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Maria's Rule Part 1
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Disclaimer: I do not own The Avengers or anything to do with Marvel. You shouldn't be reading this story if you're under 18. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author's note: This story takes place sometime before The Avengers.

Keywords: FF, Oral, Rim

Avengers: Maria's Rule
by MTL (mtl_17.feedback@yahoo.co.uk)

Maria Hill had a rule about dating her co-workers. She had a rule about nearly everything, a long list of guidelines to make life as easy and stress free, or as much as possible in her line of work. More importantly her rules were a line in the sand, Maria assessing what was right and wrong for every situation there wasn't any official rules.

In SHIELD there wasn't an official rule forbidding 'in house' dating, although it would probably make things easier for some people if there were. But Maria Hill wasn't some people. She wasn't some wet behind the ears recruit anymore, no, she had risen up the ranks to Assistant Director, a.k.a. second-in-command, and would sooner or later have her boss's job given the way he did things. So she couldn't afford to mess that up with a relationship now, something Maria found constantly reminding herself whenever Natasha Romanoff was around.

At first it had been easy as Maria's interaction with the former Russian agent was limited. She was certainly guilty of giving the redheaded bombshell a second look, but given some of her co-workers were literally drooling Maria was fairly confident her second look went unnoticed, even if it did linger a bit. Then all of a sudden Nick Fury, in his infinite wisdom, signed her up to mentor The Black Widow and get her ready for something called the Avenger's Initiative. Maria hadn't liked the sound of that, but she wasn't one to turn down an assignment lightly, and if someone below her on the pecking order complained about something so trivial as having a crush on a co-worker she would have been furious.

Of course back then it hadn't been a crush, just a passing attraction. It became a crush after spending an hour with the beautiful redhead. Or more accurately Maria was crushing on Natasha within ten minutes of their first sparring session. Maybe five.

It was impossible not to, Maria told herself over and over. Natasha was just so... charming? Perhaps that wasn't the right word, the redhead wasn't talkative, even when being questioned, but there was just something about her. The way she said and did things. And while Maria never fully felt comfortable with her, never fully trusted her, it was impossible not to like her. Or maybe Maria was trying to make excuses for the giant metaphorical boner she had for the voluptuous seductress.

"Something on your mind?" Natasha asked, her tone unreadable.

Maria looked over Natasha, forcing herself to look the lower ranking Shield agent in the eye. Maintaining eye contact with Natasha should really be on Maria's resume as she was the only one she knew who could do it without looking down at the redheaded spy's large rack. She'd even seen Fury's eye lower at least once, briefly. Of course Maria deserved a fucking medal for not looking down when they were both naked in a shower together.

"Nothing." Maria said dismissively, cursing herself for obviously waiting too long to respond, thus making it obvious it wasn't nothing.

For a brief moment Maria thought she got away with it as Natasha raised an eyebrow but seemed to return her attention to washing her goddess like physique, Maria feeling so relieved she almost forgot to keep her eyes from lowering. Almost. Luckily she was able to keep her composure and concentrate on finishing up and getting out of here.

She swore only took her eye off Natasha for a second. Maybe two. Either way it was apparently enough.

"You seem very tense." Natasha whispered in the other woman's ear, causing Maria to freeze. No one had ever got the drop on her like that before, and in her moment of shock she could practically feel The Black Widow smirking against her ear before she added, "Would you like some assistance with that?"

Whirling around Maria glared at the deceptively expressionless face of the redhead, "Who do you think you are?"

There was no reply, although the few seconds of silence allowed Maria to calm herself.

"I'm not sure how things worked in Russia, but here at SHIELD we have rules." Maria said with her usual cool, calm exterior once again intact.

Natasha cocked her head silently, "I have read the rules, and I am unaware of any I have violated."

If it was anyone else Maria would have verbally torn them apart from being insolent, however she was finding it hard to assess The Black Widow's motives. Sure, she strongly suspected Natasha was being inappropriate on purpose but until she was sure Maria couldn't bite her head off on a suspicion.

So again with her usual cool tone Maria explained, "You understand how someone might view this situation?"

"Yes, but I was merely suggesting a full body massage." Natasha said, letting those words hang in the air for a second before adding, "I could recommend someone... or I could do it."

