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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 27 Posted 12/13]
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That’s the only way to end her decade and you handled her amazingly well. Obviously, I love a good gangbang and you went the extra mile with a nice set up before hand. I’m glad you went all out for her. Just awesome.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 27 Posted 12/13]
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Well, that escalated quickly!  Fantastic chapter!
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 27 Posted 12/13]
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Especially lovely gangbang with the especially lovely Ms. Swift. And I liked the hint of melncholy at the end when she missed Cole. Hot action combined with heart, as usual. Another great chapter in the books.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 27 Posted 12/13]
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Fantastic work, IMO your best chapter yet. Gang bangs are so hard to pull off in writing and you did a superb job.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 28 Posted 1/13]
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Disclaimer: This a work of fiction.  It is not real.  It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Haunted
Starring Taylor Swift
Codes: F, Solo, Masturbation
Present Day
“That was fun.”  Cole said, clattering the dishes loudly as he deposited them into the sink.

“It was.  They’re a cool couple and they definitely know how to have a good time.”  Taylor replied, her hands filled with dirty glasses as she placed them on the counter next to the sink.  “That story Sophie told.  Wild.  I can’t believe she blew that many costars all at once.  Although, if even half the rumors I’ve heard are true, that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her.”

They had just finished a remarkably enjoyable evening with Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas.  Taylor and Joe had dated once upon a time, and Sophie was a big fan.  It worked out well since Taylor was a Game of Thrones fanatic.  It had taken ages, but they had finally arranged this little get-together. 
“It’s nice that you’re so friendly with an ex.”  Cole said, his tone genuine and sincere.  There was no need for jealousy.  Not when you trusted your partner implicitly.  “I’m not sure I’ve even spoken to any of mine after it was all said and done.” 
Taylor laughed, “I’m certainly not that way with all of them.  I tend to forget we dated if I’m being honest.  It’s been so long, I was young and he’s dated other friends of mine since then.  Plus, he was kind of forgettable.”
“Must be something about him, to land a girl like Sophie.”  Cole replied, hands full of suds as he scrubbed the dishes.
Draining the last of her white wine, Taylor said, “Oh no, I meant in bed.  He’s lovely guy, handsome and charming, but…”  She lowered her voice dramatically.  “Small and quick on the draw.”  She returned to normal speaking levels.  “I’m sure the open marriage helps.”   
Cole stared at her perplexedly, “Open marriage?”
“Yea?  Did you not know?”  Cole shook his head.  “More for Sophie, if I had to guess, but I’m sure Joe’s got a few groupies he’s banging on the side.  Sophie needs ‘em big, hard and often.  Or so I’ve heard.  Hmmm, maybe I should invite her to Wonderland 2020.”

Pondering her words in momentary silence, Cole asked, “You and Sophie…ever…you know?”
Laughing again, Taylor smirked, “No, no, no.  Kind of weird to hook up with an ex-boyfriend’s wife.  Don’t you think?”
“Wouldn’t know.  I don’t have any ex-boyfriends.”
Throwing a playful glance his way, Taylor lapsed into deep reflective thought.  They finished the dishes in relative silence. 

“You know; Joe was only the second boy I ever slept with.  You being the first.  Obviously.”
“Really?  Did he woefully disappoint after I set the bar so high?”  Cole asked cheekily.
“Actually… yes.”


“Hnnghhh!  Taylor!”  He cried out, his voice high-pitched and whiny as it cracked.
Pulling out, his prick vanished as he wrapped his fist around it.  One stroke and he was done, dribbling out a few measly droplets of cum just below my belly button.  It all happened so fast, I failed to realize it was over.  The song hadn’t yet finished.  Letting out a nasally moan, he collapsed next to me.  I looked over at him and then down at my crotch.  Bringing one finger down, I touched the thin, watery string of jism there.  Then I looked back to him.  Already his lids were struggling to stay open.
“That was so great babe…” 
“It was?”  I asked in disbelief.
“Hmmm…yea…”  His eyes were fully shut as he groaned contentedly.
“Joe… Joe?  Joe!” 

“Hmmmm….” He grunted softly.  It was no use; he was already gone.

“Guess I’ll just get cleaned up then.” 

