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An interview with...UniqueOneGuy
« on: June 26, 2019, 06:46:57 PM »
Here is the lucky number seven of the interviews that we will be conducting with the authors that post their work on Celebrity Story Site.

In this interview, we are talking to UniqueOneGuy about how he got into writing celebrity erotica, who influenced him to write in this genre and other topics related to his writing.

You can visit his profile here UniqueOneGuy

1. Where are you from?

The Big State of Texas, USA

2. How did you come up with your pen name and is there any meaning behind it?

It was quite a long time ago, dont really remember how I came up with the name uniqueoneguy. If theres anything that defines me is being unique, different from other guys. A one Unique Guy. I just figured that uniqueoneguy all spelled together sounded pretty cool.

3. How long have you been writing celebrity erotic fiction?

Hm, tricky question. My style is not very celebrity orienteded I must say, if we can call profession women wrestler celebrities, than it will be about 2 years since I started writing celebrity erotic fiction.

4. Who or What got you started writing erotic fiction?

My fetishes. I have quite a few. I like to imagine these sexy ladies indulge in what turns me on. Either seeing them or doing something sexy and kinky with them. Its all fun for me.

5. Who would you say are your biggest influences as a writer of less than appropriate celeb fiction? Which authors, if any, would have inspired you?

Im not sure of the name, but he is very popular in this genre. Ive seen some of his work on another site. Its great reading about girl on girl fantasies that he seemed to focus more on.

6. Who are your favourite celeb sex story writers? Past and Present.

I still need to find those...

7. Any favourite sex stories that you've read that made you think - "Wow! That's incredible!"

Can it be mine? A fetish kinky story about Khloe Kardashians Ass in a tight white dress

8. Which of your own stories are you the most proud of writing?

I still havent posted it here yet, but Im planning on soon. Its called My New Best Friend sexy as hell!

9. Which celebrities do you enjoy writing about the most?

Like I said before, I tend to write about the sexy ladies in Wrestling. Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks, Stephanie McMahon, among others

10. What type of sex scenes do you enjoy writing the most?

Fetish scenes. Im a master in fetishsm!

11. Do you have routine for how and when you write?

I have to have the right mindset. If Im not than its hard to get into that writing space that we as writers need. Relaxing music, sexy audios here and there and of course a little bit of fetish porn to set up the mood.

12. Do you sketch out a plan on paper/word/notes or write off the cuff with a basic idea and let it flow from there?

Of course. Whenever Im day dreaming I must have a paper and pen near or my phone by so I can record what my mind is painting. If Im taken deep, I end up writing an entire fantasy. I usually write up the sexy scene in parts before finish it an entire script story.

13. Apart from hot celebrities, does anything else influence your writing? Music, Fashion, TV etc.

Clothing maybe... clothing is a big part of my writing. That being leather, latex, pvc and denim, or anything I see sexy and tight on a fit curvy body

14. Any projects you are working on that you are excited about?

I got a few, just not celebrity or fan fiction based. Im a creator of what my mind allows me to create. Im a big lover of trances, I feel that these help me write with detail and passion even more. Im writing up fantasies for myself and a few others which are brought to life by a voice who is very dear to me.

15. Any tips for readers that may want to start writing celebrity erotic fiction?

Let yourself lose and put your mind on fire... youll end up burning in heat, that sexy kind of hotness
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