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Christina Gets it - Chapter 1

Starring: Christina Hendricks, Sarah Randall, Maria Kanellis, Lucy Pinder

Codes: MF, FF, Anal, Titfuck, Skullfuck, Facial, Cum Swallowing

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission

A few weeks after Sophie had met with her punishment I got a call from Christina.  She arranged to meet at the usual house, promising a good day.  I eagerly accepted her invitation and arrived promptly on the day.

            “Come in” she said opening the door, she wore a tight gold dress, hugging every inch of her voluptuous figure. Leading me into the lounge she sat down on the long sofa whilst I sat in the chair.

            “After our last meeting I really wanted to do something for myself baby,” she explained, “this time I am going to be the centre of attention”.  She moved over to me seductively crawling across the floor until she reached my legs.

            Christina positioned herself over my crotch, her massive cleavage heaving in anticipation, “Let me suck your cock baby, I want to drink every drop of spunk you have to give” she purred.

            She wrapped her big red lips around my shaft and pushed it into her mouth, keeping her eyes fixed on my she slurped the hard shaft in and out of her mouth, going deeper and deeper with each gulp.  She sucked wantonly on my shaft grinding her throat down onto it, gagging ferociously spit bubbling from the corners of her mouth.

            I held her head, fingers in her soft red hair, she was looking up at me, tears running down her cheeks.  Christina choked herself on my cock, over and over, her eyes wide spit dribbling down my balls like a river.  Her tongue worked like magic, flicking my shaft and then balls as she rammed her throat up and down my throbbing cock.

            My hips started to buck as I rose up to meet her throat, my balls ready to explode, hot thick spunk about to spurt out.  Christina tried to push me back down her head buried in my crotch as my balls burst.  I held her head to my belly, salty thick spunk blasting down her gullet, my hands holding her tightly to my crotch.

            Her hands were flailing as I held her head tight to my crotch my balls emptying themselves in her throat.  I twisted my fingers in her red hair, forcing her to accept every hot sticky blast of my semen.

Her fists were clenched, knuckles white as she struggled for breath, my cock finally finishing shooting in her throat.  I released her head and she sat back coughing and gasping for breath.

“Ohh yeah baby, that was the good stuff” she gasped grinning.

Her eye makeup was running, long black tears down her cheeks, she got up and moved over to the couch, bending over the arm, she looked at me grinning. “Pound me baby, warm me up before some of the girls join us” She gasped.

I moved behind her, pulling up her dress, revealing her wonderful ass.  I peeled down her knickers and tossed them aside before pushing my fingers down inside her wet pussy.  Christina gasped as I thrust them in, stretching her hole ready for my cock.

“Do it baby, fuck my sweet tight pussy” She gasped.

I pushed my hard cock deep inside of her, she groaned as my whole length slammed into her cunt.  Gripping her dress for extra leverage I started fucking her hard.  Christina gasped and groaned as I pumped away.

“Fuck me baby, fuck me harder!” she cried.

Pounding her wet cunt I thrust over and over into a gasping Christina, who was loving every inch of my cock.  She started to buck and shake, her body spasming in orgasm.  She must have been really horny to cum this quickly.

“FUCKKK!!! FUUUCKKKK!!! YEASSSSS!!!” she howled.

I held tightly and really thrust hard into her clamping pussy, Christina was screaming and bucking hard.  Her body was quivering, thighs shaking as a huge orgasm hit her, waves of pleasure causing her to twitch uncontrollably.


I gripped her hair and tugged her head back, making her look at me.  She was gasping and groaning eyes wide. Nostrils flaring she gasped and squealed as I held her hair tight, forcing her to look at me.

“FUUUUCKKKKKKK!!!!!” She roared, her body in ecstasy.

Releasing her hair I again gripped her hips and kept pumping away, Christina loving every thrust in her soaking wet pussy.  I spanked her ass making her squeal, then she looked back up over her shoulder.

“put it in my asssssss” she purred.

I held her hips down, then spread her asscheeks, Christina clutched at the sofa cushions as I pushed my head against her puckered hole. Christina held her breath as I pushed it in, her tight sphincter stretching around my head.  Growling as I pushed deeper into her ass, until my balls were touching her pussy.

