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Young Hollywood Shoots

A series featuring a variety of up and coming, young hot female celebrities/singers between the ages of 18-24, engaging in hot sex with amateur photographer, Carter G.

Session One: featuring Stranger Things star, Maya Hawke

Disclaimer: Everyone involved in this fictional series is over the age of 18.


“Damn Maya. You’re just as gorgeous as your mother,” complimented photographer Carter G. The 36-year-old professional photographer was taking pictures of 21-year-old actress of Stranger Things fame Maya Hawke to expense her portfolio in Hollywood. “Any movie studio and director would be lucky to work with you.”

She blushed and sat quietly on her heels on an infamous “casting couch” that she has heard so many stories about from her mom, actress and Kill Bill star, Uma Thurman. She had on a plain white t-shirt and a pair of light-blue jeans with nothing on her feet as she posed on the couch for Carter.

“While still on your knees, bend over while holding the back of the couch and just turn your head and smile,” the handsome African America photographer instructed Maya.

She did as instructed, pushing her nicely rounded firm ass towards him and smiled while he snapped pictures. Unbeknownst to the actress, Carter had three hidden cameras in his small apartment studio. One camera was attached to the ceiling fan for a nice overhead view, another camera was attached to a lamp right next to the couch and the last camera was disguised on the bookshelf that faces the couch.

“You have such a nice butt. Do you like being spanked?” he asked while snapping pictures.

Maya giggled before answering. “Maybe…”

“Do you like it when a man is squeezing on your firm ass while giving it to you from behind?”

Maya giggled again. “I’ve never done it that way…” she confessed and noticed the fat bulge in his grey sweatpants growing larger.

“It’s my favorite way of really giving the girl what I’m packing if you know what I mean,” Carter responded in a flirtation manner and not hiding the fact that his huge cock was erected for the young actress’s eyes. He snapped a few more pictures of the Stranger Things star’s ass before having her turn around and sitting forward on the couch. “This is my favorite part of the casting couch. I’m sure your mom is no stranger to a casting couch. You want to go ahead and feel it?”

Maya blushed and laughed quietly as she reached out and felt up the biggest dick she ever saw. She broke out into embarrassing laughter as she moved her hand around to feel up the full length of his hard penis.

“Wow! Oh my god!” Maya gasped, even though she felt silly, her hand wasn’t shy about groping and kneading Carter’s massive meat in his sweats.

“I take it I’m pretty big,” he teased.

“Like, fuck yeah. You’re so big,” she agreed, as she stroked his enormous tool up and down over his sweats. “I’ve never had a boyfriend this big. Sadly, I’ve only had one boyfriend.”

“Go ahead and pull it out. I bet your pretty mouth is good at sucking,” Carter encouraged.

Maya grabbed the hem of his sweatpants and pulled them down to the surprise of her first black cock and the biggest one she has ever seen. It had deep veins surging through the thick, elongated 11-inch shaft, topped with a crown the size of a plum. Dangling beneath the massive phallus was a pair of big heavy balls. She wrapped most of her hand around the shaft and began stroking it up and down while Carter stepped out of his sweatpants and shoes.

The Stranger Things actress leaned forward and took the head of his dick between her lips. Her tongue slithered all around the plump crown as she sucked. She began bobbing her mouth up and down a couple of inches of his huge throbbing member. Carter could tell right away that Maya wasn’t the best at sucking dick and really didn’t have any kind of technique, but he didn’t care. He only wanted to fuck the famous actress as she was the first of several other conquests he planned on conquering on his couch.

Maya kept steady pacing moving her mouth up and down only 4-inches of his rock-hard tool and kept her closed hand jerking the rest of his shaft. She was only able to fit into her mouth what she could handle of his giant black monster. Her efforts still made him moan a little.

“Let’s get you naked,” Carter suggested, reaching down and pulling Maya’s white t-shirt up and off her body, causing her mouth to relinquish his cock. “Those titties feel that bra out nicely,” he complimented.

Maya blushed as she reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra. Her grapefruit-sized funbags trembled out into the open with pale pink areolas the same diameter as the bottom of a coffee mug and pink thick nipples that were hard enough to cut through glass.

“Hmm. These are some fine ass white jugs,” Carter moaned and praised while his large black hands groped and squeezed every inch of Maya’s big perky chest. “I bet your mom’s chest was nice and firm back in the day,” he said, tugging and rolling Uma Thurman’s daughter’s rock-hard nipples between his fingers.

For a brief moment, Maya took 5-inches his massive black cock into her mouth while he toyed with her throbbing nipples.

“The jeans and underwear, next,” he mentioned, releasing his grip on her young firm breasts and pulling his dick from her mouth.

Maya quickly unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and pulled them down to her ankles so her naked feet kick them off. Next, she took her panties off revealing her wet cunt that was covered with a small dark brown bush.

Carter dropped to his knees and captured one of Maya’s throbbing nipples between his thick lips while at the same time, inserting one of his long fingers between the wet folds of her pussy and started thrusting in and out.

Maya tossed her head back with her eyes rolling in embarrassment and moaning hysterically as her black photographer had his way with her young luscious body. She felt his mouth alternate between her sizable breasts, taking in as much firm flesh as humanly possible between his dark lips while his finger pistol in and out the depths of her creamy twat. She felt her pussy twitching uncontrollably on the verge of cumming.

“Damn girl, you got such a tight pussy. All hot and wet. I think it’s time we stretch this pussy out with a real dick.”

Carter pulled his finger from Maya’s drenched snatch and put it in her mouth. He got a surprising response when she accepted and sucked her cunt juices off his finger. He then had Maya turn around in the same position he had her posing in earlier on the couch with her ass facing him while he pulled out a large condom from his sweats. He wasn’t taking any chances of an accidental pregnancy.

After wrapping the XXL condom around his throbbing meat, Carter got into position behind the Stranger Things star with her bare feet between his legs and slowly plunged his massive tool between the sleek walls of her drippy cunt. Each inch he pushed in into her snatch caused Maya to yelp as she fought bravely through the pain of having the biggest dick she ever saw being lodged between her vagina walls.

“I got a big dick, don’t I?” he teased, as he slowly began thrusting.

“Fuck yessss!” she answered with a silly chuckle and then sharp cries from the sudden realization that a massive fucking cock was pounding her tight pussy.

Carter held onto Maya’s slender waist as he plowed the actress with as much of his meaty prick that he could possibly penetrate inside her soggy twat. The hidden camera from the book shelve was filming a tremendous view of Carter pounding Maya doggy style. His ass flexed each time he thrust inside her vice-like snatch while her toes curled and spread from the painful yet gratifying fucking.

“OOOOOOOOOOHHH FUUCCCCKKK!!” Maya cried out, as she started cumming. Her dull brown hair was completely unkempt and her face was drenched in sweat. Her round titties were flopping beneath her and slamming against each other from the hard pounding. “UUUUUUUUUHHH!!”

Carter increased the speed of this thrusting and nonchalantly started spanking her firm smooth ass leaving large red marks on her milky-white skin. He rammed his huge throbbing member into Maya doggy-style for a few more minutes before pulling out and having her lay down on her stomach on the floor. He climbed his 6’3 solid built frame on top of her back and plunged his meaty dark cock back inside her aching creamy pussy. He used his feet to spread her legs wide across the floor as he aggressively slammed his pelvis against her ass with each thrust.


The long hard pain of having his gigantic chocolate dick fucking her pussy again was too unbearable for the young actress. Maya’s drenched pussy began twitching uncontrollably and clamped around his pulsating meat tightly as she came hard.

“Goddamn. You love cumming on this dick, don’t you,” Carter teased, using his fist to lift himself up off Maya’s back and continue to push his massive pleasure tool inside her cum-flowing cunt.

After a few minutes of furiously pounding the young actress into the floor, Carter pulled out and sat on the couch with his dick dripping in Maya’s cunt juices.  A hazy Maya followed and sat with her back facing him in reserve cowgirl style. He grabbed the back of her long legs and spread them wide and started savagely drilling his throbbing man meat up inside her overheated young snatch.

The hidden camera in the bookshelf captured his giant prick as only half of it could fit inside Maya’s sweet creamy pinkness while he pounded it into raw hamburger meat. His heavy thick balls bounced and swung wildly between their legs as her big breasts were bouncing wildly on her chest.

It didn’t take long for Maya to succumb to the mighty thick penis of her photographer again and she came hard. Her cum squirted out of her hot twat towards the hidden camera, soaking the large condom-covered cock and his swinging balls.

“I’m ready to cum on that pretty face,” Carter groaned, giving Maya’s overwhelmingly wet cunt a few long thrusts before pulling out. “Kneel down in front of the couch.”

Maya obliged and was on her weak knees as the 6’3 photographer aimed his colossal phallus towards her pretty freckled face.

