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Pawn of Her Heart (Katherine Heigl)
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Pawn of Her Heart Ch. 1

Disclaimer: This story is completely fantasy and fantasy is legal.
Thank you very much to my friend Cadeauxxx. This story was completed with his help. He deserves to be appreciated. And I appreciate him.

The heat of a summer's day had poured on, only offering small winds to give breeze through the hot air. Katherine Heigl was away from her home for over a month now. She lived in a big, peaceful house an hour away from the movie set of her current employed project. Still, she was bored. She had never loved loneliness, and damn filming had been extended for two additional weeks. The production company had allocated a large luxurious house due to this delay, planning her additional payment and for the blonde actress to enjoy some relief. The house was on a farm, the land outstretching several acres of land beyond a large privacy fence. The film set itself was in Kansas or 'the middle of nowhere' as she jokingly referred to the location. Around the house there were frequent trees, a beautiful landscape and an absolute silence. Although Katherine disliked loneliness, this house reminded her of her own home elsewhere. After a long and tiring day, she retreated to the house and loved the feeling of relaxation. She couldn't tolerate people most of the time, at least not the common type. Katherine was a woman whom always expected the highest degree of respect and refused tolerate anything lower in standards. That's why she hated living in the city, despite her wealth and upper class status. She was at peace while alone in this house. Soon, she would be able to finish the film and return back to her own home in Los Angeles.
Her role was a detailed variation of a standard housewife trope. On script, her husband had been killed for owing unpaid gambling debt to gangsters and she played a new widow attempting to keep her family together in the aftermath. This was the first time she had such a role in an emotionally charged drama film. She usually loved romantic comedies, as Katherine was a top earner in those films for the longest time. This time she wanted to have a different experience, craving the possibility of extending her career into more serious films. This movie was a beautiful drama. She was almost certain that she would win the respect of critics this time around. This was necessary for Katherine's career, for all she cared about was solitude. It would be nice if someone would accompany her. This was a job to her and she treated it as such. Being the only A list talent on a cast of mostly no name actors, Katherine didn't feel the need to communicate with them on a friendly basis off set. She wouldn't have had contact with such people back home in Los Angeles. Katherine was the only star in this movie, the only reason movie goers would be purchasing tickets, she thought to herself.
Sex scenes were not something she liked to do over the years. If a director couldn't write a romantic scene without nudity, then he wasn't worth her time of day. "I'm not having sex with a man who doesn't know anyone's name. If this is necessary, I can give you a very hot sex scene on camera, but it will cost you. I want a raise in the salary. I mean, haven't I earned it? If I take my clothes off, that will be the only reason people even bother to see this movie. This scene will carry this movie upstairs." 
The producer could not afford this. So they negotiated for a simple, passionate kissing scene instead. According to the original script, Katherine's character was to use her body in sexual acts on the farm to pay off the loan sharks her deceased husband owed money to. This movie was about the collapse of a strong woman, a lady willing to do anything to carry her family. Katherine was determined, knowing she could've given them more than they wanted, but only if she was getting paid. Most of the film budget was reserved for Katherine. She alone charged more than the sum of all the actors with 1/4th of the budget going directly to her. The production company couldn't afford more and felt that she was bleeding them dry of money in an act of greed. In response, the director asked her to wear small bras throughout the movie. He wanted to give her breasts as much screen time as possible. Katherine accepted this with a smile. "I guess I can do that, let's show 'em what they wanna see."
Today would be that special day for the kissing scene to be filmed. The man she was kissing was very shrewd. Or he thought he was highly intelligent with a smug attitude. He made a mistake and wanted to kiss Katherine again. Again and again. Finally, Katherine couldn't stand it. "I want this man fired, now!" They fired him. But when he left the set, they couldn't stop the big smile on his face. He had almost accomplished a desire he so desperately wanted for years. Katherine hated such an opportunistic man, Hollywood was full of chumps like him.
Her rage was not something to be ignored, not that she cared about the 'hard to work with' slandering in gossip rags. If Katherine wasn't sure she would get a heavy pay day, she would've never taken part in this movie. The director was young and inexperienced with his only credentials coming out of shooting music videos. None of the actors were famous and most of them were incompetent, stumbling over their words and playing soulless characters. The production company's organizational skills were poor, for a price. If not for Katherine demanding such an outrageous salary, perhaps they could improve the set. All thanks to her, the company was suffering financial difficulties. Every day there was a hitch, and the company continued to lose money. That's why they couldn't fire Andy. After all, the film had a great screenplay.
This movie was definitely made by amateurs. But Katherine had no other choice and she had to take part in this film. Despite the set of employees whom she considered to be incompetent and worthless. Katherine wasn't bothered by this situation. A lot of men had told her numerous times that she had the beauty of an angel with a busty pair of breasts. Katherine used her tits as a weapon, one of mass distractions. She knew how to play into a man's fantasy over her tits, all from watching eyes glance from her face and down into her cleavage. Katherine didn't give this chance to any man, only special men were worth sharing a bed with her. Katherine wasn't a push over or a harlot sleeping her way to the top, she considered herself a boss woman. It didn't matter that she was married, her husband knew she was the one putting money in the bank and paying for their upper class lifestyle. While she was always away from home, her husband didn't need to know what she was doing. She loved different experiences and showed a man who the boss was, all in the form of dominance. These men were self-confident, sometimes smug and arrogant too. They thought they could fuck Katherine as much as they wanted, a consequential mistake on their part. Because when Katherine gave them a blowjob, they knew Katherine wasn't just a woman. She knew how to use her lips, tongue and tits. Lucky men who fucked her tits moaned like an animal. Katherine was proud of herself at the art of pleasuring men.
When Katherine arrived home she felt really peaceful. She wanted to lay herself on the comfortable sofa and rest, but she just couldn't stop thinking about the man who wanted to kiss her repeatedly. What was this son of a bitch doing? He was a small man, Katherine's neighbor in the movie. He wanted to try and move in and have a fling with Katherine's character as a result of her widow status. He was an obsessed neighbor, hitting on the usual tropes. Katherine was asking for help from this lonely man. The farm business was really hard, and she needed a man's power, but he was little more than a bum. But because Katherine was a sexy woman, of course he was going to help her. Again and again. Andy thought playing in this film would give him a chance for a one night stand, at the bare minimum. This was the crux that led to his dismissal on set. The director fired Andy, but it was impossible to remove him completely from the movie. Katherine and Andy's characters had a strong subplot in the film's script. If Andy got fired, they'd have to cut all his scenes. Katherine didn't like that. "Listen, you're gonna keep this guy away from me. I don't want him near me." The director promised Katherine. The kissing scene was removed. Andy would never get closer to Katherine.   
She didn't want to think about them anymore. Now she just wanted to relax. The shooting was to continue tomorrow, but as the evening hours moved, Katherine was tired. It was an exhausting day and now she had solitude to enjoy her evening alone. Her eyes began to close slowly. She didn't want to sleep. She wanted to take a shower first, and maybe sip a couple of glasses of wine. She heard one click at the time. She stood up and began to listen. The voice was going on. Could someone have entered her house? 
"Who the fuck is in my house!?" She called out after grabbing a gun from the living room counter. She's never had any need in the past, but Katherine preferred to keep a firearm close by in any of her homes. It was a black nine-millimeter standard glock handgun. Pulling the safety off, she began to approach the door. Her heels clicked and clacked with each step she took.
Katherine saw this man and she screamed. It was Andy, standing short with that goofy grin over his face. He had that same short brown hair, green eyes, clean shaved face and a skinny build.

