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Author Topic: A JOI to Behold (Anya Taylor-Joy)  (Read 1199 times)

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A JOI to Behold (Anya Taylor-Joy)
« on: September 10, 2019, 11:55:41 AM »
A JOI to Behold

Starring: Anya Taylor-Joy as JackOffJill

It was 1.55pm on Sunday, 8th September, 2019, and all across the globe men in their thousands were powering up computers, swiping at iPad screens and tapping away at smartphones as they opened PornHub and headed to their favourite channel.  At 2pm every Wednesday and Sunday for the past six months, the site user known as JackOffJill had been streaming her now legendary jerk off instruction videos; live broadcasts that had randy males the world over pulling themselves senseless as she went about her business.
The stream started as it always did; the young lady herself sat on the edge of her bed, clad in a sexy outfit and a feathered burlesque mask.  This time she’d opted for a set of rather expensive looking French lingerie. Sheer black stockings ran from her shiny stiletto heels right up to her thighs; the frilly hems attached to a silk garter belt that hugged her slender hips, while an equally frilly, partially see through bra and panties set adorned her crotch and bust; the buds of her stiff pink nipples and her neatly trimmed Brazilian-style pubic hair visible through the thin fabric.

Jill’s audience watched attentively as the video began; headphones in their ears, tissues and lube at the ready as she addressed them through the lens of her camera.  Some were aware of true identity, others weren’t. In her small black mask that covered little more than her eyebrows and the bridge of her nose, she wasn’t exactly a master of disguise and to anyone familiar with her film and TV work there was no doubt that the performer’s long blonde hair, deep hazelnut eyes and gorgeous rosy red lips belonged to anyone but British-American actress Anya Taylor-Joy.

“Hey, boys,” said Jill, flashing a sultry grin at the camera.  “Welcome back. I trust you have abstained since Wednesday as requested?”

They had.  Each and every one of them.  It was remarkable; the not-so-mysterious young woman had men accustomed to beating off two, three, even four times a day fighting the urge for 96 long, arduous hours.  But the wait was always merited and JackOffJill made it more than worth their while.

“Good,” she went on.  “Now, you boys know the drill, no touching those dicks until I tell you.  It’s hard, I know, but you’ve waited for days,” she smirked. “Another couple of minutes won’t kill you.”

JackOffJill had seen her viewer count rise considerably with each passing week so there were undoubtedly people tuning in who were new to her videos, but those familiar with her work knew exactly what was coming next.  After all, these weren’t Hitchcock movies they were watching. There were to be no plot twists, no wrong men or MacGuffins. She greeted her audience, told them not to touch themselves, brought out a cock and tugged it to climax.  And as arousing as it was for her loyal audience, the videos were about as formulaic as it got. All that changed was the host’s attire and the colour of the penis. Occasionally it was black, sometimes brown, sometimes olive. Heck, sometimes it was even yellow.

This time it was white.  White and big, and as this week’s lucky co-star, a man named Brett, stepped into the edge of the frame, the audience got a close up view of just how large it truly was.  It had to be ten inches long with girth to match. A complex network of veins and capillaries ran up and down the length of the shaft, criss crossing one another along the way.  The giant pink head was swollen up like a ping pong ball, while two equally large, weighty looking testicles dangled down to around mid-thigh. 

“Right, let’s begin,” said Jill, looking across to the camera as she placed her hands on her co-star’s thighs.  “Now, I want you boys to start by touching those balls.”

As Jill took Brett’s balls in her hand, the camera cut to a POV angle shot by the man himself on his phone.  Jill gazed up into the lens as she fondled his nuts, instructing her viewership to follow suit. 

“This is how I want you to do it,” she said, Brett angling his cock to the side with his free hand so his girth didn’t obscure the view.  “Hold that ballbag in your palm like a sack of coins,” she directed as she cupped Brett’s nads. “As if you’re weighing them. They must be heavy, huh?” she grinned.  “Four days worth of spunk build up will do that. Don’t worry, you’ll get to release it soon enough. But first, I want you to caress those big, weighty balls. Roll them around your hands like marbles.”

