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AJ enjoys some Punk
« on: September 05, 2019, 04:16:50 AM »
Written by icestorm

Disclaimer: If you ainít 18, begone! This is for the adults, and Sweetness, youíre not.
Hope you enjoy it, if you donít well, I tried.
I donít take requests, sorry.

And remember, there is no spoon.

AJ Enjoys Some Punk

AJ was pacing in her hotel room, waiting for her date with C.M. Punk. She was
wearing a cute little red dress and matching sandals.

She was so excited about going out with Punk, she could hardly contain
herself. She took deep breaths, which helped, but only served to turn her on,
as the dress was rubbing against her pussy.

She grabbed her handbag, walked out of the room, and got on the elevator. She
went up to the floor she knew Punk was on. After she got off the elevator,
she approached Punk's hotel room door, and knocked.
Punk opened the door. "AJ, wha- what are you doing here? It's a bit early for
our date." She spoke not a word, but jumped into his arms and started to kiss
him. Punk, though shocked at first, returned the kiss. They pulled away, and
AJ was gently lowered to her feet. She removed her dress, leaving her sandals
on. Punk stared at her, the reason of her being there hitting him. "AJ, we
can't do this."

She lowered her gaze, doing her fake sad look, then looked up at him. "I just
wanted some release, it's been so long since I've been with a man. Every
other...toy, I've used just isn't the same. I was just hoping you'd want to
give me what I need.

*Like a straight jacket?* Punk thought. Despite himself, he was wondering
what toys AJ liked to use. "This isn't right. You know this isn't right."

"Just this once, and I promise I won't bring it up again." AJ moved closer.
"You know you like what you see." She batted her eyes. AJ placed a hand on
the crotch of Punk's pants, rubbing slightly. He closed his eyes, an
involuntary groan escaping his throat.

He opened he eyes and looked at her, "Alright, we'll do this." She grinned.
He pulled her close and kissed her. Then he moved lower, kissing her chin,
her throat, her neck. He latched onto a nipple and gave a hard suck. AJ
groaned. He switched to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment. His
fingers slid down her tummy and rubbed her pussy. AJ moaned. His fingers
doing magic on her.

He pulled away and removed his fingers. Punk unbuttoned and and unzipped his
pants, pulling them down. His large dick sprang free, sticking out. He sat
down on the foot of the bed.

AJ walked over to him, her eyes wide. "Wow! You're big!"

"Daniel's dick not big?"

She shook her head, blushing. "I wanted to give him a hand job, but he's small. He's so small, I call him 'Mini nuts'."

Punk laughed, "Really?"

She nods, still blushing.

Punk laughed harder, tears started streaming. He managed to stop and wiped
his eyes. "No wonder you need release. Come, ride me."

She swung one leg over his thigh and maneuvered onto his dick. She slid all
the way to the base of his shaft.

"Ride me," he whispered.

She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him, sliding up, then down his
dick. Punk broke the kiss, grabbed her waist and raised and lowered her
faster on his dick. She was moaning. He filled her up. He kept going, faster,
til he was slamming in and out of her. She felt his dick hitting against her
womb, but didn't care. She felt her orgasm approaching fast, and gripped him

As AJ came she screamed "YES, YES,YES,YES,YES, YES,YES,YES,YES,
YES,YES,YES!!!!!!!", throwing her head back. Her pussy muscles gripped Punk's
making him cum, too.

He yelled in his climax shuddering.

He held AJ, til she was able to stand. She went into the bathroom and cleaned
up. He went in after she came out and got himself cleaned up. She left after
saying bye.

She came face to face with Daniel Bryan. He looked at her suspiciously. She

"AJ, were you and Punk-?"

Punk opened the door "Hey AJ, you forgot your-"

He paused, holding AJ's handbag. He looked at Daniel, and started to laugh.

"What the hell's so funny?"

"Oh nothing...Mini nuts!"

Daniel's face turned red with a mixture of anger and embarrassment.

Punk handed AJ her handbag and watched her leave. He looked at Daniel and
went back inside his room.

The End
Coming soon...these!

Tags: m/f cons oral 

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