“Gaaaaaaahhh!” was all the Stranger Things star heard with her eyes closed and soon felt her face being drenched in several thick massive ropes of Carter’s warm nut juices…
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Re: Young Hollywood Shoots (Multi-celeb series) Session One: [Maya Hawke]
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great story
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Re: Young Hollywood Shoots (Multi-celeb series) Session One: [Maya Hawke]
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Nice work, looking forward to seeing what you come up with next.
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Re: Young Hollywood Shoots (Multi-celeb series) Session One: [Maya Hawke]
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Thanks guys. I have some chapters done already. Ten chapters is my stopping point. I plan on releasing 2 chapters a week within 3-4 days of each other. That's the plan as of right now.

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Re: Young Hollywood Shoots (Multi-celeb series) Session Two: [Isabela Moner]
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Young Hollywood Shoots

Session Two with Isabela Moner

Codes (MF,cons,inter,oral)

“You’re such a beautiful girl, Isabela and so mature. It’s hard to believe you’re 18,” photographer Carter G complimented the star of the recently released Dora the Explorer movie while snapping photos. “This session will allow the entire world to see how grown up and mature you’ve really become.”

The slightly nervous actress blushed while sitting on his couch wearing an intimate black babydoll nightgown with a black skimpy thong and black stockings. The racy attire was something Isabela Moner wouldn’t typically wear in her personal life, let alone a photoshoot, but she knew this wasn’t going to be an ordinary boring photoshoot the minute she met Carter.  His enormous dick was already bulging from beneath his mid-thigh blue boxer briefs and she couldn’t believe the remarkable size he was packing.

“Do me having big dick make you nervous?” he bluntly asked the actress while snapping a few more photos. “Is it the biggest you ever seen?”

The young actress’s face turned red. “I have little to no knowledge about dicks, I must confess,” the 18-year-old laughed. “But yeah, your dick is really big.”

“Well once you’ve taken a big dick, it makes the smaller ones easier to withstand,” Carter laughed in a mocking tone. “But of course, why go back to smaller dicks?” he added, as his bulge grew bigger. “Let’s get some photos of you touching my dick?”

Isabela blushed and nodded her head in approval. She sat up towards the edge of the couch and grabbed the waistband of his boxer briefs.  Her vision was already filled up by the extremely large bulge presented in front of her. She pulled down his undergarment and got the shock of her life revealing the biggest erected penis she has ever seen up close and in person. It sprung out, throbbing with deep veins and a massive thick helmet pointing directly in her adorable face. She was speechless, most like in a state of shock.

“Go ahead and grab it so I can take some pictures,” Carter instructed the young flabbergasted actress.

She reached out and seized the great big chocolate shaft, but her hand was too small to get a full enclose grip around the girth. Carter started taking pictures of her tiny hand holding his immense member.

“Start stroking my cock and up look at me with those big gorgeous dark eyes,” Carter instructed.

The Dora the Explorer star obliged and started stroking his huge elongated cock from the root to the bulbous knob while looking up at him making eye contact. His cock grew more excited from the rubdown in her petite hand.

“Use both hands to stroke my cock and suck on the head.”

The young actress used both hands in gripping his large hard penis and took the fat mushroom head between her soft lips. He snapped pictures while the multiple cameras he had sat up in his studio apartment were filming. Her warm mouth gradually descended further down his raging hard cock as her head bobbed in classic style. Isabela’s cute little lips were distorted over 6 ½ inches of his wide veiny shaft as her overstuffed mouth worked overtime.

“Mmmm. For a girl with little to no knowledge of dicks, you know how to make one feel so good between those pretty little lips,” Carter moaned. “Take off your thong and lie upside on the couch.”

The teen begrudgingly released Carter’s fat dick from her hands and mouth and took off her black skimpy thong. Her young tender pussy had a thin layer of dark hair on top and already leaking like a broken faucet. She lied upside down on the couch as instructed and Carter hovered his massive cock over her face. Isabela accepted a large portion of his raging hard cock back between her lips and used her tongue to massage the swollen crown. Carter leaned forward and gave the wet outer labia of her cuntmouth a rubdown while ignoring her throbbing clitoris. The actress let deep guttural moans with her sweet gullet stuffed with his manhood.

“I know you just turn 18 Miss Moner but are you still a virgin?” Carter asked, as he slipped two thick fingers between the piss-soaked opening of her young overheated twat and plunged them deep into the depths of her womb. “Even though your pussy is leaking like a dam, it’s really tight. Might have to use some lube to ease my cock between those beautiful pussy lips.”

Isabela moaned hysterically with her mouth full of huge cock as Carter amplified the thrusting speed of his fingers, causing more of her wetness to spill into his hand. Her jaw and cheeks were aching from being distorted around his monster member, but the blissful pain paled in comparison to the ecstasy she was feeling from having her young cunt fucked by two of his thick fingers. The young actress instantly started cumming when Carter used the thumb on his free hand to massage her sensitive clit.

After her orgasm has subsided, Carter slowed down the thrusting and withdrew his fingers from her hot snatch with her sweet cum nectar dripping all over his hand. He then placed his hands on opposite sides of Isabela’s head and started thrusting giant prick down her willowy throat. Only 8-inches of his stiffened dark meat was able to bludgeon its way to the back her young throat, releasing small amounts of pre-cum for her to swallow. Saliva leaked out the corners of the adolescent actress’s mouth and decorated her face.

Carter face-fucked the Instant Family star for another good minute before pulling out and rubbing his saliva-covered black cock all over her beautiful Peruvian face.

“Time to fuck that virgin pussy. Sit upright and spread those legs.”

While Isabela repositioned herself upright on the couch and spread her legs, Carter fetched one of his standard XXL size condoms and wrapped it over his enormous cock. He then grabbed a bottle of lubrication and returned to the couch. He stood between Isabela’s legs and emptied half the bottle of lube on both his giant cock and the entrance of her cuntmouth. He then teasingly rubbed the swollen knob of his massive fuck stick up and down the slit of her glistening creamy pussy.

“You look like you want to cum again so bad. You want this big black cock to take your virginity? I need to hear you say it.”

“Yes! I want your big black cock to take my virginity,” the heavily panted actress repeated back.

Music to Carter’s ears, he smiled and pushed the large bulbous helmet of his rock-hard cock between her taunt virgin cunt lips. With every throbbing length of his manhood that plunged further inside her pussy, her mouth hung open with discomfort and released deep guttural moans.  He grabbed the back of her legs holding them apart and started thrusting, turning her throaty moans into sharp cries of excruciating pain.

“Holy F-FUCK! Your cock is so big!” she gasped and dug her nails into the couch cushions to embrace each impact of Carter’s massive dick seesawing between her tight cuntlips. She felt her cherry being destroyed by her first and the biggest dick she ever experienced. 7 ½ inches of his veiny rock-hard tool penetrated her  buttery love tunnel with small droplets of blood from busting her cherry and was enough to cause the teen actress to succumb to the most powerful orgasm she ever experienced.

“OOOOOOHHHH MMMMY GOD!!!” she yelled, as her taunt snatch twitched wildly over Carter’s thrusting manhood and started cumming.

While she was cumming, Carter gradually increased his thrusting speed. He bent her knees towards her chest and climbed up on the couch. Her stocking-covered feet dangling around his bald head as he began jackknifing his mammoth prick deep down inside the Dora Explorer star’s creamy cuntmouth.

“Uuuuh! Oooohhh! Uuuhh! Ooohhh!” Isabela repeated over and over as her young cunt was forced to widen over 9 rock-hard inches of Carter’s diving hard missile during the hard concentrated pounding she was receiving. She felt his sweat dripping and flying off his dark skin and drenching all over her equally sweaty body. His enormous ball sack hung long enough to slam against her ass each time he plunged his cock inside her.

“AAAAAAAAAAA!! OOOOOOHHH GOD!!! OOOOOOOHH GOD!!” with earsplitting intensified screams, Isabela started cumming.

Before her orgasm could end, Carter pulled his cum-soaked condom dick from her gooey twat and climbed off the couch. He positioned Isabela on all fours while she was still on the couch and got behind her. He drove 8 inches of his solid hard erection back inside her and held onto her small waist as he gave her a steady pounding. The hidden camera in the lamp captured the agonizing yet pleasurable facial expresses on Isabela’s sweat-drenched face.  Her small tits were jiggling beneath her still covered by her black babydoll.

Carter removed his hands from her waist and onto her smooth firm ass. He divided her soft cheeks to get a good look at her brown tiny asshole. He dropped a large wad of spit in her brown anus and stuck one of his long, broad fingers inside.

“No… Not my ass,” the heavily panting actress protested.

Carter reluctantly removed his finger from her ass and reached under to her huge dick-filled pussy and furiously started rubbing her ultra receptive clitoris. The added stimulation was too much for the young Instant Family star could withstand and she became an instant cum faucet with no turn off knob.

Carter kept pounding Isabela’s creamy womb mercilessly as she underwent multiple orgasms. He pulled out after a couple of minutes and positioned the Peru teen on her back. He momentarily buried his face into her hot dippy snatch, tasting the sweet young nectar that flowed out between her hot cuntlips. After having his fill of her cum, he stood up and drove his giant throbbing dick back inside her until he felt that familiar tingle in his heavy cum-filled scrotum.

