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Focus On Me with Ariana Grande
« on: September 23, 2018, 03:19:24 AM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a single word of it occurred, nor would it.

Focus On Me with Ariana Grande
by MaxwellLord
(MF, Oral, Cons, Tease)

When you don't really want to work a normal nine to five job, one of the best things there is to do is freelance production assistant work. If you could find it, PA work was a breeze, or at least made life a breeze. Sure, there would be a solid three or four months of nothing but work. But, if you played your cards right, you'd make enough money to not have to work for just as long, then have work lined up whenever you wanted it.

And that's my racket. And it all usually went pretty smooth. I did a lot of music videos. Nothing major. Hauling cables, picking up coffee, grunt work. But boy did it pay. Plus, it was kind of cool to see stuff get made, even if it was something that could be as piddly as a music video. It always paid though.

On this particular day, it was a fairly bare bones set. All the glitz and glam was up to the make up artists and the director of photography. Of course, the star of the show had a part to play as well, and that was the pint-sized sexpot known as Ariana Grande.

Watching her all day in her sexy outfits, the silver wig she was wearing bringing a nee dimension, her dance moves, while not the best, made me drool. When I got a peek at some of the dailies, the close-up on that mouth of hers...holy fuck. This woman was walking sex and she knew it and had no issue flaunting it. Lucky me. I stole every glance I could as the day went on.

However, as the day went on, I began to get the feeling I wasn't being as covert as I thought with my glances. Maybe it was just me, but I started to notice Ariana giving me some looks in return. One take the sex was oozing from her and I caught her eyes on mine, or I thought I did. Sometimes she'd bend over a lit bit more than she had before, giving an even more heavenly view..but only when I was in perfect view of her show. She had to know what she was doing, didn't she?

A quick flash of her crotch, her ass, her breasts. And every flash came with a knowing glance, or that's how it seemed. But it couldn't be. No. No way. Impossible. Just my ego and my dick running away with my imagination. I'd just need to go home jerk off and get those thoughts out of my head.

But what if she was looking at me?

Nope, not playing that game.

"Yo, Todd!" I heard a voice call out to me. I turned around to see my friend Mark. He usually was on the same jobs as me, this one was no different.


"Take your eyes off the hottie, DP needs his lenses and left them in the trailer You're grabbing them." Mark tossed me the keys. "Step on it."

I took one last look at Ari and went on my way. Well, almost. I paused momentarily when I swear I saw her give me a small wave with a tiny smirk breaking through before I left. I shook my head and went to go get the lenses.

By the time I got back, there was a small break going on. The crew were setting up a new show while Ari had gone to her trailer to change into a new outfit. I was a little bit thankful for that. No more of my mind playing tricks on itself with her tight little body as fuel.

I handed the lenses off to the DP and was about to head to craft to get some food when I was stopped by one of Ariana's assistants.

"Ari wants to see you," he said. His tone revealed nothing. No anger, no humor...nothing.

"What for?"

"She didn't say. Just said she wanted to guy who just left to come help her with something when he came back. That's you. So get to it. You won't lose any break time, she promised. She'll extend it as long as necessary or something. Just go so we can wrap for the day."

The guard pointed me right to her trailer. It was a quick walk. I knocked twice on her door and was told to come in before I could get to knock number three. I opened the door and my jaw hit the floor.

Ariana was already in her outfit for the next segment of the video, a black bodice, her amazing legs clad in fishnets. As I was taking her all in, from that sexy little caboose to the front, she locked eyes on me.

"How do I look?" she asked. "And be honest."

"Really fucking hot," I blurted out, immediately regretting it. "I'm so sorry."

"Don't be," she giggled. "I asked for honesty and I got it. Now... what's the best part? What should I tell the director I want there to be shots of?"


"I didn't stutter."

"Legs and ass." I said, still not entirely comfortable. "I mean...holy shit those legs are works of art and somehow that outfits cranks everything up a notch. And that definitely goes for the backside as well."

"Thanks," she said with a smile that was sweet...but her eyes had the same heat they did when I could have sworn she was flashing me looks earlier. "Now, you're not just saying that because I'm here and you're nervous because I'm giving you a hard on, are you?"

Ariana's eyes went to to my crotch, where my attention now went. Ari had been distracting enough for me to not notice that the tension had indeed started to have an effect on me. I wasn't at full mast, but the tent was indeed in the midst of being pitched.

"Don't be embarrassed," she said calmly, her eyes again adding a bit more spice. "I'd say that's pretty blatant honesty. Besides, I'm flattered. Honestly...um...I'm sorry, I didn't get your name."


"Todd," she repeated. "Well Todd, here's a little secret about every single performer in any field. We all love the attention. Turns us all on. A lot. And a big part of it is honestly knowing there are people out there turned on. SO right now...I'm a big fan of you as much as you are of me. You are a fan, right?"

