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3rd Chromosome: Someone to Love
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Molly walked over to the chair as annoyed as ever. Her body hit the furniture with a thud quickly followed by another softer thud. Molly Quinn was a 3C; cursed, in her opinion, with the 3rd Chromosome. Moreover, she was also gifted with a mutation on said chromosome. The result? It now stuck out between her legs. Her member was easily as thick as her thighs; a fat sausage that defied most people's concept of size. It was true that 3Cs tended to be larger than average, most settling around 10 inches to a foot in length. Yet, Molly was easily double that. Her cock alone could be 10 inches thick. As if this wasn't bad enough, her balls were also bloated. The oversized cum factories sloshed as she walked; each one constantly producing record breaking amounts of sperm. Each weighty testicle bigger than a grapefruit, nearly the size of a small bowling ball; so huge they nearly hung to her knees and forced her cock out so it was on constant display.

Her cock was a near constant source of frustration. It nearly dictated her life. Clothing consisted mostly of skirts and dresses. Pants did little to hide her member, if she could even find them. Sweatpants were a sign of defeat; yoga and exercise pants: scandalous. Though she did admit she felt sexy wearing them; how all eyes were drawn to the conspicuous bulge in her pants. Yet, that was it. Molly got no play. Everyone freaked out when they saw it at full mast. Worse yet was the arousal. A penis this big was a bundle of nerves; the slightest breeze could send her to full size. She'd be unable to concentrate on anything until she remedied the situation.

Well, almost everyone was afraid. Stana was a great help to her. The thin woman seemed to relish Molly's meaty member. She taught her a few things and gave her some confidence, but that was it. Stana only gave handjobs, and Molly longed for something else, something more. Castle was coming to an end; there was a certain level of animosity on set. Stana confided in Molly during one of her 'sessions'.

"He's just an ass." Stana stated, her hands a blur across Molly's member.

"An ass?" Molly questioned as best as she could. Her eyes were sealed shut as pleasure sparked her brain. "He...seems fine with me."

"You're too young for him." The brunette started licking at the tip of the cock; dabbling up a large bead of precum. "Besides, this might be scaring him off."


"I'm serious." Stana managed between licks. "You're just...so...massive it intimidates him."

Intimidates. That word again. On the one hand it felt great. She was intimidating; her cock was easily 2 feet in length and just threatened everyone with her raw sexuality. On the other hand, it was just a pain because: intimidating. Everyone was afraid to have sex with her.

Stana's efforts were getting to her. The redhead let out a gasping moan. "Oh Stana...I'm...about...to..."

The first blast took them both by surprise. Stana caught it in the face and was immediately bowled over; her hair and face painted white in spunk. Subsequent shots arced forth, dropping layers of cum in a trail from the far wall that lead back to Stana. The brunette moaned erotically as the sperm painted her body.

"Mmm...Fantastic as always." Stana started picking up handfuls of cum and swallowing them down. "I won't even have to eat tonight. I'll just cancel dinner with my boyfriend."

Back in the present, Molly was getting turned on by that particular memory. Her mega member started to swell; pushing up the fabric of her dress. It always fascinated her to watch it. Like it was some great beast emerging from its' lair. A serpent ready to demolish any pussy she could get her hands on. If she could do that.

Boyfriend. Stana had a boyfriend and they were serious. Quite serious according to her. If he wasn't around there was nothing stopping Stana from jumping her bones and fucking her empty. Serious: not serious enough that she can blow me for a snack. But serious enough we can't fuck. Molly mused. Apparently the working relationship between her and Nathan was so bad that Molly was the only reason she stayed on. There's that I guess.

No more dwelling on this, I need to handle this guy. Molly flipped her skirt up and revealed her full length. Veins bulged along her member, pulsing as blood coursed through. How long had it been? A few hours? Too long. Molly placed both hands around it, completely failing to encircle its' girth.

That didn't matter however, Molly had enough experience to know what to do. The redhead stretched out as far as she could, her hands barely coming to grasp her cockhead. It stood proudly at the end of her member some two feet from her body. Her small hands grappled the head, pulling it up just enough for her.

Molly cooed as she ran her fingernails under the helmet. The ridge was incredibly sensitive and the merest touch sent shivers down her body. "Mmm...that's right..."

The redhead pulled and the shaft kept coming. With a grunt she was able to bring it to about her head. Awkward yes, but it did allow her to do something few people were able to do.

Molly attacked the head with gusto; ravishing her member with kisses. It responded in kind: dollops of its juices formed at the slit. Juices that she readily lapped up. Mmm tasty. Molly could never quite get over how good she tasted. Her hands kept up their stroking, increasingly becoming more anxious. She wanted to cum; she needed to cum.

