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Sarahs initiation (Sarah Randall)
« on: September 24, 2018, 04:45:07 AM »
Chapter 1

Starring: Sarah Randall, Malene Espensen, Sophie Howard, Lucy Pinder, Casey Batchelor

Codes: MF, Titfuck

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission

Sophie led a new girl into the lounge, she had phoned earlier to say she was bringing her to meet me, and that she wanted to ‘show her the ropes’

    “This is Sarah” Sophie said, “She wants to join our gang”

    Sarah wore a tight blue corset and white knickers, her boobs were absolutely HUGE, crushed into the tight fabric.  “Hello” she said nervously.

    “Look at her, she is such a dirty bitch” Sophie said, gripping her by the shoulder and pushing Sarah down.  “She loves it like me, nasty and submissive”

    Sarah looked up at Sophie, “yes mistress” she said quietly.

    “I want you to beg him to spunk all over your face, while I go and let my helpers in” Sophie said, leaving us.

    “Yes” Sarah replied, “Come over here baby, and stroke your cock all over my worthless slut face” she said.

    I stood in front of Sarah wanking my cock an inch above her nose, she stared up at me, begging for my cum.

    “Shoot it all over me, I deserve it, I am nothing, just some piece of shit hooker who begs for your spunk” she teased.  Opening her mouth she snaked out her tongue, flicking the tip of my cock as I wanked it.

    “I want your hot thick jizz all over my face” Sarah said, “all stinging in my eyes, up my nose, I want you to cover me”

    She jiggled her mammoth boobs with her hands “ohh I love it when you get rough with these bad boys” Sarah gasped, “Tweak the nipples really hard, slap them, grope them”.

    My cock began to twitch and pulse, a hot thick jet of cum spraying out and splattering from her forehead to chin, clinging to her nose, a second third and forth quickly followed, plastering her left eye and cheek.

    “Ohhh yeah baby, more give me more” Sarah gasped as I came, thick white rivers of cum covering her right eye and forehead.

    She forced her eyes open blinking them my white spunk covering her eye sockets, she had her mouth open tongue swimming in the large pool of semen that had filled it.  She was urging me on gargling my spunk, as I wanked shot after shot of steaming hot jizz over her eager face.

    Eventually I finished, flicking the last few thick droplets off of my cock onto Sarah’s plastered face.  She sat back on her heels, looking up at me, eyes in lakes of spunk, a massive pool in her open mouth, thick streaks in her hair, a layer of slime all over her face.

    “ohh stay still” Sophie said returning, tugging Sarah’s hair pulling her head back.

    Gripping Sarah’s face she forced her mouth open, before licking a thick puddle of spunk up and spitting it into Sarah’s mouth. “Don’t; swallow until I tell you whore” Sophie said, slurping up another mouthful.

    She licked thick strands of white semen from Sarah’s face and spat them into her mouth until it was brimming with cum.

    “Swallow for me Sarah, but keep your mouth open when you do, I want to see it all go down” Sophie said.

    Sarah breathed heavily through her nose, before gulping down the thick spunk from her mouth, eagerly downing the lot, using her tongue to gather every drop from her mouth.

    “Oooohhh thank you mistress” Sarah croaked.

    “Now take of your top and use those massive tits of yours, I want to see them get fucked and covered in spunk!” Sophie told her

    Sarah stood up and unfastened her corset, slowly revealing her massive boobs, they were spectacular, huge soft orbs of glistening titty flesh.

    Sarah cleared the coffee table and tossed a couple of cushions onto it, then she lay back , squeezing those beautiful breasts together.  I stepped over her belly, and slapped my cock on her tits, before putting it between them

    “Fuck my big tits baby, pound them hard” Sarah said to me.

    She squeezed them over my shaft as I pumped in and out of her massive cleavage, my cock completely buried between them.  Pumping back and forth they clang tightly to my head as she gasped and groaned.

    Sophie was sitting on the sofa, her black skirt pulled up, hand down her pants strumming her clit. “FUCK!” she gasped “FUCKING CUM ON HER!”

    I was rutting hard between Soft balloons, my cock rubbed hard by the soft sweaty skin, she was looking up at me, her hand clutched over her tits, engulfing my whole shaft with them.

    “FUUUUCKKKK!!!” Sophie cried her body shuddering as she came, fingers deep in her pussy.

    I thrust deep and hard between Sarah’s tits as my cock exploded, hot cum filling her cleavage, oozing from the top of her tits.  Again and again thick spurts of cum filled the space between her huge jugs, a thick river running down and pooling in her neck.

    Sarah snarled as more and more cum leaked down from her tits, all over her chest and neck.  Sophie moved from the sofa, holding Sarah’s head down, she started to suck my semen from her body.

    “My little spunk plate” she said, swallowing the lot.

    Sophie eagerly licked and sucked every drop of cum from Sarah’s tits, as my cock shot the last few bolts between them.  My cock was soft, resting between Sarah’s huge heaving breasts.  Sophie was grinning as she swallowed every last drop.

    “Well done,” Sophie said, “Now use those assets to feed the next 3 girls who come through that door”

    Sarah looked up to watch Sophie leave, only for the gorgeous Malene Espensen to enter straight afterwards.  Malene wore a very demure black skirt and white blouse, her massive boobs held tightly as her top looked like it would burst at any second.

    “Hmm those are some impressive assets, Sarah” Malene said, “Now keep going I want to suck all that spunk off of you just like Sophie did”

    Malene knelt above Sarah’s head, stroking her hair as she jiggled her tits around my soft cock. “Fuck those big titties baby, I want you to shoot your spunk hard out from these tits all over her face as well this time”

    “Pleaaase baby” Sarah begged, “Shoot your hot spunk all over my face”

    “Open your mouth whore” Malene told her,

    Malene dribbled a thick spitwad into her mouth, which Sarah swallowed eagerly, “Thank you mistress Malene” she purred.

