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Lucy and Michelle - Voucher Number 2 Lucy's Fantasy

Chapter 1

Starring: Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh, Malene Espensen, Sophie Howard

Codes: MF, M+F,FF, Anal,Deep Throat, Tittyfucking, Facial, Bukkake

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

This is the sequel to several of my Lucy and Michelle stories please check them out.

It was several weeks after Malene had shown us the depths of her depravity, and Lucy had decided the time was right for us to fulfil her fantasy.  Michelle, Malene and Sophie were waiting in the dungeon, in the voyeur room, while Lucy readied herself the other side of the glass.  All 3 were naked sitting in large comfortable chairs, ready to enjoy the show.

“She looks like she is really up for it” Malene said, as Lucy adjusted her hair.

Lucy sat in a large leather chair, flanked by a sofa.  A padded table was in front of her and a big bed off to the side.  Lucy wore a tight Black and red bra with matching panties
“Come in boys” she purred.

The door opened and a stream of men walked in, 12 in total.  Lucy stood up out of the chair, turning to wink at us through the glass before addressing her party.   They all wore a selection of shorts and t-shirts.

“Hello guys, welcome to my little gathering” she said, “You have about 3 hours to do whatever you want to me!”

The men all looked at each other grinning, “Don’t just stand there then get your clothes off and cocks out!” she told them.

I recognised a few of them from Malene’s challenge, including the guy who came loads and the one with the big dick.  Lucy sat on the padded table, beckoning the first of those who had stripped off over.

“No rules today boys, so if you spunk, and can get hard stay around, and have another go!”  Lucy told them grinning, “Now let me suck that cock” she said to the first.

Lucy took his dick in her hand and stroked it, getting hard quickly she slavered the head before wrapping her juicy red lips over it.  Gasping the guys gently pushed her hair aside so he could get a good view, as 2 more men stepped up.  Lucy gripped a cock in each had whilst sucking on the third.

Sophie, Malene and Michelle each sat beside me watching the action.  Sophie had 3 large punchbowls, one of which she placed in front of me, “Gotta get you to fill these up honey” she said.

“if you need to use any of us to get those balls empty just ask” Malene said, slowly rubbing her pussy as she spread her legs.

“Whatever you need” Michelle added.

Lucy had made her way through about half the men, she was sucking the huge load man off whilst wanking the well endowed one.  Coming up for air she squealed in delight to see 2 more of the men were equally as big, 3 massive 12 inch real dicks for her to sample.

“Holy fuck boys, those weapons are huge” she gasped.

She stroked the next dick, sucking it hard, then eased her mouth down over it until her throat swallowed him down, nose tight to his stomach.  Groaning the guy clenched his fists, as Lucy gagged herself on his cock.  Keeping her eyes firmly fixed on him Lucy deep throated for a good 20 seconds before coming up for air with a gasp.

“Ohh yeah” she purred.

 She took a twelve incher and stroked it in front of her face, spitting on it before running her tongue over the head.  “you gonna get hard again if I make you cum” she asked, “Oh fuck yeah” he replied.

“Ever been deep throated before?” she asked.  He shook his head.

Lucy slid the shaft into her mouth, working up and down, deeper and deeper into her throat.  She looked up and swallowed, taking him deep, the shaft pushing down her throat until his balls touched her chin.

“Shit!” one of the men wanking said, amazed at Lucy’s ability.

She reached around holding him close, clawing at his ass, pushing him in and out deep in her throat.  Spit dripped from her mouth down onto her tits, making them shine.

“ohhh fuuuuuck” she gasped as she came up for air, stroking the shaft and spitting  a huge strand on it. “Throat fuck me baby, grab my head and stick your cock as hard as you can down my throat before you spunk”

She reached out and grabbed the other 2 big dicks, stroking them as the third was pushed down her throat.  Lucy had the dick balls deep, hands on her head holding it still as he pumped her throat.

“What a slut!” one man said.

Lucy choked and gagged as her throat was pumped, each hand stroking a cock.  Balls bashed her chin, but he couldn’t resist long, and clutching her head tight his balls emptied down her throat.  Spit and snot bubbled down Lucy’s face as the long thick shaft pulsed into her belly, his hips jerking hard into her throat.

My dick exploded into the bowl as I saw Lucy taking a throatfuck, hot sticky cum splashing into it.  “Ohh yeah babe, first of many” Malene gasped, strumming her pussy.

Lucy sat back dick sliding from her throat, spit running down her chest pooling in her huge cleavage.  A tear ran down from one eye, as she blinked and looked around.  The other guys were stroking their dicks watching her, the final one stepped up for his blowjob.

“Mmm, that was soo nasty” Lucy gasped, taking his cock and sucking it briefly.

She reached around and unfastened her bra, peeling it off she revealed her fabulous tits.  Smearing the thick spit strands all over them they glistened and quivered.  “I know you boys have been wanting to see these!” she said grinning.

Laying back Lucy clasped her tits together, beckoning the last guy she had sucked off, she squeezed and jiggled her boobs, “Fuck these tits then baby, give them a good hard pounding”

He straddled her body pushing his dick between her tits, she grinned as the head poked up between them, squeezing them tightly in her hands Lucy lay back and let him fuck them hard.
1 guy moved up to stand next to Lucy offering her his cock again, she turned her head to one side and sucked on it.  Seeing this, another moved to her other side and did the same, so she moved alternately from one side to the other.

“Mmmmm, oh yeah” she gasped sucking cock and getting tit fucked.

Soon she was circled by men, swapping over from her tits to mouth, or just getting jerked off.  1 of them got braver, one of the 12 inch guys, and he moved to pull down her panties.  “Ohh yeah baby, get some cock in my pussy I am dripping wet” Lucy gasped between sucks.

Holding her legs wide he pushed his hard cock to her pussy lips, she gasped as he eased between them, his cock being sucked in by the wet hole.

“Fuuuckkk” she gasped as the big cock drove in and out of her pussy,

The guys were swapping over, each taking a turn on her tits, she was gasping and groaning as her pussy was fucked by multiple men


Lucy was orgasming hard as she struggled to concentrate, her body shaking and twitching,  Her big tits were being pumped by a 12” dick, while another big monster was in her mouth.  The third foot long hose was now in her pussy as she came hard.

“FUCCKKK!!! FUUUCCKKKK!!! YEAAHHHHH!!!!” She moaned over the throbbing cock in her mouth.

She gasped as her mouth was free of cock, looking up at the huge shaft sawing between her tits, she snarled “Fucking cum baby” at the guy banging them

Letting go of the 2 cocks in her hand she reached down and squeezed her tits hard around the shaft.  Looking up she craned her neck forwards giving her whole face over as a target, she snaked her tongue over his head every chance she go as it emerged from between her tits.

“Fucking do it, slam these big tits and spunk all over them and my face!” Lucy urged.

It didn’t take much and with a groan hot spunk blasted out and splattered her face.  Lucy was grinning, loving her cum shower, thick wads of spunk blasted her face and coated her neck, before finally the last drops seeped down between her tits.

“Fuck Yeah!” She gasped, sitting up, “Now I look like whore come and fuck me boys!” she said moving over to the sofa and sitting back, spreading her legs.

My cock was raging hard again, and I needed to fuck someone,   I grabbed Malene by the hand and hauled her up from the chair, bending her over the footstool in on the floor my cockhead was against her dry asshole in an instant.

“Ohhh fuck yeah baby, do it, do it hard” Malene gasped as my cock pushed into her tight back passage.

Lucy was laying back cum all over her face as the men lined up to take turns fucking her pussy,  she held her legs under the knees spreading them wide, taking every shaft with relish.

“Fuck me like a whore!” Lucy screamed as she took each cock in her wet cunt.

I had Malene bent over, my dick pounding her ass relentlessly, she clutched tightly to the footstool, screaming as I buggered her dry ass.  Sophie moved the bowl to just behind her knowing I was never gonna last long.

“You gonna cum honey?” Lucy gasped watching a guy fuck her, “Take it out and cover me, I wanna be plastered in spunk for you!” she purred.

He pulled his cock out and stroked it hard, Lucy sat up, cradling her tits in front of him.  “Shoot that spunk all over me baby, make me look like a nasty little cum whore” she teased.

