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Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 28 Posted 1/13]
« on: September 23, 2018, 02:05:12 PM »
Disclaimer: This a work of fiction.  This is not real.  It did not/will not ever happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Chapter One: Taylor Swift
Starring Taylor Swift
Codes: MF, Oral, Rom, Virgin


Cole stirred as his phone buzzed, the screen illuminating the darkness of his room.  He groaned and rolled over, blinking blearily as he looked to see who would be calling him at this hour.  Her name was emblazoned across the screen.  Becky. He reached over and clumsily groped for his phone with unresponsive reflexes.  He swiped, answering the phone just in time. 

“Hello…” He asked groggily into the darkness. 

“Cole? Did I wake you?  Shit, what time is it there?”

“Do you mean here in New York, where you allegedly live?  It’s 3:30 AM.” 

“You were asleep.” 

“Yes, I was Swift.” 

“Shit, I’m sorry!  I always mess up the time difference.”

There was a slight slur to her words that made him think she might have been drinking.

“It’s alright Swift.”  He said as an enormous yawn overtook him.  “I always have time for you.  I’m glad you called.” 

He rolled onto his back, sinking deeper into the sheets, eyelids feeling heavy. The thoughts of their last conversation suddenly weighed heavily on his mind.  It had been a while since they had spoken and they hadn’t left things in a great place.   

“Yea…I was just doing some thinking…but you know.  It’s nothing, just stupid stuff.  Reminiscing is all.  I didn’t mean to wake you.” 

“Nonsense, I’m very much awake now.  You might as well spit it out.” 

“You remember when we met, right?”  She asked hesitantly. 

“Of course, two middle school misfits thrown into the vicious Pennsylvania school system.”

“Do you ever…do you ever wonder if things had been different?”  She asked.

“Like how? Like if the other kids had never been such dicks, we would have never met?” 

“No… like the later stuff.” 

“Gotta be more specific Swift.  I lied earlier about being 100% awake.”

“I meant like us being together.  You know, the first time?”

That caused him to perk up a bit.  Was this just another booty call?  Over the years there had been many.  It usually happened in-between shitty boyfriends and high-pressure album releases. Sometimes he wished it had been more than that.  Still, there was no way he would ever forget their first time together.  It had been over a decade ago and he could still picture it as clear as day. 

“Yes Taylor.  I remember it.”  He said quietly.   

“Do you ever wish we had maybe done things differently?”  She asked just as quietly.   

“You know that I have, but I never once regretted it.  I care about you too much.”

There was a long pause.  Cole didn’t break it and neither did Taylor. 

“Let’s just talk in the morning.  Sorry to have woken you!”  She said a little breathlessly. 

“Swift! Wait!”  He said quickly, but she ended the call. 

He thought about calling her back.  He thought about telling her what he had often thought about over the years, long before she had been famous.  Then he thought about when he had told her those things before and where it had sent them. So instead, he put his phone back on his nightstand and settled back into bed, now very much awake. 

“Our first time.  Now that was really something.”  He said out loud to himself.  No one else was in his apartment to hear him.   

My phone vibrated, buzzing on my desk.  I glanced over to see the number.  A wide grin broke out over my face.  I grabbed it, flipped it open and pressed the answer button. 

“Swift!” I exclaimed excitedly.  “You got my message?  How was the latest gig?  I haven’t seen you in ages!  How have you been?”

“Cole!” She squealed into the phone.  “I know.  I know.  It’s been a year of this and I still can’t believe it.” 

“I never doubted you for one second.” 

“Liar.” She said with mirth in her voice.

“So, what’s up?”  I asked. “Will you be home the weekend I am coming down?” 

“Yes, I am!  I’ll be home for a few days next week.  I was hoping we could hang out, just the two of us.”

“Ah, well no worries on that front.  I’m staying on campus with my cousin for the weekend while he gives me the real tour of Vanderbilt.  I can easily slip away for a while.”

“Excellent!  How’s everything else going?”  She asked.

“Well, Stephanie dumped me a couple of days ago.” I admitted.  It still stung a bit, but it actually felt good to say it out loud. “So, high school has been more terrible than usual lately.” 

“Oh, Cole. I’m so sorry.” 

“Hey, don’t sweat it.  It’s not your fault.”

“I do wonder what high school would have been like together if I had never moved away.”

“Taylor. Never apologize for wanting to pursue your dream.  All those other dickheads couldn’t see that.  My time will come, eventually.  I’m good really.  I have missed you though.”   

“Damn. My manager is calling me to talk to me about something.  I can’t get five minutes to myself.  I’ll IM you the details.  Sound good?” 

“Sounds good.  Bye Swift.”


She hung up the phone.  It would be good to see her.  She had been away for some time, working on various promotions and shows for her debut album.  She was actually starting work on her second album.  It was nearly Christmas time when I flew down to Vanderbilt to meet up with my cousin.  Taylor’s 18thbirthday had only been a few days before and so I brought a present with me, some custom designed guitar picks.  The trip was promising to be an exciting one, even though senior year of high school was proving to be a stressful one.  It felt like I was wading through a never-ending sea of college applications. It was frustrating doing all these essays when I only ever wanted to go to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.

It was hard to explain my friendship with Taylor Swift.  We had met in middle school and gotten close.  That had been a rough time for both of us, but then she moved away to pursue her musical career in Nashville and I was stuck back in Pennsylvania. High school proved better for both of us, but it did seem like we both missed each other’s company.  In many ways we were very different people, but something about her drew me like a moth to a flame.  We still kept in touch frequently and I supported her whenever I could make it to one of her shows.

As the weekend arrived, I flew in met up with cousin and told I was meeting a friend for a while.  He was pretty busy with finals so he didn’t mind at all.  My excitement as seeing Taylor again had reached its peak.  She came over the campus and picked me up.  She ran up to greet me, throwing her arms around and I was treated to a face full of that curly blonde hair.  She looked beautiful even wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I presented the guitar picks for her. She exclaimed over them and gave me another great big hug.  We totted around the campus for a while, catching up and reminiscing.  Finally, she suggested that we continue hanging out at her place.  I heartily agreed and she drove us home, blasting the radio and singing at the top of our lungs all the way there.  When we arrived, I was surprised to find that her brother and parents were out.  In fact, she told me that her parents wouldn’t be back until tomorrow and her brother was crashing at a friend’s house. We walked inside and we settled on the couch, laughing and continuing to catch up.  As night descended upon the house our conversations turned from the superficial to the serious.  Eventually she broached the topic of my recent ex-girlfriend. 

“I don’t really know what happened.  I thought we were clicking, emotionally and physically.” I said. 

“Physically?” Taylor asked, sipping her beer. 

“Yea…you know…like…” I stammered, suddenly bashful and feeling myself blush furiously. 

“Actually, I don’t know.”  Taylor said. “I’m still a virgin.”

I choked on my beer, spluttering as I struggled to maintain my composure.  I found her sitting very still, those electric blue eyes watching me very carefully.

“No…I…um…didn’t know that Swift.”


“Well…yes…I mean no.”  I stammered out stupidly. 

“I know what you’re thinking.  Most of my songs are about boys.  Right? The truth is that most of those were flings or silly schoolgirl crushes.  I think part of the reason is because of the physical stuff.  I’ve been called a prude by more than one of them.”

“A prude? That’s seems harsh.”

“Well, you know I’m a good girl with proper moral values.”  She said as she sipped her underage beer.

“Sure you are Swift.”  I said chuckling.

“I’ve just never been that confident around boys.  Especially ones that I think are cute.”     
“Ouch. You wound me.”  I said mockingly. 

Taylor looked at me intensely and laid her hand on top of mine.  “Expect for you.” 

“Ok. Very funny Swift.”  I said, waiting for the punch line to drop.

“The truth is Cole, that there isn’t a boy in this whole world I trust as much as you. Let me tell you, getting into this industry…there just aren’t a lot of trustworthy people.  And the truth is that I’ve wanted to do this for a while a now. I just haven’t found a trustworthy enough person to do it with.  I thought…I thought…”. She paused here and took a deep breath as though steeling herself to say something. Then she looked me square in the eyes and said, “I thought that my first time could be with you.” 

I sat there on her living room couch thunderstruck.  Over the years, I had occasionally toyed with the idea of romantic notions with Taylor, but never anything serious.  Now here she was propositioning me. 

“Taylor…about us…” I began to say.

“Hey!” She said quickly.  “I get it.  I love our friendship!  It means the world to me and I don’t want to tarnish that.  This would just be one friend helping another, right?”
“Yea… that’s always how it works out in those movies you’re always watching.” 

She chuckled, but still looked to me for an answer. 

“What do you think?”

Hundreds of thoughts suddenly began bombarding my brain.  The swarmed around my mind like a hurricane, each battling to be heard.  Then I looked at her, sitting there in jeans and t-shirt on her parent’s living room couch, curly hair falling around her shoulders, full pink lips, bright blue eyes and I banished all those thoughts.

“Yes…” I said quietly.     

A wide smile broke out over her face and she leaned forward.  I leaned forward as well and suddenly my nostrils were filled with the sweetest smell of her perfume.  We paused for a moment, our lips centimeters apart before they touched gently.  Her lips were incredibly soft, full and they tasted sweet like candy.  It felt like we sat there for eternity, our lips locked and electricity flying between us.  Eventually we came apart and suddenly she was quite pink in the face and looked down bashfully.  I cleared my throat loudly.   

“That was…”  I said.

“Enchanting?”  She said.

I nodded silently, eyes wide.  I moved forward to kiss her again and she responded, parting her lips and we kissed again.  This time I probed my tongue gently forward and she responded in kind.  It was impossible to say how long we sat on that couch kissing, but eventually we broke apart and sat back, adolescent hormones raging through each of our bodies.   

“Just so I know… how much experience do you have, exactly?” 

“Subtle.” She said laughing.  “I’ve kissed my fair share of boys…but not too much more than that.” 

“Uh huh.”

“It’s not like I haven’t thought it.  I’ve gotten plenty of details from some of my other friends.  I know where everything goes and all that.  In fact, there was one time where I think I might have made him cum.” 

“You think?  You can usually tell.”

“There was a lot of rolling around and rubbing of things.  Then we were interrupted.  It’s hard to say.”

“So… you’ve never even seen….”

“Not in real life.  Well, I’ve seen it through underwear and jeans.”

“Doesn’t count.” 

“Does too!”  She said, miming offense at my comment.  “Also, I…um… may have masturbated once or twice before.”

I raised my eyebrows in response.  “Nothing wrong with that.  Are you… are you sure about this?”

“You’re the boy I trust the most.”  She said simply.  “You just also happen to be my friend.” 

“Ok Swift. Then let’s do this.”

“That sure took a lot of convincing.”  She said mockingly. 

“When a beautiful, funny, talented and smart girl wants to have sex with you, you do not turn her down.”

She actually blushed at that and looked down slyly.  “Ok then. Meet me upstairs in a few minutes?”

I nodded mutely.  She stood up from the couch and walked away.  I watched her hips sway as she went.  She lightly treaded up the stairs and then I was alone with only my throbbing erection to keep me company.  The anticipation stretched those few minutes into what felt like hours until finally I heard her calling for me.  I quickly raced up the stairs to her bedroom.  After a quick knock on her door, I was granted entry.  The lights had been turned off, but Taylor had lit several large candles, which filled the room with a dim radiance.  She stood across the room, clad in only a grey camisole and a pair of bright pink cotton panties.  Her curly mess of hair fell around her shoulders and down her back.  Her erect nipples were easily visible through the thin fabric of the camisole.  I stood there, jaw agape and frozen in the doorway.  Her beauty enraptured me.  My erection throbbed uncomfortably within the confines of my jeans.  She looked down shyly, as if embarrassed by the state of her wardrobe.

“Taylor…” I said, my mouth suddenly very dry.           

“How do I look?”  She asked sheepishly. 

“Incredible.”  I said quickly.  “Like a literal angel.” 

“Boys will say anything to get in a girl’s pants.”  She said with a sly smile on her face. 

I couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation. 

“That is definitely true, but I still meant what I said.” 

“You’re sweet.  Now it’s your turn.  Strip down.”

I hurriedly peeled off my shirt, noting that her gaze was fixated on me. I unbuttoned my pants slowly and then let them drop to the ground.  I stood there in front of her with my boxer briefs pitching a tent.  Her blue eyes grew wide and round as they stared at my crotch. 

“Oh…my…goodness…” She said, transfixed.  “It’s big… I mean, bigger than I thought it would be.”

“Want to see it?”  I asked cautiously. 

She nodded, curls bouncing around her head.  I gradually lifted the waistband of my boxer briefs and then dragged them down until they fell around my ankles.  My member popped free, standing at attention.  I had only ever been with one girl before, my ex, but she had never looked at me the way that Taylor was now looking at me.  She was biting her lower lip, staring and utterly transfixed my manhood. 

“That’s supposed to fit inside me?”  She asked with a little giggle. 

“That’s the plan.”  I said, heart thumping in my chest.  “Want to touch it?” 

She nodded and we moved towards each other.  Inches apart, I moved in for a kiss and the instant I felt my lips touched hers the sparks flew between us.  She pulled in close, pressing up against my erection as I savored the sweet taste of her lips on mine.  I felt her delicate hand slide down from my back inching slowly to my cock pressed up against her.  She moved her thin fingers to grasp it and she held on lightly before starting to move up and down very slowly.

“It’s very smooth.”  She whispered. 

“Let’s move to the bed.”  I said breathlessly.

We moved together as one, lips still locked and her hand still gripped around my prick.  We fell onto the sheets and I ran my hands over her body and breathed in the scent of her hair, an intoxicating coconut smell.  We lay there, just taking in each other.   

I pulled back to look at her and said, “I’m totally naked.  How about you?” 

She looked at me, smiled and stood back up at the edge of the bed.  Slowly, she stripped off the camisole, one strap at a time. She pulled it over her head, revealing her petite breasts with very perky pink areoles.  Then she hooked a thumb in her underwear and pulled slowly downward, revealing a trimmed blonde bush.  She looked back up at me, covering herself shyly, holding an arm across her breasts and concealing her vagina from view with a hand.  My eyes grew wide and I stiffened further as she stripped.

“Taylor Swift, you might just be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”

She gave a trilling laugh and slowly removed her limbs, giving me a full view of her body.  My eyes roved up and down hungrily, taking all of her in.  Then she moved forward, back onto the bed.  She kissed me fiercely again, our naked forms intermingling. We rolled around on the bed, passionately kissing and savoring the taste of each other’s lips and feeling of soft skin. Gradually I moved my hands down towards her pussy, but she stopped me and looked at me.

“Can…can I suck on it?”  She asked.

“Yes! Of course!”  I said eagerly. 

I laid flat on my back so that my cock stuck up in the air, high above the bed. She clambered between my legs and examined it, stroking it softly with a hand.

“It’s still so big.” 

“Thanks. I’m flattered.”

“Is this cum?”  She asked, looking at the trickle of precum oozing from the head as she squeezed it gently.

“Nope, just precum!”  I responded nervously.   

“Oh!” She said, wiping it away with her finger and rubbing it to feel the consistency. 

She moved her head down; blonde curls falling forward.  Ever so gently, she kissed the tip of my cock and then rested her lips on the head.  Even that gentle sensation sent a wave of pleasure coursing through my body and I threw my head back, groaning.  My ex had never wanted to suck my cock, but here was Taylor who was even more inexperienced but was eager and ready to try new things.  I tucked her hair behind her ear, so that way I could watch what she was doing.  She wrapped her lips further around my cock and began to take more of me into her talented mouth.  She rocked up and down slowly, each time taking just a bit more of me between those pink lips.  Inside she waggled her tongue around as she dragged her lips back and forth.  I lay there, curling my toes and grunting out affirmations and she worked over my cock.  Eventually she moved her lips down my shaft and in response I thrusted my hips up slightly, forcing more of me into her mouth.  She coughed and pulled back to clear her throat. 

“Sorry.” I said dazedly.  “It just felt so good, I couldn’t help it.”

“So, I was doing good?”  She asked quizzically staring at my moistened shaft.

“Amazing.” I said, staring back at her.  “But I want something more.  It’s time to return the favor.” 

Her hand went to cover her pussy again. 

“Down there?”

“Yes. You tasted me, now I want to taste you.”

“I know about cunnilingus, but is that something a lot of guys do?  None of them has ever asked me about that before. It’s always been about what they want me to do to them.”

“Only the good ones do.” 


We swapped positions and now Taylor was on her back and I positioned myself in-between her thighs, gently sliding my fingers along her smooth alabaster thighs. She trembled.  I gently placed my lips against her damp pussy lips.  Just that simple contact elicited a visible reaction.  I kissed it again, pressing harder, this time probing ever so slightly with my tongue.

“Wow! That’s a new feeling!”  Taylor said, blue eyes going wide.

“A good feeling?”  I asked.

“Yes! Keep going!”   

I was by no means an expert, but I did my best.  I thrust my tongue deep into her folds, feeling her pubic hair tickle my nose, as I tasted her.  I worked my lips, rubbing them against hers as I made licking motions with my tongue. She grabbed my head and ran fingers through my hair as she writhed beneath me.  Pulling back slightly I popped one finger into my mouth and then placed it against her quivering lips.  I slid it in slowly as I resumed my oral treatment.  I got a particularly loud moan from that.

“That’s just your finger?”  She asked, eyes unfocused. 

“Yes.” I paused briefly to answer. 

“Oh man…” She said and then gasped as I resumed kissing her snatch.   

I continued like that for several minutes, eventually sliding another finger in as well. When I finally did come up for air, I looked her in the eye, mouth and chin wet with her juices and my saliva. 

“Ready for the real thing?”   

She looked at me very seriously and nodded. 

“Do you have condoms or anything?”  I asked, suddenly panicking. 

“No need. I take birth control.  Just don’t cum inside.”

I nodded and wiped my mouth off with the back of my hand, positioning myself above her. I stared into her crystal blue eyes and aimed my cock, resting it against her wet lips.  It took a little bit of wiggling, but eventually I was ready.

“Ready?” I asked, trembling all over. 

“Yes. Put it in.”  Said Taylor, likewise trembling. 

I moved forward slowly with my hips, pushing myself further and further into her.  Her eyes grew wide and her mouth formed a perfect circle as I penetrated her.  I let out a groan as I felt her pussy lips wrap around and pull my cock into her. Once all the way in, I stopped for a moment, delighting in the feeling of her. 

“Does it hurt?”  I asked.

“No. Just a little tender.”  She replied.  “Go slowly.”

I started to rock my hips gently, just little circular motions.  She wrapped her long legs around me and I gripped her tightly as we stared into each other’s eyes.  I leaned down and kissed her hard on the mouth and started to speed up my motions a bit.  She responded kissing me ferociously.  Our tongues intertwined and I gave a particularly deep thrust causing her to let out a loud moan into my mouth. 

“My god Taylor.”  I said. “You feel so good.” 

“You do too!  God, you feel huge inside of me.” 

I laughed and picked up a little more speed.  She dug her fingers into my back as I continued with my thrusting.  I could have stayed in that moment forever, staring into the deep blue of her eyes as our grunts of passion filled with dimly lit room.  I thrust into her over and over again, building up a rhythm.  One. Two.  Three.  Then pause for a moment.  One.  Two. Three.  Sweat beaded on my forehead as I kissed her again.  It was more the effort at not cumming than actual physical exertion.  As we continued making love for several minutes, I knew that I just couldn’t last any longer.   

“Taylor! I’m have to cum!”  I said through gritted teeth.

“Pull out!”  Said Taylor, breathlessly.

I pulled out of her no longer virgin pussy with a slurp.  I adjusted myself on my knees and positioned my bulging cock above her midriff.  I gripped it tightly with my fist and looked into her stunningly blue eyes.  They moved from my throbbing cock up into my own and I started to stroke as we stared into each other’s eyes.  She wiggled a bit underneath me, preparing for what came next.   

“Cum! Cum for me Cole!  Be my first!”

It only took a stroke or two before I let out a groan and semen erupted from the tip of my cock.  It sprayed out over her stomach.  Hot cum painted streaks of white, shooting from below her belly button to just below her breasts.  At least one of blasts pooled in her belly button, but the rest painted her midriff. I gave my cock one or two more strokes and a few more drops dribbled out onto her blonde bush.  Then, panting heavily, I clambered off of her and settled down next to her in her bed.

“Taylor… that was… wow.  Just wow.” I said, turning my head to look at her. She lay there with her mouth opened, surprised etched all over her face.  She looked down at my jizz, covering most of her torso.  Then she turned her head to look at me. 

“That is a lot of cum.  More than I was expecting!” 

“Yea, well you really turn me on.”  I said sheepishly. 

“And it’s so warm!  And thick!”

“So, how was it?”  I asked.

“Makes me wonder why I waited this long.”  She said with a sly grin. 
A wide smile broke out over my face and for a moment, I gazed longingly into those enchanting blue pools.  That was when we heard someone calling out Taylor’s name.

“Taylor honey!  We’re home early!”

It was her mom and dad.  They were supposed to be out of town until tomorrow.  They must have cut their trip short. 

“Shit!” Said Taylor, suddenly looking frantic. “Shit!  Shit! Shit!” 

She fumbled to get dressed, pulling on pants while hissing at me to get under the bed. I jumped off the bed and started to shimmy my way underneath, still fully nude.  As I positioned myself soundly, I stuck my head out and looked at Taylor still trying to put herself together. 
“Swift! You’ve still got cum all over you!”   

“Damn!” She said, moving a hand to feel the congealing jism still splattered on her beautiful body.  She attempted to wipe it off with her hand but found that all she did was smear it deeper into her skin and cover her hand with my seed.

“I need something to wipe it off!”

I looked around from my position under the bed and grabbed the first thing I saw, her wet discarded panties.  I held them out to her.  She looked at me with a raised eyebrow, but then heard her parents rummaging at the bottom of the staircase and grabbed them.  She started wiping the thick cum off of her stomach as her they began to ascend the stairs. She wadded up the now soaked panties and threw them into the corner of room.  Her hands were still slick with cum, but she pulled on a shirt and looked down at me.  I gave her the thumbs up.  She’d rearranged herself on the bed, just as we heard a knock on the door.

She sat back on bed and called out in a higher than usual voice, “Come in!” 

Her mother and father opened the door and stood there smiling.  I was silent, holding my breath under her bed.  She got up and moved over to hug both of them.

“You look a bit flushed sweetie, are you feeling alright?”  Asked her mother. 

“Yes, just fine mom.”  Taylor replied, a little too quickly. 

She brushed her daughter’s hair out of her face and noticed some cum still sticking to her t-shirt.

“What is this on your shirt?”  She asked curiously.   

“Oh…” Said Taylor, her eyes going wide.  “I… just spilled a bit of new moisturizer when I was in the bathroom.  You know me, such a klutz.”

She gave a high-pitched chuckle that ended very abruptly and looked at her parents smiling. 

“Oh, ok! Let me know if works, and I’ll try it out myself.  We’re going to get cleaned up.  Dinner in a bit?”  Said her mother, either oblivious or playing dumb.  It was hard to tell.   

“Sure mom!”       
They left and I listened as they moved back downstairs.  I shimmied out from under the bed. 

“Close one, huh?”  I said.

“Too close.”  Said Taylor, sitting back on her bed and running her fingers over her stomach, feeling the drying cum.  “It was nice though.”

I looked back up at her. 

“Yea, it was.”  I said sheepishly.  “I’m glad you trusted me with this.” 

“So am I.” Said Taylor. 

“This better not end up in one of your songs.”  I said teasingly. 

“No promises.”  She said smirking, while staring into my green eyes. 

Cole started at the sound of his alarm buzzing.  Face still buried in the pillow he groped for his phone and swiped the alarm away.  The buzzing ceased instantly.  Now if only he could banish the images of Taylor writhing beneath him as easily. Five minutes later the alarm sounded again.  This time he shut it off for good and threw the covers off.  He couldn’t sleep anymore.  Every time he closed his eyes, he saw her anyways. 

End Of Chapter One
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift)
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Disclaimer: This a work of fiction.  It is not real. It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Chapter Two: Fearless
Starring Taylor Swift
Codes: MF, Oral


“Hey dude!”  Said Steve as he spotted Cole sitting at the table.  He grinned widely and got up to hug him.  It had been several months since the pair of best friends from college had seen one another.  They embraced and sat down.  Lunch was excellent and they covered a myriad of conversation topics.

“You look like shit man.”  Said Steve as they finished up. 

“I didn’t get much sleep last night.”  Said Cole. 

“A woman?” 

Cole didn’t quite know what to say.  You couldn’t exactly go around telling people, even an old college buddy, that you were friends and occasionally more with Taylor Swift. 

“Something like that.”   

“Oh yeah?”  Asked Steve, grinning eagerly.

“Not the good kind of sleepless night.”  Said Cole.

“So, what does this latest girl look like. You got pics?”

“She’s…tall, blonde…very beautiful.”

“Sounds like just your type.  Ever since, I’ve known you, you were always chasing blondes with legs that went on for miles.”


“Yea, that’s your type, right?” 

“I guess I never thought about it that much before.”

“Even in college, all you dated were blondes.”  Steve smirked, as he struggled to recall one of Cole’s previous hookups.  “Do you remember that one chick?  It was spring sophomore year.  We went to that raging party and you hooked up with that blonde.  What was her name? 

Cole remained silent for a moment, wrestling with the truth.  In the end, he decided to continue the lie.  “I don’t remember.”   

Steve made a crude joke and Cole laughed hollowly. They wrapped up lunch, but Cole found himself transfixed on the memory of when Taylor had come to visit him at college. 


“I thought I could come over and see what I’m missing out on.  College is supposed to be pretty wild, right?”  She said over the phone. 

“It can be.  Some of these parties are unbelievable, but there’s no way they compare to any Hollywood shindigs though.” 

“Oh please.  All those events may look nice, but they’re boring as fuck.  That goes double for me.  I can’t let loose at all…”

“Let me ask you.  How hard is it for you to go incognito these days?”

“It’s getting there, but I think with a hat and some shades I’ll be ok.  Maybe I’ll wear my hair different.”

“That’s too bad.  I like the curls.” 

There was a somewhat awkward pause as the compliment landed.  I cleared my throat and brushed right past it. 

“So, it’s settled.  My roommate will be gone all weekend.  You’ll come over all and then we will go out partying college style. No one will know it’s you, everyone will be wasted anyways.  I’ll show you a good time.”

“You always do.”  She said quietly. 

Another awkward pause settled between us.

“Either way, I can’t wait to see you again!” 

“Dido.  Talk to you later Swift.” 

I cleaned my room up a bit before she arrived. I got a text message that she was outside and suddenly I was very nervous.  When I walked through the dorm, I found her standing there, large sunglasses and a sweatshirt hood pulled up holding an overnight bag.  I let her in and was greeted by an enthusiastic hug. Some of her many curls escaped the hoody to smother me as well.  The smell of her brought back memories from previous encounters.  I had planned to show her around campus, but we just ended up talking for hours.  Taylor had just as many questions for me about college as I did for her about the music industry.  Before I knew it, it was dark out.  I ordered some pizza and we continued talking late into the night.  We drank cheap vodka and beer that I had laying around. An hour or two before we were supposed to head out to the party, she stated that she needed to get ready. When she finally emerged from the bathroom, she looked stunning.  She was wearing a flowery dress with thin straps and her curly head of hair on full display.  She had a few bangles on her wrists and big brown cowboy boots that greatly accentuated her fine legs.  Her lips were pink and she had a splash of mascara over each eye.  I gulped audibly. 

“How do I look?”  She asked, twirling around for me. 

“Good.  Very good.”

“Only good?”  She asked, pouting slightly.

I sputtered, stammering something out before I saw the grin on her face.  I got dressed as well and we headed out to the party.  She was a bit nervous about being recognized at first, but nobody was expecting to see her first and combined with the drunken idiots walking around, she thought she would be ok.  We got into the house party no problem, I knew the guy after all.  We set out to having a drink or two before dancing with the sweaty crowd of other college students.  As the night wore on, we lost ourselves.  The music from the speakers pounded around us.  The neon flashes of light provided snapshots of the room, but we only had eyes for each other.  She moved closer to me, gyrating her hips to the music.  My heart pounded, nearly as loud as the music, in my ears. Then suddenly, I found my hands on her hips and hers on mine.  Before I knew what was happening our lips were together, locked in a fierce embrace. Everything else in the room seemed to fade away and it was just the two of us. 

She pulled off of me and said, “Back to the room?”

“Back to the room.”  I said, nodding eagerly. 

I grabbed her by the hand and we weaved our way through the crowd into that warm Tennessee spring night.  We made it back to the room and I fumbled with my keys, my hands trembling.  She rubbed my back eagerly, breathing heavily close to my ear.  When I finally got the key into the lock and opened the door, we tumbled inside.  It snapped shut behind us.  We were on each other in seconds.  I was so filled with lust that I felt drunk.  We stumbled over to the bed, still intertwined and began stripping.  I managed to kick one shoe off and pull my shirt upwards while she pulled her dress straps down.  Simultaneously she was trying to undo my belt.  We were kissing fiercely the whole time, tongues intertwined and hands writhing up and down the others body.  We fell onto the bed, still half clothed.  My hand slid up her long leg until it found her damp panties. I slid them aside and probed a finger inside.  That elicited a moan from her while she in turn reached inside my own underwear to grasp my cock firmly and started stroking. 

We continued rolling around in the dark like that until she said, “Get inside me!” 

I nodded, and stood up, fully disrobing. She did the same, shrugging off her flowery dress and hooked a finger around her panties and pulled downward. Before she could remove her boots, I grabbed her again and threw her onto the bed.  I bumped into her clumsily, jabbing her with my erect penis. That gave us both a chuckle before she grabbed the shaft and guided my cockhead to her pussy lips.  They were already wet as I rubbed my head and then I pushed inwards and slid in with ease.  I thrust forwards immediately, savoring in the feeling of being inside her again. I thrust again, swiftly.  Each time I slid in and out of her, she moaned out loud as we played tongue tennis with one another.  She wrapped those impossibly long legs around me, boots still on and I pounded away.  The dorm bed creaked with protest as I slammed myself into her over and over again. I came up for air, standing fully upright and then thrust my hips forward again.  Her eyes flew open and she gave an audible moan.  I fucked her like that for a minute or two, feeling my mushroom tip rub up against her g-spot. 

“Get back down here.”  She said, wrapping her arms around me and pulling in a kiss. 

We slithered up onto the bed until we were in missionary position.  I took a moment and gazed into her gorgeous eyes and stunning face, beautifully framed by the wild curly mane of hair splayed out across the bed.  We continued like that, delighting in each other before we picking up the pace again.  Taking the initiative, she rolled me over onto my back and positioned herself above my throbbing cock. 

“My turn to ride you.”  She said, with her boots still on. 

She slid downwards and sheathed me easily.  I thrusted upwards, propelling myself deeper inside of her.  She arched her back, thrusting her breasts out and even in the semi-darkness I could see how erect her pink nipples were.  She began to bounce up and down on my cock, her many curls all bouncing in unison.

“Taylor!”  I cried out loud.  “This is amazing!” 

“I know!”  She said.  “You feel so good inside of me!”

We achieved perfect rhythm, with her grinding her hips as I thrusted upwards and I knew that she was close, just as I was. 

“OH GOD!”  Cried Taylor, positively screaming now.  “It’s never felt like this before!” 

“Yea Swift?  Are you gonna cum?  Are you gonna cum riding me?” 

“I’m cumming?  Yes!  That’s it! I’m going to CUM!” 

“Do it Tay!  Cum for me!”


She screeched out as her body tensed up and her pussy clamped down on my cock.  Her orgasm sent me over the edge as well.  I couldn’t hold back anymore.  I thrusted upwards once more and shouted.

“Taylor, I’m cumming too!”

“Do it!  Cum inside!  Inside of me! She cried, her whole body shaking.

I gave a guttural roar and exploded balls deep into her pussy.  Her eyes shot wide opened as she felt me pump rope after rope of hot semen into her pussy. Then they rolled into the back of her head as her body continued to convulse as waves of orgasmic pleasure crashed over her again and again.  When both our orgasms finally subsided, she leaned forward and lay on top of me, panting. I could still feel her erect nipples poking me in the chest.

“Wow…Taylor…that was incredible.” 

“Cole.”  Said Taylor, lifting her head to look me in the eye.  “That was unbelievable.  No one has ever made me cum before.” 

As she said this, she extracted herself from my deflating cock and she flopped onto the bed beside me.  There was an audible slurp as cum leaked out of her pussy. She moved a hand down to feel in-between her legs.

“God, it’s so warm.”  She said, giggling.   