"You son of a bitch, what the fuck are you doing here!? You think you can just barge into MY HOUSE!?"   

She yelled at him, pointing the gun directly at his face. Andy was forced to stand there, looking back at the barrel of the pistol, knowing the danger he faced.

"Hey! Calm down, Katherine, calm down. Put the gun down, baby. I just wanna talk." 

"You bastard, you go into my house at this time of night and you just want to talk to me!? You are so fucking stupid! Do not call me baby, I am NOT YOUR BABY!" 

"Hey, let me explain! Please! I beg you, hear me out on this!" 
Katherine was no longer afraid. She could've hit him right now, let alone pull the trigger and send him to hell. But in a weird way, she wanted to hear what this guy said.  She stepped back, moving the gun that she now held with both hands, pointing downward, just in case she did have to shoot, it wouldn't be fatal if she got him in the leg. Her eyes looked back up into his face, replying.
"Be quick! Tell me what you're doing in my house, or I'm gonna fucking shoot you."

He took a deep breath, grounding himself as he began to express his feelings to this beautiful, buxom golden haired woman.
"After kissing you today, I've always thought about your great lips. Our first kiss was really good, but then I wanted to kiss you again. You can't blame me. I acted out of instinct, I guess you're used to men doing stupid stuff like that though." 
Katherine liked Andy's self-confidence, but it wouldn't be like this. No one could break into her house. This was very rude and a criminal offense. Katherine could still shoot him as a trespasser on her property. She aimed the gun towards his chest, shaking her head as she felt the rage building back up.
"You know this is a crime, right? I can shoot you down and you would go to jail, not me. Breaking and entering is a crime. You may be a fucking idiot, but you should know that."
"I know. I know, but I'm a big fan of yours and the door was left unlocked. Maybe you should lock your doors more often, baby. Listen to me, I've wanted to share time with you since I first saw you. You are the most beautiful woman in the world to me. I've always played very small roles in junk movies, as you know. I'm never going to be a big name in Hollywood. When I finally saw a movie I'd be with you, I did everything to get this role."
Katherine was impressed. She didn't say anything while standing there, rummaging through the thoughts forming in her mind. Andy continued to speak as he started unzipping pants, ready to show her his loving vessel and how it grew only for her.
"Look at this, baby. Every time I see you, it gets hard."
"What, what the fuck are you doing?"
Andy finished with the zipper and began to push his pants down. He had to step his feet out of his shoes, struggling to the point he nearly stumbled over himself before shoving his pants down to his ankles. Andy was smiling. Katherine was very surprised. She raised his arms. She had the expression of fear and surprise boiled in with her usual rage.

This guy was really weird, at least that was a subtle way of putting it. Katherine thought of how bored she had been for a few weeks. She could really have fun with this guy, much more than sitting around day dreaming and relaxing. Perhaps it was worth having fun with Andy, even if he was weird. Katherine lowered her arms and grinned, her anger washing away within her thoughts. He was the kind of man who seemed like he would listen to her voice, so she knew just how to entice him now. Andy was smiling, still standing there and stroking his dick with his hand.

"Did I manage to convince you, Katherine?"
Katherine wanted to have fun.  Raising her eyebrows, she gave him a nod. It was time to take control now and use the man for her own lustful desire.
"Stop caressing your dick. You can't do this when you look at me. You're the weirdest man I've ever met, so I have to give you that respect, Andy. You know what you want, I like that in a man. You're brave. I think you're an obsessive fucking psychopath, if I'm being honest. You broke into my house and you scared me. But I gotta say, I think I like you."
Andy laughed. "I'm here for your perfect tits, baby. I always wanted to see your tits." Andy had his eyes locked in Katherine's cleavage .He wanted to reach out and hold big tits. This was typical of a man, she thought to herself. He would be an easy one, already proving it with how his mind was focused solely on her breasts for now. Katherine stepped back. "What are you doing? You can't touch my tits so quickly."
"Then take your clothes off, baby. Let me see them."
"I'm not your baby. You take off your clothes, right now. I wanna see the rest of your dick."
The tone of her authoritarian voice was enough to let him know who was the one really in charge here. Andy quickly started taking his clothes off, not even hesitating with giving her any words back. Katherine kept staring at Andy without expression, just resting her hands at her hips awaiting him to finish. When Andy was finally completely naked, his clothes lay as a pile on the floor close by. His cock was totally hard and his eyes locked in Katherine's eyes, as she appeared to be pleased with him now.

Katherine smiled at him. She wasn't touching him, not yet. She was just looking very desperate and spoke in a wishful tone. "You'll probably be the shortest man I ever had sex with, but don't worry about that. Now I'm gonna kneel and start sucking your dick, I hope you can handle me. Wanna fuck my tits later? We'll see, but I'm hungry so you're gonna have to wait for that."
"Oh, baby, that's what I want to hear."

"I told you, I'm not your baby, so shut up with that."
Katherine kneels before him. Andy's cock was a few inches from Katherine’s face as she straightened herself forwad in preperation. Her words to him were wise; just sit back, shut up and enjoy the show, but Andy couldn't himself.
"Come on, baby, what are you waiting for? I promise you will love the taste of my cock."

She looked back at him with her big brown eyes, her expression showing that she wasn't amused with his impatience.

"Did I fucking ask you what you think?"
Katherine took Andy's cock and began stroking it with her slender fingers. He wisely didn't reply to her question.
"You're one lucky, stupid son of a bitch, Andy." Katherine licked the head of Andy's cock. 
"Ahh, yes, baby, go on. Put it in your mouth and start sucking, baby."
"I'm going to suck this big fucking cock, don't worry. You just have to wait. I'm gonna suck on you, Andy. Hope you're ready for this."
Katherine took Andy's dick into her warm mouth. Placing her right hand at the base of his cock, she began to suck it slowly. Her head bobbed up and down, letting out muffled slobbering and sucking noises. She closed her eyes, continuing as her mouth sucked repeatedly. Katherine nearly devoured Andy's hard shaft, forcing the man to begin panting and breathing heavily. This was a dream come true for him as he was experiencing the mouth of a goddess, pleasuring him into a heavenly bliss. She stopped for a moment, pulling his rod from her lips with a popping sound before spitting all over it.

