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The Expansion
« on: May 17, 2019, 09:30:13 PM »
The Expansion

Disclaimer: Warner Brothers and Disney owns the characters in this story, We're just borrowing them!

All anyone knew for sure about the Expansion, was that it had happened without any warning.

All of a sudden two universes had collided together, leading to new cities and new worlds for both.

To make matters worse, what followed was absolute carnage and devastation, with resources becoming much more scare and a large chunk of Earth's population dead and gone.

Which left Super Heroes to pick up the pieces

Not an unusual situation for either universe, but now that they were all in one place, everything had changed.

People split from teams, some of those teams went to war, Some heroes turned villain and vice versa and new alliances were formed.

Not to mention the many romantic relationships created and ended in the aftermath.

It was their way of coping with the trauma of what had happened.

Everything had changed in just a year, but most people knew that the changes were far from over.

And that was the part that worried everyone the most.
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Re: The Expansion
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2019, 09:32:39 PM »

Rogue walked out of the motel room and looked at the carnage the Expansion had wrought.

Abandoned buildings and the long dead bodies of both animal and human filled the sides of the roads that she had traveled on, she'd been in Arkansas looking for survivors in less populated areas of the state but there was very little beyond death.

Ready to move on to somewhere else after her dead end trip through the state, Rogue got her car and started it.

Before she began her drive to wherever she was going, she remembered how it was in the blink of an eye that new cities magically appeared, places like Metropolis and Gotham showed up, bringing countless new people with them.

It was anarchy, countless people died thanks to inadequate food and water due to the new cities taking space in more agricultural towns and the sudden massive population boom, that led to various diseases killing even more.

The Superhero community was largely (at least in terms of physical health) unaffected by The Expansion.

The main theory being that they tended to be more mobile and had better access to places that did have food and water (not to mention that some superheros could just conjure things up out of thin air), so they could get whatever they needed for themselves and their loved ones.

Mentally, however, things were much different story.

With such a devastated population leaving not a lot of people (outside of the large cities) to save, many superheros had resorted to the three things they were best at: Fighting, training and fucking.

Some superheros quickly turned on each other as they tried to figure out what happened for instance, The Avengers and the X-Men had begun a war that neither side seemed to be winning and Wakanda had descended into Civil War with Storm vs. Black Panther in what everyone was pretty sure was a proxy war for the Avengers and the X-Men.

Others gave up superheroing all together.

Dazzler had returned to music full time, deeming it incredibly important to use music as a way of helping people through this nightmare.

There was even a rumor going around of some superheroine leaving it all behind and working in a strip club that had become renowned for it's live sex shows.

No one ever named a name, so Rogue was skeptical of that, but she had to admit that anything was believable at this point.

After Rogue left the X-Men, Pixie became the last real line of contact to the team, happily gossiping with her about who was sleeping with who and what various Ex-Teammates where up to.

That led her thoughts to stray towards Gambit.

Their relationship had ended shortly after the Expansion, the weight of everything causing them to become incredibly tense which in turn led to them constantly arguing about the slightest thing, soon enough their relationship was over and Gambit had completely dropped off everyone's radars, it was made worse by New Orleans ending up under water.

Something that she knew wore deeply on Gambit's soul.

More than anyone she ever met, Gambit had identified himself as being proud to be from New Orleans.

She felt some guilt on her part, she had been so busy trying to both the X-Men and the Avengers from splitting apart at the seams that she spent little time consoling Gambit.

But, things were different now and there was little time for guilt.

Recently she'd heard rumors that Gambit was leading the guilds in running Bludhaven, not that she would be shocked by that, it made sense that the Guild would want a presence somewhere, especially if rumors of Gambit having recruited some pretty heavy hitters to the new Guild were true.

As for Rogue, she had left both the X-Men and Avengers when the war truly broke out, instead she had become a solo super heroine who bounced around from city to city, going wherever she was needed, trying to stay as unconnected from people as possible

Not that she hadn't had one night stands here and there (or, in the case of Nightwing, a two week stand), but she was focused on protecting the weak from the countless villains who now found themselves much higher on the proverbial food chain keeping people safe and getting them to larger communities were what she was about now and all romantic feelings did was distract from her mission.

She couldn't say the same for others.

For some reason, during her travels, she had become rather popular with guys now.

Not that she wasn't before, but there was a line few could cross due to her powers.

Despite the traumatic events, she maintained her control over them and, as such, guys saw her as much more available.

In particular she had to deal with Lex Luthor and Black Panther (although she was pretty sure the Panther was trying to twist the knife on Storm).

Outside of a brief vacation with Nightwing, she made a point to rarely stick around in the life of any potential romantic partner.

Still, those two seemed the most persistent in trying to make her theirs.

