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Author Topic: LA Weather Girls starring Liberte Chan and Evelyn Taft  (Read 1275 times)

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LA Weather Girls starring Liberte Chan and Evelyn Taft
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The weather reports that Los Angeles is finally getting much needed rain, and plenty of it. Even though LA needs the rain to fill the reservoirs from what has been a long drought, the rain always creates problems with life in L.A. in general: heavy traffic, flooding, mudslides, and more.

All of this keeps our local weather girls busy. KTLA's Liberte Chan and KCBS2/KCAL 9's Evelyn Taft are two of the area's most beautiful weather girls, and they are best friends. I'm thankful for the rain that brings these two sexy weather girls to my door.

Liberte and Evelyn are reporting from their respective studios for Friday's 10 pm news while other reporters are out in the field. After their shift ends at 11 pm, both are getting reports that the rain has been so heavy that flooding and mudslides have made the roads impassible going home, so they're both stuck at their studios unable to get home. Liberte picks up her cell phone and gives Evelyn a call.

Liberte: Hey Evelyn, how are you doing?

Evelyn: Good. Roads are so bad that I'm not able to make it home.

Liberte: Same here. Do you know when the roads will be clear?

Evelyn: No. They're saying maybe not until morning.

Liberte: You know Brad lives closeby. Should I give him a call?

Evelyn: Sure. I haven't seen him in a while. Maybe we can hang out and catch up while we wait for this to pass.

Liberte gives me a call and I pick up. She asks me if it's ok if she and

Evelyn stop by and stay over there until the storm passes and the roads clear so they can go home. I tell them that not only is it ok, but I'd love to see them. It has been a while since I've seen them both because we've all been so busy and told Liberte that we can catch up. She tells me that they'll be over within the hour.

Liberte calls Evelyn back and they both make their way over to my house. They both arrive at my house just before midnight. I answer the door wearing my pajamas and slippers and invite them in. They both take off their coats to reveal the dresses they were wearing while at work tonight. Oh my, they both look absolutely beautiful.

Brad: It looks bad out there. How was it driving over here?

Evelyn: Not too bad, but a lot of roads are closed off due to flooding and mudslides so neither of us can make it home.

Brad: You're both welcome to stay here as long as you need. I just got home an hour ago myself and was just unwinding. Since you're both here, I was thinking of opening a bottle of wine if you're both interested.

Liberte: That sounds perfect! I'd love some.

Evelyn: Same here.

I pour three glasses of wine as we sit down, talk and catch up on things. As we drink more wine, the conversation goes from casual to personal when Evelyn asks me about my dating life.

Eveyln: Brad, have you ever had a girlfriend before?

The question makes me feel a little uncomfortable and embarrassed, but I answer anyway.

Brad: No, I haven't. Why do you ask?

Evelyn: I just realized that I've never known you to have a girlfriend.

Liberte: You know, now that you mention it, I just noticed that myself.

Brad: I just haven't had any luck. The women I've been interested in have always been unavailable to me. They've either had boyfriends or are married.

Liberte: So Brad, you just fantasize and...?

Liberte moves her right hand up and down, simulating masturbation. I blush, stammer, and try to change the subject.

Brad: Uhh...um

Evelyn: Liberte, you're embarrassing him. Brad, there's no need to be embarrassed. You can talk to us.

I answer the question.

Brad: Yes.

Liberte and Evelyn both smile at me.

Evelyn: Have you ever thought about us?

My head is down and I barely let out my answer where they could hear me.

Brad: Yes.

Liberte: Brad. I know...we know. We've always known.

Brad: You do?

Liberte: Of course. We've both noticed how you look at us. It's flattering.

I start to fidget as my embarassment turns to arousal and my penis starts to get erect inside my pajamas.

Evelyn: What's wrong Brad?

Brad: Nothing.

Liberte moves towards me and puts her right hand on my crotch. She smiles and starts to untie the string on my pants.

Liberte: Evelyn, I think we've got him all hot and bothered.

Liberte starts to pull my pajama pants and underwear down to my ankles to reveal me with a raging hard on. Evelyn comes over to unbutton my top and removes it. I'm sitting in front of my weather girls with my pants wrapped around my ankles fully erect and aroused.

Evelyn asks me to show them how I do it.

Evelyn: Brad, will you stroke it for us and show us how you make yourself feel good while you think about us?

I nod and wrap my right hand around my penis. I slowly slide my hand up and down the shaft of my penis while my left hand caresses my thighs and chest.

While I put on my stroke show for Evelyn and Liberte, both of them start slowly removing their clothes to show off their heavenly bodies to me. The three of us are completely nude sitting across from each other.

Evelyn and Liberte both spread their legs so I can see their wonderful pussies. Evelyn puts her right hand between her legs and starts playing with her pussy lips and shows me her clit.

Evelyn: Do you like how my body looks Brad? Do you like my clit?

