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10 Days in Hollywood (various celebs)
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This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you would like to provide constructive feedback, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

To say it started for me in a cold office in Central London would be a bit of lie. My career path started when I was a 13 year old in school and, as someone who had no singing talent, I tired of the theatre department continually doing musicals. Therefore I did what any right minded individual would do and I wrote a play. After one performance, I quickly fell out of love with acting but loved the writing and directing side and decided that would be the career path I would follow.

From the age of 17, I worked in theatre and film production in one form or another and wrote plays to be performed by small theatre companies. Then my big break came when I had the opportunity to write and direct a small film at 28. 11 years of hard work had paid off and, twelve months later, I was strolling along the red carpet at my own film premier.

That was 3 months ago and I had just finished writing what I hoped would be my follow up feature. I had resisted the temptation to make a bigger film and had kept the story small and compact so I could work more on my craft. I’d got to the point where the final draft was finished and was called into the office of my agent/manager. He told me that there were a few production companies voicing interest in my follow up but he was sending me to Los Angeles.

The distributors had shown my film to industry insiders and my manager wanted to get my name out there. I didn’t have a lot of interest in branching out yet due to my lack of experience but he’d done right by me over the years so I put my faith in him. Plus I hadn’t had a proper holiday for years so the idea of staying in a hotel and being wined and dined on the company credit card was not something I was going to turn down.

From that meeting, I was able to get the tube back to my apartment and I felt a rush of excitement. Just short of two weeks in Los Angeles would give me a nice little break from the writing and I could experience a whole new side to the industry. After being given a few days to pack and buy some new clothes, I was sat in a first class seat on the BA flight from London Heathrow to LAX.

10 Days in Hollywood: Day 1
Starring Felicity Jones and Amy Adams
Featuring Daisy Ridley
Codes: MF, Cons, Oral

I imagine that the 11 hour flight would be an irritation if stuck in the standard seats. Luckily for me, the management company had paid for me to fly first class and I was enjoying the experience. The seat was very comfortable and there weren’t many people around. Considering it was a night/early morning flight, the majority of people were asleep so I was left alone for quite a while.

We had been in the air for about five hours and I had been binge watching ‘Narcos’ on their media system since we took off. I was about half way through the first season when I felt someone sit down and tap me on the shoulder. I removed my headphones to see a beautiful brunette looking at with a cute smile. She looked vaguely familiar and was dressed in a loose fitting red dress. All I could tell from it was that she was quite thin.

‘Hi, I hope you don’t mind me bothering you but you’re the only other person awake and I’m a little bored.’

‘That’s okay. I’d offer you a drink but I think even the stewardesses are asleep’.

‘Oh, that’s okay, I’ve already got one.’

She reached around down to the floor and picked up a bottle of wine. She brought it to her lips and swigged some back. She then reached for the curtain and pulled it across so no one would disturb us.

‘Privacy is a must in my industry’

That was the comment that made my brain click into gear and recognise who she was. I was now sitting in a private booth with Felicity Jones, star of Rogue One and A Monster Calls. That was the last movie I saw of hers and she was looking a lot healthier now than she did in that film.

‘I thought I recognised you; you’re Felicity Jones aren’t you?’

‘I am’ she replied, leaning in to kiss me on the cheek ‘and you are?’

‘I’m Richard Cole’

‘Oh, I really liked your film. It was so quirky’

‘Quirky? Sure, I’ll take that as a compliment.’

‘It is. I really wanted to play that Judy character; she was so intelligent and funny’

‘I’m sure the hot tub scene would have put a stop to that.’

She snorted out a little laugh as I made that comment. The scene I was talking about was halfway through the film where the two main characters, Judy and Arnold, were in a stranger’s hot tub and had to run away when the owners returned home. They were supposed to be in their underwear but a game of one-upmanship occurred on set between the two actors and both ended up doing it naked.

‘Well I’ve done a bit of nudity before in ‘Chalet Girl’ so that wouldn’t bother me. Plus I have a fantastic arse,’

It was my turn to laugh at her comment.

‘I’ll keep that in mind for the next one’

‘I can audition it now if you like?’

I raised an eyebrow as she gave a little giggle. I turned to her slightly in my seat with a quizzical look on my face. Felicity stood up and then mounted the seat on her knees, her front facing towards the seat. She quickly popped her head out of the curtain to make sure no one was around and then turned it to face me. She gently brought her finger to her lips to shush me before lifting her dress.

As the red dress rose, the curve of her arse started to be revealed and she leaned forward so it would stick out a little more. She was wearing a blue thong that framed her arse fantastically. Noticing me liking it, she gave it a little wiggle. I decided to push my luck and reached out to give it a little stroke. She then reached her hand down and hit mine softly.

‘If you’re going to touch it, at least give it a nice big manly grab’

I did exactly as she said and grabbed her right cheek. It was nicely toned but had a bit of a wobble to it. She let out another giggle as we could hear someone loudly whisper her name. Felicity popped her head out of the curtain and invited the voice to us. She quickly spun around on the seat and plumped herself down; acting as though nothing had happened. The curtain opened and it revealed another cute brunette who was wearing a pair of jeans, a grey t-shirt and a leather jacket.

‘Richard, this is Daisy. Look Daisy, I found that director you think is cute. ‘

‘Fliss, you can’t say that! My boyfriend is over there. ‘

Daisy nodded to a guy sleeping in the far corner. He didn’t look like anyone I recognised so I assumed he wasn’t famous.

‘Oh it’s fine, we’re good at keeping secrets in this aisle, aren’t we?’ she said, nudging me with her elbow. I just nodded. ‘Look, I’ll be over in a second; I just have to finish my conversation with Richard.’

Daisy’s face had gone a little red with embarrassment and nodded back before closing the curtain and walking off.

‘I don’t think you needed to embarrass her like that.’

‘Well it’s true and her boyfriend is a bit of a dick. Don’t get excited though, she isn’t going to fuck you while she’s with him, too much of a good girl.’

She then whipped out a piece of paper and a pen and wrote down a telephone number.

‘This is my LA number, give me a text tomorrow.’

I raised an eyebrow to her.

‘She’s too much of a good girl to fuck you. I, on the other hand, am too good not to fuck you.’

Felicity gave me a little wink before standing up and heading back to her seat. I laughed to myself before putting the piece of paper in my pocket. I had tried to get back into the show but all I could think about was the fact that Felicity and her friend seemingly wanted to fuck me. At this point, I figured out who Daisy was.


It took me a little bit of time but eventually I drifted off to sleep for a couple of hours. It had been a pretty uneventful flight except for the one notable exception and the plane landed at LAX at 7am. Between leaving the plane and picking up my luggage, I’d made the occasional bit of eye contact with both Felicity and Daisy but there was no more social interaction, just the usual looks you give other passengers you recognise.

Once I’d got my luggage, I walked out to see a short Latino man holding a sign with my name on it. I nodded and walked his way.

‘Hi, I’m Richard’

‘Oh cool. I’m surprised, you look too unassuming and chilled out to be a director. Certainly not like them Star Warsers over there’ he said pointing at Felicity and Daisy.

They seemed a little bit stressed as crowds of fans started to flock to them to get an autograph. They’d obviously reached a level of fame that I didn’t have, certainly were more recognisable with them being in front of the camera.

‘I’m Emilio, I’ll be looking after you while you’re here. Think of me like a PA but much cooler. Anything you want, I’ll be able to get it for you. As long as it’s legal’

He winked as he said that and I gave a little chuckle to myself. I grabbed the handle of my bag and followed him as we started to walk towards the exit.

‘They gave me your film to watch. I liked it, it was quirky.’

I didn’t think I’d hear it described as quirky twice in several hours. I smiled as I followed him out into the LA sunshine.

‘I have to be honest; they’ve not really told me what I’m supposed to be doing. ‘

‘Yeah, they never do with first timers. That’s why I’m here. To be honest, your slate is free for most of today to help get over the jet lag but you’ve got a busy day tomorrow. You have a casual meeting with an actress later in the afternoon but then you’re done. ‘

‘And what exactly is a casual meeting?’

‘Oh they just hang out with you, see if they like you and if you hit it off then they’ll look for a project to work on with you. You’ll be classed as an indie guy, so don’t be expecting some hot shot!’

‘Do you know who the actress is?’

‘Not a clue but they’ve told me to make myself scarce.’

‘Well I’m sure I can tell you afterwards. Can we go straight to where I’m staying please? I’m think I need to rest up a little.’

‘No problem at all’

We reached the car and I put my stuff into the trunk. I’d packed light as commanded by the management company. They said I’d be given clothes to wear for most of time I was out here.

Emilio explained that he’d moved to LA when he was a kid and had found a niche acting as a city guide for business men. This had evolved into looking after out-of-towners for movie agents and he’d been doing the role for 20 years, making enough money to retire. He’d decided to carry on as he got to meet people from all over the world and the job had made him very popular with women. The traffic was heavy so it took a little bit of time but eventually we reached the large property in the hills.

‘So this is your pad for the next ten days, they’ve gone all out for you.’

We entered the property and were immediately in the large lounge area. He gave me a little tour of the downstairs which included the kitchen, a games room and a small box bedroom. We worked our way upstairs to the two bathrooms and several bedrooms, settling into the largest bedroom that included a balcony.

‘I could have guessed this where you would want to stay, it’s got a great view down into the valley and you can see the pool from here.’

‘Yeah, it’s very nice. Bed looks very comfortable.’

‘They only order the best for these kinds of places. Look Richard, I’m going to head off so you can rest up for later. Actress lady will be here for about 3 so you’ve got plenty of time to chill out, make yourself look pretty and generally do nothing. I’ll be back for 10 so we can go through a lovely itinerary for your day tomorrow. See you later Richard’

‘See you later Emilio.’

We slapped hands and he left me alone in the room. I stood on the balcony for a moment before hearing the door close. When I knew it was safe, I pumped my fist in the air and jumped on the spot. It looked as nerdy as you’d expect. This was the nicest house I’d ever been in, never mind stay in and having my own pool topped it off.

I looked at my watch and saw that I had six hours before my guest would arrive. I stripped my clothes off and jumped into the bed. Grabbing my phone, I changed the time to local and put the alarm on for 2.20. I laid my head down and feel into a much needed slumber.

I woke up to the buzzing of the alarm and felt a little bit groggy. The light from the curtain was blinding me a little bit so I had to search the side table with my hand for the phone. I knew I’d have about half an hour to get ready if she was on time so I stumbled out of the bed and into the en-suite bathroom. I turned on the shower and the room was filled with steam very quickly. I stripped off my boxers and threw them to where I thought the door was.

I was in the shower for a good five minutes before jumping out to dry myself off. I picked up my boxers, which had ended up in the sink and put them in a draw that I decided would act as the laundry basket for the time I was here. I needed a coffee to wake me up a little so I headed out of the bedroom, stopping for a moment to go and grab the towel.

‘Screw it!’ I said to myself

You’re not going to get many opportunities to walk around your own LA pad naked so I decided to give the towel a miss.

I skipped down the stairs and entered the kitchen. The percolator was on the near side counter so I filled it up with water and put some coffee into the top. Switching everything on, I walked over the window to look out into the garden; there were a few lounge chairs dotted around the pool and a hot tub nestled into the corner.

‘Nice arse’

I immediately spun around with a look of shock on my face, my hands going down to cup and hide my package. I looked at Amy Adams standing directly in front of me, her sun glasses lowered down her nose and her eyes staring directly at me.

‘Um… hi. You’re early?’

‘Yes, well no. Well not technically, I said I’d be here for threeish and it’s a quarter to.’

I silently cursed myself as I must have spent longer in the shower than I expected.

‘How did you get in? You haven’t got a key have you? I haven’t even got a key!’

‘They gave me one as they said you might have been delayed with the flight and traffic. Look, as much as I’m enjoying the view, I don’t really want to talk business while you’re busy hiding the good stuff. It’s a gorgeous day so you go upstairs and put some trunks on and I’ll meet you by the pool’

She gave me a smile before walking to the back yard. I was completely mortified but knew I wasn’t dressed for any kind of business meeting, never mind a meeting with an Oscar winner. I ran up the stairs, my hands remaining where they were until I got back into the bedroom. I closed the door and sunk onto my knees before breathing a sigh of relief before hitting my head against the door.

‘Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!’

At this point, I realised I didn’t bring any trunks. I sighed before getting up and starting to search the drawers in the bedroom. Everything seemed to be the right size for me and good quality clothing so I was thankful that they had provided some clothing for me. Eventually I found a pair of swimming trunks in one of the lower drawers. I put them on and headed down through the house and came into the pool area.

Amy was laying down on one of the lounge chairs on the far side of the pool. She’d discarded the dress and hat she’d arrived in and was clad in a very sexy black swim suit that showed off her lithe body.

‘Glad you could join me’ she said as I approached her. ‘I’m not going to say it’s an improvement but at least I can look you in the eye rather than figure out how to get you to raise your arms.’

‘Well I’m happy to talk to you without being embarrassed. And I probably would have come down clothed or with a towel if I knew my guest was punctual. You are the actress I’m supposed to meet, right?’

‘No, I just like to stalk young, sexy and naked directors. You’ve caught onto my ruse!’

She laughed as she removed her sunglasses and looked directly at me.

‘Yes, I am the actress who’s supposed to be meeting you. I really liked your film and wanted to know what you were like. Maybe you have a role in your next film for an ugly over hill ginger’

‘Ah, you’re not over the hill and certainly not ugly.’ I replied, not realising I fell into her trap.

‘Ah, so the younger man can find me attractive.’ She laughed as I sat down on the next lounger to her. ‘I notice you didn’t say anything about the ginger.’

‘Well your hair is very obvious and hard to hide. Plus I have seen ‘The Fighter’ so…’


I alluded to her scene where she was wearing a see through bra in the film where you could see her bright pink nipples. I did bite my tongue as I was pushing my luck again but she laughed the comment off as she took a sip of the soft drink she must have prepared before coming out.

‘So what did you like most about the film?’

‘I enjoyed the humour that was throughout the film, the emotions were raw but everything seemed real. And the passion that everyone had in the film, it seemed to seep out of every pore.’

‘Thanks, I did try to make the characters seem real to people. I thought it would struggle to translate to non-British people.’

‘Oh, it translated. Well for me it did anyway, though maybe not everyone will have met people like those in the film or experienced some of those things.’

‘And was there a part that made you think ‘this is a guy I want to work with’?’

‘Yeah, the scene on the hill did it for me.’

The scene she was talking about was the end of two characters stories where they followed an old wise man’s tale that if two people stayed on a mountain together they would come down in love. It was speed shot through the night using two dummies with close ups of the actors cursing each other at the start but ending up having sex at the top and then falling asleep in the arms of each other.

‘So was it the falling in love or the sex on the mountain?’

I joked as she swung her hair around and leaned forward to look at me.

‘Well, I’m a married woman so the falling in love bit is out of the question but we are technically on a mountain.’

I looked at her as she smiled at me, completely unsure about what she meant by that. Amy put her drink to the side and stood up in front of me.

‘I’m going to the hot tub, care to join me?’

I nodded my head as she walked past me towards the hot tub. The swimsuit she was wearing had a high cut which showed off about half of her arse and I took the opportunity to take a good look at it. For her age, it looked pert, quite toned and a little bit more a handful. I stood up and followed her, bringing the two drinks with me.

She was already submerged by the time I reached her, only a small bit of cleavage showing over the water. I walked up the steps and entered the hot tub, taking a seating position opposite her. I looked to my left and saw the view overlooking the valley beyond heading towards the ocean; it would make a romantic view at night time.

‘So I seem to have told you all about my admiration for you, what films of mine have you seen?’

‘Well the first time I saw you act, I didn’t know it was you until much later on. So the first time I knew it was you was Night at the Museum 2.’

‘Oh, that whole film was fun to make. I had such a laugh. So what was the film that you didn’t know was me?’

‘Cruel Intentions 2’ we said together

‘How did you know I was going to say that?’

‘Because no one knows that was me, they think that the girl there fell into obscurity like the other two’

She laughed as she said this and covered her mouth. It was a surprisingly bitchy comment from somebody who seemed to have cultured a reputation of being so nice all of the time.

‘I actually keep in touch with Robin, he’s a lovely guy but he just made the wrong choices in projects. What did you think of American Hustle?’

‘I really liked that; I thought the five of you were excellent in it.’

‘Oh my God, if you get the chance to work with Bradley, he’s just the best. He would work so well with the kind of drama you made in ‘Dandelion’. He’s so good at dramedy.’

‘I thought you were here to get work for you?’

‘No, I’m here to get work for you actually. There’s a script I’m looking to get made, I need the right director and someone suggested you. I wanted to make sure I could get along with you before I started to put the wheels into motion.’

‘Would you be starring in it?’

‘No, my plates too full but I have someone in mind. I’ll get them to meet you in a few days. I’ll be on as a producer, just call me the puppet master’

Amy reached out of the pool towards her drink but couldn’t quite reach where I put it. She raised herself up to turn around and bent over the side, giving me and excellent view of her rear. The bathing suit rode up a little bit to give her a slight wedgie and revealing more of her toned cheeks. After finishing her drink, she spun around and caught me staring.

‘So it looks like you are a little pervert then. I could be your boss; you shouldn’t be looking at me like that.’

‘I think it’s only fair considering what you got to see earlier.’

‘Well that was completely by accident. You were just parading around naked; it could be said that you set it up and planned for me to see it.’

‘But I didn’t know who was coming. Also you were early.’


‘And if I take the blame?’

‘I imagine I will walk around with an air of superiority.’


I rolled my eyes and she laughed at my comment. I noticed that during our exchange, Amy had moved closer to me so that she was only a few inches to my side. The silence continued as she moved towards me, gently sliding onto my lap and wrapping her arms around my shoulders.

‘But I think we can both agree that I liked what I saw.’

Amy moved her head in and pressed her lips against mine softly. I let my hands stroke her legs as she pushed my lips apart with her tongue and searched mine out. I could feel my cock getting harder by the second as the red head placed her hands to the side of my face. I felt a chill run through her body as I stroked the inside of her thigh, a shiver allowing me to know that I wasn’t the only one getting excited.

‘I hope this isn’t part of the interview’

‘No, you’ll get the job regardless. This is just about pleasure, I mean, who doesn’t want to get fucked while looking at that view?’

Amy got off my lap and wandered over to the side of the hot tub looking over the cliff. She stopped at the edge before bending over and giving me a full view of her arse. Looking over her shoulder, she winked at me before giving her arse a little wiggle. Enjoying the teasing she was giving me, she leaned over the edge of the hot tub, giving me a similar view as before with a hint of camel toe thrown in to boot.

Amy returned to a standing position and moved the straps of the bathing suit off of her shoulders. She turned about face and strolled towards me, a look of lust in her eyes that I hadn’t seen before. She straddled my lap, her covered crotch making contact with my own and she shuffled on the spot to tease me a little bit more. She lowered the right hand side of the suit, unveiling her pink nipple, grabbed me by the hair and forced my mouth to her breast.

I took her nipple into my mouth and started to flick it with my tongue, a moan elicited from her mouth. Reaching around her toned posterior, I pulled her bathing suit up so it looked more like a thong, giving one a cheek a big grab with my hand. Amy grabbed my hair and yanked my head back before forcefully kissing my mouth, her tongue entwining mine.

She brushed the loose hair from her face as she stood up and looked down at my crotch through the bubbles. Reaching over to her left she pulled the bathing suit down to reveal her other nipple. It wasn’t as hard as the right but she gave a slight pull on it as she lowered the bathing suit to her stomach. She her thumbs in each side and slid the suit down her body and legs, revealing a small tuft of hair above her pussy.

‘I hope you’re hungry.’

Amy stepped out of her suit and let it float to the top of the water. She walked passed me and out of the hot tub. My eyes followed her as she walked over to the table by the grill. I jumped up to my feet and followed after her, skipping over the side rather than taking to the steps. Amy was sat on the edge of the table by the time I reached her and she immediately pulled me into a kiss. I pulled out of the kiss and started to nuzzle into her neck.

She let out a little moan as I could her feel her hand rub my cock through my swimming shorts. She started to move her hands into the shorts but I grabbed them and shook my head. I pushed her backwards and started to kiss down her body, taking her nipples into my mouth and licked along her flat stomach.

I lowered myself down and brought her right leg over my shoulder. Starting at the knee, I kissed my way up her thigh towards her sensitive area. She shivered and moaned softly as I reached the top of her leg, before I grabbed her left leg and repeated the process. Her hand reached down and grabbed my hair, pushing my head towards her pussy. I decided to go in slowly and kissed around her lips softly, feeling the wetness of it.

‘Oh God, you’re such a tease!’

I smiled to myself as I heard her say that and decided to go in for the kill. I licked the length of her pussy from the bottom before searching for her clit with my tongue. I touched it with the tip and I could feel Amy hit the wooden table with her hand.

‘Just there!’

I rocked my head in a fluid motion as I rubbed her clit with my tongue and Amy started to move her hips in motion. She let out a moan as I lifted my arm up her body and gave her breast a rub, gripping her nipple between my fingers. I felt Amy grab my hand and lifted it up further, taking my index finger into her mouth and started to suck on it. I leaned my head back and flicked her clit harder with my tongue.

‘Oh God yes, stick it in!’

I followed her instructions and slipped my tongue into her pussy. The wetness was surprising and seemed to get wetter as I pumped my tongue in and out of her pussy. I could feel Amy change her position as she leaned up on her elbows, my hand remaining on her chest, grabbing her breast hard.

‘Jesus, you’re so good at this. I’m so close to coming.’

I smiled as I heard that and went back to her clit, rubbing it in a circular motion with my tongue. I could hear Amy’s moans becoming more frequent and her breathing heavier; so I started to circle her clit faster, pressing down on it.

‘Ohhhh yesss. Right there please… I’m… so…’

She threw her head back as I pressed harder on her clit, her orgasm starting to commence. I could feel her clit start to recede as her pussy got wetter, keeping my tongue pressed on it lightly but not moving at all. Amy collapsed back to lie flat on the table so I removed my mouth from her pussy and stood up between her legs. Amy opened her eyes to look at me and smile came across her face.

‘Well you’re definitely going to get the directing job now.’

She laughed as her tried to get up; I offered her my hand and pulled her up onto her feet. Amy fell into me from the forward motion and kissed me on the lips. She reached down with her hand and gave my arse a squeeze.

‘Now, I’m not going to lie; I’m not very good at sucking cock. I once lost a job because of it.’

Amy then took my hand and we walked back to towards the hot tub. As we reached it, Amy turned around to face me, kissing me on the lips again. She undid the string on my trunks as we kissed and she lowered them down, my cock flopping out fully erect. She grabbed it with her hand and stroked it with a soft touch.

‘But like I said earlier, who doesn’t want to get fucked while looking at that view?’

Amy turned around and bent over the side of the hot tub, spreading her legs so her pussy was lined up with my cock. She grabbed my cock and pulled it to her, allowing the head to enter her. Even though she had just had an orgasm a few minutes before, her pussy felt only slightly wet. I pushed my full length into her and grabbed her by the hips. I started to thrust slowly into her to start off with but my pace increased quickly.

I looked at her arse as it moved to and fro, so enticing to look at. I gently rubbed her right cheek before pulling my hand back and giving it a slap. It seemed to awake something in Amy as she lifted herself up with her hands on the tub and started to push backwards as I thrust into her some more. I slapped her arse again causing Amy to look back to me.


I followed her command and spanked her harder as I pushed my cock in, my left hand digging into her hip as I bucked harder. Amy was moaning harder and I could feel myself getting closer to climaxing, my right hand continuing to spank her and causing a red mark on her arse.

‘Where do you want me to come?’

‘How close are you?’


Amy pushed back hard to make my cock slip out of her pussy. She dropped down to her knees and stroked my cock her hand. I gave her a nod to indicate I was about to cum and Amy popped my cock into her mouth. She sucked on the head as her hand continued to stroke up and down my cock. I grabbed onto the back of head as cum started to spurt out into her awaiting mouth. Amy continued to bob her head up and down, taking the whole load in her mouth.

After cum stopped flowing, she took my cock out of her mouth and gave a noticeable gulp as she licked her lips. She gave a naughty giggle as she stood up and looked at me. We were very lucky that this place had a lot of privacy, I’m sure neither of us wanted any photos of us standing naked in the garden. Amy walked over to me and kissed me on the lips, forcing her tongue back into mine.

‘That was a nice meeting, thank you Richard.’

‘You’re very welcome Amy, I had a fantastic time. Are all casual meetings like this?’

‘I’m sure any meeting between us will be.’

She walked back towards the house and put her awaiting dress on. I pulled up my shorts and followed her back into the building. She handed me the keys before grabbing her bag.

‘Now I don’t want you to think that I used you for sex and then abandoned you, I just have to get back to the studio for a night shoot. I’ll send over that script and get you to meet the actress I have lined up.’

‘That sounds good, looking forward to giving it a read.’

She leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips before turning around and leaving the house. Smiling at my first experience of a Hollywood actress, I looked at the clock and saw that it was 5 o’clock. The time had gone quick but I still had a few hours before Emilio would arrive. I decided to go and get a change of clothes into something a bit dryer and watch some television while I waited for him.

I’d been watching random television channels for an hour or two when I remembered I was supposed to text Felicity to let her know where I was staying. I walked upstairs and grabbed my phone from the side. It had the piece of paper with her number next to it so I punched the number in.

‘Hey Felicity, hope you’re good? It’s Richard from the plane. I’m staying in the hills. How far away are you from here?’

I put my phone into my pocket and I walked back downstairs to make a cup of coffee. I’d just finished making my coffee when I heard the phone buzz on the side. I picked it up and opened the reply.

‘I was worried you forgot about little old me!’

‘With an arse like that! How could I?!’

A few minutes went by before I received a reply but it was in the form of a picture message. I opened the message and was greeted with a nice toned arse in a colourful bikini, though it looked slightly bigger on screen. Sadly most of the cheeks were covered up by the material. A moment later a new message appeared.

‘Just a healthy reminder for you! Come round to the hotel tomorrow, we’re in the Malibu Beach Inn.’

‘I’ve not been given my itinerary for tomorrow but I’ll try my best. You there all day?’

‘I will be; I’ll make sure I’m in something easy to remove.’

‘I look forward to it.’

After my brief exchange with Felicity, I decided to put on a film while I waited for Emilio to arrive. He was a little bit earlier than expected and came dressed in a bright pink suit.

‘Are you going out?’

‘Yeah, my cousin is having his birthday party in some Orange County gay bar and he wants everyone to come out in bright colours. So let’s do this quickly so I can go out and get laid!’

‘Alright, what am I doing tomorrow?’

‘Starting off, we’re in Burbank for an interview at Collider. I’ll be picking you up at 8.30am sharp. After that we’ll be going for lunch with some distribution execs, the production company want your opinion on who gets to distribute your film.’

‘Well that sounds like a lot of fun.’

‘I know but then you get to hang out with me all morning. You have a couple of hours to spare in the afternoon so you can chill out, visit the beach…’

‘Actually, I got someone I need to see in Malibu.’

‘Oh yeah? The actress from today?’

‘No, a girl I met on the plane. She wants me to come for a drink and a bite to eat.’

‘Sure, sure. You’ll be eating something…’

Emilio laughed and gave me a slap on the shoulder.

‘I’ll tell you what, I’ll drop you off in Malibu and give you three hours for your bite to eat. Then we’re back here for a styling and off to a party for Young Hollywood. Plenty of pretty, nubile and eager to please actresses for you to… have a drink and bite to eat with.’

He pointed to a stack of papers he’d left on the desk for me.

‘There are some scripts they want you to read through. The top one is ‘The Pier’, they said it’s from Amy Adams and that she’s keen for you to direct.’

‘Yeah, she mentioned that earlier.’

‘Oh, she was the actress. Always wanted to meet her, what was she like?’

‘She was something else!’

He gave me a smart look before laughing again.

‘I read between the lines well. You have a good night my friend, get reading!’

He shook my hand and headed out of the door. I was left to my own devices so I picked up the script that Amy wanted me to read.

‘Well, let’s see what this is all about!’
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Day 2
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This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you would like to provide constructive feedback, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

Twenty four hours ago, I was flying to America on a trip that would contain what I believed would be a lot of business meetings with people in suits. Instead I had flirted with Felicity Jones, found out Daisy Ridley had a crush on me and had sex with Amy Adams. Not bad for a first day!

I woke up in bed to the sound of the doorbell going off. I leaned over to check my phone and saw it was 8.25. I mumbled to myself before clambering out of bed and heading downstairs. Not wanting to repeat the mistake of yesterday, I put on a dressing gown that hung on the back of the door.

Opening the front door, I was greeted by the sight of Emilio in a white shirt and no signs of the heavy night he’d led me to believe he would be having.

“Come on Limey, put some clothes on! We’ve got to get to Burbank. Collider hates it when people arrive late.”

10 Days in Hollywood: Day 2
Starring Felicity Jones and Brie Larson
Featuring Daisy Ridley, Amy Adams & Melissa Benoist
MF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Facial

On the advice of Emilio, I put on clothes that were a bit lighter than I usually wore. In London, it would have been a hoody, a pair of jeans and some boots. In LA, the weather was much nicer with a cloudless sky so my usual attire would make any normal person melt. Therefore I settled on a blue polo shirt and a pair of khaki shorts. I didn’t really know how formal you had to be for video magazine interviews but Emilio drew no objections.

“The good news is your execs meeting has been moved until later on this afternoon. Therefore after Collider, we can chill in Malibu. What did you think of the script that Amy sent you?”

“It was okay, needs little bit of polishing. The characters aren’t fully formed so it’s going to depend on which actors she wants to bring in. They can finish them off.” I replied.

“Is it that easy?”

“Well they’ve got to be creative. You can’t just bring someone in who doesn’t want to put in the time to develop the character. They rarely come in fully formed.”

“I feel there is a ‘but’ coming!”

“But you don’t want the actor to completely mess up the work of the writer either; they’re the ones who created the bones. The actor just needs to add flesh.”

“So the writer needs someone to have their back?” he asked.

“Pretty much or they direct it themselves. Plenty of people go that way; Sneider, Tarantino, Gunn, Smith.”

“Will you have Amy’s back on this?”

“Well after what she did yesterday, I’m leaning that way.”

“And what did she do?” Emilio asked with a grin on his face.

“Gentleman’s agreement, I’m afraid. She’s going to be the producer as well so I better have her back or she’ll fire me!”

Emilio laughed at my reply and gave me a slap on my shoulder.

“You better not do anything to piss her off then!”

The drive went quite quickly as the traffic was light and we headed straight into the make-up department. Luckily they were happy with my clothing options so they put me straight into the studio. The interviewer seemed to have a bit of knowledge of my background and we had a good chat about the film and what future projects I was interested in. When the chat moved to big budget projects I started to go a bit shy as I wasn’t looking to move in that direction just yet. Finally they finished with my marital status but I confirmed I was single and wasn’t looking due to work commitments.

That was partially true as I did want to concentrate on my new script and the project that Amy had sent me. I was expecting to be away from London a lot and didn’t want to commit to anything. The other reason was that I enjoyed what had happened with Amy and was open to it happening again, with her or with someone else.

After the interview wrapped up, we did a couple of one shot idents for the services they advertise on and I walked out to meet Emilio. While I was walking, I shot a text over to Felicity to let her know I was making my way over. As I reached Emilio, I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. I pulled it out and saw the response from Felicity. She told me she’d be around the pool all day and told me to come straight through to meet her.

“How did that go my friend?”

“It went well, she was quite nice. Cute too!”

“She is very cute my man but she’s happily married. Kids too so you ain’t getting in there.” He replied chuckling as we stepped into the car. “We heading to Malibu now?”

“Yeah please. How long will it take?”

“It should take an hour and twenty. Maybe a little bit longer if there’s traffic. Are we heading anywhere specific?”

“Yeah, Malibu Beach Inn. Is it decent?”

“I’m sorry; it’s not in my remit to scout every hotel for your dalliances.”

I laughed at that statement as we turned to head down to the 138. The traffic was heavy on the highway so the journey took us just over two hours. In that time, Emilio pressed me on what happened the day before with Amy but I didn’t think it was appropriate considering her marital status. Instead I told him about the flight over and what had happened with Felicity and Daisy, leaving out their names so he didn’t catch on.

“That girl sounds like a bit of a freak. You think she’ll get her mate involved too?”

“One can only hope. I can scratch that off my bucket list then!”

“What? You’ve never had a three way? You’re missing out man! Play your cards right with the girls you’ll meet here; you will find two who’ll be happy to give you one. All you have to do is give them some shitty walk on part. “

“What?! I hope you’re not trying to insinuate they won’t like me for me?”

“You seem like an articulate, funny guy and that’ll confuse most of them. You just have to grunt occasionally and preen yourself in the mirror to be on their level.”

“Well I’ll certainly take that on board. So what are you going to do while I’m sh… eating.”

“You telling me you don’t need me to hold the camera? Ha ha, I’m going to head to the beach and do some scouting.”

“Scouting for whom?”

“For my little black book. There’s enough of Emilio to go round.”

Our conversation carried on in the same manner as we headed into Malibu. Emilio dropped me off at the front of the hotel before speeding off towards the beach, presumably looking for somewhere to park the car. I walked through the foyer of the hotel and out into the pool area. There were plenty of people around the pool but I found it fairly easy to spot Felicity; she was surrounded by about twenty scripts and had three different phones in front of her.

I was about to walk over to her when I heard my name being called from behind me.

“Hi Richard, I didn’t know you were staying here too!”

I turned around to see Daisy walking towards me with her boyfriend next to her. Rather weirdly, she was wearing the same bikini that Felicity was wearing in the picture she sent me the night before.

“Hi Daisy. No, I’m not staying here. Felicity invited me over for a bite to eat and to discuss a script. I thought she would have told you.”

“Well she said she was meeting someone about a script but didn’t mention any names. There are plenty of offers coming in after her recent roles so I thought it might have been someone more famous, no offence.”

“That’s okay, understandable when you become a hot commodity.”

There was a grimace in her boyfriend’s face as we chatted a little and he walked off heading to the bar area. Daisy pulled a face before allowing the smile to return to her face.

“Sorry about that, he’s been in a mood recently. He lost his job in the City and is kind of fed up he’s not getting all the attention anymore.” she replied with a sigh.

“Jealousy can be a fickle mistress! He’ll get over it when he gets a new job I’m sure.”

“Yeah… if it lasts that long. Look, I’d love to stay and chat but I better go before he does something stupid. “

She gave me a little wave before walking past me and heading to the bar. As she walked away, I took a moment to check out her arse, there was a little sway to it and I couldn’t tell if it was deliberate or not. It was a little bit bigger than Felicity’s and not as toned, then it hit me what Felicity had done. I continued my walk towards Felicity and she waved me over when she noticed I was here. As I approached her, she stood up and finished her phone call. I was only a few feet from her when she walked up and gave me a big hug.

As we finished the hug, I had the opportunity to take in what she was wearing. Her hair was tied in loose pony tails and had a two piece bikini with tied straps. It wasn’t the most revealing but was easy to access as she promised yesterday.

“Does Daisy know you sent me a picture of her arse?”

“Maybe, maybe not. You’ll have to figure out that one on your own.” She replied as she bit her lip.

“Okay, I’ll put my cowl on and get to investigating. Do you want a drink?”

“No, I’ve had enough for now. Let’s not dick around here, we both know what we want. My room is on the fifth floor!”

Felicity took my hand and led me back into the hotel building.

“What about your stuff? You’re just leaving it there?” I asked as she dragged me along.

“Daisy will be back in a minute with that douchebag, she can look after the scripts. This place is pretty secure anyway.”

“Speaking of, she seemed surprised to see me. Guessing you didn’t tell her I was coming.”

“Yeah, I told here you were coming. Actually I told her we’d both be cumming.”

She gave me a little wink as she finished her comment and pressed the button for the elevator. The doors opened and we had to move aside as four or five people exited. We entered the elevator with an elderly couple so the journey continued in silence. As they came in after us, I was forced to the back of the lift with Felicity in front of me. The elderly couple were facing forward so I looked down to check out her arse, only to see Felicity slowly snaking her arm around her body. She let out a little giggle as her hand outlined my penis, bringing it to life and starting to make it hard.

We were interrupted as the lift bell rung and the doors opened. I looked up to see we were on the correct floor so we followed the elderly couple out. I followed Felicity to her room as the elderly couple turned the other way. Opening the door with her key pad, she walked into the spacious lounge.

“Now, that was very naughty of you Miss Jones.”

“Was it? So what are you going to do about it?”

As she said this, Felicity stopped in the middle of the room and faced me. I looked around to survey the area and saw a large sofa just behind her. Deciding to go on the aggressive, I grabbed her arm and pulled her with me to the sofa. Sitting on the sofa, I pulled Felicity down so she was bent over my knee and I peeled her bikini bottoms to the side, exposing her right butt cheek. I pulled my hand back before spanking her arse.

“That all you got?”

Taking her comment as a challenge, I pulled my hand back and hit her arse again several times; leaving a red mark on her cheek. She let out a soft moan as I started to rub where I had been spanking her. I lowered my fingers and rubbed her pussy to feel a tinge of wetness, her enjoyment starting to become apparent.

“Think you’ve learned your lesson?”

“Probably not, why don’t you give it another whack and see what happens!” she replied as she wiggled her arse at me.

I raised my hand back and, just as I was about to bring it forward, Felicity rolled off my lap and ran off into another room. I raised myself up to my feet and slowly followed her footsteps. Turning the same direction, I looked into what appeared to be an empty bedroom, a large king size bed sitting in the middle of it. On the floor was the discarded bikini and I heard the sound of rushing water emanating from a side room.

The door was ajar and a bit of steam from the room was seeping out. Walking over, I poked my head in to see the shower door frosted over with a single female figure behind it. Leaning down, I quickly undid my laces and kicked my shoes and socks off. I pulled my t-shirt over my head and threw it down the side of the bed. I made short work of removing my shorts and underwear and approached the shower naked.

Opening the door, I was greeted by the sight of Felicity facing away from me completely naked. Instinctively, my eyes dropped to the arse that I’d become acquainted with quite well in the last 48 hours. The red mark from the spanking was starting to fade. Feeling the cold air start to come in, I stepped into the large shower and closed the glass door behind me. Felicity turned around to look at me with that pretty face. My eyes drifted down to peer at her reasonably sizes breasts, very pert and her hard pink nipples staring directly at me. Lower down, her pussy was obscured from sight by her left hand, which she had clearly been using to rub it.

“I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to prove I can be a good girl too.”

She raised her arm and pushed me back against the glass door. Felicity leaned in and pressed her lips against mine, her tongue exploring my mouth. Her hands rubbed down to my chest and brought them around to grab my arse. She withdrew from the kiss and started to kiss down my body; neck to chest to abdomen. I looked down as she settled onto her knees and she gave me a wink bank as her hand grabbed my cock.

“Oh yes, I think I’ll prove I’m a very good with this” she said with a devious look on her face.

Felicity closed her eyes as she leaned in and took my cock into her mouth. I leaned back as I felt it get engulfed by her warm mouth, her tongue flicking the head as she took it in. I looked down as she concentrated on sucking, the water from the shower occasionally splashing down onto us.

“Oh, that feels nice.” I uttered as Felicity started to speed up her sucking.

I put my hand on her head but Felicity batted it away. She continued her sucking, occasionally taking it out of her mouth to lick up and down both sides before putting it back in. After taking the full length into her mouth, Felicity pulled my cock out of her mouth and licked the underneath. She lowered her head down and started to suck on my balls, taking each one in turn while her hand continued to pump my cock.