Maria glared suspiciously at the still expressionless Black Widow. She was fairly certain she knew what the other woman was trying to do, but she still didn't have conclusive proof and despite herself Maria couldn't help think that if this was a porno Natasha would mention something about being good with her hands. Their training sessions, and just about every report she'd read on the dangerous redhead, confirmed that cliched phrase and thinking about it briefly caused Maria's well-trained mind to escape to some unwanted places.

Bringing herself back to reality as quickly as possible Maria noticed that there was certainly a tiny smirk on Natasha's face, which in turn quickly had the senior agent flatly replying, "No! Thank you. Like I said I'm fine."

Her smirk disappearing, Natasha just stared at Maria for a long second, then said, "Ok."

Then The Black Widow just turned and walked back to where water was still pouring down from around the shower head she had been standing under moments ago. Maria was surprised at how disappointed she felt, quickly telling herself that disappointment was simply from how easily the mighty Natasha Romanoff had given up so easily. Or so it seemed.

Too late Maria correctly guessed what the sneaky Russian was doing, namely confuse her into losing control, her mind so busy trying to guess Natasha's actions that she forgot to keep her eyes from wandering downwards to what had to be the most flawless ass in the world. It was easily the best Maria had ever seen, a little sigh escaping her as she marvelled at its perfection. Then upon realising what she was doing Maria almost went pale with horror and quickly tore her gaze away from Natasha's voluptuous backside.

Of course the damage was done, Maria practically able to sense the smirk on Natasha's face as without turning around the other spy murmured, "If you would prefer, you could give me the full body massage. Or perhaps you would prefer just to stick to massaging one body part?"

Maria almost laughed, mostly at relief that her instincts hadn't been wrong, "You know... I got to say I'm disappointed."

Natasha turned around slowly with a raised eyebrow, "How so?"

"Well, everyone in SHIELD knows the stories of the legendary Black Widow, and I've got the clearance to know enough of it is true to be impressive. But for someone who proved herself more than capable in combat you're hardly the seductress I've read about." Maria explained, "I mean come on, where's the subtlety?"

There was that smirk again, the one Maria was finding so infuriating.

"The key to any mission is correctly assessing one's target." Natasha said, almost like she was giving a lecture as she walked back into Maria's personal space, "Assessing one's surroundings and all the other variables is also important, but the most important thing is to know your target. Study them. Find out what makes them tick. Then you adjust accordingly."

"So, you actually think the best way to approach me is to act like a porn star?" Maria questioned, genuinely amused.

"If I want to fuck you, yes." Natasha said, sounding incredibly casual.

"Is that so?" Maria glared, feeling amused.

"Subtlety is lost on you." Natasha said in a way which had Maria questioning every interaction they had ever had together, before the other woman smirked and added, "You'd be too busy trying not to look at me to notice."

It was Maria's turn again to smirk, "Is that what this is about? The Black Widow is offended not everyone is drooling over her?"

"Just because you're not as obvious doesn't mean you don't do it." Natasha observed, "But I'm more interested in blowing off some steam than what you think of me, and if anyone needs to blow off some steam around here it's you."

"You're saying I need to get laid?" Maria asked in disbelief.

"No." Natasha said, taking a step forward and whispering huskily into Maria's ear, "I'm saying you need to get fucked. You need to get fucked hard and deep until your toes curl and you can't remember your own name."

Maria should have been furious, no one had dared to talk to her like this, and to have it be a lower ranking agent was infuriating and so beyond inappropriate and wrong. But Natasha's tone, where she emphasised certain words, and God help her the words themselves had Maria melting.

Suddenly she was very aware of how their bodies were pressed against each other, Natasha's gloriously rounded tits pressing into her right arm which made Maria want to touch them so bad.

Resisting the urge and trying to get a hold of herself Maria said in a tone more husky than she intended, "I have a rule-"

"About never dating your co-workers, I know, I know." Natasha whispered, trying not to smirk, "But I'm not asking you out, I just want to fuck you so hard your body will tingle every time you think of me."

Maria turned slightly to look at her would be seductress and laugh at how ridiculously forward she was being. To give her a long lecture about professionalism. To yell at her. Scream at her. Or maybe just politely tell her no. That her rule applied to sex too, and she had a feeling Natasha knew that perfectly well. But Maria didn't do any of that. She couldn't find the words, her mouth dry and her body aching to find out if all the stories about The Black Widow's sexual prowess were true.

