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Medieval Mischief (Various Glamour Models)
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Chapter 1

Starring: Christina Hendricks, Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh

Codes: MF, Oral, Anal, titfucking, Cum in Pussy, Facial, Cum in Throat

   Queen Christina looked off into the distance, when would it end? She wondered.  2 years ago the curse had been put on her husband, King Richard, that was the last night they had fucked.  Oh how she longed to feel him inside her again, no one else quite fucked her like her husband.

   She saw the coach moving down the road towards the castle, her handmaidens Lucy and Michelle were returning.  She hoped they had found her another young stud to scratch the itch whilst she waited.  Dumon the court wizard was working furiously on a cure, alongside his apprentice the beautiful Sophie.

   “Your highness, shall I prepare your chambers?”  The page asked.

   “Yes, and see the Ladies Lucy and Michelle in as soon as they arrive” The Queen replied.

   The carriage door opened and 2 servants helped Lucy and Michelle out, they were followed by a tall handsome man.  In his early 20’s he had short cropped hair and a trimmed beard.  They hurried up the steps, and through the palace, until they waited outside of the queens  bedchamber.

   “Jacob, are you ready?” Lucy asked as they stood outside the door.

   “Yes, my Lady” he replied.

   Lucy knocked, the Queen replied “Enter”, and the page opened the large wooden door.

   Lucy and Michelle entered followed by Jacob, they both curtseyed, and Jacob bowed awkwardly.  “Your majesty, may I present Jacob.  His family are farmers from the Andress province”

   Queen Christina turned and looked at the young man, he was well over 6ft tall, and in exceptional physical condition from his work no doubt.  The Queen wore a simple black top, her huge tits squeezed tightly together, and long flowing floral skirt.  She smiled as Jacob stood nervously in front of her.

   “Lucy, Michelle you may leave us, you have again served your Queen well.  Please go and see my husband, make sure I am not disturbed”  she instructed.

   Both Ladies did as they were told, and left the queen and Jacob alone, moving through the palace to find the King.

   “Now then Jacob, we are alone, are you ready to do your duty as a loyal subject” The queen asked walking towards him.

   “Errr yes your majesty,” he mumbled.

   Christina moved to stand in front of him, her hand on his chest, she leant in and softly kissed him, his hands shakily went to her waist as they kissed harder, before he moved them backwards falling onto the bed.

   “Ohhh, Jacob, that’s it” The queen groaned as he lay ontop of her kissing her hard,   Her hand move down to his waist, and inside his breeches, gripping his now hard dick.  He gasped as she fondled him, then stood back and began to remove his clothes.

   “Show me what you have Jacob” Christina said, propping herself up on her elbows and watching him.  Her huge tits squeezed together even tighter in her top.

   Peeling up his tunic and tossing it aside, Jacob had his breeches off in moments, his hard cock bouncing, he was a good 9 or 10 inches, and thick.  The queen grinned, her Ladies had done as asked again, this was a prime dick for her pleasure.

   She scooted forwards off the bed, onto her knees in front of Jacob,  looking up she gripped his hard shaft before sinking her lips over it. He trembled as she sucked his head, her lips clamped tightly as her tongue roamed over it.  Her hands on his hip steadying him the Queen worked up and down his shaft.

   “Ohhh Fuck your Majesty, ohh fuck that’s good” He gasped.

   She released his cock and looked up at him grinning, moving back onto the bed she pulled her long skirt up laying back and spreading her legs.  Her naked pussy glistened, as Jacob moved down and sank his mouth over it.  Christina groaned as his tongue found her clit and went to work.

   “Ohhhh, ohhh my GOD!” she gasped, Jacob was an expert at this, her pussy was on fire with sensations from his lips and tongue.

   Her hands clasped the bed sheets tightly as she squirmed and growled, her loins filled with the heat of climax, moments from exploding.  Her pussy gushed sweet juices into Jacobs eager mouth.  He swallowed them down as she growled and shook in pleasure.

   Ohh fuck, fuck yes, yes, YEEEEAAASSSSSS!!!!” she cried.

   Christina’s ample thighs shuddered around his head as she bucked and screamed, the pleasure of orgasm sending her wild.  Her body thrust upwards, driving her squirting lips against Jacobs face. They shook vigorously as he peaked, her climax finally subsiding with a wail.

   “YEAAASSS!!!!! YEAAAAASSSS!!! YEAASSSSS!!!!” she screamed.

   Finally sated Jacob raised his head, her glistening juices on his face.  She grinned scooting back and kneeling up, pushing him back down onto the bed and straddling him.  Her lips eased over his hard shaft, as she mounted him, gasping as his thick member filled her.

   “ohh Jacob, you know how to eat pussy!” she said, grinning at him, “Let me do some work now”.

   Her hips slowly rocked, riding him gently, as she unfastened the front of her top.  She peeled it off to reveal her enormous breasts, 2 huge orbs of delight, bouncing slowly as she rode him.  His hands went up instinctively and grasped them, making her gasp as his rough skin kneaded them

   “Jacob, yes, that’s it, fuck your hands feel good” she groaned. 

   The Queen loved the feeling of his rough hands on her breasts, lowering herself to fuck the peasants of the lands turned her on so much.  His hard cock thrust into her over and over as she rode him faster and faster.

   “Yes, yes, fuck yes, that’s it, fuck me, fuck me hard” she gasped, hips rising and falling.

   Jacob moved his hands to her waist and started thrusting upwards, her huge tits bouncing madly as he rutted faster and faster.  Christina could feel her body tensing again as she exploded for her second orgasm.

   “YEAASSS!!!!! YEAAAASSSSS!!!!” she howled in ecstasy.

   Jacob lay back as the redheaded Queen slammed down onto his shaft, her body bucking, those huge tits shaking wildly.  Her body tensed as she climaxed hard.

   FUUCKKK! FUCK! FUUUCKKKKK!!” she screamed, pleasure flowing through her.

   Eventually she collapsed onto him, kissing him, panting, her huge tits felt so good on his chest as she lay there catching her breath. Jacob wrapped his arms around Christina and span her over, pulling from her pussy he straddled her chest, his hard cock pushing between those 2 soft pillows of delight.

   “Mmmm, you want to fuck my tits!” Christina said grinning.

   Jacob pushed his pussy slick dick between her breasts, the thick shaft twitching as it settled in the valley of her cleavage.  Jacob started thrusting, Christina crushing her breasts around his dick as it sawed back and forth between them.  Eyes wide she looked up at the young stud, pumping her tits hard now.

   “Ohh, so close, sooo close” he groaned, her soft tits gripping tightly to his head as it drove deep.

   “Cum for your Queen, come for me” Christina urged.

   Jacob thrust harder, his balls tightening as he was about to cum.  The tip of his dick poked up from her cleavage and spurted.  Hot cum splattered her face, startling her, before she opened her mouth and eagerly accepted each shot.  Jacob roared as he drained his balls all over her face and neck, hot pearly streaks of semen clinging to her cheeks and pooling in her mouth.

   “Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” she growled the last of his cum gone.

   The queen lay there, face dripping in cum, the huge cock between her tits softening, as Jacob was spent.  Running her finger over her chin she scooped up a large strand and pulled it into her mouth.  Swirling her tongue in the semen pool, she swallowed it making a show of savouring the taste for Jacob.

   “you have performed well Jacob, your queen is pleased” she said.

   “Thank you your majesty” he replied easing back and laying on the bed next to her, “I hope I satisfied you”

   “Oh you did Jacob, but hopefully you’re not finished yet!” The queen answered, grinning at him.

   “FUCK ME! FUCK ME FUCK MY AASSSSSSSSS!!” lady Lucy screamed.

