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Like a Boss Part 7
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Becky Lynch or Alexa Bliss or Bayley or Emma or Paige or Sasha Banks or any other former or current WWE diva. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Codes: Anal, Humi, FF+, Oral, Rim, Toys

Like a Boss Part 7
by MTL (mtl_17.feedback@yahoo.co.uk)

"Listen up bitches!" Sasha Banks announced as she walked into the main women's locker room like she owned the place, because now she did, "From now on, all of your asses belong to me. I'm the NXT Alpha female, and I'm here to claim my rightful role as Alpha female of the entire WWE."

There was a long moment of silence, followed by sniggering, Natalya going so far as to quip, "Yeah, you and everyone else in this locker room."

"Shut your face fuck hole!" Sasha snapped, getting into the veteran's face, "Everybody here knows you've never been anything other than a lackey. First for Beth, then for AJ Lee, and now what? Are you bending over for the Bellas too?"

"You little..." Natalya began, but then Sasha smacked her, causing her to cry out loudly.

"You little what?" Sasha smiled, and then when there was no reply she nodded, and began feeling up Natalya's fat ass, "Yeah, that's what I thought. Mmmmmm, but I get it. With an ass this fuck-able, how could you be anything but an anal loving bottom? Ohhhhhh, and don't worry Nat, I promise I'll be butt fucking you soon enough. But tonight, I'm here to get an extra special piece of ass."

"You must be talking about me." Nikki Bella boasted, walking over to Sasha and holding up her title, "Yeah, who do you think you are, huh? Coming in here like some kind of big shot. This is my time now. I'm the one with the title, I'm-"

Sasha knocked her out in less than a second, then stared at her in disbelief, "Wow, how did this worthless bitch ever beat anyone?"

"Easy." Emma announced as she and Paige entered the locker room, "AJ Lee wanted out, and didn't care any more, and Paige was never as tough as she claimed to be. Trust me, I know."

Ignoring that, and a bit scared that her teammate was now unconscious, Alicia whined, "Paige! Put this NXT bitch in her place."

"Oh, Paige won't ever be doing that again." Sasha announced gleefully, "See, I could have just come in here and taken what was rightfully mine, but I'm feeling generous, so I'll sweeten the deal... Paige, show my new bitch is my handiwork. You to Emma, just for the fun of it."

"Yes Sasha." Emma eagerly replied and obeyed.

"Yes Sasha." Paige replied and obeyed just as eagerly, surprising Sasha and even herself.

Sasha quickly brushed it off because she had a job to do, and more importantly she had to stand proud otherwise her message wouldn't come out loud and clear. That message of course being that she was the new Alpha female, Emma and Paige very much helping her cause by coming to stand the side of her, after Sasha had moved to the center of the room, turning around, bending over and slowly pulling down their bottoms, exposing their bottoms. More importantly exposing the fact that their asses were both freshly fucked and gaping wide open, something which was made even more clear by Sasha's bitches spreading their cheeks. For good measure Bayley, Alexa Bliss and a few more NXT sluts joined in, and even a few from the main roster, making Sasha's case pretty much a slam dunk.

"Here's the deal." Sasha announced after giving her new bitches a chance to admire the older ones, "You except your rightful places, and you can top any of the bitches you see right here bent over besides me. Even the once mighty Paige. Oh yes, no one else could break her, but now I've got the first NXT women's champion and Alpha female eating out of the palm of my hand, isn't that right Paige?"

"That's right." Paige quickly agreed, looking at Sasha like she hung the moon, "I'm yours Sasha. All yours."

"So, do we have a deal? Or does anyone want to step up and challenge me?" Sasha smirked, officially throwing down the gauntlet like no one had done in like a year. Then after a few long seconds of the other so-called wrestlers looking apprehensive or disbelieving she pushed forwards, "Great, it's settled then. I'm in charge now. And I feel like celebrating. But how? Oh, I know... Becky, bend over."

"What?" Becky Lynch frowned, asking with disbelief, "Me?"

"Yes, you." Sasha patronised, "You're mine, unless you want to try and do something about it."

There was a brief silence, then Becky stepped forward and murmured softly, "I thought we had an understanding."

"We do." Sasha shrugged, "And you've been a big help, really, but I'm finally ready to take what's mine."

Another brief silence, and then Becky announced, "I fucked her in the arse, ya know? Many, many times."

"So?" Emma scoffed.

"Do you know how many times AJ Lee got ass fucked before she became Alpha female?" Paige pointed out, "Or how many times I got away with acting like a top after being butt fucked? Mmmmmm yeahhhh, taking it up the ass in the past means nothing. It's all about the state of mind."

"And your new state of mind is, fuck hole?" Becky grumbled.

"Yes." Paige beamed proudly.

"You know what, fine." Becky grumbled, getting in Sasha's face, "I challenge you, but when I win, I'm making you my bitch once and for all!"


That got dangerously close to happening quite a few times as Becky and Sasha fought like it was the main event of Wrestlemania, instead of just a random house show, because for them it basically was. Everything was on the line, including the future of the WWE women's division. But just when she was seconds away from tapping Sasha managed to reverse a Disarm-Her into the Bank Statement for the victory. Of course it took ages for Becky to actually tap, even though they both knew it was over, but Sasha couldn't remember being more satisfied when her rival let out a cry of frustration and slapped her hand down on the mat several times, signifying she was tapping out like a little bitch. Which was exactly what Becky Lynch would be from now on, Sasha promised herself that.


"Alright, fine!" Becky snapped as soon as a smirking Sasha stepped through the curtain, and hissed, "But we do this back at mine, or yours."

"No." Sasha said dismissively, already walking towards the locker room.

"But... but..." Becky complained in disbelief, "But I didn't force you to submit to me publicly when the roles were reversed."

"That was your mistake." Sasha shrugged, looking over her shoulder and grinning, "Awww Becky, don't pout. Although, it is awfully cute. But seriously, you'll love it. I promise."