I had my hands on Malene’s shoulders pinning her down, she squealed and shook as she came, my cock destroying her tight asshole with every thrust.   Her ass was spasming so hard on my dick I came within seconds pulling out and spraying a huge load down into the bowl.  One hand crushed down onto Malene’s back pinning her in place as I jerked my pulsing cock with the other.

“Fucking cum on me!” Lucy gasped, “Watch this boys, then later on I am gonna get down on my knees and let you cover my face in thick hot spunk, like a dirty little semen whore”

That did the trick as Lucy’s tits were splattered with cum, her hard nipples glazed with hot sticky spunk.  The man groaned before stepping back, “Get hard for me again baby” Lucy said.

I collapsed back onto the sofa, allowing Malene to get up.  She rolled over and lay back collapsed on the floor gasping.  “Holy fuck” she panted “That’s the best ass fuck you’ve given me in months!”.  Mascara ran down her face where the tears had pooled, her legs still twitched and shook from her orgasm.

Lucy now had the men lined up to sit on the sofa, she was taking turns riding them hard, her big tits bouncing, covered in sweat and spunk.  Flicking her hair back she arched backwards shaking as her body shook in pleasure.


She rubbed her clit furiously writhing on this poor guy, her pussy spasming hard, he was struggling not to cum.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! YES!” she howled.

Easing down from her climax she slid off of his hard dick, grinning and biting her lip.

“Well done babe, you didn’t cum, I bet that was sooo difficult” she gasped.

She got down onto her knees, and made him stand up, she started sucking his cock.  “Let it go baby, give me that hot spunk” she gasped, stroking his shaft.

He was gasping as Lucy stroked his cock firmly, holding it a few inches from her nose, looking up at him.  Working her hand up and down his shaft she slavered her tongue over his head, eyes wide staring up at him.

“Do it, fucking shoot that load all over my face.” She sneered, teeth clenched as she begged him to cum. “Fucking Lucy Pinder, the girl next door is on her knees begging for your spunk”

He groaned as hot thick spunk pulsed from his shaft, splattering her face.  She never flinched letting every single streak land squarely over her forehead and eyes.  She had an amazing aim and not one drop was wasted, she slowly stroked the final few drops from his trembling body.

“Yeah!” Lucy gasped, turning around to show all the men.

I had gotten up from Malene, but she was still bent over the footstool rubbing her pussy furiously. “Holy fuck I am so close, Sophie fancy taking over where he left me?” She gasped.

Sophie took a big strap on from the table and fastened it into place, with a big grin on her face she stepped up behind Malene.  Pushing it against her ass, she rammed it home, causing Malene to scream.

Lucy stood up, beckoning one of the well endowed men, “You want to see what a filthy whore I am boys?” she teased, sitting back on the sofa.

She leant back and raised her legs, gripping below her knees, “Stick that fat cock up my ass baby!” she said grinning, “Fucking give me all you have”

The thick cock nudged her ring, as she lay there, spunk all over her face.  Lucy was begging for the dick as he pushed it in her dry ass, she squealed as a few inches pushed up her ass.

“Don’t you dare stop, I want every single inch up my ass!” she snarled.

The group of men were all wanking furiously watching Lucy take the huge cock up her ass.   She was watching both them and the guy as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper.

“Bet you’ve never had a whore like me who can take your whole dick up her ass” Lucy gasped, almost the full length in now.  She grinned as he was full length inside her, thick spunk glistening on her forehead.

“Do it baby, fucking slam my asshole with that cock” She sneered.

Sophie had her hand wrapped in Malene’s hair, tugging it as she furiously buggered her with the full length of cock.  Malene was screaming, howling as the huge shaft destroyed her ass.
“FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUCKKKKK!!!!” She cried.

Lucy was snarling, legs clasped tight as her asshole was fucked, thick big cock sawing back and forth into her.  One leg started to shake as waves of ecstasy pulsing through her.  Sweat and spunk glistened on her face as she came, eyes wide howling.   

“YES! YES!!! YEEEAAASS!!!! YEEEAASSSSS!!!!” She screamed.

 Malene screamed her body shaking, Sophie held her arms behind her back, pounding the whole shaft in.  Brutal hard strokes destroying her dry ass as she came.

“FUCKKKK!!! FUUUUUCCCKKKK!!! YEASSSSSS!!!” Lucy cried, her legs trembling body quivering.

Several of the men surrounding Lucy were obviously close to cumming, and she spotted this.

“Ohh boys, you got something for me” she gasped.

“Thanks baby” she groaned, pushing the guy fucking her ass away

Tossing a cushion down onto the floor, she scooted down onto her knees, looking up at all the men as they wanked watching her.

“Circle up boys, I want my face plastered in spunk” she teased.

Surrounding Lucy they fought for position and it wasn’t long until the first explosion of cum splattered her face.

“Ohh fuck yeah, cover this whore in spunk” Lucy gasped.

Another blast of cum struck her face, thick white streaks clinging to her right cheek and hitting her eye.  Lucy squealed, the turned to face the culprit, grinning and sucking the last few drops from his cock.

“Ohh nasty, I love it, make my eyes burn boys” she sneered.

Michelle grabbed the bowl and moved over to me, on her hands and knees between my legs she gripped my cock, “need a hand” she said laughing.  She wrapped her lips around my head, before slipping it into her mouth, sucking me off.

Lucy was blasted by 3 men in a row, her face drenched in thick spunk.  Blinking her eyes she gasped as each spurt of semen splattered her forehead and cheeks.  The circle of guys lessened as each was spent, until finally 1 of the huge dicks and the small cock was left.

“Fuck yeah” she spluttered, looking from dick to dick.

“YEASSSSS!!!!!!!” Malene howled, Sophie still battering her ass.

She had hold of each ass cheek, clawing them tightly as she rutted deep.  Malene clutched the box tightly as she came.

Lucy grinned as the huge cock guy groaned, shooting his cum over her glistening face.  Large jets added to the white criss crossed look, as he emptied his balls over her, leaving just the tiny cock left.

“ohh fuck, I’ve seen what you can do babe, fucking drown me with your cum”  Lucy gasped, tilting her head back jiggling her huge, now swollen breasts.

Michelle had my cock in her throat, gagging hard, as I watched Lucy get bukkaked, and Malene getting buggered.  Sophie stepped back, Malene having cum hard, fake cock bouncing at her crotch.  Malene gasping turned around and sucked it straight into her mouth, savouring her ass on the shaft.

  Lucy was staring at the tiny cock, and it got stroked vigorously, intently watching, waiting for it to explode.  “get hard again for me boys, whoever gets it up first is going straight up my ass again”  She teased.

Suddenly thick white spurts blasted forth, soaking her face, clinging to her hair, dripping over her forehead.  She held her eyes open as the gooey white strands pooled in them, clenching her teeth as it burned.

“Ohhh fuck, do it, nasty, nasty bitch” she gasped at herself.

Malene and Sophie stood watching Michelle, deep throating me with relish, until I was about to cum.  She quickly pulled her head up and wanked my shaft, each bolt of Jizz filling it up.

Lucy’s face was a mask of spunk, she was drenched, as all the men were spent, she sat there loving every moment in the spotlight.  “Ohh boys, I think I need to taste you all  now” she purred.

Scooping her fingers over her face she pulled every drop of spunk she could manage into her mouth.  Wiping and scraping the thick lumpy cum until her mouth was brimming with spunk.

Lucy turned to look at the men, showing them her prize.  She swirled her tongue in the mixture before closing her mouth and swallowing the lot.  She gasped when her mouth was empty, opening it wide to demonstrate her skills.

“ohh fuck boys, that was sooo nasty.  Who’s hard?”  she asked.
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Re: Lucy's Fantasy (Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh plus a load of guest stars)
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Chapter 2

Starring: Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh, Malene Espensen, Sophie Howard

Codes: MF, M+F,FF, Anal,Double Anal, Gokkun

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

Malene took the 1st full punchbowl from the floor and set it on a nearby table, before taking the second and putting it back down.  She grinned as Michelle stood up next to her and Sophie.
One of the first Guys to cum, stepped up, his cock hard in his hand,  Lucy grinned standing up, moving over to the sofa.  She bent over the arm and looked back spreading her ass cheeks, “get in here then babe, back up my tight fucking ass”.

Grinning he eased his cockhead into her backside, she gasped and growled as he pushed it in.  Gripping her hips he stood between her legs, pumping his cock up her ass as she gripped the sofa cushions writhing.