“Fuuuck yeah babe!” She hissed, “Pound my tight asshole”

Pulling almost all the way out, I slammed my shaft up her ass, she squealed as I held myself deep.  Again I pulled out and again I slammed deep, she squealed again. I spanked her ass hard, and she yelped, before looking back at me.

“Oh fuck baby, I am so horny now!” she teased.

Pinning her down I started slamming her asshole, deep and hard, over and over, she squealed and shrieked as I buggered her.  Her ass was tight, and I had no lube, but Christina was loving every stroke.

“Do it! Do it!” she wailed, as she jerked forwards and back over the arm.

Her lovely soft asscheeks wobbled as I slammed harder and harder up inside of her ass, She was screaming and wailing, pussy juices running down her legs.


My cock was driving up her clenching asshole, her body shaking and shuddering as she came.


Just at this moment the door opened, Lucy, Sarah and Maria walked in.

“MOOOORRRREE!!! MOOOORRREEEEE!!!” Christina screamed as I pounded her shaking body.

“Why is it you always have a cock up your ass whenever I see you?” Lucy asked smiling.

“Oh FUCK! Oh fuck, oh fuck yeah” Christina panted calming down, I eased my rhythm to match her.

Lucy had on a tight black swimsuit, whilst Maria wore her revealing referee outfit, Sarah a neon yellow crop top.  All 3 had huge 14” strap ons already in place.
“Let’s make the bitch really Scream” Lucy said.

She moved over to stand next to me, as I kept thrusting, “let me take over babe” she said.

I eased my cock out of Christina, and Lucy stood behind her.  Sarah and Maria sat in the chairs facing Christina, watching her as Lucy pushed her cockhead against Christina’s winking asshole.
“Ready whore?” Lucy teased before pushing in.

Christina yelped as Lucy bore down, her hands pressing Christina to the sofa, the thick shaft disappearing up her back passage.

“FUCKKKKKK!!” Christina screamed when about 7 inches were in, she was resting on her arms looking at Sarah and Maria.  She was panting and gasping as every inch was pushed up her ass. She whined as about 10 inches stretched her tight hole, and bit her lip hard as the rest forced in.

“OHHH FUCK!” she yelped as Lucy ground her crotch tight to her buttocks.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK FUCK!” She squealed as Lucy drew back like me, and then slammed home. “FUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!” she cried.

Gripping a cushion she clutched it to her chest and bit down on it, screaming into it as Lucy rammed in and out.  Maria and Sarah watched as Lucy destroyed her asshole, Christina howling as the dildo tore open her dry ass.

“That’s it baby, scream, cos Sarah and I are having a go after Lucy!”  Maria teased.

She was biting down on the cushion, roaring and crying, actual tears running down her face, Lucy held her hips and pounded her ass, sweat running down her body.
“take it, take it” she gasped.

I sat between Sarah and Maria watching as Lucy buggered Christina, Each of them stroking my shaft, slowly back and forth as they wanked their own pussys.  Lucy had a tight grip on Christina’s dress, slamming her crotch hard against her as she thrust in and out.

“YEASSSS!!! YEASSSS!!! YEAAASSSS!!!” Christina screamed cumming hard.

Her head was buried in the cushion as she wailed, before looking up at us, sheer pleasure all over her face.  Lucy was pounding her ass, Christina shrieking and screaming as her body tensed and climaxed.

“FUUUCKKKK!!!! FUUUCKKKK!!!! FUUUCKKKK!!!” Christina screamed.

Sarah Moved down onto her knees and started to suck my cock, whilst Maria got up and moved over to Lucy and Christina.  “my go” she said as Lucy eased out of a trembling Christina.

Sarah was nicely sucking my cock, lips around my shaft, working up and down.  Lucy moved back over her face flushed, sweat glistening on her tits.  Maria had her hands on Cristina’s hips, gripping tightly to her dress as she rammed the whole length in.  Christina howled as her ass was plundered by the thick shaft.

