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Tara Strong – Getting Your Money's Worth
« on: July 01, 2019, 04:56:07 AM »
[Old story posted here for archive purposes]

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the people, places, conventions, events etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Tara Strong (Voice Actress – animation, video games)

Tara Strong – Getting Your Money's Worth

A celebrity erotic story

By DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral.

* * *

September, 2015. After having wrapped up another day of signings and panels at the Fan Expo Canada convention at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, legendary voice actress of video games and animation of television and movies Tara Strong is smiling as she leaves the “green room” backstage area. The gorgeous blonde has on a nicely fitting, low cut dress that wonderfully shows off her large breasts that the MILF often teases her faithful social media fanbase through selfies and short videos.

“Another great day meeting the fans, even the creeps staring more at my tits than up at me...” Tara thinks aloud with a smirk, knowing the effect she has on guys. “Only thing that would be better is if I had a hook-up in this city to finish it off right...” She continues, perhaps a surprising thought from her considering she is a happily married woman.

Just as she goes along, her eyes lock onto a man with a VIP access pass, an approving smile coming across her gorgeous face as she checks out the younger and handsome male, nicely dressed in a shirt and jeans with short dark hair. Changing direction, she heads instead towards him and hearing her approach the man looks over to see her, a shocked look on his face for a moment before he smiles in apparent pleasant surprise upon seeing her.

“Damn, Tara Strong?” He asks, turning towards her. “This is my lucky day! I thought for sure I'd missed out on seeing you.”
“A fan of mine huh?” Tara replies, her smirk broadening knowing that this hunky looking guy is also a fan of hers. “Maybe not the biggest if you didn't take the time to meet me before...” She teases with a brief laugh.
He laughs back with a shake of his head. “Yeah, I know... But this is my first time being at one of these and I guess it's like what all the tips guide say online – You still won't see everything you want to even if you plan what you want to see.” He shrugs his shoulders. “But I managed to get plenty of pics and stuff to make my friends jealous, that's for sure. Well worth the price of admission.”

“I know those passes don't come cheap, and adding in the extras for getting pictures, autographs and photo-ops? We convention stars have to give the fans their money's worth, and then some! But... You still haven't introduced yourself, fan of mine...” Strong playfully teases him again.
“Sorry... It's Philip.” He introduces himself with a smile. “Add that to another mess-up of today.”
“Relax! I'm just messing with you... Trust me, I've dealt with tough guys and nervous guys loads of times over the years...” Tara says, giving him a little look over. “So... You wanting a selfie with me? Maybe an autograph?”
“Yeah, totally!” Philip says with a nod. “That would be the best way to end the day, absolutely.”

“The best way?” She smirks again. “I actually think of a better one... One that will blow away what you thought you'd ever get from what you paid for that pass...” She says, taking a step forward towards him, before glancing to the sides, checking the coast is clear. “How about you get something better than a selfie from me? Something a little more... Personal?” She says with a suggestive tone, moving a hand up to run along the neck-line of her dress to draw attention to those fantastic, big tits.

“Wait, what?” He says with genuine surprise at the offer, easily picking up on the hint she just made. “Woah! That's... But you're married!”
Tara laughs for a moment. “You are a fan... But honey, trust me in my line of work? I have hook-ups in just about every big convention city I attend, and the ones I go to drop my awesome voice acting lines as well...” She says with a sexy smirk. “I absolutely love my husband, and he loves me... And he knows that I have a little... “Fun”... When I'm away from him. He knows he gets the best of me when I'm back home.” She adds, licking her lips at little as she gives him a seductive look. “So Philip... You look like a young guy who can give me what I need... You're not going to disappoint me by telling me you have a girlfriend or something, are you?”

“Shit... No way I'm turning this down!” He wisely agrees with a quick nod and a smile. “Damn right I'll give you what you need.”
“There hasn't been a guy yet who hasn't said that... But we'll see if you can deliver...” Strong says with a smirk of her own. “Follow me Philip... Let's see if we can both get our money's worth from today...”