Ultimately Maria made the mistake of looking down at those big round breasts which were almost pressed against her own, one long look at Natasha's amazing body making up her mind for her.

Looking up again into Natasha's eyes Maria whispered, "Damn you."

With that Maria kissed Natasha, the redhead briefly smirking into the lip lock before eagerly kissing back, the two women becoming lost in the lovers embrace which was anything but gentle. Although as rough as it was from the start it was nothing on what it became, the two spies slamming each other against the walls of the shower as their tongues battled for dominance inside each other's mouths in something which more resembled a fight to the death than a kiss.

Natasha briefly smirked as there was a moment where her superior officer's hands hesitated to touch any area she would probably deem inappropriate. However it only took grabbing Maria's nicely proportioned breasts to make the brunette do the same, the touch clumsy at first but becoming less so surprisingly quickly.

Based on the information she'd been able to gather Natasha had made an educated guess that Maria would live up to the stereotype of the straitlaced, by the book kind of girl and would have never seriously considered indulging in any of the curiosities/twisted fantasies that type of person always seem to have. Of course there wasn't that much Intel on Maria's personal life in the SHIELD databases, and Natasha certainly hadn't seen Maria voluntarily relaxing outside of work, so there had always been the possibility the brunette wasn't a blushing lesbian virgin.

Still, it was surprising just how good the girl was at foreplay, the supposedly uptight brunette having Natasha moaning into her mouth in a matter of seconds just from a few gentle caresses to her big tits. It only got better when Maria pressed her against a wall, the brunette only pausing in the boob pressing to grab Natasha's big butt, the redhead loving it so much she just allowed her superior officer to have her way with her for a little while.

Then Natasha flipped them and broke away, kissing Maria's neck briefly before whispering in her ear, "You've done this before!?"

From the tone Natasha used Maria wasn't 100% sure whether it was a question or a statement, but she chose to take it as the former, "Maybe."

"Well, perhaps I should put you to the test." Natasha said thoughtfully in between kisses to Maria's neck, "After I've helped you unwind."

After she had spoken those last few words Natasha swiftly moved down and wrapped her lips around one of Maria's nipples, sucking forcefully at first to get a surprised cry from the high-ranking officer. She succeeded, Natasha smirking around the nipple and a sound which confirmed she caught Miss Tightly-Wound off guard. Of course it didn't last long, Maria not only quickly recovering but steeling herself against further 'attack', not even Natasha's teeth able to get another wonderfully surprised sound from the brunette's lips.

She got plenty of other pleasant sounds though, much to Maria's dismay. Although truth be told as much as Maria resented moaning for Natasha so easily she was far more upset that The Black Widow chose to slow things down, the redhead forgetting about using her teeth altogether and slowing down the suction to something that was more teasing than pleasing.

Honestly it felt almost as if the deadly assassin was making love to her tits, and maybe if Maria was a giddy schoolgirl she would have mistaken this slow torturous technique for some kind of affection, like this could be more than some quick fuck or some such nonsense. However Maria did know better and recognised this for what it was, Natasha trying to make her beg for more.

Initially Maria was determined not to give her the satisfaction, but resistance quickly proved futile. All stories about Natasha's sexual abilities were quickly being proved just as true as the stories about her cunning and her skills as a fighter, just a few gentle touches enough to make Maria desperate for more. To be fair, she had also been subjected to an entire day's one-on-one training with the spandex wearing Natasha, a naked shower with the redhead and a really, really good kiss. Or at least that's what Maria comforted herself with as she grabbed a handful of red hair and pressed the other spy into her chest.

As signs of submissively begging for more go this was pretty tame but Maria hated she had been forced to give it almost as much as Natasha seemed to enjoy it, The Black Widow grinning in triumph around one of Maria's nipples before increasing the suction again. She also awarded Maria by adding her tongue into the mix, a loud moan escaping from Maria as that soft wet muscle slid around each of those sensitive bundles of flesh in turn before sucking them again.

Over and over again Natasha repeated this process until finally Maria pushed down on her head in another small sign of begging for more. There was another smirk but no hesitation, Natasha barely pausing to kiss down Maria's stomach before her tongue attacked the higher ranking officer's cunt, Maria's head shooting back so hard it hit the wall, the pain barely noticeable next to the pleasure.

