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Author Topic: Christinas UK Odyssey (Christina Hendricks, multiple UK glamour Models)  (Read 3603 times)

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Re: Christinas UK Odyssey (Christina Hendricks, multiple UK glamour Models)
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Very happy you are back, sorry I didn't leave you a comment yesterday.

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Re: Christinas UK Odyssey (Christina Hendricks, multiple UK glamour Models)
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Love this series and I love Lucy Pinder. You write her as a dirty minx, so much fun to read.

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Re: Christinas UK Odyssey (Christina Hendricks, multiple UK glamour Models)
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Chapter 10

Starring: Christina Hendricks, Sarah Nicola Randall

Codes: MF, MFF, Facial, Cum Swallowing, Big tits, Anal, DP, Throatfucking, titfucking, cum on tits

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

Christina enjoyed a few days in Wales before she had to meet Sarah, Sophie arranged that she could join her for a photoshoot at a large country house, spending the afternoon and evening there. 

“Its Christina Hendricks, I am here to see Sarah” She said to the intercom at the gate, stopping her car and pressing the buzzer.

“Come in and drive to the front of the house, park next to the white van” The voice on the other end replied.

Christina drove up and parked, she was greeted by a tall handsome man, in his early 30’s with short brown hair and a well trimmed beard.  “Hello Christina, I am Aaron” he said introducing himself.

Christina got out of the car, she had a loose floral skirt and tight cleavage displaying top on.  Aaron’s eyes roamed over her body, apparently having no shame.  She smiled, enjoying the attention of the younger man, she leant in to kiss him on the cheek.

“Hello Aaron, wow this place is incredible” she said looking at the large stately home.

“Yes it’s a perfect shoot location, follow me the crew is just about to have lunch” He replied.

Christina followed Aaron into the main house, she walked through the grand entrance hallway with double staircase, to the right in into the main dining room.  Sat around the table were 4 people, Sarah, 2 men and a woman.

“Christina, this is Harry, George and Susan” Aaron introduced, “and of course Sarah”

“Hello” Christina said, “Pleased to meet you all”

Sarah stood up, she wore a long white robe, obviously she was mid shoot, she kissed Christina on the cheek, “So glad you could make it, Sophie told me all about how you wanted to see a photoshoot whilst you were in the UK” She winked at Christina, this was their cover story.

“Hungry?” Harry asked, “There is plenty of food”

“Thank you” Christina said sitting down.

She chatted over lunch, George was the photographer, Harry was overseeing the shoot, Susan did the makeup and outfits, whilst Aaron was the general assistant. Sarah had 2 more sets to shoot this afternoon, and Christina was eager to see them.  They ate for another 20 minutes before clearing the table, and moving to the huge bathroom upstairs.

   “I am going to fuck you later” Sarah whispered to Christina as they walked up the stairs, just loudly enough that anyone could have heard if they were trying to listen.  Sarah loved the tease, and she was going to really push Christina as far as she could.  None of the other crew heard what she said though, so when they got to the set, Sarah peeled off her robe, and Susan re applied her makeup.

   Sarah wore a tight white t-shirt, no bra, and tiny turquoise hotpants, the large bath was filled with water, and bubbles, as she positioned herself for some shots outside of the tub.  Christina watched intently as Sarah showed off her amazing natural curves.

   “So Christina,” George asked “what made you want to come and see a photoshoot?”

   “Well, we don’t really have the ‘lads mags’ in the US, and my agent was approached by Nuts magazine” Christina explained, “I turned them down, but now Maxim have made a really big offer, so I am just seeing what it involves” she lied.

   Sarah moved into the bath now, her t-shirt becoming soaked and see through, Christina was mesmerised by the huge natural tits rubbing back and forth as Sarah posed for the pictures and video.

   Christina was so wet, her pussy ached as she watched Sarah stripping off, the cameras flashed as she removed her t-shirt, flaunting her glistening soapy breasts.  Having been on normal photoshoots before, Christina was used to how they worked, and the glamour shoot seemed exactly the same, just with boobs!

   “Well that’s a wrap Sarah, let’s get you changed and into your final outfit for the day” Harry said.

   “Enjoy it Christina? Are we tempting you?” Susan asked.

   “I love the glamour, the make up, clothes, underwear, but don’t think I would be able to put myself on show like that, I don’t think I would get as many acting roles if I am honest.  The industry is very snobbish.” She replied.

   “How about we do a few private shots, just for you?” George said.

   “Maybe” she answered, seriously considering it.