   She was bent over the end of the kings bed, ass high as he ploughed balls deep up her, slamming so hard over and over again.  There was nothing Ladylike about Lucy at this moment, she had given the king her body to use, to keep him occupied while the Queen had her way with her latest fucktoy.

   “Dirty fucking WHORE!” the king snarled, hand gripping her ass cheek and slapping it hard.

   Lucy yelped, the king loved the nasty rough sex he had enjoyed with his bride, and since the enchantment had taken hold he had taken to doing similar with all of his mates.  Lucy had been shocked at first but now rather enjoyed it too, and felt her body start to quiver as the huge cock pounded her back passage.

   “DO IT! DO IT! FUUUUCKKKK!!!” Lucy begged as the king pounded her harder and harder.

   He legs started to twitch as she strained up on her toes, he held her hips and buggered her hard, his dick driving deep into her clenching ring.  Lucy came, her sphincter climaxing, body twitching, legs shaking.

   “YEEAAAASSSSSS!!!!!!!!” she screamed, unable to hold back her orgasm any longer.

   The king collapsed forwards pinning her to the bed as she fought and struggled below him. “Ohh Lady Lucy” he gasped in her ear, pulling his dick from her trembling ass.

   Jacob was on his knees on the bed, hands on the queens hips as he fucked her from behind. She gasped and wailed as he rammed deeper and deeper into her pussy.  Reaching around he groped her tits squeezing them tight.

   “Ohh yes, do it, do it baby” The queen gasped, her body rocking in time with his thrusts.

   Jacob held her hips and fucked her hard, dick pumping into that tight wet hole over and over again, the Queen was building to another climax, he could feel her cunt tightening on his dick, body starting to tense.  Jacob kept pounding even as she came, her body bucking and squirming on his cock.

   “YEAASSS!!! YES! YES! YEEAAAAAASSS!!” Queen Christina cried.

She collapsed downwards, face buried in the bed twitching and shaking as she came hard, Jacob kept fucking her, dick driving deep, the queen shaking in pleasure.  Her back arched as he slammed his cock in over and over until finally Jacob could hold back no more, and came for a second time, flooding her cunt with his semen.

“FUUUUCCCCCKKKK!!!” Christina wailed, as he came hard inside of her.

They lay together on the bed, panting, his cock soft, her pussy full of cum.  She gasped as he rolled over, body exhausted from their mating.  Christina sat up, running her fingers through her hair, she composed herself.

“You have performed well, Jacob, your queen is most satisfied.  Now  if you would dress and leave,  The page outside will take you to your carriage”  She said.
Jacob quickly did as he was asked putting on his clothes and turning to leave.  “Will I be required to return your Majesty, I enjoyed very much serving you”  he asked.

“Perhaps” Christina replied, know none of her dalliances had ever been asked to return so far, “We shall see”.

   Lucy choked, she lay on the floor propped up on her arms back arched head hanging back.  The king stood over her, dick in her throat, hands on her tits thrusting hard.  His big heavy balls bashed into her nose and face as he fucked her throat, crushing her voluptuous breasts he slammed in again and again.  His thick cock poked out from her neck as he drilled deeper and deeper.

   She lay there, mouth wide as he grunted and growled pumping his cum deep into her belly, his hands clawed at her breasts, crushing them hard.  She was used to the pain now, her body being given over to her monarch.

   “Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuccckkk!” he growled, slapping her hard across her right breast.

   Finally sated he pulled his cock from her throat, allowing her to breathe, she blinked her eyes and rolled over, kneeling upright.

   “Lady Lucy” the king said, “You as always were a pleasure”

   Standing up she gathered her clothes and dressed, “thank you my liege, you know how I enjoy pleasing you”

   “If you would be so kind as to find the Queen and ask her to join me for dinner” The king said.

   “Certainly my King” she curseyed and left his bedchambers.

   “So how was it?” Michelle asked, as her friend emerged from the door.

   “His usual self, gave me a good fucking, I do quite enjoy it now though” Lucy replied.

   “Next time he might, pick me, or maybe even both of us” Michelle said winking at Lucy.

   “Now that would be fun!” Lucy replied.

   The 2 of them had sported together in the bedchamber many times, and of course there was the annual knighthood ritual, as well.  Lucy looked at her friend, her curvy body and long blonde hair were equally attractive as a firm body of a royal guard. 

   “Let us find the queen” Michelle said.

   Queen Christina lay on the bed, the glowing amulet resting on her abdomen.  The enchantments placed inside would prevent her becoming pregnant from her session with Jacob.

   Knocking the door, “It’s Lady Lucy and Michelle” the voice said, “You may enter” the queen answered.

   Both Ladies came in, and were not in the least surprised to see the Queen, using the amulet.  “Your Majesty, I trust Jacob was to your liking?” Lucy asked.

   “yes very much, but we need to see if you can find someone a bit more experienced next time, who will be more forceful like the King”  The queen said.

   “Certainly My queen” Michelle said.

    “the king requests your company for dinner” Lucy told her, “Shall we dress you”

   “Please” The queen replied.

   Dressing their queen the Ladies accompanied her to dinner,  then all retired for the evening, who knows what the next day might bring.


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Re: Medieval Mischief (Various Glamour Models)
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Great to see you back writing, I really enjoyed this!
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Great work @Chlp. Looking forward to seeing where you take it next.
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Re: Medieval Mischief (Various Glamour Models)
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MORE LUCY, MORE MICHELLE, FUCK YESSSSSS!!! This is a cool theme to do with the whole medieval era.
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Re: Medieval Mischief (Various Glamour Models)
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Long live the Queen!
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Re: Medieval Mischief (Various Glamour Models)
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Chapter 2

Starring:  Lucy Pinder

Codes: MF, MMF, Oral, Anal, DP, DAP, Titfucking, Cum in Pussy, Facial, Cum in mouth


Sophie was adding the final few drops to the potion when Lucy arrived, the billowing vapour cascaded from the pot which bubbled over the fire.  Sophie turned to greet her, the tight black dress clinging to every curve.  She looked at Lady Lucy, her eyes focusing on her ample bosom, before smiling, “Hello Lucy” she said.

“That’s Lady Lucy” She replied, “I know you hold no official court rank Sophie, but even magicians need to observe the formalities”.

“Of course, MY LADY” Sophie replied, over emphasizing the Lady.

“What did you want Sophie?  You asked for me to come here?” Lucy asked.

“Yes, Princess Sarah had me work on a potion for her, you know how she enjoys a dalliance with the peasants,  word is spreading so she asked if I could make a potion to stop her suitors remembering their encounter.” Sophie explained.

She filled a small glass bottle from the pot, pushed the stopper in and passed it to Lucy.  “I need you to test it” she explained.

“I am not drinking that!” Lucy replied, somewhat shocked.

“No, no, I mean go out, fuck some random oik, and then see if they remember in the morning. The potion should just stop them remembering the past few hours or so, it won’t help you seduce them, but you have ample charms to help you” Sophie said grinning.

“One day Sophie, one day” Lucy muttered.

“I wish” Sophie replied swiftly.

“Well if I am going to test this, I need some of my usual request please” Lucy added.

“Already thought of that,“ Sophie replied, passing another vial across to Lucy.

Lucy Left the tower and walked back towards the palace, She had already decided who she was going to try the potion on, it was just a case of getting them in the right place later tonight.

“Lady Lucy” She looked up to see Prince Ryan, walking down the corridor towards her.  “You looked deep in thought”

“Yes highness, I was daydreaming somewhat” she replied.  Lucy looked at the handsome prince, she had ideas of marriage to him someday, but he had shown no interest in her subtle advances so far.

“Where are you off to?” He asked.