“Oh God, I’m so close!”

Felicity looked up at me following my comment, my right ball still in her mouth, and winked at me. She let my ball pop out and she increased the speed of her pumping. Placing the head of my cock in her mouth, she started to roll her tongue over it. It was so sensitive at this point that it put me over the edge.

“I’m gonna cum!”

“Yes, all over my face please.” Felicity replied as she took my cock out of her mouth.

She held my cock in front of her face and continued to pump as cum started to spurt out. Closing her eyes and opening her mouth, Felicity allowed cum to shoot all over her face. After the spurt had finished, she took my cock back into her mouth and sucked up the remains. Felicity stood up as cum streaked down her face. She leaned in and kissed me on the lips, forcing my mouth to open with her tongue. She then pushed cum into my mouth taking me by surprise, not allowing me to let go until I swallowed.

As she released me, Felicity walked back into the shower to wash off what had been left on her face and was not starting to drip down onto her body.

“Well that was lovely experience” she stated as she splashed water on her face, “Lovely fucking cock on you as well.”

“Thanks, I grew it myself.”

I walked forward and she turned her back to me. Feeling my semi-hard cock rub against her cheeks, I leaned in and kissed her neck softly. Grabbing her arms; I placed them on the wall before I reached around her and cupped her breasts. Giving her nipples a tweak, I gently nibbled her ear as she started to moan, my cock starting to feel hard again. I adjusted so my cock went through her legs and rubbed against her pussy, my fingers still massaging her breasts.

“Mmm, I bet that would feel amazing inside me” she whispered as she started to grind her pussy against my cock.

“Your wish is my command.”

I moved her hips so she was slightly bent over and slid my cock into her waiting pussy. The combination of the wetness of the shower and her excitement allowed it to slip in quite easily and, after a couple of thrusts, my cock was enveloped by her pussy.

I twisted her head and kissed her on the lips hard as I thrusted my cock in and out of her. The flowing water barred me from looking over her body so I allowed my hands to explore it instead. I gave her arse a rub as I was enamoured by how smooth and toned it was. After the kiss, Felicity leaned down to allow my cock to go deeper inside her.

“Oh God, that feels so good!” she moaned as the thrusts continued.

“I know; your pussy is so nice.”

“Wait until you get in my arse!”

I looked down as she said that comment and saw her tight hole peering through at me as I pushed myself in and out of her. I spread her arse cheeks slightly but she swatted my hands away.

“What do we say to the God of Death?” she asked in between moans.

I smiled to myself at her reference.

“Not today!”

Felicity pressed her hands against the wall and pushed me back, making my cock slip out of her pussy. She turned around and leaned with her back against the wall, hair slipping over her face. She moved the strands away and looked at me directly.

“Not today.”

She rolled her finger beckoning me to her. As I walked forward to her, she lifted her left leg and wrapped it around me. She grabbed my cock and slid it into her before also wrapping her right leg around me and lifting herself up. I pressed her back against the wall and pushed my cock fully inside her. Kissing her on the lips, our tongues thrashed each other furiously as passion overtook us; I increased my thrusting.

“Oh yeah, that’s the spot.”

I pressed her hard against the wall as I pushed the full length of my cock into her pussy, her moans getting louder as her arse thudded against the wall. Felicity leaned down and bit my shoulder as pushed harder.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum!”

I continued thrusting and her moans turned into screams as she climaxed; her pussy pulsating my cock. I felt her collapse into me as my cock slipped out of her wet pussy; I kept my arms around her and carried her out of the shower. Grabbing a towel as we passed, I put it onto the bed laid Felicity on top of it. She looked up at me with a smile on her face.

“Well that was very well done. Not sure I’ve ever been fucked against a wall that well before!”

“Oh, the pleasure was all mine.”

She giggled at my comment and slapped my arm. I walked back into the wet room to turn the shower off and grab a towel. I was drying myself off when I heard my phone go off.

“Secretary Jones speaking, how may I route your call?”

I was drying my hair when Felicity came into the bathroom, still completely naked, and handed me the phone. I took it from her and sat myself down on the toilet seat. Felicity turned around and gave her arse a slap before walking off.


“Richard, it’s Amy. How are you?”

“Oh, I’m good thank you. Yourself?”

“I’m good. Not meeting Star Wars stars good but good none the less. Look, I’m of the understanding you’re attending a party tonight.”

“Wow, are you sure you’re not stalking me?”

“Ha ha; I’m just very well connected. My star is going to be there tonight, the one I want for the script. I’m going to tell her about you and get her to meet you. I’ve sent her your picture so she’ll say hi when she recognises you. Just be a bit careful with her as she’s suffering a break up.”

“Yeah, that’s no problem. Will I see you soon?” I asked.


With that, Amy terminated the call. I stood up to walk back into the room when a text from Emilio came through.

“5 minutes… out front…”

“Felicity, I’m going to have to go, I’ve got a meeting with some executives. “ I said as I walked back into the bedroom.

I looked around to see no sign of Felicity in the bedroom. Thinking she had gone to get a drink, I threw the towel onto the bed and walked through into the lounge.


I stopped in my tracks as I looked directly at Felicity and Daisy talking. They both just looked at me as I stood there naked and I noticed that Felicity had put her bikini back on. I opened my mouth but no words came out and the girls just giggled together. To prevent anymore embarrassment, I turned back around and walked into the bedroom. I closed my eyes and sighed, twice in two days I’ve been caught wandering around naked.

I took my time putting my clothes back on before walking back out of the bedroom. I was hoping they had left but both ladies were standing in the exact same place, seemingly waiting for me.

“Now Richard, usually one is clothed when one goes for a meeting!” Daisy said to me.

“Yes, I have heard people say that. I shall just blame cultural differences.”

Luckily they both laughed at that comment so my embarrassment alleviated.

“I believe you were saying you had to leave?” Felicity asked.

“Yeah, Emilio is outside so I better hurry and meet him. Lovely to see you both again.”

I leaned in and kissed Daisy on the cheek. I went to do the same with Felicity but she grabbed my head and pulled me into a full on kiss, allowing her tongue to massage mine. Her hand lowered to grab my cock and she pressed her lips to my ear

“I’ll work on her for you.” She whispered.

To prevent anymore embarrassment, I quickly left the room and headed to the lifts. The doors opened and Daisy’s boyfriends stormed past me and headed to the room. I didn’t concern myself with him and stepped into the lift, heading down to the lobby.

Emilio met me at the door and shared his experiences at the beach. Unsurprisingly, he had got several phone numbers of girls that he would introduce to directors; luckily I was able to avoid having to meet any. I then decided to come clean and told him about what happened the day before with Amy and today with Felicity and Daisy. He looked at me as we drove back into LA.

“So you’re telling me you‘ve been caught naked two days in a row?”


“That’s fucking hilarious. You need to start wearing clothes I think.”

“No shit! So tell me about this party tonight?” I asked

“Oh, it’s Young Hollywood so you’ll get people thinking they’re the next big thing. So your teenagers who want to break into adult roles, mid-twenties looking to break into super stardom. Then you have older actors who are looking for interesting projects that’ll get them an Oscar. And at least three of them will try and fuck you.”

“Ah, well it’ll be interesting to see whose there.”

We drove on to the meeting with the distribution executives. It was incredibly boring as they laid out plans to advertise ‘Dandelion’ as a romantic comedy in the mould of all those Kate Hudson/Katherine Heigl pictures. They didn’t agree with my opinion which kind of made the rest of the lunch meeting quite awkward. Luckily Emilio was able to save it with some stories from his time dealing with actors and we parted ways after an hour or two.

Forty five minutes later I was dropped off at the house and would have a chance to relax. Emilio said he would be over for breakfast the next day and that the stylist would be with me in a few hours. I hadn’t done any exercise since I’d been here, with the exception of picking up Felicity so decided to spend the afternoon doing lengths in the pool.

The stylist arrived about three hours later and the first thing he did was make me shower, I decided against telling him what I’d done in a shower earlier in the day. They then tidied me up by trimming my hair and beard and changing my deodorant. I thought it was a bit over kill but then I saw myself in the suit they got me to wear and I had to bow down to their superior knowledge.

The management company had given Emilio the night off so I had to make my own way to the party. I thought it would be a good idea to leave the car they left me at the house so I could have a drink and I ordered an Uber. In our conversation, the driver told me that he’d already dropped off three people off at the party, one of whom was looking very sexy in a red dress but he didn’t say who the girl was, in his words she was ‘Just some actress.’

I arrived at the party at about 9 o’clock and it was already quite busy with numerous guests drunk. I picked up a glass of champagne as I entered and looked around to see who I recognised. There was a blonde in a blue dress that was on her way to being very drunk, she was singing some song while wearing a throw as some kind of cape. She locked eyes with me and smiled but I decided to move on into the garden to see if the view was as nice as mine.

“It’s a nice view, huh?”

I turned around to see a girl in a red dress, plenty of cleavage showing of, and a pair of dark brown eyes looking at me.

“Well the place I’m staying in has a better one but it’s certainly better than my apartment back home.”

“Oooh, an accent. I do like an accent! I’m Brie.”

“Nice to meet you Brie, I’m Richard. And actually I speak completely normal, you’re the one with an accent.”

She paused for a moment.

“I will accept that. So are you an actor or a hanger on?” she asked, taking a sip of her drink.

“I’m a director actually. I’ve been sent out to pimp my wares and meet people who want to be part of my new project. “

“Oh, that sounds interesting. Have I seen your wares?”

“Well my first film hasn’t been released over here yet. Still negotiating distribution and convincing them not to market it as a soppy romantic comedy.”

“What’s it called?” Brie asked, moving closer to me.


“I’ll keep an eye out for it. And for you.”

Brie gave me a wink before moving on. She was very alluring and I kept my eye on her as she walked on through the garden, talking to several people as she moved around. Her body looked outstanding in the dress, not too tight on her but it showed off her body; a nice round arse and a good sized pair of breasts. I was finishing my glass as I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I turned around to see the blonde drunk girl from when I arrived. She half smiled but her eyes seemed glazed over.

“I saw you earlier, you’re hotter than Amy said.” She said falling into me.

“I’m sorry; I have no idea who you are.”

I put my arms on her shoulders and held her upright. There was a bench next to us so I moved her to it and sat her down. I sat down next to her and she started rubbing my chest.

“My name’s Melissa, I’m in a television show called Supergirl and I want to be in the film. Amy said I’m perfect for it and I think I’d do good.”

“Well I’m sure that you ca…”

“I’ll fuck you!” she spurted out.

“I’m sorry?”

“I’ll fuck you to get the part. I mean, if you’re into girls. If not, um, you can do my arse and I’ll wear a hat I guess.”

“That won’t be necessary; I don’t do the casting couch.”

I looked at her face, which was going white. I saw the beautiful black girl that had been with her start to approach us when Melissa’s head leaned forward, emptying the contents of her stomach over my top. The other girl ran over, as did a few others, and helped her up.

“I’m so sorry, she’s not taking her marriage break up well.” The black girl said

“That’s okay. I think you should take her home.”

“I think that’s best. Come one Mel, you’re staying at mine tonight.”

One of the men helped her carry Melissa away and back into the house. I took my jacket and placed it onto the bench. Reaching up, I undid a few of the buttons. I caught sight of Brie as she walked through the crowd that had started to disperse.

“Oh dear; what happened here?” she asked.

“Some girl from Supergirl was sick on me.”

“Oh I saw her earlier, very drunk indeed. Good aim though; she appears to have covered your shirt.”

I looked down and saw my shirt was soaking wet.

“I hope this isn’t going to sound too forward but I live a few doors down. Do you want to come and take a shower? I’ll even throw in a change of clothes”

“That would be very kind. “

I grabbed my jacket and followed her around to the front of the house. I took a moment to check out her arse as it swayed with her walk, it was small but, considering her height, it stuck out and drew your attention.

“So a couple of people here have seen your film and they said some very nice things about it.”

“Really? Well that’s good to hear.”

“I’ve even got a screener coming my way. You’ll have to give me your number so I can give you my feedback.”

“I will.” I said as we reached her door.

We entered the house and, politely, I took my shoes off. Walking up the stairs, I looked around at the house. It was quite plain with plenty of art work on the walls. As Brie was higher up than me, I took the opportunity to look at her legs. They weren’t the longest but seemed quite muscly. She then walked into a bed room.

“This is my bedroom, use the en-suite in there.” She said pointing to the side door. “I’ll get you a new shirt and trousers and then put the coffee on.”

“Thank you Brie.”

I smiled at her as a thank you for what she was doing. She left the room and I stripped off my clothes, putting them in a pile so they would be easier to collect later. The bathroom wasn’t as big as the one I visited with Felicity but it was enough.

I entered the shower for the third time today and washed myself clean. None of the vomit had gone on me but the smell lingered. I rubbed the suds into me as I heard the door to the bedroom open and close.

“I’ll leave it on the bed for you” Brie shouted from the room.

The door open and closed again and I finished washing off. I took a moment to just stand there, allowing the hot water to flow over me. I found it quite relaxing after the day I had and I took a moment to reflect. Melissa seemed very desperate but I was hoping that was just the alcohol speaking and that she was a sweet girl really. Amy must have seen something in her.

After I dried off, I hung the towel on the hook and walked out into the bedroom. My clothes had been removed from the room and there was a pair of jeans and t-shirt neatly folded up on a chair. Next to them however was the red dress, a bra and matching panties. My eyes drifted to the bed and the sight of Brie Larson waited for me; naked and on all fours.

“Took you long enough!” she said as her fingers massaged her pussy.

I was speechless as I looked over her body. Her legs were spread wide and I could see her fingers massaging her clit, her folds hiding the tips; occasionally she would slide two fingers into her pussy. I could feel my cock start to get hard as I admired what she was doing.

“So you only watching or are you going to grab that lube and come fuck me?”

I followed her eye line to a table behind me where the lube was sitting. I grabbed the bottle and chucked it onto the bed.

“I guess I’ll join you.”

I climbed onto the bed and shuffled over to her, giving her ass a stroke and grab. She went to move her hand away from her pussy but I quickly grabbed it to keep it in place. I run my finger along her hand and continued along her slit and around to her arse. I rubbed my finger on her hole before bringing my lips down and placing some kisses on her arse. She let out a little moan and I could tell she was very wet from the feeling on my finger.

I parted her cheeks and brought my mouth down, placing some kisses onto her arse cheeks. I gently ran it around the inside of her cheeks before attacking her arsehole with it. Brie continued to moan as my tongue invaded her, I could feel her fingers massing her clit faster. I grabbed the lube and poured it over her arse, using my hand to rub it in and around her arsehole. My fingers were wet with the lube so I slide one finger in and out of her arse slowly. She seemed to be taking that well so added a second and then a third.

“Get to it, I’m bringing my orgasm close and I want to feel you in there!” she said in between moans.

I continued to move the fingers of my right hand in and out as I started to rub the lube onto my cock. Withdrawing my fingers from her, I slowly slid the head of my cock into Brie’s arsehole. I started to move my cock in and out of her slowly, ensuring not to go too rough to hurt her. As my cock went it, I could occasionally feel Brie bring her fingers down to rub my balls as they clattered against her pussy.

“Oh, that’s nice. I’m keeping myself close so I can cum the same time as you.”

She shot me a glance over her shoulder as she said that so I increased the pace slightly. Her arsehole was very tight and I could feel the pressure on my cock; though it was quite obvious she was not an anal virgin.

“Oh yeah, give it to me!” she moaned.

Pouring more lube down, I heard a slight squelch as I pulled my cock out and pushed it back in. I knew I wanted to cum soon so I pushed in harder, having almost my entire length in her. I grabbed her arse hard as my I felt my balls start to tighten.

“I’m gonna cum in a minute.” I said out loud.

“Good, I’ve been desperately waiting to cum.” She replied as he dropped her front down onto the bed.

I thrust in and out of her harder as I started to cum and fill her arse. Her moans started to get louder as she brought herself to orgasm, her body shaking with my cock still in her. She collapsed fully onto the bed as I pulled my cock out, satisfied with what we’d done.

She rolled over onto her back and looked at with me with a smile. This was the first chance I’d had to see her body and it looked fantastic. Her small pink nipples were pointing directly at me.

“That was a nice short session,” she said. “Fancy staying the night and picking it up in the morning?”

I laughed and collapsed next to her. I looked at the clock on the wall and saw it was approaching midnight. Going back to mine could take quite a while, including the wait, so it didn’t feel too bad of an idea.

“Yeah, I think I will stay. “

Brie leaned over and cuddled up to my arms, allowing her breasts rest on my side as she hooked her leg around mine and cuddled in.

“Good, because I could do with a good fuck tomorrow.”

She giggled to herself as we fell into a deep restful sleep.
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Day 3
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This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you would like to provide constructive feedback, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

Light peeked through the curtains as I opened my eyes. I wasn’t sure if it was the squelching noise that did it but I was awake now and completely unsure of the time. I extended my left arm out to touch the spot next to me but it was empty.

Rubbing my eyes, I started to come to and I could feel the reason why I woke up. Her mouth felt incredibly warm on my cock and it was incredibly wet and well lubricated. Her tongue running up and down the side of my length as the head run along the top of her mouth.

I grabbed the top of the sheet and threw it back, looking down at the top of the brunettes head as she went up and down my cock. Aware that she was no longer covered, Brie looked up at me with my cock in her mouth. It popped out of her mouth, hitting my stomach, as a smile grew across her face.

“Good morning Richard. I thought you’d appreciate this kind of wake up. “

“Oh, I really appreciate it. “

Life is good.

10 Days in Hollywood: Day 3
Starring Brie Larson, Alice Eve & Jessica Chastain
Featuring Kirsten Dunst, Emma Stone, Elizabeth Olsen & Amy Adams
MF, Oral, Anal, facial

Brie wriggled up my body, licking my chest on her the way, before kissing me on the lips. She grabbed my cock and slid it straight into her awaiting pussy, already wet from her excitement. As I entered her, Brie let out a little moan and the smile on her face grew bigger. Her warm pussy surrounded my cock as she leaned up on her arms and started to move over me allowing my cock to go in and out of her.

Her hands had done a good job of exciting her as she was already quite wet and I brought my arms up to her breasts, flicking her nipples to excite her some more. She moaned at my touch as I rubbed my index and middle fingers over both nipples, grabbing them in between my fingers and pulling with a little force.

“Oh yeah, that feels nice.” She moaned as she increased the pace of swaying, her eyes closed.
Pulling away from my fingers, Brie sat upright and bounced on my cock, wanting to hget to her orgasm quickly. I took a moment to admire her body as I looked up at her, her pussy was glistening and her breasts looked incredibly pert. I watched them heave and jiggle as she bounced on top of me; they looked incredible.

Brie grabbed my hands and forced them to her hips and I slipped them around to cup her arse. Her speed increased more as her moans turned into screams and I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock. She moved some hair out of her face, slightly out of breath from reaching her orgasm. I leaned up and took her face in my hands, bringing my lips to hers. My tongue force its way into her mouth and massaged hers passionately. She moaned into mouth as I kissed her, allowing me to spin around and push her back onto the bed.

I looked down her in the eyes as I made one big thrust into her. She moaned as her orgasm was still fresh, my cock fully inside her giving her a new sensation. Grabbing her left leg, I brought it up over my shoulder and I placed some soft kisses on her muscular thigh. I thrust into her hard, pinning her shoulders to the bed, feeling the tightness increase with her leg held up. Leaning down, I pinned her shoulder down with her leg, the look of lust in her eyes increasing as I started to dominate her. Brie brought her arm around and scratched her nails down the length of my back before grabbing my arse.

“Yeah, fuck me. Fuck me hard.” She moaned as I thrust deeply into her.

After a few more scratches on my back, I pulled my cock out of her. There was a look of disappointment in her eyes but I knew I wasn’t going to cum in that position; she was too wet. I picked her up by the arm and threw her forward on the bed; she landed on all fours and knew exactly what I wanted. She lowered her front so her chest was flat on the bed, her hole begging me to be entered. I positioned myself directly behind her and plunged my cock straight into her pussy, the wetness allowing my full length to go straight in.

Grabbing her hips, I pushed myself into her pussy hard and held onto her hips tightly. She had given up with the moaning and was screaming with pleasure as I fucked her pussy in complete contrast to what happened the night before. Letting go of one hip, I used my right hand to grab her hair and pulled it back, her eyes trying to peek over to lock them with me. She tried to say something between the moans and screams but failed, instead enjoying my thursting.

My orgasm approached immediately and I shot cum directly into her pussy. I let go of her hair as I climaxed and held onto her hips tightly, intent on keeping us in the same position. I arched my head back as I tried to catch my breath. It seemed to last forever but I eventually pulled out and sat on the bed, my back against the headboard. Brie collapsed onto her stomach before rolling onto her side and looking at me with a smile on her face. I smiled back at her, feeling incredibly satisfied.

“Now I thought you were a good gentle boy. That was not gentle…”

“I guess you just brought it out of me. Sorry.” I replied, a bead of sweat rolling down my face.

“Do not apologise, that wasn’t fantastic. You fucked the speech out of me at one point.” She said laughing, “You want breakfast?”

Then it hit me that I was supposed to be meeting Emilio. I looked over to the side to see my phone on the chair next to change of clothes Brie had provided me. Walking over, I picked it up to see that I have six missed calls and they were all from Emilio.

“I’d love to but I got to go meet my guy, we have a meeting this afternoon about a possible project. “

“Okay, well I certainly hope that I’m going to get to see you again before your wares are fully pimped out.”

“If I can fit you in, I would love to see you again.”

“Well you fit in me fine so I’m sure you’ll be able to return the favour.” She said with a devilish grin,

I called Emilio to let him know where I was and he agreed to collect me. Brie got dressed into her gym kit as I spoke to him and went to make a coffee pot for us. The change of clothes she provided didn’t fit perfectly but they were clean and didn’t smell of sick so they had the advantage over the suit. Going downstairs, I joined Brie for the coffee and she told me all about the research she was doing in preparation for starring as Captain Marvel.

It was really interesting to see how passionate she was about the project, more than you would expect from other blockbusters. She said it came from doing smaller types of films and how much you had to care about them to get them made in the first place. Bringing that sort of attitude to larger films is what ensured the soul would remain in them.

Emilio arrived about half an hour later and we went our separate ways. She took my number and promised to text me when she saw the screener of my film. I was a bit excited to see what she would think of it as she seemed to have good taste. Emilio seemed just as impressed as I was with her and was flabbergasted when I told him of my experience with her. He congratulated me on the success rate I had since I’d arrived in LA but warned me to keep my business head on with the meeting we were heading to.

Twenty minutes later, we were in the Grove to meet Amy’s producing partner Brett. He appeared very friendly as he approached us, dressed in a dark blue shirt and a light green shirt, a bit of an outlandish combination in my opinion.

“So how was the party last night? I hope you had a good time, I’ve been to those a few times.” Brett said just after the waitress took our order.
“Well it was quite eventful, more so than I expected.”

“Yeah, it’s one of the wild ones. There are plenty more sedate ones out there so don’t get too used to it!” he chuckled through his reply. “And Melissa, did you meet her?”

“Um… yeah. She was…” I paused a moment to think of what to say. “Did Amy say she’s going through a divorce?”

“Yeah, she started it late last year. Why? What happened?”

“Well she was incredibly drunk, like really far gone. When I arrived she was singing show tunes while wearing a cape. She sought me out later but before we had a change to properly talk, she was sick all over me.”

“Not the best first impression, huh?” Emilio interjected.

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry Richard, we’ll have a chat with her about it. “

“Don’t be too hard on her; I’m sure the embarrassment will be enough. “

“Although she instigated it, she’s not taking it too well. She is worried about what people will think of her, especially considering the leak from a few years ago.”

She was part of the Fappening leak in 2015, pictures she took with her husband of them having sex had been splashed and viewed by millions. She was just in the process of getting the Supergirl role so wasn’t as affected as some of the bigger names.

“I’ll see if I can arrange something with her to give her the opportunity to apologise. I’m sure she’ll make another impression on you, a better one this time.” Brett advised.

“Have you thought about Brie Larson in the role instead?”

Brett laughed as I changed the subject slightly.

“Yeah, she was who the character was based on but Marvel has her completely locked up. We’d have no chance.” he replied. “Any is doing a reading for some supporting actresses in a few days. I checked with Emilio and he said you have the day free but can you come over? It would be great if you could join her and give your opinion.”

I looked at Emilio and he nodded.

“Yeah I could do that. Send me the details over and I will be there.”

As we finished arranging it, the food arrived at our table and we tucked into eating. I learned the history of Amy and Brett’s friendship as they started in the industry at the same time but on opposite sides of the camera. She had even joined him and his husband on their honeymoon cruise. The meeting went really well and it was agreed they would send the contract details to my management company for them to review and for me to sign when I returned to London.

The meeting concluded after several hours of chat as we got to know each other better, laying a path to make the working relationship easier. We shook hands after the meal and agreed to keep in touch in case there was any change of plans.

After they left the room, I waited a couple of minutes as Emilio went to pay the bill and we walked out into the sun light. There was nothing planned for the rest of the day so we took a walk around the Grove and Emilio gave me an insight into the people he’s worked with. We were just entering a store when his phone rang and he had to take a call. I walked on into the store and looked through the available shirts when I noticed a blonde follow me in, seemingly checking me out. I couldn’t see her face but she was wearing a short white dress and a pair of sandals on her feet, the straps going up her tanned legs.

I was about the approach her when I saw Emilio walk into the store.

“I’m really sorry man but my brother’s been involved in a car accident. I’ve got to the hospital.”

“Oh jeez, don’t apologise. Go on, I’ll make my own way back to house. Let me know later how he is.”

He brought himself in before walking out of the store. I went back to the shirts and I noticed that the blonde had seemingly disappeared. I grabbed a couple of shirts from the rack and walked back to the changing area. There was no one admitting people so I walked into one of the stalls and stripped my top off. I grabbed one of the shirts and slid it on, fidgeting with the cut on my shoulders a little bit. There was no mirror in the stall so I walked out to the changing corridor where I noticed a full length mirror on my way in.

Standing at the end of the corridor, in front of the mirror, was the blonde woman from earlier. I could tell it was the same person due to the strapping of the sandals; they snaked up her smooth calf muscles and stopped just short of her knee. The white dress was gone and she stood there clad only in a black thong, she had a nice rounded bubble butt, toned by the gym and squats. My view of the reflection of her breasts was blocked by her back but I could tell she was thin with an exquisite curve to her hips. I couldn’t see her face as her head was turned to the side and only her nose snuck out from behind her hair.

“This store was supposed to be closed for me this afternoon and me only.” she said in a thick middle-class English accent. “But I saw you come in and I couldn’t resist letting you stay. “

The voice sounded familiar but I couldn’t place it.

“And why would you let me stay?”

“Because I’ve wanted to fuck you for years Richard and this seems like as good a place as anywhere.”

She bent down as she pulled the thong down her legs, showing good flexibility by keeping her legs straight. I watched her movement with eager eyes, the lips of her pussy peeking through her thigh gap. It looked smooth and tight from this angle. As she stood straight, she lifted her foot up and removed her thong from it. With a good aim, she threw it over her shoulder and into my waiting arms.

“Put that in your pocket; consider it a trophy for your war chest.”

“I know you, don’t I?” I asked, still unsure who it was.

“Course you do darling,” she said as she turned to face me. “You did go out with my friend.”

I had a look of disbelief as I saw Alice Eve standing naked in front of me. A few years ago, I had gone out with her friend Elizabeth for a few months and her friends disapproved of me, they were all upper class and a guy from the east end of London was not someone they should date. Eventually, they told her that I’d slept with Alice when we were working on a play together, which broke her heart and our relationship.

I had tried to make her see the truth but they had set her mind completely against me and I couldn’t salvage our relationship. I didn’t know how much Alice had been involved in the break up but she had remained the focal point of my hate for these years.

“And why should I want to come anywhere near you?”

“Because look at me…”

I did as she commanded and surveyed her body. The work in the gym had certainly paid off; her stomach was incredibly flat and quite toned from crunches with her abdominal muscles showing through in a feminine way. Her breasts had always been large, about a 32D I think, and they had a great shape to them because of the gym work, no sign of sag whatsoever. Looking down, her legs were long and toned with a nice tan on them and waxed completely smooth. Speaking of smooth, her pussy was completely free of hair and looked to be very neat, no labia showing through.

“You’ve got me there.”

“Trust me, when everything went down with Elizabeth, I was conflicted and did tell her that I didn’t do anything but she’d known that I wanted you. Why did you think they told her it was me who shagged you? There were plenty of others who were much sluttier than me. Also, she knew she what went on in the theatre and how all actresses are hussies.”

I laughed at her comment.

“But I have a much more personal reason. “

“Which is?” I asked as she started to stride towards me.

“After you, she became a bit of a whore herself, fed up of being the good girl all the time. So she had a couple of affairs and then fucked my husband when we were at a party. She sucked his cock as I sat in the next room with her parents! So I vowed, if I got the opportunity, I’d suck you and fuck you and send her a picture of it to enjoy.”

I smiled as she stepped in front of me, her lips only inches from my own.

“I knew it was only a matter of time before you made the leap across the Atlantic, you’re too talented to stay with the London stage.”

“And your husband?” I asked

“That guilty little shit? He knows the deal. In London, I’m the prim and proper obedient wife. Just as suited to someone of my station, like papa wants me to be.”

“And in Los Angeles?”

“I’m whatever the fuck I want to be. “

Alice leaned in and placed her lips on my own; her hands brought up and gently rested on my chest.

“Why would I want to be a part of your revenge plot?” I asked

“Because she wasn’t the only heartbroken one? Because I’m fucking gorgeous and standing naked in front of you with perfect breasts? Because you’re bored? I honestly couldn’t give a shit!”

I was taken slightly aback by how crude and forthright she was being.

“I’ve known you five years and in that entire time, I’ve wanted to fuck you. You’ve got a nice cock and you know how to pleasure a woman, I’ve literally heard the orgasm. Unless of course you’re no longer the Richard Cole I know and you’re just some Hollywood hipster pussy now.”

I had to give it to her; she knew how to rile me up. She brought her mouth close to mine and licked my lips, her tongue tapping my nose as he pulled away. I looked at her with a ton of hate in my eyes, the girl was an utter bitch but she was completely right and her body looked too amazing to turn down.

“Get your phone then.”

She turned heel and walked to the end booth. Leaning it to grab her phone, I took the opportunity to look at the side view of her body. She was very lithe and breasts and bum appeared large in comparison to the rest of her body. After picking the phone up, she walked back to me and started to lean in and kiss me but I stopped her with a hand to her shoulder. I grabbed the phone and scrolled through the options to access her album. It was full of selfies and some group shots of her friends. I was disappointed there were no nudes but came to the conclusion she was much more careful than that.

“If we’re doing this; we’ll do it my way. On your knees slut!” I commanded.

Alice did as commanded and looked up at me with willing eyes. I took the phone and snapped a photo of her face. She couldn’t help but hold a pose and let out a little giggle as I started to snap. She stopped as she saw the serious look on my face though.

“Get on with it then and we’ll see if you earn the right to have my cock in you!”

Alice took the hint and undid my belt, even on her knees she was at a good height. She pulled it from the jeans and threw it into the changing room next to us. Slowly, she undid the buttons on the jeans without breaking eye contact. I’d switched over from the camera to the video and hit the record button; she was a natural looking down the lens. I decided to have a little fun.

“So who are we dedicating this video to?”

Her eyes looked a little bit shocked but she eased into it. She lowered the jeans and my boxer shorts, allowing my already hard cock to hit her in the face. She nuzzled it while giggling before grabbing hold with her right hand. Placing a kiss on the head as she pulled the foreskin back, her eyes returned to the camera. She took the head of the cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around. Alice’s eyes rolled up to show her enjoyment and made a muffled sound. She took my cock out and held it close by.

“You may not have understood but I said this is dedicated to Slutty Lizzy Grantham.”

Alice immediately returned my cock into her mouth and started to suck up and down it. Her mouth wasn’t the biggest so only managed to get half of it down before my cock hit the back of her throat. She kept her gaze on the camera as her mouth went up and down my cock, her left hand reaching around and gripping my arse cheek. A lot of saliva worked up in her mouth and she spat some on my cock after pulling it out of her mouth and pumped it with her right hand.

“God this cock tastes nice Richard. Can’t believe Lizzie gave it up.”

Alice was about to put my cock back into her mouth but stopped as the head reached her lips. She winked at me before dropping her head down and running her tongue along my balls, licking all around. I kept them shaved for just this purpose and she took each ball into her mouth and sucked on them.

“God this feels good.” I moaned as she hungrily sucked on my balls.

“My pussy is drenched; I can’t wait for you to get in there!”

“Well stand up and I will.”

Alice jumped up from her knees and wrapped her arms around me. Overcome with lust, she forced her tongue into my mouth and wriggled it around ferociously; I struggled to keep her phone in my hand and dropped it onto the floor. I lifted her up in my arms and took her right nipple into my mouth, sucking on it hard. She moaned as I played with her sensitive nipple; wrapping her legs around me and grinding her pussy into my abdomen. I gripped her arse hard as I swapped between her nipples, sucking and biting them in turn.

“Christ, I need that cock in me.”

I lowered her to the floor and kissed her lips, holding in her head in place as our passion was inflamed even more. As I let her go, Alice bit her lip and looked around the area. She turned around and walked to the mirror and before rounding the corner. I followed in her footsteps while stroking my penis to ensure its hardness, feeling her pussy juices on my cock. As I turned the corner; I was greeted by the sight of Alice on her side, laying on a leather sofa, her legs spread and fingers teasing her clit.

“You better get here before I finish myself off.”

Following her instructions, I immediately put my knees on the leather and moved my cock to her entrance. I smiled as I slowly slid my cock into her awaiting pussy, sliding in easily due to the wetness. I started to thrust into her tightness when I remembered to use the camera in my hand. I turned on the video and filmed her body as my cock into her pussy, her legs wrapping around my hip.

“Tell the camera how much you love my cock!”

“Oh my god…. So much.... So good.” Alice said in between moans.

“Can you imagine anyone giving it up?”

“Lord no, stupid bitch!”

I chuckled to myself as she let it out the insult, knowing how much she was loving my cock in her. I reach beck my hand and slapped her arse hard, timing it to hit as my cock reached full length inside of her.

“Harder! Make me cum!” Alice screamed.

I followed her instructions and continued to spank her arse as I thrust into her harder. Her body started to shake as she started to climax so I continued to thrust inside of her. I reached my hand again and gave her arse the hardest slap.

“Oh my God, yes! I’m cumming! Ooohh!”

Alice’s body fell limp as she enjoyed her orgasm and I slowed my thrusting. I looked over her naked body as she laid there still for a moment, her eyes closed and her hands gently rubbing her breasts.

“You ready for the money shot?” I asked.

Meekly, Alice nodded her head and slid down onto the floor, moving to the front of me on her knees. I moved to sit down on the sofa as Alice grabbed my penis and moved it to her mouth. Stopping her hand, I shook my head and pointed at her breasts. She knew exactly what I wanted and, as I turned the video recorder back on, Alice placed my cock between her pert breasts and started to move it in between her.

Alice was looking down at her breasts as she pumped hard, a little bit of pre-cum seeping out.

“I’m going to cover you like Lizzie wanted but never got!”

She looked at me with a smile as she increased the pace of the pumping with her breasts. She lowered he head just as my cum started to spurt out hard, covering her. Like a trooper, she carried on pumping allowing all my cum to spray over her face, neck and chest. To my surprise, she rubbed my penis over her nipple, depositing the last of the cum on it. As the camera rolled, she lifted the breast to her mouth and sucked the cum off of her nipple.

“That was lovely, thank you Richard.” Alice said to the camera and finishing off with a wink.

I put the phone to the side and leaned back against the wall, Alice already getting off her feet and walking into a cubicle to retrieve her dress. She returned to me with her dress and bra back on but was clearly not wearing the thong as it was will in the pocket of my trousers.

“Thank you Richard, I enjoyed that revenge fuck and you were really good. I may approach you again for a normal fuck, maybe pass your name around the girls. You’ll get to shag the whole crew then.”

She leaned in and kissed me on the lips, cum still on her face, and massaged her tongue on mine. I felt her grab the phone as she stood back up.

“I’m going to go out the back exit, more private that way. You leave by the front in five minutes; the manager is across the road so she’ll come back over when she sees you leave.”

She walked out toward the shop floor without saying as much as a good bye. I let out a sigh of relief after what had just happened and smiled at my experience. After a couple of minutes, I realised the stupidity of me sitting in a changing room semi-naked and I got up to put my clothes back on. I left the shirts I was trying in the changing area and headed to the front of the store.

I decided to walk around the Grove for a bit to get comfortable in the city a bit more; I imagined I would be spending more time here if the deal to direct Amy’s film went through. I browsed in a few of the clothing stores and the Apple shop; buying several new tops and an Apple watch to take back home before popping into an artisan coffee shop.

I realised that I hadn’t checked my phone all day so decided to scroll through it while drinking my latte. There were two voice mails and a text message waiting for me after I turned it on. The text was from Emilio to inform me that his brother was okay but being kept in for observation. It was unlikely he would be with me tomorrow so would e-mail my inventory later on in the day. I clicked onto my voice mail and listened to both of the messages.

“Richard, this is Amy. I’ve spoken to Brett and he told me all about last night. I’m really sorry about what happened with Mel. I’m having dinner with her tomorrow so I’ll speak to her then about it. I know she’s having a hard time but that amount of drinking in a public party will do her no good, she’ll get a reputation. I’ll see you in a couple of days for the tests.”

I clicked onto message two.

“Hi, I hope this is Richard Cole. My name’s Kirsten Dunst and I am an actress. I’ve heard you’re in town and that you may have a new project. I’m looking to make some sort of come back and would be really interested in meeting you. My number is 874-698-144; hope to hear from you. “

The second message was certainly a turn up for the books. I’d had a crush on Kirsten since I first saw her in ‘Bring It On!’ and she’d aged very well, though I hadn’t seen her in anything since ‘Batchelorette’. I made a mental note to get the rest of my week planned so I could try and fit her in, maybe get a bit more than just a lunch meeting.

I must have gone into a bit of a day dream because, when I came to, there was a red head standing over me. I recognised her instantly as Emma Stone, the star of ‘La La Land’ that everyone was excited about at the moment. She smiled at me before sitting in the seat opposite me.

“Hi, I hope you don’t mind me bothering you. I’m Emma. You’re Richard Cole, right?” She said as she extended her hand.

I took her hand and shook it with a smile on my face.

“That is me and there’s no need to introduce yourself, I know who you are. I’m a big fan of your work. Easy A is a masterpiece. I’m surprised you know who I am though. “

“Well it was my friend who recognised you,” she said nodding to a brunette in the corner. “But once she did; I had to come and say hello.”

“Oh thank you. Your friend looks familiar too, is she famous?”

“Yeah; her name’s Elizabeth Olsen. She wanted to come over but she’s on the phone with her ex, they’re going through custody issues over a dog.”

“Well then let’s hope that doesn’t get messy.”

“No. Well anyway, I just had to say I really liked ‘Dandelion’. I thought it was really romantic and a good departure from your stage work.”

“You know my stage stuff?” I asked

This surprised me as I had written a few plays but they’d only been performed at a few small theatres in the UK. It would be the equivalent of ‘off off Broadway’ and had been limited to a few hundred people for each play.