Her eyes met with his as she used her right hand to squeeze his cock and begin stroking it.  Andy watched as Katherine licked her lips, a subtle hint that she was about to resume sucking, but not until their eyes met once more. Andy was breathing heavily, moaning at the feeling of her tongue circling the head of his cock before she enveloped her lips back around it. There was nothing that could beat this feeling when Katherine slid his dick back between her lips and began to suck once more. Her hand pushed back down at the base of his cock as she bobbed her head up and down just like before. 'Mmmmm', her muffled voice let out a moan from within her cock-stuffed mouth. Andy couldn't take it much more, he had to see her naked. He stopped moaning and began talking.

"Get your clothes off, baby. Please. I need to see your boobs."

Katherine came to a halt at his order. He had called her 'baby' again after she told him not to. Eyes locked at Andy's face, she slowly moved her lips back to the head of his dick and released it with a loud popping noise. Despite being in control, she was still going to follow his order, only half way. She stood up and took off her clothes. But she didn't take off her bra. It wasn't time yet.
 "Take off your bra, baby."
Katherine knelled again, holding Andy's dick tightly. Her big brown eyes gazed up at him before she spoke in authority.
"You wanna to see my boobs? Not now, I'm not done sucking you off yet."
Going back down, Katherine swallowed up inch after inch of Andy's hard dick. She bobbed her head up and down, moaning muffled noises. Mmm, mmmm, mmmmm. She closed her eyes while Andy felt the vibrations among his body from her oral talents. Slobbering and sucking noises were audible once again and all he could do was moan. The buxom blonde was destroying him by the way she devoured every inch of his hard cock. Katherine soon brought her lips up, releasing his cock with a popping sound. Her eyes shot back up at his face, her voice calling out in a stern tone.
"You wanna fuck my tits, Andy? You wanna fuck my great big tits!? You wanna know what I'm doing to other men with my tits!? DO YOU WANNA CUM ON MY FUCKING TITS!?"
She didn't give him time to reply after screaming at him with such dirty talk. Katherine went back down, slamming his cock into her mouth as she began to aggressively suck on it. Andy gasped, screaming out in an ecstasy of pleasure. "FUCK!". The gloves were off and the bitch had come out to play and work him over like there was no tomorrow. No woman had ever handled Andy like this, nearly forcing him to cum down her throat with how aggressively Katherine sucked his shaft. He fliched, panting and then she looked up into his eyes and pulled her lips back to the head of his cock. Pop. Katherine removed it before going back down. Pop. After another noise, repeated the process of making pop noises with his cock and her lips. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Andy was moaning like an animal.
"Ohhhhh man, fuck yes. You're a whore, Katherine." 
Whore? Katherine was angry with him calling her such a thing. She pulled her lips back, releasing Andy's dick with another popping sound that was so loud this time, it echoed from the room.
"What did you just fucking tell me?"
"Oh, shut up and keep sucking."
Andy grabbed Katherine's hard and pulled. His dick returned between her lips and now he began to buck his hips forward, driving his cock between her lips. She gagged a little at first causing him to slow down, allowing her time to get used to this aggressive force. After a few seconds, Andy moved his other hand into her hair, holding her in place as he was now thrusting his hips, fucking her wonderful mouth with his big dick. Gwak. Gwah. Gwak. Gwah. The slobbering and sucking noises were louder than before. A string of drool leaked from the left side corner of Katherine's mouth, but Andy didn't pay it any attention. He pushed Katherine's lips all the way down, feeling his cock reach the back of her throat while her lips were now at the base. His entire length down her throat.

"Fucking god, that feels amazing."
 She choked, gagging on his length before Andy pulled her lips back up. He then resumed to slowly thrusting, fucking her mouth like before. Her eyes didn't water up as he may have expected, Katherine proved that she could handle as much force as she dished out. Experience was one of her best friends in life as she was proving to him that she could handle some rough fun in return of how aggressively she devoured his dick.  Katherine liked to show men who was the boss, but this time it was different. Any other man she would've been angry with this kind of aggressive treatment so suddenly, but Andy was different. He had love for her, she could feel it. That's why she wouldn't be mad at him for what he did.
Andy soon let go of her head, moving both of his hands away from her golden hair. Katherine pulled her head back firmly, releasing his cock from her lips with strings of saliva dangling back. Andy's feet hit the floor and he stood up before her. This pleasure was too much, It was the greatest feeling in the world. All that time he had lusted for this woman and just like that, she owned his cock. Katherine licked her lips, gazing up into his eyes as she spoke in a softer tone now.
"I really like you, Andy. That's why I can't be mad at you. Any other man would be screaming right now cause I wouldn't have stopped sucking until you came."
Katherine finally took off her bra now, undoing the straps and letting it fall to the floor. She was about to resume her position as the boss. She glanced over at the couch, judging her head towards it as a soft gesture.

"Come on, Andy. Sit on the couch and I'll let you enjoy my big tits. I'm gonna finish you off, how about that?"
"That's what I've been waiting for years, baby." Andy stepped over to the couch, following Katherine as she got up and moved. His eyes locked in Katherine's sweet ass. He did't stop himself from lowering his hand and giving her rump a little smack. Katherine laughed and turned away. "Oh, there's someone here who wants to fuck my ass, mmmmm." She flashed those perfect white teeth at him. Her smile melted him inside. But like flicking a switch, Katherine dropped that smile and quickly commanded him in her authoritarian voice.

"Sit on the couch, now!"
Andy sat on the couch and leaned back.Katherine knelled and settled herself on her knees between Andy's legs. She put her hands on his legs, caressing his thighs while grinning up at him. Andy wasn't looking at her face. The only thing he cared about was those tits that were now dangling down below without a bra to contain them. He always dreamed of this moment. 
"Show me those titties, baby."

Katherine shook her head at him.

"You can't give me orders. NO man orders me around, understand that right now. If you want to fuck my tits, you'll treat me with respect. When I say leave my hair alone, you leave my fucking hair alone. If I says don't call me baby, you won't call me baby. If I say cum on my face, you're gonna cum all over my face. Deal?" Katherine took her right hand out from Andy's leg. She held his dick with her right hand. "I like your dick, Andy. That's why I'm gonna let you fuck my tits. You've got a big dick and I would know, cause I've seen big dicks before. These guys were begging me to put their big dick in between my tits."

Andy shook his head helplessly. "So we've agreed. Nice!" Katherine held her tits up, allowing him to see them in full display.  Andy couldn't prevent himself from letting out a slight moan just from what he witnessed. Katherine's big round boobs were now in front of his eyes. Andy held out his hands and asked to hold the big tits. "Can I squeeze them?" Katherine shook her head. "I forgot to tell you. If you want to keep your cock between my boobs, you're gonna have to know I'm the boss here. You got that?" Andy didn't speak back, giving her a silent nod instead. "Nice Andy, let's start now."  Katherine leaned her head down, kissing the head of his dick before finally squeezing her fat tits between it.