“FUUUUUUCKKKKKKKK!!!  FUUUUCKKKKKKKK!!!” Christina howled, Maria totally going to town.

Lucy scooted down next to Sarah, Both now sucking on my hard dick.  Maria had hold of Christinas hips, her crotch slapping furiously against her.  Christina was shaking and twitching her body again on fire.

“YESSSSS!!!! YEAAAASSSS!!!!!!” She howled, Maria clutching at her hair tugging hard.

“Cum for us baby, walk over and wank over her face and cum for us” Lucy purred, knowing I was close.

Maria tugged on Christina’s full red locks, Holding her head back as she groaned and gritted her teeth through her orgasm.  Her big tits jiggled held tightly in her dress as she shook and quivered.

I stood up moving to in front of Christina, my hard shaft bouncing as I stroked it.  Sarah and Lucy got up with me and we all stood there.   They both got down either side of me, taking over, each stroking my cock with one hand.

“Fucking spunk on her face baby” Sarah gasped, “I want to destroy that ass while she is covered in hot sticky cum”

Maria eased back grinding her crotch tight to Christina, allowing her to hold still for me.  Her face was flush, sweaty as she looked up, licking her lips, eyes wide.
“Do it pleaaase” She begged.

Opening her mouth she groaned, eyes begging for my semen.  Sarah stroked my dick, Lucy sucked on my balls, as hot thick spunk blasted from my cock.  Christina revelled in the deluge,  Thick streaks of cum coating her face, Maria holing her hair tight, shaft deep up her ass.

“Ohh yeah you whore” Sarah gasped jerking my dick.

Her face was plastered in spunk, a mask of my cum, she swallowed avidly as several spurts filled her mouth.  Huge drips clang to her eyebrows and lashes, as she struggled to blink he reyes open.

“Ohh fuck I so want to pound her ass now” Sarah said releasing my shaft.

“All yours baby” Maria said letting go of Christina’s hair and easing from her ass.

I sat back on the sofa again, watching as Sarah moved around behind Christina, Lucy sat next to me and Maria moved over to us.  Sarah slapped her cock on Christina’s ass before pushing it against her tight hole.

“Tell me you want it” she teased, rubbing her hand over her full ass cheeks.

“Ohh I want it bad Sarah, put that big fake cock up my ass and bugger me hard” Christina spluttered.

“Why don’t you move around here” Sarah replied, helping Christina up, she moved her behind the sofa so she was bent over the back. “Now they can watch your big titties bounce”

Christina was bent over the back of the sofa, eyes wide she gasped, mouth open as Sarah eased her hard shaft up her ass.  Her head rolled from side to side as every inch pushed deep into her bowels.

Maria was on her knees sucking Lucy’s fake cock deep, while Lucy stroked my shaft back to hardness.  Sarah now had hold of Christina’s hips and was rutting full on up her ass, she was gasping and groaning as she took every thrust deep.

“Oh fuck yeahh” She growled “Do it to me babe”

Her tits bulged in her dress straining to burst out, as each thrust swung them forwards.  Spunk clang to her face, dripping in a long thick strand from her chin.  Sarah’s crotch slapped ferociously against her soft ass cheeks as she drove home the fake cock.

“OH FUCK! OH FUCK YES!” She started to cry, her body climaxing again.

Sarah increased her speed and power, totally driving every thrust home.  Christina twitched and started to buck as she came, her body out of control.  Maria lifted her head up from Lucy’s crotch to turn and watch the action.

“FUCK! FUUUUCKKKKK!!!!! YEAAASSSS!!!!!” Christina cried.

Her face was contorted with pleasure as Sarah kept pumping away, pinning her waist to the sofa back as she tossed and fought screaming loudly.  My cock was rock hard as Lucy stroked it, watching all the action.

“YEAAASSS!! FUCK YEAAASSSS!!!! YES! YES! YES!” she screamed as her orgasm finally eased.  She collapsed forwards, gasping as Sarah kept drilling her ass.

Maria and Lucy both moved over to sit on the sofa either side of Christina,  Lucy reached up and held her face whilst softly kissing her.  Then Maria did the same from the other side.