* * *

Half an hour later on, in her hotel room in the city, Tara Strong is looking on with an approving smile as her hook-up for the night steps out of the last of his clothing in the form of his boxers, showing off that nicely toned body but more importantly for her his meaty looking and lengthy cock that's already beginning to harden – no doubt just at the thought of getting to fuck the busty, married stunner.

“Like I said, I knew you were a guy who had what I needed...” Tara states as she steps forward, kneeling down in front of him and licking her palm, using the hand to grip his dick and start to stroke him off. “But I'll need to see if you can last.”
“I don't plan on letting you down Tara.” Philip states with a grin, seeing her deep cleavage on display as she jerks him off, and that sight only helps his cock get hard.
“Heard that a bunch of times honey... I'll need to see the proof first, and there's only one way to do that...” She says, looking up lustfully at the young, handsome man she has standing naked in front of her as she strokes his cock to be rock hard in her grasp.
“Ahhhh... What's that?” He asks just as she spits down onto the head of his cock, using her hand to pump the saliva over his inches.

“It's time for another edition of “Inside the Voice Actor's Mouth...” She said, before the blonde bombshell promptly took his length into her mouth, making him gasp in surprise as she sinks her head down and wraps those full lips around his thickness. As she drew back he moaned out, her eyes narrowing with a look of approval in response as she moves up to the head, then pushing back downward to kick off the motion with a nice, steady pace. At the same time she keeps her hand pumping firmly over the lower part of him, already expertly double teaming his manhood as she sucks and strokes at the same time with effortless but very naughty ease.

“Holy fuck Tara!! Mmmmm... Oh shit!! Mmmmm...” His gaze was locked down onto the horny MILF on her knees in front of him, her slurps loud and lewd as she works back and forth over his length, keeping a smoldering look up at him as she blows him, and lightly groans herself around that big dick she has her lips tightly wrapped around. “Ahhhhh... Oh damn... Fuck... That's... Mmmmm... That's real fucking good...” He groans his approval, as even with her vast clevage on display in this position his gaze is locked onto her gorgeous face as she moves up and down on his pole, feeling how soothing and warm her talented in more ways than one mouth is, and getting the added pleasure of her palm jerking off those inches not yet taken between her pouty lips.

“Mmmmphh!! Mmmmm... Mmmmmphhh hhhhhmmmmm...” The stunning voice actress groans around the dick of this handsome hunk, energetically and noisily slurping away on his member despite having only met him this night, and having openly admitted she's happily married to another man. She's showing off exactly how good her cock sucking skills are as she applies her saliva onto his dick with the repeated motion, using her free hand to brush her long hair out of her face as it sways from the firm motion she's using with which to blow him.

“Mmmmm... Ahhhhhh!! Fuck!!” Tara says with a gasp when she pulls her head away from his cock, catching her breath before flashing him a saucy smile as she uses her hand to stroke off his length, applying her saliva all over that cock in the process. “You like that Philip?” She almost purrs as she leans back in, using her tongue to swirl around the head of his dick to make him moan, before spitting down onto that crown and once again using her palm to rub the liquid over his rod. “You like me gobbling down all this big, fucking cock like a fucking dirty slut?” Her filthy words sound right out of a porno script, and just like a good XXX-rated scene she soon takes his dick back into her warm and wet oral hole, letting out a muffled groan around his tool as she gets right back to work with that sinful and swift blowing motion.

“Mmmmm!! Oh shit!! Fuck... Fuck yeah I love it!” He's able to groan out as the busty MILF goes wild on his cock, her saliva beginning to drip down those thick inches as her mouth and hand briskly work back and forth along that size, her full lips still nicely wrapped around that man meat and her fingers now sticky with her own spit as she continues the dual-assault on his lengthy tool. “Uhhhhh!! Mmmmm... Don't fucking stop Tara... Ahhhhh... Damn that feels good...” He moans to further show how much he's enjoying being taken into this stunning, married woman's mouth as her head continues to smoothly and steadily move along his impressive size, and he's not alone in enjoying this oral sex as the beauty dishing it out groans out herself around the dick she's blowing with loud and very shameless slurps.

“Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmm!! Mmmm mmmm mmmmmphhh!!” The legendary voice actress of TV and video games keeps on bobbing her blonde haired head along the big, meaty dick of this stud she's only known for a few hours but is now feasting on his member, letting him feel her big, pouty lips as they rub back and forth along his rod in time with the pumping motion she's doing with her hand at the same time. “Mmmmm!! Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmmphhh...” She groans again around that cock, her legs and knees shifting slightly as she feels herself getting wet downstairs even without touching herself, keeping one hand stroking away on the cock she's sucking while the other keeps her hair out of the way of her pretty face, ensuring he gets a clear view of the oral pleasuring she's giving him along with her pretty facial features moving towards and then swiftly away from his crotch.

“Mmmm...” Tara groans as she lifts her head away again, licking her full lips with a satisfied look up at the hunk she's been blowing, her hand running up and down his length to keep that saliva applied all over those inches. “I'm impressed kid... I've easily finished off a few interns in the past with just my mouth...” She adds as she lets go of his rod, allowing him to step back as she moved up from the kneeling position.
“Unlucky them, and lucky me...” Philip says, watching her shapely ass sway as she walks over to her handbag. “Very lucky me...”
“What can I say? My mouth is my talent after all, and I don't just use it for all my awesome voice acting...” She playfully boasts, turning back with a smirk as she tosses him a condom packet. “Safety first...” She adds with a wink as she comes back towards him, a glance down at his cock before she moves over to the bed. “Actually, help me out of this first, would you Philip?” She offers with a glance back, brushing her long hair to the side to show the strap of her dress
“Sure thing.” He quickly, and wisely, responds, moving up behind her and pulling the strap up and over her head, which allows her to slide her dress off her curvy, MILF body as the garment falls to the floor, allowing her to step out of it and glance back with a sexy smile before she moves forward to climb up onto the bed in just a set of black bra and panties.

“You could handle the blowjob, but how about the rest of me? Stick that big fucking dick in me and show me what you've got.” She challenges as the blonde looks back over her shoulder at her boy toy for the night, watching him put the condom over the dick she'd just been sucking on before he shifts up onto the bed behind her, reaching down and pulling her panties to the side, a naughty action alone that makes her smile. “Ooooooooh yeah! Mmmmm fuck... Fuck...” She moans, feeling that dick being pushed into her snatch and already her slick folds are being made to stretch to accommodate his mighty size as the head and first few inches inside her. Gripping her hips, he starts to pump his cock firmly in and out of the mature beauty's snatch, moaning along with her as he goes from being in one fantastic feeling hole to another but now he's the one doing the work, and already is showing her he knows what he's doing.

“Mmmmm... Fuck yeah! Mmmmm... Damn Tara... Ahhhhh...” He groan in pleasure as he works his cock in and out of the snug pussy of the busty MILF on her hands and knees in front of her, delivering a round of firm and nicely deep thrusts, allowing them both to get used to the sinful sensations as she adjusts to the vast invasion filling up her twat, and he adjusts to her tightness all around his member. “Mmmmm... Fuck, you feel fucking awesome!! Ahhhhh... You like that Tara? Mmmmm!!” The lucky hunk asks even though he can tell from her moans and the way she's lustfully looking back at her her lover for the night despite him not being the man she's married to, loving the feeling of his big dick moving smoothly and steadily into her wet snatch.

“Ahhhhh... It's... It's a good start baby... But I want to feel it!” She grins, licking those full lips as the curvaceous beauty lets out another groan of delight from the way he's stiffly pumping her from behind. “Mmmmm... Come on, get your money's worth... Fucking fill me up... I want all... Uhhhhh!! That fucking cock right in my dirty fucking cunt!!” She demands as she reaches back, giving her own thick backside a sharp spank and casting another seductive look back at the handsome, younger man who is already delivering an impressive performance with the way he's driving his dick in and out of her needy, wet and still snug snatch to keep them both moaning out. “MMMM!! Oh yeah... FUCK!! Like that Philip! Mmmmm!!” She tilts her long, blonde haired head back when he does as instructed, using his grip on her hips in order to suddenly pull her backwards towards him just as he thrusts in, making the slap of skin meeting skin ring out when his crotch smacks against her ass cheeks, filling up that damp hole with all of his thick inches.