Sliding out of the warm bed, I tiptoed across the hotel room to the bathroom.  Closing the door behind me, I rested against it.  I’d been building this moment up so much in my head.  Cole had taken my virginity less than a year ago.  Any time after that shouldn’t have been a big deal, right?  Wrong.  Turns out being with your new boyfriend for the first time was just as nerve-wracking as the very first time.  Being that vulnerable.  Opening myself up.  Trusting them.  And now this.  I didn’t feel satisfied.  Or happy.  Or free.  Instead I was confused.  Lonely.  All of it at the same time.  No.  None of that was right.  I was just… horny.   
Stepping further into the bathroom, I grabbed a tissue and wiped the meager spunk.  It came off with ease, without leaving no trace behind.  Throwing it in the trashcan, I placed both hands on the counter and looked into the mirror.  My reflection stared back, innumerable blonde curls spilling out down my back, face painted for a what should have been a magical night, perky breasts topped with twin pink peaks hanging off my slender form.  Unbidden and unwarranted, my mind drifted back.  To my first time.  To Cole.  I could feel his lips on mine.  The warmth of his body pressed against me.  His tongue flicking back and forth across my sex.  That indescribable sensation as he entered me when no one else ever had.  A visible shudder rocked my body.  It had absolutely nothing to do with the cold of the tiled floor.  My eyes closed slowly, bringing darkness.  Joe Jonas was out there in the bed, right now, but all my befuddled brain could think about was Cole Stephens.  Cole and his huge, hard, throbbing cock.

No Taylor!  Stop it!

My own brain shouted at me, but one set of fingers was already touching bare, goosebump-covered flesh.  Sliding upwards, they lightly grazed my leg.  Five digits traced an arc from one thigh to the other, while the other five climbed higher.  Moving past my hips, across my stomach, they fingered each rib until they reached the tender hanging fruit of my left breast.  Each finger pressed into the perky pale flesh, squeezing reflexively as they slowly massaged their way to the hard nub resting at the apex of the alabaster mound.  Electricity jolted through me as the fingers came together, fingernails scraping the slightly darker skin of my areola, ready to roll that stiff nip at a moment’s notice.  The softest of moans escaped from my otherwise tightly pressed shiny pink lips.  With one hand latched to my breast and the other ready to dive deep between my quivering labia, my brain wrestled free from the grip my body had on it.  I couldn’t do this.  I shouldn’t do this.
“Taylor Alison Swift, what are you doing?”  I whispered, eyes reopening to stare hard at myself in the mirror with piercing azure eyes.  “You just had sex.  Kind of.  You shouldn’t be fantasizing about another guy.  Or his dick!” 

I groaned loudly, somewhere between exasperation and longing.  It was interrupted by another voice.  One from deep inside of me, emanating firmly from between my thighs.  One with all the sultriness and seduction it could muster. 

Fuck Joe.  He didn’t go down on us.  Barely a finger snuck in here.  Didn’t kiss or lick our breasts.  Hell, he didn’t even ask us to suck his cock!  We could barely feel it when it entered us.  Or when it came out two seconds later.  Go ahead.  Do it.  We deserve this.  We need it. 
Thoughts of Cole returned.  Harder with greater force this time, the meaty slam of hips on mine.  I was haunted.  Haunted by the thought of Cole and haunted by the merest notion of his big fat fucking cock pounding me into a quivering messy puddle.

“DAMN IT!”  I raised my voice in frustration. 

It was a feeling I hadn’t felt since that night.  My brain had lost.  My body was calling the shots now, and it demanded release, a salve for that burning desire coursing through my loins.  The lower hand closed the gap, my aching clitoris touched by the tip of a finger just as the upper hand squeezed and rolled the nipple between forefinger and thumb.  A violently expelled pent-up breath momentarily fogged the mirror as fingers acted on instinct and moved of their own accord.  Eyes closing again, Cole’s familiar features blossomed into being before me.  In my mind’s eye, I stared at his handsome face, dark hair and brilliant green eyes glowing.  His swimmer’s body, more impressive every time I saw it.  Sight drifting lower, I focused hard on his groin.  The mental picture was fuzzy.  I tried to focus, but it proved fruitless.  I had only beheld it one time.  My eyes snapped open, fingers still working their magic.  It wasn’t enough.  I needed more. 
“Phone.  Where’s my phone?”
Abandoning the self-touch, I threw the door open and scampered back outside into the room.  Joe was snoring loudly, totally dead to the world.  Skipping over to the nightstand, I snatched up my phone and made my retreat to the bathroom.  Needlessly.  Joe seemed so asleep I could probably fuck Cole right next to him screaming at the top of my lungs and he wouldn’t even wake up.  Flipping open my phone, I fumbled through until I reached Cole’s number.  Pausing, I was unsure of how to proceed.  I’d never done this before and my head was a jumbled mess.
Hey…u up?  Sent.
“Fuck.  That’s dumb.  Why did I have to say that?”  I let out a low groan.
Tracing the outline of my glistening labia, my other hand was already back between my legs as I waited with bated breath for his reply.  Thoughts tore through my mind like leaves caught in a hurricane.  Would he answer?  He’s probably asleep.  Damn it!  I shouldn’t have texted him at all!  One slick finger wormed its way inside, sinking down to the knuckle with one wet thrust.  I bit down on my lower lip, feeling the most wonderful wriggle inside of me as it greedily swallowed up all I had to give it.  The harsh buzz was a welcome interruption. 
Cryptic.  What’s up Swift?
My shaking hand typed out a response: No questions.  Dick pic. You.  Now.