The first time Katherine pumped her tits up the length of his cock, Andy moaned and flashed a big smile across his face. She didn't look up at his face. Katherine knew her breasts were the main drawing attraction of her body and that they were built for fucking. She had been told that by men in the past and over time had grown to take pride in it. Squeezing her tits within her hands, she thrust them up and down his cock at a moderate pace. She licked her lips, watching the head of his rod poke up with each thrust. To hear his heavy breathing and moans was all she needed to know that the man was in a world of pleasure. Katherine moaned herself, loving the feeling of his cock of his hard cock pumping between her big breasts. She looked up into his eyes, ready to sing sweet filthy words to him.
"You like that, Andy? Do you want me to make you fucking cum?"

"Ahh Katherine, you're great."

Such a typical response. She almost rolled her eyes at those words.

"Yeah, tell me something I don't know."
It was time to pick up the pace and push this man beyond the living. Katherine adjusted her hands, now pumping her tits faster and harder. She fucked his big cock with ease, squeezing her tits around his shaft as hard as she could. Andy cried out in pleasure, moaning at the feeling of his cock trapped between her pillowy mounds. Katherine was showing him no mercy, especially when she leaned her head down and began to flick her tongue over the head of his shaft each time it poked up. Soon Andy took over, bucking his hips to drive his cock up and down between her tits. Katherine was impressed. She looked up at him and gritted her teeth, growling out in her stern tone.

"Ohhhh, yeah! Fuck my tits, Andy! Fuck those big titties! FUCK 'EM LIKE YOU MEAN IT!!"
Andy looked like he was crazy, losing control of himself now in a whirlwind of pure lust. He grabbed Katherine by the neck and started pumping his hips as hard as he could. Over and over, his cock pumped up and down between her tits Katherine gritted her teeth, looking at him as she felt his fingers around her neck. Andy moaned and called out to her.

"These tits are great! Holy shit, this is the greatest feeling ever!" 
"Ohhhh, yeah! You like these big tits wrapped around your fucking cock, huh Andy? PROVE IT TO ME AND CUM ON MY FUCKING TITS! I WANT YOU TO CUM ON THEM!! CUM ON MY TITS!!"
Andy let go of Katherine's neck as she screamed at him. She leaned back as he grabbed his cock and snatched it from her tits. A big grin formed on his face as he stood up, stroking his cock before her. Katherine held her tits up, still screaming at the man.

"Cum on my tits! Cum all over them! GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING CUM, ANDY! COVER MY TITS!!"
"I'll cum your tits, baby."

He began to moan as Katherine screamed at him and then after finally wanking his cock enough, a thick string of cum went flying out and over Katherine's left tit. She closed her eyes, moaning and forcing a smile in complete satisfaction while feeling his hot seed coat her skin. Katherine raised her neck, soon feeling a warm string of his cum giving her that sticky pearl necklace she loved to wear. Another wad went over her right tit, dripping down over her nipple held beneath her finger tips. By the time Andy was finished blowing his load for Katherine, her tits were drenched with several lines and sticky wads of warm cum. She opened her eyes, looking up at him while taking her right hand index finger and scooping a line of cum. Katherine fed it to her lips, sucking her finger dry. "Mmmmmmm, I liked that."

"Now sit down again. I need to suck your dick some more, make sure you're hard and ready to go for another round." Andy didn't object to Katherine's words. He sat down and Katherine crawled back between his legs, the cum dripping all down her breasts. She started sucking Andy's dick after wrapping her little hand around it. Slowly bobbing her head up and down, she slobbered all over it loudly. Andy wanted to fuck Katherine. However, he did not expect that much pleasure. Katherine was the real boss. Andy liked to be hard on women in bed, playing the role of a dominant man, but he couldn't do this to Katherine. Katherine still bobbed  her head up and down and sucking on Andy’s shaft. He couldn't help himself but to grab her head again, snatching her hair. 
"Take my cock, bitch! Take every fucking inch!"

He began to buck his hips again, slamming his cock to the back of her throat. Katherine took it all, inch after inch. He didn't need a break as he was instantly hard again after cumming all over those beautiful breasts. His cum was dripping down her tits, chest and onto the floor. Gwak. Gwah. Gwak. Gwah. Katherine's mouth made various slobbering and sucking noises like before. Katherine closed her eyes, loving it. She enjoyed it a lot, even when he talked dirty back to her and called her a bitch. She didn't expect anything like that to happen, but she welcomed it from him. She thought she was in complete control of Andy.  She was wrong. Andy would never take full control of her, this was a game of constant back and forth battling for control. When he finally let go of her head, she released his cock with a popping sound and strings of drool dangling back to it. Katherine looked up and gave him a smirk before rising from her knees. She stood before him, leaning over and kissing his lips while strings of drool dripped from her chin.
"I'm sure when you first kissed me, you didn't think I'd suck your dick."

"Yeah, but I always wanted to feel you do that."

She rolled her eyes after leaning back up.

"Like any other man who dreams about me."

"I want to fuck you now, baby. I want to fuck your tight pussy."
"Oh, I didn't tell you, you could fuck me."
Andy kissed Katherine again. He squeezed her big tits, not caring whatsoever to feel his warm sticky cum that had drenched them minutes earlier.
"Get your nice ass over here. I don't want permission. I'm gonna fuck you nice and hard."

Katherine stomped her heel into the floor, giving him an impatient look.

That's all it took for Andy to rise up from the couch and make a move. Katherine had turned around and moved to the couch, leaning in a doggy style position. Andy grabbed her hips and used his right hand to guide his cock between the pink folds of her opening. Katherine moaned when she felt his cock entering her. "Ohhhhhh, yes. Fuck me, Andy. Get that cock in there and fuck me!" He didn't have to be told twice, as he made the first thrust and planted his other hand on her hip. Katherine pushed her hands down into the couch as Andy began to thrust his hips, driving his cock back and forth into her pussy.

"Yes, yes! FUCK ME, ANDY! FUCK ME!!"

Her big tits shook from underneath. They shined from the light in the room, all thanks to the cum that had drenched them earlier. Katherine closed her eyes, moaning as she embraced the feeling of his cock penetrating her. A few beads of sweat dripped from Andy's forehead as he thrust over and over. This was heaven. Not just her mouth or her tits, but fucking her in general. He had already worked himself into a frenzy to cum again while feeling her tight pussy from within. Andy slowed down, overly excited with himself as slapped her ass with the palm of his left hand.
"I'll cum again, baby. Ohhhhh, yeah! I'm gonna cum again, Katherine!"
"Ah, you're gonna cum? Wait. Not now. Get your cock out of me."
 Andy did as she said, pulling his rod from her tight pussy and stepping back. Katherine stood up and turned around from her position. She lowered herself down on her knees, straightening her hair beyond her shoulders as she looked up at him and screamed.
"Cum on my face. I want you to cum on my fucking face! CUM FOR ME, ANDY! CUM ON MY FUCKING FACE!!"
Wanking his cock with his right hand, Andy grunted as he watched Katherine close her eyes. After a few more strokes of his hand, a thick wad of cum went flying over Katherine's face. It wasn't as strong as his orgasm from earlier, but still a respectable wad over her forehead. Another line of cum hit her left cheek followed by a thick droplet joining it. He squeezed his cock hard, forcing the final drops over her forehead. She opened her eyes and smiled in satisfaction.

