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Invasion of Privacy featuring Christina Hendricks
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Invasion of Privacy
Starring Christina Hendricks

The following story takes place during when these candid photos of the large-breasted actress was taken. All characters are over the age of 18.

Buxom actress Christina Hendricks was spotted outside her home wearing comfortable attire by a young paparazzi male. The 43-year-old actress had her ginger red hair tied back in an unkempt manner and was wearing black leggings and a low-plunging black tank top that was noticeably visible. To the young man’s surprise, her famous huge boobs were hanging in their natural well-rounded teardrop shape with no bra and her nipples could be seen piercing through the fabric of the tank top. Thanks to the sunlight, it made her massive round funbags even more visible for his eyes to feast on.

Snap after snap, the young paparazzi took snapshots of Christina and her pendulous breasts. He knew candid photos like these would make a killing on the market. Christina and her voluptuous curves have produced countless jerk-off fantasies for a lot of men around the world with many hoping one day she would bare her prestige chest pillows. The paparazzi guy was guilty of a few jacking off sessions to Christina and wanting to see her prize-winning melons in the flesh. Just then, a crazy idea popped up in his head. He descended down the small hilltop where he was perch at while taking Christina’s photos and approached the busty actress directly.

“Hello, Christina. Sure is a nice day outside, isn’t it?” spoke the young paparazzi. “Very bold of you to come outside with no bra and to let your large breasts hang with no support.”

“Oh! You startled me,” a shaken Christina responded, her startling movements causing her giant natural tits to bounce and jiggle softly. “Well, I’m on one of my rare days off and I like to feel comfortable. Right now, I don’t feel very comfortable standing in front of you with that camera. Could you be a gentleman and not take unflattering photos of me?”

“I could, but I already have,” he replied arrogantly. “I bet I could get real top dollar for these photos. Do you know how many men over the world would love to see these photos of Christina Hendricks in a black tank top with her large tits and nipples showing?”

“Wow. You paparazzi people are a real piece of work,” she sternly replied.

“Gary. The name is Gary,” spoke the young man. “You’ve been famous for several years now. You should expect paparazzi to be everywhere, following your every move.”

“How much?” Christina asked. “Name your price for those photos.”

“Is that bribery I’m detecting?” Gary questioned.

“No. It’s me offering you money for those illegal photographs that don’t need to see the light of day,” Christina replied. “Or better yet, how about I call the police and let them sort this out.”

“I’ll be gone before the police arrive and these photos will be on every major tabloid in the United States, across the ocean and the Internet,” Gary threatens.

“Okay, so how much is it going to cost to get those photos?” Christina desperately pleaded.

“These photos won’t cost you money. I’ll gladly give them to you if you let me play with those big titties,” Gary proposed.

Christina snickered.

“Are you serious? You’ll give me the photos if I let you play with my breasts?”

“As Howie Mandel says on his TV show, deal or no deal?” Gary quoted.

Christina paused for a moment giving Gary’s proposal some actual consideration while examining the young man’s appearance. He looked to be in his mid to late ’20s with shoulder-length dark brown hair and a five ‘O’ clock shadow. His body looked skinny and lanky underneath his baggy clothes and stood an inch or two taller than her 5’7 curvaceous physique.

“You’ll give me the photos just to play with these?” Christina recapped, cupping her huge fat humongous tits at their bottoms and hoisting them up to Gary’s ogling eyes.

“Yes ma’am,” he hastily replied, not taking his horny eyes off Christina’s massive honkers, as she bobbed them in the palms of her hands. “Sweet Jesus…”

“Fine. It’s a deal and nothing more, got it?” Christina surprisingly agreed.

“Okay!” Gary swiftly answered.

“My husband is away on a business trip, so come inside quick before someone sees you,” she stated and invited Gary into her big home.

