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Sammy Stops By (Sammy Braddy)
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Chapter 1

Starring: Sammy Braddy

Codes: MF, Titfuck, Anal, Facial, Spit

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission

Sammy took the opportunity to pop over about a week after Lucy had fulfilled her fantasy.  She wore a tight white blouse, short blue skirt and matching tie, black stockings topped off her outfit.

   “Hello baby” Sammy said, walking into the lounge.  “Had a morning free so thought I would head over and have some fun”

   She wandered over to sit next to me on the sofa “I hear you have a job opening, I would love to get it, maybe I could show off my skills to you?”  she purred, it was obvious she wanted to tease me with some role play.

   “This is gonna be my first ever job” she said, slowly unfastening her tie, “I would do anything to get it”

   Bending over she showed off her gorgeous legs, before getting down onto her knees, she knelt in front of me, slowly running her hands up my thighs, unfastening my trousers.  Pulling them off she moved her hand to my hardening cock, slowly she stroked it before licking the shaft from balls to tip.

   “Ohh let me just suck your cock baby, let me drain those big heavy balls” She gasped, wrapping her lips around my dick.

   She looked up at me, stroking my shaft with one hand, playing with my balls with the other.  Lips tight around my throbbing head, slithering her tongue over the base.  Eyes wide she breathed deeply, before devouring my shaft.

   She swallowed hard, a tear running down her cheek, as she gagged on my twitching member.  Moving her hands to my thighs she started deep throating my shaft, up and down a few inches, in and out of her throat.

   “oh yeeeahhh” she gasped coming up for air, wanking my slick shaft furiously. 

   She moved back down, lips devouring my cock, throating deep.  I gripped her hair and thrust my hips up, holding her tight to my crotch.  Her fingers clawed my legs as she fought against my thrusts.  Spit and snot blasted out as my balls battered her chin, harder and harder I thrust until finally I exploded.

    Hot salty cum flooded her throat, spurting straight into her belly, She fought to hold my hips down as I bucked and twisted her hair, firing jet after jet down into her gullet.  My body tensed with every shot until finally I was spent, releasing her hair.  She lifted her head grinning, hand on my still hard shaft, flicking the tip with her tongue, making me shudder.

   “Ohhh yeah, did I get the job?” She croaked grinning

   “Not yet, you have to show me more skills than that” I told her.

   Standing up her blouse was soaked in spit, as he started unbuttoning it. “Excuse me, I look a real mess” she gasped tossing her blouse down.  Her big tits were squashed into a tight lilac bra, as she stood in front of me.

   “What skills do I need then sir?” she asked coyly, a single finger in her mouth.

   Standing up I grabbed her hair and pulled her over to the desk, bending her over the end I pushed her head down firmly with one hand while pulling her skirt up with the other.  Ripping down her matching panties, I slapped her ass hard.

   “Are you committed and won’t give in, even when it’s hard work” I asked her.

   “Anything” She gasped squirming under me.

    Gripped my hard shaft and pressed it against her dry asshole, nudging it in, she squealed as her sphincter stretched and my hard shaft burst in.  I thrust firmly my cock filling her back passage, as she shrieked in shock.

   “MOTHERFUCKER!” She wailed as I was balls deep up her vice tight ass.

I held her head down, other hand on her back, twisting her hair as I pulled out and rammed in again, her asshole clenched tight on my cock as I slammed in.
   “Oh SHIT!” she wailed, starting to cry as I pumped her dry backdoor.

Sammy screamed loudly as I thrust harder and harder, blubbering and crying as I destroyed her dry ass.  I held her down and she fought and squirmed as I drove everything up her ass.

   “Want to quit?” I snarled.

   “Noo, keep going, fuck my ass” she cried.

   She reached up and gripped the top edge of the desk, as I moved my hands to her hips, rutting furiously.  Balls slapped hard on her pussy lips as my cock drove home repeatedly into her. 

   “FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUCKKKK!!” She wailed.

   My fingers clasped both her as cheeks spreading them as I watched my cock slamming hard and fast.  Sammy was starting to feel it now as well, as her body grew accustomed to my cock driving deep.

   “OH FUCK! FUCK YES! DONT STOP!” she cried.

   This spurred me on, harder and harder, faster and faster, her thighs pinned to the desk side, my crotch slamming ferociously on her ass cheeks.  Dick balls deep up her ass I bounced my full weigh into her, running my hands up to grip her shoulders.

   “YEASSSS!!! YEAAAASSSS!!! YEAAAASSS!!!” She howled her as spasming as she came.  I put my hands on her lower back and started sawing back and forth again as her tight sphincter clenched repeatedly over my shaft.

   “FUCKKKK!!! FUUUCKKK YEAASSSSS!!!” She screamed, her body climaxing hard.

   Twisting my right hand in her hair I tugged her back upright, “Use my fucking assssss” she gasped as I kept pumping “Fill it up with your spunk!”