    My cock throbbed into life, her soft tits wrapped around them, Malene dribbling spit into her open mouth, Sarah eagerly swallowing every drool.  This time I mauled Sarah’s tits roughly, slamming my cock as hard as I could between them.

    Sarah squealed as I squashed her massive tits in my hands, pounding them furiously, Malene grinned as she watched me titfucking Sarah.  Malene twisted her hair, forcing her head up to watch me thrusting.

    “Spray all over her face” Malene sneered, holding Sarah still.

    My cock was bursting after hammering Sarah’s tits, watching Malene dribbled down her face as she looked up at me.

    “do it baby, do it” She whined, “Shoot that hot spunk all over my whore face,  use me like a slut and cover me in your jizz”.

    I exploded my cock shooting hot thick cum all over Sarah, she reveled in my torrent of semen.  Sarah gasped and looked up at me mouth wide, she accepted every spurt eagerly.

    “Drown her baby, drown the whore” Malene teased.

    Fucking her tits hard, hot spunk splattered her face for a second time, the thick jizz coating her face.  “Thank you” she gasped “Thank you” over and over as I spunked all over her face and neck.

    I finally stopped thrusting, my cock spent.  Malene grinned looking down at Sarah, her face covered in a thick layer of spunk.  She groped her big boobs around my shaft, making me shake with pleasure, as the final few drops leaked out.

    “Ohh fuck, thank you baby” Sarah spluttered, her mouth full of my spunk.

    “Open those eyes whore!” Malene told her “I want to see them swimming in cum, feel that burn”

    Sarah forces her eyes open, her eyeballs moving under the thick pool of semen.  She snorted and panted as the semen stung her eyes, Malene cackling in pleasure as she watched Sarah squirm.

    “Scoop it all up Sarah, swallow it down into your belly” Malene told her.

    I sat with my cock between her massive tits, as she scooped and scraped the tick cum into her mouth, she swirled the first batch around before swallowing it.  Malene got up, and left the room “Your next mistress will be here soon” she said.

    “Mmmm, thank you, thank you baby” Sarah groaned as she scooped every drop of my spunk into her mouth.  She swallowed the thick white seed eagerly looking up at me her eyes red but sparkling.

    My cock was throbbing hard again between her tits, Sarah started stroking my with her soft bosom.  “Good whore, never leave a cock waiting” Casey said as she entered the room watching us. 
    She wore a tiny tartan skirt, white shirt knotted below her breasts and a short tie.  The ‘college girl’ look.  Sarah was stroking my shaft with her tits, squashing them and rolling them over it.

    “spin around babe” Casey said to me. “use that slut tongue to lick his ass while he fucks your tits” she said to Sarah.

    I got up off of Sarah and straddled her in reverse, my cock pushing down between those enormous tits, poking out from the bottom. I held them tight around my cock as I slowly pumped
between them.  Sarah spread my asscheeks and spat on my asshole before licking from my balls all the way up and delving her tongue in my ass.

    “That’s it slut, eat that asshole like a nasty little whore!” Casey snarled.

    She moved down resting her head on Sarah’s lower chest, so my cock slid between her lips as it peeked out from her breasts.  My shaft was so solid, Sarah drilled her tongue up my ass, and my cock twitched and throbbed as I slowly eased back and forth.

    “Give it to me baby, give me all that cum!” Casey purred as my cock pushed into her mouth again and again.

    My balls were ready, Sarah had her tongue squirming in my ass, spit running down into her cleavage.  Casey accepted my pulsing head between her lips as I shot a thick torrent into her mouth. Sarah licked my clenching asshole as my balls erupted into Casey’s mouth.

    Casey eagerly accepted every blast, her mouth filling she had to swallow.  Sarah was drilling her tongue deep up my asshole, lips clamped tightly over it. Eventually my balls were drained and Casey released my cockhead,

    Sarah lay back gasping, “Plugh” she spat, clearing her mouth.

    Casey moved over and forced Sarah’s mouth open, she dribbled the thick lumpy spunk down until Sarah’s mouth was full to the brim.  “Swallow the lot whore!” she gasped.  Sarah eagerly guzzled her mouth full of fresh spunk.  Casey held her mouth open again with one hand, and pushed 2 fingers down her throat with the other, a stream of spit dripped into Sarah’s mouth.  Sarah struggled to move, but Casey held her jaw tightly and stared into her eyes. “You piece of shit, fucking open your mouth and swallow what I put in there” she snarled.

    Sarah snorted, Casey hand clamped over her jaw, spit dribbling from her lips as 2 fingers pushed down her throat, she gagged and urged until a large gush of spunk and digestive juices splattered into her mouth.  Sarah herself gagged, before forcing it down.

    “That’s right bitch, do what I tell you” Casey croaked, wiping her face, and flicking it over Sarah.

    I got up off of Sarah as Casey herself left, “One more lady left bitch!” she said as she walked out.

    Sarah sat up, gathering herself.  Sweat covered her body, spit clang to her tits, they glistened and glowed.  The door opened and Lucy walked in, “Wow!” she said looking at Sarah.

    “Those things are fucking huge!” she gasped.

    I sat back in the chair stroking my cock, as Lucy sat on the sofa.  She had on a plain black dress, good amounts of cleavage on show.  “Get over there and wank that cock with those tits” she told Sarah, “beg for his spunk, tell him all your filthy secrets” Lucy said to Sarah.

    She crawled over to me, kneeling between my legs, she wrapped her huge soft tits around my hard dick.  She pumped my cock slowly, her big tits gripping tightly to my hard dick.

    “Fucking shoot that load baby, all over my big tits!” she purred.

