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CelebsGoBlack.com (Shailene Woodley)
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Warning: Contains mildly offensive racial stereotypes that I do not adhere to in real life.  Anyone offended by such things would be advised not to read on.


Starring: Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick sat in the comfy padded chair in her agent Michael Allen’s plush Beverly Hills office.  She stared blankly back at him from across his varnished oak desk; the brunette actress utterly dumbfounded by the potential project her agent had just laid out for her. 

“I’m sorry, Michael,” she said, “can you run that by me again?”

Allen grinned.  “Which part?”

“The whole thing,” Anna replied.  “Like, how did you find out about this project in the first place?”

“They got in contact with me,” her agent declared.  “They want the biggest stars involved in this thing, so naturally they reached out to the top agents in the business.”  He smiled smugly.

“And you’re sure it’s legit?” asked the actress.

“I did wonder that at first,” Allen admitted.  “But, yep, it’s all above board. They’re a legitimate charity.  Registered and everything.”

“And what exactly is it they...do?”

“They’ve been providing support for inner city black youths for over a decade,” Allen declared, “providing them with better schooling, a better standard of education and career’s advice; providing impoverished black kids with futures they never knew possible.  Their website is filled with success stories from people they’ve helped in the past; black youths from poor urban areas who would’ve likely ended up in a gang or in prison have found themselves in highly paid jobs and starting successful businesses. All thanks to this charity and the help and support they provide.”

“What are they called again?” Anna enquired.

“They’re called Giving Black,” Allen replied.

“Seriously?” said Anna, looking across at her agent in an accusatory manner.  She still half expected him to be making the whole thing up as some kind of weird joke.

“Seriously.  They used to be called Giving Black To The Community, but they thought it was too long.”

Anna laughed.  “This is a joke, right?  Fuck me, is it April 1st already?”

“No joke,” Allen countered.  “They’re 100% real. Ask Denzel Washington, Snoop Dogg, Shaquille O’Neal if you don’t believe me.  They’ve all worked with Giving Black in the past few years; raising millions for the black youth of Los Angeles by organising basketball games, rap shows and acting workshops.  But they’re no Black Panthers by any means,” he went on. “Giving Black are fully aware that white people care for the livelihoods of these poor urban children just as much as blacks, and they’d like nothing more than for white celebrities to do their bit for these unfortunate souls as well.  That’s where you come in.”

“Right,” said Anna, still somewhat skeptically.  “So what do they want me to do exactly?”

“Well their latest idea is a little more, shall we say, out there than organising a basketball game or putting on a rap concert.”

“Yeah, no shit!” Anna retorted.

“Giving Black believe that people will react positively to their latest project,” said Allen, “but they can never be quite sure how the public will respond to such an extreme idea.  With that in mind they want to start off lightly. So they’ve suggested the idea of you kicking things off with a blowjob scene, just to get the ball rolling. Then if the reaction is favourable they’ll move onto some harder stuff further down the line.”

Anna sipped from her bottle of water, taking a moment to absorb what she’d just heard.  “So let me get this straight,” she said finally, “they want me to suck a black kid’s dick?”

“All male actors will be over the age of 18,” Allen replied.  “They were very clear about that.”

“On video,” Anna went on.

“That’s right,” her agent confirmed.

“And then it..what, gets put on some kind of website?”

“Yes, it’s called…” Allen paused as he consulted the sheet of paper in front of him, “CelebsGoBlack.com.”

“Catchy name,” Anna quipped.

“Does it what it says on the box, I’m sure you’ll agree,” Allen grinned in response.

“And what do I get out of this exactly?” the actress enquired.  “Apart from the opportunity to blow an 18 year old future gangbanger of course.”

“That’s the whole point,” Allen replied, “with your help he won’t have to become a gangbanging thug.  All proceeds from the video go to your young co-star.  And I know what you’re thinking, he won’t just be spending it on weed and AK47’s.  All the money is administered to the youth via the charity, to ensure that it is spent on evening classes, training courses and other resources that will help him find a well-paying job.  Just imagine it, Anna, you could be difference between that boy making his way to the top of a successful company or getting shot in a driveby at age 21.”

“Well, that’s all well and good,” said Anna, “but you still haven’t answered my question.  What is this going to do for me?”

“It would be a great career move,” Allen declared.  “Look, Anna, at the moment you’re here,” he went on, holding is hand out at about eye level to indicate his client’s degree of fame.  I want to get you to here.” He raised his hand above his head. “And you know what’s going to do that?”

“Sucking off a black stranger on the Internet?” Anna asked sarcastically.

“Philanthropy,” said Allen.  “A good bit of charity work never fails to boost one’s career.  And it really doesn’t get much more charitable than this.”

Anna said nothing, clearly remaining unconvinced. 

“Trust me,” her agent went on, “doing work for a black charity will play very well with people with centuries’ worth of white guilt on their shoulders.  Besides, the subject of race is a burning issue at the moment. Sure, it’s cooled somewhat in the last year or so, but not long ago, with the white power marches and all the Black Lives Matter stuff, it was the hottest topic going.  Believe me, getting involved charitably on such an issue will do wonders for your career.”

“Well I hope you’re right,” Anna responded.

“So, that’s a ‘yes’?” Allen replied excitedly.  “You’ll do it?”

Anna sighed.  “I guess so. But this better fire me up to the top of the A-list over night.  Seriously,” she went on, “I want to be Meryl Streep in no less than five years or we’ll be having some very serious words, Michael.”

“Come on, Anna,” Allen replied in a diffusing tone.  “Would I ever lie to you?”

“Pfft,” Anna razzed.  “When’s the shoot?”



“Uh huh,” Allen grinned.  “These charities guys, they don’t hang around, you know.”

“What time?” asked the actress.

“I’ll email you the details.”

“OK,” said Anna, and with that she rose from her chair and headed for the exit.

“Oh, Anna,” Allen called out, stopping the brown-haired starlet in his office doorway, “they wanted me to ask you one thing…”

“And what’s that?” Anna asked.

“Do you swallow?”

“Nope,” Anna declared.  “Never have.”

“Well they did say that was a dealbreaker,” Allen declared through clenched teeth.

Anna rolled her pretty blue eyes.  “Fiiine,” she said, “I’ll swallow his cum.”

“Good girl,” Allen replied.  “Oh, and be careful, won’t you?” he went on.  “You know what they say; once you black, you never go back.”


Anna Kendrick was sat on the edge of a double bed on the set of the debut scene of soon to be launched pornography paysite CelebsGoBlack.com.  In fact, to call it a ‘set’ would be overselling it slightly. The location for this particular interracial porn scene was nothing more than a middle class home in suburban Los Angeles; possibly belonging to someone high up in the charity or rented for the purposes of the shoot.

The brunette had been led straight up to the master bedroom, so as far as she could deduce there was nobody on set except the director, his assistant, herself and her male co-star, whom she was yet to meet.  Giving Black had enlisted the talents of Ricky Hornball; a famed white porn director who was particularly known for his works in the interracial genre.

Hornball’s assistant; a young woman he introduced as ‘Chloe’ had fixed Anna’s hair and makeup, presented her with her costume and was now adjusting the lighting as the director set up his camera and fixed the brown-haired starlet in the perfect framing for the opening interview. 

Hornball peered through the viewfinder on his state of the art 4K UHD video camera, taking final inventory of his A-list star’s look before he hit the record button and started off the interview.  Anna looked simply fantastic in the outfit Hornball had picked out earlier that day; a tight fitting Giving Black top that clung to her upper half and across her perky chest like a second skin, the white material so thin her erect nipples nearly burst clean through. 

On her lower half, she wore a set of fraid Daisy Dukes; her long, smoothly waxed legs travelling all the way down to where a pair of spindly high heels adorned her dainty feet.  The brunette actress had been dolled to the nines; her long, silky brown hair laid gracefully over one shoulder, her pretty face dabbed and swabbed with all manner of expensive foundations, shadows, mascaras and shiny pink lipglosses.  A pair of big, extra-slutty silver hooped earrings dangled from her lobes, rounding off the ensemble. With the lighting balanced and the framing complete, Hornball asked Anna if she was ready before calling ‘action’.

“Anna Kendrick,” said Hornball from behind the camera.

“That’s me,” replied Anna, smiling sweetly from the edge of the bed; the starlet framed in a long shot that showed off her body in all it’s toned, athletic glory.

“A-list actress Anna Kendrick,” the director elaborated.

“You flatter me, Mr Hornball,” Anna replied, playfully flicking her shiny brown locks over her shoulder.

“It’s very exciting to have such a famous beauty sat in front of my camera lens today,” Hornball admitted.

“Why, thank you,” Anna grinned.  “It’s exciting to be here.”

“Mmhmm,” Hornball murmured in agreement.  “So you know what you’re doing today, right?”

“I’m gonna be sucking a dick today,” Anna replied in a cute playful whisper.

“Uh huh, you sure are,” said the director.  “And just what kind of dick is it you’re gonna be sucking today?”

“A black dick.”

“Big black dick?” asked Hornball.

“I guess so.  You porno guys like your big dicks, right?” Anna laughed.

“Well, actually it’s the porno girls that like the big dicks,” Hornball corrected.  “We just shoot them ‘cause the girls like ‘em.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.  Thanks for clearing that up,” said the brunette with a cute giggle.

“So, you like big dicks, Miss Anna Kendrick?” asked the director.

“I do like big dicks.”

“What’s the biggest dick you’ve ever sucked?”

“I don’t know,” Anna pondered.  “Maybe like 8 inches? I’m not sure.  I’ve never really been a measurer.”

“You just prefer to get right down to the suckin’, huh?” Hornball asked.

“Uh huh,” Anna smirked naughtily. 

“Well I think this dick you’re gonna be playing with today is gonna be a little bigger than 8 inches,” Hornball declared.  “Maybe like 12. Think you can handle that?”

“I hope so,” Anna replied.  “I’m gonna try.”

“Oh, I think you will.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Mmhmm,” Hornball grinned.  “I think you’ll do just fine.  I’m confident. I see big things in you, Anna Kendrick.  Or at least I will in a couple of minutes.”

Anna laughed.

“So have you ever been with a black man before?” asked the director.

“Uh uh,” the actress replied, with a shake of her head.



“Well there’s a first time for everything, right?” Hornball replied.

“Mmhmm,” Anna murmured in response.

“And I guess your first time’s gonna be on camera,” Hornball declared.

“I guess so,” Anna said with a smile. 

“Now this is only a blowjob scene, but I think those guys at home with their dicks in their hands are gonna want to see this hot little body of yours,” said the director.  “So why don’t you stand up and show us what you got goin’ on here?”

“OK,” Anna replied, rising from her seat.

Hornball followed her, slipping his camera seamlessly from its tripod and standing up to meet her as she rose from the edge of the bed.  Anna stood up straight and ran her dainty hands down her flat, toned midriff, sliding her thumbs under the waistband of her Daisy Dukes and showing off a teasing flash of her skimpy French knickers. 

“Why don’t you start by showing us that ass?” Hornball suggested.

Anna turned around, unbuttoning her jean shorts and sliding them slowly down her thighs; sticking her peachy round ass out for the camera as she did so. 

“Oooh, damn!” Hornball cooed.  “That is one heck of an ass you got there, girl.”

Anna peered over her shoulder, grinning down at the director as he pointed his giant camera lens at her butt. 

“Give it a smack for us,” he instructed.

Anna reached down to run her hands over the smooth, bronzed spheres of her butt, before raising one of her dainty mits and bringing it back down; her hand meeting her asscheek with a loud *SMACK* that reverberated around the room. 

“Shit! That thing’s made out of nothin’ but muscle, huh?” Hornball quipped.

“Nuh uh,” Anna giggled, giving the second asscheek a slap to show that it too was built of layers upon layers of feminine muscle tone.

“Now let’s see them titties,” said the director.

Anna turned to face him on his instruction, reaching down to grip the hem of her Giving Black crop top and pulling it over her head; exposing her 34B breasts in all their perky round glory.  She cupped her breasts; squeezing them lightly with her lotioned hands, flicking at her nipples with the tips of her fingers.

“Nipples are hard, huh?” Hornball observed, pointing her camera at her chest as the A-list starlet played with her luscious tits before him.

“Mmhmm,” Anna smirked.

“That means your horny, huh?” the director asked.

“Oh yeah,” Anna grinned. 

“OK,” said Hornball, “I think we’ve made you wait long enough here.  I think it’s time we brought out our young black man. What do you say?”

“Sounds like a plan,” Anna replied, smiling devilishly.

“Now he wants to remain anonymous, so I’m gonna be shooting this one POV style,” Hornball declared. 

“OK,” said Anna.

“So in just a second, by the magic of video editing, he’s gonna be sat on that bed and you’re gonna be where I am, ready to suck his dick.  Sounds good?”

“Mmhmm,” Anna laughed.


One quick cut later and the scene had transformed just the way Hornball had described.  The director was shooting over the shoulder of his male talent; the young man’s deeply rippled six pack creeping into the bottom of the frame as Anna Kendrick crawled across the carpeted floor toward him, making teasing, boner inducing eye contact with him as she went.

Anna stopped between his thighs, looking up at the black stud as she licked teasingly up his denim covered thigh and over the clear, cock-shaped bulge extending down his leg as she made her way up to his crotch. 

“Mmm, hot body,” the actress declared, running her soft, dainty hands up his abdomen and toward his rock hard pecs. 

Hornball raised his camera to get a better view; following Anna’s hands as she clasped at her co-star’s chest, her lengthy nails digging into his heavily tattooed black flesh as she licked teasingly up the crevice between his abs.  Then she moved back down to his crotch; stroking the long, tubular lump in his jeans; her blue eyes bulging at the sheer size of his huge covered cock.

“Fuck!” she whined.  “I gotta see this big dick!”

Anna unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans; the black stud rising slightly from the edge of the bed so she could tug them down.  He wore no underwear and when Anna pulled at his baggy blue jeans his big, hard cock sprung out like a freshly cranked Jack-in-the-box. 

Anna gasped upon first sight of his cock.  “Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “It’s freakin’ huge!”

She wasn’t wrong.  The young man’s penis was of a truly phenomenal size; 12 inches long with girth to match.  It was so lengthy, in fact, that when Anna held her forearm up against it, the thick round head extended all the way up to her palm.

“Fuck! It’s nearly as big as my arm!” she declared. 

Once Anna had grown accustomed to the remarkable size, she gripped her co-star’s dick just below the base and took to inspecting it further.  Her pretty eyes bulged as she took in every thick, protruding vein that criss crossed up and down the length of the shaft. She bit her glossy pink lips with desire when she focused on the swollen, golf ball-sized ebony-toned head; his tip split open like a big brown volcano, a puddle of sticky looking precum pooling like creamy magma.  Then there were his balls. His enormous black balls; dangling below his shaft and between his meaty thighs like ripe Italian plums dipped in dark chocolate.

“Shit, that’s a pretty dick,” laughed Anna, looking straight down the camera lens as she held her co-star’s monstrous dong in her teeny little hand. 

Hornball could scarcely contain himself from behind the camera.  He’d been pitching a tent in his jeans ever since he’d seen the stunning Miss Kendrick crawl to her dark-skinned counterpart with a look in her eyes that said she was going to eat him alive penis first.  The director’s dick stiffened further with every passing second. He’d never seen anything like it. Anna had barely touched her co-star’s prick and already she was head and shoulders above every other girl he’d ever shot.  Her beauty, her sexuality, her charm; they were insurmountable, and though interacting with the female talent was a huge no-no when shooting a POV scene, he could resist the urge no longer.

