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Holly Makes My Day Better Pt. 01
« on: October 04, 2019, 12:49:59 PM »
*WARNING!! This story is in no way based on anything real and is completely fiction. Do not take this story seriously as it is only for your enjoyment. Anyone below the age of 18 is not allowed to read as it is rather explicit, leave reviews please and I hope you enjoy*


So today had been absolutely dreadful. Bad day at work, bad weather, car has been crashed into and the passenger door is now absolutely fucked so it's going to cost me money I don't even have. Little did I know my life was going to change dramatically in only a few hours...


A lonely man with a dead end job and a smashed up car, could life get worse. Yes it could, but luckily it doesn't. I left my house to go to a bar and as soon as I get outside, it starts raining. While my car was being fixed I had no option but to walk. Couldn't be bothered to get my umbrella so I just walked... and walked... and walked...

I sat at the bar drinking, watching all the couples together and mumbled to myself "Where did my life go wrong?" Then all of a sudden I hear a woman's voice say "It can't be that bad."

I look to where the voice is coming from and it turns out to be the blonde bombshell Holly Willoughby! She was wearing a tight black dress, that caused her breasts to pour out of it and her ass was popping out very nicely. I wonder what she was doing here in this bar but I had absolutely no idea, but I was grateful for what was to come later on.

"H-H-Holly..." I stutter. She smiles and says "Yes?" My mouth was open but no words were coming out at all. She then decided to stick her tongue down my throat! I wasn't going to complain because it was Holly fucking Willoughby.

"I bet you're wondering what I'm doing in a place like this?" She asks.

"Yes I'm genuinely confused, why are you here?"

She then again does that sexy smile of her's and starts to explain how she has broken up with her husband because they no longer love each other and they weren't very happy together anymore, and she is at the bar because all she wants is a one night stand with any single man she can find and I was the only good looking man at the bar. Shocking. She places her hand on my lap and says "Next round's on me."

I insisted that I will pay and she just squeezes my leg and then she whispers in my ear "Tell me when you have AT LEAST a million pounds in your bank account."

She then ordered the bartender to fetch us our drinks. We then finished up our drinks and she decided we should go to a club.

"By the way... I get really horny when I'm drunk. I'm already a little wet."

She carried on chuckling as the alcohol passed through her body.


As soon as we got to the club, we mutually decided to get on to the dance floor and well... dance. We started facing each other but she was pulling sexy faces while holding onto my shoulders, everyone around us just looking at me in public, jealous of the fact that I was dancing with this national treasure.

She noticed all the eyes ogling her and then decided to turn around and back her ass up against me and started grinding against my cock! I struggled to keep my erection down but it was difficult because she was doing it for many minutes on end, I didn't help myself by grabbing onto her hips and moving in the same rhythm as her. She then grabbed the back of my head from behind her, pulled me down and kissed me. I kissed her back and when were done she turned around and said "Follow me."

I thought to myself "No not the toilets you'll ruin your career." And thankfully we got to the bar, it seems she wasn't completely out of control. We were both pretty drunk at this point but still she wanted to drink more despite me telling her she'd had enough. She got us a bunch of shots and we both decided to take half each. We both made our way to a table together and she was just giggling... I had no idea why.

"You know what I said earlier about being drunk and horny?"

I replied "Yeah."

"Well... I'm drunk... and of course like I promised. Very, very horny. Look at my leg." I did and I could see something running down her thigh. She then spread her legs then told me to look under her dress so I moved my head below the table to get myself a little glance and I was surprised to find out she wasn't wearing any underwear! She then wiped her juices off her leg with one of her fingers and sucked her finger clean.

"Like what you see, handsome?"

I just nodded and she then moved closer to me and put her hand inside my trousers. Aware than anyone is able to see us made me even more excited. She started wanking me off under the table so I thought "Fuck it." And shoved my hand under her dress and inserted two fingers into her pussy. It was rather tight and extremely wet like she said it would be. She was surprised at this and all I could hear her shout for a moment was "Fuck!" So I kept moving my fingers in and out while rubbing her clit with my thumb.