Katherine stood up now with his seed dripping from her tits and face. "Mmmmmmm, that was great." Andy couldn't stand as he was drained of all his strength after blowing his load all over Katherine's beautiful face.  He sat on the couch quickly but could not speak as he was out of breath and trying to catch him. Katherine had a big smug grin across her face. It was the look of a winner.
"I have an offer for you, Andy. Live here with me until this movie is over. Then you never call me again."
Andy was very surprised. He wasn't expecting her words. He agreed immediately. "I'd love to, baby. But aren't you married?"
"This is none of your business. I want you with me for a while. Or should I go find myself another man? I can do that. Do you want me to just tell you to fuck off and go call someone else to stay with me?"
"No baby. I'll stay here. You won't need another man."
"Nice! I'm gonna get a shower now. I'm not done with you yet, so don't think about leaving. Stay your ass right there, Andy."
Andy was very tired now, but today was great. He was dreaming of what was to come next. He was still naked, sitting on the couch. He had fallen into a slumber when he heard the sound of the shower coming on.

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Great work, can't wait for the next part!
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Re: Pawn of Her Heart (Katherine Heigl)
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It was my pleasure to help you with this story, but remember this was your work. Give yourself some credit, you did a fantastic job.
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Re: Pawn of Her Heart (Katherine Heigl)
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Thanks. I'm glad you like it.

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Re: Pawn of Her Heart (Katherine Heigl)
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Pawn of Her Heart Ch. 2

Disclaimer: This story is completely fantasy and fantasy is legal.
Thank you very much to my friend Cadeauxxx. This story was completed with his help. He deserves to be appreciated. And I appreciate him.

1 week later...   

Earlier in the morning, Katherine and Andy were sleeping together. Andy was staying at Katherine's for one week so far. Andy woke up first. He thought he was a very lucky man. Katherine loved him. They've been in the same house for a week and they had sex at every turn. They had variable roles, embracing a healthy relationship of trying different things to keep it fresh. Most of the time, Katherine was dominant and quick to show him who the boss was. But sometimes, she let Andy do what she wanted. Andy had dirty request.
 Katherine liked Andy and it was a miracle, at least to him. She didn't know why she loved Andy. She didn't sleep with a lot of guys when she had a partner. She told them to leave the house or the hotel, a few times from the car. Only the glorious ones could get a goodbye kiss or a second chance.
Andy put his hands on Katherine's tits and squeezed it hard. "Mmmm,You're never gonna get tired of this, are you?" Katherine was awake and completely naked. "Are you kidding me? I never get tired of your tits. They just may be my most favorite thing in the world."

"A lot of guys over the years have  told me that." She replied with a smirk.

"Are you going to suck my dick this morning?" During the week they spent together, Katherine had sucked Andy's dick every morning. It became a routine for him to awaken to a lovely blowjob to start the day.

‘’You're never gonna get tired of this, are you?’’ Katherine laughed and got out of bed.

"Yeah, come and get your breakfast in the morning, baby." "Mmmm, I'm so hungry for that."

Andy couldn't get his eyes on Katherine's swinging tits. This woman was a sex goddess, stacked and busty to his absolute liking and preference of beauty. He thought he was very lucky, in fact knowing that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Katherine Heigl was sucking his dick each morning and giving him daily titty fucking fun. "Come on, baby, wrap your lips around my dick."

"Oh, I'm gonna do this. Then I suck your dick hard and swallow all that fucking cum.’’
She climbed up, moving between his legs and then grasping at his hardening cock with her right hand. When Andy felt those fingers wrap around and tighten over his meat stick, he let out a moan. Katherine didn't waste time when she wanted something. That cock was all hers and she aimed to prove it. Wrapping her lips around the base, she gave it a quick suck before pulling off and making a pop noise. She then went back down and this time, plunged Andy's rod into her warm and wet mouth. Katherine closed her eyes, concentrating as she began to suck and slobber all over his swollen rod.
"Ahh, baby, you're amazing in this." Katherine didn't answer Andy, just gave him a strong moan.

"Mmmmmmm..." She moaned as she continued, pumping her lips and down his rod back and forth. Andy was in heaven at this wonderful feeling, having Katherine suck him off like a pro. When she pulled her lips back up from the head, he could her another audible pop noise. Katherine gritted her teeth before spitting all over his shiny, saliva coated dick.

 "Are you gonna let me fuck your tits this morning?"

She shook her head before responding to his question. "Fuck that. I'm gonna make you cum this morning and I don't want any complaining. You should be fucking honored to have me forcing you to cum."
Because of his demand, Katherine had a better idea in mind for finishing Andy off. She brought her lips down to suck on his balls and then used both hands to wank him. She wasn't going to finish him with her mouth, not after he had the audacity to make such a demand for her tits while she was pleasuring him orally. While slobbering and sucking on his balls, she could hear the man beginning to moan. Andy couldn't hold back as he breathed heavily.

"Ah, fuck!"

Katherine's hand glided over his slobber covered shaft with ease, jacking him off back and forth as her grip turned and moved from the base all the way back up to the head. She removed her left hand, making it easier for her right hand to grip him tighter and wank consistently, all while licking and sucking on his hairy nut sack. When he began to grunt, she knew he was close but they were interrupted by the phone ringing. Her attention was immediately diverted and pulled her mouth from Andy's balls. Andy reached out and gave the phone to Katherine after he saw the name on the caller ID.

"It's your husband, baby. Are you gonna pick up the phone? Maybe you want to tell him what you're doing." Katherine was looking at the phone but she didn't answer Andy. She kept poking Andy's dick with her left hand. She grabbed the phone with her right hand and put phone into silence. She smiled and spoke. "I don't think he knows what I'm doing now", nor does he need to know."

Andy smiled at Katherine as she leaned up, facing him with those big beautiful brown eyes. He started kissing her lips. Katherine increased the intensity of kissing, moving into one of heated passion until Andy broke the kiss. He lowered his head to her tits. He squeezed it lightly and kissed her left tit. "You can't imagine how much I love your tits."

All Katherine could do was roll her eyes. "Tell me something other men don't say. Now, lean back, I wanna finish you." Andy didn't say anything back, knowing his place with her. When Katherine wrapped her lips around Andy's dick again, all he could do was a moan,just like he did every morning for a week. She finished him off, picking back up where she had left off, only this time sucking him slowly. He had the time to enjoy this better than the previous minutes that had passed by. But when he felt the sudden surge running through his veins, he couldn't do anything but throw his head back and moan. Katherine knew how to work him over and finish him with her lustful lips.


