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Author Topic: Rehab from Hell: The Return of Lindsay Lohan  (Read 1512 times)

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Rehab from Hell: The Return of Lindsay Lohan
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Rehab from Hell: The Return of Lindsay Lohan
Story codes MF, cons, oral, anal
Cameo by CSSA/TSSA author Shelly
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Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality (then again it is Lindsay Lohan) anyone under the age of 18 or can easily be offended stop reading now please I want to thank Shelly for willing to be in this story any questions or comments send them to [email protected] now on we go enjoy. This story was originally published on June 18th 2011.

My most epic triumph and greatest failure was in my office of all my patients I hoped to not see her here again but here she was Lindsay Lohan in a lowcut yellow sundress in that outfit she could have easily burst into flames in the chair it was rather revealing this wasn’t how I figured my day would go when I woke up this morning I made it a point to not judge anyone who came through here but the number of times she had been here already was just getting silly now.

“If you were having trouble you could have just called me.” I said

“I wanted to surprise you but instead of sending me straight here my plan backfired bad.” she said.

“And you ended up in jail.” I said

“Yeah I would have called you every chance I had.” she said.

“Just knowing you missed me is enough.” I said

“I really missed the sex with you, nearly every time you almost ripped my clothes off stuffing that huge cock in my holes fucking my brains out.” she said.

“You could have called me from jail.” I said

“Yeah right sometimes I was so horny you might have talked me right out of my jumpsuit as a joke.” she said

With that logic she was probably right and that sounded like an awesome joke if I could ever pull it off when I figured why not test it out.

“Well I was going to show you your new room but if you want to talk about how I would have told you how much I wanted to rip open your jumpsuit and suck your tits while you bounced on my big, thick, massive, dick?” I said

“Mmmm no fair I’m getting soaked just thinking about it.” Lindsay moaned

I could smell her scent and she wasn’t kidding my brain was trying to keep my erection at bay I was barely holding together as I took Lindsay to her new room.

“Wow this room is more like a house.” she said

“Yeah I lost a bet with nurse Shelly and nurse Vicki so I had to build this.” I said

“You lost a bet what were the stakes?” she asked

“It was an office pool to see who could guess when you got out of jail and showed up here both Vicki and Shelly called the same day and I missed by 2 weeks.” I said

“And if you won?” Lindsay asked

“I would have been the cameraman for one of their lesbian trysts.” I said

“Wow how long has that offer been on the table?”

“About 4 years.” I said

“That’s totally barbaric I might have only strung you along for maybe a year.” she said

“Your not helping.”

Listening to Lindsay toying with me was like nails on a chalkboard as I took her to her specially designed room I was hard enough to fuck her into the middle of next week but I wanted payback first.

“Wow this place is crazy.” she said

“And it’s all for you.” I said walking behind her

She went through every room from the large living room around the bathroom with the 10 person shower making a beeline for the huge bedroom.

“How did you pull this off?” she asked

“I called in every favor everyone I know that owed me and cut some fucking huge checks.” I said

“I haven’t been gone long.” she said

“This took 15 days to finish.” I said

“This bed is huge I’ll bet you can fit most of the female cast of Mean girls on this thing.” she purred

“I never really thought about it that way when I was drawing up the plans.” I said

I could tell she was getting horny again crawling on the bed like a cat rubbing her chest then running her hands down to her crotch stroking her clit with come hither eyes.

“I’m soaked baby, tear off my clothes, slam that huge dick into my holes, blow your man cream on my tits, plaster my insides with your goo, get me off and I’ll call in Lacey and Rachel for a foursome.” she moaned.

My brain was at war with itself again with the horny right side really wanting her to make the call but the rational left side reminding me that Lacey had recently hooked up with Daniel to keep an eye on her so she wouldn’t relapse when the right side said Rachel was still an option for a threesome I shut that idea down but Lindsay was still on the bed waiting and I could smell that strong odor as I continued to tease her.

“Awwww is my stacked little sex kitten wanting to have some fun?” I asked

Lindsay half pulled half threw me onto the bed freeing my big dick from my pants mounting me in the process.

“Every night I was locked up I dreamed of you ripping my clothes off and fucking me till I screamed.” she said

“And riding me like a sex obsessed lunatic solves this problem how?” I asked

“It doesn’t and I’m not obsessed my brain is just really occupied with getting what I want right now.” she said

“And right now I’m at the top of your list.” I said

Lindsay ripped open my shirt running her hands all over my abs then pinning my arms above my head as she pushed her chest in my face while easing her pussy down on my sizeable girth stretching her out.

“Oh yeah I’ve so missed this big slab of meat.” she moaned

“And I missed your big boobs.” I said

Lindsay was a great lay she was almost always horny to some degree and just built for sex being locked up seems to have unleashed an animal inside her as she rode me rather hard slamming the bedframe against the wall arching her back.

“Butter my muffin baby make me remember what I missed.” she moaned.

“I’m gonna need milk then.” I said

I broke all the buttons on her shirt freeing her tits I knew I wasn’t going to get milk out of them but it was fun to try anyway Lindsay seemed to enjoy the attention.

“Mmmm is there any part of my body you don’t want to stick your dick in or suck on?” she moaned.

“I can’t help it I love all your curves.” I said

I rolled Lindsay onto her back shoving my dick to the hilt burying it in her pussy it was throbbing by this point which didn’t go unnoticed by her as I hammered her insides.


