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Holly willoughby & Michelle Keegan
« on: April 11, 2019, 03:48:25 PM »
Michelle Keegan is appearing on 'This Morning' with Phil and Holly to talk about her latest project. She talks about how spending all this time away from husband Mark Wright can make things difficult but they find a way through it.

After the show Michelle is sitting in her dressing room when there is knock on the door. She answer it and Holly is there, telling her that she really felt for her when she opened up about her struggles and invited her over to her house for a girl's night. Michelle agrees, saying it will be nice to just chill out and relax.

Michelle heads over to Holly's house that night expecting to be going out for a few drinks, dressed in a white strapless dress with black down the sides which accentuates her cleavage.

She pulls up outside, parks her car and walks to the front door, ringing the bell. After a few seconds Holly answers the door and greets her with a kiss on both cheeks, dressed in a rainbow coloured dress which covers her arms and ample cleavage but is cut well above the knees. Her hair tied back into a pony tail. Michelle takes in the sight and can't believe how stunning she looks.

"Wow Holly, you look amazing!" Michelle tells her as she walks into her house. "You do too Michelle. Now I know I said we were going out but I thought we were have a few drinks here first just the 2 of us if you don't mind?" Holly asks.

Michelle nods and smiles as she takes a seat on the cream leather sofa as Holly brings her a glass of wine.

They are drinking and chatting and before they know it they have gone through 2 bottles of wine. The conversation takes a naughty turn. "The problem I have is that the only time I go out drinking is award shows and Dan is always working so we just don't get the chance to have sex even though drinking makes me so horny." Holly states as if it is a natural conversation.

Michelle nearly chokes on her drink, not expecting that to come out of TV's Golden girl's mouth. Not sure how to answer, Michelle just laughs.

"How is your sex life with Mark?" Holly asks Michelle. "Well with Mark working in America most of the time now and me away filming 'Our Girl' is South Africa, the only way we get to do anything is a few naughty pictures and videos here and there and maybe a bit of Skype fun." Michelle can't believe she is actually answering like this, clearly the drink is taking over now.

"Oh really?!" Holly asks intrigued. "Do you have any pictures on your phone now?" Feeling a little daring the way the conversation is going she takes out her phone and start showing Holly pictures of her in some sexy outfits and lingerie. Luckily she has deleted the really risqué ones, not wanting them to get into the wrong hands. Holly comments on how sexy she looks in those outfits. "I don't actually have any pictures on my phone but I have the outfits upstairs if you would like a personal viewing of them? Maybe you can take some pictures for me to send to Dan and see what happens?!"

Michelle is somewhat excited about seeing Holly in all these outfits as they head upstairs to Holly's bedroom. It is a lot bigger than hers, with a four poster bed, walk in wardrobe and full length mirrors around the wardrobe to see from every angle.

Michelle sits down on the edge of the bed as Holly excuses herself to the wardrobe, closing the door but leaving it ajar. They keep chatting as Holly steps out in the first outfit. She is in a maids outfit, complete with hat, stockings and feather duster. It is a very skimpy one which doesn't leave much to the imagination. Holly gives a twirl and asks Michelle to take some pictures. Holly strikes a few sexy poses but doesn't give much away.

The next outfit she models is a nurse's one. This one really doesn't leave much to the imagination as her huge breasts are bursting out and it ends just above the ass. As Holly twirls around she can see Holly's ass cheeks struggling to contain themselves. She adjusts her position on the bed, surprised at the feeling she is getting in her groin as she has never really had any bi thoughts before but seeing Holly dressed like this, coupled with the flowing drink, it's enough to send anyone this way. Michelle snaps a few more pictures, probably more than she actually needed to.

"I have one more for you but it was only meant to be seen by Dan so I am a bit nervous about showing you."

Michelle reassures her it is fine and is secretly excited to see what it is. As Holly steps out of the wardrobe her eyes nearly pop out of her head and her jaw nearly drops to the floor. Holly is wearing crotch less panties and a peephole bra with stockings and heels. Her hair still in a ponytail. She is lost for words.

"I knew I shouldn't have shown you something like this." Holly tries to cover herself up thinking she has taken this too far.

"It's ok, Holly. I am just shocked in a good way at how amazing you look. I have never had any bi thoughts before...until now."

Holly perks up as she sexily walks over to Michelle, taking the now empty wine glass from her hand and placing it on the table. She leans into Michelle and places a kiss gently on her lips. Michelle can't help but let out a moan as Holly's soft lips touch hers, she has never been kissed like that before.

The kiss now gets passionate as Michelle wraps her arms around Holly who is sitting on her lap. Their tongues meeting in the middle. This kiss lasts a good ten minutes as Holly stands up, looking down at Michelle's dress, there is now a wet patch on it. "Oopps" Holly laughs cheekily. She stands Michelle up and strips her slowly, letting the dress fall to the floor, now just in her underwear Holly tells her to lay on the bed and close her eyes. She doesn't need to be asked twice as she does it, excited and nervous to find out what is going to happen.

While these thoughts are going through her head, Holly takes her wrist and snaps a handcuff around it, attaching it one of the bed posts, before she has a chance to say anything Holly has leant over and done the same with her other wrist. "What are you doing Holly?" Michelle asks now scared.

"Just relax Michelle, I am going to let you into a little secret. I have wanted you for a long time. I had to take my chance and make sure you enjoy yourself. Trust me, you are in for the night of your life." She says as she attaches both her ankles to the bed post. Now spread eagle and just in her underwear, Holly is standing at the side smiling, hands on hips still in her sexy lingerie.

