

David chuckled at her words. 

"Yeah, but you aren't covered in cum. You'd look better if it was dripping all over that cute, slutty fucking face of yours." 

Alexis licked her lips, nodding at him. 

"So that's what you're gonna do? You're gonna cum all over my fucking face soon?" 

"Yeah, but not until I get you slobbering all over my cock like you were doing earlier." 

"Ohhhh, you liked that, huh? Mmmm, why don't you fuck my face then? Come on, I know you want to. I'll show you just how nasty of a cock sucker I can really be." 

Nodding his head, David smiled at her before stepping forward and swinging his big dick towards her face. Alexis continued to stare up at him until he reached down and snatched her brunette locks of hair with the grip of his right hand. She parted her lips, ready and prepared for it as he began to slide his cock into her warm mouth. Alexis squeezed her lips around his pole as David was now bucking his hips forward to drive his cock between her lips. 

"You nasty fucking slut, ohhhhh man! I'm gonna fuck your cute little mouth and drench you down like a real cum dumpster!" 

There was truth in his words but for now, David had a job to complete with giving her a proper skull-fucking. As he began to thrust his hips forward, he gripped her hair tighter, holding her in place. Alexis gagged a bit, choking on his cock as his balls smacked over her chin below with each full thrust. Her mouth began to make various slobbering and sucking sounds with each full thrust he sent between her lips. 


He continued to buck his hips forward, all while his cock became soaked in her saliva. David came to a stop, holding her head as he pushed every inch of his rod down her throat. Alexis stood on her knees, his balls hanging over her chin while her lips were buried at the base of his cock. She gagged, her eyes watering up a bit. David finally pulled her head back after a minute, releasing his cock with a loud pop sound and strings of saliva dangling from her open mouth. 

"You took that cock like a real fucking whore. You're my kinda nasty girl, let me tell you that." 

Letting go of her hair, he smiled while gazing down at the shiny image of his cock dripping in her saliva. Alexis took a deep breath and gazed up at David before laughing. 

"Don't you mean a cum dumpster?" 

She corrected him, almost causing him to laugh but David was too far drawn into the pleasure she had offered. He watched her push her lips together before blowing a bubble out of her own spit. This suddenly gave him a small idea. 

"Do that again for me, babe." 

Gazing down at his cock, Alexis repeated the process of blowing a bubble with her spit. David grabbed his cock with his right hand and moved the head down to pop her little saliva bubble. 

Alexis blinked when she felt his cock slapping over her lips. She then parted her lips, inviting him to proceed with fucking her mouth yet again. David reached back, grabbing her hair and holding her head up as he pushed his cock back between her lips. It was time for some real throat-fucking. As he held her down, he began to ram his hips forward, driving his cock through her mouth yet again, but this time at a much faster and harder pace. 

"Take that fucking cock like a real cum dumpster! FUCKING TAKE IT YOU NASTY CUM DUMPSTER!!" 

David grunted while thrusting his rod back and forth between her lips. Alexis gagged and choked at first, but had opened her eyes and looked up at him. Small strings of spit had leaked from both corners of her mouth, dripping down her cheeks due to how her head was held up from the grip David held from the back of her head. Just like that before, her mouth created those same inaudible slobbering and sucking noises that David loved to hear. 


"Ohhhhhh, fuck yeah! I could fuck this mouth all day!" 

Pushing her mouth all the way down, David grunted as he felt the head of his cock poking to the back of her throat. Alexis took every inch of his swollen meat pole before she was heard making a muffled gag. He ran his head up through her hair, balling it up almost as if he were creating a pony tail. David waited a full minute before he pulled her lips free from his cock. Alexis gasped, breathing in heavily while her eyes gazed up at him. Several thick strings of saliva dangled from his cock back to her gaping mouth. Gripping his cock with his left hand, David teased her by pushing the head back between her lips and over her tongue before pulling it away. 

He watched the strings of saliva break off and drip down her chin and neck. With saliva dripping from her mouth, David was sure that she was now prepared for the sticky mess that would be slathered across her face soon. 

"Very fucking nice, babe. Now you look good enough to be a cum dumpster."

"Ohhhhh, so this is good enough for you, huh?" 

Her sassy reply made David laugh as he gripped his cock with his right hand, ready to finally paint her face. 

"Yeah, I think it's finally about time that I emptied my balls all over your cum dumpster face." 

After hearing his words, Alexis licked her lips and grinned. With her facial expressions, David knew she was indeed ready without her saying so. David began to stroke his cock, aiming it right at her cute face while Alexis teased him with filthy words. 

"Come on, make me into your fucking cum dumpster! Cum all over me! Cum on my fucking face!!" 

He grunted, still stroking his cock as fast as he could. Alexis licked her lips again and spoke once more, still teasing him. 

"Don't make me wait. Don't make me wait for that cum! I want it right now! CUM ON MY FACE!!" 


David gritted his teeth, grunting once more as he had finally made his cock erupt into a watery explosion. Alexis closed her eyes and held her face up while her mouth was wide open. The first wad of his seed shot completely over her head and landed over the floorboard beneath them. David panicked when he watched the first spurt of cum completely miss her. He moved his cock downward a bit and sighed in relief as the second wad of cum splashed over her forehead. Alexis giggled and spoke up. 

"Mmmmmm, that's it! Your cum dumpster wants cum!" 

"Ohhhhhhhh, man. You're such a fucking tease..." 

Her words would've made him laugh if it weren't for the feeling of his orgasm proceeding. David shot another string of cum up her forehead, drenching her hair and over her right eyelid. A few strings shot over her right cheek, dripping down. David moved his aim, still stroking his cock as another wad came out and splashed over her left cheek. Alexis licked her lips while moaning in a sensual voice. 

