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Spying on Lauren Sanchez
« on: February 18, 2019, 07:04:10 AM »
It all happened by accident. As usual, I was sitting home alone on Saturday night with nothing to do. It was going to be another evening sitting in front of the television watching the dregs of television programming. To say the least life sucked for me that night. But that was all about to change.

I decided to go out, get something to eat for dinner and get some fresh air. On my way back home as I walked through the yard I noticed that I had left a rake on the ground next to the fence. I walked over and bent to pick it up when a light through the cracks in the fence caught my eye. It was coming from my next-door neighbor's house.

My neighbor is former Fox 11 reporter Lauren Sanchez. I had seen her many times on the air and once had the pleasure of running into her while she was out in the field reporting. I didn't say anything being the shy guy that I am, but she looked even better in person than on TV.

She was beautiful and had a sexy figure, with lovely breasts and a more than ample ass. When she wore dresses or skirts all the boys lusted after her thick muscular legs.

Two years ago - when I first met Lauren - I read a book about Amazons. From the first time I laid eyes on her, Lauren was my Amazon queen. Then I didn't know that I was a submissive, but looking back it is clear that the reason I worshiped her was because I wanted her to dominate me - to own me.

I looked through the crack. I could see Lauren's bedroom brightly lighted. The room was empty. I watched for a few seconds and thought, "What am I doing? She probably left the light on and went out."

Just as I was about to pick up the rake and go back into the house Lauren walked into the room. She was wrapped in a large thick pale-green bath towel - even after all these years I can still see that damn towel.

As Lauren moved around the room I eased myself into a kneeling position to relieve a catch in my side from bending over for so long, but I never took my eyes off of that window. Lauren had moved to a chair at a dressing table and was drying her hair with a hair blower.

Soon I grew tired of watching her dry her hair and my eyes begin to wander. From my vantage point I could see almost every inch of her bedroom. The room looked small with only a full-size bed, a chest of drawers and the dressing table taking up all of the available space.

Movement drew me from my musing. Lauren finally finished with her hair. She walked to the chest and opened a drawer. She poked around in the drawer for some time; taking out articles of clothing - which I couldn't really make out from that distance - she would look at it, and then put it back. She did this for some time, going through every drawer. Then she sighed heavily, reached up and unwrapped the towel and let it fall to the floor.

My cock instantly grew hard; pressing against my jeans seeking release. I could not believe my eyes. Lauren naked! And just 15 or 20 feet away! I rubbed my crotch as I watched her move to the door, and... and... turn out the light!

"Damn!" I said my voice too loud.

I just knew that she heard me. Any minute now she would come out and catch me, humiliate me. Damn this is gonna suck!

But the light didn't come back on. I was disappointed that Lauren had turned out the light, but at least I didn't get caught peeping on my neighbor.

Suddenly, a light came on again in the bedroom. I couldn't believe my luck. Lauren had turned on the lamp next to her bed. The light wasn't as bright as the ceiling light, but I could clearly see Lauren - still naked - lying on her bed. I offered up a quick prayer of thanks to the voyeur gods.

I watched closely as she took what looked like a magazine from the nightstand. I couldn't quite make out what kind it was. I strained... Damn!

Suddenly I remembered that I had binoculars in the garage! I raced to the back door and ran into the garage. Luckily I hadn't moved the binoculars. I grabbed them and sprinted across the lawn to my peephole.

Lauren's light was still on. She was still lying on the bed, still naked, and still reading. I put the binoculars to my eyes and adjusted the focus. Lauren's image went from a fuzzy blur to brilliantly sharp.

I was in heaven. The 99X binoculars let me see her body as close as if I were on the bed with her. I surveyed her body spending lots of time studying her breasts.

Through the glasses, her nipples were beautiful taut towers surrounded by wonderfully wrinkled areoles. My mouth watered. I longed to suckle at those nipples. My penis grew harder by the second. I knew that any minute Lauren could turn out the light so I forced myself to continue my journey down her body.

Her stomach was tight and flat. Just below her waist I spotted her pubic hair. I expected thick hair, but it was bald! It was amazing to look at a woman her age - and see that she did not have pubic hair. I adjusted the binoculars taking them to their most powerful setting. I could see that her mound had stubble. She shaves her pussy!

While I was trying to figure out why she would do that her hand appeared in the edge of my lenses. I watched with my breath stuck in my throat as her hand scratched at the stubble on her pussy mound. I followed her hand and readjusted the zoom to a wider view. It was then that I saw what Lauren was reading. It was a Penthouse magazine!

Quickly I zoomed in. She was reading the letters. This was too good! I zoomed back out and so I could hold the binoculars with one hand as I unzipped my jeans with the other. Soon I had my pants down to my knees, the binoculars in my right hand, and my cock in my left hand giving it a slow stroking.

Lauren seemed to grow restless as I watched. She shifted on the bed several times, and then brought her knees up. My stroking increased as I watched her hand go back to her bald mound again, only this time she wasn't scratching.

Lauren lay the magazine aside. For the first time in my life I watched a woman masturbate. I have watched women masturbate many times since, but my first time was by far the best.

I slowed my stroking not wanting to cum to soon. My breath was coming in ragged gasps as Lauren repeatedly thrust her beautiful ass off the bed as she worked her hand between her legs and toyed with her left breast pulling and tweaking her nipple until it was as hard as the youthful cock I held in my trembling hand.

Her orgasm came fast - too fast I thought. She bucked and writhed on the bed, her moans drifting through the window and reaching me and pushing me over the edge. My orgasm came up from somewhere deep within me. My head swam. A small river of thick hot cum erupted from my cock in short pulses splashing the fence and dribbling on my hand.

By the time my head cleared Lauren had turned out her light. Even at the highest zoom level I could not see her.

I went back inside my senses still on overdrive. Shortly after I got inside the phone rang.


"Did you enjoy watching me masturbate, Brad?"


"Uh... hmm... I didn't... uh... I... don't..."

"Don't lie to me, Brad," She chided. "Just answer my question." Her orgasm still lingered in her voice giving it a smooth sensual quality.


"I did too." The line went silent, followed by the dial tone.


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