“I’m gonna blow.” I said

I blasted a sizeable load in Lindsay while she humped away on my dick at a reckless pace moaning from the mini orgasms going off in her pussy at random moments.

“That was great baby but I’m not done yet.” she purred

I gave up trying to talk sense into her as she took my hand leading me into the shower I decided to just let her wear herself out since she had gone so long without sex till now it wouldn’t take long till she was tired when she started stroking my dick.

“I want your spunk on my boobs I want to watch it explode on me.” she said

“Whatever you want baby just let me play with your boobs.” I said

So I caved big deal you would too if you were me Lindsay was jerking my cock while sucking my balls she started making slight moaning noises while feeling herself up as I groped her.

“You miss my tits baby?” she cooed

“As much as you missed my big dick.” I moaned

I slipped my dick between her tits going at a quick pace Lindsay looked up at me with those pretty eyes as my dick throbbed hard finally exploding torrents of thick spunk on Lindsay’s boobs.

“That’s it baby give me enough time and I’ll drain you dry I wasn’t expecting nearly this much cum I’ll be right back.”

I rested while LIndsay showered my cum off her body watching her through the glass wall made me happy I had it installed even though it really cost me some big bank outfitting the bathroom after she finished we went at it for a few more hours until we passed out from exhaustion I didn’t wake up until my cell went off it was Nurse Shelly.

“I finally say yes to have breakfast with you and you don’t show what gives?” Shelly asked

During her rant Lindsay started giving me a blowjob I got a 30 second video and sent it to Shelly.

“I do have a good reason and it should reach your phone….now.” I said

“Uhhhh your sick…well I can’t exactly be mad at you now since your getting laid I’m not really sure if I should be jealous seeing your getting some pussy and I’m not what I would do to Lindsay.” she purred.

I wasn’t sure if it was the visual in my head or Lindsay’s skills as I exploded my spunk down her throat she sucked it fast with some cum flowing out her mouth she looked like she enjoyed it.

“I’ll see you for lunch then give me about 20 minutes and I’ll be at the hard luck.” I said hanging up.

“Where the hell are you going I’m just getting warmed up.” Lindsay said

“There’s enough food here for 3 months I’m sure you can survive without me for 3 hours while I handle my business with Shelly.” I said

“But I’ll be lonely besides I’m not a very good cook.” she said

I wasn’t sure if she was bating me so I fixed her a good lunch I smelled that odor again Lindsay must have been really horny watching me.

“I love the way you cook I get so horny.” she moaned

“Well this is all yours I’ll be back soon.” I said


I walked out locking her in so I wouldn’t be late for lunch with Shelly I was gone about 3 hours when I returned I was ambushed by the door with my clothes shredded in about 15 seconds and Lindsay rubbing up against me naked.

“That was my favorite shirt.” I said

“Your about to be too busy to care.” she purred

Lindsay took me to the shower I followed almost without thinking she shoved me against the wall backing her ass onto my thick shaft forcing a series of moans out of her.

“Sounds like someone wants to have prison shower sex.” I teased

“I’m begging and I’m naked just give me that huge dick in my ass it’s been so long.” she moaned

I loved it when she begged as I filled her ass with my thick meat bouncing her up and down while Lindsay held onto the shower spout getting her ass hammered into next week she seemed tighter the deeper I drove my hips groping her tits the hornier she got so I had some fun.

“I wanted to tear off your clothes as soon as you stepped in my office I could smell you wanted me right there you must have been going crazy.” I said

“TAKE ME NOW!” she yelled

Lindsay was like an animal with her ass slamming on my cock while fingering herself as her anal ring opened to my girth stretching her out taking every inch I had my dick throbbed for release nearing it’s explosive climax Lindsay just kept going taking all 12 inches moaning humping away with her feet off the ground.

“Limber little minx aren’t you?” I teased

“I feel it I’m about to lose it!!”

Her orgasm finally hit ripping through her body at lightspeed as she spasmed, screamed and rode it out I drained a sizeable load in her rectum before pulling out with a loud pop while Lindsay sucked her cum off her finger tips looking at me with peircing eyes.

“You really do look hot when you look like that.” I said

“I’m even hotter when your fucking me.” she purred.

“Beg me, beg me to have my way with you beg me to stretch your holes beyond what you can handle.” I said

“Take me baby, rip me apart with that huge cock, make my screams shatter glass, blow your spunk on my rack, make me feel like a dirty slut.”

Lindsay was getting really good at telling me really hot things I wanted to hear to fuel my ego she had talent I had to give her that, then again she was an actress.

“You asked for it.” I said

I pushed Lindsay onto her back on the bed and buried my thick shaft into her pussy over and over driving home with long strokes making her boobs bounce.

“Yeah take every inch I’ve got you bra busting hottie.” I moaned

“Oh shit I can’t take your thick cock I’m almost to my limit.” she groaned

“Just a few more strokes.” I said


Lindsay had another orgasm which triggered mine draining a large load into her pussy as she went limp exhausted passing out while I pulled out.

We didn’t leave the room till all the food was gone days later I could barely function myself while Lindsay was pretty much naked the whole time jumping on me at random times wanting sex or me shoving my dick in a random hole Lindsay was normally up for anything I wanted her to stay since the sex was so good for both of us but she had to return home I wasn’t sure what to do about the room so I went to sleep there when I had late nights Lindsay stayed out of trouble but every now and then I missed her and the problems she caused me at least she wasn’t boring.
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