"Mmmmmmmm, so fucking hot all over my face." 

Still stroking his cock, David gasped while shooting another string of his warm seed over the right side of her face. A small spurt ended up in her closed eyelid, dripping down like a semen filled tear drop. Another spurt went under her nose, dripping down to her upper lip. When he was finally finished, he came to a stop and took a deep breath while Alexis began to slowly open her eyes with a few blinks. The cum dripping from her upper lip fell down to her tongue after she parted her lips. Alexis gazed up into David's eyes while taking her tongue and licking her lips before swallowing what small bit had landed over her tongue. 

"You're such a nasty fucking cum dumpster. God, I wish we could do this all day. I could totally get used to driving you around every day."

"I loved every last second of that. If we were doing this every day, I'm not sure you'd be able to keep any cum stored in your balls at all. I'd end up draining you every day." 

David laughed, nodding to her. He hated that their time together was about to come to an end, but he had no regrets from meeting Alexis today. The only shame he had was that they couldn't spend the entire day together like this in the back of his taxi van. 

"Yeah, I have to take your word on that, babe. But right now, I think we both need to get dressed and I guess I have to drive you home or where ever you want me to take you." 

"Oh yeah, that's your job, right? I totally forgot what you do since we've been having all this fun in the back of your van." 

She laughed while reaching her hand up to wipe some of the cum from her face. David watched her place her fingers in her mouth, sucking them clean of his hot seed. 

"Yeah, I know how that feels. Wish I was your driver every day, that's for sure." 

"Well, if I ever call for a Silver Screen van to pick me up, I'll be sure to ask for Mr. David to come and pick me up." 

"That's awfully sweet of you, babe. Go ahead and get your face cleaned up and I guess we both should get dressed. I'll drive you home as soon as we're ready." 

After speaking, David couldn't help himself from sighing. She seemed to be just as disappointed as he was knowing that this day had to come to a sudden end. Apart from the money he was making on this special job, David now had another reason to be thankful this turn of events. He planned to go home and record this memory down in his diary, just like his other adventures with famous women. Though he didn't know who Alexis Ren was at first, she had left quite the impression to last in his memories. Just another day working as a taxi driver had turned into something special. Life was truly full of surprises, at least he thought to himself. 



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Ha...these are great. I actually copied the text from Literotica on the Lucy story to read later hehe. Much better with your pictures and vids here!

Can I ask who are the two porn stars getting shafted in the Lucy and Britney stories. Both are in Fake Taxi's.
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Hope to see some new chapters this year if you plan to revisit this series.
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Ha...these are great. I actually copied the text from Literotica on the Lucy story to read later hehe. Much better with your pictures and vids here!

Can I ask who are the two porn stars getting shafted in the Lucy and Britney stories. Both are in Fake Taxi's.


The porn star I used for Lucy is Sensual Jane; the Lucy Pinder of porn. Her Fake Taxi episode really is what inspired this entire series. I discovered it through her.

The other one who was used in Britney's chapter is Chessie Kay. I just recently learned who she was.


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Hope to see some new chapters this year if you plan to revisit this series.

3 final chapters are planned, I just don't know when I'll get around to them.


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Ha...these are great. I actually copied the text from Literotica on the Lucy story to read later hehe. Much better with your pictures and vids here!

Can I ask who are the two porn stars getting shafted in the Lucy and Britney stories. Both are in Fake Taxi's.


The porn star I used for Lucy is Sensual Jane; the Lucy Pinder of porn. Her Fake Taxi episode really is what inspired this entire series. I discovered it through her.

The other one who was used in Britney's chapter is Chessie Kay. I just recently learned who she was.

Ok I know both girls. I think you need to keep searching for the porn Lucy. Sensual not as good looking haha. Tits a little floppy as opposed to Lucy's man made ones lol

Chessie Kay escorts also. FYI haha


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I am officially announcing that this series is coming back!  :D

I am offering commissions as requests. If you have a specific request for this series and would like to help me out with my financial problems, check here.

Huge thanks to Mr. Heigl for the logo. 

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Silver Screen Express Ch. 7
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence

Codes: MF, Cons, Cheating/Affairs, Dirty Talk, Oral, Anal, Spank, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Love these stories! Especially this one!
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Silver Screen Express Ch. 7
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence

Codes: MF, Cons, Cheating/Affairs, Dirty Talk, Oral, Anal, Spank, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Love these stories! Especially this one!

Many thanks! Glad you enjoy them!  ;D


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Favorite chapters - Lucy Pinder, Kate Upton, Katy Perry and Katherine Heigl. Love the stuff with big titted women. The Lucy one was the best for me, but that chapter with Heigl was something else with the whole control battle.

I'd like to see Keeley Hazell go for a ride if you continue this series.
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Favorite chapters - Lucy Pinder, Kate Upton, Katy Perry and Katherine Heigl. Love the stuff with big titted women. The Lucy one was the best for me, but that chapter with Heigl was something else with the whole control battle.

I'd like to see Keeley Hazell go for a ride if you continue this series.

Many thanks! The chapter with Lucy was my favorite. I started this series with the sole intention of doing her. Originally it was going to be a 'Lucy Pinder in Fake Taxi' story but then I thought of doing a series and held off on her the longest to build up all my energy to her. I think it's the best chapter I wrote, happy you liked it.

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Re: Silver Screen Express
« Reply #29 on: December 25, 2019, 09:13:39 AM »
 Definitely my favourite Lucy Pinder story ever. This story got me hooked from the word go and i have read it over 50 times. Just the thought of a guy next door, a cab driver getting his way with the lovely Lucy just blows my head completely!!!! And you have written with all your ingenuity!! Flawless, masterpiece!!! :Y:
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