    Lucy moved to sit on the arm of the chair, watching Sarah jerk my dick, urging me to spunk.  “Fucking splatter my tits, I love it when I am covered in semen” Sarah gasped.

    My hips rose to meet her tits, thrusting upwards my cockhead poking up free from her soft cleavage.  Sarah stared at me, eyes locked on mine as she titwanked my cock.  He makeup was all smudged, she had a cheeky grin on her face as she worked to get a 4th load from my dick.

    “Work it slut, work for that spunk” Lucy told her, “Use those big plump tits to wank that cock!”

    My legs were spread wide and Sarah sat between them, stroking her boobs up and down my cock, They were now slippery and covered in sweat.  Lucy leant over and dribbled a thick spitball down into her cleavage which just added to the lube.

    “Do it baby, fucking blast these tits, shoot all over my whore face!” Sarah teased, “I once got a whole rugby team to toss off over my face, after they had fucked the shit out of me first!”

    My hard cock started to twitch at the thought of this, Sarah laughed as she saw the effect it was having.  “I promised I would suck them all off if they won, I think they thought I was joking, but I Locked them in the changing room and let them do whatever they wanted, I went home happy and still horny!” she said.

    Lucy stroked her face before gripping her hair and pulling her head back, she spat a thick glob into Sarah’s right eye and cheek, and another on her forehead. “now you’re just our piece of shit Whore!” she snarled, “What shall we do with you today?”

    “Anything you like mistress” Sarah replied, as Lucy spat on her a third time.

    The thick trails of spit trickle down her face as my now nearly exploding cock was jerked harder and harder by her tits, Sarah knew I was close, “That’s it baby, image what you are gonna do to me later, pound all my holes, spank me, slap me, use me” she gasped.

    My balls clenched and hot thick spunk erupted upwards, arching and splattering her forehead and nose, dripping down her chin and onto her breasts.  She kept wanking my cock, cum bursting forth splashing her face and pouring down her tits.  Eventually she held my pumping head between her tits, tiny strokes milking it, cum bubbling up between her cleavage.

    “Thank you, thank you babe sooo much” she purred.

    Lucy got up from the arm of the chair, “15 minutes, changed and in the study, got that Whore, your outfit is in the bedroom for you”  Lucy said leaving us.

    “Yes” Sarah replied.

    Lucy left as Sarah bent her head down, sucking the big pool of spunk between her tits, before releasing my soft cock.  Looking up at me she smiled, scraping the slimy thick trails of cum into her mouth, playing with them with her tongue, then swallowing.

    “mmm thank you master” she purred getting up, “I will see you shortly in the study”
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Re: Sarahs initiation (Sarah Randall)
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2018, 04:52:54 AM »
Chapter 2

Starring: Sarah Randall, Malene Espensen, Sophie Howard, Lucy Pinder, Casey Batchelor

Codes: MF, Titfuck, FF, DP, DAP, Throatfuck, Spit bukkake, Facial, Cum swallowing, Puking

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission

Upon entering the study I found Lucy and Malene Sitting on the sofa, Both in the same attire as before.  Casey was perched on the desk in her college girl outfit, while Sophie sat in the large chair behind the desk, she now wore a tight black corset, with matching stockings.

            “Hey hunny,” Sophie said, “we have a couple of hours now to put this slut through her paces and see if she can join our gang”

            “Yep so give her everything you have, don’t hold back” Malene said.

            Sarah arrived, she wore a tight white top, cut very low showing off her enormous assets, and I tiny pair of green hotpants.  “I am here to serve you” she said, kneeling in the centre of the room.

            “Ok whore, start by sucking his cock and swallowing every drop into your belly”  Malene said.

            I moved to stand in front of Sarah who looked up at me, she gripped my cock stroking it, the hard shaft throbbing at her touch.  She slapped it on her face a couple of times before engulfing it with her lips.  Lucy and Malene were now kissing on the sofa, groping each other as they did.  Casey had her legs spread wide, she had no panties on, and Sophie was licking her pussy whilst kneeling in front of her.

            “Do it Whore, suck that hot spunk out of those balls, show us your skills” Casey gasped watching.

            Sarah had my cock in her hand, sucking on the head, flicking it with her tongue, she took it into her mouth and wanked it hard with her lips.  Eyes wide and looking up at me she sucked it deeper and deeper, releasing her grip and letting her mouth do all the work.

            “Fuuuuckkkk” Casey gasped as Sophie licked her pussy hard.

            Sarah now pushed my shaft deeper, pressing it to her throat, gazing up at me she popped it through and down into her neck until her nose pressed tight against my belly.  Holding me there for several seconds until she drew back gasping for breath, a thick spit strand dripping down her chin.

            Lucy had her hand up Malene’s skirt, and Malene did the same to Lucy, each was fingering the other watching.  Casey had hold of Sophie’s head grinding it to her pussy.

            “Fuck my throat please master” Sarah begged, slapping my cock on her tongue.

            She pushed her head down onto my cock again, and I gripped her hair, thrusting in.  balls tight to her chin I pulled out, slamming home over and over again.  She gagged and dribbled as I pounded her throat, sometimes stopping grinding my crotch to her face, others driving my shaft repeatedly deep into her gullet.

            Casey had her head tossed back, her body taught, squealing as she came, sophie devouring her wet pussy with gusto. “YEAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!” Casey cried.

            I was on the point of exploding and slammed my hips ferociously, absolutely pummeling Sarah’s throat.  After maybe 30 seconds I clutched her tight to my crotch as hot spunk volcanoed down her throat into her belly.

            “Yeah babe” Lucy gasped, clutching her tits, Malene’s head buried up her skirt.