Try as she might though, she couldn't get into this 'session'. Her brain was weighing her down. Boyfriend. Why did that all matter? Molly released her cock in defeat. The 2 foot long sausage bobbed several times before coming to a halt. She'd just have to wait this erection out. It was frustrating! Unfortunately, waiting it out meant she had time to ponder her situation.

A knock on the door threw Molly off balance; not that was getting anywhere anyway with her maturbation session. Molly replied without thinking. "It's open!"


Yet it was too late. The door flung open and Jang stepped in. Jang with one of the production workers on Castle. Similar in age to Molly, the Thai girl was exceptionally beautiful. Her thin body sported a perky ass, and some nice B-cups that looked good on her frame. Her luxurious black hair fell halfway down her back; each strand shimmering in the light. It was hard for her not to dress to impress people with her body, and today was no different. A pair of blue jeans hugged her long legs while a plaid button open was splayed open revealing a tight white t shirt.

"Molly...you're...oh..." Jang saw the situation and immediately halted. She started backing up to the door, her face turning crimson. "I'm so sorry...I didn't know that..."

"Jang. Jang...stop...it's okay." Molly replied, though nothing about this situation was 'okay' by any means. Here she was essentially flashing a coworker with her humongous erection. She tried pulling her dress down but her dick was not going to be denied. Not now at least.

"I'm sorry." Jang continued to apologize, her eyes never leaving Molly's member. "Is it always like that?"

"Only when it's hard." The redhead was trying to deflate the situation. Deflate wasn't the right word however, descalate was a better choice. Yet, it seems Jang wasn't having it. Especially after she noticed Jang's breathing was becoming more shallow, and were those nipples poking through her top? "What did you need?"

"I...ahh...ummm...can I touch it?" Jang had cautiously approached Molly where she sat; her hand outstretched. Her behavior was slightly puzzling. Molly knew that Jang knew, but maybe she never saw one in person.

"Well, I suppose." Clearly this was going all over the place. Yet, that idea was pushed aside as Jang's hand pressed into her member.

"It's so warm...and...alive." Jang spoke with some degree of awe. Her other joined in. "It's big. Bigger than Avril's, maybe even Katy's."

"Excuse me?"

"Avril Lavigne. You know the punk pop princess?" Jang began to massage the cock involuntarily.

"Yes I know her. Of her at least." Molly replied, her eyes were slammed shut as pleasure started to flood her brain.

"She's supposedly 15 inches, and Katy Perry is even bigger. We think 20!"

We? "20 inches?"

"Mmm. Yes. 20 thick hard inches of raging cock." Molly's partner replied. "But this...this is so much bigger."

"It's 24 inches." Molly replied flatly. She wanted to laugh; this situation was becoming more absurd as the minutes ticked by. Yet she didn't. She wanted this to continue.

"Even better! I've even heard that Iggy Azalea is a double." Jang didn't break her concentration, it was like a normal conversation save she had her hands slowly jerking Molly's member. "Is this good?"

"Yes, but you can go higher too." Molly pointed out. Jang responded and her hands crept higher along her cock; steadily exploring all of its' curves. Molly cooed as Jang got to the head; her small hands feeling where it flared up from the rest of the cock.

"Like this?"

"Mmmm...yes...that's good...so...good..." The redhead was beginning to lose her composure. "So we?"

"Yes we." Jang explained. "A group of girls that love 3Cs...can I use that term? We read about them, write about them, compare them...dream about them. At times I wish I was one."

"No you don't."

"No?" The woman stopped her exploration and looked at Molly.

"Really." Molly sighed, the moments' magic lost. "This...thing...dictates my life...what I wear, where I go, how I eat, even my schedule. You don't want something like this."

"I do." Jang licked her lips. "But since I don't have one...I'll have to enjoy this one."

Molly had a rebuke on her lips, yet that never came. Instead Jang threw herself at the redhead's dick. She attacked the massive member before her; lavishing the head in kisses as her hands rubbed it lovingly. Her tongue lashed other, slathering it til it glistened. "Sorry! I just *have* to do this."

Jang stood up before Molly, her expression serious as she started to disrobing. Molly watched with anticipation as the shirt went, quickly followed by the white undershirt. Her anticipation turned to glee as Jang shimmied out of her pants. She traced up those long toned legs to the junction where a blue set of panties covered her sex. Molly swore the underwear began to darken. "Well?"

"Wow." That was all Molly could manage to squeak out. A hundred different thoughts were bouncing around her head. Yet, there was one thought taking precedence over all others. I'm gonna get laid! Her cock bulged even larger at the thought; its' head flaring.

"Mmm. Easy now. We don't want you to fire off too soon." Jang's bra hit Molly square in the face. She pushed it aside and saw that Jang had hooked her fingers around her bottoms. With a grin she dropped her panties to the ground revealing her smooth mound.

Molly stared at the lottery prize she was about to win, her mouth watering with anticipation, when panic set in. "Wait, I'm never going to fit..."