Jill demonstrated.  She kneaded and massaged Brett’s nuts, the oversized spunk-holders heavy in her hands like a set of Italian plums.  Her audience did as instructed, men across the globe; some single, some in relationships, some married for 30+ years, caressing their balls like they were checking for lumps.

“OK, now onto those cocks,” Jill grinned.  “Everyone fetch your lube and get squeezing.”  She picked up a bottle from mattress and flicked it open.  “Don’t be shy. Really get it on there.” 

She ran the bottle up and down the length of Brett’s shaft; the gorgeous host squeezing a hearty does of the clear, slick grease over the top of his schlong.  It smeared across his shaft like syrup; the sticky, wet oil dripping from his dong and onto the carpet below. 

“Now get stroking,” Jill instructed.  “Nice and slow to start with. Get a good feel for those dicks of yours.  I want those veins throbbing in your hands like these are in mine.”

Indeed they were.  In fact, Brett’s cock was pulsing in her paws like an athlete’s ticker; the veins ferrying more blood to the tip of his wang than the set of a Saw movie. 

“OK, once you’ve got that dick throbbing you can speed up a little,” she said as she stroked Brett’s dick harder and faster; her hand roaming from the head to the base in expertly timed passes.  “Not too fast though,” she warned. “I don’t want you boys going off just yet.”

*SCHLICK* *SCHLOCK* *SCHLICK* came the sounds from Brett’s crotch; his dick throbbing in Jill’s soft, lotioned hand, a pearl of precum forming in his tip as she beat him off

“Ooh, well would you look at that?” she grinned.  “Pre-cum. I imagine you guys at home are generating a little of this yourselves by now, right?”

They were.  In fact, globs of pre-spunk were bubbling in slits and trickling down crowns as men the world over stroked themselves to near bursting point. 

“OK, stop that stroking,” said Jill, bringing her pounding of Brett’s prick to an abrupt halt.  “Now!” she warned, pointing a lengthy-nailed finger at the phone lens. “Now play with that pre-cum for me.  Like this.”

She dabbed at the glob of spunk pooling in Brett’s tip; thin trails of the sticky, diluted mess clinging to her fingers as she tapped at his slit.

“Smear it around those heads,” she instructed, rubbing Brett’s crown with her thumb and forefinger, greasing his swollen head further with the river of pre-nut now oozing from his tip. 

“Now you know what’s coming next, right boys?” said Jill, grinning into the camera lens.  “Yep, that’s right. Some of you love it, some of you hate it, but the important thing is you’re all gonna be doing it.  Trust me, I’ll know if you don’t, and I’ll come there and punish you!” She stuck a finger between her lips and suckled it seductively.  “Time to work those g-spots.”

The video cut back to the previous angle as Jill reached around behind her co-star and stuck her finger up his ass.  With varying degrees of enthusiasm, her viewership followed suit. Some winced in pain and others nearly came on the spot as men from New England to New Zealand thrusted their lubed up digits into their rectums. 

“Yeah, that’s it, boys,” Jill grinned, Brett’s cock hopping and spasming before her pretty face as she fingered his asshole.  “Get in there good. Right down to the knuckle.”

She demonstrated; plunging her finger right down to the base like she was performing a cavity search.  And she didn’t stop there. In fact, no sooner had she stuck her finger in knuckle deep, had she pulled it back to the tip; the masked woman allowing her co-star but a moment’s respite before plunging it into the depths once more.  Before long, she was fingerfucking his puckered anus like there was no tomorrow; the randy host guiding her spit-slicked digit right down to the knuckle with each pass she took.

After some time, Jill pulled her finger from his asshole, the video returning to the POV angle as she retrieved the greased up digit from his rectum. 

“So, how you doing, boys?” she asked.  “Haven’t cum yet have you? ‘Cause you know what to do if you have.”  She waved and mouthed ‘bye-bye’ to the camera.

Indeed, the rectal portion of the video had claimed a few casualties and the viewer count dropped by a hundred or so as those who came early were forced to vacate. 

“OK, those of you that are still with me, lube up those dicks again,” said Jill, squeezing a second dose of lube over Brett’s already dripping wet schlong.  “I don’t want to see a dry dick in the house.”

The guys did as directed and soon men from Port Moresby to Portland, Oregon were dousing their dicks with grease; slickening them from tip to base in preparation for the next act.