            Sophie surfaced from Casey’s crotch and sat next to her on the desk, a shiny sheen of girlcum over her chin.  I jerked a few more times before releasing her head, Sarah sitting back on her heels gasping.

            “Thank you” she croaked.

            I stepped back and watched, thick drips of spit running down her chin, coating her top, making it wet and see through.  She gasped for air, blinking her tear filled eyes, as Malene and Lucy both stood up.  Dragging Sarah in front of Sophie and Casey they circled her.

            “Filthy fucking slut!” Malene sneered, rubbing her pussy, “Get ready to drink our squirt!”

            Casey who was totally aroused let rip with a fevered scream before her juices sprayed Sarah.  Soaking her face and shirt she filled her mouth before swallowing it avidly.
            “Drink it whore, drink it down” Lucy gasped rubbing her clit furiously.

            Sophie exploded next, hot juices spraying Sarah’s body, splashing her face, drenching her top.  Lucy and Malene trembled, hot gushing juices plastering Sarah’s face from either side.  She filled her mouth over and over until finally the fountain of cum was dry.

            Sarah knelt, soaked in girlcum, her shirt see through and drenched.  Malene leant down pulling her head back, “let’s have this off!” she snapped peeling up Sarah’s top.

            Lucy pulled Sarah’s head back more as Malene twisted and rang the top out, juices poured into her mouth again which she swallowed avidly.  Sophie moved up to fix a large strap on to her crotch, as Malene and Lucy removed their clothes.

            “Come on then whore let’s see how you handle this” Sophie said stroking the shaft,

            Sarah was pulled up by Sophie and Casey and moved to the sofa, Casey tugged off her tiny green shorts and pushed her back onto it.  Spreading her legs wide Sophie slapped the end of her shaft onto Sarah’s pussy, she was wet and ready.

            “You want it whore?” Casey asked, gripping Sarah’s face and turning it to look at her.

            “Yessss” Sarah gasped.

            Sophie eased the shaft in, each inch pushing deeper up into her.  Sarah bit her lip looking down as about 8 inches was inside, still another 6 to go.  Malene twisted her nipple hard, making her gasp and nostrils flare, Sophie pushed deep inside their crotches grinding as the whole length was in.

            “Fucking take it deep you whore” Sophie sneered.

            Sophie held her legs under the knees out wide and pumped the huge shaft into her slick pussy.  Casey now copied Malene each twisting a nipple hard, Sarah squealed as she felt the pain, matched with the throbbing sensation in her pussy from Sophie’s thrusts.

            “FUCK! FUCKKKK FUUUCKKKK!!!” Sarah screamed as her body shook.

            Casey and Malene held her tits up by the nipples, they quivered and shook as she orgasmed.  Her pussy gushed all over Sophie as she pounded in and out of Sarah’s throbbing cunt.

            “YEASSSS!! YEAAASSS!!! FUCKKKK YESSSSSSS!” she cried.

            The girls pinned her arms down as she arched her back, body shuddering with pleasure.  Her big tits now wobble and jiggled as she howled, cumming hard.

            “YES! YES! YES! YEEESSS!! YESSSS!!!” she cried.

            Her eyes were rolling back in her head as she arched her back, body spasming in orgasm, Malene then Casey both held her down as she finally calmed from her climax.

            “Yesssss, ooohhh fuck yesss” she gasped.

Malene and Casey now feasted on her tits, suckling the hard nipples as she lay back panting.  Sophie eased out from her pussy, and Lucy moved up to replace her, “Enjoy that whore?” She asked, Sarah clutching the back of Malene and Casey’s heads as they feasted on her tits.

“Fucckkk yeah” Sarah groaned.

“Then try this!” Lucy snarled, pushing the head of her shaft against Sarah’s ass before ramming about 6 inches in.  She twitched and bucked, Malene and Casey holding her down, sucking hard on her nipples biting them,  Lucy held her legs tightly and pushed deeper until the full length was right in her ass.


Lucy was pumping hard now, Sarah thrashing and trying to pull back.   Sophie Malene and Casey held her down though, as Lucy drove the full length in and out.  Sophie slapped her hard, “take it whore, give yourself away if you truly want to be a slut” She snarled.

Sarah lay back, trying not to fight, letting Lucy bugger her hard.  She was biting her lip, tears ran down her face as Lucy drove the huge shaft in and out of her ass.  Lucy was really going to town, hard deep thrusts her crotch slapping loudly against Sarah.

“Feel the burn slag, you gotta want to know your letting me stick a 14 inch fake dick up your dry asshole” Lucy sneered.

“FUCK ME! FUCKING RAM IT INTO ME!” Sarah snarled, “I am your nasty little whore, fucking worthless piece of shit, use my ass use it”

Lucy grinned as Sarah growled, harder and harder she buggered her.  Malene and Casey again suckled her tits, Sophie standing over the back of the sofa watching, holding Sarah’s shoulders down.

“OH FUCK! FUUUCKKKK!!!” Sarah cried, her body reacting, the pain and pleasure arriving in equal vibrancy.

Lucy drove the whole length harder and harder in and out, Sarah was screaming, shaking and shuddering, her body taught in orgasm.  Malene and Casey were chewing on her nipples, feasting on her massive tits.

“YES! YES! YEEEEAAASSSS!!!!” She howled.

Lucy held her legs tight, gripping just under the knees, her hips pumping as Sarah kept coming hard.  Sophie pinned her shoulders down as she squealed and screamed, the pain replaced totally with the feeling of her ass being slammed.


Lucy let go of her legs, and pulled out.  She was panting and out of breath, sweat running from her face.  Sarah’s fingers found her pussy, rubbing her clit hard as her orgasm subsided.

“Get over here whore, ride this cock” Lucy told her sitting back in a chair.

