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Caroline's Cove
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This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you would like to provide constructive feedback, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

Caroline’s Cove
Starring Caroline Wozniacki
MF, Cons, Oral

16th February 2016

As I looked at the shaven pussy in front of me I had one prevailing thought.

“God I love you Rory McIlroy, you stupid Irish bastard”

I lowered my lips to her slit and slowly teased it with my tongue, a moan emanating from her mouth as I did so. I looked up at the Dane to see her eyes closed and her fingers idly pinching her nipples. I lifted my tongue to the top of her pussy and searched out her clit. The little button slowly revealed itself and her moans got a little bit louder.

“Bare der, der føles dejligt.”

I had no idea what she had said but I assumed it was good. Caroline had been dropping into Danish since we met a couple of hours before so it was no surprise that she dropped into it as I was licking her pussy. But it is probably best to tell you how we met.

My name is Alan and I have been living on the island of Saint Lucia for about five years so I’m not the most local person. I moved here from New York after the economic crash ruined the company I worked for. I wasn’t doing any illegal things and I invested a lot of the money I had in a restaurant so it was fairly safe. After that happened, I didn’t have a job so I learned to cook from the head chef before selling it and moving here to get away from the hustle and bustle.

I ran a small beachside café/bar where tourists would frequently come in to get a break from the sunshine. This morning two beautiful blondes walked in wearing very small bikinis and ordered a couple of drinks. It had been a while since I’d seen anyone as beautiful as the blonde in the yellow bikini so I went over to introduce myself.

“How are you ladies, welcome to my bar.”

“You’re the owner? No offence but you don’t appear to be local.” The girl in the red bikini said.

“How does one define being local? I’ve lived here for five years.”

“I think she means you’re not black, she has a fetish.” Yellow said.

“Ah, then maybe Miguel will be more to your liking.” I said nodding to the athletic black man at the end of the bar.

The girl in the red bikini smiled and bit her lower lip as she saw my employee standing there. She immediately stood up and walked over to him leaving me with yellow.

“Du knepper ham, hvor jeg tager denne fyr?” Yellow shouted to her friend.

Red turned around and shrugged her shoulders as if to say ‘I don’t know.’

“What did you say?” I asked.

“You don’t want to know. Why don’t you grab a drink and join me seeing as Malou looks busy.”

I nodded my head and quickly grabbed a beer from the bar. I sat down in the seat opposite her and looked over her face. She was very pretty and I could tell by the quick peek at her body that she was physically fit.

“I’m Alan Stevens, nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you Alan Stevens, my name is Caroline. So why are you living here? Besides the weather and babes in bikinis.”

“Well those two help but I made my money in life and got fed up of everything being hectic. I moved here for the peace and quiet, so much easier to relax in the Caribbean. Plus what better way to score with bikini babes than own your own bar.”

“Good plan.” She replied with her heavily accented speech.

“So what do you do Caroline?”

“Me? Oh you know; this and that.”

“Ha ha, you don’t need to be coy.”

“I’m not being coy but I want to stay anonymous here. I had a bad break up about 18 months ago and I’m starting to get over it.” She said reaching over to my hand “So what I do here, I want to ensure stays here.”

“And what do you want to do?”

She smiled as she moved a strand hair from her face and giggled a little. She stood up and walked over to the window overlooking the beach. I took a moment to check her body, she had a nice round ass and the bikini she wore had ridden up to show off most of her ass cheeks.

I looked around to see the girl in red kissing Miguel quite vigorously; she was practically clambering on top of him. I returned my sight to Caroline who had turned to face me and was leaning against the window frame, something running through her mind. She bit down on her index finger before walking back to the table.

“I want to find somewhere quiet to sunbathe, somewhere private. Do you know somewhere?”

“I know a cove that’s private. I could take you.”

She looked over to where the other two were and saw her friend sitting on Miguels lap.

“How long will it take to walk there?”

“You can’t walk it, too many trees and the cliffs are steep. On the jet ski, about 30 minutes away.”

Caroline grabbed her drink and finished the remainder before standing up.

“Come on then, they’re not going to be much company anyway.”

I turned to see Miguel leading her friend by the hand to go into the back room. I laughed to myself and walked out the front door of the bar, flipping the sign to closed as I did. Caroline hurried after me and we walked down to the shore line.

“Have you gone to this place very often?”

“Only a few times, it’s recognised as a date place. That’s why I know it’s very private; no one goes there in the day.”

I jumped onto the Jet Ski and looked to hand her the life jacket. She shook her head and jumped onto the back, wrapping her around my waist. I turned the Jet Ski on and we rode out into the sea, the waves crashing onto it as we picked up some speed.

