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Author Topic: Nigella Lawson and Rachael Ray, YUM-O!  (Read 1074 times)

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Nigella Lawson and Rachael Ray, YUM-O!
« on: January 06, 2020, 11:55:00 AM »
Note- This meet never took place and this tall tale is completely made up. For American readers Nigella is renowned in England as a gourmet, food writer and personality. Famous for her voluptuous figure and her sexy double-entendres.
Most of her quotes here are genuine.


It was back in 2003 that Nigella Lawson, the self titled 'Domestic Goddess' met up with the up and coming American television chef and traveller, Rachael Ray.
At that time in their lives they were both single, hot and horny.
It would not be until the end of the year that Rachael would meet her future husband John, and Nigella hers.

Rachael was in Europe filming her Food Network show '$40 a day' where she toured a particular city and ate three square meals on only forty bucks, no fast food joints allowed.
She had arrived in London with her director and twenty year old cameraman Rick in a preliminary location scout for an upcoming episode. Having heard of Nigella she had asked for a meet with the noted celebrity to discuss mutual benefits.

"Hello darling, I'm so pleased to meet you, come right in."

The voluptuous and cuddly English woman welcomed the vivacious young American into her west London home.
It had been an extremely hot day and Rachael had dressed down in a classic casual look of white shirt and blue jeans. With a pair of tan ankle boots and animal print jacket the bubbly brunette giggled and entered the chic house.

"What a great home you have, you're so lucky."

A little more on the elegant side Nigella had poured her seductive full figure frame into a scoop neck mid length dress with matching open front jacket with three quarter sleeves.
The shimmer lace overlay looked glam and Nigella chose black Gloria Vanderbilt pumps with a three inch heel. Her long lustrous rich chocolate hued hair hung loose and her big hoop earrings jiggled under it.

"Thank you, I like it. Let's eat."

Nigella, classy daughter of former Conservative Member of Parliament Nigel Lawson, had become a household name in her own right as writer, critic and television chef.

'Nigella Bites' being her best selling book with three million sales. She had planned a simple lunch for two of salad followed by sweet and sticky ribs and a dessert of a soufflé to finish.
As she came and went from the kitchen Rachael had found herself transfixed on the woman's rolling rump in her lace dress. Then she brought a big bowl of salad and began to toss it in front of Rachael.

"I love having an implement in each hand. It makes me feel very busy."

The sultry beauty smiled as Rachael looked into her sparkling almond shaped brown eyes with the heavy Helena Rubinstein mascara. She spoke with a rumbustious vocabulary and with rounded vowels.

"I know just what you mean." Grinned Rachael.

Nigella served up the spinach, avocado and pumpkin seed salad as they got to know each other better.

As they ate, Nigella continued to charge Rachael's glass with Chianti and they both became giggly and chatty as the alcohol took effect.

"These ribs are fantastic!"

"I agree," said Nigella as she held up one hot and sticky rib. "Look at this one, the base is quite thick."

She gave a big grin as she bit into the succulent and soft meat with relish. The sauce dribbled down her chin and she rolled a finger and lapped it up.

"The sizzle of hot meat just makes me salivate!"

Nigella had used her own recipe for the dish of sticky spare ribs using sweet chilli sauce, honey, ketchup and soy sauce.
The pair ate and conversed as the afternoon passed and the two got along superbly. The whole time though all Rachael kept thinking was how badly she wanted to make love to the pouting beauty.

"I guess I had the best fun in Rome."

Said Rachael as she sipped at her wine, her wide eyes peering over the top of the glass.

"This motor cycle courier had the most adorable butt and cute smile. We hit the sack within the hour and he brought me off twice!"

The subject of sex had gotten the rapt attention of Nigella as Rachael had hoped and she fixed eyes with the dark eyed English woman and leaned in closer.

"Wild! How about Paris?"

She lowered her voice slightly and blushed.

"I had a splendid time there just last year when a wealthy French Marquis seduced me at a formal reception and took me back to his Marquessate and we spent the entire weekend in bed! His cock was huge!"

"Oh, Paris! What a romantic City. I had a snack at an open air market and this bearded guy started hitting on me.
I just adored his accent but couldn't understand a word, except Mon Cheri!
I told my cameraman to take five and I gave the guy a blowjob under a bridge by the Seine. We never said a word to each other the whole time. He didn't speak English and I can't say a word of French. It was insane!"

