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Drug Trials: Chapter 4: Empire Pt 2
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On the sidewalk outside a plush commercial center a man struggled to open a bag. His dog had just gone and now he was dutifully attempting to pick up the waste. Pick up after your pet. He thought to himself. His concentration was shattered however by a scream erupting from the nearest building. Looking up, he saw one of the 2nd floor windows suddenly become marred with white paint. Shrugging, he resumed his task idly wondering what art was going on inside there.


Megan Fox held the door open as Gwenyth staggered through. Ms. Paltrow's clothes were a wreck, looking like she waltzed through a twister. She was not in better shape. Her hair was a mess, legs bowed, and her eyes wide as she stumbled out.

"We'll consider your contract Ms. Paltrow and let you know our decision. We may have to schedule a follow up appointment to touch base with you."

Gwenyth murmured something before slumping forward. Her body hit the floor with a thud. Megan observed, to her delight, that cum was still leaking out of the snobby starlet. Already it had soaked through her jeans. Jade merely looked up from her desk before returning to her work with a snicker.

"I'll take care of it Ms. Fox."

"Thanks Jade, you're the best."

"You pay me to be." Jade hit a button on her desk. "I'll ask our department to look over her contract. I'll assume you'll follow up?"

Megan frowned. "Maybe. Maybe not. She was lousy. What's next?"

A team arrived and scooped up the unconscious star. Unconcerned with who it was, they manhandled her down the hall and out of sight. Jade watched them go. "You're free for a few hours, the rest of the day even. You do have that reading coming up with Ms. Stone tomorrow."


"Thinking of hitting up the gym?"

"We'll see." Megan turned back into her office, deciding what to do with the rest of her day. She had the door nearly closed when a shout jolted her.


Megan looked to see Avril running up. Her toned body flexing under her exercise outfit. Tight blue pants that showed the outline of every muscle, curve, and bulge. A matching sports bra was up top that struggled to contain her assets. "Avril, what can I do for you?"

The pop punk princess slowed, her body flush from her exertion, though Avril was not the least bit winded. A wonderful effect of Curvoma B. "Ummm. Can I talk to you? I may have a problem."

Megan smiled, "Of course, come on in."

Megan shut the door behind her and made her way to her desk. Cum still dripped from the window behind it. "So what's up? Colleen pushing you to hard? Jock itch? I have powder for that now."

"I'm being serious!" Avril pouted.

"Fine, what is it." Megan reached into her tank top and adjusted the strap of her overloaded bra.

"Umm, you know how I did a guest role on Big Bang Theory?"

"Olivia Faire right?" Olivia being the character name.

Avril nodded. "I...umm...well..Melissa and I had such a good time we hung out a few times, and I may have...umm...gotten her pregnant."

"Pregnant?!" Megan shouted before calming down. "Is that even possible?"

"Apparently. Melissa has been off birth control as she and her husband are trying. I may have beat him to the punch."

Megan ran some numbers in her head. How many stars did she sample so far? 15-20? There might be a lot of little Megans running around. "I suppose I should of asked Scott if we were viable."

Avril sat down in the chair opposite from Megan. It squished a little when her plump rear hit it. Avril looked to see something white was on the chair. "I guess."

"I think we'll just watch the situation for now. How did Melissa take it?"

"Jubilantly. Seems her husband can't perform. Expect to see her around more."

"Well, congratulations! You're going to be a father...or is it mother?"

"I didn't stop to consider that."

"Regardless, how'd this happen?" Megan was curious no doubt; she wanted details.

Avril spoke up after some hesitation. "After the shooting wrapped we moved to her room. A few beers in she revealed her pregnancy woes. Hearing her talk about how much she wanted it was getting 'little Avril' all bothered.

"What started as a supportive hug turned into a kiss as alcohol dropped our...well hug inhibitions. When she felt my cock she didn't even pull away, she just starting clawing at my clothes to get at it."

Megan listened intently. Her own cock began to stir as she listened to Avril describe the events. She could picture Melissa and Avril, their bodies tangled on a couch. Short Melissa bouncing up and down like a demon on Avril's member.

"We banged on the couch, I bent her over a chair and took her from behind. We nearly banged into the hallway doing missionary." Megan's cock, despite an orgasm some 20 minutes earlier was almost fully erect. The head and shaft reaching out past her skirt. She subtly reached down to stroke it.

"What happened then?"

"She came so many times, Melissa is quite the screamer...her voice went hoarse. We were going to do doggie but she passed out. I didn't even notice at first." Avril responded, a sly smile on her face.

Megan was pumping in earnest now. Not caring if she got caught. "That was the first time?"