I smiled and just held her there. Eventually we got cleaned up and returned to bed.  We fell asleep in each other’s arms.  I woke up to a face full of curly blond hair. Sun was streaming in-between the binds. I blinked and looked at the clock. It was almost noon.  I sat up slowly, not wanting to wake Taylor.  I got out of bed quietly and tiptoed to the shower.  When I was done, I emerged back through the common room and entered my room, clad only in a towel.  She was awake by now.

“Finally, up Swift?”

“I thought you ran out me.”  Said Taylor teasingly. 

“Yea, like I’m gonna run out on Taylor Swift.”

She didn’t say anything.  Instead, she was staring at me, an intense hunger in her eyes.  Even though she had just woken up, she was breathtaking.  The sun was shining in through blinds casting a glowing radiance around her mane of bedraggled curly golden hair.  She stood up with purpose and intent and moved over towards me.  I stood frozen by her intensity.

“Swift?”  I asked confusedly before she threw her lips on mine.

I responded in kind automatically.  She tugged at the towel around my waist and it came away with ease.  My erection surged to life as she grasped it firmly.  She gave it a few quick strokes and suddenly it was at full attention. 

“Sit down in that chair.”  Taylor commanded.

I complied, sitting down in my desk chair, cock waving in front of me.  She got on her knees in front of me and looked up at me.  Then with a quick motion she swallowed the head of my dick.

“Taylor!”  I cried out, excited by her sudden intensity. 

“Mmmmmmm.”  Said Taylor, her mouth full of cock.  She pulled back just long enough to say, “I didn’t get to try this out last night.” 

Then she resumed her oral treatment.  She sucked on the head of my cock, gripping the base with her hand and stroking gently.  Gradually she worked her lips lower and lower down my cock until she had managed to take the entire thing into her mouth.  I gave out an audible moan.  Inside her tongue moved back and forth and she hummed like she was practicing some kind of vocal exercise. 

“Wow Swift.”  I said, groaning and gripping the sides of the chair tightly.  “You’ve gotten way better at this.” 

She smiled and moaned with approval, continuing the pleasant vibration.  She pulled back and took a big gulp of air.  Her hand stroked my cock quickly now that it was coated in saliva.  It was only an instant before her lips were wrapped back around my cock.  This time she moved them up and down quickly.  With each bob of her curly mane, she took more and me into her mouth. As the speed increased, I inadvertently put a hand on the top of her head.  She jumped in a surprise just a little but looked up with a mouth full of cock and gave me a wink.  I gently gripped some that curly mane into one hand and she continued bobbing up and down. She was giving me a masterclass in blowing me.  She knew the perfect amount of suction, speed, and eye contact.  She couldn’t quite take the whole thing moving at this speed, but her other hand gripped the shaft twisting as she sucked.  The whole combination was entirely too much.  As she continued this process, I lasted only another minute or two before I was just about ready to cum.  I could feel my balls tightening and my cock hardening as cum bubbled up.

“Taylor…if you keep that up, I’m gonna cum!” 

Her crystal blue eyes locked onto mine.  She paused, staring for a moment and then resumed her sucking with renewed vigor, maintaining eye contact the entire time. I gripped the chair tighter.  The feeling of her lips sliding up and down my rod was too much.  I couldn’t take it anymore. 

“Taylor!”  I shouted as I felt myself explode into her mouth.

Her blue eyes went wide and she gagged, coughing as the first ropes of cum burst into the back of her throat.  I felt my dick jerk inside her talented mouth as I splattered the back of her throat.  She pulled off my cock, choking on my hot jizz.  Semen continued erupting from my cock and a few ropes of cum splashed onto her face.  One streaked across the bridge of her nose, settling between her eyebrows.  Her cheek got a splash and one final blast landed across her lips and rolled down on her chin.  A single string of cum rolled off her chin to hang like a swinging icicle. As I finished, she tried to recover gracefully, panting heavily and coughing yet again to clear my cum from her throat.  She looked up at me with those big blue eyes.     

“That was…unexpected.”  She said, wiping her chin with the back of her hand.  “I didn’t think it would be so forceful.” 

“It felt pretty forceful last night.”  I said, grinning dazedly. 

“Not exactly the same thing.  No guy has ever…well…cum in my mouth.  Or in me either since we are talking about last night.” She said, smiling back at me eagerly. 

She smacked her lips together, swirling whatever cum was left in her mouth.  She swallowed it happily and gave me a big grin with her frosted face. 

“Hmm, it tastes pretty good.”

“I was thinking about tasting something myself.” I said, suddenly overcome with lust.

She stood as I picked her up and gingerly threw her onto the bed.  She looked up at me with wide, shocked eyes.  I knelt at the edge of the of the bed and spread those long legs apart, and pulled down her panties, exposing her trimmed bush and pussy.  Then I dove in, kissing gently.  She arched her back and settled onto the bed, my seed still adorning her face.  The tips of her toes brushed the carpet as I ran my fingers up along her legs.  I was immediately greeted by the wonderful taste of her.  Flashes of our first time ran through my head as I buried my tongue deeper in her snatch.  The further in I probed, the tighter her legs began to wrap around my head.   I looked upwards as my tongue flicked back and forth to watch as her angelic face twitched with pleasure from each movement of my tongue.

“It looks like I’m not the only whose improved!”  Said Taylor, the words escaping between gasps of pleasure.  “That’s very good.” 

I didn’t respond, but a wide smile broke out in-between her legs and I wormed my tongue further as I occupied my lips, working them over her own.  Taylor’s hands found their way into my hair and she ran them through as she wriggled with satisfaction.  I moved my arms under her thighs, hands brushing over that tight ass of hers as I lifted her slightly and continued at a different angle. 

“YES!”  Taylor moaned.  “THAT! Keep doing THAT!” 

My lips and tongue worked in tandem as I felt her body rock beneath me and all of a sudden, I felt her grinding her hips against my mouth.  I wanted her to cum.  Perhaps more badly than I ever had wanted a woman to cum.  I took one finger and began to gently massage her pussy lips, ensuring it was soaked with fluids before I pushed it inwards.  I got both an audible and visible reaction from her. So, as I continued eating her out, I moved my finger in and out, probing for her g-spot.  When I found it, I kept my finger inside, gesturing wildly.  This went on for another few minutes and I could feel the buildup, as more and more fluids leaked out of her into my eager mouth. I knew she must be close.  I paused for a moment, only to stick another finger inside of her.   

“OHHHH YES!”  She shouted, her voice echoing around my dorm room.  “JUST LIKE THAT!” 

I continued, tongue plunging in and out of her, pussy grinding against my lips as my fingers thrust in and out of her.

“COLE!  I’M CUMMING!” Screamed Taylor, somewhere between disbelief and absolute pleasure.  “CUMMMINNNGGG!!!!”

Her whole body went stiff as her wonderful thighs pressed so tightly around my head that I went both blind and deaf for a moment as the orgasm rolled over her.  Then she relaxed and I came up for air, fluids still dripping off my chin.  She couldn’t look directly at me as her eyelids were fluttering and her body continually twitched.  When she finally recovered, she sat up and looked at me.

“That was…something else.” 

“Yea it was.”  I said, finally handing her a tissue. 

She wiped her face off, looking somewhat sad.     

“I should get dressed and cleaned up.  Back to reality for me.  And look…about last night…”

“It’s nothing.”  I said quickly.  “Just two friends who got caught up in a moment.”

We stared at each other, knowing it wasn’t true.

“Yea.  Ok.  No big deal.” 

And in no time at all, she was dressed and gone. I stayed in my room for the rest of the day.  I could still smell her perfume on the sheets.  When Steve finally came back, he told me the neighbors were buzzing about a wild blonde girl I had brought back to the room.  He informed me that from they heard, I must have had a very good time. I smiled and informed him that was true but neglected most of the details. 

Cole went home from his lunch with Steve, thoughts of Taylor still plaguing him.  She did this.  And sometimes it really pissed him off.  She would call out of the blue, they would reconnect or hookup and then all these old feelings resurfaced.  Every time he would have to bury them all over again.  He loved her, but as a friend.  Or at least that was what he had always told himself.  However, as their lives went on and they drifted further and further apart, maybe they just had too much history to be friends anymore. He didn’t know what to do, and eventually indecision made the choice for him.  Days past and there was no word from Taylor.  He figured maybe the late-night call had been a drunken mistake and if she didn’t want to talk about it, then neither would he.  His life resumed its normal pace, even if at the back of his mind she was always there. 

End of Chapter Two
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift)
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Just the tip of the iceberg for Taylor here and it's gonna be great. Thanks!
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift)
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Disclaimer: This a work of fiction.  It is not real.  It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Chapter Three: Speak Now
Starring Taylor Swift
Codes: MF, Oral, Public


Cole looked down at his phone, indecision plaguing him.  Should he text Taylor, should he not?  Part of him desperately wanted to continue their discussion about that late-night call. The rational part of his brain told him to let it go.  He threw down his phone in frustration.  He was getting mad again.  She could always do this to him.  No one else had the ability to worm their way into his brain like she could.  Plus, every time he tried not to think about her, he ended up seeing her image plastered all over the internet, looking fine as hell on her reputation tour.  He supposed he didn’t have the right to be angry.  All she had wanted to do was talk about them, yet again.  This time though, it had seemed like something more to him. It might not be worth it.  It might end up just in just another fight. There had been a few times over the years where arguments and fights had led to months of not speaking to one another. One fight in particular, stuck out in his mind.  It was the worst fight they had ever had, despite the remarkable evening that had led up to it. 


“No way!”  She said over the phone.  “You’re coming to LA?”

“Yea, I’m interviewing for an internship with this marketing company.  While I’m out there I’m going to stay with a friend for about a week.  Why?  Are you going to be in town?”

“Yes!  I find myself in LA a lot these days.”

“Would you want to meet up?”

“Definitely!”  She replied happily.  “I’m thinking about it now.  We’ll go to dinner.  I know this great place, and there’s a show we can go to.  I know the band.  It’ll be fantastic!”

“Sounds great Swift.  I can’t wait to see you.”

“Me too Cole.  Me too.”

Before I knew it, I hopped on a plane and found myself in sunny LA.  My friend picked me up from the airport and we passed a couple of days hanging out, taking in the sights.  I had my interview and I thought it went pretty well.  They said they would let me know if another couple of days.  As the week came to a close, I discreetly told him I was meeting with an old friend for the evening and he shouldn’t worry if I didn’t find my way back to him that night.  Taylor had a car sent to his address and I groomed myself, got dressed and headed out a night on the town.  She was already at the restaurant when I arrived.  I was ushered in by the hostess to a secluded booth in the back corner of the restaurant.  There sat Taylor Swift.  She looked stunning as always.  Her hair had lost a bit of its curl.  It was now wavier, but still blonde like honeyed wheat.  Her lips were red and her eyes blue, face immaculately made up for a night out.  She wore a light blue evening dress that looked both comfortable and stylish. When she saw me, she got up to greet me on matching blue heels.  I hugged her and we sat down.  I don’t know why I was so nervous, I always felt so naturally comfortable around Taylor. Something about this setting just made it seem like we were on a formal date.  She assured me a level of privacy, as she had been to this restaurant before and both the location and staff were very discreet.  I had only just glanced at the menu before the waiter came over to take our drink order.  As he talked about wines, I felt a delicate hand on my leg.  Taylor’s fingers tickled my thigh, inching up slowly towards my crotch. I tried not to bring attention to that fact as she ordered wine for both of us and the waiter left.  She began to rub slowly back and forth, all while gazing at me with those crystal blue eyes.  She bit her lower lip slightly. 

“Umm, Taylor…” I said, clearing my throat.  “What are you doing?” 

“Who me?  Nothing.” She said in a light and airy voice, a look of mischief on her innocent face.

“Aren’t you dating what’s-his-face?”

“Actually…we broke up…just very recently.”  She said sadly. 

“Oh Swift…” I said somewhat apologetically, as her hand was still on the rapidly enlarging bulge in my pants.  “I’m sorry.  I didn’t know.  Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I’m telling you now, beside I thought we could have some fun. It would take my mind off of it. And I know you broke up with your girlfriend.”

“Still, I’m not sure this a good idea.”

“Neither am I.  Let’s find out together.” 

I groaned as she squeezed the tent in my pants.  Just then, the waiter came back to bring us our wine and tell us about the specialty of the night.  Her hand remained firmly on my crotch; gently increasing the light stroking over my now erect cock.  The waiter seemed oblivious to it, as did the other patrons of the restaurant.  Above the table, her arm remained motionless, while beneath the lengthy tablecloth her fingers gripped my cock through my pants. She talked, laughed and chatted with the waiter while toying with me.  Me, on the other hand was overcome with lust.  She was stunning in her blue evening dress and I’d be lying to myself if I hadn’t considered something like this might happen.  It always seemed too whenever we got together.  The bulge in my pants strained as she continued.  Her fingers found my taught fly and slowly, agonizingly, unzipped my slacks.  Her hand wormed its way inside my pants, through the gap in my underwear and fished out my cock, standing tall at attention in her firm grip.  She slowly and methodically began to stroke up and down.

Will this waiter ever shut up?  I thought to myself as she stroked me. 

I looked at her and she smiled slyly at me, even as she returned to her conversation with the waiter.  Now the manager had come over to see that her needs were attended too.  I gripped the edge of the table hard.  Taylor knew exactly how hard to squeeze and how fast to stroke.  It had been months since anyone had touched me like this. Or maybe it was just the thrill of being jacked off under the table at this fancy restaurant.

“Sir? Are you ok?  Is there anything you require?”  The waiter looked at me intently, as Taylor picked up speed. 

I looked up, vision slightly out of focus and responded.   “…Yep. Yes. I’m fine, just feeling a bit flushed is all.  Must be the wine, goes straight to my head.”

“He asked you something Cole.”  Said Taylor politely, batting her eyes at me. 

“Terribly sorry, could you repeat it?”  I asked nervously.

“Yes, I was just wondering if you were ready to order?”  Asked the waiter.   

“Yes.  I’ll have the seabass.”  I said, saying the first food that popped into my head.

“Very good sir.”  Said the waiter.

Now the manger was looking at us, smiling.  “Ms.  Swift, who is your friend here.  He’s a very handsome young man.  How did you too meet?”

“Oh, we are old friends.”  Said Taylor, waving her other hand in the air.  “Actually, it’s a funny story how we met.  Remember in elementary school?  Cole, you tell the story better than me.  Go on.”
She flashed me a wicked grin as she gave the head of my cock a squeeze and precum oozed out.

Shit!?!? She’s jacking me off under the table and I have to make chitchat?

I started to tell the story of how we met in elementary school.  I bumbled my way through it.  He probably thought I was an idiot or drunk, but Taylor was jacking me off at top speed and it was all I could do to form complete sentences, let alone be eloquent or charming.  Just as I finished telling the story, I could feel that I had about reached my breaking point.  My cock was so hard; it could have acted as another table leg.  Taylor could feel it too as she smiled at me, parting those red lips to revealing her beautiful white teeth.  I wasn’t sure what her endgame as here, but I was about to drench the underside of the table with semen.  Luckily at that moment, another waiter came over to get the manager’s attention.

“Excuse me.  I must attend to this.” 

“Thank you very much Julio!”  Called Taylor waving goodbye. 

Once he was out of earshot.  I said through gritted teeth, “Taylor.  I’m about to blow.” 
She smiled widely and took a quick glance around the restaurant.  Nobody was looking at us and she bent over and stuck her head under the tablecloth.  Those lips latched onto the tip of my swollen cock head.  She only just managed to get her lips wrapped around before I exploded with the force of a cannon.  Thick ropes of hot cum pumped into Taylor’s eagerly awaiting mouth.  My hips thrust upwards, forcing more of me into her mouth and causing her to bump her head on the underside of the table as I flooded her mouth with semen.  Plates and silverware rattled, but thankfully no one seemed to notice.  I fired my load over and over as she greedily slurped down my seed.  Finally, I felt myself give one last spasm and her lips came off my cock.  She quickly sat back up in her seat, mouth still full to the brim with cum.  She looked directly into my eyes and swallowed it in a large gulping motion.  As I unclenched the table and my senses returned back to me, I looked at her and noticed there was a spot or two of cum at the corners of her mouth.  Before I could form words to say anything, the waiter rematerialized. 

“Your appetizer.”  He said, placing something that I didn’t remember ordering. 

Taylor flicked her tongue to the corners of her mouth, tasting the traces of cum still there. 

“Cole, that’s all you!  I’ve already had my appetizer.”  Said Taylor, staring and smiling at me. 

I grinned stupidly while the waiter looked slightly confused.  I became suddenly aware that my cock was hanging out my trousers.  I quickly tucked it back in.  The waiter nodded and disappeared again.   I didn’t trust myself to say anything else, as I was afraid I would burst out laughing. Instead I looked around the room to see everyone engaged in conversations.  Dinner resumed as normal and the rest of our meal passed without incident.  The food was delicious and simply enjoyed each other’s company.  It seems like Taylor had gotten whatever it was out of her system, although I often caught her gazing at me hungrily when she thought I wasn’t looking.  Dinner wrapped up and we got into her private car, heading out to the small venue for the concert.  She got a little frisky in the car and I enjoyed the sensation of her lips on mine as our hands roamed over each other.  When we arrived, we were ushered backstage and given prime seating for the concert.  It was some pop group or another that was thrilled to have Taylor present for their performance.  We spent a lot of the concert with our hands all over each other, swaying and dancing to the music.  Overall it was a great show.  As the concert was nearing its end, Taylor had us head backstage to greet the band after they were done.   Their set was still going on as I got a glimpse behind the scenes.  Taylor had that mischievous look on her face I knew all too well.  She grabbed my hand and looking around hurriedly, pulled me into a bathroom.  It was one of those single user bathrooms, and it had seen better days.  She turned the lock with a click and looked at me, lust filling her eyes.     

“I can’t wait anymore.”  She said. “Take me now.”

She grabbed me, wrapping one leg around me.  She forced her tongue into my mouth. 

“Damn Swift.”  I said. “What has gotten into you?”

She paused for a moment and said, “I just want to feel something good for a change.  Can you make me feel good?”

Surprised by her sobering response, I kissed her again. She kissed me back fiercely as her hands moved to my crotch.  My hand moved to cup her perky breasts and the other slid under her dress to get a handful of ass.  I felt her hands at my belt buckle, hurriedly struggling to undo it.  She fiddled with my button, unzipped my fly and released my erection to the open air.  She dropped down, putting her bare knees on the cold and dirty tiled floor.  She swallowed my cock, tightly wrapping her red lips around and sliding down the shaft.  I reached out to grab onto the sink for support as I felt the tip of my cock bump into the back of her throat.  She gargled and some spittle leaked out of her mouth as she moved up and down quickly, slurping loudly all the time.  Up and down my shaft she went, over and over again.  I looked down to see her free hand underneath her dress, clearly playing with herself as she blew me. 

“Shit Taylor!”  I said loudly, my voice echoing off the walls of the dirty bathroom. 

She pulled back off my cock, spit dripping down onto the floor.

“Shhhhh.”  She said, placing one finger to her lips and giggling. 

“I’ll give you something to try and keep quiet about.” I said, pulling her upwards and pressing her into the wall. 

I kissed her as my hand felt the front of her wet panties.  I slid my fingers in easily and she shuddered, a combination of pleasure and pain as her bare skin was pressed against the cold wall.  Profanity and phone numbers with lude nicknames in black marker surrounded her as I pushed my fingers in deeper.  I pulled off her dress straps as she grabbed my cock, stroking it. This time she moaned loudly.  It must have only been a minute or two before neither of us could take it anymore.  I spun her around and flipped her dress upwards.  I pulled down her panties and she positioned herself in front of the sink with a hand on each side to steady herself.  I threw her panties off to the side, not caring where they landed.  For a brief moment I laid my cock between her buttcheeks and my cockhead every so lightly brushed her asshole.  She gave me a knowing a look in the mirror.

“A little lower.”  She said with a smirk. 

I positioned my cock behind her and slipped easily between her wet lips.  She gave an audible gasp as I slid all the way inside, balls deep.  We looked up at each other in the dirty bathroom mirror. I started pumping from behind. She pulled down the front of her dress and bra, exposing her erect pink nipples.  Before long I was fucking like a madman, railing away on her from behind as she watched, our image reflected in the cloudy mirror.  Her blue eyes were fixated on me the entire time.  Each thrust of my hips felt harder and faster than the last.  Each time I drove myself into her, she moaned just a little bit louder, until the sound was bouncing off the tiles of the grimy bathroom.  She picked up one hand to cover her mouth, but the cries of pleasure escaped through her fingers.  I gave a particularly hard thrust and she had to drop her hand back to the sink to steady herself on wobbly legs.  I replaced her hand with my own sweaty palm and filled the other one with her lengthy mane of wavy blonde hair.  I tugged back slightly as I fucked Taylor Swift from behind in the bathroom, watching our reflections in the mirror.  She was biting down hard into my hand, desperately trying to keep quiet.  Then someone knocked on the door.

“Oi!  Anyone in there?”  Called a male voice. 

“Occupied.”  I called back. 

“Hurry up mate, I gotta piss like a racehorse.” The voiced called back. 

I watched as Taylor’s eyes rolled back into her head at the prospect of being fucked so hard with a stranger just on the other side of the door with other a flimsy lock between us.   

“Shhhh.”  I whispered mercilessly.

She groaned loudly, almost whimpering into my palm as I relentlessly kept going.  Her entire body was shaking, legs quivering, heels rattling on the tiled floor.  The smacking of sound of flesh on flesh echoed off the filthy tiles mixed with the wet noises and groans of both of us.  The stranger banged on the door again.

“Oi!  Mate!  Hurry up!”

“It’ll be just another minute!”  I called out in a breathless voice. 

Starting to feel light headed from the pleasure of it all, I kept my pace going strong and watched as Taylor shook more and more and more, until she couldn’t take it.  She orgasmed spectacularly and I felt her pussy grip my cock forcefully.  I held her mouth even tighter, but she let out a strangled cry as warm juices bathed my cock and dripped down her legs.  I watched her expression in the mirror, face contorted with pleasure. 

“Man, you got a girl in there?”  Called the guy, having clearly heard us.  “Why didn’t you say so!  Fuck her good!  I’ll just find a bucket or something to piss in mate!” 

I barely registered as I was going to blow.  I gave one more final thrust just as Taylor was recovering from her orgasm and I pulled my cock out of her.  Before I could do anything, I started cumming. Arcs of jizz flew over her plump ass and onto her blue dress.  Grabbing hold of my cock I aimed downwards more, painting her ass cheeks and crack with hot white sticky seed.  As the cum dripped slowly down her ass, she collapsed forward, holding onto the sink for dear life.  I took a few steps back and sat down on the closed toilet seat.  I looked down me to find her wet discarded panties on the rim of the seat.  We were both panting heavily. 

“Cole…” Said Taylor looking towards me through dazed eyes.     

“Fucking incredible.”  I said, nodding my head.

After a minute or two, we regained some brain function. 

“I’m pretty sure I came on your dress.”  I said, not all that apologetically. 

“Shit.”  Said Taylor. “I’ll wipe it off.”

I offered some toilet paper helpfully.  She rolled her eyes and we put ourselves together. Taylor had to reapply some lipstick and makeup.  I checked the coast was clear before we left the bathroom.  The music had stopped, the band’s set clearly over.  Taylor walked in front of me down the halls and I could clearly see the remnants of my cum decorating the backside of her dress. 

It was only once we were outside of the band’s dressing room that Taylor looked shocked and leaned over to whisper, “Shit! I forgot my panties in the bathroom!”

“They were on the toilet the last time I saw them.”  I said, shrugging.  “Nothing to do about it now.  It’s not like anyone will know they are yours.” 

She bit her lip, looking worried for a moment before nodding and agreeing with me.  We went inside to greet the band and congratulate them on the concert.  They chatted with Taylor for a few minutes, took an obligatory photo and we were out of there.  Despite everything, the moment we got into the awaiting black car, another make-out session commenced.  And I could feel that by the time we finally reached the hotel, we were both good and ready for some more action.  We walked into the hotel and stood, waiting by the elevator.  It was late, very late, well past when most people would be asleep. The hotel lobby was silent, apart from the lone desk clerk.  The elevator arrived with a loud ping and the doors opened slowly.  We stepped inside and I pressed the door close button.  The instant the doors closed, we were all over each other, sloppily making out, hands running wild over each other’s bodies.  By the time the elevator made it to the top floor, my hands were under her dress and she had hands around my bulging cock.  We hurried to the hotel room door where she fumbled with the key.  The click of the door let us in and we toppled inside, clothes immediately being stripped off.  We ended up on the couch in the lavish suite, our naked forms intertwining.  I noticed the blinds were open on the window.  I was struck with a sudden idea inspired by our bathroom experience.   
“Get up Swift and face the window.” 

Taylor looked positively thrilled at the idea.  She positioned herself by the windowsill, looking out over the city of Los Angeles twinkle in the twilight.  Her breath fogged up the glass as I positioned myself and took her from behind for the second time that night.  Again, there was no teasing.  I started off strong and only increased my pace from there.
“You like that Swift?”  I asked playfully.  “You like getting fucked for all of LA to see?”

“YES!”  She screamed out.  “I want you fuck me and I don’t care who sees!”

I lifted her up further and pushed her up directly against the glass.  She shivered as her erect nipples touched the cold glass.  She planted a large kiss on the glass, leaving a red lipstick mark behind.

“COLE!  YES!  FUCK ME!  Let all of LA watch me getting fucked!” 

I grinned and kept up my pace.  I reached my hand around to play with her throbbing clit as I fucked her. If possible, she screamed even louder. Now fully pressed up against the glass, it was only another minute or so before she came, shuddering violently and splashing some of her fluids onto the window.  Having reached her orgasm, I relaxed somewhat and pulled out, moving back towards the couch.  She looked towards me, lipstick smeared and hair bedraggled.

“Where do you think you’re going mister?”  She asked. 

She clambered down from the windowsill and positioned herself in front of me.  She took me in her mouth for the third time that night.  I placed both hands on her head gently, giving myself the illusion of control as she blew me.  She moved up and down my shaft with her lips while her hands cupped my scrotum, applying the exact right amount of pressure.   

“Come on Cole.  Give me that cum.  One more time for me!” 

It wasn’t long before she got what she wanted.


“Cum on my face!  Explode all over me!”  She said, blue eyes fixed on me. 

I didn’t need much more encouragement than that.  She gave it a few more strokes and I came, emptying whatever was left in my tank.  She closed her eyes as hot semen smacked into her face.  One rope of hot jizz streaked across her forehead into her golden mane. Another splashed on the bridge of her nose and she turned slightly as a third painted her cheek.  Whatever was left dribbled out into her open mouth. She swirled it around with her tongue and swallowed happily. I collapsed back on the couch, utterly worn out.

“Taylor, you are an animal.  Everything all right?”

“…You always make me feel good.  We don’t see each all that often, and I haven’t felt good in a while.  Thank you.”

“Always Swift.”

She smiled and went to clean up.  Before long we were curled up in the overly large hotel bed, holding each other tightly.  When I woke up, Taylor was gone from the bed.  I could hear the shower going in the bathroom.  I heard a phone buzzing and without thinking, reached over to pick it up.  I saw a dozen or so notifications from Taylor’s supposed ex-boyfriend.  Things like, “Where are you?” and “Answer your phone.”

My heart sank like a stone.  The indication was not that of ex-boyfriend, but a worried one.  The shower turned off as I put the phone down.  Taylor emerged in a cloud of steam from the bathroom, wrapped only in a bright white towel.  Her long blonde hair hung in ropes around her face.

“Taylor.”  I said, looking up at her.  “I picked up your phone by accident.”

She froze, looking like a deer in the headlights.  “What are you doing going through my phone?” 

“I thought it was mine.”  I took a deep breath.  “Are you still together with your boyfriend?”

She at least had the decency to look ashamed.  “Yes…” She whispered.

“Swift!  What the hell?  We agreed! We agreed that we would never do this stuff while we were dating other people!  You know that I know what it’s like to be cheated on!”
“He was cheating on me!”  She yelled.

That caught me off guard, but my anger still boiled beneath the surface.  “That doesn’t make it right!”

“I know it doesn’t, but I meant what I said last night.  You always make me feel good and with him…I haven’t felt good about myself in months. I guess I just wanted to remember what that felt like.”     

“Taylor.  I will always be here for you, to comfort and console you.  To be your friend, but I am not here to cheat on your boyfriends with!”

“Boyfriends?”  She asked, suddenly looking daggers at me.  “What do you mean by that?”

The argument began to unravel from there. Before long, I couldn’t even tell you what we were fighting about.  All I know is that it ended with me getting dressed and leaving the hotel.  When I got back to my friend’s house, I told him I didn’t want to talk about it.  Before long I flew home. 

His finger hovered over the screen.  Her name was illuminated.  He hesitated before giving into the frustration and pushed his finger down.  Taylor’s alias, Becky, flashed on his screen as the phone rang.  It rang and it rang, until he finally answered. 

“Cole?”  She asked somewhat cautiously.

“Hey Swift.”  He said, his anger melting at the sound of her voice. 

He thought about any and all of the things he could and probably should say to her.  Instead, he just said, “Is now a good time for that talk you wanted to have?”

She laughed.  A beautiful sound to his ears.  She sounded relieved.  “Yea, Cole.  I guess it is.”   

End Of Chapter Three
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift)
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Disclaimer: This a work of fiction.  It is not real.  It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Chapter Four: Red
Starring Taylor Swift
Codes: MF, Anal, Oral


Taylor told Cole everything.  They ended up talking for hours.  She confessed to him that she and Joe were having some issues, but that they were working on them.  He listened and consoled her where he could.  In turn, he told her about his repressed feelings and how sometimes her calls or their visits brought up old feelings.  When both were finally done taking, she took a deep breath. 

“Thank you, Cole.”  She said.  “I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“I think you’d get along just fine Swift.” He said.  “In case you didn’t know it, you are a very successful international popstar.” 

“And you were there for me before all of that.”

“And I’ll be there for you long after all that.”

“Are you saying I’ve peaked?”

“Absolutely not.  You’ve never sounded or looked better.  Well, expect maybe during the Red era. I did always love that hairstyle.”

Taylor laughed at that.  “You certainly did…”  She let a pause hang in the air for a moment.  “Do you remember that weekend?” 

“Yes.”  Said Cole, picturing the exact instance she was talking about. 

“Hmmm…that was one of our better moments.”

“We have a had a lot of them.” 

The conversation drifted to other topics until she had to go.  As they said goodbye, Cole hung up the phone feeling good.  He had done the right thing.  He and Taylor would never be an item.  That much was becoming clear.  It was time that he let go of that silly notion.  Besides, he had plenty of memories to fall back on and enjoy.  That time she had mentioned on the phone stuck out particularly clear in his head. 

I was nervous.  I hadn’t seen Taylor in about two years.  After our last fight it had been months before we spoke again. Eventually she called to apologize and we worked through issues.  Still, she had been so busy working on her new album and I had been busy graduating from college.  Our schedules had just never matched up.  Now finally I was heading over to one of her houses for the weekend.  It would be a great time to reconnect.  After security let me in, Taylor greeted me at the door with a big hug.  With the release of her latest album, she looked far more different than she ever had before.  She invited me inside and we settled down to catch up. 

“So, err…” She started to say. 

“Yea, this is a little awkward.  Huh?”  I said.

“Look Cole, I know I apologized for the last time we saw each other, but still I’m sorry.”

“Swift, we’ve been over this and I understand. We’ve both made mistakes in the past, we can let this one go.  It was years ago.”

She smiled, parting those red lips and got up to sit next to me on the couch. 

“So…umm, you aren’t seeing anyone currently, are you?”
“Why ever do you ask Taylor?”

“The truth is Cole I invited you over for a very specific reason.  With the release of Red the media circus has become almost unbearable.  I need to get away from it all, even if for only a weekend.  You knew me before all this stuff and you always me feel like I am the only girl in the world.  I don’t want to feel like Taylor Swift this weekend, I just want to feel like a girl…with a guy who knows a thing or two and isn’t afraid to try something new.”

“What did you have in mind?”  I asked, a sly smile breaking out over my face. 

She met my smile with one of her own.   

Taylor described exactly what she had in mind for today.  She laid out all the ground rules and I nodded dumbly, the erection growing ever harder in pants the more she talked.  Once she was done, I asked. “You sure about this Taylor?”

“Yes.  I want you use me and be a little rough.”  She said, placing her hand on mine.  “There’s no one I trust more than you.”   

