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Heather and Hunico (Hunico)
« on: August 30, 2019, 04:35:13 AM »
Heather and Hunico
Disclaimer: If you ain't 18, begone! This is for the adults, and Sweetness,
you're not.

Hope you enjoy it. If you don't, well, I tried.
I don't take requests, sorry.

And remember, there is no spoon.

  During an episode of RAW, Heather was at the commentary table during a Divas' match. Michael Cole was being his usual annoying self. Heather had had enough of Cole’s constant yapping. She sighed and without looking, reached over and slammed Cole face first onto the commentator’s table.
After the match, Heather left the table and headed back up the ramp. Trying to catch his breath, Cole issued a challenge to Heather. A Hell in a Cell match for Smackdown the following week. She raised an eyebrow,intrigued. “I’ll accept on one condition…I win, you’re outta here!” The crowd went wild. Cole replied, “And if, I should say when I win, we’ll have a little fun. If you know what I mean.” She fought the bile that was rising up, and shuddered. “You’re on!” The crowd was in shock. Heather turned and went into the back. The other wrestlers stared agape at her. John Cena approached “You do know he’s gonna try to
ruin this for you.” “I know. I also know I can beat him”. She walked away.

One week later:  Heather was in her dressing room, trying to remain calm when she heard a knock on the door.
 “Come in!, she called turning to see who was on the other side.
The door opened and Hunico walked in.  Heather looked at him confused.
“What are you doing here?” ” Just wanted to wish you luck.” He looked her over smiling a bit. “Good luck. Hope you win.” “Thanks?” He licked
his lips, smiled again, turned and walked out. Heather was confused, but put it in the back of her mind. She walked out and headed to the ring.
She heard the ring announcer state that there will be no match restarting, and that there must be a winner.

Heather walked down the aisle after she was announced. She smiled and got her pops as usual.
She stepped into the ring, and waited for her opponent.

Cole came down to raucous boos from the crowd. He entered the ring, and the gate door was closed. The bell rung, and right away, Cole tried to get
away, but Heather grabbed him and slammed him to the ring. Cole tried to back away, but Heather would have none of it. She lifted him up,
and did an airplane spin, dropping her opponent to the ring. Dizzy, Colemanaged to grab Heather’s leg, tripping her. Cole tried to do the Ankle Lock, but Heather manages to kick out. She stands up, and throws Cole out of the ring. She grabs him by the back of the head and slams his face into the Cell.
She does it again, and again, and again, the last time, she rubs his face against the wall, making blood gush. She grabbed a chair and got back into the ring. Cole somehow, managed to get back into the ring as well. Heather started to swing the chair, when suddenly, the lights went out.

 Red lights came on and Kane’s theme hit. The chair slid from Heather’s hand as she understood what was about to happen, Kane tore a hole in the ring and grabbed Heather’s ankles, tripping her. She narrowly missed striking her face on the chair. She grabbed the chair, and swung it at Kane’s face, it barely fazed
him, though. She aimed for his arms and chest, that did what was needed.
Kane fell back under the ring. Heather stood up, not realizing Cole was behind her. He grabbed her and slammed her to the ring. He went for the
pin, but she threw him off. She struck him with the chair fourtimes, lifted him up and did another airplane spin, this time turning it into the Torture Rack.
Cole submitted and Heather was announced as the winner. If it were possible, the fans reaction would have blown the roof off.
The crowd started singing “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye"at Cole. Heather left the Cell and headed to the back.

Heather made it backstage, where half the roster were cheering. She smiled and slapped hands. Kofi Kingston and John Cena snuck up and poured sparkling
cider on her. She squealed and everyone cheered.  She excused herself to take a shower and everyone left to celebrate at the hotel. She would join them later.

Heather made her way to the locker room. She had left a towel hanging from a towel rack. She grabbed a bath cloth and entered the shower. Heather scrubbed herself off and washed her long black hair.

She closed her eyes and hummed softly, as she rinsed, not knowing that someone was watching.

A soft whistle emanated from behind her. Heather’s eyes snapped open. She turned, startled. Hunico was standing there watching her, smiling a bit.
Heather turned the shower off. “How long were you standing there?”  ”Since you were rinsing your hair.” His gaze slid down her body taking in her curves, then slid back up.

“What do you want?” He did not answer, opting to move closer. Hunico was close to Heather. He looked deep into her brown eyes and pulled her into a deep kiss. She didn’t fight. She kissed him back. Hunico nibbled her ear and kissed her neck . Heather closed her eyes, realizing that she wasn’t the only
one naked. She could feel his dick hardening as it pressed against her. Hunico bent his head and sucked on a nipple. It darkened and turned hard. Heather groaned. She pressed a hand to the back of his head.

Hunico sucked harder, eliciting a groan from her. He switched to the other nipple, doing the same to it. Heather was moaning.
 He dropped to his knees and pulled her closer. Heather parted her legs and Hunico dove in.
He explored her walls and folds, Heather inhaled sharply. Hunico’s tongue rubbed her clit and she squealed. He brought her closer to an
orgasm, his tongue going faster. Just as Heather was going to cum, he stopped. She looked at him confused, but he only smiled and reached up,
grabbed her hips and pulled her right onto his thick hard dick. Heather squealed and started to ride his dick. She came, but still rode him.
Hunico held onto her enjoying the feel of her pussy sliding on his dick.Heather picked up speed, really riding him, she was moaning loudly. He felt she was close to cumming. Hunico gripped her tightly, lifted her up and slammed her pussy onto his dick. He shouted and she screamed as her orgasm hit.
Wave after wave hit her as she shuddered and came. Her pussy muscles squeezed his dick, causing it to erupt. Jets of cum shot into Heather making her cum again. She cried out, holding as tight as she could to her new found lover. After it was over, they both stood up,and showered together, cleaning up the mess.

They made it to the party at the hotel. Both celebrated Cole's departure  from the WWE, and secretly celebrated their own private party.
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Re: Heather and Hunico (Hunico)
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Nice story, thank you for sharing it with us!

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