Avril nodded, "We banged in her car, at my old place, her place, the set bed. She's a dynamo...wait are you getting off on this?" Avril stood from the chair and leaned over the desk. Megan didn't bother to hide her actions.

Several inches of her cock stood proudly outside her skirt, denting the material in its quest to climb upwards. Megan's hand rubbed the large head, sending ripples of pleasure to her brain.

"Didn't you just...? Mmmm, I want some of that." Avril licked her lips, working her body out of the confining apparel. The outmatched bra hit the floor as she worked her way around the desk. Her pants stayed on for now. Avril pushed Megan back in the chair, getting on her knees on the process. Her small hands enveloped Megan's member.

"Was that getting you all turned on? Hmmm? The thought of me banging Melissa. Knowing how tight she is, how small she is, how I fucked her in every hole." Avril's hands pumped the rod steadily, a small stream of pre leaking from the tip coating her hands as they slid along; disappearing occasionally under the skirt.

Megan shuddered and nodded. It was quite arousing to hear of Avril's conquest. It was even more arousing with Avril pumping her member like she was. Her strong grip worked her cock with solid strokes. Each one traveling several inches back and forth. Megan mewed with the blonde started to blow her.

The huge member would barely fit, but numerous sessions had trained Avril to take it like a pro. Her lips wrapped around the large head, her tongue bathing it with saliva til it glistened. Avril's mouth opened unnaturally wide and started sucking in the cock. Inches disappeared as she pumped and fed it in.

Megan maintained a death grip on her chair as Avril worked her magic. A few inches went in, then back out. Then in and back out again. All the while her tongue darted along the underside, massaging all of its curves and shapes. Avril pumped harder, no longer coaxing but rather demanding Megan cum. It was heavenly. Then she stopped.

Megan's eye opened to look down at Avril. The busty blonde singer stopped her efforts and instead was standing up. She was leaning over the desk, nearly shoving her ass in Megan's face. Her small hands on her hips fingering the waistband of her pants. Megan's eyes flicked back between Avril's and her butt. Slowly, inch by inch she pulled down her pants in a tease. Her full pert butt was soon on full display; the soft flesh begging to be squeezed and fondled.

Her cunt soon peaked out, her lips glistening from her arousal. Just below her balls dangled, not immune to gravity's pull. Avril's member faired much better, the 6 inch long shaft was barely visible. It's erect length curved up, almost parallel to her toned tummy. The head pointing at her dangling boobs.

"Fuck me."

Megan needed no further invitation. With barely a tug the zipper on her outmatched skirt tore away. Her cock glistened; the crimson head pointing right at Avril's sex as if to say 'go there'. Megan approached, lining up for entry. The head parted Avril's lips, eliciting a moan from both of those. Avril from being stretched by Megan's monster member and Megan from the tightness that engulfed her cock.

Wrapping her hands around Avril's slender waist Megan began to slowly pump in and out of Avril. Avril pushed back meeting her strokes with her own, utterly anxious to have Megan completely inside her. Their thrusts matching as more and more of Megan's steel rod pounded its' way inside.

Avril's yells came in sharp yips as the cock probed deeper, the thick shafts stretching her completely. Already she experienced a minor orgasm, and as the rocked back and forth another was brewing up. Her arms went weak, sending her head into the desk as the next orgasm hit her. A tidal wave of pleasure that made her muscles tingle. Her breasts smashed into the desk; her long nipple dragging across the surface in time with their passionate thrusting.

After several long moments of uninterrupted passion they were joined. Megan's large testicles hit Avril's thighs with a resounding slap. Even better, Megan knew she hit home when she felt Avril's lips spread over the base of her shaft. The pair paused for a moment, relishing their connection and pausing to collect their breaths.

The pair began again at the same time. Their actions synchronized by pleasure. Avril rocked her body forwards and back while Megan thrust in and out. Their bodies met in the middle with a satisfying thud. They speed up, gaining speed fueled by the mutual passion and pleasure. Megan was a blur as she pounded into Avril while Avril's cries filled the room. Her plump butt shaking as Megan slammed home.

Down below, Avril managed to snake a hand free. With it she stroked her own member. It was nearly painfully erect; the head bouncing in time with their rhythm a stream of precum leaking out of the flared head. Right behind it a constant flow of juices leaked out of her cunt. Both Avril's and Megan's leaked out, forming a river that snaked down the blondes quivering balls before joining the precum on the floor below.

"Ms. Fox, I was wondering if..." Jade entered the room, coming to a complete halt at the duo. Those two as well stopped. First looking at the secretary then at each other. A grin formed on their lips as they realized their plan.


Jade clung to the desk for dear life, a constant stream of shouts, moans, and obscenities left her lips as she rode the waves of pleasure racking her body. What orgasm was she on? 2? 3? It didn't matter as another was approaching like an oncoming wave.