Despite all her training to hide her emotions a tiny triumphant smirk crossed Natasha's face at the combination of the loud cry that escaped from Maria's lips and the taste of her superior's twat. Of course despite the fact that Maria continued to cry, moan and whimper in pleasure, and adorably try to hide/downplay it, that tiny smirk faded away as the infamous Black Widow devoted 99% of her attention to eating the other woman's pussy. After all, she did have a reputation as an amazing rug muncher to maintain, and she certainly had no intention of failing to do so for the woman charged with evaluating her.

The remaining 1% of her attention was mostly focused on remaining vigilant. Considering they were currently flying high above the clouds in the heavily fortified Helicarrier attack was unlikely but not impossible. Likewise considering that it was no secret that Natasha Romanoff and Maria Hill, two proud women who had earned respect and/or fear from just about everyone within SHIELD, discovery was also unlikely but not impossible, although truth be told as long as it wasn't an enemy discovery would be amusing and almost worth the almost inevitable mood killing. Almost.

Natasha had got away with these types of discretions more often than not, but considering the frequency that she took risks she was not unaccustomed to being found with her face buried in between another woman's legs. Or another woman's face buried in between her thighs, or butt cheeks, or any number of other fun positions/activities, and honestly in this case Natasha would have been particularly annoyed to be discovered.

With that in mind Natasha licked the Assistant Director's pussy slowly, but not too slowly, making sure not to overwhelm the other woman by giving her too much too soon so that Maria could keep herself reasonably quiet while not dawdling. If they were alone in her quarters, or Maria's, Natasha would have happily eaten the other agent's pussy for hours, something she would hopefully have the chance to do sometime soon. For now it was only the first lick she truly considered to be slow, the ones following it providing a steady rhythm which quickly had Maria on the road to what Natasha was determined to make sure was an extremely powerful orgasm.

To Maria the first lick had felt agonisingly slow, but a good kind of agonising. A type of agonising she could have happily been subjected to forever, or at least a good long while. Not that she even momentarily considered complaining when the feared Black Widow started gently lapping away at her cunt, that wicked tongue travelling from the bottom of her pussy lips right up to the top with every skilled swipe, Maria having to bite her lip so hard she almost broke the skin just to prevent herself from feeding Natasha's ego.

It was inevitable that she fed the other woman's ego somewhat as even her most clumsiest of lovers had caused her to moan in pleasure, and as was made very clear from the first few licks, and really everything that came before, Natasha Romanoff was anything but clumsy. If possible it became even clearer when Natasha's tongue started lingering against Maria's entrance, and then sliding clockwise and anticlockwise around her pussy lips and then finally brushing against her clit with every other lick.

Using those techniques in a selection of variations made it even more difficult for Maria to maintain her composure. Oh who was she kidding? Natasha's wicked little tongue had robbed her of that ages ago, before it had even touched her pussy to be honest, and now all she could do was tried desperately to keep her moans, groans, whimpers and cries of pleasure under control.

Maria knew it would be a losing battle before it even properly started, and while she absolutely despised losing it would be worth it for the orgasm that she was expecting to be more than satisfactory. But while she knew she couldn't when Maria was determined to put up one hell of a fight, perhaps even more so than the Widow's many, many other conquests.

Having thoroughly studied Natasha's file Maria knew of some of those conquests and it was an impressive list, and who knows how many others Natasha had bedded, but she told herself she would out last them all. Or at least most of them. In reality though Natasha turned her into one wreck within minutes, Maria getting the distinct impression that the lower ranking agent was merely toying with her like a cat with a helpless mouse. She also got the impression that Natasha hadn't even started trying, this being just the gentle prelude to the real tongue torture.

To her shame this gentle technique almost broke her, Maria barely able to stop herself from begging for more, let alone keeping her moans under control. Although that was nothing to the shame she felt when Natasha started using her mouth, those sinful red lips wrapping around her clit and providing gentle suction all it took to make Maria lose complete control.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhh Goooooddddd Natasha, oh God, oh God, oh Goooooooddddddddd!" Maria moaned loudly, repeating the name of her seductress a few more times before pleading, "Oh God fuck me! Mmmmmmmm, please fuck me, fuck me hard!"