I stared into her blue eyes and she stared into my green ones.  I nodded slowly.  She smiled and got up to prepare herself in the bathroom.  I got undressed and made myself comfortable on the bed.  When she finally came out of the bathroom she was more beautiful that I had even imagined.  She had done her makeup and hair perfectly.  Plenty of mascara, ruby red lips and styled ponytail with her bangs on full display.  I couldn’t imagine a better face for what she wanted me to do.  She was wearing a red bra and matching panties the exact same shade as her lipstick.  She smiled and sidled over to me, swinging her hips back and forth seductively. Kissing me gently and grabbing my cock, she stroked it until it was at full attention. 

“I always forget just how big you are.”  She said smiling and then laid on the bed as I took my place, standing next to it. 

My cock was at perfect face level and without preamble she opened and swallowed my shaft.  It disappeared between those ruby red lips.  I watched her blonde head work up and down my cock, taking me deeper with each bob of her head.  Her lips were wrapped tightly around my shaft and I felt her tongue tickling my mushroom head as she blew me.  She scraped her teeth ever so gently over my hard prick and took more and more of me into her mouth.  Her hand moved to cup my balls, fondling them between her fingers.  As she got accustomed she took more of my length until her nose was buried in my pubic hair and she gagged, coughing and spluttering.

“So much man…I don’t know if I can take it all.” She said batting her eyelashes up at me. 

“You’ll manage somehow.”

She grinned and darted forward, latching her mouth onto my scrotum. She draped my member over her beautiful face, the shaft squarely centered between her bright blue eyes, as she gave each of my testicles a saliva bath.  She sucked inwards, taking one ball into her mouth, slurping and sucking. She then popped one out and switched to the other, one hand on my cock still stroking it.  The other massaged my taint as she worked her magic.  Beads of clear precum leaked out of my bell-end, dripping onto her forehead, sticking strands of blonde hair together.  She reached a hand around my waist, placing it firmly on one butt cheek.  She gave it a squeeze.  That was the signal that she was ready.  Taking what she had said earlier into consideration, I dared to do what no other guy had never done before.  I grabbed her ponytail, pulled her head back and shoved my cock between those ruby red lips. Her eyes went wide. 


I pushed in further until I couldn’t push anymore and held it there as she gagged and coughed, my mushroom head now leaking precum down the back of her throat.  I held her by her ponytail with a firm grip. 

“That’s right Swift.  You’re going to take every inch of this cock into that talented little mouth of yours.” 

“Mmmhhhppp…” Was all she could manage. 

“Let me know you want it.”  I said in return, still holding her.

“MMMHHHHH!!!!”  She managed, eyes wide and tongue flailing around my member.

“Much better.” 

I relented for a moment, allowing her to take a breath before I rammed it back in and began thrusting, building up speed.


I fucked her mouth like it was her pussy.  She emitted sloppy, gurgling and choking noises that only served to heighten my carnal lust.  Spittle already leaked from between her red lips.  Those same red lips were already smearing, leaving long red streaks up and down my shaft as I entered her oral cavity repeatedly. Black tears were beginning to bead in the corners of her blue eyes.  I continued like that, holding her head in place as I mercilessly used her pie hole. When I gave a particularly deep thrust, she completely retched on my member.  Her eyes bulged wide and spit flew everywhere.  I held her head in place as she attempted to clear her passageway of cock.

“Hold that cock!  Take it deep!”  I commanded, my voice thundering around the room. 

She complied, choking but eventually recovering and as she did, I withdrew my cock from her mouth.

“Good girl.”  I said.  “Now flip onto your back.”   

Her eyes were wide and watery, but the smile on her smudged lips gave away her joy at being used like this.  She flipped over onto her back, nipples visibly erect even through her red bra.  Her head was just hanging off the side of the bed.  She opened her mouth wide and I entered again until my balls were resting on the bridge of her nose.  Her mane of blonde hair hung low, nearly touching the floor.  I placed a hand on either side of her face and then I resumed face-fucking Taylor Swift.  I went just as hard as before, sliding my length in and out of her, slamming the bell end of my cock into the back of her throat every time.


These sounds filled the room.  From this angle I could get even deeper into her oral opening. Saliva was flowing freely down her face as thick black tears leaked towards her sweaty and disheveled hairline. Her makeup looked truly as mess as my balls slapped into her face with every thrust of my hips. 

“You like that Swift?”  I asked, looking down at her.

“MMMMMHHHH!!!”  Was all she could managed with my dick sliding freely in and out of her. 

“Show me how much you like it!” 


I forced every single centimeter of my skin flute into her mouth.  Once again, she choked at the lack of air, but I held her there and as fresh black tears streaked down her face she moaned out in pleasure, one hand playing with herself beneath her red panties.  I held her there until I felt two gentle squeezes on my buttocks, the sign that she needed a break.  I released her and she took a massive gulp of air. 

“You’ve done well so far Swift.  Now get on your knees.”  I said, taking a step back from the edge of the bed.       

She flipped back onto her stomach, breathing heavily.  She clambered off of the bed and onto her knees.  Her face was already a mess, black tears streaked both up and down her face. Her lipstick was essentially gone, the evidence of it smeared all over my cock and testicles.  Saliva drenched her cheeks and chin, dripping onto the carpet. Her face was nearly as red as her underwear and her hair was a sweaty and disheveled mess.  It was exactly what we had discussed before.  The only thing missing was cum, my seed adorning that ruined face.  I grabbed her by the ponytail again and forced her head towards my cock.  She opened and I inserted myself.  In and out without a break I fucked her face. 


The sounds of her choking on my dick echoed through her room as I continued my relentless oral assault on Taylor Swift. Her hands were wrapped around my buttocks pushing me further each time I impaled myself into her mouth.  As she wrapped her lips around me tightly and my balls bounced off of her chin, I could feel myself getting closer and closer. I didn’t let up as I felt the cum churning in my scrotum until I couldn’t possibly hold it back anymore.  I pulled my cock from her talented oral cavity. She sucked in an enormous breath, after having choked on my dick for so long.  I gripped my cock tightly with one fist as she struggled to gain back a shred of composure.  With the other I kept my vice-like grip on her ponytail. 

I barked out in a loud voice, “Beg for it!  You dirty slut!  Tell me you want it!”

She was still struggling to regain her breath but managed to stammer out, “Yes!  Please!  Give it to me!  Please! I need that hot sticky cum to cover me!”

“You can do better than that!”  I shouted.

“PLEASE!  Spray your hot cum all over my slutty face!  I want to feel your hot load drip down me.  I want to smear your seed into my skin!  GIVE ME YOUR CUM!  PLEASE!” 

I stroked my cock fast and hard, pointing directly at Taylor Swift’s ruined face.  Then I came.  Thick, hot ropes of cum assaulted her mess of a face.  Cum splattered onto her sweaty and disheveled bangs, creating a sticky mess on her forehead.  I continued pumping and aimed lower; blasting a load directly into her right eye, gluing her mascara-smeared eyelids together.  Semen rolled down her cheek, following a line of fresh black tears.  She recoiled at the sheer force and volume of my ejaculation, but I did not let up.  As she pulled her head backwards, she exposed her nostrils, which I preceded to blast with another glob of cum.  My aim was true as cum sprayed the base of her nose, ensuring a healthy amount of hot jism streaked up her sinus cavity.  Now positively choking on my semen, I painted her gaping maw and chin with what remained of my reserve.  As I finished, I squeezed my cock, expelling any remaining cum and smeared it onto her cleaner cheek.  Then I stood back to admire my handiwork.  She was clutching the side of the bed for support and it took her several moments to regain any sense of self-control.  She blocked one nostril with her finger and blew out the semen clogging her nasal passageway.  It hit the floor with a splat.  She took several deep breaths, blinked her one good eye and opened her mouth to say something.  In a fit of inspiration, I stuffed my cock back into her oral opening.  Her one good eye went wide and she gagged again, but I held her there until she had thoroughly cleaned my member with her tongue and lips, drenching my nutsack in another saliva bath.  Then I released her, pulled my cock out of her mouth and sat back down on the bed.  I looked down at the ruined image of Taylor Swift before me, trembling.

“Was I too rough?”  I asked hesitantly. 

“No…” She said hoarsely.  “That was…good…very good.”

Cum dripped off of her face onto the carpet below.

“No one…no one treats me like that…”

“I should hope not!”

“No…it’s not that.”  She cleared her throat again.  “It’s just everyone is so polite.  So fake.  That was real.  That was primal.  It was pure lust.  It was nice…for a change.”
“Is it something you would want again?” 

“Maybe…it was a little tough of my most important asset.”

“I didn’t touch your legs.”  I said mockingly.   

“Haha.  I’ve got to keep the vocal chords in working order.” 

“Go get cleaned up Swift.  Then we will see what else you can cook up in that dirty mind of yours.” 

“Well, now that you mention it.  There was another thing that I wanted to try…”
Dinner that evening was brought by one of Taylor’s assistants, away from prying eyes of the public.  We sat together on her bed, eating Chinese food out of the carton as we talked about her proposal. 

“So, let me get this straight.”  I said while sucking down some noodles.  “You want me to fuck you in the ass?”

“Well, when you say it like that!”  She said laughing and rolling backwards into some pillows.  “You were so great before, that I thought why the hell not.”

“I didn’t know you were interested in anal.”

“I have a new friend who swears by it.”  She said, nodding matter-of-factly.  “She tells me it’s the best orgasms she has ever had.”

“What kind of man would I be to deny a woman such pleasurable orgasms?”

“Yea, you’re making a big sacrifice.”  Said Taylor, her mouth full of rice.

“You know I’m down to try just about anything Swift. As long as it makes you happy.” 

“Thanks Cole.”  She said, pausing briefly.  “I’ll some time to prepare though.”


“Prepare for that big cock I want you to stick up my bum.”  She said without breaking eye contact.

Even her saying that caused a reaction in my pants.

“I’ve been doing a bit of research.”  She pulled opened a drawer in her nightstand and revealed the contents inside.

There was a big bottle of lube and a very black, very round butt plug. 

“Wanna help me put it in?”  She said, a smirk on her face.

I nodded mutely, dumbstruck. 

After a lengthy session of me assisting Taylor with inserting her butt plug, in which many other things were done as well, we went to sleep soundly.  We woke up the next morning and decided to go out for a bit.  The very idea of being with Taylor out in public while she was wearing a butt plug was enough to keep me hard for the entire day.  After a fun day together, we retired back to her place. One thing led to another and I found myself about to take Taylor Swift’s anal virginity. 

My tongue was deeply pressed into her velvety folds as she writhed beneath me.  I loved the taste of her, sloppily kissing her pussy and slurping up whatever I could find. My hands worked their way up to her shapely bottom until I found the hard plastic of the butt plug.  With a gentle touch I tugged on it, testing the tightness of her sphincter.  That got an immediate response from Taylor.  She moaned loudly.  I pulled a little bit harder, rocking it back and forth, slowly wiggling it out of her asshole.  Each time I pulled, I stretched her sphincter a bit more and the louder she got. 

“COLE!”  Shouted Taylor as my mouth was still buried in her pussy.  “FUCK! THAT’S MAKING ME CUM!” 

I didn’t relent my tongue fucking as I gave the butt plug one final pull and it exited her sphincter with a wet pop.  The sensation sent an orgasmic wave crashing over Taylor. 

“CUMMING!!!!” She screamed to the empty house.

I didn’t give her time to recover, instead moving my tongue down, into her newly stretched asshole and slid it in.  I tasted her asshole, a first time for both of us.  Her whole body bucked as my tongue probed deep into her anus.

“SHIT THAT’S NICE!”  Yelled Taylor.  “EAT MY ASS! YES!”

Happily complying with her demand, I pushed my face further between those pert butt-cheeks and stuck my tongue as far as it could go up her bumhole.  Taylor was shuddering with every rapid lick.  As I began to probe with a spit-soaked finger, Taylor pulled on my hair, bringing me up for air. 
“I’m ready for it.  Put your cock in.”

Our eyes locked as she spread her legs and stretched them upwards, grabbing onto her thighs with each hand.  Each of those lengthy beauties hung the air as she presented her asshole for me.  She was plenty aroused and I lubed both myself and her asshole, making sure to spread the lube in as far as I could go with my finger.  Taylor spread her cheeks wide and was shivering with anticipation as her gaping asshole presented itself in front of me.  I pushed my cockhead against her sphincter.  Her big blue eyes went wide and she bit her lower lip, somewhere between pain and pleasure.  There was resistance, even after being stretched out with the butt plug.  I went slowly, but firmly.  She whimpered slightly but urged me to keep going and I pushed until my mushroom head slipped past her sphincter and my shaft slide further in.  She let out a wild cry as I filled up her rectum with my cock.  It was tighter than I ever could have possibly imagined.

“It feels fucking huge!”  Said Taylor gasping.

“It feels fucking tight.”  I said through gritted teeth.   

“Go slow…”

Once I was all the way in, I sat still, letting her get accustomed to the pressure.  She nodded and I started to rock my hips back and forth.  I moved slowly and gently, staring into her eyes the whole time, watching her face contort with pleasure.

“How does it feel?”  I asked.

“So good.”  Said Taylor through gritted teeth.  “I just need to relax a bit.  Talk dirty to me.”

“Alright, Swift.  Can you believe that you have this big cock up your tight little asshole?”

“No…it’s so big, I can’t believe it’s fitting.”

“Hmmmm… I’m going to stretch your asshole out so I can fit my cock up there whenever I want.  Do you want that?” 

“Yes.”  She said, now visibly panting.

I picked up my speed just a little, sliding just the tip in and out as she got more into it.   

“You’ll be feeling me in here long after I leave. I’m going to pound your asshole until you can’t walk straight for a week.”

“YES!  TAKE IT! It’s your hole!  Use it!” 

I built up a rhythmic cycle, pumping my hips and then driving in deep and resting for a moment.  Each cycle I moved a little faster and slid along my length a bit more.  As Taylor got more comfortable I began building up speed.  She rested a leg on each shoulder and I held onto each from my kneeling position, digging my fingernails into her flawless calves from the pleasure of her tight asshole.  Taylor moved a hand down and began to play with her pussy, stroking her clit and inserting a finger in and out. 

“Taylor this feels so good.”  I said with clenched teeth.  “Your virgin asshole is so tight!”   

I kept up my pumping, finally putting some real force behind my thrusts.  I smacked into her over and over again, the sound of my flesh on hers intermingling with the cries from both of us.  I moved a hand down from her leg to her ass, rippling nicely underneath the onslaught of my thrusts.  I gave it a light slap and Taylor jumped a little.

“Ohhh.”  She said. “Do that again.”

I lifted her up just a bit higher and took my hand, smacking it into her buttocks again. 

“Naughty girl.”  I said.  “Do you like it when I spank you?”

“Yes…it feels so gooooood.”

I now slid with ease from the crown of my mushroom head down to my balls with each thrust.  Every other thrust of my hips I complimented with a slap to her ass.  Her sphincter had me in a death grip, hugging itself as tightly as possible, enveloping my cock and squeezing it like her pussy never had. As sweat built up on my brow, Taylor moaned louder and louder, the thumbing of her clit growing faster and faster. Her back began to arch as I reached maximum velocity, sliding in and out of her bumhole with wild abandon.  The snugness of her sphincter was too much. I couldn’t hold it anymore. 

“Taylor, I’ve got to cum!”  I shouted.  “Where do you want it?”

“Cum in my asshole!”  She shouted back, about to cum herself. 

“You want me to fill up your asshole with my hot cum?  Is that what you want?”


“TAYLOR!”  I screamed as I thrust into her once more, balls slapping up against her before unloading into her rectum. 

Hot white cum exploded out of me, shooting deep into her anus.  Jizz pumped out, streaking ever further into her rectum as I roared with pleasure. Taylor’s eyes went wide, pupils dilated as she gave her clitoris one last stroke and she exploded as well. Hot, wet, sticky ejaculate sprayed from her pussy as she felt my own flood her bunghole.  My torso was drenched in pussy juice as she squirted and both of us came harder than we ever had before.  When I finally felt myself shoot my last load and Taylor relaxed beneath me, I collapsed on top of her, lady-cum sticking to the both of us.  She dropped her legs to the bed.  With a great effort I heaved my deflating dick, withdrawing it from her rectum.  I looked down at her gaping asshole and watched as it contracted, slowly returning to its normal size.  Sticky white cum lazily oozed out, dribbling onto the bedsheets.  I collapsed next to Taylor watching her chest rise and fall as she breathed heavily, eyes closed. 

“My god.”  She said after a few minutes.  “I never knew someone could cum so hard.” 

“You and me both Swift.” 

We both burst out laughing at the absurdity of the situation.  We laughed until we were in tears and when the laughter subsided we simply lay there staring at each other.  Then I said something I shouldn’t have.

“Taylor…I think I love you.”

She stared at me with big blue eyes and then looked away.  Everything I needed to know was in that glance away. 

“Forget it.  I think I’m dreaming anyways.  I just fucked Taylor Swift in the ass.” 

“Don’t say that.” 

“What do you mean?”

“Just let me be Taylor.  Not Taylor Swift.” 

“You’re always just Swift to me.  No matter what.”

“…Thanks Cole.  This weekend was fun.  I feel much better.”

And that was all we said about it.  I didn’t broach the love subject again.  I spent the night, but in the morning we both had to face reality.  She her famous glamorous life and my real one.         

It was time to get back out there.  It had been a while since his last serious relationship.  He thought about opening one of his many dating apps, but instead decided to go the old-fashioned route.  He texted a few friends, letting them know he would be interested in a potential setup. The evening passed as the texts filtered in.  There were more than a few responses.  Apparently, he was a hot commodity. 

And why wouldn’t I be? Cole thought to himself.     

He was tall, handsome, with a muscular physique and reasonably intelligent.  Still, women always told him that his bright green eyes were his most attractive feature. Something Taylor had always told him as well.  He shook his head, banishing those thoughts.  As the requests came in, Cole filtered through the various setups from his friends.  He creeped on social media, scoping out the potential dates before either approving or ruling them out.  Eventually he landed on someone Steve knew that lived in the city.  Her name was Rachel and she was somehow related to Steve’s wife, a distant cousin or something.  Cole gave the go ahead and he got confirmation of a date for next Friday. There was one caveat though. Rachel wanted to bring a friend along so Cole would have to scrounge someone up to bring along.  That was fine, he knew plenty of single guys at work he could bring along.  He was fine with a double date, less pressure on him. 

This is good.  I’m getting back out there.  I can finally put all this Taylor business behind me.   

At least, that was what he told himself. 

End of Chapter Four
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift)
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Disclaimer: This a work of fiction.  It is not real. It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Chapter Five: 1989
Starring Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss
Codes: MFF, FF, Oral


Despite all his big talk, Cole was nervous about his date.  He was standing in front of his mirror, preening himself.  He wore a loose collared shirt and jeans.  His dark hair was that perfect combination of messy and styled.

“Nothing to be nervous about.  It’s just been a while.”  He said to himself in the mirror. 

His phone buzzed.  He looked down at it.  It was his friend from work, Phillip, who was going on the date with Rachel’s friend. Cole gave himself one last look and headed downstairs.  Phillip met him on the street and they waited for their rideshare, chatting about nothing in particular.  When they arrived at the restaurant, the girls were already there at the bar. Cole went to check on his reservation and soon the whole party was seated. 

“Cole Stephens.”  Said Cole, extending his hand to shake with Rachel and her friend. 

In person Rachel was just as attractive as her photos.  She had a very pretty face, nice blue eyes, naturally blonde, tall and athletic, just his type.  Her friend was also an attractive blonde.  In fact, they looked somewhat similar and for a brief moment, Cole had a flashback to two other attractive blondes he had once spent the night with. 

Shake it off.  He thought to himself. 

The date progressed in the usual fashion.  Each couple focused on their partner.  As Cole talked with Rachel, the more he seemed to like her.  She was into cooking, played the guitar and overall seemed down to earth.  Cole felt a bit rusty, but overall, he thought the date went alright.  Rachel seemed to respond well to him, laughing at his jokes and touching his arm affectionately.  Phillip and his date, Nicole, also seemed to be getting along well.  So well in fact that the pair left together, vanishing into the rumbling New York City nightlife.  Cole made a mental note to ask Phillip about his date on Monday at the office.  Cole didn’t go home with Rachel, instead they hugged goodnight and promised to do another date next weekend.  They would hash out the details later.  Not really feeling up to going out, Cole decided to head home.  He got to his apartment and decided on a nightcap.  He mixed himself an old fashioned, his drink of choice, and sank into his couch.  He just sat there, mulling the date over in his head. 

“It wasn’t too bad.”  He said out loud to no one in particular. 

The more he dwelled on it, the more he worried.  Rachel seemed really well suited to him, but he just felt like there was something missing.  When he first laid eyes on her, his heart didn’t jump in his chest.  There had been no spark of electricity when their hands touched.  There had been no small ache watching her walk away at the end of the night.  He thought back to his previous relationships.   

All of those things always happen with Taylor.  He thought to himself.

He took a deep swig from his drink and shook his head, trying to clear it.  Rachel’s friend had been cute too.  Both women had been very attractive and for a moment, his mind envisioned a scenario where the date had went very well, so well that he had brought both of them back to his apartment.  Even the thought of a threesome drove him to the memory of the first weekend he had ever spent in Taylor Swift’s New York City apartment.  He got up, walked over to the window and looked out in the direction that her apartment lay.  Of all his encounters with Taylor, that one had always seemed the most like a fever dream. He laughed and took another sip. 

“Look at this place!”  I said, staring around in awe at Taylor’s brand-new apartment. “It’s huge!” 

“You really like it?”  Taylor asked.

“Are you kidding me?  This place is fantastic.  I don’t even want to know what it cost you.  A place of this size, in New York City?” 

“Would you like the tour?”


Taylor Swift took me around her spacious apartment. She showed me the many rooms, but before we got to her bedroom, she paused. 

“Cole.  There is someone on the other side of this door I’d like to introduce you too.” 

“Is it another cat?”

“No!”  Said Taylor with a chuckle.

She swung the door open and sprawled out on her bed was someone who didn’t need an introduction.  It was Karlie Kloss, professional model.  She was relaxing in a t-shirt and tight yoga pants.   

“Cole Stephens.  This is Karlie Kloss.  Karlie this is Cole.” 

I marveled at her beauty for a moment. Tall, thin, petite breasts ridiculously long legs with blonde hair longer than Taylor’s.  I checked myself and extended a hand to shake.  Karlie put her phone down, got up off the bed and surveyed me with her hazel eyes. 

“Mmmm, he is cute Tay!”  She shook my hand lazily.  “Good to meet you Cole.  What did he say, Tay?” 

“I haven’t asked him yet.  I was building up to it.”

I looked confusedly between the two striking blondes.

“Karlie is a little blunt Cole, but I invited you here this weekend in the hopes that you would help me out with something.”

“Of course, Swift, you know that I’d do anything for you.” 

“I know you would Cole…Karlie could we actually have a minute?”

“Sure, thing Tay.”

Karlie gave me another look up and down, her eyes lingering at my crotch for just a moment too long.  Then he left the room.
“So, what’s up Swift?”

“Something happened at a party not too long ago…and I…well…it may have woken something in me.  Something that I want to at least try.”

“What Taylor?” 

“Let’s just say I am a little more interested in women then I used to be.”

That statement settled in the air as I digested the words.  “Good for you!  That’s great!  Sexuality is always fluid.” 

“I’m glad to hear you say that because…I was hoping that you would help me.”

“With Karlie.”


“You need advice or something to ask her out?”

“No.”  Said Taylor looking surprised at my thick-headedness.  “I’m nervous to be with a woman for the first time, so I was hoping you could be there, with both of us.”

The implication of her words hit me like a bolt of lightning.  Taylor Swift was proposing a threesome with me and Karlie Kloss. 

“Y-y-yea.  Yes. Of c-c-c-course.”  I stuttered out.

Taylor laughed at the look at my face.  She put her hands on my and kissed me gently on the lips.  “You’re sweet Cole.  Thank you.”     

“Thank you Swift!”  I said more excitedly then I intended.

She cocked an eyebrow at me.  “Getting all excited about it now, huh?”

“Maybe.”  I said, unable to conceal my smirk.  Then something occurred to me.  “Wait, so are you telling that you kissed- “

She interrupted me before I could finish.  “Yes.  I kissed a girl and I liked it.”  Said Taylor with a wink of her eye.

We ended up having dinner, just the three of us.  Taylor cooked, she was an incredible cook. Karlie and I got to know each other a little better.  Then after dinner and bit of wine, we all were to retire to the bedroom.  Karlie took me aside briefly.

“Look Cole, I know all about you.”  She said.

“Oh yea?  Like what?”

“Taylor has told me many, many things about you.  All very good.  I just want to make one thing clear.  I am here for Taylor, not you.  Got it?”

I nodded slowly. 

“Don’t get me wrong.  We are going to have fun.  Lots of fun. But this weekend is about Taylor. Clear?”

I nodded again.

“Good.  Now take this.”  She said, fishing something out of her pocket.  It was a little blue pill.


“Not exactly.  It’s just a little something to ensure that you will be able to keep up with the two of us. Take it, no harmful side effects.”

“Are you sure I need it?”

“You probably don’t, but like I said, do you think you can keep up with both of us?”  She said before dropping the pill into my hand and turning around walking down the hall, her hips swaying seductively as she went.  I audibly gulped and stared after her.  I looked down quickly at the pill in my hand and then at the slightly ajar bedroom door.  I quickly swallowed the pill.

I readied myself on the bed, clad in only my underwear as I waited for the other two women.  Taylor came in first and her eyes lit up when she saw me.  She looked a bit nervous, biting her lip with a crinkled forehead. She was wearing a set of simple yet elegant black bra and panties.  Her hair was shorter than I’d ever seen, but her lips were still red and her eyes blue with just a touch of mascara.   

“We’ll start together and Karlie will just slip in.” Said Taylor. 

“Don’t worry.  This is going to be fun.”  I said reassuringly. 

“Of that I have no doubt.”  Said Taylor.  “For you especially.”

She closed her eyes and puckered her red lips.  I moved closed to her and embraced her, putting my lips on hers.  As always when I kissed her, it felt like no other feeling in the world.  Gradually she loosened up and we fell into one another. As we rolled around on the bed, running our hands over one another I felt Karlie slip into the room and onto the bed.  Taylor jumped slightly as she felt the gorgeous model’s hands on her back, running up her spine and unclasping her bra.  Karlie was already completely naked.  I noticed her toned abs, sun-glistened skin, petite breasts and totally bare pussy before I returned my attention to Taylor who slid off her bra. She pulled down the waistband of my underwear, revealing my cock and gripping it gently.  Karlie’s lips found Taylor’s neck as the popstar slowly worked my cock. I watched the two women, as Karlie moved her lips ever closer to Taylor’s until they finally met.  I watched as their lips pressed together, kissing one another deeply, their tongues slowly creeping into the other’s mouth.  All of a sudden, Taylor pulled back, looking a little flustered, cheeks red from blushing. 

“Sorry.”  She muttered. “That was…overwhelming.”   

“Shhhhh…” Said Karlie, lazily placing one finger to Taylor’s red lips.  “Let’s start with something you are a little more comfortable with.”

She gestured at my hard dick, still firmly held by Taylor. Taylor nodded, blue eyes looking at me as her red mouth descended, first swallowing the head and then moving down the shaft.  Karlie brought her own head down close to my groin, watching greedily as Taylor increased her speed, blonde head bobbing up and down my shaft.  As Taylor blew me, Karlie moved one hand between Taylor’s legs to lightly brush her wet panties.  Taylor looked shocked for a moment, but then focused on me again and moaned in pleasure as the model’s fingers slipped beneath the wet fabric. The vibration of her moans felt wonderful on my throbbing shaft.  Karlie moved her fingers in and out of Taylor until she withdrew them completely and brought them up to her mouth.  Taylor’s eyes followed her hand as Karlie popped those fingers into her mouth, sucking off the remnants of Taylor still present on her digits.   

“Stand up Cole.  We’ll both show you a good time.”  Said Karlie, pointing to the side of the bed. 

I gladly stood up as Taylor wiped her mouth off.  I moved to stand by the side of the bed as the two blondes laid on their stomachs, each face level with my rod.  Taylor was the first to take the initiative.  She kissed the side of my shaft, pursing her red lips. Up and down the shaft she went as her tongue darted out, licking the veiny underbelly.  Karlie smiled and brought her face to the other side of my cock, directly across from Taylor.  As Taylor kissed and slobbered her way over my prick, Karlie met her lips on the other side.  Suddenly their tongues were intertwined, wrapped around my dick as their lips met each other’s around the shaft.  In unison they slowly moved, carelessly sucking face until they reached my bell-end. Taylor took my head into her mouth, pressing it against her cheek so she looked like a squirrel with a nut.  Karlie brought her lips to Taylor’s and forced her tongue inside.  I could feel the model’s tongue wrapping around my swollen cockhead inside of Taylor’s mouth.  I threw my head back and groaned at the sheer absurdity of the situation.  Both girls giggled and smiled at my reaction.

“He is a big boy.  You were right Tay.”  Said Karlie, firmly gripping the base of my shaft as Taylor enveloped more of me. 

Karlie stroked the shaft as Taylor sucked like a vacuum, extracting any precum that was forming at the tip.  Karlie had one hand on the back of Taylor’s head, guiding her. Karlie pulled my cock upwards, out of Taylor’s mouth exposing my testicles to the view of the two insatiable blondes.  Taylor latched onto one nut.  Karlie took the other.  Each applied suction to my scrotum, tongue-wrestling with my testicles.  The longer they sucked, the closer their mouths inched together until, yet again, their lips found one another.  Taylor stroked my cock as they the pair of them played tonsil tennis with my testicles and each other.  I groaned loudly and could feel myself growing ever harder.  Taylor looked up at me and smiled, taking me back into her mouth, working my entire member inside.  The whole experience was too much for me.  The sight of these two long legged beauties with my cock at the center of their attention drove me over the edge.  As Taylor sucked me I could feel myself about to burst.

“Shit!”  I yelled out in warning.  “Cumming!”

“Do it Tay!”  Yelled Karlie, positively squealing with delight.  “Take that jizz!”

Taylor smiled and took me deeper into her mouth.  Karlie placed a hand on my scrotum and gave a gentle squeeze as I erupted.  Taylor’s mouth was flooded with white hot jism.  I pumped and pumped and pumped, dumping an impossible amount of semen into the popstar’s mouth.  When I had spurted my last milky globule, she pulled her red lips back, opening her mouth to reveal the pool of creamy white spunk swirling amongst her writhing pink tongue.  She grinned widely, looking up at me and then looked over to Karlie.  She grabbed her, kissing her with a mouthful of cum.  The model looked surprised, but she fell into Taylor as their lips and tongues intertwined.  I watched as Karlie lapped cum out of Taylor’s mouth with her own pink tongue. The popstar positioned herself above the model, puckering her red lips and allowing my load to drip out into Karlie’s gaping maw.  The model gladly took it all, following it up with a sloppy kiss, traces of cum still leaking out of the corners of both of their mouths.  I watched as what remained of my cum was exchanged back and forth between the two, until it had all been swallowed.  The kissing didn’t stop there, instead the pair continued their vigorous lip-locking as their hands explored each’s other’s bodies.  Taylor moved to cup Karlie’s erect nipples, tweaking them between her long fingers.  Karlie rubbed along Taylor’s inner thigh, firmly gripping her butt.  I looked down and still found myself hard a rock.  For a few minutes I simply watched as the kissing became more ferocious and the rubbing more vigorous until I stepped forward, prodding Taylor with my stiff member.  She broke free of Karlie and looked at me. 

“Oh my god Cole!”  She said, her face in shock, complete with the perfect O-shaped mouth. “You’re still so hard!”

“Of course!  You didn’t think I was done with the pair of you yet?”

Taylor smiled and pushed me over.  I fell onto the bed laying on my back, my cock standing at attention in the air above us.  Taylor grabbed hold, giving it a few strokes.  She straddled me, teasing my cock with her wet pussy lips, rubbing in and out.  Karlie emerged from behind her, grabbing both her breasts and kissing her neck.

“Go on Tay.  Let me watch you ride him.”   

