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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp.11 with special guest now up! 10/01]
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Loved the latest part, love the relationship the two have. Adding Camilla gave it a great mix up.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp.11 with special guest now up! 10/01]
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These are all amazing! I've been a long-term Taylor fan and it's amazing how much attention to detail you've put in not only to getting the mood of the era right but developing the Taylor/Cole relationship. Last chapter's probably my favourite - I've actually had blindfolded multi-person Rep tour fantasies many times (with Charli also included, but very similar), so seeing it written out like that was amazing. The tension between the two was fun and well-handled, too.

I believe the Spanish adjective for Mila's ethnicity (or her bottom's ethnicity, as it maybe) is actually Cubana rather than Cubano, I should mention - she's a lady! And what a lady she is.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp.11 with special guest now up! 10/01]
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These are all amazing! I've been a long-term Taylor fan and it's amazing how much attention to detail you've put in not only to getting the mood of the era right but developing the Taylor/Cole relationship. Last chapter's probably my favourite - I've actually had blindfolded multi-person Rep tour fantasies many times (with Charli also included, but very similar), so seeing it written out like that was amazing. The tension between the two was fun and well-handled, too.

I believe the Spanish adjective for Mila's ethnicity (or her bottom's ethnicity, as it maybe) is actually Cubana rather than Cubano, I should mention - she's a lady! And what a lady she is.

Thanks so much!  There are definitely details for longtime Swifties in there, so I'm glad you appreciated them!  And thank you for the Spanish correction.  It's been a while since I took high school Spanish :P.  I've made the change.   

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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp.11 with special guest now up! 10/01]
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Great work, happy to see Camila getting some love. She is so underrated!
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp.11 with special guest now up! 10/01]
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Great work, happy to see Camila getting some love. She is so underrated!

Agreed.  I am actually a bit surprised by the lack of stories out there for her.  She is fine.  Glad you enjoyed it. 

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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp.11 with special guest now up! 10/01]
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You're doing an amazing job with this series.  :D
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp.11 with special guest now up! 10/01]
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Disclaimer: This a work of fiction.  It is not real.  It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Chapter Twelve: Blank Space
Starring Taylor Swift & Cara Delevingne
Codes: M+F, F, Gloryhole, Masturbation, Oral

“Cara, it’s been far too long since we’ve done this.”  Taylor said as they all settled down in her exquisitely decorated living room.  The sounds of New York City outside were a faint hum.  Taylor topped off everyone’s glass of wine and the trio launched into conversation.  Dinner had been excellent with Taylor as head chef and Cole her lowly assistant.  Slowly but surely, she was gifting her cooking knowledge upon him.  Cole had met Cara Delevingne on a couple of occasions before, but only in passing. They had covered a wide range of topics over dinner, but as more and more glasses of wine were consumed, the topics turned more erotic in nature.  Cole learned very quickly that when it came to sex and all matters relating to it, Cara didn’t mess around. 
“So, Cole.” Said Cara, swirling the oversized wine glass between tattooed fingers.  Her British accent was posh, not at all matching the filth that was about spill from between her lips.  “You’ve been dating Tay here for what?  A couple of months now?”

“I suppose so, but we’ve known each other forever.” 

“Mhmmmm. I’ve been hearing stories about you for years.”  Cara said, flashing him a wink and cocking one large thick eyebrow as she took another sip.  “Tell me Cole Stephens, what would you say the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done is?”

Cole choked on his wine and Taylor gave an exasperated groan. 

“Cara!” She said.

“What love? I just want to make sure that he’s satisfying all of your needs.” 

“Cole, you don’t have to answer that.”  Taylor said, putting her own glass down. 
“It’s fine Swift.  I don’t mind.”

He was no prude and he had no secrets from Taylor.  Allowing his mind to wander through his sexual history, he rapidly he came to the realization that the answer was sitting next to him.  His other girlfriends couldn’t hold a candle to his blonde popstar.  Cara was staring at him expectantly, and even Taylor looked mildly curious.

“I don’t know about kinkiest, but a couple of things come to mind.  A girl gave me a handjob and swallowed under our table at a fancy restaurant.  I also did a threesome with a girl who wanted me to fuck her in front of her boyfriend. And there was the time a girl tied me to a bed for hours, forced me to watch a video of her repeatedly masturbating until she came back and suffocated me with her ass.” 
He glanced quickly at Taylor, unable to keep the smile from creeping across his face. 

She looked at him with genuine surprise.  “All of those are me.” 
“HA!”  Cara said. “Knew it.  Sounds just like you, love.” 

“You, Taylor Swift, are the wildest girl I’ve ever been with.”
For some reason she seemed put off by his answer.  He just wasn’t exactly sure why.  He glanced at Cara, not wanting to air dirty relationship laundry in front of a third party if that made Taylor uncomfortable.  He tried to shift the topic. 
“How about you Cara?  What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve ever done?” 
Cara waggled one tattooed finger.  “Nuh-uh.  This is about you two.  Go on, ask her the same question.” 
“Cara.”  Said Taylor, warning in her voice. 
“What love?  You never told him that story?” 
Taylor looked down, embarrassed, as color flushed into her cheeks.  Wishing to spare his girlfriend whatever humiliation she was feeling, Cole put a stop to it.   
“We’re done here.  Swift doesn’t have to tell me anything she doesn’t want to.” 
“No Cole.  I’ve got nothing to hide from you…it’s just, well, it’s a little embarrassing.” 
“Pish-posh.”  Said Cara. “There was nothing shameful about it.”     

 “What is it, Swift?  Is there something you want to try?  You know I’ll do anything for you.” 
Taylor looked mortified.  “Oh no! Cole it’s nothing to do with you. You are thoroughly satisfying.” 
“Whip it out and I’ll be the judge of that.”  Cara muttered into her glass. 
“…so, what is it?”  Cole asked sheepishly.   
Taylor was blushing furiously now, her cheeks the color of scarlet as she looked down shyly.  “I don’t know if I should say.”
“Come on Swift.  It’s me, you can tell me anything.”  He took her hand in his.
Taylor opened her mouth to start speaking, but then closed it again. 

Cara, out of either pity or impatience, said, “Alright love.  Lost your chance.  I’m spilling the beans.  I tell it better anyways.” 

She drained the rest of her glass and set it down on the table with a rattle. Settling back into her chair comfortably, she interlaced her fingers and stared directly at Cole.  “Listen up because you’ll sporting a woody in about two minutes, but do try and pay attention.  I just love a captive audience.”     
“Just promise you won’t judge me for this story!”  Said Taylor quickly. 
“Cross my heart and hope to die Swift.”     
“It was 2013 and Tay here had been going through a bit of dry spell…”

“It’s been months now.  He dumped me and good riddance, but I am just so god damn horny all the time!”  Taylor said to me over the phone. 
“It’s really been that rough?”  I asked.
“It’s been a long time since anybody rocked my world.  Even when I was dating him.” 
“What about that sidepiece you’re always bragging so much about?  What’s his name?  Kevin? Cody? Kyle?” 
“That’s the one.  You’ve been singing his praises for as long as I’ve known you.” 
“Cole is the exception.  Every time we get together he blows my fucking mind, but it’s never a steady thing. I can’t just call him up for a one-nighter.  He’s got a girlfriend and we promised each other that we’d never cheat with one another. Not again.  No wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am for me.”
“Not sure I know of any blokes at the moment, but I know a few single ladies that might be interested.  Myself included.” 
“Haha, Cara.  I’m not looking for complications or attachments.  And…I just feel like I need a guy, no offense.”
“You should try it sometime love.  You might just find you like it.”  Taylor ignored me.  To be fair, I was always hitting on her.  “Maybe try a new vibrator?” 
“I’ve tried several!  I need a real cock.  Something big and meaty that tastes good and can just fuck my brains out.” 
“Love, you might be talking to the wrong girl.” 
“Come on Cara, I know you appreciate a well-hung guy every once and a while.”     
“They have high-class escorts for this sort of thing.  Or hell, just pick up some good-looking guy in a pub.  No one will ever believe him when he says he banged Taylor Swift.”
“I can’t.  I just can’t take the risk.  I’d be nervous the whole time.  I’d never get off.” 
I thought about it and I really felt for Taylor.  She wasn’t as sexually liberated as I was.  Still, an idea popped into my head. 

“Hmmmm…there might be a way I can help.  I’ve heard of this place, a service really.  Let me make a call and get back to you.” 

I got off the phone and called a few friends that had told me about this place. Finding what I needed, and liking what I heard, I called her back not an hour later.  I laid out my suggestion.  She rejected it immediately.  About a week later I got another call from her.  Her sexual frustration become unbearable and it was beginning to interfere with her song-writing.  She figured that it couldn’t hurt to give a try, but she was still nervous.  So, being the excellent friend that I was, I decided to accompany her on this little erotic journey.  She’d partake.  I’d just be there for a little emotional support. 

Arriving at the place, we were led through pristine, but bare, hallways until we were left at our room.  Stepping inside, Taylor quickly locked the door behind us.  Gentle, soothing music played from unseen speakers.  We had been to our fair share of luxury spas and this was just as nice as any of those.  Black marble tile was accompanied by light wooden walls.  There was a large walk-in shower.  Fluffy white towels hung, waiting to be used.  A full-length mirror sat next to a wooden closet.  Both toilet and sink were polished, shining brightly.  The only piece of furniture was a short-padded bench that lay opposite the only other door in the room.  Unlike the door we had just come through, this one acted as a one-way mirror.  We could see in, but whoever was on the other side of the door could not see out.

“How you feeling, love?”  I asked Taylor, who was biting her lower lip.  I didn’t know if that was from nerves or excitement. 

“I’m ready.”

In front of the full-length mirror she stood, shivering.  Clearing her throat, she indicated for me to turn around.  I rolled my eyes at her modesty considering what she was here to do.  I turned around just enough to let me peep out of the corner of my eye.  First, she shimmied out of her athletic shorts, wiggling her booty as she did so.  Next came off her top, which joined the pants on the floor.  She removed her sports bra, exposing her chest to the air.  She tossed it aside carelessly, slowly running delicate hands over her nipples as they hardened beneath her fingertips.  Her hands traveled down her taught tummy, hooking both thumbs into her panties and pulling them to the ground.  A hand disappeared between her thighs, tracing the outline of her pussy, feeling the bare skin.  Her hair was already up in a ponytail, the iconic bangs of this era ever-present on her forehead.  Just a hint of mascara decorated her eyes, something I’d never seen her without. Her lips were full and pink, glossy from lip balm.  No red lipstick today.  It would just smear off anyways.
“You’ll stay here the whole time?  Make sure nobody comes in the room?”  She said. 