“Aaahh shit!” Carter moaned and decided to cum inside Isabela’s glutinous cuntmouth. He continued to leisurely thrust his substantial pulsing cock inside the young actress making her cum hard one last time and until the XXL condom was filled up with his thick man jism ready to bust…
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Re: Young Hollywood Shoots (Multi-celeb series) Session 3: [Ladies of Legacies]
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Young Hollywood Shoots

Session Three with the stars of CW's Legacies: Danielle Rose-Russell (left) Kaylee Bryant (middle) and Jenny Boyd (right)

Codes (MF,F+M,cons,oral,inter)

“Look up at the camera ladies,” photographer Carter G directed while he stood in front of the three actresses from the new CW popular drama series, Legacies.

Danielle Rose-Russell, Kaylee Bryant, and Jenny Boyd sat on the heels of their feet in front of his beefy muscular legs while he took pictures of the trio. In celebration of the upcoming second season premiering in October, the three young actresses booked a session with Carter and his infamous couch.

“Christ, that is the largest bulge I’ve ever seen,” Jenny admired as her hands joined her co-stars in massaging the outside of the enormous protuberance in Carter’s grey boxer briefs. The blond-haired skinny actress was the eldest of the three as she 28-years-old. Carter liked to keep his female clientele between the ages of 18-24, but he made an exception since the ladies came as a package deal and this would be his first foursome.

“I get to suck this big juicy dick first since I booked the session,” said Kaylee as she tossed her long brown hair to the side and stamped her claim on Carter’s impressive appendage. The 21-year-old actress grabbed the hem of his grey boxer briefs and yanked them down over his obtruding thick sphere. Her impulsive actions made his humongous black cock slap her in the face.

“Oh my god, he’s huge!” Danielle gasped, a bit horrified after seeing Carter’s manhood revealed and throbbing with deep veins just inches away from her distressed face. She was the youngest of the trio at 19 and has never seen a cock as enormous as Carter’s.

Kaylee wasted no time in licking and swirling her tongue around the big swollen knob of Carter’s 11-inch organ. She then engulfed his cockhead between her velvety lips and began sucking, wetly gliding her mouth down inch by inch of his hard pulsing shaft until her mouth was only able to be crammed with 6-inches.

Her Legacies co-star Jenny descended her mouth onto Carter’s huge hanging balls, dragging her wet tongue across the smooth surfaces before taking them one at a time in her vacuum sucking mouth.

Not to feel left out, Danielle moved in and attached her lips to the free testicle Jenny wasn’t sucking. She tasted her friend’s saliva on his cue ball-sized nut as she licked and sucked.

Carter tried to keep focus with his camera on the three actresses below worshipping his enlarge private parts, but it was becoming a difficult challenge to stay professional. “Oh, fuck yeah,” he deeply groaned.

Kaylee loudly and sloppily bobbed her mouth up and down 6-inches of his rock-hard erection. Her cheeks puffed in and out as she sucked strongly and what part of his elongated boner she couldn’t fit between her extended lips, the actress stroked and pumped in her partially closed fists. She tasted and swallowed Carter’s slimy pre-jism that oozed into her mouth.

Her co-stars Jenny and Danielle were raucously tag teaming his cum-filled ball sack, sometimes having their tongues intertwine with each other. Their hands caressed his toned butt cheeks and inner thigh.

“I want to taste some of that fat black dick,” said Jenny, briefly halting her tongue lashing on Carter’s huge balls.

After 8 solid minutes, Kaylee begrudgingly let go of Carter’s dick and traded places with the older actress. She moved her head next to Danielle’s and became her new tag team partner in worshipping his enlarge scrotum. They worked their respective testicle and occasionally their tongues crossed, French kissing with his hanging ball sack in the middle.

“My God,” Carter moaned, finding it impossible not to cum early to the titillating enjoyment.

Jenny was sucking Carter’s meaty black cock in a well-timed steady tempo. She ignored her impulse to gag as her mouth was sealed over 8-inches of his enormity.

“Damn, blondie. Oooh shit,” he moaned, not able to believe the actress was able to down that much of his hard member. Jenny brought her hands up to his butt and clinches a handful of each cheek while her mouth moved in steady and long strokes up and down his throbbing dick. Muscles around her jaw and mouth area she never knew existed started to twinge from deep sucking the biggest and fattest dick she ever encountered.

“Ooooh shit. Oooh damn, this feels so fucking good,” Carter moaned, his knees beginning to buckle under the immense contentment of having his cock and balls worshipped by three gorgeous young ladies.

Danielle decided to take things a step further by standing up and removing her flannel shirt, uncovering her massive teen tits stuffed inside an enormous white bra. Carter let out a deep low moan and licked his lips signaling his approval and focused his handheld camera on her taking off her big bra. The 19-year-old wasn’t as skinny as her Legacies co-stars, but she wasn’t fat either. She had some voluptuous curves and really big boobs.

“I want to fuck those big white titties,” Carter insisted, pulling his oversized organ out of Jenny’s mouth and his big balls away from Kaylee. He took a much-needed seat on his couch after having to stand for a long period. “You two finish getting undressed,” he ordered Kaylee and Jenny. The two obliged and got naked down to their ankle socks.

Danielle stepped in between Carter’s legs and unhooked her huge triple D brassiere. Her large milky-white jugs wasted no time in tumbling out from beneath the cups before letting the bra drop to her bare feet. Her breasts were massively rounded and hung marvelously from her chest, capped with large blush pink and bumpy areolas and flat dime-sized nipples of the same color. Most of the time on Legacies, the true size of Danielle’s big boobs were hidden under some athletic tape and sports bras.

“Goddamn. Those are some fine ass titties you got. Can’t wait to stick my cock in between these,” Carter praised as he sat up and lurched forward to grope and massage her enormous teen knockers with his large hands and they overflowed his palms. Carter moved his mouth in and gave each of her chewable nipples a hard suck, making them go rock-hard between his lips while squeezing the milky soft flesh of her ample mounds.

“Grab the lubricant off the stand, Kaylee. You and Jenny can lather up Danielle’s big titties,” Carter instructed after a momentary pause on sucking Danielle’s bountiful melons.

After Kaylee retrieved the lubricant, she and Jenny kneeled on opposite sides of Danielle and started rubbing down her huge set of tits. This was their first time seeing and touching their co-star’s amazing chest. Kaylee was okay with her small buds, but Jenny was a bit envious of the enormous fat sacks Danielle carried around with on her chest.

After her large ample funbags were soaked, polished and glistening, Danielle draped them over Carter’s thighs and enclosed his hard as steel member within them. Her DDD teen tits covered up to 8-inches of his lengthy stiff lumber wood as she began bouncing her fat milk cans up and down in a steady pace, slapping the bottoms against his thighs with loud wet thumps. The large mushroom head of his cock peeked out from between the slippery slopes of her cleavage. Danielle leaned forward, bending her neck down and took the inflamed helmet of dick between her soft pouty lips while titty-fucking his oily shaft at the same time. Her co-stars sat behind her, watching the action and rubbing their wet pussies.

“Aaaah, shit,” Carter moaned, keeping a grip on his handheld camera as he zoomed in on Danielle performing two sexual acts simultaneously. He decided to give her a little help and started thrusting his hips up, sliding his long slippery boner between her huge soft pillows of immense pleasure and thrusting his cockhead between into her sucking mouth.

“Damn. Look at our sweet Danielle, getting her face and fat ass titties fucked,” moaned Jenny, gently massaging her cuntlips and watching the tit and mouth fuck action with a lust-filled stare.

Carter sat the handheld camera down on the couch and seized the back of Danielle’s head and power thrust his meaty dark cock inside her mouth. She felt her jaw and cheek muscle were being stretched and overworked by Carter’s thrusting. She lost control of her huge teen boobs due to their excessive slipperiness and uncontrollable bouncing. They fell off his thighs and were swaying from side to side beneath her from Carter’s plowing strength as he fucked her face.

“Gaaaahhh, fuck, I’m going to cum!” Carter cried out and within seconds, he unleashed a massive load of cum inside Danielle’s mouth. The actress was caught off guard and started coughing and gagging as his warm, thick fluid traveled down her throat.

Carter pulled his long member out of her mouth before his balls were completely drained and dumped the rest of his gooey spunk all over her chest and large plump breasts.

“Holy shit, that was hot,” an excited Kaylee stated, leaning over to Danielle and sliding her tongue over one corner of her co-star’s mouth. Jenny took the hint and did the same on the other side of Danielle’s mouth, getting a taste of Carter’s thick jism. That led to a three-way kiss between the Legacies stars, passing what’s left of Carter’s cum between their greedy mouths. Then Kaylee and Jenny descended upon Danielle’s big sexy tits and licked up all of his cum.

Carter stroked his massive hung black cock to mid stiffness in one hand and recorded the girls sucking and licking Danielle’s large teen breasts with his handheld camera in the other hand.

“Spread those gorgeous legs, Kaylee. I want to fuck your innocent-looking ass first,” Carter announced. “Grab that condom off the stand, Danielle. Jenny, I want you to put the condom on my cock using your mouth.”

A still on cloud-nine Danielle got up and grabbed the XXL condom off the stand and gave it to Jenny.