“I have duties with the queen as always, and then later I felt I might take a stroll in the Palace Gardens,  I would welcome your company, if I may be so bold”

“Alas I am off hunting for the next few days My lady, but maybe when I return” He replied turning and head off swiftly.

“Good Luck” she said, curtseying as he left her.

“Michelle” Lucy said, catching up with her friend outside of her quarters, “I need to speak to you”

“Certainly, perhaps a stroll in the gardens?” Michelle replied, “The Queen is sleeping”.

The 2 ladies walked through the palace, and out into the garden, it was a warm summers day as the moved between the many regal hedgerows and fountains.  “So Michelle what do you think?  Is that a good test?” Lucy said after explaining to her friend.

“Yes Lucy I think it is, hopefully Sophie’s potion will work, I wouldn’t want any gossip about you spreading around the court, but taking advantage of this opportunity, is definitely something I would do too.  Next time you get to stay with the Queen, deal?”

“Deal” Lucy replied.

“Sergeant, I wish to take a ride to the summer house, would you and 2 of your finest please accompany me” Lucy said, to Sergeant Hagard.  The middle aged man, got up from his desk and bowed, “of course my Lady”

“ERIC, BEN, Get in here NOW!” he bellowed.

2 guardsmen shuffled into the office, upon seeing Lucy they both bowed, “Yes sir!” one said.

“We shall be accompanying the Lady to the summer house, please get the horses ready” Sergeant Hagard ordered.

“Yes Sir!” the other man shouted in reply.

An hour later Lucy and the 3 soldiers were riding from the castle, the house was about 2 hours ride from the castle, and the journey was pretty uneventful.  Upon arrival the soldiers helped Lucy from her mount.  Eric was a large man, well over 6 ft tall, his firm grip on her waist made Lucy excited for what she had planned.  Moving to undo the door, they led Lucy through the house.

“I would like to eat in the walled garden, please Sergeant”

They set out the blanket and large picnic on the grass, it was extremely hot, as Lucy poured some wine for herself.  She sampled the cheeses and meat that had been prepared.  The guards looked on sweating as they watched Lucy.  She looked up, and secretly filled the wine bottle with both potions before passing it to Sergeant Hagard, “Please have some,  a small sip won’t hurt and you all look very hot” She said.

“We are not permitted My Lady” he replied.

“Please Sergeant, just for me, I can’t bear to see you and your men suffering in this heat.”  She said, with enough of a tone to make him do as she asked.

   He took the bottle, and drank from it, passing it to his 2 men, they took long draughts as well.  Lucy smiled, she would give it a few minutes before testing if the potions worked.  She got up and turned, “I am going to sit down but the stream, please eat whatever you wish” she said.

   Lucy sat on the grass, the sun was increasingly hot, she slowly unfastened a couple of buttons in her top, allowing more of her cleavage to show.  The soldiers ate their fill, before Lucy returned, causing them to stand to attention.

   “My Lady” Sergeant Hagard said.

   “Sergeant, I should like to sun myself, would you all please turn your back while I remove some of my clothing.”  She teased, knowing full well what she was doing.

   The men turned around and Lucy cleared the large blanket, she unfastened her large skirt and lay it out, then removed her top.  She lay back in her black corset, stockings and suspenders, waiting to see how long before one of them looked.

   “Sergeant” she said after 10 minutes, they were very well disciplined.

   “Yes my Lady” she said, not turning around.

   “I need some help to stand” she lied, “Could you assist me”

   The sergeant slowly turned, trying not to look at Lucy, “My lady” he said bending down to offer his hand.

   She knelt up, “Do you find me attractive Sergeant” she asked.

   “That’s not appropriate My Lady,” he replied, his gaze moving to her body.

   “I think you do, what about you boys?” she said at the other 2.  “Would you like to fuck me?”

   “MY LADY!” Sergeant Hagard said loudly.

   The 2 guards turned, “Fuck, I really want to!” Eric said, “You’ve seen her walking around the palace, man she is so beautiful”

   “Fucking teasing us, I bet she knows what she is doing” Ben added, wiping his face.

   “Lucy, fuck I shouldn’t” Sergeant Hagard said, his eyes undressing her.

   “You know you want me, I have seen you looking at me, now take me” She purred.

   Lucy started to unfasten her corset, her eyes locked on the Soldiers.  The sergeant moved up, swiftly removing his tunic before pulling his breeches down.  Lucy gasped at his cock, it was enormous, maybe 12 inches and rock hard already.  “Sergeant!” she gasped.

   “Karl” he said, “If we are gonna fuck, my name is Karl”

   Lucy gripped his cock in her hand and sank her  lips over it.  Eric and Ben were removing their clothes as Lucy sucked his shaft deep.   Karl had his hands in her hair, pulling her deeper and deeper down onto his cock, she gagged on his girth. 

   “ohhh fuck she is good boys!” Karl gasped.

   Ben moved to one side, Eric to the other.  She grasped a cock in each hand, both were big but not huge, sporting around 8 or 9 inches.  Lucy croaked, as Karl held her deep on his shaft, Ben and Eric stood beside him, hard dicks being stroked faster and faster.

   “Fuck I want her so bad” Eric groaned.

   “Cock tease-ing whore” Ben snarled.

   “Ohh fuck, I am close already” Karl groaned stepping back, “She’s all yours”.

   Ben gripped Lucy by the hair, overtaken by lust, “Fuckkk I am gonna make you scream” he growled.

   Dragging her to a stone table, one of many that adorned the garden, she squealed as he bent her over it.  Lucy struggled, she was not expecting this, the 3 were now getting very forceful,  a thought crossed her mind, she had mixed the 2 potions, perhaps this could have side effects.  After her time with the king Lucy had gotten used to rough sex, even found it more pleasurable, so Bens roughness whilst surprising was also an added bonus.

   “FUUUCKKKKK!!!” Lucy howled as Ben pulled her skirt up and thrust his cock up her ass, she fought and squirmed as he pinned her down.

   Lucy felt the huge dick slam up her ass, she hadn’t had time to suck it and make it slippery so it burned like a motherfucker, she loved the feeling of being held down and taken, her  ring being pounded as she kicked and struggled.  Ben had no thoughts for her pleasure this was pure sexual fulfillment, he wasted to take her hard and make her his.

   “Fucking cockteasing whore, fuck I want you, fucking take it” Ben growled as his hips slammed hard.

   Lucy clasped the edge of the stone table, head resting sideways upon it as Ben took her ass.  She had gotten used to the thick shaft pounding her ring now, and lay there gasping and enjoying his strokes.  Eric was stood stroking his shaft, hard as Nails watching her, stepping up to the table he slapped it on her cheek to get her attention.

   “Suck me Lucy” he asked.

Lifting herself up onto her elbows she accepted his cock into her mouth,  Ben kept buggering her hard as she slavered over Erics hard cock.  Ben was moments from cumming, his strokes getting faster and faster, then with a grimace he came.

“FUCK YOU!” he gasped, “FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!” over and over as he came.

Lucy felt every hot spurt of semen in her ass, she quivered in delight at making him cum so fast.  The pain and nerves of being taken so hard, replaced with the knowledge her body was so enticing.  Eric pulled his dick from her mouth, as Ben stood there still twitching his crotch into her.

“Ohh fuck my turn!” he said, as Ben pulled out.

   Eric moved back to the blanket on the floor laying down, as Lucy stood up, her legs trembling from that vicious buggering,  Stroking his cock he grinned “Ride my cock Lucy” he said to her.  She unfastened her skirt and it fell to the grass, she was not wearing undergarments, knowing what she had planned for the day, Lucy had made it easy for them.  She straddled his body, easing his throbbing cock to her pussy lips, she gasped as he filled her up.

   “Ohhh fuck yeahhhh” Lucy growled as she started to ride his shaft, his rough hands holding her hips as she churned her pussy over him.

