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Author Topic: First Groupie; Part 3: Engagement (Elizabeth Olsen)  (Read 958 times)

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First Groupie; Part 3: Engagement (Elizabeth Olsen)
« on: November 03, 2019, 09:21:08 AM »
Reign of Blood was rocking it out to 19 thousand fans. The Staples Center was near capacity for a concert. It was pandemonium; the crowd was loving every bit of it. Justin’s singing, along with his new vocalist and guitarist, Elizabeth, was perfect. The new addition brought new life to the band. They were almost at the last song; their duet. The crowd was chanting as they finished the penultimate song. It was electrifying, the air felt charged. Justin had a surprise for the entire stadium; a ring for the love of his life: Elizabeth Olsen.

He was nervous, but he didn’t think she’d say no as they talked about it before. She just didn’t know when he’d pop the question. Tonight was that night. The two lovers met in the center to start the song. That’s when Justin got down onto one knee; He pulled out the ring case and presented it to her. Elizabeth’s face lit up like a Christmas tree, her hands covered her mouth, she was completely speechless. The crowd started to quiet down. The band
didn’t even know what was going to happen. This was a surprise to everyone. Justin wasn’t even sure if he’d have the nerve to go through with it tonight
with so many onlookers.

“Elizabeth Chase Olsen, will you make me the happiest man alive and do me the honor of being my wife?” he asked

Justin held the ring case and the crowd waited with baited breath; It was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. The ring was a single carat, round cut diamond along with an amethyst, her birthstone, in a bridge accent sitting on a bypass style silver ring. Justin purchased the ring after the two of them had discussed getting married and what kinds of rings that she liked. Justin went out and bought the ring yesterday when he was alone for a little
bit of time. He really wanted to do something big with the proposal and figured why not at the Staples Center.

The place was sold out and having it at the last song without anyone knowing about it would make it the most epic proposal ever. With the crowd stunned into silence, Justin waited for his answer. She was crying and holding her mouth.

“Umm….Liz…Honey, this is the part where you say yes.”

Elizabeth walked off stage in tears and shaking uncontrollably. The crowd was even more stunned at this unfortunate turn of events. Justin was frozen, the band didn’t even move. Then, the crowd started to murmur, posting all over social media about what just happened. The story was already starting
to go viral. Videos were all over the internet. Every fan wanted to post the breaking news first. Justin was in a fog, wondering what the fuck just happened. It was perfect; the perfect plan and the perfect place.

They talked about getting married. How did it end up like this? He took a deep breath and got up slowly. Justin was scratching his head. It all happened in slow motion. The band didn’t move an inch. They all feared that this would be the end of their run. All of a sudden the crowd was going crazy, they were screaming and yelling in excitement. Justin had heard them, but didn’t care. His love, Elizabeth just walked away from his proposal. How did it go so wrong?

“Elizabeth!” Justin saw her coming back out.

She was walking back towards him. His heart leaped out of his chest. Smack! Liz smacked him across the face. This was getting weirder by the second. Justin wasn’t hurt by her hand, but the fact that she even did it in the first place and in front of everyone.

“Damn it Justin.” Liz said through tears. “How…” She was crying still. “Why….” Her words were not forming in her head.

She was a confused mess of mixed emotions. Elizabeth was as stunned as anyone else there. Sure they had talked about marriage and she figured that he would propose, but not this soon and not with this many people watching. Tears swelled up in her eyes and she didn’t know what to do or what to say. Everyone was watching, staring, expecting her to say yes.

In her heart, she wanted to, but she was so taken aback that all she wanted to do was to walk away from everything. So Liz did just that, it was all too much; too fast, too many people watching. Her mind couldn’t process it all. She had to get away from all the noise. She was happy and sad and angry
and scared. She was blindly storming off. Onlookers just parted to let her through. Camera phones taking pictures and videos and she didn’t care. She had to think, she had to get away for a minute.

Elizabeth Olsen went into the nearest room which was someone’s dressing room and slammed the door. She wept and sobbed. Her heart was pounding
out of her chest. What the fuck just happened? She couldn’t believe it was real, she was shaking badly. All she wanted to do was to hurt him. Hurt him for
doing it like this, but….. it was sweet.

How did he get a ring without her knowledge? How did the other band members not even know? Liz had to go back; she wasn’t sure if she would answer or even how. All that she knew was that she had to go back out. Back on the stage she slapped him.

Her words stuttered. “Yes.” She said through her tears. “Well…. Are you going to get back on your knee?”