“Suck my cock first and then put the condom on. Danielle, lick Kaylee’s hot pussy for a bit.”

Carter stood up with his gigantic black dick wangling in Jenny’s face. Her eyes were still memorized by the sheer sight and length of his member. She seized his cock with both hands and started licking the bulbous tip before making a good chunk of his dark chocolate dick disappear between her lips.

Meanwhile, on the floor, Danielle was in between Kaylee’s legs, licking her first pussy. She ran her tongue up and down her co-star’s outer labia for a few minutes, tasting the wetness that flooded out of her clean-shaven honey pot. She then slithered her tongue pass her outer fleshy walls and started licking around the inside of her soft mushy pinkness. She found Kaylee’s clitoris and assaulted it with soft licks and nibbles causing the actress’s toes to curl in her socks and moan in a continuous frenzied.

After sucking Carter’s thick juicy phallus back to a full 11-inches, Jenny put the XXL condom between her lips forming a large O and slowly glided the condom over his obtruding manhood. Her mouth only got across 8-inches of his shaft. She used her hand to finish rolling the condom to the base of his member.

Carter then replaced Danielle between Kaylee’s legs and bit by bit, plunged his enormous dick inside her drippy pussy. Her clean-shaven pussy was a little snug, so he had Danielle pour some lubricant over the entranceway of Kaylee’s cuntmouth and part of his lengthy shaft that was on the outside.

“Damn, Kay. Your pussy is really tight like Isabela Moner’s,” he said, comparing her tight cunt to another actress he recently fucked and deflowered.

“I bet I can last longer than that little bitch,” a stern Kaylee replied, as every inch of Carter’s colossal throbbing tool entering her tight overly moist squeezebox felt like someone shoving a cucumber inside her. Her little pink hole had to widen and outline its form over his fat cock to get 7 solid inches between her pussy lips.

“I made her cum a lot and with any luck, I can make the three of you cum a lot before I do,” Carter laughed, penetrating 7-inches of his thick rock-hard member between the young actress’s snug coochie. He placed his fists on each side of her head and started lifting and dropping his hips, pounding her young wet snatch into mincemeat.

Kaylee’s loud pleasurably cries from the giant dick pounding her love tunnel echoed throughout the studio apartment along with the nasty wet sounds of their flesh intertwining.

Carter grabbed her legs and hoisted them over his broad shoulders and leaned forward bringing them towards her head. While in the pushup position, he started jack-hammering his massive elongated fuck pole inside her pried open soggy cuntmouth. He felt the fleshy pink walls of her snatch sucking hard and twitching around his manhood.

“HAAAARDEEEER!! OOOOH YESSSSSS!! OOOOH GOD!! I’M CUMMING! OOOOOH GOD!!” The Legacies actress screamed for dear life as she came like a freight train. Her body went limp with no sounds escaping from her mouth as the bigger man figuratively pounded the breath out of her exhausted body. Carter continued jack-hammering her cum-gushing pink tunnel all the way through her strong orgasm before pulling out.

“You’re next Jenny,” Carter heavily panted. His large condom-covered cock was soiled in Kaylee’s womanly juices and torn at the top. “Toss me another condom, Danielle and Jenny, get on your hands and knees.”

Jenny gave Carter a seductive smile as she got on her all fours facing the couch, giving the hidden camera on his bookshelf a view of her drippy cunt. Her busty Legacies co-star retrieved another XXL condom for Carter. Danielle then gave him a quick blowjob keeping his cock wet and hard and massaged her spit over the entire length of his spear before putting the condom on.

Carter positioned himself behind Jenny in a squatting formation and teased her for a bit by rubbing the swollen head of his rod against the wet opening flaps of her partial hairy beaver.

“Stop fucking around and fuck me! Fuck me hard with the big black cock!” Jenny desperately demanded.

“As you wish,” Carter replied, pushing his girthy manhood between her fat soaked pussy lips. Her pussy was looser than any of the other celebrity females he fucked and swallowed up to 9-inches of his meaty cock.

“Oh, fuck! You’re so fucking big! Good god!” Jenny cried, using the couch to hold up her upper body.

Carter grabbed her tiny waist and started pistol thrusting his cock inside the blonde’s fat juicy cuntmouth. He felt her hairy pussy devoured all 9-inches of his solid steel meat each time he lurched forward. He took his hands off her small waist and grabbed her long flowing blond hair, pulling her head back as he increased the speed of his pounding.

“Oooh, yes!! Harder!! Fuck me hard you big dick hung bastard! Fuck me! Make me cum! Ooooh, fuccck! Make me cum! OOOOH YESSSSS! OOOOOH FUCCCK!!” her obnoxious voice cried loud while she dug her nails into the cushions of the couch to embrace the impact of the largest cock she ever had plowing inside her. Within the next few seconds, Jenny became overwhelmed and broke through her climax of sexual stimulation and started cumming. “OOOOOOOH MY GOD!!! OOOH MY GOD! OOOH MY GOD!!

Carter released Jenny’s hair and started spanking her quivering petite but round shapely ass as her cum gave his cock a bath. He fucked her cum-gushing beaver for another minute before pulling out and setting his sights on the last Legacies cast member.

“I want you on top so I can make those big fat white titties flop,” Carter ordered, as he tore off the worn-out condom and replaced it with a new one. He lied on the ground with his gigantic black dick jutting up towards the ceiling.

Danielle planted her bare feet on the outside of his legs. She cautiously straddled over Carter’s crotch and slowly eased her drenched pussy down over his throbbing veiny cock, yelping, moaning, and swinging her massive teen tits along the way.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck… Your big dick is stretching my pussy… Oh fuck,” she whined, filling her cuntmouth with as much of Carter’s huge black cock it was capable to consume. Her sweet teen pussy was tighter than Jenny’s but looser than Kaylee’s. She placed her hands on either side of Carter’s head and straighten her body up like she was about to do a pushup, dangling her huge soft boobs across his muscular chest and at a snail's pace started sliding her dripping-wet twat up and down a part of his enormous hard fuck stick.

“Ooooooh Jesus! Oooooh, god! Oooooh, your cock. Ooooooh!” Danielle moaned, pausing moderately a few times from the unbearable pain of having Carter’s thick long member stuffed in wet pussy.

Carter grabbed onto Danielle’s nice curvy ass and took control of the fucking. He thrust his hips up, sliding nearly the entire length of his manhood up inside the young teen’s cuntmouth and back down in a cluster of rapid-firing pistol-like thrusting. Danielle cursed, screamed, and moaned from the amplified drilling. Her large soft tits flopped and swayed all over his rugged chest. She then felt his large hands cup her flopping pillowy globes and brought them towards his open mouth. He nibbled, licked, and sucked on her chewable hard nipples while manipulating the soft flesh of her mounds with his fingers.

“AAAAAAAAAH! HOLY SHIT!! OOOOH GOD! OOOOOOOOOOOH!” Danielle repeated over and over again as she reached her sexual peak and a powerful orgasm sweep through her curvaceous body like a category 5 hurricane. “I’m gonna cum! OOOOOOOOOOH FUCCK YESSS, I’m C-CUMMMING!!”

As Danielle was cumming hard and bathing his giant thrusting cock, Carter continued to pulverize the teen’s creamy squeezebox until his balls could no longer hold back the immense pressure and build up from fucking three hot young ladies.

“M-my turn… I want to cum all over your tits,” a heavy panting Carter announced.

While still recovering from her orgasm, Danielle found enough strength to roll over and onto her back. Carter got up and kneeled beside her, yanking the cum-drenched condom off his rock-hard throbbing cock and aiming the bulbous knob towards her heaving chest.

“Aaaaah fucckkk!” he roared, discharging a relentless turret of thick jizz, surging from his big scrotum through his extended pulsing shaft and plastering Danielle’s neck, chest, and large tits with only a small cluster of cum hurling on her face after the first release.

“Wow… Epic,” responded Danielle with a big smile.

“Looks like Danny needs another tongue bath,” Kaylee suggested. She and Jenny crawled over and attacked Danielle’s cum-drenched jugs, licking at every inch that was covered in semen.

After a brief cooling down moment, Carter’s monstrous black cock was hard again and he ran through a stack of condoms fucking the Legacies actresses in multiple positions and ending the session with a group facial…
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Young Hollywood Shoots

Session four featuring singer and actress Sabrina Carpenter

Codes (MF,cons,inter,oral,fj)

“Wow. I’ve never done this before,” giggled singer and actress Sabrina Carpenter.

“You could have fooled me. You’re such a natural with the way you’re stroking my cock up and down between those pretty feet,” said photographer Carter G with flattering remark towards the singer giving him her very first footjob on the couch.

His throbbing, hard as steel cock was enclosed between the soft arches of the 20-year-old singer’s well-pedicure petite feet. While the former Disney Channel scarlet stroked his huge black cock up and down between her arches, Carter snapped photos, trying to maintain a little bit of professionalism without enjoying her feet on his cock too much.

After a few minutes, Sabrina changed positions, now lying on her stomach, wearing only a large men’s button-up white collared shirt and white panties. She entrapped Carter’s enormous black tool between her soft arches with her soft wrinkled soles pointing up towards him.