“Yes!  You’re paranoid.  This place is seriously legit.  Now get in there and have some fun!” 

She nodded and approached the door.  Grasping the handle, she pulled it open.  Bright white light lit up a small dark room, roughly the size of a closet.  The walls, floor and ceiling were all made of dark padded leather that looked soft to the touch as she stepped inside.  She looked back at me, covering her exposed bits.  I gave her the thumbs up.  The door closed behind her with a gentle click.  The instant the door clicked into place, the one-way mirror activated.  I could see Taylor examining the room.  I reached for the switch to trigger the door, but momentarily paused.  My phone didn’t work in here and it wasn’t like there were any waiting room magazines.  Plus, my own crotch was ablaze at the idea of watching the blonde bombshell do what she was about to do.  I’d watch. Just for a bit.   

In her tiny closet were three screens towards the top of the walls.  The selection of porn, that I had helped select, began to play. To start was a busty redhead who began to strip, before pulling out a nice large dildo.  The gentle music died down as the sounds of moaning filled the room. That really got me going, so I settled down onto the bench and let my own fingers wander down between my thighs. I peered past the bubbly butt of Taylor around at the only things of note in the room.  At waist height were three strategically placed holes on each wall. The holes were large, round and given some extra padding.   Next to each hole was large white button.  The service had been very clear.  All Taylor had to do was press one of those buttons and the thing she was craving most in the world would present itself for her to do whatever she wanted with it. 
We had both been impressed by this place.  It didn’t have a name.  It didn’t even really exist.  That’s how exclusive and expensive it was.  They operated with total anonymity.  Fake aliases were encouraged, and Taylor had gone simply as Becky.  I just used my own name.  I was much more interested with questionnaire provided.  Size?  Girth? Stamina?  Race?  Circumcised? Uncircumcised?  The list went on and on, and all were readily available.  I advised her to go mostly for a blank slate, apart from size.  They needed to be big.  When she finally stepped into that room, she wanted a little, or not so little, surprise.   
She looked at the hole on the left, turning to face it, providing me with a lovely profile view.  She noted no further details as she knelt down on the padded floor and peeped through. My own heart was pounding in my chest, aching with anticipation of watching her.  My other hand moved to tweak my own nipples.  The fact that she didn’t know I was peeping made it all the hotter.  She wouldn’t mind.  Well, she’d get over it soon enough.  Slowly I watched her hand inch towards the white button.  Her fingers hesitated for a moment before pressing it.  Then a gentle ding sounded.  For a moment, nothing happened.  Then through the darkness of the gloryhole emerged a massive member.  My heart beat harder, mouth suddenly salivating.  Taylor was right.  I did appreciate a well-hung man.  The penis in front of her was impressive, both in size and girth it matched some of the largest I’d ever seen.  The veiny behemoth twitched, eagerly awaiting her attentions.  He even had nice big balls, clearly primed and ready to pump out some much-desired spunk.  Still she hesitated, talking to herself.  To my surprise, I could hear her clear as day.   
“Am I really going to do this?  Am I really going to suck and fuck this cock?  Anyone could be behind that wall!  This is crazy.  I can’t want it this bad.”
I knew my girl better than that.  Even if her brain had doubts, her body didn’t.  Already I could see her hand inching down between her thighs to feel the heat blossoming there.  My own pussy was already soaking my panties at the sight of Taylor on her knees in front of this fleshy instrument of pleasure.  She opened her mouth and latched onto the head of the massive prick.  Eager to see if she had lost her touch, she moved her lips as far down the shaft as she could.  Much to her displeasure, she was barely halfway down before the gigantic mushroom head triggered her gag reflex.  My own fingers crept underneath my panties, tracing the outline of my own pussy, wet as a slip-n-slide. 

“I’m out of practice!”  She said.     

I gave a hearty chuckle at that.  She gripped the cock tightly, enveloping it with her mouth, eager to get back at it.  Pursing her lips, she sucked inwards.  She held that position, breathing through her button nose as she sucked harder and harder.  The expression on her face turned to one of happiness as she was rewarded with the salty taste of precum, her tongue lapping away at his piss-slit. Opening her mouth and dragging her lips over his shaft, she bobbed her head in a quick repetitive motion.  She began to relax as more and more cock disappeared into her hungry maw.  Even as the crown bumped repeatedly into the back of her throat, she didn’t seem to mind. Normally Taylor loved nothing more than keeping steady eye contact with the guy, getting off on watching them squirm with delight as she worked their prick.  Today, she closed those blue beauties.

“She’s probably picturing Cole or whatever his name is.”  I said, fully sinking my two digits deep into my snatch and shuddering at the feeling.

As I started to pump my fingers in and out of my velvety folds, Taylor really got into a rhythm. The minutes stretched on as she sat on my knees, blowing that cock.  The combined sounds of the porno and Taylor slobbering knob drove me into a masturbatory frenzy. My fingers dove in and out of my snatch, smooth legs spread wide as I watched the rhythmic, repetitive motion of the shaft penetrating her mouth.  She even managed to cram the entire prick into her mouth, eyes wide and bulging as she choked on it.  And when she released, she looked immensely pleased with herself.

“Cara can brag all she wants about a plastic cock, but there’s no replacement for the real thing.”

“Uh! Rude.” I said, fingers knuckle deep as my other hand strummed my swollen clit.  “She’s clearly using the wrong plastic pricks.”   

My indignation was rewarded a second later as the cock went off without warning, firing a sticky wet wad down her gullet.  She retched as the unexpected spunk rocketed down her throat.  She pulled back from the cock, hacking and spewing.  Semen sprayed out of her mouth, over the erupting cock and onto the wall.  As if in revenge for having its cum sprayed back at it, the cock fired more globs of jizz, peppering her face from forehead to chin as she closed her eyes against the onslaught. 

“Plastic cocks don’t do that!”  I said, laughing as my fingers twitched even faster at the sight of my gorgeous blonde friend’s spunk covered face. 
She opened her eyes only once she was sure the dick was done exploding.  It hung there, beginning to droop.  She gave it one final kiss before it retreated back through the hole.  She wiped creamy jism off of her cheek, watching as it dripped down the wall. 

“That one didn’t even make it into my pussy.  Maybe I’m not as rusty as I thought.”  Said Taylor, looking content with herself. 
She giggled and pressed the button.  She was treated to another cock, likewise emerging through the hole.  It was similar to the first one, both in size and girth, but this one was uncircumcised.  She gazed at it for a moment before squeezing tight and drawing the foreskin back, exposing the tender pink head underneath.  She gave it a few good licks and put her mouth around it. My own pussy was a roaring inferno by this point, even as I strummed my clit and finger-banged myself.   Still, the fire between my legs still must be nothing compared to hers.  She needed man-meat.  That was the whole reason we were here.  As if reading my mind, Taylor stood up on long slender legs that gave my lady-boner a throb and turned herself around.  I got a brief flash of that delectable pink pussy, which I was still dying to gobble up.  She lined up with the stiff slab of meat and sank backwards onto it.  I watched with wide eyes as it disappeared into her.

“Ohhhhhh yeeeesssss…” Said Taylor, feeling the thick prick fill her up. 

On the screen, the redhead had her legs spread wide, staring into the camera as a pink dildo rocketed in and out of her pussy.  But my eyes were drawn to Taylor’s bubbly butt, flush as it was against the wall.  Her buttocks slid up and down his pole, disappearing from view between those sweet cheeks.  You could just tell that her sexual frustrations were melting away.  A gentle moan escaped her lips.  In response to the rhythmic pump of her rump against the wall, the gentleman behind wall began to thrust.  His movements were limited, but that bit of motion combined with his massive prick was enough to drive her wild.  The cock drove itself deeper into her, easily long enough to be banging into her g-spot.  Her moans gradually increased in volume. 
“Yes!  Yes!  YES!  FUCK! This feels good!”  She yelled, just as video changed. 
A burly man with features like chiseled granite came into the shot, scantily clad in nothing but tight briefs that did nothing to conceal his massive erection.  The model dropped her dildo and reached for his cock, yanking his briefs down and beginning to suck on it.  Taylor pounded harder on the cock, her bubbly bottom really smacking into the wall. Louder and louder she got as the speed increased until the rod was merely a fleshly blur between her thumping behind. I watched with eager eyes until the cock stiffened inside of her.  Thick, sticky cum pumped out into her pussy just as her own orgasm was about to break. She didn’t stop her riding as she stroked her clit.   Just as he gave one final jerk inside of her, she came.  Her body shook as she screamed, eyes closed and hanging limply as the sensations washed over her.  Watching the golden hair popstar cum triggered my own orgasm.  That and the three fingers pummeling my pussy as my thumb rubbed my clit.  A warm tingly feeling exploded outwards from my pussy, sending pleasure shooting through my body.  My own cries of pleasure mixed with Taylor’s until the feeling subsided and I opened my eyes.   

I was happy for Taylor.  It had been so long since a man had made her cum.  Well, an actual man instead of the idea of one.  She had confessed to me a lot of lonely nights with her vibrator, which may or may not have been named after a certain dark-haired mystery man. Neither of our orgasms had been earthshattering, but they felt good.  Besides, there was plenty more meat to go around.  She had to get her money’s worth after all.  And I could sit around all day and flick my bean, especially when I’m treated to a live sex show with a blonde knockout and as many cocks as she can handle.  The deflated prick pulled out of her and retreated through the hole as she straightened. Cum began to drip out of her pussy, splattering onto the floor with a gentle plop and rolling down her thighs.
“Next!”  She said, cheerily pressing the same button. 
Another cock emerged, this one smaller, but much girthier.  She wrapped her fist around and spat on it, lubing it up and playing with his balls for good measure before turning around and guiding it back inside of her.  Meanwhile, I stood up and stripped my panties off.  I needed better access to my hungry cunt.  I also looked around the room something to use other than my fingers.  They were beginning to cramp up.  I tried the cabinet underneath the sink.   
A wide variety of sextoys were neatly laid out, ready for use.  Vibrators, wands, dildos and buttplugs all glinted in the light, a treasure trove of naughty tools.  I immediately grabbed the largest thing, a hefty pink vibrator.  Taylor was already grunting loudly from the next room, so I quickly got back onto my bench, spread my legs and began to tease my pussy with the pink rod.  I turned it on with a buzz.  The sensation was immediate and powerful. 
“Yea.  Yea. Yea.  That’s the stuff…”  I said, eyes fluttering before focusing on Taylor.     