   She grinned as she rode him, looking down at his face, watching him trying not to cum inside her yet. Her pussy was on fire, she was moments from climax, slamming down with all her weight she roared in pleasure.

   “YEAAASSSS!!!” She shrieked her body trembling, “FUUUCCCKKKKK!!!!”

   Warm juices flooded Erics balls as her cunt clamped tightly on his shaft, pulses or pleasure gripping him so tight.  His fingers dug into her thighs as she bucked and screamed, her body peaking with orgasm.

    “FUUCKKKKKK!!! FUUUCCCKKKKK!!!!” she cried.

   Eric couldn’t hold back, his dick erupting, hot scalding semen flooding her pussy.  Lucy gasped as she felt it blast inside her.  She ground her hips to meet his, the last electric jolts of orgasm leaving her loins.

   “Fuuuuucckkk yeah, cum in me baby” she gasped.

   His hips rose stabbing deep, over and over as his balls emptied. Lucy put her hands on his chest and held him down as finally he was sated. She sat on him, feeling his hard shaft shrink inside her, panting hard she looked up.

   Karl was hard as nails, standing watching them, stroking his shaft.  Lucy smiled at him, that huge cock fixed with her gaze.  She unfastened her corset, those monstrous breasts released.

   “holy fuck!” Eric gasped as the bounced in front of him.

   “All ready for me my Lady” Karl said sarcastically.

   She eased up from Eric and moved over to him, her hand grabbing his head and kissing him hard “I want that cock Karl” she said, moving her other hand down to his hard member.

   “Fucking gonna give it to you then!” he replied spinning her around and bending her over.  His hands held her hips as the thick long shaft pushed into her pussy,  legs trembling as he finally got balls deep..

   “Sloppy fucking seconds” he groaned as he started to thrust.

   Lucy lurched forwards as his mighty shaft slammed deep, she felt it probe deeper than nearly anything she had taken before, stretching her freshly cum filled pussy making her gasp.  Lucy shook and bounced as Karl got faster and faster.

   “Fucking hard again” Eric said, stroking his shaft, “me too” Ben added.

   Lucy knew that was down to her potion, it would give them another hour at least before wearing off, she was gonna make the most of these hard cocks before it did.  Karls pounding was starting to get her close again, she stood up and he moved his hands around her body to her clit while still fucking her pussy.
   “Ohh fuck, fuccckk yes” she groaned.

   His fingers were rubbing her faster and faster, hard cock deep in her cunt, she was shaking and gasping as Lucy exploded for a second time today.  She almost collapsed her body aching with pleasure, legs wobbly Karl held her in one arm, while furiously rubbing her clit with the other.

   “SHHHHIIITTTT!!!” Lucy wailed, her body shuddering.

   Karl let go of her and they fell to the floor, her hips and ass high, face in the grass, she squealed over and over as he kept pumping into her.  Karl was so close himself now, Lucy screaming below him, waves of orgasm milking his shaft, it was only a matter of minutes before he came.

   “FUUUCKKKKK!!!!” Lucy cried, her body finally releasing the last few moments of pleasure.

   Karl grabbed her hair, pulling her up onto her knees he gripped her dark locks tightly forcing her to look up. Grinning he wanked his dick harder and harder, Lucy’s eyes darting from the tip of his dick, and them back up to look at him.

   “Swallow my cum you dirty slut” he grunted, on the verge of exploding.

   Lucy looked up, she loved this part, watching men cum.  It made her feel powerful, she had brought them to that point, her body had done this.  Their cum was life itself and by swallowing it Lucy thought she would live forever, every salty stringy drop of semen would make her even more desirable.

   “Do it, give me your seed” Lucy gasped as his cock swelled.

   Karls size was copied by the amount of his cum, jet after jet of thick white semen blasted her mouth, Lucy gasped as he kept cumming.  Hand twisted tightly in her hair he held her still as his balls emptied into her open mouth. Finally after a good dozen shots his cum was gone, and he released her.

   “Fuckkkk you bitch” he gasped sitting back against the table.

   Lucy sat there mouth wide, playing with her prize.  Her tongue swirled the milky pool, savoring the taste and texture.  Ben and Eric stroked their cocks watching as she swallowed hard, guzzling down the load in one go.

   “Ohhh Karl, that was amazing” she gasped.

   “man she is a fucking whore, these fucking nobility are animals”  Eric said.

   Lucy looked up at both of them, hard dicks being tugged, she wanted to make the most of her time, so decided to goad them on.

   “What’s wrong with you?” she teased, “we are all alone here, and you could do ANYTHING to me right now, yet you are stood there wanking!” she said.

   “Fuck Ben, let’s make this posh slag ours” Eric said, getting angered by Lucy’s teasing.

   “Think you are clever eh whore?” Ben answered.

   He lay back on the blanket, Ben pulling Lucy to him, making her straddle his dick and sink down onto it.  Ben reached up and played with her massive tits.  She groaned as he squeezed them tight.

   “See how you can handle 2!” Eric sneered, moving behind her and pushing into her ass.

   “Fuuuuuuckkkkkk!!” Lucy gasped, her breath taken away, as these 2 big cocks now plundered both her holes.

   Lucy was squashed between the 2 guards, her body bouncing back and forth as they drove deep inside her.  She had taken 2 men before, so this wasn’t a first, but their lack of gentleness was an added turn on.  Erics rough hands crushed her tits as he pounded her ass, Ben laying back and watching her.

   “FUCK! FUCK FUUUUCCKKKKK!!!” she screamed, unexpectedly cumming fast.

   Her body shook as they didn’t stop thrusting, waves of powerful orgasm driving her wild.  Lucy roared in pleasure, these 2 brutes taking her holes, driving her wild, every inch of her body pulsing with sensation.

   “YES! YES! YEEEAAAAASSSS!!!” Lucy shrieked.

   “Fuck I am gonna cum again soon” Eric gasped as her reamed her ass, “This asshole is so tight!”

   “Let me have a go” Karl said grinning.

   Eric pulled out from Lucy’s ass and Karl stood over her.  Ben held his hands around her shoulders pinning her in place as the massive head pushed against her open hole.  Lucy looked back, eyes wide as his thick shaft pushed in.  She could barely speak as her ring was stretched wide, trembling as every inch drove deeper.

   “OH! OH! OH!” she whined as finally the full weapon was inside her ass.

   Karl held himself deep, reaching down he gripped her arms behind her back, holding her firmly, “Ready then Lady Lucy” he sneered, crotch pulling out and driving deep.

   “Fuuuck!” she yelped as the thickness of his cock plundered her back passage.

   Karl held her tight, ramming ferociously up her asshole, Lucy wailed as she was double fucked again, this time her ass being stretched with this big cock.  He held her tightly, arms hooked, she bucked and squirmed as the 2 hard shafts thrust into her holes.  Lucy was loving this, her body close to another climax.

   “OHHH FUCKKKKKKK!!!” she howled as her body was pummeled.

   Ben was below her, that wet squirting pussy driving hard onto his cock, he really couldn’t help himself as he exploded deep inside her, cum bubbling from his dick and into her cunt.  Lucy felt every hot drop of semen flooding her pussy as she came, the thought of it making her climax even harder.

   “YES!!! YESSS!!! YESSSSSS!!!” she wailed.

   Karl eased up as Ben finished cumming, “Ohh fuck sorry, I just couldn’t stop myself” he gasped.

   Pulling her up from his dick, cum running down her thigh, Eric grinned and lay back on the ground, “Let’s keep going, see how much the Lady can take” he said.
   “Sit on his dick Lucy, I want to watch you as I fuck you” Karl said.