“You dirty ginger slut!” Lucy said laughing, before licking a large mouthful of spunk from her face.

Maria then did the same to the other side of her face, using her incredible tongue to scoop vast amounts of sweat and semen from Christina, and swallow it down.  Sarah kept battering her ass as Christina propped herself up on her arms, staring at me as her face was licked clean.

“Fuck yeah baby, when Sarah is done with me I want that hard cock back between my tits” Christina purred staring straight at me.

Sarah was slamming as hard as she could deep up Christina’s ass, her big tits lurched forwards in her dress, fighting to escape as each hard thrust slapped crotch against ass cheeks.
“Fuck her Sarah” Lucy snarled, watching as Christina squealed and shook.


Maria moved down onto the floor, head down hips high, she flipped up her skirt, “Do me up the ass as well honey” she gasped looking back at me.

I knelt down above her, hard cock against her ass, pushing it all the way in her dry backside she yelped and hissed.  Sarah was absolutely destroying Christina’s butt, making her roar and scream in orgasm.


“Fucking pound my ass, use me like a fucking whore and shoot your hot spunk inside me” Maria teased, moving her hands around behind her back.

I gripped her hair in one hand and her arms in my other, pinning her down to the floor.  My hips drove hard and deep into her as I started to build up to match Sarah’s ferocious pounding.

“YES! YES! FUCK YES!” Maria screamed, as I reached down gripping her head and pinning it to the floor.

Sarah was pummelling Christina, Sarah’s huge tits bouncing and jiggling as she buggered her hard.  Christina was screaming and crying cumming hard.

“FUCKKK!!! FUCK! FUCK FUCK! YEAAAAAAAASSSS!!!!!” Christina howled, her body bucking and shaking.

Lucy moved to suck on Sarah’s huge tits, while Maria gasped and urged me on, her asshole was spasming over my shaft as I slammed deep in and out.  Her back was arched almost impossibly, ass high, face pushed into the ground.  My cock drove repeatedly in and out of her clenching ring as she screamed coming over and over.


Sarah had hold of Christina’s ass cheeks, mauling them as she pumped in and out, Lucy suckling on her huge breasts as sweat beaded on her body.  She gasped as Lucy chewed on her nipple, squeezing the other breast hard.  Christina was quivering her body climaxing again, spunk glistening on her face.


I held Maria’s hips releasing her from my grip, pounding relentlessly down into her bowels.  She stayed in place gasping as my cock destroyed her ass.  Faster and faster until finally hot scalding spunk flooded into her.  She squealed excitedly as I filled her ass with semen.

“Yeaaah baby, fuck yeah cum, cum in my ass!” Maria howled.

Cristina was gasping her orgasm subsiding, Sarah eased from her asshole, grinning.  Lucy and Sarah moved around to stand by me.  I stood up my legs trembling, balls empty, Maria’s ass gaping and full to the brim.

Christina lay there gasping as she recovered from her multi pounding, slowly she stood up, adjusting her dress downwards, her face was still glistening with a spunk and sweat sheen.  Hair matted and clinging to her forehead.

“Ohhh sweet Jesus what a start, this is going to be such a good day” She panted.

Walking over to the coffee table she tossed a couple of cushions onto it, peeling down her dress she revealed her humongous breasts, nipples hard, flushed and swollen with excitement.  “I owe you a titwank” She purred.

Laying back on the table she squeezed her tits together, forming an enormous tunnel of titty flesh for my cock.  I straddled her body pushing my shaft between her tits, she groaned as my head slid up into the valley of her cleavage.

“Ohh yeah baby, fuck these bad boys nice and hard for me” Christina purred.

My cock throbbed as I pumped between her tits, hands clutching her breasts, as she leant back forcing her chest up.  Tweaking her nipples between my fingers I slammed my cock into the cleavage, burying it deep.

“Fucking pound those titties babe” Lucy said standing watching, Maria now moving to straddle Christina’s head.

“Suck that cum out Chrissy” she gasped, sitting down on Christina’s face.