Taylor eagerly complied, descending and engulfing all of me in one quick movement.  It felt so good to be inside of her again.  As I slammed into her she gave a loud moan, throwing her head back.  I put my hands on her hips and started thrusting upwards as she bounced.  Karlie disappeared from behind her and as Taylor and I built up a good rhythm, my view was suddenly obscured as an exquisite and toned buttock mounted itself on my face.  Karlie rubbed her wet pussy against my own surprised mouth and I happily obliged, slipping my tongue in-between her velvety folds.  I continued thrusting my hips upwards as Taylor rode me.  I could no longer see what was happening, but I could hear well enough.  Taylor’s moans became muffled as she and Karlie resumed their game of tonsil tennis. I shoved my tongue in deeper and Karlie’s own cries began to intermingle with Taylor’s.  In response to the increased pleasure, Karlie shifted her weight and suddenly everything was deafened as Karlie’s muscular thighs gripped my head. I didn’t relent in my tongue-fucking, my nose now nearly buried in her asshole.  Karlie rode my face and Taylor rode my cock.  In that position it was hard to know how much time passed.  All I knew was suddenly Karlie removed herself from my head and I took a deep breath, slick juices covering my chin. 

“You nearly suffocated him Karlie!”  Said Taylor as she paused the grinding of her hips. 

“I would have died a happy man.”  I replied, a big stupid grin on my face. 

Taylor got off of me and clambered on all fours, bringing her face to mine.  She kissed me, running her tongue over my lips, tasting Karlie’s juices.  I shoved my tongue, that had so recently been in Karlie’s pussy, into Taylor’s mouth.  She sucked on it, savoring the taste.  I got up to kneel on the bed and reached around to grab onto Taylor’s ass, probing a finger into her wet pussy and pulling it out to give myself a taste. 

“Get behind me Cole.”  Taylor said, and I repositioned myself.

Taylor was on all fours, wiggling her ass in my face.  I couldn’t help myself, I went in for one quick lick, swiping the broadside of my tongue from clitoris to butthole in one swoop. Taylor gave a gleeful shout and turned her head as I positioned myself behind her.  I entered her easily sliding my full length in and out.  Karlie sat upright across from us, legs splayed wide, bald pussy clearly visible.

I leaned down to whisper into Taylor’s ear.  “Swift, eat her pussy.” 

For a split second, Taylor gave me a nervous side eye but then lust took over and a sly smile broke out over her features.  I gave a particularly deep thrust and reached my hands to grab her swaying breasts.  Karlie looked gratefully at me as Taylor’s blonde head slowly descended. Cautiously, she placed her tongue on Karlie’s sopping twat and began licking.  It didn’t take long for her to warm up to it.  Before long, the popstar’s face was buried between the model’s thighs and she was full-on munching box as I gave it to her from behind. Any trace of red lipstick that had been left on Taylor’s lips was smeared all over the Karlie’s slit.  Karlie’s eyes were fluttering and she ran her fingers through Taylor’s hair.  Based on the noises the model was making, I would say that Taylor must have been doing an excellent job.  Karlie brought her eyes to watch me as I railed her friend.  Her free hand was playing with her breasts, tweaking her own dark nipples as the three of us went at it.  The longer Taylor spent between her legs, the more Karlie’s face became contorted with pleasure.  Taylor had her chest heaving, body twitching and eyes rolling back into her pretty blonde head.

“That’s it Tay!  Keep that up!  I’m about to cum!”

I could feel Taylor quivering with anticipation as I thrusted in and out.  I could audibly hear the popstar’s tongue flicking against Karlie’s cunt as the model grabbed Taylor’s head with both hands.   

“CUMMMIINNNGGG!!!”  Karlie screamed, shaking as the orgasm rocked her body. 

She held Taylor’s head between her legs as she bucked.  Taylor never let up for a second, slurping up every ounce of fluid that came out of Karlie’s pussy.  When she finally removed her blonde head from between the model’s thighs, I could see pussy juices coating her mouth and chin. 

“Mmmmmhhh….”  Karlie said, recovering from her orgasm.  “Tay you did so good!”

Karlie leaned forward and kissed her.  Taylor herself, I could feel, was about to cum.  The excitement from making Karlie cum and now the passionate kiss I was watching was too much for her.
“Yes Karlie!  Now I’m cumming!  Cole make me cum!” 

I gritted my teeth, struggling through my own orgasm and kept pounding.  Taylor moaned loudly as she remained lip-locked to Karlie until she came herself. As I thrust myself into her, she gave a wild cry and I felt her pussy clamp down.  Fluids flooded my cock as Taylor shook, squealing in ecstasy. Karlie gave her own cries of delight as she watched and felt Taylor cum.  I paused to give myself a moment of reprieve.  When Taylor recovered, she turned around and looked at me.  Her styled hair was tousled, pupils dilated and face was flush.

“Now it’s your turn Cole.  Cum for us.”  She said in her most sultry voice.   
She and Karlie knelt on the bed, putting their faces close together.  I stood up on the bed, towering over the two leggy blondes.  My member bulged in front of them.  Taylor grabbed my rod and started to jerk it looking eager for my seed. Karlie was watching Taylor intently.

“Come on Cole, spray that load all over our pretty faces. Give us your cum!”  Said Taylor, egging me on. 

That little pill Karlie had given me had really done the trick. Even after cumming before, I felt an enormous amount of semen bubbling up inside my scrotum.  Precum flowed like a facet from my piss-slit until I couldn’t hold it back anymore.     

“Fuuuuccckkk!  Cumming!”

Taylor moaned in anticipation and stroked harder as cum blasted out of my cock.  Hot, thick, streams of cum rocketed out towards the two women.  The first volley smacked Taylor in her cheek, splattering a heathy amount across her nose.  She smiled widely as more cum painted her forehead, streaking across into her hairline. She turned slightly as more drenched her open mouth and chin.  Then she pointed my exploding member towards Karlie who flinched as even more thick jets volleyed through the air, spraying her cheek and splashing across her eyelid. It rolled down the side of her face, leaving thick streaks behind.  More globules landed on her mouth and chin.  When I was finally done erupting, Taylor’s lips found the bulbous tip and sucked gingerly on the head, getting any last traces of cum.  She turned to Karlie, lust in her eyes and kissed her with frosted lips.  Karlie responded in kind and I watched as the two gorgeous blondes made out while still covered in my seed.  Taylor began licking the cum off the side of Karlie’s face, something the model did not reciprocate.  She did however, open her mouth wide as Taylor let the cum drip out of her own mouth.

“Damn Cole.”  Said Taylor.  “Have you been taking some supplements or something?  You must have jizzed a gallon already.” 

I shrugged and smiled dazedly.  Behind her, Karlie winked at me.   

After that we all took a rest.  We cleaned ourselves off, had another drink and laid down in bed.  The pervasive smell of sex still filled the room but I didn’t mind as I gradually felt my eyelids growing heavier and heavier.  Before I knew what happened, I was dead asleep.  When I finally woke again, it was pitch-black in the room.  I looked over at a clock and it read 2:36 in the morning.  I sat up and looked around.  I was alone in the bed.  Straining my ears, I could hear some noises coming from the rest of the apartment.  I thought maybe it was Taylor’s cats. Regardless, I stood and made my way to the bathroom.  I relieved myself and went to investigate the noise.

The noises were coming from a guest bedroom. Still groggy, I stumbled in to find a marvelous sight.  With only candles too illuminate them, the two long legged blondes were so intertwined that I couldn’t tell where one stopped and the other began.  My cock immediately went from flaccid to erect. As my eyes adjusted to the semidarkness, I saw the two stunning women were in a 69 position, munching on each other’s pussy.  Taylor was on top and Karlie on the bottom.  I tiptoed up to the pair.  Neither of them noticed me, so intent were they on each other.  I slithered onto the bed behind Taylor.  Karlie looked up at me.  She nodded slightly looking at my cock and Taylor’s puffy pink pussy, which her tongue was plunging in and out of.  I took hold my stiff rod and placed it against Taylor’s pussy.  She gave a start and looked up.
Seeing me, she took a breath and said, “Cole!  Did we wake you?”

I didn’t say anything but pushed myself into Taylor’s sopping wet pussy.  She gave an excited squeak as I filled her up.  “You might say that.”

Taylor smiled and put her head back down in-between Karlie’s legs.  I moved my hips slowly.  Karlie didn’t miss a beat.  She slid her tongue up and down my shaft as I slid in and out of Taylor.  Each time working her way from Taylor’s clitoris to my swinging nutsack.  I didn’t know how long the two girls had been at it, but it must be a while because both were wet and rearing to go.  Between our combined efforts, it wasn’t more than a few minutes before we had Taylor cumming.  She shrieked loudly and I watched as this time she squirted.  Hot lady-cum sprayed out of her throbbing clit, drenching her friend’s face.  Karlie squealed as well, licking everything she could.  I pulled my cock out of Taylor, giving her a moment to recover from her tremendous orgasm.  As her fluids dripped off my ram rod, Karlie took the head of my cock into her mouth, sucking off more of Taylor’s juices.  Taylor, recovering slightly, clambered off Karlie and turned around to face the model.  I watched as Taylor began licking her own juices off Karlie’s face.  The two began to make out on top of one another.  I moved around behind Taylor yet again and watched as the two women ground their pussies up against one another.  I entered Taylor again and she moaned loudly as I moved my hips.  Hesitantly, I reached down a finger to lightly brush Karlie’s bald pussy. 

When she felt me down there, she said “Go ahead Cole, use those nimble fingers.” 

She and Taylor went back to tongue-wresting, hands running wild over each other’s bodies.  As I fucked Taylor, I sunk two fingers into Karlie.  I alternated thrusts between Taylor and Karlie.  I would push my cock into Taylor and pull my fingers out of Karlie. Then I would sink them into Karlie and pull out of Taylor.  I felt Taylor’s own fingers creep down and begin thumbing Karlie’s clit as I fingered her. This time it Karlie’s turn to cum. She screamed just as loud as Taylor beneath our unified exertions.  She didn’t squirt as Taylor did, but her whole body shuddered and a felt a flood of fluid on my fingers which I pulled out and gladly tasted.  Taylor got off Karlie looking extremely happy with herself. When Karlie sat up and kissed her again, Taylor looked surprised as Karlie pushed her down onto her back.   

“You’ve got a job to finish Tay.”  She said, straddling Taylor’s face.

Taylor gladly accepted, eager to dive back into the fold’s her gorgeous friend’s wet pussy.  Karlie was facing me and indicated my cock.  “What are you waiting for Cole?”  She said. “Are you going to fuck her or not?”

I took no further convincing as I aligned myself with Taylor and entered her.  In missionary this time, with Taylor facing upwards while Karlie rode her, my cock pounded into Taylor’s g-spot as I fucked her.  This time, Karlie grabbed my face and pulled it towards her.  She shoved her tongue in my mouth.  I could still taste some of Taylor’s juices as we sloppily made out while I rammed Taylor. As I built up steam and Taylor continued eating out Karlie, all three of us got louder and louder with our cries of pleasure.  I could feel myself getting closer and closer to completion, so I thrusted myself ever harder into Taylor.  Karlie must have noted the expression on my face and started to encourage me. 

“Yea that’s it Cole.  Fuck her.  Fuck her good.  Use that big dick of yours to make Tay cum.” 

Taylor, for her part, moaned into Karlie’s pussy.

“Two can play at this game, Kloss.”  I said, a wicked grin flashing on my face.

“Taylor shove your tongue in deeper, really eat that pussy.  She’ll make you cum again, won’t you Swift?”

Taylor gave a mumbled confirmation as all three of picked up speed, dirty words and actions flying back and forth until none of us could take it anymore.   
“Fuck Taylor!”  I yelled out.  “Cumming!”

“Cum in her!”  Yelled Karlie as she continued riding Taylor’s face, hips gyrating wildly. “Fill her pussy up with your cum!”

I gave one final thrust of my hips and let out a roar as I exploded into her.  She came as hot semen filled her and as Taylor screamed, Karlie came as well. Karlie screeched out, shuddering as she squirted all over Taylor’s face.  All three of us let out wild cries of orgasmic pleasure into the dimly lit room. As I pulled out of Taylor’s pussy, thick white cum oozed out.  She looked up at me through dazed eyes. 

“Cole.  That’s not very fair.  Now Karlie doesn’t get to have any.” 

“I don’t know about that.”  Said Karlie as she put her head between Taylor’s legs and proceeded to begin lapping up the oozing cum out of her freshly fucked pussy. She slurped it down, sticking her tongue deep into Taylor’s folds.  I groaned audibly as I watched the model gulp down my seed until it was gone and then proceed to continue to eating Taylor out.  For my part I placed my head directly behind Karlie’s tight ass.  I shoved my tongue into her asshole this time. She gave a yelp of shock at this but didn’t tell me to stop.    Taylor was cumming again within minutes and Karlie wasn’t far behind her as I ate her ass to completion.  As both women collapsed onto the bed, Taylor noted that I was still hard and began stroking me.  Karlie joined in, clearly grateful for the rim-job.  Taylor worked my shaft and Karlie nibbled at my balls until I came again, jizzing upwards into the air and making a mess of all three of us.  We simply lay where we fell, draped over the bed in Taylor’s guest room.  Nearly catatonic from the orgasms, I passed out immediately.  When I next woke, the sun was shining brightly.  I snuck out of the room, past the naked forms of the sleeping blondes.  I went to take a shower and as I was rinsing off I heard someone enter. 


It was Taylor.  I opened the curtain just enough to poke my head out. 

“Hey Swift.  Good morning.”

“Good morning!”  She was smiling widely.  “I just…just wanted to say thank you for this weekend.”

“I should be thanking you!  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have a threesome, let alone with two women as gorgeous as you.” 

She laughed, breasts jiggling as she did it. Even after everything the sight of her naked standing there on the tiled floor caused my cock to twitch to life. 

“I was really nervous and you being here…it just made the whole process that much easier and really, really fucking great.”

“No arguments here!”  I said, struggling to meet her eyes. 

She noticed me eying her.  She smiled slyly. 

“What are you hiding behind the curtain there Cole?”

She reached for the shower curtain and pulled it back to revealed me.  My cock was standing at attention.  I shrugged half-apologetically.  She bit her lower as eyes took me in.

“How about a little me and you time?  Mind if I join you?"  She didn’t wait for an answer, stepping in and letting the warm water run down her luscious form.  I smiled as I grabbed and kissed her. 

Our noises echoing off the tile of the bathroom must have awoken Karlie because we were going at for several minutes before she wandered. I had Taylor pressed against the wall, fucking her from behind as the water splashed over both of us. 

“You two starting without me?” Asked Karlie jealously. 

She climbed in as well.  She pressed herself against my back.  I could feel each of her erect nipples pressed into my back as she nibbled on my ear and moved her hand down to stroke Taylor’s clit.  Karlie began whispering impossibly dirty things into my ear.  Within another few minutes both Taylor and I were cumming.  I unloaded inside of her, pumping my load deep into her womb as her legs shook and she called out my name in pleasure.  I pulled out and watched my load drip from between her legs, only to be rinsed down the drain by the hot water.  All three of us, smiled and laughed at one another.

“I’ll let you two ladies finish washing up.”  I said before getting out of the tub and grabbing a towel.  “I don’t know that my cock could take it, watching the two of you shower together.”

As I exited the bathroom and got dressed, I could hear things coming from the bathroom.  I wasn’t sure exactly what went on in there, but it sounded very enjoyable.  Soon enough it was time for both Karlie and I to leave.  I went into Karlie’s room to say goodbye.  I knocked and entered.  The model was packing up her suitcase.  She didn’t look up as I entered. 

“You’re not what I expected.”  Said Karlie.

“What, I didn’t measure up?”

“Oh no, you certainly did and more.  I meant that you could have very easily tried to make last night about you.  Most guys would have.  Not you though.  You really helped Taylor out.  Don’t think I didn’t notice everything you did.  I appreciate it.”

“Thanks Karlie.”

“You must really care about her.”

I paused for a moment before responding. “I do.”

Karlie looked me up and down, trying to read me. To cover up the awkward moment, I looked down into the model’s open suitcase.  Inside, clearly visible, was a very large and black strap on dildo.  I raised my eyebrows and looked from the dildo to Karlie quizzically.

“She wasn’t quite ready for that this time. Maybe next time.”  Said Karlie, giving me a wink. 

“Next time?” 

“Yea.  Like I said, you’re not so bad.”  Said Karlie, one eyebrow cocked and a grin on her face.  “Maybe we can do this again sometime.”

She closed the suitcase shut with a snap, zipped it up and left just like that.  The door closed with a snap behind her.  I shook my head and went to say goodbye to Taylor.  She hugged me and thanked me again for this weekend. 

“Oh, did I mention.”  I said.  “I’m actually moving to New York as well.”

“No way!”  Said Taylor, punching me in the arm.  “Why didn’t you say before?”

“I got a bit distracted.” 

“I bet you did.”

“So now that we are living in the same city, maybe we can see each other a bit more?”

“I would love that Cole.”

“Me too Swift.  Me too.” 


He texted Rachel on Sunday to make plans for next weekend.  Cole checked his phone throughout the day, waiting on a response.  That evening he received one, although not the one he was hoping for. 

Cole, I did have a good time on our date.  I just got the feeling like you weren’t totally there.  Like maybe you were into someone else.

Cole mulled over the text that Rachel had sent him.  If he was truly honest with himself, perhaps she was right. Still he figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it another try and see if something developed.  These things could take time after all.  He texted her back.

To be honest, I was a bit nervous.  It’s been a little while since I was on a real date.  I understand if you don’t want to, but I’d like another try and see if this goes anywhere.   

After they opened a dialogue, they texted back and forth a bit.  Rachel agreed to another date, just the two of them this time.  Cole raised his fist in victory.  They scheduled it for next weekend.  He realized that he was actually looking forward to this.  He was going to give a real shot this time.  Taylor Swift was the furthest thing from his mind. 
End Of Chapter Five
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift)
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Disclaimer: This a work of fiction. This is not real. It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Chapter Six: reputation
Starring Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn
Codes: MMF, Anal, Cuck, Humiliation, Masturbation


Cole was drunk.  Rachel had dumped him.  It wasn’t even really like they had been going out.  They’d gone on a few more dates, but nothing ever materialized.  He blamed himself.  Rachel had been perfectly fine.  In fact, there was nothing wrong with her at all.  Good personality, attractive and charming. Instead, every time Cole looked at her, he saw Taylor in her place.  So, Cole, angry at what, he didn’t know, decided it was a good time to go out and get sloshed.  He called up his pals and now he was stumbling out of his ride, up the stairs into his apartment and collapsing on his bed.  That’s when his phone lit up.  It was a video call, from Becky. He chuckled to himself and swiped to answer it.  Taylor Swift’s face lit up his screen. 

“Hey gorgeous.”  She giggled. 

She was all dolled up, looking like a Greek goddess.  In the back of his mind, Cole thought there might have been an award show or something tonight. 

“Hey Swift…what’s happening?”  He asked, slurring his words.

“Oh nothing.”  She said, likewise slurring her words.  “Just thinking about your handsome self and your big cock.”   

Cole’s eyebrows shot up as he looked through blurry vision at Taylor.  She looked immaculate, but her hair looked a little ruffled and her lipstick a bit smeared, like at the end of a long night. 

“It’s understandable.”

“Mmmmm…” Said Taylor, who placed the phone down clumsily on the table so she could step back with both hands free.       

She was wearing an elegant feathery pink gown with a slit practically up to her crotch.  As she settled on the couch of a hotel room, she hiked up her dress and spread her legs, revealing a distinct lack of any panties.  Cole could clearly see her well-manicured pussy with just a hint of hair at the top. His erection throbbed to life against the constraint of his pants.

“Shouldn’t you be calling Joe?”  Cole spat out the words more harshly than he meant too.   

“I will.  After.” Said Taylor, bringing down her fingers to start rubbing her delectable pussy and looking directly into the camera. “You know how he likes it.  He will hear all about this.  I’ll have him spunk his pants in no time.” 

Cole knew that was true.  Cole knew very well as he remembered their encounter several months ago.


“Swift, I know that I agreed to this…but…” I started to say. 

“Oh no, don’t back out now.”  Said Taylor, genuine fear on her face.  “There is nobody else and I’m nervous enough about this without you getting cold feet too.” 

“I’m just a bit uncomfortable.” 

“He’s clear on the rules, just like you are.  And when you are in there, just focus on me.” 

“That I always do.” 

Taylor took my hand and held it tightly.  “I know this is an odd request, but things are going really well with Joe.  This is something he has brought up before and I really want to do this with him…and you.”

I sighed, looking at her blue eyes.  Eyes that I could never say no too.  “I said I’d do it.  I’m not backing out now Swift.”  I leaned back and with a twinkle in my eye, and said “Are you sure that you can handle both of us?”

She smiled, looking relieved at my levity.  “That’s the part that actually excites me.  The thought of having both of you inside me at once.”  She shivered with excitement.  “I think I can handle both your pricks.  I’ve been hitting the gym, putting on some serious muscle.”

I had to agree with her on that.  Whatever her workout routine was, it was working for her.  She had never been shapelier.  Thicc was the perfect word to describe her current physique.  Her breasts were the largest I’d ever seen, her hips wide and it looked as though she could crush a tree trunk between her thighs. It turned me on just thinking about seeing her naked again.   

“Besides Joe is gonna pop pretty quickly.  That’s the goal anyways.  He’s been edging for days to prep for this.  He’s very excited.  Then it’ll be just you and me.” 

“When is Joe getting here?”

“He’ll here soon.  He’s got a great restaurant for us.  He’s been there before and he does have good taste.”

“He must if he’s dating you.” 

“Damn straight Cole.”

Joe came back not long after that.  We were holed up in a lavish apartment somewhere in London that Taylor was currently renting to be closer to her new beau.  It was my first time meeting him.  Actually, it was only the second boyfriend Taylor had actually introduced me too. 

“Hey mate.”  Said Joe coming in and extending a hand to shake me.  “It’s great to meet you Cole.  Taylor has told me a lot about you.”

He was tall, well-built with nice blue eyes and an accent that would make any American girl swoon.  I could see why Taylor was attracted to him. 

“You too.  It’s nice to finally meet you.  Swift has been bragging all about you.”

“Oh really?”  He said, moving in close to Taylor for a quick peck on the lips.  “What’ve you been saying about me Taylor?”

I won’t lie.  For a brief instant, a twinge of jealously shot through me as I watched them wrapped arms around one another and snuggle on the couch.  I brushed it aside.
“Only good things.  I assure you.” 

The conversation went on from there.  The sun had already set by the time we headed out to dinner. It was an authentic British pub and the food was excellent.  We chatted, getting to know one another.  Joe was charming, funny and doted upon Taylor.  Still, in the back of my mind I couldn’t help but think about what we were all planning on doing that evening.  We finished up and headed back to the apartment.  Taylor wanted some time to get ready so that left me alone in my guest room.  I stripped down into my underwear, unsure of what else to do.  There was a quiet knock at the door.  Taylor slipped in wearing a fluffy white bathrobe. 

“You ready?”  She asked.

“Ready if you are Swift.” 

“Thank you again Cole.  And remember, if you get nervous just focus on me while in there.  I’m all yours.”  She said with a wink.

“And you are all mine.”  I said, knowing it was a lie.     

I walked into the main bedroom.  Joe was waiting in there, likewise clad in his underwear.  He was in great shape, better than myself, but not by too much.  I sat down on the bed next to him silently, unsure of what to say.  Taylor only took another minute before she walked in, the door swinging open to reveal her.  She struck a pose, hands on her hips which were cocked to the side, breasts thrust outwards and a sexy alluring look on her face.  Her hair was dirty blonde, shoulder length and bangs gracing her forehead. She had black wingtips on her eyes, and a darker shade of red lipstick.  She looked incredible, standing there in a matching lacy black push-up bra and razor thin thong.  The thong concealed her pussy from view, but not the sizable, but well-maintained bush she was sporting.   She sauntered over to us, hips rocking back and forth.  We were both mesmerized.  Taylor strolled right up to me leaned down, giving me an ample view of her cleavage and kissed me, putting those red lips on mine.  With her other hand she pushed Joe away.  Her tongue was in my mouth running over my teeth until she drew back with a ferocious smile on her face. 

“Go sit on that chair Cole.  Joe you stay here.”  Said Taylor indicating the chair in the corner of the room. 

He complied silently, but the hunger in his eyes belayed his excitement.  I sat down on the chair.  Taylor followed me over and clicked a remote, slowly gyrating her hips as music thumped to life.  She moved her hands down her body slowly, lingering on her breasts, inching down her toned tummy and resting on her hips.  She grinded in place, ass thrust out towards me as she slowly rotated giving me a full 360 view of her undulating body.  She moved with the skill of a professional stripper as she straddled me over the chair.  My chin tickled her cleavage and I gladly buried my face into her perky melons as I felt her crotch rub up against my own hard member.  I looked up into her eyes and she gave me a nervous smile.  I returned it and she spun around, ass settling in my lap, hands on her thick thighs.  With only a thin line of black fabric flossing her butt cheeks, I was treated to an up-close view of her behind, now more bubbly and shapely than ever before.  I placed a hand on either side of her hips, guiding her ever further downward onto my lap. As her booty muffled my rock-hard prick, a wet spot of precum grew larger and larger the longer those alabaster asscheeks rubbed up against me.  She thumped and gyrated to the music, grinding herself against my hard member like it was a stripper pole.  Her hands found mine and guided them up to her ample bosom.  I planted my lips on her neck, inhaling the sweet smell of her hair. I looked out at Joe, watching from the bed, still as a statue, but his erection clearly visible through his underwear. 

“Do you like my moves Cole?”  Taylor said, still working her hips as I squeezed and fondled her rack.  “I’ve been practicing, but Joe hasn’t seen them before. They are for my fans, you’re the first to get a sneak peek.  I didn’t think he was worth it.”

“They are impressive Swift.”  I said, struggling not to pull my cock out and take her right there.

Taylor must have read my mind because she swayed her hips one more time and then slipped her G-string aside and pulled my cock out with her hand.  She lined it up with her pussy and dropped down onto, screaming my name out as she crammed it inside.  As she began to bounce up and down on my cock, she called out to Joe.

“Fuck Cole’s so big.  He feels so good inside of me.”

I looked over at the actor and there was pure lust in his eyes. I undid Taylor’s bra, revealing her boobs to the open air and latching onto her nipples as she bounced.  The chair shook as we bucked to the beat of the music.  Finally, Taylor sank down, fully sheathing my rod and paused, catching her breath.

“Come and show me some of your moves Cole.”     

She extracted herself from my lap and moved towards the bed, slipping out of her thong as she went.  She crawled on the bed, directly next to Joe.  On all fours she flashed her puffy pink pussy lips at me and waggled that shapely buttocks.  I hurriedly stood up, dropping my drawers fully.  Taylor looked at me like I was the only person in the world, summoning me over to her with her eyes.  I covered the distance in two steps and before Joe could even utter a sound, I was inside of her again.  I stood by the side of the bed, she kneeling atop it as I fully entered her wet pussy.  She screamed aloud with pleasure.  I thrusted in and out, feeling her twat envelop my cock with its velvety folds.  Joe watched us from the side as I fucked his girlfriend.  I focused on pleasuring Taylor, something I knew how to do very well. We fucked like no one was watching, balls slapping as I railed her from behind.  I marveled at the ass she had been working so hard on.  Each thrust of my hips sent ripples through the taunt, plump peach-shaped specimen before me.  Taylor looked to Joe and took pity on him. 

“Joe, come here.”  She said, indicating her front. 

Joe happily nodded and scrambled onto the bed, kneeling in front of Taylor.  Her entire body jerked forward each time I impaled her with my cock.

“You might as well take that dick of yours out.  For what it’s worth.” 

He stripped his underwear off and I took a good long look at it.  I was very happy with what I saw.  He might be in a bit better shape than I was, but I was bigger.  He presented his own aching knob in front of Taylor who took mercy and opened her dark red-lips widely.  She swallowed him as I kept up my humping.  Taylor would feel me slam all the way in just as she could feel Joe’s mushroom head bump into the back of her throat.  It was like each of us were pushing her into the other using only our cocks.  Taylor was handling both of us like a pro as we spit-roasted her.  We both made sure not to look directly at each other as we railed his current girlfriend. All I could hear coming from Taylor was the gurgling and slurping noises of a cock entering and exiting her oral hole.


I was just getting ready to switch my position when I heard Joe say, “Bloody hell!  Taylor! I’ve gotta spunk!”

His face twisted with pleasure as Taylor, in spite of herself, moaned with delight.  He ejaculated, blasting his built-up load into her mouth before pulling out and spurting a few ropes over her face.  He collapsed backwards, a look of absolute satisfaction on his face.  I couldn’t help but smile.  It really hadn’t been more than a few minutes and I still had plenty left to go. Taylor turned her head around body still shaking from the pounding I was giving her and stared me directly in the eye. Her boyfriend’s cum was dripping down her face.  She smiled dazedly and then she looked back to Joe.

“You’re a pathetic little man!  You came already?  You didn’t even make it inside of me!  Cole is still hard as a fucking rock inside of my pussy.  Go sit in the corner and watch while a real man satisfies me.”

“Yes Taylor.”  Said Joe as he wretchedly moved to sit on the floor in the corner of the room, his deflated cock dangling between his legs. 

He looked absolutely deplorable as he sat down, limp dicked and watching as I cucked him.  Taylor moved forward on the bed and laid flat on her stomach.  I laid down on top of her, slipping between her wet velvety folds. I slid all the way inside, my hot body pressed against hers as she buried her cum-splattered face in the sheets. I picked up the speed of my thrusts and she clenched a sheet between her teeth, squealing in pleasure.

“Take it Swift!  When was the last time you even had an orgasm?”   

She released the sheet from between her teeth. “It’s been so long since I’ve had a cock this big inside of me!  It feels so good!  Please make me cum, I haven’t been able to in so long with the limp prick of this douche over here.”

“If you really want to cum, then spread those cheeks for me and I’ll take you up the ass.”

“Mmmmhhmmm…”  Said Taylor, eyes rolling into the back of her head at the very suggestion.  “Yes Cole.  Joe has never gotten anywhere near my ass.”  She looked over at her boyfriend on the floor, now speaking directly to him.  “Cole here took my anal virginity.  That hole belongs to him.  Do you want him to fuck me up the ass?”

He nodded sadly. 

“Let me hear you say it Joe."

“Please Cole, fuck Taylor up the ass for me.” 

“Mmmm, good boy.  Now shut up and watch while a real stud fucks me.  Take notes, maybe you could learn something.” 

I pulled out of her pussy with a slurp.  On the nightstand sat a sizable bottle of lube. I squeezed a large dollop onto her tiny brown hole as she spread her asscheeks.  I took one finger, coating it in lube and began to probe her poop chute. I spread it all around before slipping another finger in there.  Before long I was sliding in and out with ease, finger-banging her butthole.  I poured some lube over my own shaft, coating it nicely. Taylor purred like a cat as I pressed my member against her sphincter. 

“Ughhhh.  Cole you’re so big.  I don’t know if you’ll fit.” 

“You’ve gotten too used to a tiny dick.  I’ll make you remember what it feels like to get fucked by a real man.”

I pushed and after a bit of resistance, I slid once more into Taylor Swift’s tight asshole. 

“OH YES!”  Screamed Taylor as I worked my shaft, disappearing between those cheeks, all the way into her rectum until my sweaty scrotum was pressed up against her pussy. “FUCK YES!  THAT COCK FEELS SO GOOD!”

I began slowly, letting her get accustomed to the feeling.  However, it wasn’t long before I was jackhammering away as she lay prone on the bed, fists and teeth clenched in ecstasy.  I held myself above her with my arms, using my bodyweight to ram my cock in hard with each pounding.  Remembering the last time, I had been inside of Taylor Swift’s asshole, I gave her a playful slap on her ass.  She nodded in approval. 

“Harder Cole!” 

I spanked her ass harder.  It jiggled beneath the palm of my hand.  Smack.  Smack.  Smack.  Each blow to her buttocks was accompanied by the smack of hips.  A visible red hand print formed as I buttfucked her.

“Are you watching Joe?”  Taylor called out, looking to her boyfriend as I railed her up the ass.  “You could never fuck me like this.” 

He nodded sadly, eyes fixated on our sweaty forms.

“Don’t let up Cole!” 

I didn’t.  I pounded her asshole until sweat was pouring off my brow.  I fucked her until she came, squirting all over the cumstained bedsheets and screaming my name at the top of her lungs.  I fucked her through her squirting orgasm until I was ready to cum myself. 

“Swift!  Fuck!  I’ve got to cum!” 

“Cum up my asshole!  It belongs to you!”

I needed no further encouragement, immediately exploding up her thicc ass, filling her rectal cavity with my hot, sticky seed.  My balls contracted spraying as much jizz as I could muster into the asshole of Taylor Swift.  When I was done, I pulled out slowly.  I collapsed back onto the bed and watched as Taylor turned that beautiful behind towards Joe on the floor and spread her cheeks apart.  Her head near my cock, she took it in her mouth again, tasting her own asshole and loving every second of it.  In the mirror I could see her tiny brown hole and watched as she flexed, my sticky load dribbling out slowly.   