   Eric held her waist as she lowered her gaping ass down onto his dick, laying back onto her arms she looked up grinning as Karl approached her. “think you can break me peasant” she sneered trying to goad him into really fucking her hard.

   This really seemed to annoy Karl, “FUCK YOU!” he snapped, “I AM GONNA FUCKING DESTROY YOU NOW!” he shouted.

   “Fucking do it then, you fucking dirty scum are all the same, lusting after me, then when it comes to the moment you can’t deliver” Lucy continued to insult him, her heart racing at the look of fury on his face.  Had she pushed him too far?

   His hands roughly pulled her knees wide, kneeling between them, he dipped his cockhead in, thumbs painfully digging into her knees, “Hold that slag tight Eric” he said.  Eric had his hands around her body, clasping tightly to her tits.  He pulled his dick from her pussy and then shoved it into her ass, Lucy howled as her right burst, 2 cocks tearing it wide.

   “Like the local whore in the village, our piece of fuckmeat eh lads!” Karl laughed, as Lucy howled.

   He thrust deep, Lucy screaming, her legs kicking as she was pinned down.  Her mind reeled, she had taunted him, and now that was coming back to her.  Her ring was on fire, these 2 meaty shafts balls deep up her ass, never before had Lucy felt anything like it, she was crying and sobbing as they drilled it deep.

   “NOOOO,  NOOOO” she wailed as they fuck her ass so hard.

   “oooh the Lady can’t take it” Karl taunted, now firmly in control.

   Lucy was roaring her voice so loud, she felt every painful thrust up her ass, she had never been fucked like this before.  Her body fought and clenched, the 2 huge cocks double fucking her ass, she felt every painful inch, she should beg for them to stop, but her mind craved more.  The feeling of being taken, the sensations of helplessness, they turned her on even more.  The pain of her ass being battered was now turning to pleasure, her body desiring more stimulation.


   The tears from her eyes dried as she focused on Karl, his sneering face was all she could see.  Her legs shook violently in his grasp as she started to climax, her body fighting the pain with pleasure.  Karl was dropping his weight down, every inch of his shaft in and out of her ass, up and down, in and out, harder and harder.

   “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” she screamed in time with his thrusts.

   “Holy shit!” Ben gasped, watching them, “That bitch is fucking taking it!”

   “FUCKER!!” she snarled at Karl, “Fucking worthless peasant!” she spat up at him as he bent over her, he wad hitting his cheek.

   “You whore!” he snapped back, hand grabbing her face, forcing her mouth open.  One, two, three big spitwads landed in her open mouth, before he let go.  Her eyes burned with the passion of a really hard fuck, she wanted him to see how much she hated and loved this all at once.

   “Fuck you! Fucking bastard” she snarled.

   They were both pounding her ass so hard, but the tightness of it was so much, that neither was going to last much longer.  Karl pulled his cock from her ass, he was so close to cumming, Lucy collapsed back onto Ben, panting her ass relieved.

   “Ohh fuck, you nasty slag, let me cum all over that face” Karl gasped.

   “You want to cum on my face?” Lucy groaned sitting up, “only if you do too Ben” she said grinning, “2 nice thick loads”.
   Both men stood over her, dicks in hand as she rubbed their balls, looking left and right to see who came first.  Both were so close, but Ben growled his cock pulsing first.  A thick jet of semen splashed her right cheek, followed by Karl blasting her left.  Spunk rained down over Lucy as she knelt there, eyes wide loving every thick strand clinging to her face.  A pearl rope clang to her right eyebrow and oozed down her nose, whilst her left eye now swam in a thick pool of semen.  It burned badly, but Lucy forced her eye open, the pain a symbol of her submission to them finally.

   “Ohh fucking cover me in your cum” she gasped.

   Both men sprayed her over and over, thick strands of semen laced all over, finally sated they stepped back, “How does it feel Lady Lucy?” Karl asked, “to be covered in peasant spunk?”

   “Ohh fuck I feel so good, thank you, oh fuck that was good” she gasped.

   “You like that, being our little fuckslut?” Ben panted.

   Lucy nodded, slowly starting to scrape all of the semen from her face and into her mouth.  She wanted every drop now, deep in her belly so she could ingest every drop.  Eric had a raging hard dick for the third time, as he approached her.  She looked up, mouth full of semen, she swallowed the lot in one gulp.

   “Want me to drain you too Eric?” she asked.

   “Ohh fuck I am hard again, you are one filthy woman” he replied.

   Ben and Karl now lay on the grass, both asleep, the effects of Lucy’s potion now kicking in. Whilst providing huge stamina it left the recipient exhausted after a couple of hours, in need of rest.

   “Let me see” Lucy said, reaching out and stroking his cock. “What if I put it here”, she wrapped her tits around his cock, crushing her hands either side.

   Slowly Lucy moved her breasts up and down his shaft, he groaned as the soft skin wanked his head, then she flicked it with her tongue as it popped from her cleavage.  Legs trembling Eric gasped and groaned as Lucy milked his shaft with her tits.

   “Ohh fuck, I love it, cum for me Eric, let me taste you as well.” Lucy gasped, her breasts moving faster and faster.

   “So close” he groaned.

   Cum fired up from between her tits as Eric came, a thick bolt splattering her chin and running back down onto her tits. Eric grabbed his pulsing shaft and milked it, as Lucy held those glorious orbs up as a target.  He wanked hard, his cock splattering the huge rack with cum, white streaks coated the top of her tits, as she cradled them with her arms to form a better target.

   “Ohh fuck yes Eric, cover these tits in cum!” Lucy gasped.

   Finally spent he sat back on the ground, as Lucy licked her breasts, sucking hard on her own nipples she cleaned every drop of cum from them.  Eric was soon asleep too, as Lucy stood up admiring her work.

   “Well then Sophie we’ll soon see if your potion works” Lucy said to herself.

   She dressed all 3 back into their uniforms and arranged them so they were laying on the grass as if they had nodded off on duty.  Then sat back and waited for them to wake.

   “SERGEANT!” Lucy shouted as he began to stir, “You are asleep at your posts!”

   “Sorry My Lady!” he said firmly, “Eric! Ben! Wake up you slackers”

   Both men snapped awake and to attention.  Looking around they checked for any sign of danger, “Apologies Lady Lucy I don’t know what happened” the sergeant said.

   “Very well I won’t tell Captain Ballard this time, but I shan’t be so generous next” Lucy replied.

   She smiled, Sophie’s potion worked, none of the men had any recollection of their encounter, Princess Sarah would be pleased.  She started to gather her things and place them in her saddlebag.

   “We shall return to the palace now” she instructed.

   “Yes My Lady” the guards replied.

   “So did it work” Sophie asked as Lucy returned to her quarters that evening.

   “Yes” Lucy said, “But mixing it with the stamina potion has a very strange side effect, the person becomes very ardent, rough even, they just want gratification without thought to their partner, we have to be careful”

   “are you OK?” Sophie asked, somewhat concerned.

   “Fine, I quite enjoyed it” Lucy said, surprised at the concern.  She and Sophie had always butted heads.

   “Oh” Sophie replied, “OOOhhhhh” she understood what Lucy had meant, “Never thought you were the type, good, good, I shall inform the Princess, and work on the side effects”

   “If you could keep a batch that is a mix of the 2 just for me as well” Lucy said, “I would pay you well”

   “I have just the price in mind” Sophie replied a grin on her face.

   Later that evening she visited Lady Michelle in her quarters, knowing her friend would want all the details.  Lucy told the whole story in lurid detail, Michelle loving every second of the tale.

   “TWO!” she exclaimed as Lucy got to that part, “up your ass?”

   Lucy nodded, “Fucking hurt so bad, but felt so good as they pinned me down” she said continuing, “Those 3 were pretty rough, you would fucking love it Michelle, you’re into that even more than me”

   “Fuck I need to get someone to try that” Michelle replied.