Panther was more than happy to offer her a spot in Wakanda, helping the fight against Storm's rebels.

As for Luthor, it appeared as though he'd turned over a new leaf, trying to help as many survivors as he could.

Everyone that knew him from before was sure that there was a scheme there and had repeatedly warned her away from him, but he hadn't dropped the other shoe yet, so those people left him to his devices, while keeping one eye on him.

Lex may have tried to charm her, but she'd been in love with Remy LeBeau long enough to know bullshit when she saw it.

Which left her in her current situation: figuring out her next move.

Maybe she'd accept one of the many offers she got to help out.

Panther wanted her to help out in Wakanda, as did Storm, both wanting her and her powers on their side.

Lex was practically begging her to return to Metropolis, according to him there was something of urgent importance that he needed her help with.

He was being cagey about the details, and that was something that worried her.

But still, if it was as urgent as he said, he probably did need her help.

Magneto had reached out to her a few times to see if she wanted to help him in his rebuild of Genosha, although she was pretty sure that her name was pretty high up on the list of potential Queens for him.

Made sense, it wasn't like their prior relationship had ended on bad terms.

She could also head to a city that she'd never been to before like Star City.

Or, if push came to shove, she could tell them all to piss off and go check up on whatever the hell Gambit, Nightwing or even Deadpool were doing.

She had a lot of options at her fingertips.

She just had to pick one.
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Re: The Expansion
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2019, 10:30:38 PM »
Nice work, looking forward to reading more.

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Re: The Expansion
« Reply #3 on: May 18, 2019, 05:15:02 AM »
The Descent of Nightwing part 1

It was late in Bludhaven and Nightwing stalked his prey, the monster had been one of the many imports to arrive in the city since The Expansion. Some good people had arrived in the city with new jobs being created but some unexplained elements too; mutants!

It had been several months since the The Expansion happened and, as ever, the Bat had gone on lockdown to investigate. Who are the Avengers? What are mutants? How could he pick up Mjoul…Mijir… Thor’s hammer? But with the main man locked away, Nightwing worried about what was happening with the rest of the gang. He looked after Bludhaven fine and Gotham was protected by Red Hood and Robin. Batgirl worried him though. Barbara had always been sweet and innocent but something had changed in her recently. She had become distant and non-committal. He would have to start following her soon so she didn’t end up dead or worse. And Huntress...

The mutant that Nightwing watched started to move his position, he’d left the bush and followed the young couple. There had been several reports of one of the newly arrived mutants attacking young couples and stealing their goods, claw marks left down the back of the male. The girls were always left unharmed. Whoever he was, he had a strange moral compass.

Nightwing looked down to see the man was only a few feet from the couple and he knew he had to take the leap. He was on the fourth floor so the jump would need to be accurate. The moment his foot left the ledge, he knew he had calculated it right, The mutant hadn’t realised he was being attacked until he felt Nightwing’s foot on the back of his neck.

The advantage didn't last long and the animal was back up on his feet before Nightwing had the opportunity to pull out his sticks. A kick to the stomach took the wind out of him but that didn't compare to the pain brought on by the brick wall. He'd rarely seen strength displayed as well as the animal had shown by the the throw.

Bruce would be disappointed in him. He'd had the advantage and thrown it away just as quick but he'd never fought anything like these mutants before. The animal approached him with murderous intent in his eyes, he wanted it to end and Dick had little chance of escape.

The blood came out of nowhere, coating his face with only the parts covered by his mask clean. He was expecting his own demise when the object cut right through the animal's forehead. He was sure it was a playing card but he didn't know of any type that would do that, not even one of Bruce’s toys.

The two people who now stood over him looked human, the girl even looked cute. But the blackness took over as he raised his arm, an unknown third person knocking him out.

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Re: The Expansion
« Reply #4 on: May 18, 2019, 05:16:13 AM »
The Descent of Nightwing Part 2

Dick woke up in a grey room; grey ceiling, grey walls and a grey floor. If this was heaven, he would need to sue the Pope for false advertisement. He looked around the room but there was no hint of his location, the bed wasn’t on a gurney and there wasn't any windows. He looked down his body to see that he was naked, someone had stripped him of everything including his mask. They had seen his face so could expose him to anyone; the rogues gallery could find out that Nightwing was an orphan circus boy adopted by Bruce Wayne. That would lead them to the Bat.

The last thing Dick remembered was the beast standing over him, the killing strike only moments away. But the blow never came; the beast died and two figures appeared before the black came over him. The two of them must have taken him but why? Dick wasn’t the self deprecating type but he wasn’t important enough to be held captive. Even if it was to find out where Batman had gone, Bruce had gone radio silent on even him. Deep down he knew that Bruce would be in Batcave but he couldn’t guarantee it. 