   My hips rutted faster, her thighs slamming hard against the edge of the desk, she squealed as the whole thing shook with the force of my buggery.  Pulling her hair hard I hauled her up, she rested on her arms, pinned to the desk by her thighs.   

   “Cum, cum for me baby, fill my shitter with your seed” She snarled as I tugged her hair.   I literally slammed my cock up her ass, again and again, the desk jumping as I rutted.  Balls bashing her pussy lips, huge tits slamming back and forth, trying to escape.

   “Oh FUCK! FUUUCKKKK!!” She cried, her body climaxing again.

   My other hand reach around and roughly groped one of her tits in her bra, mauling it hard. Sammy was shaking her asshole clenching tight, waves of pleasure now hitting her.  My balls were full and ready to explode, and as she cried in orgasm I did so

   “YEEEAAASSSSSSS!!! YEEEEAAAASSSS!!!!” She wailed, as hot semen flooded her asshole.

   I ground myself into her ass, driving as deep as possible as my thick spunk pulsed into her bowels, jolt after jolt of cum pulsing into her.  She shuddered and gasped, ass full of semen, as I eased from her gaping hole.

   “ohhh yeah, that’s gotta have nailed it” she panted.

   “Need to try your teamwork skills” I said, grabbing my phone and sending a text, “but first I think I need to see how you react to a disciplinary”

   I tossed some cushions onto the coffee table and beckoned her over to me, I instructed her to take her bra off and lay down.  Sammy unfastened her top and tossed it down, her huge breasts revealed.  They swayed hypnotically as she walked over and lay down on the table.
I stepped over her body and settled down over her chest, I pinned her arms by her sides with my legs, slapping my hard cock between her tits.  Squeezing them around my shaft, I leant forwards over her.

   “You fucked up Miss Braddy” I said, twisting her nipples hard.

   “I am so sorry Sir” she replied, playing along.

   My cock twitched and throbbed between her huge soft udders, my hands groping her breast roughly.  She stared up ay me wide eyed, gasping as I played with the huge melons.

   “you fucked up!” I told her, spitting down onto her forehead.

   “Sorry” she squealed as I spat again on her face.

   Easing my shaft slowly back and forth, I watched as the tick wads of spit trickled down her forehead and cheek.  She pushed her hands up to her tits, allowing me to work her big puffy nipples, twisting each and lifting them up.

   “Fuuuckkk” Sammy gasped, as I stretched her nips.

   Leaning forwards, I spat again on her face, “Open your mouth” I told her before spitting into it.  She lay back mouth wide as I sat astride her, cock easing back and forth between her tits, spitting wad after wad into her mouth, “Hold it there slag! Don’t swallow” I snarled at her.

   Her nostrils flared as my thick spit filled her mouth,  reaching down I gripped her face forcing her even wider, dribbling a huge spitwad in.  “You fucked it big time whore!” I scolded her, “Now swallow that down and say sorry”

   She stared right at me, mouth wide and swallowed.  Open mouth she guzzled my spit, finishing with a cheeky grin. “I’m Sorry for being a useless bitch” she gasped.

   I picked up my pace, cock slamming harder between those epic tits,  she was panting as I rutted ferociously.  “Ohh fuck, cum , cum all over me, I deserve it!” she gasped.

   “Fucking right you do Slag, lift that head up so I can blast that face good” I told her.

   Sammy craned her neck up so her face was in front of her cleavage, my cock bursting free every stroke.  She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, I roared as hot thick spunk burst from my cock, and splattered her.

   “Yeahhhh” she gasped as it laced her face with cum.

My dick drove between her tits, head twitching as bolts of thick white cum splattered her gasping face.  Droplets clang to her eyelashes, running down her cheeks.   Large pool formed in the hollow of her neck as I continued firing my seed over her.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she gasped, her face drenched in spunk.

“Fucking Dirty Whore!” I snarled as the last of my cum oozed out,  I pulled my cock back and wiped it on the underside of her tits.

“Sorry, I am sooo sorry” she gasped, still playing out our little scenario.

Getting up I watched her laying there, her chest heaved as she gasped in air, her face plastered with my cum.  She struggled to blink her eyes open as cum pooled into the, blinking fast.  She had one finger down her skirt rubbing her pussy, as the other played with her tits.

“Do you think that was what you deserved for fucking up Sammy?” I asked her

“ooohhh, damn, I think I want to be punished some more” she panted. “I really screwed up badly”

I moved around to her head, gripping her hair I tugged her head back until it hung back off the table, slapping my cock on her spunk covered forehead I pushed it to her lips.  Sammy accepted my shaft, and I pushed it deep to the back of her throat, down into her neck.  She gagged and choked as I buried it deep.

“Gnnnnngh” she groaned as my dick poked up through her neck, the bulge of my head stretching the skin.