Gary followed the extremely top heavy actress into her stylish home and closed the front door behind them. Aside from her very large breasts, Gary got an eyeful of her equally enormous round ass that was displayed beautifully in her tight leggings.

“Before we get started, could you bounce them around a little bit, maybe play with them to set the mood,” Gary requested.

“That wasn’t part of the deal, but fine. I’ll entertain your perverted mind before we get started,” Christina agreed reluctantly.

Gary took a seat on the nice long couch in Christina’s living room while she stood a few feet in front of him. She placed her hands on her hips and began gently hopping on her feet. The motion caused her 34HH’s to bounce lewdly inside her black tank top. Gary’s mouth watered at the sight of the Mad Men’s actress bouncing her glorious fat melons at him. Christina giggled at the dumbfounded expression on his face, but she didn’t expect anything less from the pervert.

After a few minutes of bouncing on her feet, Christina rested her arms to her sides and shimmered her shoulders, causing her massive knockers to sway rhythmically from side to side in an obscene spectacle. They looked like large pendulums swinging from a clock. Gary’s cock was as hard as a rock. His thirst for her swinging boobs was intensified by this remarkable display.

“You’re in luck. I’ve never done anything like this before, not even for my husband,” Christina mentioned, as she lifted her arms above her head and started hopping on her feet again, causing her humongous breasts to bounce and wobble, trembling under her black tank top like giant jello molds. “My husband isn’t much of a boob guy. That’s probably why I married him. To him, I wasn’t just a pair of huge tits. I was a real woman with feelings and a brain.”

After shaking her fat tits a bit more, Christina dropped her arms and lifted up her tank top over her head and flung it to the ground, baring her extraordinarily large soft melons to Gary.

“My god,” he groaned, getting an eyeful of Christina’s gigantic naked tits for the first time. They were as pale as the rest of her skin with small pink areolas and pebble-sized nipples of the same color. Christina giggled delightfully at his dumbfounded facial expression again.

“I wish my husband would look at my tits the same way you are right now,” Christina mentioned. “He’s more of an ass man and I have plenty of that as well.” She turned around and waved her ample ass at him. Gary was at a loss for words and extremely horny.

“Probably ready to get your hands on these big titties, huh?” Christina teased, as she turned around and cupped her giant funbags. She flopped them together making loud fleshy clapping sounds that were music to Gary’s ears.

Christina dropped her ample milk bags and they swayed gently as she approached Gary on the couch. His eyes never left her moving globes even as she sat down next to him. Her world-class famous hooters were bigger than both their heads seeing them up close. That brought his cock to maximum hardness. Christina noticed the impressive tent he made in his baggy shorts.

“Don’t be shy, these are what you wanted,” she announced, presenting her titanic chest to him.

Gary didn’t hesitate and hefted up Christina’s heavy flesh balloons and gently squeezed them. Each round soft globe was more than a handful even in Gary’s large hands, as he manipulated the soft yet firm flesh with his lanky fingers. He ran his thumbs over the tiny bumps that covered her pink areolas and then her nipples. Christina moaned softly to the first man in a few months touching her most prized assets. She blushed and felt embarrassed as her leggings quickly became moist in the front.

After just a few minutes of fiercely manipulating the mature actress’s massively round tits, Gary descended his mouth upon one of her rock-hard nipples and began sucking. The action caught Christina completely off guard.

“Ohhh, Gary. What are you doing?” Christina moaned. She didn’t resistance, as he sucked more of the breast flesh into his mouth with desperate eagerness.

Gary tongued her hard nipple and the surrounding bumpy area as he sucked a good chunk of her fatty tissue between his lips. His hands continued to play with her giant knockers, as he alternated from tit to tit with his mouth. He sucked hungrily, sloppy and loudly on her famous fat melons as if they were the last pair of enormous tits on earth. Christina’s hands weren’t idly, as they unconsciously roamed over Gary’s raging erection in his shorts. He moaned with a mouthful of her tit-flesh.

