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The Half-Time Goddess(Emily P.)
« on: March 15, 2019, 01:55:14 PM »
The Half-Time Goddess
Don't worry, I'll get you back into the game!

My name is Emily and I'm here to tell you about things I'm not supposed to talk about.

Why?, you ask.

Maybe you've heard about the Washington Redskins cheerleader squad and how they've been 'pimped' out to board directors and season ticket holders. Maybe you've heard about countless other stories about how bad us women have it and maybe some of it's true...and yet, some of us have it great. Some of us are in it for the long haul. I've made a lot of friends and I really couldn't ask for more.

I do, though, because I'm greedy and I love what I do. This is how you survive in a man's world.

Behind the smoke and mirrors, the smiles, the fan interactions and the pompoms is a brutal brawl between real men. I know, I know...there are some big divas in this league, but there are some serious alphas that just make my fucking panties drenched when I see them. You're reading this thinking, “But Emily, there's no way this is true.”

Why? I can't get juicy thinking about these big muscular beasts crunching into each other? We're not all snowflakes. I love some hulking men and as a part of the Jets Flight Crew, I am their stewardess in the air and on the ground. Baby, there's only a few of us still around, but we have longevity for a reason.

When they are pumped and ready and storming down that tunnel, I give them the biggest smiles that I can and cheer them on. It's my job to make sure they perform at the highest level. Why else would I be here? The fans get everyone hyped up, but when my men are getting their ass whooped and are heading into the locker room like they've been handed the biggest L ever, where do we go? Some of us take breaks; most of us. I'm an anomaly.

The coaches have already roasted their asses and I feel bad for them. They are making serious money, unlike me, but I chose to be here. When the doctors have cleared out of a room, I peek in with a grin and knock.

“Hey,” I say softly.

You know I can't give out names. Come on now.

“Damn, Em. How you doin', babe?”

“I'm doing great, but you look like shit,” I smiled, closing the door.

He sighed and leaned back, icing that knee. “We're getting fucked up bad.”

I stepped against the table and put a hand on his thigh.

“Might want to tell me something I don't know,” I laughed. “What the fuck are you guys doing?”

A hand drifted underneath my plaid skirt and he cupped my heavy buns. He always did and I always let him. You can tell when they have a serious pump going, because those mitts are strong!

“They just can't get it together on offense,” he laid his head back, closing his eyes. “Too many turnovers.”

I nudged his gut with a fist and laughed. “Pretty sure you are being beat on every snap.”

He tilted his head and gave me the most evil look. “Whoa, now. They double teaming every single time!”

“Always excuses with you,” I sneered.

Maybe he was paying attention and maybe he wasn't, but I was gently juggling his monstrous black cock and balls through his cup. I got close and pressed my ample chest towards his head.

“Don't have time for chit chat, baby,” I told him. “What can I do to get you back into the game?”

He was shuffling out of his uniform like it was filled with fire ants and that big schlong slapped his belly, already stiffening up. I leaned over and pursed my lips on it and nom-nom'd that thick underside to those fat heavy balls, suckling them and getting the blood going.

“Judging from your reaction down here, I'd say you want me to suck your big cock,” I said, tugging on his nuts with my wet slutty mouth.

“You ain't wrong,” he mumbled. He grabbed the base and caught me by the hair, slapping the hefty slap on my tongue. He beat it and beat it, thumping my face with the club until he was approaching full mast. I caught the leaking crown with my lips and slurped around it. He was aware of the time and pushed my head down, making me take that huge meat. Oh, how I love my job.

“Mmmph,” I slobbered on it. He had me tight and used my face as his personal fuck toy. I arched my back and popped my skirt for him to see my fat ass and my long shiny legs. He switched his grasp on my hair and slapped my butt, popping it up and down.

“Damn, you thick, white girl,” he muttered.

All I could do was moan around his wide cock. He was maybe eight inches, but the size of my god damn wrist. He made me work for it today, generously feeding my hungry ass with inch after inch and tickling my throat. I know he wanted in so bad and I let the water works flow, drooling all over that broad shaft. He was pumping now. He loved this gorgeous redhead and what she could do with her throat. It was only a few more thrusts and he started hitting my cheek with his goose egg sized balls. He was bottomed out and started lining my tonsils with a teaser of what's to come.