“You like that dick, huh Anna?” he asked.

“I’m in love,” Anna declared, licking slowly from the base of the giant dong, right up to the tip.

“Bet you want that big cock in your pussy now, huh?” Hornball teased.

“Uh huh,” Anna nodded, licking up the shaft once more.

“But you can’t, can you?”

“Uh uh,” Anna replied, fixing her pretty pink lips in a cute pout.  “Well not on camera anyway,” she added with a grin.

She put her mouth to the tip, looking up at her black co-star as she tongued avidly at his drooling slit.

“How does that precum taste, Anna?” asked Hornball.

“Yummy!” Anna exclaimed.  “I can’t wait to see how much more he has hidden away in these big black balls!” she added, reaching down to give his giant testicles a squeeze. 

Without further ado, Anna parted her glossy pink lips and allowed the stud’s big, round cockhead inside.  Her tongue immediately found the tip once more, lapping up a second pool of thick, creamy prespunk. She moaned around the oversized dickcrown engorged in her mouth as she enjoyed the taste of his precum a second time.

Anna started to bob her pretty head; her audacious hoop earrings shaking back and forth as she did so, her plump, pouty lips travelling up and down her co-stars girthy shaft, venturing further down his immense length with each pass.  She cooed and groaned like a slut while she worked the huge black cock; drooling and slobbering over the thick black shaft as she went.

Every so often she came up for air; spitting thick jets of saliva over the long dark rod each time.  Anna had one hand clasped firmly around the base, the other stroking the fat, veiny shaft like there was no tomorrow.  Every time she returned the giant black dong to her mouth, she did so with renewed appetite and gusto; the randy brunette swallowing down an additional inch of pipe each time until she had eight inches of girthy black cock filling her mouth and gullet.

“Damn, Anna,” Hornball exclaimed.  “You’re sucking that dick like a fucking pro!”

“Mmhmm,” Anna groaned, her pretty pink lips travelling up and down the length of her co-star’s dick at an impressive rate of knots.

She had one hand stroking the remaining four inches of thick ebony shaft, while her mouth worked the rest.  The other fondled the young stud’s balls; the horny actress rolling the giant orbs around her soft palm like big brown marbles.  Her lips roamed up and down his shaft at will, leaving a sticky mess of spit and drool in their wake; the naughty brunette slobbering over the thick black rod like a dog with a bone.

Anna’s chiseled co-star could do little but sit back and take it, occasionally reaching down to cup one of her perky white tits with a large dark hand; the burly black youth cooing and groaning like a wounded animal as he was sucked to within an inch of his life by the horny brunette.  Every so often she’d take a break- a brief interlude to stroke the spit-slicked shaft with her soft hands or suck the oversized balls; feeding the giant gonads into her mouth and suckling upon them like big flesh gobstoppers.

She returned the dick to her mouth once more; sucking and slurping, stroking and jerking, swallowing down inch after inch of girthy black shaft until she was but three inches from the hilt.  Then, she took her hands from the base of her co-star’s dong and placed them on his muscular thighs. She looked up at him with a wily grin as she did so; a lewd, devilish smirk that told him in no uncertain terms that she meant business.

Anna pushed on; sucking down the last few inches like an expert sword swallower.  One final push and the cock had vanished. Anna’s glossy pink lips wrapped around the base, her cute little nose nestled in her co-star’s trimmed bush of wiry, afro-like pubes, while his giant, swollen balls pressed against her throat. 

Hornball gawked listlessly from behind his expensive camera.  He’d never seen anything like it. The director had been working in porn for some 15 years, during which time we’d worked with anyone who was anyone in the adult industry.  But even the most experienced of female performers; women who’d been in the industry twice as long as he had, didn’t hold candle to this plucky debutante.

Anna had sucked a cock 12 inches in length right down to the balls; the skilled brunette swallowing the oversized dong like it measured but the length of a mere cocktail weenie, and she wasn’t done yet.  In fact, she was just getting started. Finally, Anna retrieved the giant black cock from her mouth; leaving behind her a trail of slick wet spittle which ran from the head right down to the base.

She allowed herself one single breath; thick strands of saliva connecting her mouth to the giant brown cockhead as she drew in a mouthful of air, then went back for more; the horny actress making the huge black dong disappear inside her once again.  And she didn’t stop there. With all 12 of her co-star’s dark girthy inches lodged within the confines of her mouth, Anna went on to rattle off a series of tricks and techniques so skilled that even the most seasoned of New York streetwalkers couldn’t have pulled them off.

Anna sucked and slurped at the enormous pulsing cock, her moist red tongue lapping ferociously at the underside as she went.  She worked her mouth up and down the long black shaft; venturing her pouty pink lips right up to the top so only the head remained, before plummeting back down, all the way down to the hilt, sometimes even sticking out her tongue from underneath her counterpart’s immense shaft and lapping at his big, swollen balls as she did so.

This went on for some time- the randy actress going at the big chocolate dick for 30 straight minutes; working over her endowed young co-star like a seasoned pro and reeling off every trick and technique in the blowjob handbook along the way.  She tongued at the tip, encircled the fat, bulging head with her tongue and stuffed it into her cheek, lapping furiously at the dark, veiny underside as she went. She squeezed and fondled his balls, stuffed them into her mouth one at a time and both at once; the randy brunette suckling on the swollen pair like giant boiled candies.  She licked up and down the shaft and fed it into her mouth; sucking, slurping, stroking and jerking like her life depended on it and making sure to make the long black pole disappear between her lips several times along the way.

After a solid half hour of relentless dick sucking, Anna was finally ready for her reward and as she retrieved the cock from her latest deepthroat session, the naughty actress beat the spit-slicked shaft like a Times Square hooker; the giant black dong throbbing and pulsing in her dainty hands as she did so.

“You ready for some cum, Anna?” asked Hornball from behind his camera lens.

“Mmhmm,” Anna replied, tonguing at the seeping tip once more as she beat the fat black cock into submission.

“You gonna swallow all that thick black sperm for us today?”

“Oh yeah,” Anna grinned in response.

“You excited?” Hornball enquired.

“Mmhmm,” Anna murmured.  “I can’t wait to swallow all the creamy black spunk churning away in these balls,” she declared, reaching down to fondle her co-star’s giant African nuts.

Anna pounded the cock with her fist; her smooth lotioned paws little more than a flesh-toned blur as she violently stroked the giant chocolate wang, spitting and drooling yet more of her slick, wet saliva over the already spit slathered shaft as she went. 

“You gonna cum for me, big boy?” she asked, gazing up at her dark-skinned counterpart with the same intense eye contact she’d been fixing him in since minute one of her epic, world class suckjob.

“Uh huh,” was about all the black youth could manage in response; the chiseled stud woozy and lightheaded after undergoing what can only be described as a brutal oral onslaught from his A-list co-star.

“Mmm, yes, come on, baby,” Anna went on, “gimme all that creamy spunk.”

She parted her lips, aiming the winking tip into her wide, gaping mouth; her skilled red tongue lapping at the frothing slit as she pounded the long black penis with her hands.  *SCHLICK* *SCHLOCK* *SCHLICK* came the sounds the spit slathered dong as she stroked it with her paws; the oversized wang pulsing and throbbing like an athlete’s ticker as she beat it off.  Then, finally, after 35 grueling minutes, her co-star’s dick erupted. A thick jet of creamy, off-white semen blasted from the tip and across Anna’s tongue; the actress groaning audibly as the first gout of rich, verile spunk splattered across the moist red flesh.

She carried on stroking; her co-star’s giant black wang firing off several more thick, creamy spurts of jism that splashed across her tongue and gathered in her mouth like a murky, off-white pool.  She held her mouth open; Hornball leaning over for a close up of the semen pool frothing and bubbling between her pretty pink lips. Anna looked straight into the camera lens- gargling with the rich African seed and playing with it with her tongue, before closing her lips; the naughty actress not flinching in the slightest as she swallowed the mouthful of thick, strong tasting spunk in a single gulp.

Then, to wrap up, Anna gripped the cock once more; squeezing the tender shaft and coaxing out the last few clinging droplets of cum.  She put her mouth to the tip; sucking out the remaining drops and swallowing them down.

“So, Anna, did you have fun?” asked Hornball, the director sticking his camera lens in the brunette’s pretty face as he wound down the scene with a brief closing interview.

“Mmhmm,” Anna grinned in response.  “Thank you for bringing me this dick,” she added, giving the oversized dong a final kiss on its big, sensitive head.

“You’re welcome,” Hornball replied.  “Maybe you’d like to come back and try that dick in some of your other holes some time?”

“Mmm,” Anna murmured, “sounds fun.”

“OK, say goodbye to the viewers,” Hornball prompted.

“Bye, guys,” said Anna waving at the camera lens.  “Hope you enjoyed the scene,” she added, blowing a kiss as Hornball stopped the recording and lowered his camera.

“Wow! That was incredible!” Hornball exclaimed, swigging from a bottle of water as his assistant packed away his expensive camera gear.  “I’m gonna let you get dressed, then come meet me downstairs,” he said. “We’ll have a little drink to celebrate.”

“Sure, Ricky,” Anna smiled in response.

Hornball and his assistant filed out of the room, closing the door behind them.  Anna’s co-star rose from the edge of the bed and headed for the corner of the room where his clothing lay bunched up in a ball on the floor.

“Hey!” Anna warned, staring sternly at the boy from across the room.  “Where do you think you’re going? I’m not finished with you yet!”

End of Scene 1
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Yo...I’m keeping an eye on this author.

I love celebs and Blacked scenarios. This was hot as fuck.

Feel like we are cut from the same cloth, so to speak.
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Warning: As before, contains racial stereotypes. Stay away if they're likely to offend.


Starring: Emma Watson

A shiny silver BMW 4 series convertible pulled into the driveway of a middle class suburban home on the outskirts of Los Angeles.  The driver’s door opened; a set of expensive-looking stiletto heels planting themselves on the carefully paved drive one by one as brunette actress Emma Watson stepped out of the luxury vehicle.  A designer handbag clutched in one hand, Emma crossed the driveway towards the front door; her shapely, round ass swaying from side to side in a pair of skimpy denim short shorts as she went.

Emma rang the doorbell and took a step back as the dull thud of footsteps approached from inside.  The door opened; a tall man with slicked back dark brown hair and an 80’s style moustache stood in the yawning portal, smiling warmly at the British starlet as she lingered on the front step.

“Emma,” he said, reaching out a hand, “it’s a pleasure.  Ricky Hornball.”

“Hi,” Emma replied, shaking the man’s hand.

“Please,” he said, shifting to the side to allow the actress past, “come in.”

“Thank you,” said Emma, stepping through the open doorway.

Hornball closed the door behind her.  “Why don’t you go take a seat in the lounge?” he offered. 

“Sure,” Emma replied, looking through into the next room.

“Can I get you anything?” Hornball asked.  “Coke? Coffee?”

“Water’s fine.”

“Comin’ right up,” Hornball replied.  “Chloe,” he called into the kitchen, “can you get Miss Watson a glass of water please?”  He turned back to Emma and gestured to the entrance to the lounge. “Ladies first.”

Emma walked on through to the living room, with Hornball following in behind.

“Make yourself at home,” he offered, gesturing toward a comfy-looking three seater sofa.

“Thank you,” Emma replied, taking a seat on the couch and crossing her long legs.

Hornball’s assistant strolled through into the living room with Emma’s glass of water in hand.

“Thank you, Chloe,” said Hornball.

“Thanks,” Emma added, as Chloe handed her the drink.

“OK, well I’d like to start by thanking you for coming along today, Emma,” said Hornball.  “We’re very excited to have you here at CelebsGoBlack, and I’m sure our friends at Giving Black are very grateful for the money this scene is going to generate.  You’re aware of what we do here I assume?”

Emma took a sip of her water.  “How could I not be?”

Hornball grinned.  “Yes, that first scene certainly did do the rounds out there in cyberspace,” he declared.  “‘Viral’ I believe is what they call it. Did you see it, Emma?”

“No,” the actress replied.  “But I couldn’t help but hear about it.”

Hornball laughed.  “I think everyone with Internet access has heard about it, and we’re hoping this next scene is going to reach an even bigger audience.  Did your agent explain to you what you’d be doing today?”

“He said your site features videos of famous women giving black guys head,” said Emma.

Hornball chuckled once more.  “Well he’s not far off there. Famous women in interracial scenarios is our theme, yes, but we don’t limit ourselves to just blowjob scenes.  What we’re shooting today would in fact be a vaginal sex scene. Do you have any problems with that?”

“I guess not,” Emma replied.  “The guy...he doesn’t, and I’m not being racist, but he doesn’t have...AIDS, does he?”

“No, don’t worry, Emma.  All of our male actors are fully tested prior to each scene,” the director explained.  “He won’t be ejaculating inside of you anyway, so there’s no need to concern yourself with that.”

“He’s not gonna cum inside me?” asked the actress.  “Then where’s he gonna do his...business?”

Hornball grinned.  “You don’t watch a lot of porn do you, Emma?”

“No,” said Emma.  “Porn’s for people who can’t get laid, right?  Look at me,” she added. “Do I look like I have trouble getting laid?”

Hornball made a ‘fair point’ type of gesture.  “Bit of a sweeping generalisation there, Emma, but fair enough.  Well, the fact of the matter is internal cumshots, as we call them in the industry, don’t really play all that well in pornography.  The audience wants to see the cum flying when the guy ejaculates. In porn the guy tends to finish in the girl’s mouth or on her face.  It’s what we call the ‘money shot’.”

“I see.  So which will I be doing?”

“Hmm,” Hornball pondered, “you know what?  I think our viewers would like to see a mess of black semen all over that pretty face of yours.  So why don’t we go with that?”

“OK,” said Emma.  “You’re the boss, right?”

Hornball smirked.  He liked hearing that.  “Anything else you’d like to know before we get started?”

“Yes,” Emma replied.  “Who is my co-star going to be?”

“Oh yes, of course,” said the director.  “Kid called Jamal. 18. Senior in high school.  He plays for the football team. Running back. He’s had college scouts watching him at games but so far they’ve all rejected him for being too slight.  Giving Black want to use any proceeds from the video to buy him a membership to a better gym, maybe even some home workout equipment, so he can build himself up by the fall.”

“I see.”

“Right, so if you have no further questions, I think it’s about time we got started,” Hornball declared.

“Nope,” said Emma, “no further questions.  Let’s do this thing!”


The second scene for CelebsGoBlack was to take a rather different format to the first.  While Hornball had started the first video with an interview with its star Anna Kendrick, the following scene was set to begin with a teasing scene set to music.  Hornball filmed the first shot with the use of a tripod. It was a long shot of Emma Watson strutting sexily across the freshly lanscaped backyard of the suburban Los Angeles home.  She was dressed in the outfit Hornball had picked out for her- a scanty Miley Cyrus-style hip hop slut outfit, consisting of little more than a red g-string bikini, a matching set of stiletto heels and a waist-length fur coat; the expensive garment unbuttoned to reveal her flat, toned midriff and B-cup cleavage in all it’s perky, beach bronzed majesty.

Emma strode across the patio.  Hornball followed behind with his camera pointed up at her shapely round ass; her peachy, muscle toned ass cheeks rising and falling rhythmically as she went.  When she reached the centre of the lush green yard, Emma stopped and began to sway majestically from side to side; the director getting behind her to capture a further close up of her ass as she ground her hips back and forth.