“You can pull it out if you like,” Gary mumbled with his mouthful of her tit flesh.

“That wasn’t part of our deal,” Christina moaned, as she continued to feel up on Gary’s hard cock.

“You know that old saying, deals are meant to be broken,” Gary quoted; as he continued to mercilessly devour Christina’s delicious mature hangers. His fingers left deep red prints all over her snowy white globes. Both of her slobber-covered nipples were hard as stone and blistering red from his assault. Christina cried loudly, as the front of her leggings was becoming increasingly soaked from her the breast sucking.

Gary begrudgingly removed his hands from Christina’s mountainous chest pillows and unzipped his baggy shorts. He pushed them down to his ankles and shook them off his feet and then put one of Christina’s soft hands back on his undercover-cased hard cock. She could feel the thickness of his throbbing penis over the thin layering of underwear. She steadily stroked her hand up and down his covered cock, as she moaned to the thorough tit sucking she was receiving.

After a couple of minutes that seemed like an eternity, Christina brazenly stuck her hand inside his underwear and seized his thick, hard manhood. She pulled it out from his underwear and gave it the shaft long, steady strokes. His dick looked to be about 8 inches, but it was unbelievably thick.

After spending nearly ten minutes of oral assaulting her monstrous pale boobs, Gary finally released his grip on them and admired his work as they were covered and dripping in his saliva. Not even Christina’s husband paid that much attention to her famous tits.

“You have the greatest pair of big tits ever,” Gary groaned. “I love sucking them. Now you can suck my dick.”

He grabbed the back of the busty actress’s head and descended her face to his musky crotch. Christina opened her mouth and accepted the head of his swollen hard member. She gradually swallowed more of the thick lengthy shaft between her full luscious lips. She managed to swallow half of his shaft between her sucking lips, as she bobbed her head up and down his cock. Her tongue ran up and down the meaty tool lodged in her mouth while saliva ran down the shaft and big balls. Occasional, Christina would pull her head up for a breather and swirl her tongue around the deep purple crown of his cock while keeping her hand on the base of his shaft, giving him long hard strokes. 

Gary shyly pulls out his phone and starts video recording the huge breasted actress sucking his dick. He runs his fingers through her ginger hair, grunting, moaning, and basking in the pleasure of one of the sexiest and bustiest women in Hollywood and that he has ever seen sucking his cock in the middle of a random afternoon in her living with her huge gorgeous boobs spilled across his thigh. He put his phone down and had to pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

“Oh fuck!” he grunted, as Christina made the entire 8-inch throbbing shaft disappear between her hungry lips, filling her mouth up to the brim. He picked up his cell phone to record his entire rock-hard member being swallowed by Christina. He uses his other hand to keep her head steady while her mouth was sealed around his manhood and began rapidly thrusting it deep into the back of her throat. “You have such a sweet fucking mouth!”

Christina’s pale face was turning crimson red as she kept her lips sealed firmly over his entire shaft, as Gary drilled his extremely hard cock down her throat. His big balls wailed uncontrollably against her slimy chin. His toes curled in his socks from the thrill of face fucking the beautiful voluptuous redhead actress of Mad Men. It’s been a while since Gary had sex and he had a lot of bend up sexual frustration. He felt his shaft ready to explode in the beautiful big-tittied actress’s mouth, but he wasn’t ready for this day to end so soon.

“Let’s get you out of those leggings,” he groaned.

Gary released Christina’s head and she pulled her mouth off his saliva-covered cock. He took off his shoes and tosses his shirt to the side, then got down on his knees in front of Christina and helped her out of her tennis shoes and leggings. He was greeted with a view of her see-thru red boy shorts and the aroma of her cunt. She sat back on the couch with her giant titties hanging over her sides as Gary plopped her legs up on his shoulders and began trailing kisses up her thick snowy thighs to the front of her boy shorts. He pressed his face into the covered cunt and took a deep whiff of her pussy aroma.