“Ohh fuck yeahhh, fucking do it baby” she growled.

Sophie lay back on the footstool, arching her back squeezing her enormous tits together. Malene spat on them rubbing it in making them shiny and slippery, “Titfuck me baby” Sophie purred.

“YES!!! YEAAASSSS!!!” Lucy screamed her body shaking as her ass got fucked, she had her hands wrapped in her hair tugging it hard.

Several of the guys were rock hard now and they stood around Lucy, who wailed loudly as she climaxed. “YEAAAASSSS!!! YEAAAASSSSS!!” she cried.

I was straddling Sophie’s body, cock between her round soft breasts, as I fucked them hard.   Michelle stood one side of us, Malene the other, watching me and Lucy.
Lucy turned her head, calming slightly after her orgasm, “Swap over boys, I want each and every one of you to fuck my ass as hard as you can, but no cumming yet” she gasped.

“We’re gonna fucking milk your balls babe” Malene said squeezing Sophie’s tits, “Drain them with our tits until you fill this second bowl”

Lucy was being absolutely pummelled by a huge cock, screaming loudly as her ass was destroyed, he furiously fucked her ass for several minutes before pulling out and letting the next man in.  She whined as he pulled out, before gasping from the next mans thrusts.

“Ohhh fuck yeah, do me, do me like a bitch” She gasped.

Sophie squeezed her tits tightly around my shaft, I pumped faster and faster between her plump melons.  Malene bent down to kiss her, and Michelle did as well, all 3 ladies sharing a sloppy tongue filled kiss.

“Fucking hell!” Lucy wailed as the next big cock rammed deep up her ass, about half the men had taken their turn now, she lay head down, turned sideways accepting the shaft.

My cock was twitching, “he’s cumming” Sophie gasped.  Malene grabbed the bowl and held it up, as I stroked my exploding shaft into it.

Her hips bucked and shook as Lucy came again, the massive 12 inch dick battering her ass.  She clutched the cushions tightly as she came, crying and screaming “FUCCK!!!! FUUUCKKKKK!!!! YEAAAAAASSSSSS!!!!” she cried.

Sophie swapped places with Malene, as I straddled her body, this time spinning around.  Malene lay back, letting Sophie and Michelle clasp her boobs around my cock, my balls rubbing on her neck.

“YES! YES! YES! YEEAAASSSS!” Lucy squealed as her bum was slammed.

The big guy quickly pulled out of her ass as she was cumming, obviously he was nearly ready to explode, “Noooooo” Lucy whined mid orgasm

He was quickly replaced by another man though, who drove his dick balls deep in 1 thrust.   Malene spread my ass cheeks and started tonguing my asshole as I pumped between her tits, making me thrust even harder.

“You last, Lucy gasped at the third 12 inch cock, her body shaking as her orgasm calmed.  She gasped as the next few guys all buggered her hard, until finally only 1 dick was left.

“Fucking do  it then, all these cock have just fucked my ass, but it’s still as tight as you could ever imagine” Lucy teased.

My dick twitched again, Michelle held the bowl up and I emptied my second load into it.  Watching as the 12 inch cock pushed into Lucy’s ass.

“Fuuuuccck yeah” she growled, grinning as her ass was filled with cock.

Michelle sat on the footstool, playing with my shaft trying to he me hard.  Malene was suckling Sophie’s breasts, squeezing them as she watched Lucy, wanking her pussy.

“Ohh, I am such a whore” Lucy gasped, as he fucked her ass, “nasty fucking whore”

“Ohhhh yeah bitch you’re nasty” said the guy fucking her ass, gripping her hair and pulling her up.  Putting his arm underneath her hips he dragged her back until she stood on the floor, pinned by her thighs against the sofa.

“Yeah, fucking treat me nasty” Lucy snarled.

He spanked her ass hard, making her squeal, before letting go of her hair and hooking both her arms behind her back, slamming furiously up her ass, destroying her sphincter.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” she cried, as he buggered her.

Michelle had her tits around my cock, wanking it slowly as I watched Lucy getting assfucked.  She was shaking and shuddering as her body was battered by the huge 12 inch dick.


The men were all watching, wanking as she got buggered, the guy was not messing around, violently pounding her ass with every inch of his cock, as she struggled and bucked in his grasp.

She shuddered as her orgasm eased, before he pulled out, dragging her down onto her knees by the hair. “Taste your ass whore” she snarled.

Lucy eagerly sucked the shaft between her lips, as he held her head forcing it down her throat.  She gagged hard before he pulled her head up.  “Dirty little tramp” he said before spitting in her shocked face.

“oooh I like him” Malene purred, watching on.

Michelle was stroking faster and faster, her big breasts wanking my hard cock.  Sophie and Malene rubbing their pussies, as Lucy knelt on the floor.

“Fuck yeah, that’s it, any of you other fuckers think you have what it takes to treat me rough?” Lucy snapped.

A couple of the men stepped up, the first one spat on her forehead “Fucking whore!” he growled, gripping her head then slapping her face.  She grinned as the next one spat on her, forcing her mouth open and spitting in that.

“Fuck yeah boys that’s the stuff!” She roared, standing up.

“Pair up, I want a double stuffing now!” she said grinning, pushing one man down on the sofa and straddling him.

Michelle felt me pumping my cock to match her wanking motion, my balls getting ready to explode.  Sophie grabbed the bowl and just before I came, Michelle released me.
“Cum for me baby!” she purred.

Sophie wanked my dick into the bowl as Lucy got a cock in her ass to match the one in her pussy.

“Fuuuuck yeah” Lucy gasped, as both her holes were filled.

Swiftly she began rocking back and forth, her body getting stuffed with 2 cocks.  Her big breasts swaying as she moved to a rhythm.  The one in her ass gripped her hair, tugging it as she squealed, his balls slapping hard on her pussy.

“YEAH!!! OHHHHH!! FUCK YEAAAHHH!!” she whined, cumming again.

Malene and Sophie moved to either side of me, sandwiching my now hard again cock between their tits.  They kissed passionately as I fucked their boobs, Michelle moving the ¾ full bowl over next to us.

Lucy was roaring as both her holes were drilled, surrounded by wanking cocks, she looked in her element.  As the first pair tired Lucy grinned, before moving to the next, She gasped straddling one dick, and then feeling the other up her asshole.

“FUUUCKKK!!!” She howled her body shaking, dick blasting in and out of her ass.

Her massive tits quivered as she came, right in the face of the man she was riding.  The man behind was thrusting as hard as he could Lucy shuddering and twitching as he pounded that clenching asshole.


Sophie was grinning as she watched my hard shaft rubbing back and forth, Malene holding her tightly smashing their tits together.  My hips thrust hard, not far from exploding again.
“FUCK! FUCKKKKK!!!” Lucy wailed as she continued to cum, suddenly the man in her ass pulled out.

“Shit I nearly came” he gasped.

Lucy jumped up from the man she was riding, and moved to the next pair, one of whom sat back onto the bed.  Riding him she flicked her hair, rubbing her clit furiously, before leaning forwards and spreading her ass cheeks wide.

“Fill me up baby” she gasped as another cock slid up her back passage.

One of the 3 massive cocks pushed into her ass, she growled as he pushed all 12 inches up her.  He clutched her ass cheeks tight and rutted in and out, Lucy leant forwards growling, looking straight at the guy she was riding.

“Spunk time!” Sophie cried as my cock twitched, both her and Malene, leaning backwards.

Michelle grabbed my cock and wanked me into the bowl filling it up, as I watched Lucy getting pounded.  She was furiously kissing the man below her as her ass got pounded, he groped her tits and thrust upwards to match.

“Ohhh fuck, fuck yeah” Lucy groaned, as she got double fucked.

Michelle let go of my cock, and set the full bowl down on the side, taking number 2, she moved back to kneel in front of me, “Full force baby” she said sucking on my shaft “Destroy my throat”.  Sophie and Malene knelt either side of her watching as I gripped her head.

Lucy switched to her next pair, judging to perfection when each guy was about to cum, and stopping just in time.  She eased the tiny cock guy into her pussy, while taking the full length in her ass. “Ohhh baby, I really want another load from you soon” she gasped.