Maria then grinded her teeth to try and prevent the inevitable but it was no use, Natasha enveloped her pussy with her evil little mouth and started sucking on her sex. That broke the floodgates once and for all and Maria just couldn't shut her mouth, at first just crying out curse words and Natasha's name over and over again but eventually becoming more specific, Maria almost proud of herself that a few times she sounded like she was giving an order instead of begging for mercy, like so many of the other Black Widow's victims.

"Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me damn you! Fuck me with your tongue!" Maria yelled before whimpering loudly, "Ohhhhhhh God, please Natasha, please fuck me. I need you to fuck me. Ahhhhhhh Goooodddddddd, oooooohhhhh, fuckkkkkkk, please, oooooooh fuck, mercy, oh God, Natasha, Natasha, oh God please just fuck me! Stick your tongue in my cunt and fuck me! Fuck me like a slut! Tongue fuck me like a lesbian slut! Mmmmmm God, fuck me like I'm your lesbian slut! Oh fuck, please Natasha make me cum! Fuck me and make me cum, fuck me and make me cum, fuck me and make me cum aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk!"

With that Natasha slammed her tongue as deep as it would go into Maria's cunt, causing the brunette to cum on the spot. She literally trembled it felt so good, another equally powerful climax rocking Maria's body, and then another and another and another, the Assistant Director of SHIELD being reduced to a incoherent mess as The Black Widow had her way with her.

Given all her previous experience Natasha was confident she could have swallowed all of Maria's cum, at least during the brunette's first few orgasms, however, she chose to allow some of that yummy liquid to escape her skilled mouth. Why? Because nothing made her feel more like a slut than having her face covered in cum, and Natasha loved feeling like a slut. It didn't matter whether it was guy cum or girl cum, Natasha couldn't get enough of having her lover spray their liquid joy all over her face and Maria certainly didn't disappoint, her superior even helping the process by grinding her cunt onto her face and making sure Natasha got thoroughly drenched.

Not that Natasha didn't briefly gulped down the majority of Maria's cum during her first couple of climaxes, or that she didn't continue to get a fair share, because she did. She worked hard to make sure she did because Natasha loved swallowing cum just as much as she loved it covering her face, maybe more because while both processes made her feel slutty she had always found the taste of cum to be exquisite, something she could obviously only enjoyed by drinking the fruits of her labour. And Maria had some particularly tasty fruit to offer, Natasha using her mouth, tongue and fingers to get as much of it as possible out of the other woman without making her faint.

It was an extremely tempting thought. Fuck Assistant Director Maria Hill so hard that she passed out right in the middle of the training room shower, either waking up sometime later naked and alone or awaking to find she had been discovered in such a compromising position by another, lower ranking member of their organisation. Natasha wasn't sure what would be more amusing, or if that amusement would be worth the wrath of Maria Hill, the other woman no doubt finding a way to punish her she wouldn't enjoy. Off the books of course, Maria desperately trying to cover up the truth about the fact that she had broken her one precious rule and had allowed Natasha to fuck her senseless.

Honestly there was a high probability of some retaliation regardless of what she did next, but Natasha was confident it would be nothing she couldn't handle, and while she seriously considered fucking Maria into unconsciousness she instead chose something else. Something that would help the raging inferno between her own thighs, Natasha avoiding the temptation to touch herself so she could make the Assistant Director of SHIELD help her achieve climax. Specifically in a way she was sure Maria had never even considered before, Natasha making sure her boss was delirious from pleasure before standing up, her fingers remaining buried in Maria's cunt.

When Natasha had introduced her index finger into the mix Maria had cum on the spot, and then again when another finger had been pushed into her sex. Now she was on the edge of another orgasm those fingers were suddenly motionless inside her and Natasha was standing up, the fuck drunk Maria not even caring how pathetic she sounded as she whined, "Noooooo, please Natasha, make me cum! Pleaseeeeee, I need it soooooooo bad! Please, please, please fuck me! God fuck me! Fuck meeeeeeee!"

Moving in close so their noses were almost touching Natasha smirked, "I don't know, you've cum an awful lot. Don't you think it's my turn?"

There was a brief pause, however that was more a result of Maria's fried brain not working properly than any kind of hesitance, "Just... just make me cum first. Then I'll do whatever you want."