   “Sophie is brewing us a batch” Lucy told her, “need to find the right group”

   “Well the queen had an uneventful day, and the king is off on his diplomatic trip tomorrow, so we should have time to find ourselves a suitable suitor soon” Michelle said.

   “I hope so” Lucy replied, her mind wandering back to the amazing session she had just had.
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Re: Medieval Mischief (Various Glamour Models)
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Fantastic story! I'm hoping that Sophie is Miss Howard and she gets a turn soon ;-)
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Re: Medieval Mischief (Various Glamour Models)
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Lucy ain't just the queen of big tits, she is also the queen of threesomes! Fantastic chapter.  ;D ;D
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Re: Medieval Mischief (Various Glamour Models)
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Fantastic story! I'm hoping that Sophie is Miss Howard and she gets a turn soon ;-)

Indeed it is, got some pure filth in mind for the Sexy Sorceress!

Thanks for the comment, really appreciate it.

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Re: Medieval Mischief (Various Glamour Models)
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Lucy ain't just the queen of big tits, she is also the queen of threesomes! Fantastic chapter.  ;D ;D

Lady Lucy really loves the cock!  Hopefully she will get a lot more in this series.  Thanks for the comment

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Re: Medieval Mischief (Various Glamour Models)
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Chapter 3

Starring: Sophie Howard, Christina Hendricks

Codes: MF, FF, Oral, Anal, titfucking, Facial

The Queen walked up to the tower, Her husband was away for over 2 weeks, this was one of the rare opportunities she had to visit Dumon.  Her 2 guards walked to either side, as always their duty was to protect the queen.

   She opened the door and slowly walked in “Wait here” she told the guards, “I shall be perfectly safe with the wizard”

   Queen Christina peered into the darkness of the laboratory, it was empty, she looked around for signs of life “Master Dumon, Sophie, are you here?” she said loudly.

   There was no reply, the Queen moved to the stairs, lifting the hem of her dress she moved up.  They spiraled around the side of the tower, she stopped at Sophie’s quarters on the first floor, knocking she heard no reply.

   “Where are you” she snapped at herself, annoyed that the wizard was nowhere to be found.  Christina had known him since she was a younger woman, having originally been his apprentice many years ago.

   She continued upwards to the top floor, and stepped up to knock on Dumon’s door.  As she approached she heard moaning and crying form inside, “FUCK ME FUCK ME!” a woman’s voice cried.  She recognized it as Sophie, Dumon’s apprentice.

   “Dirty old man!” she giggled, knowing what was occurring.

   She turned to walk back down the stairs, but then stopped, turning back she gripped the door handle and pushed it open.  Sophie was on the bed, Dumon standing by the edge, her legs on his shoulder, cock stabbing deep into her, her hands clawed at the sheets as she shuddered in climax, her body exploding in pleasure.

   “Dumon!” Queen Christina exclaimed, in fake shock

   He turned to look at her, Sophie still lost in pleasure, not yet noticing.  He grinned, turned back to Sophie and fucked her harder, “Come in Chrissie!” he gasped, “Always room for 1 more!”

   “Dirty fucker!” she replied.

   “Your MAJESTY!” Sophie gasped, realizing who was stood there, she tried to pull away and cover herself.

   “Oh don’t worry Sophie, she won’t mind will you Chrissie”

   “Dumon, show some respect, we may have known each other a long time, but I am your queen now, so you will not call me that anymore”  Christina said sternly.

   “Certainly My Queen” he replied, emphasizing the Queen.

   “I see you still fuck your apprentices then” she said.

   “Yeah, you know I love doing that don’t you” he replied, “Sophie here lets me fuck her when the mood strikes don’t you”

   “Yes Dumon” Sophie said.

   The queen began to unfasten her dress, letting it fall from her shoulders she stood in a tight white corset, those huge breasts almost spilling out as she was squeezed in all the right places. 

   She moved over and knelt on the bed, kissing the wizard, her hands roamed down to his crotch then up over onto Sophie’s pussy.  Her fingers rubbed Sophie’s clit as Dumon started fucking her again.

   “Ohhhh fuck” Sophie groaned, her legs trembling as the Queen rubbed faster.

   Christina kissed her way down Dumon’s body then moved to lay above Sophie, her fingers rubbing her whilst suckling on her breasts.  Sophie groaned, her body trembling at the touch, Christina’s teeth grazing her hard nipples as she sucked hard.

   “Fuuuck that’s good” she groaned.

   Dumon eased from her pussy, and moved to sit in the lavish leather chair next to the bed,  “Come over here and sit on my cock Sophie, I want to fuck your ass now” he instructed.

   Christina spun over to sit on the bed and watch as Sophie got up, Dumon held her hips and guided her down as she rested her asshole on his shaft.  She reached back and grasped him as her ring stretched around his head, she fed his whole length up her ass, eyes rolling as the thick shaft finally was balls deep inside her.

   “Ohh you never change Dumon!” Christina said, watching as he started thrusting.

   Sophie rested her hands on his knees, leaning forwards as he leant back into the chair.  Her big round ass rising and falling on his cock, the meaty girth stretching her asshole.  Christina moved to stand over Sophie now, gripping her hair and pulling her head back, she kissed her hard.  Sophie’s hands moved to Christina’s body, gripping her hips then moving to her corset contained breasts.

   “Fuuuckkk yesssss” Sophie growled as Dumon rammed so deep.

   Christina stepped back, spoke a phrase and her corset unfastened by itself, she held it for a moment before releasing it.  Sophie looked shocked, she recognized the magical phrase, but had no idea the Queen was practiced in the arts.   Dumon slapped her ass hard, making her cry, as Christina move back in front of Sophie.

   “SO Close!” Sophie growled her body tensing.

   Christina dropped to her knees, lips clamping over Sophie’s clit, sucking it vigorously as Dumon slammed hard up her ass.  Sophie bucked and shook, her body climaxing again, breasts shuddering.


   Her pussy gushed, Christina avidly sampling her, the sweet juices filling her mouth as Sophie screeched and wailed.

   “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!!!!” She screamed.

   Dumon stopped thrusting, as Sophie calmed from her climax.  Christina standing up and again pulling her head backwards,  opening her mouth the Queen dribbled her juices down, sharing them before kissing her hard.

   “Ohh fuck you 2 have me sooo close” Dumon gasped.

   “You still have it I see” He said to Christina, looking at the ring on her little finger.

   “Couldn’t get rid of it, took me far too long to perfect” She replied.

   “Could we do it one more time?” he asked, “I am so fucking close to cumming now”

   Christina grinned, holding Sophie’s arm she helped her up onto somewhat shaky legs.  Sophie watched as Christina moved the ring to her index finger, gasping Christina shook as her body transformed, her wet pussy changing to the shape of a large hard cock.

   “Your master is a dirty man Sophie, he helped me make this ring just to pleasure him, it has been most useful over the years as well though” Christina said.
   She sat down in the chair as Dumon stood, bending over Christina leant in and started to tongue his asshole.  His hand wanked his cock as her tongue did its work.

   “Fuuuck yeah baby” he groaned.

   Sophie watched shocked as Dumon settled back onto Christina’s cock, letting her slide it up his ass.  His cock bounced in front of him, hard as nails, throbbing as large as Sophie had ever seen.

   “You dirty man, you nasty man, you like that” Christina teased.

   “Yes baby, ohh fuck your dick feels good in me” he groaned.

   He started stroking his hard cock faster and faster, the head growing and building as he did so.  Sophie grinned she was going to give him a treat, kneeling down she gripped his shaft and took over stroking.  He leant forwards looking down at her as she urged him to cum.