Caroline did try and talk but I couldn’t hear her over the waves so instead she mumbled something in the language she was speaking earlier. There wasn’t anyone else on the water by us so it was a fairly peaceful journey to the cove. We approached it from the south and I kept close to the rocks where tide was easier to deal with. I brought the Jet Ski onto the beach and roped it up onto a rock on the side. Caroline jumped off and I watched her run onto the beach, looking at the area around us. Her legs were incredibly muscly but she retained her femininity.

I followed her up as she plumped herself down onto a sun lounger that’s kept on the beach for people to cuddle on their romantic nights.

“So what do you do Caroline? You look very fit, are you a sportsman?”

“Yeah, I play tennis. We both do actually.”

“And the break up? Was he a tennis player?”

“No, he’s a golfer. He had massive commitment issues so broke off our engagement. I struggled with it badly but Rory went off and fucked the first random tanned whore that turned up.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I said as I sat down next to her. “He’s an idiot, you’re beautiful.”

I turned to look at her and Caroline leaned in to kiss me. I placed my hand on the side of her cheek as she closed her eyes and moved her tongue to touch my lips. I opened them and welcomed her tongue into my mouth and massaged it with my own. She pulled back to look at me with a smile on her lips.

“I hope you don’t think I’m being too forward.”

“Not at all.” I replied as I looked at her eyes.

Caroline reached behind and undid the strings of her bikini. The bikini top fell down to her stomach revealing her small pert breasts. Her nipples were starting to point up as she was starting to get turned on and she leaned in to kiss me again. She was a bit more forceful this time, using her tongue to attack my own and her hands started to undo the buttons on my shirt.

When the shirt was undone, she rubbed her fingers along my chest and moaned a little at the enjoyment of our kiss. I broke it off to remove my shirt and Caroline watched me before undoing the other string to remove the bikini top completely. Leaning forward, I kissed down her chest and took one of her nipples into my mouth. I sucked on it slightly before Caroline pushed my head away.

“No, down lower. Rory hated doing it.”

Caroline moved herself backwards and pushed me away with her feet. She undid the side strings of her bikini bottoms and handed them to me. I took a string in each hand and lowered the bikini bottoms down, exposing the shaved pussy to my eyes. Moving onto my knees I brought myself within touching distance, a nice smell hitting my nostrils.

I lowered my lips to her slit and slowly teased it with my tongue, a moan emanating from her mouth as I did so. I looked up at the Dane to see her eyes were closed and her finger idly pinching her nipples. I lifted my tongue to the top of her pussy and searched out her clit. The little button slowly revealed itself and her moans got a little bit louder.

“Bare der, der føles dejligt.”

As I continued to pay attention to her clit, Caroline spread her legs wider and started to lift her ass with the pleasure my tongue was creating. I moved my tongue around her clit in a circular motion and could hear her breathing get heavier and her moans becoming more frequent. I looked up to see Caroline’s eyes were closed and she was pinching her nipples hard, her nails digging into them.

“Your tongue feels nice, make me cum, make me cum!” Caroline said in between her moans.

Caroline closed her thighs around my head, trapping me there as I continued to eat her pussy. Caroline’s body was starting to shake and I could feel she was getting closer to her orgasm so I continued to pay attention to her clit. Though there was limited movement, I was able to bob my head slightly to add a good rhythm to her pleasure.

“Åh ja, jeg er der. Jeg er der!”

Her body shook more as her clit withdrew and her orgasm exploded. I feel my face get warm and wet as I discovered she was squirter and she climaxed over my face. I licked her clit more as to give her more pleasure within the orgasm. There was a beaming smile on her face as she released my head from thigh grip and she relaxed in the warm glow of her orgasm.

“That was good; you made me cum so hard.”

Caroline opened up her eyes and looked at me just as I was licking my lips.

“What’s that on your face?” she asked.

“That would be your pleasure.”

Caroline sat up and looked at my face closely. Leaning forward, she licked the remaining liquid from my face, tasting her own juices. She closed her eyes and brought her tongue directly into my mouth, massaging mine as she brought me in for a hug. I felt her pert breasts press against my chest as her hands moved around my back. As we broke our kiss, she leaned back on the lounger.

“I taste good, yeah?”

“You taste mighty fine Caroline.”

“I think it’s because I’m Danish, we’re sweeter than all the others.”

I laughed at her comment.

“I want to see you naked. Strip for me!”

Happily to oblige I stood up next to the sun lounger and undid the belt on my khaki shorts. I slide the belt out and saw Caroline lick her lips with anticipation. I undid the button and zip and slid down the shorts revealing my bright blue boxer shorts. My cock was already hard and the bulge obvious against the material.

“Nice!” Caroline said as she looked closely.