Andy screamed as he shot his load directly into Katherine's mouth. She swallowed it down, lovingly. After releasing his cock with one final popping sound a tiny string of saliva down, she had a big smile on her face. "We have to get dressed now. Today's the last day of filming. Let's give them a good sex scene. Get up, Andy, I don't wanna be late. Let's finish this fucking movie today." Andy did what Katherine said, knowing it was better to follow her directions and not give her any lip on it. Katherine and Andy argued on the set so the director postponed the sex scene to the last day. It would be wise to wait for Katherine to calm down but no one would think that Andy and Katherine would come this close. Katherine and Andy didn't want anyone to know their relationship. It was a wise decision for both of them to drive separate vehicles and taking different paths in the streets along with their approach back to the studio.
10 hours later...
Katherine and Andy gave the director a magnificent sex scene. They were far more fevers than in the script. Nobody could have guessed that.The director and the whole set crew were watching Andy and Katherine with great surprise. Katherine took control. She directed the scene. She told where the camera should be,how many degrees should be the light ,and what Andy should do. The director said nothing. He was just watching Katherine with admiration. It was the hottest sex scene in Katherine's career. She wasn't completely naked. She wasn't showing her boobs. But it wasn't necessary and Andy did very well. It was a long scene, offered a lot of things. It started in the kitchen and ended up in the bedroom. Viewers could hear Katherine and Andy's moaning. Hot kisses and sex sequences that look real. It didn't matter how good the movie was. Katherine would definitely get a prize on this scene. The director was upset that Katherine was not completely naked. If the production budget was a little higher, he could persuade Katherine. Even so, this scene was much better than he had expected.
When the scene is complete, Katherine just said ‘’Done,Now I want to win a prize with this movie.The filming was finally over. Working with Katherine was an unforgettable experience for the whole set crew. Some of the guys in the set were sorry they would never see Katherine again. She was a real bitch, but it was great luck to work with Katherine. They wouldn't longer be able to choose sexy clothes for her in the costume room. They wouldn't be able to help her change her clothes. A few people had this chance, and they had seen it almost naked. At such times they couldn't look at anything other than Katherine's big boobs. So they met her rage. "Stop staring at my tits and help me, you wanna get fucking fired?"
Today was quite tiring for Katherine. Set up, trial shots, additional shots took quite a long time. Katherine waited most of the time. She was angry when it came to the sex scene and she wanted to finish it fast.  Andy was acting very professionally. No one noticed the relationship between Andy and Katherine. They didn't talk to each other on the set. They didn't look at each other. Andy sometimes sent text messages to Katherine. "When we get home, I'm gonna fuck your big boobs and blow my load all over them." Katherine didn't answer to Andy, only rolling her eyes to allow him to see how irritated she was with his one track mind. But when she saw Andy, she smiled slightly at him. It was that 'bitchy' smile that only she could do with such expert skill back to a man.
 They met in the parking lot. The night was quite dark and there was no one around. Most of the set crew would sleep on the set. It was hard for someone to see them.It was almost impossible to see something because of heavy rain. Andy got into Katherine's car. He's been away from her all day and didn't want to wait anymore. Katherine didn’t want to be seen with Andy, but did he care? She knew he didn't. This was how men acted out of emotion when they were madly in love.
"What the fuck are you..."
Andy didn't let Katherine talk, and he started kissing her fiercely. Katherine didn't stop him, giving in to the urge to lock lips and kiss him back tenderly. She missed him and she didn't want to wait until home. She sat on Andy's lap by the side seat. Andy quickly took his hard dick off and Katherine raised her skirt up. Not giving him any time, she climbed over the seat, getting a top of him and then shoving herself down over his hard cock, allowing it to enter her warm womanhood. Clouds erupted into rain outside while they began to exchange moans in the heat of lust. Andy moaned, placing his hands at her hips as she began to ride, fucking him as if she owned him and was more than just a lover and friend. The rain was pouring on with thunder crackling among the darkened sky.

Just as they began to move their bodies into a steady rhythm, a voice they heard stopped them. They couldn't see anything from the intensity of the rain, but they realized that a shadow was moving away among the darkness. Katherine quickly got off Andy, moving back to the other front seat as she began to move her skirt back.
"I think someone is watching us, you heard that? Go check out and make sure no one sees us."
Moving his hands down, he zipped his pants back up and fixed them. Andy got out of the car, following her orders as he could feel a sense of worry in Katherine's tone of voice. He could hardly see anything because of the rain, but he saw someone move behind the trees.
"Hey, come here! You're not supposed to fucking be here!"
The man behind the trees started running and Andy followed.
"Don't run away, you bastard! Get the fuck over here."
Andy started chasing this guy. Thank God, this guy wasn't that fast. Andy got him. He was a young man, tall with brown hair and a skinny build. Andy remembered seeing him on the set before.
"Why were you running, motherfucker, what did you see? Tell me what you saw."
"Nothing, I saw nothing!"
The young man didn't look scared. Andy thought Katherine would want to see this young man.
"Don't lie to me, what did you see? What were you doing here at this hour? Tell me the truth, or I'll punch in your face! Do you want a broken nose?"
"Katherine and you were together in the car. You're having sex and I videotaped you. And I want to talk to her. Right now!"

"What's your name, asshole?"

"Barney, that's my fucking name!"

Andy escorted the young man to the car and Katherine already had her arms crossed.

"Says he was video taping us having sex."

"And you didn't take his camera?"

The man shook his head before replying.

"I used a phone and it's too late, I've already sent the video in an email to someone. You're both fucked!"
They were helpless or fucked as the man had said. Katherine yelled at this guy, cussing him and slapping him across the face. But it didn’t work. Katherine offered him money. But this young man didn’t care about the money, something else motivated him. There was only one thing he wanted. No way. Katherine would never admit it. But if this video came to press, her career would be over. She made a lot of sacrifices over the years. Maybe she could have made another sacrifice. Andy couldn’t do anything to this guy, even with threatening violence, it wasn't a solution. Katherine wanted her driver to be Marcus. Marcus had his own way and knew how to handle men like this. Katherine never asked him that. But on a few occasions like the events currently at hand, Marcus had saved Katherine’s ass. They talked in the car for half an hour before leaving.
1 hour later…
"Take off your fucking clothes and lean against the wall. Don't even think about touching me."

Barney did what he was told. He was smiling all the time, and this disturbed Andy. Andy wanted to knock his teeth out, but he couldn't. Because if he does, he didn't know how Katherine would react. He didn't have to watch them. He didn't want to watch anyway. He really was loving Katherine and seeing her with another man did nothing but shake his core in frustrations. He wanted to go to the kitchen and drink hard. Katherine wasn't looking at him, all her attention was devoted to this man who took his clothes off for her. Those big brown eyes instantly glancing down to see his big hard cock.
Katherine liked what she saw. The Barney's cock was bigger than Andy's cock. She collapsed on her knees without wasting time. And she slowly kissed the Barney's cock. Andy heard the Barney's moan and was really angry now.