“Uhhhhh!! Oh shit... MMMM... Yeah... Fucking take it!” He says, watching the sexy, rounded butt cheeks of the stunning voice actress jiggle each time his body connects with hers as he drives in balls deep into her wet pussy that's remaining wonderfully tight around his rod even with this newly increased pace as he now pulls her curvy frame back into his stiff thrusts. “Mmmmm... Fuck, this is... Mmmmm!! Fucking so good...” He adds between his own shameless groans, as he has know issue at all with banging another man's woman like this, taking her from behind as the still clad in her underwear stunner moans out herself with every deep pump she takes, still looking back over her shoulder with both approval and desire at her handsome and hung fuck buddy for the evening.

“Oh fuck!! MMMMM!! Yes! Mmmmm... Oooooooooh FUCK!!” The beautiful MILF who has had a legendary voice acting career lets out another deep moan as she takes a deep thrust, feeling his crotch slapping into her backside as he fills her up again and again with a round of smooth and swift pumps, and makes sure to keep pulling her back towards his cock as he drives in to increase the pleasure they are both experiencing from this no strings attached fucking. “Ahhhhhh... Keep this up Philip... Mmmmm... And you'll make yourself... AHHHHH! A catch I'm not gonna toss away...” She grins back, her ass cheeks still shaking when his crotch smacks into her when he drives forward and brings her back sharply to meet the thrust, her breasts swaying and almost spilling out of her bra from the force of the jolting motion her stunning body is being made to do.

“Mmmmm... Guess I should take that as a compliment?” Philip chuckles, giving another thrust before he pulls out of her wet snatch.
“What do you think stud?” Strong says with a smirk as she shifts forward to sit up on the bed. “But I didn't say you could stop...”
“Well since you want to “test” me, I figure we can switch things up? Plus, you're still really overdressed for this...” He suggests as he moves so he can lay down on the bed.
“Oh, so you want to see these?” Tara smirks, reaching back to unclip and then slowly peel away her bra, letting her large, gorgeous tits fall free to his grinning approval. “You're lucky that cock still looks ready to take some more...” She teases, sliding her panties down her legs and dumping them down to the floor, before she moves forward so she can mount him, reaching down with a hand to line up his cock with her snatch.

“Mmmmm!! Typical horny boy... Always wanting to see these tits...” She groans as she eases her curvaceous body down slowly all the way down onto that cock, stopping only when she arrives down at his crotch which allows her to adjust her position, grinding that wet pussy onto his dick as she leans forward, making her big tits look even sexier as they hang down invitingly in front of his face. “Go on then Philip... Have some fun with them while... Mmmmm... I see how much this big, fucking cock of yours can handle...” She offers with a sultry gaze down at the man she's only known for a couple hours but has already sucked him off and been fucked doggy style by him, and now she's starting to ride his cock as she shifts her juicy hips back and forth, allowing her to take that rod into her still tight snatch and starting up the duet of their combined, shameless moans once again.

“MMMM!! With... With fucking pleasure!!” He moans as he feels that snug pussy working back and forth over his fat inches with a motion that's already smooth and steady despite having just started, and as the busty MILF focuses on riding his lengthy pole he moves his hands up, cupping both of her large, sexy breasts and starts to squeeze them, the first touch alone making her notably groan out as he starts to grope and toy with both tits. “Ahhhhh... Fuck... MMMM... Shit, this tits are fantastic...” He almost mumbles, entrances by the sight of the ample to say the least tit flesh in his grasp as her boobs are jiggling even within his fingers from the bouncing motion she's doing on his cock, the pleasure he's getting acting as encouragement to give back to her as he feels up those large tits and pushes them together as he plays with them.