The mere idea of seeing it again made my finger curl, sending my eyes aflutter and leaving me slack-jawed.  He took more than a moment to respond. 
No questions!  I hurriedly typed out before he could ask again.  There was another pause, my finger moving from one right spot to the next, delving deeper between my dribbly ladylips with every passing moment.
Gimme a sec
“Yes!”  I whispered, relief and a rush of arousal seeping through me.

A second finger joined the first, disappearing more completely than a magician’s assistant.  Legs spread wide, a foot on each edge of the bathmat tested the elasticity of the fabric.  I dropped the phone on the counter and clutched the edge as two fingers scissor-kicked back and forth amongst the velvety folds.  Back hunched, my perky tits dangled over the sink.  Another loud angry sound buzzed against the stone countertop.  I nearly knocked the phone off in my frenzy to open it.  It was an image.  Opening it one second later and there it was, in all its huge throbbing glory.  Erect.  Standing tall from his well-groomed groin.  A beautiful thick veiny slab in a grainy low-quality image.  His shorts were bunched around his knees, clearly just lying in bed.  The picture was dark, illuminated only by the harsh flash of the flip phone, but it didn’t matter.  It was there and like a work of a skilled photoshop, my mental image was now complete.  Deep inside my hot box, fingers sailed across my silky wet walls, waves of pleasure emanating with each singular stroke. 

I wonder if he’s masturbating right now thinking about me?

The very idea of it made me gasp aloud and sent a fresh wave of wetness to my fiery loins.  Withdraw to the tips, my fingers plunged back with a hard driving force.  Arm shaking, wrist bent harshly, they did that over and over again.  Wet, slurping plops sounded as my hand slammed upwards.     

“Cole… oh God!  Cole!  Hhhnnnggghhhh!”  I whispered as I fingerbanged myself like never before.
Eyes fixated on the phone screen, my other hand was now free to tug and tease one of my rock-hard nipples before swapping to the other like a fiend possessed.  Heat filled my body, stretching to the tips of my curled toes to the top of my trembling curly-haired head.  Faster and faster my fingers rocketed into me.  In my frantic search for self-pleasure, I abandoned my breasts and reached down to once more feel my aching clit, teasing the oval-shaped pink hood with a firm, but gentle finger.  Short of breath, it was entirely another level.  Nimble and dexterous, one hand circled the ultimate pleasure button while the other jammed up into me.  But soon, my fingers soon began to ache.  It still wasn’t enough.
My eyes strayed from the grainy picture of cock around the bathroom, searching for something, anything to use.  Loofa?  No.  Hair curler?  Definitely no.  Toothbrush?  Maybe.  Hairbrush?  The large bulbous purple plastic end glinted in the harsh hotel lighting.  Yes.  With an audible slurp, I pulled my sticky fingers free.  They too shone in the light.  A pungent primal aroma filled my nostrils.  It wasn’t Cole’s, but it wasn’t unpleasant or unwelcome.  Snatching up the brush, it still had strands of blonde hair clinging to the bristles.  I had just used it before we had done the deed, making sure I looked as good as possible for Joe.  Now, I angled the handle upwards and pushed the solid end against my eager sopping twat.  The cold plastic was a shock against my burning sex, but the good kind of shock. 
“That’s it Cole.  Fuck me with that big dick.  God baby, please put it in…”  I whispered, utterly lost in the fantasy of it all as my gaze settled back on the picture.
Pushing upwards with both trembling arms, the hilt of the brush split my lips exactly like a good stiff prick would.  The expansion of my vaginal walls, wonderfully stretched to encompass the makeshift dildo was a welcome feeling of bliss.  The brush was firmly gripped with one hand, while the other returned to play with my clit, doubling down on the previous effort given there.  In and out the handle went, squelching deep drives into me, each more intense then the last as my quivering wrist flicked.  And it was working.  Succeeding where my fingers had not, hitting my g-spot with its bulbous bellend.  It was like Cole was there, rolling his hips into me with never-ending hardness.  Nearly cramping with the intensity of it all, my toes were curled into tight balls, painted toenails digging into the bathmat. 
“Cole… oh shit.  Cole.  Yes!  You’re gonna make me CUM!”  I said, my voice growing louder with every passing syllable until it rang clearly around the bathroom. 
Slammed to the hilt, my wet sloppy labia took the brunt of the hard plastic, fingers strumming my pulsating clit faster than during a guitar solo.  Every inch of skin was on fire, my insides twisted and boiling, a roaring inferno that needed release in one singular, spectacular explosion.  I was on the brink of that release.  That release that I’d been craving all night.  That release that had driven me to masturbate to the dick pic of my oldest friend in the bathroom while my boyfriend sawed wood in the next room.  The intensity was too much.  Release was here.
I’m cumming.  Oh my god.  I’m actually cumming!  I’M CUMMING!!!!