   “Cum on me Master, cover me in your seed” she begged, his hard dick swelling rapidly in her hand.

   Christina held him down as his hips bucked, ass clenching on her magical cock.  His cockhead pulsed, thick wads of semen drenching Sophie’s face.  The thick white streaks laced across her forehead and cheek, clinging to her fringe and eyebrows.  His engorged cock blasted her over and over, the semen never stopping, she was drenched from nose to chin.

   “Fuuuuck yeah Master” she gasped, cum dripping down her chin onto her tits.

   Dumon was finally sated, his balls empty he collapsed backwards onto Christina, “Ohh fuck that was amazing, I have missed that so much” he gasped.

   Sophie knelt gasping, her eyes burning, swimming in semen, she could see cloudy shapes in front of her as Dumon lifted himself up.  Christina bent forwards in the chair and started to slurp his cum from her face, Sophie opened her mouth and she dribbled it in.  Slowly the Queen cleaned all the spunk from Sophie’s face until she had her mouth full.  They shared a long cum filled kiss before finally she helped Sophie to her feet.

   “Majesty, that was amazing” Sophie said.

   “Want to make it even more amazing” she said to Sophie, “I’ve seen you looking at the Lady Lucy, desire in your eyes, do you like women Sophie”

   Sophie avoided her gaze “yes” she said quietly.

   “Ohh don’t be embarrassed Sophie, I like to fuck women too, I just prefer my Husbands dick in the end” The Queen said smiling, holding her chin and turning Sophie’s face to look at her, “Would you like me to fuck you?” she asked.

   “Please” she said, lying back on the bed

   Christina lay ontop of her arms either side of her body, their tits squashed together as she eased her magical cock into Sophie.  Looking down into her eyes she Started thrusting, the full length in and out.  Sophie groaned in pleasure as the Queen fucked her, her legs wrapping around her waist.

   “Ohhh fuck yeah, fuck me please” she groaned the feeling of the curvy Soft body on her driving her wild.  Sophie’s hands groped Christina’s breasts, crushing them, squeezing them, as she eased upright to stand at the edge of the bed.

   “Ohh yeah, fuck that’s good Sophie, damn your tight!” Christina gasped.

   Sophie groped her own tits now looking up at Christina, she watched as the red headed monarch fucked her hard.  Christina’s huge udders bounced around as she rutted the full length of her cock into Sophie.   

   “Ohhh fuck me! Fuck me!” Sophie wailed as Christina pumped faster and faster.

   Sophie’s big round melons wobbled back and forth as Christina’s hips pumped furiously, her thick magical cock pounding relentlessly into Sophie.  Sophie’s mind and body were exploding in pleasure, she was being fucked by the queen, but with a cock!  Every dirty fantasy about the curvy read head was now coming true, Sophie was cumming so hard.

   “YES! FUCK! YESSSS!!! YESSSSSS!!!! YESSSSSSSS!!!” she screamed.

   Christina held her legs up high as they kicked and squirmed in her grasp, she pounded so hard and deep, her body feeling every sensation on her dick.  Her abdomen clenched, waves of pure pleasure spasming through her pussy, as she screamed and cried loudly.


   Christina was getting so close, she knew she would cum any second if she didn’t stop thrusting.  Luckily Sophie was just calming from her climax, as Christina pulled her cock from inside her.  She grinned slapping the head on Sophie’s wet pussy lips, before moving up to straddle her body, dick nudging the base of her panting cleavage.

   “So close Sophie, let me use those tits baby” she groaned, easing her shaft between them.

   “Fuckkk Christina, you can cum?” Sophie groaned, looking up her.

   “Yes Sophie, I can” Christina gasped as she sawed her cock back and forth between her big round tits.

   Sophie squeezed her tits tightly together, looking up she still couldn’t believe it, Queen Christina, naked, straddling her a huge fake magical cock sawing between her tits.  So looked up, eyes on the Huge pair of soft natural breasts that bounced up and down, the Queen had an amazing rack she decided.

   “Ohh fuck yes, please cum on me your Majesty!” she gasped.

   Christina could feel her balls tighten, the pleasure building to a climax as she erupted between Sophie’s tits.  Thick white jets of magical semen blasted from the tip of her cock. Sophie squealed in delight as the tip of the cock burst free from her cleavage, eye pulsing, thick hot cum raining up over her face.

   “YESSSSSSS!!!!” Christina growled, her hips shuddering tight against the base of Sophie’s breasts, lurching forwards trying to eject as much spunk as possible over her.

    The tick cum splattered Sophie’s face, hard cock twitching over and over, the cum seeming never ending.  Christina shuddered and twitched her shaft deep, her body climaxing hard as she shed her load all over Sophie’s gasping face.

   “YES!!!! YYEAAASSSS!! DROWN YOU WHOREEEE!!!” she snarled as Sophie was drenched.

   Eventually her spurts stopped and she collapsed back onto the bed beside Sophie panting hard.  Sophie lay there, face a mask of cum, thick pools in her eyes, streaks in her hair, she was absolutely sodden in semen.

   “Ohh fuck” she spluttered.

   Her hands went to her face, she scooped the sum into her mouth, it tasted absolutely delicious, she couldn’t tell what flavor, it was just the best she had ever tasted.

   “I thought you would like that” Christina said rolling onto her side, watching Sophie devour every drop she could. “The magic means you will love the taste, it will be the most delicious thing you have ever tasted”

   Sophie scooped and scraped every drop possible from her face, blinking her eyes open she finally finished.  “Oh My, oh your Majesty that was incredible”

   Looking down the cock was now gone from her crotch, Christina smiled. “The magic only lasts until I cum” she explained.

   Sophie rolled over to look at Christina, She was red, flushed from her exertions.  Sophie smiled, then sat up, looking she saw Dumon had left them and gone downstairs, she started to gather her clothing and dress.  Christina did likewise.

   “Sophie, do you like women more than men?” Christina asked

   “Yes” Sophie replied, “Ever since I was old enough to know, I have always been attracted to women.”

   “You find me attractive?” the Queen asked.

   “Very, your majesty” Sophie answered, “You have just made one of my all time fantasies come to life”

   “Who do you find the most attractive?” The queen continued as she adjusted her dress.

   “Lady Lucy” Sophie replied “I want her more than anything”

   “Has she shown any interest?” The Queen asked.

   “No, in fact I don’t think she likes me very much” Sophie said.

   “Interesting” The queen said smiling “We shall see if we can change that”

   Both were now dressed and went downstairs to the ground floor.  Dumon was starting to prepare some food.

   “Would you care to join us your majesty?” He asked.

   “”No, no thank you, I really came to ask how the cure for my husband was going?”  She said.

   “Actually I have made progress, I believe at the full moon next month I may have a possible remedy” He replied.

   “Oh Dumon Thank you!” The queen said, excitement in her voice.

   “It's only a possible cure, please do not get your hopes up yet your majesty” Dumon said.

   “Dumon, Queen Christina, could I possibly ask a favour?” Sophie said.

   “Go on” Dumon replied.

   “Your ring, could you teach me how to make one?”  She asked

   Dumon smiled, looked at the Queen who winked at him, “Yes Sophie, I can, but there might be something you have to do in return”  The queen said.

   “Anything your majesty” Sophie said giggled, extremely pleased at her answer.

   Christina walked through the door and the 2 guards followed close behind, “I hope you were not too bored?” she asked.

   “Of course not your majesty” One replied.

   She made her way towards the main castle, needing to find her grimoire in her chambers to exactly remember what Sophie would need to do.  Grinning to herself she remembered the ritual to enchant the ring, I might well need to watch that, she thought, her mind still remembering Sophie’s incredible naked body.