For a few long seconds Becky stayed rooted to the spot, and then she grumbled, "You'll pay for this Sasha."

"I'm sure." Sasha patronized, even though she believed her competition. Then once they were both back in the locker room again she turned around and grinned, "Now, be a good little bottom and give your new top a kiss."

"Ya not my top." Becky grumbled, closing the distance between them.

"I will be." Sasha promised with a grin, before Becky pressed her lips to hers.

Which caused Becky to growl into the kiss right from the go, although Sasha found that kind of amusing, so much so she chuckled into the kiss, making it very awkward at first. They almost pulled away from each other and started again, but instead they both kind of melted into it. Just like they did with pretty much every other kiss they'd ever had, the shift in the power dynamic momentarily forgotten and they became just two girls kissing. Then Becky had to spoil it by trying to take control of the kiss, something Sasha absolutely couldn't allow to happen now she was pretty much officially the WWE Alpha female, but especially in front of her bitches. So she tried to take control of the kiss, but Becky in no way made it easy for her, the kiss quickly devolving into a fight between their tongues until they both pulled back desperate for breath.

Furious that the little battle had ended at best in a draw Sasha angrily ordered, "Strip for me bitch! Mmmmmm yeah, and make it nice and slow. Oh yeah Lynch, as of right now you’re my personal stripper, so put on a good show for me and my bitches. Yeahhhhhh, let's officially celebrate my coronation as THE Alpha female with a nice slow striptease from you. At least for starters."

For a few long seconds Becky looked like she was going to object, maybe even storm out in a huff to try and regroup. Something Sasha had ordered Paige and Emma to stop if necessary, which Sasha hoped wasn't the case as they looked so good in their current position, still bending over for her with the other NXT bitches waiting for permission to stop humiliating themselves. Thankfully it didn't come to that, Becky eventually doing as she was told, and even though she didn't put any effort into making it look good the way she grumbled and pouted throughout was adorable. Becky also barely looked at her, at least until Sasha was the one showing her how it's done, the NXT women's champion loving how her rival, and every other woman, stared at her with lust the entire time.

"Come here." Sasha ordered with a come-hither motion when she was naked, Becky strolling up to her as bold as brass and getting into her face, making Sasha grin with wicked delight, "Good bitch. Now, get on your knees and eat my pussy. Awww, I told you, there's no need for pouting. I mean, it's not like you haven't done it before."

Becky couldn't resist smirking at those words, which was a masterful manipulation of the truth. They had been fucking each other like crazy for quite a while, so because of course Becky had gone down on Sasha, but it was more returning the favor as Sasha was just such a good little rug muncher. But while Becky had tongued Sasha's twat many times it had never been like this before. Not with Sasha in a dominant position, like she was implying. Which would be so easy to point out, but Becky was so impressed by the manipulation she couldn't help but to give her rival this moment of triumph, even nodding her silent congratulations as she got down on her knees in front of her. Then she paused to take a few long seconds to admire the view, before getting down to some muff diving fun.

She had always thought Sasha was incredibly beautiful, but it was weird to see her from this angle, and Becky had to admit, there was an appeal to staring up at this tiny girl, almost making her feel like she was towering over her. And of course, she was getting a great look at these perky little boobs and Sasha's unsurprisingly wet pussy. Becky even found herself licking her lips with anticipation of the sweet flavor she knew so well. First though she would annoy Sasha by leaning in and pressing a few gentle kisses to the outside of her rival's cunt, which was all it took to make the natural switch squirm with frustration, grab Becky's hair and push it forwards, and when that wasn't enough give her some verbal encouragement.

"I said eat my pussy bitch!" Sasha growled, "Eat it! Mmmmmm, fucking eat it or I'll spank your naughty little ass! Don't think I won't. Oh, maybe I'll drag you out to the middle of the ring and do it there. Would you like that, huh? To get your ass spanked by the woman who just kicked it, mmmmmm, in front of all the fans, oh yes, oooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss, lick me, mmmmmm fuck!"

While Becky was tempted to tease the bitch for even longer she just couldn't resist licking that pussy any longer. Especially when it had the result of making Sasha incoherent. Of course inevitably she regained her voice, and started her insistent taunting again, but for a few precious moments Becky was able to make The Boss an incoherent mess just from some well timed licks to her cunt. To be fair she was cheating a little bit by lingering on Sasha's clit, especially during that first long lick, but it was nothing her rival hadn't done to her in the past, and she was expecting similar treatment later when it was her turn to be on the receiving end. And worse, Becky tried not to think about that right now and just focus on the yummy treat in front of her.

It was actually kind of easy, because in her admittedly biased opinion Sasha Banks had the tastiest twat in the entire WWE. Admittedly she didn't have as much experience as that submissive slut Paige, having spent more time getting her cunt munched than actually munching cunt herself, but again there were plenty of times where she had been in bed with Sasha and felt generous enough to return the favour, or slip into a nice 69. So as long as she could shut out Sasha's taunting, and the fact that they were surrounded by their fellow female wrestlers, Becky was really able to get into the pussy licking and swallowing of the tasty juices which were her reward. Besides, it was a distraction from what she was doing, which only got better as Sasha became greedily for attention.

Paige was so jealous of Becky right now. She would have been without Sasha breaking her, except then she would have to pretend not to be. Now her wonderful new Mistress had put her in her place Paige didn't have to pretend any more. No, she could gleefully expose her loosened arse hole, and stare with shameless longing where Becky Lynch was now kneeling in front of Sasha Banks, Paige making it absolutely clear that she wanted to be the one tonguing The Boss. Of course she already knew she would soon get the opportunity to do just that, it just wouldn't be quite the same. Just not quite as tasty. But it would be pleasing Sasha Banks, and that was all that mattered to her now. That and getting dominated by superior women.