“Well I was filming in London and caught one during one of my days off. I was a lot less famous then so it was easier to go incognito. A friend has seen all of them so she arranged for videos of yours and a few other people’s plays to head my way.”

“Thank you, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them. A few were quite personal but I’m glad others appreciate them.”

“I don’t mean to pry but did you do any of the sex stuff? I mean it can be a bit full on if you’re a prude?”

My mind wandered as the film had three sex scenes and my experience with Amy called back to two of them.

“A couple yeah, others are from what my friends have had. I mean, sex is a part of life, there’s no reason to be afraid or hide from it. Nothing the body does naturally should be taboo.”

“Even the orgy?” she blurted out before going slightly red.

“Well I’ve never been involved in an orgy but never say never.”

I was wondering where this would be going when Elizabeth called over to Emma, indicating the time and that they had to leave.

“Oh, I’m sorry, we have to run. There’s a concert tonight and it’s a while away so we’ve got to head off. I’ll see you around.”

I nodded to her and said goodbye as she left. I took the opportunity to look at her as she did and was surprised that she had a bit of an arse on her. She always seemed tall and thin so a nice feature like that was appreciated. After they left, I finished my latte and checked the time. It was starting to get on in the afternoon so I decided to head back to the condo for an early night and to write some pointers on the script Amy had sent me.

After picking up an Uber, the drive back to the condo went quickly as the traffic wasn’t too bad. The forty five minutes in the car gave me the opportunity to read through some business e-mails and the itinerary from Emilio. Luckily he’d decided to give me a day by day play for the next week. Tomorrow seemed a fairly easy day with a viewing of a film by Spanish director Diego Mendes. There were numerous parallels between us so it would be interesting to see what he was bringing to the table. The next day would be free for some writing, while there were also interviews and a couple of parties to attend in the next week.

I was delighted to see that what my management company classed as a work trip seemingly mounted to attending a few lunches, parties and the occasional interview. For someone who had grinded at his job for 10 years, this was the least taxing working fortnight in my life. I arrived back just after 6 o’clock and was ready for a night of script reading but I noticed that the lights were on. I shrugged it off as Emilio probably left them on when he came to meet me this morning.

I walked into the house and there was some R’n’B music playing throughout the house. I knew there was a sound system but I hadn’t had the opportunity to play with it, the sound was crisp and volume even as I walked through into the lounge. There was I was greeted with the back of a red headed woman. She wore a long see-through robe with a white bra, a matching lace thong and suspenders visible underneath. She was swaying to the music and appeared to have a glass of wine in her hand. I coughed softly to get her attention and she turned around to look at me.

“You appear to be your underwear in my house.”

“Yours? I thought you were just renting.”

“Well technically leasing for the week. But still the point stands.”

“Lucky I’ve already poured you a glass then.”

The red head walked to the kitchen and grabbed the second glass of wine from the side. She turned around and I noticed the heels that she wore weren’t the tallest but they accentuated her legs, making her seem much taller than she was. She walked over to me with confidence and her thin body suited the underwear, her flat stomach exposed by the robe. She handed me the glass, her fingers lingering on my hand as I took it.

“This isn’t going to knock me out cold, is it?”

“No of course not, I need you awake for what I have planned. I’m Jessica.”

“I know who you are. I actually met a co-star of yours earlier; Emma Stone.”

“Ah, she’s a sweet kid. Bit easy to intimidate with sexuality though. I’m sensing you’re not intimidated though.”

“What makes you think that?” I asked as she leaned on the edge of the sofa.

“You’re not blushing and you haven’t once looked at my tits. “

“Maybe I’m arse man!” I said with a smile.

Jessica nodded her head and immediately turned around. She removed the gown leaving her in the underwear only and bent over the arm of the sofa. I approached her and ran my hand down her back. She shivered at my light touch as I followed her spine down to her arse. I looked at the underwear and saw the thong was over the suspenders, allowing it to be removed while keeping the suspenders in place. I reached my hand over the right cheek and could feel the firmness. She was a few years younger than Amy but her arse was similarly toned. I gave it a slap and she let out a little yelp as my hand contacted her cheek.

“That’s got a nice feel to it.”

“A vegan diet and plenty of squats; the perfect combo for a firm ass and soft skin.”

“And why do I get this opportunity?” I asked as I slid my top off.

Jessica went to stand back up but I placed a firm hand on her back, keeping her in the position.

“I’ve had two Oscar nominations and didn’t win either. I need that gold in my life. I’ve known some directors but I think you’re the one to get me over the line.”

“You could audition like everyone else!” I stated as I kicked off my shoes and socks.

“I have enough talent to do that but so do many others. I’m fed up of losing out the action roles to Emily Blunt, the quirky indie roles to Zooey Deschanel or Bryce Dallas Howard and comedy to Emma Stone!”

I undid my jeans as she looked back, licking her lips at the obvious bulge.

“So what makes you so special? Why shouldn’t I try and fuck them?”

“Blunt is always away filming, Zooey wouldn’t cheat on her husband, you’re not Bryce’s type and Emma is frigid.”

I slide my boxer shorts down and stood there naked in front of her, my penis standing in full size pointing at her

“And I’ll let you fuck my ass.”

Jessica licked her lips again as I approached her and gave her other cheek a hard slap. My cock rubbed against her pussy through the material and I could feel the wetness, excitement exuding from her entire being. Aware of the red mark on her arse, I reached my fingers over and, with a very light touch, slid my fingers over back, feeling slight goose pimples appear at my touch.

Jessica let out a little moan as the head of my cock rested at her slit, only the lacy material of her thong stopping it from entering her. She reached around and undid her bra, slipping if off of her shoulders and throwing it to the side. She rested her head on the cushion, her eyes seeking me out as I continued to rub back. I noticed the mirror at the end of room and watched her face as I teased her more. I always thought she had quite hard features but the face looked incredibly soft as she felt the pleasure of my teasing.

I decided to take control a little more by grabbing the robe and removing the material used to tie it. I grabbed Jessica’s hands behind the back and tied them in place; loose enough for her to move them but tight enough to ensure they’d stay behind her.

“I haven’t been with someone this forceful for a while.” She said to me, facing me via the mirror.

“Well maybe you need to be dominated a bit more. This isn’t going to guarantee you a place in my films…”

“I only need to guarantee your cock in me for now.” She said cutting me off.

I reached my hand down and moved her thong to the side. Running my hand along her pussy, I could feel she was very wet and ready for my cock to be inside her. Her pussy was smooth except for a small bit of hair on the top, similar to how Amy was. Maybe all Hollywood red heads are the same, a show of pride for their hair colour.

“Give it to me!” she exclaimed as my fingers came into contact with her now exposed clit.

I stepped forward slightly and pushed my cock into her, half way at first but I was able to fully slide myself in with a few thrusts. I looked into the mirror to see Jessica had closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of my full length in her pussy. The tightness made it obvious that she didn’t do this sort of thig regularly so maybe I could count myself lucky.

Taking note of the comment she had made earlier, I licked the fingers that had teased her pussy just before my cock had gone in to make them wet. I could taste her sweet juices and considered stopping for a moment to taste her pussy. I’d already slept with two girls today without going down on either of them but one look at her face in the mirror and I could tell that would be a mistake. Jessica’s eyes were closed and her face was a mask of pleasure, need the refreshment that only an orgasm could bring.

Instead I moved the thong further to the side and teased her arsehole with my thumb. I continued to thrust into her to heighten the pleasure but she still let out a yelp of pain when I slipped my first finger in.

“Should I stop?”

“No!” she said in between moans. “But I want to cum before you go in there.”

I took her words seriously and increased the pace of my thrusting, the occasional slap to her arse cheeks as I did so. I kept looking at Jessica’s face and her eyes remained closed as I pushed into her hard, her mouth open and moaning all the way through. I could feel the pace increase as she started to push back hard in time with my thrusting, the sofa rocking with our movements.

“Yes, just there! Oh my God!” she exclaimed in between the moans.

Deciding her pushing back would be more than what was required, I concentrated on her arse. My finger was starting to go in and out fairly easily so I decided to push on. Spitting some saliva down for extra lubricant, I gently moved my middle finger in to join the index and moved the two in motion as Jessica pushed back more, the occasional grunt joining her moans as she became more animalistic. Her hands fidgeted with the lace as the pleasure took over so I reached over and grabbed a load of hair.

As her hair was pulled back, Jessica opened her eyes to look at me, a deviant smile on her lips. I pushed further in to her arsehole, a third finger joining in, and Jessica licked her lips as she got closer to her orgasm. I let her hair go and pushed her back to the sofa, my hand grabbing her hip and giving it a squeeze. Finally, after a few more thrusts, Jessica screamed loudly as her orgasm took over.

“Oh shit! That’s so good, just there. Hold it!”

I held the position allowing her to go through the motions of the orgasm. Her body started to relax as her orgasm subsided but I wasn’t ready to finish just yet. I undid the lace from her hands and she immediately drew them underneath her body. I couldn’t see her face but I could tell she was smiling with the afterglow. I withdrew my hard cock from her pussy and primed it with her juices.

Instinctively, Jessica spread her legs wider before bringing her arms around and spreading her cheeks. I took my fingers and slowly inserted my cock into her arse, taking it slowly at first. Her face contorted to show she was uncomfortable to start with but that soon changed as I thrust slowly and she got used to it being there.

“You finish yourself good in there.” She said she removed her hands from her arse.

“I will, you’re gonna be filled up.”

“Good, I can’t wait to feel that warm spunk in me.”

Jessica raised herself up as she leaned on her hands so she was in a better position and I started thrust into her harder. The tightness of her pussy was nothing in comparison to her arse and I could feel her muscles pushing down hard on me, the friction causing pleasure with every thrust.

I gripped onto her arse cheeks as I pushed further in, Jessica looking at me through her the ginger hair as I did so.

“Mmm,” she moaned as I pushed into her hard.

I became aware as to why when I saw her lift her index finger to her mouth and starting to suck on it. He tongue entwined her finger as she moaned through the sucking.

“God I taste so nice after an orgasm. I better get you to lick my pussy next time.”

“Next time?” I asked

“Cast me in something and you can have any which way, any time.”

I smiled at the thought of that and I could feel myself getting closer. I gripped onto her hips and rapidly increased my thrusting into her; I wanted to fill her arse fully, shooting my entire load into her. I reached my hand back and gave it another hard slap. I could my balls tighten and I leaned my head back as I came insider her, thrusting through the entire spurt and only stopping when the cum stopped.

I pulled out of her and gave her arse another little slap before walking back to the wine glass and drinking it down. As I finished the drink, I watched Jessica walk towards me completely naked. The ginger pubic hair was very neatly trimmed and her breasts were fairly small but nice and pert. It was great to finally get a look at her glorious body.

“Now that was a fantastic fuck. Looks like directing isn’t the only thing you’re good at.”

“Thank you, I do try my best. Would you like more wine and stay for some food? Maybe we can discuss some project ideas.”

Jessica smiled at the proposition and leant on the side of the kitchen island.

“That sounds like a lovely idea. “
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Day 4
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This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you would like to provide constructive feedback, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

I woke up to the bell of the house being rung. It was still fairly early in the morning, I thought, but I checked the time on my phone and noticed it read 7:45am. I dragged myself out of the bed and walked down to the front door, dressed in a pair of boxer briefs only. I opened it to see a pretty girl, 19 I’d say, and an older gentleman staring back at me.

“Mr Richard Cole? I’m Alberto Jacobs from Kriezer Prestige Car Hire.”

I nodded.

“Emilio Alvarez Quesarillo has put an order for a car for a hire car for the next seven days. Could you just sign here and Cindy will give you the keys.”

I wiped the sleep from my eyes as he forced the contract in front of me. I didn’t know Emilio’s full name but it was too much of a coincidence if it wasn’t him. I took the pen from the man and signed the contract line and input the date. Alberto walked off and the girl, Cindy, handed me the keys before having a cheeky look at my crotch. She winked in my direction before joining him and the two drove off.

I looked at the driveway and saw that they had left a Porsche 911 Targa 4S for me. I smiled and walked around the car, ensuring no scratches and to ensure I wasn’t dreaming. I smiled as I thought about the fortune I was having on this trip.

“God, I hope it’s manual.”

10 Days in Hollywood: Day 4
Starring Kat Dennings, Melissa Benoist & Amy Adams
Featuring Daisy Ridley & Felicity Jones
MFF, MF, Cons, Oral, Facial

The previous night, I had spent several hours with Jessica after our encounter and I found her to be a very funny woman but a little bit desperate in her continuing hunt for an Oscar. I told her about the project I was working on with Amy and the second script I had just finished writing. She expressed an interest in both despite there not being a role in either for her. I did agree to consider her for any future roles though it was partially inspired by wanting to sleep with her again.

I had a few hours to kill before the film screening so I made myself a nice healthy lunch of eggs, which I would like to say was through choice but, in reality, was due to the lack of sausages and bacon. With a pot of coffee to drink, I sat outside and reviewed my script for any changes before sending over to the proofreaders at the management company to go through with a fine tooth comb. I was interrupted by my phone ringing with an unrecognised number.

“Hi Richard, it’s Daisy Ridley here.”

“Hi Daisy, how are you?”

“I’m good thanks. I just thought I’d give you call as I saw your film last night.”

“And?” I asked.

“Oh I liked it.”

“Ah, thank you. It’s great to hear so much positive feedback about it. “

“Would you want to do lunch and we can talk about it more?” she asked

“I’d love to but I can’t sorry. I have to go to a film screener to do some networking. I get the feeling your boyfriend wouldn’t be too happy either. ”

“Don’t mind him; he needs to get over his petty jealousies. Work is work.”

“How are things with him anyway? He seemed a bit angry as I left the hotel on Tuesday.”

“It’s complicated. Oh, Felicity wants to say something.”

I smirked as I heard the phone being passed over.

“Hey Coley. I’ve been invited to a masquerade ball on Sunday but my date has cancelled on me. Fancy coming?”

“A masquerade ball? Like the Venetians had? Sure but I don’t have a mask.” I replied

“That’s okay, you wear black and I’ll provide the mask.”

With that, Felicity hung the phone up and there was silence on the line. I was intrigued by the party invitation from Felicity; I’d not been a masquerade ball before so I did wonder if it would be a formal party or one that fell into decadence. I noticed the time was getting on so I decided to get dressed and leave a little early, why wouldn’t I pass up the opportunity to drive the new car for a while before I was due to attend the screening.

I drove the car around the hills for a bit, enamoured with its ability to take the corners at a good speed. I had got a bit carried away so I took a slight breather to enjoy the view before heading down to the screener in Burbank. I’d enjoyed the networking opportunity at the start and felt genuine interest in my film. I was asked my opinion of Diego’s films but I thought it was wise to be a sycophant and just say that I liked them and that I was looking forward to watching this latest one. It would be a bit rude to come to his own film and say he was peddling pretentious nonsense.

I noticed the star give me a couple of looks before the film but she hadn’t approached me. I wasn’t sure it this was because she didn’t have time or want to but I did take the opportunity to check her out. Her long black hair cascaded over her shoulders and her white blouse only showed a little bit of cleavage, though it was obvious there was a plentiful bounty underneath. She complemented her hour glass figure with a black pencil skirt and a pair of red heels.

The film itself was exactly as I expected, two hours of nonsense and the film finished with the main male character choking to death quite graphically. There was a stunned silence as it ended and it continued as Diego stepped up onto the stage and did an impromptu question and answer session. Eventually we were allowed out for a drinks reception to discuss the film some more and Diego approached me.

“Richard, I can already tell you did not like it.”

I nodded.

“I wouldn’t say I didn’t like it Diego, it’s just that I didn’t understand what I was going for. You know me and my simplified romances.”

“Ah, it is about commercialisation and how it destroys love and our soul so we don’t have to bow down to it.”

“Yeah…” I replied, clearly showing I had no idea what he was on about.

“And he made me be sick four times as he didn’t like the colour of it.”

I turned around to see the female star, Kat Dennings, approaching us.

“I had a palette that had to be obeyed my dear Katherine. Ah, I must go see this lady.” He answered before walking off to leave the two of us alone.

“You know he hates you right?”

“Does he? We’ve only met a handful of times. How do you know that?” I asked her

“He took me out for dinner to try and get into my pants and just trashed you the whole night. Apparently you slept with some girl he liked, Caroline I think?”

“Caroline? Jesus, I had a year-long relationship with the girl. It’s a bit silly that he’s hung up on that.”

“He’s an idiot! Come on; let’s go sit on the balcony.”

Kat led the way and it gave me an opportunity to check out her body a bit closer. She wasn’t a stick thin girl but her boobs and arse dwarfed her waist and the fitted clothing she chose to wear showed it off fantastically. She stopped as we reached the end of the balcony and drank some more red wine, looking out into the car park.

“You know, I look at all these cars and wonder whose is whose. I think it would display a lot about their personality. Obviously Diego has a Prius.”

“What do you have?”

“Currently a Mustang, plenty of grunt and it rides the clutch hard. You?”

“Well back home, I live in the centre of London so I don’t have one. Luckily I don’t get noticed so I can just jump onto the tube.” I answered.

“That’s very wise considering the congestion charge and the significant lack of parking.”

I looked at her with a surprised expression about her knowledge.

“I spent a lot of time in London when I was filming the last Thor film. I had to get taxis everywhere with Natalie refusing to ride the underground.”

“They do get a bit crammed.”

“And here? What you got to get around?” she asked, leaning over the balcony to display a little more of her cleavage.

“Well I got driven around for the first few days but the guy whose babysitting me had to have a few days off. They’ve hired me a Porsche Targa for the next week.”

“Holy shit, really? I’ve always wanted to fuc… ride around in one of them.”

I smiled as she almost admitted a fantasy.

“Well ask nicely and maybe you’ll get to… ride around in one.”

I gave her a wink as we clinked glasses together. I was enjoying our flirting when she was dragged away to go and chat to some producers leaving me on my own to look out into the mess of cars. A few other people approached me and asked me about my career, hopes and dreams and it was a rather dull affair as the people there were more of Diego’s mould than my own. I decided that after five hours of film and chat I wanted to leave and do some writing of my own so I headed towards the exit. I walked to my car to see the figure of Kat leaning on the car next to it smoking a cigarette.

“I got bored of those people so I thought I’d come here to look at your car.”

“Yeah, it’s a beauty isn’t it? I’m hoping I can buy my own one day.”

“I have to get over to Thousand Oaks to see a female friend. You fancy giving me a ride?”

“I don’t know where that is so you’ll have to point me in the right way but yeah, I can give you a ride.”

She smiled as she stubbed out the cigarette and got into the passenger’s seat. We drove out of the parking lot and headed out onto the 101 to head in the right direction. She seemed very comfortable in the seat and enjoyed the feeling of the car during the times we were able to pick up a bit of speed. I looked over in her direction and was sure she had undone a couple of the buttons as her cleavage seemed much larger than before and I could see the material of her red bra.

“This car seems like it handles well. Fancy taking us off the highway to somewhere more secluded. I mean so we can hit some corners hard!” she said emphasising the final word.

“Sure, I did the hills earlier and it handled the corners really well, no matter how hard I hit them.”

“Really? Do you give it hard often?”

As we came into a wooded road, Kat started to stroke my leg softly.

“I give it hard when it’s needed.”

“Take a left here.” She commanded.
I followed Kat’s instructions and headed left down through a small tunnel. The road was twisty and she let out a cheer each time I sped around a corner, getting closer to the kerb each time. She kept her hand on my thigh, squeezing it as she wailed with delight at the speed we were keeping.

I didn’t know where we were but it surprisingly secluded for Los Angeles, based on my limited knowledge of the area. As were hitting some speed, a deer walked out into the middle of the road. I just swerved past it, knocking some dust into the air, and I had to fight the steering wheel to keep the car on the road. When I was able to get a handle on it, I decided to slow down a little and have a breather.

I looked over to Kat and her face was beaming, her lips curved into wide smile and her breasts heaving heavily within her shirt. She pointed her arm to an upcoming lane.

“Take the right there and stop after about 100 yards.”

I steered the car in and drove down the dirt track as she instructed. I stopped in what appeared to be a cove of trees and took a moment to breath after enjoying the ride. I didn’t get much of a rest though as Kat jumped straight onto my lap and straddled me, immediately forcing her tongue into her mouth. I kissed her back hard as my hands went to her arse and gave it a big squeeze.

“Oh god, this car gets me so hot!”

She reached back and ripped her shirt open, her breasts pressing hard against her bra. I undid the rear clasp and she threw it into the passenger seat. Her small nipples pointed right at me and I took her right breast into mouth, sucking on it hungrily. Kat let out a moan as she started to grind into my lap.

Taking as much of her large breast into my mouth as I could, I bit down onto her nipple as I sucked on it. After I released her nipple, she pulled my t-shirt over my head and it joined her bra and shirt on the other side of the car.

I grabbed Kat’s left breast and started to suck that nipple too, making it as hard and as wet as the right one. She moaned louder as I worked her nipple, her grinding becoming more rhythmical and harder into my lap. I reached down to her arse and found the zip of her skirt, sliding it down as far as I could and releasing part of her thong clad arse.

“Oh god, I so need you to fuck me,” she moaned as I bit harder on her nipple.

I knew I had worked her up well enough so I reached over to a button that collapsed the passenger seat. Knowing what I wanted, Kat jumped onto the passenger seat and got onto all fours. I reached over and lowered the remainder of the zip, fully revealing her plump arse. I slid the skirt and red thong down, revealing her smooth pussy already wet from the excitement. Kat looked back over her shoulder, her face filled with lust, and she winked at me.

“God I hope you’ve got a good cock, I need to cum hard.”

I smirked at her words and undid my jeans, dropping them down past my knees. My cock was already hard from her grinding and the sight of her on all fours, eagerly waiting for my cock, made it even hard, I dropped my boxer shorts down and moved to kneel behind her. I placed my hand on the small of her back to keep her in place as I lined my cock up with her pussy. Kat instinctively gave her arse a wiggle and I plunged my cock straight in.

Kat let out a loud moan as my cock went in and her muscles immediately tensed. Her excitement was obvious as it went in fully the first time and, before I could start to thrust, Kat started her own rhythm. I kneeled there as Kat took the lead and she whipped her head back and continued to moan loudly.

“Oh yes, this is what I need. Slap my ass!”

I listened and I raised my hand and brought it down to spank her, her cheeks wobbling as I did. The spanked seemed to ignite something in her and she lowered her chest down, pressing her breasts onto the seat of the car. The pushing back seemed to change into her twerking with my cock inside her and I continued to spank her arse hard.

“Oh God yeah… harder… please so much harder…” Kat said in between moans.

I could sense she was getting closer so I followed her instructions; I started to thrust into her with long hard thrusts. I raised my hand back and forcibly hit her arse, leaving a bit red mark. Her moans became louder and turned into screams as the pleasure started to overtake her and making her body shake.

“Oh yeah, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming”

Her body shook more as her wetness increased but I continued to thrust into her. Her moans continued as she was overwhelmed with pleasure. I held onto her hips hard to keep her in place as I continued my thrusts.

“No more, no more, I don’t want you cumming in me.”

I slowed my pace as came to a stop as her back was covered in sweat. I pulled out of her as she rolled over onto her back, her shaved pussy staring at me. I licked my lips as I looked over her amazing body, her beasts resting on her chest and rising and falling as she breathed heavily.

“Straddle me!” she commanded. “Fuck my tits and cover them with your spunk.”

Doing as Kat told me, I moved to straddle her stomach and fitted my cock in between her breasts. Her hands squeezed them together so the mounds held cock in a vice like grip and I started to fuck them. Her small nipples were standing on end as her eyes never left my face. Her face was completely filled with lust as she bit her lower lip, still covered in the afterglow of her orgasm. I could feel the soft skin of her milky white breasts move up and down my cock and saw the enjoyment in her eyes. She loved the control her breasts had over men and getting them fucked brought a lot of pleasure to her.

I could feel that I was about to cum so quickly pulled my cock out and started to jack off using my hand. Kat leaned up so I would have a better target. My balls tightened and I decorated her amazingly pert breasts with my cum. Kat giggled as the shooting continued and I leaned back against the glove box of the car. I let out a breath as Kat starting to rub the cum into her milky white skin.

“That was an epic fuck, now I’ve got my Porsche riding experience.”

I laughed as I jumped over to my seat and sat back down. I was relieved to see that we were still alone but I don’t think either of us would have objected if someone had been watching us. I pulled my jeans and boxers up as Kat brought her seat back up and passed me my t-shirt. After I put it on, I looked over to see that she still sat there naked and made no effort to put her clothes back on. She turned and smiled at me as her hands moved around to indicate we should start driving again.

“You’re just going to sit there naked?”

“Yeah. I mean we’re only five minutes from my friend’s house and I’ll have to get changed anyway.”

I laughed at her reply and turned the engine on and gently reversed the car out, following her instructions to her house.

“So how did you know about such a secret spot?” I asked.

“Oh you’re not the first guy I’ve fucked in those woods. You are the first once I’ve left fuck my tits in here so at least you’re one kind of first.”

“First Londonder?” I asked hopefully.

“God no, fucked plenty when I was filming Thor. Even had a threesome with another actress.”

“Natalie Portman?”

“That little princess? God no. This one was wild, maybe I’ll introduce you.”

I pulled up outside the house and it looked like a rather large log cabin. There was a light on and a girl stood outside the front door, waving when she saw it Kat,

“Well it was lovely fucking my director’s enemy. When you’re in LA next, feel free to hit me up and I’ll let my pussy meet your cock again.”

“It’s been a pleasure Kat.”

She leaned it and kissed me on the lips, sliding her tongue into my mouth as she did so. She tapped my cheek as she pulled away before gathering her clothes. I watched her arse as she walked in and licked my lips with desire. Her friend didn’t even seem surprised that Kat was completely naked and the two of them disappeared into the house.

The drive back to Los Angeles was a long one; the traffic was much busier than it had been for the past few days but it gave me an opportunity to catch up on some podcasts. I must have looked a bit odd laughing to myself as I listened to Elis & John, drivers I had seen LA did not appear to be enjoying themselves. Their faces varied between stern, bored and angry. My enjoyment was stopped by a phone call from an unknown number.


“Hi Richard, it’s Amy. How are you?”

“I’m not too bad, just driving back into the city. How are you?”

“I’m very good. I have spoken with Melissa and she’s very sorry about what happened on Tuesday. Her friend Candice told her what happened the next day and she was in tears.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Don’t be, it’s her fault; the silly bitch.” Amy replied. “She wants to apologise to you in person and to perform, to show you her worth for the role. Can you pop round to her hotel tonight?”

“Hotel?” I asked as I thought she’d have a house.

“The ex is in the house and, as she doesn’t spend a lot of time in LA this time of year, she is staying at a hotel for her months break from filming.”

“Okay, well I have nothing to do tonight. When and where?”

“Intercontinental Hotel , downtown LA. Room 654, get there for 9 o’clock.”

“Okay, I will be there.”

I terminated the call and looked at the clock, it was now 6.30 and I was about half way back to the condo in the Hills. I quickly checked on google and I wouldn’t make it back there for another 45 minutes with the current traffic so knew I would be cutting it fine. Melissa hadn’t made a good first impression on me so I did consider taking my time but I thought that would be a bit of a dickish move and that wasn’t really me.

I was just turning up the hill when my phone rang with another unknown number.

“Hello, Richard Cole speaking.”

“Hey Bubble Fucker!”

And that line let me know who it was immediately.

“Hello Miss Arterton, how are you? Are you sure you’re allowed to speak to me?”

Gemma was the first famous person I had slept with but I hadn’t seen her for a number of years as her husband found out about our affair. She got divorced afterward but by then social circles had changed so we hadn’t run into each other for quite some time. I’m surprised she still had my number.

“Well I’m a single lady now so I control my own destiny.” She replied.

“How can I help? Are you going to tell me my film was quirky too?”

“No, your film was shit but I’m calling you about something far more important. What are you doing on Monday?”

I had to think back to the itinerary Emilio had given me.

“I’m due to meet Anne Hathaway on her film set but that’s not until the afternoon I don’t think. Why do you ask?”

“Why do I ask? Oh, how Hollywood you’ve become!”

“Should I know something about Monday?”

“Uh yeah… FA Cup fourth round. West Ham – Charlton, our derby!”

I then remembered about the football (soccer) match that had slipped my mind. Gemma was a big Charlton Athletic fan and, although the two teams hadn’t played each other for a number of years due to Charlton tumbling down the leagues, there was still a big rivalry between the two East London teams.

“Your derby! We still have Spurs, Chelsea and Millwall above you.”

“Fine, be that way. I’ve got no one to watch it with so fancy coming down to Santa Monica to be my viewing buddy?”

“Yeah sure. Guessing it’s a 9am start, where to?”

“O’Callagheys, a shit den Irish bar. Wear your colours, I will be.”

“Okay Gem, I’ll see you there Monday.”

She terminated the call and I arrived back at the condo. Due to traffic, I was a little bit longer than I expected and did not arrive back until 7.30pm, only allowing me an hour and a half to shower, eat something and get across the city. I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and headed straight up to shower and make myself look pretty. I decided to dress in a white fitted shirt and grey trousers, no jacket or waist coat so I looked smart casual and I gelled my hair a bit smartly, different to my usual straight of bed look. There wasn’t much food I could snack on so I quickly made a sandwich and headed out of the door, a good turnaround of 45 minutes. I jumped into the car and used the satnav to direct me to the hotel.

I hadn’t been prepared for the downtown traffic; everything seemed completely manic in comparison to the roads I had gone down with Kat. Eventually I arrived at the hotel but I was about 10 minutes late; that annoyed me as I prided myself as being on time. I gave the keys of the Targa to the valet and walked into the hotel. It seemed full of business types and not the sort of luxury you associate with glamorous actresses. That sort of made sense as this was a business meeting for all tense and purposes.

I rode up the elevator to the sixth floor and looked around for a sign; room 654 was to my right so I headed down the corridor until I came to the door. I knocked on it and waited for the door to open. It came ajar and Melissa sheepishly popped her head out.

“Hi Richard; thank you for coming.”

“That’s okay Melissa. I think we got onto the wrong foot before; hopefully we can have a better meeting now. Do you want to let me in or are we going to a restaurant?”

“No we’re not.” She answered.

Melissa opened the door and revealed herself to be in a see-through blue negligee, a matching red lace bra and panties and red stockings. I looked her up and down with a shocked look; she had a good athletic body which was highly complimented by the underwear.

“Let me help you with that.” Melissa said as she undid the buttons on my coat.

She slipped the material from my shoulders, her mouth breathing next to my ear and stood in front of me.

“I’m really sorry about what happened at the party, that isn’t me and I want to show you that I am worth the part. We want to show you together.”

I was enticed by what she meant by we and I followed her into the room. I took the opportunity to look her over; her legs were smooth and long and she a nicely toned arse, the material of her panties showed a lot of it and cut off half way down. Her stockings didn’t seem to be connected to a garter belt and stood up on their own. I looked around the open plan room as Melissa handed me a glass of wine and we clinked our glasses together.

“I’m glad you decided to join us, she’ll be out in a minute. Why don’t you have a seat?”

I nodded my head and sat down in the chair she was motioning to. It was conveniently placed as Melissa stood in front of me and, displaying great flexibility, bent down to pick up a pile of papers from the coffee table. The sight of her bent over in front of me was remarkable, the material stretched more and I could see the soft skin of her arse through the material. She must have also been turned on as the material clung to her pussy lips and displayed a light camel toe.

Melissa stood up and walked to the other side of the table before standing to face me. She coughed a little and silently read the words on the paper.

“I’m now going to read a soliloquy if that’s okay with you.”

“Of course it is; what is it from?” I asked finding it hard to keep eye contact.

“It’s from William Shakespeare’s Henry V. Someone told me you were a big fan of the Bard and I thought this would be appropriate as I play superhero and the character in Amy’s script is a leader.”

I nodded my head.

“That’s a good choice and yeah I am. Thought Othello is my favourite rather than Henry V.”

“Oh, should I do something from that?” she asked, slightly unsure of herself.

“No that’s okay. You do what you’ve prepared.”

Melissa smiled at my response and read the paper again. She placed it down in front of her, giving me a nice view of her cleavage and she stood up straight in front of me. Her eyes glazed a little as she looking to middle distance and started.

“What’s he that wishes so? My cousin, Westmoreland? No, my fair cousin; If we are mark’d to die, we are enow to do our country loss…”

She went through the start of the soliloquy and seemed completely lost in the words. Having never seen her acting before, I was both surprised and impressed by her handling of it. About half way through I felt someone’s hands go on my shoulders followed by their lips on my neck. The hands, small and feminine, moved across my shoulders to my chest and started to undo the buttons.

“This day is call’d the feast of Cripian. He that outlives this day, and comes safe home, will stand a tip-toe when this day is nam’d.”

Melissa continued with the speech seemingly unaware of what was happening to me. The lips had moved from my neck to my ears and she was breathing softly into it.

“I told you she was good.” She whispered into my ear.

“She is.” I replied. “I really should have listened to you Amy.”

“So is she in? Or does she need to impress you more?”

“No. She’s in but let her finish.”

I looked at Melissa as she had started to stride up and down the room as she got into the speech more. She may not have been dressed in a lot but I was transfixed on her face as she went through the Bards words. Amy had stood up and walked around the chair, draping herself over my lap. She was dressed in a dark blue dress which also showed off the redheads figure but none of her body.

She continued to undo the buttons of my shirt until they were completely undone and helped me take my shirt off. Amy bundled it into a ball before taking a smell and throwing it to the corner of the room. Amy pulled me to her lips and we kissed with her tongue massaging my own. I wrapped my arms around her and could feel the zip on the back of the dress. I started to slide it down to the bottom as Amy held her hands to my face before pulling away. We turned our attention to the young blonde as she came to the end of the speech.

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile, this day shall gentile his condition. And gentlemen in England now a-bed shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here, and hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks that fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.”

As she finished her words, we both applauded her effort. Melissa, completely delighted with how the soliloquy went, smiled before taking a bow.

“That was an excellent read, thank you very much Melissa.”

“You really think so? Thank you Richard, I just… I wanted to do it really well for you.”

“Well you did. I think I’m on the same page as Amy and Brett now, you definitely have what it takes to be the lead in this film.”

Amy got off my lap as I finished my sentence and stood in front of me. She moved the dress off of her shoulders and dropped it to the floor. In a matter of a few minutes, another hot actress displayed her arse directly in my face; Amy wore a white thong but no bra. I grabbed her by the hips and leaned forward, my lips pressing against her arse cheeks.

“Good idea Richard, I think it’s an appropriate time to celebrate the coming together of the producer, director and star.”

I looked up to see Amy grab Melissa and pull her into a kiss. The sight of the blonde and the older red head kiss made my cock hard and I attempted to stand up. Before I reached my feet, Amy moved her leg back to hold me in place before breaking the kiss and walking to the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the two of us.

“Melissa, I think you should show Richard your appreciation. Suck his cock!”

My eyes darted from Amy’s chest, her nipples showing her excitement, to Melissa’s face as she dropped down to her knees in front of me. I leaned back as she made short work of my belt and trousers and lowered them down my legs.

“Are you sure about doing this?” I asked

I saw Amy frown before Melissa returned her eyes to me.

“It was my idea.” Melissa answered as she removed the shoes and socks from my feet.

My trousers quickly followed and I sat there in my boxers, my bulge very obvious to her eyes. Melissa leaned in and starting kissing around my abdomen, teasing me before the main show. I looked over to Amy and she had a large smile on her face, her fingers already in her underwear as she watched the show.

I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the feeling of Melissa’s lips on my body. She wasn’t pressing too hard and her fingers softly made their way around my hips, sending a shiver up my body. I looked down to her and noticed her eyes hadn’t left my face since she had started. I motioned with my head and Melissa leaned up, pressing her lips against mine in a gentle kiss. I felt her hands tugging on my boxer shorts so I leaned up a little and Melissa slid them down my body.

Throughout our action, Amy had been teasing her body with her fingers but she moved further back onto the bed and opened the side drawer. She removed a dildo from it and placed it on the bed next to her. As she slid her thong off, I returned my gaze to Melissa who had started to stroke my cock. We kept our eyes locked together as her hand expertly moved around my cock, moving up and down in a swift motion and her thumb massaging the head.

“I’m noticing a significant lack of mouth on cock action!”

We both looked toward Amy, noticing she had made herself a nice little den at the top of the bed. Surrounded by pillow, her thong was now at the end of the bed and she seemed to sitting comfortably on the dildo, the noise letting us know the vibration was on.

I looked to Melissa, who had returned her gaze to me, and I brought my lips to kiss her again. As the kiss broke; Melissa’s fingers returned to stoke my cock and her lips kissed their way down my body. As she reached my pelvis, Melissa held my cock in place and took it into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head of my cock as her hands stroked it some more. I let out a slight moan to Amy’s delight as I felt my cock get engorged by Melissa’s mouth.

Her lips reached my skin with my whole length in her mouth as her hands dropped to my balls and started to massage them. Melissa quickly drew her mouth up and off my cock, allowing it to hit her in the face, and licked the side. She let out a little laugh as my cock hit her and she licked up and down the side of it.

“You liked that, huh?” I asked her.

Melissa nodded her head as she took one of my balls into her mouth. She swirled it around as I lowered my hand and held my cock in place for her. As she withdrew my ball from her mouth, Melissa looked at me and bit her lower lip. I pulled my hand back and hit her in the face with my cock, Melissa letting out a moan of enjoyment. I knew this girl was going to be dirty so I decided to penis whip her again and she let out another moan.

“You guys are going to make me cum soon. Melissa, I’m going to give you a challenge.”

Melissa turned around and looked at Amy as she remained on her knees.

“What is the challenge Ms Adams?”

“I’m going to lay here and let this vibrator fuck me. You have to make Mr Cole cum in your mouth before I reach my orgasm. If you fail, you will not be allowed to have one of your own.” Amy answered.

Melissa seemed happy with the challenge as she turned around and dived directly onto my cock, taking the whole length into her mouth in one go. Her head bobbed enthusiastically as Amy sat on her vibrator. The moans from the bed started to get louder and it encouraged Melissa as she stroked my cock hard in motion with her mouth.

I could feel Melissa’s tongue swirl around the head of my cock as I moaned with the pleasure from her blow job. She aggressively massaged my balls as they started to tighten and I opened my eyes to see Amy had moved onto all fours as she held the vibrator to her pussy, her moans starting to become uncontrollable. She was seemingly peaking when Melissa sucked on my cock hard, bringing me closer. My eyes caught Melissa’s and we held each other in a gaze as she held her position. Her tongue swirled around the head of my cock while her hand stroked it and I knew I was only moments from climaxing.

“I’m cumming.” I said out loud for Amy’s attention.

Amy was grunting and moaning on the bed as I filled Melissa’s mouth with my cum. Like a good girl, she held the position and took the entire load in her mouth, allowing a little to dribble out mouth as she withdrew my cock. She stood up and looked very proud of herself when Amy grabbed her from behind. Spinning her around, Amy forced her mouth onto Melissa’s and kissed her so they could share my cum between them.

“God Richard, you taste so nice in her mouth. “ Amy said after releasing Melissa.

“He does, that was the best cock I’ve had in my mouth for months.” Melissa said as she sat on bed, collapsing down onto it.

Amy walked over to me and sat back on my lap as she had earlier in the night. She leaned in and we kissed passionately, her tongue massaging me out as her hand rubbed along my chest.

“I think that was a good start. Do you think maybe we should make her cum?” Amy asked.

“Well we have already so maybe she should too; she is the star of the film after all.”