Carter took more pictures as the singer stroked her beautiful feet up and down the full extent of his thick hard trunk. The stimulation of the footjob caused pre-jism to gush out of the swollen tip of his cock and run down the hard veiny shaft. Sabrina felt the stickiness spilling onto her soft soles. She looked over her shoulder at Carter, giving him an innocent school silly laugh and noticed his large hands were filled her small feet. He thrusting his hips up, jabbing his giant fuck pole between her size 6 arches.

Carter moaned heavily as he picked up the pace, thrusting the entire length of his thick black dick between her milky-white feet. Larger quantities of spunk leaked from his bulbous cockhead and spilled onto her wrinkled soles indicating he had reached his climax. If fucking her feet felt this good, Carter couldn’t wait to stick his hard erection between her cuntlips. He stopped moving his hips and used the singer’s soft feet to stroke the hot cum out of his heavy balls.

“Aaaaah shit!” Carter moaned with large thick ropes of cum shooting out like a geyser into the air, landing on his stomach, his groin area and the wrinkled cummy soles of Sabrina’s gorgeous feet.

“Mmmmmm!” Sabrina responded, feeling his hot viscous jizz drenching the soles and heels of her feet.

He continued jerking his rock-hard shaft with her feet until every ounce of gooey spunk from his fat scrotum was released.

“I hope our session isn’t over yet,” Sabrina said, wiggling her toes with thick wads of cum in between them.

“That was just a taste of what’s to come, I can assure you. This load is nothing compared to the one I want to give you by the end of our session,” Carter implied, picking his camera up and taking a few pictures of his sticky load all over the soles and toes of Sabrina’s feet.

There was a brief pause in the session where Sabrina used a towel to clean Carter’s massive cum load off her feet. His dick started expanding just watching the singer clean off her pretty feet.

“How about a nice blowjob?” she suggested, looking at the handsome photographer and mesmerized by the thickness and length of his half erected penis. 

“You read my mind.”

The singer and actress joined Carter on the couch, kneeling over his naked thighs and took 5-inches of his dark meat between her pouty lips. Her nose flared and her taste buds heighten to the salty jism still ingrain in his shaft from the previous ejaculation. She feverishly stroked her mouth up and down on his hardwood attempting to take a few more inches of his thick veiny member between her lips.  She tasted little squirts of jism in the back of her mouth that spewed from his knob. An extreme amount of her saliva spilled out of her mouth, rolling down her chin and drenching his throbbing shaft and scrotum.

“Aaaah, fuck… I guess that mouth of yours just isn’t good for singing,” Carter teased the Almost Love hitmaker as she deep-throated 9 of 11-inches of his black cock every time she moved her head further towards his musky crotch.

Her throat muscles worked overtime as she loudly slurped Carter’s huge dick. She wrapped one of her delicate small hands around the thick base of his member in an attempted closed fist and started jerking the raw hard flesh she couldn’t swallow to the back of her throat. Her other hand seized and massaged his fat cum-filled nutsack.  Carter tossed his head back, moaning to the singer’s skilled deep and concentrated suck job which made his toes curl in his socks.

After seven minutes of incessantly sucking Carter’s giant black cock, Sabrina lifted her head up and started licking his impressive phallus up and down from the heavily-built root to the swollen mushroom tip like it was her favorite ice cream in a cone. Her lavish tongue’s final destination was his large substantial hanging balls.  Her face was buried in his sack as she dragged her tongue over the pliable silky-smooth exterior of his scrotum before sucking each black oversized marble in turns.

“Mmmmm. Mmmm… Mmmmm,” she moaned over and over, wetly devouring Carter’s cue ball-sized nuts while keeping one hand moving up and down on his throbbing wet and slimy cock.

After giving his heavy balls a thorough licking and sucking, Sabrina returned her mouth to the meaty pillar that was Carter’s penis and lodged it down her throat for a few more deep-throating sessions that was pushing Carter to the threshold of cumming.

“Whoa ma, slow down. A man can only cum so many times in one session. Let me fuck that famous pussy before I cum,” said a heavy panting Carter. He reached over to the stand next to the couch and grabbing one of his XXL condoms.

Sabrina lifted her mouth off his cock and toyed with the fat knob with the tip of her tongue. She smiled at him before discharging long strands of saliva over his enormous black cock. Carter handed her the condom to put over his member.

“Do we really need to use a condom?” she curiously asked. “I want to feel this big thing throbbing inside me raw.”

“You may have the funds for child support, but I don’t, sweetie. Best play it safe.”

Sabrina pouted her lips, a bit sad at Carter’s response.

“Maybe later, but right now, let’s not kill the mood,” he replied.

The singer perked up with a bright smile and giddy schoolgirl snigger. After she rolled the condom over his rock-hard cock, she lied back against the arm of the couch and pulled off her moist cotton panties. She tossed them to Carter and spread her legs wide, one foot on the top of the couch and the other on the floor. Her wet pussy was clean-shaven and emitting wetness with a small patch of dark hair above it. She then crawled over to Carter, stood up and straddled her drippy squeezebox over his pulsating thick rod with one leg on either side of his thighs. She grabbed his massive tool and held it steady as she leisurely descended the entrance of her wet pink tunnel over it.

“God, your cock is so fucking big, but I guess I wouldn’t expect anything less from a hunk like you,” she praised.

Barring the discomforted, Sabrina managed to slide 8-inches of Carter’s wide fat member in her tight twat. She embraced her hands on his broad shoulders and started sliding her cuntmouth up and down at a deliberate steady pace, massaging his cock.

“Uuuuh fucccckk! Oooh god! Ooooh god! Uuuuuuh!” a moaning Sabrina rambled, feeling her 20-year-old pussy being stretched by the biggest dick she ever experienced. Her snatch hugged tight around his throbbing organ as she increased her tempo.

Carter’s large hands were on the singer’s fleshy naked ass. For a small girl barely 5 feet, her ass was nicely rounded and full as he dug and massaged his fingers in the softness of each butt cheek.

“OOOH god, MOTHERFUCKERRRR!” she cursed while repositioning her knees flat on the couch and planting her naked feet on top of his thighs. “Fuck me, Carter. Fuck me hard!”

Carter didn’t hesitate on her request and started thrusting his hips, pumping his lengthy solid steel member up and inside the moaning and groaning singer. He took his hands off her ass and grabbed the front of her large men’s white collared shirt. With one swipe, he ripped her shirt open and exposed her petite shapely tits capped with pink areolas the size of fifty-cent pieces and long pointy nipples. He brought her chest close to his face and lowered his mouth her jiggling titties. He sucked each soft mound in turns, licking, sucking, biting, and pulling on her spiky hard nipples.

Sabrina started hitting high note moans from the dual assault on her small breasts and piss-soaked twitching snatch.

“OOOOOOOOOH, YESSSSS!! I’m cumming! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! OOOOOOOOOOH YEESSSSSS!!” she screamed at a high pitch and ejaculated her womanly juices over Carter’s massive thrusting cock.

Carter continuing pounding Sabrina’s stretched twat while she was in an orgasmic state before standing up with the singer in his strong arms, clutching a handful of her soft ass and recommence sliding her sweet juicy pussy up and down his enormous manhood in an upright position. The singer was still in an orgasmic trance when she wrapped her arms around Carter’s neck and felt her creamy cuntmouth sliding up and down his thick pole.

“I’m gonna cum! Oooooooh god, I’m gonna cum... AAAAAAAAAAH F-FUCK!! FUCKKKK!!” she screamed, feeling another orgasm sweeping through her body and her convulsing soggy cunt going numb.

The former star of Girl Meets World was cumming hard on Carter’s thrusting member. He hooked the singer’s legs over his arms and pushed her against a wall. Each of his hard lunges inside Sabrina made loud thuds against the wall. Her feet flailed wildly as Carter pounded her soggy cunt hard at a high-speed that was bringing him to his orgasm.

“You have an amazing pussy. So fucking juicy and hot,” Carter moaned, drilling and burying nearly 9 inches of his lengthy rock-hard cock deep inside Sabrina’s cum-drenched pink hole. He felt the pressure in his flapping balls boiling and ready for a much-needed liberation.

He carried Sabrina back over to the couch and laid her on her back. He took hold of her ankles, spreading her legs wide apart and pounded her creamy honey pot with a few lightning-quick jabs before cumming.

“Aaaah, fuck yeeaaah!” He cried, yanking the cum-covered condom off his painfully aching cock. The first wave of cum shots landed in the famous singer’s blond hair with golden highlights before hosing down her face and upper torso in the messy remains of his substantial thick ropes of hot jism.

“That was a lot of cum,” the singer mentioned as she used the sleeve of her collared shirt to wipe his thick spunk off her eyes.

“I saved the best load for last,” a heavily out of breath Carter replied, jokingly.

“I got an interview gig in 30 minutes. Do you have a shower I can use?”

“The bathroom is down the hall and the first door on your left,” he said.

A short time later as Sabrina began her shower, a naked Carter entered the bathroom and climbed into the shower stall.