“Mmmhmm,” I groaned on it. Vibrating my tight tunnel on his throbbing shaft was a finishing move and like clock work, he let go of me and fell back, watching me take over. I grabbed that fatness with both hands and started slurping hard while squishing the hot mixture between my finger tips. I beat on his nuts up and down, jerking that monster with long and strong strokes that he couldn't handle.

“Ughh, fuck, bitch, I'm cummin...” he wheezed out at me, much to my amusement.

I pumped that big cock hard and got my reward when he grasped the table and blasted his huge load into the back of my throat. “Hnngmmmph,” I groaned, my eyes wide with surprise. I wasn't expecting it to be that syrupy and he pelted my tongue with a barrage of thick ropes until I could feel it sloshing around between my teeth. I was full of hot jizz.

I did my duty to fully extract the tension out of his body and let it flop on his belly. I turned and faced him, staring into his tired eyes. Tilting my head back, I made sure he heard it all and gulped the sticky protein in one swoop. I smacked my lips and lined my teeth with my tongue to clear the residue, making sure I had it all.

“How long you holding that one in?” I said with a smile, rearranging my outfit.

“Too damn long,” he said, shuffling his pants back up.

I kissed his forehead and tapped on his deflating boner. “Glad I could help. Now go win this abomination of a game for me,” I laughed, closing the door.

The locker room was a mess with guys in and out of their uniforms and trying to get ready for the second half. Lucky for me, I get to see all the swinging logs and acorns. I stepped up to one of the defensive ends and lightly spanked his behind. He wasn't that startled.

“Sup, big guy,” I smiled wide. He was a monster. Six five and over three hundred. His thighs were bigger than my whole torso it felt like. You thought I meant monster from his height, but what I meant was, he has an actual monster between those tree trunk thighs. He had his pants off and that big fat fucking delicious salami stick was just laying there, waiting for me. At least, that's what I thought in my head.

“You guys are getting killed,” I said, rubbing his side. “What can I do?”

Without a word, he took my hand and we made our way down the hall to an open room and he slammed the door. He wasn't taking this game well and really, none of us were. It was a slaughter.

He grabbed my waist and made me understand just how angry he was by shoving me over the table. I felt the cool air on my butt and he was quickly sliding the panties away. The skirt hit the floor and I'm glad I sucked that cock and got wet, because he was nudging that dangling meat against me, telling me he was coming. He had me by the hips, rowing his own and slathering his big fucking cock in my hot juices. It was growing and I could feel how large it was becoming. Hnng, I shivered at just the idea of how big it was and he started spreading my pristine lips apart. He found the goal line and scored a much needed touchdown when he plunged it deep. He stuffed it half way and pulled harder with a hard thrust to fit that white anaconda to the hilt. I loved being the sheath to his mighty sword.

God, I was so horny. He held me down and was on the clock, frantically clapping his big swinging balls into my thighs. I can't explain the feeling of that much dick being slammed up into you, but ladies, this is why I make the cheese and you don't. You have to climb these mountains and let them take you.

“Why are you being soft?” I scorned him, lying and enjoying every second of it. “Losing out there and losing in h--” I winced, his fingers deep into my hair and pulling me back. “Can fuck me, but can't fuck the other team,” I laughed, getting jerked back until he had me high. He was grunting furiously at me, doubling down and pile driving his huge slab, smashing into my big phat bubbly buns.

“Oh, yeah, you're getting close, baby,” I moaned. “Keep. Fucking. That. Pussy. Babeeeughh,” I cried out, letting him ravage it. “Fuckin' take it!”

All I got out of him was, “Unf, unf, unf, unf!”

He tore my top off and pulled me back, probably staring at my big heavy tits bouncing up and down for him.

“Bust that nut on my face, baby,” I stared up with an innocent pout on my face.