“Your pussy smells so good,” Gary moaned, as he licked the front of her moist boy shorts to get a taste of her woman fluids. He used one of his hands to part her boy shorts and revealed her clean-shaven wet pussy.

“What are you about to do to my pussy?” panted Christina. “My husband has never gone down on me.”

“Good thing I’m not your husband,” Gary replied and immediately began lapping at the walls of her wet pussy. Christina’s body immediately began trembling from Gary’s tongue touching her cunt. He pushed his mouth up against her cunt and slid his tongue between the soggy walls. His tongue went to town inside her pussy and it was sending Christina over the edge.

“Ughhhhh, fuck! Ohhhhh god!” she cried, as she closed her eyes and arched her back to the splendid sensation of Gary’s oral skills on her pussy.

This new burning sensation Christina was feeling in her piss-soaked pussy was a shock and pleasantly welcomed. She has been married to the same man for a decade and not once did he go down on her the way this random stranger who was a member of the paparazzi was doing.

Gary dropped one of her legs and grabbed his cell phone. For a few brief seconds, he recorded an up-close shot of Christina’s dripping wet cunt before resuming his oral attack, licking every nook and cranny of her delicious mature cunt and bringing her voluptuous body to new sensational heights of pleasure. His tongue soon connected to her clitoris and that drove Christina over the edge.

“Oh god, fuck, oh you bastard! Oh god, you fucking bastard!” Christina cried out, as she started cumming. Gary kept his mouth sealed tight over her gushing cunt, looking up between her mammoth knockers to see the anguish in her flustered face.

After drinking up all the actress’s juices from her overheated cunt, Gary quickly pulled out a condom from his wallet, placed it over his rock-hard phallus and lined it up at the entrance to her pussy.

“Oh, wait… This wasn’t part of the deal,” Christina heavily panted, as her orgasm slowly subsided.

“Think of this as an extra perk to our deal,” Gary insisted, as he pushed forward and lodged his fat cock inside her creamy snatch. “Oh damn, your old pussy is really tight. Either you and your husband aren’t having sex or he has a really small penis.”

After insulting the actress’s sex life, Gary started thrusting his throbbing man junk, balls-deep between the sleek walls of her pussy. He held Christina’s legs spread apart by her ankles, as he rapidly pummeled her pussy.

“Oh fuck! I’m fucking Christina Hendricks!” he groaned, basking in this surreal moment and rare opportunity of fucking this hot actress he never thought could have happened in a million years, let alone just a few moments ago of secretly taking photos of her in casual wear. Gary knew a chance like this was probably never going to happen again, so he planned to make the most of it and fuck this big boobed actress for all she’s worth.

Gary plopped her feet over his shoulders and really went to work ramming his fat cock in and out of her hot cunt. His eyes were glued to her massive breasts, as they jolted all over her beet-red chest. Christina gathered her humongous orbs up in her arms as best as she could to control their vigorous bouncing, as Gary increased the speed at which he was thrusting his cock inside her tight pussy.

“How does this feel, bitch! You big titty bitch. Feels good, huh?” Gary grunted offensively at Christina, as he pushes forward, bending her knees to her chest and her feet were touching the top of her couch and unloading with rapid firing pounds with his dick. “I bet your husband never fucked you this good, huh slut? Your tight pussy is swallowing my whole fucking cock.”

“Oh YES, GARY! FUCK ME! OHHH YES! OH YES!!” an oversexed Christina loudly answered while her massive jugs pummeled her in the face due to the compressed position Gary had her in as he swiftly plunged his hard member in and out of her wet pussy.

After a few minutes of pounding the busty actress in the compressed position, Gary pulled out and lied on the floor with his condom-covered cock soiled in Christina’s vaginal juices. Christina took the hint and straddled his thick tool. He was captivated by the back and forth swaying spectacle of Christina’s gigantic mature tits, as she captured his entire beefy rod between the folds of her glistening pussy.