Nigella listened intently as she served dessert and they remained in deep conversation about men. The mood was relaxed and both women were comfortable in each others company. Rachael spooned in the soufflé and rolled her eyes in pleasure.

"Oh, this is so good. Like the most fluttering caress in the mouth."

"Now you're getting it." Nodded Nigella in approval.

The dessert was a simple but scrumptious sweet cocoa soufflé with chocolate gravy.

"The secret is the cocoa. It's not easy to make but worth all the bother."

"It's a triumph, believe me. I so cannot bake a cake. Boy, is it me or is it really hot in here?"

"Right, it's been a very hot day out. Let's go upstairs to my room, I have air conditioning in there."

Nigella started to clear away the plates whilst Rachael drank more Chianti.

"Do you need a hand?"

"No, no. You go and cool off. My room is the airy one with the door open."

Rachael toddled off, glass in hand, with Nigella not too far behind.
Her bedroom was stylish and beautiful without being overly feminine.
The tables and shelves were adorned with family portraits and the walls were a tranquil eggshell blue.

When the English woman entered her room the bubbly young American was reclined on the bed completely naked!

"Such an enormous bed!" Gushed a carefree Rachael as she fanned her hands out on the cool sheets and toyed with the many pillows.

"Yes, it's actually two twin beds pushed together. I like to stretch out."

Nigella was almost speechless as her new friend raised her right knee and displayed her shaven snatch with an almost innocent pleasure.
The index finger of her right hand moved slowly across her stomach in a direct line to her inner thigh. Then her finger bent at the knuckle and she flicked gently at her clitoris.

Nigella bit her lip as she stood and watched the girl delve into her bald slit and heave a sigh of content. Her dark eyes scrutinised the fabulous body on the bed and knew that she wanted her.

"I hope you don't mind me stripping off, so cool in here. Tell me, do you like girls, Nigella? We both love a cock obviously, but what about the fairer sex?"

Nigella recalled her private schooling at an exclusive all girl school and the many nights she had experimented in bed with one or two of the others.

"Why yes. I like girls too." She answered in her clear English accent.

The vibrant girl had a nice curvy body with a pair of tits topped off with very stiff nipples. As she giggled her belly quivered quite erotically.

'I consider myself bisexual. Would you care to have some fun with me?"

Nigella pondered a moment as she realised that it might just be the drink talking as Rachael smiled back at her.
As she approached the bed with that butt shaking sashay, closely observed by Rachael who casually frigged her muff, she shed her jacket and unzipped her lacy dress.

A vision of beauty Nigella stood majestic in her heels and stockings, bra and panties. She had a smoking hot body that made most men drool over. Her mind raced with all sorts of filthy ideas as she plonked herself on the edge of the bed. Her big boobs, a size 32G were almost spilling out as she leaned in closer to Rachael, her flawless white skin complimented by the black underwear.

"You look good enough to eat!" She said quickly and awaited the reaction.

"Feel free to partake."

Rachael removed her wet finger from her damp quim and put it to Nigella's pouting lips. With eyes closed she sucked and licked all the moisture until the digit was bone dry.

"Now you know what I taste like it's only fair that I taste you."

They moved closer and kissed long and hard. Rachael's tongue darted inside Nigella's mouth and flicked at her teeth and tongue. With locked lips their hands wandered over each other as their hot tongues explored and probed.

Nigella moaned into Rachael's mouth as she felt a warm hand brush her right breast and a thrill rushed through her. It had been a very long time since her school years and the mature woman shivered with a guilty delight.


Rachael had removed the black bra so smoothly that Nigella was highly impressed as her hefty globes fell free and creamy white. Nigella giggled nervously at having her tits touched by another female and then she took in a deep breath when she was given a squeeze.
Both nipples were twisted in eager fingers as they fell sideways onto the bed. Nigella reached out and held Rachael's smaller tits, both of which fit neatly in her palms.


Rachael had hard nipples like jelly beans that cried out be suckled.
Nigella bent low and pursed her lips and sucked on the erect nub on the left breast.
The American felt her pussy tingle and her juices began to flow.

Nigella's hands ran over the others stomach which tightened at the tender touch. Rachael blew hot breath on the hot brunette's tits and then licked each nipple, spending the barest contact on either one as Nigella wriggled about. Rachael opened her legs in invitation and thrust her hips up as her pussy became warm and wet.

"Go down on me."