Jang approached her and silenced her with a finger. "Don't worry about that. It'll be tight, but I'm going to ride the fucker."

The redhead didn't know how but, whatever she wasn't one to argue at this point. Jang slid up on Molly's legs so her cock was in between them. The erect member pressed into her, nestling itself between her small breasts. A steady stream of precum leaked out, slowly trickling down Jang's tight body.

The pair met, awkwardly, in a kiss. Their tongues changed places as they explored each other's mouths. Molly grabbed Jang's head and held her tight; unwilling to let go incase logic got the better of her. Yet, it was unnecessary, Jang's passion only increased. Her delicate hands began to explore Molly's clothed body; roughly grabbing at her contained breasts. The girl wanted to rip off that dress and maul those perky little things, but she held back. She had a better prize in mind.

"Ready for the main event?" Jang asked, breaking the kiss.

"Will it fit?"

"It should. I've been training myself for years." Jan replied casually. "I can fit 20 inches in!"

20 inches? Geez. "Really?"

"Mmmhmm." Jang rocked back and forth causing the dick to try and titfuck her. "Come on. Let's go!"

"Okay." Molly was coming to this with great reluctance. It wasn't exactly how she planned her first time, but she had concerns. I'm suppose to be a nervous wreck right now. Remember...confidence!

Jang pulled off of Molly completely. "Switch. I want to do this right."

With a grunt Molly got up, her cock twitching in front of her. Almost belatedly she realized she was still dressed. Jang watched silently as Molly nervously stepped out of her clothing; filling with desire as every succulent inch of Molly's pale flesh came into view.

Now it was Molly's turn to ask. Hand on her hips she faced her partner. "Well?"

Jang drank in the goddess before her. Molly's redhead stood out in stark contrast to her pale skin. Her blue eyes sparkled as she stood before her soon to be lover. Jang admired the curve of her small breasts, and how her areola and nipples stuck out against her creamy white flesh. Just below, there was the soft curve of her belly, the narrow of her waist and the flair of her hips. Even further south: the main event.

Molly's cock stood out like a beacon. A monumental pillar of flesh; 2 feet of pleasure just waiting for an orifice. It bobbed regularly as blood pumped in. Jang's mouth watered at the sight. Just below, hanging low due to their size was Molly's gonads. Each one impossibly large; big enough that Jang could palm one like a basketball. They rose and fell with her breathing; each one constantly producing copious amounts of jizz. Jang needed it...the whole thing...now!

"Well?" Jang had be staring for so long she didn't realize Molly was speaking. The redhead nervously began playing with her fingers and caught her lower lip in her teeth.

"It's...all...so..." The beautiful Thai girl got lost in her words. She was silent for so long the only noise was the steady dripping from Molly's dickslit. "Fuck me."

Molly advanced, lust overriding her fear. Jang spread her legs wide revealing her sex. The pussy was practically spraying fluid such was her desire. With both hands Molly lined up at the delicate folds. Slowly she pushed, the lips moving aside to let her in. Yes!

Molly tried to push forward, slam her cock home but Jang yelped. "Ow!"

"Oh my god! Are you okay?" Molly started pulling back out.

"No. No. Don't. Just don't go too fast, let me help." Jang lifted her legs up and wrapped them, as best as she could, around Molly. "Here we go."

With Jang setting pace the duo worked together. Inch by glorious inch Molly's massive member slid into Jang. The girl's belly bulged slightly as it went; marking the progress achieved by the two. Yet, it seems like that hit a wall about halfway in.

"Now start rocking." Jang encouraged her; flexing her legs to pill her along. Molly put her hands on her partners' hips. With a slight grunt she started to buck, pulling her dick out before letting it back in.

"Mmm, baby that's the stuff." Jang exclaimed, her face twisted in pleasure. She started to help more, willing her sex to expand even further and let Molly's monster in.

Molly let out a guttural moan as she slid in. Yes! Having sex! Jang was so warm and velvety; inviting her dick fully inside. She was nearly fully inside when everything came to a halt. There was no noise when it happened but it may have well been a car crash. Molly's hyperphallic member smashed into Jang's cervix, and it refused to budge. She pumped a little more frantically to no effect. Dammit! I'm so close! Only a scant few inches remained outside Jang's stretched sex. Molly had a taste, and now she wanted, no desired, it all.

"Hold on there." Jang announced through her clenched teeth. "We can work this out."


"Mmmm..." Jang paused for a moment just enjoying the pleasure of their union. "We're gonna switch spots. Gravity will help. Hold me."

Molly complied and Jang rolled them over on the couch; Molly now on the bottom. The Thai girl reached down grasped at the exposed dick. "Geez, this thing is so thick. It'll support my entire weight."

Inspiration struck the redhead. "That's it! Get your feet up!"