“Owww,” she squealed, planting both of her sock-covered feet firmly on either side of his legs and started bouncing up and down on his hard dick. Gary was treated with an amazing view of her huge titties flopping up and down and it made the hardness of his cock increase.

“Oh fuck yeah! Bounce em titties! Bounce them big fat fucking titties! Oh yeah,” Gary grunted, as he picked his cell phone up and recorded her wildly bouncing twin giants of flesh. After a few seconds of recording, he put his cell down and basked in the pure ecstasy of the hot Mad Men actress fucking his horny cock.

Christina thrashed her head around passionately, moaning and groaning and raking her fingers through the thin-layers of hair on his scrawny chest, as she bounced with reckless abandonment on his condom-covered lubed phallus. The sounds of her plump ass bouncing off his thighs echoed throughout the living room. Her husband was an old fashion kind of guy who enjoyed being on top during their sex. Only rarely did he allow Christina to ride him like a bucking bronco, as she was doing this member of the paparazzi.

Gary brought his hands up to her glorious bouncing jugs and squeezed them, rolling his thumbs over her stone-hard nipples. That set Christina over the edge.

“OH FUCCCCCCCKK! I’m cumming! OHHHHH!” Christina moaned as she bathed Gary’s fat penis in her cum. Her tight pussy was locked over his cock and spamming wildly, as she came.

Gary took over fucking duties, pushing his hips up and drilling his thick organ inside her creamy cunt. Christina collapsed forward with her feet locked under his thighs and her enormous sweaty breasts thudding against his chest with each thrust. He cupped the large bottoms of her round milk bags and sucked on each hard nipple in turns. Gary sucked desperately hard on her nipples hoping to get lucky and taste some mature milk.

“Oh, Gary! Ohhhh Gary!,” Christina cried.

Gary wanted this day to last longer, but his balls were on the verge of succumbing to the combination of Christina’s tight wet pussy wrapped around his hard cock and humongous tits in his face.

“I want to fuck your tits!” Gary grunted beneath her whooping breasts.

Christina climbed off his cock after having one final orgasm and stood on her knees. Gary picked up his cell phone and stood up. He ripped the cum-covered condom off, and immediately slipped his pulsating cock between Christina’s world-famous massive jugs. His entire dick was engulfed in the biggest and softest tits he ever experienced. Christina held on her heavy knockers as best as she could, as Gary went to work thrusting in her sleek cleavage. He started recording fucking Christina’s tits, unable to find his cock from between the accumulated mass of wobbling flesh.

“Oh shit, Christina! Oh shit!” Gary cried out, as he thrust harder and faster, pummeling her giant boobs. “OHHHHH, here I CUM! Ohhhh, fuck!”

Gary knew he wasn’t going to last long with his dick suffered between the actress’s soft mountains and he exploded the biggest, fattest, and juiciest nut he ever released between her tits. A massive rope of cum shot out from between Christina’s giant hangers and nailed her chin. The rest of Gary’s hot sticky load emptied out between her thick bosoms.  Christina dropped her prodigious hooters and his jism was dribbling in heaps from between her world-class knockers. Gary made sure he had the entire tit-fucking and the aftermath recorded with some great zoom in shots of his cum dripping from between her monster titties.

“Holy fuck, that was awesome!” Gary panted, completely exhausted and drained of everything he had. Christina felt the same way to where she fell onto the couch, naked except for the socks on her feet and semen between her overly large breasts, and passed out. Gary took that as his cue, gathered up his things, and left out of her house.

A few days later while sitting in her trailer on the set of her new show Good Girls, Christina got a notification on her cell phone from TMZ.com. She opened up the link to the TMZ page and saw the photos of her taken from the outside of her home with her huge boobs hanging pendulously and naked inside the visible black tank top.