“And how do you think we should do it?”

“I have an idea.” I said as I picked up Amy in my arms.

Both naked, I walked us over to the bed and tossed her roughly down. The bed was quite bouncy so she span as she hit the bed and ended up on her stomach. I offered an arm and lifted Melissa up onto her feet, placing a kiss onto her lips and grabbing her arse roughly.

“Do you want to cum Melissa?”

“I do.”

“Do you want to scream loudly as your director and producer pleasure you?”

She nodded.

“And would you like it with a cock, a tongue or both?”

She stood there for a moment, switching her gaze between myself and Amy. She leaned over and kissed me on the lips, her tongue remaining in her mouth. As she pulled away, she ran her fingers down my chest before walking around the bed to where Amy was sat. She bent over and kissed Amy more passionately, her tongue going into Amy’s mouth. She shook her arse suggestively before pulling back and standing between us.


“Excellent answer Melissa. Do a strip tease for us.” I commanded

I moved to the bed and sat down on the edge; bringing Amy in to snuggle into my side. Her hand massaged my thigh as we watched Melissa sway her hips to some imaginary music. Melissa started off by removing the blue negligee slowly, swinging it in her hand above her head before throwing it our way. Amy caught it and held it close to her pussy as Melissa turned her back to us and went back to rhythmically swaying her hips. You could tell she was a bit of a dancer and her arse popped out well with her moves.

“That’s it Melissa, I’m getting strong movement here.” Amy said as she wrapped the negligee around my cock and started to use it as a stroking instrument.

“That is such a good arse!”

“Thanks, it’s taken me loads of work to get it like this. Maybe you can fuck it before we finish filming.” She said as her hands snaked to her bra and unhooked it.

Melissa dropped the bra to the floor and posed still with her hands above her head before performing a dance move called a slut drop and did the splits on the floor. Amy stopped stroking my cock and dropped her mouth down, taking a slight taste of it as my hand stroked her back softly. Melissa looked over her shoulder to us, her nipple slightly peeking through, and winked at me as she Amy with my cock in her mouth.

Amy’s head came back up as she watched Melissa stand in place and pop her booty out to us. She shook it before running her finger down her arse and over her pussy, rubbing her lips slightly. I could see Amy getting turned on as she licked her lips and moved her hands towards her own pussy, fingers stretched out to tease her clit.

“I think we’re ready to see the rest of you.” I said as I leaned forward.

Melissa listened to my words and lowered her panties to the floor, bending over as she did earlier and exposing her pussy lips to us. She kicked them to the side and started to move her stockings but I held out my hand to stop her.

“You’re keeping them on.” I said as I motioned for her to spin around.

Melissa obliged to my request and stood in front of me completely naked, her pert nipples standing on end to show how turned on she was. I looked down her flat stomach to her pussy. It was kept neat in a landing strip but was the hairiest pussy I’d seen since I’d been here. I pulled her forward and placed a kiss on her pussy lips, eliciting a loud moan from her. I stood up as I passed her to Amy who repeated what I did, allowing me to walk behind her to check out her arse. I wrapped my arms around her to cup her breasts as Amy continued to place kisses on and around her pussy. I gently stroked her breasts, occasionally flicking her nipples as my hands past, and I kissed my way up and down her neck.

Melissa seemed to be in heaven with Amy going down on her but I knew I didn’t want her to orgasm like this. I noticed on the side table there were condoms so I released Melissa’s breasts and walked towards them. Melissa instinctively reached out for my hands which I held and gave her a reassuring wink. She looked a little disappointed as I let it go but that was soon forgotten she titled her head back and screamed a moan of pleasure. I watched Amy hungrily eat Melissa’s pussy as I undid the packet and put the condom on. This was clearly not her first time going down on a girl and Melissa seemed to be in heaven.

“I’m sure we could make a killing just filming you two!” I joked as I walked.

Amy pulled away from Melissa’s pussy and shot me a dirty look.

“Enough people on the internet have seen me fuck!” Melissa said as she turned to face me.

I nodded as I remembered the pictures and videos that were released in the fappening; silently cursing myself.

“How do you want me?” she asked as she grabbed my cock; stroking it to ensure the condom was fully on.

“Get on all fours on the bed.”

Melissa followed my command and climbed onto the bed and assumed the position. I whispered something into Amy’s ear and she straddled the bed next to Melissa, rubbing her hand onto Melissa’s back. Looking at her enlarged lips, I didn’t think it would be long until Melissa was having her orgasm due to the work Amy had done on her pussy. Melissa, at this point, was desperate to cum. Amy grabbed her hand and sucked on her fingers as I grabbed her hips and slid my cock into her pussy.

“Oooh.” Melissa moaned feeling my length inside her.

I started thrusting into her tight pussy, it was incredibly wet but I was able to get a solid motion. I placed my hands on either side of her cheeks and spread them wide to expose her arsehole. In agreement with my whisper, Amy dropped her mouth down and slid her tongue into Melissa’s arsehole, eliciting more moans from Melissa.

“Do you like the feeling of my cock while Amy tongues your arsehole?” I asked

“Yes…” Melissa moaned.

“Are you going to be our little slut on set?” Amy asked

“Yes…” Melissa moaned in answer to her.

I thrust into her harder, feeling myself wanting to cum. I bucked onto her hips hard as Amy continued to lick and tease Melissa’s arsehole. The moans coming from Melissa’s mouth were getting louder with every thrust and I saw Amy slide a finger into her hole. That seemed to knock Melissa over the edge and she screamed through a mighty orgasm, soaking my condom clad cock with her juices. I slipped out of her pussy and she collapsed onto the bed.

“That was so good; I haven’t cum like that in years.” Melissa mumbled from the bed.

I tapped her on the arse as Amy looked at me with a broad smile.

“I think you still need to cum, huh?”

I nodded my head and Amy dropped onto her knees on the floor.

“Pepper my face with it!”

I removed the condom from my cock and gave the outside a lick as it was still covered in Supergirl’s juices. I chucked the condom into the bin as Amy looked up at my cock expectantly. I stroked it my hand to test to see how long it would be and I knew that it would be over Amy’s face soon.

“Play with my balls.” I told Amy.

She complied with my request and I stroked my cock hard, holding it in place to aim for her face. She had a smile on her face as some pre-cum came out of my cock to signal I was close. Amy nodded her head to show she was ready and I shot my first stream on cum onto her face. She squealed in delight as I continued to unload on her face, taking some into her mouth. I took a step forward as the power reduced and I rubbed my cock on her face to get cover her with my cum.

After I was finished, Amy rubbed the cum into her skin and kissed me on the lips. Her hand reached around and grabbed my arse, digging her nails in. We turned to Melissa and noticed that she had fallen asleep, knackered from the session with us.

“Bless her; that seems to have taken a lot out of her.”

“Yeah, we’re going to have a lot of fun fucking that little slut.” Amy said as she looked over her body. “You want to stay?”

“Nah, I’ve got an early start tomorrow so I better head back to the condo for a sleep.” I said as I picked up my clothes and started to get dressed.

“Okay, I’ll shower and clean this place up. May as well stay and then I can get her to return the favour and lick my pussy in the morning.”

I grabbed Amy and locked her into a passionate kiss, feeling her small nipples dig into my chest.

“I look forward to seeing you in a few days. Think we’ll be able to hook up before I leave?”

“I don’t know, I’m really busy for the next week. I’ll try though. What do you want to try?” she asked.

I reached around and parted her arse cheeks with fingers, gently rubbing her arsehole.


I laughed before leaving Amy and Melissa in the room. I smiled to myself about the experience as I headed downstairs and collected my call from the valet. The drive back to the condo was busy but not as busy as the drive to the hotel and it was insightful to see Los Angeles at night. The drive through Hollywood was interesting as it seemed as busy as the day with people jumped in and out of clubs. I checked my watch and the time was ticking over to midnight by the time I reached the condo. There was a car parked in the driveway but it wasn’t one I recognised. I exited my car and walked to the porch where Daisy was sitting on the porch bench waiting for me.

“Hey Daisy, what are you doing here?”

“Um… we had another falling out and I was kind of getting tired of it so went for a drive to have a think.” She answered

“He hasn’t hurt you, has he?”

“No, no of course not. He may act tough but he’s a pussy. I just wanted to test out a theory before I decide on something. “

“What’s the theory?”

Daisy leaned forward and placed a kiss on my lips. She wrapped her arms around me and slid her tongue into my mouth. I put my arms around her and held her close as we kissed, my hands instinctively moving to her arse and giving it a squeeze. She ran her tongue along the top of my mouth and I could feel her hand slide to my front and cup my crotch. She slowly pulled away from my mouth and looked me in the eyes.


Daisy walked past me and got into her car. She seemed to think for a moment before turning the engine on and driving away from my condo. I stood in shock as I watched her go, unaware of why she had just kissed me.

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Day 5
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This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you would like to provide constructive feedback, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

Images running through your head all night does not help with getting a peaceful night’s sleep. That was what I had to endure and it was all focused on one thing. Did it mean that she wanted a relationship? Just to have to have sex with me? At the end of the day I knew that I was analysing it too much. She had a boyfriend; admittedly he seemed to be a complete dick but they were together and I didn’t believe she planned on cheating on him.

Then the kiss happened.

But it was only a kiss and nothing more. You’d think I’d focus more on the threesome with Melissa and Amy, or any of the women I've hooked up with in the four days previous. Maybe the revenge sex with Alice should take up space or the fact that my drink with Gemma would most likely end up with her riding my face. Only one person, however, was stored in my head.

There was a knock at the door and I got out of the bed. I didn’t have a lot of sleep and it must have shown judging by Emilio’s face when I opened the door. He handed me some breakfast and walked into the house.

“What is wrong my friend? You don’t look very well. A girl?”

I simply nodded in reply.

“And what is her name?”


10 Days in Hollywood: Day 5 by RTMinotaur
Starring Karen Gillan & Janina Gavankar
Featuring Freya Mavor & Daisy Ridley
MF, Cons, Oral, Voyeur

After I had eaten the breakfast Emilio had brought me, we jumped into the car and caught up with what had happened in the last few days.

“So she was dressed in the colours of Supergirl?”

“Yeah, it was unexpected surprise; certainly made up for her being sick all over me.”

“Well if that’s how she makes up for it then I’ll have to find a way for her to slight me as well.” Emilio replied with a chuckle.

We had travelled down to the south of the city for a junket. The producers had set up quite a few interviews and thought it would be an excellent idea to put me in front of them with Freya Mavor, the female lead in ‘Dandelion'. Freya had been incredibly supportive during the making of the film, she was practically joined at my hip and became one of my best friends so being sat next to her for the day would not be a terrible thing.

“So tell me, this Freya, she single homes?”

“Single? God no, she's been with her boyfriend for years and years. You've got more chance of taking the Pope to a strip club.”

“That's a shame, she looked really good in your film.”

“Yeah, I'm just really good at shooting films.”

He laughed at my reply as we continued to drive to the interviews. We parked in a lot just off the beach not far from the bar they'd set the junket up in.

“I'm not going to lie, i'm gonna get bored by watching you get interviewed all morning. I'll come back later and we'll go for lunch, yeah?”

“Yeah, no problem Emilio. You head off on the pull and I'll keep the attractive girl company.”

“Hey, you said she had a boyfriend?”

“She does but it won't stop her being a flirt.”

I shot Emilio a wink and headed towards the bar. As I arrived, it was a hive of excitement with numerous people running around. The bar was clearly still open but a runner spotted me and escorted me through to the back room where the interviews were going to take place. The runner walked me over to make up area where I spotted Freya. She waved me over as she looked up and I plonked myself down next to her.

“You come here often?”

“Nah, only when I get to chat with an English twat about his whimsical bullshit fantasy!” Freya replied with a laugh.

I reached over and pulled her into a hug and she gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“How long have you been in LA?” I asked.

“Oh, flew in last night. It's our anniversary and we had big plans but he got called to New York for work and I get to sit next to you. Romantic, huh?”

“Almost as romantic as Bali!”

She feigned a look of shock.

“I saw some of it.”

“Switching between the ceiling and the pillow while getting plowed isn't seeing Bali.” I replied.

“Maybe next time.”

Freya giggled and we continued to chat while we waited for them to collect us. They took us to the front of the bar where they had set up the usual junket studio; two chairs with the film poster in the background and the area for a camera and the interviewer. It was a big collection of interviews from radio presenters, TV hosts and press reporters.

The whole process took three hours and it seemed to work out well, a lot of the reporters were endeared by Freya and commented that they liked the film. I'd got caught back with an extra interview while Freya wandered off. When I caught up with her, I saw that she was chatting with Emilio.

“Hey guys, getting acquainted?”

“Yeah, Freya was just telling me about a fantasy you have!”

I cocked an eyebrow at them.

“Yeah, the Lily threesome.”

“Oh right, well I did tell her in confidence. Not likely going to happen, Lily James doesn't really like me.” I replied.

“You can tell me about it later. In the meantime, I am taking Freya for some lunch.” Emilio said as he put his arm around her waist.

Usually Freya didn't like people touching her but I did notice that she allowed him to do it.

“Aren't you supposed to be buying me lunch?”

“I'm prettier! Also, you're going to do me a massive favour. I've got a meeting this afternoon but I left the script at the beach house. Any chance you can go get it for me?”

“Yeah, sure. Gotta do something as I'm not invited to lunch.”

She gave me the address and went our separate ways. Something was definitely up but I'm sure I would find out later on. Instead I walked down the promenade to the address that Freya had given me. It was a beach house but was built as a bungalow rather than the usual look. I let myself in with the key she provided and walked into the porch area when I heard a noise.

“Uh… hello?”

No one responded so I continued to walk into the house. I didn't want to be too exposed so walked slowly as I approached the lounge. The sight I saw stopped me in my tracks with my jaw hung open. Karen Gillan, the read headed star of Guardians of the Galaxy and formerly of Doctor Who,was spread out on the sofa naked with an ipad in front of her.

I looked over her as she was fixated on the screen in front of her, her right hand idly fingering her erect nipple. Knowing it was inappropriate to watch, I started to walk out of the room.


I did as she said and turned around to face her.

“Not enjoying the view?”

“No..no no no, the view is fantastic.”

“But?” Karen said as she moved the ipad to the side.

“I just thought it was inappropriate to stare as you were… having a private moment.”

“Well if you didn't want to interrupt a ‘private moment’ why the fuck are you in my house? And who the cunty fuck are you?”

“I'm Richard, Freyas’s friend.”

“Richard? Hmm, why do I know that name?” she asked herself.

“She asked me to come pick a script up.”

“No, that's not it.”

Karen had a perplexed look on her face as she stood up from the sofa. She made no attempt to cover her body and I took the opportunity to look over her. Her breasts weren't the largest but would provide a good handful and were very pert. Her pink nipples were erect and she had small areolas.

Karen walked over to the kitchen counter and picked up a stack of papers. She walked back to me and I could see her curvaceous hips and her pussy lips exposed, only a smile line of red hair above it. She went to hand me the papers but didn't let go.

“Cole? Richard Cole, that's you isn't it?”

I nodded my head.

“Yeah, she told me about you. The good film you made and how she was jealous.”

“Jealous of what?”

“Of you.” Karen said as she released the papers and walked back to the sofa, swinging her arse as she did. “She liked how free and charming you are. She's a bit bored of her relationship and how predictable they've become.”

It made sense with how flirty and touchy feely she was with Emilio earlier in the day. I could only imagine what they were doing about now.

“She's never given me that impression.”

“No, of course she didn't. She values your friendship too much, probably why she hasn't tried to fuck you.”

“And what else has she told you?” I asked as I walked to the chair next to the sofa and sat down.

“Good director, football fan, very smart, big dick and great in bed.”

“Well that's very complimentary.”

“It is but it leads me to think one thing.” Karen said as she leaned back into the sofa and stared at me.

“Which is?”

“Why the fuck are your clothes still on?”

Karen bit her lower lip as her hand drifted down to her pussy. I chuckled to myself as I started to undo my shirt and stood up in front of her. Karen licked her lips as I removed my shirt and threw it to the side.

“Very nice so far!”

I shot her a wink as I leaned down to take my shoes off. I looked at Karen as I stood in my jeans and could see her right hand busying itself with her pussy. She had her eyes half closed as her fingers went in a circular motion on her clit.

I undid the buttons of my jeans as I felt my crotch tighten, my cock enlarging at the sound of the redheads moaning. Kicking my jeans off, I started walking over to Karen until her extended leg stopped me. It moved over my crotch and started to rub my hardening cock as her fingers moved to her slit and started to move in and out.

“Don't move, watch me!”

Karen immediately withdrew her leg from my crotch, much to my disappointment, as she continued to frig her pussy. Her moaning started to get louder as she gripped her right breast and pinched her nipple. The sight of the Scottish beauty playing with herself was very erotic and increased my own horniness. I lowered my boxers and allowed my cock to spring out at attention.

A smile came over Karen's face as she slightly opened her eyes to see me stroking my cock. The sight of my cock seemed to excite her as she moved her fingers back to her clit and rubbed hard.

“Oh God, this feels so nice.”

I walked closer so I was standing over her and increased the pace of my stroking. I looked over Karen's body as it started to shake; getting closer to her orgasm as she locked eyes with me. I stroked my cock harder as I felt her reach her other hand to rub my balls.

“Oh yeah… Yeah… Ooohhh!”

Karen's eyes rolled back and her crotch shot up as an orgasm took over her body. As I leaned over her, I saw that her finger was held still over her clit as she moaned through her orgasm. She settled down as I increased the pumping of my cock, getting myself closer to finishing.

“Finish over me!” Karen said as she half opened an eye.

I stroked my cock as fast as I could as I felt my balls start to tighten. I held my cock in a loose grip and pointed it towards her breasts. The first spurt landed directly between them and covered both breasts as the stream continued. Not feeling any on her face, Karen opened her eyes and watched the pleasure in my face as I continued to cum over her.

As the stream slowed down and my orgasm finished; some cum landed on her lips and she licked it up eagerly. I smiled at the sight of her doing it and Karen giggled in return.

“Very tasty, you must eat well.”

I walked over to the other side of the sofa and sat down. Her feet were placed on my lap and I idly rubbed them for her.

“Not really, but I've drunk a lot since I've been here.”

“Ah, bloody Americans bringing our writers over here and getting them drunk. Has anyone taken advantage of you?”

“One or two but they've been very nice to me.”

“What a way to make a girl feel special, huh?” Karen said feigning disgust.

“I can offer this; you're the only Scottish girl that I've cum over.”

“YES! NUMBER ONE! Guess Freya will be number two if she ever opens those little legs for you.”

“Yeah, what did you mean about her and her boyfriend?”

“Well they've been going on this relationship for years and there's no planned future. She doesn't want kids but wants to get married. He's the opposite and doesn't like the celebrity attention. It'll be over by the end of the month.”

“You think she'll be ready to mingle?” I asked as I swapped her feet over.

“Aye, but not with you!”

I looked shocked as she said this.

“She loves you as a friend so wouldn't want to risk losing that. But something tells me you're the type of person who could easily have friends that you'll fuck.”

Karen ripped her foot away from me and lifted up onto her knees. She rubbed the remaining cum into her breasts and straddled my lap. Leaning in, she kissed me on the lips softly before forcing her tongue into my mouth. I could feel my cock start to rise.

“That's the kind of friend I could do with.” Karen said as she looked in my eyes.

Karen grabbed my head and forced it down to her breast, taking her nipple into my mouth. I sucked on the bright pink nipple as Karen moaned and grinded into my lap. My cock started to get harder and pressed against her pussy. Karen pushed me back against the chair and reached down to my cock. She slid it into her pussy and let out a long moaning sigh as she felt the length enter her.

“I thought it looked good but, jesus, it feels so much better.”

Karen placed her arms onto my shoulders and started to rise up and down my cock. I reached around and grabbed hold of her shapely arse, holding her in place as she bounced up my length.

“You're forgetting too, she's too intimidated by you sexually..” Karen said in between moans.

I reached my hand back and slapped her arse. She let out a little yelp as I did and hit it again, harder though. Feeling the second slap, Karen leaned down and kissed me again.

“That girls needs some serious deep dicking by a lot of different dicks before she's up to your level.”

“Are you to my level?” I asked as I slapped her arse again.

Karen stood up off my cock and looked down at me.; her pussy lips enlarged by how turned on she was. Karen turned around and backed up to me, placing her legs either side of me. She slid her cock into her pussy and ground into my lap to get used to it. Karen leaned back into my chest, placing my hands on her breasts and whispered.

“I'm beyond your level!”

From my angle; I could see that Karen had closed her eyes as she started to bounce. As my hands were still on her breasts, I viciously pinched her nipples as they as they stood on end. They weren't the biggest I'd played with but we're very perky. Taking me out of my daydream, Karen leaned forward and started to grind into my lap at a quicker pace. I moved her hair to the side and she turned to look at me, the pleasure was obvious.

“Oh God, that cock is so filling.” she moaned as she started to bounce up on my cock.

I pushed Karen forward a bit more to increase the angle as she bounced harder. A bead of sweat started to go down her pale back as her moaning grew louder. Karen's red flame hair started to bounce around in a mess as her pussy went up and down my cock, feeling her arse rub against my stomach.

“I can totally see why Freya would want this..” Karen said in between moans.

Aggressively, Karen wrenched my head forward to her lips and kissed me sloppily. She continued to bounce on my cock as she did so, not allowing it to slow her motion. I kept myself leaned into her and placed some kisses on her cheeks as my hands grabbed her nipples again. Karen kept looking forward as she bounced on my cock, her previously tight pussy was soaked with her juices, moaning louder with every bounce.

The pleasure the friction was causing in my cock was outstanding and I knew that I wouldn't last much longer. Luckily for me. Karen's moans turned into screams and her body started to shake, indicating her orgasm was close.

“Just there… fuck me! So close… so fucking close..”

Karen's words trailed off as she bounced one last time before the orgasm took over her body. The Scots girl was breathing hard as she slowed to a stop to savour her pleasure, in the meantime her pussy juices covered my hard cock.

I gave Karen a moment to rest but I wanted to cum and I knew where I was going to. Karen leaned back limp, tired from riding my cock, with a smile on her face. Without removing my cock, I moved Karen around so she was on all fours on the sofa and started to thrust into her wet pussy with a strong determination.

Placing both of my hands onto her hips, I thrust harder into Karen as she came out of the drowsy state her orgasm had left her in. I could see her eyes were half open as she could feel my cock move into her sensitive pussy.

“Oh yeah, that feels good.”

“I'm going to fill you up.” I said as I could feel myself closer.

“You better and shoot it hard!”

Taking Karen's instructions, I grabbed onto her hips harder, my fingers digging into her skin. Her pussy was wet enough to slide my entire length into her hole with ease. The moans emanating from Karen helped as I could feel my finish start to get closer.

“Oh yeah, such a nice pussy.”

“Cum for me, cum cum cum” Karen yelled as she enjoyed more pleasure.

My body acquiesced to Karen's command and, on an inbound thrust, my orgasm came and I started to shoot my load into her pussy. I stopped thrusting and held Karen in the position as my cum shot into her. Karen had another thought though and pushed her arse back into me, milking my cock for all the cum she could.

As the load finished, I let Karen go and she collapsed forward onto her stomach. I looked over her very erotic posed as she smiled with pleasure. I didn't have the opportunity before but I could see that she had a fantastic arse, I took note to visit that if there was a next time. Karen spun around so she was on her back and the two of us looked at each other naked.

“Enjoy the taster course?”

I nodded.

“You're lucky I have plans this afternoon otherwise you would not be leaving this house until my pussy is raw.”

“I was thinking more than one hole.”

Karen giggled as she kicked my chest playfully.

“Oh you'll need to do a lot more work to get in there. I seem to remember I was on top so I technically worked for both of my orgasms.”

“That's a challenge I'm happy to accept. Did I live up to what Freya said about me?”

“I dunno… I haven't seen your film yet. Other bits seem to fit though.”

“Thanks, you weren't too bad either.”

“Just a little taster, don't you worry. I've got to shower, fancy joining me?”

“I'd love to but I've got to head back. Next time, yeah?”

“Next time.” she said with a wink as she rose up from the chair and walked off. “Close your door on the way out.”

With that final shout, Karen disappeared and I could hear footsteps go up the stairs. Sticking to my word, I put my clothes on and grabbed the script before leaving. I was unsure how long I was in the house but the beach was just as busy as I walked along the promenade back to the bar we'd had the interviews in.

Arriving at the outside decking, I saw Emilio and Freya in deep conversation with some food in front of them. Neither seemed to have moved since I'd left and had smiles on their faces. I plonked myself down next to Freya who tossed her arms around me.

“Hey, you took ages. My place is only down the road!” she leaned in and sniffed me as we hugged. “Hmm.”

I could only smile at her as I grabbed a French frie off of her plate.

“I got it for you though.” I said as I placed the script onto the desk.

“Well i hope Karen was a gracious host.”

I gave a knowing smile as Freya picked the script up. She flicked through it to ensure its correct and I ordered a beer.

“Excellent. Right I have to go, thank you for getting it for me. Emilio thank you for your advice.”

Freya leaned over and kissed him on the lips as she stood up. Freya then leaned down and kissed me on the lips before walking off. The beer arrived and I took a sip before I looked over to Emilio.

“So who wants to tell their war story first?” I asked.

“Nothing to tell really! She's going to break up with her boyfriend when she gets home. Think she's fed up with how stale it's become.”

“Karen seemed to think she'd fuck you.”

“Ha ha, and where would I do that?” Emilio said as he held him arms out and looked around. “She did say we'll meet up when she is back in town so maybe then. How was this Karen?”

“She was confident. I'll have to watch Guardians 2 to see what she looks like with clothes on.”

I gave a chuckle as we clinked beers and continued our conversation. The drinks flowed and the time flew by as it was almost 5 before we realised. Emilio made his excuses and left me alone, the beach was starting to empty but the view was very peaceful. I decided to spend my time coming up with ideas for the film I was to make with Amy so asked for a pen and a pad. The hours wiled away as afternoon became evening and I remained sat to jot down ideas.

The first indication that someone had approached me was the light on the paper going dark. I turned around and a very beautiful brunette with a wide smile greeting me.

“Hi, I hope you don't mind me me disturbing you.” she said as she sat down opposite me.

“No, of course not. Who would be not want to be disturbed by a beautiful woman?” I said as I returned her smile.

“Well you're a charmer, huh? I'm Janina.”

She held out her hand to me so I decided to continue with the charm vibe so I took her hand and placed a kiss on it. She gave out a little giggle as she took her hand back.

“Nice to meet you Janina, I'm Richard.”

“Lovely to meet you Richard, cute accent. Where are you from?”

“London, visiting on business.”

“An out of towner? They're the best to meet up with.”

“Well I'm an out of towner for now. Might have to move over at some point.”

“Don't destroy my buzz.” Janina said as she took a sip of her drink. “Let's keep you as an out of towner for tonight.”

“Are you an LA girl?”

“No, illinois originally but I've lived here for years.”

“Any advice?”

“Know when a good thing is in front of you.” Janina said with a wink.

I took a sip of my drink as Janina stood up and walked towards me. She ran her hand across my chest before motioning for me to follow her. I stood up from my chair and followed her towards the back of the bar, taking the opportunity to check out her arse. She was leaning against a wall when I reached her and looked beautiful as the dim light shone on her eyes, her athletic body encased in a black dress with her cleavage on display.

“What do you see?” she asked as I approached closely to her body.

“A good thing.”

Janina reached her hand out to grab my shirt and pulled me to her lips. They felt soft against me as her other hand reached around and grabbed my arse. I was amazed by how forward she was as she slipped her tongue into my mouth. Janina’s hand slipper into the back of my jeans and she ran her fingers along my bare skin.

“You have a smell on you. Am I your second fuck of the day?” Janina said as she moved her head back.

I nodded.

“That's so hot.”

Janina bumped passed me and walked into the ladies toilet. I made sure the coast was clear before following her in there. I looked through the stalls and found Janina sat down waiting for me.

“A bit public, huh?”

“Anyone walks in, they won't say a word. The sort of freaks who come to this bar are more likely to listen and get themselves off.”

“Good to know.”

Janina started to lick her lips as she looked at my crotch. She reached forward and traced the outline of my hard cock.

“Get it out!”

Happy to grant her request, I undid my belt and the buttons of my jeans. She leaned forward as I dropped the jeans to the floor and she was granted with a slight peak of my cock. I enjoyed the reaction I was getting out of her so decided to tease her by lowering it slowly. Her interest seemed to reach high levels as the stem of my cock was revealed to her.

The teasing seemed to work because as soon as my boxers were down to my knees, Janina grabbed my cock and started to lick the head. She closed her eyes as her tongue ran up and down the length of my cock, soaking it as she did so.

“Oh, that feels nice.” I let out as her tongue played with the head of my cock.

Janina let out a moan to show she was enjoying herself as she took the head of my cock into her mouth and started sucking. With a firm grip, she started to stroke my cock as she held her mouth in place on the head. Her sucking was strong and I could tell she was very experienced at this, it was confirmed as her other hand start to play with my balls.

I moved the hair off of Janina’s face and we locked eyes as she sucked on my cock. Even though she had a cock in my mouth, I could tell she was smiling as she held the position for a moment. I couldn't help but feel incredibly lucky. Janina started to move her mouth down the length of my cock, taking more of it in sections. Slowly, she moved up my cock before letting it out with an audible pop.

“Hope you're enjoying this.”

“God I am, you've got the mouth of an angel.”

“I've got the mouth of a whore more like. Don't worry though, I have a nice tight pussy.”

Janina gave another giggle before moving back down my cock. Rather than just sucking the head, she moved down the length of my cock; taking the majority of it into my mouth. I leaned my head back against the door and let out a sigh of pleasure as I could feel her tongue play with the side of my cock.

I looked down again at Janina’s eyes, they were a very beautiful shade of brown and she looked very innocent with the exception of having my cock in her mouth. She pushed on with her sucking, taking more and more into her until I hit the back of her throat with about four fifths in. Her tongue licked around the head on the out pull and i could feel a large amount of pleasure go through me.

Janina pulled my cock out of her mouth and dropped her head down to my balls. She ran her tongue along the shaved mounds as she stroked my cock hard. I closed my eyes and moaned as I felt her pop one into her mouth.

“Oh God, Janina that feels so good!”

I could hear her laugh before she said something unintelligible, the words muffled by her full mouth. I closed my eyes as I felt her suck on my ball, the pleasure starting to become too much. Janina quickly swapped over to the other ball and repeated her sucking, ensuring the second one got as much attention. I could feel myself getting closer and a little bit of pre-cum came out.

“I'm gonna cum soon. You're too good at this.”

Janina looked at with a smile before releasing my ball from her mouth.

“Good, I want you to cum in my mouth.”

Janina popped my cock back into her mouth and seemed to become a girl on a mission. Without needing to take it easy, she sucked up and down my length quickly, stopping occasionally to stroke my cock with her hand. Due to the increased speed, I could feel my finish approaching quickly and I nodded my head to her to give notice.

I put my hand on Janina’s head as she closed her eyes and got lost in her sucking motion. My balls started to tighten and my orgasm started, shooting my cum into Janina’s expectant mouth. Janina continued to suck as my cum continued to go into her mouth and she swallowed everything I provided. I released her head as I finished and she allowed my cock to fall out of her mouth as I leaned against the stall door

“Wow, that was one of the best blow jobs I've ever had.”

“The bar has been set.” Janina said as she stood up in front of me. “My turn!”

With a quick flick of her hands behind her neck, Janina allowed the dress slide down her body onto the floor. It had hugged her body while on but nothing could prepare me for how amazing it looked uncovered. Her soft brown skin revealed itself to my eyes, first her chest, then her breasts and finally her flat stomach. Her dark brown nipples stood on end and I wanted to wrap my lips around them. My eyes followed her dress down to her white thong, a small wet patch revealing how turned on she was.

“Take them off!” I commanded her.

I moved down onto my knees in front of her, the aroma filling my nostrils. Janina lowered her thong down to reveal her moist shaved pussy, her lips glistening with her juices. I shuffled closer to her and took a deep breath in to smell her.

“You smell wonderful!” I said, looking up to her face.

Janina moved her leg up to my shoulder and hooked her knee over.

“I taste better.”

Janina pulled me into her with her leg and my mouth was brought to her pussy. Without thinking I started to place some kisses in and around it but Janina was very forceful in keeping me close. Her wetness was surprising considering the lack of foreplay but I was happy to make it wetter for her. I moved my tongue out of my mouth and searched for her clit. It slid in between her lips to find her clit and slowly teased it out. Janina let out a groan as my tongue came into contact and her hand dropped down to my head to keep it in place.

My tongue moved along her clit slowly at first as I teased it to come out more but I started to increase the pace of my licking as more noises came from Janina’s mouth. Her hand along to play with my hair as I lapped at her shaved pussy, the moans getting louder as I did so.

“Oh yes Richard, that feels so good!”

Janina started to stumble backwards as I licked her pussy and she fell back onto the toilet seat. Both of her legs were up so I shuffled in between them and looked at her face. Janina looked confused at the end of the pleasure but I gave her a wink and resumed my position at her pussy. I took a few long licks at her slit to ease her back before continuing the assault on her clit.

“Oh yeah girl!” a voice said that wasn’t Janina. “You get that good licking! Fuck, that shit is hot!”

I was too busy to look up to the voice but I could hear Janina laugh amongst her moans and knew she had had some eye contact with the person.

“He’s...all...mine…bitch...” she said in between moans.

My tongue ran along her clit some more and her moans started to turn into yells. I knew she was getting close as she wrapped her legs tightly around my head. The moans were little more than muffles due to her legs but the shake in her body gave me a clue as to what was about to happen. I licked some more as her legs tightened on my head before her clit receded into her pussy as the orgasm took over her body.

“Oh God yeah, yeah, yeah.” Janina screamed as the orgasm took over her body, her juices filling my mouth.

Janina grinded her pussy into my face as she went through her orgasm. As it subsided, she fell back into the toilet seat and looked at me. A smile came onto her face and she closed her eyes to bask in her pleasure. I looked over her as a bead of sweat went down her body. She was very beautiful and her body was out of this world. Suddenly there was a hard knock on the door.

“Let’s knock it off you two. I’ll give you five minutes to finish up and get out.”

The man walked away after he finished and I pulled my jeans up, handing her her dress in the process. She took it off me but made no other move.

“You go, they can’t kick me out for being here alone. The stupid bitch telling on me because I wouldn’t give her sloppy seconds.”

“A shame we couldn’t have longer.”

“I might seek you out. Now get out of here before I get into more trouble.” Janina said as she gently kicked me away.

I exited the stall, leaving Janina on the toilet, and walked out of the empty bathroom. The bouncer was waiting outside and gave me a dirty look as I walked past. He quickly entered the bathroom when I left, probably to finish up with Janina, and I looked around the busy bar. There wasn’t anyone I knew so i looked at my watch and saw the time had ticked over to 11pm. There wasn’t any reason for me to stay around and I had a busy day tomorrow so I decided to call it a night, I walked out and ordered an uber.

The ride home was fairly solemn as I didn’t fancy chatting much with the guy. The traffic was quite bad so the ride took quite a while and we reached the condo as the clock ticked over to 12. He dropped me off a little down the road and the walk seemed to sober me up a little bit. I thought about the good day that I had, despite the bad sleep and I smiled as I reached halfway through my trip. I arrived at my door and put the key in..


I turned to my side to see Daisy sitting here.

“Um… can we talk?”
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Day 6
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This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you would like to provide constructive feedback, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

I sat down next to Daisy. She looked incredibly beautiful clad in a flowery dress and leather jacket. She smiled at me as she put a hand on my thigh.

“I shouldn't have done what I did last night. Running away like that wasn't cool.”

I nodded my head and was about to speak when Daisy put her finger to my lips.

“No, I need to explain before I let you talk. I know you've seen how I've been with Ian, the relationship hasn't been the same since I became successful but I thought I could make it work. But since I've become close to Felicity and see how she lives her life and I've come to realise it's not worth it.”

“I hope you're not blaming Felicity for the break up.” I interjected.

“God no, she'd punch me in the vadge.”

I chuckled at her comment.

“He's not that awesome so why bother when I could be free and have some fun.”

I looked up at her as she leaned in and placed a kiss on my lips. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and I allowed her to sink into me. Placing a hand on her cheek, I massaged her tongue with my own as I felt her soft lips on me. I pulled back and looked into her eyes with a smile.

“I'd love to fuck you right now..” Daisy said.


“I've got to go to LAX, I'm flying to San Francisco for a Star Wars thing.”

“Wow, George Lucas is such a cock blocker.”

Daisy laughed and placed her hand on my chest.

“I'll be back in a few days and, if you're not here, we do live in the same city.”

“Yeah but you live in the rough end.”

She hit me on the arm. Daisy plunged into me and kissed me on the lips again. Her hand stroking my chest. She pulled away and started to walk towards her car, which I hadn't noticed being parked in the drive.

“You can keep this for the walk bank.”

Daisy spun around and whipped up her dress, her round arse clad in a black thong. Her skin was smooth and it had a lovely shape.

“Much better quality than that shitty picture Felicity sent you!”

Daisy gave a little giggle as she jumped into the car. She drove away and I was left alone by the front door.

“Better to go to bed then.”

10 Days in Hollywood: Day 6
Starring Emma Stone, Elizabeth Olsen, Nathalie Emmanuel and Emilia Clarke
Featuring Daisy Ridley, Sophie Turner. Maisie Williams, Natalie Dormer & Lena Headey
MF, FF, Cons, Oral

After Daisy left, I was able to get plenty of sleep without any worry of a mass of images running through my brain. I'd also forgotten to drink any water so woke up with a killer hangover. Luckily for me, my day was relaxed with plenty of pool side relaxing before heading to a Game of Thrones party with Emilio later on in the evening.

After plenty of searching, I was able to locate the drugs and took some paracetamol to calm my headache. My phone started to ring on the sideboard so I grabbed it on the walk out to the pool before answering in the sunshine.


“Hey Richard, it's Brett. How are you doing?”

“Ah, I'm not too bad Brett. You okay? I'm not missing a meeting, am I?” I asked as I took a seat next to the pool.

“Nope, not at all. I wanted to see if you're free this morning. Amy has given me some notes on the casting call tomorrow and wants me to run it through with you.”

I remembered that I'd agreed to attend the casting session for a part in the film I'd agreed to direct. The character was for the leads best friend but they'd also consider the actresses for the part of the love rival.

“Well I've got a little hangover so if you're coming then bringing a Kitkat would be ideal.”

“Let me guess, you and Emilio went all boys on the town yesterday?”

“Something like that, yeah.”

“No problem, I'll be with you in a few hours.”

I hung up the phone and looked over the pool, my hangover seemed to get to me a little though as I drifted off into a nap.

I opened my eyes slightly as the sun peeked through. Not too sure how long I had been out but the LA sun was higher and much hotter than when my eyes closed. I felt in a daze as I got used to the daylight but I could feel my hangover had started to leave. There was the sound of running water but the pool directly in front of me was still and calm.

I turned my head and could see someone underneath the outdoor shower. Their back was to me so I couldn't make out who it was but even in my haze I could tell they had a good body. I sat up on the lounger and rubbed my eyes, making everything much clearer.

I looked towards the figure again and had a much better view. Her red hair was to the side as she was combing it with her fingers and her back was completely exposed. I looked down to see her wearing only a pair of bottoms that had a cut similar to a pair of French knickers. The girl was thin but she had a decent arse on her.