Then suddenly Sasha paused her taunting of Becky to call over her shoulder, "Paige, Emma, get your asses over here and start kissing my ass! Mmmmmm yesssssssss, I'm loving Becky's tongue lapping my cunt like the pussy hungry dyke she is, but I want more. So much more. Ooooooooh yessssssss, I want you two to eat my ass! Ohhhhhhhh, fuck yes, eat it in front of everyone! Oh fuck!"

For a few long seconds Sasha trailed off because of something Paige was doing, which made the submissive bitch feel really good about herself. That thing was of course to mumble 'yes Sasha' way too quickly for anyone to hear, then quickly moved behind her Mistress as quietly as she could, kneeled down behind her and stuck her face in between her cheeks. Oh yes, that was so satisfying for Paige, the broken slut grinning widely as she spent a few long seconds tonguing Sasha's bum hole, before pulling back so Emma could have a turn. Emma of course had copied her lead up to this point, the big difference between them being that the blonde spent a few long seconds covering Sasha's arse cheeks in kisses before pushing her face in between them and licking her arse hole.

They then went back and forth for quite a while, this time Paige following Emma's lead and kissing some arse all the way, although mostly it was when it wasn't her turn to worship Sasha's back hole. Which was nice, as it was hard to think of anything more submissive than literally becoming an arse kisser, especially while surrounded by a group of her peers, and better yet peers she had previously dominated. But mostly when it was her turn with Sasha's bum hole Paige concentrated all her efforts on that, tonguing it eagerly and making her Mistress cry out, whimper and moan in pure pleasure. Admittedly Becky had a lot to do with that, and was getting the better part of the deal, but Paige and Emma were definitely contributing, and that was all that mattered in the moment.

Especially as it seemed to satisfy Sasha for quite a while, before inevitably she wanted more. Which of course Paige and Emma were only too happy to give her, and as Sasha didn't really specify exactly what she wanted them to do, they were able to improvise a bit. That included each taking a cheek and spread it wide apart so they could get all the access they could possibly want to that forbidden orifice, and start licking it together, to the point where they were practically kissing with Sasha's arse hole between them. Also they took turns spitting on that incredibly private hole, often rubbing each other's saliva in with their tongues. Then finally they were pushing their tongues into Sasha's back door, and while they didn't get quite as far as they did when Sasha had been freshly fucked back there they still got pretty deep.

Sasha knew it was more important than ever for her to be able to hold back to show off her control and dominance in front of the bitches surrounding her, both the conquered ones and especially the ones which she was claiming right now. Most of all, she needed to hold back so she could prove to Becky that she was done being a switch, and she was now going to be a pure top. Of course Becky wasn't making it easy on her, taking any excuse to touch her clit, and constantly increasing the speed of the licks despite being told off for doing so. Which became increasingly hard for Sasha to do, because that hot little mouth and tongue which was making her feel so good, especially with Emma and Paige doing similar work to her back door.

Then Sasha actually made it worse on herself by ordering, "Bayley! Mmmmmm, Alexa, oooooooh, get over here and suck my tits! Oh yes, suck them good! Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, suck 'em!"

"Yes Sasha." Alexa quickly responded.

"Yes Sasha." Bayley responded quickly after that.

Of course there was a strategic advantage to increasing the pleasure Sasha was receiving like this, namely that it would give her an excuse if she requested, or worse begged, for more sooner than she would have liked. And if she could hold back? Now that would truly be impressive. And to Sasha's credit, she didn't immediately start begging for more when first Alexa and then Bayley wrapped their hot little mouths around her nipples and began gently sucking on them, bringing the grand total of bitches worshipping her amazing body up to five. Which actually was a new experience for her, but the added bonus of doing it in front of the main roster was such a great addition, which inevitably proved to be too much for her.

To her credit Sasha was able to hold back for an impressively long time, but inevitably she cried out, "More! Fuck me you bitches! Fuck my fucking fuck holes with your whore tongues! Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, fuck 'em good! Ohhhhhhh, come on bitches, fuck me! And Bayley, mmmmmmm, you call that sucking on tits? God, after all the fun I've had playing with your tits you'd think you know better? Yeahhhhhhhh, pay attention to what Alexa is doing, mmmmmmm, and just do that. Ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yessssssssss, Paige, Emma, that's perfect! Munch my butt just like that! Just like that, ooooooooh fuck! But Becky, mmmmmmm, you've gotta pick up your game. Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, you better get to tongue fucking  you dyke slut or else, OH GOD! Oh God, oh God, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooodddddddddd yeeeeeeeessssssss, ooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh!"

Whether she meant to or not, and the safe bet was on not, Becky did her a favour by holding back as it gave Sasha time to grab the back of both the head of Alexa and Bayley and shove them firmly against her boobs, that and her words giving them the encouragement they needed to really go to town on her nipples. Oh yes, they began licking and sucking them good, and with increasing force, while Paige and Emma pretty much did that right from the get go. Something which Sasha got a few long minutes to savour, that and the sheer moment of this. And of course do what she did best, talk trash. Besides, it wasn't like Becky wasn't doing anything, as with the permission she had been waiting for she began focusing on Sasha's clit, licking and sucking with increasing intensity until The Boss thought she was going to cum from it.

Just when Sasha was on the edge of orgasm Becky pushed her tongue as deep as it would go into her cunt, instantly triggering one of the most powerful climaxes of the NXT women's champion's life. Of course it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, as all of her bitches work to maximise her pleasure, but maybe especially Becky. Which was probably because Becky was just lost in the moment, but Sasha like to imagine that her rival actually accepted her place as her bitch. Or at least she soon would do, that being the last coherent thought Sasha had for a while, although it echoed in her mind over the next few heavenly minutes, which ensured a wide and almost psychotic smile was glued to her face pretty much the entire time.

Becky hated the fact that Sasha now had the upper hand on her, but it wasn't the first time it happened, and it probably wouldn't be the last. Every other time so far Becky had been able to turn the tables on the shorter girl, and she was determined that this time would be no different. Which was why she was constantly pushing the boundaries of what she could do throughout the pussy licking, and then when it came time to actually give Sasha her best Becky held back and instead bought The Boss to the edge of climax before actually giving her one. Then of course she gave her as many orgasms as possible to make sure it was easier to turn the tables on her. Or at least exhaust Sasha so much that she wouldn't be able to capitalise on her advantage.