Then, Hornball set up his tripod; getting a front-on full length shot of Emma’s amazing body as she swayed hypnotically before the camera, staring salaciously into the lens as she did so.  Next, Hornball moved in for a close-up. The director pointed the camera at Emma’s face as she moved to and fro; this new angle revealing further details of the actress’ look that hadn’t been visible in previous shots.

She’d been thoroughly, though tastefully made up with all manner of costly beauty products.  Her lips were coated a dark shade of red, her brown eyes ringed with matching shadow, while her mascara-heavy lashes were teased out to a length Marilyn Monroe would be proud of.  Her shiny brown hair hung gracefully over her shoulders and she was decked out from head to toe in all types of expensive jewelry.

Diamond earrings dangle from her lobes, gold rings adorned her fingers, while all manner of bracelets, watches and bangles ringed her dainty wrists.  The piece-de-resistance, however, was the choker around her neck; a thin velvet number with the word ‘SLUT’ emblazoned in silver block capitals across her throat.       

Hornball got one more shot from the back, before finishing up the intro tease with a slow pan up Emma’s gorgeous body.  He started at her feet and moved up her long, slender legs at a tantalizing speed, lingering on her crotch as her hungry young pussy damn near ate her skimpy g-string whole; the outline of her wet, devouring twat clearly visible through the thin material.  Hornball carried on past her taut, tanned midriff and up to her chest; her erect nipples poking through the thin fabric of her bikini top. He moved up to her face; the stunning brunette eye-fucking the camera like a seasoned pro, licking teasingly along her upper lip, before blowing a kiss to the camera.

With the intro tease over it was time for the real thing.  Hornball followed Emma as she strutted through the downstairs lounge; her ass moving entrancingly from side to side as she went.  The director cut to a long shot of Emma’s co-star Jamal sat on a black leather couch, wearing nothing but sneakers and a pair of basketball shorts.  He had dark slicked back dreadlocks and wore diamond studs in each ear, his thick arms and barrel chest covered in tattoos. Emma stepped into the shot and Hornball introduced the pair from behind his camera lens.

“Emma, this is Jamal.”

Jamal rose to greet her; taking her dainty little hand in his and planting a kiss on the back. 

“Nice to meet you,” said Emma, grinning flirtatiously at her dark-skinned co-star.

“Pleasure’s all mine,” Jamal replied in a deep, bassen rumble that sent shockwaves up Emma’s spine.

“This is the guy you said needs bulking up?” she asked, turning to Hornball.  She squeezed one of Jamal’s bulging biceps. “He seems beefy enough to me.” She slid her other hand down to grope the thick, protruding bulge in his shorts.  “Feels pretty beefy too,” she grinned turning back to the camera.

“Well you know what these NFL guys are like,” Hornball quipped.

“I don’t,” Emma replied.  “But if they all look like this I might have to start watching!”

Emma traced a finger down Jamal’s rippling chest and over his cobblestone abs, dropping to a squat when she reached the waistband of his shorts. 

“Going straight for that dick, huh Emma?” asked Hornball from behind the camera.

“Mmhmm,” Emma replied, sliding her fingers under the waistband of Jamal’s ball shorts and tugging them down.

Emma gasped as his cock shot out; the giant dong vaulting free like it had been spring loaded within. 

“That’s a big dick, huh?” Hornball declared, looking on as Emma’s pretty little mouth formed a perfect O-shape of wonderment.

“Uh huh,” was about all the actress could manage in response.

She gripped the dick at the base; staring in disbelief as she inspected the oversized member.  It was simply huge. At 10 inches, it was slightly shorter than the stud from scene one, but what it lacked in length (relatively speaking, of course), it more than made up for in girth; the ebony penis sporting a degree of thickness to make even the girthiest of professional smut stars blush.  Thick, juicy veins travelled up and down his shaft like train tracks. His giant round head swelled and throbbed; a pearl of precum glistening in the tip like a 24 carat diamond. And it was black. Blacker than the ace of spades; a penis so dark it looked like a priceless dildo carved from onyx.   

“What do you think, Emma?” Hornball asked.  “That dick’s gonna have to be lubed up pretty good if it’s gonna fit in your pussy, right?”

“I think so,” Emma agreed, grinning devilishly into the camera lens.

She turned back to Jamal and parted her lips; wrapping the pouty red cockpleasers around the head of his wang.  Emma bobbed her head; stroking the shaft with a soft, dainty hand. She drooled and slobbered as she went, gazing up at the tall black youth as she slathered his manhood with her spittle.  Her lips roamed up and down the thick ebony shaft; venturing a little deeper with each pass. When she reached the halfway mark, Emma came up for air. She spat a thick jet of saliva across the shaft; stroking the spit-slucked dong with her silky hands as she drew breath.   

“How does that dick taste, Emma?” Hornball enquired.

“Like chocolate,” Emma smirked in reply, quickly opening her mouth to allow the cock back inside.

She worked her way up and down the shaft; sucking, slurping, dribbling, slobbering and generally making a mess of every thick black inch she took inside.  What her mouth didn’t suck, a hand stroked and jerked; the other reaching down to fondle his oversized balls. Every so often, Emma took a break; being sure to spit a torrent of saliva over the veiny shaft each time.  Occasionally she dipped down to suck on his balls, stroking the big black dong as she did so.

“That dick ready for your pussy now, Emma?” asked Hornball.

Emma released one of Jamal’s balls from between her lips; the giant brown gonad slipping from her suction-heavy mouth with a loud *POP*.  “I’d say so,” she replied, grinning at the camera.

She wasn’t wrong.  In fact, Jamal’s cock was dripping with spittle from damn near top to bottom; the British starlet’s slippery wet saliva slickening his thick African dong better than any store bought lubricant ever could.  Emma slipped off her fur coat and lay back on the couch. Jamal knelt before her; peeling off her g-string with his long dark fingers.

“Hmm, what’s he gonna do, huh?” asked Hornball, pointing his camera at Emma’s face as Jamal slid his big, muscular arms under the backs of her thighs.   

“Looks like he’s gonna eat my pussy,” Emma replied.

Then, sure enough, Jamal went in for the kill; the young black man burying his face between Emma’s thighs like an ostrich in the sand. 

“Oh my!” Emma gasped; Jamal’s tongue lapping expertly at her stiff pink clit.

She reached down and placed a hand atop his head; the randy brunette clasping his dreadlocks so firmly she damn near pulled them free at the roots.  Jamal slipped two fingers into Emma’s snatch and worked them back and forth. He could scarcely believe how tight she was; the brunette’s snug pink gash gripping his lengthy digits like a Chinese finger trap. 

“Oh, fuck!” said Emma as Jamal guided his fingers back and forth; his long, dextrous digits bothering her g-spot with each pass.

“You having fun there, Emma?” asked Hornball, moving up to get a close up of her face; the actress’ cute features lit up like a Christmas tree as she was tongued into ecstasy by the beefy black man.

“Uh huh,” she groaned.  “Do all black guys give oral this good?”

“I wouldn’t know,” Hornball quipped.

Emma laughed. 

“This guy seems to be doing a pretty good job though,” the director went on.

‘Mmhmm,” Emma murmured in response.

“He gonna make you cum?”

“I think he is,” Emma replied, looking down at the bulky black stud between her legs; licking her stark red lips as he tongued at her swollen clit.   

Jamal was going to town on Emma’s twat; the dark-skinned youth munching on her hot pink gash like a three course meal, utilising every trick in his vast oral repertoire along the way.  He licked her clit and fingerbanged her pussy, then switched things up; tonguefucking her tight hole as he thumbed her throbbing bud, even dipping down every so often to lap at her tight little asshole for good measure.

Hornball moved in for a close up; the evidence of Jamal’s oral prowess clear for all to see as the director pointed his lens at Emma’s aching crotch.  Indeed, the Brit actress was leaking like a sieve; her warm, saccharine-sweet cunt juices smearing over Jamal’s thick African lips, dripping from his chin and making his fingers glisten as he worked them back and forth.  Emma began to tremble from head to toe; the expert ministrations of her big black co-star leaving her teetering on the verge of orgasm since his tongue first met her clit. She cooed and groaned, her breathing louder, deeper as the dark-skinned stud licked her drooling twat. 

“Oh, fuck! Yeah, right there!” Emma moaned, placing both hands atop Jamal’s head; the randy starlet holding him between her thighs so firmly he couldn’t have escaped if he’d wanted to.

Jamal lapped and tongued at her throbbing clit, his skilled, dextrous fingers motioning back and forth inside her tight pink gash as he did so.

“Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” Emma groaned.  “FFFUUUCCCKKK!!!” she screamed, her eyes clamped shut, her teeth gritted, holding her black stud’s head between her legs with all her might as an intense, earth shattering climax tore through her slender white frame.

“Jesus!” she panted, the brown-haired actress finally relinquishing her grip on Jamal’s dreadlocks as she came down from her powerful orgasm. 

Jamal rose to his feet; the ebony-skinned youth allowing his caucasian counterpart very little in the way of respite as he leaned over her; a large black hand clasped around the shaft of his cock.  He slapped his bulbous prickhead against her sensitive clit; the horny Brit damn near cumming a second time as jolts of electricity shot through her body.

“You ready, Emma?” asked Hornball, moving in for a close up of her face as Jamal aligned the tip of his dong with the tight opening of her hot pink snatch.

“Mmhmm,” she groaned, biting her bottom lip with desire as she prepared herself for the cock.

Jamal ran the head of his dick up and down Emma’s pussy lips; the sopping wet holds leaving a sticky warm mess across the bulging prickcrown.  Then, without further ado, he pushed forward guiding himself inside. Emma gasped as he invaded her; the unfathomable girth of his cockhead alone stretching out her tight twat more than she’d ever experienced.  Jamal began to rock back and forth; steadily working the first few inches of his giant man meat into Emma’s pussy; her shell-pink ladypart drooling and frothing to receive it.

“How does that dick feel, Emma?” Hornball asked, pointing his camera at her pretty face as he posed her the question.

“It’s so thick!” was all she could manage in response; the brunette actress seemingly unprepared for quite how large the girthy fleshbeast would feel inside her vice-like cunt. 

Jamal worked his dick back and forth in Emma’s twat; pulling it back so only the head remained, before driving forward, feeding another fat black inch inside her with each passing stroke.  He picked up the pace, fucking her harder, deeper; Emma’s tight pink gash leaving a trail of creamy off white fluids across his onyx-toned shaft as he went.

“Shit, you’re creaming all over that dick, huh Emma?” Hornball observed, moving in for a close up of her pussy as Jamal’s girthy black cock slid deep into its darkest recesses.

“Uh huh,” Emma moaned in response, reaching down to strum her clit as she was fucked to within an inch of her life by the giant brown wang.

By now, Jamal was going at Emma like a jackhammer; the dark-skinned stud driving no fewer than eight of his thick, veiny inches into the depths of her cunt.  Emma was purring like a cat; the swollen head of his mighty fuckstick reaching depths she didn’t know existed and touching places that had remained dormant for all of her 28 years.  But she wasn’t done yet, and though the horny actress had already accommodated enough black dick to make a seasoned pornstar go weak at the knees, she wasn’t going to stop until she’d taken the lot.

She reached forward, gripping Jamal’s musuclar buttcheek with a dainty, manicured hand, staring up at him like a hazel she-wolf; letting him know in no uncertain terms that she wanted all of him inside her and she wanted it now. 

“Damn, Jamal!” Hornball exclaimed, training his camera briefly up at his male talent.  “Looks like she wants more!”

“Then I guess I better give it to her,” he replied, looking into the camera lens. 

Jamal went at Emma’s pussy with renewed zeal and vigour; drilling all ten of his coal-black inches into its sodden depths with each pass. 

“Yes! Yes!” Emma screamed.  “Fuck me!”

From here on out Jamal showed his opposite number little mercy; the dark-skinned stud pummelling her tight pink snatch with all he had and putting the full weight of his 200lb frame behind every stroke.  His dick went at Emma’s cooch like a veiny black battering ram; his giant, golf ball-sized cockhead probing her g-spot each time. Emma strummed her throbbing clit; crying out in ecstasy each time her Nubian co-star buried his cock inside her.

“Fuck! Yes!” she yelped.  “You’re gonna make me cum over that fat fucking cock!”

And cum she did.  In fact, all it took was one further pass of Jamal’s dick inside her hot pink pussy to ignite a second thunderous climax from within her.

“Oh, fuck! I’m fucking CUUUUMMMIIIING!!!” Emma cried; the British actress quaking from top to bottom as a second violent orgasm tore through her toned young frame.

Jamal felt Emma’s pussy tighten even further around his dick as she came; so much so that it seemed the brown-haired starlet was trying to drain the long black pole of every ounce of spunk churning away in his balls.  But Jamal held strong. In fact, the big African stud didn’t let up for as much as a second; even after giving his A-list co-star an orgasm so powerful it would have put most women out of commission for a week. Without missing a beat, Jamal leant over Emma’s supine frame and gripped the panting brunette by the ass; lifting her up into the air like she weighed the mass of a newborn babe.

“Oh my!” she gasped, wrapping her slender arms around his Hulk-like shoulder blades as the burly black youth cradled her in mid-air. 

Then, without further wait or ado, he lifted her up; sliding her hot slick pussy up the shaft of his giant brown cock so only the head remained inside, before dropping her back down- all ten of his thick, girthy inches vanishing inside her like an X-rated magic trick. 

“FUCK!” Emma screamed as she was pierced on Jamal’s cock; impaled on his big black dong like a head on a spike. 

And it didn’t stop there.  Jamal bounced the randy brunette up and down his cock like there was no tomorrow; the lips of her tight pink twat sliding up and down his veiny brown shaft from tip to base, slathering it in her sticky wet cunt juices along the way.  Emma clung onto his muscle bound body for dear life; crying out like a bitch in heat as she was thrown up and down on his mammoth dong like a little white toy.

“Shit! Yes! Fuck! Fuck me!” she yelled; her utterings becoming little more than coarse, Tourette’s-like outbursts as she was speared time and again on Jamal’s monstrous wang.

Next, Jamal decided to switch things up a little.  He held Emma still; the randy Brit suspended in mid air like a hovering bird as he drove the full length of his girthy African cock into her poor, worn out pussy.  Hornball began to wonder how much more his female talent could withstand. Indeed, the slender brunette had already taking a dicking that would have left even the most experienced of porn sluts begging for mercy, and yet she held strong; taking everything her burly black co-star gave her and screaming for more along the way.

“Yes! Fuck me!” she cried, staring into Jamal’s eyes with a wild, untamed aggression.  “Pound my little white pussy with your FAT BLACK COCK!!!”

Hornball enjoyed Emma’s loud, profane outbursts; a little grin stretching across his face each time the lusty actress went on one of her animalistic, potty-mouthed tirades.  To Jamal though, her demanding cries were utterly redundant. After all, when it came to fucking the young black man required little in the way of encouragement. Indeed, he was doing everything his co-star’s deafening screams demanded and more; driving every inch of his big dark wang into the deepest recesses of her cunt with every stroke he took.

Emma was having the time of her life and had no idea that so much pleasure could be derived from a single sexual organ.  After all, she had cum over Jamal’s cock not five minutes earlier and already the brown-haired starlet was feeling another powerful orgasm rising up from within. 

“Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” she declared.  “I’m gonna cum all over that big chocolate dick!”

And cum she did.  With one more hefty, merciless pass of Jamal’s girthy schlong, Emma tipped her head back; staring up a the ceiling and crying at the top of her lungs as a third violent, quaking orgasm overcame her.