“Joe.  Come and clean me up.”  Said Taylor the command back in her voice.

Joe got up hesitantly from the floor 

“Taylor…we didn’t talk about this…” He began, but she beckoned with one finger.   He followed his instructions and came over to his thoroughly satisfied girlfriend.  He paused, face level with her gaping asshole and then she grabbed his head and stuck it in-between her asscheeks, where thick white semen continued to dribble out of her puckered bunghole.  I watched in the mirror as Joe Alwyn obediently licked and cleaned my semen from his girlfriend’s asshole.  And I had never felt better.  To his credit, he ate it all and continued licking long after it was gone, until Taylor shuddered and came again as she stared at me the entire time.

“There may be hope for you after all Joe.”  Said Taylor once she recovered from her orgasm.

After that I left the couple alone to get dressed. When I came out from my room, Taylor was there in a bathrobe again.  In the hallway we had a whispered conversation. 

“Do you think that went well?”

“I certainly have no complaints.”

“That thing at the end…I hoped Joe liked it. It was a bit inspired on my part.”

“He seemed to enjoy it.”  I said, wanting to console her. 

“Yea.”  She said, biting her lower lip like she did whenever she was nervous.  “Anyways, I think that it’s for tonight.  We’ll do the other stuff tomorrow?” 

“Sure Swift.  You sure that ass of yours can take another pounding?”

“Ugh, don’t remind me.  I’m going to be walking funny for a week after this weekend.”  She looked at me, excitement in her eyes.  “Still…the thought of both of you…”

“Goodnight Swift.”  I said laughing as I kissed her on the cheek and went back to my room.   

I closed the door and heard her light steps down the hall, back to her bedroom, back to Joe.  I settled down onto the bed and closed my eyes.  My sleep was restless and when I awoke again it was morning. We spent the day together, just hanging out.  Joe and Taylor were very cute together, when I could force down some of my jealously that kept rearing its ugly head this weekend.  When night came, I found myself in the same spot as yesterday.  Joe and I were clad in our underwear, waiting for Taylor to enter.  When she did, she didn’t disappoint.  Tonight, she was wearing a bright red teddy and matching thong.  She sauntered into the room, lust filling her eyes as she watched both us visibly react to her presence.  She moved over to us and kissed me first, a long lingering kiss that let our tongues wrap around one another.  Then she did the same for Joe. 

“Ok boys, whip em’ out for me.”  She said, sitting between us on the bed. 

Each of us stripped to reveal our erect cocks. She had a look of pure joy on her face at the sight of her two favorite cocks presented in front of her.  She wrapped a hand around each shaft and starting stroking as she kissed me.  Doubling fisting, a cock in each hand, Taylor swapped back and forth kissing us, ensuring that she spit on our pricks so they were nice and slick.  Those delicate fingers of her worked our shafts until we were each nice and hard and precum leaked from both our tips.  Suddenly, she released us and slithered down onto the floor. She sat there on her knees, looking up at us. 

“Come on boys.  Time for me to taste those cocks of yours.”     

We moved to stand on either side of Taylor who grabbed our pricks with each hand, stroking them.  She wrapped her lips around my cock first, puffing them out and sliding them down my member slowly.  She stroked Joe with her other hand as he watched eagerly while Taylor milked me for all I was worth.  When she removed her red lips from my cock, a large string of saliva trailed between the two as she moved her mouth over to Joe. 

As she kissed his tip, she said “Cole’s so much bigger than you Joe.  I can swallow this little prick no problem.” 

Joe audibly groaned as his girlfriend proceeded blow him in the same manner as she did to me.  Taylor stroked me, member still slick from her saliva.  Taking a breath, she swapped back to me.  She looked up at me and opened her mouth in the shape of O and nodded, egging me on.  I knew exactly what she wanted.  I gripped her wavy, slightly curly, hair and began plunging my cock in and out of her mouth. With her free hands, she grabbed Joe’s shaft and stroked with both hands.  I fucked her mouth, lips cushioning my member as each time I bumped into the back of her throat.  Grabbing my swinging ball sack, she squeezed gently and pulled back.  Coughing, she presented her mouth in the same fashion, this time in front of Joe’s pecker.  He began to face-fuck her as both her hands swapped to my spittle-soaked shaft and stroked quickly.  Her dexterity and multi-tasking was impressive as she stroked like an expert while having balls bounce off of her chin.  She alternated a few more times between us until her eyes were watery, salvia dripped off of her chin and her face was bright red. 

Wiping off her chin, she said, “Alright lads, bed time.”

All three of us got onto the bed as Taylor stripped, dropping her red teddy to expose her fuller breasts, nipples as perky as ever. 

“Cole lay down.  Joe eat me out while I suck Cole off.”

I laid down and Taylor got between my legs. Joe got behind her as she pushed her ass up in the air and I watched as he began to eat her pussy.  Taylor looked at me as she engulfed me again.  She didn’t break eye contact as I watched her take more and more of me into her mouth, over and over again.  The slurping sounds coming from Joe made Taylor groan loudly, her mouth full of cock.  Both hands cupped my scrotum, nimble fingers squeezing and massaging my nutsack.  Joe ate her out obediently until she felt ready enough for both of us.

“I’m ready for it…”

“Ready for what Swift?”  I asked, wanting to hear her say it. 

“Ready for both of you to fill me up.”  She looked back at Joe, then towards me.  “Joe did such a good job yesterday cleaning up your mess. Should I let him put it in my butt?”

“I don’t know Swift…”

She gave me a wink.  “Oh, it will always be your hole, but he has been such a good boy.  I think he deserves a treat.” 

Joe grabbed the bottle of lube and poured it all over Taylor’s tiny brown hole.  He lubed up his cock and I watched as Joe entered her asshole for the first time. He gave out a low moan, feeling the tightness of the hole that had so recently belonged to me.  I watched as Taylor bit her lip, fighting the effort not to scream out in pleasure. 

Instead she said, “Are you in Joe?  Pathetic.  I can’t even feel you.  Cole must have stretched me out yesterday with his mighty prick.  Cole, you better get over here with that massive schlong of yours and fuck me or I’ll never cum.” 

Joe grinned widely at that talk and I joined the pair.  I laid flat on my back as Taylor order Joe to pull out and she stood over me, straddling my cock.  She teased me with her pussy lips for a few moments before sinking down with one fluid motion up to the base of my shaft.  She rode me like that for a few times before she indicated Joe to come back and enter her from behind.  She leaned forward, thrusting her sizable caboose up into the air. Her breasts were pushed against my chest and her eyes stared directly into mine.  Joe put his legs on either side of me as he reentered his girlfriend’s asshole.  Taylor’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she felt the sheer pressure of both cocks inside of her.  I felt her pussy tighten as her rectum was filled with Joe’s cock.  It felt tighter than it had ever been before, expect maybe the first time. 

“Go slow you two or you’ll break me in half.”

I started bucking my hips gently, just as Joe began as well.  We started off slow, but together found a rhythm.  As I pulled out to the tip, he would thrust all the way in. Then he would slide out and I would rocket upwards, filling her.  Taylor looked at me the entire time, her blue eyes inches from my green ones. 

“How does it feel Swift?”  I asked, her mouth inches away from mine.

“So. Fucking.  Good.” Said Taylor, barely able to form words at the pleasure she was experiencing. 

Her lips found mine and she kissed me as we both fucked her. Between the kissing the screams of pleasure into my mouth, both of us increased our speed and force.  Joe would slam into her, and then a second later I would do the same.  Grunts of exertions could be heard from both of us as we pummeled both of Taylor’s holes. It was only a few minutes like that before she was cumming.


She gave one final insanely high-pitched scream and exploded, fluids squirting out of her soaked pussy, drenching my cock and midriff. Both of us paused to give her body a reprieve.  Her head was laying on my chest when she finally took a breath and looked up, eyes crossed. 

“Cole…and Joe…oh my God.” 

“Ready for more?”  I asked eagerly. 

She closed her eyes and nodded.  I looked up at Joe, his face was scrunched up in determination, looking like he was about to cum.

“Actually, I could use a minute Taylor.”  Said Joe.

“Pathetic!”  She ordered, resuming her role with ease.  “Pull out!”

Joe complied, dislodging himself from behind her.  He stood there, a pained look on his face and cock looking ready to burst. 

“I want both of you to cum at the same time.  Joe, you’ll need to punished now.  Lay down flat on the bed while I finish off Cole here.”

He nodded sadly as he laid flat on his back.  Taylor removed herself from me and moved in a position as though she was going to 69 Joe.  Her face was above his aching cock and her pussy dripped off fluids right onto his face.   

“Cole, fuck my ass while Joe watches.”  She said, wiggling her butt.

I got behind her and looked down at her gaping asshole and her boyfriend’s face, directly below it.  I pushed my cock against her sphincter and slid inwards.  My balls hung right above Joe’s face and he watched them swing back and forth as I built up speed, hammering Taylor’s asshole. Fluids continued to drip out of Taylor’s pussy onto his face as I buttfucked her.    She lightly stroked Joe, keeping him right on the edge as precum leaked out of his tip and spilled down his shaft.  Her asshole was still plenty tight, the walls of her rectum struggling to suck me back in every time I pulled out.  But I wasn’t go to let up until she orgasmed again, with Joe’s face right there to watch me pleasure his girlfriend in the way he had failed to do. Thankfully, Taylor was pretty close after having us both inside of her.  I was getting very close when she screamed, calling out my name as I drove myself into her over and over again. 


Screaming and shuddering as the anal-induced orgasm flooded through her body, I halted my pounding, ready to blow myself. 

When she finally recovered, I said through clenched teeth. “Ok Swift.  I’m ready.”

“Perfect.”  She growled. “Both of you, come here.” 

Taylor got off both of us and got on her knees between the two of us.  We stood up on the bed.  I stood on her left and Joe on her right as she gripped both our cocks, with a look that was begging for our combined cum.

“Come on boys.  Cover me.  Fucking spray your loads all over my pretty face.” 

Her lips were wrapped around my cock, eager to suck the cum out.  Joe popped first, letting out a cry as he started to cum.  Taylor immediately turned to face the exploding cock and squealed with delight as her boyfriend’s jizz smacked into the side of her face.  He shot several ropes onto her forehead, much of it streaking into her hair before aiming lower and painting her cheek and chin with globs of semen.  Relief flooding me, I exploded immediately as her hand was still jerking me a mile a minute. Arcs of cum shot over Taylor, further drenching her forehead, the bridge of her nose, cheek and finally her lips. When we were both finally finished she sucked us both off, ensuring she got every last drop of semen.  I looked down at her to see her absolutely drenched by both of our loads.  Her eyelashes on her left eye were glued together with thick cum and her the hair of her forehead was a sweaty mess of jism.  Still, the smile on her white coated lips was one of pure happiness as  she rubbed it around with fingers, tongue licking up whatever else she could.  Those cum-soaked fingers went immediately into her mouth as she sucked them clean.

“Delicious.”  She said. “You two did good.”

I smiled and Joe looked pleased with himself as well.  We all got cleaned up, but as our weekend was ending, I couldn’t help but feel the jealously resurface.  Taylor came into my room.  I decided to confront her about it.

“Cole, I think it went pretty well in there.”

“Yea, it was good.”  I said distractedly.

“I had fun.”  Said Taylor, looking concerned at me.

“Joe popped a little early.  I had a few more things in mind we could have tried.” I said, testing the waters carefully.

“Yea, well this was like his ultimate fantasy so cut him a break.”

“My ultimate fantasy is you all to myself.”

“Cole.”  Said Taylor, warning in her voice. 

“Come on Swift.  All that stuff in there, it couldn’t be all just acting.” 

“It was Cole.  Acting. Roleplaying.”  Said Taylor, her voice firm. 

“Taylor, this is ridiculous.  I mean Joe seems great and all, but we…”

“Don’t Cole.  I can’t go down this road with you again.  Not now.”

“Why not?”

“Because I love him!”

Those four words hurt.  They hurt a lot, more than I would care to admit. 

“Cole.  Just cool off, we can talk more in the morning.” 

“Sure Swift.”  I said, not really wishing to continue the conversation. 

She looked at me sadly as I ushered her out of my room. The door closed behind her and I simply walked and collapsed on the bed.  I barely slept at all that night, picturing Taylor and Joe snuggled up, just down the hall.  I left early the next morning, before either of them was up.  I wrote a quick note and was gone.  It would be months before Taylor Swift called me again.                     

“Cole. COLE!” 

Taylor’s voice brought him back to reality.


“I said get that dick of yours out and start stroking.” 

“And you’re sure Joe’s cool with this?  You know what, fuck it.”  Cole said, already beginning to unbutton his pants.

“Yes!  For fuck’s sake!  Now get that python you call a dick out and start stroking.” 

Taylor watched with hungry eyes as Cole slid his pants and underwear down.  He positioned his phone at an angle so he could get comfortable.  Watching Taylor stroke her clit with one hand and finger herself with the other had already made him hard as a rock.  As his cock was brought onto screen, Taylor gave a groan and moved her fingers faster. 

“Do I turn you on?”  Said Taylor, eyes glued to his cock. 

“Yes.  You’re a goddess.”  Said Cole, who in his inebriated state was positively throbbing at the image of Taylor Swift masturbating in front of him. 

“Mmmm…so you’ll do exactly as I tell you?” 

“Yes Swift.” 

“Stroke that cock.  Fast.”

Cole grinned happily and started stroking his stiff rod, working his hand up and down the shaft eagerly. 

“Now spit on that cock.  Lube it up just like I would.” 

Cole complied spitting onto his cockhead and letting the saliva drip down.  He wrapped his hand around, coating the shaft with his spittle.

“Now really stroke that cock for me.” 

Cole increased the pace, he watched as Taylor fingers disappearing inside of her pink twat.  The more he stared at her pussy, the more he noticed it was similar in color to her dress.  As he sped up, she increased her own pace.  One hand thrusted fingers in and out of her puffy pussy lips while the other thrummed her throbbing clit.  Her mouth formed a perfect O as she pleasured herself. 

“Use your other hand.”  Commanded Taylor.  “Grab your balls.  Your nice heavy balls full of cum.  Cum that’s mine.”

Cole used his other hand to grab his bollocks, jiggling them in the palm of his hand as Taylor had done to him many times before.

“Fuck your cock looks so good.” 

“You’re looking pretty good yourself Swift.” 

“Did I say you could speak?” 

Cole smiled and shut his mouth as he continued stroking his cock, watching Taylor. 

“Grip the head.  Tight.  Squeeze out that precum.” 

Cole stopped stroking and gripped his mushroom head. He squeezed tightly and watched as a long string of precum oozed out and rolled down his veiny underbelly, clearly visible for Taylor to see.  She groaned loudly as she watched it roll down his shaft. 

“Good boy.  Stroke faster and call out my name.” 

“Taylor!”  Cole shouted out to his empty apartment. 



“Now who owns your cock?” 

“You do.”

“I can’t hear you.”


“Tell me!  Tell me who owns your cock!”


They had both reached a frenzied pace of masturbation, getting off on each other getting off.  Cole could tell Taylor was close by the ways her eyes fluttered. Cole was getting very close himself, stroking his cock with savage ferocity.     

“When I get to zero, you will cum.” 

Cole nodded his agreement utterly transfixed by Taylor pleasuring herself.


He watched her on the screen.  There was no more beautiful woman in the world to him.


She had always been everything too him.


Thoughts of all their previous encounters flashed through his head.


Why did she always seem to come back to him?


Was it the same reason that he always seemed to end up back with her?


Could she love him?


He loved her.   


There was no denying it any longer. 


If he was honest with himself he had probably always loved her.   

He was going to tell her.  This time would be different.  After all this time, it had to be. 


Cole felt his body obeying her commands, his body on the brink of orgasm, as was hers.  He began ejaculating, thick ropes of cum erupting from the tip of his cock as he continued stroking.  He let the cum fall where it landed, covering himself and making a mess.  Taylor came at the same time, shuddering as she screamed out Cole’s name her fingers rocketing in and out her pussy.  As the orgasm haze lifted Cole looked down at the jizz covering him and up at the woman he loved. 

“Taylor Alison Swift.” 

“Cole David Stephens.”

She looked at him, smiling her beautiful smile. 

Cole took a deep breath and said, “I love you and I don’t want to pretend otherwise anymore.  I’ve tried to deny it all these years, but I want to be yours and you to be mine.” 
Taylor’s face went from content to shocked, her famous surprised face making yet another appearance.  “…Cole?”

“I’m serious.  I’ve loved you for most of my life and I’m tired of not doing anything about it.  I love you. I want us to be together.” 

She looked stunned. 

“Well, what do you say Taylor?”
End of Chapter Six
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift)
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Disclaimer: This a work of fiction. It is not real. It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Chapter Seven: How You Get The Girl
Starring Taylor Swift
Codes: MF, Oral, Rom


“…I…I…Cole…that’s.  Umm…”

Those few seconds stretched into an eternity as he waited for her answer.  Through their video call, he heard a sharp knock at her hotel room door.

“Shit!  That’s my tour manager.  I’ve got to go Cole.”  Said Taylor, a panicked looked plastered all over her face. 

“No Taylor…please.  Give me an answer.” 

“I’m sorry Cole, I’ve got to go.  We’ll talk about this later.  I promise.  I’m heading back to Rhode Island tonight.  I’ll call you when I get home.”

With that she ended the call.  Cole sat on his bed, jism congealing on his lap.  He stared at his black phone screen.  His world was crashing down around him.  So, he did the only thing he could.  He stood up, swaying and cleaned himself off.  He changed into his pajamas and laid back down on his bed. He stared at the ceiling all night. Sleep never came.  He couldn’t believe that he had read the situation so poorly.  It was over for them.  No more Taylor Swift and Cole Stephens.  He couldn’t play this game anymore.  As sunlight began to creep into his room, Cole sat upright.  He had reached to a conclusion.   

“Screw this.”  He said.  “One more time.”

He hurriedly got dressed, throwing whatever he could on.  He ran downstairs to get his car from the garage and was on the road before the city had really surged to life.  It was only a couple of hours to Taylor’s Rhode Island mansion.  He stopped only to chug coffee in an attempt to keep himself awake as the roads filled up with commuters.  About halfway to his destination, the skies opened up and rain began to cascade down onto the roads.  By the time he made it to Rhode Island, it had turned into a full-on storm with sheets of water crashing downwards.  When he finally arrived at her mansion, security tried to turn him away. Thankfully some of them knew Cole from previous encounters.  Even so Cole tried, not so calmly and rationally, to explain to them the situation. Just as they were about to physically throw him out, the gates swung open.  He jumped back in his car and stopped in the driveway, pausing only long enough for a mint and ran through the pouring ran to the front door.  By the time he reached it, he was soaked through. He raised his hand to press the doorbell, but before he could, the door swung open.  Cole stood there, drenched from the rain and Taylor stood in the threshold, dressed in loungewear.  For a moment they simply stared at one another and no one said anything.  Taylor was the first to break the silence. 

“I broke up with Joe.” 

Sweet relief flooded Cole as he stepped forward and swept her up in his arms.  He kissed her like she was the only girl in the world.  And for him, she was.  Time seemed to stand still as they kissed.  Her lips were like the softest pillows as their lips enveloped one another. As the sparks flew between the two he savored the taste and feel of her tongue, the scent of her hair and the feeling of her warm body against his.  He cupped her face as their kiss went on and on, the roar of rain falling in the background. She drew him in closer, wrapping her arms around his muscular form.  When their lips finally parted, Cole couldn’t muster the effort to say anything. Instead he lifted her up, carrying her in his arms across the threshold and into the stunning mansion.  He kicked the door closed behind him with a snap. 

“Cole…”  Whispered Taylor, tears of joy forming in the corners of her eyes. 

He looked down at her.  She looked tired as well, as though she had also been up all night.


“The bedroom is that way.” She said, pointing up the elaborate staircase.

“I remember Swift.” He said with a chuckle and kissed her again.

He carried her up the ornate steps, past many large rooms until he kicked the door open to Taylor’s own bedroom.  He laid her across the king-sized bed and climbed on top of her. Her hair was splayed out across the sheets.  She looked up at him breathlessly, blue eyes bright and shining.  His lips found hers again as their tongues danced.  Her pouty lips were pressed so hard against his, it felt like she was glued to his mouth.  Running his fingers through her hair, he forced his tongue deeper into her mouth. Taylor moved her hands down his back until they came to rest firmly on his ass, still clad in wet jeans.  She gave it a squeeze as the kissing became more frenzied and chaotic.  Cole slid a hand underneath her loose shirt, up her toned tummy until her found her bra. He squeezed her breast, trying to slip underneath the bra. 

“Wait.”  Said Taylor breathlessly.  “Cole…I love you.”

“I love you too Taylor.”

“Make love to me Cole.”

“Always Swift.”

Taylor pushed Cole off of her and rolled away, standing by the bed.  Slowly, sensuously, and eyes fixated on him, she began to strip.  Peeling her shirt up and over her head, she revealed a black bra. She undid her shorts and shimmied out of them, letting them drop to the floor.  Unclasping her bra, she shrugged her shoulders and it also fell to the ground. Finally, she hooked a thumb in her panties and dragged them down.  She stood there totally naked before him, much as she had that first time so many years ago.  Cole still thought she was most beautiful thing he had ever seen.  In fact, she was even more beautiful now.  His eyes greedily drank in her image.  They ran over her incredible figure, ample breasts, wide hips, thick legs and now a sizable caboose.  She stood before him naked, no makeup, no fancy clothes, just her.

“Now you Cole.”  She whispered.

Cole stood up and likewise stripped off his sodden clothes until he too was naked.  For a moment they just stared, each drinking the other in.  At some unseen signal the two came together, embracing, lips meeting as they fell onto the bed.  Cole’s fingers trailed down Taylor’s body until they found her moist slit.  He traced her outer labia, sending gentle tremors throughout her body.  As she pulled him deeper for a kiss, he slipped a finger inside.  Taylor grunted her affirmation.  His other hand cupped her breast, holding it firmly.  His nimble fingers teased her stiff nipple. Taylor reached down between Cole’s legs, tracing her immaculate fingernails along the veiny underbelly of his cock until she cupped his balls.  As she worked his scrotum, Cole sunk another finger inside of Taylor’s twat.  His fingers slick from the rush of fluid, he moved them in and out slowly.  Taylor moved her hand and gripped his shaft, beginning to stroke.  Twitching his fingers faster, he probed her wet pink snatch as she increased the speed of her strokes on his firm member.  She paused only to squeeze his head and feel the beads of precum that rolled out of his piss-slit and down his shaft.  She rubbed it between her fingers appreciatively. Cole came up for air, unable to take it anymore.  He needed to taste her.  He looked down at the naked form of Taylor Swift beneath him and slithered down until his head was nestled between her rock-hard thighs. 

“Just like the first time.”  He said smiling. 

“I remember it Cole, all too well.”  Said Taylor, as she brought her fingers up to run through his mop of dark hair.

Cole pressed his lips against Taylor’s tight twat.  His tongue darted out from between his lips, ever so lightly brushing her clitoral hood.  With swift dexterity he snuck his tongue under the hood to press directly against her clit. 

“Right there Cole!”  Taylor groaned as he pressed her pleasure button with his tongue. 

Cole had eaten Taylor out plenty of times over the years, but this time was different.  As his lips worked her labia he felt as though he could do this for the rest of life. He slurped away, tasting her juices, tongue massaging her clitoris and moving his sticky fingers inside her wet snatch.  Inside of her, his fingers tickled her rough g-spot.  He remembered exactly where it was on Taylor.  Tongue and fingers working in unison he had Taylor gasping and squirming with pleasure.  Diving in deeper with his tongue, he probed as far as he could, feeling every slick surface, every rough bump as his fingers switched to massage her clit. Cole gradually reached a frenzy, losing himself in the taste of Taylor Swift’s pussy.  Taylor’s firm grip on his head brought him back to reality.  She pulled him up to look at him.  Fluids coated his lips and chin.

“My turn to get a taste.”  Said Taylor, dragging him close and kissing him hard, tasting herself on his lips. 

She pushed him over onto his back.  His member waving in the air above him, twitching with the anticipation of Taylor’s pouty lips wrapped around it.  Her blonde head moved between his legs.  Face level with his cock, Taylor looked at it with wonder, blue eyes sparkling with lust.  She licked her lips before sticking her tongue out and placing it on his scrotum. With one long, slow movement, she dragged her tongue up the underside of his shaft until the tip of her tongue was placed on his piss-slit.  She tasted the precum still forming there and then her mouth descended.  Lips opened and she took his head into her mouth, sliding down his shaft with practiced ease.  Cole watched this the entire time, moaning in sheer pleasure the instant her lips connected with his cock. 

“Swift…fuck that feels good.” 

Her eyes never leaving his, she smiled widely with her mouth full of dick.  She released his cock and kissed the side of the shaft.  She moved up and down slowly, kissing with wide puffed out lips.  She paused at the tip again, resting her lips against it and allowing saliva to trickle freely downwards.  As it dripped down his ballsack, Taylor took in her the palm of her hand.  She had one finger pressed against his taint, caressing softly, as the others slowly fondled his testicles.   With controlled movement, Taylor ran her lips over Cole’s shaft, bobbing her head up and down.  Opening wide and swallowing him again, she grazed the sensitive skin of his prick ever so lightly with her perfect white teeth.  Then she pressed her lips tight, vacuuming sealing his cock, continuing her movements up and down.  Her cheeks were sucked inwards from the pressure she was exerting on his throbbing prick.  Strands of hair fell forward as she sucked with force.  Cole reached down to tuck her messy blonde hair behind her ear so he wouldn’t break eye contact with those enchanting blue eyes.  His toes curled as her head swayed with rhythmic precision.  It was absolutely mesmerizing to watch.  She continued until Cole felt he couldn’t stand any longer not to be inside of her.

“Taylor.  I need to be inside of you.  Now.”  He said with urgency.   

She popped off his cock and as cool air pressed against his cock, she looked tenderly at him.  “Now and always.” 

She straddled him before he could move.  Positioning his cock against her twat, Taylor rocked her hips, teasing him.  A seductive grin flashed on her face before Cole grabbed her shapely hips and pulled downwards, thrusting upwards with his own pelvis.  He entered her with one quick, slick motion.  She threw her head back, hair swinging wildly as he filled up every inch of her.  Together the pair of them let out wild cries of triumphant joy.  Now fully sheathed, Taylor pressed her hands against his chest as she began to gyrate her hips, feeling his cock impale her over and over again. 

“Taylor.  Fuck, this feels good!”  Said Cole as she rode him harder, the bed shaking beneath them.

“You.  Feel. Incredible.  The.  Best. I.  Ever.  Had.” Said Taylor, punctuating each word with the head of Cole’s cock slamming into her g-spot.

Taylor sat fully upright, thrusting her chest out as she continued working her hips.  They worked in perfect unison, as Taylor brought her body downwards, Cole would thrust upwards ensuring maximum force with each smack of flesh on flesh.  He watched as her hair bounced around her face, breasts jiggling up and down each time she impaled herself on his cock. Cole saw it as though it was slow motion, his blonde goddess lost in absolute bliss as they made love.  Struck by a sudden inspiration to kiss her, Cole sat upwards and wrapped his arms around her.  He pressed his mouth against her hers, tongue tasting hers.  She kissed back instantly.  Her erect nipples poked him in the chest as her breasts were sandwiched between them.  Taylor nimbly stretched her legs behind him, planting her feet firmly on the bed.  She began to grind her hips, like a lap dance but with his prick firmly lodged in her snatch.  Their tongues twisted as their bodies grinded against one another. Cole leaned forward, pushing Taylor onto her back and rolling over, away from the edge of the bed.  Hovering above her, he looked down.  Splayed before him, she laid there on the bed gazing up at him. For the briefest of moments, he flashed back flashed back to their first time together, over a decade ago. 

“Taylor, I love you.”  Said Cole.

“Me too.”  She said, no louder than a whisper.

He thrusted into her, sliding fully inside of her.  Their eyes never strayed from one another, one set of blue and one of green.  He laid directly on top of her, their hot bodies pressed against each other.  He thrusted into her over and over again. She wrapped her mile-long legs around him.  Her hands were on his back and as he thrusted, he felt her nails digging into his skin as her cries of carnal bliss intensified.  From the angle, his purple-headed warrior charged every deeper into every time he pressed forward.  With every thrust into her, he could feel himself growing harder and harder.  He felt the tip of his cock bumping into her cervix.

“You’re so deep inside of me!”  Said Taylor.  “It feels like you are going to split me in half!”

“Swift!”  He grunted out a sweaty exaltation as he thrusted into her over and over again, feeling the hard stop of her cervix each time.  “Taylor!  Taylor!”

“Yes Cole!  Yes!”

“Cumming Swift!  I’m cumming!”   
“Do it Cole!  Cum inside me!  Spray your load deep into me!”  Said Taylor.

Cole smiled widely as he kissed her again, having finally gotten everything he had ever wanted.  With one final, ball-smacking, sweaty drive of his hips, he came.  His cock, pressed up hard against her cervix, fired a load of sticky virile seed deep into her womb. 

“COOOOLLLLEEEE!!!”  She screeched as she felt her lover’s hot seed fill her twat deeper than she knew was possible. 

Taylor blacked out momentarily as the orgasm came stampeding over her.  Her body shook, limbs spasming with pleasure as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. All she could feel was the warmth of Cole inside of her and it spread from that center as the orgasm worked its way through every fiber of her being.  As Cole finished pumping his load, he collapsed on top of Taylor.  Taylor took a few moments longer to come too.  When she finally opened her eyes, she found his right above her.  Her lips puckered and they intimately shared one final passionate kiss.  When they broke apart, they could only laugh, both deliriously happy at what had been in front of them all along.  Cole finally pulled out of her and crawled next to her on the bed, holding her tight.

“So, what happens now Swift?”  He asked.

“Whatever we want, as long as we have each other.”

“That’s true, but I thinking of something along the lines of breakfast?” 

“Oh!” She said giggling.  She looked down at his cock and then back up at him.  “I was thinking about getting seconds of the first course actually.  What about you?”

“For you Swift?  Always.” 

She smiled and kissed him, dragging him back down to the bed.       

End Of Chapter Seven
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift)
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Disclaimer: This a work of fiction. It is not real.  It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Chapter Eight: Wildest Dreams
Starring Taylor Swift
Codes: MF, Anal, Exhibition, Oral


Taylor was panting heavily, but the smile on her face couldn’t be wider.  Her fans were screaming her name.  50,000 of them cheered as she finished the last note of the last song of her show. Her reputation tour couldn’t be going better and with Cole at her side, she was happier than ever.

“I’ve got one more surprise for all of you.”  Said Taylor, gazing out into the sea of lights.

A hush fell over the stadium as tens of thousands of fans consulted with their neighbors about what the surprise could be.  Whispers soared around the arena, like the hissing of some great snake.  Who could it be?  A special guest?  A new song? A new album?  Or were the rumors of a new man in her life true? 

“There’s a very special someone I’d like you all to meet! He is so very important to me.  I honestly don’t know what I would do without him!  I’ve never dated anyone like this before!” 

A roar of sound began to build in the stadium, the rumbling growing louder and louder with each passing second. 

Taylor flashed a brilliantly white smile and said, “Cole! Why don’t you come out and meet everyone?”

Cole emerged from backstage, walking into the blinding lights and the sea of people that shrieked with excitement as he was revealed to the wider world.  He waved nervously at the intensity of the fans.  Taylor strutted over to him, hips gyrating on high-heeled black leather boots that extended upwards past her knees.  Her black scaly, skin-tight leotard accentuated her beautiful curvaceous figure and her snakeskin tights had her unbelievable thighs on full display.  Her hair was sexily disheveled after the intensity of the show, her face red and sweaty.  Miraculously her makeup still seemed on point.     

Damn she looks fine.  Even in front of thousands of people, Cole couldn’t help but admire his view as she swaggered towards him. 

She moved close to him put her dark red lips to his ear. She whispered huskily, “Ready for it?”

He nodded, a grin spreading over his face.  She grabbed him by the hand and together they raised it high above them. 

“Everyone?  Meet the love of my life!  Cole Stephens!”  Taylor yelled loudly into the microphone, still clutched in her sweaty palm.   