The door came ajar and he noticed a face pop in to check on him. It was a grizzled face of experience but there was no care in his eyes. He didn’t seem bothered about Dick and stepped aside to let in a small asian girl whose wardrobe choice dazzled in colour. Dick was never the tallest but he was bigger than the yellow jacketed girl who closed the door behind her leaving the two alone.

Dick forgot he was naked and never once thought to cover himself, the girl taking a moment to look over his body. He had numerous scars and scrapes but his torso was covered by a bandage. Her eyes then dropped his crotch and Dick remembered, his hands dropping down to cover his genitals.

“Bit late for that fly boy, I’ve seen it all already. And how tasty it looks.”

“Where am I? Who are you? Why am I here?”

“Jesus, so many questions. I thought you were Nightwing, not The Riddler.”

“I’m serious..” he said as he stepped forward. “Where am I?”

“Wow, you’re sexy when you’re angry.” she said with a little giggle. “I’ll give you all the answers you want but you gotta give me what I want.”

“And what’s that?” Dick asked as she stepped forward.

The girl look ahold of his hands and pushed them to his side, his penis once again flying free. She smiled again at him and started to massage his cock into its full length, something she appeared quite impressed with.

“A good start.” she said as she took a step back and took off her yellow jacket.

The girl seemed to wear a lot of necklaces and they made a clacking noise as she dropped them onto the floor. She kicked her boots to the side before stopping and looked directly at Dick.

“Move onto the bed and I’ll give you your first answer.”

Nightwing did as she said and looked at her from a sitting position.

“I’m Jubilee.”

“That wasn’t my first question.” Dick replied as he felt her hand go to his chest.

She pushed him down onto his back before sliding off her top and throwing it to the side. Her bra was see through and he could see her dark nipples standing on end, this foreplay was certainly exciting her and Dick had to admit that he liked it too.

“It wasn’t but it’s the first question I wanted to answer.”


Her hands disappeared up her skirt and returned with a pink thong. This time she didn’t discard the item of clothing but threw it onto his face. A reflex action took over and he could smell her juices on them.

“Because I want you to know what to moan.”

Dick moved his hands to take the thong off of his face and Jubilee had already walked to his side. She whipped her leg over his body and straddled his lap, forcing him to look up at her. His erect cock slid into her moist pussy and she let out a satisfied moan.

“Oh yes, that's a good feeling. Answer two, you're here because you were hurt so we're helping you recover.”

“Where are we?” Dick asked as he attempted to sit up.

Jubilee placed a finger on his lips as she closed her eyes and started to move up and down. He could feel his cock slide in and out of her as the juices did little to loosen her tightness. She closed her eyes to enjoy the pleasure and Dick was surprised by how excited he was.

Jubilee grabbed his hands and brought them to her breasts. Still clad in her bra but her thick nipples pressed hard against the lacy material. She didn't need to show him what to do as he went straight to kneading them. Another moan came out of her mouth as she bounced on his cock sensuality, enjoying the feel of his length rubbing against her lips.

“Oh, your pussy is so tight.”

“And your cock is so big!” she moaned as Dick ripped her bra apart unleash her breasts.
The former Robin leaned up and took her left nipple into his mouth, his tongue circling around it. Jubilee loved her big nipples having attention and held Dick’s head in place.

“Bite me.” She moaned.

He bit down as she asked and heard her moaning, the motion of her bouncing on his cock increased. Jubilee’s fingers ran through his hair as she praised the Lord.

“Oh God yeah, that’s the place. I'm so close!”

Dick switched between nipples and bit down on her other one. Her body shook as though an electrical current ran through her as the full length of her cock pushed into her pussy.

“I'm so almost there.” the girl yelled out as she yanked his head back.

Jubilee pushed him back down onto the bed as she grinded her pussy into him. He watched her pert breasts heave as she bounced more preparing for her orgasm. He knew he wasn't far off either.

“Yes! “Yes! Yes!” she screamed as the orgasm hit.

He could feel her pussy instantly get wetter as her juices exploded inside. Her eyes were closed and her hands run through her hair as she bounced through, enjoying every moment of the sensation. He moved his hands towards her breasts but she batted him away. She held Dick’s hands at a safe distance as she slowed down her grinding, the last wisps of orgasmic pleasure going through her body.

She looked at the man below her and knew she’d done exactly what was needed to entice him, she just needed to complete it. Jubilee raised herself off of him and moved off the bed, standing to the side of him. She lowered her lips to his cock and took him into her mouth, tasting her own juices on him. Jubilee allowed her hands to massage his tight balls as she aggressively sucked at him; all she needed was to taste him.

Dick remained on his back as the mutant sucked down on his cock, her head bobbing up and down so he could only slightly see her face. She was very beautiful and enchanting, she definitely knew how to suck a cock. He wanted to put his hands on her head but he knew she’d knock them away. He just enjoyed the pleasure he was feeling.