Christina reached up and gripped her tight ass cheeks, spreading them.  Delving her tongue up Maria’s hole she sucked avidly devouring every drop of spunk.  Maria gasped as her ass was eaten, Before leaning forwards to kiss me.

“Get right up in there, don’t waste a drop” Lucy urged.

“Swallow it down baby” Sarah added.

Christina wantonly drained Maria’s ass full of cum, guzzling every salty ounce, until she had swallowed it all.  Slapping Maria’s ass she let her stand up.  “Delicious” she said, licking her lips.
Now all 3 girls stood around her head as I fucked her tits, she lay back licking her red lips in anticipation.  They all stroked their cocks pretending to wank, as I rammed my hard shaft into her cleavage.

“Imagine us now, ready to blow, you want that Chrissy?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah you ready for a babe bukkake?” Lucy said.

“Ohh fuck yeah, do it, go and get ready for me” Christina panted replying.

“OK” Maria said, leading the girls out.

I pumped her tits hard, the soft sweaty skin rubbing my hard cockhead, with each thrust.  Christina place her hands on mine helping squeeze them roughly as I titfucked her.

“Do it baby, fuck my big whore tits!” she gasped

I kept thrusting away, harder and harder until I reached the point of no return, slamming deep my cock exploded.  The tip just escaped the top of her cleavage and pulsed all over her face.  Thick white ropes of spunk splattered Christina’s face, drenching her in semen.

“Phuuukkk! Yes baby of fuck yes!” she gasped cum raining down on her.

I thrust up against the base of her tits, trying to blast every drop of spunk over Christina, strands of cum clang to her hair, criss crossed her face, pooled in her eyes, up her nose.

“Ohh thank you, thank you soo much” she gasped, as my deluge finished, the remaining few shots filling her cleavage.

Releasing her tits I stood up, admiring my work.  Christina was covered in my spunk, face lathered with it.  She scooped it all up into her mouth, eagerly swallowing every drop she could.  Blinking her eyes open she sat up.

“Oh brilliant baby, that was amazing” she gasped.

“I am gonna go get changed, want to meet me and the girls in the bedroom?”  she said.
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Do you think you'll ever continue this series in the future?

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YEah I am part way through the next chapter, so plan of finishing it in the future

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Christina Gets it - Chapter 2

Starring: Christina Hendricks, Sarah Randall, Maria Kanellis, Lucy Pinder

Codes: MF, FF, Anal, Cum on Tits, Bukkake, Gokkun

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission

I moved out following Christina and waited in the bedroom.  A short while later she arrived, followed my Lucy, Maria and Sarah.  All 3 were nude, except for massive strap on cock on their waists.

“Oooh ladies this is gonna be amazing” Christina purred.

She wore a tight pink evening dress, her enormous cleavage enhanced even more, grinning she tossed a pillow to the floor and knelt on it, placing a large glass bowl on the floor in front of her Lucy, Sarah and Maria surrounded her.

“Ready for your babe bukakke?” Sarah asked

“Drown me” Christina replied.

She reached up and grasped Maria’s shaft, sucking it ferociously. Maria gasped as she sucked on her head, Christina worked furiously sucking the thick shaft into her mouth.

“Oh fuck that’s good baby” Maria groaned.

Lucy and Sarah stood beside her, Christina grasped their cocks and started wanking them.  Both girls dribbled down onto their shafts lubricating them.

“Stroke it slut, stroke those cocks” Lucy purred.

Christina had her lips clamped hard around the shaft of Maria’s cock, rapidly sucking the head, flicking it with her tongue.  Maria gripped her hair, tugged her head back and slapped her fake cock hard on Christina’s face.  Thick strands of spit dribbled from her lips as she looked up at Maria.

“Suck it bitch, suck it till I cum” She groaned, pushing her cock back into Christina’s mouth.

Lucy and Sarah moved to stand either side of Christina so her head was surrounded with cocks, both girls were using 2 hands to wank, while Christina used hers on Maria.  She had the head of Marias cock resting on her tongue, both hands furiously wanking her shaft, Maria was gasping, hands in her hair getting close to orgasm.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, so close, yes , yes yessss” she groaned.