   Shoot 2 was in the pool, Sarah in a tight one piece costume, Christina sat and watched as she took shots all around the edge, then got in, her huge boobs floating on the surface as she poses.  Christina’s levels of lust for Sarah are exploding, so close to jumping into the water and feasting on those mammoth breasts, without a care of what the others would think.

   “And that’s it for today!” George said, putting down his camera, ”Great work Sarah”

Sarah got out of the pool and dried off, as the others tidied up their equipment.  Christina walked over to her and whispered back “I am gonna eat your pussy until you beg me to stop” before walking away to chat with the crew.

“So you coming to the pub Christina?” Harry asked, as they all waited in the hall, “Don’t think Sarah is, but the rest of us will be”
“I think I will keep her company, I might join you later though” she replied.

As they left, Christina walked up the stairs, towards one of the main bedrooms, where Sarah was changing.  Opening the door she found the welsh sexpot sitting in a large arm chair, legs wide, sucking on her own tits.

“Took you long enough!” she said, “Now eat this pussy like you promised”

Christina dropped to her knees, face diving into that sweet cunt, lips clamped over it, tongue drilling in.  Sarah groaned, squeezing her breasts harder as Christina feasted on her pussy.

“Ohh sweet Jesus!” she yelped as her clit shook with stimulation.

Christina held Sarah’s legs wide as she lapped at her clit, Sarah’s thighs trembling wildly as she came to a climax, screaming loudly.

“FUUCKKKK!!! FUCKKKK YES! YESSSS!!!” she howled.

Christina didn’t stop, she feasted on her wet pussy as Sarah sprayed her face with girlcum.  She crushed those big soft tits in her hands, neck arched back crying in pleasure as Christina ate her out.


Sarah’s orgasm died down, and Christina looked up, “Damn I wanted to do that all day” she gasped, spluttering for breath.
“Err get back down there, you said I would be begging for you to stop” Sarah said grinning, leaning back into the chair, waiting for more stimulation.

Christina laughed, then dived back in, this time her fingers joining her tongue in Sarah’s pussy.  Sarah gasped, feeling her cunt stretched, Christina sucking her clit hard.  Her legs kicked a bit, spreading wider as 3 were now inserted into her cunt.

“Fuuuuck yessss” she groaned.

Christina sucked ferociously on her clit, then without warning moved her fingers from Sarah’s pussy and jammed them up her ass.  Sarah shrieked, her hips rising into Christina’s face, squirming in shock.

“Shit!” she yelped, “Fuckkkkk, you whore!”

Her tight ring clenched on Christina’s fingers as she jabbed them deep, lips and tongue still clamped to Sarah’s clit, stimulating it fast.  Sarah clang to the arms of the chair, her body suddenly climaxing, unbelievable waves of orgasm hitting her.


Christina never relented, her mouth sucked tightly to Sarah’s pussy as she came, screaming and crying in climax.  Her whole body shook, ass clamped so tight on Christina’s probing fingers she just held them deep.  Over and over Sarah screamed, until finally she begged Christina to stop.


Christina let go and slipped her fingers out, kneeling up her chin and lips glistening with Sarah’s cum.  “Told you” she said triumphantly.

Sarah bent forwards hand under Christina’s chin, kissing her gently tasting herself, “Thank you” she said.

She gripped Christina’s hand and lifted her fingers to her mouth, devouring them she sucked and licked every taste of her ass from them, eyes on Christina the whole time, she made a show of being as dirty as she could.

“I want to see your body” she said to Christina, “Strip for me”

Sarah started some music on her phone as Christina stood in front of her, swaying slowly she unfastened her skirt, slowly peeling it down to reveal her curvaceous ass, and thick thighs. 

“Ohh fuck, that ass is divine!” Sarah gasped.

Christina peeled up her top to reveal those huge mammaries, the flopped down with a loud smack as her blouse came off over her head.  Grinning she straddled Sarah grinding onto her thigh, big breasts swinging in her face.  Sarah reached up to grab one, but Christina slapped her away.  Spinning around she ground her ass into Sarah’s crotch, as the music finished she sat back.

“Fuckkk I am so horny” Christina growled, as Sarah reached around to crush both her breasts tight.

Sarah pinched her nipple hard, twisting and stretching them, “Lucy said I had to warm you up, your training starts today, so hope you are ready?” Sarah said.

Christina gasped as her tits were tugged, Sarah lifted them as high as they would stretch, the nipples painfully gripped by Sarah.  “Fuuuckkk do it then” Christina gasped.

“So Lucy is setting you some challenges, over the next few days the girls you meet will push your limits to see if you are honestly up for becoming a submissive”  Sarah explained.