I kicked my shoes and shorts off before slowly teasing her by lowering the boxers to show only part of the stem. She reached her hand out and hit my thigh on the side of my leg and blew a kiss in my direction. I dropped the boxers and released my eight inch cock, pointing directly to her. She spun her hand around for me to turn so I happily obliged. I heard her move and could feel her wrap her fingers around my ass.

“That’s a nice bum.”

Caroline brought her arms around to my side and I could feel her tongue run along my ass cheeks before taking a bite. She must have moved onto her knees in the sand as her hands moved to my front, one stroking my cock and the other massaging my balls.

“That feels nice.” I said as I could feel her hand moving up my cock.

“Try this for size!”

I felt Caroline’s mouth stay on my ass and her tongue move to my crevice and Caroline started to rim me. As she did so, her hands continued to work my cock and balls and I could feel a lot pleasure from what she was doing.

“That’s feels good.”

“I know how to grip.” She said before putting her tongue back in my ass.

I felt a wave of pleasure swarm around me as she continued to pleasure my ass with her tongue, increasing the speed of her hand massaging my cock.

“That feels really nice but I desperately want to fuck you.”

I felt Caroline take her tongue out of my ass and stand up, running her fingers up my body as she did so. She walked around me and leaned up to kiss my lips again, this time leaving her tongue in her own mouth.

“Sit on the edge.” She commanded.

I obliged and moved to the sunbed and, sitting on the edge of it and looking at Caroline’s toned body. She licked her lips as my cock pointed directly at her and placed her hand my shoulder before turning around to face away from me. Her ass was only a few inches from my face as she lowered herself down, grabbing my cock and aligning it with her pussy.

Placing her knees on the sunbed, Caroline let my cock slide into her pussy and she let a moan out of her mouth. Using her balance, she slowly started to move up and down; leaning her head back and she brought her mouth to my ear.

“You have such a nice cock, so big. Mmm, much bigger than Rory!”

I bought my hand up and cupped her right breast in my hand, rolling her nipple with my fingers. Caroline bounced up on my cock more as I fingered her nipples, moaning with pleasure as she did. I don’t think she was used to being on top that much, enjoying the sensation and grinding hard. Her tight ass felt nice rubbing against my stomach as she fucked me.

“Oh my God! Another one!” she screamed as her pussy got wetter with a second climax.

She kept my cock inside her as she dropped forward onto all fours. I kneeled behind her and started to fuck her doggie style, pushing in and out of her hard.

“Yes, cum inside me. Please cum.”

“Oh I’ll cum alright, you dirty bitch!” I shouted.

I kept my hand on the small of her back as I continued to fuck her, hearing her practically growling with the pleasure my cock was giving her. I could feel my balls start to tighten as I was about to explode inside of her pussy.

“Oh yes, I’m cumming in you. Right there you Danish whore!”

I felt a wave of pleasure and closed my eyes as I filled Caroline’s hole with my semen. She shouted loudly as she felt her pussy fill up, staying in place to allow me to slow my thrusting as I emptied myself. Once the flow had stopped, I pulled my cock out of her and sat back down on the sun bed, looking over her body as she stayed on all fours, some of my cum dripping out of her.

“That was an excellent fuck. I’ll have to meet tennis players more often.” I joked.

“You won’t find any better than me.” Caroline said as she stood up and brushed the sand off of her knees.

I took another look at her shaven pussy, now glistening in the fading sun light after two orgasms.

“I’m surprised you’re as forward as you are.”

“Well like I said, Malou thought I should get myself out there more. We’ve passed your bar a couple of times and I liked the look of you. It was no accident we turned up when no one else was there.”

I laughed at her cunning and looked up to the sky.

“We better head back, the sun won’t last much longer and I don’t want to do that journey in the dark.”

Caroline nodded her head and we both gathered our clothes and put them back on. The journey on the Jet Ski back went a little quicker; the sea was calmer and less tidal at this time in the afternoon. Caroline kept her arms around me and kissed my neck as we made our way back to the beach.

We arrived back at the beach with about five minutes spare and the wardens were collecting the loungers so they could close up. As we arrived at the bar, we saw Malou and Miguel were sharing a beer and joking with each other. The girls said their good byes, promising to come back, and walked off. I noticed Malou was limping slightly as they left us.

“Miguel, why is Malou limping?”

“Oh, that girl may like black cock. But she can’t handle one in her arse.”

I laughed at the Cubans comment and we started to close up the bar.
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Re: Caroline's Cove
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Nice story, like the hint for some black cock loving  ;)
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Re: Caroline's Cove
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Thank you for this story from Caroline. Captivating intrigue, it captivated me, it's good to read that! Well done.


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