Christina closed her lips over the head, vigorously wanking the shaft with both hand, eyes wide begging for cum.

“FUCK! FUCKKK YEAAASSSSSSS!!!” Maria screamed, Christina whipping her exploding cock from her mouth, thick spunk splattering her face.

Tugging hard on the shaft, Christina pulled spurt after spurt of thick white spunk over her face, she gasped as each thick spurt blasted up over her.  Lucy and Sarah were swirling the heads of their dicks, watching as Christina got pasted.

“YEAAASSSS! YEAAASSSS!!!” Maria cried, coming hard.

Christina was a mess, thick white cum streaks covered her face, clang to her hair, she blinked open her eyes.  She flicked the tip with her tongue, making Maria gasp, spitting out a load of spunk spluttering.

“Phuuugh, motherfuker!” she gasped, looking up grinning, before reaching out and grasping both Lucy and Sarah’s shafts.  She stroked them vigorously as Maria stepped back.  Moving from head to head she sucked them hard, making both women groan as her tongue worked its magic.

“Give it to meeeee” she whined.

“Fuck I’m close!” Lucy gasped, squeezing her breasts tightly, “me toooo” Sarah growled pinching her own nipples hard.

Christina was vigorously wanking the top of each fake shaft, her head bobbing from one to the other.  She scooped up a pool of spunk from her cleavage and smeared it over each strap on.  Both Lucy and Sarah gasped tossing back their heads as she swirled her hands in unison.

“FUUUUCKKKKK!!!” Lucy roared her hands gripping the base of her shaft as it exploded all over Christina.  Sarah screamed in ecstasy as her cock joined in thick pulses of semen splattering Christina’s face.

“Oh yeah, yeah, fucking do it!” Christina gasped as her face was plastered.

Cum drenched her whole face, thick pools forming in her huge cleavage as Lucy and Sarah screamed in orgasm, there cocks drowning Christina. She was plastered in spunk, large rivulets oozing down her face, cleavage full of a huge pool of glistening thick semen.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Lucy gasped, furiously wanking her cock, cum drenching Christina.

Sarah was squealing with every jolt, cum lacing Christina’s hair and forehead.

She struggled to keep her eyes open as they blasted her face, thick cum running down her cheeks, and splattering into the bowl below her.

“Ohhh yeah!” Christina growled as she was plastered.

   Lucy stepped back, fake balls empty, as Sarah flicked the final few spurts across Christina’s face.  “Oh you nasty motherfuckers” She gasped, spitting out a large glob of spunk into the bowl.

   “Yeah babe, now let’s refill for round 2!” Maria said.

   Lucy Sarah and Maria left, leaving just me and a cum soaked Christina.

   “Come on babe, give me some fresh cum as well!” she purred settling down onto the cushion, forcing her eyes open.

   I stepped up in front of Christina, my hard dick bouncing in front of her face.  She reached up and stroked it slowly, rubbing her hand over my throbbing head. My cock twitched as she stroked it, staring up at me.

   “Ohh fuck baby, do it, shoot your spunk over this little cum whore!” she gasped.

   Her face glistened with semen, it clang to her hair and face, thick rivulets oozing down her face.

“Ohh fuck I feel sooo dirty, please cum for me, and add your load to my face” she gasped.

Her glorious breasts were soaked in spunk, thick white layers of semen coating them, her dress was damp and covered in the drips, as she knelt below me. She stroked my cock with one hand and played with my balls with the other.

“Do it baby, do it, cum for me.  I’m such a filthy whore, look at me covered in spunk” she gasped wanking me hard.

Blinking her cum laced eyes, she gasped as my cock started to twitch, and then explode.  My hot thick spunk splattering her face, blasting up her nose then into her left eye.  She kept stroking, jets of cum splattering down her face, clinging to her red hair and making it stick to her forehead.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, yeah” she gasped, spitting out a thick wad, that caught her off guard.

My dick drained the last few spurts over her forehead, thick white streaks clinging to the gloops already there.  She gasped as I stood back, her face a mask of semen, she struggled to see through her cum laced eyes, licking her lips and savouring the spunk.