“A good view right?” someone said from behind me.

I looked around slightly startled to see Elizabeth Olsen sat behind me. The brunette actress was topless and had a small bikini bottom, the thin straps giving me the impression of a thong.

“Both views are pretty marvellous.”

“Yeah but you don't get to touch this one I'm afraid.” Elizabeth said as she ran her hand along her breasts.

“Then why are you here?” I asked, not hiding the fact I was checking out her body.

“Just to enjoy the show. Why don't you go join her?”

Confident that she was a woman of her word, I stood up from the lounger and started to walk towards the mysterious figure. Elizabeth gave a forced cough and was pointing at my clothes as I turned to face her.

“You might want to lose them.”

Taking her advice, I removed my shirt and threw it back towards her. Deciding they were coming off anyway, my shorts and underwear followed quickly and Elizabeth's face was a picture of shock when she saw my cock. I gave her a wink as I threw the rest of my clothes towards her.

Without waiting for her reaction, I walked towards the figure under the shower. She still had her back to me so I stopped just short of her and wrapped my arms around her waist. She wanted to hide her identity for a moment as her hair covered the side of her face that my head went so I placed some soft kisses on neck.

The girl let out a moan as I kissed along her neck and my cock nestled against her arse. My hands snaked up to her breasts and I started to play with her nipples. Small and very pink, they were perky enough for me to get a good hold of and her soft moans let me know they were sensitive.

The girl spun around and leaned down to kiss my chest, working her way down my body. She'd done a good job of hiding her face and I felt her stick my cock into her mouth immediately after grabbing it. I was taken aback by how easily she took my cock into her mouth, covering my cock in plenty of saliva to make it sloppy.

“That feels so good!” I moaned.

The girl started to move her mouth up and down my cock quite quickly, a speedy blow job that I hadn't had for a while. She took me by surprise by taking my cock out of her mouth and started to rub it along her face. I closed my eyes as I felt her roll the head along her face, feeling really soft, while still stroking my cock.

Her head dropped down and started to lick along my balls, her hands stroking my cock hard. She popped a ball into her mouth and started to suck in it, speeding up her stroking.

“Oh fuck!”

“She's good, right? Her freak side is only just starting to come out but she's a quick learner.” I heard Elizabeth shout from behind me.

I popped a look over my shoulder to see that she was rubbing her nipples as she watched us. She was a bit more tanned than the girl current sucking on my balls and she looked very enticing. She circled her finger for me to turn back around so I followed her command and looked down to see the girl below me return to my cock.

Rather than sucking straight down on it, the girl stopped at the head and encased it in her mouth. I could feel her run her tongue along the head of my cock, paying attention to the sensitive area.

Feeling the attention I was getting, I knew I wouldn't last long. I moved my hands to her head and moved it down to take more of my cock. She didn't resist and went back to downing my cock, starting to deep throat it. I could hear her glug on my cock as it hit the back of her throat.

She had one hand on my balls and could feel them start to tighten and knew I was about to cum. She took the cock out of her mouth and looked up as she lined the cock up with her face.

My face was a picture of shock as I got my first look at Emma Stone’s face as the first stream of cum shot onto her. She smiled as the cum started to cover her face, holding the cock firmly.

“Fucking hell.” I said as the cum shot a final stream onto her face.

Without saying a word, Emma released my cock and walked over to where Elizabeth was lying down. Leaning in, the two actresses kissed each other on the lips. It was only a soft kiss but there seemed to be real emotion behind it. Elizabeth grabbed a hold of Emma’s head and licked some of the cum off of her face.

“Mmm, he tastes nice. Why don't you come join us?” she shouted.

I looked over to both girls who smiled at me, clad in only their bikini bottoms. The two of them looked very enticing so I made my way over to them and sat down on the sun lounger next to the girls. By the time I reached them, Emma had removed Elizabeth's thong and was starting to kiss her way down, similar to what she did to me.

“You see Richard, after we left the coffee shop; Emma got a text message from Jessica Chastain. I assume you know who she is considering she let you sodomise her.”

“I do.”

“Well the text made it very clear what she was going to do. What did she say about Emma?”

“I believe she said intimidated sexually and frigid.”

A smile came across Elizabeth's face and she closed her eyes as a moan escaped her lips.

“Does that look frigid?”

I dropped my eyes down to see Emma kissing the inside of Elizabeth's thighs, teasing her slowly as she led up to going in harder. I licked my lips as I enjoyed the view of the two of them.

“Since Jessica fucked Emma’s boyfriend, she's tried to come out of her shell more. Luckily, she knows I can fuck like a train.”

“And was the deal you'll teach her as long as she learns to lick you out.”

“Sim… ilar. “ Elizabeth tried to speak.

I looked down again to see Emma had moved closer to Elizabeth’s pussy and was starting to kiss around her clit.

“I said I'd teach her but she has to do everything I say. Including a facial from her favourite British director.”

“So I have you to thank. Should I join her?”

“No, you're not allowed to touch me today. You get to enjoy the view before I let her ride you.”

I nodded my head as Elizabeth closed her eyes to enjoy the pleasure as Emma’s mouth moved onto her clit, giving it short licks. Elizabeth seemed to enjoy it as the moans started to come more often and her hands idly played with her breasts.

My angle wasn't the best as I looked down at Emma, only getting to see her hair bob up and down. There was plenty of entertainment on top as Elizabeth squirmed in her place, moaning from the pleasure coming from Emma’s mouth. Her fantastic breasts heaved up and down as her breathing quickened.

“Oh God Emma, that's the spot.” Elizabeth moaned.

I moved down the lounger to get closer to Emma as she held her head in place. I moved her hair out of the way to see Emma holding her tongue on Elizabeth's clit, moving it only slightly. When my sight returned to Elizabeth, her hands were above her head playing with her hair.

“Oh shit, do that more!”

Emma was happy to oblige as she paid more attention to the clit, giving it very light strokes with her tongue. Noticing how close I was to her, Emma gave me a smile and a wink before closing her eyes. I returned up to the top of the sun lounger and looked over Elizabeth.

“Play with your breasts more.”

“Mmm...” Elizabeth moaned as her hands returned to her large breasts. “How much would you love to get your tongue around those nipples?”

“Is that an invite to?”

“Nope!” she said as her giggle turned into a moan. “One day maybe…”

Elizabeth squirmed more as Emma increased the pace of the licking on Elizabeth's clit. Her moans got louder and more frequent that it started to make my cock hard again. I started to stroke it as I watched Elizabeth completely give into the pleasure as her moans started to become screams.

Looking down, I saw that Elizabeth had locked Emma’s head between her thighs. Emma didn't have a lot of space to move but her head did occasionally nod as Elizabeth got closer to her orgasm. All of a sudden, Elizabeth dragged my arm over to her and pulled me in to kiss her lips.

Forcing her tongue into mouth, she stroked my tongue ferociously as her orgasm started, moaning into my mouth. Wanting to flout her rule, I placed my hand on her left breast and gave it a squeeze, my thumb circling her nipple.

Elizabeth stopped kissing me as she screamed through her orgasm, allowing me to sit back and just watch her bask in her pleasure. As she was released from the thighs, Emma kissed up Elizabeth's body before kissing her lips and laying into her body.

“Was that good?” Emma asked.

“Oh yeah, really good. You're getting so much better at it.”

“Thanks.” Emma replied as she started to blush.

“Do you still want to fuck him?”

Emma nodded.

“What position?”

“I want to ride him.” Emma said as she looked down to my cock.

Elizabeth seemed to nod her head to give Emma permission; the dynamo of the two seemed really interesting. Emma got up off of Elizabeth and placed her hand on chest, pushing me onto my back. She quickly shimmied to get bikini bottoms off to reveal her wet pussy. I was surprised to find she was clean shaven, I kind of expected Emma to have pubic hair.

At Elizabeth’s encouragement, Emma leaned down to kiss me on the lips as she straddled my hips, her pussy teasing my erect penis but stopping me from entering her. She slid her tongue into my mouth and caressed softly as her hard nipples dug into my chest.

“She can be really sensual at times.” Elizabeth said as Emma started to kiss around to my neck.

I could feel her tongue run along my earlobe as she rubbed her pussy along my cock, slowly teasing me. I tried to lean up but was pushed back down immediately.

“Nuh uh.” Emma said as she stared at me.

She put her weight down on my shoulders and slowly slid my cock into her.

“Ooohhh.” Emma moaned at the initial penetration.

Emma took a moment to get used to the feeling of the cock inside her before starting to rock her body. I could feel immediately how wet she was but could still find a lot of traction from her tightness.
A pair of hands appeared from behind her and started to pinch her nipples. I could feel Elizabeth's legs rest against my own as she pressed her body against Emma’s.

“Mmm.” Emma moaned louder as she enjoyed the double attack on her senses.

Emma had waited some time for her own pleasure after servicing my cock and Elizabeth's pussy with her tongue and she certainly seemed to want to take her time to enjoy her pleasure.

I looked up to see Elizabeth kissing Emma’s neck as she moved along my cock, her eyes shut and a moan coming from her mouth. Emma’s hands released my shoulders as her nipples were busy being pinched by Elizabeth. Moving my hands to the middle of my stomach, I started to rub her clit as it appeared out of its hood.

“Oh my God, this feels so good.”

Feeling her clit being stimulated, Emma started to increase the pace of her movement, starting to buck her hips in shorter strokes. Elizabeth jumped across to the other lounger and watched me rub her clit. I felt her hand join mine and change the pattern of my rubbing.

“Ohhh… ohhh… ohhh…” Emma moaned.

The movement Elizabeth changed my hand to have an instant effect on Emma, her moans became louder and it felt like my dick had got further into her. The pace started to pick up as Emma was determined to reach her orgasm.

“Cum inside her.” Elizabeth whispered in my ear.

I looked at her and she winked.

“Cum inside her and I'll let you fuck me next time we see each other.”

Elizabeth moved off and shook her bare arse to me as she walked towards the shower. I looked up at Emma whose eyes were closed and her hands were playing with her nipples.

“I want you to cum.” I said to Emma.

She didn't seem to pay any attention to my words as she continued to bounce hard on my cock. Her breasts were bouncing as she flicked her nipples with her index finger and I sped up my fingering of her clit.

The tightness off her pussy pressed down on my cock and I felt myself getting closer. Emma looked at me in the eye as her orgasm seemingly got closer.

“Ohhh.. I'm… ohhh… yes…”

Emma’s moan turned into a scream as her orgasm thundered around her body. She continued to bounce through and I hoped my orgasm would follow but the wetness of her cum made her pussy too wet.

Ignoring how Emma was, I leaned up to kiss her breasts. She wrapped her legs around me, allowing me to spin her around and place her back against the lounger. I pushed my cock into her hard and her pussy felt tighter due to the change of position. Emma moaned as her eyes rolled towards the back of her head.

“Oooh… fuck me… fuck me… cum in me…”

I looked over her body as I fucked her pussy as quickly as I could. My thrusts were deep into her as I felt myself reaching closer. My balls started to tighten and I shot my load into Emma’s waiting pussy. Her moans had continued through and she lay back, enjoying the ambient glow of the sex.

As her legs released me, I moved back to the other sun lounger and closed my eyes as the sun beat down on us. Suddenly Elizabeth re-appeared fully dressed.

“Did you do it?”

I looked up at her and nodded my head.

“Good boy, I looked forward to feasting on that cock. C’mon Stone, get that slutty ass dressed. I've got a set to get you to.”

I looked over as she pulled Emma up and handed her the clothes. Emma slowly put them on and followed Elizabeth out around the side. She gave a little wave before disappearing around the corner. I stayed where I was for a couple minutes to get myself together, enjoying the break from my activities. At least it had got rid of my hangover.

After resting, I returned to being dressed and walked back into the house. I started to make coffee using the French press when there was a knock at the door. Opening it, Brett welcomed me with a hug and I allowed him in.

“So I just saw Emma Stone leaving, she looked um… satisfied.” he said with a cheesy grin.

I didn't say a word but laughed as he dabbed me in the chest.

“Don't worry, I won't tell Amy. Can't be dealing with her getting all cray cray.”

It surprised me that he seemed to know.

“Well I don't see why she should.”

“Well usually when she's fucking a guy, she doesn't want him fucking other people without her knowledge. Massive hypocrite like that.”

“Well we can agree to both stay silent.” I said as I passed him a coffee.

“True dat.”

We clinked the mugs and walked outside to go through the notes. We spent a good few hours going over notes and letting me know where I needed to meet Amy for the casting call.

“So which actresses did Amy have in mind?”

“Well she originally wanted Alison Brie but she's busy with GLOW and Amy doesn't think she'd play second fiddle to Melissa.”

“I could understand that.” I replied.

“Zoey Deutsh and Miranda Cosgrove are coming into read for you. There's a few girls reading before you come in but Amy isn't particularly interested in them.”

“Anyone I would know?”

He stumped his shoulders and shook his head.

“Well I'll find out tomorrow I guess.”

Brett looked at his watch and saw that it was approaching four.

“Okay my darling, I've got to go. Nice meal with the husband before getting a flight tomorrow. We'll catch up in London.”

We shook hands and he left the condo, leaving me the notes to read over in preparation for tomorrow. Checking my itinerary, I knew that I had an hour to get ready before Emilio was due to arrive for the party. I had no idea where the party was being held but I had a feeling that he would want to leave as soon as he got here.

After I finished my shower, I saw that I'd received a picture message. Opening it up, I saw a picture of Gemma Arterton flipping me off while wearing a Charlton Athletic bikini top. I read the text…

“Until Monday fuck-o”

I quickly snapped a picture of me in a towel and sent it to her.

“Leave me alone, I'm very vulnerable right now!”

I tossed my phone onto the bed and got dressed into a dark maroon suit with a white shirt and matching tie. I reached the kitchen as just as Emilio arrived.

“Holy crap you're ready on time. Miracles do happen, eh homes?”

“I always sometimes maybe do. Let's go.”

We walked to the car and both got into the back. Emilio pointed out that we both deserved some drinks so he hired a driver for the night. We left the neighbourhood when my phone vibrated and I checked the reply from Gemma.

“Damn, you've been working out! Don't worry about being vulnerable. I'll ensure you're comfucktable! ”

I smiled to myself as I saw what she said. It was something to look forward to on Monday. I continued my conversation with Emilio and explained about the night before. He nodded his head and smiled, clearly aware of what happened in the bar.

“You can't trust places like that! You never know, they might have had a secret camera filming you.”

“I'll ensure to keep an eye on TMZ.” I said as the car pulled down a bright avenue.

“Or pornhub. Maybe they'll tweet you.”

The car pulled to a stop and the driver opened the door for us. I looked around to see we'd arrived at Griffiths observatory, which was bedecked in Game of Thrones regalia. There was an Orchestra playing the show’s theme tune at the side of the red carpet and a woman handed up a glass of champagne.

“Please make your way inside for the mixer please.” the waitress said to us.

The two of us walked into the hall to see a large screen playing clips from earlier seasons. I thought we wouldn't know anyone when I felt someone jump onto my back and wrap their legs around me.

“If I ask you to be my horse, will you take me to the bar?” a girl whispered in a thick London accent.

“Depends how you treat me.”

“You're my animal, aren't you supposed to do what I say.”

“You're supposed to guide me there, that's how horses work.”

Nathalie leaned closer.

“Just cos you've got a dick as big as a horse, doesn't mean you need a brain like one too.” she said as hit my head lightly. “Bar. Now.”

I turned my head to look at Emilio who just looked at me shocked.

“You want anything?” I asked.

“Nah, I'm gonna circulate.”

I nodded my head and walked to the bar with Nathalie Emmanuel on my back. We reached her desired location and dropped her down onto the floor.

“Good horsie!” Nathalie said as she rubbed my arm. “Maybe I'll ride you properly later.”

We waited at the bar to get our drinks. It was a free bar so didn't have to spend the money like the previous night. She took a moment to sip from her gin.

“I can't believe they've dressed you in a fancy suit, brought you to a fancy party and you're still drinking ale.”

“You can take the boy out of London... “

“They should've left him there. Let's go see how your friend is doing.”

She nodded her head and I noticed that Emilio was surrounded by a group of the female stars.

“You think he needs saving?”

“Well you see the way Maisie is stroking his arm?”

I noticed the young actress seemed to be standing very close to him. One arm was hooked around his and she was stroking it with her other arm. I leaned back a little and saw his hand was planted firmly on her arse. I then noticed a hand on his and it seemed to be giving it a pinch. I followed the arm up to see it was attached to Natalie Dormer.

“He seems to have two of them competing.” I said nodding towards the sight.

Nathalie followed my eye line and laughed a little before finishing her drink.

“No competing at all. They'll share him. Come on; let me introduce you to Emilia.”

She hooked her mine into hers and we walked around to find her. After asking a few people, we found out she'd gone to a balcony to make a call. After we found her, we stood to the side while she finished her conversation and I got the opportunity to check her out. The brunette actress wore a dark blue dress that was almost black and dropped all the way to the floor.

As she turned and waved at us, I saw the dress dropped down a lot at the front and it displayed a lot of cleavage. I remembered from the show that her breasts weren't the biggest but she had nice cute nipples and her breasts were quite pert. Emilia walked to us as she finished the call and gave Nathalie a big hug.

“So this is the Richard Cole you keep telling me about.”

“Only good things I hope.” I said as Emilia came to hug me and kiss on the cheek.

“Mostly good yes, she's in awe of you quite a bit.”

“Yeah, only because he wrote me a great part. Once. Years ago. What I'm trying to say is you better put me in something new!” Nathalie piped up.

“I'll send you my new script and you can pick a role.”

Nathalie smiled as her phone rang before excusing herself to take it.

“Nathalie is a great girl. I'm so lucky to have made friends with her.”

“Yeah, she was only a teenager when we first met but she's really grown up. A shame she doesn't get to do more in ‘Fast and Furious’.”

“She's just waiting for the right part. Maybe you'll give it to her.”

Emilia left a slight lilt on the words as she ran her hand along my chest. She bit down on her lips as her eyes drifted down.

“Sorry Rich, there's a director downstairs who wants to speak to me. They want me to be Ricky’s sister again.”

“You'd love that! You and Ricky work so well together.” I said.

“I know but I hope it’s more American Gods than Hollyoaks. Emilia, you mind babysitting him until I come back?”

“Sure. I'll get to dig a little deeper.” Emilia said as she put her arm on my back.

Nathalie smiled as she walked back to lift and I felt Emilia’s hand drop into my arse as Nathalie disappeared out of sight.

“She's told me everything, you know.” Emilia said as she gave my arse a squeeze.


“How she met you and Ricky on the Hollyoaks set and that you both looked after her. You were friends for what? Four years before you fucked her?”

“Oh that everything.” I said as I turned to look at her.

“Yeah, said she had a wild time. That's why she keeps going back for a top up. How often?”

“About once a year. We had the dating conversation but it wouldn't work out for us.”

“You let her down easy?”

“She let me down actually. She'd just started on Thrones and decided to put her career first. Understandable and we've moved on.” I said as I walked to the balcony.

“From what she tells me, I can see why she regularly beds you.”

“What did she say?”

“That you're a caring lover that can go rough when needed. Excellent tongue too, really knows how to get a girl squirming and screaming.”

“Is that what you want? For me to make you squirm and scream?”

Emilia let out a laugh as she stood behind me, placing her arms on either side of me.
“I'd love you to but Nathalie said you're hers tonight. Said I can't take you to my hotel and fuck you.”

I turned around to face her and saw Emilia lowering down to her knees.

“She didn't say I couldn't suck you off though.”

Emilia’s fingers went to my belt and undid the hook. I'd seen her be forceful on the show but this seemed completely different. There was a fire in her eyes as she undid the buttons on my trousers and pulled them down to my ankles. My boxers quickly followed and Emilia smiled as she caught sight of my cock.

“Wow, she wasn't lying.”

I chuckled at Emilia’s words as she reached up and took hold of my rod. Her hand started to slide up it rhythmically, her eyes keeping a close eye on the head. Her hand continues along the length as she started to lick her lips.

“Why don't you slide your top open while you do that?”

“Far too complicated a procedure I'm afraid.” Emilia said before licking the side of my cock. “You won't be complaining though.”

Emilia licked along the other side of my cock as she lathered it up. I let out a little moan as I felt Emilia tease my cock. Looking down at the brunette, Emilia slipped my cock into her mouth while her eyes stayed on my face. She didn't break eye contact as she took more of my cock into her mouth.

“Oh that feels so warm.” I moaned as she started to move up my cock.

The silence around us was just pierced by the slurping sound coming from Emilia’s mouth. It moved along my length while her tongue swirled along my skin.

“Oh Emilia, that feels good.”

I looked down to see her take more of my cock into her mouth, taking it in quickly but pulling out slowly with her eyes closed. The actress seemed to be enjoying the experience of giving the blow job. I placed my hand on her head as she continued sucking, one of her hands reaching up and massaging my balls.

Emilia took my cock out of her mouth and gently rubbed her face along the head of the cock. I licked my lips as she smiled at me before her hand and mouth swapped places. I felt her hand stroke along my cock quite quickly as her tongue licked along my balls. She took one into her mouth and sucked on it.

I could start to feel myself getting closer as she paid more attention to my balls. Emilia kept her eyes locked on me as she returned to the head of my cock, licking all over it.

“I'm gonna cum soon.”

“Good, been awhile since I've swallowed a big load.” Emilia said as she hit my cock onto her tongue.

Taking it like a professional, Emilia sucked on my cock in whole, allowing the head to hit the back of her throat. Her glugging became louder as her hand swiftly massaged my cock in time with her mouth moving along it. I felt my balls start to tighten up as she licked the head of my cock as it was held in her mouth.

I held onto the top of her head as the first load shot into her mouth. She continued to suck up and down as the cum sprayed into her mouth, Emilia seemingly swallowing it down as soon as it arrived. As the cum slowed to a stop, Emilia took my cock out of her mouth and licked her lips.

“Well that was tasty.” she said as she held her hand out.

I grabbed hold of her hand and helped her up to her feet. Emilia grabbed my shirt and pulled me into a long kiss, her tongue licking my own as her hand drifted to my arse and gave it a squeeze.

“I have to give it to Nathalie, she knows how to pick them!”

“Are you sure I can't get you out of that dress? I'd love my own chance to go down on the mother of dragons?”

Emilia laughed as she hit me in the chest.

“I would love you to but I'm a woman of my word… mostly. Maybe in the future I can ride your face like Dany rides Drogon.”

“I'll hold you to that. We should get back to the party.”

Emilia nodded as we walked to the lift.

“Yeah. Kit will be annoyed if I abandon another speech because I'm with a guy.”

She leaned over me to press the lift button, brushing her lips close to mine.

“Is this a regular occurrence?”

“I'm a single woman Rich. If I want some, I'm going to get some. And boy, have I had some?!”

“You're full of surprises Clarke. Maybe I should hang out and find out more.”

“You could but you have a different cock hungry slut to service. Until later.”

Emilia winked at me before walking out of the lift. I chuckled to myself about my short experience with Emilia and set out to find Nathalie and Emilio. After a couple of minutes, I saw Nathalie was still in conversation with a few different men and decided to leave her to her works chats. I grabbed a drink from the bar and joined Emilio at his table, several of the Game of Thrones ladies still enjoying his company.

“Ladies, this is my friend Richard. He's a director.”

“Really? What show do you work on?” Natalie Dormer asked.

“Well I've not actually done any television. My history has mostly been in theatre but I made my first film last year.”

“Oh really, what's it called?” Maisie Williams asked.

“Dandelion. It's a love story featuring Freya Mavor.”

“I've seen that, it's quite enjoyable. Have you got anything else planned?” Lena Headey asked.

“Well I'm in talks with an actress about directing a story she's written but nothing is signed yet.”

“Can you tell us anything about it?”

“Not much I'm afraid. It's another small story but a little bit more complicated than Dandelion.”

“I'll check it out.” Lena said before she excused herself.

There was going to be a speech by Emilia and Kit Harrington about some charity work they were doing and she wanted to listen to.

“We're going to head off too.” Natalie said standing up.

“Emilio promised to show us the views from upstairs.” Maisie added.

They dragged Emilio off leaving me with Sophie Turner. She smiled at me but it was clear that she was quite wasted and not able to hold a conversation. I left her to it and returned to the bar for a drink.

As I drank down my beer, my phone rang and I saw that Daisy had sent me a picture message. I opened it up to see her standing in a bikini while wearing a storm troopers helmet.

“How is Rey's new look?” The message underneath said.

I quickly replied that it would look better without a top. I didn't expect much but, quickly, I received a reply. The image was the same but the bikini top missing. Unfortunately her hands covered her breasts.

“You'll see them soon enough.” was the reply.

I laughed to myself and quickly typed a reply calling her a tease. I enjoyed seeing her playful side come out.

“Can you believe that guy?”

I looked up to see Nathalie had joined me.

“He said I could star in his franchise if I sucked his cock. I referred him to Emilia as she likes sucking dick.”

I laughed at her comment considering what had happened earlier in the evening.

“I told him that I was only shagging one director tonight and he's not American.” she asked as she stood in front of me.

“Is there another director here?” I joked.

“Very funny.” Nathalie said as she stepped closer to me. “I have an early flight, do you want a lift back to yours?”

“Sure.” I said as I finished my beer.

Nathalie took my hand and led me out of the building. I quickly shot a text message to Emilio to let him know I was leaving but considering who he left with, I don't think he'd care much. We approached the car and the driver opened the back door of the limousine. Nathalie climbed in first and slinked her body into the leather seats as I joined her.

“Are you sure you're not disappointed to have to leave early?”

“Not at all,” she replied. “I've got no intention of flying across the country with a hangover.”

She grabbed a tablet and handed it to me.

“Type” Nathalie commanded.

I looked down at the computer interface and saw it was connected to a sat nav. I typed in the address and handed it back to Nathalie. She moved herself to the front and handed it to the driver through the window.

“Take your time.” Nathalie advised.

The beautiful black girl turned around to look directly at me. She reached up to press a button above her head and the divider started to go up, blocking his view of us. I smiled as I caught onto the idea that she had.

“You first!” Nathalie said as she kneeled on the other side of the limo.

I quickly removed my jacket and hung it up on the side of the door. I knew she had a thing for torsos so slowly undid my shirt, giving Nathalie a slight peek of what was on underneath. As the final button came undone, I turned my back to her and slid the shirt off my shoulders.

I could hear her laugh behind me as I threw the shirt in her direction. I made short work of taking my shoes and socks off and allowed my belt to slide off. I placed in on the seat next to me as, due to past experiences, I knew it was likely to be used later on. The trousers came down and I gave my arse a little wiggle before taking them completely off. I turned around to face Nathalie and sat down on the seat.

“You little tease!” she said as her eyes wandered around my body.

I curled my index finger, beckoning her to me, and Nathalie dropped down to all fours before crawling to me seductively. As she reached me, I kissed her lips and slid my tongue into her mouth. As she kissed back, I could tell she was just as eager and I could feel her hand rubbing my crotch through the underwear.

“Now now, we don't want to go diving in!” I said as our kiss separated.

“How do you want me?” she asked.

“On your back. I haven't tasted you in so long.”

Nathalie giggled as her hands went down to the straps of her heels. I placed my hand on hers to drop her.

“No, keep them on.” I said.

Nathalie smiled at me as her hand returned to her front. She dropped down onto her arse and scooched back so there was plenty of room in front of her.

“Come and get me!”

Immediately, I kneeled down and moved to her. Grabbing her left leg, I kissed her foot, remembering from past experiences how she liked it. A soft moan came from her lips as I moved past her ankle onto her calf.

“God I've missed your lips.” Nathalie said as she closed her eyes.

I slowly kissed along her calf, lifting her leg up into the air. I reached her knee cap and placed a kiss on it before dropping her leg back down. I turned to her right leg and repeated the process, another moan escaped her lips.

“God you're such a tease!”

As I lowered myself down to my stomach, Nathalie spread her legs slightly to expose her bare pussy, no underwear in sight. I looked at her with a cocked eyebrow.

“I came prepared.” Nathalie said as she leaned back.

Nathalie kept her eyes on me as I leaned into her right thigh and kissed along it, causing a shiver to go through her body. As I reached the top of her thigh, my tongue went along her skin getting closer to her pussy. Another moan came from her mouth as she bit her lip and a look of disappointment appeared on her face as I moved away down to her left thigh.

“Ooohhh.” she moaned as my lips worked up her body again.

I stayed silent through the whole process as my lips moved closer to her pussy. As I reached the top of her thigh, Nathalie moved to lie down on the back. She moved her dress up slightly to allow me more access to her pussy. I spread her legs to see her moist lips waiting for me. I kissed around her lips to tease her and the moans started to get louder.

“Ohhh… Yeah… tease me… tease me more….” Nathalie moaned.

I looked up and could see her massaging her breasts through her bra, the straps of her black dress already moved to the side. Following her moans, I licked around more to get as close to her slit and clit as I could without actually touching them. Her moans started to get louder and I allowed my tongue to quickly brush against her clit before returning to the teasing.

“Oh God! I'm so wet already.” Nathalie said as one hand dropped down to play with my hair. “Eat me! Make me scream.”

Following her instruction, I dropped my tongue down and licked up along her slit. As my tongue reached the top, I could feel her clit move more out of its hood. I could hear a large sigh escape from Nathalie as she my tongue initially came into contact with her clit.

“Oh, I've missed that.”

Feeling the encouragement, I paid more attention to her clit and gave it a strong tongue lashing. My tongue flicked the little button on its way up and down. Her body squirmed under me as she relaxed into it more, my nose continually coming into contact with her smooth dark skin.

“Mmm yeah, lick me good. I've needed this all night.” Nathalie moaned.

Nathalie's body changed position slightly and I lowered my tongue to her clit. I knew she liked it when her arse was given attention, particularly with a tongue, but I had set my course to bring her to orgasm. My head bobbed up and down as my tongue darted between her clit and her pussy lips.


Nathalie's moans started to get louder and turned into screams as I continued to lick her clit. Deciding on a slight change of pace, I rubbed her clit with my thumb while my lips dropped back down to her thigh. I licked along the parts I knew were sensitive and watched as her body shook. At this point her eyes were closed; her hands rubbed her breasts that were barely encased in her bra, nipples starting to poke through.

“You like that, aren't you?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, only your tongue can make my pussy quiver so much!” she moaned.

“Beg for it..” I said as I removed my thumb from her clit.

“Please… please make me cum...” She said as she shuffled closer to my mouth.

“I'm not… too sure… if you… deserve it.” I said as I kissed more on her thigh.

“I do. You know I'll fuck you good. You can fuck me any which way, cum where you want. Just make me scream.”

I lowered my lips down to her clit and run my tongue along it. Nathalie hadn't missed a beat and immediately went back to squirming. I managed to look up and saw her squeezing her right breast, now free from her bra. I absolutely loved her breasts and couldn't wait to get them in my mouth.

“Oh yes, there, just there.”

My head bobbed in a steady motion as I licked her clit, her pussy getting wetter as she her orgasm approached. Her hand dropped down and held my head in place. I felt her button regress slightly as her orgasm started.

“Yes… yes… I'm cumming!” Nathalie screamed.

I felt her juices flow out and go into my mouth, allowing its sweetness to go down. I lapped at her to tease her more until she couldn't take anymore and pushed my head away.

“Oh my God! That was so good. When we get back to London, I'm gonna let you fuck my arse and cum on my face.”

I knelt up and looked down at her.

“Why not tonight?” I asked as I looked up from the bald wet pussy to her beautiful face.

The door opened and the driver stood there looking at us.

“Emilia ruined it for you.”

I looked at her surprised.

“You know how precious I am, I'm not being the second girl tonight to get your cum.”

I laughed and nodded my head.

“Until London?”

“Until London.” Nathalie said as she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips.

I pushed my tongue into her mouth and kissed her passionately before walking out of the limo. I noticed it had stopped outside of my condo. The car drove off and I picked up the pile of clothes from the floor.

Walking into the house, I could hear moaning coming from the spare room. Walking into the living room. I saw Maisie Williams, clad in only a thong, asleep on the sofa.

“Guess she couldn't hack it.” I said to myself.

I grabbed a blanket from the side and laid it over Maisie. She made some sort of noise before turning over and going back to sleep.

“Well that was a fun day.”
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Day 7
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This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you would like to provide constructive feedback, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

The sun crept through the curtains as I woke up, the sound of a car pulling away from the house resonated as I returned to the world. I looked around the room to ensure I was by myself and all was as I left it. Walking to the window, I looked out to see Emilio sitting by the pool. I decided to go and join him, checking my phone to see a text from Felicity.

“Remember about tonight, I'll be there at 5 to dress you! And you can undress me.”

I quickly hit a reply that I was looking forward to it as I walked out to join Emilio. My eyes scanned the room to see that there was no sign of Maisie.

“Good night?” I asked Emilio as I sat on the same lounger that Emma Stone had used to ride me the day previous.

“Very good, that Natalie Dormer is an animal.”

He turned around and took off his shirt to show me the scratch marks.

“Jesus, she do all that?”

“She had to, Maisie fell asleep fairly quickly.”

“She give you her number for another go?”

“No, just these.” Emilio said as swung a pair of turquoise knickers around his finger.

“Classy!” I said as he smiled at me. “Right, I have to go to a casting call with Amy. I'll see you later.”

I slapped him on the shoulder and left for the car. It was my first ever casting call and I was excited, especially as I might be able to sneak away for a third go with Amy.

10 Days in Hollywood: Day 7
Starring Amy Adams, Candice Patton, Felicity Jones & A Secret Celeb
Featuring Summer Glau, Miranda Cosgrove, Janina Gavankar  & Zoey Deutsh
MF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Public

Amy always looked gorgeous and glamorous, the fact she was standing outside a shitty office block only slightly diminished it. She placed a kiss on my cheek as I hugged her and she gently blew into my ear, only a little subtle bit of desire as we were out in public.

“Nervous?” she asked as we walked into the building.

“What have I got to be nervous about? I'm only sitting down to watch some actresses read lines.”

“Well we may get you to do some reading, show you director people how hard acting really is.”

I nodded my head as we arrived at the room they were using. Amy stalled at the door, placing her hand on it to stop me from entering.

“Listen, I know you will but remember, we've got to act professional in there. This whole me and you fuck buddy thing needs to stay under wraps.”

“Of course,” I replied. “The me you thing is great, I'm enjoying what we've done. But c’mon, I'm not a love-struck teenager. An affair with a married woman is not gonna do anything positive for my career.”

“Good boy.” Amy said before pulling me down into a kiss.

Amy pushed her tongue into my mouth and I happily took it, massaging it with my own. My arm went around her back and I took a big squeeze of her arse. She let out a moan as I my hand took a good grip of her booty.  She snaked her hand down and rested onto my crotch.

“Fuck it, we've got five minutes.” Amy said as she broke the kiss.

Grabbing me by the shirt, Amy walked across the hall and opened what appeared to be a store cupboard. Forcing my back against the door after we entered, she launched into another kiss. I placed my hands on the side of her head as I took her tongue into my mouth, our eyes closed in a passionate embrace.

Knowing we didn't have a lot of time, Amy dropped her hands down and undid my belt and trousers, fishing my semi-erect penis out and stroking it quickly. I let out a little moan as the redheads hand wrapped around my cock. As Amy continued to stroke, she pulled away from the kiss and looked around for the best place to fuck.

There wasn't anywhere for her to bend over comfortably so I spun around so we swapped positions. I pulled up her dress, exposing her black panties, and lifted her up off of her feet. Knowing what I wanted, Amy wrapped her legs around my waist and moved her panties to the side. I slid my hard cock into her waiting pussy as I pressed her against the door.

“Oh God,” Amy moaned as my she felt my cock in her. “Fuck me quick and hard, I'll come quickly. I need this!”

I put my right hand on her arse and my leaned on the door to support our weight, pushing my full length into her. Her pussy was incredibly wet for such a short time and I quickly got into a good rhythm with my thrusting. Amy tightened her legs around my waist and moaned into my ear.

“Oh yeah, just there. Fuck me with that big cock.”

Amy nipped at my earlobe as I continued to thrust my full length into her. I could tell she was struggling to keep her moans muted as the pleasure flushed through her body. As I leaned forward with a thrust, I pressed my lips against hers and she moaned into my mouth. Amy dropped her hand down and tried to reach for my arse but it was just out of her reach. I pushed my cock harder into her, her pussy feeling wetter with every thrust.

After giving up on feeling my arse, Amy leaned her head forward and bit my neck. The pain caused a good sensation and I started to thrust so hard her back was creating a rhythmical knock on the door. The expectant shushing never came so I continued to thrust at the same speed. Amys moans started to creep up and I could see her eyes rolling into the back of her head.

“Oh my God yes, just there. I'm gonna cum.” Amy moaned as her hands gripped my shoulders.

It felt like a gush as her orgasm took over her body, her nails digging into me. I continued to thrust into her as I felt her juices coat my penis. It pushed me over the edge and I shot my load into her waiting pussy. We both closed our eyes and I continued to thrust as I allowed my entire load to fill her pussy.

“Oh my God, that was so good." Amy said as she collapsed into me.

I lowered Amy down onto her feet as I pulled out and tucked my cock back  into my boxers.

“Well the idea of staying professional lasted long.” I chuckled.

“Actually I said in the room. We weren't in the room.”


I watched Amy adjust her dress down to cover her panties and she let out another laugh.

“Leave it five minutes and then follow me. We’ve already started so you can just watch after.”

Amy gave me a wink and walked out of the room, leaving me all alone. I let out a long breath thinking about the quickie that came out of nowhere when my phone rang. I looked down to see that I'd received a text from Daisy.

“Back tomorrow night, will come see you x”

I smiled as I read her message and quickly replied.

“Looking forward to it beautiful. X”

I put my phone in my pocket and exited the cupboard. Almost immediately I walked into someone, knocking them down onto the ground. I reached out my hand and helped the person up, only to be greeted by the girl from two nights before.

“Holy shit! I'm so sorry.” I said.

“Um… that's fine. You!”

“Me! I'm Richard.”

“Why are you here? You're in the industry?”

“Yeah. They're casting a film I'm going to direct so I got invited to see the process.”

“Then good news, you're gonna direct me. Janina.”

“I'd say nice to meet you but I think our last experience was more exciting.”

“Then let's hope it's not our last.” Janina said as she leaned in to kiss my lips.

I felt her hand reach round and pinch my arse before she left me standing there. I watched her go before hearing a cough behind me, only to be greeted by the casting director. I made my apology for being late and walked in behind her.

Amy greeted me with a smile and introduced me to the her agent. She seemed rather nonplussed at my attendance so I quickly sat down in the corner and left the girls to it.

Amy had explained to me that they had done the casting for one character in the morning so would be concentrating on the best friend this afternoon. The role wasn't defined so there were a lot of people trying out. The first few were newcomers to the film industry and did okay, none of them stood out so their names were quickly crossed out. The next girl walked in and I instantly recognised her, sort of. She wore a tight pair of jeans that hugged her curves and a striped open shirt over a green vest top. Her dark skin shone under the lights and there was a big beaming smile on her face, a contrast to the worried face I’d seen earlier in the week at the party.

“Candice, isn’t it?” Amy said looking at the girl.

“Yes. Thank you for this opportunity.”

“Well Melissa spoke very highly of you and, as she’s the star, I’ve got to believe her word.”

That brought her smile out even more.

“You know our director?” Amy said turning to me.

“Not personally but Melissa spoke very highly of him. I look forward to getting to know him better.”