“You wanted it raw. Be careful what you ask for,” he grinned. "And make sure your agent comes up with a good excuse as to why you're limping and late to your interview."

Sabrina smiled and dropped down to her knees. She sucked his black hung cock to full vein-popping stiffness. She then got up off the ground, turned around and spread her pussy open.

Carter entered the singer, grabbed onto her small waist and pushed her upper torso against the steamed shower glass while his monster black cock ravaged her sweet wet cuntmouth in its rawest form. A hidden camera placed in the showerhead and behind the mirror above the sink captured the loud high pitch moaning singer being fucked hard from behind and afterward, received a massive deposit of cum on her face…
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Nice work! You are hitting home runs right out the ball park!

Any chance you could do Sydney Sweeney?
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Great work my friend. I would second Cadeauxxx's request for the lovely Ms. Sweeney.
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Nice work! You are hitting home runs right out the ball park!

Any chance you could do Sydney Sweeney?

Thanks John and Cade and yes, Sydney Sweeney is cumming  ;D
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Young Hollywood Shoots

Session five with Black Lightning actress China Anne McClain

Codes (MF,cons,oral)

“You have to excuse me, China. I’m a little bit star-struck, even given my line of work. I was a big fan of House of Payne and I love Black Lightning,” photographer Carter G admitted to the former Disney Channel star. “You’re a very talented and gorgeous actress.”

“Why thank you. That’s very kind of you to say,” spoke 21-year-old China Anne McClain accepting his flattering remarks while she sat between his open naked legs and playfully slapping his long flaccid 11-inch fat penis against her cheeks. “And you have a very large dick,” she praised and smiled as he took pictures.

“The biggest you ever saw?” Carter replied back, snapping more pictures of his huge dick pressed against her face.

“I’m a Christian girl, so I don’t see too many dicks. My last boyfriend was about average size. He was good between the sheets, though.”

“Let me guess. Your boyfriend was white?”

China laughed and lightly licked the big mushroom head of his shaft.

“So what? Skin color doesn’t matter to me,” she defensively replied.

“I’m the last person on Earth who gives a damn about skin color. I just wanted to know if I’m your first black cock?” he countered.

“Well, not the first black cock I’ve seen. I won’t go into detail, but a co-worker of mines showed me his penis. It was thick but not as long as yours,” she answered.

“Oh, and you didn’t go any further with this mysterious co-worker?”

“I had a boyfriend at the time and that moment never came up again between him and me. That’s why I’m here today. I want to prepare myself for the next fat black penis I come across,” China explained, stroking Carter’s enormous cock to near full erection.

“That last statement is pretty weird, but you won’t hear any objections from me, just groaning and moaning,” Carter replied jokingly while snapping more photos of China stroking his meaty cock with both of her hands.

China bent her head down and started licking Carter’s plump hanging scrotum causing deep low moans to escape from his mouth. She had quite a wide tongue and covered the whole front surface of his smooth sack with one long stroke of her tongue. After several seconds of giving his ginormous ball sack a tongue lashing, she engulfed one testicle and sucked on it to the point where Carter thought she would suck the dark skin right off.

“Hmmm. You must really love balls,” Carter moaned, pre-cum oozing from the swollen tip of his throbbing rock-hard member that her hands were still gingerly tugging up and down.

After she nearly sucked the skin off one of his bulging nuts, China released it with a loud pop and scooped up the other between her big soft lips. Her mouth pulled and stretched his fat testicle from the skin while sucking and it popped out of her mouth with a wet audible sound. Both of his cue ball-sized nuts were drenched in her saliva.

“Damn. Good ol Christian girl knows how to suck on a pair of balls,” Carter moaned.

“I practice with different kinds of fruits,” China informed him. “And yes, I love balls,” she giggled.

She spent another 3 minutes making love to his giant ball sack before dragging her tongue up and down his veiny-throbbing shaft. She moved her mouth up and down along each broadside of his oversized member in rotates and then closed her mouth over the fat dickhead. China moved her head up and down with generous momentum, sucking sloppy wet and making audible gurgling sounds with saliva spilling from her mouth, down his shaft and drenching his heavy thick scrotum. She tasted small amounts of his salty creamy jism on her tongue and streaming down her throat.

“Aaaahh, shit. Your mouth hotter than the character you play on Black Lightning,” moaned Carter making reference to her character Lightning from the CW show. China moaned in response and moved her mouth further down his raging hard cock.

She felt the massive knob of his dick touching the back of her mouth as she deep-throated 9 rock-hard inches. Her dark wide-open eyes began to water ruining her mascara as she kept a close tight grip around his long meaty dick with her stretched lips.

“Ooohhh, fuck,” Carter moaned, taking a quick picture of the Black Lightning star swallowing nearly his entire member. “Damn, baby girl. You got an ill throat.”

The former House of Payne star savored the raw sweet musky taste of Carter’s fat elongated cock down her throat for several seconds before slowly pulling her mouth all the way up the veiny shaft and releasing the inflamed mushroom tip with a strand of saliva. She then repeated her sloppy-wet head game several more times causing Carter’s satisfying moans to become louder and louder until he couldn’t hold back any longer and exploded a fat juicy nut down her gullet. The actress kept her mouth closed over Carter’s shaft as she swallowed every rope of his salty cum down her throat.

“Goddamn, babygirl. Hmmm, what a rush!” Carter exclaimed, as his orgasm began to die down. “Go ahead and get undress. Show me that sexy, beautiful caramel chocolate body of yours.”

China relinquished her mouth off his massive appendage and stood up. She undressed until she was left wearing only a black pushup bra, white and green striped panties, black ankle socks and a smile.

“Turn around and let me see that ass,” Carter ordered while stroking his beefy member back to life.

China did as she was ordered, spun around and showed off her sizeable ass under her panties.

“I was hoping with you being black, your ass would be a little bit bigger and thicker.”

“Sorry to break it to you but not all black girls have big booties.”

“It’s okay. It makes no difference to me. Take off your panties so I can taste that sweet black pussy.”

The Black Lightning star pulled her panties down and off her feet. Her pussy was covered with dark thick layers of hair. Carter pointed her towards the couch and she sat down. He kneeled in between her legs and lifted one of her legs up over his shoulder. He buried his face in her sweet black snatch, drilling his tongue in deep between her juicy labia. At the same time, Carter seesawed one of his fingers between her moist meat curtains causing the actress to moan frantically.

Carter turned his attention to her juicy fat clitoris. He sucked the fat responsive nub into his mouth while keeping a finger drilling in and out of her hot wet pinkness and that propelled the Black Lightning actress further into a world of ecstasy.

“OOOH MY! OOOHHH MY! OOOOOH GOD! YEESSSSS!! OOOHH CARTER! OOOOOH CARTER!!” China moaned while her 5’3 body shuddered under the merciless tongue lashing and finger-fucking. “YEESSSSS! I’m cumming! Don’t STOP! OOOOOH GOD! I’m CUMMMMING!!”

Carter continued his ferocious tongue and finger assault on her wet cuntmouth while she was cumming. He pulled his wet-dripping finger out of her hairy black twat to allow her sweet young cum to stream like a river into his ravenous mouth. After having his fill of her runny juices, Carter stood up and pulled China up into a seated position. Her hot cum breath was still gasping heavy and her dark eyes were still glazed over from her mighty orgasm. He grabbed the sides of her long braided head and plunged the entire length of his throbbing member between her lips until her chin touched his big heavy scrotum. He began face-fucking the young black actress. The hidden camera in his bookshelf captured the muscles in his naked ass flexing each time he plowed his enormous hard cock inside her mouth.

After about 10 long strokes down China’s throat, Carter pulled his huge wet cock out of her mouth and went over to his stand to retrieve an XXL condom. He put the condom over his raging hard-on and returned to China on the couch. He lied down on the couch and the 21-year-old actress instinctively straddled her scorching hot pussy over his mammoth phallus. She pushed herself down onto his stiff member with juices from her pussy already flowing down the mighty length of his condom-covered fat shaft.

“Ughhhh, fuck! Why is your cock so goddamn big?” China complained, maneuvering her black hairy snatch nearly over his entire jutting manhood. Carter’s tremendous size was harder to fit inside her cunt then her former boyfriend’s white average-sized dick. She had practiced with cucumbers to get a feel for larger dicks but was too afraid to take the entire length of the plant inside her pussy. Now she was embracing herself for the real thing, gripping the top of the couch with one hand and slowly gliding her piss-soaked bushy twat up and down Carter’s extended thick organ.

“Shit! S-Shit! Ooooh fuck! Holy F-FUCK, your dick is so big! Ooooh, fuck!” China cried, feeling Carter’s entire 11-inch black stallion filling her charming juicy honey pot to the brim. “Holy FUCCCCCKKK!”

Carter placed his large hands on the soft rounded cheeks of her bouncing caramel-colored ass and started thrusting his hips up, pushing his giant hard cock up inside the actress, pummeling her wet hairy beaver into mincemeat. Her small titties jumped out of their bra cups, exposing her big brown areolas and tiny hard nipples. Carter sat up and sucked both of her nipples into throbbing bullets.