"Yes," I said. "Very much so."

"Excellent." She turned on her heels with a smile and went behind a screen, a lamp allowing her silhouette to be shown as she stripped out.I definitely noticed myself straining against my jeans as she undressed, her nude form being teased, hidden just enough by the screen to inspire all the best kind of thoughts.

When she returned from behind the screen, her face continued the seduction story her strip down started. She was in a short little silk robe, the hem of it just stopping at her thighs. She was still in her high heels. She took a seat on the couch right in front of me and sat, her legs crossed.

"So, where was I?" she asked herself. "Ah, yes. Artists getting turned on by the audience being turned on. It's very symbiotic. We all get something in return. You, as an audience member, get the music as well as, heh, fantasy fuel." She licked her lips. She knew exactly what she was doing. She was five steps ahead and I hadn't even put my running shoes on.

"And sometimes, just sometimes,we get more in return than knowing you've had a good time and the money and such." She uncrossed and crossed her legs, giving me a quick peek underneath that amazingly short robe. "I mean, it's much easier for the guys. Not complaining. Well, not too much. But, fuck, I mean tours, signings, video shoots, it's pretty much a nonstop pussy buffet for them with no consequences. Us girls? We have to be a bit more discreet. Not even because of double standards or anything." She licked her pink lips, the sheen of the lipstick adding a sensual layer to everything she was saying. "I mean, first off, on tour? Not the best place to find some dick. It should be, but it's not. Too many big talkers who can't, or won't, get down to business. Don't you just hate that?"

"More than you can imagine," I agreed. "If you talk big, back it up."

"Exactly." Her hand moved to the belt of the robe, pulling enough to undo the slipknot that kept it closed when she stood. For now though, she was still covered, save for her shoulder which she now bared. "So for women, at least in my experience, we do most of our sampling of the fanbase on shoots like this. Sometimes, that means getting fans on set. And that's always both kinds of fun, both wholesome and otherwise. Then other times...it's you." She grinned at me and her robe fell down just a bit more.


"Well, not you specifically, well, except in this instance." She leaned forward a bit, making the loose garment she had on hang even looser. "See, when you've done as many videos and shows and stuff, you start to get the feeling of who's just looking at you because they want to fuck you and who's looking at you because they both like you and what you do in addition to wanting to fuck you. There's always a bit of a hesitation in those looks, and then a quick look away, like you don't want to be caught in the middle of you sex dream, especially not with the focus. And that's been all over your face today. I know. I saw it. And I kept it going. Now that was a lot of fun. And this is going to be even more."

Ariana stood up, dropping the robe and leaving her bare, nothing but her heels. The look on my face must have been one in a million, because she returned it with a smile that dripped with sex that was also one in a million. Her brown eyes stared at me, a half smile on her face, as she sat down. she spread her legs open, her hands going all over her fit little body.

"Take your pants off," she demanded, and I did. I hurried took them down, letting my rock hard dick spring free. As soon as I stepped out of them, I began to head towards her. However, Ariana held her hand out out, palm first, stopping my movement. "I didn't say come over here. I said take your pants off. Stay there. Hands behind your back. Just watch me a bit. 'Kay?"

"Yeah, sure." I replied. I put my hands behind my back, and she grinned wide.

"Good. Also, nice fucking cock. Real nice." She brought her fingers to her mouth, licking them before bringing them down to her pussy. Her moans were fittingly like music to my ears as she began to rub her clit. It was softly at first, and the moans matched. The visual and aural presentation though were more than a little enjoyable.

"Mmmm, keep watching," she moaned. "Watch me play with my tight little pussy..."

I was totally under Ariana's spell as I watched her rub her clit, every moan and look of pleasure on her face making me ache to do more than just watch. Whenever that urge started to get to be too much, Ari flashed me that look and parted those pink lips to say, “Don't...don't touch that cock...just keep watching....unnng...I wanna see how bad you fucking want it...”

Her words were soon totally overtaken by moans. She threw her head back, her body arching as she began to do a bit more than rub her clit, inserting her fingers in her pussy. She gulped for air, her free hand grasping at the couch and squeezing tight as a tiny bomb of pleasure was being formed in her body, the fuse just waiting to be lit.

“Eat my pussy,” she gasped. “Get over here and eat it.” I hurried over to the couch, skidding to my knees and dove right in to Ari's offer.

“Ooooooh baby,” she whined. “Yesss.” I jumped right into everything, no hesitation. I hungrily sucked at her clit while finger fucking her, two fingers in and out, twisting and turning inside her. With my free hand I hooked her leg, pulling her even closer to my face as i sucked her clit.