I held Michelle’s head in my hands and rammed my shaft deep, no regard for her, just watching Lucy trying to get off.  The bowl was filling with her phlegm and puke as well as my spunk now.
“FUUUCKKKKK!! YEAHHHHH!!” Lucy wailed orgasming again, grinding down as her ass was pummelled.

The guy behind her was one of the rough ones and he slapped her ass cheeks ferociously as she came. He really buggered her hard as she growled and gasped her body feeling waves of pleasure.

“YESSS!!! YESSSS!!!” Lucy cried.

My balls exploded, as I thrust into Michelles throat, she quickly pushed me off and spat into the bowl as I jerked my load into it. Sophie and Malene watched as I emptied my balls bringing the second bowl over halfway full.

“great stuff honey” Sophie said.

Lucy had moved onto her final duo, the pair of 12” cocks, she eased up off of her current pairing grinning.  “Come on then big boys, give it to me”.  Pushing the first down onto the sofa, she straddled him easing the full 12 inches inside her soppy wet pussy.

“Now you” she said turning and looking over her shoulder, before reaching back and spreading her cheeks.

“Yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah” she gasped as each inch pushed into her back passage.

Once he was all the way in Lucy reached up and gripped the sofa back, the man below reached and groped her tits, drawing a nipple to his mouth.  He sucked on her tits while she took both shafts in her holes.

“Ohhh sweet motherfucker!” she gasped as her ass and pussy were rammed with hard meat. “Fucking do it!”

Sophie was bent over so I could fuck her ass as well.  Watching Lucy as I rutted up her, balls banging on her pussy lips.  Malene and Michelle sat kissing, watching it all.

“FUCK! FUCK! YESSSS!!! YEEEAAASSSS!!” Lucy screamed, as she came once more.

The man in her ass was properly fucking her, really driving his whole 12 inches home, while the man below her chewed on her nipples as she shook, and shuddered.


As she calmed from her climax he pulled from her ass, almost cumming.  Standing back he gasped as his hard cock bounced.  Lucy leant back, panting, grinning contentedly.

“ohh baby was that close?” she teased.

“Looks like you all enjoyed that” she said looking at their faces, “you want to fuck my ass?” she said to the guy she was riding. He nodded and she eased up off of him.

Turning around she gasped as her ass sat down on his shaft, he guided her hips until her bum, cheeks rested snugly against his crotch.  “I am such a whore!” she sneered, “you” she said pointing at the guy with a 12” dick who was rough with her.  “get over here I want you as well.”

He stepped up and gripped her legs spreading them wide before pushing his cock deep in her pussy, making her gasp.

“Fuck! Did I say pussy?  No! Get that dick in my ass as well” she said sternly.

He grinned before pulling out and pressing his head to her ass.  “Do it!” she snapped clutching her own legs by the thighs, as he pushed in.

“FuuuucccCCCKKKKKKK!!!” she whined as his cock burst her sphincter, she shook as his whole length disappeared up her ass.

Sophie was screaming as I fucked her ass, my cock really going to town, My hands groping her big swollen tits as I drilled her ass, both of us watching Lucy.

She was screaming and howling as 2, 12 inch cocks rutted her asshole, both men really giving it their all.  Her legs were spread wide as she leant back, every single stroke making her scream and cry.


All the men surrounded her, wanking hard watching the amazing show she was putting on.

“MOTHERFCUKERSSSS!!!” she screamed climaxing once again. “FUCK YEAAASSSSS!!!! YEAAAASSSS!!!” she wailed.

Her big tits shuddered back and forth as her ass was pounded, body jerking legs kicking.  Each roar seemed louder than the next as she came hard, her ass being stretched and probed furiously.
“YES! YES! YEEEAASSSS!!!!!” Lucy howled, as she got buggered by the 2 huge shafts.

The rougher guy reached up grabbing her face, forcing her to look at him, he spat on her again.

“YEEASSS” she snarled, as he groped her tits hard.

He spat in her mouth as well, before again on her forehead, a thick wad dripping down her sweaty face.  Both dicks pounded her ass, the guy below holding her hips tight as he thrust up.  The circle of men were all stroking furiously, watching Lucy get buggered, several were close to cumming.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUCKKKKKK!!!” Lucy wailed her body tense, climaxing hard.

My dick was close as well, I pulled out of Sophie and jerked off into the bowl, my cock spraying its cargo, filling it up.  Lucy was roaring her body convulsing as her ass got pounded, powerful spasms of orgasm hitting her.

“FUCK!!! YEAAASSSS!!! YEAAAAASSSSSS!!!!” she screamed.

I moved to Malene, who presented her tits, arching her back up over the stool, sitting on the floor.  I straddled them, hard cock sandwiched between the soft plump mounds.

“ohh you fuckers” Lucy panted, “I want some spunk!”

She pushed the man on top of her back and out of her ass, getting up off of the other cock, she stood on wobbly legs.  Tossing a couple of cushions to the ground she collapsed to her knees.
“Every fucking drop you have boys” she gasped, “Right in here”, opening her mouth waggling her tongue.

The guys all circled her, and it didn’t take long for the first to cum, hot spunk blasting out between Lucy’s lips and into her mouth.  Holding her mouth wide, she accepted load after load, each man being careful to get every drop into her mouth.

“Fuck, she is in whore mode today” Michelle said, her and Sophie stood either side of me.

My dick sawed between Malene’s marvellous breasts, she looked up watching as the head popped out from between them on each thrust.  The huge orbs clutched tight in my hands as I fucked them harder and harder.

Lucy had about 2 men left, the cum nearly brimmed her lips now as she took the final 2 loads, the men standing back and admiring their efforts.  Considering most had cum twice or 3 times this was very impressive.

“Guzzle it Lucy, swallow the lot” Sophie said watching the action.

Lucy looked around, mouth wide, tongue swimming in the semen, her eyes sparkled as she revelled in the attention.  Closing her mouth she swallowed the lot with relish. Screwing her eyes shut and swallowing hard, the whole mouthful went down in one, opening her mouth to show it was gone.

“Gahhhh” she gasped, grinning from ear to ear.

“Wow boys you did well, we have about an hour left, so you get to pick what you want.  Let’s get you hard first though” she said.  Standing up she moved  over to the far wall. “line up, hands against the wall” she said.

Moving to the first in line, Lucy spread his ass cheeks before rimming his ass, hands on his cock stroking it firmly.  She moved down the line, one after the other, each man getting hard quickly as she licked his ass.

My cock was throbbing hard and ready to explode, pumping furiously deep in Malene’s cleavage.  She was urging me to cum, squeezing her tits tight, until finally I pulled out and exploded.  Thick streams of spunk  filled the second bowl, as I watched Lucy lick and wank her way down the line.

“Ohh boys, your nice and hard now” Lucy purred, “You each get a go with me, however you like, then make your way out please”
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Re: Lucy's Fantasy (Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh plus a load of guest stars)
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Chapter 3

Starring: Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh, Malene Espensen, Sophie Howard

Codes: MF, M+F,FF, Anal,Double Anal, Titfucking, Swallow, Facial

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

Michelle moved the third and final bowl over to the table, getting down on the floor, she strapped a huge dildo to her crotch, “Lets double stuff Sophie” she said. Sophie grinned, moving down to sit onto Michelle’s shaft.  She gasped as the huge member went up to the hilt in her back passage.

“Fuuuuckkkk” Sophie groaned nestling down.

Spreading her legs I eased down, so I was ontop of her, cock deep in her pussy, hands either side of both of them we started to fuck Sophie.

Lucy was riding one of the men on the couch while the others stood wanking, she had her hands behind her head, furiously slamming down on his cock.  His hands gripped her hips as she bounced furiously, eyes glued to her big breasts.

“Oh fuck, fuck yeah baby, do it, cum in my pussy!” She growled, back arching

Driving his hips up her pussy was pummelled, sweaty body bouncing, Faster and faster until he came, Lucy collapsing ontop of him as he flooded his cum inside her.

“ohhh motherfucker yeah” Lucy gasped, she leant forwards kissing him “thank you baby” she purred.

“YES! YEAAHHHHHSSSSSS!! YEASASSSSSS!!!” Sophie howled as we double fucked her.  Michelle was thrusting up into her ass, while I fucked her wet pussy.