“I’M CUMMING!!!!”  I yelled out, suddenly.  Unexpectedly.
The explosion ignited, utterly wrecking me as it detonated.  The hairbrush slipped from my numb fingers, but held fast, lodged inside of me as my legs threatened to give out.  Eyes shut tight, I gripped the edge of the counter for support with wet and sticky fingers.  Pearly white teeth sunk into my lower lip to keep from shattering the glass with the power of my orgasmic wails.  Back arched violently, curls flew every which way as I threw my head and thrusted my chest out, breasts bouncing hither and thither.  The sweet and utter release of climatic oblivion washed over me, leaving every nerve in my body tingling with satisfaction. 
Unsure of the passage of time, my breathing gradually returned to normal.  Wide and dilated pupils greeted me in the mirror as I opened my eyes slowly.  There was a hazy glaze over those twin sparkly blue pools.  A foolish grin overtook my reflection.  Pulling the brush from between my legs, it too had the sticky sheen of arousal clinging to it.  Dropping it onto the counter, I straightened, still trembling.  Some semblance of sense returning to me, I took one last long lingering look at the dick in the in picture then typed a final response.
Thanks Cole.
I closed the phone shut with a snap and suddenly I was exhausted.  Exiting the bathroom, I returned to bed.  Joe hadn’t moved a single inch, despite my loud carnal exertions. 
We may need to break up… or I need to get a good vibrator.
And that was my final thought as snuggled under the covers next to his warm form.  I didn’t even hear the buzz of my phone that meant Cole’s reply.  I had already drifted off to sleep, dreaming of him…

Present Day

“Oh my god.  I can’t believe I never figured this out before.”  Taylor said, looking shocked at Cole. 

“What’s that Swift?”  He asked, polishing off one last nightcap. 

“You’re the reason.” 

“The reason for what?”

“The reason I’m a size queen!”

Cole spat out his drink, choking on the whiskey.  Whatever he had been her expecting to say, it was not that.

“Every boyfriend after Joe Jonas had to measure up.  They had to be at least as big as you.  If not bigger.”

“Sorry?”  Cole asked looking thoroughly nonplussed.

“Don’t be!  The bigger the better!” 

Both of them had a good long laugh at that.  When the tears of mirth had been wiped from their eyes, Cole asked one final leading question for the evening.

“So, open marriage?  Is that something you’re interested in?”

Taylor took a long pause before answering, sensing the shift in conversation.  “Honestly?  I think… no.  I love how we are now, but I always thought when… if I got married, that would be it.  Just me and him.  Ya know?”

“With room for the occasional second woman to join in.”  Cole said jokingly. 

“Goes without saying.”  Taylor said with complete seriousness.

There was another moment of silence as the pair of them stared at each, neither of them voicing the marathon of images running through their heads.  Images of white dresses and chapels, of family, of a lifelong happiness.   

Finally, Cole was the one to break the quiet, “That’s good to know Swift.  Truly.”  His tone was gentle and warm.  He knew she got the message by the sly smile on her face.

“You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about you and that big guy down there.”  Taylor said, closing the distance between them, her love for him overwhelming.  Pressing her lithe body lightly against his, her mischievous hand found its way to his crotch.  “Feel like giving me a reminder as to why I like it so much better than anyone else’s?”  Her mind was peaceful and quiet, utterly focused on the singular person in front of her.

Cole finished his drink even as his pants quickly became uncomfortably tight.  He looked her right in the eye and said, “Happy too Swift.  Anytime.  Anyplace.  Always.”

End of Chapter Twenty-Eight

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 28 Posted 1/13]
« Reply #95 on: January 13, 2020, 05:45:00 PM »
I usually don't go for solo stuff like this, but you write Taylor so well it's hard to resist. The scene is written so well and her POV feels so well thought out and genuine. Great chapter. It really does stand out quite a bit, especially the dick pic to give Tay a bit of a visual aid. It all feels authentic. Great job.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 29 Posted 2/10]
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Disclaimer: This a work of fiction.  It is not real.  It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Welcome To New York
Starring Taylor Swift
Codes: MF, Oral, Swallow

Present Day

It was quiet in the cabin, apart from the constant hum of the engines, steadily keeping them aloft at approximately 37,000 ft.  3 ½ hours into a 6-hour flight from New York to Los Angeles.  Business.  Mostly.  There was the added bonus of getting out of the city during the dreary winter months.  Taylor sat silently, reading a book and Cole was napping.  A jolt in the air awoke him and he rubbed his eyes blearily, stretching and mewling like a cat.  Craning his neck, he looked around in wonderment.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get over this.”  He stated matter-of-factly into the silence.