I looked over to Candice and her eyes were fixed on me intently. I smiled back before she started to read the monologue she had prepared. I wrote down some notes about the scene and occasionally looked up to her reading. As far as I could tell, her eyes did not leave me during the entirety of the reading.

“Thank you Candice, that was excellent.” the casting director said

Candice smiled with glee.

“Yes, very good. We’ll be in touch.” Amy said rather sternly.

The casting director escorted her out as Amy approached me.

“That girl wants to fuck you!” Amy said with contempt in her voice.

“So... Melissa has. You have too.”

“I don’t care, I don’t want every cast member trying to fuck you.”

“Just limit it to you and Melissa?” I asked.

“When I visit the set, you fuck me and only me. Melissa can provide a temporary distraction when I’m away. She may be younger than me but my God, the girl is a terrible fuck.”

“Well she doesn’t have the confidence and experience you have.”

“Just remember that when you get on set.”

Amy shot an aggressive smile at me before returning to the desk as the next auditionee, Miranda Cosgrove, entered the room. She was dressed in a pair of jeans and a white shirt. She seemed almost nervous as she walked to the center of the room.

“Welcome Miranda. Thank you for taking up my invite.” Amy said as she leaned forward.

“Thank you for inviting me, i’ve always been a big fan.”

“Let’s see how you do then. Take it from the top.”

Miranda started to read a monologue that I didn’t recognise. It was very poetic and funny in parts but it suddenly turned into a seduction. Miranda licked her lips as she slowly walked towards the table, undoing the buttons of her shirt. Miranda allowed the shirt to slide off as she stood in front of Amy wearing only a bra. She leaned down and whispered the rest to Amy, I was out of earshot and couldn’t hear the words but I could see Amy leaning forward and licking her lips.

Their heads got closer so that their lips were about to touch when Miranda’s head shot back and she walked back to center spot, picking her shirt up as she went along. She stopped to lower her jeans down slightly showing off her matching thong.

“I’ll be outside.” Miranda said as she shot Amy a look over her shoulder.

The room remained in silence as Miranda exited. There was a cough from the casting director as the two girls either side of Amy looked at her. I gave a giggle as Amy stood up and started to walk to the same door, stopping as she reached it.

“I think we should call it a day, I think we’ve found the actress anyway. Do you mind Richard?”

“No. No, that’s no problem with me. Thank you Amy.”

She quickly exited the room as the other two women looked slightly embarrassed. The casting director left first leaving me with Amy’s agent.

“Sorry about this Richard, I kinda thought you fucking her in a cupboard would be enough but she seems insatiable at the minute.”

“That’s ok…wait you knew?”

“Of course, I’m her agent, I know everything. I’ll get that contract over to your people before you get back to London, savour it though. She’s a hard taskmaster out of the bedroom too so don’t expect to get a lot of sleep while working on this.”

I nodded my head and moved to leave the room. There were a few actresses waiting outside who were being told that the casting was over and they all seemed disappointed. I left the building and walked to the multi story car park across the way where I’d left my car. It was for all the offices around so would be empty of people by now with all the spaces taken up. I entered the lift and went up to the fifth floor to collect the Porsche when I got another text.

‘Arranged a lift from someone, very hot girl.’

I smiled to myself as I read Felicity’s text while leaving the lift. I seemed to be lost in my own world that I didn’t immediately notice the girl leaning over the Porsche. The jeans clung tightly to her round arse and she gave it a wiggle as I looked up from my phone. Candice Patton’s face shone brightly as she looked back at me, catching me checking her out. She turned around and leaned against the bonnet, taking in a good look of me.

“You know, despite Melissa putting in a good word I know I won’t get the role.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked as I moved to approach her and the car.

“Well first of all, the character has been written as a white girl and I’m anything but. Secondly, she’s supposed to be older and I’m younger than Super girl.”

“And thirdly?”

She smiled.

“Thirdly, she didn’t like how I looked at you.”

“And how did you look at me?” I asked as I reached her, standing close to her tight body.

“Melissa told me how she made it up to you. She told me in detail about how you and Amy fucked her in that hotel room. She told me how you and Amy licked her pussy and how she came hard as you fucked her while Amy licked her arsehole.”

“And what conclusion did you come to?”

Candice ran her hands down my chest as she looked over my body. She very deliberately traced my muscles underneath. A smile came over her face before her hand quickly slid down and grabbed my crotch.

“When was the last time you fucked a black girl?” she asked.

My mind flashed back to the last time I’d fucked Nathalie. It had been 18 months since we last had sex but she wasn’t the last black girl I’d fucked. That had been six months before I came out to the U.S. She hadn’t been famous but her body was out of this world, I felt Candice’s would be better.

I leaned forward and placed my lips to Candice’s, my hand creeping around to her back to grab a hold of her plump arse. She let out a moan as she opened her mouth, welcoming my tongue in. Candice allowed her body to sink into mine as her hand moved the zipper of my jeans out. Candice fished my hardening cock out as she withdrew from the kiss and dropped down to her knees. I looked around to ensure the coast was clear as I felt Candice’s tongue run around the head of my cock.

“Fuck, that's feels nice. You sure you wanna do this here?”

I looked down at her and our eyes met, a smile across her face as she took the head into her mouth.

“You naughty girl!”

I kept an eye to ensure no one appeared as I felt my cock slide down her mouth, the warm saliva coating it. Surprisingly she was able to take the full length in her first go, licking the entire length as she took it out. I let out a moan as I felt her lick her the sensitive head before taking the cock out of my mouth.

“It's okay, I'm hidden by the car.” Candice said as she pumped my cock with her hand.

“Why don't you take your top off then.” I suggested.

“Who's the naughty one now?” She asked.

Candice let go of my cock and removed her shirt. She handed it to me so it didn't go on the floor and I placed it on the top of the car. By the time I looked back down, her green vest was off and her breasts were on full display. Her dark skin shone in the artificial light and her large brown nipples stood out, showing how horny she was.

“You like?” She asked looking up at me.

“Oh yeah, they're great breasts.”

“I get many compliments on them.” Candice replied as she grabbed my cock again and continued the pumping.

I was thankful that her hair was tied in a ponytail as I could see everything as she took my cock back into her mouth. Her lips were pursed as she moved up and down my cock, only taking half of it this time so as not to rush though. I moved my hand down to her head but she swatted it away so she could control the pace of the sucking. I closed my eyes as I felt the pleasure of her tongue go up and down.

“Fuck, I won't last long with you being this good.” I said as she continued sucking.

“Good, I can't wait to swallow it.”

Candice continued to suck up and down my cock, her tongue circling the head as she reached the top. Her hand went down and massaged my balls as she pushed her mouth down, taking my entire length in her mouth. Candice massaged my balls in my hand as she started to deep-throat my cock. The gurgling sound came from her mouth as she expertly deep-throated my cock without choking.

“Oh shit Candice, I'm gonna cum.”

Candice reacted instantly to my words and pulled half of my cock out if get mouth. She held it in place as our eyes met and kept hold of the look as my cum shot into her mouth. The initial shots went into her mouth and I could tell she was smiling as she swallowed my cum. After the initial amount had shot out, Candice pumped my cock with her hand to drain it. To make a point, she pulled my cock out her mouth with a pop and swallowed the amount remaining in her mouth.


“That was…”

“Excellent? Fantastic? The best?” Candice asked as she cut me off.

“It was very good, best blow job I've had all day.”

“I do try.” 

Candice took my hand and got back up to her feet. She looked down to see that I still supported a semi and a smile came across her face.

“This environment isn't really suited to getting my pussy licked but maybe I can find out how good you are at other things.”

Candice leaned in and placed another kiss on my lips, her tongue massaging my own, and she draped her body into mine. My dropped down to her arse and gave it a squeeze as I felt her erect nipples dig into my chest. Her hand had dropped down to my cock and starting to massage it back to its full erection.

“Come with me.” Candice said we ended the kiss.

I expected her to take my hand but she took hold of my cock and led me to the open wall of the car park. Being on the fifth floor, no one would be able to see by looking up. Candice let go of my cock and bent over the low wall, her chest pressed against the concrete.

I instantly knew what was wanted even before she wiggled her shapely behind at me. I wrapped my hand around her as I reached for the button and zipper of her jeans. Placing some kisses on her neck, she let out a moan as she felt my body pressed against her. I grabbed hold of either side of her jeans and lowered them down her legs. I looked up to see her looking down at me, her arse clad in only a tiny g-string.

“Use your mouth to take it off!” Candice commanded.

I nodded my head with a smile as she oozed with sexual confidence. I leaned forward and grabbed the top of the string with my teeth, my face pressed against her smooth black skin. I couldn't resist and gently nipped her skin, Candice letting out a little giggle. I dragged the skin down, the smooth aroma of her pussy filling my nostrils as I moved it down her legs, leaving her complete naked.

I moved back up to my feet and ran my hand along the inside of her leg. Her body shook as I did so, showing how ticklish she was. I ran my fingers along her smooth pussy to see how wet she already was.

“Tell me you want my cock.”

“I want your cock so much! I want you to fuck me like I'm your little Nubian whore.”

I smiled at her reply.

“Here it is!”

I plunged my cock straight into her pussy from behind, the wetness allowing me to slide straight in. Candice let out an audible moan as my full length entered her pussy. She didn't feel as tight as Melissa but I quickly got into a smooth motion of thrusting into her. Considering we were in a public place, I was surprised by how vocal Candice was. It started with some guttural moans as I pushed my cock into her but it quickly became more high pitched.

“Please, please, yes, yes.”

I held tightly onto Candice’s hips as I thrust further into her pussy. The enjoyment caused her body to go all over the place as she started to rut back into my cock. I had my hands on her hips and held body in placed as I thrust harder into her.

“Please, fuck me! Just there...Mmm…Call me your slut, call me your little black slut” she commanded.

“You are, you are my little black slut. Now take my hard cock in your pussy, enjoy it ramming into you.”

I pushed harder in, Candice leaned up and reached around for my head. She pressed her lips hard against mine, passion had completely taken over her body and she demanded my body close.

“I'm so close…” She whispered. “Make me cum and then cum in my pussy!”

As she finished whispering, I pushed her body back down and continued to push my cock into her. Her moans started to get louder as her legs started to shake.

“Oh fuck, your pussy feels good. Scream for me slut, let everyone know you're coming!”

I pushed harder into her as her moans got louder and her body shook more.

“Yes! Yes! YES!! Yeah!! CUMMING! I'M CUMMING!!”

I could feel her pussy get wetter as her orgasm reached its pinnacle. I could feel myself being close so continued thrusting into her pussy. Her moans continued as I pushed my cock into her soaking pussy. I swapped my hands from her hips to her shoulders and pushed her lithe body back into me.

I closed my eyes and filled her pussy with my hot spunk. Her hands had been gripped into her concrete and she finally allowed herself to relax as she felt me finish inside her. I continued to thrust as I allowed all my cum to shoot out before pulling myself out.

I pulled up my jeans as Candice stood up and looked at me. She gave me a quick smiled before ducking down very quickly. I didn't realise why until I had turned around. There was a guy stood there who had clearly been watching. He gave me a thumbs up before walking off.

“You can get up now, he's gone.”

Candice stood up but kept her arm over her breasts. She had already put her thong back on and grabbed her vest from the floor by the car.

“Do you think he recognised me?”

“Nah, he was too far away. Plus no one is gonna believe Candice Patton got fucked in a car park.”

She laughed.

“That's true. And what a fuck!”

She leaned in and kissed me on the lips gently before grabbing her jeans and pulling them up.

“You need a ride?“

“Nah, mine is over there.”

“Cool, you got much planned?”

“Yeah, I’m off to tell Melissa how good a fuck you are. I'll call you.”

Candice sauntered off leaving me on my own. I thought back to how good an experience the casting call had been for me but I knew I had to get some rest before meeting up with Felicity; if anyone could tire me out, it would be her.

It took about an hour and a half to get back across town and only left me two hours to rest up before Felicity arrived. I decided to kip on the sofa and soon drifted off to sleep. I woke up to the banging on the door and looked at my watch. I'd overslept by ten minutes and opened the door to a furious Felicity Jones.

“The hell dude? I've been knocking for like fifteen minutes! You got a girl back here or something?”

“No, I'm on my own. Just needed a kip, I got a bit tired out this morning.”

“Names! And wine me, please.” Felicity said as she sauntered into house.

I closed the door behind her and walked into the kitchen. The bags that she had brought with her had been laid over a chair and she sat on a stool at the breakfast bar. I grabbed two wine glasses and a bottle of red, pouring the liquid for us to consume. She took a sip and smiled at me.

“Mmmmm French, lovely. Now, names please.”

“Amy Adams and Candice Patton.”

“How diverse! Together?”

“No, not together. I'd gone to a casting call for a film I'm going to direct and I fucked Amy in a store cupboard.”

“How naughty, I must meet her. We can compare notes. How did you fuck Candice?”

“She was waiting by my car.”

“Oh please tell me you fucked her in it.”

“Afraid not, I fucked her over the wall in the car park. She could see a lovely view of LA as she came.”

“You dirty bastard! I love it.”

I gave Felicity a wink before we both took a sip of the wine. It was very smooth and went down easily.

“And have you had anything since our time in the hotel?”

“I wish!” she blurted out. “I haven’t had any spare time to find some real penis to fuck. Only opportunity was hilarious. Daisy dumped that prick and he ran into me, thinking I would just ride his face.”

“And what did you say to him?”

“I told him I got a good seeing to by you in the shower and I would ensure that Daisy got it too. He didn’t like the idea of Daisy getting some real cock in her.”

“Well I’m glad you’re making enemies for me.”

“Oh, he disliked you the moment he saw you. He knew that Daisy wanted it and that it was a case of when, not if.”

“Excellent. To me?” I said as I offered the glass to her.

“To you.”

Felicity smiled back and clinked her glass against mine. She drank the rest of her wine before placing the glass onto the table, her eyes locked onto me the entire time.

“So tonight, you need to be dressed well and dressed sexily. This part is a bit… unique.”

“How do you mean unique?”

“Think Eyes Wide Shut with less murderous conspiracies. Just a chance for the rich and or famous to have some drinks, some chats and plenty of anonymous sex.”

“Anonymous?” i asked before finishing my drink.

“Masks are a requirement and you can’t take them off. I mean, secretly you can guess who they are but what happens in the party, stays in the party. Like Vegas but cooler and with less STD’s.”

“Sounds fun, maybe I should shower.”

“Maybe you should you smelly bastard. While you’re doing it, I will decide what colour thong I’m wearing.”

“A girl like you, I thought the question would be if you’re wearing a thong.” I said as I walked around the breakfast bar.

Felicity gave my arse a slap as I walked past and headed to the stairs to shower. I wasn’t sure how long it would take for the lift to arrive but I decided I didn’t want to hurry, I wanted to enjoy the shower. I stripped naked in the ensuite and allowed the hot water to run over my body. It felt refreshing considering the day I had endured and I stood there for 10 minutes before I commenced washing my body. If she was taking me to a sex party, I wanted to ensure the goods were in tip top condition so took some time to shave my balls and trim the pubis area. I wasn’t a strict adherent to the porn star look but I always wanted to ensure I was presentable.

After cleaning myself up, I walked out of the shower and commenced to trim my face, ensuring the beard was in a presentable condition. I was going to leave my hair as it was and walked out of the ensuite into the bedroom. The sight that awaited me was Felicity laying on the bed completely naked. She laid on her tummy with her back to me, her arse popping up in the air slightly. She spread her legs slightly and I could see her freshly shaven pussy lips poking through.

“Jesus,” She said as she turned her head to me. “I thought you were never coming out you took that long. Sure you didn’t have a wank in there?”

“I’m sure.”

“Come and prove it then!” She commanded.

I didn't need much more instruction than that and walked towards the bed, dropping the towel as I did so. Felicity licked her lips as i approached and started to move onto her back. I grabbed hold of her body to stop her and brought her close to the edge of the bed.

Dropping down onto my knees, I placed some kisses along her firm cheeks. Felicity could tell what I had in mind as she dropped her front down onto the bed, arching her back slightly. Reaching my hand up, I slowly ran a finger along her slit to try and find her clit.

“Mmmm, that feels nice.” Felicity moaned.

I looked over to see Felicity snuggling her face into the bed as my finger found her little button and started to massage it. The brunette actress moved her body in rhythm with my finger as my kisses continued on her butt cheeks. Her moans started to get louder as my movement started to increase.

“God your fingers feel good!” she moaned.

“Wait until my cock gets in there.”

“Can't wait, that cock feels amazing in my pussy.” 

Felicity started to buck her hips on my fingers as they began to thrust into her. Her moans increased in volume as her pussy got wetter, her juices covering my fingers. I could resist as her hole became exposed to me and I brought my lips to it. I kissed along her arse, my tongue occasionally dipping in.

The combination proved to be too much as her orgasm took over her body. Her arse bucked back and enveloped my face, my tongue going in and working its way around to generate more moans. After her initial pleasure finished, Felicity collapsed onto the bed and rolled onto her back. She looked up at me and played with her nipples between her fingers.

“That was very nice, thanks. A good warm up for the party.”

“What kind of party are you taking me to?”

“This kind of party.” She said as flitted her fingers between the two of us. “Thought you could do with going to at least one sex party on your visit here.”

“And the masks?”

“This isn't a networking event and some people have rather specialists tastes. There's still too many prudes in this country, they want to keep it secret. Some people know some identities, you can confide secretly.”

The doorbell rung as Felicity leaned back on the bed and looked towards me.

“That's our ride, go let her in. And keep your cock out.”

I got up off the bed and followed her instructions. I don't condone opening the front door naked but Felicity must have known they would be comfortable, especially considering where we were going. I looked through the peephole to see a short girl with black hair. She was looking down at her phone as I looked through but her head popped up and she had a smile on her face.

“Let me in then Richard before it shrivels up.”

“Felicity text you.”


She held the phone up to show the text but it wasn't very clear. I unlocked the door and the girl walked in, taking the view of my naked form in.

“Nice to meet you, I'm Summer.” She said as she held her hand out. 

“Yeah, I know who you are. Big fan of Firefly.” I said as I shook her hand.

“Favourite episode?”

She walked past me and I took in her body. It was lithe like a dancer and clad in a tight dark red dress, her arse standing out.

“Out Of Gas.”

“I was barely featured in that. I suppose I’ll have to compliment something about you.”

Summer span on her heels and looked over me.

“Your cock looks nice, sure I’ll give it a good ride.”

“Would love you to. Could be a while until Felicity is ready.”


I turned around to see Felicity dressed in a dark green dress showing off plenty of cleavage. She walked down the stairs and took Summer into an embrace, their lips pressing against each other. Her hand crept around to Summer’s arse and gave it a hard squeeze.

“How did you get ready so quick? I only left you freshly fucked like three minutes ago.”

“Freshly fucked was the look I was going for.” Felicity answered with a smile. “There’s a suit and a mask through there for you. Hurry up, we’ll meet you in the car.”

Felicity took Summer in her arm and the two women walked to the door to leave the house. I nodded my head and walked into the other room to get dressed. Felicity seemed to have got all my correct sizes and I walked to the limo to join the ladies after I got my clothes on. They had stopped kissing and were drinking together when I arrived and sat down in the car. The driver pulled off and Felicity started to explain the rules to me.

“Don’t take your mask off. And don’t ask anyone who they are. And don’t stick your dick in anyone unless they ask.”

“Seems simple.”

“It will be for you. You’re in decent shape, a good dick and, from what I’ve been told, you’re a decent fuck. Shame we can’t have a go.” Summer said after finishing her glass.


“Oh we’ve already made plans I’m afraid. You’ll find someone though.”

The two girls regaled me with stories about parties they had been to and prepared me for everything that I might see while there. It seemed incredible that they could do this in complete anonymity but I suppose that’s how it had to work so they could remain pure in the eyes of the public. The stories continued for about 40 minutes before we pulled into an underground car park.

“So we’re going to arrive in a minute. Put your mask on and keep it on.” Felicity said as she placed hers over her face.

She had gone for a half mask, so her mouth was free but Summer had one that covered her entire face. I shrugged my shoulders and put the domino mask on. I guess it’s because I was a lot less known. We walked out into a very unglamorous parking lot, plenty of security and cars but no other guests. The girls took either arm and we walked into an elevator as a threesome. The large black security nodded his head as we entered and advised us to go to the 27th floor. Felicity pressed the button and up we rose.

It only took a moment or two for the elevator to rise up to it’s final destination and the view when the doors opened differed incredibly from when they closed. A mass of bodies appeared from people in the party, all wearing masks and in different states of undress. As we stepped out, there was a group of people watching a man getting pegged by a very busty redhead.

“See I told you it would be a sight.” Felicity said as I felt hand move to my arse. “You’re gonna enjoy it here. You won’t be alone for long.”

“Alone?” I asked as I turned to look at her.

“Well me and Summer have an appointment. She’ll show you around and then join me.”

“Thought you invited me to stay with you.”

“She invited you so we could have a guy with us. Plus I imagine you would like to have some anonymous fun with one of these whores. You never know, she might tell you who they are.” Summer said as she appeared behind Felicity.

“Okay, well lead the way River Tam.”

Summer took my hand in hers and we walked further into the party leaving Felicity alone. She showed me various room where people were indulging. There was a thin white girls getting double teamed by two Arabic men while a group of people watched a black woman getting eaten out.

As we walked around Summer told me that she had first met Felicity at a party in London that was very similar to this. Summer was being fucked against a wall when the guy decided to go down on her. They dropped to the floor where Felicity was lying down having the same treatment. By now both girls had their masks off and reached an orgasm at nearly the same time. They’d been firm friends ever since.

After walking about for twenty minutes, Summer excused herself to go meet up with Felicity and left me alone. There was a group of bodies intertwined with each other while other couples paired off with each other. No one seemed to be paying attention to me so I leaned back against a wall and continued to drink the wine I was given by a passing waitress. The group seemed to be really into each other and made no differentiation between man and woman. I didn’t know how long I was watching but I broke out of my trance when I felt someone breathing on my neck. I went to turn my head to see before they soft small hand stopped me.

“It’s an interesting sight, isn’t it?”

“People fucking? It’s not exactly unusual.”

“They’re not fucking. The couple in the other room are fucking. The two people without masks that are definitely not Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens fucking. Spoiler alert, it’s actually Stella. But those people there, they’re not fucking at all.”

“If they’re not fucking, what are they doing?”

“They’re servants of Dionysus. They are giving themselves up to the ultimate pleasure and worshiping all the God has to offer. Man fucks man; man fucks woman, woman fucks woman.”

“I suppose when you look at it like that, those people are the ones who got it right.”

“Have you fucked anyone today? Anyone here?”

“I have fucked today but not here. Haven’t had anyone speak to me yet, never mind offer me a fuck.”

“Well I’m speaking to you.”

“I thought at one point you were going to monologue. You do a lot of research into Bacchus?”

“Dionysus. And no, I just wanted to speak to the new guy.”

“How do you know I’m new?”

“Well I’m not saying I’ve fucked everyone here but I don’t recognise you. I also saw you enter and she told me a few days ago.”

“Bloody Fel… girl. For a party that’s supposed to be anonymous, she certainly enjoys telling people that I am here.”

“Don’t blame her, you should give her a reward.”


“Because you get to fuck me.”

I turned around to see the back of the girl walking toward a room, her back was exposed and her arse clad in only a red thong. I followed her into the room and watched as she slammed the door shut. She was shorter than me and had brown hair with a highlight of blonde throughout. She leaned back against the door and I could see that she worse a small see through vest to cover her front. I could see through to her breasts and her nipples stood on end.

“You’re trying to figure out who I am, aren’t you?”

I nodded my head.

“I am.”

“Any idea?” She said as she took her top off, leaving her only in her thong.

“Well your breasts are too small to be Anna Kendrick.”

“And they’re perter. Nice to see you think I’m American, the accent’s working.”

“Where are you from?”

“Maybe Canada. Maybe Sweden. Maybe New Zealand. Not Australia. Why am I the only one getting naked?”

My eyes followed her as she walked over to the bed and leaned back into the pillows. I nodded my head and started to take the suit off, her eyes watching my body through her mask. As I was down to my boxers, I could see her lick her lips as she admired my body.

“You look like you could be fun. Hope that won’t bother you.”

My eyes followed where she was looking and could see several holes in the wall for people to watch. Every position seemed to be taken up by naked women.

“One always appreciates an audience.”

“Excellent!” She replied while pinching her nipples. “Now come taste my pussy.”

Her legs were slightly akimbo and I could see a small wet patch in the front. I walked over and knelled between her legs, she raised her foot to my mouth. A smile came across her lips as I took her toes into my mouth and I sucked each one individually. A moan came from her lips as I moved my tongue around her toes.

“How can anyone not love their toes being sucked?” She said as she started to suck on her own fingers. “Do the other foot!”

I grabbed her left leg and lifted it up as her right dropped down. I started by kissing the base of the foot before bringing her toes into my mouth. I gently nibbled down on her big toe before taking the other individually into my mouth.

“That feels so good.”

I watched her as I took the foot out of my mouth and I kissed around her ankle. Her smile widened as i started to move my lips to her calf and continued to kiss. I snapped a quick look to the peek holes and could see more people had joined to watch so I knew I had to give a good performance as I moved further along her leg. Her soft moans got louder as I reached her thigh. I kissed my way around as I allowed my fingers to run along the inside of her other leg.

“Oh God, you’ve done this before.”

“Once or twice, aye.”

“Enough of the entree, let’s move to the starter.”

The girl moved her foot to my chest and pushed me back up onto my knees and we locked eyes. It was only for a moment as her hands hooked into the side of her thong and started to slide it down her body. She had a landing strip of hair above her pussy but it was neatly waxed and her pussy lips were accessible.

The thong unhooked off her leg and she threw it carelessly to the side. I wasn’t in any doubt what she wanted me to do as she hooker her leg around my neck and dragged my head down towards her body. Within moments I was directly in front of her pussy, her clit already pressing through her labia.

I dropped my mouth down and places some soft kisses along the side of her lips, eliciting a slight jolt in her pelvis. I could hear her breathing start to get louder as my tongue teased her pussy, not quite wanting to dive straight in. I moved my head to kiss the top of her thigh and I could feel her rub her pussy against my cheek, leaving a slick on my face. I returned my mouth to her pussy and let my tongue lick up her slit from the bottom. A loud moan came from her mouth as my tongue reached the top but stopped just short of her slit. I knew she expected me to pay her clit some attention but I decided to go another way for now.

I raised my fingers to her pussy and parted her lips, allowing my tongue to slide into her. She sighed loudly as she felt my tongue spread out inside and I started to thrust it in and out of her pussy.

“Oh yea, that’s it. Tongue fuck my pussy!” She said breathlessly.

I felt her hand drop down to my hair tussle it as my head bounced. I could feel her thighs press against the side of my head as I pushed my tongue into her pussy, trying to find her G spot. I turned my tongue into a cylinder and pushed it in and out and fast as I could. The mysterious girl started to gyrate her crotch in my face as her moans started to get louder.

“God yeah, just there. Push in harder just there.” She whispered in between moans.

I followed her instructions to the t and pushed as hard as I could into her pussy. I tried to move my head back but she wouldn’t let me as hands pushed hard into the back of my head. Knowing I had little room to maneuver but I pushed my head up slightly so my nose was in contact with her clit. I continued to thrust my tongue into her deeply as my nose pressed down onto her clit, eliciting louder moans that started to turn into screams.

“Oh yeah, that’s it! Just there!” She moaned loudly.

I knew that she wouldn’t last for much longer, her moans were getting louder and her body was shaking more as I applied pressure onto her clit. I wanted to get her to scream before her orgasm so I forced my head back to separate her legs. She instantly spread them wide allowing me to get into a better position and placing my tongue onto her clit. The moan that came from her lips escaped all of her breath and she looked at me shocked, or as shocked as she could look in a mask. I flicked my tongue over her clit in quick motion as her hands reached up to rub her hair. She bucked her hips more her breathing got more intense and i pushed harder onto her clit.

“Oh God, yes! Just there! Oh my, I’m cumming!!”

The girl screamed loudly as her orgasm came over her and her juices squirted out onto my face. I licked up the juices as I licked on her clit some more to try and prolong her pleasure. As her body finally settled down from the orgasm, I looked up to see her breasts go up and down as she tried to settle her breathing. They were small but very pert and her nipples looked very tasty.

“You want to fuck me now?” She asked. “I want you to cum as hard as I did.”

“Funny you say that, I want to do that as well!”

“Then stick it in.” She said as she opened her legs some more.

“I hope you’re not one of those feminists who refuse to be manhandled.”

The girl shook her head and I moved over to her side. She rose up into sitting position as I touched her arms and I leaned into her ear.

“I just don’t want to fuck your pussy.”

She looked at me confused for a moment but she came to a quick realisation and a smile came across her lips. She nodded her head and moved onto all fours, spreading her legs wide. I moved behind her and grabbed a bottle of the lubricant from the side table. A little giggle came from her mouth as I poured some of the contents over her shapely posterior. It was a good meaty arse for a small girl and it gave a little jiggle as I gave it a slap.

“Do you want me to loosen you up first?”

“No. Just go straight in and fuck me. I want to shoot your load into my arse.” She said as she stuck her arse out towards me.

I rubbed the lube over her arse and she let out a little of moan of pleasure, enjoying the feeling of the cold liquid. I rubbed some over my erect penis and started to slide it into her arse. She out a little moan as it slid in but it was obvious from the feel that she would regularly have anal sessions. The head of my cock had only just penetrated her arse when she leaned up onto her haunches and pulled my head forward. She placed her lips onto mine to give us our first kiss and my hand went instinctively to her breast. I pinched her nipple as she pushed her tongue out along my lips and giggled before dropping down onto her arms.

“Now that we’ve done the romantic thing, fuck me like a man!”

I grabbed her hips and started to push my cock further into her arse. The girl pushed back to allow my cock’s full length to go into her, her cheeks wobbling with every push into her. I could feel a wave of pleasure to come over me as I pushed into the girl and I could feel myself start to get more into it. I reached my left hand back and I struck her arse with my palm, a red mark left on her cheek.

“Yes! Spank and fuck my ass! Brand me like your whore.” The girl in the mask shouted.

I laughed to myself at her words and then drew my hand back to spank her again. I looked forward and could see her reflection in the mirror staring right at me. I smiled back and lowered my hand forcibly on her cheek. The red mark started to stay and the smile got wider as I hit it more. Her moan started to turn into grunts as I started to fuck her arse more deeply with longer strokes.

The tightness started to creep up on me and I could feel such pressure on my cock. I closed my eyes with pleasure as I pushed further into her arse, the result of combined pressure from thrusts by me and her. I held onto her arse tightly as I could feel my own orgasm approaching and I wanted to finish insider her. I opened my eyes to look and I could see her still staring forward at me.

“I’m gonna cum soon.”

“Good, I want to see your eyes as you do.”

I looked directly forward as I directed her hips back to me and pushed myself forward into her. My breathing became heavier as I felt her arse getting tighter somehow. I let out a grunt as my orgasm came and I shot my cum into her arse. I continued pushing forward as my cum filled her arse until the load was completely done and I dropped back onto the bed. I closed my eyes for a moment and felt her move up and cuddled into my chest.

“You know what new guy, that was a good little fuck you gave me. Our unnamed friend was very right about you.”

“I’m glad I could live up to it.”

“I’ll have to try you again, I would certainly love to suck that cock.”

“You could happily do it now.”

The girls laughed and kissed me onto the cheek.

“I don’t like to hang out with the same person for too long at these things, you never know what could be around the corner. You’re lucky I let you fuck me.”

The girls rose up off of the bed and picked up her thong, sliding it up her legs and covering her, moist pussy. She found her see through top and put that back on too.

“I’ll see you around Richard.”

I looked at her shocked and she quickly disappeared from sight. I was about to get up when a naked Summer Glau walked in. Her lithe body looked amazing and completely smooth with no hair in sight.

“There you are. Felicity was feeling sick so had to go home and I’m about to go home to an orgy. Thought it would be common courtesy to let you know we’d gone.”

She noticed I was staring at her naked body and spun around for me.

“Are you free tomorrow night?”

“Yeah, I think so.” I said as I stood up and started to put my clothes back on but noticing my tie was missing.

“I’d like to take you for dinner. Maybe I’ll let you see this body closer.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“Good. Gravicci’s at 9. See you then.”

Summer then disappeared and left me alone in the room once more. I looked quickly at my phone to see a picture message from Daisy. It was the window of an airplane, notifying me she was on her way back. I smiled and looked up to see one guy was in the peek hole area.

“Enjoy the show?”

He nodded his head.

“Which way is out?”

He pointed his arm to his side so I nodded my head and said thanks. All I wanted after this day was a nice long sleep.
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Day 8
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This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. I am always looking for feedback and conversing about my stories. If you would like to, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

The clock struck 10:00 and the lie in was complete. The day before had been a busy one for me with the hookups and the party but my week was slowing down as I approached the end of my trip. One set visit and one party were all I really had to do before heading back to London. This morning though would reunite me with an old friend.

Gemma Arterton had been my first big fling and she taught me plenty about the industry and about sex. The affair was an open secret in the theatre but it came to an abrupt end when her his husband found out. We hadn't seen each other since so today would be special.

I'd prepared by showering and making sure I looked good, a casual outfit would be perfect. While eating breakfast, my phone vibrated and I saw a message come in from Felicity.

“Sorry for abandoning you last night. Something turned on me and I was sick all over this guy’s cock, well awks! Hope this makes up for it.”

Attached underneath was a picture of her right breast, exposed by her hand pulling her bra aside. I smiled at the sight of it, Felicity had the best nipples to suck on.

“It does! Hope to see them in person again before I go home.” I text back.

“Maybe… Enjoy Summer,” she replied.

I smiled at her comment. I certainly intended to enjoy my evening date with her friend, the image of Summer Glau standing before me naked flashed in my memory. Her body was supple, tight and would happily be a ground for me to play with. But first there was Gemma.

10 Days in Hollywood: Day 8
Starring Gemma Arterton, Natalie Alyn Lind & Summer Glau
Featuring Anne Hathaway, Brie Larson & Felicity Jones
MF, Oral, Anal, Facial

The bar that I was told to go to had a stupid name, O’Callagheys. It was a merger of two different bars and they decided to squish their names together rather than find a new one. But despite all this, they showed football games from the UK and today’s important match would be shown here. I’d supported West Ham United since I was a child, growing up close to the stadium and I’d bonded with Gemma over our love of football before our affair started. It was that bonding that would probably lead to the affair; in addition to the chemical attraction.

I walked into the bar to see it completely empty save the barman and a curvaceous woman dressed in a complete football kit; socks and all. It was obvious that Gemma had come prepared. The barman looked up to see me and said something to Gemma, I was too far away to hear what was said but the brunette beauty turned around to look at me.

“Too embarrassed to wear that claret nonsense?”

“You know I haven’t worn colours since I was 15. Your mother let you out of the house looking like that?”

“She said it’s fine as long as I’ve got clean underwear on.”

“In case you get hit by a bus?”

“Well she said in case I get fucked in an alley but same difference,” she said with a smile as she grabbed two drinks from the bar. “If you’re wondering, there’s no alley here. I’ve checked.”


Gemma placed both drinks on the table that I was stood by and jumped into my arms, her smooth legs wrapping around me. I wrapped my arms around her to support and hugged her in my arms.

“I’ve missed you bubble fucker.”

“I’ve missed you too Arty. We gonna stay friends this time?”

“No husband to stop me. You got a wife who’ll get in the way?”

“Not yet.”

“Good! Put me down.”

I reluctantly lowered Gemma onto the ground and she took a quick sip of her drink. The football was already on the screens and the barman had seemingly disappeared. I sat down on the chair and took a drink, it was a rum and coke.

“You remembered what I drink.”

“I do.” Gemma said as she sat down next to me. “Considering you’re gonna lose today, I thought I would give you something you could appreciate.”

“You’re a fucking angel! Where’s the barman gone?”

“Well as this place is closed for renovation, I thought I would pull a few strings and get the two of us in here to watch the game. So we are gonna be alone for the next few hours.”

“Well here’s to us.”

I raised my glass to offer a cheers which Gemma gladly took and finished the remainder of her drink. She walked to the bar and I checked out her body. The socks showed off her calf muscles excellently and he curvaceous arse looked great in the white shorts. I could tell she was wearing a thong underneath. After gathering her drink, she came bouncing over and her large breasts bounced with her. The shirt was a ladies cut and her breasts looked like they wanted to burst out of the material.

“So I saw Alice at the hotel the other day. She seems to have cooled her attitude towards you.”

“Yeah, we met up the other day, thrashed things out.”

“Well I’m not sure I’d class giving the girl a facial in a changing room thrashing things out but I’m old school.”

“She told you that?”

“Oh yeah. When I told her I wanted to fuck you again, she couldn’t stop herself spilling all the details. She might be a bit of a bitch but the girl knows how to enjoy sex, I’ll give her that.”

“You want to fuck me again?”

Gemma put her drink down and looked me in the eyes.

“Why would I go to the effort of getting a private bar rented out if I only wanted to watch the football? We would go to a bar where more of your bubble headed friends are. You can’t swing a cat without hitting one in this town.”

“What do you say we make this interesting then if us fucking is a foregone conclusion?”

“Speak.” she replied as she drank more of what I would guess is vodka.

“Neither team can defend so I offer this. Every time the opposition scores, you take off an item of clothing. Shoes don’t count.”

“And if it’s four four after 20 minutes?”

“Then we can forget the game.”

Gemma took a moment to consider it before standing up off the chair and walked around the table to my side. She lowered herself onto my lap and wrapped her arms around me. Her breasts pressed against my chest and she leaned in to kiss me on the lips softly.
“This is why I’ve missed you.”

I ran my hands along her legs and looked into her eyes.

“We could forego the football?” I suggested before Gemma slapped me on the chest.

“Nope, can’t just give it to you on a plate. So tell me, who have you fucked since you’ve been here other than Alice.”

“All of them? I don’t think I have time.”

She giggled and jumped off my lap to gather us some more drinks.

“Ah come on! Match is just starting and it’ll be a slow start. I’m not gonna tell anyone, just need to size up my competition.”

“Okay.” i said as my eyes drifted to the television. “Amy Adams, Melissa Benoist, Felicity Jones, Janina Gavankar, Emma Stone, Brie Larson, Candice Patton Jessica Chastain and some random person last night in a mask.”

“Jesus,” she said as she placed the drink in front of me. “You got enough in the tank for me?”

I returned my eyes to her face and smiled. I grabbed the drink and took a large gulp.

“Get on your knees and we’ll find out. Oh and Karen Gillan.”

“Maybe after. In the meantime, take your top off.”

I looked up to the screen to see the Charlton Athletic players celebrating.

“Ah, for fucks sake.”

I returned my gaze to Gemma who had a hungry look on her face and I knew I wouldn’t get out of it. I took off my shirt and placed in on one of the spare seats that littered the bar. Gemma lifted herself from her chair and closed the couple of paces that separated us. She ran her fingers along my torso.

“Nice, you appear to have worked out since we last saw each other. You lift bro?”

I smiled at her comment as she lifted her fingers to my pectoral muscles. Gemma was looking her lips as she looked over my body and could tell her interest in the football match was starting to wain. I then nodded my head to the television for Gemma’s attention to leave my chest. She looked at the screen to see the image of Mark Noble running away in celebration.

“Shit!” Gemma said as she span on her heels to look at me.

I smiled at Gemma as she started to lift up her football top, exposing her stomach. I noticed how flat it was before I stopped her lifting it up anymore.