Behind her Avril thrust in with all her might. Sweat was coming off her body as she pumped her 7 inches into the much taller black woman. Her breasts slid along Jade's back with every thrust. It was exquisite pleasure, though not quite as exquisite as what was going on behind her.

Megan continued her assault on Avril's behind. Her member slid in and out with abandon, her thrusts meeting Avril's like clockwork. It was a bizarre position they found themselves in. Megan was fucking Avril, all 15 inches of girlcock bottoming out on the girl with every single thrust. Meanwhile Avril was getting fucked while fucking Jade. Jade's cunt was like a vice. It allowed Avril to enter before snapping shut, sucking on her rod trying to prevent its' departure.

Megan's pace increased, her member hitting home into the small pop star, her balls slapping against their thighs. One hand left Avril's hips to trace upward on her own body. A single slap in Avril's pale ass a sign of its' departure. The slender fingers reached up into her shirt; grabbing each of her breasts in turn.

Despite her large overburdened industrial bra, the black haired beauty could feel each nipple through it. Her oversized gum drop nubs sent jolts of pleasure to her addled brain. They both cried in delight as she massaged each on in turn, the fabric doing little to stop the pleasure she received. Megan knew she was going to cum soon. Her balls felt full as they sloshed about, already tightening for an inevitable release.

Avril felt Megan's pace increase. Each thrust getting harder and harder as the futa pushed for more and more pleasure. Already the blonde was riding waves of pleasure. Each thrust brought the cock nearly out of her drenched sex before slamming back in. Each time hitting her cervix, the massive head demanding access to her womb. For her part, Avril did her best to hold on. Her hands were locked into Jade's waist in a death grip, even as she continued her own thrusting. Each in stroke her 7 inch tool entered the black beauty while each withdrawal sent Megan's own member deep inside her. Her own breasts dangled enticingly, occasionally rubbing across Jade's bare flesh.

Jade's voice had gone hoarse. The constant streams of shouts had died to whimpers and moans as she coasted on waves of pleasure. Her bare tits rubbed along the fine desk, her legs bouncing against the the edge. Her pussy continuing to send signals of pleasure as Avril continued her assault.

Megan reached her release first. Her balls tightened and her cock seized. If possible it swelled even larger as Megan screamed out a war cry of pleasure. Her entire body went rigid as her cock unloaded. The mighty member bucked as a torrent of spunk was unleashed. Her hands seized right where there were; one pulling on a fat nipple while the other holding onto Avril for support as she continue to pour her seed.

Already it looked like Avril was a little bloated as Megan's cum dumped into her. So much so that it managed to squeeze around the bucking member and leak onto the floor below. Avril herself started her main orgasm as soon as Megan's first blast shot into her. Having had a near constant streams of miniorgasms the large one was like a dam popping. Her member shot a load deep into Jade, unleashing a torrent of pleasure that had been stored up just like cum in her bloated balls. Avril's cry was a symphony of pleasure as her mind fogged over, lust and bliss overriding all her senses.

Jade felt Avril unload into her. Her hot sticky spunk coating her insides. The twitching member seemed to vibrate as it continued to unleash shot after shot. Fortunately or unfortunately for Jade, the blonde's cock was buried in her fully. Each vibration hitting her g-spot and sending even more ripples of excitement to her brain. Her last orgasm was her strongest. Her hands gripped into the desk as she came, nails digging into the fine surface. Her full pussy unleashing its' own spray of juices as she rode out her trip to paradise.

The trio all came down from their high simultaneously. Both futanari came down in the same manner, one last spurt from their cocks into their lover. Megan slowly withdrew from Avril with a loud splort. Cum continued to to leak out as she fell back into her chair, her ass cushioning her descent. Her dick slowly softened, the long rod slick with juices continued to leak as its' owner hit her chair.

Avril fell forward, her body pressing into Jade's. Her increasingly flaccid member stubbornly staying inside the secretary. Her arms wrapped around Jade.

Jade relinquished her grip on the desk, though she was slightly pinned by Avril. It was no matter however, she didn't have the energy to get up. The trio all let out a collective breath as they regained their senses. Slowly, Avril rolled off Jade, her cock regretfully withdrawing.

"Oh...ohh...my.." Jade spoke the first words.

As if on cue the door burst open. All eyes turned on the intruder. Lindsay had come running in. Her shirt shucked somewhere down the hall, her braless breasts heaving as she skidded to a halt.

"I knew there was sex going on! Am I too late?"

"Yes!" The trio managed to croak out in unison.

Lindsay pouted. "Phooey."