He did as he was told and I could feel that monster swelling inside of me ready to fucking burst and I was spun to the floor. Before I had time to react, the juicy hot ropes were flying up in the air and like a missile barrage, dumping on my face one after another.

“Oh holy fuck,” I said loudly, getting blasted with nut butter.

I took it upon myself to go above and beyond and pulled that leaking mushroom top into my mouth, swirling his last few sputters against my tongue and pulling down, letting his cock flop out and bounce around for my own pleasure.

“Go get 'em, Tiger,” I smiled, waving him out.

You know, of course, he fucked up my make up.

Knock knock.


“'Ey, Emily. Got time for another?”

Duh. You know I do.

“We have to hurry and I'm messy now!” I laughed.

He pointed behind us to a bathroom in this shit hole stadium. Of course, we are playing away this week.

“Damn, really? In there?” I shook my head.

“Won't take long,” he assured me.

I promptly assured him right back, “Oh, I know it won't.”

He took a seat and showed me what I really wanted to see and started tugging it. Wasn't as big as the last guy, but that's quite alright. I take all shapes and sizes. I'm a team player, baby. I spun around and sat my lovely behind on his cock and let him take it home deep into that tight cuddly tunnel.

“Mm, there's a mirror there and I know you love big titties,” I smiled, bouncing on his ridiculously hard boner.

“Those real, Em?” he popped off, grabbing on them.

“Can't you tell, dummy?” I smiled, smacking his hands away.

I leaned back on his chest and let him watch those large heavenly globes rock up and down, perfectly round and heavy. I dropped down on those aching balls of his and took what I wanted, forcing every inch deep.

“That's my fuckin' dick,” I cried out, panting.

He was barely containing himself and let me work his schlong like the champion that I was.

“You are hot as fuck,” he blurted out, making me laugh.

“If I'm so hot, why haven't you came, yet?” I coaxed him, feeling it spreading me apart. “Pussy not good enough?!”

He was mumbling incoherent shit while driving that thick length to the top and I glanced down at those hangers chalk full of creamy goodness and smiled. “Fill me up, baby,” I told him softly, dropping my hair back against his face. He grabbed my hips and pounded that juicy pink slit as hard as he could, plowing and groaning.

I took him for the ride of his life and dropped my weight on his yummy fat dick over and over, not letting him get away from blowing that monstrous load. I cried out in genuine enjoyment, moaning and encouraging him and he hollered out, blasting my insides with swathes of hot thick spunk. I could feel the bursts hitting deeper and deeper, holding myself down and letting him launch as far as possible.

“Fuck yes,” I grunted, thumping my ass on his stomach, “Fill it up.”

He slumped and sighed, draining his big balls dry and his toes curled up.

It didn't take long for him to pack up and go, because the next half was coming up. I took the time to get clean and ended up late to the field. Didn't matter, because morale was higher for the team. My job was done. Even if we lose, I did my part.

So, at the end of the day, none of you know who I am, but I bet you wish you had me on your team.



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Re: The Half-Time Goddess(Emily P.)
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This is great, thanks :)
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Re: The Half-Time Goddess(Emily P.)
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That was awesome, really enjoyed it. Can't remember the last time I read a story about an NFL cheerleader.
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Re: The Half-Time Goddess(Emily P.)
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That was awesome, really enjoyed it. Can't remember the last time I read a story about an NFL cheerleader.

I have NFL cheerleader story ideas that never seem to end. Maybe I’ll start that series now that I took the plunge.

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Re: The Half-Time Goddess(Emily P.)
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Wow, that was fucking hot. Stuff like this might convert me into being an NFL fan.
"All that glitters is cold."
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Re: The Half-Time Goddess(Emily P.)
« Reply #5 on: April 11, 2019, 11:57:51 PM »
Shame on me for missing this story. I like your way of writing a first person narrative from the woman's point of view. That was cool to read and different from other stories.
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Re: The Half-Time Goddess(Emily P.)
« Reply #6 on: April 12, 2019, 10:12:02 PM »
Shame on me for missing this story. I like your way of writing a first person narrative from the woman's point of view. That was cool to read and different from other stories.

Thank you so much. I appreciate that.


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