“Damn!” Hornball exclaimed.  “You can’t stop cumming on that dick, huh Emma?”

“Uh uh,” Emma panted, grinning contentedly from ear to ear as she looked into the camera lens.

“How about you give that pussy a break and suck this big dick clean?” the director suggested.

“I can do that,” Emma replied as Jamal lowered her trembling frame down to the living room floor.

Emma dropped to her knees; gazing up at her co-star with wide, unblinking eyes as she took hold of his cock and fed the monstrous black fuckmeat into her mouth.  She bobbed her head; her pouty lips roaming up and down the length of the fat African dong. She sucked hard as she went; the randy brunette sucking her sugary-sweet pussy juices from the long dark shaft like she was cleaning it for inspection.

Emma’s head dipped and wagged at Jamal’s crotch, each pass taking her drooling, dribbling mouth further down the span of his cock; the horny actress avidly sucking down every thick black inch that came her way.  Occasionally, she came up for air; the brown-haired starlet stroking the spit-slicked shaft and hawking further ropes of slippery wet saliva over the lengthy fuckrod, before returning it from whence it came.

But Emma didn’t allow each brief, cock-stroking interlude to halt her progress.  Not by a long shot, and each time she returned the thick, dripping dong to her mouth, the randy Brit quickly picked up from where she left off; plunging her lips further down the girthy black cockpole on every occasion.  Before long, she had her hands on Jamal’s hips, bobbing wildly, roaming from the boundary of his thick, round cockhead right down to the base of his massive schlong; the horny actress burying all ten of his veiny black inches deep in her gullet with every pass she took.

Hornball watched on in amazement from behind his camera lens; the director carefully capturing each brutal, deepthroating pass from his female lead with the videographic nous of an Oscar-winning DOP.  Hornball glanced up at Jamal; the young black man’s usually handsome face screwed up in all manner of unsightly ways as he attempted to weather the savage oral onslaught from his opposite number.

The director felt he had to intervene.  It seemed a shame to put a stop to such a masterful display of black cock slurping, but Hornball wasn’t sure how much more Jamal could withstand.  His onscreen talent had only made their way through two sexual positions, and already the dark-skinned stud looked fit to burst. He couldn’t have his male lead blowing his wad so early in the scene.

“I think it’s about time you took a ride on that big black cock,” Hornball declared.  “What do you say, Emma?”

Emma took the dick out of her mouth to reply.  “I think that’s a great idea,” she agreed, standing up and gripping Jamal’s cock with a smooth, dainty hand.

She led the black youth to the couch; pulling him along by his penis like a dog on a leash.

“Sit,” she said, pointing down to the sofa.

Jamal did as instructed; parking his ass on the comfy cream sofa in wait of the horny actress.  Emma climbed up onto the couch and planted her feet either side of his thighs; her spindly high heels digging into the cushions like spikes as she squatted above the dark-skinned stud.  She reached down, gripping his cock around mid-shaft and rubbed it against her pussy; the big, swollen head twitching as it pried against her slippery wet cunt lips.

Emma fed the crown into her snatch; gasping a second time as the girthy round prick helmet split her pussy open once more.  She began to rock up and down atop Jamal’s muscular body; her pretty face lit up like the fourth of July as she rode his giant cock.  She quickly picked up the pace, bouncing faster and deeper on his girthy African schlong; performing perfectly formed squats atop his bulky brown frame, her slick pink pussy lips venturing further down the thick veiny shaft with each pass.

“Oh yeah,” Emma panted, staring a hole through her dark-skinned co-star as she hopped up and down on his lengthy prong.  “You like me riding your big black cock like that don’t you?”

Jamal said nothing; the burly black youth concentrating fully on retaining the thick load of creamy African spunk brewing in his balls as his A-list co-star rode his dong like a bitch from hell.  Emma reached behind to untie her bikini top; her perky tits jiggling delightfully as she hopped and bounced atop the oversized prick. By now Emma was riding Jamal’s cock like a rodeo; the horny starlet guiding her slippery wet pussy lips right up to the head of his dick, only to drop back down to the base once more, her ripe peach of an ass clattering against his meaty thighs with each pass she took.       

“Come on, big boy!  Gimme that fat black cock!” Emma begged.  “Fuck me with that big brown dong ‘til I cum all over it!”

Jamal didn’t need to be told twice.  Without missing a beat, he wrapped his strong arms around her back; holding the actress in place atop his burly black frame as he drove his cock up into her. 

“Yes! That’s it!” Emma screamed.  “Pound my tight white pussy with that big dark dick!”

Jamal was doing just that and more.  He was going at Emma’s pussy like a rutting stag; driving all ten of his thick, veiny inches into her sopping wet cunt, his big brown prickhead hitting her g-spot with each pass he took.

“Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” Emma mewled.

Hornball moved around to get a close up Emma’s face as she was drilled out from below.  Her body was pinned to Jamal’s chiseled torso like a priceless heirloom; her head rested on his rock hard pecs and turned to the side, her brown eyes with a spellbound, cockdrunk glaze about them as she was fucked into next week by nearly a foot of fat African dick.   

Jamal loosened his grip on Emma’s slender white frame; reaching down to grip her ass as he pounded her ever harder.  Emma planted her hands on the backrest, either side of her co-star’s dreadlocked head; staring down at him like a woman possessed as he drilled her tight, warm snatch with his meaty prong. 

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me!” Emma panted, her pussy tightening and gripping around Jamal’s veiny schlong; her pink, vice-like twat threatening to drain every ounce of cum from his big black balls with its warmth, moisture and snugness.

“Shit! I’m gonna blow!” Jamal rumbled.

Indeed, the young black stud had been holding onto his ejaculate by little more than a thread for some time now, with Emma’s skilled mouth and ultra-tight twat doing a stand up job of coaxing a thick, creamy load from his nuts.  Jamal’s deep, bassen words were music to Emma’s ears. With the agility of an Olympic gymnast, the brunette leapt up from atop her co-star’s muscled frame and dropped to her knees. Jamal was right behind her; rising to his feet and jerking his fat, twitching cock with a big black hand.

“Yeah, come on, stud,” Emma grinned, reaching up to fondle his giant brown balls.  “Shoot that thick black cum over my pretty white face.”

That was the final incentive Jamal needed.  One more stroke was all it took; a mighty spurt of creamy African seed jetted from the hole in his dick, the murky white issue splattering across Emma’s face like spilled wall paint.  It went everywhere; the first gout splashing across her lips and chin. As Jamal continued to beat his throbbing meat, a second off-white jet shot out; the thick warm jism leaving a trail across her nose, between her eyes and over her forehead, some of the hot sticky goo even streaking her shiny brown hair.

“Wow!” Emma exclaimed; her face a mess with creamy black spunk.

“So, Emma,” said Hornball, his lens trained on her pretty, cum-streaked face, “that’s what we in the industry call a ‘facial’.”

“I see,” Emma replied; thick, sloppy jism oozing down her face as she spoke.

“So did you enjoy your first interracial experience?” asked Hornball.

“Mmhmm,” Emma grinned, bringing a finger up to scoop up some of the cum.  She slipped it between her lips and sucked it clean.

“Anything you’d like to say to the guys beating off at home?”

“Yeah,” Emma began.  “Hope you guys enjoyed the scene.  Hope your dick went off like this one did,” she added, lightly stroking Jamal’s penis as it hung still rock-solid mere inches from here face.  “And if you’ve got a big black cock, then come and find me. Byeeee!” she signed off, blowing a kiss to the camera with her cum-streaked lips.

“That was great, Emma!” Hornball exclaimed, lowering his camera and heading for the doorway.  “I’m gonna get out of your hair and…”

“Hey!” Emma barked, stopping the smut director in his tracks.  “Get back here, Hornball, and keep that camera rolling,” she said, gripping Jamal’s cock, and licking the last drops of cum from the open tip.  “I want this in my ass now!”

End of Scene 2
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Re: CelebsGoBlack.com (Anna Kendrick)
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Starring: Hayley Atwell

Ricky Hornball peered through the viewfinder of his state of the art HD video camera; the smut peddler gawking listlessly at the deep, cavernous cleavage projected through the small, crystal clear screen. 

“What a fantastic set of big, full breasts I have in front of my camera today,” he declared.

There was a cute feminine giggle from just out of frame.

“And to whom do these huge titties belong?” he asked, panning out to get the pretty face of buxom starlet Hayley Atwell in the shot, being sure to keep her epic rack at the bottom of the frame. 

The upper body close up revealed her to be wearing a Giving Black crop top; the tight fitting garment stretched obscenely across her ample bosom, her stiff pink nipples poking through the thin fabric like they were plotting an escape.  Her cute face was heavily made up; her thick pouty lips glossed a shiny shade of pink, while all manner of expensive shadows and mascaras brought out the rich chestnut browns of her eyes. Her shoulder length hair had been dip dyed blonde; the shiny brown locks carefully slicked back with what appeared to be a shelf’s worth of costly hair product.

“They belong to me,” she said, grinning down at the camera lens.

“They sure do,” Hornball replied.  “Why don’t you introduce yourself, for those who don’t already know?”

“Hey, guys,” the actress began.  “I’m Hayley Atwell, and if you don’t know me already, you sure will after today,” she added, reaching up and giving her big, bulging boobs a playful jiggle.

“They will indeed,” Hornball agreed.  “And just what is it you’re going to be doing for us today?”

“I think I’m gonna be getting a young black man off with these big tits of mine,” Hayley replied.

“Mmhmm,” Hornball murmured.  “That’s the plan. You gotten a lot of guys off with these titties, Hayley?”

“A few,” she smirked, coyly.

“But no black ones?” Hornball asked.

“No black ones,” Hayley confirmed.

“So what size are these juggies, anyhow?” Hornball enquired.


“Wowee!” Hornball exclaimed.  “And all natural I assume?”

Hayley put a hand to her ample chest in a mock gesture of offense.  “Of course!” she replied.

“Yeah, I thought as much,” Hornball declared.  “You spend as long looking at tits as I do every day and you start to get a feel for these things.”

Hayley giggled.  “I’m sure.”

“Speaking of which,” Hornball continued, “do you think we could see these big, bountiful breasts now?”

“I think so,” Hayley consented.  “Since you asked so nicely.”

In a single swift motion, the busty actress pulled her Giving Black crop top up over her head; her gigantic DD chest mounds spilling free like melons from a grocery bag.

“Mmm!” Hornball murmured, staring through the viewfinder at the big freed breasts.  “These really are an awesome set of tits.”

“Oh, I know,” Hayley replied, cupping her chest and squeezing her epic breasts with her hands.

“Oh my God!” Hornball declared, watching absentmindedly as the busty actress groped her giant bust.

“They’re very doughy,” Hayley grinned, kneading her bulging tits like cookie mixture. 

“They sure are,” Hornball agreed.  “You could bake a loaf of bread with these things, huh?”

Hayley laughed.  “It would be a big loaf of bread!”

“Right.  You could sustain half of Africa with those puppies!”

“Isn’t that what we’re doing today?” Hayley quipped.

“You could say that,” Hornball replied.  “But first I wanna see what these titties can do.  Can you make them clap for us?”

“I think I can manage that,” Hayley grinned.

She hopped up and down slightly in her seat; her big, bulging breasts clapping together like a performing seal. 

“Lift them up and let them drop back down,” Hornball directed.  “I wanna see how perky these things are.”

Hayley did as instructed.  She squeezed her puffy pink nipples lightly between her manicured fingers; lifting up her tits, before letting them go; the whopping great pair dropping back down little more than an inch as she released them.

“Wow!” Hornball exclaimed.  “Those things don’t droop at all, huh?”

“Uh uh,” Hayley smirked, repeating the procedure once more for good measure.

“How do you keep these titties so perky, huh Hayley?” Hornball enquired.

“Exercise!” Hayley declared, striking a playful strong woman pose and showing off her layers of feminine muscle tone as she did so.

“So I see,” Hornball replied.  “So can you suck on your own titties?”

“Mmhmm,” Hayley murmured in response, angling one of her big, full boobs up towards her mouth to demonstrate. 

She craned her neck, wrapping her thick, puffy lips around her nipple; the stacked starlet sucking on her own bulging milktank like a hungry infant. 

“Impressive.  So I think it’s time we greased those puppies up,” Hornball suggested.  “What do you say?”

Hayley released her breast from her suction-heavy mouth and grinned naughtily at the camera lens.  “Good idea.”

She picked up a bottle of baby oil, popping open the top with the flick of a manicured thumb.  She turned the bottle upside down, squeezing a hearty dose of the clear slick grease over her big ripe melons.  Hornball moved in for a close up of her epic chest; the tighter angle showing the shiny wet oil dripping down her creamy white titflesh.  Then, Hayley placed the bottle down and cupped her breasts with both hands. She massaged her massive tits; smearing the slippery oil all over her smooth, fragrant skin. 

“Why don’t you put a little more on there,” Hornball said.  “Get those tits nice and slick for that big black cock.”

Hayley picked up the oil once more, dousing her magnificent mammaries a second time in the slithery wet grease; rubbing and massaging it into her bulging funbags until they shone like polished brassware. 

“Right, I think those titties are ready to have a dick between ‘em,” Hornball declared.  “What do you think, Hayley?”

“I think so too,” Hayley agreed.

“OK, let’s get to it.”


The third scene on CelebsGoBlack.com was shot in a POV style, much like the first.  An anonymous black stud was perched on the end of a king size bed, the director Ricky Hornball shooting over his shoulder as Hayley Atwell, wearing nothing but a pair of tight red hotpants, crawled between his spread thighs.  He wore a pair of baggy grey sweatpants and no shirt; the well-defined grooves of his cobblestone abs visible in the bottom of the frame.

Hayley gazed up lustily at the dark-skinned hunk.  Her dainty hands roamed up and down his muscular thighs; one of the soft, lotioned mits stroking the thick, tubular bulge of his 12 inch dick through the fabric of his sweats. 

“Oooh, wow!” Hayley exclaimed, feeling the unfathomable girth of the long covered cock as it extended down almost to his knee.   

She leaned over the hulking black man and rubbed her big, heavy tits teasingly up and down his shaft; feeling the girthy dark wang throb and twitch through his sweats as she went.  Then, she slid her fingers under the waistband of his pants, looking lasciviously up at the African stud as she began to inch them down.

Hayley’s eyes bulged nearly clean from their sockets as she caught sight of her co-star’s dick; the thick black schlong revealing itself inch by inch as she tugged down his baggy sweats.  First came the base; a veiny brown behemoth that stemmed from a neatly trimmed bush of wiry, afro-like pubes like the trunk of a mighty oak. The first thing that struck her was the girth.  It was ungodly; thicker than a baseball bat by her estimations.

She carried on; pulling down the black stud’s loose grey sweats and revealing inch after inch of fat dark schlong along the way.  Thick, pulsing veins protruded from the shaft; crossing, interweaving and intertwining up and down his immense length. There seemed no end to the span of his cock; inches upon inches of girthy black meat uncovering itself as she tugged down his pants.

Finally, and with the waistband of her co-star’s baggy pants nearly down to his knees, Hayley reached the summit; the well-defined partition of his thick, swollen head coming into view as she inched them down.  One final tug was all it took; the black youth’s long, hard cock springing forth like an arrow from a bow.

“Good Lord!” Hayley proclaimed; staring with bewilderment at the huge black schlong standing to attention before her.