Nigella blushed bright red as she placed her fingers just at the top of the girls smoothly shaven muff and closed her eyes.
Rachael reached out and put her hand on top of Nigella's and pushed down.
The pussy was sweetly wet as Nigella rested her hand for a moment and licked her lips.

Their eyes met as Nigella slipped her middle finger inside the little pussy lips. Rachael has the most delicate and small labia and her clitoris was still hidden under the protective hood.

"Nice touch."

Nigella moved her finger in and out as Rachael made small gasps at the back of her throat and rolled her pretty eyes.
Nigella felt like she had a juice box between her upper thighs and her panties felt quite sodden.

She slid them down her well shaped legs, making her bared breasts jiggle wonderfully on her ribcage. Left in just heels and stockings her dark haired pussy was deliciously framed by the thin garter straps that held the sleek black stockings up.
Her heart beat double time as she prepared to eat Rachael's snatch.

The English celebrity was captivated by the younger woman's body and took her time before she made her tongue into a point and flicked at the erect clit again and again.

"Yes, yes, like that."

Nigella opened her avid mouth wide and smothered Rachael's smooth pussy as she licked the clit with a dribbling mouth, the saliva trickling down the upturned ass crack of the American.

The licking, the sucking, the heated breathing found Rachael on the cusp of an orgasm. Then Nigella cupped her ass in both hands and sucked relentlessly until Rachael screamed out in total abandon.

"And rest."

Nigella sank back onto the bed and panted from her exertion.
Rachael scooted over and took one huge boob and circled her tongue around the large areola making it turn a darker pink.

A small whimper came from Nigella as her other nipple was teased between hard teeth and her legs fell open all by themselves.
Rachael moved south and planted dozens of kisses across both inner thighs of the mature English woman who reached out and grasped the top of her lovers head.

Rachael paused and Nigella shivered in anticipation before a quick, darting tongue swiped her sex and her back arched. Warm breath blew on her mound and her legs bent at the knees as her dark haired pussy glistened with spit and her own love juices.

"Oh, lord!"

Rachael shifted her position and laid on top of Nigella, top to toe, and clamped her hot mouth to the offered pussy. Nigella kicked her legs out as Rachael licked up and down in a straight line, her hands linked around the meaty thighs of the older woman.

Rachael made muffled moans as Nigella grasped both buttocks of Rachael's big butt and parted them so she could stab at the bald pussy that glistened invitingly.


Rachael loved any attention to her ass and she groaned louder as she pushed her tongue inside Nigella's sticky slot. Then Nigella eased a finger into Rachael's anus as she licked her muff at the same time.

The pair of rampant women were lust crazed as they pleasured each other in the glorious 69 position, their legs flapping and tapping beside each other.

"I feel an ungainly squirt!"

Nigella climaxed and let out a dirty scream as she gushed cum out onto the sheet.

"That was decidedly yummy. Let me repay you."

The stocking beauty rammed her finger in and out of the girls puckered asshole and then got up and rummaged through a bedside cabinet. Rachael sighed and looked on in slight bewilderment.

"I got this in the mail about two months ago," said Nigella. "I've given it a road test and I have awarded it a full five out of five."

Nigella held up her white Hitachi wand and grinned at a wide eyed Rachael.

"I've heard about those but never seen one."

"It's incredible. I've tried different ways of positioning the head, different vibrations and I can tell you that I've had multiple orgasms within minutes. My record is three in ten minutes!"

"Come on and show me."

Rachael laid out flat and fluffed her hair out on the pillow as Nigella plugged the nine inch white plastic tube into a wall socket. The large sphere at the end looked rather imposing as Nigella set the controls at a slow pulse setting and moved the head along the soft thighs of the inquisitive girl. It was run up one leg and then the other as Rachael cooed in delight.

"Kind of rubbery, tickles too."

When it reached the outer lips of Rachael's pussy she growled and gasped and snapped her head back.
As the wide head made contact the effervescent brunette wriggled as the sex toy buzzed on her wet quim.
Already puffy her pussy was pretty sensitive and as the stimulator moved around and around on her erect clitoris she bucked on her ass and groaned in exhilaration.

"Oh that's good."

Her knees jerked and she waved her legs inwards and out as if fanning her pussy as Nigella kept it pressed at the top of her slit and stimulated the hood of her clitoris without breaking away.