Lucy was now on her knees sucking off another man, head bobbing on his cock, as she wanked his shaft.  Flicking her hair she slapped his shaft on her face laughing as he groaned.

“Shoot that hot spunk all over my face baby, make me look like a nasty whore!” she teased.

Pushing her lips around his cock again she made her way up and down his shaft, faster and faster, lower and lower, until finally she was deep throating him.  Gripping his ass she thrust her throat repeatedly over his dick, spit dangled down from his balls as she choked herself.

“FUUCKKKKK!! YEAAASSSS!!!” Sophie screamed my balls bashing into her, soft breasts squashed against my chest.

Lucy had her mouth open, tongue out, furiously wanking the cock in front of her face. She looked up, stroking his shaft “Do it, cover this whore in your spunk!” she gasped.

I quickly jumped up wanking furiously as well, cum flying from my cock into the bowl on the table.  Sophie gasped her pussy empty, but Malene swiftly filled the gap and plunged her strap on deep.

“YEahhhhhh” Lucy purred as the man came on her face, multiple bolts of semen splattering her forehead and cheeks.

She stroked him mercilessly pulling every drop from his balls, he groaned and swore as she milked his cock all over her face.  As the final drops dripped out she kissed his dick, “thanks babe” she said.

Malene was kissing Sophie hard, as she fucked her, Michelle poking her thick cock in and out of her ass.  My cock was raging hard again, as I watched them fucking, and Lucy get her next 2 Men.

“Double team eh?” Lucy said, as they approached her.

The first man grabbed her and sat back onto the sofa, holding her hips he pulled her down onto his cock, nudging her asshole she sat down gasping.   The next man stepped up, gripping her legs under the knees lifting her legs up.

“Ohh fuck yeah, do it baby” Lucy groaned as he pushed his cock to her asshole as well.

    She whined as her ass was filled with 2 dicks, both pumping her hard now, big sweaty tits rocking back and forth as she took both guys at once.

    “Fuck, ohhh fuck yeah pound me, pound my dirty ass boys!” she gasped.

    Both guys pounded Lucy’s ass, alternating their strokes as she hissed and wailed.  The guy below her reached around groping her breasts roughly as she shuddered.  It didn’t take long for her to cum, abdomen shaking, as she orgasmed.

    “FUUUCKKK!!! YEAAASSSSSS!!!” She screamed, eyes wide, face streaked in fresh cum.

    Both men kept pumping, as I watched Sophie getting equal treatment from Malene and Michelle.  Sophie was gasping as she came as well, he holes filled with thick fake cocks.

    “YEAAASSSS!!!” Sophie cried, cumming hard.

    Lucy lay back her body tense, 2 cocks fucking her ass.  Her eyes burnt from all the cum, but she was in ecstasy. The feeling of fucking all these men taking her to a whole new level.

    “FUCKKK!! YESSS!! DO IT!!!” she screamed.

    The man below was clutching her tits so tightly, he was seconds from cumming, but the man on top beat him to it.  Swiftly pulling his shaft out he wanked it furiously a huge jet of cum arcing up Lucy’s body.  Seconds later the man below filled her ass with spunk as he too came.

    “Fuck yeahhh” she purred, scooping up the spunk from her body and tasting it.  “Who’s next?” she asked looking at the remaining 8.

    “Let’s have a go at that whore throat” said one of the guys who was rough with her earlier.  Before stepping up and wrapping his hand in Lucy’s hair.  He pulled her forcefully to the edge of the sofa, and forced her head back over the arm.

    “Yeaaah” Lucy gasped as he gripped her mouth opening her wide.

    She lay back, arms folded behind her, pinned in place, he thrust his cock hard and deep into her mouth, forcing it down her throat.  She gagged as it popped, before driving the rest of his length in, balls pressed tightly to her nose.

    I jerked my cock as I watch Lucy getting skull fucked, Sophie screaming in orgasm again. “YEAAAASSSS!!!” she wailed as Malene drove her hips furiously into her.

    He had his hand on her neck feeling his cockhead poking up, Lucy was gagging on his shaft, spit spurting out, a thick strand of phlegm clinging to her face.  He moved his hands to her breasts, crushing them hard.  Lucy squealed as he twisted her nipples in different directions.

    “YES!!!! YESSS!!!!!” Sophie screamed as I came again, the third bowl nearly half full now.  I stroked my exploding dick watching Lucy shake as her throat was pumped relentlessly.

    Her legs were folded back, arms pinned behind her as she arched her chest up higher and higher, he was relentless in his rhythm, cock driving deep over and over.  Spit was pooling down her face now, clinging to her hair.

    “Ohh well done babe” Malene gasped seeing me cumming, she eased up on Sophie and pulled out.

    Lucy bucked and choked, hot spunk blasting down her gullet, her huge melons crushed tightly the next set of balls was emptied.  He jerked his last few drops into her belly, before slapping her tits hard and pulling out.  Lucy gasped for air, face a mask of spit, and regurgitated semen, he lifted her up by the hair.

    “You beautiful nasty whore” he said grinning before spitting on her face, “Thank you so much darling”, with that he left.

    Sitting up Lucy struggled to clear her eyes, blinking unsuccessfully several times before managing to open them. Still covered in mucus she croaked, “Who’s next”

    “That’s a great question” Malene said grinning, “Why don’t you come over here and pump my tits for your next load”

    She got down and arched her back over the stool, massive tits displayed for me, I straddled her body, squeezing them around my cock, pumping back and forth.

    “Sit there Lucy” said the guy with the tiny cock.  “I want to see how nasty you can be for me”.  He walked over and to a large brandy glass from the side.

    “As nasty as you want baby” she gasped, still catching her breath

    “Sit there, scrape all of that spit off your body and keep it in your mouth, don’t swallow until I tell you” he replied

    “Naughty boy” She purred, grinning.

    Sophie was on her knees now, Michelle throat fucking her ferociously.  My cock rutted between Malene’s tits, as she squeezed them tightly around it.
Lucy scooped up a thick string of spit and dangled it onto her tongue before dropping it into her mouth.  The man was wanking his cock into the glass furiously as she slowly scooped every long stick strand and dripped it in.  She pulled a thick wad from her hair and plopped it in, her mouth almost brimming with spit.

“Fucking. Dirty. Whore!” Michelle snarled, fingers entwined in Sophie’s hair, crotch tight to her face.

Malene gasped as I squeezed her nipple tight, my cock on the verge of exploding again. Sophie was slapping Michelle’s thighs, harder and harder, until finally she pulled her head back.  U huge gush of spit/puke splattered into the bowl.

“mmm that’ll be tasty for Lucy” Michelle said grinning.

“Ohh fuck you nasty nasty bitch, watch me, when I cum swallow it all for me” the guy said to Lucy, she nodded confirming his request.

He was stroking faster and faster, Lucy started to gargle the spit, then play with it in her mouth.  He grunted, cock exploding, she swallowed.  Guzzling down the mouthful of spit, Lucy emptied her mouth as he emptied his balls.  He filled the Glass nearly to the brim, as Lucy stared wide eyed at his efforts.

“Holy fuck!” Your a freak” she gasped as he finished cumming.

“Spunk chaser” He added passing the glass to Lucy.

Lucy licked her lips and took the glass, “Baby, you are gonna be hearing from me” she said before tipping the glass up and swallowing it.  Gulp after gulp of fresh cum went down her neck, as he watched her.

“Ohh fuck I could keep going all day with you Lucy” he said.

She finished her cum cocktail, tipping the glass up and emptying the last few droplets onto her tongue.  “ohh that was pretty good babe, def think we will be meeting up again” she said.
Malene was flicking my cockhead as it thrust between her breasts now, Sophie and Michelle watching Lucy, while I rutted Malene’s tits.

“Cum for me baby” she gasped, as she saw I was near.

Michelle held the bowl up as I pulled my cock from between Malene’s tits,  wanking hard, I watched Lucy get ready to take on her next man.  Sophie was scooping her spit from her breasts, dropping it down into Malene’s mouth, before bending down to kiss her.

“half way there boys, who’s next?” Lucy asked.

One of the guys stepped forwards, “I really just want to fuck you Lucy, if that’s Ok” he said quietly

“of course babe, how would you like me” she answered.

“Lay back on the bed please” he said.

Lucy moved up and lay back on the bed, he approached her moving so he knelt between her legs.  Stroking his hard cock, he pushed it against her pussy, before easing in.
“ugghhhh” she gasped, her wet snatch full of cock.