Sarah stood up, legs shaking, moving over to straddle Lucy.  She eased her soaking pussy down over the whole shaft, settling down tight to Lucy.  Sophie moved up behind her, pushing the head of her shaft to Sarah’s ass.

“Double trouble bitch!” Sophie purred, pushing the head in.

Sarah gasped as the huge shaft opened up her ass once again.  Both fake cocks stretched her holes, until she was sandwiched tightly between Lucy and Sophie.

“Ohhhhh, oh FUCK!, oh FUUUUCCCCKKK!!!” She cried.

Lucy reached up playing with Sarah’s massive tits, while she thrust upwards, Sophie pinned her down her hips fucking Sarah’s ass at the same time.  Sophie was grinning as she drove the length into her ass, loving every full stroke.

“Take it you fucking slut! Lucy gasped, as Sophie drove down to match her thrusts.

Sarah was going crazy her holes getting pounded, my cock was throbbing hard watching the action.  Malene and Casey moved over to kneel either side of me as I stood stroking my hard shaft.
“mmmm baby, looks like you need a hand” Casey said.

“yeah, why don’t you let us help you out” Malene added.

Casey gripped my shaft and sucked on my cock, as Malene positioned herself in front of me.  Casey now had me deep in her throat, nose on my stomach as she gagged on my cock.

 “FUUUCKKK!!! FUUUCKKKK!! FUCK YEASSSSSS!!!” Sarah wailed as she got both her holes battered by Lucy and Sophie.

“Spunk on these tits baby” Malene said, bouncing her big breasts in front of me, “Cover them in your cum, and I will make her lick it off”

“SHIT! SHIT! OHHH FUCK YEASSSSSSS!!!” Sarah wailed as Sophie slammed ferociously up her asshole.

Casey was gagging over and over on my cock, I held her hair and rammed home as hard as I could, just how she liked it.

“Ohh cum for us baby, do it, look at that whore getting 2 cocks, release those balls” Malene teased.

Gripping the top of Casey’s head I rammed hard, balls banging on her chin, spit dribbling down her top.  Eyes wide, tears running down she looked up at me as I reached my climax, pulling out of her throat.

“Yeeeaaahhh” she gasped as I stroked my exploding shaft all over Malene’s big juicy tits.

Malene held her tits still, catching every thick spurt of cum, she grinned as I jerked the final few bolts over her big soft breasts.  She grinned and reached up wiping every drop she could on her tits. “Thank you baby” she said getting up.

Sarah was gasping, Sophie and Lucy in a rhythm, as Malene moved onto the arm of the chair, perching in front of Sarah.  Sophie gripped her hair tugging her head up, “fucking clean up Malene’s tits slag” she snarled.

Sarah began slurping and sucking the cum away, as Sophie kept fucking her ass, her face would get buried in Malene’s cleavage as she was pushed forwards.

Casey was sitting opposite us all, fingers frigging her pussy, cleaning the thick wads of spit from her white top, dripping them into her rmouth and swallowing them.  Sophie’s massive tits bulged and bounced in her tight corset as she rammed her long thick fake cock in and out of Sarah.

“FUUUCKKK!” Sarah growled, her hips starting to shake, her face was buried between Malene’s tits as she came again hard.

Casey stripped off her top and bra, as she sat watching the action.  I turned to sit next to her, as Sarah finished off the last of my spunk.  “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! YEAAAASSS” she screamed into Malene’s chest.

Sophie eased up, Lucy stopping thrusting, Sarah calmed from her latest climax.  Pulling her big fake cock out, Sophie gripped Sarah’s hair and dragged her off Lucy.  Throwing her to the floor she tossed a cushion down, “Kneel on that” she snapped.

“Look at her, what a piece of shit” Casey said, standing up squeezing her breasts.

Malene grabbed a fruit bowl from the side and put it between Sarah’s thighs below her body.  She squeezed Sarah’s breast hard as she moved her hands up, causing her to yelp.

            “Feeling violated whore?” Sophie purred walking around her, “you are a fucking worthless cunt”

            Sophie tugged on her hair and pulled her head back before spitting on her face.  She looked up grinning, “I think a spit bukkake is in order,” she said to the girls.  “I want to hear you begging for more” she added looking at Sarah.

Malene stepped up, spitting a large wad over Sarah’s forehead and eye, she laughed watching it drip down her face.  Casey stepped up next, a huge wad of phlegm splattering down Sarah’s face and onto her tits.  Lucy was working a big dildo down her throat, before spitting a thick globule over Sarah’s right eye.

“Thank you, oh fuck yeah spit on my face, make me your spit bitch” Sarah gasped.

Sophie, Lucy, Malene and All coughed up a good wad each, before simultaneously spitting it on Sarah.  A wave of mucus splattered her face, clinging to her cheeks and eyelashes.  Sarah blinked her eyes open staring intently at the 4 girls, grinning as she did so.

“Yeaaah, I’m a nasty little whore, now spit on me and treat me like one” she gasped.

“Fucking worthless ho!” Lucy snarled, spitting 3 times in quick succession, before moving away.

Casey, Malene and Sophie all added thick spit globs next. Casey and Malene took up 2 massive dildos to work up their spit, while Lucy and Sophie used my cock.  Sarah gasped as they covered her face and body in slimy glistening pools of spit.  Blinking her eyes to keep them open and watching, gasping with each splatter.

“Ohhh fuuckk, do it, I’m fucking dirty, dirty piece of fucking shit” she gasped.

“Lean back” Casey told her, Sarah resting back on her arms and arching her back.

Casey stood over her, beckoning me, “Fuck my throat again baby” she purred.

I stepped up over Sarah and pushed my cock into Casey’s eager mouth, gripping her head and thrusting straight down her throat.  She gagged quickly her mouth filling with spit, pushing me back her spat it all over Sarah. Malene replaced Casey, and the girls swapped, me facefucking them all, making them gag all over her.