“Oh shit you're gonna make me cum...fuck..don't stop..eat it...eat it..of FUUUCK!!!” Her hand darted down, grabbing my head and holding it firmly as she ground her crotch against my face. Her breaths became more and more rapid until she cried out and came hard. I happily lapped it all up.

However instead of taking a moment to breath, Ariana sprung up and pulled my face to hers, kissing me and licking my lips. “Fuck me,” she said. “Just fuck me.”

I picked the petite nymph up and carried her over to her make-up table, a traditional little set up with a mirror framed by light bulbs. Ari leaned back on the mirror, one of her tone legs hooking around my waste while the other was against my chest, I kissed from her ankle to her calf before reaching down between the two of us.

“Mmmm fuck,” she grunted as I thrust inside the powerhouse singer's powerfully tight pussy. “Oh just fuck me..give me that cock...I've wanted it all day!” She flashed me one more of those looks and it was on. She wanted to get fucked? Then that's what she was going to get.

I drove into her, hard and fast. The trailer had to be shaking but neither of us cared, we were too focus on the task at hand, fucking each other completely senseless.

“Ahhh...ahhh fuck yeah,” she whined. “Take it...take my pussy...fucking make it yours...FUCK!” Her back arched, pointing her little tits right at me. I leaned forward, sucking and licking on those hard nipples, flicking my tongue at them before lightly tugging on each with my teeth.

“Oh fucking shit Ari...fuck...oh fuck,” I groaned. Frankly I was surprised I could form any words at this point. Being balls deep in Ariana Grande and having a dirty little tryst in her trailer was enough to wipe out any man's ability to form even the most basic of sentences.

Ariana leaned back, but still kept those hypnotic brown eyes on me, a stunning half smile on those pink lips. I reached forward, grasping her breasts as our bodies continued their motions.

“Yeah...yeah fuck me Todd,”, she said, goading me on. “Pound it...take me...make it yours...it's all yours right now...fuck me!”

“Oh...fuck...oh I'm gonna fuck...nnng...gonna fuck you Ari!” I pulled out of Ariana then spun her around. I slapped her tight little bum once before shoving my cock back in her amazingly tight fuckhole.

“Unnng god yes!” she shouted. “Fuck that's a big dick...oh just fuck me...hard...”

I grabbed Ariana firmly at her hips and gave her every thing I had. I took her sweet pussy hard and fast, reaching around to play with her clit. She howled in pleasure, the look on her face reflected back to me in the mirror, one of total ecstasy just making me go harder and faster.

I had a live sex show right in front of me via the mirror, and I was the one putting it on alongside this sex kitten. And Ariana just added more spice to it all. Her eyes, her smile, whether reflected in the mirror or looking over her shoulder at me. Even when lost in lust she still put on one Hell of a show.

“Fuck me til I cum fuck me till I cum,” she said, almost in a chant. “Don't stop...oh fuck don't stop..so...unnngg so close...oh shit...” Ariana's hand darted between her legs, working her clit alongside my hand until finally, she froze and desperately cried out, “CUMMING!”

As her cunt clamped down and my cock, I felt the same feeling she was. “Shit, me too!” I yelled. “Where?”

“Pull out,” she said, he voice a little wobbly. I yanked my cock from her pussy and Ari spun to her knees, working her clit and looking up at me. “Cum on my fucking face...mmm fuck I know you want to. They all want to. And I love it. Love that hot cum on my face...mmm cum baby...jack that dick all over my face!”

“Oh ARI!” I yelled. With a few more pumps I exploded all over her face, coating that gorgeous mug in every drop of hot white cum I had in me.

“Mmmmm yessss,” she said with a laugh. She opened her mouth and closed her eyes as rope after rope of cum drenched her face. When everything slowed to a dribble, I placed my cock in her mouth and moaned softly as she softly sucked the last few drops out.

“Oh holy shit,” I said, pulling my wilting cock from her mouth. “I...I...wow...”

“Feeling's mutual sweetie,” she said. She had a sweet smile on her face as she cleaned her face off, scooping the cum off with her fingers and swallowing. “Mmmm, nothing like a real good groupie fuck.”

“Glad to be of service.”

“I bet you are.” Ariana got to her feet and looked in the mirror. “This is gonna take a while. I'm going to need to shower. Shoot's gonna go late. So worth it.” She then turned to me. “Now, it goes without saying you're not saying anything, understood?”

“Totally,” I replied.

“Good!” she smiled. “Now, not to be rude...but how about you get your clothes back on and get out of the trailer?”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah.” She smiled. There wasn't an ounce of venom in what she was saying. She was just done. And so was I.

I got my clothes back on in a quick fashion. I turned one more time to Ariana. I felt like I had to say something. “So...yeah. Have good day.”

“Oh, it already has been.” she replied. “But thanks. See you next video shoot.”

“Yeah, you too....wait...what?”

“You heard me.”

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