I nod "yes" without saying anything else.

Liberte: I hope we live up to your expecations Brad.

I nod "yes"

Brad: Liberte...Evelyn...you're both beautiful. You're angels with beautiful bodies. I love how you both look.

I open one of the end tables next to the couch and take out a bottle of KY.

I squirt about a dime's worth into the palm of my right hand and start to massage it into my hard penis.

Evelyn and Liberte are playing with their pussies while they watch me put on my show for them.

Evelyn: Liberte, you and I haven't done this in a while!

I look at both of them in shock. The girls giggle.

Liberte: Brad, this isn't our first time. Ev and I are best friends.

Liberte takes her right hand off her clit and puts it between Evelyn's legs and starts to play with hers.

Liberte: Ev has such a pretty pussy.

Evelyn leans her head back and moans as Liberte starts playing.

Evelyn: Liberte, that feels good.

Evelyn turns to face Liberte as shereciprocates, placing her hand on

Liberte's pussy as I watch my weather girls play with each other.

Brad: Oh my girls, this is so hot! I am so turned on!

Both of the girls look over to me while they're pleasuring each other and give me encouragement.

Liberte: I'm glad you like what you see. Does it feel good to stroke it to us?

I nod my head "yes"

Liberte: Are you close?

I nod my head "yes"

Evelyn: I know what will push him over the top.

Evelyn leans forward towards Liberte, looks over at me, then smiles. Then she turns towards Liberte and gives her a passionate kiss on the lips. Liberte closes her eyes as she reciprocates as the two start making out. Seeing these beauties making out pushes me over the edge.


With that announcement, I start cumming with no concern about where it goes. Some of it lands on the floor, some on my thighs, hands and down my shaft, and I even get a shot out that lands on Liberte's right thigh.


Hearing and seeing me reach orgasm pushes the ladies. Their excitement reaches their peak as both Liberte and Evelyn reach orgasm, announcing their pleasure:

Liberte and Evelyn: OH BRAD! IT'S OUR TURN BRAD!!



We're all reaching orgasm in waves one after the other. After a few minutes, or orgasms subside as we're all catching our breath, coming down from the high of sexual ecstasy.

Liberte: You don't need to be embarrassed anymore Brad. You're not the only one who masturbates, and you're not the only one who likes it.

We're all sitting quietly as we can still hear the rain coming down, but coming down much lighter than before.

Brad: Looks like the rain has let up. I imagine you're want to head home now.

Evelyn: Are you looking to get rid of us now that you've gotten off?

I nod my head "no"

Brad: Of course not, but I imagine you'll want to get home now that you've both gotten off.

Liberte: This isn't going to let up until the morning. You're not going to kick us out into the night, are you?

Brad: No! You're welcome to stay.

Evelyn: Great. I'll call home and let Ross know I'll stay here tonight until the rain stops and the roads are clear.

Liberte: I'll do the same with Brian.

Brad: OK. I'll get the guest rooms ready for you.

Evelyn: Why? We're not planning on going to bed in a while and we figured we'd share your bed.

I give the girls a puzzled look.

Brad: Huh?

Liberte: Brad, you're not getting this so let me clear this up. We're just getting started tonight, and...sweetie, you're getting laid with both of us.

I smile at both of them.

Liberte, Evelyn and I continue chatting while we all recover from our mutual masturbation session. Once we've all caught our breath, Evelyn and Liberte stand up and takes my left hand as Evelyn takes my right. The girls take me to the bedroom and sit on the bed.

Evelyn: Shall we?

Liberte: Just relax Brad. Don't be shy and don't be afraid.

Evelyn: Come on to the bed Brad and sit down.

They take me by the hand and have me sit on the bed. The girls stand in front of me, then look at each other. Liberte and Evelyn start kissing and caressing each other.

Brad: Oh wow.

My first instinct is to reach between my legs and masturbate while I watch.

Liberte: Don't touch it Brad. Wait for us, OK sweetie?

I nod my head and don't do it.

Brad: You're both so beautiful.

The girls smile and come over to the bed.

Evelyn: I'm glad you think so. You looked so sexy when you masturbated to us, but I think I can confidently say that you're going to enjoy what's coming next much more.

Liberte: Without a doubt.

The girls set me up in a comfortable position sitting on the bed. Each takes a leg and gets me to spread them out. Then the girls each straddle one of my thighs and lean in to kiss me.

I look to the right first as my lips meet Liberte's as Evelyn kisses my left cheek. I turn to get a kiss on the lips from Evelyn. I reach out with my arms and take the girls in each of them, pulling them into a tight embrace so I can feel their warm bodies against mine.

The girls use their hands to roam all over my body. I feel them both reach between my legs to fondle my penis and balls.

Brad: Oh my, ladies. That feels so good.