"Whatever I want?" Natasha parroted dryly as she began to finger fuck the other woman, partly to reward Maria for those words she had been hoping to hear and partly to make sure the high-ranking officer was nice overwhelmed for what she would say next, "Let's see... what do I want? Mmmmm, I know, you've eaten pussy before, right?"

"Yessssssss." Maria moaned, grateful it was something she was familiar with.

Or at least that's what Natasha momentarily led her to believe, the Russian born spy pausing for the briefest of moments before adding, "But have you ever eaten ass before?"

Maria went a little pale, "I, oh, you, mmmmm, you mean-"

"Licking someone's ass hole." Natasha clarified, and then when Maria let out an unintelligible sound added, "I'll take that as a no. Well that's ok, I'll talk you through it."

That sounded like it was going to be the end of the discussion, Natasha clearly wanting it to be given the way that she increased the pace of the finger fucking, Maria really struggling not to cum so she could try to bargain with the insubordinate redhead, "Please, oooooooohhhhhhh Goooooodddddddd, please, couldn't, mmmmmm, couldn't I just eat your pussy?"

Instantly Natasha slowed down, "You said whatever I want, and I want your tongue in my ass."

After letting out an embarrassingly throaty whine Maria whimpered, "But-"

Not allowing Maria to get out anything else Natasha immediately stopped the finger fucking and growled, "Agree to tongue my ass hole, or I'll leave!"

God dammit, Maria thought, she hated to lose but she needed to cum so badly it hurt. So, trying her best not to blush, Maria closed her eyes and then after a brief pause growled, "Fine, just make me cum!"

Maria managed to avoid Natasha's grin of triumph by closing her eyes but she still blush pretty hard and let out a loud cry of pleasure as the feared Black Widow started pounding her pussy again, the sensation of having the voluptuous redhead so close almost as stimulating as those fingers slamming in and out of her cunt. It was absurd but just having the feared agent breathing on her was affecting Maria, the husky breath telling her Natasha was slowly moving around and examining her like a predator studying its prey.

Once Maria was on the edge of climax again Natasha moved to her ear and whispered, "Lick your cum off my face."

Opening her eyes Maria glared at this latest insubordination, Natasha just looking at her blankly, the redhead showing she was completely serious but not yet smirking in triumph as she clearly expected a fight. To surprise her more than anything else Maria almost instantly started licking her face like some kind of puppy, the high-ranking SHIELD operative finding the act ridiculous. Although tasting her own cum was something Maria enjoyed, and at this point there was little she wouldn't do to cum. Thankfully she was allowed to do so, Natasha keeping up the pace until Maria came oh so wonderfully hard, her pussy clamping down on The Widow's fingers and covering them in her cum.

The Black Widow allowed her latest conquest to slowly come down from her high before pulling out her fingers and popping them into her mouth, sucking them clean quickly and efficiently, and yet somehow still using a ridiculously amount of eroticism. Then she flipped their positions with lightning speed, firmly gripped Maria's shoulder and slowly but forcefully pushed downwards, Natasha mumbling as her conquest fell to her knees before her, "We had a deal."

Maria wasn't sure if she could have stopped this sex goddess from pushing her to her knees if she tried. She also wasn't sure she could have stopped herself from burying her face in Natasha's ass pretty much the second the other SHIELD agent turned around. And Maria tried to tell herself she was helpless against these things because she was exhausted and wanted to get this over with. That she had simply been mentally beaten into submission like all the others, because while Maria had told herself she wouldn't become just another notch on The Black Widow's belt there was no real shame in it given how many had fallen to this goddess before. However the truth was after priding herself at not becoming another drooling moron at just the mention of Natasha Romanoff she became exactly that once confronted with the redhead's perfect ass.

Even the very idea of licking this woman's ass hole had been enough to almost make Maria quiver, and while she had told herself that was because of the fingers in her cunt when Natasha originally suggested it she could no longer deny the truth. She wanted to do something she had never considered doing before, something that she had thought of as disgusting, no matter how great an ass was. Yet there she was, staring lustfully for a few seconds before burying her face in the most beautiful bubble butt she had ever seen, Maria barely able to breathe as she began to frantically lick Natasha's ass hole.

Given Maria's unsurprising hesitance Natasha had been expecting a few cautious licks to start, however she hadn't ruled out the possibility the stubborn brunette would dive right in to prove this didn't intimidate her. Or because she wants to get it over with. Or for the reason most people started eagerly pleasing her, that when given the opportunity they became lost in their lust for her. Which of course sounded conceited, but Natasha had a lot of conclusive proof it was true, or at least the people she chose to fuck.