The crowd screamed, losing their collective shit at the sudden and dramatic reveal.  Taylor stood there, basking in the warm glow of her fan’s love and felt suddenly emboldened. She turned and kissed Cole hard on the mouth.  He stood stock still for a moment, rigid and unmoving, clearly nervous in front of such a large crowd.  Then he came to life and returned the kiss.  The crowd shouted even louder as the kiss stretched on and on.  Cole wrapped his arms around her, pulling her sweat-soaked body tight against his.  Taylor was always incredibly aroused after performing a show.  There was something about doing the thing she loved most in front of thousands of people who loved her in turn that was an unbelievable aphrodisiac.  Kissing Cole, here on stage in front of tens of thousands, ignited a fire in her already burning loins.  The excitement grew and grew as they continued their kiss and the roars of the filled their eardrums.  It reached a breaking point.  She simply could not stand it anymore.  She needed to have him.  Right here. Right now.  Taylor placed her free hand on his midriff and let her fingers trail downwards until she cupped the front of his slacks.  To her immense pleasure, she found the fabric of his pants taught like a pitched tent.  He jerked in surprise, but she kept her lips pressed tightly against his.  The knowledge that Cole was hard just from watching her onstage sent her into overdrive.  She gripped his cock firmly through the fabric of his dark jeans, feeling the outline of his bulge. 

She broke the kiss only to speak into the microphone, still tightly gripped in her other hand.  “Do you all want to see a real show?”

They squealed their approval.  She smiled to herself, so drunk with lust that her head was spinning.  Her pupils were dilated and every fiber of her being tingled with anticipation.  As the grip tightened on the front of his pants and she began to rub, Cole looked at Taylor quizzically.

“Swift?  What are you doing?”

“Just enjoying my man.” Taylor whispered back, taking his earlobe in her mouth and nibbling on it gently.

Cole gulped audibly and looked out into the glowing ocean of fans.  He did the only thing he could do.  Focus on Taylor.  He moved his lips down to her neck, brushing her hair aside and tasting the sweat there. He licked the salty liquid while pressing his mouth hard against her neck, kissing her over and over again. Taylor arched her head back and let out a small sigh of satisfaction.  Her grip tightened on his trouser-snake as she clearly outlined the package he was concealing.  He felt as Taylor began unbuckling his belt and with a bit of difficulty, one-handedly undid his button and fly.  She paused for a moment before pulling down his pants so they fell down around his ankles, obscuring his Nike sneakers.  Now is erect cock was barely concealed by the thin fabric of his boxer-briefs.  Taylor gazed out towards the crowd, gave a big wink and a squeal of delight.  She pulled his underwear down, Cole’s throbbing prick sprang forward, revealed to the stadium of some 50,000 rabid Taylor Swift fans.  She grabbed hold of the base firmly and began to stroke.

“As you can see, Cole here has a big reputation.  And he lives up to it!”  She yelled to the crowd.  “Ladies and gentlemen, feel free to get as comfortable as you like.”

A hush fell over the stadium as people confusedly looked at their neighbors.  Then as if by some unseen signal, clothes began flying off.  Trousers fell, shirts were peeled off and flung away carelessly, bras were unhooked and panties dropped.  Taylor looked out over the stripping crowd and couldn’t stop smiling. She glanced around behind her to look up at the massive screens used for her show.  Cole’s stiff dick lit up each of the three 150ft displays.  She watched as precum beaded at the tip and dripped off, leaving a long string behind as it fell to the ground.  Her hand still attached to his cock, Taylor stepped behind Cole, pressing her breasts into his back and held the microphone up to his mouth.

“You ready for a little something more?”

“Yes Swift.”  Said Cole with one sharp breath. 

“How about all of you?  Do you want to see more?”  Said Taylor speaking to the crowd.
They screamed their encouragement and Taylor moved to side of Cole, tapping his shoulder to get to him to turn.  Now the stadium had a sideways view of the proceedings.  Taylor squatted down, balancing on her black boots and thrusting her ass out for all to admire as she kissed the tip of her lover’s cock ever so gently.  She looked up at him for a brief moment, bright blue eyes flashing with excitement before opening her mouth wide and engulfing him.  As more and more of his shaft disappeared between those dark red lips, Cole’s face contorted with pleasure and let out a moan that could be heard throughout the stadium.  Taylor kept her eyes fixed on Cole as her head moved in a rhythmic motion, sliding her puckered lips along his shaft as though it was a popsicle.  Those dark red lips which had stayed so immaculate during the show were smeared all over his meaty fuckstick within a minute.  Taylor brought up the microphone close to them and moaned appreciatively with her mouth full of her lover’s cock.  She slurped, trying to keep her saliva in as it began to drool out of her mouth while she blew Cole.  The crowd could hear every grunt of pleasure, every cough and splutter as Taylor would take Cole so deep that he would feel himself pressed against the back of her throat.  Her eyes flicked up the screens again to watch herself slobber knob on the jumbotrons.  Her throat was sore after the long concert so she took him slow, but sloppy.  Her one free hand was wrapped around Cole’s backside, steadying herself on her heels.  Each time she reached the base of shaft, she would give him a little push, trying to cram even more of him into her talented oral cavity. 

“Mmmmm-muurrgghhh-ggurrbblle!”  These sounds filled the stadium each time Cole’s member filled every inch of Taylor’s mouth. 

Taylor glanced out towards the crowd.  From her limited view, she could see boys and girls alike had their pants off, hands jerking off pricks or rubbing twats.  All seemed to be mesmerized by the sight of their idol sucking cock like a professional.  Releasing Cole’s skin flute for a moment, she lifted it up to run her tongue across his engorged scrotum.  She took one testicle into her mouth applying the perfect amount of suction before switching and doing the same to the other one.  She moved the microphone so it was positioned between Cole’s legs she rested his nustack on her nose and began to tongue his taint.  She held it there until she grabbed his cock again and slid his full length back into her mouth.  Taking him deep a few more times, she finally released Cole and stood up. Cole remained where he stood, swaying from the effects of her blowjob. 

She leaned in and whispered, “Come on.  Let’s give them a good show.” 

Taking a deep breath to clear his head, Cole mustered some semblance of willpower and leapt into action.  He grabbed Taylor, planting a fierce kiss while pawing at her heaving bosom.  He felt her breasts beneath the fabric of her scaly leotard.  He grabbed hold of her neckline and with both hands, he gave a mighty pull apart and tore the fabric.  The material split right down her front, exposing her torso down to her belly button. Black scales scattered across the stage like confetti.  Taylor squealed at being handled so roughly and she whipped out each of her breasts, carefully peeling off the nipple tape she wore at every show.  She tossed the tape aside carelessly.  With her rack now exposed to the open air, she gave a huge sigh of relief just as the cameraman zoomed in to get an up-close shot of her chest.

“Let Taylor know what you think of her tits!”  Said Cole, loud enough for the microphone to pick it up.

The crowd responded, whooping and crying with excitement at the sight of Taylor’s exposed breasts.  Cole reached around from position behind her and took a handful into each palm. Her nipples were especially sensitive because as Cole began tweaking both of them between his thumb and forefinger her eyes grew wide and he gave a yelp of elation.  He nuzzled at her neck, again tasting the sweat gathered there.  His prick rubbed against her ass, barely contained by her tattered one-piece.  Taylor, feeling his member rub up against her, began to slowly grind her ass into him, showcasing some of the very moves she had just performed on stage during the show.  Cole moved one hand downwards, until it came to rest on her snatch.  He could feel heat emanating from her crotch and the leotard was already soaked, a combination of sweat and sweet nectar. He began to rub her twat over the leotard and Taylor responded by grinded even harder.  As Cole pushed on the fabric it felt like her greedy cunt was trying to swallow his fingers whole.  He pulled the one-piece aside and gave her pussy what it was craving.  He sunk two digits up to the knuckle and began to finger-blast her.  Taylor’s knees buckled as sexual gratification washed over her.  The orgasm snuck up on her without warning. It was a small one, but it happened only after a few seconds Cole’s fingers entered her.  She gave a surprised yelled as her O-face made an appearance and her body shuddered.  Cole gripped her tightly to keep her on her two feet as her body threatened to collapse beneath her.  Her head lolled back, eyes rolling back into her head.  After a momentary blackout she opened dazed eyes to see the crowd again.

“Find yourself a man who can do that!”  Said Taylor and the crowd screamed in agreement. 

Cole smiled himself and said into the microphone, “Let’s get a glimpse of that ass!”

They screamed louder as he moved his hands down her abundant backside, feeling the swell of each cheek before grabbing hold of the one-piece again.  He gave another great heave and the fabric tore right along her asscrack.  Cole spun Taylor around as she squatted and thrust out her peached-shaped behind for all to see.  The cameraman made sure he zoomed in for a close up.  She gyrated her hips, ensuring everyone could see every angle of the ass she had worked so hard on.  Cole gave a smack right on her behind, sending ripples through her perky cheeks.  The crowd cheered and he smacked it again.  Cole and Taylor shared a looked and a brief smile before he got behind her again and fell to his knees.  He dove face-first into her sweaty tushy.  He spread her cheeks apart as his tongue disappeared into her brown starfish-shaped bumhole.  His tongue trailed over a mix of sweat, pussy juices and ass, all combining to give him a taste he would never forget.  To give him better access, and the crowd a better view, Taylor fully bent over.  Her hands held her ankles as her hair fell around her head and upside down she watched as Cole rimmed her.  She was in unbridled ecstasy.  Cole rimmed Taylor until she couldn’t stand not to have his cock inside of her for a single moment longer.   
“Fuck me Cole!  Who wants to see Cole fuck me?”  Asked Taylor, turning her head right-side up and looking out to the mob. 

Their excitement was whipping them up into a frenzy. Screams of pleasure intermingled with cheers.  Taylor turned around to face the crowd again, tits flopping as she did so.  Cole stood up too, his cock swinging in the breeze. One final time he reached down to the crotch of her ragged leotard ripped it even further, revealing her bare pink pussy clearly for everyone to see.  She never wore traditional underwear when she was onstage.  More scales of her leotard spun to the floor as he stood behind her and thrust his cock between her thighs.  Looking down at her thighs, he realized the tights needed to come off as well. 

“Let’s see those legs!”  He yelled and tore the snake-skin styled tights clear off her mile-long legs. 

With those beauties now bare, he positioned the tip of his head to lightly brushed against her soaking slit as the camera zoomed in tight. At the sight of Taylor’s pussy being teased on the big screen, the crowd completely lost it.  They shouted and shrieked as they wildly masturbated and fucked one another, just as their idol was about to be.  Cole flashed a grin before sinking himself into her pussy with a quick plunge. Taylor let out a single clear high-pitched note of pleasure as if it was the start of another song.  For a moment, Cole just rested in her, letting the roar of the crowd wash over him.  He closed his eyes.  When he opened them, Taylor was looking back at him. 

“Fuck me.  Fuck me good.”  She said to him, softly enough so only he could hear. 

Cole grinned again and began pumping.  In and out of her slick pussy he slid, slamming his pelvis into her shapely behind grunting with exertion every time he thrusted his hips. Taylor reached for the microphone stand and placed the microphone back on it.  Then she gripped the stand for support, rocking back and forth on her boots, whole body jerking forward as Cole gave it to her good and rough from behind. The stadium began a chant, cheering Cole’s name as he fucked Taylor. 


He perpetuated each echo of his name by slamming himself into Taylor.  He grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled back, her neck craning backwards as he fucked her. Every time Cole rammed his entire length inside of her, Taylor would release a grunt of pleasure directly into the microphone.  Cole gazed out into the sea of lights, working his hips nonstop, entering her over and over again.  Taylor could feel another orgasm building within her. 

“Don’t stop!  Just like that!  YES! YES!  YES! I’M CUMMMMMIINNNGGG!!!!!”  Taylor screeched as her body shuddered and her pussy clamped down over Cole’s cock. 

She gripped the microphone stand tighter, struggling to stay on her feet as her limbs twitched and flailed.  The warm sensation flooded her body, momentarily blocking out all sound and light.  For a singular moment she was adrift in pure orgasmic pleasure.  Then the roar of the stadium and bright lights returned to her. She opened her eyes to see her screaming fans and felt the man she loved pull his rock-hard member from her dripping cunt.  Turning around and looking up at the screen, she could see his cock dripping with her fluids as it waited impatiently to fill her up again. 

“My turn to ride him!”  Said Taylor pushing Cole down onto his back. 

He laid against the cool floor of the stage, his cock high and erect, ready to impale her as she straddled him, her face to the crowd. He watched as she lined her hips up with his and dropped, sheathing him again.  Her knees were on either side of him as Taylor leaned forward, hands gripping his thighs as she began to ride him reverse cowgirl.  There was no slow buildup.  She rode him fast and hard, using his ramrod to penetrate herself repeatedly.  Her tits were flopping for all to appreciate as she gazed directly out into the gathered masses.  Cole, watching her ass bounce up and down, popped a finger into his mouth, lubing it up his spittle.  He reached forward to Taylor’s bouncing booty and snuck his finger in-between her sweaty cheeks.  He hooked his finger into her bumhole and she gave a yelp of surprise as she felt his probing finger slip right past her sphincter.  She continued riding him, being stimulated in both holes.  By the time Taylor paused to catch her breath, her face was bright red and a new sheen of sweat adorned her body.  Taking advantage of the momentary pause, Cole told Taylor to get up.  She did so, wobbling from the pleasure of it all.  He approached the microphone. 

“Who wants to me see me fuck Taylor Swift in the ass?” 

The crowd went ballistic, whooping and cheering to see the pop princess take it up her poop chute.  Behind him, Taylor smiled dazedly.  Cole stepped behind her and spat onto her asshole, spreading her cheeks apart.  The cameraman made sure to get a close up as Cole pressed his throbbing tool against Taylor’s tiny butthole.  He pushed, gritting his teeth until he felt his mushroom head slip past her sphincter.  Taylor’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she felt Cole fill up her rectum.

“I’m in!  Fuck it’s so tight!”  He called out to the screaming crowd.

“I love his huge cock up my ass!  Fuck it feel so good!”  Said Taylor, not to be outdone by Cole.   

Cole pummeled her behind, his member disappearing and reappearing between her sweaty asscheeks.  Taylor was gripping the microphone stand for support again, bent over.  She was so incredibly aroused she looked at the shape of the microphone and all see could she was another instrument of pleasure. She slowly removed the microphone from the stand and brought it down to her dripping snatch.  Sinking the end of the it into her soaking twat, Taylor gave out a scream of carnal bliss.  She started to work the microphone like a dildo, the words reputation etched onto the microphone disappearing from view with each flick of her wrist.  The entire stadium was now treated to the up-close sound of Cole’s balls slapping against Taylor Swift as he wrecked her asshole.  As Cole increased his intensity, he grabbed hold of both of Taylor’s arms.  He kept a tight grip on them as he pulled them back.  Taylor let her body fall forward like a ragdoll, her arms splayed behind her as she bent far over.  Her breasts flopped with each thrust of Cole’s hips and her tongue lolled out of her mouth, eyes going cross eyed.  Cole yanked her arms back as he pushed forward, trying to cram even more of his impressive member into her rectum.  The sweat poured off his forehead, and he was nearly ready to explode but he still had one more move left in him.

“Taylor.  I’m going to lift you up.”  Said Cole.

She nodded vaguely in response, nearly ready to cum again.

Cole pulled her back upright, and his cock still lodged firmly in her asshole, he lifted her up using an arm under each leg.  Taylor draped one arm behind him to hold on and now with their heads close together, they turned to kiss again.  Her legs were now spread wide and she was suspended in midair, held aloft by Cole.  He continued to fuck her.  Each time he would lift her a few inches only to dropped her down, ramming his cock impossibly deep every single time.  Taylor’s free hand waved to the crowd before it returned to the microphone.  She worked it hard and fast, just as she had practiced many lonely nights with her dildo while on tour.  She was going to cum again.  Hard. 

“Who wants to see me cum?”  Asked Taylor. 

The scream of the crowd shook the entire stadium.  Taylor smiled at the cheers and as the microphone moved faster and faster into her pink snatch, she shuddered and gave an almighty orgasmic shriek.  Between the tatters of her leotard, her body went rigid as she squirted.  Sticky, sweet lady cum blew like a geyser across the stage. The cameraman panning just in time to follow the arc of the spray as it fell upon the stage.  Multiple waves of ejaculate sprayed from Taylor, soaking the floor in front of them.  The spray glittered in the many lights as Cole carefully let Taylor to the ground where she promptly collapsed, the microphone slipping from her pussy with a wet thud.  Winded and panting she could hear the manic cheers.  In the back of her mind she remembered there was one more thing for her to do.  The finale. The fans were screaming as Cole as she got on her knees and her mouth found Cole’s cock.  She could taste her sweaty asshole on his dick.  It tasted delicious. 

She paused only to pick up the microphone and say, “He’s about to cum!  Where do we want it?”

The stadium erupted as 50,000 people each began shouting something different.  Through the haze of pleasure coursing like electricity through her body, Taylor’s ears picked out a few different choices.   






Eventually one answer began building steam amongst the others.


“You want Cole to blast his creamy load all over my face?” Taylor asked her frenzied fans.

“YES!”  They all screamed in earsplitting unison.   


Taylor got onto her feet and squatted, thrusting her gaping asshole out in the open for all to see.  She dropped the microphone to grasp his throbbing prick with both hands, stroking hard and fast.  The crowd screamed as her lover’s cock filled up the gigantic screens, the cameraman zooming in tight.  Her mouth was open wide, red lips smeared, makeup askew, sweaty hair plastered to her forehead all with an expression begging for his semen.  Cole gave a mighty bellow as Taylor stroked him.  The echo of it shook the very foundations of the stadium as he burst.  White, thick, ropey jets of jism launched themselves from his bulging cock, splattering onto her face.  The first volley left solid white streaks from cheek to hairline.  Taylor didn’t let up stroking as cum fired like a machine gun out of his stiff rod.  It splattered against her forehead, creating an even greater mess of the hair that lay there.  More covered her eyebrows, impacting with such force that it rolled down onto her eyes. Hot globules peppered her cheeks until they were painted white.  Finally, at long last, she aimed his cock into her open mouth where her tongue was treated to the salty taste of Cole’s virile seed as he pumped out even more loads. Her fans went berserk as they watched their idol covered in a tidal wave of semen.  Those that hadn’t cum yet all began climaxing as they watched the international popstar blasted with cum.  Those that had already cum, came again.  And those that had cum twice, came a third time.  Taylor shrieked with orgasmic joy as the entire stadium was filled with the fluids of erupting cocks and squirting vaginas.  When she finally felt Cole relaxed in her hands she took his head into her mouth, sucking up any last remnants of cum that might lay there. She wiped cum out of her eyes and opened both of them, looking out over the thoroughly satisfied crowd.  She brought her fingers to her mouth, lazily licking the jism off of them.  She clumsily reached for the microphone, unable to feel most of her body and brought it to her mouth one final time. 

“So, what do you all think of him?”  Taylor asked her adoring fans while her satisfied and cum plastered face lit up the screen. 

They roared their approval.  They roared louder and louder.  Taylor closed her eyes and let the sound wash over her.  The noise became impossibly loud until suddenly there was silence.  She opened her eyes and she was in a dark room.  Momentarily she forgot where she was.  Then she felt the warm form of Cole next to her and she remembered.  She was sweaty and could feel, even now, her panties were dripping wet.  Her face was warm as though it had actually been drenched in Cole’s hot seed.   A raging fire roared between her legs.  Her pussy was begging to be touched.  Her clit itching to be stroked.  Cole stirred next to her and she could feel his hard erection pressed up against her.  Unable to stop herself, she gently reached down and grabbed it.  Her other hand slid beneath her panties touching her aching clit. She began to pleasure both herself and Cole.  He didn’t wake, instead groaning in his sleep as he felt her delicate fingers wrap around his member.  Taylor stroked them both until she couldn’t take it anymore.  She slid off her own panties and Cole’s underwear.  She threw the sheets off.  Only then did Cole start to stir awake. 

“…ugghhh…Taylor?”  He asked groggily, her naked form hovering above his erect cock.  “What the…”

Before he could say anything, she dropped her hips, taking him deep inside of her.  He gave a guttural groan of pleasure, unsure if this was a dream or not.  Taylor placed her hands on his muscular chest and started rocking her hips.  In the semi-dark she could hear Cole’s grunts of pleasure each time she moved.  She leaned down and kissed him, not caring that they both had morning breath.  She continued riding him and it wasn’t long before she found sweet release.  The orgasm mercifully washed over her body as she shook and cried out his name in the darkness.  She continued riding him through her own orgasm, which renewed itself each time she felt his purple headed warrior repeatedly charge into her g-spot.  Cole gave out a warning grunt before he blasted his load, pumping jizz deep into her womb.  Both panting, she climbed off of him and cuddled up next to him, enjoying the feeling of his warm seed trickling out between her thighs.

“What did I do to deserve that?”  Asked Cole after a minute or two of silence. 

“I just had a dream about you, that’s all.”  Said Taylor, kissing his forehead. 

“Yea?  What was it about?”

“Oh, it was wild.”  Said Taylor with a grin. 

End of Chapter Eight
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift)
« Reply #9 on: September 23, 2018, 05:04:38 PM »
Disclaimer: This a work of fiction. It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Chapter Nine: Girl At Home
Starring Taylor Swift
Codes: MF, Cumplay, Oral, Roleplay


Cole heard a rattling at the door.  He turned his head to see as Taylor opened the door.  Both smiled as they saw each other.  Cole stood up and Taylor dropped her bag as they moved towards one another, embracing and kissing.  It had been two weeks or so since they had last seen each other.  Touring could be difficult on a relationship, but both parties were happily shouldering the burden.  Cole had come over to Taylor’s New York City apartment, eager to greet her when she arrived home.  Despite all her travel, she looked flawless as always.  A few phrases of greeted fell from between their lips amidst the kissing, but as the lip-locking intensified, they couldn’t do much else.  Lust overtook the pair and a trail of discarded clothing led to the bedroom where a quick, but intense, session of passionate sex took place.  Afterwards, both were lying on the bed in a post-orgasmic haze, just chatting with one another. 

“Your birthday is coming up.”  Said Taylor, her fingers lazily tracing circles on his chest.  “Any ideas what you want?” 
Cole thought about it for a moment and said, “I’ve already got everything I want. I’ve got you.” 

Taylor rolled her eyes exasperatedly, but gave him smile and a quick kiss nonetheless.  “Seriously though, any suggestions?  Otherwise I’ll just have to come up with something on my own.”   
“I’ve never had any complaints about your presents in the past.  You are quite the gift-giver Ms. Swift.”

“Hmm, are there any presents in particular that stand out?”

Cole thought about it, reflecting on some of his past gifts from Taylor.  One particular instance rose above the rest to stick out in his memory.  A wide smile broke out over his face as he remembered.  “I’ve got one.  The present you got me for my 25th was pretty fucking great.  Very memorable.” 

“Your 25th?  So that would have been…” Said Taylor, counting back the years in her head.  An equally large smile adorned her face as she too recalled the events of that day four years ago.  “Your 25th birthday was fun.  Maybe we’ll just do that again…”

Cole didn’t hear her.  He was already lost in the memories of that day.

I fumbled with my keys, dropping them before I could fit them in the lock. The bag and folders followed, all tumbling to the ground.  I swore loudly.  Sighing and bending down to pick everything up, I paused for an instance to rest my forehead against the hard wood of my apartment door.  This day had been absolutely awful.  A huge meeting at work to land a big new client had not gone well, despite all the work I had put into their marketing campaign.  My boss had spent the rest of the day reaming me out over it.  To make matters worse, it was my birthday and by some unlucky happenstances I had no plans. Friends and family were occupied with a variety of commitments or last-minute emergencies.  I had no girlfriend to speak of at the moment.  I was alone.  I had never been one for large birthday celebrations, but some acknowledgement from anyone would have gone a long way.  The one oddity of the day was the pineapple fruit basket delivered to my corner office.  It didn’t say who it was from, just happy birthday and to eat it before I left.  It had tasted pretty good.  Now the only thing I had to look forward to this evening was getting drunk on my couch and passing out while I watched 80’s action movies.

Happy freaking birthday to me. I thought to myself, eyes closed and forehead still pressed against the door.   

I stooped down and picked up my keys and other belongings.  Jamming them in the lock I opened the door to my spacious two-bedroom apartment.  I dropped the keys and bag on the side table by the door, hanging my suit jacket up as well.  As the door swung shut behind me, I froze.  I could hear the sounds of someone in the kitchen.  A jutting corner of the wall concealed my view from the doorway.  I readied myself to defend against an attacker as I stepped forward, deeper into my apartment for a proper view.  My jaw dropped. 

“Sweetie!  You’re finally home from work!  Happy birthday stud!” 
I stood there frozen, my mental facilities unable to process the image in front of me.  Taylor Swift was standing in my kitchen.  She was wearing nothing but a bright white and yellow apron, standing on a pair of matching yellow high heels.  She looked like a 50’s housewife, makeup expertly applied.  Her hair was shorter and styled with a wave that ended in curls swept across her forehead.  She held a martini glass in her hand and took one big long slip.  She put the glass down and a delightful red-lipped smile spread across her face at the sight of my dumbstruck expression.  She walked slowly over to me, swaying her hips as she went.  Her heels clicked on the hardwood floors.  She stopped very close to me, tugging gently on my tie, twirling the fabric between her fingers.
“What’s wrong honey?  Won’t you give me a kiss?” 
“Ummm, Taylor what are you doing here?  How did you get in?”  I asked, finally finding my voice. 
“I live here silly!  We are married after all!”  She said, holding up a gold ring on her finger.  “Are you feeling alright?” 
“Swift, seriously, what the hell is going on?”
She rolled her eyes in exasperation and gave a sigh.  “Would you just play along?  I’m trying to do something nice for your birthday!  I couldn’t stand the thought of you spending it all alone.  I thought we could roleplay a little and have some fun.” 
“Aren’t you together with Karlie now?” 
“We’re more just fuck buddies.  Kind of like you and me.” 
The way she whispered fuck buddies caused a reaction in my already tight pants.  She was so close to me, pulling at my tie, urging me to come even closer.  I gave in and moved my lips to meet her own bright red ones.  She smiled as I kissed her.  I felt her grab my hand and slid a ring onto one finger.  Where she was keeping it, I have no idea.  She broke off the kiss and stepped back.  She twirled around, giving me a phenomenal view of her pert ass and slender back.  She walked away towards the island centered in the middle of the kitchen.  It was deserted, but the rest of the kitchen looked as though she had been hard at work.  A quick glance told me there was a tray of cookies and an amber colored cocktail waiting for me.
“I made my specialty cookies.”  She said. “Oatmeal chocolate chunk.” 
“Oh yea?”  I said moving closer to the island. 
Taylor handed me the drink as I approached.  I took a sip.  It tasted good.  Some kind of whiskey.  I felt warmth spread through my chest as I swallowed it down.   

“Mmmhhh.”  I said.  “What is this?” 

“It’s an old fashioned.  I thought you might like it.”  She said with a grin.  “Did you enjoy the fruit basket?”

“That was you?”  I asked. 

She nodded. 

“Why was it just pineapple?” 

“You’ll see…now these cookies are almost done, they just need one more thing.” 

“What’s that?”  I asked as she moved close to me again. 

“Some icing.”  She whispered, her blue eyes staring directly into my green ones.

“I’m not sure we have any dear.”  I said, slipping into my role of doting husband.

“Oh!  But we do!”  Said Taylor, gripping the front of my dress slacks tightly.  “You always have plenty of my favorite icing.”

I gulped audibly as the realization of what she was suggesting washed over me.  Suddenly the pineapple made more sense. 

“So, what do you say Mr. Stephens? Can you help Mrs. Stephens finish the cookies?’
I nodded slowly.  Maybe this birthday wouldn’t be so terrible after all.  She smiled and unzipped my fly.  She got down on her knees, undeterred by the hardwood floor and fished out my cock.  It poked through my slacks, stiff as a board with the enraptured gaze Taylor fixed upon it.

“Mmmmhhhh…” She said softly, lips tantalizingly brushing the very tip of my dick.  “One of the many reasons I married you.” 

I grinned like a fool and said, “Remind me of one of the reasons I married you.” 

She giggled as I flipped my tie over my shoulder and took another long sip from my old fashioned.  Taylor held her head still, teasing me with her lips as I felt her hot breath on my mushroom head.  The anticipation of having her again was driving me crazy.  I shivered with excitement and just when I couldn’t stand it anymore she parted her pouty crimson lips.  She took my head into her mouth, sensually licking the underside with her pink tongue. Moaning with satisfaction, I placed one hand on the island to steady myself as more of my member disappeared between Taylor’s lips.   With a good portion of my member firmly lodged in her oral cavity, she squeezed her lips shut tight and slowly rotated her tongue around the throbbing shaft inside with a clockwise motion.  One free hand gripped and massaged the portion of my shaft that was not consume by her mouth.  She looked up at me with big blue eyes, cheeks sucked in tight from the pressure she was exerting.  The low cut of her apron provided me with a deliciously teasing view of her cleavage. I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful sight.  I took another sip of my drink, losing myself in the fantasy.  She started to bob her head ever so gently, gliding her lips a fraction of an inch, back and forth. 

“Ohhhh…Swift…damn that feels good.”  I said, feeling every bad feeling and thought from the day sucked out through the tip of my penis. 

Taylor couldn’t help but smile, a big wide grin breaking out over her face.  She released me from her mouth, still keeping a firm grip on my shaft. 

“Would you say this was a good idea for a present?” 

“Wonderful dear.”

Her blue eyes sparkled as she opened her smiling mouth wide and took as much of my prick into her mouth as she could. Lips nearly down to the base, she sealed them snugly, forming a vacuum and slid backwards slowly.  Her lips trailed towards the tip as her tongue ran along the veiny underbelly.  Her lipstick smeared as she did so, painting my dick a bright red.  Her lips parted at the tip, releasing my cock with a wet pop. She puckered her lips and gave the tip a dramatic kiss.  She looked down at her handiwork and made a pouty face. 

“This lipstick said smear-proof!” 

“No complaints from me…” I said faintly.

She chuckled and proceeded to unbuckle my pants, yanking my belt out of its loops with a snap.  She tossed it aside where it clattered on the floor.  My fly came undone and she pulled my dress pants to the ground around my ankles.  With a quick maneuver she got my underwear off.  It likewise slid to the ground.

“Much better.”  Said Taylor, who got me into her mouth again and proceeded to suck just as tightly as before. 

She reached one delicate hand up on the counter, feeling blindly for something.  Looking over, I noticed a can of whipped cream.  Assuming, or hoping, that was what she wanted, I reached for it. Tapping her gently on the head with it, she smiled with a mouth full of cock. 

“A treat for you and a treat for me.” She said, pausing to take a breath.

She shook the can before pulling off the top and pressing her finger down on the nozzle.  A stream of cool white fluffy goodness erupted from the can right along the top of my shaft.  The cool feeling of the cream sent shivers down my spine.  The coolness of the whipped cream was quickly replaced by the warm feeling of Taylor’s lips sliding back down my shaft.  She tried to swallow all the cream, but it kept accumulating as her lips made their way down to the base.  Looking up at me with a fluffy white mustache and a dollop on her nose was a comical sight.  I reached down with a finger and wiped the dollop of cream off her nose, tasting it myself.  She smiled, licking her lips and sprayed my cock again.  She repeated the process a couple more times, the sensation of cool cream and warm lips driving me insane.  She paused and lifted my cock up, taking the nozzle and pointing it at my scrotum. 

“I like my whipped cream with nuts.” She said, before releasing the spray onto my swollen ballsack.

She sprayed until I couldn’t even see my testicles anymore.  She dropped the can, letting it roll away.  Then she opened wide and took one nut into her mouth, sucking it and the cream down into her gaping maw.  Her tongue darted out, licking up more and more whipped cream.  She finished cleaning the one testicle only to do the same with the other.  As my scrotum filled her mouth, her tongue danced around, waggling and tickling the top of my taint.  When she finally released the vacuum seal on my testicles, she returned to focused solely on pleasuring me orally.  It was thoroughly clean, not a drop of whipped cream was left anywhere near my groin.

“A wife has to got to clean up her mess after all.”  Taylor said, nodding her head knowingly. 

She took me into her mouth over and over again, slow and sensual.  Lips wrapped tight, pulling back to the head of my cock before sliding back down to the base of my shaft.  She never broke eye contact, much to my delight as I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She kept one hand on my butt, gripping my cheek tightly.  The other hand cupped my testicles, treating them to a thorough massage as my member entered and exited her mouth repeatedly.  Her tongue worked magic, slithering and writhing as it curled around my shaft.  For several minutes, some part of my cock was always in Taylor Swift’s mouth, even if it was just the tip.  She never let an ounce of spittle drip down, never coughed and never gagged.  I allowed her total control to do with me what she would.  I simply stood there, toes curling in my loafers, primal moans emanating from my gullet. I pulled at the tie around my neck, throwing it aside and unbuttoned my shirt, tossing it aside as well. Finally, she paused to take a breath and a large swallow of saliva.  I used this opportunity to pull her up off the ground.  She looked surprised as she stood on her mile-long legs. 