Taylor perked up from her book.  “Huh?  What do you mean?”

“I mean all this.”  He said, gesturing to the private jet, its cabin decked out with every amenity imaginable.  “Traveling in style.”

Closing the book with a snap, she fixed him with that familiar piercing blue gaze.  “That’s good.  You shouldn’t take it all for granted.  I try not to.”  She likewise gestured around the aircraft.  “But sometimes I feel like I spend half my life on a plane, so it’s only natural I splurge a little.”

“It wasn’t a dig Swift.  I guess I’m just still getting used to all this.  This lifestyle.  Your lifestyle.”

Our lifestyle.” She corrected him.  “It’s me and you now.  That’s all I want.”  There was a pause as she squirmed uncomfortably in her seat.  “I know that it’s hard… having a million people watching your every move.  Every second of every day.”
“As long as one of those people watching is you, I don’t care if it’s a billion.  Plus, it’s not all bad.  I’d say your personal private jet is a pretty big perk!”

“I knew it.  You were only after me for my money!”  Taylor said with an expression of mock outrage.  “Besides you’ve been on my private jet before.  Lots of times.” 

“Not before we were dating.  A few times, sure, and every time was memorable.  But still only a few.”  He was unable to stop smirking. 

Cocking one perfectly manicured eyebrow in his direction, she matched his shit-eating grin with a sly smile of her own.  “Any times in particular stand out?”

“I dunno, how about joining the Mile-High Club?”


“Ugh.”  Taylor said, collapsing in an exaggerated dramatic fashion into a seat directly opposite myself.  Glancing at her phone, she looked surprised.  “Oh my god.  Look at the time.  I’m so sorry Cole.  I’ve been ignoring you the whole flight.  I’ve just got a million and one things to take care off.  Things with the new album are absolutely insane.”

“Are you kidding me Swift?  I’m fine!  This is so fucking cool!”  I said, staring slack-jawed around the interior of the plane.  It had been nearly six hours and I still wasn’t over it.   

“Jeez, you think you’d never been on a private jet before.  I would have thought the excitement would have worn off by now.”  She said teasingly, then paused, forehead crinkling in thought.  “Wait.  Have you never been before?”  I shook my head back and forth, lounging comfortably as I stretched my feet out along the carpeted floor.  “I could have sworn we’d flown somewhere before.”

“Nope Swift.  We always seem to be headed in opposite directions.  Plus, I never wanted to ask.  I didn’t want to be that friend.”  I put the word in air quotes.  “Seeing you is treat enough itself.  I don’t care how I get there.”

Looking touched by my sentiment, she looked down shyly.  It was true that we’d seen less of one another as our respective careers took off.  Although, now with both of us living in New York that was beginning to change.   

“Well then…”  She said, steering the somewhat awkward pause in the conversation in an entirely different direction.  “If you’ve never been on a private jet before then you probably aren’t in the Mile-High Club.”  As she said it, silky smooth legs uncrossed under the pretext of straightening out a crease in her dress.

Staring blankly at her for a moment, I started to laugh, “Can’t say I am, why?  Are you a member?”

“Of course.”  She responded instantly.  Then she covered her mouth with a hand, her eyes bugging out as though she said something she shouldn’t have. 

I looked at her, a smile still tugging at my lips, thinking it was a joke.  That changed when her expression didn’t.  “Wait.  Are you serious Swift?  You’ve done it up in the air?  In this plane?”  Mouth still shut tight, she nodded silently.  “What?!?  With who?  When?  More than once?”  Taylor only shook her head silently from side to side, refusing to answer any questions.  “Alright then.  Wow.”  I looked around coolly and said to no one in particular, “Taylor Swift.  In the Mile-High Club.  Who would’ve thunk?  Although, really, when you think about it, it doesn’t seem all that crazy.  Especially considering how well I know you.” 

Returning to my attention to Taylor, I gave a start.  An enormous devilish grin was plastered on her face.  Standing up, she swayed slightly as some gentle turbulence rocked the plane and moved in my direction.  I knew that look all too well.  Stopping just in front of me, she slowly descended to her knees, fingers taking hold of the armrest on either side before slipping down onto my thighs.

“Consider this your official invitation then.”  She said seductively, fingers tracing the outline of the hardening bulge in my pants.

“Swift.  The flight’s almost over.”  I stammered, hard to think straight when all the blood I had was rushing towards my ever-stiffening groin.  “We’re landing soon…”

“Sir.  Please just sit back and enjoy the remainder of the flight.”  She said, her fingers somehow already having undone my belt and now working on my pants.