She was already losing herself on the hard rod.  I matched her pace with the vibrator, guiding in and out just as she did.  She stretched her arms out to steady herself when she heard another gentle ding.  Her eyes flashed open to see that she had accidently pressed the button on the wall opposite her.  Just like the cock currently stuffed into her, another appeared through the hole. Expect, this one was different.  She stared at it, mouth agape and blue eyes going wide.  I stared too. It was a monster.  It dwarfed even the most massive schlongs I’d ever seen. And if I hadn’t seen one that big, then Taylor definitely hadn’t.  No offense to Cole or anyone else.  This prick was black, so black that it looked almost like coal.  Simply put, it was the definition of a big, black cock.  She dislodged the cock in her pussy to kneel down in front of the massive black beauty.
“Oh wow…” She muttered.   

Taylor had never seen a black cock in real life before.  I knew that for sure.  She seemed oddly fascinated with it.  Measuring the gigantic schlong in front of her, it was easily as long as her forearm.  It had to be nearly a foot long. Tentatively, she stuck out her tongue to taste it.  She smiled and opened her mouth wide, trying to stuff it full of cock.  She couldn’t even make it halfway down the ebony pillar of meat.  She tried harder, gagging on the girthy shaft.  With one hand, she stroked the shaft and with the other she cupped the massive pair of bull testicles hanging underneath the ramrod of dark steel.  Just one barely fit in the palm of her dainty hand.  She opened wide and gobbled at his nutsack, eager to take the meatball sized orbs into her greedy orifice.  As she did this, the foot or so of cock was draped across her face, spreading fresh saliva across her pale skin to mix with the drying cum still present. 

“Oh my god yes. That’s hot Tay.  Suck those balls.  You dirty girl.  Fuck yea.” I said to myself, totally fixated on her now. 

You could have shown the raunchiest, wildest and most captivating porno imaginable and I would not have noticed, so enraptured I was with watching Taylor as she struggled to deal the size of the dark meat in front of her.  While sucking on those testicles, she had neglected the other cock hanging out of the left hole.  Without her attention it was struggling valiantly to remain erect.  Still, for another few moments she couldn’t take the testicle out of her mouth, sucking on it like it was some kind of hard candy.

“This thing is going to split me in half.”  She said, finally releasing his nutsack from her mouth. 

She sounded incredibly excited by the idea of it.  Trying to swallow the shaft again, she managed to get more of it into her mouth, but still couldn’t even get close to the base.  Releasing it, she studied it for a moment.  As she turned around and wiggled her booty at it, lining it up with her dripping cunt.

“I know a place it’ll fit.”

“Oh, that’s right Tay.  Let that cock tear you in half.  Mhhhmmmm, take it.”  I said, the vibrator impaling me over and over again.   
Pushing backwards, she could feel the monster swell inside of her, threating to shred her insides as she struggled to accommodate the gigantic throbbing piece of man meat protruding from the wall.  Now, facing a deflating cock, Taylor quickly grabbed it again, taking it into her mouth and getting it back to fully erect in no time as her lower half continued adjusting to the dick inside of her.  It wasn’t long before the cock she was sucking exploded, just as she released it from her mouth.  It fired cum as Taylor looked on in surprise, spraying the front of her bare body.  It drenched her from forehead to belly button in long white ropes of jizz.  She squealed as it did so, relishing the feeling of hot cum smacking into her.  The dick retreated and she suddenly found her hands and mouth lacking something to do.  Across from her was the empty hole and the button.  She pressed it.  Yet another cock emerged.  This one appeared to be as equally big, thick, veiny and black as the one currently splitting her pussy in two.  A grin spread across her semen covered face.  She opened her mouth wide and took the cock into it.  The room was just large enough that if she bent over she could bounce along the shaft of one cock and suck the other one down like a popsicle.  She tackled it with glee, letting her cheeks bounce back on the cock in her pussy and then leaning forward to guzzle down the one in her mouth.  I watched with my mouth open, vibrator buzzing like an angry bee.  The orgasm snuck up on me without warning, so fixated was I on the scene. In front of me. 
“SHHHHIIITTTTTT!!!!!!!”  I screamed, the sudden and intense pressure slamming into me. 
My body shuddered as I drove the vibrator in particularly deep, feeling the vibrations against the walls of my spasming vagina.  Satisfied groans escaped my mouth and the feeling pulsed through me several times.  As my eyes uncrossed themselves and I put my tongue back into my mouth, I looked back at Taylor.  I watched as two big black cocks’ spit-roasted her, bouncing back and forth between two gloryholes 

“If only all those boys who ever called her a prude could see her now.”

In a fit of inspiration, she punched the third button on the wall opposite from me. Another cock popped out, like a slot machine.  It was long, but thin with a fat head, already dripping with precum.  Taylor cooed at the appearance of a third dick. She actually got off the first big black dick and dropped to her knees in front of the third penis.  I watched the back of her blonde head bob up and down the shaft sucking on his piss-slit while her other two arms stroked the two black dicks.  She didn’t stay in that position for long.  Instead she spun around and slid her pussy on the left dick, accepting the wang most recently in her twat into her open mouth.  With her free arm, she stroked the third penis.  She bounced back and forth working all three cocks, pausing only to get hit with a quaking orgasm that brought her to her knees from the pleasure of it.  But before long, she was back on her feet, eager to work the three cocks surrounding her.   

It was like some game of whack-a-mole.  Only instead of a mallet, Taylor’s mouth and pussy were used to engulf a cock or two at any given time.  She would bounce on a cock for a minute or two, hop off, change positions and grab a different one.  The black dick on the left was the first to go off.  It did so while fully lodged in her mouth, flooding her gullet with cum. She didn’t miss a single drop.  As the cock withdrew, she immediately slammed the button again, demanding another one to take its place.  It did so, thick as a pipe.  The center one was the next one to blow, just as she pulled it from her pussy. It launched thick creamy ropes of jism from ass to neck, painting her backside with semen.  It disappeared and she summoned the next one.  On and on it went, each dick exploding as they succumbed to Taylor’s voracious sexual appetite.  One painted her arm and side white as she stroked it.  Another deposited its entire load into her hair, sticky jism settling into her blonde scalp.  A third one fired so hard that it shot across the room, splattering semen against the door I was watching through.  That particular act gave me quite the big orgasm, shaking as I watched the load slowly drip down the one-way glass.  And those were not counting the numerous dicks that fired off inside of her, whether in her mouth of pussy.  She guzzled down what must have been gallons of cum, even as gallons more sloshed out from between her thighs.  I lost track of the number of orgasms she had while in that tiny room.   

All cocks fell before Taylor.  All but that very first big black dick, which held off against her onslaught of pent up sexual frustration.  As the other cocks retreated, Taylor dedicated all her focus on making that big black cock cum.  She dropped to her knees, sucking on the shaft, playing with his balls, deepthroating it.  All the oral tricks in her book.  She fit it back into her pussy, and bounced like she was riding a horizontal pogo-stick. She screamed out encouragement, filthy words escaping from between her semen-soaked lips.  She screamed, sucked and fucked until it was hard enough to split her in two.  I watched in awe as the black beauty swelled inside of her, balls visibly contracting as they propelled cum outwards.  It shot off inside of her like a firehose, flooding her already semen-soaked pussy with even more sticky seed, blasting like a shotgun deep into her.  It pumped and pumped and pumped until it she must have felt in the back of her throat. 

“FFFUUUCCCCKKKK YEEEESSSSS!!!!!”  She screamed so loudly I thought it would shatter the glass. 

She came like an earthquake hit her, her body giving out as her limbs spasmed and she yelled incoherently.  Falling forward, she only just managed to catch herself on the soft sticky floor, laying there, utterly spent and satisfied.  I could have sworn that big black cock winked at me before disappearing back through that hole.  That entire display was enough to trigger my fourth orgasm.  I had been building this one for a while and when I finally did cum, I fucking blasted.  Squirting like a geyser as I screamed, my sticky sweet lady cum blew across the room, drenching the door in my ejaculate.  And when the spurting finally stopped, I watched with lazy eyes as it dripped down the door, imitating the semen on the other side of the glass. 
Now a little blurrier, Taylor sat up trembling, covered from head to toe in the semen of more men then I had counted.  The freshest load dribbled out of her pussy, further coating the already sticky floor. She rubbed her jaw and pussy, sore from the pounding and blowing they had received and given.  As I finally closed my legs and tossed the wet pink vibrator aside, I watched as she slowly began to lick the congealing jism off of her body. The expression on her face was like that of fine food connoisseur enjoying an expensive meal. 

“Hmmm…empty holes…blank spaces…there’s something there.” 

Apparently, her writing slump was over.  A wide smile broke out over her spunk-splattered face.  This had been a great idea, for both of us really.  Now it was time to get cleaned up and get out of here.   

Cole sat slack-jawed on the couch as Cara finished her story.  Taylor was looking at him very coyly, trying gauging his reaction. Cole went to speak, but found his mouth very dry. 

He cleared his throat and said, “Wow Cara.  Swift? That.  That was. Umm.”

“A lot?”  Cara asked.  “Yea it was.”

“I still can’t believe you watched me.  You promised you wouldn’t!  And that is not where I got the inspiration from Blank Space from!”  Said Taylor.

Cara shrugged and looked around for another bottle of wine.  Taylor looked at her model friend and then back at Cole.  Very suddenly, she stood up and stormed out of the room.  Cara’s eyes followed her.

“Better follow her mate.”  She said to Cole, who was already getting up.

Taylor was standing in the hallway, arms wrapped around herself.  Cole came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her.  She spoke first.   

“I should have never let Cara tell that story.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I did that.  I’m sorry.  Now you think I’m some insatiable cock-craving slut.”

“Oh Swift…” He said, squeezing her tight in his arms and flashing a grin.  “I already knew that.” 