The buxom starlet cupped one of her breasts from underneath and gripped her co-star’s cock with her other hand.  She rubbed the bulging head against her nipple, encircling the areola with the wide open tip; leaving a trail of sticky clear prespunk ringing her stiffened teat.

“That’s a real clash of the titans, huh?” quipped Hornball, as Hayley’s heaving bosom came in contact with her co-star’s wang.

“Mmhmm,” Hayley giggled, smiling naughtily at the camera as she slapped the girthy cock against big, oil slicked tit.

“You think your tits are gonna be able to handle this big cock, Hayley?” Hornball asked.

“Hmm, I’ll guess we’ll just have to see, won’t we?” Hayley grinned, cupping her epic breasts with her smooth, dainty hands and wrapping them around the base of the cock.

Large though they were, Hayley’s boobs were no match for her co-star’s dick.  Her bulging cans wrapped nicely around his girth; engulfing the cock like big, doughy buns around a thick, succulent bratwurst.  However, the problems stemmed from the length. Even with her tits squished together and elongated around the stud’s big black schlong; the colossal chest mounds still only covered about half of its immense span, leaving a good six inches of veiny black meat poking out from within.

“Hmm,” Hornball murmured, pondering the size disparity between the two large glands.  “Looks like you’re gonna have to use your mouth too, huh Hayley?”

“Mmhmm.  It appears so,” Hayley replied, dipping her pretty head as she began to guide her heaving breasts up and down her co-star’s dick.

She stuck out her tongue and licked at the tip; hungrily lapping up his rich, diluted precum as it oozed from the open slit. 

“Mmm,” she groaned, delighting in the taste of his juice as she worked her tits up and down the length of his cock.

Then, she parted her lips and wrapped them around his head; sucking at the big, swollen dickhelmet as she worked the shaft with her cans.  It really was a sight to behold; Hayley’s huge, jiggling juggies engulfing the shaft of her co-star’s long dark wang, her rosy red cheeks hollowed out, her already thick, pouty lips puckered up like they’d been shot full of Botox as she feasted on the fat, bulbous head. 

Hayley sucked and slurped at the bulging prickcrown; coaxing yet more watery prespunk out through the urethra as she fucked the young black stud with her chest.  Her titties ventured up and down his fat dark rod like a glass elevator, rising and falling, rising and falling; caressing every nerve and fibre along the way. Hayley could feel his dick twitch and throb between her heaving fuckjugs and his balls responded accordingly; the swollen black orbs releasing globules of precum which oozed from his prickhole and into her waiting mouth. 

Then, Hayley came up for air; the chesty starlet releasing the oversized dickhelmet from her mouth with a loud *POP*, cradling her hands and arms tighter around her bust as she bounced her massive milkmounds faster than ever up and down the length of the schlong.  *PLAP* *SLAP* *FWAP* came the sounds of the greasy wet undersides slapping against her co-star’s pelvis as she jerked him off with her tits. Hayley worked her big, hefty bosoms up and down the length of his wang, from tip to base and back again; making the girthy member shine and glisten with baby oil as she went.

“You’re making a bit of a mess of that cock there, Hayley,” Hornball declared.

“Mmhmm,” Hayley grinned at the camera, “sure am!”

“Maybe it’s time you gave it a clean up,” Hornball suggested, “what do you think?”

“Mmm, I agree,” Hayley replied, releasing the dick from the depths of her cleavage and wrapping her pouty pink lips around the head.

Hayley gripped the cock at the base and ran her full set of plump, pillowy lips up and down the shaft; sucking and slurping greedily as she went, her drooling, slobbering mouth polishing the greased up wang like priceless silverware.  She reached down to fondle her co-star’s balls while she blew him; her other hand stroking his girthy shaft as she did so. She guided her thick pink dicksucker lips up and down his meaty prong; sucking hard at the fat, veiny shaft as she went, feeling it pulse and throb in her skilled, wet mouth. 

As she drew nearer to the base of his cock, Hayley placed her hands on his muscular thighs; bobbing her head wildly as she went in for the kill.  One final push was all it took; the stacked starlet’s cute little nose nestling in her co-star’s batch of neatly sheared pubes as she wrapped her pouty, plump lips around the base.  She kept the big 12 inch dong inside her mouth for some time, drooling and slurping at the girthy shaft before finally coming up for air; her shiny pink lips leaving behind them thick trails of spit as she released the cock from her mouth.

“Wow, Hayley!” Hornball exclaimed.  “You made that cock vanish, huh?”

“Uh huh,” Hayley grinned, spitting a thick jet of saliva across the shaft and jerking the mammoth dong with her silky smooth hands.

“OK, I think it’s time he fucked those titties some more and blew his load all over them,” Hornball declared.  “What do you say?”

“Mmhmm,” Hayley murmured eagerly as her dark-skinned counterpart rose to his feet.

Hayley placed her hands on his thighs as he loomed over her; using her feminine, bicep laden arms to sculpt her titanic DD titties into the perfect lubed up, milky white flesh tunnel.  Her co-star gripped his cock at the base; slapping his big, swollen dickhead against her jugs once more before sliding in between them.

He began to thrust back and forth; the tall black stud pulling his dick right back until the head disappeared into Hayley’s cleavage, only to drive forward once more, six inches of his meaty brown prong emerging from the depths of her bust with each stroke.  His dick was so long that Hayley could suck it from between her tits. And that’s exactly what she did; the stacked starlet catching the thick, bulging head between her lips every time it poked out from within.
Before long, the black youth decided to take full control.  He reached down and gripped Hayley’s tits; squeezing and kneading the giant pair as he drilled his cock between them.  The actress cooed and groaned; feeling the oversized dick throb and pulse between her epic fuckjugs, her lips catching the swollen head each time it emerged from the creamy white depths like a game of Whac-A-Mole.

“Why don’t you grease those titties up a little more,” Hornball suggested.  “They’re getting a little dry there.”

Hayley reached for the bottle of baby oil; squeezing a fresh layer of shiny slick grease over her heaving tits.  Her co-star ploughed her slippery wet breasts as she continued to pour; his hands beginning to slip across her greased up funbags like Bambi on ice.  He squeezed her oil-slicked milk mounds as best he could; drilling his dick up between them like there was no tomorrow. His biceps rippled; the Nubian stud using every ounce of might in his chiselled young frame to keep her oiled up titties squished together.

“Yes! Come on, fuck my tits!” Hayley encouraged, staring a hole through the burly young stud as he pounded her bulging rack.

The dark-skinned youth thrusted back and forth like there was no tomorrow; sawing his big black tool between Hayley’s milky white juggies like a master craftsman.  Stretches of shiny slick titflesh bulged through his dark fingers as squeezed her breasts together; his dick twitching and throbbing with every pass he took through her tight, lubed up tit tunnel.  Hayley could feel his dick pulsing between her cans and as she reached to fondle his balls she detected a churning, brewing spunkwad just begging to be released.

“Oooh, yeah!” she exclaimed.  “Cum for me, baby! Shoot that thick black load all over my big white titties!”

And that was that.  Hayley’s purred words of lewd encouragement were the final incentive he needed.  He pulled his cock from the slippery depths of her epc rack and jerked himself wildly; his hand running up and down his shaft at a staggering rate, due to the coating of baby oil lubing the big black beast from tip to base.  Hayley grasped her titties from beneath; the chesty starlet holding them aloft in wait of his hot, thick load.

The black youth pounded his throbbing meat; his dickhole winking lewdly, his bulging head twitching like an epileptic at a disco, until a thick jet of creamy, off-white seed shot out from within.  The spunky blast splattered across Hayley’s breasts; bathing her milky white titflesh in ropes of hot semen. The cum oozed down her rack; dripping from her nipples and onto the floor below.

“Mmm!” Hayley murmured; feeling the thick, warm spunk trickling down her chest.  “Now that’s how you give a tittyfuck!”

“Mmhmm,” Hornball agreed.  “You drained those balls good, huh Hayley?”

“Oh yeah,” she smirked, putting her mouth to one of her breasts and slurping up a thick dollop of cum.

“Well we enjoyed having you today,” Hornball declared.  “Feel free to come back anytime. You’re always welcome here at CelebsGoBlack.”

“Thanks,” Hayley replied.  “Keep these big dicks comin’ and I might just have to,” she added, stroking her co-star’s big sensitive cock once more.

Hornball panned down from her face to breasts; getting one final shot of her epic mammary glands dripping with African seed.

Fuck! Thought Hornball as he stopped the recording and lowered his camera. I have the best job in the world!

End of Scene 3
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It's great to see more IR stories around here, there is definitely an audience for it.

If you would like, I can fix your post to embed the photo links.  ;)
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Wow, I'm really enjoying these stories.

Are you taking requests? Curious to see who you use next.


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It's great to see more IR stories around here, there is definitely an audience for it.

If you would like, I can fix your post to embed the photo links.  ;)

That's ok. I prefer it linked like that  :D


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It's great to see more IR stories around here, there is definitely an audience for it.

If you would like, I can fix your post to embed the photo links.  ;)

That's ok. I prefer it linked like that  :D

That's fine! Very glad to have you with us and these wonderful stories. I just changed your profile to 'author', so you are now green on here.  ;)
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Wow, I'm really enjoying these stories.

Are you taking requests? Curious to see who you use next.

Thanks man. I've got a pretty good idea of who's coming up but by all means feel free to suggest whoever you like!


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These stories are fucking amazing. The Hayley one is my favorite so far, can't get enough of those big tits.
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I have a new found love for Hayley after reading that story. Your whole set up to this series is something I've been thinking about doing, but just couldn't go about it the right way, but you made this work perfectly. The entire series has been fantastic!
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Starring: Alison Brie

“...and I’ve managed to negotiate you a pay rise for the next series of GLOW,” declared James Brewer, his client Alison Brie sat across from him in his fancy Hollywood office.  “They’ll send your revised contract through shortly for you to sign.”

“Great,” Alison replied.  “So...any new projects I should know about?”

Brewer took a swig of his coffee, the bigshot showbiz agent interlocking his hands before responding.  “Well, yes, there was one actually. Alison, are you familiar with the charitable service Giving Black?”

Alison raised her neatly plucked eyebrows, looking quizzically at her agent from across his varnished oak desk.  “Come on, James,” she said. “Do I look like I’ve been living under a rock to you?”

Brewer chuckled.  “Fair enough,” he replied.  “Well, they’ve been in touch, asking if any of my clients would be interested in working with them,” the agent explained.

“And you immediately thought of me?” asked Alison, unsure whether to be flattered or offended.

Her agent grinned.  “Frankly, yes,” he said.  “Look, Alison, I know GLOW is doing very well on Netflix but, let’s face it, you’re not getting any younger.  You’ve been around a while now and have yet to land a starring role in a movie.”

Alison opened her mouth to protest but Brewer cut her off. 

“I know, I know, you’ve done a few crappy indies,” he went on, “but nothing that’s bothered the box office.  Some highly publicized work for a charity would really boost your profile. Trust me, you do this and I’ll have every studio in Hollywood enquiring about your availability.  You’ll have your pick of every summer blockbuster and winter Oscar-botherer for years to come.”

“You think so?” Alison asked, the dark-haired actress still somewhat unconvinced by her agent’s assertions. 

“I know so,” Brewer replied.  “Look at Anna Kendrick and Hayley Atwell,” he declared.  “Their careers have really been on the up and up since they shot their scenes.  There’s nothing production houses like more than a spot of philanthropy.”

“OK,” said Alison, sitting back in her leather chair.

“You’re in?” asked Brewer.

“I’m in.”

“Great!” Brewer explained.  “It shoots on Thursday. I’ll text you where and when.  Now, there’s something they wanted me to ask you,” he went on.  “Something rather...delicate.”


“Have you ever had anal sex?” Brewer enquired.

“Yeah, a few times,” Alison replied.

Brewer was taken aback by this revelation.  He’d known Alison for some time now. She really didn’t seem the type.  “Really?” he asked.

“Yeah.  It’s something Dave and I do on special occasions.  You know; anniversaries, his birthday, that kind of thing.”

“I see,” Brewer grinned.  “Well they wanted someone with experience in that department, so I guess that’s that box ticked.”

“I guess so.”

“Right, well I’ll let them know you’re on board,” Brewer declared.  “I’m sure they’ll be every excited. But since you’ve mentioned Dave, are you sure he won’t mind you being…” he chose his words carefully, “intimate with another man?”

“Oh, I’m sure he’ll understand,” Alison replied.  “I mean, it’s for charity, right? And I know he wants what’s best for my career.”

“OK,” said Brewer.  “I should warn you, though, of the recent rash of jungle fever hitting the stars at CelebsGoBlack.”

“Jungle what?” asked Alison.

“Well, Ricky Hornball, the director working with Giving Black has informed the charity of solicitations he’s received from its ambassadors since shooting their scenes with him,” Brewer explained.

“What kind of solicitations?”

“Well, Hornball claims that the three women he’s worked with so far have been in touch him regularly,” Brewer declared, “attempting to procure partners for a little unsolicited overtime, if you get what I’m saying.”

“I’m afraid I don’t,” Alison replied.

“Well, according to Hornball himself,” Brewer explained, “it appears that these women ‘went black, and didn’t go back’.”

“I see.”

“So, yeah…,” said Brewer, “they told me to warn you.”

“Well you don’t have to worry about that with me, James,” Alison declared.  “As you know, I’m a happily married woman. I can assure you; I’m going black, but I’ll be going straight back.”


The fourth scene for CelebsGoBlack.com faded in from black on the pretty, heavily made up face of Alison Brie as she sat on a sun lounger in the professionally landscaped yard of a suburban Los Angeles home.  Her lips were coated a deep shade of red, while dabs of rouge gave her cheeks a healthy, rosy glow. Dark mascara and silver shadow brought out the bright sky blues of her eyes. Her glossy chestnut hair hung gracefully about her shoulder blades, while large hooped earrings dangled audaciously from her lobes. 

“Alison Brie,” said Ricky Hornball from behind his HD video camera.

“Ricky Hornball,” she replied, grinning mischievously into the lens.

“Great to have you here,” said Hornball.

“It’s great to be here.  Thank you for inviting me.”

“You’re very welcome,” Hornball replied.  “Maybe you could tell the ladies and gentlemen watching at home exactly what it is you’re doing for us today.”

“I’m going to be having sex with a black man today,” Alison declared.

“And what kind of sex will you be having with this black man, Miss Alison Brie?” Hornball enquired.

“I’m going to be having anal sex.”

“Anal sex,” Hornball repeated.  “And just explain, if you will, for those that don’t know, what is meant by ‘anal sex’?”

“Anal sex is doing it in the butt,” Alison replied, matter of factly.

“Doing it in the butt.  So taking a large black penis up into your assole?”

“That’s right,” Alison grinned.

“Have you done that before?” Hornball asked.

“I’ve had a penis in my butt,” Alison declared, “but not a black one.”

“And do you enjoy taking dicks up your ass?”

“I do,” said Alison.  “It hurts a little at first but it’s a really enjoyable experience.”

“OK,” Hornball replied.  “Well since you’re going to be taking a large African phallus inside it, I think it’s only right we see this ass in all its glory.”

Alison giggled.  “Mmhmm. I think you’re right.”

Hornball panned out as Alison rose to her feet; the director framing the dark-haired actress in a long shot, showing off the sexy outfit he’d picked out for her prior to the shoot.  He’d chosen a short, slinky black dress; the garment so tight fitting that it clung to the brunette’s slender, toned body like a second skin, her perky C-cup cleavage bulging majestically from her low cut bodice.  It cut off just below her crotch; showcasing her long, freshly waxed legs as they extended all the way down to a pair of shiny matching stilettos.