Jang complied, bending at the knees so the member supported her entire body. Molly admired how much Jang was stretched by her cock, even her belly bulged where her dick pressed it out. Yet, there was still work to be done. As gently as possible, she started thrusting upward. Jang bounced as Molly worked her cock; her body writhing in pleasure as she was getting stretched out. "Mmmm...fuck!"

"Do you like that?"

"I do!" Jang grabbed at her tits, pulling at her nipples as she rode this bull.

"You want it all the way in!? 24 inches of solid fuckmeat in your twat?!" Where'd that come from?

"I do!"

"Then come on your slut, fuck me!" Molly shouted at her lover; overcome with lust. "Let's break you record!"

Jang didn't need to be told twice. She began to buck and roll her body, riding the dick like it was a raging bull. Sweat poured off her tanned flesh as she willed the last few inches in.

Much like a two Legos fitting together, Molly and Jang fit together perfectly. There was almost an audible click as they hit rock bottom. The pair paused at the same time, both curious. Their eyes both looking at the crotches where they were joined.

"Awesome." The pair said simultaneously, causing them to giggle. Jang's eyes narrowed.

"Let's get to some serious fucking." Jang back to rock her hips, slowly starting to pump the massive member inside her. Her entire body undulated to some beat in her head. Right now Jang's entire being was based on pleasing her lover.

Molly responded to Jang's efforts; a moan permanently erupting from her lips as the girl started her dance. The redhead began to buck her own hips in response, noting with joy as her dick pressed out Jang's belly.

As this went on Jang was rolling with pleasure, she felt full. This was the cock of her dreams and she was fucking it. It wasn't enough however, she wanted more. "Grab my hands."

Molly looked at her puzzled, but complied. With the duo holding hands Jang propped up her feet on the couch edge. As she did her entire body started lifting off the dick. "Hold on baby, I want to try this."

Nearly half way up Jang let go, gravity immediately pulling her back down. Her entire body quaked as a massive orgasm shook her. Jang's mouth locked open in a permanent O; her voice a bare croak. "Aw fuck!"

Jang grabbed ahold and repeated the move, each time going just a little higher up each time the pleasure was even greater. By the 5th drop only the head was inside her abused cunt. Jang abandoned her drops, opting now to just pump herself silly on Molly's meat. Holding the redhead tight she repeated the drops, but didn't let go. Flexing her legs she was able to fuck the entire length of the dick; her body rising up til just the bare tip was inside, and dropping so their union was completely. It was heaven for both parties.

"Oh god! Oh god, I'm gonna cum!" Molly announced, her entire body shaking.

"Do it!" Jang shouted back as she bounced atop the cock. "Cum for me!"

The redhead released an ear piercing wail as she came. Her dick swelled up even more before it went off like a bomb. Jang lost control as her riding pole started to uncontrollably shake beneath her. Seemingly gallons of cum shot into the girl; her belly swelling which each shot. Jang came almost immediately, her scream matching Molly's in size and intensity.

Molly had a line of thought in her head. Unfortunately, it was pressed to the back as she rode the tsunami of pleasure she was receiving. Jang's vice like cunt fit her like a glove; even now as she sprayed out her balls' entire contents into the poor girl. However, if she could think at all it would be along the lines of: There was something different about a sexual orgasm. Everything is touched at once, her dick being squeezed and hugged. So much better than her hands.

It felt like Molly was cumming forever. Her voice had gone hoarse as her dick continued to unload. I might just pass out. It felt like everything was being shot out of her into her unfortunate companion. After nearly 30 seconds of continuous cumming, her dick finally reached its' limit. The orgasm died bringing Molly back to reality.

One feeble burst and she was spent. I had fucking sex! The redhead wanted to shout to the world. Instead she collapsed in exhaustion; her body covered in sweat and riding waves of post orgasmic joy Never had an orgasm felt this good. Intrinsically she knew it was identical to countless others, yet this one felt special. Molly looked over at her partner.

Jang's belly bulged considerably from all of Molly's cum. It looked like she was just starting to show a pregnancy. Jang rubbed it happily. "So full."

"Let me get out." Molly moved to extract herself but Jang put a hand on her.

"No. Stay in. I want to keep feeling it." Jang shifted as she came next to Molly. The redhead's soft cock still snuggled firmly in her sex. Molly's soft member was large enough that Jang could move around and not risk it popping out.

Molly sighed contentedly. Finally, I got fucking laid. Her partner cozied up on the couch, a huge grin plastered on her face. "Well?"


"Good." Jang rested her head on Molly's shoulder. "I'm looking forward to doing this again...and again...and again."

Semen continued to escape past the pussy plug that was Molly's soft cock. It leaked out, dripping on the floor as the pair cuddled, not that either of them cared. The redhead wrapped an arm around Jang. "So you said there's more of you?"
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