We continue kissing and touching each other when the girls ease me on the bed, lying flat on my back. They both stretch out their legs, bring their feet up towards my head as their heads both lean in towards my groin.

It's getting warm...and moist down there. I feel their lips along my thighs, scrotum and penis...then I feel myself in one of their mouths.

I look up and see Liberte's eyes closed as she's performing fellatio on me while Evelyn kisses my thighs and belly while her hands fondle my balls.

Liberte opens her eyes and makes eye contact with me while she goes down on me. She takes me out of her mouth, kisses the head and looks at me with a wink.

Brad: Oh my, that's so sexy Liberte. I like that.

Liberte: I know you do, Brad.

Liberte goes back down on me as Evelyn works her way up. I feel her kisses on my abdomen, then on both my nipples before I'm looking at her face to face. Evelyn looks into my eyes.

Evelyn: We are going to fuck your brains out tonight.

I look at her wide eyed.

Brad: I wouldn't have expected to hear you talk dirty like that.

Evelyn smiles.

Evelyn: We're going to be doing a lot of things that you might not expect.

Evelyn kisses me, then moves her legs so she's straddling my chest while she looks at me. She leans down towards me and kisses me. Oh wow, those lips.

Evelyn's on mine and Liberte's on my stiff penis. Liberte repositions her self so she's right behind Evelyn, also straddling me. She lowers herself on my penis and takes me inside of her.

Brad (moaning): Oooooohhhhhh wow

Evelyn looks over her left shoulder to look at Liberte and sees what has me going. The girls both giggle.

Evelyn: Well now, I think someone is really enjoying himself.

Evelyn repositions herself so she is now facing Liberte. The two of them start kissing as Evelyn lowers herself down on me. Her beautiful pussy is inches away from my face. I take my hands and caress her hips and hold her as I place my lips on hers.

Evelyn: You're pretty, Evelyn.

I see something that I touch with my right hand.

Brad: What's this?

Evelyn (moaning): Ooooooooh Brad. That is my clitoris and you've just...ohhhhhhhh...found it.

Evelyn wiggles her hips and repositions herself so her clit is right next to my mouth. She begs to me.

Evelyn: Use you tongue and lick it Brad...please.

She doesn't have to beg me to do that. I place my tongue on it and slowly and softly touch it. Evelyn's kissing gets more passionate.

I hear Liberte moan as her head leans back. Evelyn starts caressing and kissing Liberte's beautiful breasts while her hips rock up and down on my penis. These two girls are rocking and riding me as I pleasure each of them.

The girls change positions as Evelyn takes a reverse cowgirl on my penis and Liberte sits on my chest. I cradle Liberte's thighs with my hands, supporting her weight, and position her so her pussy is right in front of my face. I look up at her and directly into her eyes.

I start licking Liberte and within seconds she leans her head down, eyes closed and mouth slightly open. I hear a long sigh from her and a whisper.

Liberte: Oh Brad, that feels good.

The girls continue their grinding on me when the moment of truth arrives.

Brad: Ladies, I'm ready. I'm gonna cum.

Evelyn lifts herself off my cock and lies down to my left, kissing me while her hands and left leg rub up and down my body. She takes my left hand and places it between her legs and puts my middle finger inside of her.

Evelyn: Finger fuck me Brad.

Liberte leans forward to kiss me and slides her hips down to mine. I enter her when I explode.


Liberte whispers into my ear.

Liberte (whispering): That's it Brad, cum for us, come inside me."


Before I can say anything else Evelyn's lips meet mine as we passionately kiss.


Evelyn makes her announcement.


Then Liberte.



The orgasm hits us all at the same time. The sensation takes over all of our bodies as the three of us experience a simultaneous orgasm.

I cum inside of Liberte as she takes it all inside of her. As my orgasm subsides, Liberte comes off me and lies down to my right. Here I am, lying in my bed with Evelyn Taft cuddling me to my left and Liberte Chan cuddling me to my right.

I let out a long sigh.

Brad: wow

The girls purr.

Liberte (moaning): Mmmmmmmmmm, that was wonderful.

Evelyn rubs her head against me.

Evelyn: I loved that. I feel so good.

We lie in bed in each others arms while we talk and cuddle.

Brad: I want to do that again.

Liberte: Oh Brad. I'd like that.

Evelyn: I'd love it.

As the rain continues to fall outside, the three of us continue an evening of passionate lovemaking. Evelyn would let the two of us do it by ourselves, then Liberte would trade off with Evelyn and I'd get some quality alone time with her as well.

What a wonderful evening this turned out to be. I love rainy days.

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Re: LA Weather Girls starring Liberte Chan and Evelyn Taft
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2019, 06:45:18 AM »
Cool story, MS! I love the back and forth dialogue, that was fun to read. I used to have a fan who constantly requested me to write about a weather girl. i think her name was Dylan Dryer? He would probably love this story.


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