“AHHHHH!! Yeah... YESSSS... MMMM!! Fucking... Fucking suck on my tits baby!!” The horny and beautiful blonde demands as she groans, her hands gripping onto his arms as he keeps a firm hold of her breasts, and she keeps them both moaning out by swiftly rocking herself onto the long, condom-covered cock that's stuffed deep up into her wet and tight snatch. To her further moaning delight he eagerly takes the suggestion by lifting his head up, clamping his mouth onto the left nipple and starting to suck on that tit, and not being gentle with his greedy motion either. “OOOOOOOH FUCK!! MMMMM... Fuck... Like that Philip!! Mmmmm!! Suck... Suck on Momma's big fucking titties...” She purrs like a seasoned MILF porn star instead of the talented, long time voice actress she is, getting lost in her own lust as she feels his lips sucking on her nipple and his tongue flicking against that sensitive point to leave it dabbed with his saliva. She's not pleasure-drunk that she's not forgetting her own task at the moment, continuing to move herself back and forth in order to drop that wet and snug twat down sharply onto his meaty cock, the slap of her ass sounding out when she connects with his body to take all those inches up into her pussy.

“Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm... Mmmmm...” He groans around her tits as he switches to the other, his hands still groping away at those massive, soft orbs while he now licks and slurps on the right breast, his fingers easily digging into the flesh being offered to him as the gorgeous, moaning blonde on top of him keeps on swiftly and smoothly riding his dick so she can stuff herself full with his man meat. “Mmmmm... Mmmm!! Mmmmmm...” Taking full advantage of the sinful needs of the stunning woman who is happily married to another man, he lifts his head away from her nipple so her can push those large tits together, spitting into the cleavage being diving in, moaning into her busom that jiggles and rubs against his handsome face so she essentially motorboats him as she rides that big, thick cock.

“Mmmmm!! Naughty little fucker!! MMMM!!” The woman who has voiced several iconic comic book and video game characters over the years lets out a sexy laugh at his latest action, topped off with a moan as she doesn't stop her bouncing motion, making sure to take every inch of his length up into her still tight but now very wet snatch as she more than proves she can take as well as give a fine fuck. “AHHHHHH FUCK!! Next... Mmmmm... You'll be asking me to break out... Ahhhhhh!! A voice or two while we do it...” She says as she brings her motion to a stop, leaning back and smirking at his groan of disappointment at his face being removed from her breasts, his hands still clamped onto her mounds, but soon they both moan out again as she expertly grinds her pussy down against the cock of the man she isn't married to, but is all too happily having stuffed balls deep up into her soaking and snug pussy.

“Fuck... That actually a thing you do?” Philip questions as he takes a hint, letting go of her breasts with slight reluctance when he feels her hands pulling his arms away from her chest. “Not that I'd say no, depending on the character...”
“Don't get ahead of yourself yet stud... That's something you've got to earn for the next time... If you even make it there.” Tara challenges, lifting herself up from his shaft with a groan and dismounting his toned, and now nicely coated with sweat body.
“If that's how it is, then get on your back and I'll really get my money's worth out of you.” He vows, moving up to kneel on the edge of the bed for the moment.
“I was hoping you'd say something like that...” Strong smirks, now taking her turn to lay on her back on the hotel room bed, spreading her legs invitingly wide and watching as he quickly takes the offer to get between them, already lining his condom-covered cock with that familiar, wet hole.

Intending to put on an encouraging, sexy show for this young stud, the blonde bombshell was already taking a hold of her own, large tits in order to play with them, but found herself just gripping them as he rammed his cock straight into her snatch, making her moan out with an arch off with bed, impressing her and then some by going in hard and quick, already making her body jolt back and forth in time with those stiff pumps. Instinctively her legs wrapped around his toned frame to keep him drawn in close, her arms going up over her head to grab onto the pillows but that more just to hold on to something, anything as she took this wild but extremely pleasurable intense fucking that was making those fantastic, big tits bounce away.