However while making Sasha cum as hard and as frequently as she could was her main goal, Becky just couldn't help sliding her tongue out of the other woman, wrapping her mouth around her entrance, and swallowing as much of that heavenly girl cum as she could. She just couldn't help it, as it had been her favourite thing about treating Sasha to this kind of thing, and in fact there were times where Becky had to remind herself she was supposed to be a top, because she wanted to do it more often, but it was more of a bottom thing to do in her eyes. But now? Oh now she got to indulge in her love for girl cum, swallowing every drop of that first orgasm, and most of the ones that followed.

Which was pretty heavenly for a while, Becky able to switch back and forth between tongue fucking the girl cum out of Sasha's cunt and then swallowing it for a few blissful minutes, before of course The Boss just had to ruin it. Namely by grabbing the back of Becky's head and pushing it as deep into her cunt as it would go, and then beginning to grind her pussy into her face. Which meant of course that the majority of the girl cum ended up covering her face, instead of ending up in her belly were it belonged. Which felt like even more of a top thing for Sasha to do. And a bottom thing for Becky to take. But of course, that moment Becky had no choice, which was almost as frustrating as the fact that everyone else was seeing her like this.

The only saving grace was that she wasn't alone, as it was likely the others were receiving the same treatment, especially Paige who Sasha would want to make a point of humiliating. Of course that still meant Becky had to wallow in that humiliation for several minutes, until she thought she may receive the mercy of passing out, which would prevent Sasha from sodomising her. Sadly she wasn't so lucky, and she was pulled out of Sasha's twat at the last possible moment. Instead of being given a chance to breathe her face was shoved against Paige's, the broken bitch immediately starting to kiss her because of it, and despite herself Becky just couldn't resist doing the same. Not when it meant that they could share the taste of Sasha's yummy juices.

"That's it bitches, kiss! Mmmmmm, share my juices just like that. Oh fuck, that's so hot. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, I love watching bitches kissing!" Sasha gleefully taunted, before turning her attention away from her favourite pets to the rest, "Yeah, all of you bitches kiss for me. Except you Emma. Oh yeah, I want you to get me a cock, so I can fuck Becky up the butt."

"Yes Sasha." Emma replied, along with everyone else.

Emma was quick to obey, because strap-ons were very easy to find in a WWE women's locker room. Hell, AJ Lee had inserted a rule where a table was filled up with sex toys, courtesy of the biggest bottoms in the locker room just so they could guarantee they would be something on hand to fuck them with, and Emma had been one of those bottoms for about a year now, so she knew exactly where to find the strap-ons. So she grabbed one, and some lube, and then kneeled in front of Sasha and held out the harness. Without another word Sasha stepped in to the straps and allowed Emma to pull it up her legs and tighten it around her waist. Then she held out her hand for the lubricant.

"Gimme that lube." Sasha ordered, smirking as she received it and then quickly pouring some on her cock and then rubbing it in as she ordered, "Becky, bend over like the bitch you are! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, it's time for you to become my bitch."

"Fuck you Sasha." Becky grumbled, but did as she was told without hesitation.

"Yeahhhhhh, that's what where about to do Becky. Fuck. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, I'm about to fuck you in the ass and make you my bitch." Sasha grinned triumphantly, still staring at Becky's beautiful bottom as she ordered, "Emma, go eat Becky's butt. Get it nice and ready for me to fuck. Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, good girl. Eat it good and make her moan like an anal loving whore!"

"Yes Sasha." Emma eagerly replied and did as she was told.

The reply was more of a mumble as Sasha predictably kept talking trash, and Emma was eager to obey the command, quickly positioning herself behind Becky and burying her face in between her meaty cheeks. For a few long seconds Emma treated herself to being surrounded by ass, then she pulled those cheeks apart so everyone could get a good view of her tongue repeatedly sliding over Becky Lynch's most private hole, which of course caused the usually dominant woman to moan. Which was no big deal for her, as Becky made her fellow female wrestlers eat her ass all the time, Emma had frequently been one of those lucky women. However this was different, and everybody knew it. This was Becky being prepared for a butt fucking for the first time, and everyone was eager to see the Irish Lass Kicker getting her anal cherry popped.

While she never had a problem with Becky that definitely included Emma, and she was very curious to see whether Sasha would break another rival or whether the Irish woman would remain defiant. The fact that Sasha had succeeded in breaking Paige when others couldn't was an extremely positive sign, which would make this even more of a show. However if Sasha was going to do that then she would need Becky's ass properly prepared, and Emma did her best to make sure there would be the case, quickly beginning to swirl her tongue around Becky's butt hole instead of just up and down, and then eventually try and push that tongue inside. She didn't get very far, but it was probably enough to make a difference.

After enjoying that show for quite a while Sasha ordered, "Okay Emma, that's enough. Back off and let me get a piece of that ass."

"Yes Sasha." Emma mumbled with disappointment when she removed her tongue from Becky's butt hole.

"And as for you." Sasha smiled, replacing Emma behind Becky and then coolly ordering the Irish woman, "Spread your cheeks and give me your ass."

This time there was no insulting comeback, but there was a bit of hesitation before with a soft whimper Becky did as she was told, slowly reaching back and pulling her cheeks apart, exposing her most private hole to the woman intent on conquering her. Everyone just stared at that beautiful sight for a little while, and then Sasha slowly pushed a finger into that forbidden hole, making herself and Becky cry out. Of course the difference was that Sasha's was of pure pleasure, while Becky's was of discomfort and humiliation. Meanwhile while she was slowly watching that finger disappear into that back door Emma let out a little cry of disappointment, which was drowned out by the others, as she wished she was the one about to get butt fucked.

"Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm, virgin tight! Oh fuck, there's nothing better than a virgin tight bitch hole." Sasha moaned dreamily, "Oh yeah, it's been ages since I had some virgin ass, and believe me Becky, I'm going to enjoy this."

Sasha then pulled her finger out of Becky's butt hole and replaced it with her cock. Arguably she should have spent longer on the fingering, especially for a virgin ass, but she wanted her rival to feel the pain of it and wallow in the humiliation of her defeat. Which she clearly achieved given the way that the more muscular wrestler whimpered pathetically as her most private hole began stretching for a dildo, and then cried out loudly when that anal ring stretched wide enough for the head of the strap-on to slide through it and into her virgin rear, meaning Sasha had done it! She had got Becky's butt cherry! Which was pretty much the thing she most wanted in the entire world. So of course, she had to taunt Becky about it.

"I did it! I got your cherry!" Sasha exclaimed with delight, "Mmmmmm, I got your anal cherry Becks, and now your ass is mine. Just like soon, your whole body will be mine."

Again there was no response from Becky, but she continued spreading her cheeks, allowing Sasha the best possible view of the first few inches of her cock stretching the other girl's back door. Which was a sight which Sasha couldn't help savouring for a few long seconds, before she began slowly pushing inch, after inch, after inch into Becky's bowels. As planned this caused the other female wrestler to cry out and whimper in mostly pain and humiliation as she was anally defiled, Sasha confident that she could make her rival love it later, but for now she was more than happy with this response from Becky. Especially as the other woman continued giving her the best possible view of the butt stuffing.

The full anal penetration seemed to last hours, and yet only seconds, to Sasha, and probably Becky too, because as much as she tried to savour this precious act in some ways it only felt like seconds when her thighs came to rest against the other woman's butt cheeks, announcing that every inch of the dildo was buried deep within the redhead's rectum. Sasha again paused to savour that fact, but this time she, and everyone else around her, was uncharacteristically silent. Because really, what else was there left to say? Becky Lynch's back door cherry was hers, and the entire length of her cock was up her ass. Surely no one could argue that at least in this moment Becky Lynch was her bitch? Something Sasha was determined to make permanent between them.

With that in mind she eventually started pulling inch after inch of strap-on out of Becky's butt hole, only to push every single inch back in, and then repeat the process, and thus officially start butt fucking her fellow female wrestler. Butt fucking Becky Lynch! That's what Sasha was doing. Oh yes, Sasha was fucking Becky's virgin butt, and it was more satisfying than she could possibly have imagined. Which was saying something, as she had fantasised about this a lot, especially when she was bent over and taking it up the ass for this ginger bitch. Which was why Sasha had only really got started taking her revenge, as she planned to make this butt fucking as long and as brutal as possible, and she had lots of wicked ideas how to do it thanks to all that time being Becky's bitch.

Paige was the only other person in the locker room who knew exactly what Becky was in for, and more importantly was one of the ones who had experienced it first-hand. Which ironically made her feel both extremely sorry for Becky, and extremely jealous of her. She wouldn't have thought the latter would be possible just a short time ago, but even back then when she had been desperately trying to convince herself she was a top, an miserable because of it, she would have been jealous of Becky at that moment. The only real difference was that now she had embraced her submissive side she was even more jealous than she would have been before, and could feel her loose and open back hole and back passage quiver with jealousy.

If Paige concentrated really hard it was almost like she was being anally taken by Sasha again. Or any number of the women surrounding her, most of whom had violated her arse with a nice big dildo at this point. Sasha would probably be mad if she admitted it, but Paige even found herself thinking back to AJ Lee robbing her of her anal cherry, forcing the feelings of humiliation and pain upon her that Becky was now experiencing. Of course the big difference there was that at least Paige had suffered that first indignity when they were alone, making it easier for her not to break. Becky didn't have that luxury, although for better or for worse it meant that she'd soon be getting a break from the humiliating sodomy.

Which came in the form of Sasha abruptly pulling her cock out of Becky's back door and offering, "So, who wants to taste some ass?"

"I do, I do!" Paige quickly responded, which admittedly was cheating because she knew it was coming.

Because of this Sasha gave her a knowing smirk before ordering, "Okay then, but then you got to give somebody else a turn, and not hog the butt cream like the ATM addicted whore you are."

"Yes Sasha, thank you Sasha." Paige quickly responded as she got down on her knees in front of her top.

She then quickly wrapped her lips around that ass flavoured strap-on and then moaned loudly and proudly to further prove that she was a broken bitch, and just how yummy Becky's backside was. Unfortunately even if she hadn't been given instructions before all of this Paige would know that she wasn't allowed to savour that twisted flavour, as this room was full of ATM sluts who thanks to Sasha would be soon be getting their fix. So Paige started rapidly bobbing her head up and down that dildo, taking more each time and sucking the anal cream off of the toy greedily and noisily. Try as she might though Paige was barely able to get that cock down her throat before it was yanked away from her and shoved right back up Becky Lynch's arse, the sudden return of the dick to her back passage making the Irish bitch cry out loudly in pain, although there was noticeable pleasure too.

Despite having been told the plan Paige hoped that she would be given seconds of Becky's butt cream, because it really was just as delicious as she thought it would be. Unfortunately she was now at the back of a very long line, and was forced to watch as one by one every woman in the room was given a turn tasting Becky's bottom. Emma was right after her, no doubt as a thank you for helping breaking Paige in, quickly followed by Sasha's favourite bitches Bayley and Alexa Bliss. After that Sasha started switching between girls from NXT and the main roster, Paige staying close and looking at her top pleadingly for another turn. Sadly it wasn't to be, but Paige was confident that she'd eventually get her chance, and in the meantime she also pleased Sasha, which was all that mattered. As an added bonus, she would get to do something extra wicked with the ginger haired slut.