“First test” She continued, going and opening her bag.  “Pick one, be warned it’s going up your ass, no lube”.  She placed 3 strap on cocks on the bed, one 6” long but with a massive girth, one 8 long, and a huge 12 long but narrower.

Christina looked, trying to decide what Lucy would want.  The 12 one would go deep, but it probably wouldn’t stretch her ass too much,  the 8 inch one looked hard work, good girth but also quite deep. Then the short one she knew that would be agony,  Lucy is fucking twisted, so Christina made her choice.

“This one” she said picking up the 6 in shaft.

“Hmmm good choice, that’s a point for you” Sarah said, now over to the bed.

Christina moved to the edge and bent over, grabbing a pillow and pushing her head into it.  She reached back spreading her cheeks wide, trying to open her hole ready for Sarah.

“Excellent slag, you  ready, let’s see how you take it” Sarah pushed the thick tip against her ass, Christina tried to open it, relaxing her ring as much as she could.

“FUUUUUCKKKKKKK!!!!!” she wailed as it pushed in, Sarah not giving a shit about being gentle.

Christina’s hands moved to the pillow, face driven into it howling in pain as her ring was broken wide. Sarah brutally stuffed every inch into her ass, Christina screaming and howling in agony.  Her mind was focused though, Christina determined to try and learn her lesson from Sarah, no thoughts of stopping the brutal buggery she was about to experience.

“Yeahhh you filthy ginger slut!” Sarah gasped as she rested her crotch on Christina’s ass cheeks.  “Fucking hurts doesn’t it”

She gripped her hips and started slamming in and out, the short stubby shaft going tip the base, Christina’s ass full then empty as Sarah rutted hard.  Every thrust broke her open again, just like that first moment, the burning thrusts made her sob and cry.  Lifting her head from the pillow, tears ran freely down her cheeks as she blubbered and wailed.

“Fucking take it baby!” Sarah gasped, “You need to cum, and I won’t stop until you do” 

Christina reached back and rubbed her clit, trying to stimulate herself as her anus was destroyed.  Her fingers rubbed her clit, the shaft slammed deep again and again, Sarah’s huge tits bouncing furiously as she buggered Christina.  Through all the pain, Christina found that point of pleasure as her pussy dripped with desire.  She could feel her climax building as Sarah never let up on her ass.

“Fuuucukkk so clooose” she gasped.

“Fucking cum, cum Christina, show me you want it” Sarah grunted.

Her hips shook as her body clenched, the burning feeling from her ass, mixing with the tightness and pleasure from her pussy.  It spread up her body through her belly and into every inch of her body as she wailed, now in pleasure.


Sarah growled, pumping faster and faster, determined to make Christina work for her orgasm.  Her ass was so tight as it clenched on the shaft Sarah had to grip the soft flesh of Christina’s hips tight, her nails digging in as she thrust so deep.

“YEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS!” Christina growled loudly, the sharp pain of Sarah’s nails making her snap out of her zone.

Her hips bucked and twitched for a final moment before she collapsed to the bed, body spent, ass destroyed, Sarah collapsing ontop of her, huge breasts squashed against her back.

“Ohhh fuck” Christina panted as Sarah eased out, laying flat on her back on the bed, cock upright.

“Holy shit” Christina panted, unable to believe she had taken it.

“Well I knew you were up to something!” A voice said from the doorway.

“What the fuck!” Sarah shouted, seeing Aaron standing in the doorway, “get OUT!” she shouted trying to cover up.  Christina grabbed a pillow and tried to cover herself.

“Oh don’t worry, I have seen all of it!  Not just seen” he replied waving his phone.

“You post that and I’ll fucking sue you for all you have!” Christina said angrily, sitting up.

“Ohhh I can do it via the darkweb, you’ll never trace it back.” He grinned, “But I can think of a better solution, eh girls?”

“You want us to fuck you?” Sarah replied, “How original”

“Hey, if you don’t want to” he said waving his phone again.

“Get undressed then, let’s see what your packing”  Christina said to him, “You good to fuck him?” she asked Sarah

“Hell yeah, I would have done it for fun, now the fucker has pissed me off so he better be good!” Sarah replied

Aaron stripped off his clothes quickly, he was well muscled and in good shape, his cock was hard already, a decent 8 inches, and pretty thick.  Sarah and Christina grinned, at least this would be pleasurable they thought.

“Why don’t you suck that fake cock Christina, while I fuck you from behind” He said.

She stood up and bent over the edge of the bed, lips and tongue savouring her ass taste on it.  Aaron moved up behind her and slapped his cock on her ass cheeks before spreading them.  Her hole gaped wide, freshly fucked.