He held her hips and started to fuck her, she wrapped her legs around his back pulling him close.

“Ohh fuck me baby, fuck my hard” she gasped.

He held her thighs and started to pump in and out, Lucy’s tits swaying as she rocked with his motion.  Michelle now bent over in front of me, hands grabbing her ankles, Sophie and Malene moved either side stretching her ass cheeks apart.

“Fuck her up the ass babe” they teased.

Lucy was getting fucked harder and harder, her hands furiously rubbing her clit , as the cock punded her pussy.  She was gasping, body nearing another climax.

“Fucckkkkk!! FUUCCKKKK!!!! FUCKKKKKK!!!” She roared, her body tensing.

His thrusts became even faster, as Lucy shrieked in orgasm, her body filled with pleasure.  Crotch slapping noises echoed through the room, as the remaining 5 guys stroked their dicks watching.
“YES!!! YESSSS!! YESSS!!!” Lucy screamed, as her pussy throbbed.

Michelle was snorting as I went full throttle into her ass.  From the moment I put my cock inside I had not let up, rutting hard and fast into her.  She was hissing and gasping as I destroyed her ass.

“CUM! FUCKING CUM IN MY PUSSSY!” Lucy howled at the guy fucking her.

He thrust faster and faster until he tossed his head back growling, Lucy gasped in ecstasy as he flooded her snatch with spunk.  She groped her tits as he jerked every last drop inside of her.
“Ohh fuck yeah, another fucking load inside me” she gasped.

I pulled my cock from Michelle’s ass, wanking the exploding shaft into the bowl on the floor, cum filling it to over half way now.  Sophie and Malene helped Michelle to stand up, her legs shaking.
“Ohh fuck girls I’m so close,” she gasped, rubbing her pussy.

Sophie sat back onto the nearby sofa, dragging Michelle back with her, she pushed the end of her strap on against her asshole, and Michelle eased down onto it.

“Ohhh fuck” Michelle gasped.

Malene moved up and stroked her shaft over Michelle’s wet pussy, but instead of slipping it in she, pushed hard against her ass, right next to Sophie.  Michelle squealed as her sphincter gave, the second shaft slipping in by the first.

“FUCK!” Michelle screamed as her ass was violated.

Lucy was back kneeling on the bed, grinning.  Spunk trickled down her thigh, as she looked at the remaining 5 men.  “Who wants me next?” she purred

“Ohh Lucy, let me have another go on those big tits!” One of the men said, moving towards her.

“YEAASSS!!!!   YEEEEAAASSSS!!! YEEEAAASSSSS!!” Michelle howled, her body quaking in orgasm.

Sophie squeezed her big soft breasts tightly as Malene rutted hard into her spasming ass, thick shaft thrusting deep into her.  Michelle was roaring, a huge orgasm sending waves of pleasure throughout her body.

“YES! YES! YEAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!!” she screamed.

Lucy lay on the bed, tits in her hands, as she squashed her massive melons around a hard dick.  She grinned up watching the guy riding her tits, watching as he thrust his cock back and forth.
“Do it baby, fuck my big tits, shoot your load for me” Lucy said.

His hand were on her shoulders holding her down as he pumped furiously back and forth, Lucy’s big soft tits clamped around his shaft.  As the head of his cock burst free Lucy started flicking it with her tongue, driving him ever closer to a climax.

“Please, give me your spunk one last time” Lucy begged, as he neared the point of no return.

Clasping his hands over hers he squeezed Lucy’s tits incredibly tightly over his cock, pumping deep and hard.  Thick white spunk blasted from the tip, splattering her face.  A  long streak clang to Lucy’s eyelash, and dripped down her cheek.  Pulling out he wanked his cock over her breast, as Lucy held them together for him.

“Yes!” Lucy squealed in delight, “Fucking cover these tits”

My dick was throbbing hard again, watching Michelle take 2 fake cocks up her ass, and Lucy titwanking someone.  Sophie got down on her knees,  taking my shaft into her hand she started sucking the head.

Lucy sat up on the bed, her tits laced with cum, there were only 4 guys left now, the 3 with huge dicks and 1 other guy.  Lucy pointed at him, “You next, I want these 3 for the end” she said.

“Blow me Lucy, I want your face covered in my spunk to be the thing I remember from today” he replied.

Tossing a cushion down onto the floor, Lucy scooted and knelt on it.  He stepped up in front of her, hard cock bouncing, as she reached out and grabbed it.  Engulfing it with her lips she went down, straight down, nose to his belly, balls deep.

Sophie had her giant ruby lips clamped tightly over my head, tongue vigorously flicking the ‘v’ of my cock. Malene moved up behind us, laying down, she slid under my body and raised her head to suck my balls.  Michelle moved to kiss me, as all 3 ladies worked together.

Lucy was going to town, thrusting the throbbing shaft down her neck, over and over.  Hands clasping his ass, she impaled her throat on his cock, twisting her head from side to side.  He gripped her head, fingers in her hair, guiding her back and forth on his shaft.

“Ohh Fuck Lucy I’m gonna cum” he gasped.

Lucy pulled her head up from his dick and sat back, he gripped his slobber covered shaft and wanked it furiously.  Tossing her hair and dragging her fingers through it, Lucy opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.  Sucking her middle finger she reached underneath and pushed it up his ass.

“Fuuuck” he dried as his cock immediately exploded.

Spunk splattered Lucy’s forehead, dripping down her face, as the next spurt hit her cheek.  2, 3 more large bolts of cum laced across her left eye, and eyebrow.  Lucy stared straight up at him, never taking her eyes off, as he came hard.  She milked her finger up his as, making him lurch forwards as each spray of cum splattered her face.

“FUCK! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!” he snarled flicking the last few drops onto Lucy’s face.

Lucy grinned, pulling her finger from his ass, before sucking it.  Looking down he saw her smiling, finger deep into her mouth, spunk dripping from her face.  Stepping back drained he left Lucy to the 3 monster cocks.

Sophie swirled her tongue over my pulsating head, her lips clamped on my shaft, eyes looking up on me.  Malene sucked on my nuts, taking first one then both into her mouth.  Michelle watched, reaching down stroking my abdomen, as my shaft started to twitch.

“Cum baby, cum for us again” she teased.

My balls exploded, pumping jet after jet into Sophie’s mouth,  she breathed through her nose as I brimmed her mouth, then it started running down her chin.  Malene moved below her, mouth open, catching the stream of semen.  When Malene was full, Michelle swapped in, until all 3 had mouths full of spunk.

“Ohh boys” Lucy purred, “who wants me first?”

“Oh I think we should all go together” Said the guy who was rough with Lucy earlier, grinning.

“Can you handle it?” another said laughing.

“Bring it on!” Lucy replied, moving towards them.

I sat back watching as Malene, Sophie and Michelle dribbled all of my cum into the bowl, sharing sloppy tongue filled kisses.  All 3 then lined up and bent over for me, “One more load for each of us” Malene said, “Fuck us each up the ass until you cum”

Lucy lowered herself onto a hard cock, as she straddled a man on the bed.  Her wet pussy eating up his whole length easily.  Gasping she settled onto his cock, looking left and right, as both other men stood there.  One moved around behind her whilst the other stepped closer.

“ohh yeah, fill up all my holes boys” Lucy gasped as he got down behind her, head of his cock nudging her ass.

My cock was rutting deep into Malene, pounding her ass as hard as I could, her big tits jiggling madly, as I pounded her.  Sophie and Michelle supported her as she took every thrust I could give.
“Fuck me, fuck me hard!” Lucy snarled as she took both cocks balls deep inside.

The guy behind gripped her hair twisting it, tugging her more upright.  The third shaft slapped her face hard, before she took it into her mouth. Holding her arms the man behind hooked them in his, as the guy in front gripped her head, driving his hips forwards until he was equally deep in her throat.

“Air fucking tight!” He gasped.

Rutting deep and hard from behind, Lucy growled on the shaft embedded in her throat.  All three dicks were now pumping her holes, Lucy pinned, restrained by the weight of the men.  She screamed loudly on the shaft of the cock down her throat, her body trembling as she came quickly.

“fucking that’s it whore, cum hard” one guy gasped.

