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Author Topic: Acting Lessons, with Natalie Dormer  (Read 1959 times)

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Acting Lessons, with Natalie Dormer
« on: August 26, 2019, 05:43:58 PM »
Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction.  Any resemblance to real persons or locations is entirely coincidental.  All sex depicted is consensual.  Discuss with your partner before springing any kinks on them.

I sat in an evening Acting 101 class, which was held in the classroom of a local high school.  There were about a dozen of us, mostly young girls hoping to break into Hollywood after classes like this.  I rolled my eyes, they’d all be waiting tables in low-cut outfits to make ends meet in a shitty one-bedroom pad in the seedy part of L.A. before the year was out, guaranteed.  For a second I thought about reminding them the only sure-fire way to get hired as a young starlet, but none of them were my cup of tea.

As time ticked away, the so-called expert -- some fat old white guy with a messy beard -- was droning on and on about who he knew in Hollywood.  I could only assume that he might have known someone in 1920, because he looked like he would have been the janitor, or a bit actor at best.  I sighed quietly, shifting a little lower in my seat and pulling out my phone.  This class might have been a bust, but I could at least use the time productively, or maybe just immerse myself in a game.

With 10 minutes left, the old windbag excused himself, and I heard the distinct noise of stiletto heels on the linoleum floor.  I looked up to see a blonde beauty sitting on the corner of the teacher’s desk, her long legs crossed as she surveyed the room.  The girls immediately perked up, and I have to admit that I certainly did as well.  Sitting before was the amazingly sexy Natalie Dormer, looking radiant and delicious in a simple black dress dress, with a fine mesh fringe over her shoulders and extending the skirt to her knees.  I eyed her heels, a pair of black stiletto pointed-toe pumps.  All in all, I was paying complete attention, at least to her body.

Natalie’s voice was sensuous and sultry as she talked about finding an agent who would move mountains for an actor without charging them a ridiculous fee.  Everyone was scribbling her pointers down like crazy, while I raised my phone slowly to take a picture.  I snapped it just as I realized that the shutter sound was still on, but the class started clapping for Natalie which covered up my oversight.  Everyone gathered around Natalie for pictures and autographs, and I couldn’t help but join in the gathering.

I was last in line, which was absolutely fine, letting the gaggle of girls filter out and post their selfies and experiences to social media.  Natalie flashed her trademark smirk as she heard the door close.

“You’ve been very patient,” she said in her sexy accent.  “I appreciate that in my fans.  Come take a picture.”

I fished out my phone and set it to selfie mode.  Natalie sat me beside her on the desk, hugging her bosom into my side nice and tight.  I took a couple of pictures, smiling and quite enjoying the feeling such a beautiful woman pressing into my side, and went to put my phone away.

“Oh no, you’re done already?” she asked with a pout.  “I have loads more time, especially since those girls have left us all alone here.”

I could feel my pants getting a bit tighter as my imagination went wild with her words.  “Some more pictures would be cool,” I said lamely.

“I was thinking the video option personally,” she said, and I realized that the talented actress was sitting with her legs spread wide.  “You look like you could use some one on one time with your sexy professor.”

There was just a second of hesitation on my part before I walked forward, confident and horny.  Natalie smiled at me with her signature smirk which turned me on more.  I put myself between her spread legs and put an arm around her waist to scoot her close against me.  There was no way she could miss my erection pressing into her.  She took the initiative and kissed me, slipping her tongue into my mouth and moaning.

I felt her hands working my pants, opening them enough to free my cock.  Her slim manicured hands felt amazing against my hardness, and I kissed her back eagerly, letting go of her waist in favour of playing with her tits over her dress.  She broke the kiss to look at the cock she was fondling.

“Oh, that’s not small by any means!” she said excitedly.

I knew I was above average, but having a famous actress practically swoon over my size was a huge ego boost and turn-on.  “I hope it’s not too big you.”

“Is that a challenge?” she asked, letting me go and spinning herself around on the desk.

Natalie let her head hang over the edge of the desk, and put her heels flat on the top to hike her skirt up.  Her hands fished for my cock.  “I want to choke on your cock as you eat me out babe,” she told me.

I moved forward again, sliding my cock very easily down Natalie’s throat, and leaned forward to pull her black panties to the side.  Her pussy was bare and glistening, looking absolutely delicious.  Natalie wrapped her hands around my balls, playing with them as she made herself throatfuck my cock.  I dove in, licking her clit before pushing my tongue into her wet pussy.  I was right, she tasted divine!  I alternated between her pussy and her clit, flicking my tongue around as she moaned around my cock.

It felt incredible to have the talented Ms. Dormer’s mouth and throat sliding up and down my length.  I could feel her thick drool dripping down to my balls which then smacked against her forehead.  Her hands moved to my thighs as she pushed herself deeper onto my cock.  I stopped eating her out for a second as I marveled at how long she could keep herself there until she finally slid her mouth off with a wet pop and a lot of drool.