Jubilee ran her tongue along his cock head as she sucked on him, his balls feeling tighter in her hands. It wouldn’t be much longer so she started to brace herself to receive his seed. Jubilee took her second hand and ran it up his shaft to jack him off to compliment the sucking and she could hear the boy grunt. Her mouth was over his cock and could feel the precum come out moments before the first shot of cum landed on her gums. He tasted sweet and she continued to suck him off to take more of his white liquid in her mouth. She could see his abdominal muscles strain as she had the entire length of his cock in her mouth; his body was outstanding. As his load started to slow down, she let him out of her mouth and lapped at his remaining spunk.

After Jubilee finished, she sat up on the bed and looked over his body. She knew he’d be muscly, all superheroes were, but she didn’t expect so many scars from the years of action. Whatever the Bat had got him to do, it had taken a toll on him.

“My God, you’re amazing.”

“Thank you.” she replied with a giggle. “Maybe if you stick around, we can explore some other options.”

“You haven’t told me where I am to stick by.”

“That’s not really my place to say. Get some clothes on Nightwing and I’ll take you to the answers.”

“Clothes on?” Dick asked. “Where am I going?”

“To meet the man who saved your life.” Jubilee replied.

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Re: The Expansion
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Ultimately, for Rogue, it came down to either Wakanda or Metropolis, and since the last thing she wanted was to involve herself in the Wakandan civil war (at least not yet, she was pretty sure that getting involved in that clusterfuck was inevitable, she just wanted to delay it for as long as possible), she headed for Metropolis.

She wanted make sure that Lex wasn't lying to her, she still didn't trust him all that much and if he tried anything, she wanted to help put him down.

With those thoughts in her head, she pointed her car towards Metropolis and made it to her destination in almost record time.

It had taken only a few days and she barely slept the whole way, finding no survivors in any of the decimated areas she drove by on her way to Metropolis.

She was a little tired when she finally got there, but she paid that no mind.

Sleep, after all, was often a superheroes worst enemy.

A lesson every superhero had learned time and time again.

All he'd said to her was there was an urgent mission he needed her for, leaving no details what so ever.

That made her curious enough to ask him what was going on in person.

She walked into Lex Corps. headquarters and was immediately treated like a movie star.

People rushed over to her to make sure she was comfortable, they offered her whatever she wanted and made sure that she would instantly get what she needed while she waited for Lex's meeting to finish.

It was clear that they had been told that treating her well was a major priority and, she had to admit, she liked the treatment.

For the most part it was a hard life out there as a superhero, especially one who often spent time in places that reminded her of the death and destruction that the Expansion brought) and she rarely got treated this well (outside of whenever she was around T'Challa).

In fact when she did find a survivor, they usually people who hated superheroes for adapting so well to the post Expansion world but they still needed their help so they accepted it, even if they let her know how they felt about her and her kind as she giving them that help.

It was incredibly annoying to her to say the least.

After a while, the wait was over and she was finally sent in to meet with Lex.

His office was huge and he sat behind a massive desk.

"Rogue, as always it's fantastic to see you." He greeted with a handshake.

Rogue gave him her usual lukewarm greeting towards him in response.

Lex always seemed to take her coolness towards him in stride.

He gave her a long winded speech about the importance of this mission, but gave her little idea of what it actually was.

By the end she was incredibly annoyed at him and his self aggrandizing speech.

"Alright now that your 30 hour speech is over, what do you actually want from me?" She snapped, she had gotten better about keeping her temper in check, but wasting her time was a quick way for that temper to come out.

Her blunt response surprised Lex a bit.

"Perhaps I was a bit long winded, my apologies." He said, although he was half assing it.

It was clear to Rogue that he wasn't a man that liked to apologize, but he wanted to stay on her good side.

"There's a section of people in Metropolis who I believe are plotting against mutants on behalf of an anti-mutant fanatic named Christoph that emerged after the Expansion, I want you to find out if my suspicions are true." he said.

The name Christoph got her attention which mean that her curiosity led her to she immediately agree to the mission.

Even far away from Metropolis, she'd heard the guy was a nasty piece of work and she wanted to see just how bad he really was.

She did wonder this was a set up between Lex and Christoph.

She'd learned to keep her head on a swivel these days.

Especially when Lex Luthor was involved.

Her trust wasn't easily earned, and she knew that Lex was well aware that everyone had told her just the type of person he used to be, but she'd give him the benefit of the doubt and, if this worked, she'd certainly be more willing to trust him in the future.

But, for now, Rogue was on the trail of Christoph and she was gonna make sure that found out what happened.

She just hoped this would give her plenty of heads to crack, she had a lot of pent up frustration to work out.

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