“OH FUCK YES PHILIP!! AHHHHH!! FUCK!! MMMMMM!!” She moaned out, her eyes closed and head rolled to the side with strands of her long blonde locks messily laying over her pretty face as she could only take the very kind of pounding she'd secretly been wanting for a long, long time and once again to her pleasant, near screaming now surprise this new fuck buddy was delivering that and them some. “MMMMM!! Oh YES!! YES YES YES AHHHHHHH!!! FUUUUUUUUUCK!!” The stunning voice actress could only come up with the stream of lewd cries of sinful joy now with every balls deep pump she took into her dripping wet twat, yet she was still nicely tight around that fat piece of man meat as he drove his length in and out of her folds over and over again like this act was something they'd done many times before instead of this being the first fling between this stud and the married woman he was currently fucking.

“AHHHH... Awwwwww FUCK!! Yeah!! Gonna... UHHHH!! Gonna make you fucking cum Tara!!” He vowed, gritting his teeth for a moment as drops of sweat fell from his handsome facial features, the least of his concerns now as he continues to hammer away into that soaking MILF pussy with everything he's got left and causing that wonderfully curved body to jolt sharply back and forth with each deep pump he gives her. “MMMMMM!! I'll fucking... MMMM!! Earn everything I can fucking... AHHHHH!! Fucking get from you!!” He adds between deep groans, keeping his hips rapidly working so the sharp slap of his crotch smacking into her snatch rings out around the hotel room like a machine at full speed, his ramming motion making them both loudly moan out as her tight hole continues to be stuffed full and his dick feels the sensations of her slick and still snug folds all around his rod when he drives down into her.

“OH FUCK YES!! FUCKING DO IT!! MMMMMM!!” The stunning, sweat-soaked busty blonde moans out her encouragement, her fingers clawing into the pillow above her as her large tits bounce away as this young man, certainly not the one she's happily married to, pounds away into her dripping but still ready for more box to keep this hot and heavy fling carrying on. “OH SHIT!! FUCK!! FUCKING... MMMMMM YESSSSSSS!!” She gasps out, feeling a much needed climax building up with each rapid and hard pump that her soaking hole takes as the stud above her keeps on driving that vast member straight in deep to the balls before swiftly pulling out to repeat the motion, and had she had any true thoughts other than total pleasure and lust she might question if his job was a professional porn star. All she can do now, and she's absolutely happy and then some to let it happen, is just lay back and taking this pounding, keeping her legs wrapped around him so there's no let off from this intense and top notch fucking.

Once again giving her what she needs like he was reading her shamelessly sinful mind, he doesn't stop unleashing this near-relentless thrusting pace as he keeps pumping away into her dripping, MILF pussy to keep his own moans pouring from his mouth, mixing in the air along with hers and that sexy smack of their bodies meeting. It's little wonder then than soon enough she's hits that long awaited high, a long and loud escaping as Tara Strong cums hard on this boy toy's big, thrusting dick that keeps on driving in balls deep even as her pussy releases a wave of juices all over him and her walls tighten like a vice to make him groan almost the same as she does. A happy, lazy smile is on her pretty face as she gasps and continues to jolt back against the now wrecked from sweat bedsheets, those lovely large breasts still erotically bouncing from the motion her body is being made as she rides out every moment of this orgasm, fueled by his continuing pumps going balls deep into that dripping wet hole.

“SHIT... Fuck Tara! I'm... UHHHHH!! I'm close!!” Philip warns, suddenly stopping his thrusts and using his hands to unwrap her legs from around him, allowing him to shift back and pull the condom off from his cock that appears to throb now outside of that snatch his member had been buried into.
“Just... Just stand up there Philip...” Tara gasps out the order, lifting herself up from the bed and shifting forward to sit on the edge in front of him. “You've fucking earning this stud!” She flashes a sexy grin as she brushes her hair away from her face, soon taking a hold of her large tits and using them to capture his cock between them.