“Shut up!” Said Taylor, playfully slapping his arm.

“But seriously, I know you too well to ever think that.  You were horny, you fixed it.  Nothing to be ashamed of.  Besides, what I was going to say before you left is that was way hot.” 

She turned around to look at him.  “Really?”

“Fuck yea Swift! Who knew you could handle so much! I’m going to have to step up my game!”

“Mmmmhhhh…” She said, leaning in close for a kiss.  “Your cock is more than enough for me.” 

They kissed, embracing each other tightly in the hallway.  She broke away and looked directly into his eyes, a sly smile forming on her lips. 

“You know… Cara told me about this nice place on 54th street that may or may not have a secret gloryhole in one of the bathroom stalls.”  She looked at him with questioning eyebrows. 

“I’ll get my coat.”  Said Cole immediately.

“Cara!” Taylor called out.  “We’re going out for a bit!  Don’t wait up!”

The British model mumbled something in reply.  They both hurried to get ready for a night of fun.

End of Chapter Twelve
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 12 now up! 10/19]
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The best Taylor series, bar none.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 12 now up! 10/19]
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The best Taylor series, bar none.

Thanks so much!

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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 12 now up! 10/19]
« Reply #24 on: October 26, 2018, 02:41:38 PM »

Great work, you are doing a fine job with this series. This is definitely one of the best single celeb centered series I've read in a long time.

Just wanted to let you know, if I ever crank out a solo Britney series, I'll owe you one for inspiration.  ;)
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 12 now up! 10/19]
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Great work, you are doing a fine job with this series. This is definitely one of the best single celeb centered series I've read in a long time.

Just wanted to let you know, if I ever crank out a solo Britney series, I'll owe you one for inspiration.  ;)

Wow!  High praise coming from you!  Thanks! 

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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 12 now up! 10/19]
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Disclaimer: This a work of fiction. It is not real. It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Chapter Thirteen: King of My Heart
Starring Taylor Swift
Codes: MF, Anal, ATM, Bondage, Maledom, Oral, Toys


Cole was excited.  Today was a very special day.  It was his and Taylor’s thirteen-week anniversary.  They had promised one another that they wouldn’t do anything extravagant to celebrate.  Cole had other plans.  Ever since she had dominated him so utterly a few weeks ago, he wanted to turn the tables and give the commands himself.  Their night spent with Camila Cabello had reminded him that Taylor might enjoy being submissive.  He probed until they had an honest conversation about her desires and expectations should a scenario like that ever occur.  Cole took very detailed mental notes and with the proper planning, found himself ready to put everything into action.   

After an enjoyable breakfast, Taylor was just relaxing on the couch, nose buried in a book.  He was in the bedroom, ensuring that everything was ready.  It was.  Heart pounding as he folded a piece of paper, he walked into the other room to Taylor. She looked up at him and smiled as he approached. 

“What’s up babe?” 

Cole said nothing, instead handing her the note.

“What’s this?” 

She looked perplexed as she unfolded the note.  Her eyes grew wide as she read it.

Go into the bedroom and prepare yourself.  You have five minutes. 

When her eyes flicked back to look at Cole, he was already walking away.  Immediately a powerful wave of heat surged to her loins.  She tossed the book aside and skittered on bare feet over to their bedroom. Laid out across the bed were the same set of black ropes she had used on Cole’s during her tour.  Taylor shivered with excitement as she ran over to the bathroom.  She relieved herself, did a quick check, tousling her golden mane and making sure she looked presentable.  She stripped and laid out flat on the bed, fitting the restraints around her wrists and ankles before lying down flat in a spread-eagle position. 

True to his word, Cole entered the room exactly five minutes later.  He looked at Taylor, spread-eagle on the bed, eager and waiting for him.  He tried to keep his face stern, but couldn’t help a quick grin as his erection surged to life within in his pants.  He moved to secure the ropes around her wrists and ankles. She was now unable to move, just as he had been so many weeks ago.  Slowly he stripped until he was fully naked, his hefty shaft swaying in front of him.  He clambered onto the bed and slithered between her divine legs.  He gazed for a moment upon her hot pink twat, a view he never tired of, then dove in face first.  Taylor gasped and shuddered as she felt Cole’s tongue worm it’s way between her most sensitive of lips.  Running his tongue across her labia, he could feel her legs struggling to wrap themselves around his head as he poked deeper into her folds.  She was already remarkably wet, and she grew only wetter as he lapped up the fluids flowing from her love canal.  Cole licked, gulped, slurped and sucked until he was satisfied, coming up for air with sweet nectar shimmering on his chin.  He lined up his stiff cock with her dripping entrance and smacked the head against her lips.  Once. Twice.  Thrice.  Precum rained out with each thump of his mushroom head.  The impact sent shivers through her restrained body. 

“Aren’t you going to ask me anything Taylor?”  Cole said, holding himself back as he rubbed his precum into her folds. 

She groaned, wanting so desperately to just to ride him until neither of them could feel their genitals.  That made her captive body all the hotter.

“FUCK!  PUT IT IN ALREADY!”  She shouted.

Cole wagged a finger in her direction.  “You have to ask nicely.”

Taylor took a breath, trying to calm the urgent need stemming from between her legs and said, “Please put your cock inside of me.”

“Was that so hard?”  Cole asked, before sheathing himself with one swift motion.       

Taylor gave out an almighty shriek as she felt his fat fuckstick fill her up.  He began to thrust, going hard and fast, pounding that pussy like it was his to use. And it was, for today.  The smack of banging genitals filled the room as he slammed his pelvis into hers.  He held himself above her, watching her breasts jiggle with each hump and face contorting with satisfaction. 

“Who owns your pussy?”  He asked in-between grunts. 

“YOU DO!  YOU DO!” She screamed out, going wild. 

 Cole could tell she was already close.  She was so hopped up on arousal from to the restraints that it only took a few more minutes of using her fuckhole until she came. 

“I’M CUMMING!  I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!”  She yelled out again and again. 

Cole allowed her have this first one right away.  He continued his relentless pace as he felt her snatch convulse and take hold of his cock with great force.  Taylor’s body shuddered and she pulled against her fetters as she screamed with orgasmic fury.  Cole never gave her a break as he was close himself.  He wasn’t holding back either.  A few more pumps with his hips and he was ready.  He pulled out and moved up to straddle her chest.  He could feel her nipples, hard as bullets, on his inner thighs as he pointed his loaded member at her face and started jerking. 

“Beg me for it.”  He said in an authoritative tone.  “Go on. Tell me you want me to blast your face with my cum.” 

Taylor nodded her head, blue eyes wide and eager.  She bit her lower lip in anticipation, “Paint my face with your load.   Won’t you please?  I’ve been a good girl.  I’ve followed your instructions.  Now give me my reward!” 

He could tell in the way her body writhed underneath him, she really did want it.  He stroked himself until, with a swift grunt, he released his spunk.  Sperm tore from his dickhead, assaulting Taylor’s face with one long white streak, covering her from chin to forehead.  It was followed by another and another.  Three long lines of cum decorated her face as he continued to rub himself.  He peppered her nose and cheek with a few remaining globules of cum before he relaxed. As the remainder dribbled out of his piss-slit he slapped his cock against her cleaner cheek, squeezing the head and pushing out the last vestiges of semen from his urethra onto her face. Taylor opened her eyes, a bit of cum sticking to her eyelashes.  Her tongue already straining to lick any vestiges of splooge it could reach.  Cole smiled at his handiwork.  He clambered off of her and moved to the nightstand. He wasn’t done with her yet.  Not by a longshot.     

“Cole?”  She asked, shivering with the anticipation of what he had in store for her.

Cole stayed silent as he moved to the nightstand drawer.  Opening it he pulled out a ball gag, black leather with a red rubber ball.  Taylors eyes went wide as he moved over to her. 

“Open up.”  He said sternly. 

She complied with his instruction, opening her mouth wide. He placed the rubber ball into her mouth and secured the straps around her head.  She bit down hard, exposing beautifully white perfect teeth, matching the white goopy seed still adorning her face.  He made no move to clean it off.     
“That’s a good look for you Swift.”  He said, flashing a smile as she rolled her eyes.
Returning to his nightstand, he pulled out another of his surprises.  It was a large violet rabbit vibrator, designed to ensure maximum pleasure for both the clitoris and g-spot.  He looked back at Taylor and turned it on with a buzz, demonstrating the power of the device.  Her eyes went wide as he slowly lubed it up in front of her.  Her body was trembling, pussy quivering yet again as he leaned over to stuff her full of it.  Muffled moans tried, but failed, to escape through the ball-gag.  Gently, but methodically he pushed the sextoy between those velvety folds he had so recently occupied.  Once he fit every inch of the impressive purple tool inside of her, he made sure to adjust the vibrating ears directly on her swollen clit.  Taylor was already fidgeting as pulsations of pleasure originated from between her legs, tearing through the rest of her body.  She closed her eyes, ready to settle in and enjoy the sensations.  She must have thought he was done.  He was not.  Reaching over to the nightstand again, he pulled yet another vibrator. This one was bright yellow and although not as long as the first one, it was far girthier.  He cleared his throat to get her attention.  Her eyes snapped open, pupils already dilated as the buzzing whirred endlessly between her thighs.   

“This one is for your ass.”  Cole said, his face and voice impassive. 

Her eyes widened and she began to shake her head in protest, but then stopped.    Cole checked for their safe signal, but she didn’t use it.  He was clear to proceed.  Her hands were already curled into fists from the wriggling sextoy. Cole lubed up the vibrator, drenching it in the highest quality lube money could buy.  He spared no expense for his plan.  For good measure, he put his head between her thighs, watching the purple plastic cock buzz inside of her before squirting the lube directly onto Taylor’s butthole.  Spreading her cheeks apart, he worked his fingers into her backdoor.  First one, then two, and finally three.  Once he was satisfied that she was ready, he took the yellow vibrator and placed it against her sphincter.  He pushed.   

“MMMHHNNNHHH!!!”  Taylor yelped.