Becky had somehow managed to avoid receiving the ultimate humiliation for her entire NXT career, and just as she was beginning to think she might be able to continue that streak on the main roster painful reality had hit her hard. The pain of losing her anal cherry was pretty much what she thought it would be, but what truly made this her worst nightmare come true was that she was surrounded by the other WWE divas when it happened. The fact that they were made to taste her arse comforted her somewhat, as they were more shameless than she could ever be, and it was somewhat of a relief to have her bottom free from that bowel wrecking. But of course, any relief was fleeting, both because inevitably the dildo returned to her rectum, and because she actually started to miss it.

Just when she thought this humiliation couldn't get any worse Becky actually started feeling pleasure from being buggered, and soon she had to desperately grit her teeth to stop herself from moaning. As much as she tried to tell herself that she just wasn't that kind of slut deep down Becky had always known this had been a possibility, but she was blown away by how good it actually was. But she couldn't allow herself to break. She just couldn't. She wouldn't! No, Sasha and even Paige for a while managed to prevent themselfs from being broken, and she could do the same. That was what she told herself over and over again as Sasha relentlessly made the other women around them go ass to mouth, to the point where Becky was about ready to do something she didn't want to do, namely give Sasha the satisfaction of hearing her beg to cum.

Then Sasha abruptly ordered, "Paige, go get a cock, strap it onto yourself and then lay down flat on your back. Becky, you ride her with your slutty little ass hole. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, I wanna see a bitch anally riding another bitch. Mmmmmm, that should help you learn your place Becks."

There was a brief pause, and then Paige obediently and submissively replyed, "Yes Sasha."

Even though Becky avoided the temptation to offer a similar reply it didn't really mean anything, because as soon as Sasha pulled her strap-on out of her butt Becky crawled her way over to the now cock equipped Paige, lined up her gaping arse hole with that big dildo and pushed herself downwards. Of course Sasha waited until Paige was equipped to pull out, making sure Becky was as loose as possible back there for the second anal penetration, making it much easier than the first. However it was far more humiliating, because she was forced to anally ride a now thoroughly broken bitch, which made Becky blush and whimper with shame. That, and the fact that again she felt pleasure from this obscene misuse of her shit hole.

That feeling only got worse when she was fully seated on Paige's lap, and then started obediently bouncing up and down the dick, surrounded by other wrestlers no less. And the fact that Sasha walked around so that she could get a good look at the added humiliation on Becky's face. Which again Becky thought would be as humiliating as this would get, and being forced to squirt her cum all over a submissive girl's stomach while she bounced her back hole up and down her strap-on. Again she was wrong. So horribly wrong. Because after enjoying the little show while Becky struggled not to beg to cum again Sasha kneeled back down behind her and stuck a freshly lubed up finger up Becky's bum.

"Aaaaaahhhhhh, what the fook ya doin'?" Becky asked, her Irish accent coming out thick with anger and lust.

"Getting you ready to lose your double anal cherry." Sasha revealed with a sadistic grin.

Which caused a series of gasps to flood the room, and Becky to whimper, "Sasha... I..."

"What?" Sasha pushed, as she added another finger into Becky's butt, "I beat you. That means you do whatever I say. No matter how kinky it is. Of course, I'll let you off... if you beg to be my bitch."

There was a brief pause, then Becky weakly replied, "Never."

"We'll see." Sasha said dismissively, before ordering, "Spread her cheeks for me Paige! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, it's time for me to get another butt cherry from the Irish Lass Kicker."

"Yes Sasha." Paige replied and obeyed again, although this time slightly hesitantly.

Sasha actually felt guilty about inflicting this upon Becky. After all, Becky had never tried to inflict double anal upon her, and Sasha had been getting butt fucked for years, while about an hour ago Becky had been an anal virgin. Honestly Sasha wasn't even sure it was possible to inflict this on such an inexperienced ass hole, and it was cruel to even try, but after everything the other girl had done to her Sasha told herself it was justified. More importantly, she needed to not only establish herself as the Alpha female of the WWE, but someone not to be messed with, and if she was willing to do this to someone she cared about, what would she do to someone she didn't? Which was why she ignored Becky's heart-breaking cries and continued pushing forwards until she actually made some progress.

It was incredibly slow going, but eventually Becky's butt hole did begin to stretch for that second cock, which of course caused the redhead to cry out extra loudly. Which in turn made Sasha grin sadistically, especially because Becky didn't tap out and try and save her own ass from being literally ruined. No, the Irish woman seemed determined to prove that she was tougher than everybody else, which was just fine with Sasha, because it meant eventually her dick stretched Becky's back hole wide enough so that second dildo slide through it and into her ass alongside the first. Of course this made Becky cry out loudly, and Sasha chuckle with wicked delight, and taunt the other girl about her latest conquest.

"And... there goes your double anal cherry!" Sasha chuckled with delight, "Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, your ass is a gift that just keeps on giving Becky. Oh yeah, but we both know you have one more gift left to give me, so how about you give it up, huh? Yeahhhhhhhh, just beg to be my bitch forever and save your ass hole from getting ruined forever, before I change my mind and take the deal off the table."

"Fuck you Sasha!" Becky spat defiantly again, although her words were less confident than before.

Which Sasha just brushed off, "Yeah Becky, that's exactly what I'm doing. I'm fucking you. Mmmmmmm, I'm double fucking your tight little ass hole, and making sure it will never be the same again."

As she unsurprisingly didn't get a response from that, because really what could Becky say, Sasha chuckled with triumph and then pushed forwards even more, causing a few more inches of the cock to slip into the other girl's butt hole. It also caused Becky to cry out again, which continue to be the case during the very long, slow process of forcing that second dick into the redhead's rectum. Again Sasha was expecting Becky to beg for mercy, promise to be her bitch forever, just to save her ass hole from being literally wrecked, but she didn't, and again Sasha couldn't afford to show mercy. So to her surprise she got every inch of that second cock buried in the other female wrestler's most private orifice.