In a feat of acrobatic skill that I didn’t know she possessed, Natalie rolled backwards off the desk, using her weight and momentum to push me.  I fell onto my back, but avoided the desks, and really managed to make it graceful considering the surprise.  I didn’t mind Natalie straddling my chest, her stiletto heels on either side of my head.  She spun around, making sure her panties were still pulled to one side, and slid smoothly onto my cock.  Her lips trembled as she sank down, and then her trademark smirk returned as she enjoyed the feeling of having me inside her.

I got a good look at her face, her subtle mascara now running down her cheeks, her eyes a little red from willingly choking around my cock.  There was still some thick drool on her chin which she wiped away and rubbed on my balls. 

“Waste not,” she said, and started to move her hips.

Natalie felt amazing riding and grinding on my cock.  I put my hands on her slim hips to help her move, so she reached back to grab her heels.  “Oh yes, help me move my hips!  God your cock is so big!”

Spurred on by her sexy accent, I bucked my hips up, delighting in her sudden moan.  She let go of her heels to steady herself with her hands on my chest.  “I want to feel you thrust that monster into me,” she moaned.

When a star as hot as Natalie expresses her desires, you listen.  I certainly did, helping her slide off my cock and stand.  “I’m going to bend you over the desk,” I told her confidently.

“Yes baby, tell me how you’re going to fuck me,” she said.

Before Natalie could move, I dragged her over to the desk and bent her over it.  I pushed my finger into her pussy, feeling it get wetter as I handled her roughly.  “You like being manhandled, don’t you?  You’re just a submissive slut, aren’t you?”

Natalie moaned as I pinned her arms to her back, fingering her deeply.  “Yes, I love being used!  Use me, I’m your slut!”

I pulled my finger out of her snatch, and rammed my cock home, the force of my thrust pressing her hips against the desk.  Her head arched up, and I pushed my finger, still wet with her juices, into her mouth.  Natalie sucked on it, enjoying the taste of her pussy.  I left the finger in her mouth as I kept her arms pinned on her back with my other hand, starting to really pound her wet slit. 
She pressed into my thrusts as best she could, lifting one of her heels off the floor.  The desk was heavy, and managed to not move as I kept pounding her.  Her other heel scraped against the floor, and then I could feel her shake and convulse as she came.  Her pussy got even wetter and her mouth sucked hard on my finger.  I grinned, letting go of her hands, and pulled her almost upright with the finger still in her mouth.  Natalie easily complied, and grabbed her own tits with her free hands.

I took my finger out of her mouth and slid that hand down around her throat, squeezing lightly.  Natalie brought a hand up over mind and pressed down, making me choke her more.  She gasped, turning her head to make eye contact with me and smiled.  “Fuck, you are a dirty slut,” I admired.

Grabbing her hip with my other hand, I gave her a slow hard thrust, practically lifting her off her feet even with the extra height from her heels.  With the hand around her throat I kept her still, and gave her another hard thrust.  I could hear Natalie gasping for breath as I squeezed her and fucked her, speeding up the thrusts until it was a hard fast rhythm of my cock slamming in and out of her tender pussy.

Natalie tried to grunt something, but only ended up squeezing my hand around her throat harder.  I could see her eyes start to roll back as her body quivered and I realized that she was cumming again.  I let go of her waist and grabbed her hand that was under her hand, making her squeeze and fondle it the same way she was making me choke her harder.  Her hand on my hand dropped limply to the desk so I gently lowered her onto the desk, pulling out and swinging her legs up.

Her heels were too tempting of a target as I stroked my slick cock to finish.  Natalie woke up to see me cumming all over her feet and heels, moaning as she felt my hot ropes land on her.  “Damn, I thought I was naughty,” she teased, taking a finger to scoop up some of my cum to taste.  “You are quite delicious.”

Natalie swung herself upright and hopped off the desk, wobbling a bit.  I steadied her hands around her hips, and she leaned in for another kiss on her tiptoes even with the heels.  I could feel myself getting hard again, poking her bare thigh.  She broke the kiss, but kept in close to me.  “Next time lover boy,” she said, and then shimmied her skirt back down into position.  “Give me your number though, I think we need to stay in contact.”

I fumbled through giving her my cell number, stunned at her request almost more than when she begged me to fuck her.  I wasn’t sure what came over me, but she certainly enjoyed it.  Natalie left with a wink, opening the door as I hastened to do my pants back up.  The crowd apparently had cleared out, leaving me alone in the classroom with the fading sounds of her confident footsteps.

Later that night I got a text message from an international number.  It was a picture attachment, which I downloaded out of curiosity.  When it opened, I saw Natalie licking my cum off her stiletto shoe.  She had put a caption underneath it reading ‘next time we’re getting even kinkier.  Maybe I’ll fly you out for a weekend ;)’  I smiled as I saved it onto my phone, cock already throbbing at the thought of fucking her again. 
Open for commissions!  Get your fantasy written, send me a PM to get started!
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Re: Acting Lessons, with Natalie Dormer
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2019, 03:30:03 PM »
Natalie is so underrated, it's a pleasure to read something with her.
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Re: Acting Lessons, with Natalie Dormer
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2019, 08:19:00 AM »
This was a great story and I have to agree, Natalie is criminally underrated.
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