“Feel it whore, feel all that sloppy spit running down over your face and body” Lucy teased.  “That’s what you are, a nasty little plate for all our nasty spit”

Sarah knelt there below them, spit pooled on her face, tits glistening, thick spit wads, clinging to her breasts and dripping down her body.  The bowl was filling as we continued drenching her.  My cock was absolutely raging, as I throat fucked all the girls in turn, over and over again.

“Ohh fuck I’m drowning in your spit, fucking more, fucking puke on me please” she begged.

“Ohh you want more then slut?” Malene replied gagging over Sarah.

“She’s learning” Sophie added.

Casey pulled me to one side, dropping to her knees, driving her throat over my dick, eyes wide staring up at me.  Her hot breath blasted over my belly as she throat fucked herself furiously.

Sophie, Malene and Lucy surrounded Sarah, hacking up large spitballs and blasting them over her face.  Casey was milking my throbbing shaft with her throat, my hands wrapped in her hair.  My balls exploded, hot spunk pumping down her neck, Casey ground herself into my crotch and swallowed repeatedly, taking every boiling spurt into her belly.

“Fuck yeah” Malene gasped watching us, “Swallow that cum and puke it back over our spit whore”

My balls exploded hard, Casey’s gullet flooded with my semen, Sarah head back couldn’t see the action, “Fucking do it Mistress, swallow his spunk and puke it on me pleeeeease” she begged.

I released Casey’s head, she sat back, gagging then grinning, before standing up and moving over to Sarah.

“Filthy fucking piece of shit!” Lucy snapped spitting again, before making way for Casey to stand over her.

“Open those eyes bitch” Casey croaked, pushing 2 fingers down her throat.

Her mouth immediately started to water, dripping down onto Sarah.

Sarah leant back on her arms, chest thrust up, tits glistening.  Casey bent over her face, gagging a huge gush of semen down over her face and body.  Sarah spluttered as it flooded her face, struggling to keep her eyes open.

“Phhhhggh, thank you” she gasped.

“Open that mouth whore!” Lucy snapped.

Sarah opened her mouth wide, Casey vomiting thick lumps of semen into it, before brimming with liquid.  She stepped back and let Malene and Lucy spit over her forehead. “Swallow it slut” Casey croaked.

Sarah struggled and gagged but swallowed her mouthful, blinking her eyes as the stang with puke.  Casey pushed her fingers deep into her throat, spit dripping down, splattering over Sarah’s face.  She gagged and dry heaved a couple of times before another gush of watery white semen cascaded over Sarah

Sophie and Lucy followed this up with big thick spitwads, all over her glistening face, Casey stepping back slightly tugging on Sarah’s tits, tweaking the nipples, then slapping them.

“Open those eyes you fucking piece of shit!” Malene snarled.  “We want you fucking crying in pain”

The bowl between her legs was now over halfway full of spit and puke, all 4 girls and I now circled Sarah, spitting hard over her face.  Wad after wad of thick mucus coated her, she was near to breaking, or at least look like it, bottom lip quivering just about to cry.

“Ahhhh does the little fuckslut wanna give up?” Lucy sneered.

“Weak whore!” Sophie snarled bending over, gripping her face forcing her mouth open before spitting in it.

“Cover me, use me pleaaassse” Sarah begged sobbing, “I am a worthless fucking shitbag whore”

“good bitch” Malene said.

My cock was raging hard, as I watched Sarah getting degraded, I couldn’t watch any more, grabbing Sarah by the hair I hauled her up.  Dragging her over I pushed her onto the desk, hand on the back of her head pinning her down.  My other hand spread her ass cheeks as I roughly slammed my full length up into her backside.

“ohh fuck yeah use her baby” Sophie said.

“Take it slag!” Lucy squealed watching.

I held her head down as she lay there, pulling both arms behind her back and holding her tight.  My cock rammed deep up her ass, ball slapping her pussy with every stroke.  Sarah gasped and winced as my cock drove deep inside of her, brutal rutting, designed purely to get off.

“Fucking explode up her shit pipe!” Casey cheered, as I violently fucked her asshole.

Sarah was squealing now, I could feel her body starting to squirm, close to orgasm. Leaning forwards I said “Beg for it whore” in her ear.

“Cum in my ass, CUM IN MY ASS!” Sarah gasped louder.

My thrusts got even more erratic as I neared my climax, my full weight on her head and lower back as she squirmed cumming hard. Her asshole spasmed as she cried out, I knew I was about 10 strokes from exploding.

“YES! YESSS!!! YESSSS!!! FUCK I’M A WHORE!” Sarah cried, her head pinned to the table.

My dick trust as deep as I could up her ass, my cum flooding out into her bowels.  Bolt after bolt of semen pulsed up her ass, as she shook and clentched cumming with me.


Hot spunk exploded up her asshole as I came, filling her with my seed, hips banging hard against her ass cheeks, her thighs banging against the desk. She screamed ferociously as I shot every bolt of cum up her asshole.

All of my weight held her down as I came in her ass, dick squirting deep in her bowels.  She squealed as my hot spunk filled her back passage.

“Thank you, Thank you” she gasped.

Releasing her hands I eased out, slapping her ass.  The girls were grinning watching us fuck, but as soon as I had finished they were right back on her.  Malene dragged her by the hair back onto the floor, Lucy placing the bowl back between her thighs.

“Ohh you’re not done yet whore” Sophie snarled, spitting on her again.

Malene stood by the side of her head, huge cock bouncing on her crotch, Casey grinned and bent over Lips wrapped around it.

“Ohh yeah puke on her some more Casey” Lucy purred.