“Turn around for us,” Hornball instructed.  “Let’s see that beautiful ass.”

Alison did as directed, turning on her high heels and thrusting out her shapely round apple bottom in the direction of the camera lens.  She ran her hands teasingly across the cheeks as Hornball moved in for a close up, peering back over her fitness model shoulder and flashing a cheeky wink at the camera as he returned to the previous angle.

“That’s one heck of an ass you’ve got there,” Hornball declared.  “You know that, right?”

“Mmhmm,” Alison grinned naughtily, slapping her tight, firm ass as she did so.

“I’m gonna enjoy watching a big black cock slide in and out of that thing, I can tell ya.”

Alison laughed.  “I hope so.”

“Pull that dress up,” Hornball directed.  “I wanna see that ass in the flesh.”

Alison reached down, gripping the bottom of the skimpy black dress with her dainty, manicured hands; sticking out her ass like a seasoned stripper as she tugged up the high-cut hem.  She pulled the dress up to her waist; showing off her ass in all its pert, creamy white glory unrestricted by the burden of underwear, the bejewelled stem of some kind of sex toy protruding from her tight pink hole. 

“Hmm,” Hornball murmured.  “Look like you’ve got something in there already.”

“Uh huh,” Alison replied. 

“Why don’t you pull that thing out and show us what it is.”

Hornball moved in for a close up as Alison reached down; the expertly filed tips of her fingers gripping the dazzling stem and pulling the toy slowly from her ass.  The director watched on the viewfinder of his expensive camera as Alison’s snug, raspberry pink anus spread around the girth of a small silver buttplug as it slid steadily from her ass.  Alison pulled the toy free, her asshole closing back up to its previous aperture in a matter of moments; a hole so tight it looked as though the eye of a needle would have trouble passing through. 

“How’d that thing get in your ass, huh Alison?” Hornball asked, pointing the camera up at her face.

“I don’t know,” the actress replied, putting a lengthy nailed finger to her lips in a thoroughly unconvincing display of butter-wouldn’t-melt innocence.

“Pop that thing in your mouth and let us know how it tastes.”

Alison did as instructed; feeding the buttplug into her mouth and puckering her pouty red lips around its girth as she sucked it clean.

“Mmm, yummy!” she said, grinning devilishly at the camera.

“Why don’t you put that thing back in while we go for a little walk,” Hornball suggested, panning back out for a long shot as Alison returned the small silver toy to her ass.

Alison began across the lengthy garden path; the heels of her spindly black stilettos click clacking against the neatly laid paving slabs as she went.  Hornball followed behind, the lens of his camera trained on her ass; the peachy round cheeks rising and falling rhythmically as she walked.

“Go on inside,” Hornball directed.  “Let’s see if we can find something a little bigger for this ass.”

Alison pulled back the French door and Hornball followed her inside; keeping the camera pointed at her butt as she strolled through the lounge.  She stopped at a plush leather couch; a long glass dildo laid out on one of the cushions.

“Hmm,” she murmured, clasping the lengthy clear fucktoy in her hands, “what’s this?”

“Is that for your ass too, Alison?” Hornball asked.

“I think it is,” she replied, wrapping her lips around the head of the dildo and sucking lewdly at the glass tip.

“Let’s see how much of that you can get in your mouth,” Hornball suggested.  “That thing’s gonna need lubing up if it’s going in your ass.”

Alison fed the lenghty fuckrod between her pouty red lips; all nine of its clear glass inches disappearing into her mouth until only the rounded tip remained.  Then, she retrieved it from her mouth; the big glass dong slathered in her spittle as she pulled it free.

“Kneel on this couch here,” Hornball instructed.  “Those guys beating off at home are gonna want a good view of your ass while you’re putting things inside it.”

Alison did as directed; adopting the face down, ass up position, looking back into the camera lens as she pulled the silver buttplug from her rear.  She placed the rounded tip of the long glass dildo against her puckered asshole; the dark-haired starlet letting out a little satisfied whine as as she pushed it forward, splitting her brown eye open. 

“That thing feel good in your ass, Alison?” asked Hornball, moving in for a close up of her face as she fed the clear glass fucktoy into her anus.

“Mmhmm,” she groaned, the director returning to her ass as she slid the long prosthetic cock deeper inside.

“It’s going deep, huh?” Hornball observed, watching on as Alison guided the dildo back and forth; an additional inch of its long glass span probing her butthole with each pass.

“Uh huh,” the actress cooed.

Hornball moved in for another close up of her face; her pretty features lit up like the Eiffel Tower as she fucked herself with the big glass prick.  “You gonna be able to take that big black cock so deep in your ass, Alison?”

“I hope so,” she replied.

“I hope so too,” Hornball echoed, getting another shot of her ass as the long clear fuckrod probed her tight pink hole. 

Alison pulled the dildo from her ass, Hornball following her closely with his camera as she brought it up and fed it between her lips.  She plunged the toy deep into her mouth, sucking it clean before pulling it free once more.

“How’s that thing taste?” asked Hornball.

Alison smacked her lips, grinning into the camera lens as she savoured the taste of her butt.  “Like candy,” she replied.

“We got anything else for your ass here, Alison?” Hornball enquired.

Alison moved to the far end of the couch, where a black buttplug considerably larger and girthier than the first stood upright on the leather cushion. 

“Hmm,” Hornball murmured.  “That thing gonna fit in your ass too, Alison?”

“I guess we’ll have to find out,” Alison grinned, taking the thick dark fucktoy and feeding it into her mouth.

She wrapped her pouty red lips around the base before pulling it free; a thick coat of saliva glazing the jet black surface.  Alison assumed the position once more; kneeling on the comfy black couch with her ass in the air, Hornball moving in for a close up as she fed the tip of the oversized buttplug into her tight pink rear.  She pushed the sex toy further inside; her snug little asshole stretching like elastic around its considerable girth.

“That thing’s really opening you up, huh?” asked Hornball, moving back to get Alison’s face in shot as she looked back over her shoulder.

“Mmhmm,” Alison groaned as she continued to feed the coal black marital aid into her rectum.

Her asshole continued to stretch open as she pushed the fat dark fucktoy inside; her elastic anus spreading wide like a viper’s mouth as it swallowed up the girthiest part of the thick round buttplug, her greedy ass sucking up the last few inches like unsuspecting prey. 

“Fuck!” Hornball explained.  “Your ass sucked that thing right up, huh?”

“Uh huh,” Alison moaned; the randy brunette gripping the buttplug at the base and guiding it back and forth inside her ass, her stretchy pink anus spreading repeatedly around its girth as she fucked herself with the oversized toy. 

“OK, I think we’re ready for the main event here,” Hornball declared.  “What do you say?”

“Mmhmm,” Alison grinned.  “Bring on the dick!”


A quick cut later and Alison Brie, nude save for her black stilettos, was sat on the edge of the couch.  Her co-star, a muscled young man named Dion, entered from off screen; he too naked except for his shoes, a pair of white Nike high tops- his thick 10 inch cock pointing right at her face as he stood before the yearning actress.  Hornball moved in for a close up as Alison took hold of the dick; her dainty little hands barely able to cradle its unfathomable girth.

“What do you think of that dick, Alison?” Hornball asked.

“It’s freakin’ huge!” she exclaimed, her blue eyes bulging as they took in the size of the schlong.

It was indeed enormous; nearly a foot in length, with girth that would turn even the most hung of exotic dancers green with rage.  Veins like drinking straws protruded from the shaft, while a globule of sticky, clear precum pooled in the open tip and a giant set of swollen black balls hung thick and weighty at the base. 

“You’re gonna have some fun with that dick, huh?” said Hornball.

“Mmhmm,” Alison grinned, parting her pretty red lips and lapping at the drooling slit.

A light moan escaped her mouth as she licked at his prickhole; the horny actress delighting in the taste of his gooey wet prespunk.  She wrapped her lips around the head of his dick, looking up at the chiseled black youth, both hands gripped around his girthy shaft as she started to blow him.  She began to bob her head; guiding her stark red lips up and down his shaft, venturing deeper with each pass, her soft, dainty hands stroking and caressing what remained of the thick black dong as she went.

Alison drooled and sloberred as she sucked the oversized dick; her skilled mouth leaving behind a mess of slippery wet saliva that smeared across the veiny dark surface.  She slurped and stroked, sucked and jerked; working the large black schlong over with her mouth and hands in equal measure.

Every so often she took a brief break; the randy actress spitting a jet of thick, warm saliva across the shaft, only to return it between her lips once more, taking the long dark wang further into her mouth each time.  She blew the tall ebony stud like a seasoned pro; guiding her pouty red lips up and down his shaft like a glass elevator, reaching down to fondle his big black balls as she did so.

A series of deep coos and groans passed Dion’s thick African lips; the dark-skinned stud on cloud nine as he was sucked six ways from Sunday by the lusty starlet.  Alison placed her hands on his thighs; her colourful, manicured fingers digging into his muscular brown flesh as she worked him over with her mouth. By this point her lips were travelling up and down his dong at a frankly alarming rate; the plump red pair edging ever nearer to the base of the long black wang with every pass. 

One more push was all it took and as Alison reached up to grasp her co-star’s muscle toned ass, her thick, rosy lips wrapped around the hilt of his prong; all ten of his thick, veiny inches packing her skilled mouth to capacity and beyond as she held the girthy cock inside.

“Oh, shit!” Dion exclaimed, the ripped black youth seemingly unprepared for the sheer ferocity with which the petite brunette would attack his massive schlong. 

And she wasn’t done yet.  Alison held the oversized prick between her lips; sucking and slurping, drooling and slobbering, lapping at the veiny underside with her tongue, until finally she released it; the horny actress spraying yet more slippery wet spittle across the girthy shaft as she did so.  By now Dion’s cock was dripping from tip to base and as Alison angled it upwards to get at his swollen balls, she stroked it with her hand; the smooth, velvety paw roaming freely up and down the spit slathered wang as she moved onto his nuts.

Alison cupped his large dark gonads with her free hand; the brunette feeling the sheer weight of the oversized pair in her dainty little paw as she stroked his cock with the other.

“Fuck, these are some big black balls!” she declared, squeezing and caressing them with her silky smooth mit.

“Must be a lot of cum stored up in those things, huh Alison?” said Hornball.

“Mmm, I hope so,” Alison replied, grinning into his camera lens.

She fed one of Dion’s nuts into her mouth; the randy starlet suckling upon the large brown spunk-holder like it had been glazed in honey.  She sucked and licked, slurped and tongued at the big black gonad, releasing it with a loud *POP* as she moved onto the next. By the time she was done, Dion’s ballsack was dripping with saliva and Alison stroked the thick, wet cock and massaged his spit-slicked balls as she readied the oversized genitals for her tight pink vagina. 

“What do you think, Alison?” Hornball asked.  “That dick ready for your pussy yet?”

“Mmhmm,” Alison replied.  “I think so.”

Alison sat up and turned around; kneeling on the plush leather couch.  She rested her arms on the backrest, thrusting out in her shapely round apple bottom in wait of her dark-skinned co-star.  That was all the invitation Dion needed. He positioned himself behind her, placing one strong black hand on her hip while the other gripped his mammoth 10 inch wang at the base.  He pressed his cock against Alison’s pussy; the burly young stud rubbing his tip against her slick opening, his thick, bulging head twitching as it made contact with her hot, wet gash.   

The feeling of Dion’s oversized prickcrown rubbing against her snatch made Alison purr with delight.  She looked back at the ebony-skinned hunk, placing a soft, silken hand against his rippling barrel chest as he pushed his swollen dickhead inside.

“Ahhh!” she gasped as he entered her; the unfathomable girth of his big, bulbous dickcrown already stretching her pussy wider than any cock had managed before.
Dion began to rock back and forth, gripping her other hip with his spare hand as he guided his fat, long cock back and forth inside her. 

“Oh, fuck! Yeah! Yeah!” Alison panted as he worked his dong to and fro; the bulging head already venturing deeper inside her than her husband could even dream of, the seeping tip probing her g-post with every pass he took.

Dion picked up the pace; driving his cock in faster, harder and deeper; his lengthy wand venturing in past the midway point and beyond- 6, 7, 8 inches of thick, veiny black meat pummelling her pussy with each motion. 

“Yeah! That’s it! Fuck me!” Alison demanded, her voice little more than an animalistic growl as she looked back at the ripped Nubian stud pounding her white pussy. 

Before long, Dion was giving Alison everything he had; driving his dong right down to the hilt, punishing her poor white gash with all 10 of his girthy black inches, reaching depths she’d hadn’t known existed as he drilled her with his long dark tool.  He grabbed and squeezed her ass; his strong black hands delighting in the layers upon layers of feminine muscle tone that made up her peachy round butt as he drove his cock into her.
He showed her little in the way of mercy; pulling his long, girthy cock back so only the head remained, before ramming forward once more- driving his fat, veiny schlong right down to the hilt with each pass, his heavy black nuts slapping repeatedly against her clit like big flesh wrecking balls.

“Yes!” she screamed. “You’re gonna make me cum on that big black cock!”

Dion gathered pace once more; eager for his randy co-star to do just that. He longed to feel her pussy clench around his dick (even more than it already was) when she reached climax, her creamy girlcum smear across his shaft as he gave the brown-haired starlet the orgasm of a lifetime. One more thrust was all it took and as Dion probed her g-spot yet again with his large, swollen dickcrown, Alison cried out in ecstasy as a powerful, ground-shaking orgasm tore through her athletic frame.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” she yelled, her eyes glazed with cockdrunk fuck lust as she creamed over her co-star’s dong.

Her pussy tightened around his dick like a wet pink vice; the ultra tight gash squeezing his oversized wang like a tube of toothpaste, nearly extracting the thick white goo contained within as it clenched around his schlong. Dion pulled his dick free before Alison’s greedy, devouring pussy did just that; the horny actress dropping to her knees almost instinctively as he did so. She gripped the cock at the base; the dark veiny shaft smeared from tip to base with her creamy wet girlspunk.

“Damn, Alison!” Hornball exclaimed from behind his expensive camera.  “You made a real mess of that dick, huh?”

“Uh huh,” Alison grinned naughtily, the randy brunette tonguing at the seeping tip as she held cream-slicked cock in her hands.

“I think it’s time you cleaned it up a little,” Hornball declared.  “What do you say?”

“I think so too,” Alison agreed, parting her strawberry red lips and wrapping them around Dion’s bulbous cockhead. 

Alison bobbed her pretty head; drooling and slurping as she went, muffled coos and groans escaping her shiny plump lips as she sucked her sugary sweet girlcum from the shaft. 

“That taste good, Alison?” asked Hornball; the director framing the actress in a mid-shot as she cleaned the lengthy black wang.

“Mmhmm,” Alison murmured, looking across into the camera lens as she sucked the oversized dong.

Her lips roamed up and down the length of the shaft; sucking and slurping, drooling and slobbering.  But no matter how hard she went at the thick African cock; regardless of the ounces of sticky slick drool she slathered across the shaft and the force of the suction generated from her skilled, vacuuming mouth, Alison was unable to clean the sheer volume of gooey wet fuckcream smeared across the fat lengthy dong, and as she came up for air, the long black cock was streaked from tip to balls with a viscid mess of slippery saliva and thin, diluted girlcum.

Hornball pointed his camera at Alison as she stroked the spit-slicked dong.  “That dick looks ready for your ass now, huh Alison?”