My dick is seconds from exploding as I pull from Malene, shaft pulsing as I wank it into the bowl.  I quickly ram it back into Sophie’s ass, Malene spinning around next to us.  Lucy is bucking as hard as she could, her body quivering as she came.

The guy in her throat let go of her hair and pulled out, she gasped, her throat free.  He moved around behind her and straddled her back, rubbing her spine with his cock until he got down to her asshole.

“Ready Lucy” he groaned, as he pushed in next to the cock already up her ass

“FUCK!” she yelled as he burst her ring, both massive shafts now inside her.

He grabbed her hair and slammed deep, all that cock filling Lucy.  She squirmed and twisted as her body fought to get used to her stuffing.  All 3 dicks now slammed Lucy, her soft ass bulging as the men rammed deep.  Her big tits shook and bounced as she was thoroughly fucked, 3 huge shafts inside her.

“FUUCKKK! FUUUCKKK ME!” she roared, as he body shook.

Lucy was continuously orgasming, no let up as pleasure overtook her.  She screamed loudly, as all 3 destroyed her ass and pussy, a constant battering of cock, deep within her.  I was hard as nails again, dick slamming Sophie’s asshole, Malene and Michelle sucking on her huge tits as they swayed below, teeth clamped to her hard nipples.

“FUUUCKKKKK!” Lucy screamed “MORE! MORE!!!”

Her ass torn open by the huge cocks, she shuddered body pulsing, the man below groped her tits roughly, squeezing them hard in his hands, before slapping them.  She shrieked with each slap, the sensations jolting her.

“OHH FUCK I’M A WHORE!” She gasped, “FUCKING RUIN ME!” she howled coming hard.

My cock was twitching again as I pulled from Sophie, another load almost filling the bowl.  Michelle grinned “Finish with me” she gasped as my cock went up her ass.

Sophie and Malene turned to watch Lucy, wanking their pussy’s, as I slammed up Michelle.  Lucy was shaking, her eyes rolling up in her head, the sensations of pleasure and pain driving her over the edge.

“YESSSSSS! YEESSSSS!!!!! YEAAAASSSSSS!!” Lucy bellowed, her body on fire.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum soon” the second guy in her ass gasped.

“me to” the man in her pussy groaned, “wanna finish on her face”

“Ohh fuck yeah” third man groaned.

As quickly as that both cocks pulled from her gaping ass and she was dragged up and pulled to the floor.  Lucy knelt up looking around as she was circled by the 3 huge dicks.

“Ohh fuck boys, cum for me” she gasped.

Lucy shrieked as her hair was pulled and one guy slapped her face, “FUCKING WHORE!” he snarled.

“Fuck” she squealed as he slapped her again, then spat on her face.

“Nasty little whore” he continued, spitting again. “Fucking beg you bitch”

Lucy gritted her teeth, “Yeah, you like that don’t you, fucking treating me nasty”

Another spit wad splattered her forehead as the second man added to her shower.  All 3 spat on Lucy as she sat there looking up.  She looked angrier and angrier the more they spat on her.
“FUCK OFF!” she snapped, getting annoyed.

Another phlegm wad splattered her right eye, “Fucking take it whore, you nasty dumb tart” was the response.

“fuck, fuck, fuck” one guy gasped stepping up, cum blasting from his cock.

“Yeaaaahhhh” Lucy gasped, loving the semen splattering her face.

The second and third dicks exploded then, all 3 drenching her at the same time. Cum laced Lucy’s sweaty face, dripping from her eyebrows, pooling in her eye sockets as she tipped her head back.  All 3 emptied there balls again over her, as she knelt below them revelling in her attention.

“Ohh fuck boys yeah” Lucy gasped as they finished. “thank you so much, please leave your details I would love to meet up again” she spluttered as they left.

My cock throbbed and I came again, Michelle having given me use of her ass to get off.  The bowl brimmed with cum, as I finally finished.  Lucy got up and walked over to look at us through the 1 way mirror.

“Fuck yeah, that was amazing” she gasped.

Cum ran down her face, dripping onto her tits, she blinked as thick wads clang to her eye lashes.  We watched as she scooped up every drop into her mouth until it was brimming with semen, playing with it using her tongue she swallowed the lot, savouring every drop.

“Fuck she’s loving it” Malene said.

“Today is going to be so good” Sophie added.

Michelle left and went into the room with Lucy.

“Ready babe” she said.

“Give me an hour to change and I’m all yours” Lucy replied.

“Get yourself all prepared babe, it’s your day today” Michelle said.

They both left ready for the afternoon antics. Sophie and Malene led me out and into the lounge.
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Re: Lucy's Fantasy (Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh plus a load of guest stars)
« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2018, 05:35:03 AM »
Chapter 4

Starring: Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh, Malene Espensen, Sophie Howard, Casey Batchelor, Sammy Braddy, Gemma Merna, Sarah Randall, Christina Hendricks

Codes: MF, FF, Anal,Double Anal, Lesbian

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission

We gave Lucy a good hour to compose herself after her gangbang, setting up the lounge and waiting for the other girls to arrive.  Christina, Casey, Sammy, Sarah and Gemma M all arrived on time.

“Did she enjoy it?” Casey asked, “gutted I missed out”

“Fuck yeah, she was really into it” Michelle replied.

We all sat around the lounge, chatting until the Girl of the moment arrived.  Lucy walked in grinning “Hello girls, hope you’re ready, I am sooo horny for this” she said.  She looked at the table a row of huge strapons were lined up, along with the 3 bowls of spunk I had filled.

Lucy was naked, her body glistened where she had oiled herself up.  She picked up the biggest strapon from the table a 14” monster.  “Which one of you tarts wants to fuck me up the ass with this then?” she asked beaming.

 Casey snatched it from her hand, “Fucking give me that!” She said.

“As hard and fucking nasty as you can please babe” Lucy said, moving and bending over the arm of the sofa.

Lucy rested on her arms, looking back over at Casey.  She slapped the head of the shaft on Lucy’s ass before pushing it to her ring,  gripping both hips she thrust forwards bursting through and pushing several inches inside.

“Fuuuuuckkkkk!!” Lucy squealed, flicking her head up, gritting her teeth.

Casey took this opportunity and gripped Lucy’s hair twisting it to get a good grip.  She plunged her hips forwards, Lucy screaming as the huge shaft buried deeper and deeper up her ass.  Her eyes were wide as the entire length filled her backside, Casey grinning as she pulled Lucy upright.

“OHHHH  FUCKKKKKK!!!” Lucy howled, tears running down her face, as Casey started to fuck her dry ass.

Casey slapped Lucy’s ass hard as she pulled on her hair, slamming the shaft deep and hard over and over.  The girls were sat around watching the action, Michelle and Sophie were kissing, Sarah was rubbing Christiana’s pussy through her knickers.

Lucy had eased into it now, Casey was battering her hard. Her full breasts lurched forwards with every thrust, she gasped and panted as her ass was being utterly pounded by Casey.

“YES! YES! YES!” she cried as she started to orgasm, spurring Casey on to even greater speed.

My cock was throbbing hard, watching Lucy get buggered, Michelle moved in front of me and started sucking my shaft. Lucy was shaking and roaring as a powerful orgasm hit her body.
“YEAAASSS!!!! YEAAAASSSS!!!!” she howled.

Casey kept pounding her as she quivered and shook, holding her head back she ground her crotch tightly to Lucy as she came for a final gasp.

“YEAAAAASSSS!!!! YEAAAASSSSS!!!” Lucy whimpered.

Thighs still shaking Lucy collapsed onto the sofa, Casey panting ontop of her, they lay together for several seconds before Casey eased up and pulled out.  Moving over to the coffee table she cleared it, tossing some cushions down she lay back.

“Sit on this Lucy, let’s get 2 in your ass now” Casey said.

Malene picked up another huge strap on and fastened it in place, “Oh yeah Pinder let’s start this party hard”

Lucy got up from the sofa and sat over Casey, leaning back she guided the shaft to her ass and gasped as she sat down onto it.  Lucy was sitting on top of Casey now, the full length deep up her ass, she leant backwards onto her arms, Casey reaching around and squeezing her tits.

“Ohhh fuck yeah, do me girls, do me hard” Lucy gasped.