"I will be gentle with you...to begin with." She smirks as she runs her hands over Michelle's shapely body. She kisses her again passionately, this time moving her hands down and cupping Michelle's breasts, kneading them in her hands. Luckily for Holly it is a front clasping bra which she snaps open, moving the cups to the side. She looks Michelle in the eyes as she pulls away from the kiss and starts kissing down her next, between her breasts, circling them with kisses, taking a nipple into her mouth and teasing it with her tongue while teasing the other nipple between her fingers. Michelle can't help but let out a soft moan. Never before has she been made to feel like this, most guys are rough with her tits but Holly is being so gentle.

Now kissing down her flat stomach, around her hips, it's like Holly is making sure to kiss every part of her body. Taking the corners of her panties in her hand, she starts to kiss as she moved the panties down, revealing Michelle's clean shaven pussy. Thank god she tidied herself up beforehand she thinks to herself. That thought doesn't last long as the cool air hits her loins along with Holly's warm soft lips as she begins to gently kiss them, teasing them with her tongue. Before she knows it she is writhing underneath Holly as 'The Angel of Morning TV' is deep between her legs, giving her the best oral sex she has ever had. It doesn't take long for her juices to start flowing and she worries as she can gush quite a lot. It doesn't seem to bother Holly as she laps up all the juices, making sure to not leave a drop. An orgasm passes through her body like never before. Her body still shaking as Holly comes up for air, wiping her lips.

"Well that was unexpected!" Still coming down from the orgasm, Michelle doesn't notice Holly has gone back into her wardrobe and come back out with a box. Holly gives Michelle a drink of water to refresh her after uncuffing her. "What's in there?" Michelle asks. "Oh you will find out soon enough." Holly tells her without looking up from the box as she opens the lid.

Holly is now talking to herself while going through the items in the box with Michelle just looking on rubbing her wrists. "Yep, this should be fun. Not sure you are ready for that yet though. Oh definitely this." After a few minutes she takes out a set of nipple clamps. "Holly, this is going a bit too far, I'm not ready for anything like this yet."

"Well then how about this?" She reaches into the box and pulls out a strap on. Luckily Mark is quite big so she can handle something that size as Holly stands up and attaches it to her waist. "Get on all fours!" Holly tells her. She does as she is told, still wet from the oral sex.

Holly climbs onto the bed and lines the 8 inch thick strap on against her throbbing lips. "I normally like Mark to go slow at first." Michelle tells Holly but she ignores her and thrusts into her hard and fast, not giving Michelle a chance to adjust to the size. Holly now builds up a rhythm and starts fucking her faster and faster, grabbing her hair yanking it back while spanking her ass. "I bet you love Mark treating you like a bitch don't you!" Michelle is shocked to hear Holly talking like this but can't get over the feeling of being fucked with a strap on by Holly Willoughby.

This lasts a good half an hour which is a lot longer than Mark normally lasts. Her pussy now feeling sore from the pounding, she feels like she is going to pass out just as Holly pulls out. "Clean it off, show me how you suck Mark off. Michelle turns around and doesn't need to be asked twice as she begins to take it slow in her mouth, then speeds up. She has always had a good gag reflex so lets it hit the back of her throat taking as much as she can. Holly reaches underneath and starts to finger herself vigorously and it doesn't take long until she is having an orgasm.

After coming down from her orgasm, she removes the strap on and reaches into the box likes it's a lucky dip, smiling while she does it. She pulls out a whip. Michelle looks shocked. "No way, I can't do that. I can't take pain!" Slapping the whip across her hand, Holly smirks. "Oh don't worry, you will be DOING the spanking!"

Handing Michelle the whip, Holly gets onto all fours, sticking her peach shaped ass in the air. "Now don't be gentle, I can take it!"

Michelle decides to get into the spirit and brings her arm back, she slings it forward with all her might and Holly let's out a yelp as the whip lands on her ass, leaving a red mark. Michelle keeps this going for a good ten minutes, leaving Holly's ass red raw. The sight of seeing her like this turns her on and with Holly not moving position she decides to have a look in the box herself. She finds something that looks interesting and pulls out a butt plug. Holly cocks her neck round looking on with intrigue. "You wouldn't dare!"

She takes some lube from the box and squirts it over the butt plug and also some over Holly's tight hole. She slides a finger inside to make sure it is fully lubed. Holly winces as her sphincter tightens around her finger. "Perfect" is all Michelle says as she lines it up against Holly's tight hole. She slides it in slowly and after a few minutes it's all the way in. Holly let's out a loud moan as Michelle spanks her ass with one final push.

With Holly still on all fours and with butt plug in, she decides to return the favour and positions herself underneath Holly. She parts her lips with her fingers and begins to lick her lips. Not being an expert she hopes that she is doing a good job. Holly lets out a loud moan. "Yes, yes, yes. Fuck yes Michelle, that's the spot. I'm going to cum already, keep going!" Hearing Holly talks dirty turns her on even more as she goes faster and faster. Holly presses her hips down to get more of Michelle's tongue inside her. It doesn't take long for another orgasm to pass through her as Michelle laps up Holly's juices.

Holly collapses on the bed with the butt plug still inside her. "Wow." Is all she can say as she kisses Michelle again, this time sensually.

Michelle reaches over and slowly removes the butt plus from Holly, putting it back in the box.

"Thanks for an amazing night. Guess I should be going now." Michelle says as she gets up to start getting dressed.

"No, don't go. Stay. Dan and the kids won't be back until tomorrow night."

Michelle climbs back into bed and they both fall asleep together, spent.
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Re: Holly willoughby & Michelle Keegan
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2019, 08:00:41 PM »
Great story. Really good to see some Keegan stories here.  :)
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Re: Holly willoughby & Michelle Keegan
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Great story, thank you for sharing with us.  :D

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Re: Holly willoughby & Michelle Keegan
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Holly is amazing, always a pleasure to see a story with her.


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