"Tina, it's good to see you again." Megan waved to comedian as Jade led her into the room. They weren't in Megan office, rather she opted to have the meeting in a conference room. "Have a seat."

"Thanks, it's good to see you again." There was a sparkle of mischievousness in her eyes as she sat down at the table. She reached into her bag and pulled out 3 copies of a script. "I have a general outline set and some scenes, I thought we may go over them."

"An excellent idea. Lindsay will be...ugh... joining us momentarily." Megan stretched, showing off her Curvoma enhanced figure to the brunette. "Let's see what you got."

Tina Fey complied and pushed a copy of the script over. As they read Tina became vaguely aware that something was off, but she couldn't quite place what it was. Even with the uneasiness she pressed forward. "So, I got your casting option list. I like most of them, but I'm not sure about one. Are you sure Denise be a raging bitch?"

Megan grunted lightly, "I think she can be. That blonde might have some Charlie Sheen rage in her. Later today she'll be in and will practice a scene with Lindsay. I wanted to see how they act before I fully vested in her."

"Wait, you're telling me you have a studio in here?" Tina looked around the room as if she could see the entire building.

"I have everything in here. A small tv studio, a recording studio, some guest rooms, a gym area, and a staffed cafeteria. I like to keep my employees and guests happy."

"Wow." That was all Tina managed to say.

Megan nodded, shuddering slightly before reaching down between her legs and adjusting something. "I try to be prepared. Anyway the set is ready, or I've been told it is, with an office appearance."

"That's fantastic!" Tina looked down at the script then back up at Megan. "Are you okay? You look flush."

"I'm perfectly fine...I'm just..." The raven haired goddess stopped midsentence, her entire body shaking. Her eyes fluttering as she chewed her bottom lip. Tina stared at her unsure of what to do. Should she grab her assistant or try to help her now? Just like that it was gone. Megan's eyes opened up and she let out one long sigh. Tina registered it as one of satisfaction. "All good."

"I'll say."

Tina jumped a little as a hand popped up on the side of the table. Lindsay Lohan appeared extracting herself from under the table. A dollop of cum dribbling down her chin. Lindsay wiped off some with a finger before sucking it down. "Tasty."

"She's been blowing you this whole time?" the comedian turned to the red head, "You've been blowing her this whole time?"

Lindsay nodded merrily,wiping off another dab of jizz off her chin; Clearly unperturbed by the line of questioning. "Taste?"

Tina didn't need to be asked twice. She wrapped her lips around Lindsay proffered finger sucking it clean before attacking Lindsay herself. Her tongue ravaging the red haired actress. Tina pulled back satisfied, leaving a stunned Lindsay.

"Tasty. I missed this." Tina licked her lips. "Now that we're all here, I just foresee one issue. The head of the office is an older lady, can be both sexual and domineering."

"Helen Mirren?" Megan suggested.

"Too old."

"Teri Hatcher?"

"Oh close..she's a maybe."

"Sarah Jessica Parker?"

"Ew god no."

Lindsay tapped the script before her. When she finally spoke up a small droplet of Megan's spunk dropped down onto her script. "I know who."


"Thank you for coming Ms. Curtis." Megan held the door open as Jamie Lee Curtis entered her office. The older star wore casual clothing, blue jeans and a nice top. Jade had informed her it was a casual meeting, and no major formalities were required. "Is there anything I can get you? Coffee? Tea? Scotch?"

Scotch? It's 11 am." Jamie took off her glasses and cleaned them.

"Some of my guests have interesting tastes." Megan responded, eyeing up the aging stars figure.

"Coffee please."

"Of course." Megan shut the door and made her way to her coffee maker. "Cream?"

Jamie nodded. "I was surprised to get your call. I've heard that you opted out of direct acting instead going for talent management."

"That's right." Megan poured out the coffee, stirring in some of the cream that she stored in a small fridge below. It was anyone's guess what the cream was. "I got frustrated with certain directors and opted to go behind the scenes."

"Yeah, ever since you made that announcement young stars have been flocking to your banner. I didn't think you were interested in us old war horses."

Megan snorted. "Of course I am, no one has just asked." she marched over to Jamie and presented her with her coffee. "Besides, I don't think of you as an 'old war horse.' Rather you're still the beautiful woman I watched in True Lies."

Jamie sipped at the coffee, impressed with its flavor. Was it the coffee that gave it this taste or the cream? "Thank you."

Megan moved around to her end of the desk, her large rear filling her chair to capacity. "Is it true that was your lingerie? Imdb said so."

Jamie smiled again, someone remembered that. "It was. I still have those."

"Excellent." Megan decided to shift the conversation. "The reason we called is that we have a pitch for you. Tina Fey is writing a new comedy and asked my company to do the casting. We're looking for someone that can play the boss but also have class and sexiness about them. Lindsay Lohan suggested you."