When the obscene double ass stuffing was complete Sasha just stared with disbelief for a few long seconds, like everybody else in the room, then she began pumping her hips back and forth, officially starting the double butt fucking. Which again, caused Becky to cry out, in this case louder than before. Probably because that previously virgin ass was so tight that every time Sasha's dildo slid in and out of that incredibly private hole it caused Paige's strap-on to move with it. To Sasha's credit she wasn't moving very fast, at least not at first, but she could only imagine what kind of effect it was having on poor stubborn Becky. Or at least she would, if she wasn't so very busy staring lustfully at Becky's back hole stretching obscenely for her, and the big cock pumping in and out of it.

Becky thought she knew pain and suffering before, but this was easily worse than even her most horrendous of injuries. Okay, maybe she had been in more physical pain than this, but even then she could rush for relief in the form of a doctor. Now she was stuck in place, just having to take it. Although she might have to see a doctor after this, which would make this an even greater humiliation. Which made her desperately want to get her revenge on Sasha, and yet the same time avoid her entirely, and maybe even wrestling, just so that she could avoid suffering this terrible fate again. And yet, part of her was grateful for it, because at least it stopped her from enjoying it, which was the worst part of all.

Of course Becky should have known from double arse fucking the likes of Bayley and Alexa Bliss that eventually the agonising pain could turn to pleasure, but Becky convinced herself that she was too much of a top for that. But she was wrong. So very, very wrong. Because while losing her double anal virginity was agonising, and getting her back passage stuffed by a second cock, sliding along the first, when the sodomy officially restarted far more extreme than before she felt the pain turned to pleasure again. She tried to fight it more than before, as this was a humiliation she just didn't think she could live with, but it was no use. Eventually agonising pain turned into agonising pleasure, to the point Becky just couldn't stop herself from letting out a moan of pure pleasure.

"I knew it!" Sasha triumphantly exclaimed when the first moan escaped Becky's lips, "I knew you were an ass whore! Mmmmmm, and I'm going to make you my ass whore!"

Which fuelled Becky's anger enough to try offering up a retort, but that just resulted in an extra loud cry of pleasure escaping Becky's mouth, the other women all around her then literally laughing at her humiliation. Probably the best thing for Becky about the double anal was that it had caused the whole world to melt away and the only thing she was aware that there were the two big dicks sliding through her rectum at the same time, causing her unbearable pain, and an unbearable pleasure. After that laughter though she became more aware than ever before that she was suffering the ultimate humiliation in front of the whole locker room full of her peers, amplifying her shame to the point there were literally tears coming out of her eyes. Which was of course when the others started taunting her.

"Wow, two cocks straight up the butt." Natalya shook her head, "What a whore."

"Pathetic slut." Lana scoffed.

"A natural born bitch." Naomi added.

"She almost loves it as much as Paige." Emma said dreamily.

"Not possible honey." Paige chimed in, before turning her full attention to Becky, "Mmmmmm, but she does love it, doesn't she? Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, we can all see it. She loves taking two big dicks up her butt. Yesssssssss, give it up Becky. Become Sasha's bitch. Look at me, I did, mmmmmm, and I've never been happier."

Pretty much to avoid that fate Becky whimpered, "Make me cum! Oh God please Sasha, make me cum! I need to cum! I need to cum like a bitch with a dick in my fooking arse! Please Sasha, ooooooooh, make me your bitch! If you can. Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh, pound my arse hard and deep and make me cum like a bitch! Mmmmmmm yesssssssss, I wanna cum! I need to cum! Please give it to me! Yessssssss, destroy my shit hole! Leave it gaping and aching forever! Just like I did to yours! Yeahhhhhhhhhh, bum me and make me yours like I made you mine. Oh yes, oooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeesssssssss, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Gaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwddddddddd!"

She didn't mean any of those things, Becky told herself, she just desperately needed this humiliation to end before she really did break. So she simply told Sasha everything she wanted to hear to get what she wanted. Unfortunately it was hard for Becky to truly convince herself she didn't want to cum like a bitch with a dick in her arse. Or more accurately two dicks. Two big dicks pounding her most private hole, and to her shame it didn't even take a lot from Sasha to make her cum. No, in the end she barely had to increase her pace to send Becky over the edge of a climax so powerful it immediately robbed her of the ability to think coherently, and the fact that it was followed by another, and another, and another just like it left her pretty much catatonic.

Sasha really wanted to use every ounce of strength to completely wreck Becky's rectum. As revenge? Sure. To send a message to everybody else not to mess with her, and she was the true Alpha female now? Absolutely. But most importantly of all in that moment Sasha felt like she needed Becky Lynch as her permanent little butt slut. After all, she was incredibly hot, and her butt was probably the tightest on the roster. Well, it wouldn't be tight for very long, as Sasha was determined that Becky was going to walk around with a gaping ass hole for the rest of her life, but it would be fun loosening her up. And honestly, Sasha just loved Becky, and desperately wanted to make the other girl hers. She always had, ever since they met, and now this was finally her chance to have her in the way she'd always wanted.

Maybe if Becky was really, really good Sasha would pretend to make a mistake and give Becky a chance to turn the tables on her. Or just be honest with her and let her. Sasha had been forced into the role of the switch so long it would almost feel weird if she didn't. But in that moment, her moment of triumph and total dominance, Sasha would be honestly content if she never bottomed again. To be a pure top and own every single woman in the WWE, especially Becky. It was what she had wanted for so long, and now it was finally in her grasp Sasha was actually crying with joy, like when she had won her first championship. Something she desperately needed to distract herself from. And more importantly everyone else.

So Sasha grabbed a firm hold of Becky's hair, yanked it backwards and started spanking the other girl while yelling, "Take it Becks! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, take it up your bitch ass! I own it! Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, I own this bitch ass of yours, mmmmmm, just like I own you. You hear me Becky? I own your fucking ass! I own all your asses! I'm the Alpha female of the entire WWE and I can do anything I want with any of you! You hear me? This is nothing but a room full of The Boss's Bitches, and all you are Becky is The Boss's Favourite Bitch! Mmmmmm yesssssss, you're my favourite piece of ass, oooooooh shit, especially when you're taking two cocks right up your ass like the total anal whore you are! And you think you could top me? Please! You were born to be my bitch, and now everyone knows it. So take it, oh yeahhhhhhhh, take it like a bitch, while I fuck you like a Boss! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk yessssssssssss, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddddd!"