Rachael was soaking wet as a massive wave exploded in her cunt and a wonderful orgasm overtook her. Her nipples were rock hard as Nigella turned up the speed and powerful vibrations ran through her loins and thighs. The overwhelming buzzing beast remained clamped to Rachael's cunt as Nigella held the fat head in a firm grip.


Rachael humped up and her butt left the bed as the wand hummed against her engorged pussy and she experienced one of the biggest orgasms in her life.

Then Nigella turned the wand off and Rachael huddled up into a ball, hands between her closed thighs as she recovered from the intense masturbation.

"Told you, isn't it just tremendous?"

"Uh, huh."

"Hello? Rachael?" A mans voice echoed up the stairs.

"Oh, shit! It's Rick! I forgot I asked him to pick me up." Rachael sat up and ran a hand through her tangled hair.

"Is he cute?" Asked Nigella with a finger crooked at the corner of her mouth.

"Oh yeah. He's twenty and quite well hung. We've fucked each other a few times on this trip. He looks a bit like Kurt Cobain."

"Up here Rick!"

Nigella yelled down the stairs and Rick bounded up, two at a time. When he pushed the door ajar and saw the two women naked in each others arms on the bed he blew a whistle.

"He IS cute." Agreed the smiling 'Domestic Goddess.'

Rick cut a lean figure in blue jeans and Oasis tee and did indeed resemble the late grunge musician from Seattle.

At around six feet he had a mop of dirty blonde hair that needed a cut. He had an innocent boyish look that appealed to the maternal Nigella who gazed into his blue eyes and admired his dimpled cheeks.

"That's a very artistic package you have there if you don't mind me saying."

Nigella focused on his crotch which had a very healthy bulge that tented the front of his jeans.

"Oh no, here we go again!" He sighed.

Apparently not a stranger to Rachael Ray's fervent sexual appetite Rick sized up Nigella Lawson.

Her hair was shiny brown and curled at the ends at her shoulders. Thick mascara framed dark brown eyes that peered at him from creamy white skin. Her huge breasts were full and heavy and her legs were encased in black stockings held up by garters. Her Mons pubis was covered by what now were dampened pubes and he guessed at what had occurred in the last half hour.

"I was at the front door and..."

He was interrupted by Nigella's open mouth which devoured his in a jaw shattering smooch.
Her naked form pushed into his and her big jugs mashed to his solid chest. His mouth was invaded by her eager tongue as she bumped her loins against his straining groin. Without thinking about it he palmed her tits as they both moaned in muffled tones.

"Way to go you guys." Urged Rachael who stretched out on the bed.

Nigella rained kisses on the young mans neck and then bit hard and made him yelp.
She inhaled his smell and she felt her pussy give her a mini spasm. Rick looked at the buxom woman as she slid down to unzip his jeans. She fished out his stiffening cock and made a cluck sound as she looked at his member with satisfaction.

"I'm going to form this roughly into a log."

His cock head met her lips and she gave it a loud smacker. Then she licked on the erect flagpole from the base of the underside all the way up to the purple glans.

"I'm going to indulge myself now in a bit of a swirl."

The tip was large, flared and moist as she popped it inside her mouth and sucked noisily on the head alone.

Streams of her saliva dribbled from her tightly closed mouth and ran down her sizeable cleavage. Her nails dug into the flesh of his lean shanks as his jeans and underwear met his ankles.

He shucked off his tee shirt as his knob vanished into her mouth. She blew him with eyes closed, sucking his length as if it were an exotic spiced dessert dish.

"Fuck her tits Rick." Said Rachael from the bed.

Nigella relented her blow job and went to lay on her back. Rick stripped off completely and knelt astride her, his thighs alongside her flanks.
His long knob rested in her gigantic boobs and she pressed the quivering flesh together, trapping his cock in the deep valley she has made. Rick drew his hips back and rammed back in again and his bell end burst free at the top of her breasts, headed in the direction of her mouth. He repeated his motions as his shiny prick smeared her boobs as he tit fucked her.

"Oh, fuck!"

Nigella let Rick hold her tits together as she reached out to his tight butt and felt his ass muscles pump.
His body was high up as his cock now touched her lips and Nigella kissed his bell end whenever it protruded from her tit flesh tunnel. Then her teeth grazed his little ridge of sensitive flesh just under the glans and he recoiled in pain.

"So terribly sorry my darling, do please forgive me."

"Come on Rick, fuck the nice lady, hee hee!"

Nigella got onto all fours as Rick rubbed his aching hose which was close to exploding. He leaned over her backside and rained kisses down her spine, moving toward her tailbone.