“Awwww FUCK!! Oh... OH SHIT!! MMMMM...” He groans, now being made to tilt his head back in delight as his cock gets pleasured by this new sensation as the still horny MILF works her large tits up and down the very cock that had brought her to a powerful orgasm, already repaying the favour as she pumps that starting to noticeably pulse pole with her breasts. “FUCK... AHHHHH TARA!! MMMMM... AHHHHH SHIT!!” He grunts, managing to make himself look down to see the sexy smirk on her gorgeous face, and then that smoking hot sight of her pushed together mounds sliding up and down his manhood, watching as his member vanishes between them when she raises her chest up before the crown and a couple inches reappear when she draws them downward with a little groan of her own.

“Don't hold back stud... You'd better fucking coat my big tits with all your cum!” The blonde bombshell demands with a flirty lick of her lips, keeping her tits bouncing all the way up and down on his cock as she leans over, showing her own skill as she spits down onto the head of his rod, that saliva soon being worked over his length by the next pumping action she makes her large, rounded breasts do on him. “Mmmm... Come on Philip... Cum for me... Cum for me like I know you want to...” She encourages with another lusty stare up at him, making sure he watches that erotic to say the least sight of her using her gorgeous, soft boobs to make him moan out with quick and smooth pumps over his whole, thick length in such a way that shows this is far from the first time she's fucked a cock with her own breasts.

“OH FUCK!! FUCK!! AWWWW YEAH... FUCK!! HERE... HERE IT COMES!!” He's able to just warn, giving the sexy, married MILF time to lean back just as the first blast of spunk shoots out from his cock, landing down onto the top of her tits and seeping down into her deep cleavage, the sensation making her groan with approval as she keeps her tits moving along his pole, smearing his load over his cock and over her breasts as the next burst shoots out to land down onto her. Tara can't help but lick her lips at the sight of that creamy load blasting from the tip of his cock, keeping her tits moving over him to properly drain him of every drop and give her breasts a more than generous coating of well deserved spunk that's certainly left him more than satisfied as he grins and gasps for air.

In fact, she finds herself unable to resist a taste of him, releasing his softening cock from between her tits so she can capture him between those full, pouty lips that had kicked off this sexual encounter what feels like hours and hours ago, moaning around him as she gives him a couple of deep bobs up and down, accompanied by a round of loud, shameless slurps. Tasting and cleaning off the spunk from his rod, she doesn't hesitate to gobble it down with a groan, staring seductively up at the spent stud as she sucks him off one last time, letting that limp dick fall from her talented in more ways than one mouth before she looks approvingly down at her big, cum-stained tits.

“Yeah, you're a keeper kid...” Tara compliments with a smile. “You can last, you can fuck, and you've got a whole lot of cum to give. You impressed me and then some.”
“Fuck... I'm glad I did... Just wish I could have enjoyed those tits a little longer...” Philip says with a chuckle as he stands gasping for breath.
“I bet you would... But we can save that for the next time I swing by these parts.” Strong says as she leans back, showing off her cum-covered breasts in the process. “Like I said, you got some of me this round... Now I know you can deliver, I'm adding you to my little book for sure... That is, if you're down to fuck again sometime down the line?”
“Damn right I am!” He grins at the idea. “Sign me the fuck up for that!”

“Just like I thought...” She smirks, nodding her blonde haired head. “In my line of work, it won't be too long... But that's for later... And between you and me, I'd suggest you pick a couple of “characters” who might pop in to play the next time we do this...”
“Guess I really have earned that, huh?” He asks, but the smile still on his face shows he has a good idea at the answer already.
“Damn right you have... I'm always happy to give someone their money's worth... When they pay it back in kind...” Tara states with another lick of those full lips.

* * *

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Re: Tara Strong – Getting Your Money's Worth
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I'd ask her to call me Mr. J right when she pops.

This is the first story of its kind that I've ever read, so thanks for scratching her name off the list.
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Re: Tara Strong – Getting Your Money's Worth
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You sure know how to handle MILFs, excellent story. As I have said so many times before, I love how you write dirty talk and the tit fuck in there was epic.
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Re: Tara Strong – Getting Your Money's Worth
« Reply #3 on: July 10, 2019, 01:48:20 AM »
It's hard to imagine with a body like that her career is largely voice acting. Nice to read somebody taking advantage of her awesome MILF body   :D
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