“Damn that little fucking bastard,” a furious Christina spouted. “I’m going to sue that skinny prick.” Then, she got another notification on her phone in the form of a private message. She opened it and it was from Gary that read;

“By now, you probably saw that I had sold the photos to TMZ. I got a very nice hefty price for the hot actress Christina Hendricks showing off her famous giant ta-tas in a tight tank top and the best part, she wore no bra. She was letting her titties hang loose!  I know we had a deal, but we never officially shook or signed any waivers. I know you might want to try and sue me, so at the bottom of this message, I attached an insurance policy to avoid what an ugly lawsuit could do to both of our respectable careers. Good luck with your new show. I’ll see ya soon ;)” 

“Respectful? Please. You’re a dirty rotten bastard,” an angry Christina touted. She scrolled down the bottom of the message and clicked on the attachment. Her eyes widen at what she saw.

“What the HELL?!”

Christina was utterly disturbed and mortified by the multiple videos capturing the raunchy sex she had with Gary just a few days ago. Another video with just Gary was at the end with him sitting in the nude and stroking his cock with one hand. Christina was hesitant but clicked on the video.

“How do you like my insurance policy? For both our sakes, don’t come at me with lawyers or these videos go straight to every porn site imaginable. And here’s a little something else that I know you and your huge fat tits are familiar with.” Gary aimed the camera on his phone down on his hard cock and stroked out a large rope of cum. The video ended right after he erupted.

Christina had a look of disgust on her face that slowly turned to arousal, as the fond memories of Gary fucking her enormous jugs played over in her mind…
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Re: Invasion of Privacy featuring Christina Hendricks
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2019, 11:49:45 PM »
Nice work! I loved the whole build up for the titty fuck at the end. Went into this story knowing that's what I wanted to read about and you certainly didn't disappoint! Saved the best for last!
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Re: Invasion of Privacy featuring Christina Hendricks
« Reply #2 on: March 27, 2019, 04:34:29 AM »
Loved that, Christina and tittyfucking what more could you want!  Great work.  Looking fwd to a sequel maybe?
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Re: Invasion of Privacy featuring Christina Hendricks
« Reply #3 on: March 27, 2019, 11:32:46 AM »
HOT AS HELL!! Good work, I am a sucker for big titties  ;D
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Re: Invasion of Privacy featuring Christina Hendricks
« Reply #4 on: March 27, 2019, 01:32:30 PM »
Thanks for the kind words, everybody. Really appreciate. I do wish I would have spend more time going into details on certain sex acts, but this story was really fresh in my head and outside stuff attend to get in the way and causes me to slack on finishing stories   ;D. I will do better next time. This is a standalone at the moment unless something comes into my mind, but this won't be the last time I write a story featuring my number one goddess  :)

Glad you all enjoyed.

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Re: Invasion of Privacy featuring Christina Hendricks
« Reply #5 on: March 27, 2019, 01:59:07 PM »
Love Christina's huge jugs and I hope you write more tittyfucking stories with her in it. Awesome.
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Re: Invasion of Privacy featuring Christina Hendricks
« Reply #6 on: March 27, 2019, 04:43:19 PM »
Excellent, the more stories about Christina and her epic tits the better!
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Re: Invasion of Privacy featuring Christina Hendricks
« Reply #7 on: March 27, 2019, 05:07:39 PM »
This is what Christina and those lovely fun bags were made for. Excellent work.
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Re: Invasion of Privacy featuring Christina Hendricks
« Reply #8 on: April 01, 2019, 02:03:45 PM »
I really enjoyed this so much I've read it 3 times now. Christina and those big ass titties sure know how to do a number on us men.
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Re: Invasion of Privacy featuring Christina Hendricks
« Reply #9 on: April 01, 2019, 11:16:57 PM »
I really enjoyed this so much I've read it 3 times now. Christina and those big ass titties sure know how to do a number on us men.

You and me both. Makes me hard af.

Thanks, TLM!
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