"Mmm, that IS nice."

Then he traced out tiny licks on her vertical smile between her parted thighs He nibbled her gorgeous rump and slid forward as she raised her bottom. His hard cock found her entrance and as he slowly pushed in so Nigella pushed back and he was in. Her warm cunt embraced his log inch by inch and the horny temptress eased back until he was buried inside her, balls deep.

"Give it to her hard Rick." Giggled the bubbly Rachael.

The sandy haired man grabbed a hold of her wide hips and plunged in and out, his balls slapping her wet pussy with resounding smacks. His body hugged her bent over form and he inhaled her smell of chocolate and cocoa.

The sheer joy of a young mans cock gave Nigella a joyous thrill as he thrust into her with vigour.

"Oh yes, oh lord, oh my goodness!"

His breath on the back of her neck sent tingles through her body as he whispered in her ear.

"You like that, Miss Lawson? Do you enjoy being fucked this way?"

"I...I do, very...very much."

His fingers entwined in her luxurious mane of dark hair as he hammered into her steamy cunt and the grateful woman felt a spasm around his stiff member.
She found his American accent a turn on as he told her how beautiful she was and how he loved fucking her in the lewd doggy style position. He grabbed her hips tight and thrust in an upward series of fast strokes that took her breath away.

Rick wanted to cum inside her at that moment but saw the face on Rachael that said not yet. He pulled out and he and Rachael smothered Nigella in a fit of giggles.

"Hee, hee, hee!"

Nigella felt privileged as the two Americans began to lick her cunt. Rick swiped his tongue over her clit as Rachael bent lower and slathered the woman's leaking pussy.
The exquisite feel of two tongues running over her cunt at the same time was new and exhilarating as she was driven crazy.

As Rick worked down so Rachael moved up until they overlapped and their tongues slobbered on each others. The crisscross licking, Rick from side to side, Rachael up and down made Nigella kick her heels up and grab bunches of the sheet in her fists. Her anal entrance was lapped at on the odd occasion and she squirted cum from her overexcited pussy.

"Fuck me now, honey."

Rachael laid on her back and lifted her quim up for Rick to ogle. The horny guy got between her legs and his mouth met hers.

They kissed and then he peppered her cheeks, throat and neck as her head tilted back and her arms tightened around his back. Her legs slid up and around his waist as he sank inside her needy cunt.

"Yum-O!" She purred as she graciously accepted his fat prick.

As he thrust up deep Rachael sucked in much needed air as he angled his body for a power fuck.
Nigella laid beside them and sighed with delight as she used the Hitachi wand on herself. Rick was overcome by the sweet pussy of Rachael and slammed into her curvy body with fast strokes.
Her tits rose and fell as their bodies melded and the happy girl squeezed her thighs against his sides.

"Harder babe, show Nigella how Americans fuck."

Rick grunted and dug his toes in the mattress and fucked her with a maddening pace and her hips rose to meet his every hard slam. Totally out of control and on the brink of coming the pair of manic lovers pawed at each other, pulling, pushing, biting, until Rick cried out and shot his load into the humming brunette.


Rick collapsed on top of the heaving Rachael as his cum gushed inside her cunt until it began to seep out and stain the sheets. As they hugged and came back down to earth Nigella was heading to the door.

"You okay Nigella?" Asked Rachael as she looked up over Rick's shoulder.

The smouldering and vivacious woman looked back with a wicked grin on her face.

"I have a notion to make a passion fruit cream cake with caramel sauce. My recipe is smooth, chewy and fragrant. And it is perfect for smearing on an erect cock and licking off."

"Yum-O to that!" Said Rachael as she held up Rick's wilting hose and began to stroke him back to life.


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Re: Nigella Lawson and Rachael Ray, YUM-O!
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2020, 03:07:52 PM »
Fantastic story! Nigella Lawson is so beautiful and stack!
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Re: Nigella Lawson and Rachael Ray, YUM-O!
« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2020, 03:12:29 PM »
I think the word voluptuous was invented just to describe her.
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Re: Nigella Lawson and Rachael Ray, YUM-O!
« Reply #3 on: January 06, 2020, 03:14:46 PM »
I think the word voluptuous was invented just to describe her.

I agree. She's a hidden gem when discussions about some of the most voluptuous females in Hollywood is brought up. Nigella is right there with Christina Hendricks and Haley Atwell.


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