Jamie leaned back in her chair, sipping her coffee. "Lindsay suggested me?"

"She loved working with you in Freaky Friday." Megan knew that this was going to be a tough sell.

"Interesting. I'd like to see the current script." Megan reached into her desk and pulled out her copy, the one not tainted by her cum, and slid it over.

"Please go ahead. Lindsay and Denise Richards will be in later. They'll be going over some scenes. Tina and I want to see how they interact. You're more than welcome to stop by."

Jamie tapped the script in her lap. "I'll consider it. Tell me, how much pull do you have?"

Here it comes. Megan thought to herself. "In what sense?"

"Can you push a pitch forward?"

"I can try. Ms. Richards already asked the same thing. What did you have in mind?"

"I want to pitch a True Lies sequel."

Megan scrunched her face. "With Arnold?"

"No. He's...no." Jamie made a face like she just ate a pack of lemonheads. "I was thinking more like he goes missing and his wife and daughter both go looking for him."

"That's an interesting concept. I think I can sell that one. Is Eliza interested?"

Jamie squirmed in her chair. "I haven't asked her yet. I don't know how to get in touch with her."

Megan smiled, a calm reassuring one. "I think we can find her. I think Kathryn Bigelow is also looking for a new project." Megan typed something into her computer. "If you bring me a solid pitch I'll try to get it. If you don't want to do that, speak with Jade on your way out. She can set you up with one of our girls to work out something."

Jamie looked at her surprised. "You'll do that for me? Basically write my pitch?"

"We're full service." Megan smirked, "I'd rather have you concentrate on acting than the paperwork involved."

Megan stood up, signaling the end of the meeting. "Please consider what I said. I'm sure we can work something out."

The older actress nodded and downed the last of her coffee. "Good coffee here. Thank you."

Megan walked her to the door, letting the taller actress out. "No Ms. Curtis, thank you for your consideration."

Megan shut the door and sauntered back to her desk. She smiling to herself she thought, I kind of like this game.


Megan walked, no strutted, her way through the office area when a something from an open door caught her attention. In one of the conference rooms several girls were looking up at the TV then writing things down. Curious, she went to investigate.

"...young stars are continuing to flock to Foxy Productions, the new talent company formed by Megan Fox. When queried, the company responded that 'it has a welcome opening environment to stars that want to get out of the Hollywood politics.' Even older actresses like Deni..."

"What is this?" Megan asked looking at the E! news report.

A redhead at the table looked up. "News Ms. Fox. We were using it to get ideas for your upcoming project."

In the background the TV report continued. "...other news, the mysterious circumstances are still being investigated at Greensdale High School. Investigators are still puzzled by the state of the boys locker room and of a wrecked car outside. No leads at..."

"Ooooh, I wouldn't of thought of that. Anyone good?" Megan pursed her lips in thought. Some of the ladies she had hired were really taking to this assignment.

"Here you are." The redhead...Rachel was it? slid over the piece of paper. The busty black haired beauty picked up the sheet and read through the neatly written document.

"This is a good list, but 10 is too many. Can you trim it down to 6?"

"I suppose." Rachel unconsciously sucked on her pen enticingly, already Megan felt a twitch down below. "What should we use to whittle it down?

"Who would you want to fuck. That's how." Megan passed her back the paper and left the room. As she left she heard the fluff piece of the news report: "...Justin Bieber cancels his concert citing health concerns..." I still need to ask Miley about that.

Megan felt everyone's eyes glued to her bouncing ass as she left. She made it out of the office area, past the gym and into the recording area.

Already it seemed as though things were set up. As a measure of cost savings and convenience the music studio and stage were linked and shared a common control room. It compounded scheduling, but Megan wasn't bothered by that; she doubted she'd use both rooms simultaneously. Pushing that thought aside, she entered the control room.

Tina was already in there, lounging in one of the chairs, her feet up on the board. "Ah you made it. I was worried you wouldn't show."

"And miss this?" She gestured out to the stage. "Looks like they did an excellent job."

"Almost exactly what I pictured." The stage had been set to look like an office space. Indeed it did, something right out of an Ikea or Office Depot catalogue. Off to one side Megan spotted Denise and Lindsay going over some final notes.

The busty boss hit the com button, showering the studio with a screeching static. "Sorry. Are you guys ready in there?"

Lindsay gave a thumbs up from where she was. "Good, whenever you're ready take your places." Megan shut the mic off. "Should we record this?"

"Nah." Tina removed her feet from the desk and went up to the window. This can be our little secret. She slid down the glass to her knees. "Just like this."