“Ohh fuck baby, thank you sooo much” she purred.

Maria, Lucy and Sarah returned at this point, each eagerly crowding around Christina.  All were stroking their cocks furiously, as she looked from side to side at all 3 fake shafts.  Sarah squeezed her tit in one had while wanking with the other.

“Ohh fuck” Lucy gasped, her hips bucking.

“Give it to me girls!” Christina gasped as the first bolt of spunk splattered her face.

All 3 let rip at the same time, cum splattering her face, forming a thick white layer over it.  Thick white fountains of cum raining down on her, the white sticky splodges clinging to her eyebrows, drenching her hair.

“FUUUUCKKKKKKK!!!” Sarah roared cumming hard, her fake cock blasting Christina.

She was drenched, thick white layer of cum dripping from her face, tits full of spunk, a lake formed in her cleavage.  Christina was a mask of white viscous cum, her face literally layered in semen,  each bolt added to the volume, her red hair laced with the cum, as she knelt there loving every second of her shower.

“Yes! Yes!” she spluttered, as more cum filled her open mouth.

   “FUCKING WHORE!” Lucy snarled her hand frantically wanking her shaft as she came, cum flying from her fake dick and drowning Christina.

   Maria finally relented, her deluge finished, stepping back panting, watching with me.  Sarah and Lucy were still cumming, both shaking and sweating as they wanked hard.  Christina was soaked, cum covered her entire face and tits, as finally her cum deluge finished. 

   “Holy fuck!” Sarah gasped looking at Christina.

   “Oh yeah, she got blasted” Lucy said grinning.

   “Round 3?” Maria said, all three grinned and left again, to refill.

   Christina looked up at me, her face smothered in semen, the tick white oozed dripping down into her cleavage, a huge pool filling between her tits.  Her hair was plastered to her forehead, she blinked her bleary eyes.

   “Holy fuck, I need some cock” she gasped.

   Bending forwards she let the cum drain from her cleavage to the bowl, positioning herself on her hands and knees, over it. I moved up behind her and pushed the dress up over her hips, hands mauling those big juicy cheeks.

   “Ohh fuck baby, do it, fucking ruin my ass” she gasped.

   I pushed my dickhead to her hole, hands holding her waist and rammed deep.  One forceful thrust my shaft pushing all the way in, as she whined and squealed.  Her ring was clamped vice like over the base of my cock as I squeezed those ass cheeks hard.

   “Do it, fuck my tight whore ass” she gasped as I began to thrust.

   Cock trusting hard I rutted her asshole, my balls bashed against her pussy lips as I thrust deep.  No thought for her this was pure lust, I wanted to cum inside that ass.  She growled and gasped as I kept drilling her deep, loving her tight ass gripping me.
   “Fucker, pound me you fucker!” she growled.

   Fingers digging into those ass cheeks I slammed furiously, her huge tits nearly bursting from her dress as she lurched forwards.  I could feel her body trembling, ass clenching so tight as she neared another orgasm.

   “FUUUUUCKKKKK!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!!” she wailed.

   At that moment Lucy, Maria and Sarah returned, fake cocks full to the brim with cum.  They stood watching me ass fuck Christina, “In your ass again, fuck you are such a back door whore!” Sarah said laughing.

   I was so close, Christina was shrieking loudly as she came hard, her ring clamped tight to my cock as I pumped ferociously in and out.  She howled and moaned her body in the throws of climax as I slammed harder and harder.

   “YES!!! YESSSS!!! CUM IN MY ASSSSS!!!” she begged.

   My cock pulsed, scalding hot semen blasted into her bowels, she squealed in delight with me cumming in her. My fingers twisted into her ass cheeks, crushing the soft sweaty skin, as I jerked hard up her shit pipe.

   “YEAAASSSSS!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed in pleasure.

   Lucy, Sarah and Maria were all wanking hard watching as I drained my last into Christina, easing out she gasped before kneeling back up in front of them.  She grinned as they approached ready for her next drenching.