"You're a naughty guy, aren't you?"

"Yes, Katherine, and you're about to suck this naughty guy's big fucking dick."

Katherine didn't answer. She continued to kiss his dick, placing soft kisses in a trail going down to the base. She thought he was hard enough, she left his dick. And she's starting to take off her white blouse. Barney could see her big tits behind Katherine's white bra.
"Are you gonna take your bra off? I really wanna see your big boobs."

"Maybe, but not right now. I'm gonna suck your dick first."
Katherine grabbed Barney's dick with her right hand and then slid it between her pink lips. She wasted no time, beginning to bob her head up and down his length, sucking on it vigorously. Barney let out a soft moan and audibly called out to her. "Oh fuck, that's it."
Andy was out of the kitchen, sitting in the armchair and watching them. When Katherine realized that Andy was watching, she smiled at Andy with the big dick in her mouth. Andy looking frustrated but Katherine didn’t care.
Andy heard the sound of a phone ring. This was Katherine's phone. "Hey, Katherine, your phone's ringing." Katherine didn't take the cock out of her mouth. She just gave him a strong moaning sound.
 Andy stood up and looked at the screen of Katherine's phone. It was Katherine's husband who called on the phone.
"Hey, Katherine. Your husband's calling the phone, babe. Maybe you'd like to answer that."
Katherine, then took Barney's dick out of her mouth, making a pop noise as she released it.
"Fucking damn it! My husband is calling me by phone when I find a nice and a big fucking dick! He always has to ruin my fun."

Katherine stood up. She was really angry.

"Give me the phone, I’m gonna tell him not to fucking bother me."
 Katherine took the phone in her hand and entered the bedroom. She slammed the door, the hinges rattling to create a loud boom through the house. The two men in the living room could only hear Katherine's anger as she screamed and cussed into the phone. Barney and Andy shared a conversation together.
"What a woman, holy shit."

Andy nodded. "Yeah, you don't wanna piss her off."

"She didn't want me to touch her. But I wonder what she'd say if I touched her."

Andy smiled. "Try and see."
Katherine came out of bedroom in a few minutes. She looked great with her white bra and yellow skirt, the only pieces of clothing covering her voluptous form.
"I told him not to bother me again. Now we can continue where we left off." Katherine, a few steps into the Barney. "I think you're ready to fuck my tits now."

She fell down onto her knees again. She lowered her bra straps. But she didn’t take off her bra.

"Oh no, fuck that. I think I'm gonna suck your pretty dick a little more."

Squeezing her hand around his dick, she went back down, licking the underside of it before sliding it back into her mouth. Katherine this time used her hand to wank the few inches towards the base, moving it in perfect sync with her lips working his shaft to give him the dual pleasure of her mouth and hand. Barney moaned, just watching as a Hollywood goddess was sucking his dick better than he could've ever dreamed of. When she stopped sucking on him, she took his cock and started to stroke back and forth with her hand.

"You wanna fuck my tits, big boy?"
"Yeah baby, I'd love to!"

Katherine continued to wank his cock back and forth with her hand while
"If I allow this, will you delete those videos from your email address?"

"Yes, baby, I swear."

She let out a laugh, still stroking his big dick with her hand.

"Actually, I didn't have to do this. I just wanted to have fun with you. I could have phoned Marcus and he would take care of your ass."

"Who's Marcus?"

"Marcus works for me. Do you want me to call him and tell him I need someone taken care of?"

Katherine smirked, witnessing the look of fear and wonder across Barney's face. Marcus was the kind of man that would put the fear of god into someone for Katherine.

"No baby, let me fuck your tits. Come on, take off your bra."
Katherine started to rub Barney's dick against the folds of her big tits, still teasing him with her filthy words.

"You wanna fuck my titties, Barney? Wanna shove your big fucking cock between them and just pump away? Wanna fuck my big... natural... fucking... TITS!?"

‘’Yes, Katherine. Please let them fuck your tits.’’

"Every guy I've been with wants to fuck my tits. I'll see how you do that."
Barney leaned down and kissed Katherine's lips, sparking a bit of a lustful flame as she returned the kiss to him. "Mmmm, mmmmmm. You're an exceptionally good kisser."
 Barney reached down and undid her bra straps, unable to hold back. He remembered Andy telling him to touch her and see what happens, so he softly caressed her left breast, causing Katherine to moan. His hand turned into a squeeze and then all she did was smirk over at Andy whom she knew was watching in the distance. Barney kept squeezing Katherine's tits, now with both hands. Katherine pushed Barney hard and she stood up. She wore her bra again.Her breasts were almost naked for the hard work of the Barney.
Andy could not handle this. She was giving him that smug grin and all it did was rattle his emotions, turning them into a blind rage of jealousy towards the other man. Katherine took his cock and began to rub it up against her right nipple, allowing Barney the feeling of her erect nipple. Taking in a deep breath, Andy curled his hands up into a fist before stomping out of the room only to return momentarily with a baseball bat. He had previously seen the bat sitting close to the door for some odd reason. He took one swing and hit Barney right in the shoulder, causing Katherine to flinch and move back a bit.
 "You son of a bitch, I should have done this the first time I saw you!!"

 Katherine was confused.She didn't expect it this to happen, but she knew now that she had been playing with fire by pushing Andy's buttons and trying to make him jealous of the other man.

"Katherine, are you okay?"

"Yes, I am good. I think I should really call Marcus now."

"Yeah, call him. Let him deal with this bastard."

Barney's painful groaning filled the room as Andy eyed him with a sinister glare. Katherine called Marcus and told him to come over quick, as she needed him immediately. It's pretty late. Marcus said she would leave immediately, but he might still be there in the morning. Barney was supposed to stay in this house until morning until Marcus took care of him.
"What will we do now?" Andy asked her.

"I want him to watch us."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm gonna fuck you, baby. I'm gonna fuck you while this bastard is watching us."

Katherine smiled. She didn't care about Barney at all anymore. Shoving her hands over her hips, she gave him a dirty look and then taunted him.

"Watching us make you horny, you worthless, stupid mother fucker? You liked watching us in that fucking care, huh? You're horny and frustrated, so stay on your fucking knees and watch us!" 
Andy kicked Barney to the floor, smirking at him as now he began to take his clothes off.

"Stay right there, you stupid ass bastard."

Katherine collapsed on her knees. Andy took his pants off. He put his hands over Katherine's hair, forcing her to look up at him. For a brief moment, she was going to let Andy have control. He slid his cock into her mouth, soon feeling her lips squeeze around it.
"Yeah, suck my dick, baby. This is the cock you should be sucking, not that stupid idiot Barney's."
Katherine quickly pulled her head back after he moved his hands out from her hair.

"What do you mean?"

"Shut up and keep sucking my dick."