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Re: Medieval Mischief (Various Glamour Models)
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Nice new chapter, you always do great work with Sophie.
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Re: Medieval Mischief (Various Glamour Models)
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Chapter 4

Starring: Rhian Sugden

Codes: MF,Oral, Anal, titfucking

King Richard laughed heartily, the banquet laid on by Baron Karl was fabulous.  He always enjoyed his trip to the northern part of the realms, the hospitality laid on was second to none.

   “My King is enjoying the feast?” the Baron asked.

   “Yes Karl, it is magnificent, you have outdone yourself.” The king replied.

   “Certainly, I hope everything else I have arranged for you lives up to your expectations” The baron said.

   The barons sister, the Lady Rhian was not at the feast, the king knew she would be waiting for him when he was finished.  They had been lovers when they were younger, and the king had summoned her when this dreaded curse had first afflicted him.  The lady was more than willing to couple with the king; she was an adventurous lover, who seemingly had no limits.  Each time they coupled she had something new to try.

   He retired quite late, after having consumed probably too much wine,  Making his way to his chambers, the king found Malene waiting for him.

   “My liege” she said, as he entered.

   “Lady Rhian” He replied.

   She wore a long robe, as she stood from the bed moving over “I trust you are in your usual filthy mood” she purred kissing him.

   “As always, my pet” she answered, as she undid her robe and let it fall to the floor.

   Rhian wore a tight black bra and panties set, white stocking topped off the exquisite outfit.  Her huge breasts were barely contained, spilling from the top of her ups like a huge flesh waterfall.

   The king unfastened his tunic, her curves making him hard almost instantly, He gripped her hair in their familiar dance, she trembled knowing what the next few hours would bring.  Tugging her head back, he snarled in her face, baring his teeth in a primal roar, she whined submissively as he spat on her forehead forcing her down to her knees.

   “Pathetic whore” he growled, other hand slapping her cheek, as she squealed.

   She looked up eyes wide, begging, he laughed, fingers tugging her hair harder, spitting a huge wad onto her forehead.  The thick drool splattered and then trickled down her face, she snaked out her tongue to try and catch it as it ran down her cheek.   
   She pulled down his breeches and his member sprang free, she was always shocked at his size, only 8 inches long but his girth was huge, as thick as her wrist the monster dick every time it made her nervous yet excited.     

   “Use me My King” she gasped, lips enveloping his hard member, running down the shaft to his balls.

   Rhian opened her throat, eyes tearing up as she forced her nose against his belly.  Both his hands crushed her skull to his crotch, grinding as deep as he possibly could, his dick making her choke.  Spit and snot was running down her face, dripping from her chin and flowing over his balls.

   “Fuuuuucccckkkk!” the king roared releasing Rhian and stepping back.

   Her huge cleavage glistened, as her spit pooled in the crevasse between her breasts, easing up from her knees, she blinked her tear filled eyes and lay back on the bed, head hanging from the edge, hair falling to the floor.  The king stepped up, but instead of forcing his dick down her throat as she thought he would, he stuffed it into the spit slick valley of her tits.

   “Lick my asshole, make me cum” he groaned, hard shaft buried between the huge udders.

   Rhian looked up hands clasping his cheeks spreading them, her tongue delving into his ring.  The king groaned as she snaked it into his ass, delving as deep as she could through the clenching hole.

   The king had his hands on her tits, mauling them through her bra, his cock snugly twitching between her spit slick tits.  He grasped the material, tearing it apart, as she tongued his ass as deep as she could.

   “Ohh yes, you nasty whore!” The king growled, his hands tightening on her breasts, crushing them so hard.

   Rhian squealed as his rough fingers dug into the soft flesh of her tits, she shuddered, loving the feeling of being taken so hard, spurring her tongue onwards.  The king groaned, his dick twitching between Rhians tits.  His ass clenched on her tongue as his balls quickly emptied, cum pulsing from his cock eye and flooding her cleavage.

   “FUUUCKKKK!” he roared, balls emptying.

   Rhian sucked his puckered ass, as he came between her tits, she could feel the huge pool building and running back down her body and over her neck.  The king collapsed back, his legs trembling as he shook in pleasure, his balls for the moment drained.

   “Ohh you still have it Rhian” he panted.

   She sat up, cum glistening on her neck a large pool in her cleavage, lifting her tits up she sucked the cum from them, using her fingers to scoop the stick white strands to her lips.  Grinning she savored his semen, it was salty but not bitter, Rhian eagerly swallowed his entire load.

   “So the my Liege, what would you like to do now?” Rhian asked.

   “Give me a moment, and you know what I want” he replied, Rhian obviously teasing him

   “Are you going to fuck me?” She continued to tease, now standing up and slowly stripping off her underwear.

   Her hands roamed over her body as she teased the king, Full breasts on show as she slowly rocked her hips, fingers pulling down her panties to reveal her wet pussy.  She flicked her head back grinning, one hand rubbing her clit as she gasped, loving putting on her show.

   The king’s eyes were fixed upon her as she peeled off her clothing, her curves making his dick twitch back to life.  Moving over he grabbed Rhian by the hair and forced her head down into the bed, cock now fully erect he rubbed it over her wet slick pussy.

   “Fucking dirty slut!” he snarled, pushing deep.

   Rhian wailed, her cunt stretched wide, the king pinning her down.  Her body trembled near the point of climax, he always made her cum so fast.  Hips slamming hard against her the King repeatedly pumped his thick shaft in and out, her clenching wet hole feeling so good.

   “FUUUUCKKKKK!!!” Rhian roared, her hips shaking the king pounding down.

   Her body shook as he slammed her pussy, waves of pure pleasure running through her.  The king kept pounding away relentlessly, knowing every stroke made Rhian gasp and twitch in stimulation.  His hands now pushed down on her shoulder blades pinning her to the bed as his cock slammed hard and deep.

   “YES!!! YEEESSSS!!!! YESSSSSSSS!!!” she wailed.

   Mid orgasm he pulled his shaft from her pussy and slammed it balls deep up her spasming asshole. Rhian wailed in shock, the girth stretching her wide, her body in that moment of unstoppable pleasure.

   “FUUUUCKKKKKKK!!!!” she screamed.

   Her eyes watered, his thick pussy slick shaft battering her ring, Rhian knew the feeling from previous encounters, but that moment of initial stretching was so painful. 

   “FILTHY FUCKING WHORE!” he roared, slamming furiously.

   His hand was on the back of her head pinning her to the mattress, the other on her back forcing her hips to arch up painfully, as his anal assault continued.  Rhian roared with each hard thrust, her body accepting him finally, craving more of his cock.

   “YES! YEEESS!!! YEEESSSSS!!!” she cried as the king buggered her ferociously.

   She felt him twitching, moments from another load, his hips drove so hard, until finally he exploded in her ass, thick bolts of cum filling her innards.

   “FUCK YOU!” he groaned as his final bolt spewed forth.

   He collapsed ontop of Rhian, panting hard, his body spent.  She groaned as his shrinking cock eased from her hole and the king rolled off of her.  Laying on the bed, breathing deep, the King slapped her ass cheek playfully.

   “Oh My liege, thank you, that was amazing as always.” She gasped.

   He sat up and began to dress, Rhian turned on her side, she could fee his spunk still warm in her ass as she watched him dress.  She felt sad for him, unable to fuck his wife, having to release his frustrations on other women. 

   “Has Dumon made any progress?” she asked.

   “Maybe” he replied, “I will find out when I return home in a few weeks”

   “I hope he has found a cure, as much as I love to fuck you, I want you to be happy” she said.

   “Thank you Rhian, still not married?” he asked.

   “No, but I have my eye on someone” she said.

   “If the king can make it happen for you, just ask” He replied.

   “Thank you my king” she said smiling, as he left
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