Malene stepped up, her huge boobs held tightly in her black bra, she wiped the head over Lucy’s wet pussy, before nudging it to her ass.  Lucy gasped as Malene popped her ring and slid in next to Casey.

“FUUUCKKKKK” Lucy gasped, her thighs trembling as Malene held them wide.

“Do it to me baby, do it to me” Lucy gasped as Malene eased the whole length up her ass.

Casey squeezed and mauled her tits as Malene finally had her crotch against Lucy’s.  She held her thighs tight and started thrusting, Casey doing the same from below, they alternated in a piston fashion.  Lucy started trembling almost immediately her body shaking and twitching.


Malene and Casey only increased their speed, keeping going through her cries, Casey clutched her tits tightly as she bounced between them.  Malene had her hands under Lucy’s knees holding her legs up as they kick and shook.


As her orgasm subsided Malene released her grip falling forwards to kiss her passionately. Michelle was sucking my dick like an expert, Sophie now playing with Sammy and Gemma.  Malene moved back up again to keep fucking Lucy, who looked at me, sweat on her face.

“Come over here and spunk on my face babe, I want to look like a cum whore while they fuck me”  She gasped.

Michelle got up from my shaft and I stood up, walking over to Lucy I stroked my shaft in front of her.  She rocked back and forth as Malene and Casey buggered her ass.  Lucy kept her eyes on me, I could see the pleasure in her face as she was pumped by the 2 women.

“Make me a dirty girl, make me all messy!” she teased waggling her tongue.

Biting her lip she squealed as Malene slammed her ass particularly hard, her nostrils flared just as she saw me about to explode.  Nodding her head “Now” she gasped, hot spunk splattering her forehead and cheek.  Her eyes were wide as she stared at my dick, watching every jolt of cum blast out.  Lucy never even flinched as the thick cum plastered her eyeball, a massive strand clinging to the right side.

“More!” She gasped as the deluge continued, until finally I was spent.

Lucy was a mess, her face covered in thick oozing spunk, drips clinging to her eyelashes, over her eyebrows, both eyes had taken a blasting.  Christina and Sarah helped me back, both alternately sucking on my soft dick.
“FUCKKK!!!” Lucy cried, Malene relentlessly fucking her ass.

Casey had hold of her hips and was stabbing upwards, her rhythm matching Malene.  Both shafts were driving deep at the same moment causing Lucy to wail and tremble.  Michelle was strapping on her own shaft now, grinning watching Lucy get pleasured, Cristina was tonguing my asshole as Sarah sucked on my now hard shaft.

“YES! YEAAASS!!!! YES! YES! YES!” Lucy screamed, Malene grinding her crotch against Lucy.

Casey kept pounding as Malene held herself deep, Lucy shuddering, her legs kicking in Malene’s grasp.  Her sperm covered face was a mask of pleasure as her body shook, wave after wave of orgasm hit her abdomen as Lucy came hard

“FUCK! OH FUCK! FUUUUCKKKKK!!!” she howled.

Her body stopped shaking as Malene and Casey held her in place, Malene released her legs and leant forwards kissing her, then sucking some spunk from her face.  Lucy gasped as Malene licked her face clean, swallowing some, and spitting the rest into Casey or Lucy’s mouth.

“Come over here Lucy, I want to recreate the first time you had 2 dicks in your ass” Michelle said, sitting back on the sofa.

Malene pulled out and helped Lucy up, her thighs still quivered from her pounding, “Oh yeah Chelle, let’s turn back the clock” Lucy gasped.

Lucy eased backwards looking down her pushed her ass over Michelle’s shaft, gasping she took the whole 14 inches up her shit pipe.  Michelle held her hips to steady her as she sat back, rubbing her thighs she gasped, before leaning forwards her huge tits swinging freely.

“Ohh fuck that’s bigger than the first time babe” Lucy panted “no lube either!”

“watch girls, this is how Lucy got her first double ass fucking all those months ago, now she’s taking four fucking shafts up that ass!” Michelle teased.

Stepping up in front of her I held her legs by the ankles once more, spreading them out wide I eased my cockhead next to Michelle.  Pushing forwards I burst her ring, my shaft disappearing up her ass.

“Do it! Do it now!” Lucy snapped.

My crotch now rested tightly against her, my throbbing length up her ass.  She squeezed her breasts hard as Michelle held her hips, before we both started to thrust.  She was grinning loving every movement as we alternately pumped in and out.

 “Fuck yeah, oh fuck yeah” Lucy gasped as we buggered her.

Sarah and Christina were both knelt on the floor, Resting on the table opposite each other, Malene was balls deep in Christina’s pussy while Casey was likewise fucking Sarah.  They were kissing passionately whilst getting a full hard fucking from the girls.  Sophie was naked and sandwiched between Gemma and Sammy, Sammy going full throttle up her ass while she rode Gemma in the chair.

“CUMMMIINNG! CUUUUUMING!!!!” Lucy growled, as her body tensed.

Michelle squeezed her tits really hard as I thrust faster and faster into her spasming asshole.  Lucy was howling as she came, legs trembling in my hands, thighs taught and twitching.


“Cum in her” Michelle gasped “Spunk up her arse!”

I pounded Lucy hard, her body shaking, tight ring clasping on my shaft, she looked up at me face full of pleasure and climax, roaring she begged me to cum.

“SPUNK FOR ME!” she screamed, staring straight up at me, her whole body trembling.

My dick twitched and I rammed balls deep.  Hot semen erupted up Lucy’s ass and she howled in delight.  My balls burst and sent every drop deep into her ass.  She sneered panting and gasping.

“FUCK YES, YEASS!!!! YEAAAASSSSS!!” She groaned.

Michelle gripped her tits groping them hard, then slapping one.  Lucy squealed as her tit was spanked, before looking up at me grinning.  “it never gets old does it?” she panted.

Letting go of her legs I eased my cock from her ass, Lucy sat up and slowly moved up from Michelle, standing up her legs trembling. Sophie was cumming hard as both her holes were being pounded, Christina and Sarah joining her in orgasmic cries.

“Let me taste it Lucy” Michelle gasped, getting down onto the floor behind her.

Lucy bent over as Michelle buried her face between Lucy’s asscheeks, tongue delving into her ass.  Lucy squeezed her tits playing hard with the nipples as Michelle ate her ass ferociously.

“ohh fuck Chelle, that’s sooo good” she purred.

Sophie screamed loudly as she came hard, both her holes getting fucked hard,  Christina and Sarah were now standing up, fastening on shafts to match Malene and Casey.

Michelle led Lucy behind the nearby armchair, she leant over the back tits dangling forwards, grinning at me.

“Ohh fuck” she groaned as Michelle pushed the head of her cock into her ass and started pumping.

“We are gonna line up and ass fuck you until each one of us makes you cum,” Michelle said, “Anal gangbang for Lucy”

“oh fuuuuckkk!” Lucy gasped as Michelle reamed her ass, body bucking forwards.

All the girls were now stood, watching Lucy waiting in turn, I sat on the sofa opposite, wanking my dick.
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Re: Lucy's Fantasy (Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh plus a load of guest stars)
« Reply #4 on: November 20, 2018, 04:12:21 PM »
Wish I had commented before how much I love these stories

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Re: Lucy's Fantasy (Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh plus a load of guest stars)
« Reply #5 on: November 20, 2018, 04:23:11 PM »
Thanks I really love writing them, the glamour gals are so hot, they give me great inspiration.

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Re: Lucy's Fantasy (Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh plus a load of guest stars)
« Reply #6 on: November 20, 2018, 06:50:03 PM »
Keep up the great work!

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Re: Lucy's Fantasy (Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh plus a load of guest stars)
« Reply #7 on: November 21, 2018, 08:01:47 PM »
I greatly enjoyed these stories and I will continue editing work for them over on Lit.

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Ha these stories are fantastic. The pictures are very welcomed also lol

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There can never be enough stories of Juicy Lucy  ;)

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Re: Lucy's Fantasy (Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh plus a load of guest stars)
« Reply #10 on: September 03, 2019, 04:26:22 AM »
This is how excited I get to read nasty Lucy stuff.

She went full whore mode in every chapter here.

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Re: Lucy's Fantasy (Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh plus a load of guest stars)
« Reply #11 on: October 09, 2019, 04:30:42 PM »
By the end of these stories, Lucy looks like this  &|

Sorry I just love that smiley so much  ;D ;D ;D


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