Sophie and Lucy spat on her tits, thick wads dribbling down her body.  Sarah arched her back tilting her head, as Malene hovered above her.  She spat a thick globule down which splattered on her forehead.

“Open that mouth slut, Casey is gonna fill it with her puke”

Casey was gagging hard, fake cock balls deep in her throat.  Sarah leant back, spit running down her cheek, mouth wide.  She waggled her tongue waiting,

“Pleaseeeeeee” she begged.

Casey urged and pulled back, a huge thick blast of puke blasting Sarah’s face.  She gasped and spluttered as the thick lumps filled her mouth, again Casey urged and again she puked over Sarah.

“That’s it whore take it” Malene gasped grabbing Casey’s head and pulling it back down.

Sarah swallowed her mouthful of puke, blinking her eyes open. “Thank you mistress” she gasped.

Malene held the back of Casey’s head and rutted deep and hard.  Thick strands of drool splattering Sarah’s face, as Casey made herself gag as much as possible.  Malene and Lucy spat over her tits, as it ran down her body into the bowl.

“More please” Sarah gasped, as Casey pulled her head up and threw up again.

Casey exploded over Sarah, a huge wave of cum filled puke blasting her face and body, the bowl quickly filled as Casey retched and retched over her.  Sarah gasped and shook, the shock of the deluge taking her breath away.

“Fuck yeahhh” Casey croaked when done.

Malene took the bowl away, as Lucy helped Sarah up, she blinked her eyes open, body glistening, covered in puke.

“Thank you “ she gasped , wiping her face.

“Ohh Don’t thank us whore!” Malene sneered, “Your gonna be screaming in a minute”

Sophie was sitting on the sofa, stroking her huge shaft, grinning. Malene and Lucy led Sarah across, “Sit on that bitch” Malene told her.  Sarah turned around and lowered her ass to the tip of Sophies huge fake cock, before easing down onto it.

“fuuuckkkkk” she gasped as it filled her ass.

Casey had another strapped to her crotch, and she stepped up in front of them, pushing Sarah back so Sophie could hold her tightly she lifted Sarah’s legs high.

“You are gonna be soo glad he spunked up your ass bitch” She sneered, pushing the head of her cock next to Sophie’s.

“NOOOOOOO!!!!” Sarah screamed as Casey pushed it in, breaking her sphincter wide.

She was kicking her legs, screaming as her ass was stretched wide by the 2 monster cocks, Casey gripped her ankles tightly as her crotch eased deeper and deeper.  Sarah was absolutely roaring as she took her first double anal.

“FUUUUCKKKKK NOOOOOOOOO!!!” she wailed, eyes wide, screaming.

Casey gripped her legs tightly, Sophie’s hands clasped on her tits holding her down.  Her face was red, she howled as Casey thrust in and out, long deep slow strokes, stretching her sphincter wide.


Casey snarled, building her pace, “You dirty fucking slag!  Worthless piece of shit, take it all”

Sarah was crying, tears running down her cheeks as Casey and now Sophie rutted into her asshole, Casey spat on her, thick globule clinging to her forehead.  Lucy moved to one side, and Malene to the other, leaning forwards they spat on her as well.

“Fuck you slag!” Lucy hissed

“Whore!” Malene snarled, spitting again.

“Look at me” Casey snapped, “Fucking look at me!”

Sarah locked her gaze on Casey, as the 2 huge shafts battered her ass, her nostrils flared as she panted, Sophie crushing her huge tits.  Casey kept thrusting her hips hard and fast, crotch slapping loudly against Sarah.

“Fucking cum Sarah, fucking rub that clit and cum for me” Casey gasped.

Moving her fingers down to her pussy, Sarah rubbed her clit furiously, trying to make herself orgasm.  She spread her lips and rubbed her throbbing clit, eyes locked on Casey.
“FUUCKKKKKKK”, she howled, her body reacting, fingers dancing over her clit.

“look at her” Malene said, “She’s gonna cum”

“Like a nasty little whore, with 2 dicks in her ass!” Lucy said laughing.

“YEAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! YEAAAAAASSSSSS!!!!” Sarah screamed, her pussy spraying juices up over Casey.

“Do iT!” Casey snarled, her hips moving faster.

Sophie crushed her tits, as Sarah worked frantically on her gushing cunt.  Warm pussy juices splashing up over Casey and then running down to lubricate the 2 thick shafts pounding her ass.
“YES! YEAAAASSSS!!! YEAAAAASSSS!!!!” Sarah roared, releasing her orgasm.

Casey eased down as Sarah finished coming, holding her crotch tight to Sarah, shaft embedded balls deep in her ass. Sophie roughly played with her tits, as Malene Lucy and I watched.
“Ohh you need to get used to this whore!” Casey snapped, “2 thick cocks stretching your ass, that’s what you will get from now on every time we meet”

Casey eased out, and helped Sarah to sit up, before helping her to stand.

“Hmm fancy one last go on her Lucy?” Malene teased.

“Yeah why not” Lucy replied.

She gripped Sarah by the hair and dragged her to the desk, twisting her hair she held her down just like I had, before pushing the head of her fake shaft to Sarah’s ass.  “Beg for it whore!” she sneered.

“Fuck me in the ass, please fuck me in the ass” Sarah gasped.

Lucy climbed up onto the desk, kneeling over Sarah, thick shaft easing into her gaping asshole.  Malene moved up behind her and pushed her shaft in to, causing Sarah to howl.

“FUUUUCKKKKKK!” She screamed.

Lucy pinned her down as both fake shafts pumped her ass, Tits squashed down against the desk, spreading out from the sides of her chest.  Harder and harder they thrust, shafts sawing back and forth into Sarah, until finally she came in an explosion of pleasure.

“FUCK! FUCK FUUUUUCCCCKKKK!” Sarah cried, her body being used by Lucy and Malene.