That was putting it lightly.  In fact, the cocktail of thick saliva and sticky slick girlcum had greased up Dion’s cock so thoroughly it put most brands of artificial drugstore lubricant to shame and as Alison nodded enthusiastically in agreement, thick drops of clear wet spittle dripped from the oversized wang and onto the carpet below. 

Alison climbed up onto the couch; shifting her ass to the edge of the plush leather cushions as she slouched back against the backrest.  Then, with nimbleness and agility that seemed beyond her 30-something frame, she threw her legs back, her expensive stiletto heels tucking almost behind her head as she held them apart in midair.  Dion required no further invitation. He stepped forward, pressing the tip of his thick black wang against her asshole; the puckered ring winking lewdly in anticipation.

“This is it, Alison,” Hornball declared.  “No backing out now.”

“Pfft!” Alison razzed, offended at the suggestion that she’d even contemplate such a thing.  “As if!”

Without further wait or ado, Dion pushed forward, Alison’s tight little asshole stretching around the tip of his girthy African schlong as he fed his swollen crown inside.

“Fuck!” Alison gasped; her blue eyes bulging almost comically as the thick brown dickhead probed her snug pink orifice.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” she continued, the head alone of Dion’s huge black fuckstick stretching her anus to its limits and beyond as it slipped inside.

“How does that cock feel, Alison?” asked Hornball, the director pointing his camera lens at her face as Dion’s long dark cock invaded her second hole.

“Fuck! It’s so fucking biiiig!!” she squealed in response; the actress gritting her freshly whitened teeth as the oversized wang snaked through her winding colon.

Dion began to rock back and forth; pulling his thick, veiny dong back so only the head remained, before thrusting forward, feeding an additional inch of his long back cock into her bowels with each pass he took.  Before she knew it, Alison was getting pounded out by 10 inches of girthy dark meat; Dion’s big, bulbous dickhead venturing deep into the intestines with each pass.

“Shit! I’m gonna cum!” Alison mewled, the horny actress feeling the surge of a second powerful orgasm building from within her.

She rubbed her clit, her fingers little more than a colourful, manicured blur; the randy brunette strumming herself wildly as Dion’s fat black cock drilled her deep in her tight white ass.  Alison trembled from head to toe, her pretty face screwed with orgasmic lust as another intense climax ripped through her body like a destructive earthquake.

“I’m gonna…,” she panted, the dark-haired actress too overcome by her foundation-shaking orgasm to think straight, much less construct a coherent sentence.  “I’m gonna… FUUUCCCKKK!!!”

And with that, it happened.  A fountain of Alison’s clear, wet squirt juices gushed from her urethra like a New York fire hydrant; the powerful jet spraying across Dion’s barrel chest as she erupted before him.  But being hosed down with what felt like a litre of watery girlspunk didn’t put the young black man off his stride. If anything it had the opposite effect, and he allowed his celebrity co-star precious little in the way of respite; the dark-skinned stud pounding her ever harder as she shot her effeminate fluid.

“FUCK! YES! FUCK ME!” Alison screamed.

She’d ridden the waves of her latest orgasm and was eager for another; the brunette returning her fingers to her aching clit as Dion drilled her deep with his long black dick. 

“Yes! Come on!” Alison barked; the horny actress staring a hole through her opposite number; baring her gritted, pearly white teeth like a growling she-wolf as she glared up at him.  “Pound my tight white ass with that fat black cock!”

Dion was doing just that and more.  In fact, he was going at Alison’s peachy round ass like a man on a mission; the burly black hunk driving all 10 of his thick, girthy inches into the recesses of her colon with every stroke.  Alison strummed her throbbing clit, the bulging head of Dion’s thick African schlong reaching depths she hadn’t known existed; the long dark member navigating her back passage like it was mining for gold.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum again!” Alison shrieked; the randy starlet furiously strumming her pulsing bud, her usually gorgeous features contorting in all kinds of unsightly ways as another orgasm tore through her slender frame.

“AHHHH!!!” she squealed as she squirted a second time; a torrent of sizzling girlspunk, every bit as forceful and violent as the first, blasted from her nether regions, soaking Dion’s crotch and midriff as he drilled her snug white ass.

“Wow!  You’re going off like a fireman’s hose, huh Alison?” quipped Hornball from behind his camera.

“Uh huh,” Alison grinned, her face lit up like the fourth of July as she came down from her latest climax.

“A guy ever made you squirt like that before?” asked the director.

“Not like that, no!” Alison replied, gasping for breath as Dion’s thick black wang continued to probe her large intestine.   

“Why don’t you clean that dick up a little?” Hornball suggested.  “It’s gotten a little wet there.”

It sure had.  In fact, Dion’s shaft was literally dripping with Alison’s fluids and as he retrieved his squirt-drenched wang from her tight round ass, the brunette knelt on the floor before him, ready to suck his dong straight out of her rump.  She wrapped her shiny red lips around the long dark rod; slurping up her juices like a melting popsicle. She sucked it right down to the balls; the horny actress even sticking out her tongue to lap at his bulging sack as she lodged all ten of his fat, girthy inches in her throat.  Alison released his cock from her mouth; the brown-haired starlet spitting a jet of sticky wet saliva across the shaft as she did so.

“I want it back in my ass now,” she declared, gazing longingly up at Dion as she stroked his cock with both her hands.

Dion took a seat on the couch, Alison rising to her feet and climbing on after him.  Turning her back to him, she threw a leg over his strong, muscular thighs; her expensive high heels digging into the couch cushions as she squatted over him.  She reached behind her; gripping his dick around mid-shaft as she looked back at him, fluttering her lengthy eyelashes and licking her already glistening red lips as she slapped his cock against her butt.

“You want it, big boy?  You want to fuck that tight what ass some more?” she asked, delivering the proposal in a voice so soft and sultry no man with even half his senses could possibly decline.

Again, Dion didn’t respond; the chiseled youth merely popping his hands behind his head as he sat back in wait of Alison’s rear.  Alison pressed this big brown cockhead against her puckered asshole; the tight, pink ring splitting open as she sunk down on his wang. 

“Uhh!!” Alison gasped, Hornball moving around to get a shot of her cute face as the thick black schlong re-entered her snug white ass.

She began to rock atop his shredded frame, slowly at first but quickly gathering pace; her shell-pink rim venturing up and down his shaft; an additional inch of veiny, dark man meat vanishing into her rectum with each pass.  Before long, Alison was riding the young black stud like a bitch from hell; the randy brunette bouncing her peachy round buns off his pelvis like there was no tomorrow. Indeed, Alison was taking that jet black wang like a seasoned pro.  Her snug, pink anus travelled all the way up to Dion’s swollen dickhead, before plunging back down to the base; the horny starlet accommodating every one of his thick, vein-encrusted inches up her skin tight hole with every motion.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! YES!” she screamed, the dark-haired actress crying out in ecstasy each time Dion’s bulbous crown ventured into the depths of her colon. 

Her hair bobbed majestically, her tits jiggled delightfully as she hopped and bounced on his supine body; her ass clattering repeatedly with his thighs as she rode his girthy cock.

“Fuck me, big boy!” she purred, looking back at Dion from atop his chiseled frame.  “Drill my fucking ass with that fat black dick!”

Dion didn’t need to be told twice.  He wrapped his large brown hands around Alison’s taut midriff, the dark-skinned stud holding her in place as he drove his long black fuckstick deep into her rectum. 

“YES! YES! Fuck that fucking ass!” she yelled, her face screwed with orgasmic lust as her ethnic co-star pounded her backdoor with all he had.

He went at her like a jackhammer; the shredded black youth putting every pound of his burly, hulk-like frame behind each thrust as he drilled his thick brown dong into the depths of her anal passage.  Alison could feel his dick pulsing and swelling each time it burrowed into her colon and knew her co-star’s creamy, thick spunkload was close at hand.

“You gonna cum for me, baby?” she asked, looking back at the ebony-skinned hunk as he pounded her tight pink pipe.

“Uh huh,” Dion grunted, the ripped young stud grimacing as he fought to retain his wad.

Alison hopped down excitedly from atop his muscled frame and dropped to her knees; the randy brunette licking her stark red lips as she awaited her spunky reward.  Dion rose to his feet, stroking his throbbing cock as he pointed it at her face.

“Come on, big boy,” she purred, grinning up at him as he beat his pulsing meat.  “Gimme that cum!”

Alison tongued at his dickhole, eagerly lapping up every drop of prespunk as it oozed from his winking tip.  Dion pumped his pulsing prick like his life depended on it. He clasped his eyes shut and gritted his pearly whites; his dick pounding, swelling, throbbing until…

“UUUHHHHH!!!!!” he bellowed as a powerful spurt of hot thick seed blasted from his slit and straight into Alison’s waiting mouth; the off-white goo filling her gaping maw near to the brim as he voided his sack between her lips.

“Uh, fuck!” Dion panted, the dark-skinned hunk squeezing out the last few globs of jizz from his prickslit as Alison reached up to fondle his emptied balls. 

Hornball moved in for a close up; capturing the murky lagoon of hot, creamy spunk as it pooled in her open mouth.  Alison closed her lips, swallowing the cum down to her tummy in a single mouthful. She sucked at Dion’s dickhead once more, making sure that not a single drop of the verile African seed went to waste; the ripped young stud shivering from head to toe as she slurped at his tender prong.  Alison swallowed down the last few droplets of jizz and smiled contentedly at the camera lens as it pointed at her pretty face.

“You have fun with that dick today, Alison?” asked Hornball.

“Mmhmm,” Alison grinned, giving the still hard cock a kiss on the tip, her hands gently stroking the aching shaft.  “I had a great time.”

“You’ll have to come back and tackle a couple more some time.”

“Mmm,” Alison murmured, “sounds fun.  Just make sure they’re as big as this one,” she added, Dion’s cock twitching in her dainty hands as she caressed the veiny shaft.

“I think we can manage that,” Hornball replied.  “See you then.”

“Bye,” said Alison, waving to the camera as the scene faded to black.



Alison Brie stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her wet nude body.  She crossed the floor of her sparkling clean en suite bathroom and stepped out into the master bedroom.  She dried her hands and gathered her phone from the bedside table. Seeing that she’d received a new text from Ricky Hornball, the brunette shrieked with excitement, swiping at the message with a manicured finger to open it up.  It read;

Hey Alison,
I’ve gone through the list of applicants and picked out two just for you.  They’re on their way and will be with you shortly. Hope they’re to your liking.

The message was swiftly followed by two photographs; near identical crotch shots of a duo of African-American studs engulfing her crystal clear phone screen.  Alison opened them and took a look one by one. Chiseled jet black abs gave way to thick muscular thighs, as a pair of long, fat cocks dangled pendulously between them.  Veins travelled up and down the coal dark shafts. Round, bulbous mushroom heads hung just above their knee caps; two giant sets of swollen black balls swinging either side. 

Oh my goodness! Alison exclaimed, her blue eyes nearly popping clean out of their sockets as they feasted on the mouthwatering dick pics.  This is gonna be one hell of a night!

End of Scene 4
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Re: CelebsGoBlack.com (Alison Brie)
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Another fantastic scene!  I particularly enjoyed the part with the toys at the beginning.  Very hot.

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: CelebsGoBlack.com (Alison Brie)
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Starring: Brie Larson
Ricky Hornball’s HD video camera was pointed out the window of his gas guzzling SUV; the state of the art device capturing the impoverished surroundings as the shiny black vehicle crawled through the streets of southern Los Angeles.  Rows of small, terraced bungalows with cracked paint and boarded up windows gave way to long stretches of dried, overgrown grass, interspersed with the occasional broken washing machine or burnt out car. Hornball panned from the window and across the plush interior; training the lens on his trusted assistant Chloe as she manned the luxury vehicle.

“Where are we today, Chloe?” he asked.

“We’re in Watts, Ricky,” she replied, glancing briefly at the camera before returning her eyes to the road.

“And what are we doing here in Watts, Chloe?” Hornball enquired.

“We’re shooting a scene.  The fifth scene,” she elaborated, “for CelebsGoBlack.com.”

“And do we have a special guest along for the ride?”

“We sure do,” Chloe grinned.  “She’s back there on the back seat.”

Hornball panned around to the rear of the vehicle, pointing his camera lens through the gap in the cream leather seats and at the pretty, smiling face of Miss Brie Larson.

“Can’t imagine you’ve been to a place like this before, huh Brie?” asked Hornball.

“Nope,” she replied, glancing out of the sparkling clear window and turning her cute little nose up slightly at the poverty-stricken backdrop.  “Can’t say I have.”

“If ever anybody needed a helping hand, it’s these folks right here, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Absolutely,” said Brie, as she peered through the car window.

Overweight black women lounged on battered recliners in the midday sun, while their children chased a taped up football across a patchy front yard.  Heavily tattooed dark-skinned men swigged from 40 ounce beers, billowing thick clouds of smoke into the air as the puffed away on tightly rolled blunts.  Chained up pitbulls barked ferociously at the car as it passed.

“So did your agent inform you as to what you’ll be doing for us today?” Hornball enquired, pointing his camera at Brie as she turned to face the lens.

“Not really, no,” she replied.

“OK, well allow me to fill you in,” said Hornball.  “Giving Black have been very happy with the work we’ve been producing at CelebsGoBlack.com, and so far the videos have generated a lot of revenue.’”

“So I’ve heard,” Brie declared, the blonde beauty listening on intently.

“Right, but one concern they’ve had is that the money made isn’t doing enough for the black youth of Los Angeles,” Hornball explained.  “Sure, we’re raking in the bucks, but all the cash from each video is going to one kid and one kid only. I mean, yeah, it’s a kid that needs the money, but so do many others.  Giving Black have said they want to see more impoverished youths starting to benefit from the revenue of these videos. So today, instead of sending us a black kid in need of a little help, Giving Black have tasked us with finding some of our own.  ‘As many as we can’, I believe was how they put it. So, Miss Larson,” he went on, smirking from behind the camera lens, “this is where you come in.”

“Right,” she replied.

“Tell me, Brie,” Hornball began, “are you familiar with the concept of blowbang?”

“Sucking a bunch of dicks, right?” she grinned in response.

“That’s right,” said Hornball.  “So how would you feel about shooting one for us today?”

“Hey, whatever it takes to help these unfortunate souls, right?” Brie replied, glancing out the window once more as shirtless kids grappled on patches of dry soil.

“That’s very generous of you,” Hornball grinned.  “And you’re certainly dressed for the occasion.”

He wasn’t wrong.  In fact, the A-list starlet was kitted in an outfit so sexy and revealing no man, black or white, could possibly resist her charms.  She wore a Chicago Bulls basketball jersey; the tight-fitting garment cropped just below her chest to reveal her midriff in all it’s toned, beach-bronzed glory, and a frayed denim mini skirt, the hem barely extending past her crotch as she sat cross legged on the backseat of the SUV. 

Her makeup was nothing short of flawless.  Dabs of red eyeshadow matched her scanty top, while dark mascara teased out her lashes to a length Jessica Rabbit would’ve been proud of.  Her bleach blonde hair hung just above her shoulder blades and her slender, athletic frame was adorned from head to toe with all manner of expensive golden trinkets; audacious hooped earrings, silver bracelets, diamond rings, gold-plated wrist watches and lots more to boot.

“Mind if I ask what you have on under this skirt here?” Hornball enquired.

“Nothing,” Brie replied, grinning devilishly at the camera.

“Can we take a look?” the director asked.