"Oh, you want to be the boss, Andy? I could let you do that for once, maybe it would teach you a good lesson."

He smirked, placing his hands back over her head and proceeding to slam his cock into her mouth. Katherine didn't choke, demonstrating that she had proper deepthroat skills to handle his aggressiveness and the long length of his mighty cock. Over and over, Andy pumped his cock into her warm, loving mouth as she sucked and slobbered all over it. He couldn't control himself, letting out moans of pleasure as the way Katherine sucked him off was taking him over. He continued to pound his cock into her mouth but soon slowed down and unexpectedly pulled his rod from her lips, watching as a flood of her saliva dripped down from her mouth. Strings of spit dangled from her chin, falling to her neck and between her tits.

‘’I'm about to cum, baby.’’

Katherine never said anything. She raised her head slightly and looked into Andy's eyes. She used her hands to wrap around his cock and then shoved it back into her mouth. Andy moaned, watching as Katherine was the one who aggressively sucked his cock now. She shoved his cock as far as it could go, forcing the head to the back of her throat. Andy groaned, gritting his teeth for a moment as he could feel the cum rushing through his veins. There was no way he could hold back as Katherine was bound and determined to make him blow his load down her throat.

"Take it all, bitch! Swallow all of it!!"
Katherine swallowed all of Andy’s cum. She had her eyes locked on Andy's, glaring up at him as she slowly released his cock from her mouth. An audible popping sound was heard with strings of saliva dangling down. She opened her mouth wide, demonstrating to him that she had truly gulped down every last drop of his seed.

"Mmmm, that was delicious."

"I need to get hard again. I have to fuck yours tits."

"Oh yeah, is that so?"

Katherine grabbed Andy's cock, stroking it hard and fast to get him back to his previous erect hardness. She leaned in and quickly sucked the head, pulling back to make another popping noise. When she heard him begin groaning and breathing heavily, she figured it was time. Katherine wasn't going to tease him and give him the time to prepare in anticipation. Letting go of his cock, she brought her tits up and quickly squeezed them around his swollen shaft.

"Fuck yeah, just like that!"

She smirked, looking up at Andy with devious eyes to answer his words back.

"Shut up and fuck these titties! Come on, you wanted them soooo bad!!"

Grunting, Andy began to buck his hips, pumping his cock between her firm, natural tits. Katherine squeezed them as hard as she could, leaning her head down to watch the head of his shaft poke up with each thrust.

"Yeah, that's it! That's it, Andy! FUCK MY TITS! FUCK MY BIG TITTIES, JUST LIKE THAT!!"

Her screams of pleasure were enough to alert Barney, who couldn't help but be turned on by the act of titty fucking right before his very eyes. Katherine was an aggressive, nasty whore when she was turned on the way Andy knew how to push her buttons. She growled and moaned, feeling every inch of that hard cock pumping between her big tits.

"Fuck my titties, FUCK 'EM GOOD, ANDY!!"

Barney held his knee and moaned in pain. Andy nor Katherine had any care in the world about him. Barney didn’t bother them, he just lay there watching with his own hand down below jerking his erect cock. Andy was pretty hard. Katherine could see that he was angry, as they were both going at it like two wild flames looking to aggressively dominate each other in pure lust. Andy liked being the boss. Finally, he pulled his dick out from between Katherine’s tits. He stood up firmly and pointed over at the couch.

"Come on, go get on the couch on all fours, I wanna fuck the shit outta you."

Katherine grinned, biting down on her lower lip before replying.

"You're the boss, honey!"

She got up from her knees, moving over to the couch in a perfect position on all fours, exposing her womanhood and firm ass before him. Andy wasted no time getting into position, spreading his legs out as he slowly eased his cock between the pink folds of Katherine's entrance. She gasped, letting out a sharp moan as he entered her.

"Mmmmm, yeah Come on and fuck me, Mr. Boss Man!"

That cute nickname made Andy giggle as he thrust his length inside of her. Katherine gasped, glancing at him over her shoulder with a smile as he began to buck his hips and pump his cock in and out of her pussy. Between their moans and the sound of their bodies hitting together, time was lost. Andy was constantly smacking Katherine’s ass, something that gave Katherine a new idea.

"Ohh yes baby, fuck my ass. Shove that big fucking cock right up my ass and give it to me. GIVE ME THAT COCK UP THE ASS, ANDY!!"

How could he refuse her request? He pulled his cock from her pussy, rubbing it against her clid before sliding it through the crack of her ass. Katherine bit down on her lower lip when she felt the tip penetrate her dark little hole.

"Don't fucking tease me! Shove that big fucking cock in my ass!"

From the way she talked to him, Andy couldn't help but moan as he thrust his cock into her ass. Katherine moaned and then used her right hand to pull back one of her ass cheeks, grunting as she gritted her teeth and aggressively called out to him.


Her screams were enough to influence him into gripping her hips and then bucking his hips as hard as he possibly could. Over and over, Andy rammed Katherine's ass with his long shaft, pumping it in and out. She moaned, feeling his balls smack up against her ass cheeks with each extended thrust, pumping thoroughly into her dark little hole. He grunted, feeling sweat trickle down his forehead as he knew that he was drawing closer to another orgasm.

"Katherine, KATHERINE!! I'm gonna fucking cum again!!"


Like a hungry whore, Katherine demanded his cum once more. Andy pulled his cock from her ass, then watched as Katherine turned her body, quick to grab his cock with her hand and didn't hesitate to go from ass to mouth as she sucked him and bobbed her head up and down the shaft like many times before. Andy grunted and screamed as his time came.


Just like before, he shot his load down her throat. He felt weak in the knees as Katherine had depleted him of not only his seed, but energy as well. He watched her pull his cock from her lips like before, only this time she was grinning like a winner. It was that infamous smirk that only she of all the world in the world could do.

"Mmmmmmmm, That was great."

Andy moved close to Katherine and sat down on the couch.

"Yeah, that was good. Mmmmmmm, yeah."

Andy had dominated her for the first time in all his time with Katherine. He liked that feeling, craving that sensation. Could he do it again? He did not know, but he would try. Katherine stood up. Andy looked at her swingning boobs. Katherine put her hands on her hips.

"What will we do now?"

"I guess we have to wait for your friend Marcus."

"Oh yes you’re right. I totally forgot about him."

"And your husband? I think you have to talk to him. What are you gonna tell him?"

"That is none of your fucking business. I’ll talk to him and I know what to say him. Now I want you to come with me to the bedroom. I have to prepare you for the third round."

"Wow, a third round?"

"You haven’t fucked my big tits enough today."

Katherine and Andy walked into the bedroom. Barney was still lying on the floor and could not move.

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Nice work, that was pretty good.  :Y:
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Thank you. I am glad you like it.

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Count me in. Katherine may be bitchy but she's got a mean set of tits that need a good working out  >:D
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Hot stories, lots of good titty fucking in them.
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