“OOOOOOOOOHHH M-MY GOD! M-My pussy! OOOOOOH FUCK! OOOOOH, SHIT!” China screamed, wrapping her arms around Carter’s broad back as her orgasm surged through her shivering body.

Carter lied China down on her back, pressing one of her legs against his chisel chest and spreading the other leg off the couch while she was cumming. He felt her creamy squeezebox twitching violently as he drove his rock-hard tool balls-deep. He used the fingers on his free hand to furiously rub her touchy clitoris for added stimulation.

“NOOOOOOO, MY GOD! OOOOOH MY GOD! OOOOOOOOOHH!” China moaned in tears as she surrendered to another amplified climax of sexual exhilaration. “UUUUUUUUHH!!”

Carter out of the blue removed his massive dick from her cum-gushing pink tunnel and flipped the young actress on her stomach. With her feet between his legs and face buried in the cushion of the couch, he plunged his raging hard monster back inside creamy twat. He held onto China’s hips while swiftly pounding her hairy soggy pussy mercilessly, further stretching her drippy cuntmouth and forcing her to surrender to another earth-shattering orgasm. He continued ramming his throbbing dick inside her nonstop until he reached his own powerful climax.

“Aaaahh, fuck! I’m gonna cum!” Carter moaned and quickly pulled out of China’s stretched creamy twat. He leaped off the couch and yanked the cum-soiled condom off his dick. He stood in front of the Black Lightning actress’s face and held her head up off the couch with a handful of her thick braids. “Gaaaaaahhhh!” after a couple of strokes, Carter drenched nearly her entire face with glutinous thick white blobs of jism…
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Re: Young Hollywood Shoots (Multi-celeb series) Session 6: [Sydney Sweeney]
« Reply #11 on: October 10, 2019, 04:11:48 PM »
Young Hollywood Shoots

Session six with the star of HBO’s Euphoria, Sydney Sweeney

Codes (MF,inter,con,oral,anal)

(Man talking in song intro) *Girl, you’ve got some big ass titties up in here. I hate to say that at a funeral, but my goodness, let me see the top of dem titties. You know, the dark area with the bumps. What is it, the areolas? The Oreos? Let me see the Oreos.*

(Song hook x4) *Let me see your titties.*

As the hook of the song played, the star of HBO’s Euphoria, Sydney Sweeney began swaying her 5’3 skinny as a rail body back and forth in front of photographer Carter G. His cock was hard while snapping pictures of the beautiful blond actress moving seductively in front of him. She wore a plain white tee-shirt and purple thong. She wore no bra underneath which allowed her big heavy 34DD’s to bounce wildly to the rhythm of her movements.

(Song verse) *Nice smile, thin waist, big ol titties in my face.
Yeah, I wanna get breastfeed, 2%, let me get a taste.
We up in that Chevy-rizzle backed up at my momma’s crib. I can’t see that whole breast, show me just one nipple then.
I got them pictures when you send them in, now I want that real thing. Let me see your breastes while I eat these chicken wings.
Hot sauce all over your body, oh yeah, we gettin naughty. Her bra got dirt stains, but I still rather party.
And her nipples be crusty. Underneath, they be musty. Tried to lick her breastes. Motherfuckers just cut me.
But I gotta see dem, big like the sun. I don’t gotta see two titties, girl, I just want one.*

(Smooth R&B vocals) *Baby don’t stress. Just show me a breast. I don’t want both, just the one up on the left, say oh (x7)*

(Song hook x4) *Let me see your titties.*

As the song played, Sydney bounced her huge perky funbags in front of Carter as he rubbed the outline of his massive erection inside his blue boxer briefs.

“Good lord,” Carter moaned. “No wonder you get roles playing an over-sexualized character. Dem big fucking titties can get a man’s dick real hard quick.”

Sydney batted her bedroom eyes and smiled as she continued bouncing and shaking her large wondrous jugs. Her meaty nipples were rock-hard and pierced through the plain white tee shirt. She spun her body around to give Carter a look at the curvy cheeks of her firm ass as they slightly jiggled to her dancing.

As the silly raunchy titty song came to an end, Sydney picked up a spray gun filled with water and the next ridiculous song about titties started to play.

(Song intro) Female voice: *Yall wanna have a wet t-shirt contest? Drop that beat and let me see dem titties bounce, bounce, bounce!*

Right on cue, Sydney began hosing her big tits down with water from the spray gun until her big bumpy areolas and thick hard nipples were seen clear as day through the plain white tee shirt. She sat the spray gun down after getting the front of her white tee-shirt soaked and shameless bounced and shimmed her voluptuous knockers while standing in place. Carter’s massive black cock was raging hard.

“I’m ready to move on to the next step,” an impatient Carter announced, massaging the outline of the enormous swollen bulge in his boxer briefs and used a remote to turn the music off.

“I figured you would be,” responded the sultry 22-year-old actress.

Carter, sitting on his infamous couch, spread his legs wide as Sydney got in between them. She started trailing kisses down Carter’s neck to his beefy chest. She licked each of his muscular pectorals before briefly nibbling on his Hershey chocolate nipples. The former Everything Sucks star then sucked each of his nipples causing low moans to escape from his lips. The nipple she wasn’t sucking on, she used her fingers to tweak and pull on it. Her large wet breasts smashed up against his six-pack abdomen. She was mindful of the fact that his oversized swollen bulge was pressed against her stomach. She has never been with a guy whose dick was bigger than 7-inches. Carter’s penis was not only bigger but thicker and longer.

After spending a few minutes sucking and tweaking Carter’s nipples to harden peaks, Sydney resumed her trail of kisses down his abdomen to the tip of his throbbing manhood. She kissed the head of his prick through his undergarment and trailed down the rock-hard shaft to his heavy ball sack. She trailed off kissing both sides of his inner thighs before bringing her sexy pouty lips back to his pulsating member.

“Mmmm. You have such a big dick. I love the feel and smell of it,” Sydney proclaimed, inhaling the strong masculine scent of his crotch and then opening her mouth and moving her lips up and down the front of his hardening cock over the top of his boxer briefs. Her saliva soaked through his boxer briefs, leaving a trail of wetness over his bulging crotch.

After the short teaser, the Euphoria star grabbed the hem of Carter’s boxer briefs and unveiled his humongous black cock in all its vein-throbbing glory.

“Holy shit!” was Sydney’s immediate response to seeing Carter’s massive fat dick naked for the first time. She grabbed his shaft with both hands, amazed at how heavy it felt and how rock-hard the dark skin flesh was before stroking it up and down. “Wow. So fucking big and hard, I can barely get my hands around it. Mmmmmm, I love the feel of your pulsating hot flesh.”

She shifted forward and started licking the large helmet of his prick, swirling her tongue around all sides before penetrating the tip of her tongue inside his peehole.

“Oh fuck. It doesn’t take much for you to act naughty on your shows. You’re really good at it,” a moaning Carter praised the well-endowed actress as she slid her tongue up and down his dark chocolate shaft. “Fuuuck.”

Sydney smiled, licking the pre-jizz that oozed out from the slit of his cock before engulfing the entire plum-sized head between her lips. Her hands continuously tugged and jerked away at the full length of his meaty shaft as her mouth wetly devoured the swollen mushroom head. She kept her eyes staring up directly at Carter through all of her actions.

Carter snapped photos of the lust filled-eyed, wide-mouth actress as she devoured the thick knob of his manhood like it was the last supper she’ll ever taste. To his surprise, Sydney popped his dickhead out from her mouth and rubbed it all over the lower half of her face and lips. Her nostrils flared at the scent of pre-cum leaking from the slit of his helmet.

“Oh god, this beautiful big fucking black cock taste and smells sooooo good,” Sydney moaned, marveling at the girth and length of his monster prick. While keeping a tight grip on his throbbing hot tool, she scooped her head below and started licking away at his large hanging scrotum causing chills to flow through his body. She sucked both of his swollen balls, one after another for a couple of minutes until both were moisturized in her saliva.

After having her fill with his musty ball sack, Sydney returned her mouth to his giant dick and took 5-inches between her pouty lips. She bobbed her head up and down in classic blowjob style with large quantities of spit pouring out of her mouth, drenching the lower half of his shaft and sucking hard like a vacuum as if she was trying to shred away the dark skin off his phallus. Her large titties were wildly bumping into each other from her movements.

“Oh yeaaah, baby, that’s it. Suck my cock. Oh yeaaah, suck it,” Carter moaned. He snapped a couple of pictures of the actress ravaging his huge penis with mouth and then sat the camera down to revel in the enjoyment.

The big-tittied actress pulled her messy mouth up for a breather and used her hands to rub her wet dribble all over his powerful veiny member.
“Your big hard cock feels so good in my mouth, I can’t wait to feel it inside my pussy,” she moaned, licking his entire slimy shaft up and down like it was her favorite flavor of Popsicle.

“I want to fuck those big titties, first,” Carter commanded.