Which had to make up for Sasha not being able to use every ounce of her strength to bust Becky's butt. Because really, it was a miracle that she had got all of that second cock into an orifice which wasn't designed to fit even one, and a testament to her awesome skills that she had been able to make the other woman cum from such an obscene violation. Well, that and it was proof that Becky's ass was just as slutty as even the likes of Bayley, Alexa and Paige, which was really saying something. Because now she thought about it not using every ounce of her strength to break Becky was a good thing, as it would leave Sasha vulnerable to anyone trying to take her spot. To prevent that she should probably stop sooner, but she just couldn't resist butt fucking the other woman for as long as possible to make sure Becky learned her place.

So Sasha double ass fucked the stubborn Irish woman through climax after climax, and not just for Becky. No, the other ends of the dildos bashing against their cunts and the sheer joy of doing something so twisted to their fellow wrestler ensured that both Sasha and Paige came too, although Sasha held back as long as possible to show off her superiority. And then when it became too much even for her Sasha just pushed herself through it, and the orgasms that followed, until everything just became too much for Becky and she collapsed with exhaustion down onto Paige. Sasha wanted to continue, but she had already pushed this further than was decent, so she showed the redhead some mercy by yanking her cock out of Becky's butt, Paige's cock coming with it as they were jammed in so tight together.

Sasha then ordered Paige, because Becky was probably in no state to obey, "Paige, spread that bitch's cheeks! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, show us all that pretty little gape."

"Yes Sasha." Paige replied and obeyed.

Becky actually found herself slowly returning to consciousness shortly after this, which was unfortunate because she became aware of two things very quickly. One, her arse hole felt like it was as wide and as deep as the Grand Canyon, and two it was being put on display by Paige so that the other WWE divas could all use their phones and take a picture of her ruined back door. Which made little tears of shame and despair rolled down her cheeks as Becky realised she didn't have the physical or emotional strength to stop it. Not that it mattered now, as the pictures were taken by the time she came too, and there was nothing she could do to regain her dominance, at least not while her arse was obscenely open. But she could further humiliate herself, which of course Sasha gave her the chance to do.

"Nice job ladies, now get a few pics of this bitch cleaning my cock." Sasha ordered, "Come on Becky, don't think I don't know you're awake. I still own you, so get over here and suck my dick. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, suck it clean of your nasty butt cream you filthy little whore! Oh fuck yeah, I love it when a girl tastes her own ass on my cock for the first time."

It took a long time for Becky to move, not because she planned on objecting to this latest debauchery, because after what she had been through it was hardly worth making a fuss over. And again, she was so physically and emotionally exhausted for not only losing her anal cherry, but her double anal cherry too, and to a girl who was normally her bitch in front of everyone know less. Besides, this was another act she was more familiar receiving than giving. However there was no way Sasha would simply accept she was too tired to obey, so eventually Becky found the strength to crawl over to the other woman, at which point she closed her eyes and wrapped her mouth around the cock which had just pummelled her rectum.

To be fair this was far from the first time that Becky had tasted arse, but it was the first time she was tasting her own on a cock, and the reality of that made her whimper, blush, and even cry again. Which of course only amplified her humiliation, which made her make those sounds again, which restarted the whole process. Trying to block that out Becky simply concentrated on bobbing her head up and down the dick until the head was hitting the back of her throat, at which point she just concentrated on those first few inches for a while. Of course she knew that Sasha wouldn't be satisfied with that, so before The Boss could start complaining the Lass Kicker started pushing the dildo into her throat.

Although not even that could stop Sasha from demanding, "Yessssssss, suck it slut! Suck it good. Mmmmmmm, accept you're nothing but my little cock sucking slut, ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, and my ass to mouth bitch! Oh yeah, that's what you are Becky. You're sucking your own ass off of my big dick, and that makes you my ATM bitch! Just like you're my rug munching bitch, mmmmmm, and my anal loving bitch. You're just my bitch now Becky, and you're going to have to accept that. But don't worry, I know ya got a thick head, so I'll be happy to pound it into you. Starting by making you deep throat. What, you call that deep throating? Bitch please, I know you've been blown by Paige enough to know the difference, so come on, take every inch for me. Yesssssss, take every single inch of my big dick, which just thoroughly wrecked your virgin ass, down your throat and prove that you accept that you're mine. Mmmmmmm yessssssssss, take it like the bitch you are!"

While she genuinely tried to obey this command Becky really struggled, resulting in Sasha grabbing her head firmly and beginning to literally fuck her face. Thankfully she didn't use that much force, because otherwise Becky would have had to tap out simply out of self-preservation. But for better or for worse it resulted in more of the cock sliding down her throat, meaning that she got more arse cream. So it wasn't all bad, Becky thought to her shame. Then in an attempt to regain a shred of her dignity she reached up to squeeze Sasha's booty in a reverse of what happened last time to silently tell the other girl she would get her revenge for this. Instead Sasha got those hands and pulled them back, causing Becky to cry out and pull back.

After catching Becky and yanking her hands back Sasha demanded, "What are you?"

There was a long pause, then Becky narrowed her eyes and started, "I'm-"

"Get it wrong, and I'll let everyone else have a turn with your freshly loosened butt hole." Sasha threatened, sensing that the result wasn't initially going to go her way.

There was another long pause where Becky glanced nervously at the crowd, then she gulped and off the top of her head suggested, "Exclusively yours?"

"Exclusively?" Sasha grinned, licking her lips as she thought it over, "I like that... exclusively it is. But only if you say it!"

Yet another long pause in which Becky desperately tried to convince herself this was just temporary and she would turn the tables later, but she wasn't sure she believed that as she softly responded, "I'm yours. I'm your bitch."
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