Natasha's experience allowed her to recognise when it was the most common reason, so when Maria pushed her face in between her butt cheeks and eagerly started lapping away at her ass hole The Black Widow smirked softly. Having this woman who had fought her attraction to her like no other now completely lost in lust for her ass was a hell of an ego trip for Natasha. That the woman in question was Assistant Director Maria Hill, the second most powerful person in SHIELD, made it all the sweeter.

The fact that Maria really didn't know what she was doing didn't detract from the rim job, in fact it was a real turn on to know her's was the first ass Maria had ever licked, and the rapid swipes of the higher-ranking agent's tongue against her forbidden hole mostly made up for the experience. Of course Natasha was more than happy to give her some tips, although she spent a few moments deciding whether she wanted Maria to speed up or slow down.

After all there were few things Natasha loved more than getting her ass licked, and even though she was now aching to cum she could hold out for hours so she could enjoy the Assistant Director of SHIELD giving her butt a thorough rimming. But again, they were already pushing their luck, and while Natasha loved the idea of being found with Maria's face buried in her butt, the word getting out around SHIELD that even the Assistant Director kissed her ass, that could lead to trouble and worse pretty much guarantee this wouldn't happen again. And Natasha definitely wanted this to happen again.

So Natasha slipped two fingers into her pussy and began to fuck herself with an ever increasing rhythm while softly but firmly giving her commanding officer orders, "MMMMMmmmmm, good, now more. More. More! Harder! Faster! Lick my ass faster! Mmmmmm that's better, now spit on it. Spit on my ass hole. DO IT! Oh yeah, now rub it in, rub your spit into my ass hole. Now kiss my cheeks. Kiss them! Mmmmm yeahhhh, kiss my ass Maria. Just like that, now back to my butt hole. Get your tongue on my butt hole and keep it there until I say so. Come on, keep licking it, up and down, up and down, up and fucking down ooooohhhhh yeeeeesssss, rim me, just like that, now try and push it in and fuck me with it! Oh God fuck my ass! Fuck my ass with your tongue, oh God harder, yes harder, more, mmmmmmm fuckkkkkk!"

Still lost in her lust for Natasha's ass Maria did everything The Black Widow said, feeling almost desperate to please this ridiculously beautiful woman. It freaked her out, as did the mortifying experience of trying to push her tongue up another woman's ass, but God help her she couldn't stop. She wasn't even sure she wanted to stop if she could, and while Maria tried to remind herself that was still an option it didn't feel like it as she was now completely under this seductress's spell.

There was only one thing right now Maria wanted to do instead, and that was eat Natasha's pussy. The redhead's butt hole tasted surprisingly good, but while Maria was growing to kind of like eating ass she definitely liked eating pussy, and Natasha's pussy smelt so fucking good. It was easily the best smelling pussy Maria had ever known and she didn't doubt it would probably be the tastiest cunt in the world, her mouth-watering at being so close to it and seemingly so far away. Natasha could at least let her finger her, Maria aching to feel that hole clench around her digits as The Black Widow came for her.

Alas Maria could only watch as Natasha basically fucked herself to climax, the brunette feeling that she was only helping the process by tonguing The Widow's back hole rather than significantly contributing. That made her kind of mad, and regretful, Maria pushing her face as deep as it would go in between Natasha's butt cheeks to try and enhance the other woman's orgasm. Or Natasha might have shoved her face deeper into her ass, Maria wasn't sure. All she knew was that one moment she was being suffocated by the most voluptuous ass she had ever seen, then she was gasping for breath as the deadly Black Widow casually walked away from her while sucking her own fingers clean of her cum.

"That was fun." Natasha said flatly as she walked out of the shower and headed to the lockers, adding just before she was out of sight, "Maybe next time I'll let you eat my pussy."

Those last words in raged Maria but her mind was way too busy reeling from everything that had just happened to get upset. Instead she just knelt there, naked and wet on the floor of the shower, the taste of The Black Widow's ass still on her tongue and in her mouth for several minutes. By the time she recovered her senses and left the shower Natasha was gone, leaving Maria to wonder what, if anything, she should do about this mess.
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