“Certainly,” said Brie, parting her thighs to reveal that she had, indeed, gone commando for the occasion.

Hornball moved in for a close up of her shaven snatch; the blonde beauty putting two neatly manicured fingers to her vaginal lips and spreading them apart, showing off her tight pussy in all its glistening, shell-pink glory. 

“Shame for the guys that they won’t be able to go in there today, huh?” Hornball quipped.

“Who says they won’t?” Brie grinned.

“Hmm, got a little extra planned for after the shoot have you, Miss Larson?” Hornball asked.

“Maybe,” she replied.  “We’ll see how it goes.”

“Speaking of which,” said the director, “seen any suitable candidates yet?”

“Not yet, but…,” Brie began as the car stopped at a red light.  “Hmm, what do we have here?”

Hornball pointed the camera out of the window at a gang of black youths shooting hoops at a basketball court.

“You like the look of those young men do you, Brie?” Hornball asked, returning the camera to the Hollywood starlet.

“Maybe,” she replied, placing a lengthy nailed finger naughtily between her twin rows of freshly whitened teeth.

“Then what do you say we go and introduce ourselves?” Hornball suggested.

Brie let out an excited ‘eek’.  “OK,” he grinned, “let’s do it.”

“Better keep the car moving, Chloe,” said Hornball as he opened the driver’s side door.  “Something tells me this neighbourhood ain’t the safest.”

That was putting it mildly.  As a matter of fact, the area appeared to have been plucked straight from the frames of a 90’s hood film.  There was graffiti everywhere. Huddles of menacing looking black men gathered on the sidewalk, while suspicious looking deals seemed to be taking place on every street corner and down every dark alley in a 100 yard radius.  Loud rap music blared from open high-rise windows. Hornball heard sirens and, unless he was much mistaken, gunshots as he climbed out of the SUV and slammed the door shut.

The light had long since turned green and a barrage of angry honks greeted the smut peddler as he hurried around to the other side of the vehicle.  The beeps soon ceased, however, when he opened the rear door and helped Brie Larson out from the backseat; the line of irate drivers placated by what seemed like a yard of silky smooth, sunkissed flesh on display.  Strappy black stilettos planted on the ground one by one as she exited the vehicle. Hornball closed the door behind her, then followed the blonde actress across the sidewalk; the lens of his camera trained on her barely covered ass as she headed for the basketball court. 

The court itself was much in keeping with its surroundings.  A chain link fence lined the perimeter with a narrow gap for entry and exit.  Both hoops were thoroughly rusted and missing its net, while the gravel floor looked as though it would tear kneecaps down to the bone should one take a fall.  There were ten black youths in total, playing a spot of five on five; Shirts v Skins judging by their upper body clothing or lack thereof.

Shirts wore a mixture of white tees, tank tops and Lakers jerseys, while Skins, as the name would suggest, wore nothing on their top halves; their dark, heavily tattooed skin glistening with sweat as they faced off in the blistering LA heat.  Thick biceps bulged in their arms, while cobblestone six packs lined their well-kept abdomens. Skin tones ranged from milk chocolate to dark, hairstyles from cornrows to dreadlocks and afros to fades. Baggy basketball shorts sagged at the waist.  Gold chains hung from necks, while expensive watches ringed their dark wrists; the boys’ pricey jewellery and designer sports clothing in stark contrast to their impoverished surroundings.

The game came to a halt as Brie and Hornball approached the court; the director following behind the A-list starlet as she passed through the gap in the fence.

“Hey, boys,” she said, smiling warmly at the dark-skinned youths as she announced her presence.

There was no response, just a sea of bemused and quizzical looks as they turned to face her; the black teens regarding the strange white people, one of them pointing an expensive looking video camera in their direction, with suspicion as they interrupted their game.

“How you guys doing today?” Brie asked.

Still no reply.  Finally one of the boys spoke up.  “We good. How ‘bout you?” he replied, his voice carrying a thick ghetto twang.

“Well I’m just great, thanks for asking,” said Brie.  “Shooting some hoops, huh?”

Another long pause before a second youth responded.  “We was.”

“Well I’m sorry to interrupt your game,” Brie replied, “but we were wondering if you guys could help us out with something today.”

Again, no response.

“Actually, it’s more a case of us helping you,” Hornball took over.  “We’re from a charity called Giving Black. You guys heard of them?”

There were mutterings of the affirmative.  Of course they had. Everyone had.

“So you’re aware of the type of charitable services we provide?”

More mutterings.

“And do you guys know who this young lady is?” Hornball asked, gesturing towards his colleague.

Another pause.  “Looks like every other white girl to me,” one man replied.

“Nah, she famous,” said another.  “A singer or some shit.”

“She that bitch Taylor Swift?” asked a third.

“No, this is Brie Larson,” Hornball declared.

The boys looked at one another, completely stony-faced.

“The actress.”

More blank looks.

“She was in Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame.”

A couple of the guys shrugged.

“The Marvel movies.”

Another long pause.  “Well if she weren’t in Black Panther then we ain’t interested,” declared one of the boys.

They turned their backs, ready to return to their game when Hornball spoke up once more.

“Guys, guys,” he announced, “you said you were aware of the type of charity we provide, right?”

“Yeah,” one of them replied.

“Well it looks like your basketball court could do with a bit of a spruce up,” he declared.  “We’ll get you some nets, redo this floor. Hell, we’ll tear this whole thing up and build an indoor one.  Hardwood floor, scoreboard, bleachers, changing rooms, the whole shebang. And all you guys gotta do is get your dicks sucked.”

The boys looked at one another then at Brie; the blonde beauty waving back coquettishly at the dark-skinned youths.  Brand new basketball courts and a blowjob from a hot white girl.  It really was a no brainer.

“Alright, white boy,” said one of the guys, “y’all got yourselves a deal.”


A quick cut later and Brie Larson was stood at the centre of a swarm of black studs; the actress surrounded from all sides by sweaty, shirtless hunks, an army of large dark hands pawing at her toned white body.  Those behind lifted up her skirt; slapping her bare ass cheeks, while others squeezed and groped her perky C cup tits. Within seconds her jersey had been pulled over her head, her skirt tugged down until it bunched around her high heels. 

“Wow, these guys are really going for it, huh?” Hornball observed, his camera trained on Brie’s naked form as he shot from between the surrounding bodies.

“Mmhmm,” Brie replied, her hands taking a wonder of their own down to the crotches of those nearest.

“Found something you like there, Brie?” asked Hornball.

“Oh yeah,” she grinned, her hands snaking the outlines of two thick black cocks through the fabric of their shorts.

“Why don’t you get down there and take a closer look?”

Brie didn’t have to be asked twice.  She dropped to a lewd stripper squat; her eager hands quickly finding two other protruding bulges and stroking to her heart’s content.

“These guys got some big cocks, huh?” Hornball declared, aiming his camera down at the squatted starlet.

“Uh huh,” she replied, her dainty hands trailing two long, snake-like lumps in perfect unison.

“I think it’s time you took down some of these shorts,” the director suggested.  “Show those guys at home what we’re working with here.”

Brie did as instructed; the randy blonde targeting a tall, dreadlocked stud named Troy.  She slid her lengthy-nailed fingers under the elasticated waistband of his ball shorts and tugged; whipping the baggy garments down in a single motion, his girthy black cock springing out like a Jack-in-the-box.

“Wow!” she exclaimed, her brown eyes bulging as she caught sight of the mammoth wang.

“You’re in for a treat today, aren’t you, Brie?” said Hornball.

“Mmhmm,” she replied, reaching up and gripping the long dark prick with her hands, “if they’re all as big as this one.”

She didn’t have to wait long to find out.  In fact, no sooner had Troy’s big black dong sprung free from his shorts, had his buddies followed suit; all ten of the ripped young studs reaching into their waistbands pulling out their own thick chocolate wangs like pythons from a snake tank.  Before long, cocks pointed at her pretty face from all angles; the fair-haired starlet ringed from all sides by array of girthy black schlongs. Veins travelled up and down long, thick shafts. Big dark cockheads swelled up like golf balls. Pools of precum glistening in wide open tips.  Huge, plum-sized balls dangled between thighs.

Brie shot out her tongue and lapped at Troy’s slit; the horny actress making quick work of glob of pre-spunk pooling therein.  She wrapped her lips around the thick, bulging head, her hands quickly finding two nearby cocks as she worked the oversized wang.  She bobbed her pretty blonde head; her pouty pink lips venturing up and down the girthy schlong, the randy starlet accomodating an additional inch of his fat, veiny shaft with each pass she took.  She sucked and slurped, stroked and jerked; the blonde handling three big black dicks with the skill and expertise of an experienced pornstar.

Before long, Brie had sucked Troy’s 10 inch dong right down to the balls; her cute little nose pressing against his trimmed pubic region as she held his length in her mouth, drooling and slobbering over his girthy shaft as she did so.  After some time she came up for air, stroking the spit slicked wang as she moved onto another.

It didn’t take long for the ten on one oral extravaganza to draw a crowd and within a matter of minutes dark-skinned men and women alike were gathered at the chainlink fence; filming on their phones and yelling encouragement as she went about her business.  Brie didn’t seem to mind though. In fact, she appeared to relish the extra attention; the horny starlet carrying on with her blacks-only blowbang like nothing could faze her.

She worked her way around the ring of studs; sucking and jerking any thick black prong that came her way, treating each and every one to the wide range of impressive tricks and techniques in her BJ repertoire.  She tongued at slits, encircled crowns and lapped at undersides. She stroked shafts, kneaded heads and fondled balls. She tackled no fewer than three of the long brown cocks at once, being sure to suck each one right down to the base in turn.  Hands groped and squeezed her perky breasts and rested at the back of her head; holding the actress in place as she swallowed their cocks whole.


Another cut, and the guys had changed formation.  Now they were stood in two five man lines, some two feet apart.  Brie was squatted between the first two men, Treveon and D’Angelo; Hornball shooting from directly in front of her as the charity suckfest got back underway.  She reached for the two cocks on either side; the randy blonde gripping the girthy wangs like long, black ski poles. She jerked both dicks with equal vigour; her arms little more than blurs of sunkissed flesh and golden jewellery as she stroked the African dongs.

Brie fed one of the cocks between her lips; sucking greedily at the head before switching to the other.  She moved back and forth from dick to dick; her head moving so quickly from side to side that she got a little dizzy as she worked the twin black prongs.  She gobbled at their prickheads; releasing each of the big, swollen crowns with a loud *POP* as she moved onto the next; stroking and jerking, tugging and pulling their spit-slicked shafts as she went.

Next, Brie focused her attentions on Treveon; the horny actress removing her hand from his shaft and reaching back to grip D’Angelo’s cock with both her dainty paws as she sucked his dick right down to the hilt.  She drooled and slobbered over Treveon’s shaft; his big, heavy black balls squished against her throat as she lodged all ten of his thick, girthy inches in her talented maw.

Before long, Treveon began to take control.  He placed a strong black hand at the back of her head; her shiny, bottle blonde locks flowing through the gaps in his long dark fingers as he worked his cock back and forth, guiding the oversized dong down to the balls and back with each stroke.  Brie took his dick like a pro; accepting every veiny dark inch with grace as he fucked her greedy mouth, the Hollywood starlet stroking D’Angelo’s long black dong with both hands all the while.

Then she switched to D’Angelo.  Brie placed her silky smooth hands on his hips and wrapped her lips around his dick.  Without further wait, she got down to business; the blonde beauty bobbing her head at a frankly alarming rate as she attacked his dark meat like a hungry lioness.  She sucked and slurped, slathered and slobbered; thick drops of warm saliva dripping from the shaft as she worked his lengthy pole; the randy A-lister swallowing the thick brown dong right down to the base with each pass she took.

Brie travelled up and down the rows of studs.  She handled their big dark cocks two at a time; stroking and jerking, sucking, slurping and deepthroating every long African dong that came her way.  The hollers of encouragement continued from the perimeter; the basketball court now ringed from all four sides by a mob of black spectators.

Once she reached the end of the line, the guys surrounded her once more; zealous black hands groping her chest as the charity blowbang raged on.  Brie worked her way around the ring of studs; treating each and every one of the fat brown dongs to the vast array of impressive techniques her greedy mouth and dexterous hands were capable of.  She licked up and down veiny undersides, tongued at drooling prickslits and sucked on large, churning balls; stroking shafts and kneading heads as she went.

Her hands were crossed in all manner of imaginative ways as she tugged and jerked every lengthy black wang within spitting distance; the horny actress tilting her head back in ways previously thought impossible to suck the long, veiny dicks and big, brewing balls of those stood behind her.  Cocks slapped against her head, shoulders, tits and any other stretch of smooth, lotioned skin they could reach to; drops of precum splattering across her beach bronzed flesh and perfectly styled hair in equal measure.

“What do you think, Brie?  You ready for some cum now?” asked Hornball; the director eager to wrap up the scene before the crowd of spectators drew the attention of a passing squad car.

“Mmhmm,” Brie grinned excitedly.

“What you gonna do with all that spunk, huh?” Hornball enquired.  “Take it on your face or swallow it down?”

“Hmm,” Brie pondered, “how about both?”

“OK, you heard her, boys,” Hornball announced.  “Get in line.”


After another quick cut, the guys were in two lines of five; Shirts in one queue, Skins in the other.  Brie began with the Shirts; the randy starlet squatting before the first man, an afro-headed youth named Marquese, as he stroked his pulsing dick.  She put her hands on his hips; the blonde actress tonguing at his leaking tip as he beat his throbbing meat.

“Fuck! I’m gonna blow!” he panted, Brie eagerly parting her glossy pink lips in wait of his wad.

She fondled his cum-churning balls; the dark-skinned stud pulling himself wildly until a thick torrent of spunk jetted from his winking dickhole.  The blast shot straight between her lips; the gloopy mess of virile man goo pooling in her gaping maw as she awaited the second load. The remaining Shirts stepped forward one by one and two by two; each of the burly black youths stroking their twitching cocks until they dumped creamy thick loads of piping hot seed between her pouty lips. 

After three loads, Brie’s mouth was filled near to the brim.  She closed her lips and swallowed down the spermy cocktail; opening them once more in anticipation of the second.  Two more loads and a second spunk shandy later, Brie had gulped down no fewer than five gloopy cumwads, and she wasn’t done yet.  In fact, no sooner had the last of the Shirts blown his load, had Brie moved across to the Skins; the randy starlet squatting before the first boy and tonguing lewdly at his slit as he tugged himself off.

One by one the guys stepped up; pulling their pulsing prongs as they blasted a load over her upper half.  Some opted for her pretty white features, others her perky C-cup chest; wad after wad of hot, off white semen splattering across her face and bust in equal measure.  By the time the last load had been shot, Brie was covered in the stuff.  It dripped down her cheeks and breasts, clung to her forehead and lips, sealed her eyes shut and streaked her blonde hair.

“That’s a lot of cum, huh?” asked Hornball, his camera lens trained on Brie’s jizz-soaked face.

“Uh huh,” she replied, grinning contentedly in the direction she believed the camera to be.

“What do you think, Brie?” Hornball began.  “Do you think these guys have earned their money?”

“Hmm,” Brie pondered, putting a finger to her spunk-dripping chin as she adopted a cute thinking pose.  “I dunno. Maybe a few of them gotta earn it a little more back at my place,” she smirked. “Once I’ve cleaned up of course.”

The boys glanced back and forth at one another. 

Damn! Their looks seemed to say.  This could be a long night!

End of Scene 5
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