Holly seemed to enjoy this as she removed her hand from my trousers which was good because I could have blown my load at any moment. She placed both of her hands beside her and started to move herself against my fingers. She seemed to forget we were in public but I didn't care. "Don't stop, I'm going to cum. Fuck! Keep going!" I did for about 3 more thrusts and then I pulled my fingers away and she looked at me annoyed. She slapped me around the face, grabbed my hand and sucked her juices off of my fingers. I hadn't even gotten the chance to taste her pussy yet and here she was doing it a second time in front of me!

"You're going to make up for that when we get back to mine." Her place? Surely the kids would be there? Unless their father has them for the night meaning we will have the place to ourselves. Lucky me.


We walked to her car and I soon only just realised then that she was way too drunk to be driving. I ordered a taxi to come and pick us up and when it arrived she got in first, stumbling into the car seat while bending over giving me a flash of her shiny, wet pussy. I got in after her and she sat on my lap, kissing at my neck, I then noticed a sharp pain and she moved back and she just smiled.

She'd left a love bite on my neck the cheeky little minx.

I spanked her ass and she just made an "Ooh!" Sound. She started to grind against my covered cock while kissing me and eventually, we had arrived at her place.

I went to pay the taxi driver and she again slapped me saying "No. Naughty boy."

She handed the driver her money. We both got out of the car and walked towards her door. She took her key out of her purse and while she was unlocking her door I pressed her up against the wall and started to grope her ass cheeks making her giggle.

"You're making me so wet." I noticed more of her juices running down her legs, I reached my hand down so I could get some for myself but it seems she didn't want to allow me to so she swatted my hand away.

She pushed the door open and we walked into her house, she took the key out of the door closed it behind her and pushed me back against the door. "I'm nowhere near done with you yet." She got to her knees and unzipped my trousers, trying to get my cock out. She pulled down my boxers and my cock sprung out and slapped her in the face. She started laughing and then she finally grabbed it.

She licked the tip a couple of times while stroking it and said "I can't wait to have this huge weapon inside my snug little pussy." Neither can I, Holly. Neither can I.

She carried on stroking my cock while sucking the tip and it felt quite nice. The further she made it down my cock the less she was able to move her hand up and down on.

"God it's so fucking big, it has to be at least 9 inches."

She removed her mouth completely and then said "When I give you the signal, I want you to fuck my throat as hard as you can." She put her lips back round my shaft and started to move down towards the bottom of it. She grabbed my balls and started to rub and softly squeeze them which caused me to moan softly. She kept moving her mouth down my cock and it started to reach her throat. She didn't start to gag, she just took it right in. As soon as every single inch of my cock was in her mouth, she squeezed my legs which I'm assuming was the signal, I put my hands in her golden blonde hair and held onto her head and then proceeded to fuck her mouth slowly, speeding up every few seconds.

Within a short amount of time I was going as fast and as hard as I can but she still hadn't gagged or choked. "Fuck, Holly I'm going to cum." She moved her head back and I removed my hands from her head and she took my cock out of her mouth.

There was a string of saliva connecting from her lips to the tip of my cock so she sucked the tip and let the saliva dribble down onto her chest. What a sight it was. My cock was still standing up in the air and she rubbed it softly saying "Doesn't feel nice not being allowed to finish does it?" I looked and her and replied "You're right it doesn't." She then lifted her hand to show me her fingers were wet.

"Guess what I was doing." She was fingering herself while I was fucking her mouth!

I moved my mouth towards her fingers and she pulled them away and put them into her own mouth. She sucked them clean leaving none for me AGAIN and stepped back a bit. She lifted her dress over her body and threw it to the ground. She was completely naked except for her heels. She turned around and bent over to take them off, giving me an amazing view of her ass and pussy. I stood there admiring the glorious sight until I decided to walk up behind her, squeeze her ass which caused her to moan. I told her to keep her heels on so she did.

Holly walked up the stairs, swaying her hips left and right as I followed, ogling her behind as she moved. We got to the top and started walking towards the bedroom door. Was I really going to fuck this woman? I was going to sleep with Holly Willoughby?