   “Got some more cum for me?” she purred.

   “Ohh yeah, but Sarah and I wanted to show Maria what she missed at Sophie’s” Lucy said, “Lay back on the bed”

   “Which bit?” Christina asked, a bit nervously knowing what degrading things they had done to Sophie.

   “Lay back and you’ll see” Sarah replied.

   The bowl sat below her head as she hung it off the edge of the bed, Lucy and Sarah stepped up, stroking hard, then slapping their thick fake cockheads on her face. Her huge breasts heaved in anticipation, defying gravity by staying in her dress.

   Maria straddled her body, pinning her arms down to the bed, huge cock bouncing above her, she watched as Lucy and Sarah approached Christina.  Both stood over her, cocks slapping on her face, before they pressed each thick head to her nose.  One up each nostril they wanked furiously, getting closer and closer to cumming.

   “Ohhh fuck that’s warped!” Maria gasped, her fake dick in her hand as she frantically jerked it watching.

   Both Lucy and Sarah arched up onto their toes, jerking and cumming hard up Christina’s nose.  She gasped and sputtered as each bolt filled her nostrils, then backed up until it was pooling in the roof of her mouth.  She hung her head back further, the rising level of cum in her mouth now brimming her teeth. Finally the cum poured down her face, into her hair and dripped into the bowl, a waterfall of fake semen oozing over her head.

   “Holy shit you bitches are crazy!” Maria gasped, as Lucy and Sarah stepped back, sated.

   Christina coughed, trying to clear her throat, a big splash of spunk splattered in the bowl as she gasped for air.  Maria let her roll over and spit/cough up the rest into the bowl, moving to stand in front of her once again.  Christina had that cocky grin on her face, looking up to see Maria stroking furiously.

   “One last load baby” she croaked.

   “Fuuuuckkkk!!!!” Maria screamed as her cock blasted Christina’s face.  Hot streaks of spunk laced up and down, clinging to her already matted hair, dripping down her forehead, and into the bowl. 

   Christina revelled in this final blasting, a huge grin on her face, this was what she had dreamed of, a full on wank session, her at the centre, reeking of semen.  Maria finally drained her fake shaft, and stepped back admiring her work.

   “Ohh fuuuckkk” Christina gasped, face soaked in the white sheen of cum.

   “Dirty ginger whore!” Sarah said laughing.

   “Sweet lord” Christina spluttered getting down from the bed back onto her knees.

   Blinking her cum glued eyes open, she looked up through the stinging blurry orbs at the 3 women who stood in front of her.  Sarah handed her the bowl full of cum, Christina swirled the contents around, the lumpy white liquid clinging to the sides.
   “You know what’s next!” Lucy said.

   She tentatively raised the bowl to her lips, opening her mouth as wide as she could, the thick lumpy pool flowed in.  Her mouth filled, she closed her lips and swallowed the clumps of semen sticking in her throat, causing her to swallow harder than normal.  Chugging back gulp after gulp, Christina was rapidly emptying the bowl.

   “Do it baby!” Maria encouraged, as Christina was ¾ of the way through.

   Christina was so full, she struggled with the final pint, swallowing hard, a good amount came straight back up.  Taking a deep breath through her nose, she forced herself to keep it down, finally draining the last few dregs, before licking the bowl clean.

   “Greedy tart!” Lucy said as she lapped the final few drops up.

   She lay back ontop her arms and gasped, “Oh fuck that was incredible!”

   He pink dress nearly fell from her huge boobs, the tops of her nipples visible as they strained to escape.  Cum plastered her body still, huge white trails glistening on her dress, a pool still trapped in her cleavage.  All the ladies grinned watching Christina sit there, revelling in her state, feeling like a true cum slut, and loving every second of it.

   “So then you ready to get fucked!” Sarah said, “Gonna really push your limit and see how much you can take”

   “Give it to me!” she replied grinning.

   “Let’s hit the dining room then” Lucy said, taking Christina’s hand and helping her up.
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More epic filth with Lucy, that was excellent.
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I saw this gif of Christina and figured it would fit in one of your stories.



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