Her hands tugged on Megan's zipper, it groaned once before sliding down. Inches of girlcock became visible as Tina pulled the skirt away. Though flaccid, Megan's mighty4 member hung down low. A solid 8 inches, bigger than Avril's and certainly bigger than I guy she's been with, her thick trouser snake already started it's growth.

The comedian hefted the growing phallus in her hands, slowly jerking it. It responded in kind, steadily rising to meet the brunettes' waiting mouth, which greedily started to lick it. Tina paused and looked up at her, "I missed this." Megan groaned and grabbed the table next to her for support.

Down below, Avril and Denise had begun. Their scene playing out before her, dialogue coming in jagged bursts through the speakers. "...come whenever you want..."

Tina stopped her licking. "You're good and wet." She abruptly stood and dropped her pants revealing a dark spot on her panties. "and so am I."

Megan wasted no time. The underwear was torn away as Tina kicked out of her pants. Pausing briefly for a kiss Megan ducked down low. She had to, as it was the only way this would work. When she stood up, the large head of her cock found Tina's dripping cunt. With but a shove, her lips spread wide allowing the mighty member to enter. Tina's groan, and mini orgasm, filled the room.

More and more of Megan's cock entered the all too willing comedian. Tina was pressed against the glass, her legs spread wide as the dickgirl pressed forward.

Down in the studio the scene had descended into something more carnal. Lindsay said that this was going to happen. Actually, she hinted she was going to seduce Denise. All she needed was the right opportunity.

Such an opportunity presented itself. In the heat of the two actresses yelling at each other they had gotten uncomfortably close. So much so that their noses were nearly touching. Finally Lindsay smacked the object Denise was holding out of her hands. The prop tablet clattered uselessly to the ground as the redhead grabbed Denise head and kissed her. Shock registered immediately, yet it seemed to quickly melt away.

In short order Denise began to return the kiss with passion. Tongues intertwined as each one struggled for dominance.

The pair down below finished with gusto. Denise flexed her legs and held Lindsay tight against her sex as she came. The redhead

"I think they finished and want feedback." Tina said, donning her glasses and trying to fix her clothes. Megan nodded and hit the microphone.

"Great guys, that was perfect." Megan's exhausted voice came through the speakers. Denise looked over at her partner confused, yet Lindsay merely shrugged.


Megan sat at her desk, oddly fascinated by this discussion. "So skittles?"

"Skittles, lifesavers, jolly ranchers,lemonheads, sour warheads if you're feeling dangerous. Don't use the fireballs though. Someone did on me." Lindsay paused, "burned my cooter for a week."

"How's this work?"

Lindsay leaned forward. "Simple really. You just pop one in your mouth while you eat the girl out. Changes the flavor entirely. Sours tend to tingle too."

Megan put a hand on her chin, rubbing it in contemplation. "Does it work for dicks?"

"No. I tried it with Avril. Just made everything sticky. She did love it on her pussy though." Lindsay stated matter of factly.

"Wait, you were eating her out?" She curious how Avril would enjoy it.

"Yes, but when you have a talented tongue," She stuck her tongue out, "You can push the candy in and work it around."

Megan wanted her to continue but her office door opened. "A Ms. Cuoco here to see you Megan."

"Did she have an appointment?" Megan asked Jade, suddenly confused.

"Nope, but she insisted on meeting you."

"Very well, send her in." The boss turned to Lindsay, "We may try this later."

The redhead shot out of her chair, "Awesome." Lindsay paused at the door. "You're going to fuck Kaley aren't you?"

Megan smirked. "Probably. Find a TV and turn it to channel 42."

Lindsay's eyes gleamed in delight as she left the room. Hopefully Megan would offer a good show today.

Not soon after Kaley entered. The blonde 'Big Bang Theory' star was dressed comfortably. A black skirt that went to her knees and a white spaghetti strap top. Her black bra, visible through the top, pushed her ladies up. The plastic enhanced tan boobs presented themselves, unnaturally firm even without the bra.

Jade closed the door behind her, a smirk plastered on her lips.

"Ms. Cuoco, this is a surprise." She started, Megan was all too aware of her recent divorce. "What brings you by today?"

Megan gestured at the seat in front of her desk which Kaley took. The star seemed nervous as she constantly fiddled with her hands. "I spoke to Melissa Rauch recently. She and Avril got along quite well when she guest starred."

"Avril mentioned that the other day."

"Did she mention how well they got along?"

"Only in vague terms." Megan lied. Where was this heading?

"They fucked!" Kaley exclaimed suddenly. "Avril has a cock and pounded Melissa into unconsciousness."

"Oh. Is that why you're here? I'm managing Avril now. Are you upset she has a cock?"

