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An Interview with...TLMorgan
« on: May 06, 2019, 05:38:03 PM »
Here is the fourth of a series of interviews that we will be conducting with the authors that post their work on Celebrity Story Site.

In this interview, we are talking to TLMorgan about how he got into writing celebrity erotica, who influenced him to write in this genre and other topics related to his writing.

You can visit his profile here TLMorgan

1. Where are you from?

Northeast, Ohio

2. How did you come up with your pen name and is there any meaning behind it?

TL was random. The Morgan I got some a character on General Hospital named Jason Morgan... Yes, I watch soaps lol

3. How long have you been writing celebrity erotic fiction?

Since 2012. After reading so much for years, I decided to give it a shot myself.

4. Who or What got you started writing erotic fiction?

No particular person, just been a fan of erotic fiction for years!

5. Who would you say are your biggest influences as a writer of less than appropriate celeb fiction? Which authors, if any, would have inspired you?

Cadeauxxx. I've read a lot of celebrity stories, but reading what he did with a few of my favorite actresses like Christina Hendricks, Scarlett Johansson, and Jennifer Love Hewitt, inspired me to try my hand at writing erotic stories with celebrities. CHLP is another one who wrote a lot of Christina stories, and HearszAm with tons of Ariel Winter stories.

6. Who are your favourite celeb sex story writers? Past and Present.

Kind of a hard one to answer, but I'm a fan of everyone here who has written at least one story that features a favorite actress of mines.

7. Any favourite sex stories that you've read that made you think - "Wow! That's incredible!"

Any sex story that involves a pair of big juicy boobs lol

8. Which of your own stories are you the most proud of writing?

It's not a celebrity series, but my Lucky Alan series has gotten the most praise out of all my works.

9. Which celebrities do you enjoy writing about the most?

So far Christina Hendricks. She's the undisputed queen in my universe. I recently did a story with Milana Vaynturb. I definitely want to do more stories with her. I got some ideas for another young actress that I am smitten by and every once in a while I'll come up with an idea base off of a television series. If I can get it to work, then I'll put pen to paper and share it with the rest of the world.

10. What type of sex scenes do you enjoy writing the most?

I try to be as nasty as possible with blow jobs. The majority of the women I write about have big tits, so a tit-fucking usually happens one way or another. Cowgirl and doggy style are some good positions I enjoy writing. If I can picture the position, I'll write it.

11. Do you have routine for how and when you write?

Not really. Its a mood thing which I'm sure all of us experience. If I do have a really good idea, I try and finish the story as soon as possible while still making sure it makes sense and whatnot. Usually just for one-off/stand alone stories. Longer series I take my time, yet I don't want to become lazy and lag behind or it'll never get finish.

12. Do you sketch out a plan on paper/word/notes or write off the cuff with a basic idea and let it flow from there?

If several ideas come to my head, I'll write them down in my notes on my phone with just the story plot, title of the story and characters. Everything else I let flow when I'm actually writing the story out. I try and plan a beginning and end before filling in the gap in the middle. Sometimes a really good idea will come to mind and I'll just write the story out without taking notes.

13. Apart from hot celebrities, does anything else influence your writing? Music, Fashion, TV etc.

Just my crazy obsession with huge boobs lol

14. Any projects you are working on that you are excited about?

I'm still trying to piece together a story and series featuring the women of the Marvel universe and I'm still working on my Big Boobie Bitches story.

15. Any tips for readers that may want to start writing celebrity erotic fiction?

Just write what you love and don't try to please others if they don't agree with or like your style or the context of your stories.

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