Primal, guttural grunts and gasps forced their way past the ball gag as her back arched and she pulled hard against her ropes.  Cole waited until she relaxed and then continued, the girthy yellow phallic-shaped device slipping inside with a satisfying wet pop.  Once it was firmly lodged inside of her rectum and only the handle was exposed to the light of day, Cole turned it on.  The reaction was instantaneous.  Taylor shook, her frame seizing up before going limp like a ragdoll at the feeling of double penetrating vibrating sextoys.  Cole stood up, cleaned his hands and placed a blindfold around those beautiful blue eyes.  He synced up their special phone with an audio file to the speakers he’d arranged throughout the room.

He started to get dressed and said, “Ok.  I’m going to go out for a bit.” 
“MMMNNHHH-NAHHH-MMHHNNNNN!!”  Said Taylor, shaking her blindfolded head. 
“I’ve got a lot of errands to run.  And just so you know, I can control either vibrator with a simple push of a button.  The apps they have these days are really incredible.”
For dramatic effect he turned the one in her snatch up to maximum.  The buzzing in the room grew even louder.
“MMMMMMMMMHHHHHHH!!!!!”  Screamed Taylor, quaking with the sensation. 
“Now for the one in your butt.”  He said, turning the other one up to maximum as well.
Her body and mind failed her.  Incoherent mumblings accompanied her limp body sinking back onto their bed, unable to process the stimulation she was receiving. He turned the vibrators back down so that Taylor could understand what he was saying. 
“While I’m gone, I’ve left you some instructions. It will tell you when to cum.  You are only allowed to cum when you hear me give you permission.  Is that clear?” 

Taylor didn’t immediately answer.  He flicked the anal vibrator up a notch.  Her body reacted, jolting with the stimulation.   

“Swift?  Is that clear?” 

A gentle moan of affirmation came from between her gagged lips.

“Good.  Bye-bye Swift.  Be a good girl and follow my directions.”  He said, turning on the recording

The sound of his voice filled the room as he checked for the safe signal one last time, before shutting the door and leaving her there to his devices.  He grabbed his checklist on the way out and turned up both vibrators to maximum.  As he made his way past the security team and into the waiting car, he checked his watch.  Right on schedule.  You see, Cole had a dilemma.  What could you possibly get Taylor Swift for a present?  The global superstar could have anything she wanted at the press of a button.  So, Cole decided to give her the one thing he had always been good at giving her. Orgasms.  Thirteen to be precise.  At least, that was the plan.  Thirteen in one day to celebrate their thirteen-week anniversary.  Cole was all too familiar with Taylor’s obsession of the number thirteen.  So, he had planned a lovely day of domination in order to achieve it.  So far everything was going well.  Right about now, Taylor should have been having her second one. 

As the car pulled away, Cole pulled out his phone and turned down both vibrators.   Few people could take both of those at maximum for too long and he didn’t want to wear her out too quickly.  He had an appointment with Taylor’s favorite florist across town, to check that his floral arrangement was suitable and ready.  Then it was off to the most exclusive grocery store he could find to buy ingredients for the meal he would prepare tonight.  Hopefully all her lessons in the kitchen would pay off.


About three hours later, Cole arrived back at the apartment. He kept careful track of time, every few minutes fiddling with his phone, cranking up the sex toys to maximum overdrive or winding them down to the hum of gentle buzzing bees.  Just outside the door to the apartment he turned both up to maximum and made his way through the luxurious space, dropping off the groceries as he went.  He could hear primal grunts of ecstasy coming from his kingdom, better known as Taylor Swift’s bedroom.  He opened the door and stood there, just watching her squirm.  At the sight he could feel all of the blood rush out of his body and directly into his rapidly swelling penis.  Smiling widely, he turned off the recording of his commands and spoke.

“Hello Taylor.  I’m back.” 

She gave a positive groan of affirmation. 

“I’m going to untie you in a moment.”

She actually looked relieved to have a break from the vibrating plastic cocks in both her holes. 

“But!  You have to cum for me.  Right here. Right now.” 

I watched as her body obeyed my commands.  Her back arched as her muscles contracted, accentuating her already fit form.  Strained ropes creaked loudly, audible even over the furious hum of the vibrators.  Cole moved closer, sitting down on the bed next to her sweat-soaked figure.  He lightly brushed some damp hair off her forehead, noting the dry cum still present there.  At his gentle touched, her body tensed.   

“Cum Swift.  Cum for me right now.” 

Her back arched higher and higher, until she lifted herself off the bed.  Cole reached down and grabbed the wildly undulating purple vibrator between her thighs and thrust it out and in with three quick motions.  A jet of hot sticky lady love juice squirted from her pulsating pussy.  Cole looked on in surprise, but didn’t stop working the vibrator even as she blasted out wave after wave, drenching his arm, her thighs and the sheets of their bed with her cum.  When the gushing slowed to a trickle, she collapsed, sinking into their ludicrously soft and now soaking wet sheets.  Cole took a quick lick, tasting her fluids on his hand before generously turning off both vibrators off and removing the blindfold and ball-gag.  She was still incoherent as Cole sat there, waiting for any sense to come back to her.   

“Oh Cole…” Was the first thing she managed to utter. 

“Uh-uh.  Sir or Mr. Stephens.  Now, tell me. Did you keep track of your orgasms like a good girl?”

“Yes…yes sir.”  She said, opening her blue eyes which were still clouded in a post-orgasm haze.

The erection in his pants gave a throb at being addressed as so. 

“How many did you have Taylor?” 

“Eight…sir.”  She said, smiling and closing her eyes again. 

“Including the one before I left?” 

“Oh no…nine then…”

Nine!  Perfect. That was the exact number he had planned, including the one he had just given her. 

“Good girl.  I’m going to untie you and let you get cleaned up.  Wipe that cum off your face.  Drink some water.  But your butt stays stuffed.  Understand?”

She nodded dazedly.  He untied her, for the moment.  He removed the purple vibrator.  It took her several attempts for her to stand up and when she did, she had to clutch the wall for support as she stumbled her way to the bathroom.  The anal vibrator stuck out from between her perky cheeks like a stubby yellow tail.  He allowed her a few minutes to do what she wanted, as he got undressed and grabbed a new pair of silk ropes.  She stumbled back out into the room with a freshly washed face.  Cole stood up and faced her.   

“On your knees.” 

She complied, kneeling on the rug in front of him.  Her face at eye level with his hard pole.  Automatically she opened her mouth to accept his slab of man-meat. 

“Not yet.”  Said Cole. “Place your arms behind your back.”

She did so.  Cole moved behind her with the silken ropes in hand.  He wrapped her wrists together, then looped her ankles, before pulling them tight and securing them with a quick knot.  If only the Boy Scouts could see what he was using his knot-tying abilities for now.  Then he moved back to the front of Taylor, whose hands were tied to her ankles, essentially hogged-tied.  She swayed a little, still dizzy from her orgasms. 

“Make that pretty mouth useful.  Suck my cock.”  Said Cole, thrusting his member into her pouty pink lips. 

“Yes sir.”  She said, opening wide and taking him deep, staring up at him with big blue eyes.

Cole started off slowly enough, swaying slightly as Taylor sucked him hard.  She probably couldn’t even remember her own name right now, but her mouth still knew how to suck cock.  Vacuum-sealed lips slid along his shaft, leaving behind a thin layer of slick spit. Taylor cooed and slurped as she quickly took every inch of him into her talented mouth.  As soon as she released him to take a breath, Cole gripped fistfuls of her golden mane.  He pushed his way back inside and began to rock his hips ever so slowly.

“Do you want to get face-fucked?”  He asked, a wicked tone of glee in his voice.

Taylor blinked at him with wide eyes, unable to answer with a mouth stuffed full of cock.  She gave him an affirmative grunt, the sparkle back in her eyes. He kept a firm grip on her head as he plunged repeatedly into her oral cavity.  She needed him too, as her sense of balance had yet to return to her.  Taylor made no protest, only gagged on his cock as spittle soon began to overflow her pink lips down her chin and her eyes began to water. 


Those were the only sounds coming from her now.  He loved those sounds.  He reached one hand down to pinch her nose as he jammed his cock further in and held it there.  Her face went beet red as she choked on his dick.  He released her after a few moments so she could attend to his balls. Coughing and spluttering, but obedient, she used her nose to lift his cock out of the way as her lips latched onto his nutsack, sucking fiercely, bathing each semen-filled sphere in more saliva.  The spit slicked off his member onto the bridge of her nose, making an even further mess of her face.  As she finished tongue-fucking each of his testicles, he reached down and lifted her up, tossing her onto the bed.  She flopped down on her stomach, unable to catch herself and looked up at him again. He lined myself up with her face again and shoved his cock back inside her money-maker.  She took it all without complaint or protest, happy to have a real dick inside one of her holes.  He held her head in place again and fucked her face some more until he was good and ready for something else.  Pausing to let her catch her breath, he untied her.  It was temporary.  He indicated the black ropes at the top of the bed and in an instant her arms were tied up again.  He left her legs free this time. 

Lining himself up with her soaked pussy, he slid back inside. Reaching down to her butt, he cranked the setting on the anal vibrator.  Taylor gave a gasp at sudden stimulation in both her holes.  Cole groaned himself.  Just about the whole time he’d been running errands, he’d been sporting a hard-on.  Being inside of her was the only cure.  The fake dick vibrated with such ferocity that he could feel it on his dick as he began to slide in and out of her.  The buzzing and her filled backdoor added to his own stimulation, making her pussy as tight as a virgin’s.  He laid down on top of her as he fucked her and she lifted her legs, wrapping them around him. His lips were on hers as their tongues twisted in tandem with one another.  He could feel the end of the vibrator buzzing against his nutsack every time he slammed his hips.  Taylor got louder and louder and louder, already very primed for yet another orgasm.

“Do not cum yet Taylor.”  Said Cole warningly.  “I’m not finished with you.” 

“Yes.  Sir. Yes.  Sir.”  She repeated with every thrust, but Cole could tell she was losing the battle. 