Sydney sighed to the most typical response from every guy she has ever been with. She released his huge wet cock from her hands and grabbed the hem of her wet tee-shirt that clung to her huge boobs. She lifted it over her head and 34DD’s tumbled out and bounced around before settling down on her chest. Her breast flesh was paler than the rest of her fair-skinned frame and outlined with a bikini imprint as they hung naturally with firm roundness and capped with large reddish-brown bumpy areolas and thick pointy nipples of the same color.

“Damn, girl. Those are beautiful. I love big tits on white girls,” he moaned.

Sydney held back her laughter and encased his slimy enormous cock between her tits. As big as her jugs were, they only covered half of his shaft until she began bouncing her breasts up and down around the full length of his throbbing member.

“Oh god, you’re cock feels so hot and hard between my tits. I can feel the hot raw flesh pulsating against my skin,” she moaned, keeping a firm handle on her ample melons from underneath and sliding them up and down his boner. “How this tit-pussy feel? Mmmmmmm, I love the feel of your big black cock fucking my big white titties.”

Carter’s only response was a long throaty moan and his toes curling from the sensational tit-job from the former Handmaids Tale star. He felt her pause momentarily keeping his pulsing shaft smothered between her fuck pillows as her lips descend upon his swollen mushroom head. He thrust his hips up, pushing his rock-hard tool between her big boobs and soft lips and repeated his actions several times over causing the actress to moan frantically.

Carter closed his eyes and tilted his head back as he unexpectedly flooded Sydney’s mouth with a monstrous load of spunk. “Gaaaaaaaaah! Oooh yeeaaah!”

The actress tried her best to swallow his thick creamy semen, but the stream was too powerful and caused her to start choking. She pulled her mouth and breasts off and allowed the rest of his gooey load to shoot up into the air like a geyser and then flow down his turgid shaft. After Carter finished cumming, his cock stayed large even in its flaccid stage, lumbering between his thighs. She reached out and started stroking it, massaging his cum into the raw flesh.

“I want you to fuck me so fucking hard that I can’t walk the next day. I want to feel every inch of your throbbing manhood tearing my pussy apart,” Sydney stated, taking a portion of his huge member back into her mouth for a brief blowjob. “You do that and I’ll give you my sweet little asshole to fuck with this big black delicious cock of yours,” she added after releasing his dick from her mouth.

“Mmmmm. Consider your challenge accept,” Carter replied, panting heavy.

She and stood up, taking off her purple thong revealing a neatly shaved bush over her wet cunt. After Carter applied one of his XXL condoms over his penis, she climbed up onto the couch and straddled her damp pussy over his massive hulking tool. She slowly lowered herself onto the biggest and hardest cock she ever experienced.

“Ooooh fuck -- Ooooh,” Sydney cried, as her cuntmouth slid over 8 solid hard inches of Carter’s pulsing prick. “Oooh fuck… So damn huge and so fucking hard!”

Carter seized Sydney’s shapely petite ass and helped steer her sweet drippy pussy up and down his jutting erected pole. He spread her ass cheeks wide so the hidden camera in his bookshelf got a nice view of her pink dirty little asshole. The muscles in her pink squeezebox massaged his thick long member each time it slid down.

“Mmmmm. Work that big cock. Oh yeah, that’s it. Fuck that big dick. Aaaah yeah, just like that,” Carter moaned and encouraged before burying his face in the actress’s large bountiful breasts as they flopped up and down with her motions. Her succulent tits beat around his face like drums.

“OOOOOOOH GOD!! Your cock is soooooo big and tremendously hard! Ooooh god! Never felt anything like it in my pussy!” she moaned hysterically.

Carter wrapped his arms around Sydney, switching positions by lying her down on the couch with his cock still burrowed deep between her creamy cuntlips and pinning her arms down. Her perfect huge boobs were squashed between their sweat-dripping bodies as he proceeded to methodically pump his rock-hard cock angrily inside the young actress’s hot pink drippy tunnel. She began moaning louder and louder with each hard jack-hammering pound.


Her shrieks were nonstop as she came like a runaway freight train, exploding her hot cum all over his thrusting prick. Her gorgeous clear-blue eyes had a faraway look in them as if she was being possessed by an evil spirit while her violently twitching hairy twat was still being pumped hard and fast by Carter’s monstrous black cock.

Carter moaned, slowing down his thrusting pace for a bit to allow the busty actress a brief moment to catch her breath. He then suddenly pulled his raging tool out and had Sydney get on all fours with her torso flat on the couch and ass up in the air. He climbed behind her and reinserted his big black cock between the wet sleek folds of her cum-messy snatch.

“Ooooooh yessss -- Ooooh god, it’s so big -- Ooooh yeesss!” Sydney cried as she felt Carter’s entire oversized manhood penetrating her hot cunt balls-deep with each grinding thrust. Her hands were grabbing at his ankles while he was squatted behind her and stuffing his thick member inside her sweet young pussy with intense force. “Harder! Oooh yes – Harder! Fuck my pussy! Ooooh, fuuuucck! Fuck my pussy!”

Carter leaned his massive upper torso over her petite back and drove the entire length of his veiny fat organ harder and harder inside her drenching-wet honey pot, fucking her like dogs in heat. Sydney’s dick-stuffed soggy snatch started twitching out of control again as she was hit hard with another mind-blowing orgasm.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOH GOD! OOOOOH MY GOD!! I can’t take it -- Oooooooh god! Your dick is so fucking big -- OOH MY GOD!!” Sydney screamed in defeat, her hand tapping on the top of the couch as she surrendered to his balls-deep pounding.

Carter pulled out of her cum-gushing tight mound and spread her ass cheeks apart. He attacked her tiny pink anal ring briskly with his tongue, licking the outer crinkled surface a few times before diving the tip of his tongue inside like a miniature cock.

Sydney was still recovering from her explosive orgasm but started moaning loud from Carter’s oral assault on her butthole.

“Has this sweet ass of yours been fucked before?” Carter briefly asked before planting his mouth back over her pink anal, tonguing it out.

“I’ve done anal a few times, but not with a big cock as big as yours,” the Euphoria star said, gasping for breath as Carter’s thorough tongue lashing in her asshole caused her toes to curl.

“Damn. You’re such a freak and I love it. Just relax and take some deep breaths as this might fucking hurt, a lot,” Carter warned lifting his head up from between her ass crack and lubing the pink crinkled center with a generous amount of spit.

He mounted Sydney from behind, slowly and steadily pushing the massive helmet of his elongated cock between her butt cheeks and into her tight asshole. He heard the actress rapidly gasping for air each time he lodged more inches of his steel-hard dick into her poop box.

Sydney started moaning tirelessly as she felt the meaty girth of Carter’s huge pulsing dick spreading her tight little asshole wide as he began thrusting.

“Holy s-shit! Oh my god! M-my ass! Oh my god!” she cried out, trying her best to fight through the immense pulsating pain of his giant cock ramming her in the ass.

Carter shifted his weight forward, drilling her sweet little asshole with as much of his throbbing member as possible.

“OOOOH -- MY -- GOD!!”

Carter thrust a little deeper, clutching onto the firm cheeks of her ass and spread them wide to get a good look at his thick veiny shaft being swallowed by her tight pink butthole each time he lunged forward.

“Aaaaaaahhh shit, shit, shit, shit!!”

Carter increased the velocity of his pounding while his heavy swinging scrotum sack slammed against the back of her quads.

 “Yes, yes, yesss! Fuck me! Oooh, f-fuuuuuuuuuck! Fuck my ass! Uuuggghhhh god, it hurts! H-holy fuuuuuck!”

Her sopping wet twat was leaking vigorously the whole time Carter pounded her ass with his big cock. She felt a brief pause from his thrusting as one of his large hands reached between her legs and started rubbing and fingering her drippy vagina and clitoris. The actress started tapping out on the couch as this was too much to bear.

“Uuuuggghhhhhhh god! I’m c-cummmmming! Oooooh FUUUUCK! Take it out! OOOOOOOHH GOD!”

Carter slowly pulled his throbbing member from between her ass cheeks and had Sydney turned over onto her back. He straddled her chest and slid his dick into her deep cleavage, thrusting hard and fast between her huge firm milk melons with the swollen knob of his cock hitting the bottom of her chin each time. The actress held onto her big knockers tight and tilted her head to lick and suck on his throbbing helmet each time it reached her mouth.

Carter groaned, slamming his inner thighs against the bottoms of her infamous juicy rack as he feverishly pounded her big luscious fuck pillows until he felt his heavy balls swelling massively and ready to explode.

“I’m cumming!” he called out, as his painfully throbbing shaft let loose several enormous thick ropes of gooey jism all over her face and between her large breasts. He pulled out and aimed the rest of his sticky load on top of her tits, drowning both of her nipples in a substantial glaze of semen…
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Re: Young Hollywood Shoots (Multi-celeb series) Session 6: [Sydney Sweeney]
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That was excellent, your best chapter yet!
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Re: Young Hollywood Shoots (Multi-celeb series) Session 6: [Sydney Sweeney]
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Great work again @TLMorgan.
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Re: Young Hollywood Shoots (Multi-celeb series) Session 6: [Sydney Sweeney]
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Thanks guys! Appreciate. The series is almost coming to an end. 4 more stories to go.


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