I kissed her hard on the mouth as I wrapped my arms around her thin frame.  She gave a squeak of surprise when I lifted her up, placing her the island.  She shivered as her buttocks touched the cold granite.  I kicked off my loafers and stepped out of my fallen pants.  This time I descended to my knees as I moved to spread her legs apart.

“But honey!  It’s your birthday!”  She said breathlessly. 

“I know.  Let me get a taste of something sweet.”  I said, equally as breathless.

She bit her lower lip, her body unable to deny my request.  As her toned legs spread apart, slipping easily over the smooth countertop, I flipped her apron up, still secured around her waist.  My eyes were treated to the spectacle of her delectable pussy, kept bare since she had been seeing Karlie.

“God you’re beautiful dear.”  I said, simply staring at it for a moment. 

She was all shades of pink, growing gradually darker in shade the deeper in you travel.  Puffy damp labia were swollen, engorged with arousal.  Arousal from simply blowing me.  I moved in teasingly as she laid back on the island, stretching her thin frame across the countertop.  Just as she had done to me, I hesitated before diving in, letting my hot breath tickle her with anticipation.  As she began to fidget and writhe, her body begging to be touched, I grinned.

“Is everything all right, Mrs. Stephens?” I asked, barely a whisper. 

Taylor groaned, words escaping her lips in a frenzy.  “Please…honey…don’t tease me any longer.  I can’t take it anymore!” 

“Yea?  Why not?”  I asked, ready to give in.

“I’ve been thinking about you day, waiting for you to come home.  I even masturbated in your bed.”

That took me by surprise, and for a moment my eyes looked upwards towards her, a slight eyebrow raised. “Really?”  I asked, a voice full of glee. 

“And in your shower!”  She said, quivering. 

I gave in and opened my own lips wide, extending my tongue.  My lips pressed against her labia as my tongue slipped between her velvety folds. She did indeed taste like a birthday treat, a perfect blend of salty and sweet.  The most carnal of flavors filled my mouth as I buried my face deeper between her thighs.  I pursed my lips around her clit as my tongue probed deeper inside of her snatch. Applying a gentle pressure, I formed a seal around her clit and sucked inwards, moving my tongue upwards to focus solely on her pleasure button. 

“Oh honey!”  Cried Taylor as her hands found their way to my dark hair, her fingers pressed hard against my scalp as I continued my oral ministrations.  “I’ve missed you Cole…”

Flicking my tongue back and forth over her bean with faster speed, I puckered my lips repeatedly.  The soft feeling of my lips worked her over as my tongue descended again, diving inside and tasting her sweet juices that flowed freely from her love canal.  Her legs wrapped around me, squeezing tight as I dove deeper and deeper into her dripping snatch.  I could feel her yellow heels digging into my back, but I didn’t stop.  Fluids were pouring out of my fake wife, and I was slurping up as much as I could.  When finally, it felt like I was going to drown from the sheer volume of love juice flowing from her cunt, I pulled my head up to take a breath.  A dazed look in her eye, Taylor picked her head off the counter and looked at me.  It was a look that told me to get inside of her right now.  Wordlessly her legs unwrapped around me and I stood up, my cock still erect with traces of red still smeared across it.  Taylor got off the island, facing me.  I kissed her again, pawing at her breasts beneath the thin fabric of the apron.  I easily moved it aside, moving my face to kiss and lick her hard areolas.  The fabric of the apron now bunched between her pair of petite but perky tits.  I slobbered and groped at her rack until she pulled me back up for a kiss.  I grabbed her and spun her around, so she was facing the island.  Then I bent her over, slowly, savoring the moment.  As her torso was pressed against the granite countertop, she gave a shiver as stiff nipples touched the cold surface.  Her ass was thrust outwards, just begging me to use it.   

“Take me.  Take your wife right here in our kitchen.”  Said Taylor breathlessly, face pressed against the smooth surface of the island. 

I lined myself up behind, admiring my view of her ass.  It did look especially nice with the heels she was wearing.  Then I slid inside of her wet pink snatch.  My member was met with no resistance as I filled her dripping twat.  Both of us let out moans of satisfaction as I came to rest, fully lodged inside of her.

Breaking character for a moment, Taylor said, “Fuck it’s been a while since I’ve had an actual cock in me.  You feel so good Cole.”

I made a mental note to ask her what she meant about actual cock later.  Then I thrusted my hips and watched as the force of my motion sent ripples across her pert behind.  As I built up speed, slamming myself into her over and over again, Taylor sent screams of pleasure that echoed off the hard surfaces of the kitchen.  Arms spread wide, she gripped either side of the island as I pumped her from behind. I kept a hand on either side of her waist, sandwiching her between my plunging fuckstick and the smooth edge of the island. This ensured that each thrust of my hips pushed as deep into her as I could go.  And she was letting me know it, the echoes of pleasure only growing louder with each thrust.  Each time I pulled back to impale her again, it felt like her ravenous pussy was doing its best to suck me back in.  I moved one hand to grab her shoulder, giving myself the necessary support to keep up my relentless fucking of her.  As I admired her pert ass ripple beneath me, I realized that I wanted to watch her expressions as I fucked her.  Pulling out of her, she gave a gradual whimper, a desperate plea to reenter her. She stood up as well on shaking legs. I spun her around and as I started to lift her up, she wrapped her mile-long legs around me.  As I reentered her, I watched as her beautifully made up face contorted with pleasure.  Placing her behind on the granite countertop, she laid down flat on her back and I started up again, moving my hips.

“Oh Taylor!”  I said, savoring the feeling of this new angle, eyes locked on one another. 

“Cole!  Honey!  You always fuck me so good!”  She said, eyes beginning to flutter.

“And you, Mrs. Stephens, are the best fuck I’ve ever had!”  I said, meaning every word of it.     

Taylor shivered with pleasure at being called Mrs. Stephens.  Or maybe it was just my imagination.  Either way, I could feel she was close.  Her body began to tense up, legs wrapping tighter and tighter around my torso.  Her mouth opened wide and her eyes began to roll into the back of her blonde head.  I gritted my teeth and fucked harder, eager to please my doting wife before I came myself.

“Cole!  COLE!  MAKE ME CUM HONEY!”  Yelled Taylor. “YES!  YES! I’M CUMMING!!!” 

Taylor shuddered, body exploding with passion as her pussy clamped down on my cock, driving me to the very edge of orgasm. I bent over to kiss her as the orgasm racked her body.  When she relaxed I pumped my hips a few more times, but she stopped me.  I pulled out, and she clambered off the island, slithering back onto the floor. 

“Don’t think I forgot.  I still need that frosting from you.”  Said Taylor as she gripped my cock, her gold ring glinting in the light as she forced me back into her mouth. 

She sucked my length up and down, licking herself off of me and sucking down all of her own juices that were still dripping off my cock.  Taylor took me faster this time, hand twisting around my shaft as her lips flew along the length of my shaft.  I only needed another minute until I was ready to blow.                                   

“Honey!  I’m there!  Get ready!” I said as I pulled my cock from her talented mouth. 

Taylor reached up blindly, looking for one of the cookies.  Helping her out, I grabbed it and handed her one of the oversized cookies.  She brought it down right in front of her smeared red lips.  With her other hand she stroked my cock, her expression begging for my cum.

“Cole please help me.  Help your wife frost this cookie.  Then I’ll eat every last bite, lick up every last drop of icing.  Please baby!” 

I grunted as my cock exploded.  Jets of cum spurting out.  Thick, creamy, potent semen smacked onto Taylor’s lips, leaving behind copious white lines atop the cookie.  As she kept stroking mores globules of cum rained down, landing like droplets until the cookie really did look like the cookie had been properly frosted.  As I finished depositing my load, I put one hand on the island, gripping for support as I breathed heavily.  Taylor, still on her knees, smiled and looked down at the cookie.  She licked at the semen around her lips. 
“Ohhh honey, look at this delicious treat for me!  Thank you so much.” 
Electric blue eyes watching me the whole time, she ran her pink tongue atop the cookie, licking up a large swath of jizz.  She smiled, taking a large bite of cookie chewing it with an expression of pure joy on her face.  She chewed it slowly, swallowing it in a sensual fashion.  I watched as the semen drenched cookie disappeared between Taylor’s lips and down her gullet.  She was done in four bites.  Licking her lips sensually, she ensured that she got every last crumb of cookie, every last drop of jism.   
“So tasty!  You always make the best frosting dear.” Said Taylor, bringing her fingers up to her mouth and licking each, one by one.  “That pineapple really did the trick.”
I laughed at the absurdity of the situation.  Taylor looked up at me laughing as well.  She got to her feet, still a little wobbly. 

Moving towards the counter she said, “I did actually bake you a cake you know.” 
She moved a cake pan that I hadn’t noticed before, pulling off the lid to reveal an exquisitely decorated chocolate cake. 
“Looks delicious Swift.  Thank you…for all of this.”  I said slowly.  “I really thought this birthday was going to suck.”   

She smiled back at me, an almost sad expression on her face and said, “You are very much welcome.  Shall we eat some cake?” 
I nodded as my stomach gave a rumble.  We both put something a bit more comfortable on and we spent the rest of the night munching on my birthday cake and drinking.  It turned out to be a pretty great birthday after all.  As it stretched later into the night, I closed my eyes briefly for a moment.  I felt Taylor slide off the couch and position herself between my legs.  I opened my eyes to look at her.     

“There is still a little bit of time left in your birthday, dear.  I think I could use some more icing for the rest of your birthday treat.  What do you think honey?”  She asked, intoxicated and giggling like a madwoman. 
Intoxicated myself, I could only laugh as I felt myself stiffen while Taylor looked up at me with big blue eyes from her position on the floor.  I nodded eagerly and she pulled my cock out.  Like I said, overall it was a pretty good birthday.   


“…all over the cake!  Would you like that?”  Asked Taylor.

Cole looked back at heard, having no idea of the scenario she described. 

“Were you listening to anything I just said?” 

“Of course, I was…” Said Cole indignantly. “Alright.  No.  I’m sorry, I was just thinking about that birthday you mentioned.”

“You know what.”  Said Taylor.  “I think I have a pretty good idea, so let’s just call it a surprise, ok?” 

Cole nodded but said, “Just one thing. I think a trip might be nice, just the two of us.  To a remote beach or secluded mountain or something, even a road trip.  Any place where we can just be alone together.” 

Taylor smiled sadly, looking up at him.  “As soon as the tour’s over we can take a nice long trip somewhere.  All of those sound great.  We could even drive across the country if you like.”   

Cole nodded and closed his eyes, feeling Taylor’s warm form pressed against him.  The next two weeks passed with the pair apart.  When Cole’s birthday finally rolled around, he arrived at Taylor’s Rhode Island mansion to find it deserted.  He had gotten a text from her to come into the kitchen.  Secretly he was hoping for some of her famous baked goods. He made his way through the many rooms until he came to the luxurious kitchen, which was deserted apart from a gigantic novelty cake.  He stared it for a moment.   

“Hello?”  He asked tentatively.

“Surprise!”  Taylor shouted as the top of the cake flew off.  The rest of it collapsed around her, revealing her naked body.

She was wearing nothing but whipped cream. Two dollops covered her nipples and the fluffy white foam obscured her crotch.  Wrapped around her midriff was a large red bow.  She struck a pose, looking at him with satisfaction.  He stood there slack jawed.

“Well?  Aren’t you going to come open your present and eat your cake?” 

Cole nodded moving forward eagerly, grinning like a fool.  This was going to be another great birthday.     

End of Chapter Nine
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift)
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Disclaimer: This a work of fiction. It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Chapter Ten: Look What You Made Me Do
Starring Taylor Swift
Codes: MF, Bondage, Femdom, Footjob, Oral


“Cole!  Hurry up! I need to head out in a minute!” Taylor said, calling out to him across her lavish hotel suite. 
“Coming!  I’ll be there in a sec!”  Cole called back as he finished washing his hands and exited the bathroom. 
“There is just one thing I’d like to check before we go.”  Said Taylor, greeting him with a kiss and leading him to the bedroom.  “It’s in here.”
Cole followed her, staring at the king-sized bed as he entered.  Atop the crisp white sheets were four black ropes, specifically designed for some erotic fun.  Each was secured to a various part of the bedframe.  He was surprised to see them there. 

He looked at Taylor questioningly and asked, “I thought we were going to wait until you got home to try them out?” 

“We were, but I was just so excited to try them out that I didn’t want to wait a week.”  Taylor was looking at him slyly, almost as if she was embarrassed by this obvious display of eroticism.  “I’m just not sure I set them up correctly.  Could you maybe try them out for me?  Just to see.”

They’d talked about using the ropes, but they hadn’t decided who was going to be tied up first.  By this point, Cole knew Taylor well enough to tell when she had that look in her eye. After all, she had been the one to purchase the ropes and initiate the conversation.  It was clear from her expression that she was excited to tie up her lover tonight and have her way with him.  The idea excited him as well, especially after watching her perform onstage for over two hours.  Besides, he could always tie her up another night. 

“Happy to Swift.” 

He clambered onto the bed, but Taylor stopped him.  “You can’t do it with clothes on!  Get naked real quick.  I want a crystal-clear image of what we are going to be doing after the show.  That way I can picture it the entire time.” 

Cole liked the sound of that so he quickly stripped and laid on the bed, fitting a rope around each ankle and then each wrist.  He laid flat on his back, arms and legs outstretched in a spread-eagle position.

“Is this what you were imagining?” 

“Let me see.”  Said Taylor, tightening the ropes around his ankles and then the ones around his wrists. “Ok.  Secure.  Try giving them a tug.” 

Cole moved his limbs, straining fairly hard against his restraints.  They were very snug.  He wasn’t going anywhere.  “I think they’re good Swift.” 

Taylor flashed a mischievous grin as she sat down on the bed next to him.  Her fingers lightly trailed along his upper thigh, inching slowly to his groin.   At her delicate touch, Cole could feel himself getting hard.  Taylor looked down at his swelling manhood and cocked an eyebrow in his direction. Cole shrugged unapologetically.   

“Maybe I have a little bit more time…” Said Taylor, taking hold of his shaft and beginning to stroke it gently. 

As Cole felt her hold tighten around his erection, he inadvertently struggled against his bonds, wanting to reach out and touch her. Hearing the stretch of the ropes, Taylor cast a lazy glance his way to watch him strain.  She smiled even wider and increased the speed of her tugging. Soon he was as hard as a rock in her fist.  She leaned over his rigid pole, puckered her lips and allowed a thick long stream of spittle to escape from in-between them.  Cole felt the warm liquid hit his crown and roll down his shaft.  Taylor let the saliva ooze down his shaft until it came to rest on his tightening scrotum.   She gripped him again, now stroking hard and fast with her slick palm. Cole bucked his hips, unable to move anything else.  Taylor quickly spat into her other hand before grabbing him with it as well.  She worked both arms, hands gliding back and forth over his pole at top speed.  Doubling fisting his cock, she looked directly at him with narrowed eyes, biting her lower lip.  It was a look daring him to cum as she worked his wang like she would a Shake-Weight.

“If you want to cum Cole, you have to do it right. Please cum for me.  Cum for me right now and when we get back, I’ll let you do whatever you want to me.  You can tie me up, have your way with me.  Any position.  Any hole. As rough as you want.  Any way you want it.  Please just cum for me!  Right now!”

Cole had only just flown in to see Taylor.  This had been their first interaction in over two weeks and as the implications of her words penetrated his foggy brain, he found himself stiffening even further.  He was already reaching his peak.  Instead of holding back, he was just going to release. 
“Yes!  Swift!  Keep going!” He cried out.

“Ready to cum?”  She asked, her voice little more than a whisper.

Cole nodded, grunting his approval.  His cock was fit to burst, testicles swelling, ready to release his sticky seed all over her hands.  He closed his eyes and that’s when he felt her let go of his aching prick. He waited the briefest of moments, expecting to feel her warm mouth or possibly even her wet pussy.  When nothing happened, he opened his eyes.  Cole blinked and looked at her questioningly.

“Uhhh, Swift?”  He asked with a note of desperation in his voice. 
“You just stay like that until I get back.” Said Taylor, standing up and cleaning her hands off with a wet-wipe.
“What?!?  What do you mean?”  He asked, panic creeping into his tone.  “Aren’t I coming with you to the show?” 
Taylor threw her head back and gave a trilling laugh. “No.  You most certainly are not.  You are going to stay right here, tied to this bed like the fucktoy you are, my fucktoy.  All that cum churning around in your balls right now will wait to be released later when I say so.  If I say so.”
“Now wait one-minute Swift-” Cole started to say, but she leaned in close and whispered.  “When I get back, I’m going to do whatever I want to you and you’ll have absolutely no say in it.”

Cole was torn between the prospect of being restrained here for hours and utterly enthralled at the idea of the blonde popstar dominating him.  He thought about using their safe word, but ultimately decided against it.  Taylor clearly wanted this and he would be lying if he wasn’t also excited by the prospect.  He opened his mouth to reply, but before he could even take a breath, Taylor forced something into his oral cavity.  He gagged, choking on some kind of fabric.  As a familiar taste filled his mouth, he realized that she had gagged him with a pair of her used panties.  By the taste of it, she had been very wet the last time they had been worn.  The sweat and love-stained fabric filled his mouth, preventing his speech. 
“Much better.”  Said Taylor, clearly looking at his hand to see if he made the safe signal they had also agreed upon previously.  He did not. Smiling to herself and already feeling her loins burning at Cole’s submissive attitude, she said.  “We’re almost done here.  I just need to make sure that you are only thinking of me the entire time.”   
She fiddled for a moment in the nightstand and produced a pair of virtual reality googles and noise canceling headphones. Cole’s eyes went wide and he shook his head from side to side, but still did not flash the safe signal.  She fitted the googles over his eyes and made sure the headphones were fit snugly. 
“I’ve made a little video for you.  It’ll run on repeat until I return.” 
Cole blinked, only seeing darkness, sound muffled. As Taylor started the video, light flashed before him and he found himself in a bizarre erotic VR experience. For now, it was just a static image, but as the video began to play he found he could move his head around, just like actual VR.  Before him was Taylor, naked, with her legs spread wide apart.  She was sitting on her bed in her apartment, leaning back on some pillows.  On her nightstand were a number of sex toys, all of which they had used before. However, she didn’t reach for them yet. Instead her hand moved down her taught tummy slowly, coming to rest on her perfect pink snatch.  She began to work her spindly fingers, sinking them into her hungry twat.  She looked directly into the camera and began speaking to him.
“Have fun and don’t go anywhere!”  He heard the real Taylor yell as she gave him a light tap on the testicles before leaving the room.
Cole sighed, wondering at just how quickly his current predicament had unfolded.  Still, as the video continued to play and Taylor reached for a large pink plastic dildo, he was a pillar of stiffness.  Precum oozed out of his slit and rolled down his member.  He could feel the warm trickle as Taylor’s cries of pleasure grew louder and louder in his ears.  He wanted to cum so badly, but was utterly unable to free himself.  As the video played to completion with Taylor cumming spectacularly, a bejeweled butt plug in her ass and a vibrating wand at her clit, Cole was still hard.  There was a momentary lapse where the video paused before starting up again. It started again in the same way. As the video played again and again, Cole really had no idea how long he lay there tied to the bed.  Still the video had the intended effect, every time he felt himself grow limp again, the video would pick up speed as she got closer and closer to cumming, and he felt himself harden all over again.  He strained against the ropes, but to no avail. He couldn’t even manage to get her soiled underwear out of his mouth and before long it was completely soaked through with his saliva.  Like a prisoner accepting their fate, Cole simply lay there waiting to be used by his blonde popstar mistress. 

Cole was jolted from his reverie when the video cut out right in the middle.  He blinked, confused by the lack of visual and audio input.  He closed his eyes and he could still see Taylor’s naked image in front of his eyes, furiously masturbating, driving an impossibly large black dildo in and out of her wet pussy.  He felt hands tug at the headset and headphones.  Blissfully they were pulled from his head.
“Keep your eyes closed.”  Said Taylor, her tone commanding and authoritative.  “Or I will leave you tied there for the rest of the night.” 
Cole complied, not eager to test whether or not she would carry out the threat.  Once the VR headset was removed, he felt her pull out the gag in his mouth. 
“Do not speak or blue balls will be the least of your problems.”
Blissfully she removed the spittle-soaked garment from his mouth.  Taking a deep breath and trying to summon some fresh spit into his bone-dry mouth, Cole kept his eyes shut tight.  He sensed Taylor walked to the front of the bed.
“Still hard for me.”  She said, as Cole felt her latex clad fingers around his rod.  “Good boy.  All right.  You may open your eyes.” 
Cole opened his eyes and was treated to a breathtaking sight.  Taylor Swift stood in front of him, scantily clad in latex.  A push-up black latex bra gave her very ample cleavage, making her rack look better than ever.  A pair of high-waisted latex panties clung so tight to her hips that he could see every curve of her supple behind.   She was sporting a pair of bright magenta knee-high, high-heeled boots and matching elbow-length gloves.  Her hair was slicked back, as though it were wet.  Her makeup was heavy on the eyeshadow, her lips the same magenta as her boots.  Smacking her hand in a steady rhythm was a short black riding crop.  Cole realized, the longer he looked at her, that it appeared to be some parts of her outfit from her music video, Look What You Made Me Do.  Clearly Taylor had liked she saw and kept it after the shoot.  She wasn’t sporting the cape, or the collar but there were definite similarities.  She surveyed him, her blues eyes squinting as she waited for his reaction. 
“You may speak now.  Tell me, does the sight of your goddess please you?”
“Yes Ms. Swift.”  Said Cole.  “Looks like I got harder in the nick of time.” 
He watched her face closely.  Her expression was stern, but Cole saw the corners of her mouth twitch with amusement at his pun.
“I will release you so that you may relieve yourself in the bathroom and prepare yourself for what will come next.” 
Taylor loosened the bonds around his wrists and ankles.  Cole wriggled out of his bonds, rubbing his wrists and stretching his tight muscles.
“You have one minute.”  Said Taylor, smacking the crop in her hand for effect.
“Come on Swift.”  Said Cole.
“Fifty-nine, fifty-eight…”
Cole scrambled off the bed into the bathroom where he quickly relieved himself, gulped some water and splashed his face. He took a quick rinse with some mouthwash as he heard Taylor count down.  He ran out and stood in front of her just as she reached zero.  She was sitting in a chair, with her legs crossed.
“At least you can follow instructions.  Now, kiss my boots.”   She gestured with the crop.
Cole nodded slowly, kneeling down on the ground in front of her, prostrating himself before his goddess.  He lowered his lips to the magenta boots and planted a kiss on them.  As he worshipped her feet, sliding his lips up and down her boots, he felt the her trail the crop along his spine.  He flicked his eyes upwards to watch the expression of satisfaction on her face. 
A light smack of the crop and she said, “Eye’s down. Focus on your task.”   
As Cole finished bathing Taylor’s boots in saliva, she gave him another smack to get his attention.  “Now, take my boots off.”  She said, gesturing with the crop. 

Cole nodded and reached up to the top of the zipper.  He slowly unzipped the magenta boots, all the way down from knee to foot.  Gently he peeled back the material and slid each one off of Taylor’s delicate legs.  Taking the boots, he carefully placed them aside as she crossed her legs and wiggled her toes at him. 

“Well?  Continue.” Said Taylor, indicating her feet.

Cole placed his lips back down onto the top of her right foot. He kissed it, tasting the sweat that had gathered there.  Slowly moving his lips down her foot until he reached her big toe, the nail painted a dark crimson color.  Placing the digit in his mouth, he sucked tight, using a method that she so often used on him. He swirled his tongue around, feeling the hard surface of the nail and the hard calluses on the bottom, releasing it with a pop.  He moved onto the next toe, again taking it deep into his mouth.  With his freed hands he massaged the soles of her feet.  Cole moved down the little piggies, kissing and sucking each one, until he reached the other foot and started the whole process all over again.  As her toes were being serviced, Taylor let her satisfaction be known with a series of moans.  As Cole finished with her final pinky toe, she tapped him with the crop again and gestured towards the bed.  He got up and sat on the bed. 

“Lay down.  On your stomach.”  Said Taylor.

Cole complied, laying down flat on his stomach, his rigid rod sandwiched beneath him.  His feet were still on the floor, but his torso lay on the bed, bent with his ass on display for his goddess.  Looking behind him, he watched as she admired his rear end.  When she spotted him staring at her, she barked, “Look forward!”
Cole snapped his head back forward.  There was a brief pause before he heard a rush of air and then the crack of the crop on his behind.  The sensation of pain followed a second later. 
“OW!”  Said Cole, more out of surprise than anything. 
“Did I say you could speak?”  Asked Taylor. 
With a flick of her wrist, she smacked him again, albeit a bit lighter this time.  Cole kept his mouth shut this time, refusing to let any sound escape from between his lips.  Taylor leaned down close to his head.  Cole kept his eyes looking forward.  She whispered in his ear, “Ask for another.” 
“Ms. Swift, may I have another?”
Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Taylor grinning.  She even gave a little shudder at being so in control of him.  She stood up straight and smacked him again.  The sensation was somewhere between pain and pleasure. Cole thought he finally understood why Taylor liked being spanked so much.  He clenched his teeth and asked again.
“Thank you, Ms. Swift.  May I have another?”
Taylor smacked him again.  Cole asked again.  He asked again and again until his rear end was red and burning. 

“Thank you, Ms. Swift.  May I have another?” 

“No.  We are done here.  Flip onto your back and put your restraints back on.” 

She dropped the crop to the ground.  He laid on his back, spread eagle on the mattress as she secured the restraints just like before.  Now firmly bound again, he could only watch helplessly as Taylor straddled him.  She removed a strip of latex that had been obscuring her pussy from view.  Now crotch-less, Cole could easily make out the puffy, smooth lips that he knew so well.
“Let me tell you what is going to happen now.” Said Taylor.  “I am going to get off as much as I want using this.”  She grabbed his throbbing cock with her hand and squeezed it tight.  “Once this cock makes me climax, maybe then I will allow you to ejaculate.  We’ll see.”
Cole felt Taylor working something around his cock and looked down to see.   Between her latex clad fingers, she held a black cock ring.  He opened his mouth to protest, but one raised finger from her told him otherwise.  As she clamped the cock ring into place, Cole immediately felt his dick swell even further. He groaned.  He wanted to cum so badly already.  This was going to be torture…and he was getting off on it.   
“If you’re a good boy then I will take this off. But first you must show me the proper respect.” 
Without further words, Taylor shuffled further up the bed bringing her knees on either side of his head.  Directly above him was her delectable twat, dripping wet from his worship and subsequent punishment. 

“Eat me.”  Commanded Taylor, lowering herself.

Cole suddenly found himself engulfed by the sweet taste of Taylor’s pussy.  Obediently he began to work his lips, sliding his tongue against her slit.  Once more his senses were deprived with Taylor thick thighs squeezing either side of his head.  Again, he struggled against his ropes fruitlessly, wanting to touch his blonde goddess.  Thrusting his tongue upwards as Taylor began to rock her hips back and forth, she grinded herself on his mouth.  Gobbling at her twat, he tasted sweet love juices.  She grinded herself harder into his face, Cole tongue-fucking her velvety folds as he crushed him further.  His nose pressed into her swollen clit as fluids dripped down his chin onto his chest. From the narrow slit visible between her tree-trunk thighs, Cole could see his latex-clad girlfriend in ecstasy, mouth open, eyes closed and whole-body undulating.  Taylor ground her hips faster, like she was giving a lap dance to his face.  Cole responded by nuzzling his face in unison with his flicking tongue and speeding lips. Taylor got louder and louder the longer she rode his face.   

“Yes.  Yes. EAT ME!”  Cried Taylor, the volume increasing with each word.  “I’M CUMMING!  I’M CUMMING!!  I’M CUMMMMIIINNNNGGGG!!!!” 

She screamed and her body tensed as she squeezed her massive thighs together, squishing Cole between those white beauties.  Although he slowed down while the orgasm rocked her body, he never stopped his licking of her cunt.   As her senses returned to her she looked down at him between her legs. 

“That’s one.  You may stop.”  She commanded. 

Cole gladly let his jaw take a rest and eased off her pussy, catching his breath.  He sucked in great breathes of air, his face as red as the lipstick she usually wore. Taylor got off of him and spun around so her back was facing him.  Cole noticed the split in her latex undergarment went all the way up to her butt crack.  Taylor looked down for a moment before straddling his face again. 

“Now eat my ass.”

As her luscious cheeks swallowed his face, Cole jutted his tongue out, slithering right into her backdoor.  As her fat cheeks settled around his face, he realized that he had been fortunate before.  Taylor’s sizable caboose blotted out the entire world around him.  He couldn’t see, couldn’t hear, all he could do was force his lips and push them against her chocolate starfish and stick his tongue inside.  As she suffocated him with her asscheeks, Taylor lifted herself up using her arms and slid her famous legs down to his tender prick.  Dexterously she placed a foot on either side of the engorged shaft and starting stroking up and down.  She used the soles of her feet, gripping with her toes to work his cock.  Cole could feel her feet on his member, but it barely registered as he continued munching her ass, struggling to breathe.  Cole tongued her bumhole faster and Taylor responded by increasing the speed of her feet, wrapped around his shaft. 


Cole continued tongue-fucking her brown-eyed willy, but as time went on, he felt Taylor sinking lower and lower onto him, actually suffocating him with her plump cheeks.  He was having real trouble getting enough air and if he didn’t get a deep breath soon then he thought he would pass out.  He had to use the safety signal, with both hands he flashed the devil horns. Nothing happened.  More urgently he wriggled his body, using the last of his oxygen and flashed the signal again.  Almost immediately he felt her feet vacate his cock as her ass was lifted off his face.  She spun around the bed, a look of concern on her face.  Cole, coughing and spluttering as he took in massive gasps of air, was blue in the face, chest heaving up and down.

“Oh my god!  Cole!” She said, breaking character for a moment. 

“I’m good.  I’m good! Just need some air!  Keep going!”  Said Cole, still swallowing down air. 

Taylor nodded and moved down his body to line herself up with his aching rod.  She slowly rocked back and forth, just close enough for the entrance of her pussy to brush the tip of his cock.   

She looked at him directly and asked, “Tell me.  Who owns this cock?” 

“You do Ms. Swift.”  Said Cole, the color in his face returning to normal.  His dick however, was as red and swollen as ever.   

“You don’t sound very convincing.”  She said, continuing to undulate her hips ever so slightly, wetting the very tip with her moist labia. 

“You own my cock Ms. Swift!  You always have!”  Said Cole again, his body struggling against the restraints, desperate to be inside of her again.  He had never wanted to cum so badly in his entire life.  His prick throbbed, only growing ever harder with the cock-ring securely snug around him. 

“Is that so?”  Asked Taylor, an expression of delight on her face as she could see Cole visibly struggling against his bonds.  Her eyes narrowed and she whispered, “Beg me for it.” 

“Please Taylor.”  Said Cole, the phrase escaping in one quick breath. 

Forgetting to address her as Ms. Swift earn his dick a slap, which Taylor doled out promptly. 

“Grovel before me.  Beg for the sweet release that only my pussy can grant you.”   

“Please Ms. Swift, I can’t stand it ANYMORE!”  Yelled Cole, meaning every single word he spoke.  If he wasn’t in Taylor’s pussy within the next few seconds he was going to lose his mind.  “I need you.  I need your sweet pussy wrapped around me.  I’ll do anything you ask.  Please grant me relief!  PLEASE!”

Taylor looked him dead in the eye, smiled, and dropped down. That merciful act granted Cole the sensation he so greatly desired.  She was so wet that slid in as though it were a slip-n-slide.  Taylor let out a shriek of pleasure and Cole, a deep guttural grunt. She began to ride up and down, bouncing on his shaft.  Taylor placed her hands on his chest and dug her latex-clad fingernails into his chest. The expression on her face was one of pure lust.  She wanted nothing more than to get off using his cock.  Leaning forward, she rode him like a jockey rode a racehorse.  Up and down she fucked his cock, both parties letting out of grunts of satisfaction each time Taylor impaled herself on Cole’s aching inflamed prick.  With the cock-ring firmly sung around his ding-dong, was getting to the point of being so hard it was painful.  Still she didn’t let up.  Taylor was using him until she was done.  Now, she leaned back and planted her bare feet on the mattress.  She raised her arms behind her head and rocked her hips. Every time she slammed down onto him, her breasts jiggled in their latex prison, struggling to escape as she fucked his brains out. 