She tried to fight but, in the end, she lost.  Eyes rolled back into her head as muscles strained and she shuddered, screaming out.  Cole felt the walls around his dick tighten, trying to squeeze more cum out of him.  He stopped his humping and pulled out as she continued cumming without him.  She noticed when he turned the vibrator off, looking around wildly at the sudden lack of stimulation.       
“No!  Please! Put it back in!  Please.  Please. Please.  I’ll do anything!  Just put it back in!”  Taylor said, still twitching and spasming from her orgasm. 
“I told you not to cum!”  Said Cole, his voice stern. 
“I’m sorry!  It just felt so good!  I couldn’t help it!  Please. Please.  Please.  Just put it back in.  PLEASE!”
“A bad girl that doesn’t listen to instructions needs to be punished.  Come here.” Said Cole, freeing her arms from their restraints with a tug. 
He indicated his lap and Taylor crawled over to him.  Laying across his lap, she squashed his slick member against her torso.  Her bubbly butt was thrust upwards in the air, the vibrator still peeking out.  He raised his hand high and brought it down onto one plump cheek with a hard smack that echoed throughout the room.  Taylor gave a muffled squeak, biting down on a bit of blanket. 
“Bad girls get spanked!”  Cole said, raising his hand high again and smacking her in the same spot. 
Taylor squealed again, somewhere between pleasure and pain.  He spanked her again and again until her both cheeks were burning red.  After he doled out his punishment, he rolled her back onto the center of the bed. 
“Will you be a good girl and follow my instructions?”
“Yes sir.  I promise.  Just stick your cock back in me…please…sir.” 
She got on all fours as he grabbed the silk rope again.  Wrapping it gently around her neck, he fashioned a makeshift collar.  Then he slid back inside of her while giving a tug with the silk. Taylor moaned as he entered her, growing louder with each insertion.  With his free hand he grabbed the end of the vibrator, beginning to slide it in and out of her poop chute.  He would sheath himself fully inside of her just as he pulled the vibrator further out, then he would slide out to the crown and plunge the vibrator back in. That method proved quite effective. Within minutes, Taylor was begging to cum again. 

“Please sir.  Let me cum. I have cum to so bad.  I can’t take it anymore.  Please let me cum.  Oh please. PLEASE SIR!” 

Her whole body was shaking from the effort of holding back her orgasm.  Cole continued to mercilessly pound both her holes.  Just when he thought she was about to break, he granted her permission.

Without breaking his stride, he whispered, “You may cum Taylor.”

Taylor didn’t even have time to utter a thank you.  She came instantly, more pussy juice squirting out of her as Cole pounded her with his real cock and a fake one.  She sprayed the already wet sheets even further and collapsed as her limbs gave out.  Cole allowed his member to enjoy the open air for a moment while she recovered.  When he pushed back into her, he misjudged the angle and found himself pressing against her occupied butthole.  Her limp form cooed slightly as he prodded her.  Cole looked down at his dick and then at end of the vibrator.  An idea formed in his head.  A naughty one. 

“Tell me Swift.  Who owns this asshole?” 

“You do…” She whispered faintly. 

Steeling himself, he pressed his slick head against her stretched brown-eyed willy as he pulled the vibrator out.  Taylor gave an audible gasp at the sudden feeling of emptiness.  It made her sad.  Cole quickly replaced it with his cock, drenching it in copious amounts of lube.  The gaping hole accommodated him easily as he slid himself inside.  Even as he started to fuck her, he could feel her rectum retightening around his slippery member.  He needed to hurry.  Quickly applying more lube to the vibrator, he brought it down between her rippling butt cheeks.  He placed it next to his sliding shaft.  Taylor felt the intrusion of the second large plastic head.     
“Sir?  What are you doing?”  Asked Taylor breathlessly.  “I’ve already got something quite big up there.”
“I own this asshole.  It can and will fit more.”  Said Cole.  “Better make room for this vibrator Swift, its going right up there next to my cock.”
The entire time, Cole was on edge looking for the safe sign or listening for the safe word, but it never came.  She really was quite the obedient girl.  He pushed the girthy tip further, Taylor biting down on the sheets as her sphincter stretched to accommodate two large cocks.  Her hand slithered under her body to stroke her clit as he pushed further. 

“You like that, don’t you?  Two cocks at once?  You really are an anal slut?  Isn’t that right Swift?”

“Yes. Sir.”  She released the words with two quick breaths. 

“Yes, you are.  Two cocks up that perky little behind of yours must feel good.  Does it feel good Taylor?”

“Yes, it DOOOEEEESSS!!!!”  She screamed the last word as the thickest part of the vibrator slipped past her sphincter sliding deeper into her rectum. 

Now with both cocks, one real and one fake, secured in her backside, Cole began to fuck her.  On the topside of his cock, he could feel the plastic of the vibrator, but everything else was soft and wet.  He turned it on.  A low setting.  The buzzing sensation bolted through both of them as it strained against the stretched walls of her rectum.  She felt like she was going to be ripped in half, but the pleasure was so mind-numbingly good that she couldn’t care less.  For Cole, he had never felt a sensation this tight and snug around his dick before.  Combine this with the feeling of the pulsating sex toy pressed against direct his member, he was also in pure bliss as he moved his hips faster.  He kept a firm hold on the end of the vibrator, moving it in and out with slowly motions even as he increased the speed of his own hips. Taylor had shoved plenty of things up her ass before, cocks and vibrators alike, but never two at once. She wasn’t sure that she ever trusted anyone as much as she trusted Cole to do this as she felt the vibrator slip another inch or two deeper into her rectum as he notched up the speed.  That feeling of trust and the feeling of both pricks in her asshole made her cum.  Instantly.   

Cole decided to let that one slide.  In part because he was having trouble focusing on anything but the absurdly tight sensation wrapped around his dick.  Getting into a rhythm, Cole turned up the vibrations even higher as he slid his cock in and out of her stretched asshole.  Her butt was thrust up into the air, face buried in the sheets, screaming every time he or the vibrator pushed into her.  Cole continued like that for as long as he could, but it wasn’t long before her tight colon got the better of him, demanding the semen from his balls as tribute. 

“Going.  To. Cum.” 

“BLAST THAT LOAD UP MY ASS PLEASE SIR!”  Taylor yelled, her voice somewhat muffled because it was buried in the sheets. 

He gave a few more thrusts, but couldn’t hold back anymore. His pent-up load of sticky semen shot out of his cock, coating the insides of her rectum.  Taylor gave a grunt of ecstasy as she felt a hot sensation fire up her backside.  As he blew wad after wad, Taylor felt another orgasm steamroll over her, sending sizzling pleasure coursing through the rest of her body.  Panting and doing a quick count, Cole pulled out of her asshole with a slurp.  The vibrator soon followed.  He stared down at the gigantic gaping dark chasm before him.  As Taylor moaned, incoherent from all her orgasms, Cole took two fingers and plunged them back into the backdoor he had just vacated. He reached his fingers down her poop chute until he felt his warm seed on his fingers.  He scooped out some with fingers, until they were coated milky white. Returning them to open air, he brought those fingers up to Taylor’s mouth who opened automatically. 
“Good girl.  Eat up.”  Said Cole, who stuck his fingers into her mouth.   
Taylor closed her lips tight, sucking off every last drop of anus-flavored semen from her lovers’ fingers.  She smiled, eyes still closed as the taste washed over her tongue and she swallowed it down.  Once his fingers were clean, Cole removed them. 
“I know how much you love ass-semen, you dirty cumslut.  Isn’t that right?” 

“Yes sir.  I love your sweet cum.  Especially after its been up my tiny little asshole.  May I have some more?”

“It’s not so tiny anymore.  It’s all stretched out now.”  Cole said, presenting his deflating cock for her too clean as he reached his fingers around for some more.

Taylor opened her mouth meekly, sucking his member clean of the combination of ass, semen, lube and spit smeared over it.  When she released him, he reinserted his fingers into her sore butthole and scooped out some more cum.  He held it up her mouth and she opened obligingly, dutifully licking his fingers clean.   

“Good girl.  Now what do you say Swift?” 
“Thank you, sir.”
“For what?”
“Thank you for all the orgasms and your delicious load.”
“Good girl.”  Said Cole, flopping down and releasing Taylor from any further obligations.
She snuggled up next to him and sleep overtook both their exhausted bodies.  Cole awoke to the ring of his alarm a few hours later.  Dusky sunlight wormed its way through the window.  He silenced it quickly, looking over to see if it had woken. Taylor.  Thankfully after today she was pretty spent.  He got up, tiptoeing out of the room to begin his dinner preparations.  Just as he was finishing up, his flowers arrived.  The bright arrangement of orchids and hydrangeas were perfect.  Taylor’s cats meowed lazily as he arranged the table with his meal and flowers.  Just as he laid the last fork down, Taylor entered the room, walking very gingerly.
“Cole?  What’s all this? 
He turned around and looked at her.  Even in pajamas with bedhead, she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. 
“Happy thirteen-week anniversary!” 
Eyes went wide as she moved over, hugging and kissing him.  “We promised we wouldn’t do anything special!” 
“I definitely already broke that promise, so I figured, what the hell.”
“To be honest, I thought tying me up was your present.” 
“Part of it.  After dinner I’ve got one more to give you.  It’s has to be a solid thirteen.”
Taylor looked at him quizzically as she tried to puzzle the meaning of his words Then it hit her.  “Oh.  My. God.  Thirteen.  Thirteen orgasms!  You sly bastard.”  Cole smiled coyly as she shook her head from side to side.  “Let’s start with dinner, then we’ll see about number thirteen.  It looks and smells fantastic by the way.”
He drew a cushioned chair for her.  She accepted graciously and immediately leaned in to smell the flowers. 
“These are beautiful!  My favorites!”  She said, looking at Cole adoringly.  “You know. I got you something too.”
“What’s that?” 
“A vacation.  I’ve cleared my schedule and I’ve got two whole weeks of no commitments. Just you and me.  Wherever and whatever we want to do.  How does that sound?”
“It’s sound perfect.”  He said, looking at his American queen. 

Even after everything today, he wanted to take her right there in the dining room.  Dinner first. Then he’d make sure she got number 13.

End of Chapter Thirteen
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 13 now up! 11/08]
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.  It is not real.  It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such. 

Chapter Fourteen: Getaway Car
Starring Taylor Swift
Codes: MF, Handjob, Oral, Public, Roleplay


Taylor’s fortnight of freedom was still a couple of weeks away, so the pair put their heads together to plan the best vacation possible.   Cole had countless hours of vacation stored up, even if his boss had balked at the idea of him being out of the office any length of time, let alone two weeks.  They decided it would be fair for each of them to get one week to do whatever they wanted.  A quick game of Rock, Paper, Scissors dictated that Cole got first week and Taylor the second.  Cole already knew what he wanted, to drive across the country, see it from the road rather than the air.  He’d always had an excuse for why he couldn’t do it.  The timing was never right, the company lacking. That was different now. 