“Well as you’re asking” he said laughing, he thrust his dick balls deep into Christina.

She was broken, her ass easily accepted him, until the final few inches deep inside, it clenched on his head as he pushed harder, balls deep in her. Eyes wide, lips on the fake cock, Christina gasped and groaned, the feeling of her ass being rutted again.
“Ohh you like it like that eh?” Sarah asked.

“Fucking love it!” he replied.

She got up from the bed, discarding the strap on the knelt behind Aaron, hands on his hips she spread his cheeks, tonguing his asshole ferociously.  Aaron jabbed deep and stayed there as Sarah tongued his ring.

“Ohh fuck babe, that’s amazing” he gasped.

“You like it?” she gasped coming up for air.

“Fuuuck that’s sooo good” he gasped, as she returned.

He pulled out of Christina and sat on the edge of the bed, leaning back, he let both of them lick his ass.  One sucked his cock, while the other licked his ring, spit dripping from his balls as they slobbered over him. 

“Like it, your 2 nasty fuckwhores licking your asshole” Christina panted

“Fuuuck so good” he groaned.

“Ride me Sarah” he said, lying back on the bed, she moved up and straddled his cock settling on him.

Leaning forwards he suckled her huge breasts as they swayed in his face,  the glorious orbs swinging back and forth as Sarah rode his cock.  Christina moved over kissing Sarah as she gasped and groaned.  Aaron gripped her hips and thrust upwards vigorously, making her huge breasts shake.

“FuuuuuccckkkkK” she growled.

“Fuck her ass Christina, get that nice long strapon and stick it in her, get some revenge!” Aaron groaned as his cock was milked by Sarah’s pussy.

“Pleeeeaaasssee” she squealed, looking at Christina.

Christina quickly had the fake plastic shaft in place, and moved up onto the bed behind Sarah.  She spat on her asshole before wiping some pussy juices over the shaft.  Gripping Sarah’s hips she pushed in, her ring eagerly accepting the added stimulation.

“Ohh fuck yeah, do it Christina, fuck my ass!” she cried.

She eased down until the whole length was inside of Sarah, and then started thrusting, both her holes now being pounded.  Aaron jack hammered her pussy, as Christina slammed her ass, Sarah felt every moment of stimulation ass she came hard.


Christina reached around and groped her tits, the huge soft melons filling her palms, hard nipples pressing in.   Sarah bucked and shook as she came, her climax hard but ending fast.

“FUUUUCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!” she wailed finally sated.

Christina eased the shaft from Sarah, and moved around, the buxom brunette eagerly sucking her ass juices from it.  She rolled off of Aaron, who stood up grinning, his hard cock bouncing proudly.

“On your knees bitches” he said, “Open that mouth Christina”

They knelt side by side, Aaron slapping his cock across both their faces, before he stopped at Christina, “Open” he said as she stretched her mouth wide.  He gripped her head and pushed his dick in, the shaft going down her tongue to the back of her throat. Going hell for leather for about 10 seconds he rammed ferociously in.  Then he pulled out and switched to Sarah.  Moving back and forth, throat fucking them hard, Aaron made them choke and gag, spit running down over their tits.  Long thick globules oozed down Sarah’s breasts, stretching like a web between them as they parted.

“Fuuuckkk” Christina croaked, the end of another short but brutal throat reaming finished.

Aaron stepped back, admiring his work, both were thoroughly soaked in spit, “Face each other and press your tits together” he said.

Sarah and Christina knelt opposite, arms around each other, Huge spit soaked tits pressed together.  Aaron stepped up and pushed his hard cock between their tits, it found its path through the softness of the sides of their tits, across each nipple and poked up between them.

“Fuckkkk you bitches, I am gonna cum” he groaned titfucking them both.

His cock twitched and pulsed, cum shooting up from the valley of their combined cleavages, splattering Christina under the chin.  Aaron groaned in pleasure watching his seed spray up and splash both of them in the face, before dripping down onto their huge tits.  Sarah and Christina looked down as his member finally finished exploding, the last few drops oozing from his tip.

“Ohh did you enjoy that Aaron?” Christina teased.

“Fucking drained” he gasped collapsing back onto the bed.

“Now give us that phone!” Sarah said, moving to grab it from the side.

“What’s the code” Christiana asked.

“687421” he replied, panting.

Tapping the screen, Christina erased the pictures and video Aaron had taken, tossing the phone back to him as he lay back on the bed.  She looked at Sarah who was licking the cum from her tits, and leant in to join her.

“Wanna teach the punk a lesson?” She said grinning.