I grabbed her tits, crushing them tight, Sammy squealed on my shaft as I mauled her tits.  Gripping the nipples I lifted them high, swinging them back and forth, she growled as I stretched them as high as I could.

“Fucking useless whore!” I snapped, slapping one succulent big breast.

The soft flesh undulated as I slapped it, wobbling hypnotically before returning to rest on her chest.  Sammy arched her back, spit blasting from the corners of her mouth, as I held my cock deep.  She gargled on my shaft, making it ache with pleasure.

SLAP! Again SLAP! Again, I worked over her tits.  She gasped and gagged as I made them sting. 

   “oooh you fucking nasty whore, you fucked up bad bitch!” I growled.

   Pulling my dick from her mouth Sammy gasped for air, I turned around and sat on her face, “Tongue that ass now!” I said.

Sammy drove her tongue up between my cheeks, flicking my ring, teasing it.  Her spit soaked face was deep up my ass, as I sat back onto her.  My cock was twitching I was soon gonna cum, Sammy worked and squirmed her tongue up my ass.

“Ohhh now you’re gonna pay slag” I gasped, stepping backwards.

One hand gripped her hair holding her face up, while the other stroked my throbbing shaft.  Sammy was covered in spit and cum, her hair clang to her forehead, thick clots running down by her ears.

“Fuckkkk, do it, teach me a fucking lesson” she gasped.

Snarling I furiously wanked my cock over her face, fingers twisted in her hair holding her head up for the perfect target.  My dick exploded, painting her with hot semen, blasting her forehead and nose with cum.

“open those eyes whore, I want you to feel that cum burn” I snapped

Aiming my cock I came in her beautiful blue eyes, I blasted them with thick spurts of spunk.  Sammy hissed as her orbs were drowned in cum, thick white pools covering both.  I could see her grit her teeth and force her eyes open as she took every drop I had.

“Fucker! Fucker! Fucker!” she said through her grimace.

I flicked the last few drops from my dick onto her face, then held her head up as I stood.  I could see her eyeballs moving under the surface of the cum, thick with globs swirling in the pools.  Spit was spraying from her teeth as she felt the cum burning her eyes, forcing herself to keep them open.

“Fuck! Fuck! Thank you, Thank you, I am soo sorry for my mistake, I will NEVER do it again” she gasped.

“You can close your eyes now Miss Braddy, I think you have been punished enough for your error” I said.

She closed her eyes and used her hands to scoop my cum into her mouth.  Sammy swallowed every drop she could from her face, as she cleaned herself up.  I watched as she sat up, face flushed, eyes red.

“Thank you, I deserved that” she gasped.

I moved over and helped her up from the table, her big breasts red and glowing from my spanking.  She looked incredible in her short skirt and stockings, my cock twitched at the sight.

“hmmmm can I help with that?” she said looking at my dick “maybe earn a few brownie points and help me get the job?”

I grinned sitting back in the office chair, pulling her with me.  She straddled my body easing her soaking wet pussy over my shaft.  Gasping she settled her hips into a slow churning rhythm on my shaft.

“oooh, that feel good” she asked.

“Fuck me hard” I groaned.

Sammy picked up the pace he hips rising and falling, pussy swallowing my cock, again and again.  She put her hands above my head on the chair back and rode me hard, fucking me like a wildcat.

“I love your cock!” she gasped, as her hips slammed down

She bucked and twitched, hips slamming down onto my rock hard cock.  Those red glowing breasts bouncing in my face a suckled on the hard nipples chewing them roughly.  She gasped and whined as her body climaxed, cunt clenched tight around my dick.

“FUUCCCKKK MEEEEE!!!” she cried, her crotch ramming so hard down onto my dick.

My head pulsed, her orgasm milking my cum, spurting deep and hard inside of Sammy.  She squealed in delight as I flooded her with my spunk, hot jets splashing inside her.

“YES BABY! FUCK YESSSSSS!!!” she cried.

I held her hips down, thrusting my dick as deep as I could as the last few pulses filled her.  She sat there grinning, her hands on my chest, as I gasped for air, drained.

“So  do I get the job” she asked.

“Yes miss Braddy, you are very well qualified.” I replied.

Easing up she stood smiling, my semen dripping down her leg, hands on her hips she laughed, “Ohh fuck that was fun”

She started to pick up her clothes, and get dressed, “baby that was great, maybe we could meet up again soon, spice things up even more?” she asked.

I nodded, “That would be amazing” I replied

Sammy left me waiting for the next encounter, hoping for another morning just like this one.
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Re: Sammy Stops By (Sammy Braddy)
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Nice work, looking forward to future installments for sure.

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Re: Sammy Stops By (Sammy Braddy)
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Nice to see you have returned and shame on me for overlooking this story.

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Re: Sammy Stops By (Sammy Braddy)
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I forgot how hot Sammy was until I read this story, nice work.


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