“I seem to remember you chose what item I took off so I should be able to do the same.” I said as I looked over her body. “I seem to remember how much you enjoyed having my cock in it so let’s give it some air. Take your shorts off.”

A smile came over her lips as she looked at me. There had always been a lot of attention on her breasts but her arse would go with no attention at all. That was a shame as it was very underrated and she loved getting it fucked. She walked over to the table that I was sat at and bent over, sticking her arse out for me to admire. She hooked her fingers into the waistband and started to lower it down, her white thong getting some air.

I reached my hand over and stroked the smooth skin as it became exposed. It was bigger and less firm than the last time we had fucked but it felt good to get in my hand. Gemma stepped out of the shorts and moved around to sit on my lap. She brought her lips down to mine and kissed softly.

“I made the right decision getting you here. I’ve missed kissing and fucking you.” Gemma said.

“I missed looking at your body, just as good as I remember.”

We kissed again but with a little bit more passion as her hand idly played with my chest. Her tongue massaged my own as she closed her eyes, I kept mine open to look over her. There was a loud cheer on the television and we both looked up after the kiss finished. Gemma’s head dropped down as she saw that West Ham had scored again. She returned to look at me.

“This isn’t going to plan, we were supposed to destroy you so i could get to look at that beautiful body of yours.”

“Now I get to look at yours.”

“Well I suppose you’ll need to. Is it boobie time?”

I shook my head before pinging the strap of her thong. Gemma rose up off my lap and grabbed hold of her underwear, sliding it down to reveal her pussy. She had a neat landing strip above her slit but the labia was smooth and had easy access. Gemma could see my desire as I looked at her pussy closely.

“Still looks good?”

“It looks very good. How strict are we being with the game?”

“They’re more guidelines than rules.”

“Good! Lay down on the table.” I ordered her.

Gemma smiled with glee as she jumped up onto the table next to me. She leaned down and placed a kiss on my lips before gently lowering herself backwards. With her back on the table and her legs hanging off the side, I moved my chair to sit directly in front of her. The smell of her excitement rode up my nostrils and I could tell she was ready. I grabbed Gemma’s legs and moved them onto my shoulders so I had easy access to her, the sight of her slit very enticement. We could heard the crowd cheer on the television but we paid it no mind. I had a task ahead and Gemma eagerly awaited the result.

A shiver went through her body as I placed my mouth onto her slit, she didn't expect me to go straight to her pussy. I ran my tongue along it before, careful to avoid coming into contact with her clit. Gemma let out a moan as I gently teased around but I knew I didn't want to make contact with her pleasure centre too early. Gemma leaned back to give me better access and I moved my head to the side to kiss her thighs. I remembered from the past how sensitive these were and she let out a loud moan as I kissed along.

“Oh, just there you little tease.” Gemma moaned as I kissed along her thigh.

As I returned to her moist pussy, I looked up to see Gemma had slid her top up and was playing with her breasts. She had two of the largest nipples i had had the pleasure of putting in my mouth and they looked tantalising as she played with them. I returned my gaze to the main objective and allowed her pheromones enter my nostrils. She smelled sweet and i lowered my mouth down to cover clit. Her body shook a little as I came into contact with her clit again and she moaned a little louder. The sound of her moaning gave me encouragement and my tongue flicked her clit with more aggression and speed.

One of Gemma’s hands had dropped down to rustle my hair as it bobbed up and down. It was obviousshe was getting closer due to the tongue lashing because her thighs had got closer to my head throughout the experience, to the point they were now touching my ears.

“Oh God, Richard I've missed you tongue.” She said loudly as she weighed under my attention. “Tongue fuck me, I want your tongue inside me.”

Never one to disappoint, I slid my tongue away from her clit and stuck it into her pussy. It was sopping wet by the time I got inside her and it was very easy to slide my tongue in and out of her. I knew she wouldn't cum by my tongue alone so I moved my hand over to her pussy and massaged her clit with my index finger.

“Yes yes yes.” Gemma moaned in a quick pattern.

I continued to tongue fuck Gemma as she squirmed on the table, releasing my hair and grabbing both sides of the table. Her body was overcome by the pleasure from my tongue and I knew the finale was around the corner. The tongue fucking was slower than she expected as she thrust her body onto my tongue, creating more speed.

“I'm cumming, I'm cumming, oh yes I'm cumming. Lick my juices you motherfucker, lick it all up.” Gemma screamed.

As Gemma stopped shouting at me and just screamed with pleasure, her pussy exploded on me. Her juices squirted all over my face as her hips bucked through her orgasm. I was able to lick up most of her juices but a lot ended up on the table. After what seemed like a eternity, Gemma’s orgasm subsided and she collapsed back onto the table.

Dropping backwards, I leaned into the chair and looked over the Gemma’s body, I was pretty pleased with my work. It had been years since we last fucked but everything worked the same. Her thighs were as sensitive as before, she could still squirt and her juices tasted just as sweet.

“I really missed you licking my cunt.” Gemma said as she sat up on the table. “Lose the pants so I can ride you.”

I smiled at her suggestion and it seemed like a race between us to get naked. My clothes were thrown into a pile next to the chair and I turned around just as Gemma leaped on me. Her lips found my own quickly and was matched by my cock sliding effortlessly into her pussy.

“I hope I'm not too wet for you to cum.”

“No chance you sexy beast, won't take me long with how good you are either.” I said as I looked over her large breasts.

I leaned down and kissed her breasts before sliding her right nipple into my mouth. I sucked on the large brown nipple to elicit a moan from the brunette. I continued to suck until she pulled me away.

“Sure you can even remember?”

Gemma start to move her hips up in a slow motion to emphasise her point.

“I may have been young but I'm sure you're still the best fuck I've ever had.”

“You'll say anything to get in my pussy.”

I smiled at Gemma before we kissed with more passion and I could feel my cock slide further inside her. For all the times we'd fucked in the past, she still felt as tight as the first time.

“I love riding your cock.” Gemma whispered in my ear.

She licked my lips before pulling her body back and resting her hands on my shoulders. Gemma kept eye contact with me as she rocked her body along my cock, keeping a slow rhythm as she gently teased me. She looked incredibly sexy with her post orgasm glow. A single strand of hair had remained dangling over her face and it rocked back and forth with her motion of her bouncing. My hand remained planted on her arse and stroked her soft skin. It was the final barrier in our relationship; one I hoped we would overcome in time. Especially now that we were re-acquainted.

“It feels so good inside me." Gemma whispered as she laid her head close to my ear.

Gemma started to rock on my cock with more gusto and closed her eyes with pleasure. The friction felt great on my cock as it thrusted in and out of her pussy. I kept my hand on her arse but I started to move my finger towards her hole. As I reached and started to penetrate both sides, Gemma stopped bouncing on my cock and started to rut instead. Her tempo increased and I could tell she was getting closer to her orgasm.

“Oh yes, yes, yes, make me cum!” she yelled.

Gemma leaned back as the second orgasm hit her body; her erect nipples pointing right at me. I leaned down and sucked each one in turn, her moans increased as she felt the added pleasure. Her pussy was soaking so I knew I had to act quick if I was going to cum. I pulled the actress off my cock and bent her over the table in front of me. Her ass was gaping and I considered sticking it in there but I knew I wanted to enjoy it so decided to leave it for another time.

I placed my hands on both of her hips and pushed my cock into her pussy. Gemma squealed as I pushed my full length into her relative ease and started to fuck her pussy. The actress grabbed the other end of the table with both hands and matched my pace with her ass pushing back into my stomach, the view of a wobble was very sexy. I let out a grunt as I started to feel my balls tighten and I knew it wouldn’t be long. Even though her orgasm had ended, Gemma continued to moan as I pushed my cock into her repeatedly.

“Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me good, cum in my pussy.” Gemma moaned in between breaths,

Never one to disappoint, I pushed my cock harder into her, ensuring the full length of my cock went in and out of her with only the tip remaining. Getting closer, I increased my pace and placed my right hand on the small of her back. I pushed down hard as I felt myself getting closer, her body oozing sex as Gemma looked at me from over her shoulder. It became too much and I shot my cum into her waiting pussy. I thrusted my way through to ensure that all of my cum filled her pussy before pulling out and sitting down on the chair.

“Oh my God, that was good.” Gemma said as she returned to her feet.

“I know, we were always good in the bedroom.”

Gemma let out a little giggle before starting to put her clothes back on. She looked great nude but the sight of her in lingerie was just as sexy, maybe even a little more. Noticing that I was watching, she gave me a spin as she slotted the thong between her arse cheeks. Sadly she started to put the football kit on depriving me of the excellent view of her body.

“Looks like you won!” she said as she pointed at the screen.

I looked up to see that the football had indeed ended and the players were going through their standard ritual of shaking hands and swapping shirts. I’d suggest we do the latter but I knew I’d be seeing them very soon anyway.

“What are your plans for the rest of the day?” Gemma asked as she handed me a coke.

“I’ve gotta go up to this set to see Anne Hathaway and then I have a date.”

“A date? Are you fucking serious? You’ve only been here a few days.”

“Well I’ve been here a week and I am serious, this being a casual thing.” I said gesturing between the two of us.

“This is Hollywood darling, everything is a casual thing. Especially next week when I come to your grimey little flat and let you stick it in my arse.”

“Promises promises.” I said as I gave her arse a little tap.

“Well put some clothes on as a painter is due to be here shortly, I’m sure he won’t want to see your cock. I gotta run, table read to do for a new film. Might be fun sitting across from one of your holiday fuck buddies with your cum inside me.”

Before I could ask Gemma who she meant, she put her sunglasses on and disappeared out of the bar. Feeling a bit of a dick by standing naked in a bar, I quickly got changed and returned to my car. I jumped into the Porsche and entered the location of the film set into the sat nav. It gave me three routes but the times didn’t include midday LA traffic. Instead of going short and sitting in a traffic jam, I headed along the long route to take in some lovely coastal views. In the end, it didn’t take me as long as I thought and i parked up next to the security office. They signed me in and let me know which way to go to Anne’s trailer.

I could hear some shouting as I approached some assistants stood outside, slightly unsure what to do with themselves. I also noticed a young blonde girl who appeared to be amused, giving that look only a teenager girl could give. She had a pretty face and her breasts were held in a bikini top and jeans, typical California girl from the look of it.

“Is Miss Hathaway in there?” I asked the girl as I approached her side.

“Yeah, having another argument with the director, holding up filming yet again.”

“Um.. why?”

“Topless scene.”

“She doesn’t want to do one, I’m guessing.”

“No, she does. Her idea.”

It was little annoying to only get short answers from her when my attention was torn away by the trailer door bursting open. A man in his early forties, who I assumed was the director, stormed out only to be flocked by the assistants. He was shouting at them but I couldn’t catch everything he said. Prima donna and witch came up a few times though. That was when Anne walked out of the trailer.

Dressed in jeans and a red vest, her porcelain skin looked stunning when the sun shone down on her. She looked around to see if anyone was about and caught my eye before returning into the trailer and closing the door. The blonde girl mouthed good luck to me as I approached the trailer, my knuckles rapping on the door. I heard footsteps approach and when the door opened I was not greeted by the actresses smiling face but one of anger. She pushed passed me with surprising strength considering her size and she stormed down the steps.

“Miss Hathaway. I’m Richard Cole, we’re supposed to have a meeting,”

She looked back at me for a moment and I thought she was going to calm down. Instead she grabbed a rock from the floor and threw it at me. I ducked but still was shocked by her reaction. When I looked back up, she had pushed her way past everyone and disappeared from sight. I walked down the steps and was greeted by the blonde girl again.

“So me wishing you luck didn’t exactly work out, did it?”

“Not really. I’m Richard by the way.”

“Yeah, I heard you before the crazy bitch threw a rock at you. Good duck by the way, you’ve got good reflexes. Nice muscles too.” she said as she pinched my bicep.

“Um.. thanks. She like that a lot?”

“Well I’ve only been on set two weeks and this is fourth tantrum I’ve seen. There’s a few younger actresses on the film and they’re all topless. That’s why she wanted one, didn’t want to be shown up when hers are still pert and suckable.”

“That why none of the other actresses about?”

“All in hiding but for me. I’m lucky, I was 17 when my contract was signed so my girls only come out when I want them to.”

“Lucky boys. What’s your name?”

The blonde pushed passed me, her large breasts pressing into my chest. There was a smile on her face as she did this and she bit down onto her lip before disappearing into the trailer. I looked around to see the place deserted so I followed the blonde into the trailer.

“Good decision, man. I’m Natalie and yes I am 18 now.”

“Well I wasn't going to ask.”

“Don't ask, don't tell; I like it.” she said she bent over to pick something up.

She clearly did it so I would look at her arse as she held the position for longer than was required. The denim material clung to her arse and the line of her thong was very noticeable.

“Here, catch!”

I looked up to see a camera heading my way which I was able to catch. Natalie stood up and whipped off her vest to reveal bra-less boobs. They were very pert with small areolas and  nipples.

“I'm due to fuck a guy and thought I'd tease him before i get there. Take a few shots of the girls for me.”

“I'm not a photographer.” I protested.

She stepped towards me as her hands moved up and pinched her nipples to make them more noticable.

“No, you're a director. So direct me. I'll make it worth your time.” She said with a cute smile.

I brought the camera up and shot a couple of quick photos of her boobs. I went to include her face but she stopped me, wanting plausible deniability. I got up close for a few which seemed to excite Natalie by having someone that close to her. I then moved to the sofa and snapped a few from a low angle.

“Lose the jeans.” I told her.

“The jeans?”

“You want to excite him, don't ya? You've got a great ass, tease him with it.”

Natalie seemed to like the explanation and quickly stripped her jeans off. The front of her thong was cut very low so it was obvious that she was clean shaven. Natalie spun around to show her cheeks separated by the thin red material and I started to shoot some pictures. She bent over in a variety of positions before bring her hand down and giving it a slap.

We continued for about five minutes before Natalie took the camera out of my hands. She quickly fiddled and sent the pictures off to the unnamed boy before turning her attention back to me. I looked at her as she stood clad in only her small red thong and a smile.

“Thank you for doing that Richard, he'll enjoy knowing it's from Anne’s trailer.” Natalie said before throwing the phone to the side.

“Well, you're welcome. Though I can't complain with the view I’ve had.”

“I bet you can't.” Natalie said as she cupped her breasts. “These girls get all of the love but it's sweet you noticed my ass too.”

I laughed at her comment as she stood in front of me. A look in Natalie’s eyes changed slightly as she looked over me, considering her next move. I was still on my knees and looking up at her flat stomach and pert breasts, I noticed a slight wet patch on her thong.

“You know, it's a shame that I'm already on a promise as I think you'd be a great fuck.” Natalie said as she walked towards me. “The imagination of your cock pushing into my pussy as you grab my hair… oh god!”

She dropped down onto her knees and grabbed my head. Natalie pulled it forward and placed her lips onto mine, pushing her tongue aggressively into my mouth. Her fingers draped down my chest as our tongues intertwined, for someone so young she was a fantastic kisser. The kiss stopped and she pulled her head away from me.

“You know, just because I'm not gonna cum, doesn't mean I can't make you.”

I smiled and made my way to my feet, my crotch just few inches from her face. She moved her hair away and looked up at me.

“I know I'm young but I know what I'm doing. Just don't make me a one and done.”

Her hands made their way to my belt and quickly undid the metal buckle. She slid my jeans down and looked at my hard cock in my boxer briefs. Her fingers outlined the bulge before stroking my balls. She let out a little giggle before pulling the briefs down and allowing my cock to spring free. Natalie gave a smile of acceptance as her fingers delicately worked along the length of my cock, she seemed to be measuring it in her head. Finally she allowed her hand to fully grasp my cock and started to pump, feeling the skin move in her hands. Her wrist rolled with relative ease as she moved her fingers along my cock.

“It looks and feels really nice.” Natalie said with an innocent voice. “Let's see how it tastes.”

As her hand slid to the base of my cock, she put the head into her mouth and locked her lips down. Pairing the sucking with moaning, her head bobbed up and down. I placed my right hand on her head and stroked her hair while her tongue made good work of my cock.
“God Natalie, that feels so good.”

I could only hear a muffled acceptance as she sucked down. Her tongue rounded the head on the out suck and licked the underside of the length on the in suck. I looked down and could barely see her face, her hair covering up the sight of my cock in her mouth.I didn’t think I needed to do much more than enjoy the show.

Natalie started to gulp down as she took my cock fully into the mouth, the head of my cock almost hitting the back of her throat. She seemed to have a good gag reflex as there wasn’t any sign of struggle. Her hand moved down and massaged my balls as she sucked hard.

My phone started to ring in my pocket and Natalie’s eyes darted straight to it. She held position for a moment as she seemed to contemplate what to do before taking the cock of her mouth and looking up to me.

“Why don’t you answer it? I’d love to suck your dick while you’re speaking to someone. It’ll be fun to see if I can make you cum while they're still on the line.”

Natalie quickly popped the cock back into her mouth and resumed her sucking like nothing had happened. I took the phone out of my pocket to see Brie Larson’s face pop up. I pressed the button to accept the call and placed the phone next to my ear.

“Hi Brie, how are you?”

“Oh, you did save my number. And here I was thinking I could surprise you.”

“Better luck next time Cap.”

“Oh, I’m sure Chris will have an issue with you calling me that.” She replied to my comment.

As the conversation started, Natalie increased the speed of her sucking on my cock, trying to live up to her promise to make me cum while on the phone. She looked up as she started to slurp loudly.

“What’s that noise?” Brie asked.

“Oh, just some kid. No manners nowadays.” I replied.

I reached down and placed my hand on her head and motioned for her to continue her fast sucking.

“So… anyway… tomorrow night. I think I mentioned that there was this party and that I may have needed a date.”

“I recall.”

“So… oh come on dude, don’t make me ask like a loser.”

“I’d love to come.” I replied, closing my eyes from the pleasure of Natalie’s sucking. “Should I swing by yours?”

“No, I have a driver and we will pick you up. Just text me deets. It’s casual as well so don’t show me up by wearing a suit, certainly not a tight one to show off that cock.”

Brie laughed at her comment and hung up the phone. I knew I should probably text her the address but I had more important things to pay attention to. I could see Natalie smiling with my cock in her mouth, she seemed to enjoy the fact Brie was oblivious to the action. I wasn’t getting frustrated and just wanted to cum.

I reached my hands down and grabbed a handful of hair in both of my hands. Natalie locked eyes with me as she knew what I was about to do. I moved her head slowly at first but started to increase the speed as I fucked her mouth. Her gulping seemed to get louder as my cock went in and out of her mouth, the speed being helped by the thrusting of my hips. I started to bunch her hair up in one as I was getting closer to cumming so I could see her face better.

On a final out thrust, I shot the first load of cum into her mouth. Her eyes stayed glued to mine as she swallowed the cum as it landed into her mouth. I continued to thrust through it to ensure all of my cum finished in the younger girls mouth, her tongue circling the head of my cock as it came to an end. I pulled out and looked at the blonde on her knees.

“That was the good.”

 “Not bad for a child, am I right?” she said with a laugh. “Right, we better get changed and out of here before the nut case gets back.”

It didn’t take me long to pull on my clothes and fasten the belt but I stood there to watch Natalie cover her near naked body. It was a shame when the bikini top went back on as her breasts were fantastic. We left the trailer after ensuring the coast was clear and Natalie happily walked me back to my car. She gave me a peck on the cheek as I got into the driver’s seat and made me promise to not forget her. I was sure I wouldn’t.

The drive back to the condo was long due to traffic but it gave me time to think about the trip so far. I’d had more sex on this trip than I’d had in my entire life. I was still hoping to have more through my combination of dates with Summer and Brie but my thoughts went back to the one who had seemingly got away. I knew Daisy would be back the next day but with me going to the party, it would be doubtful I would have time to see her. Meeting up in London was a possibility. I got a text from Summer with the location of the restaurant and a time to arrive so I knew I had a while to get ready for the date.

I chose to wear something simple for the date, I’d spent a lot of time in suits in the time I’d been on this trip so I put a check shirt and chinos on to pair with a nice pair of brown shoes. I was under the belief I would have a few drinks so i chose to get an Uber to the restaurant. The ride only took about 20 minutes but Summer was already waiting when I arrived.

I don’t know why but I was surprised that she wasn't wearing a mask. Her face was completely uncovered and shone in the lights with a slight hint of a tan, her red lipstick looked very bright against her skin. She wore a dark orange dress that cut off past her knees, it wasn’t tight fitting but wasn’t completely loose either. The top of the dress cut down to show off some cleavage but her breasts weren’t the largest. She knew how to make the most of what she had.

“How are you Summer? You look beautiful.”

“Thank you Richard.” she said as I kissed her cheek. “Started to think you wouldn’t show.”

I looked at my watch to see that I was ten minutes late, the Uber must have taken longer than I thought. I looked to see a little button was sitting on the table.

“I’m sorry, I’m not used to LA traffic. What is this?”

She looked at the box and laughed as she returned her view to me. Licking her lips, Summer pushed the box forward to me.

“A controller.”

“What for?”


“You?” I asked. “I never knew you were a robot.”

“Well I have played one so maybe I’m here to hunt you down and kill you.” She said as she laughed, “My husband is at home so I can’t take you there. This is so we can have a little fun while at dinner. Press the button!”

I picked up the controller and looked at it. It didn’t have any telltale marks or labelling so there was only one way to see if she was telling the truth. I pressed the button and Summer gripped her hands to the table. Her eyes started to roll her eyes back and she bit down on her bottom lip. I took my finger off the button and sat down on the chair. I looked across to Summer and smiled.

“This seems to be a fun little toy Summer. You used it a lot?”

“First time for that actually. It was a nice little blast, hope your fingers are as good on my pu…”

Summer stopped short as the waitress arrived at the table to hand us our menus. She didn’t leave while we perused them and I knew this would present a fun opportunity to use the button. I told the waitress my order for a starter and a main and looked across to Summer. She started to go through her starter when my finger pressed down on the button. Summer seemed to try and hide her pleasure but as she answered a yes or no question, a moan came out of her mouth. The waitress looked a little confused as she wrote it down. Summer gave me a quick look in between conversation but I knew she wanted to carry on.

The waitress left the table as I looked directly at Summer, my finger hovering over the button. Summer smiled before taking a sip of her wine, waiting patiently for a press that wasn’t going to come.

“You have no idea how close I am to cumming.” she whispered.

I laughed as I let my finger hover over the button, seeing the anguish in her eyes. She desperately wanted me to finish her pleasure before the waitress came back. I looked over to the waitress and could see she was watching while talking to a friend. We had an audience so I thought I'd get it done. I placed my finger onto the button and watched as Summer squirmed in her place, letting the pleasure sensor do its work.

Summer kept her eyes on me as the orgasm cut through her body, the only real sign was her hands gripping the table. She gave me a nod to take my finger off as she enjoyed the flow of pleasure run through her. Finally she slapped her hand on the table as the final whisp hit her and she leaned back into her chair. She blew out a deep breath and moved a strand of hair from her.

“Well I've got to be honest, I've never quite been fingered like that before.”

I laughed.

“I've never fingered anyone like that so we can count ourselves lucky.”

“Unlike the guy Felicity hurled on last night!”

“Well it depends on what he's into I guess.”

We both laughed at this and I could feel her leg run up mine as the waitress returned with the starters. She seemed to linger a moment hoping there would be more to see until Summer shot her a dirty look. She quickly turned tail leaving us to our conversation.

Nothing much more happened during the dinner as Summer seemed concentrate on filling herself with her food. She told me about how she manages her home life with the parties and how she was first introduced to them. It was apparently through a Firefly co-star but she didn’t divulge which one. She did mention it was a she though.

The meal took about an hour to consume before the bill was presented to us. I paid the handsome fee but I couldn't really complain as the meal was top notch.

“Come with me.” Summer said as she grabbed my hand.

She led me through the restaurant and I started to feel like Henry Hill in Goodfellas. Suddenly we went through a door and headed upstairs. Two flights later we were out on the roof. No romantic lighting, all we had was air ducts and piping. I turned to look at Summer who had closed the door and started to strip off her dress.

“What's this then?” I asked gesturing around.

“Well like I said, my husband is home so I can't take you there to fuck.”

I laughed at her reply and leaned on the wall behind me.

“What about foreplay? This place doesn't seem exactly suited to it.”

“I've already cum and my pussy is wet.” Summer said as she lowered her dress to the floor. “This foreplay enough for you?”

I looked over Summer who stood there just like the night previous. Her breasts stood out proud with her pert nipples pointing on end. She still wore her panties but there was a notable wet patch from her previous orgasm.

“You're body looks amazing.” I stated as the dusk light hit her body.

“Well nothing much has changed since last night. What's weird is that I'm the only one who appears to be getting naked!”.

With that comment, Summer hooked her fingers into her panties and drew them down her legs. She threw them over to her other clothes and stood there completely naked, just as she did at the party.

I licked my lips as she walked along to one of the ducts and leaned against it. I know I didn't want to leave her waiting and started to strip my clothes off. As a few buttons came undone, I stopped and remembered how kinky Summer was, according to Felicity. I kept the tie in my hands as I strode over to her.

“I don't see any reason for me to be naked.” I said as I arrived in front of her.

She didn't really look shocked as I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her into a kiss. Our tongues attacked each other with passion. Her hands rested on my chest which allowed mine to creep to her pert arse, giving it a tight squeeze. A moan came from her lips as she felt the squeeze.

As we broke the kiss, Summer kept her blue eyes locked on. I smiled before spinning her around so her back faced my body, my crotch coming into contact with her arse. She rubbed her cheeks against my hardening cock as I grabbed her hands.

“Well this is different you kinky bastard” She said with a laugh as I pulled her hands behind her and wrapped the tie around them.

“Well like you said, no foreplay. Just some fucking in a dirty place like you want.”

“Ha ha… so slutty of me to want it.”

Summer emphasised this by leaning forward into a bent over position and wiggled her arse. I undid the zip on my pants and slid my cock out, rubbing the head against her pussy lips. A moan came from her mouth and I could see her lips were already moist. I pushed my cock into her pussy and her moan turned into a gasp.

“Fucking hell!” she shouted as I pushed my full length into her. “No wonder Felicity recommends this cock!”

I took hold of Summers hips and started to thrust into her pussy, the tightness of the angle gripping my length. I could hear her juices squish as my cock worked its way through her pussy.

“Felicity told a lot of people?”

“Fuck yeah, that mouthy bitch can do a lot of good in a week.” Summer answered through her moan. “If you go to San Diego, you'll be rolling in pussy. Now pull on that tie.”

I did as Summer commanded and watched her arms get yanked back. She seemed to get off on the initial pain as her body started to push back on me.

I watched as my cock was engulfed by her lithe body, the length getting covered by her juices as it slid in and out. I pulled the tie back some more as she moaned loudly from the fucking.

“Oh fuck yeah, that's just how I like it.”

I could only see her face slightly as she leaned her head back but her eyes were closed with pleasure. As the moans continued, I was able to increase the speed of the thrusting. Her pussy getting wetter as we fucked.

“Oh God, i love the feel of it.”

As her moans started to get louder, Summer pushed her body back into me to increase the speed of the thrusting. The girth of my cock rubbing her pussy lips as her body moved forwards and backwards.

“Spank me! Spank me!” Summer demanded.

I lifted my hand back and brought it down hard onto her arse. A squeal of pleasure came from her mouth as my hand made contact with her skin. The squeals got louder as I spanked her more, a red mark getting created on her firm right cheek.

“I want you to cum in me.” she sneaked out in between moans.

“I will, I'm so close Summer.”

“Me too, this is so horny.”

Summer pushed herself up to arch her back as I grabbed both of her hips to thrust deeper into her. As my cock met the back of her pussy, I could see a bead of sweat run down her body.

“Holy shit! I am so close.”

This was like holding a red rag to a bull and I increased the speed of my thrusting. Her moans were matched by my grunting as we tried to push each other as far as we could.

“Yeah, flex that pussy Summer. Fuck!” I moaned as Summer tightened her pussy.

Instinctively, I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as I pushed forward into her. Summer grunted as I did and quickly transitioned into screaming as her orgasm took hold of her.

I could feel her pussy juices slush about as she screamed her way through the orgasm. I held onto her hips and carried on thrusting to reach my own end. Summer started to go limp as she rested in the afterglow of her orgasm so I had to hold her up as I pushed in.

Finally, I pushed in one final thrust and started to shoot my creamy load into the actress. I closed my eyes as I felt my balls tighten and the liquid started to fill her up. I continued to thrust until my sack was empty and then let go of Summer’s body.

She rolled around to lean against the vent as she looked up at me, a wide smile on her face. I looked down to see cum and pussy juice sliding down her leg but it didn't seem to bother her.

“Well that was a very nice fuck Mr Cole.”

“I agree, that dancing history of yours has  kept that body supple.” I replied as I handed her her clothes.

“Well I do what I do.” Summer replied as she started to get clothed. “Nice touch with the hair pulling, I didn't think you'd be that kinky. Next time you're in town, I'll need to ensure the Spouse is away and I can show you the games room.” 

I zipped myself up as I listened to Summer and laughed at the idea of her having a special room.

“I'll RSVP you now then.”

We made our way to the fire exit stairs, Summer had been a bit loud and wanted to avoid the clientele. We shared a kiss at her car before she drove off into the night. It wasn't what I had expected when i arrived but it was good to add another name to my holiday list.

I looked at the time to see it was late, certainly too late to call someone else.i decided to head back to the condo and have a good sleep in preparation for Brie.

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Day 9
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This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. I am always looking for feedback and conversing about my stories. If you would like to, please send an e-mail to [email protected] 

I woke up while it was still dark to see the outline of a person walking into my room. To be honest, it was a little terrifying to say the least. I'd had a few fights before but wouldn't exactly class myself as tough.

“Hi Richard.”

“Daisy?” I asked.

I turned on the lamp to be greeted by Daisy Ridley, her ever present smile pointing back at me.

“Jesus, how did you get in here?”

“Emilio picked me up from the airport so he let me in.”

“To scare the shit out of me?”

”Well I want something out of you but I don't think scaring you will get it for me.” she answered with a giggle. “Come here.”

I picked myself up out of bed and looked at her. She was in a casual sundress, not too dissimilar to the one she wore the last time I saw her. As I reached her, she placed both hands on my shoulders and pushed me onto the end of the bed. The brunette actress straddled my lap and I couldn't resist reaching down and squeezing both arse cheeks. Daisy rubbed her crotch into me as she placed a kiss on my lips and slid her tongue into my mouth. It massaged around as I started to slide my hands under her dress. I felt her bare cheeks barely contained by her thong and massaged her smooth skin.

Daisy pulled away from the kiss and pushed my head down. She had undone the top slightly and fished her left breast out. I sucked on her small nipple to elicit a moan from her lips. They were only small but I enjoyed them nonetheless. Just as I was wrapping my tongue around her nipple, she pulled my head up and put her mouth to my ear.

“I'm going to fuck you tomorrow. I'm gonna fuck you so well, you'll forget all about the others. Good night.”

As those final words left her mouth, she breezed off my lap and walked directly out of the room without saying another word. Her footsteps sounded quick and, a few seconds later, the front door slammed close.

“I suppose I better go back to bed then.”

10 Days in Hollywood: Day 9
Starring Brie Larson, Cobie Smulders, Elizabeth Henstridge &, Elizabeth Olsen
Featuring Daisy Ridley, Karen Gillan, Scarlett Johansson & Zoe Saldana
MF, Oral, Voyeur, Anal

Having nothing to do on my penultimate day in LA was a lovely relief. I spent the majority of it sunbathing by the pool and catching up with the news from home. In a surprising move, it was all terrible and I felt lucky to be out of it. I spoke to Emilio on the phone about the visit from Daisy and he couldn’t stop laughing. Unsurprisingly he'd already got the info from Daisy on the drive to Malibu and thought she should have ramped it up even more. That comment went down like a lead balloon as I felt frustrated enough.

As the afternoon progressed, I made a small effort to look my best for the party. I shaved my face, tossed my hair about and had a good long shower. Taking the advice of being slightly casual, I chucked on a pair of linen trousers and light shirt. Summery but not overly casual, a good combination I thought. The doorbell rang just after I finished so I turned the tap off. I walked down the steps and was greeted by a view I hadn't expected.

“Hey fucker!” Elizabeth Olsen said as she greeted me with a smile. “Not the blonde goddess you were expecting?”

“No, I thought Brie was meeting me.”

“She was and she was gonna fuck you in the car. So I put a stop to that.”

“Why? Want some yourself do you? I recall…”

“Recall whatever you want slut but we're gonna be late so get in the car.” Elizabeth replied before walking back to the car.

I took the steps between the house and car to check out Elizabeth. She obviously didn't get the memo about it being casual dress as she wore a long red dress. It hugged her curvy body to allow her arse to stick out and it looked very delectable. I followed her into the back of the car and the driver started our short journey.

“I'm getting the feeling you don't really like me Liz.”

“Elizabeth.” She replied.


“My name is Elizabeth.” She replied  “Only my friends call me Liz and you're not my friend.”

I looked at her face and she just smiled at me.

“Listen, Emma liked you and wanted to feel you inside her so I facilitated that like a good friend. Brie likes you so I thought I would be nice. Truth is after I saw you with Emma, I kinda want to fuck you.”

“My father always told me to ignore anything someone says before the word but.”

“Nice reference.” Elizabeth said with a smile. “I'm a big feminist but I've also got the need to fuck a lot. As a woman, this gets you labelled a slut. I am not a slut, I am strong confident woman who likes fucking. Then you come along with your handsome looks, decent body and big cock and do everything I want to do. But you get away scot free without a bad reputation because you’re a man. That pissed me off.”

“Well I'm sorry about that Elizabeth. I personally believe you can fuck who you like when you like.”

“Because you might be one of them?” she asked with a knowing look on her face.

“Well no. But… yeah. I mean I can't say it doesn't not influence my thoughts.”

“Men are so simple.”

Elizabeth giggled for the first time and it seemed like the ice was starting to break between us. We had a nice conversation about our differing career paths for the next twenty minutes with Elizabeth placing her hand on my thigh throughout. It seemed like it would progress into something more when we arrived at our destination.

“Come on, I'll babysit you while we wait for Brie.” she said exiting the vehicle.

I took the opportunity to check her arse again before following her out of the car. Elizabeth took my hand and we walked into the party.

“Where is Brie?”

“She's talking to the producers about future Captain Marvel films. She’s got really into the character.”  She replied as we entered the building.

“Well I’ve seen the pictures of her lounging about in the onesie.”

“She looks great with the zip undone.” Elizabeth said with a wink.

I looked around the party and saw several of the big marvel names. Zoe Saldana was standing on a circle with her husband, Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky. Benedict Cumberbatch walked out to the decking with Mark Ruffalo and Dove Cameron and Chloe Bennett were talking by the pool. I must have seemed a little lost so Elizabeth pinched my hand and pulled me towards the bar area.

“Don't go too far, don't want you getting stuck in any vaginas on my watch. Not sure Brie would be too happy, she was so wet for you earlier.” Elizabeth said as she grabbed a drink.

“Did you?”

“Pft, I wish. She's loving cock so much I've got no chance.”

“Shame, it’s a nice pussy.” I said without thinking.

I looked at her to see she had cocked her eye brow at me.

“Well a nice cock deserves to fit inside a nice pussy.” Elizabeth replied sipping on her drink.

“I've got a nice cock?”

“Maybe.” She said, lightly tapping my cock. “Let’s check.”

Elizabeth put her drink down and headed towards the staircase. It moved further into the building and I got a great look of Elizabeth as I followed her up the stairs. I was sure she deliberately swaying her arse for me to look at. After we went up two flights, Elizabeth took a hard left and walked into a large bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked up at me.

“Now I know I've seen it but it was busy going in and out of my friend at the time so if you'd be so kindly.”

I started to undo the linen trousers when the door slammed open with two girls kissing each other. They fell backwards onto the bed causing Elizabeth to bounce off. I wrapped my arms around her to catch her and it was first time I got to feel her body. It felt very firm and she instinctively slid into me.

Before doing anything more, Elizabeth turned around and tapped one of the girls shoulders. They stopped kissing and the girl on top turned to face Elizabeth. For the first time I saw it was Cobie Smulders who plays Maria Hill in the MCU.

“This room was taken.”

“You're still wearing clothes!” she said pointing at me. “And this little English slut is soaking, gotta fuck her now.”

“Fine, but we're not leaving. Hope you don't mind having an audience.” Elizabeth said as she grabbed my shirt and dragged me to the other side of the room.

I looked past Elizabeth to see Cobie had dropped down to the girls breasts and was happily sucking on her nipples. I was pushed down onto the chair and Elizabeth dropped down to her knees in front of me.

“This isn't really how I expected this to go but we need to make do.” she said as she undid the trousers and slid them down my legs. “I reckon we have half an hour before Brie gets here. Let's see what we can do in that time.”

She grabbed the sides of my boxers and pulled the them down to allow my cock to spring out. I won't lie, the image of Cobie Smulders mouth fucking the younger girl had already made me semi erect but the sight of Elizabeth on her knees completed the erection.

“Whose the other girl?” I asked nodding to the action on the bed.

‘Lizzy Henstridge. Simmons in that Agents of Shield show.” Elizabeth replied as she massaged my cock. “Every party we have she gets fucked by one of the movie stars, she's our little fuck toy. Looks like it's Cobie’s turn.”

I looked over to the scene on the bed as Elizabeth concentrated on jerking my cock. Both of the women were now naked and it appeared that Lizzy was eating Cobie’s arse. Before i could really get into watching, my attention was snapped back to Elizabeth as I felt her tongue run along the head of my cock. I looked down to Elizabeth to see she had locked her eyes on me.

After holding eye contact for a moment, Elizabeth dropped her head down and took the entire length of my cock in her mouth. There didn't seem to be any struggle at all as I felt her lips drop down.

“Oh, that feels good.”

Elizabeth seemed to take delight in this as she took some short sucks on my cock as her head went up and down a little bit. I kept my eyes watching her as she concentrated on moving along my cock in small lengths to ensure the head stayed in her mouth.

My eyes were briefly taken away from her as I heard the girls moaning to get louder. Cobie had moved onto her back to let Lizzy lick her pussy. The sight was obscured slightly by Lizzies body, her own pussy covered by the purple lace of her thong, but I could Cobie’s breasts moving up and down. They rested well on her chest and her nipples pointed high.

I looked down to Elizabeth as she allowed my cock to escape her mouth, her mouth dropping down to my balls. Rather than suck them, she stuck her tongue out and rolled it along the skin of my balls. Luckily I'd shaved them in the day so there was no hair to get in the way.

Elizabeth grabbed my cock with her left hand and started to pump it as her tongue made its way around my sack. Her eyes were closed with concentration as she started to enjoy herself.

“You're tongue feels so good. I can't wait to cum.”

“Hold on big boy, I've got another plan in mind.”

Elizabeth cut her speech short as she popped one of the balls into her mouth and swirled it around. This along with the pumping of her hand made me feel like I was in heaven.

“Fuck..” I mumbled as I enjoyed the pleasure.

Elizabeth stopped pumping my cock before releasing my ball. She looked up with a giant smile on her face, this girl enjoyed sex. She raised herself onto her feet and turned her back to me.

“If you could be so kind.”

Instantly knowing what to do, I sat up from the chair and undid the zip on the back of the dress. It went down to just above her arse and I could see she had gone sans bra. Elizabeth bent over as she slide the dress down her body, deliberate rubbing her almost pantie clad arse on my cock. Her eyes were locked straight ahead.