*ZZZZZIPP* and my fly came down, her nimble hand disappearing inside.  I felt her grasp it through my boxer-briefs, responding with a noticeable throb as her grip tightened.  A giggle sounded as she squeezed tightly and withdrew, tugging my pants and underwear downwards until they were securely nestled around my ankles.  Dick now free, it stood tall, heavy balls spilling out beneath it and ass settling into the warm leather of the seat.  Manicured fingers curled around the stiff pole, jerking it slowly while electric blue orbs stared at me above grinning red lips.

“Please ensure that your cock is in the upright and locked position as we prepare for landing!”  Taylor said, tracing her nails along the veiny underbelly, up and around the winking tip and along the outline of the swollen crown.  Clearly relishing her role, she said gleefully, “Oh my!  It definitely is!  Sir, how did you get this through security?”

She didn’t allow for an answer as her head descended, lips wrapping about the bulbous bellend, sucking something fierce.  Loud wet slurps escaped those scarlet puffy pillows as the pressure intensified, and they slid lower and lower down my length.  Tongue cushioning the underside of my schlong, I could feel long broad licks, even as she sucked more air in.  The slight bumping and jostling of the plane didn’t seem to disturb her, because in what seemed like no time at all, she was pressed down to the base.  Lips stretched accordingly and cute button nose digging into my groin, I felt a vibration that had nothing to do with the aircraft as she gave a throaty gurgling moan of pleasure. 

If the plane itself had been going down, I could not have been white-knuckling the arms of my seat harder.  Toes curling, my legs stretched, twitching uncontrollably as she dislodged me from her gullet and ascended upwards, a vacuum seal of tightness remaining unbroken.  Reaching the tip, she left it with a kiss and I looked down, light-headed and with blurry vision.  The shaft was smeared red, her lips much pinker than when we had started.  One hand gripped the slick base, wielding it like a spear as she circled the wobbling tip around her velvety smeared gobsmackers before diving back in for seconds. 

Blonde strands fell forward, escaping from behind her ears to tickle my thighs and obscuring her big blue eyes from staring up at me.  With gentle urgency, I tucked them away, her head bobbing fast now.  Each frantic journey to the base sent me quivering as her throat stretched wide only to find myself hurriedly withdrawn and forced back down it once more.  Moving from behind a cloud, sunlight burst forth, spilling across us as Taylor released me, taking a deep gasp.  Sinking her chin down against the seat, those fingers curled once more around the slick shaft, stroking.  Flicking out her tongue, it tickled and teased my balls, licking and lapping at them.

“I do so love airline nuts.”  She said, before inhaling one spunk filled gonad into her open maw.

A loud, hard sucking sound emanated from between my legs, her hand squeezing another fresh dollop of precum to ooze down my hard length.  Working one nut back and forth with her wet tongue, she released it coated in drool with a *POP* and did the same to the other.  Spitting that one out too, she straightened up while still kneeling, and wiped the few scant traces of spittle clinging to her lips with fingers sticky from precum.

“We provide only the best service to our customers on Swift Airways.  Are you enjoying your flight so far Mr. Stephens?” 

“Uh-huh…” I stammered, barely able to string two words together.

Rising to her feet she moved to the chair opposite me, hurriedly stripping as she went.  I got a flash of smooth, alabaster skin, her perky butt, and even perkier tits before panties were tossed playfully in my face.  Hanging off my nose, the primal smell of her arousal lingered heavily upon the damp fabric as I pulled them away to find her kneeling on the seat in front of me, arms hugging the back for support.  That pale perky ass was now pointed in my direction.  Peeking out were her bubblegum pink pussy lips, visibly glistening even from my seated position. 

“Can I offer you an inflight meal?”  She asked, head turned to face me. 

“Absolutely.  I’m starving.”  I said, nodding eagerly and standing up.

Discarding the remainder of my own clothes, I knelt down behind her, balancing on my knees.  She spread her legs as wide as she could within the confines of the seat, clutching the backrest even tighter.  Resting my hands on her flawless calves, I stuck my tongue out and was about to dig in when a bit of rough turbulence struck the plane unexpectedly.  Flying forward, my head smacked right against her tight toned ass, my outstretched tongue spearing her butthole like a bullseye.

“MHMMHMM!!”  I exclaimed, arms swinging wildly as I tried to balance myself, face full of ass and lips puckered against her anus.

“OHHHH!!!”  Taylor exclaimed, mostly out of surprise, some out of pleasure.  “I’m sorry sir, but we are not offering that course on this particular flight.  Maybe next time.”  She flashed a wink at me. 