"No...well...sorta." The blonde settled down. "I watched them bang all over the set." Why you little voyeur. Megan thought to herself, a slight smile on her face. Avril had unknowingly baited Kaley.


"I want a piece of that! Melissa said that Avril was 7 inches, but someone was bigger. I want bigger. I want you." Kaley went all in; pushing herself back from the desk and spreading her legs wide revealing her lack of underwear. Megan spied a small patch of blonde practically shaved into an arrow pointing at her slit. Even now it glistened in the light.

The black haired girl stood up from her chair, already her cock was hardening. S. Coming around the desk before leaning against it.


"Yeah." Kaley confirmed.

"How badly? How badly do you want this." To emphasize her point, a manicured hand dragged itself teasingly slowly across the bulge in her skirt. Her cock was bloating at an exponential rate.

"Very." Her thighs open, Kaley started to play with herself. One hand groped at her top while the other traced around her sex. "And your boobs too..."

"My boobs?"

Kaley abruptly stood up and walked towards the sitting Megan. "I want to squeeze them. Suck your nipples and motorboat them. They're massive! They'll crush my head! It'll be...be...delicious!" Her hands were already extended out reaching for the lottery prize she hoped to claim.

"Well...since you put it that way..." Megan started undoing buttons on her top, slowly, tauntingly revealing inches of cleavage at a time until finally her shirt fell away. Megan sat nearly topless before the aching Kaley. Her boobs clad only in a woefully overmatched bra. Megan popped up slightly and unzipped her skirt. It practically flew off as her straining member freed itself from it's confines. The 16 inch cock bobbed happily and pointed right at Kaley. The head staring her down and inviting her to take it in.

"That's... That's... Fuck it!" Kaley dove in on Megan knocking the woman back into the desk. Her hips ground into Megan's upright cock while her hands kneaded the confined boobs before her. Her head sank down and tongues intertwined in a kiss built on passion.

Must of been a long time. Is all Megan could think as Kaley started to ravage her. Their tongues worked a bizarre dance around each other while Kaley's hands slipped under Megan; undoing her bra with an easy snap in a way that only another woman could do. As she ripped the bra free she took a step back to admire the form before her. Megan was spread out across the desk, arms lazily spread while her right leg was off the desk while her left was propped slightly. If she knew her movies you could say that Megan was in a pose reminiscent of Rose in Titanic, albeit much much sexier.

Kaley was about to dive in when a poke from Megan's cock stopped her. "Nope. No further til your stripped." She was about to protest when she saw the smirk on Megan's face. Her own body was nothing to sneeze at, but it might of well been a boys compared to the one laying before her. Her boots easily slipped off, yet she spied Megan slowly pumping her prick to full hardness as the shirt came up revealing a black lace bra underneath.

Megan whistled as Kaley unzipped her skirt, her nude sex now open for all to see. "Let's see it all!" She shouted. Kaley blushed as she turned to the side presenting a side profile. Kaley reached back and unfastened her bra. The lace garment joined her other clothing on the floor. At last she turned back and slowly, almost embarrassingly lowered her thong. The garment hit the floor and she straightened presenting herself to the mega dicked girl before her. Megan didn't say a word but merely crooked a finger in a come hither gesture.

Kaley jumped back down on the woman. Her pussy sliding down the great expanse of Megan's pole, lubricating the whole way down. Kaley had a mini orgasm as she hit the bottom. The massive rod spreading her legs wide and She ground into it with reckless abandon. Her hands were not idle as they groped and prodded the large, magnificent mammaries before her. She ran her hands over their massive bulk, feeling each large half inch nipple. She flicked each nipple eliciting a coo from Megan. She leaned down and kissed the futa goddess before heading south. Her tongue wrapped around Megan's left breast and she began to suck. Her tongue lashed out across the nipple. After several moments she directed her attention to the other breast. Each action bringing gasps and moans from Megan.

Kaley pushed herself down, forcing the mammoth meat between her legs to bend. She kissed Megan midline as she worked her way down. In a surprisingly display of agility she suddenly sprang up and reversed direction. Megan went from looking down at Kaley's beautiful face to admiring Kaley's wonderful ass. While nowhere near as big as her own it was firm and taut. She ran her hands along the smooth surface, admiring every bump and crevice. She could almost...

Kaley felt Megan's hands slip off of her for a second, then had to hold on tightly to the cock she was licking as her legs were yanked out from under her. Any protest she might of had evaporated as the skilled tongue of her new friend found its way into her love box. Her moans came out across her tongue and into Megan's cock, causing her to moan. It was a vicious cycle that started and one of them would have to end it.