I looked over to see what Elizabeth was watching. Cobie was now screaming as she reached her orgasm, Lizzy’s head being held against her pussy. I could see over her shoulder to see that Elizabeth was licking her lips at the event in front of her.

Elizabeth turned around and immediately pushed me back onto the chair. She allowed me to take in the view for a moment. Her breasts were large and her nipples fully erect. They were pert and looked firm. My eyes trailed down to her flat stomach and her skin looked flawless. Finally I reached the pussy and could see that the panties were crotchless. Her pussy was shaved except for a neat line about her lips but her clit was sticking out and looked very enticing.

“Wow!” I mustered.

“I know, you are one lucky bastard.” Elizabeth said as she dropped to her knees.

I expected her to resume the blow job but she surprised me by sliding my cock in between her breasts. Maintaining eye contact, she moved her breasts along my cock for my pleasure. The grip tightened a little as she pressed her firm breasts together.  The girls from the bed whooped as they look a moment to watch.

“I bet my tits feel great on your cock!” Elizabeth whispered.

“God they do. They're firm.”

“Oh yeah, the boys and girls love my tits. Come on, fuck my big hooker tits man whore.”

“Big hooker tits! Whooo!” yelled Lizzy from the bed.

I watched as Cobie pushed Lizzy onto her back and made her way to the girls pussy to return the favour. In the meantime, Elizabeth broke eye contact to hold her breasts tighter and massaged my cock. The tightness felt so warm, I doubted I could last for a long time. I started join in and thrusted my hips a little, starting to fuck her amazing mounds. Elizabeth seemed to enjoy that as she matched the speed.

“That's it, come in toy. Fuck my tits, fuck my big hooker tits.”

Elizabeth seemed to be getting a lot of joy from the titty fuck that I started to increase my own speed. The two actions together felt amazing and I could see Elizabeth salivating over the idea of me cumming.

“Where do you want it?”

“Over my tits of course! Are you ready?”

I nodded my head and Elizabeth released the grip her tits had on my cock. This was replaced by her hand as she aimed my cock at her breasts and pumped her hand as quick as she could. She had a good grip and she effortlessly matched what her breasts had done.

I looked over to see that Lizzy had straddled Cobie’s face and the sight of her arse bouncing, along with Elizabeth’s wanking, was enough to put me over the edge. I shot my load of creamy cum all over Elizabeth's breasts with both of her nipples and areolas covered in the sticky substance. In fairness, she continued to pump until the cum had finished spouting and not a drop fell to the floor. Elizabeth stuck the head of my cock in her mouth and cleaned the remainder off with her tongue.

“Very tasty.”

“That was amazing, such a great blow job.”

“I work well. Now settle there for a moment.” Elizabeth said.

I watched as she stood up and approached the girls on the bed. She grabbed Lizzy by the head and forced her down to her tits. She made the actress lick up all the cum from her tits while Cobie Smulders continues to chomp away at her pussy. She let go of the English actress and turned her attention back to me. It was a great sight as I got a better opportunity to look over her body. It looked so good, I want to lick all over.

I raised my hands to hold Elizabeth’s hips as she settled down on lap. My cock pushed into her moist pussy with some ease as she let out a moan, her face was intoxicating close up. As my full length reached inside her, she settled herself into a gentle rhythm riding my lap, enough for me to slide my hands around to her arse.

“Mmm, grab a big hold and enjoy. This won’t last long.”

I grabbed both cheeks hard as she leaned forward and draped her breasts into my face. I stuck my tongue out and gently licked her nipples as they stood on end close to my face. Elizabeth seemed to be in a hurry to reach her orgasm before Brie arrived as she started to speed up her grinding. As she did so, her breasts got closer to my face and I was able to get one into my mouth, making the licking and sucking much easier. I lowered my teeth down and bit hard onto her nipple.

“Oh fuck yeah, that’s it baby.” Elizabeth moaned.

I let go of her nipple and repeated the process with the other breast, which elicited more moans from her. It was almost like Elizabeth was in a competition as I could heard Lizzy Henstridge starting to scream behind her as her orgasm got closer. I grabbed Elizabeth’s arse hard with both hands as the girl started to grunt her way through the fucking. Although her pussy was tight, I could start to feel getting wetter with every entry my cock made into her.

“Oh god Elizabeth, you feel so good.”

“Emma was right.” Elizabeth said as she rode the cock hard, “you do feel good”

Elizabeth placed her hands onto my shoulder and started to bounce as hard as she could, speeding up the fucking as fast she could go. I could hear Lizzy complete her orgasm in the background as Elizabeth started to build up to hers. She had replaced the long grinds with shorter ones at a higher speed, my cock staying quite far inside her pussy.

“YES! YES! YES!” Elizabeth screamed as she grabbed my head and pulled it to her breasts.

I settled there as she bounced on my cock, willing her orgasm to get closer. It had seemed like a long time that we had been in this position but it was only a short in reality. I could Elizabeth’s body start to shake as she flexed her pussy, her orgasm starting to explode inside of her.

“Oh my fucking yes! I’m cumming, I’m cumming, yes! Yes! Yes!”

She screamed as the orgasm started to wash over her body, her skin slick with perspiration. I sucked on her right nipple to heighten the pleasure as she started to feel good about what was happening. Elizabeth pushed me back into the chair as her orgasm was coming to an end, her grinding slowing to a stop. She looked down at me with a wide smile and a giggle before moving off my lap and collapsing onto the bed. Cobie and Lizzy had both disappeared leaving the two of us alone.

“Seems the audience left.”

“This party is full of people fucking. Why waste time with someone you’ve just conquered when there’s so much more about?” Elizabeth replied as she sat up.

“That the hint for me to leave?”

“Well Brie should be here by now and you’ve got some groundwork to do if you want to get into her ass tonight. Off you fuck!”

I laughed at Elizabeth’s comment before pulling my linen trousers up. I fastened them before returning downstairs to the party. Much to my surprise, no one had batted an eyelid despite how loud the girls had screamed. I assumed this was all part of the course and every Marvel party had loud orgasms. Walking into the kitchen to grab a drink, my plan was to hang around until Brie arrived and then try and make a sharpish exit, preferably to her place.

I stood at the breakfast bar with my beer watching the party shenanigans when I felt a hand place itself onto mine. My eyes immediately looked to see who it was, only to be greeted by a pair of pale smooth legs in a short black dress. They continued to survey up to take in the thin frame, average sized boobs, the smiling face and red hair. Karen Gillan blew me a kiss as our eyes met.

“How convenient to find a sexy man all alone at a bar.”  her Scottish brogue making my pants rumble.

“Well the last person I was with told me to fuck off.”

“Yeah, you seem the sort of person who would elicit such a reaction. Though they might change their mind if they saw what you were packing.” she said with a wink.

“And what if they still had?”

“Then they must just have something against the bastard English.” she said as I felt her hand move around my back and give my arse a squeeze. “Luckily, I don’t have such an issue if you would like to run away and fuck me against a tree.”

“Back off Ginge!” i heard from behind. “He’s already got a bedfellow tonight and she doesn’t have a fire crotch.”

We both turned around to be greeted by Brie Larson. Her skin was tanned, which made her blonde hair shine, and a dress that clung to every curve. Unlike our original meeting, she wore a powder blue dress that really complimented her curves. Karen quickly backed off after the look Brie gave her and the two of us were left alone.

“Hope she wasn't bothering you.” Brie said as she took my side.

“No of course not.”

“Why does she want to fuck you?”

“She’s rooming with a friend, someone who knows me quite well and what I can do in the bedroom. I guess girls share stories when they’re drinking.”

Brie laughed as she grabbed my shirt and pulled me down into a kiss. I placed my hands on her cheeks and slid my tongue into her welcoming mouth, her tongue wrapping mine into a knot. Her hands stayed on my hips but pulled me closer so our bodies were touching and I could feel her breasts press against me. We pulled apart but she kept her eyes on me.

“The correct answer was because you have a big cock and know how to use it.”

She giggled to herself and picked up a glass of champagne, which she quickly downed. She leaned up to kiss my lips softly before a cough to our side broke it from progressing further. We looked to find Scarlett Johansson and Zoe Saldana staring at us.

“So this is the one you wanted us to meet? I’ll give it to you, he’s cute.” Zoe said.

“Bit on the short side though,” Scarlett commented. “I’m sure it’s fine when he’s horizontal but what if you want him to pick you up, slam you into a wall and really pound you.”

All three of us looked at Scarlett shocked for a moment as she was really getting into it.

“I’m sure he’d be happy to let you find out.” Zoe said winking at me.

“I wanted you to meet him as he’s gonna be a big time director soon. You’ve both seen his film.”

“Yeah, with subtitles.” Scarlett replied laughing,

“And now you’ve put a face to the words. Keep an eye out for this boy.” Brie said smiling.

She looked pleased to introduce me but Scarlett just rolled her eyes and walked off. Zoe shot a disappointed look at the back of the blonde actress before leaning in to give Brie a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

“Ignore her Brie, she’s in a really bitchy mood at the minute as she’s in limbo with that comedian.” she said before turning to me. “You on the other hand I will have to keep an eye on. If a role comes up directed by Richard Coles, maybe I’ll put my hat in the ring.”

She moved over to me and placed a soft kiss on my lips as her hands rested on my chest. Zoe let go of my chest and walked off to leave Brie alone with me again.

“Well that was weird.” I commented as I took Brie’s hand.

“Yeah, she was all for meeting you earlier. Scarlett is strange but I reckon Zoe might be quite open to fucking you.”

“That wouldn’t bother you?” I asked.

“I’m fucking you behind my boyfriend's back, I think it would be rather hypocritical of me to be angry at someone for wanting to fuck you. Plus I did arrange for Elizabeth to ride you earlier.”

“You knew about that?”

“Knew? I orchestrated it like a puppet master. She took some time to be convinced following the party but after watching your live show with Emma, she came around to it.”

“Does everyone know who I’ve fucked in this town?”

“No but you do have a habit of fucking my friends. Now let’s blow this joint so I can blow you.”

Brie took me by the hand and started to lead me out towards the exit. As she did, I caught sight of all six girls I had interacted with that night. Scarlett scowled, Zoe blew a kiss, Karen looked envious and Lizzy and Cobie waved. As we reached the door, Elizabeth was waiting for us. She brought Brie in for a hug and kissed her on the cheek. She opened the door for us before pinching my arse as I passed by her.

“Enjoy the ride!” she yelled as we walked out.

“What did she mean by that? Where are we going?” I asked as I entered the car after Brie.

“What makes you think she was talking to me?”

We settled down in the limo and shared some champagne as the car drove away from the party. She explained that due to the long meeting, she didn’t want to risk some other girl to get their claws into me so arranged for Elizabeth to shag me as a stop gap. I was happy Elizabeth got over her hesitancy to do it.

“So we’re cruising through LA heading back to yours very slowly.” she said as she slid one of the straps of her dress over. “I hope this is roomy enough for you.”

“It is but wouldn’t your house be better.”

“My house has my other half there, I don’t think he’d appreciate it.” Brie said as she slid the other strap off. “Not as much as you’ll appreciate it.”

She put the glass to the side and walked into the middle of the limo floor. Kneeling on all fours, she slid the dress down allowing her bra clad breasts to fall free. Brie continued to remove the dress from her body, leaving her bottom clad in a matching thong and her heels. She threw the dress to the side before rising up onto her knees only and facing me.

“So… do you appreciate this?” she asked,

I looked over her body and I had to admit it looked amazing. I dumbfoundedly nodded my head at Brie, which caused her to smile. Her hands slid around her back and unclasped the bra. She held it in place for a moment before throwing it at my face. After catching it, I placed it to my side and looked at the topless beauty. It had only been a few days since I last saw them but they still looked fantastic.

“Nice, huh?”

“You know they are.” I replied while looking at her nipples.

“Then why don’t you come over here and suck them?”

I dropped down to my knees and shuffled over to Brie and looked her in the eye. Her nipples were already erect and she let me know that it was due to horniness than the cold. She let out a moan as I rubbed her left nipple with my tongue. I took the encouragement and moved to place her nipple further into my mouth.

“Oh yeah, suck my nipple.” Brie moaned.

I wrapped my arms around her body and squeezed her arse as I made a meal of her breast. As my hands held onto her cheeks, Brie brought my head up and placed as hard kiss on my lips. She slid her tongue into my mouth and kissed me passionately, leaning her body into my own. I squeezed her cheeks again before she pulled my head away from the kiss.

“You’ll get that soon.” she said as she moved my head to the side to see the bottle of lube. “ But i gotta get mine first.”

Brie pushed me back to give herself some space before dropping onto the floor. She looked up at me as she spread her legs, allowing me to see the wet patch on the front of her thong. I shuffled forward slightly and took hold of her thong, sliding it down her legs to reveal her pussy. It was just like before, a slight line of hair above her clit that was already peeking out from her lips.

I put the thong into my pocket as I started to place some kisses on her legs. Brie moaned as my lips slowly moved down her calf to her knees, my tongue licking her skin a little. I moved down to her thigh and the moans got louder as she felt the tickling sensation. As I got closer to her pussy, Brie started to rotate her hips in anticipation.

“Less teasing Richard, come mouth fuck my pretty pussy.”

I dropped my body and down placed my lips on her lower set and allowed my tongue to seek out her clit. It wasn’t that hard to find it as Brie was so horny, her clit was enlarged. Brie moaned loudly as I dragged my tongue slowly along her clit, her body shaking with the pleasure. I took that as a good sign and started to slowly increase the speed of my licking.

“Oh yeah Richard, that’s just the spot.” she moaned.

I peeked up to see her breasts heaving and her hands rubbing her hair, unsure how to react to the pleasure. I continued to lick her clit and felt her legs moving toward my head to trap it into position.

“Don’t even think about moving, I want to cum on your face big boy.”

I understood my role in this perfectly and started to speed up the attention I was giving her clit as Brie continued to moan. I looked up to see Brie’s hands had moved from her hair. The left hand was playing with her nipple and her right moving its way to my own head. As I felt her fingertips touch my head, I pushed my tongue inside her pussy for the first time.

“Oh God!” she screeched.

Her legs trapped my head as my tongue thrust in and out of her pussy, my nose at the perfect height to rub her clit at the same time. As I continued with my tongue work, Brie took me by surprise and rolled us over so she was on top straddling my face. She managed to do it so my flow wasn’t disrupted and I continued to push my tongue into her. As her breathing intensified, she started to bounce on my face to assist the tongue fucking I was giving her.

“Oh yes, yes, yes! Fuck my pussy, yes, with your tongue! There there there!”

As I heard her moan, I slid my tongue out of her pussy and started to rub her clit again. My hands were able to move back around to her cheeks and I took advantage of her distraction by moving my fingerstowards her arsehole. I pushed on her clit further and could hear the pitch in her voice raise.

“Oh my! Fuck, I’m so close. Please, yes yes yes!”

As my first finger entered her arse, my tongue flicked her pussy as hard as I could to get her to orgasm. As I looked up, I could see her grabbing her breasts hard and pulling on her pink nipples. She continued the rhythm of her bouncing as my tongue ran along her little button before my second finger entered her. That seemed to push her over the edge.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck, I’m cumming. Ugh, yes!” Brie screamed.

I allowed my tongue to continue to lick as her body was overcome by her orgasm, her juices starting to drip out of her, directly into my mouth. She started to slow the rolling of her body to a stop as she felt the orgasmic joy run through her body. She moved down my body slightly, inadvertently causing my fingers to move further inside her, and leaned her face down to me. She grabbed the sides of my head and yanked me into an aggressive kiss

“Fuck you lick pussy well! Suppose you better get me on all fours and collect your reward.” She said looking in my eyes before moving her lips to my ear “Get some lube on you and fuck me hard and fast. I want your cum in my asshole quickly.”

Brie climbed off me and crawled to the seats to bend over. I grabbed the bottle of lube and poured some over my penis as I moved towards Brie. She wiggled that pert arse at me as I approached and giggled as I poured the lube over her, the cool liquid tingling. I didn’t really need to do any more prep work for the arse fucking as Brie was a pro but I rubbed the lube in anyway as I just loved getting my hands on it. I undid the trousers I was wearing to unleash my erect penis which made Brie bite her lip.

“Come on big boy, I’ve been waiting all day for you to fuck me. Stick it in!” Brie commanded as she looked at me over her shoulder.

Deciding to take no prisoners, I did just that. I spread her cheeks with my hands and slid my cock directly into her arsehole. The head entered on its own first, which caused a moan of discomfort to come from Brie. Slowly I started to thrust my cock into her and she got used to it being there. I could see Brie was rubbing her chest into the soft leather to cause an excited sensation in her nipples and that added to how turned on I was

“Fuck Brie, how do you keep this arse so tight?”

“Squats, plenty of squats.” she moaned as I started to increase the thrusting speed.

“Well it feel amay-zing.” I said as I pushed my cock further into her.

“Well don’t cum just yet, you haven’t even rough housed me yet.”

Knowing what she meant, I pulled my hand back and brought it down onto her arse, causing her cheek to wobble. Brie let out a grunt as she felt the contact and shouted out for me to do it again. I was happy to oblige and brought my hand down a second time to cause a red mark to start to appear.

“Oh yeah, fuck me harder.”

I moved my spare hand to her shoulder and held her close as I pushed my cock into her tight arse, the sensation on my cock feeling amazing. I continued to give her arse a few more strikes until a handprint started to appear. I felt that was enough there but as I looked at Brie enjoying the fuck, I could see what was next.

“Oh Brie, I can’t wait to cum in you.”

“And I can’t wait to feel your cum fill me up!” she replied.

I reached down to grab a handful of her hair and pulled on it, causing her head to snap back a little and her body to raise off the leather. I started to buck my hips in a higher tempo to cause smaller thrusts inside of her. She moaned as she felt it and looked at me with pleading eyes. She tried to push her body down so she could return to rubbing her nipples on the leather. Finally, I let her do that and held onto her hips as I started to my final descent.

“That’s it! Come on boy!” Brie shouted. “Fill me up! Fill me up!”

I started to breath loudly as I looked down to the area my cock was thrusting into and pushed as hard as I could. Despite the tightness, my cock was able to push in and out of her fairly easily. Brie started to push back a little as placed the side of her head on the leather seat and I knew i wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

“Fuck I’m going to cum!” I moaned.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Brie screamed.

I held onto her arse tightly as my body pushed forward and I started to fill Brie’s arsehole with my cum. I closed my eyes as I felt spurt after spurt shoot out into her. Brie pushed back the entire time to ensure she creamed as much out of me as she could. As I felt the final drop dribble out, I let go of her body and collapsed backwards. I then noticed that the car wasn’t moving.

“Oh my word, that was some good fucking Mr Cole.”

“Too right Larson, your body is like a playground.”

“Only one for the best of performers.” she replied as she collapsed her entire body onto the seats.

The door opened and I was greeted by the sight of the driver. The air was relatively cool for LA and I could see the rented condo at the end of the drive.

“I’m sorry to chuck you out like I’ve used but I have. I gotta get back to the boyfriend now and probably have to suck on his balls.” she said before whispering “Yours are better though.”

“Well I’m back to London tomorrow so I guess this is goodbye for now.”

“Well you keep my panties and it gives me an excuse to see you when I’m in London next. Unless I accidently lose another pair while I’m cumming on your face.” she replied with a cheeky wink.

I leaned in to give Brie a kiss on the lips as I put my penis back into my pants and started to do them up. I left the car to a knowing nod from the driver and walked to the front door, hoping not to get any nightmarish visits. I turned to wave at Brie but the car had already made its way to the exit and drove off.

“Well that was lovely.” I said to myself. “Suppose I better pack.”
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Day 10
« Reply #9 on: October 07, 2018, 04:16:25 AM »

This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. I am always looking for feedback and conversing about my stories. If you would like to, please send an email to [email protected] I am sorry, I don't do requests.

*Bo bo bo bo*

The repetitive noise started rang around as my eyes slowly opened to the bright room. I was alone so it took a few moments to register what the noise was. The repetitive beep was a video call coming through on the phone but I couldn’t immediately locate it. Eventually I found it and answered the voice call to be greeted by the face of Freya Mavor.

“Hey boss, you still in LA?”

“Yeah but I’m flying back this evening. Why’s that?” I asked as I left the bed and started to make my way to the kitchen.

“Well the ginger slut told me she couldn’t get you into bed last night so challenged me to instead. Guess I can’t if you’re not here.”

“And why would you want to go and do something stupid like that?”

“Well I’ve heard a few things. One is how nice your cock is. Can I see?”

I looked at her with a quizzical look. We’d been a bit flirty during the making and release of my first filme but she had been in a long term committed relationship. The revelation of that ending a few days before had been surprising but I hadn’t expected her to be so forward.

“I’m not too sure Freya. I mean, he’s not exactly awake at the moment.” I replied as I turned on the coffee machine.

“Maybe this will wake him.”

I looked at the screen as Freya lowered it down to bare her pert breasts. Her hand rested on her pert breast and pinched her nipple making it harder. I could feel my cock start to get hard so decided why not? I moved the camera down to show my cock and could hear a gasp on the other side. I returned the camera to my face and could see Freya smiling.

“Fair enough, that is lovely. I’ll have to arrange my schedule.”

With that Freya terminated the call after giving me a wink. I chuckled at the interaction before picking up my coffee.

“Better get packed then.”

10 Days in Hollywood: Day 10
Starring Daisy Ridley.
Featuring Felicity Jones and Freya Mavor
Mystery Celebrity Revealed
MF, cons, oral, facial,

It wasn’t long after I got changed that they arrived to collect the car. I’d enjoyed my time driving the Porsche, my mind briefly returning to my experience with Kat Dennings earlier in the week, and I resolved to buy one when I could afford it. I took up my remaining time ensuring the house wasn’t wrecked because I didn’t fancy having to pay a repair bill when I got back to London. I text Daisy to find out where she was and it didn’t take long for her to reply.

‘I’m at the hotel, hurry up. I’m gonna be so wet for you.’

I muttered to myself as I heard the horn from Emilio’s car. I picked up my small bag and walked out to his vehicle, putting my bag in the trunk before joining him up front. He pulled out of the drive and headed down the hill.

“Why am I picking you up so early?”

“Got an appointment in Malibu before I fly.”

“Malibu? Jesus, you’ll be cutting that tight. You meeting that Felicity girl again?”

I shook my head as I looked at him.


“Oh. Well let’s get you there, huh! I know some shortcuts I learned from some flip flop wearing fucker.”

He spun the car around and we headed towards Malibu. It was a long drive due to traffic which gave us time to chat and catch up over the last few days events. He was impressed with my interactions with Summer and my experience with Elizabeth at the Marvel party. He told me about a similar experience he had in the past but noted it didn’t improve his relationship with that person.

“Well I will wait and see if Elizabeth starts to like me or not.”

“I would be surprised, she seems to dislike you because you’re a cocky prick. I doubt sleeping with her is going to make you less cocky.”

“Probably not but she liked my cocky inside her.”

We both laughed at my terrible joke as we arrived at the hotel. Emilio placed the car in park and we headed around to the pool area, the same place where I met Felicity the week before. I quickly spotted Felicity who was relaxing in the sunshine but she was all alone. She looked exquisite in a British racing green bikini, her amazing body on full display.


She removed her sunglasses and looked up to me.

“Cole. I didn’t order any delivery for deep dicking today.”

“Afraid I’m not here for your use.”

“Ah, my dear lady Ridley is finally opening them, huh? Is the perverted Mexican yours?”

I turned around to see Emilio chatting to two girls, one of whom was relaxing on her front with her thong clad ass in full view for him to stare at. I coughed to get his attention and called him over. His eyes lit up as he saw Felicity and what she was wearing.

“Hello my darling, I’m going to babysit you. Come here and rub some sunscreen in my back.” she said as she tapped the lounger next to her. “As you for you, Cole, Room 77.”

Felicity gave me a wink as she sent me on my way. I walked towards to the entrance to the rooms and peeked a view back over my shoulder. Felicity was quickly texting something on her phone as Emilio started to rub the screen over her shoulders. I studied the wall to see where room 77 was and quickly ascended the stairs. I reached the room to see a hotel worker standing outside. He appeared to be guarding the room and tuned to me as I approached.

“Richard Cole?” he asked.

I nodded my head.

“ID please?”

I looked at him confused before I grabbed my UK drivers licence from my wallet. It showed my face with my name, along with my address and date of birth. He handed it back to me before unlocking the door.

“Thank God, you’re here. I can go home now. Enjoy... I guess.”

I walked into the room and it was much larger than I expected. The lounge area was deserted but there was a sheet of paper on the coffee table. I sat down on the sofa and picked up the paper.

‘Turn the telly on. Go to HDMI2 and press play on the second remote.’

I followed the instructions and an image of Daisy popped up on the screen. She was dressed in a pair of fishnet tights and a blazer but no top or bra on underneath. She wore a bow tie and a top hat on her head. The ever-present smile graced her face.

‘Welcome Richard. I know this is a bit weird but don’t worry, it’s not a VR porn experience. I thought I could model a couple of outfit choices to help decide which is the best one to wear. The Zatanna look or…”

She clicked her fingers and instantly changed into a red bathing suit.

“Maybe the Baywatch look. Although you’d feel a bit short changed as I’m not blonde or stacked enough.” She said as she grabbed her boobs and shook them.

“I have a better idea.”

She clicked her fingers and appeared in the Princess Leia bikini.

“Too obvious?” she asked as she looked down. “Yeah, too obvious. Okay, one last look.”

I wasn’t too sure if she was speaking to me or whoever she was filming with but she clicked her fingers and appeared in a West Ham United football shirt. It was a ladies fitted version and her hand obscured the view of her pussy.

“A little birdie told me you were a fan and which guy doesn’t want to fuck a girl in his favourite teams top?”

She spun around and and I could see her bare arse peeking out before she returned to face forward.

“Now all you have to do is turn the telly off and turn around to see what I chose.”

I did as she asked and I was greeted by the view of Daisy dressed in a white bra and panty set, garter and stockings. The white material looked fantastic on her tanned body with enough see through material to give me a tease of what was underneath. Without saying a word, she walked around the sofa so that she could stand in front of me. I was able to get a quick peek of her arse and could see it was a French knickers style with half of her arse cheeks uncovered.

“Wow, you look stunning.” I spluttered out as I looked up at her.

“Well I thought I'd teased enough so would put on something nice.” she said with a smile. “Even better for you to take off.”

She pushed my body back into the sofa and straddled my lap to get closer. She brought her lips down to my own and we drifted into a soft kiss. I thought it was a bit restrained but she soon parted my lips with her tongue and the kiss became more passionate. Her hands were placed on either side of my head and guided the kiss as her tongue thrashed around my own.

As the kiss went on, Daisy started to buck her hips a little and rubbed her panty covered pussy into my lap. She was a little off rhythm so I moved my hands from my side to her hips and helped guide her. As the rhythm became more fluid, I moved my hands around and squeezed her arse cheeks. This elicited as moan from her as our kiss continued. She broke this kiss and looked down at me.

“I've been waiting for this since I saw you on the plane.” She whispered.

“You've been planning it this long?”

“Well I was gonna fuck you last week but the ex wouldn't leave in time. Then I had to go on that trip.”

“And now?” I asked as she smiled down at me.

“Now you're mine.”

As Daisy finished her reply, she pulled the bra to the side revealing her left breast. She wasn't endowed massively in the breast department but she had nice round areolas and beautiful small nipples. She pulled my head down to her breast and I took the nipple into my mouth, gently sucking on it. A moan came from her lips and she rubbed her pussy into my lap with more fervor. Her nipple grew as it became more erect and I bit down onto the skin. To my surprise she moaned more as she seemed to enjoy the pain.

Daisy leaned down and kissed me on the lips again as her hands started to remove my shirt, her fingers running along my chest as it became uncovered. They lingered around my nipples as I shuffled the shirt off, leaving me topless. I quickly unhooked her bra and whipped it off to the side so her other breast was also revealed. Daisy continued to grind into me and her moans became louder as I lifted my hands to her breasts and gave her nipples a rub. I wanted to test her pain level and pulled on the two nipples.

“Oh God, yeah. Treat me rough, I’ve been a bad girl.”

“What have you done?” I asked as I looked up at her, my hand still playing with my nipples.

“I fantasized about another man while I was getting fucked by my ex-boyfriend.”

“And what did you fantasize about him doing?”

“Fucking me in the arse. Slapping me in the face with his cock.Treating me like his little whore.”

“And are you his little whore?”

“I am now.”

To highlight the point, Daisy grabbed one of my hands and lowered it to her panties. I rubbed the front and could feel the wetness of her pussy coming through, it felt like she was ready. I decided to play around with her a little bit first.

“Sounds like you’ve been a naughty little slut. And you know what naughty sluts get?”

Daisy shook her head as a smile came across my face. I moved her from straddling my lap to being bent over it. I didn’t have to say anything but Daisy knew straight away what was going to happen. I raised my hand and brought it down onto her arse with a thud. An excited squeal came out of her mouth as she felt my hand touch her skin and she gave it a shake for me to provide a target. I brought my hand down again and left a little red mark onto her arse.

“Yeah, go on daddy, spank me! I’m such a naughty slut.”

Buying into the dirty talk pleased me so I continued to spank her. I swapped over to other cheek and brought down a couple of quick arse slaps and the red marks starting to even up. Daisy looked head the entire time but I could feel that she had creeped her hand down to her pussy, playing with herself as I treated her arse roughly.

“God, I need your cock in me!” she moaned.

She tried to get up off my lap but I placed my hand on her back to stop her.

“You have to say please if you want to get up.”

She looked at me and shot a wink my way.


I released my hand and Daisy stood up off my lap. She walked around the sofa to the bedroom and I could see her starting to remove her panties. I didn’t want to keep her waiting so I stood up and took off the rest of my clothes. Didn’t think I would need to tease her as she had already seen me naked after I hooked up with Felicity for the first time. I followed in her wake and I could see her laying on the bed naked, she was on her side and I got an excellent view of her arse. She beckoned me over and opened her legs slightly for me.

I grabbed hold of my cock and slid it into her waiting pussy, she was already soaking wet. The teasing and foreplay had certainly done its job for Daisy. I kneeled at her legs and pushed myself into her while she continued to lay on her side. Daisy looked at me in silence and bit her lip as I continued to slide my cock into her. As the cock ran between her pussy lips, Daisy started to moan some more as we got into the rhythm a little bit more

“Oh God, it does feel good. Felicity was right.”

“Did she say anything else?” i asked as I eased into her.

“That you know how how to pound.”

We met eyes and I could tell she was ready to turn it up a little bit more. I moved my hands to hold her by the arse and knees and steadily increased the rhythm into her. The moaning of Daisy continued as I held onto her arse, it was easy to control the rhythm in the position she had chosen. My finger also started to slide towards her arsehole. Daisy’s eyes were closed as I increased the rhythm and her enjoyment was obvious by the sounds coming out of her mouth.

“You’re enjoying this, huh?”

Daisy opened her eyes and looked up to me. She nodded her head slightly and smiled at me, moans still coming out of her mouth. The smile got wider as she felt my first digit start to slide inside of her. I looked over her body to see her breasts bounce as I fucked her pussy. They were beautiful to look at. As my finger worked its way in and out of her arse, Daisy lifted her leg slightly. This adjusted the angle and I could feel the tightness of her pussy even more.

“Oh fuck yeah, use me daddy. Use me like a whore, fuck me like a slut!” she moaned.

I grabbed Daisy’s leg and lifted it up to my shoulder as I increased the pace of my thrusting. Her breasts bounced more and the moans started to get louder, I had to take my finger out of her arsehole and hold onto her.

“Please yes, fuck me doggie like a fucking cumslut.”

The sound of Daisy’s voice was getting louder as my cock went into her pussy, a squelching sound happening as she got wetter. I was able to turn her onto her front without pulling out and Daisy pulled herself up onto all fours. I grabbed both hips and thrusted into her with power, the room filled with the thwacking sound of our two sweaty bodies hitting into each other. Daisy grabbed hold of the sheets on the bed to allow her to push back into me. Remembering her words from earlier, I grabbed a hold of her hair and yanked it back.

“Yes daddy, fuck me, fuck me, yes yes yes!”

I could feel how close she was getting so I started longer thrusts into her. The moans started to move into screams as she pushed back into me and her hand hit the bed as she felt my cock in her.

“I’m cumming, yes, I’m cumming!”

Daisy screamed through her orgasm as she continued to push back into me. A bead of sweat ran down her back before she collapsed onto the bed. She was breathing heavily to try and compose herself. She rolled onto her back and looked up at me. It was the first time that I saw her naked form in full. Her pert breasts rose with her breathing and her pussy was completely hairless. It was a nice neat slit with her clit poking out.

“Wow, that was worth the wait.”

“Yeah it was. You’re a dirty girl, huh?” I said as I looked over her.

“Why don’t we make me a little dirtier?”

Daisy beckoned me over with her the curl of a finger. I shuffled my way over to her as she sat up and grabbed hold of my penis. She let out a little giggle as she moved her hand long my cock, ensuring it was at its full length. Daisy leaned in and devoured my cock in one go, her tongue running along the length as it passed.

“Oh god, your mouth feel so good.”

Daisy moved her mouth up and down my cock as her fingers moved along my balls in a soft motion. She was an expert at sucking dick and I just watched as she mouth moved along it.

“Fucking hell, I’m gonna cum soon, this is too good.”

This spurred Daisy on as she started to gorge my cock with an eagerness. She brought one hand up to jerk the cock that wasn’t in her mouth while the other massaged the cock. She made a squishing sound as she sucked, the saliva in her mouth gathering up and spilling out a little bit. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last with the power of her suction.

“I’m gonna cum in a second.”

“Good!” Daisy said as she took the cock out of her mouth.

Her hand continued to run along my cock and balls as I started to feel them tighten. I closed my eyes as I was about to cum and could feel Daisy monouver my cock. The first load shot out with a great force and, when I opened my eyes, I could see that it had landed just on her nose. The rest of the cum followed and landed on several places on her face. She stuck my cock back into her mouth once the shots finished so she could swallow the rest. As it finally ended, Daisy took my cock out and smiled as she felt the cum started to slide down.

“That was wonderful!” someone said from behind.

We both looked to see Felicity watching us. She looked slightly flustered.

“Your little Mexican friend was very eager to taste my little English pussy. Shame I didn’t have time to fuck him too but he was very good at making me cum.”

“I’m glad he could be of service.” I said as I sat down next to Daisy

“Yes, well he told me to ask you to hurry as you have a plane to catch.”

I rolled my eyes as I turned to Daisy. She smiled at me and placed her hand on mine.

“You better be going then but this isn’t the end. I’m not saying I want a relationship but I certainly enjoyed this. How about we take it fuck by fuck and see what happens?”

“That sounds like a good plan. I would kiss you but your covered in my cum.”

“Return to sender!” Daisy said before grabbing my head and kissing.

A little bit went into my mouth as I felt her tongue massage my own. The kiss had the desired effect and my cock started to switch, a shame I didn’t have the time to do anything with it. When the kiss broke, we could see Felicity standing next to me. She offered a hand and helped me off the bed before taking my place and licking the cum off of Daisy’s face.

“You still taste nice.” Felicity said to me with a wink.

I started to get dressed as the two Star Wars actresses got very comfortable with each other, Felicity’s clothes were making a quick exit. I grabbed my shirt from just outside the bedroom and watched at the two as they kissed.

“Threesome when we’re back in London?”

“No.” Felicity answered.

“We don’t share guys with each other, well not at the same time anyway.” Daisy explained.

“I do know a threesome we can have though, if Daisy is willing to loan.”

“We’ll see, I quite like this penis. The person it’s attached is alright I suppose.” Daisy answered before giggling with her smile returning.

“Charming! I’ll see you across the pond.”

I turned around and exited the hotel room to leave the girls to it. I had to find Emilio who, I was in no doubt, would tell me all about Felicity. It was going to be an interesting drive to LAX.


Being dropped off at the airport was a much quicker experience that I had imagined. Emilio dropped me off at the door and wished me best, I promised I would get in contact when I was back in the States. Security took a little long to get through but there wasn't any apparent delay. For the several hours for departure, I sat down at the bar and decided to spend my time celeb watching. Early on I spotted Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander but it was slim pickings after that.

I boarded the plane towards the back of the queue as, being in first class, I didn't feel the need to be in any rush. The cabin wasn't full as I arrived but I did spot Alicia and Michael. I gave him a wave as we'd met previously and Alicia seemed to give me a strange look.

The stewardess walked me to the seat and I put my luggage in the overhead locker. I looked down and stopped in my tracks, sat in the chair was a mask. I instantly recognised it as the one worn by my secret liaison just a few days before at the sex party. I immediately looked towards Alicia but she had disappeared. I moved the mask to the side and sat down ready for take off. The time I'd spent in LA caught up with me and I quickly fell asleep.

I awoke a few hours into the flight as the map on the screen showed the plane over the Atlantic ocean. The mask was no longer on the side and I could feel the presence of someone sat next to me. I looked to see the girl from the party. My eyes shot to Michael Fassbender’s seat and Alicia was nuzzled into his shoulder.

“Not a bad guess I suppose but she's got a hairier bush than me.”

“Well why don't you take the mask off?” I asked as i turned back to her.

“No screaming like a teenage girl.” she said as she dropped the fake American accent she'd used in our previous interactions.

I recognised the voice straight away and this was confirmed as the mask peeled away to reveal Emma Watson.

“Sorry I wasn't here for take off but the pilot offered to let me sit in the cockpit and I couldn't turn that down. Though you should has seen his face go red when I asked if I could sit on this lap.” Emma said as she laughed.

“So why the masked parties?”

“Well I'm into some kinky shit, why do you think we fucked in the viewing room? I can't risk any of that coming out and ruining all of my good work. I learned at Brown early on how a little bit of sex can ruin a reputation. That prick couldn’t wait to tell everyone how he fucked Hermione.”

“So why are you revealing yourself to me? I could call The Sun when we land!”

She nodded her hand and dropped her hand to my crotch, gently stroking my cock through my clothes.

“This is true but Felicity and Summer vehemently argued that you could be trusted. I'm sure Daisy would agree considering what you did to her today.”

“How do you know that?”

“Daisy confides in Felicity and Felicity can't keep her mouth shut. Much like her legs.”
I laughed at her joke.

“So everyone is asleep and we're stuck in this tube for several hours. What say we get to know each other?”

The end.

Richard Cole will return.
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Re: 10 Days in Hollywood (various celebs)
« Reply #10 on: October 12, 2018, 01:53:25 PM »
Love this. Love the celeb selection. Even love the James Bond-esque "Richard Cole WILL Return".
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Re: 10 Days in Hollywood (various celebs)
« Reply #11 on: November 03, 2018, 08:15:53 PM »
Thank you for uploading them all, great stories!
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Re: 10 Days in Hollywood (various celebs)
« Reply #12 on: March 01, 2019, 09:10:35 AM »
Just wanted to send you some praise for that Scarlett chapter. Re-read it today while working on the directory.
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Re: 10 Days in Hollywood (various celebs)
« Reply #13 on: December 12, 2019, 08:44:29 AM »
Probably one of the best celeb sex story series I've read. A varied cast with some nice underrated celebs you don't see that often in stories (especially Alice and Gemma) with a solid plot and overall great and entertaing sex scenes with a lot of variety. A true classic and a great work overall.


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Re: 10 Days in Hollywood (various celebs)
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hello thanks for the work enjoy reading it and richard cole when he returns


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