“Right, now we’re gonna use a different technique.  One that requires both hands. Now I know must of you don’t have a big enough dick for that,” she said, frowning at the camera and wiping an imaginary tear from under her eye, “but don’t worry, ‘cause this is a two handed tug job method that anyone can use.  No matter how small their dicks may be,” she added with a wink.

“First, you’re gonna interlock your fingers.  Like this.” She clasped her hands. “Then you’re gonna wrap those hands around your dong.  Like so.” She sheathed Brett’s dick with her paws. “Then work ‘em back and forth.”

Jill demonstrated; the pretty host working her conjoined mits up and down the length of his dick from the head to the hilt, the oversized wang twitching uncontrollably as she stroked it.  Her viewers followed suit and, before long, men the world over were wrapping their hands around their cocks and beating themselves senseless. Jill’s stroking slowed to a halt and she released Brett’s prick from her grasp.

“Wow!  That’s really throbbing, huh?” Jill quipped, looking into the camera as Brett’s oversized wang pulsed and pounded before her.   “How about you boys at home? Are your dicks throbbing like this one? Or did that last bit push you over the edge? ‘Cause if so then I’m afraid this is where we part ways.”

The viewer count dropped once more as 200 or so overexcited males took their collective leave. 

“OK, well if you’ve made it this far, congratulations!  You’ve reached the end of the video and it’s time for you to blow that load.  But,” said Jill, holding a finger to the camera lens, “remember the rules; you can’t cum until I say.  Anyone who cums early gets a week long ban from my channel. So, grip those dicks at the base and stroke them with the other hand.  Again, I’m not sure some of you will be big enough for this but just do the best you can, OK?”

Jill wrapped her hand around the trunk of Brett’s schlong and jerked it the other; her dainty paw little more a neatly manicured blur as she stroked the oil-slicked wang.

“Yeah, that’s it, boys,” she grinned, “beat those pricks!  Pound those cocks like your lives depend on it!”

Brett’s dick pulsed like mad in her hand; a steady stream of sticky, wet pre-spunk oozing from the tip and across her fingers as she tugged him off.  Jill’s viewers were dropping like flies every which way, and all across the globe men were crying out in equal parts joy and exasperation as they weighed up their week long expulsion from the channel with the eruptive blow of their orgasms.

“Yes!  Jerk those dicks, boys!  Come on! Pump those pulsing prongs!  And...cum! Cum for me, boys! Empty those big, swollen balls!”

A collective bellow sounded out the world over as men from high rises in the South Bronx to bunkers on the South Pole blew their gooey loads; splattering phones, tablets and laptop screens with an ungodly amount of hot, creamy nut as they did so.  Then came Brett’s turn; the endowed young guest roaring like a lion as a thick torrent of gloopy, off-white seed blasted from his dickhole and splattered across Jill’s face. It went everywhere; across her lips, over her nose, across one of her eyes, Brett plastering her mask and skin alike with volumes of seed as it shot from his spewing prick. 

“Oh, wow!” Jill exclaimed; cum streaking her hair and dripping from her chin as she looked up at the camera.  “That was one of the best cumshots we’ve had! And I hope yours at home was just as good. Now, you boys know what to do next.  Keep your hands off those dicks! Do whatever it takes. Tie them together. Tape gardening mits to your wrists if need be! Just don’t blow a single load until my next video, you hear?  Good. I’ll see you then.”

She blew a kiss to the camera and started stroking Brett’s cock once more, adding, as the video faded to black, “what do you say, big boy?  Got another one for me?”

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Re: A JOI to Behold (Anya Taylor-Joy)
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2019, 01:02:48 AM »
Pretty good story.

Jack Off Jill is also the name of an awesome 90s rock band. Made me think of them.
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Re: A JOI to Behold (Anya Taylor-Joy)
« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2019, 08:29:06 AM »
Jack Off Jill is also the name of an awesome 90s rock band. Made me think of them.

That may be where I got it from  ;D

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Re: A JOI to Behold (Anya Taylor-Joy)
« Reply #3 on: September 12, 2019, 06:25:06 PM »
Jack Off Jill is also the name of an awesome 90s rock band. Made me think of them.
Damn, I though I was going to be the one to say that!  ;)


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