Righting myself, I gave quick but thorough lick to her backdoor, swirling my tongue in a clockwise motion before moving lower.  Dragging my lips across her taint, I settled in, slurping down her steamy velvet twat like it was indeed an inflight meal.  Tantalizingly tasting her labia with my tongue, it roamed from one lip to the other before tickling her clit.  Lips pressed tight around her sex, I sucked and licked, lapping up the arousal leaking from her.  Hands wandered up from toned calves along smooth thighs, over hips and coming to rest upon her ass.  Squeezing and massaging those fit cheeks, my tongue darted in and out of her, flicking rapidly back and forth.  Eyes shut tight, I felt her fingers reaching back, running through and tousling my dark hair as I continued munching box.  Before long, those same fingers were tugging upwards, urging me to stand and give her something a little bigger.   

Rising up, I stood tall behind her, hands migrating to hips.  Aligning my cock with her dripping cunt, I teased the sopping entrance before pressing forward, sheathing myself fully inside of her in one swift push. 

“Swift…” I hissed.  “Fuck.  How do you always feel so good…”

Holding her hips like handles, my fingers bite into her skin as I started thrusting.  A wide stance let me put power behind each thrust, long and slow at first, letting her really feel every inch.  Arms constricting tighter around the seat, each deep dicking pressed the side of her face further into the chair.  The speed intensified.  Faster and faster.  Quickly followed by force, each hump harder than the last.  Smeared mouth opened wide, her face was burning red, grunting squeals of satisfaction echoing out.  They turned to muffled as her brilliantly white teeth sank into the leather.  Blonde hair, usually so styled and shiny was a mess, half of it falling on top of her head as she was squashed harder against the seat.  The seat rocked back forth, metal and plastic alike squeaking in protest, not designed for the force being applied to it, far more than any kind of turbulence could provide.

“Yes!  Cole!  Yes!  Keep going!”  Words had returned to Taylor, mouth gaping like a fish as she took the full unbridled force of my full hard length.

Still, she wasn’t shrieking her head off as I knew she was perfectly capable of doing when rolling around between the sheets.  After all, the pilots were still in the cockpit, even if the rest of the plane was thankfully empty.  I was really hitting my stride, totally and utterly focused on pounding Taylor into a quivering sloppy mess.  Then turbulence struck again.

The jet wobbled horribly and I reached out in vain to grab onto something.  Losing my balance, I stumbled backwards.  I half crashed, half landed in my own seat, an almighty thump sounding as my ass hit the cushion.  Taylor, holding onto her seat, fared much better and turned around in surprise at the sudden empty sensation of her insides.  Watching me fumble and curse up a storm, dick still jutting high from my groin and swinging wildly, she couldn’t help but give a snort of laughter. 

“Please make sure that all carry-on items are properly secured during the flight as they may shift during turbulence.”  She stared pointedly at my dick.  “Here sir, allow me to help secure that.”

As the plane leveled out, her arms came undone and she stood up, strutting over to me.  Straddling my lap, the seat was just wide enough for her knees to wedge themselves behind my ass as she sank down upon my cock.  One hand reached for the headrest, the other found the seat adjustments.  I felt the seat go further and further back, Taylor’s looming form only growing taller above until we were in a deep longue-worthy position.  She began to ride.       

“Why.  Were.  We.  Not.  Do-ing.  This.  The.  Whole.  Flight.”  Taylor groaned out, a breathy syllable expelled each time she filled her snatch with every meaty inch I had to give. 

Sliding along her jiggling thighs, both hands found her ass once more.  Clutching a perky cheek in each hand, I squeezed tight, guiding her clapping cheeks along my shaft as she worked her hips.

“Don’t know.  I’m gonna put a customer service complaint in with the airline though.”  I retorted before my lips latched onto one of her bouncing breasts, sucking hard on the pointed pink nipple staring me in the face.

“I’m.  Sure.  We.  Can.  Make.  It.  Up.  To.  You.  Sir.”  Taylor wheezed, bouncing harder than ever before, the seat rattling like crazy.  “We want you to ride this airline again Mr. Stephens!”  All the words escaping in one huffy pent-up breath.  “Oh, fuck do we want you to ride this airline again!”

One hand let go to give her ass a playful smack.  I couldn’t see much with my mouth full of tit, but I could feel that satisfactory ripple as I gripped the other even harder, still slamming it downwards upon my fleshy pillar.  Towering above me, her arms encircled my head, pulling me in tight, breasts smushed against my face.  Her hips had a mind of their own, gyrating, spinning and rocking before resuming the hard up and down of loud fleshy smacking, echoing ever louder throughout the cabin.

“That’s it!  Gonna… gonna cum!  C-c-cum!”  Taylor hissed. 