Kaley came first, her legs suddenly slammed tight around Megan's face as she yelled out in a guttural cry that left her hoarse. She sprayed an ample amount of cum in her face. After several seconds her orgasm subsided and she slid down the pole that was Megan's dick.

The dickgirl wiped herself off with a conveniently located towel and slid out from under Kaley. Kaley made no attempt to stop her as she picked her up and positioned her just so. "My turn."

Kaley looked back questionably at first, then the horror of what was about to happen to her became apparent. "No! It's not going to..."

Megan forced her cockhead in one mighty stroke. Any resistance Kaley could of offered melted away as the head spread her cunt lips wide and worked itself into her. Megan lightly smacked her ass. "Relax, it'll go in so much easier." She put a hand on either hip and begin, gently at first, pumping her member in. Megan's eyes were shut as she feed more and more cock into Kaley's hungry pussy.

"Oh, it has been awhile for you hasn't it?! You're so tight! I can practically cum from just entering you!"

Kaley could only grit her teeth as she let out a long stream of moans. She hadn't been filled in a while, and has been filled this much in...ever really. Her cunt stretched and fit the large cock like a glove. Despite the massive size: her pussy stretched and willed itself larger to allow the intruder more room. She wanted it, no needed it within her. Months of a dry spell were ended and repaid a hundredfold. Her prize was currently being worked into her cunt. Kaley hazarded a look back and saw that only a third of the large cock had entered her. That meant there was still 16 inch of rod to go.

Megan grimaced. Kaley was so unbelievably tight, it was almost like she was a virgin. It must be all the exercise. The tightness was unbelievable and the way her muscles contracted around Megan's cock was heavenly. She never wanted to rate her fucks, okay she did, but she wasn't as talented as Lindsay, but there was great potential. With a solid grunt another third sank into the tight pussy and the person it was attached too.

Kaley was riding a wave of pleasure. When one orgasm ended another began. Maybe it was how full she was, but every slide and thrust hit every spot she knew of, and some she didn't. There wasn't much that could make it better.

Megan decided to change things up, she summoned every ounce of strength and leaned back. Unbelievably, her cock was strong enough to hold up Kaley. The mere act of changing positions caused Kaley to moan deeply as she sank down another inch. Megan grabbed her legs and twisted, flipping her over while still mounted. The sensation alone caused an immediate orgasm in Kaley. She convulsed wildly and sank down another few inches from her actions. The spray erupting from her pussy was leaking down Megan's cock, across her large testicles and down on the expensive carpeting.

Megan turned and brought Kaley against a bookcase. It was a little awkward, but it allowed gravity to help her efforts. She leaned forward and grabbed a tanned melon. The firm D cups yielded to her grasp and elicited another moan from her lover. She darted forward, tongue leading the way. Each nipple was subject to an oral assault worthy of any how to manual. Again Kaley sprayed out in orgasm.

Megan rammed further into her, each thrust brought her closer to release. She had lost count how many she had given Kaley, but soon it would be time for her own reward. She peered her next location.

Kaley whimpered, half in protest and half relief that the oral assault ended. Yet she realized she was moving again. The seemingly limitless energy reserves of Megan was hauling her 125lb frame somewhere else. She felt the cold wood of the desk on her butt causing her to yelp in protest. The sudden shock was soon replaced by pleasure as Megan was now able to pump in full thrusts. Nearly the entire length was buried as each thrust ended, by all accounts it should have destroyed her but somehow the entire length was taken in with gusto. Megan was a panting mess and her breathing became ever more ragged. She was nearing release and Kaley had no idea what to expect.

Megan panted and suddenly shot her eyes open. She screamed out to Kaley, "Look me in the eyes girl!" Kaley automatically obeyed the command of the sexual warrior. As their eyes made contact Megan thrust in one last time. It seemed like for a brief second time was frozen as the stared deeply into each other's eyes. Time began again as their eyes a were ripped away from their stare. Megan found herself staring at the ceiling in a mute scream while Kaley's were rolling back into her head. The pleasure fogged over both their minds, Kaley's more so, as Megan's cock erupted.

A spray of cum show down the length of her member and deep into her partner. Her cock spasmed and twitched wildly as more cum shot out and filled Kaley. Kaley for her part was caught in the throes of an intense multiple orgasm that felt like one started before the previous finished. It overloaded her brain and promptly passed out. Her body slumped across the desk.

Megan finished her orgasm and tilted forward, then collapsed on top of her passed out partner. Conveniently she fell and landed between her milky orbs. For several moments there was nothing but silence only interrupted by the sounds of post orgasm gentle breathing. Megan slowly rose up with a smirk plastered across her face. That was a new one. she thought. She was about to say something witty when she realized that Kaley was passed out cold, her face stuck in o-face. She smiled and kisses her partner. God I love this!
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