So, when their precious free time came around, the couple found themselves cruising down the highway in the most luxurious of sportscars.  Cole sat behind the wheel of a freshly purchased 2018 GranTurismo MC Maserati.  The engine was loud, accelerator light as a feather with dark windows.  The sleek design of the sportscar was bright red, the same exact shade of bright red that Taylor so often favored.  Currently, music was blaring so loud from the speakers that it rattled their bones as they tore down the highway, the speed limit a distant thought in their head.  He glanced over at his partner in crime, wind whipping through her golden locks as she sang her heart out to the latest top 40 hits.  Her dark Ray Ban sunglasses framed her face perfectly, lips bright red, dressed casually in high-waisted shorts that showed off her legs and a tight sweater.  Her definition of casual was different than most people’s.  It was all too much.  The car was perfect.  The girl was perfect.  The weather was perfect.  He put his foot down and the engine roared beneath them, streaking them away into their vacation.   


A couple of hours later and they were still somewhere in Pennsylvania.  Taylor was fidgety, eyes roaming around the car, looking for something to entertain her.  Her eyes roamed over Cole as he worked the transmission, switching between gears with flawless ease.  Those blue beauties moved past the smooth sleek cylindrical rod, to a fleshier one concealed only by a thin layer denim.  Her perfectly manicured fingers trailed lightly up his muscular arm, gripping his shoulder, massaging it slowly.  He smiled but didn’t say anything.  He didn’t say anything as her hand moved onto his chest, feeling the hard muscles there.  He didn’t even say anything as her other hand grazed his inner thigh, his cock beginning to swell as she did so.  His jeans began to resemble a pitched tent as they tightened.
Finally, he needed to ask.  “Swift? What are you doing?”       

“Oh, nothing.”  She said, pulling off her dark shades and batting her eyelashes, a voice dripping with feigned innocence.  “You just focus on working the stick shift.  And I’ll focus on working this one.” 

Her hands gripped the outline of his stiff member, guiding it until it looked like a snake had slithered down his pantleg.  He made no move to stop her.  What sane person would?  Instead, he placed both hands on the wheel and gulped loudly, trying to keep calm despite the pounding in his chest.  Watching intently, she painstakingly undid his belt, button and pulled down his fly. Wriggling in his seat, she tugged down his underwear and freed his cock.  It shot up like a private hearing a drill sergeant call for attention.  Taylor must have been feeling particularly frisky to risk such a public display of eroticism.  The windows were tinted, but not blackout and the car sat very low on the ground.  He still wasn’t complaining. 

“I’m pretty sure you’re harder than the stick shift.”  She said giggling and fisting his prick tightly. 

Beginning to work her toned arm up and down, she leaned over his lap to produce a long line of spittle from between puckered red lips.  Cole could see the lengthy string of saliva momentarily connect her mouth and his cock in the reflection of his window even as he felt the warm spit trickle down his rock-hard shaft. Methodically, she lubed up his cock, spitting more as needed as he shifted to a lower speed, trying desperately to focus on anything but the steady rhythmic motion of her hand.   

“It’s a long trip Cole, I have to make sure everything is properly lubricated.” 

Her hand started to jerk faster as she straightened back up in her seat.  His eyes flicked to the side to watch her own hand slip beneath her shorts, feeling the dampness no doubt present there. 

He panted harder, his chest thumping as his vision blurred, cars becoming shimmers blurs while they honked, angrily flying past them.  He switched over to automatic drive, barely able to keep the car on the road.

“Careful now darling.  We don’t want to get pulled over like this.  Think of the scandal!”  She said mockingly, her hand now a blur, arm pumping away furiously.

He let out a low moan, “Daaammmnnnn… Swift. Oh God.  Fuck.” 

“Hmmm, you like that baby?”

He nodded his agreement, not trusting himself to form any more words as a minivan with a family of six sped by them.

“Then you’ll really like this.” 

She leaned over, dropped her head and wrapped those bright red lips around his cock. 

“FUCK!”  He swore loudly, jerking the steering wheel as the car swerved out of the lane. 

He quickly fought to regain control to the chorus of angry honking.  One guy flipped him the bird as he sped by.  A trucker pulled alongside them and glancing down from his cabin, gave Cole the thumbs up when he saw what was transpiring in the sportscar.  Thankfully all he could see was a blonde head bobbing up and down over his lap.  Taylor took all of him, swallowing him right down to the base, nose digging into his thigh. She held him there, encircling his shaft with her tongue as she deep-throated him.  Dragging her lips upwards across the thick shaft, she only parted them after kissing the tip, slurping the ooze of precum gathered there. Cole was panting like he was running a marathon, his knuckles white as he gripped the steering wheel for dear life. Her head descended again, dipping up and down with a perfect tempo that only a musician could manage.  She guzzled him deep, choking for a moment causing Cole’s toes to curl as he pressed down on the accelerator.   The engine roared into life as they jumped forward. 

Taylor came up for air, her chin wet with spit, lipstick smeared and whispered huskily into his ear, “Do I rev your engine Cole?” 

He didn’t have time to respond before she brought her lips back down, latching them onto the mushroom head and sucking with the power of a vacuum cleaner.  Her hand stroked the shaft, doing her best to match the speed of the firing pistons.  It was too much.  He couldn’t take it anymore. 

“Swift!  Cumming!”  He blurted out as he slowed down even further, spots in his vision and head spinning as the semen bubbled up from his swollen balls.   

Taylor took him all the way down to those cum churning orbs as his shaft went rigid, swelling with cum before blasting it out.  His erupting cockhead spewed his sticky wet wad straight down her throat. She didn’t even really get to taste it as he deposited it directly to her tummy.  She gulped down the creamy treat like it was a milkshake, finally releasing him with a *POP* as she came off the tip.  Then she sat back up in her seat, staring at him.       

“That was the perfect snack, I was just starting to get hungry.”  She said, wiping her chin of any excess spit or cum that might still be present there and checking her smeared lips in the mirror.

“Mhhhmmmm… Cole groaned, his voice about an octave higher than usual.

She put her sunglasses back on, smiling as she turned up the radio.


Three days later and the road trip was going splendidly.  The sights.  The sounds. The smells.  The sex.  It was a nonstop bangfest.  Cole was fairly certain Taylor wanted to see just how many different states they could do it in before the trip was over.   Luxurious hotel suites.  Back alleys of restaurants.  Even one disgusting rest stop bathroom.  She was insatiable.  It was dark out as they found themselves on a back-country road somewhere in Colorado as they drove to an exclusive and out-of-the-way residence where they would spend the night before continuing on.  She kept throwing him glances from her position behind the wheel.

“That’s it. I can’t wait any longer.”  She said, slamming on the brakes and pulling over to the side of the road. 

She shut the car off with the push of a button.  There were no other cars on the road, nor had they seen any for the last 15 minutes.  Her security detail knew to hang back a respectable distance.  The forest was thick on either side of them as Cole looked over at her.  Any questions died upon his lips as she threw herself on top of him, straddling his lap and bumping her head against the roof in excitement. 

“Shit!” She swore before pressing her lips against his with wild abandon.

Cole fiddled with the seat, pushing it as far back as it would go as she hiked up her skirt.  His hands moved to her waist, holding her hips as she rubbed her crotch against his. Her hands reached down to fumble with his belt as he kissed her neck, hard enough to leave a mark.  She gasped in pleasure at the hot suction, fervently struggling to tear his pants off. 

“Give me that fucking cock!”  She shouted into his ear as she finally managed to pull it out. 

He jabbed her blindly with his prick, smearing precum along her thigh as he blindly searched for her pussy.  Her hand shot down beneath her skirt to shift her panties aside and guide him into her. Sweet warmth enveloped his member as she sank down onto him, both of them exerting primal grunts as he filled her completely.  There was no easing into it.  Taylor had one knee wedged against the door the other perched precariously on the middle console.  She clutched fistfuls of his shirt, yanking him closer as she stuck her tongue down his throat.  Her muscular legs provided the leverage and force as she began to ride him up and down like a jackhammer.  Fingers dug into flesh, a hand on each perky buttcheek, driving her downwards with each wet slap of flesh.  He drove his hips upwards, feet planted firmly on the floor as the car rocked back and forth with their carnal exertions.  Windows became wet and steamy, condensation dripping down the interior as their hot breath intermingled with the stale air and the pervasive smell of banging genitals filling the airtight space. 

“COLE! FUCK YES!  FUCK YES!”  She called out, biting his lower lip as one hand moved to brace her banging head against the ceiling and the other streaked down the wet window, searching for a better grip.

“THAT’S RIGHT!  TAKE IT! TAKE THAT FUCKING COCK”  He shouted back, equally as loud and turned on as she was, using every fiber of his being to try and slam his cock as deep into her as humanly possible. 

Taylor rode him relentlessly as she bounced up and down on his pogo stick.  She fucked him with the ferocity of someone who hadn’t had sex in months, despite the surprise he’d given her that morning. Her tight snatch gushed like a waterfall, as it closed around his member, literally trying to suck the cum out of him.  Taylor knew just the right speed, angle and force to smack down on him.  Within minutes he was ready to explode like he also hadn’t had sex in months.     

“Swift. Have to cum…soon!”  He said through gritted teeth. 

“MORE!” Taylor demanded, her eyes screwed shut, sweat beading on her forehead as she brought her entire weight down on him, faster than ever before.

The undercarriage of the car threatened to scrape the ground beneath with the force rocking it.  He was not going to disappoint Taylor Swift.  Not ever.  Cole focused all his concentration, holding off cumming with a herculean effort as he slid a sole finger between her bouncing buttocks, keeping a firm grip with his others.  He swiped a bit of the fluid gushing out of her and the sweat sliding down her buttcrack as he prodded her backdoor with his finger.  She slipped easily past her sphincter, curling his finger as he tickled her colon.   

“YYYYYEEESSSS!!!!”  Taylor groaned as she felt his finger plugged her butthole, priming her to cum.  “THAT’S IT!  THAT’S IT!” 