I gave her ass another smack, harder this time.  Her nipple was like a bullet between my lips, teeth gently scraping over it.  The other was equally hard as I quickly swapped to it, slobbering trails of saliva across her chest.  I could feel her muscles tense, the epicenter of the shaking tremors deep in her loins.  Eyes flicking skyward, I could see the outline of her beautiful face, mouth open wide, head hanging backwards, sunlight streaming through her golden haloed mess of a head and eyes screwed shut.  One final time she sank upon my thick slab.

“Ahhh-hhhh-ahhhhh!!!”  She shouted, primal erotic noises the only thing she could vocalize as she climaxed.

Whole body trembling, I held her close rolling my hips upwards in a series of quick thrusts, off the sticky leather of the seat into her suddenly vice-like pussy.  Each thrust was met with another spasm until I drove deep and held it there, her body vibrating all over until I finally felt her unclench.  Head hanging loosely like an unwanted sleeping passenger, she slowly opened her hazy baby blues to look at me.  As our eyes met and I gave a hard throb inside of her, barely holding back my own orgasm.

“Mhmmmm, fuck Cole.  That is… the only way I want to travel.” 

On shaking limbs, she slithered back down onto her knees on the floor in front of me, the seat quickly returning to an upright position.  “Back where we started.”  A quick look out the window and we could see the Manhattan skyline laid out before us.  “Better hurry.”  A quick wink and in the next second my cock had vanished from view.

Smacking my own head back against the seat, I was trembling from head to toe, Taylor bobbing up and down along the entire length with the greatest of ease.  Eager to suck the cum, and perhaps my very soul, right out of me.  It didn’t take long, the ground growing surprisingly closer with each passing second.   

“Tay.  Taylor.  Swift!  Fuck!  I’m cumming!”  I yelled out in warning, growing inside her gullet as she moaned in anticipation of impending jism.

Seconds later she was rewarded.  Piping hot cum sprayed forth, erupting wildly from my cockhead, securely held between her lips, cheeks caved in with pressure.  It throbbed, pulsating rapidly, splashing semen hither and thither across her oral cavity.  Hand on the shaft she jerked with fast steady motions, milking me for all I was worth.  Salty rope after salty rope was unloaded until my member gave one final twitch, balls thoroughly and utterly drained.  Digging my fingernails out of the armrests, I looked down at her.

A huge smile decorated her lips, still sealed tight.  Staring straight at me, a loud audible gulp sounded and those lips came apart as she smacked them together appreciatively.  With a cheeky grin she said, “Mhmmm!  Best inflight meal I’ve ever had!  Delicious!”

Just then, the buzz of the intercom sounded, the pilot’s voice buzzing through.  “Preparing for descent.  Please take your seats and buckle up for landing.”

Taylor grabbed her discarded dress, half dressing as she settled in the seat next to me, still licking the last of my cum from her lips.  As we descended and the minutes passed, we kept glancing at each other and laughing, the rationality of our brains finally catching up with the irrationally of our bodies in the post-orgasm haze.  Before long, the wheels of the plane touched down and we both jolted forward in our seats, gradually slowing as we moved down the runway.  The intercom buzzed again.  “Welcome to New York Ms. Swift.  We hope you enjoyed the flight.”

“I know I did.  How about you Cole?”

Present Day

“Technically I don’t think it counts unless your above 10,000 feet.  That’s why they call it the Mile-High Club.”  She said matter-of-factly.

“Isn’t that way more than a mile?”  Cole asked.

Taylor shrugged, “I think it’s more like two, but you know I hate cardio.  Plus, nobody flies at 10,000 ft.  It’s around 37,000 ft or something like that.”

“So that would make our second time in a plane our actual first mile high fuck?”  Cole asked.

“Are you referring to the time where we had a bunch of champagne before takeoff and you convinced me to do anal?  And then I couldn’t sit straight in a seat for the rest of the flight?”

“I seem to recall anal was your idea.”  He replied, unable to keep the mirth out of his voice.

“Mhmm.  Agree to disagree.”  She said before lapsing into silence.  Her book remained unread as furtive glance after furtive glance was thrown his way.  Eventually, she tossed her hands up in the air and said, “Damn, now it’s all I can think about.”  Spinning around in her seat, she hugged the back of it and thrusted her big beautiful behind out in his direction.

Cole laughed and grinned, adopting a polite and professional tone, “Why Ms. Swift, I believe you’ve acquired enough frequent fucker miles for our platinum plus package.  And I think you’ll really enjoy it.”

“Get over here and give me that platinum plus package.  Right now.”  She demanded, yanking down her shorts to reveal her bare bottom, unencumbered by the presence of underwear and gave her ass a slap.

End of Chapter Twenty-Nine
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 29 Posted 2/10]
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29 strong and still great. MHC scenarios are so good. Awesome, bruv.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 29 Posted 2/10]
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Simply superb. Really liked the "customer service" dirty talk. It added a really nice bit of flavor to the scene. Made it unique.
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