Casey and Sophie were now the voyeurs, on this little session, as we sat on the sofa watching Sarah get battered by Lucy and Malene.

“SHIIITTT!!! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Sarah screamed, her hips shuddering up to meet both shafts.

Lucy crushed her skull into the desk, twisted sideways, cheek resting on the wood.  Malene had hold of her hips crotch slamming against Lucy and Sarah, trying to get as deep as possible.  Sarah gripped the edge of the desk, as her body heaved in orgasm, quivers of pleasure rippling through her, from neck to tailbone.

“YEAAAASSSSSS!!!!” Sarah roared.

Sophie and Casey watched on, Sophie hand on my cock slowly stroking it, Casey fingering her pussy.  Sarah was roaring, her body shuddering violently as her ass was plundered, Lucy slamming hard, Malene rutting deep.

“FUUUCKKKK!!! FUCKKKK!!!!” she howled.

Sophie and Casey were wanking hard now, using both hands to get off, I got up and walked over to Sarah, stroking my now hard as nails cock.  She was pinned to the desk top by Lucy, hand wrapped in her hair, weight of her body holding Sarah’s head sideways and flat to the table.

“Wank on the whore!” Lucy gasped, “Fucking jizz allover her face, you’d like that wouldn’t you slag?” she quizzed

“Please,” Sarah gasped, “Please shoot your cum on my face”

I stroked my shaft, thick head throbbing in front of Sarah, Lucy and Malene thrust slower so she could watch my cock intently.  Sophie and Casey moved over as well, so they could get a close up view.

“Cum, please shoot your hot semen on my ugly slag face” Sarah whined.

My cock exploded, the thick spunk spraying Sarah, white streaks splattered her top cheek, before spurts hit her eyes, and nose.  Cum shot up her nostril and oozed down her forehead, a healthy puddle forming on the desk.

“Thank you” she spluttered through the deluge.

Lucy let go of her hair and along with Malene pulled out of her ass.  She moved over to stand with Sophie and Casey.  All of us watched as Sarah licked up the cum, she didn’t need to be told now, just knew what was expected form our whore.

“You’re learning bitch” Malene said watching.

Sarah lapped up my milky spunk from the table, slurping each drop savoring it.  She was almost in her own little world enjoying every salty line of cum.  All the women watched as Sarah cleaned the last of my ejaculation from the table.

“Well done slut” Lucy said.

“Yes, only one thing left now slag” Casey said, getting the bowl of spit/puke from the side.

“Time to clean up your mess” Sophie said grinning.

Casey placed the brimming bowl on the desk, as Sarah looked on worriedly.  Malene moved over and sucked a mouthful from the bowl, she grabbed Sarah by the hair and dragged her to the floor, pulling her head back she forced her mouth open.  Malene dribbled the contents she had just sucked from the bowl, down into Sarah’s open mouth.  Sarah gagged and almost choked at the lumpy cold liquid.

“Swallow it you puke whore!” Malene snarled.

Sarah swallowed her mouthful, struggling to get it down, each of the girls in turn did the same, savoring the taste before spitting it in her mouth.  Sarah was shaking, her body rejecting the acidic concoction.

“Get up” Casey said, dragging her by the hair again, she forced Sarah’s face into the bowl.  “Drink whore!” she snapped.

Casey held Sarah deep in the  bowl, unable to breath she was force to drink the puke,  swallowing hard she gulped in several mouthfuls before Casey dragged her head up.  Thick slime oozed down her face, and clang to her hair, where the puke had congealed in the bowl., and the spit settled ontop.

“You’re a fucking ugly, fat titted whore!” Sophie snarled, slapping Sarah’s tits hard, she was close to breaking, starting to sob.

“That’s it whore cry, you fucking weak pussy” Malene sneered, slapping Sarah.

Casey forces her around so she squatted down back to the desk, her neck on the edge.  Sarah’s hair was on the desk top and Casey sat ontop of it, legs either side of her head, hanging down over her shoulders, pinning her in place.

“Drink it” Lucy said holding the now half full bowl to Sarah’s lips.

Sarah looked up eyes wide as Lucy started pouring it in.  She gulped and gulped the thick swirling fluids filling her belly.  Over and over she swallowed for what seemed like an age, until finally she was full, and the bowl was empty.

“keep it down!” Sophie said, as she fought back the urge to vomit it back up.

“That was well done slave, you have learnt well today” Casey said.

Releasing her hair Casey got up from Sarah, and helped her stand.

“So Sarah, how was it?” Sophie asked

“Ohh fuck that was the most brutal domination I have ever had,   I was so close to saying my safe word, but fuck I am sooo horny now” Sarah replied.

“So you are happy to join our little fuck buddy group?” Lucy asked

“Ohh yeah, I’m in all in” Sarah replied

“Good to hear” Malene said, “Next time you sub for us we will take it to the next level”

“There’s worse!” Sarah gasped, “Fuck I can’t wait!”

“Oh yeah, but remember some of us like it too so you might need to switch roles” Sophie said.

“Ohh I’ve learnt a lot today about how to treat a bitch nasty!” Sarah replied.

“I’m gonna get cleaned up, then dressed up and go and see if I can pull, fuck I am gonna do some nasty shit to whatever guy I meet tonight” Sarah said smiling, as she left the room

“That’s one lucky bastard tonight” Lucy said.
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Re: Sarahs initiation (Sarah Randall)
« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2019, 04:09:43 AM »
Went back and read these after your latest story. Sarah is going to be a star around this place.

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Re: Sarahs initiation (Sarah Randall)
« Reply #3 on: July 18, 2019, 06:56:39 AM »
From your stories, I looked up Sarah and find it a bit surprising that she isn't well known. With knockers like that, you would think she had become famous.
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