She slammed down one final time, impaling herself utterly and completely as Cole felt her pussy convulse and squeeze his member tight, orgasming spectacularly. Her body shook violently as her arms flailed around, searching for something to grab onto.  Blissfully freed of his obligation, Cole released, squirting his hot load upwards like a rocket ship into her cumming snatch.  Taylor screamed louder, threatening to shatter the windows as she felt the fiery baby batter erupt into life inside of her. Out in the forest, deer a mile away turned and the fled, spooked by the ferocity of the sound.  Emptying his balls into her, they both sat still as Cole felt a potent mixture of both their seed drip steadily down his balls onto the black leather beneath him.  She kissed him again, clambering off and flopping back into the driver’s seat, cum dripping from her pussy the whole time.  She brushed the sweaty hair off of her forehead, checked her appearance in the rear-view mirror and cleared her throat.       

“How far are we away?”  She asked, turning the car back on.   

“Ummm…” Cole said as he tucked himself back into his pants, ignoring the wet stains of love juice pooling in his lap.  “It says six minutes.  You just couldn’t wait, could you?”

“Damn right I couldn’t, and you’d better be ready for another round as soon as we get to our room.”  Taylor said, pulling back out onto the road. 

His balls were going to be dryer than the Sahara by the end of this road trip. 


“License and registration Miss.”  Officer Stephens said, standing on the side of the road, the dry desert heat washing over him as he looked around the desolate landscape. 

They were somewhere in the Mojave Desert on a long lonely stretch of highway.  Cole was wearing what appeared to be a stripper’s police uniform.  Either that or it was a child’s Halloween costume.  You could easily make out each ab in his six pack through the thin navy button-up.  His short-shorts were so tight that it appeared he was carrying a concealed weapon down the front of them.  Taylor sat in the driver’s seat, hair windswept, eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses. Even so, Cole could tell that it was taking every ounce of effort for her not to jump him and tear his clothes off. Instead she continued with the charade that she had orchestrated.  She handed over both her license and registration.  Cole took the documents, pretending to check them before handing them back. 

“Miss Swift, do you know how fast you were going?”

“I’m not sure officer.  It couldn’t have been that fast.”  She said, leaning forward so he got a good view of her cleavage down her tight body-hugging shirt.  She was laying on the southern accent very thickly.   

“It was 120.  In a 75.  That’s going to be quite the ticket.” 

“Oh no!  Not another ticket!  Please officer, there must be something I can do!  I really can’t afford to get another ticket!” 

It was like something out of a cheesy porno. Cole suspected that was by design. After all, she had brought the uniform and she was the one who had brought the scenario up last night after another sweaty naked humping session. 

“You’ll do…anything?”  He said, eying the leggy blonde up and down.   

“Yes officer.  Anything.” 

“How about you flash me those tits?” 

Shock was etched upon her faced, red lips opened wide in a perfect-O.  “My breasts? You want to see my breasts?”

Cole nodded mutely, waiting for her to remove her shirt.  Taylor slowly began to unbutton her white blouse, teasing the black bra she had on underneath.  Once her shirt was removed, she held her arms over her bra.

“Now the bra.”

Her lips trembled as she reached behind herself and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor of the car. Slowly she removed her arms, revealing her perky bosom and pink nipples, each currently stiff as the cock in his pants. 

“Like this officer?”  She asked. 

“That’s good, but not good enough to get out of a ticket this size.  Play with yourself.”

Again, she looked shocked.  “Oh, my goodness!  Officer, how inappropriate!” 

“Do you want me to write up this ticket or not?” 

“I don’t want the ticket.” 

“Then get over here in this seat, spread your legs and let me see you rub that pussy.” 

Taylor did as she was asked, Cole opening the passenger side door as she clambered over.  She sat with her legs out of the car, shimmied out of her shorts and spread them wide.  She hadn’t even bothered to put on panties today.  She started to rub two fingers against her already glistening snatch. She looked up at him, eyes still hidden behind dark sunglases.

“Is this what you wanted?” 

Cole was pretty sure that he was going to split his uniform with the boner he was sporting.  It was taking all his willpower not to fuck her right there.   

“Use this.”  He said, handing over his large black nightstick hanging from his belt.
“Oh my!  It’s so big!”

She had one leg pressed against the open door, the other, higher up on the door frame of the car.  She accepted the nightstick and began to tease her twat with it, rubbing the hard-black surface over her soft velvety lips.  Taylor lubed it up with her own fluids before sinking into her silky box.  Cole stood there watching as more and more of the dark nightstick disappeared into her ravenous snatch, her moans intensifying. 

“Is this good officer?  Is this what you wanted?”

“Mmhmmm…yes…” Cole said, finally relieving himself and literally tearing his trousers apart.

His concealed weapon sprang forward, locked, loaded and ready to go.  He fisted his own member and started to stroke it, watching her.  Taylor looked at it, mouth agape.

“Oh my goodness!  That’s quite the weapon you are packing!”   

“Why don’t you get over here and inspect it for me?  And you’d better do a hell of a job if you want to avoid this ticket.” 

“Yes sir.”  Said Taylor, dropping the nightstick and bringing her legs down. 

Taylor knelt down as Cole threw a discarded jacket on the hard-black asphalt.  She still winced slightly at the hard, hot sensation on her kneecaps.  Still, she opened wide and took his throbbing prick into her mouth, red lips quickly devouring the shaft in its entirety.

“Very good Ms. Swift.”  Cole said, feeling the sweet relief of her soft, wet mouth.   

She slobbered her way up and down his shaft, hands gently playing with his testicles until he gripped a handful of her golden mane.  Holding her in place, he shoved his cock in deep, keeping it there as she choked on it. She coughed and spluttered as he released her, only to begin thrusting in and out, using her mouth as little more than his own personal fuckhole.   

*GLUG*GLUG*GLUG* She gulped down his cock like a pro, but even she couldn’t hold in the waterfall of drool streaming down her chin as Cole humped her face.  When he thought she’d had enough, he released her and she took great gasps of air, wiping her chin free of saliva and the tears from behind her sunglasses. 

“I want that pussy too, if you want to avoid the ticket that is.” 

“Hmmm?  Oh yes.  Right. The ticket.  Officer, I’ve got a nice soft holster for that weapon of yours.”

She stood up, ready to accept him.  He spun her around and she heard the jingle of handcuffs as Cole hooked one wrist to the other.  He bent her over the hood of the car, still the same color as her ruined lipstick and the smears decorating his cock.  She posed for him, sticking her behind and engorged wet pussy out in the dry air.  He grabbed the discarded nightstick again and stuck it back into her pussy.  She cooed loudly as she felt the rigid plastic instrument penetrate her deep as Cole pumped his own cock.  When he grew bored with it, he tossed it to the side, lining up his primary tool of choice and slamming into her with a grunt.  Her torso wedged between the car and his jackhammering hips, he fucked her good and deep.  One hand held her by the neck, pushing down against the smooth surface of the shiny sportscar as he fucked her behind, her legs threatening to give out from the sensation.  The shrieks and moans of a good fuck echoed loudly across the empty desert landscape. Giving one final deep thrust and a sharp smack on her ass, Cole grunted and pulled out of her.   

“Get back in the car.”  He said. 

Taylor woozily stood up and fell backwards into the passenger seat, she spread her legs wide, hands still cuffed behind her. Cole leaned down, holding onto the doorframe for support as he pounded her pussy, watching her face twist with pleasure behind those dark shades.

“Oh, officer!  OFFICER!  I’M GOING TO CUM!”  Taylor screamed out as Cole kept up his relentless fucking.  “I’M CUMMING!” 

She shuddered, her legs falling from their held-up position as she spasmed and twitched, the orgasm ravaging her body. Cole pulled out of her, standing up and panting, the hot sun beating down on his back.  He slowly stroked his cock up and down, just about ready to cum himself.  Taylor looked back up at him.   

“Your turn Officer Stephens.  Will you cum for me?  I really don’t want that ticket.”   

“A dirty slut like you probably loves a good facial.  Get on your knees.” 

Taylor did so, kneeling carefully back onto the jacket still on the ground.  Cole didn’t uncuff her as he increased the speed of his strokes, jerking himself with Taylor waiting expectantly for his load. 

“Come on officer.  Cum for me!  Spray that load all over my slutty face!” 

A second later, he did just that. Letting out a mighty bellow, Cole leveled his loaded weapon and began blasting her face with thick white ropes of semen.  Covering her completely, he made sure to blast two sticky wads on each lens of her sunglasses.  As his barrage came to a stop, Taylor opened her mouth to stuck out any leftover cum in his dick, ensuring he was as dry as the desert around them. 

“Hmmm…tastes so good.  Am I free to go?”

“Yea.  We’re done here.  Don’t let me catch you speeding anymore.”  Cole said, reaching around to remove the handcuffs.

“I don’t know about.  I might just let you catch me speeding again if that’s how I can get out the ticket.”   

Breaking characters as Taylor searched for some wet wipes to clean off, Cole asked, “So it was as good as you imagined?”

“Better.”  She said, wiping her face off in the rearview mirror.  “My face is a mess!”

“Yea it is.  You’ve still got a bit of cum on your forehead.”  He said, indicating where.

“Whoops. Oh man, it’s in my hair too.” Said Taylor, scrutinizing herself more carefully.

Cole chuckled as he put his regular clothes back on, asking, “To LA?”

“To LA.” She nodded.     


When they finally reached Los Angeles, the end of their road trip, they were both quite exhausted.  It wasn’t just the driving, but the sex that did it.  Cole settled into Taylor luxurious mansion.  Of all the many high-end places they’d stayed the past week, nothing quite compared to Taylor’s place. 
“What are we doing next week Swift?”  Cole asked as he kicked his shoes off and settled down onto their bed. 
Taylor was busy rummaging through her gigantic closet looking for something. She didn’t immediately answer him and Cole felt his eyelids droop as the pillow cradled his head.  Taylor cleared her throat loudly and his eyes snapped open. She was striking a pose, clad only in a skimpy black bikini. 
“How does the Caribbean sound?” 
Cole’s cock jumped awake in his pants. 

End of Chapter Fourteen
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 14 now up! 11/17]
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Woooooo!!! This was awesome! Love the idea and theme with a getaway car, don't see that often! Job well done! You are truly writing some thrilling stuff!
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 14 now up! 11/17]
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Woooooo!!! This was awesome! Love the idea and theme with a getaway car, don't see that often! Job well done! You are truly writing some thrilling stuff!

Thank you!  Glad you are still enjoying after all this time! 

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