She stopped at her door and I just stood there wondering why. She pushed her ass back against my exposed cock, which was still hard even after not being touched for so long. She was that hot. She pulled me into her bedroom and started to undress me. Within a matter of seconds, I had nothing on at all (except for my socks anyway).

Holly pushed me onto her bed and forced me to lay down. She put her pussy on top of my face and placed her face on top of my cock ready to start sucking it.

"Finally." I said out loud and started to eat her pussy. It was very much worth the wait. I kept licking her pussy while rubbing her clit causing her to moan on my cock. The vibrations from her mouth felt rather nice and I felt I was going to lose it some time soon. Surprisingly, she came first, her juices pouring out of her pussy into my mouth. It tasted great. I then realised I was close and I warned her, "Holly, I'm gonna cum!" She screamed "Oh good!" And stuck half of my cock in her mouth sucking it aggressively and stroking the underside with her tongue while wanking off the other half extremely fast.

When she felt my cock twitch against her tongue, she moved even faster and within a mere matter of seconds I released my seed in her mouth, she kept sucking to get out every single last drop that was available. When she was done she turned around opened her mouth to show me that it was full of cum. She then swallowed it and smiled.

"Think you can do that again?" She asked while rubbing her swollen clit. "Course I can."

Holly climbed on top of me and put her tits in my face. I couldn't help but suck on one of her erect nipples. I switched between them every now and again while rubbing and squeezing the tit that wasn't being sucked. We did this for at least a couple of minutes. Soon she moved away and put her tits around my somehow still hard cock.

"You've got some great stamina." She grinned. "Oh trust me... I know."

She started to move her tits up and down my cock slowly and carefully, because despite being hard, it was still sensitive from ejaculating inside of her mouth as hard as I did.

Soon it felt fine and I told her that she can do whatever she chooses with it, so she sped up, her tits doing wonders to my cock. She spat saliva down into the valley between her beautiful mountains to lube up my cock so it slid between her tits perfectly. When my cock was all nice and wet she removed her tits and started to spit all over my cock, wanking me off with her hand, spreading the saliva all over it.

Holly got on top of me and she wanted to fuck me without protection. I'm sure she didn't want to have more children let alone one with a stranger! But it was what she wanted, so that was what we did. My cock slid right in due to how wet she was and how much spit she'd put on my cock. She put her hands on my chest as I placed mine on her hips and she and started to ride me nice and slow, her rump bouncing off of my lap. I started to thrust upwards in rhythm with her bouncing which she seemed to like. She then moved faster so I did the same with her. I moved one of my hands down to her ass and started to squeeze it which caused her to moan softly.

"Keep doing that. Please." I proceeded to squeeze her ass cheek as she rode me. After a few seconds I decided to spank her ass cheek which caused her to gasp out loud. "Naughty, naughty." She giggled. Soon after a couple of minutes she sped up and I spanked her ass cheeks 3 more times.

Holly started screaming things like "YES!!" "FUCK ME!!" "MAKE ME YOUR BITCH!!" I had no idea she enjoyed sex that much. I rolled her over, got on top of her and started thrusting into her.

Holly screamed again "I'M GOING TO CUM, MAKE ME SQUIRT ALL OVER YOUR DICK I'M SO CLOSE!!" And so I thrust into her pussy as hard and fast as I could, giving it everything I had.

"I'M CUMMINNNGGGG!!" she yelled and her juices covered my cock. "Cum... in... me..." she gasped out of breath.

I carried on thrusting into her and eventually I came inside of her pussy, which then caused her to cum again. I pulled out and she decided to lick and suck my softening dick clean.

"You made me cum three times. I'm impressed. My husband could barely manage once." That gave me a bit of an ego boost if I'm honest. She then looked at me and said "We're definitely doing this again." I replied "Agreed." We went to sleep with her hand on my cock and my hand on her ass. And that was the story of the first time I fucked Holly Willoughby.
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Re: Holly Makes My Day Better Pt. 01
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2019, 02:02:28 PM »
Thank you for posting, these are wonderful stories.


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