“YES!  YES! YES!”  Screamed Taylor as she rode him, his mushroom head pounding directly into her g-spot each time.  “I’M GOING TO CUM!  FUCK YES!”

“Cum for me Ms. Swift.”  Said Cole eagerly.

Taylor reached out a hand and slapped him across the face, never missing a beat as her free hand moved to strum her throbbing clit like she was playing a guitar. 


Cole didn’t say anything more, but waited as Taylor fucked him harder and harder, flicking her bean with blurry magenta fingers. 

“YEEEESSSSSS!!!!”  She screamed, throwing her head back and thrusting her chest outwards. 

With a tremendous shudder that rocked the entire room, Taylor Swift came.  As her body shook and a wide smile spread across her face, she relaxed in her position perched atop his cock.  Cole remained silent, apart from the enormous grin on his face.  When Taylor finally opened her eyes, she looked at. 

“That’s two.”  She said, before spinning around with him still inside of her. 

Now she slender back and ample behind were facing him. She started to ride him again. Cole groaned out of both pleasure and pain as he watched her bottom shake up and down, desperately wanting to pop a finger into her butthole.  He knew that was always sure-fire way to set her off.  Alas, he could do nothing as Taylor fucked him hard again.  Leaning forward and breathing heavily, she rode him again, gripping onto his spread-eagle legs for support.  It wasn’t long before her third orgasm of the night struck her. She shuddered, shrieking with pleasure and her body lolled as the orgasm smacked into her with the force of a train. By this point, Cole’s cock was numb.

“That’s three.”  She said, extracting herself from his dick and kneeling on the bed.

She examined his fluid-soaked fuck-stick.  It was bright red, nearly purple, so engorged from the teasing, riding and cock-ring.  Cole’s balls were swollen to twice their usual size.  Taylor stuck out a tongue delicately and gave a single long, slow lick, tasting herself.  Cole wasn’t sure how much more he could take. 

“You’ve done well.  I think perhaps I will let you cum.” 

“Oh, thank you Ms.  Swift!  Thank you!” Said Cole, meaning every hurried word of it.   

Taylor loosened the bonds at his hands and ankles.  Cole wriggled out for the second time that night.

“Kneel.”  Said Taylor indicating the bed.  “And put your hands behind your back.” 

Cole did as he was told.  He felt behind him as Taylor quickly wrapped a length of rope around his hands and ankles.  Now kneeling on the bed, his bloated cock aimed in front of him like he was a medieval knight with a lance.  It was flushed and swollen, the amount of cum ready to explode from it unreal.  In front of him, Taylor placed one of her reputation magazines, opened to a beautiful headshot of herself. 

She knelt behind him and reached a magenta-clad latex hand around to his front.  With a quick motion, she undid the cock-ring and it popped off.  Sweet relief flooded Cole as blood rushed out of his dick back into his body.  Taylor gripped his enlarged inflamed prick and began to stroke.  His cock was drenched in her fluids and the latex glove ensured that she slid smoothly over his tender member.

“Look at me there.”  Said Taylor, grabbing the back of his head and forcing it down to look at the photo. “Does the sight of me please you?”

“Yes Ms. Swift.” 

“Good.   You will cum for me when I say so.” 

Cole tried to nod his head, but she held it firm.  Stroking his cock quickly, Cole didn’t have the stamina to hold back his orgasm for any longer.  At this point, he’d been building up his load for way too many hours.

“Three…two…one…” Taylor whispered in his ear as her hand stroked a mile a minute.  Then she uttered the sweetest word that could possibly escape from between her lips. “Cum.” 

Cole exploded without a second thought.  Semen that had been churning and swirling around his aching nutsack for hours exploded with the force of a bomb from his throbbing piss-slit.  The thick, potent, virile semen arched out over the photo, leaving behind copious milky white streaks.  As Taylor stroked him, cum erupted like a volcano, creaming jism soaking the pages of the magazine.  As blood rushed to his head, all sound was deafened and his vision threatened to give out as he saw spots.  His cum still spurting everywhere, landed well past the pages of the magazine, staining the sheets as well.  As sound and vision returned to him he looked down to find he had stopped cumming, a few globules of baby batter still leaking out of the tip.  He relaxed within his restraints, light-headed as he was but still held firmly in place by Taylor.  He blinked, looking down at the pages of the magazine.  The image of Taylor printed there was barely visible underneath the tidal wave of semen blasted over it, thicker and more potent than he had ever seen. 

Cole looked behind at her with dazed eyes and said, “Damn Swift. Look what you made me do.”
She stared at him for a moment a severe look on her face, as though she was going to smack him again, but she couldn’t hold. She broke character, laughing loudly. She laughed and laughed until there were tears in her eyes. 
“Good one Cole.”  She said, wiping her eyes and smearing her makeup in the process. 
“Thanks Swift.  Now can you finally untie me?” 

End of Chapter Ten
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift)
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Great stories. I absolutely love the Femdom theme. That is something you don't see often and a theme I would love to explore some day.

You are a brilliant writer, love your details in this work. Can't wait to read more.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift)
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Great stories. I absolutely love the Femdom theme. That is something you don't see often and a theme I would love to explore some day.

You are a brilliant writer, love your details in this work. Can't wait to read more.

Thanks!  I don't plan on stopping this series anytime soon.  Appreciate the comments about the Femdom especially. 

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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift)
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Disclaimer: This a work of fiction. This is not real. It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Chapter Eleven: Mine
Starring Taylor Swift & Camila Cabello
Codes: MFF, Anal, ATM, Oral

Cole opened his eyes, blinking at the single shaft of blinding light peeking through the miniscule gap in the curtains.  It was another week, another city, another hotel room.  For Taylor that meant different venue, but the same show. Still, she was nearing the end of the US leg of her reputation tour.  After his last visit with Taylor, Cole had needed a couple of days to recuperate.  Between his job and her impossibly crowded schedule, it was always difficult to see one another.  It had been another couple of weeks before they could make the time to be together. He stirred in bed, feeling the soft fabric of the sheets against his skin as he picked his head up off the pillow and ran a hand through his bedraggled hair.  He rubbed the sleep from his eyes, listening to the sound of running water coming from the bathroom.  Turning his head to the warm form snuggled up next to him, he saw a familiar blonde head poking out from between the sheets.  She stirred as he untangled himself from her limbs.  Yawning and scratching himself, he pondered the events of last night.
“…mmmhhh…Cole?”  Taylor asked blearily, cracking one eye open.  “What time is it?”   
“Dunno.  Morning.” He said, leaning down and kissing her.

Taylor adjusted herself, emerging from between the sheets, stretching.  She sat up using the numerous thick white pillows for support.  She put her head on his chest as he wrapped an arm around her. Cole stroked her hair gently, just happy for a quiet moment with her.  The silence went unbroken until he spoke.   
“Swift…can we talk about last night?”
“Of course.  Why?”  Taylor asked, eyes narrowing in suspicion.  “Is something wrong?  Did you not like it?”
Wanting to assuage the sudden panic in her voice, Cole calmly responded, “No! It’s not that!  I had a great time!” 
She relaxed again, “Ok then…what about it then?” 

“It’s just…” Cole trailed off, searching for the right words.  “Maybe give me a heads-up next time.  I know we had a conversation about it, but I hadn’t realized we had settled on a definitive answer.  I was just really surprised is all.”
Taylor turned her head to stare at him with her blue eyes.  “That was exactly the point!  It was a surprise!”

The Previous Night
At least my legs are free this time. Cole thought as he strained against the pair of fuzzy handcuffs currently keeping his arms in place above his head.  He couldn’t see anything in the room around him, due to the black silk blindfold tightly tied around his head.   
As though Taylor could read his mind, she asked “I suppose that I was a little rough on you last time, huh?”  Her voice was coming from somewhere nearby in the room.  “Tonight, we’ll just have a little fun.  I’ll let you out in just a bit.” 
“You’re the boss Swift.”
I heard her laugh and felt her lanky form sink onto the mattress in-between my outstretched legs.  I was already quite stiff, but I grew even harder when I felt her warm breath tickle my member.  I waited for her soft lips to wrapped themselves around me, but it didn’t come.     
Instead she asked, “Would you like your cock sucked?”  Her voice was low and husky.  Incredibly sexy.   
“Yes, please. Do it.” 
“Do what?”  Asked Taylor, who must have been mere millimeters away from my aching prick. 
“Please blow me.  Wrap those pouty lips around my shaft and suck.”   
Taylor giggled and then I graciously felt her do just that.  Her lips spread over the crown of my dick, cushioning the shaft like two of the softest, warmest pillows imaginable.  She held there for a moment, her tongue working over my sensitive piss-slit before sliding down further.  I let out a singular groan that stretched longer and longer as she slid those lips down to the very base of my shaft.  Again, she paused to hold me there for a moment, the head of my cock lodged in her throat.  Then she drew her lips back up the shaft with an audible slurp, collecting the saliva gathered there.  She must have been really excited.  Usually she took a few minutes of warm up before she deep throated me like that. Especially after a long show.  I wasn’t complaining.  She continued like that, alternating between a steady slow suction up and down my tool and faster bobs of her head where she flicked her tongue against my veiny underbelly.  Her slurps and sucking noises were accompanied by appropriate moans and grunts of my own. 

After a while, I felt like I needed to make my appreciation more vocal so I said, “Fuck Swift that feels so good. I’ve missed you and that mouth of yours wrapped around my cock.” 

She paused for a moment, letting air cool the warm saliva dripping down my schlong.   The silence was replaced by some giggling before I felt her lips curl back around.  She gripped it tight in her hand as she kissed down one side and up the other side.  My toes curled when I felt those same kisses applied to each of my balls. 
She paused again to ask, “How does that feel?  Good?”
“Yes, so fucking good.”
“Let’s take that blindfold off so you watch yourself getting blown.”   
I nodded, as I felt her hands touch my head, tugging at the back of the blindfold. As the blindfold came down, the first thing I saw was a mess of dark hair and a caramel colored body hovering inches above my cock. 
“What the fuck?!?”  I said, looking to my left, seeing Taylor on the bed next to me, naked with blindfold clutched her delicate hand. 
The dark-hair woman flipped her hair back up and to my surprise I saw that it was Taylor’s touring partner, Camila Cabello.  The Havana and She Loves Control popstar gripped my cock tightly with her dainty hand. 
“Surprise.”  She purred out before opening her voluptuous lips wide and swallowing me again. 


Before I could react, Taylor leaned in and kissed me, shoving her tongue into my mouth.  My brain was struggling to process what was happening, so my mouth didn’t immediately respond.  When Taylor pulled away, I saw that she had one hand between her legs, clearly rubbing herself as Camila blew me.   

Camila popped off my wang, smacking her lips together and said, “You were so right Tee.  This was a great way to celebrate the end of the tour.  Why have you been hiding him this whole time?  Afraid that I suck cock better than you?”  She stared at my cock with an enraptured gaze, slowly caressing it as her pink tongue licked her lips, eager to cram it back into her mouth.   

“Don’t get too used to this Cee.  He’s my man and I’ll only share when I feel like it.” 

“You mean when you want a piece of this hot Cubana ass.”  Said Camila, smacking her own sizable buttocks, which was thrust up in the air behind her.  “I’d better enjoy him while I can.” 

She looked deep into my green eyes with her chocolate colored ones before dropping the vacuum she called a mouth back around my prick and turning it on to full power.  Taylor straddled my chest, her freshly rubbed twat slowly leaking onto one of my nipples as she dangled a delicate hand in front of my mouth. I could see her own juices glistening on her fingers.  I opened my mouth and she inserted those fingers.  Sucking off her digits, I savored the taste of her pussy.  She smiled and pulled them out slowly before reaching above my head and freeing me from my handcuffs.  I brought down my freed hands, grabbing her face and pulling her in close for a kiss.  As our lips parted, our tongues intertwined.  Our intense and passionate lip-locking was interrupted only by the slurping sounds of Camila, head still buried between my legs, her mane of jet-black hair tickling my thighs.  When I opened my eyes, she had released my cock and was looking towards Taylor, a satisfied smirk as she flashed her thick dark eyebrows in quick succession. 

“Singing isn’t the only thing that mouth is good for, huh?”  Asked Taylor, getting off of me and turning around to face Camila. 

“That’s funny.  I was about to say the same thing.  Get down here Tee.” 

The two girls swapped positions. Taylor was now between my legs, looking adoringly at my spit-soaked prick.  Camila slithered up next to me on the bed, her petite but perky tits hanging as she did so.  However, it was her ass that drew my eye.  The magnificent bronzed beauty swelled behind her, like some great hill rising majestically from the smooth lithe body surrounding it.  It granted her a curve, size and shape that few women could compete with.  Even Taylor, whose ass had never looked better after all the squats she had been doing in the gym couldn’t hold a candle to this 21-year-old Cuban beauty. Some things you are just born with.     

As she settled next to me, pressing her dark areolas into my arm, she whispered into my ear, “I let Tee think she was going to be in charge, but that’s not true.  You two are going to do whatever I want.  You both are mine.”

She dragged out the last word and starred daggers at me as if daring me to contradict her.  I looked at her slyly with raised eyebrows.  She winked at me and turned to face Taylor.   
“Tee!  Get to it. Start sucking that pinga.  Now.” 
Taylor blinked, wide-eyed at the sudden commanding tone in her voice. 
“Hop to it chica!” 

She turned to give me a lingering kiss with those supple lips before sliding back down the bed.  Placing a firm but gentle hand on Taylor’s blonde head, she pushed the international popstar towards my stiff saliva-soaked rod.  She opened her lips accommodatingly, receiving my prick in her skilled oral hole.  First the head of my cock disappeared between her lips, but Camila didn’t stop pushing, as Taylor swallowed more and more of me.  As my member disappeared from sight and the warm feeling of Taylor’s mouth overwhelmed me, Camila watched with a hungry expression as Taylor’s eyes drifted to the side, an almost pleading expression on her face.
“Deeper!”  Camila yelled, forcing Taylor down even further, sounds of gargling and choking as every inch of my erect cock was forced into her mouth.  Taylor’s nose was buried in my pubic region, her chin resting on my scrotum.  She adjusted, opening up her esophagus to make room for my cockhead, now spewing precum directly down her throat.

“YEA!  YEA!  YEA! SUCK THAT FUCKING COCK!  TAKE IT CHICA!” Camila squealed with glee as she watched Taylor’s eyes water. 
She finally released her and Taylor came up for air, gasping.  Camila gave her a smack on the ass as her fingers moved between her own legs.  She began to frig her own clit, spreading her caramel legs for me to watch.  Allowing Taylor to catch her breath momentarily, she placed her free hand on her head, pushing her back down.  Taylor complied, sloppily sucking me and allowing Camila to control the speed while the Cuban popstar furiously worked her snatch.     
“I can help you out with that.”  I said staring at her dark bush, trimmed to form a perfect triangle pointing directly towards her hungry lips, only slightly lighter than the darken skin around them. 
“Nah-uh.  You just focus on Tee.  I want to watch you two amantes fuck.”  Said Camila, swatting my hand away.  “Just toss me Eduardo there.”
She gestured to the nightstand next to me. Fully on display was a large, girthy anatomically correct black dildo.  It was veiny with bull-sized testicles.  I reached over grabbed and Eduardo, handing him to Camila, who took it lovingly, placing it in her mouth before sticking it between her legs and giving a squeak as the fake cock entered her.     

“Is that named after someone?”  I asked.   

Camila ignored the question, only smiling slyly and said, “Go on, ride him Tee.”
Taylor smiled widely and straddled me with those impossibly long legs of hers. Camila spread her legs wider apart, as her pussy was split by Eduardo.  My view was somewhat obstructed by the large black testicles that she had a firm grip on.  Lying flat on her back, legs spread wide, her face was level with my hips.  She watched with ravenous eyes as Taylor lined up her own bald dripping twat with my quivering cock and dropped, eliciting a growl of carnal satisfaction from me.  Rocking her hips, she grinned from ear to ear, staring directly at me with her blue eyes.  Camila whooped with glee as Taylor got into her groove, riding me hard.  Up and down she bounced on my dick.  I placed a hand on either hip and thrust upwards just as she brought herself down, ensuring maximum penetrating with ball-slapping force. Camila matched our frenzied pace, stroking her clit and fucking herself ever harder with Eduardo.   She was in synch with us.  Just as my pelvis would smack into Taylor, Camila would mimic the motion with Eduardo. I had a good view of both popstars, but the longer she rode me, the more Taylor’s gaze strayed from me to Camila. The pair of popstars were indeed getting off on watching the other. 

As our hot and sweaty bodies bucked and pounded, Camila flicked her gaze back towards me and said, “Enough!  Fuck her from behind chico.” 
Taylor nodded dazedly and clambered off of me, getting onto all fours.  She waggled her peach-shaped bottom in my direction.  It was still quite the pleasing sight, even with Camila there.  I knelt behind her.  Camila rolled in front of us, her legs still spread wide, her cunt still greedily taking as much of Eduardo as it could.  She stared at me, that same hungry look on her face and nodded.  I pushed against Taylor’s folds, sheathing myself inside of her. 

“Oh yes Cole!”  Taylor shouted out, feeling me fill her up. 

I grabbed her shapely hips and started pumping.  Her hanging fun-bags jiggled with each smack of flesh on flesh.  Camila again matched our speed and intensity, the vast majority of Eduardo disappearing each time he flicked her wrist.  Between Taylor and Camila, the sound of sloshy flooded twats filled the room as we all fucked with careless wild abandon.
“Tee!  You make the best getting fucked faces!”  Camila said in a teasing voice. 
“Yea she does.”  I said, giving her a particularly deep thrust accompanied by a light smack on the ass.
“Her mouth makes this perfect O.  It’s incredibly erotic.”  Said Camila, puckering her own lips, mimicking Taylor’s O face, which was remarkably similar to her world-famous surprised face.  “If I had a dick I’d shove it right in there.” 
“What about Eduardo?”  I asked between thrusts. 

Camila smiled, extracting Eduardo from her sopping snatch and presenting the thick black dildo for Taylor to swallow. Taylor opened her mouth as Camila moved Eduardo into her gullet.  He was glistening from his time in Camila’s pussy.  Taylor licked and sucked it clean while I continued pounding from behind. 

When Camila removed him, Taylor asked, “How about I put my mouth to better use?” 
“My thoughts exactly Tee.”  Purred Camila who scooted forward as Taylor’s head descended to lick the sweet caramel treat in front of her.  “Get down and suck on that clit.” 
Camila placed Eduardo to the side as Taylor did exactly that, using her tongue to lift up the clitoral hood and pressing on Camila’s pleasure button with her own puckered lips, a move I had so often done to her.  Camila threw her mess of dark hair back and shouted with delight.  Her screams of pleasure echoed impossibly loud throughout the hotel room.  Taylor could get quite loud in bed when she wanted too, but Camila was bringing it to a whole new level.  Her hands, still soaked with her own pussy juices, grabbed Taylor’s head and ran them through her blonde hair as she stared at me.  Her own mouth was agape, face contorting with pleasure as Taylor munched on her snatch.  Breaking her gaze, I found my eye drawn to Taylor’s rump, rippling underneath the assault of my pelvis.  Sliding my hands over her pert cheeks, I spread them apart revealing her tight winking butthole.  I flicked my eyes back up at Camila then back down to Taylor’s butthole.  I raised my eyebrows twice in quick succession. Camila nodded, running her tongue over those full plump lips.  I let a string of saliva fall from my mouth.  It stretched until it landed directly on her forbidden hole.  For a brief moment, the spit connected my lips to her bumhole. Then it fell with a plop.  Taylor jerked, feeling the warm saliva between her spread cheeks.  Camila and I exchanged a smile before I took a finger, coated it in saliva and slipped it inside.  I could feel Taylor’s body react to the backdoor stimulation, but she could not vocalize her pleasure because Camila held her head tight, grinding harder into her face. She closed her smooth legs, wrapping them around Taylor, forcing her face even deeper into her pussy. 
“MMMMGGGHHHH-BRRGGG-HHHHMMM!!!!”  Were the only noises that could be heard from Taylor Swift now.
I didn’t relent in my pounding as I wormed my finger deeper into her rectum, but I was now building close to an orgasm.  I could tell Taylor was as well.  Camila’s eyes were likewise fluttering as she squeezed even tighter around Taylor.   
“Fuck!  Ladies! About to cum.”  I said through gritted teeth. 
“MMMHHHH-HHHMMMM!!!”  Said Taylor.
I knew that sound.  It meant she was about to cum too. 
“If you two cum, I’LL CUM TOO!”  Camila screamed. 
I picked up the pace, thrusting harder and faster.  Just as I gave my final thrust into Taylor’s backside, I exploded in a hot white flash of jism.  My creamy load blasted into her pussy.  The feeling of my hot seed rocketing into her, pushed her over the edge and induced her own orgasm.  Her body shook, arms and legs quaking with pleasure.  Both of us let out wild cries of joy, only hers was muffled by Camila’s pussy, who came seconds later.  She detonated like a bomb, the third one in the chain set off by my own first orgasm. She screamed uncontrollably, louder than both of us, as her body rattled.  Her back arch and she thrust her breasts outwards as she threw her head back and sang sweet notes of ecstasy to the ceiling.  When Camila began to relax, she spread her legs and released Taylor from her bronze entrapment.  My blonde popstar came up for a deep breath, a wild look in her eye.  Her pink tongue ran over glossy lips, relishing the taste of Camila on them.  All three of us took a few moments to recover from our collective orgasm.  I pulled out of Taylor and fell back onto the bed with a flop.  I could just make out the hint of white cum oozing from her pussy.  Taylor rolled onto her back, chest heaving. 
“Damn Cole…” She whispered. 
Camila looked at the pair of us and said, “You’re not done yet chico.”  She was indicating my shrinking cock. 
I raised my eyebrow questioningly.  She flopped onto her stomach and took me into her voracious mouth, sucking off the combination of cum and Taylor’s fluids.  As she continued cleaning me, I could feel my deflating cock begin to reverse course.  It slowly grew, filling up more and more of her mouth the longer she sucked.

She popped off to say, “I haven’t had my turn yet.”       
I couldn’t say no to that.  She started to kiss the side of my shaft, using those impressively voluptuous lips of hers to smother my cock.  I watched as Taylor came to meet her on the other side.  Camila didn’t stop her kissing as Taylor’s lips met hers on the other side.  Together the two popstars treated my prick to a contest to see who could best lick a popsicle.  Camila rotated her tiny 5’2 body, keeping her lips latched on.  She brought her legs towards my head and spread them apart, revealing her cooter to me yet again.  This time I sunk my fingers into her greedy cunt.  It swallowed two digits with ease.  Camila moved to the top of my shaft, before sliding down and swallowing me whole.  Taylor took the opportunity to move her own lips down to my rapidly refilling nutsack. With both popstars focusing their oral attentions upon me, it was less than a minute before I was fully erect inside of Camila’s mouth.

“Swift, swing that pussy back up this way.” I said, groaning. 

Taylor moved her body around so she was in a similar position to Camila.  Unlike Camila, Taylor’s lanky form was much more similar to my own.  Her toes tickled the top of my head as I reached down for her familiar cunt.  I likewise slipped two fingers in with ease, feeling the warmth of my own freshly deposited load.  As both popstars continued slobbering over my knob, my fingers plunged into them in rapid succession.  The finger-banging went on for another minute or two, increasing in intensity as did the blowing of my cock and suction on my balls. 

Finally, Camila popped off and said, “Enough!  Get that cock inside me!”

Camila laid flat on the bed and beckoned me over with one finger.  I positioned myself above her, lining up my hard rod up with her sleek vagina.  I hesitated for the briefest of moments. It had been a while since I had been with anyone but Taylor.  That’s when I felt her behind, her perky breasts cushioning her frame against me.

She whispered into my ear, “Go ahead Cole. Fuck her.  Fuck her good.”

I needed no more encouragement, sliding into the Cuban popstar’s pink cunt easily.  She felt different than Taylor.  I wasn’t sure in exactly what way, just different.  Still, that didn’t stop me from beginning to thrust.  Taylor wrapped her hands around my chest, feeling the tight muscles there.  My arms outstretched, I was suspended above Camila using my weight to piledrive my meaty prick home with every thrust.  Camila gleefully screamed out each time I impaled her.  Extending an arm, Taylor moved to flick her bean while I rubbed up against it with my shaft.  Her long black hair was spread out in a dark halo behind her head, a stark contrast against the bright white sheets.

“FUCK COLE!”  Camila screamed out.  “I’ve got to get a man with a cock like this!” 

“Eduardo not doing it for you?”  Taylor asked, giggling as picked up the pace. 

I slammed myself into her twat, repeatedly, over and over again.  My arms were burning and sweat beaded my forehead, but still I didn’t stop.  Taylor moved from behind me as Camila wrapped her legs around my waist, trying to force me in deeper.  Taylor laid down next to Camila and latched her mouth onto one of those dark nipples, her tongue flicking like a lizard across that caramel colored skin. 

She paused to say, “Why don’t I try Eduardo out?” 

“I don’t care!  Just keep fucking me Cole!”  Camila responded, barely paying attention. 

Taylor reached for the black dildo which had been so carelessly disregarded before.  She put her mouth back onto Camila’s nipple and slipped him between her own legs.  Just like Camila before, she fucked herself at the same pace I did to Camila. Watching Taylor fuck herself, made me reach out and give her a light smack on the bum.  She responded with a wink, mouth full of areola.  Camila looked down at the pair of us. 

“Oh, you like ass’s, do you?” 

I paused for a moment, resting inside of her.

“I’ve been known to appreciate a good behind.” 

“How’s mine?” 

Camila untwined her legs from around me and, using her hands, pulled her legs upwards.  Taylor backed off when she saw what her fellow popstar was doing, but kept a firm grip on Eduardo.  My eye was immediately drawn to her dark brown puckered butthole, now exposed to the air from between her massive cheeks. 

“It’s really something.” 

“You should feel it sometime.” 

“No time like the present!”  Said Taylor, chiming in.

“Just what I was thinking Tee.” 

I pulled out of Camila who flipped over onto her stomach, exposing her ample behind to the open air.  She wiggled her hips, sending ripples through her plump booty. I gave it a smack, just to watch my own ripples jiggle out from beneath my palm.  Taylor used her hands to pull Camila’s cheeks apart.  She pursed her lips, spitting onto her chocolate starfish and working a finger in there before I could do anything. 

Mierda!  Give a girl some warning first!”  Camila said, face buried in a pillow.

As Taylor stimulated her butthole, I moved my soaking schlong back down to her pussy and slipped back inside.  I started fucking her again.  The pronebone angle granted me a phenomenal view of her ass and felt extremely tight around my prick.  Taylor spit again, undeterred by the smack of my pelvis interrupting her work.  She slipped another finger inside, eliciting a reaction from Camila.  We worked like that for another minute or two, Taylor priming her for what was to come. 

“Ok!  Enough!  Ready for it!”  Said Camila, her voice slightly muffled by the pillow.

“Hey!  That’s my song!”  Said Taylor, giving her a playful slap on the ass and extracting her fingers. 

Taylor produced a bottle of lubricant and squirted a healthy amount onto my cock.  She stroked it up and down until it was nice and shiny, slick from tip to sack. She squeezed out a dollop on Camila as I lined up my thick prick with her brown eye and pushed against it. There was some resistance as her sphincter refused to accommodate the crown of my cock.  Taylor laid down next to her, whispering into her eye and playing with Eduardo at the same time.  I pushed a little harder and her sphincter gave way, expanding to swallow my dick as I pushed further inside.  Camila gave a gleeful scream, again somewhat muffled by the pillow. 

“Feeling alright Camila?”  I asked as I moved to push my member further inside.

“Yes!  Move those fucking hips.  Tee, play with my pussy!”

Taylor moved a hand obligingly underneath her fellow popstar, fingers searching for her slimy cunt.  I began to buck my hips, sliding a portion of my member in and out.  I moved slowly as she loosened up, gaining speed and force with each fresh thrust of my hips.  If her pussy had felt tight before, it was nothing compared to this.  Not only was her bunghole tighter than any pussy, but her thick buttcheeks cushioned my swinging nutsack each time I slammed into her.  Before long, the audible smack of me against Camila’s fine booty echoed throughout the hotel room.  Taylor lay perpendicular to us, watching me hungrily as she played with Eduardo and Camila.  Camila screamed into the pillow, growing louder and louder until it sounded like she was ready to cum. 


Taylor attempted to match her volume level, and failed, screaming out, “YEA!  FUCK HER COLE!  God it’s so hot watching you fuck her!”

“You like watching me fuck another woman’s asshole?”


Camila shrieked, screaming like a banshee into the bed.  Her body jerked like a ragdoll’s, limbs flailing and shaking as the orgasm smashed into her. I didn’t relent my pounding as her rectum contracted around my cock, doing its best to coax the remaining semen from my swollen testicles.  Taylor had that look as well, eyes fluttering as Eduardo rocketed in and out of her pussy.

“Do it Cole!”  She yelled.  “Cum! Blast your load up her butt!” 

As the words escaped her lips, her own body bucked, muscles seizing up, face screwed up in orgasmic bliss as she came. Her hand slammed Eduardo in so deep, I could only see the large black rubber testicles.  Watching and feeling both popstars cum was more than enough to push me over the edge for my second orgasm of the evening.  I gave one final thrust into the sculpted bronze behind of Camila Cabello and exploded, releasing the pent-up semen that had been building in my balls.  I coated the bowels of the 21-year-old Cuban popstar white with a load just as forceful and copious as the first one.  She screamed again, suddenly feeling warmth bloom impossibly deep into her rectum.  I yelled myself as her sphincter tightened, milking my cock for all it was worth.  When I was finally done shooting ropes, I pulled out with a wet plop and collapsed backwards onto the bed.   I stared at the gaping black chasm peeking out from between caramel colored cheeks that my cock had so recently occupied. I could just make out a hint of white deep in the recesses of her bowels.  I was done, but Camila wasn’t done with Taylor yet.   
“Tee, don’t move.” 
Taylor remained flat on her back, opening her eyes lazily.  Camila woozily got up and squatted over her head, that bronze booty inches from her fellow popstar’s face.  I watched in fascination as she contracted her rectum, clearly straining.  My hot sticky load began to flow back down, pooling at the winking brown hole of the popstar before threatening to drip out. 
“Open up.”  Said Camila, the authoritative tone back in her voice.  “Do it Tee!  Eat your man’s cum!”
A look of shock crossed Taylor face as she realized what Camila wanted her to do, but she opened her mouth nonetheless.  I watched with mouth agape as the cloudy white load fell from Camila’s freshly fucked asshole towards Taylor’s open mouth.  The first creamy string missed her mouth, splattering across the bridge of her nose.  Taylor readjusted, spreading Camila’s cheeks apart for good measure.  The next globules of cum fell straight into her open gaping mouth.  She looked both revolted and delighted as the taste washed over her writhing pink tongue. Camila Cabello squeezed harder, pushing out the remainder of my cum and feeding it to Taylor Swift directly from her poop chute.  When the last of my jizz had vacated her bowls, Camila snapped her fingers and Taylor brought her head up to lick any last traces, tonguing the brown asshole.
“Oooowwwwhhhhh girl, you nasty.”  Said Camila as Taylor dutifully finished tonguing her poop chute and wiped the last traces of ass-semen off of her face. 
“That’s my Swift.”  I said, collapsing back on the bed with a satisfied smirk on my face.

“You want to bring other people into our bedroom.  That’s fine, great even!  Men or women, either is good.  As long as I have you.  I’d just like a little notice next time.”  Cole said, looking at Taylor somewhat shyly. 
“That’s is totally valid.”  Said Taylor. “I just thought it would be a nice surprise to bring Cee along for some fun.”

“And you were absolutely right!  I love you Swift.  Only you…but that doesn’t we can’t bring some others along for some fun.” 

“I couldn’t have said it better myself. And just so you know, it was really hot to watch you with another woman.” 
“It was really hot to have you watch me with another woman.”   
The pair smiled at one another when the water shut off in the bathroom.  They both looked over.  The door slid open, accompanied by a puff of steam.  Camila came out, utterly naked, dripping wet with her dark hair matted down her back. 
“I thought I heard you two up.  Last night was fun.” 
They nodded in unison. 
“Care to join me in the shower?” 
Taylor and Cole looked at each other, excitement clear in both of their faces. They turned back to Camila.  She had already reentered the bathroom. 
“Well?  Get in here!” She said, clapping her hands together.
Cole and Taylor threw off the bedsheets and eagerly headed into the bathroom, eager to follow her instruction.   

End of Chapter Eleven
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