“Ohh yeah, what you got in mind?” Sarah replied.

Christina strapped the mid 8 inch cock to her crotch, smeared the cum and spit form her tits all over it and moved to the bed.
 “Hold him down Sarah!” she teased, quickly gripping Aaron’s legs and pulling him to the edge.

“Fuckkk” he yelped, as Sarah straddled his body, pinning him down, while Christina pressed the fake cock to his asshole.
Christina pressed into him, his ass still slick from their rimming opened quite easily and she kept thrusting.  Sarah looked down at Aarons smiling face, he gasped as the full length went inside. “Fucking like it don’t you!” she exclaimed, as he grinned back at her.

“Fuckk yeah, give it to me girls” he replied.

Christina pumped his ass as Sarah straddled him, within seconds she felt his again hard cock nudging her back.  He held her hips as she sat back, slipping his shaft into her ass this time.  Christina reached around and grabbed her tits, as she pushed deep into Aaron, her own breasts squeezed tightly against Sarah’s back.

“Fucking take it” Christina groaned, pumping faster and faster.

Aaron thrust up in time with Christina, every time she slammed in, he slammed up Sarah, who was close to another orgasm as Christina groped and squeezed her huge breasts roughly.

“Fuuuuck yesssss!!” Sarah gasped.

Aaron was deep up her ass, Christina working her tits as Sarah roared in pleasure, another climax flooding hr body.  Juices sprayed from her pussy all down Aaron’s chest as she shook in excitement of orgasm.


Leaning forwards she bent down kissing Aaron, “Like that you filthy fuck?” she sneered, “Let me have a go on that ass”.

She eased up from Christina, and stepped into the strap on, sitting back in the chair  she beckoned him. “Sit on it” she teased.

Turning around he let her tongue his open ass momentarily before sitting on her lap, balls deep.  Christina moved up licking and kissing his chest, hovering up all of Sarah pussy juice, before sinking her lips over his throbbing cock.

“Sweet Jesus!” he yelped as she deep throated him straight away.

He bounced back and forth between them, Sarah rutting his ass, Christina throating him,  Hands on her head he hung on for his life as the 2 women overloaded his senses.  It didn’t take long before Aaron roared in climax, his cock exploding in Christina’s mouth.  She held him steady and took every bolt of cum, saving it in her mouth, not swallowing a drop.

“Ohhh nasty boy” Sarah groaned, “Did we make you cum”

Christina eased up from his shaft, opening her mouth to show him the large pool of milky white semen, standing above him she forced his mouth open, and slowly dribbled every drop in.

“Swallow it you nasty man” Sarah teased.

Aaron gulped down his cum, as Christina moved to kiss him, “Hmmm I like you!” she said.

Easing up from Sarah he sat back on the bed, as Christina sat on Sarah’s lap kissing her.  Running his fingers through his hair he sat up watching them, “Fuck you women are incredible” he said.

“Next time Aaron just ask!” Sarah said. “Would have fucked you anyways”

“Yeah, no need to be creepy with the blackmail, babe” Christina added.

Gathering his clothes Aaron left the ladies, who separated grudgingly as Christina had to go.  Sarah watched her dress, “Fuck you have an incredible body Christina” she said admiring her.

“Thank you, you have the most amazing natural breasts Sarah” She replied.

“Where are you off to next?” Sarah asked.

“Back to London, Lucy has arranged for me to have a night out with Malene, I think Sophie might be joining us as well.” 

Christina said, “She may not be from the UK originally, but I can’t wait to get my hands on that busty blonde!”

“Ohh you will love it, she and I gang fucked a rugby team last time she was here, and damn that was a good night!” Sarah replied laughing.

“Shit, sounds amazing babe, I hope you have a great day tomorrow finishing your shoot, send me some private pictures please” Christina said, winking at Sarah.

“Oh I will do, gonna savage Aaron again tomorrow night, dirty little bastard, loved ass fucking him” Sarah grinned as she said the words.

Christina left the house and got into her car, she had enjoyed her time with Sarah, and wished she had longer to get into a real session with her, hopefully they could catch up again soon.
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Re: Christinas UK Odyssey (Christina Hendricks, multiple UK glamour Models)
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Nice to have this series back, you always write hot stuff with these two.  ;)
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Re: Christinas UK Odyssey (Christina Hendricks, multiple UK glamour Models)
« Reply #19 on: November 22, 2019, 09:17:27 PM »
These are some brilliant, NASTY stories with UK glamour babes and a busty actresses. All unleashing their inner-whore, I love it.

I never thought of Hendricks being like a glamour model but it fits here.
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