Justin wasn’t sure if he heard it. The crowd and the band started to freak out. Did she just say yes? He got back on his knee and held out the ring once more. She took it and let him put it on her finger. The lovers kissed, the crowd screamed and cheered. Flashes from cameras erupted throughout the entire arena like a fireworks display that was being played out in their bodies as they kissed. Justin picked her up and swung her in a circle a few times, it was like magic. Nothing else mattered or even existed, just the two of them.

The crowd began to chant, “Sing, sing, sing” over and over. They wanted the final duet, which fittingly, was an Alter Bridge song called “Brand New Start.” The two of them sang it like nobody else was even watching them. The song and everything else was a blur to the newly engaged couple. Congrats were coming from all sides. Pictures were being taken along with video as the lovers went into their dressing room.

Liz immediately slammed Justin into the door as it closed. She was biting his neck and ripping his clothes off. Her opened shirt came off easily enough for Justin along with her bra. They quickly removed their pants and underwear as fast as lightning. Her mouth was connected with his like never before, their tongues danced as only lovers can. Their hands explored hot bodies like the blind needing to find salvation in each other’s embrace.

Justin held her in his arms and kissed her neck and then her breasts. He used his teeth to pull on her nipple. She was stroking him and he thought he would cum already. He grabbed her ass and she leapt with her legs wrapped around his waist. He was inside her body already. Her lips were wet as can be, it felt like she had already came for him.

Between kisses, he asked her, “Liz…Did you cum already?”

“The moment I said yes I think. I felt my body shaking and my emotions were all over the place. I am not sure if it happened then or during the song or on the way here. All I know is that I fucking came in my jeans. Maybe that’s why I smacked you, I don’t know. Just fuck me already.” She replied

Her emotions were running rampant. She squirted in minutes. He slammed her into the wall and was pounding her. Then, onto the couch. That is where she exploded. He was slamming her hard and fast, her body was a mess of euphoria, the sex was a blur of love and lust and all kinds of sexual desires
for Liz. It could have been five minutes or an hour.

She couldn’t tell and it didn’t matter as she already squirted for him. Her mind was buzzing with wedding bells, his mind was a garbled mess of horny desires to fuck her brains out. She was already squirting on the couch. He barely started and it drove him to pound her even harder. He didn’t last very long, not with her squirting so fast like that. He knew that only happened sometimes and that always took lots of effort.

This time was special; everything was perfect, even the sex. Justin came inside Liz while she was just holding on tight. He was moaning into her ear, she was moaning the entire time. She was in a daze of pleasures unknown. Everything felt amazing and in slow motion. She could hear him moaning and herself also. It felt like she was watching it all from afar, yet it all felt so intense; every thrust left her breathless, his touching and kissing left her wanting more.

She wasn’t even sure how many times she came, only that it felt more erotic. Her eyes were just staring off in space as all she could do was to hold onto him for dear life. If she let go, it may just all go away, like it was just a dream.

“We are engaged now Elizabeth, you’ve made me the happiest man alive.”

Hearing those words as he pulled out and cleaned himself up snapped her back to reality.

“Yes we are. YES WE ARE!” Liz shouted. Tears started to come out again. “I’m sorry. I’m just so happy.”

“It’s ok my love, it’s ok.” He said as he wiped away her tears of joy, gently caressing her face and long, blonde hair


A few weeks later the two were at his house by the pool. Justin was wearing his swimming trunks and Liz was wearing a two piece bikini. What Justin didn’t know was going to shock him real soon. Liz had planned a secret of her own.

Before getting into the pool, Justin was doing Tequila shots off her chest.

Liz was trying to get her black, two piece bikini on when Justin said, “Hey Liz. Let me do shots of tequila between those perfect boobs.”

“Are you for real?” She dramatically sighed.

“Yes, come on.” He said

“Make it quick, I need to fuck you in the pool.” she replied with a naughty smirk

Justin hurriedly got a shot glass, tequila and the salt.

When he handed her the glass, he said, “Thanks babe, you’re the best.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know….but where does the salt go on?” she asked

He smiled and started to pour it on her nipples.

“Damn it Justin. You better lick that all off.” She teased

Her hands were full with her perfect, 32B breasts pressing the shot glass in between them. Justin laughed and poured the shot and spilled some on her chest.

“Serious!” Liz exclaimed and laughed. “Now you’ll have to lick me clean.”

“Sorry about that Liz.” He replied

Liz leaned into him so that he could drink the shot, then he licked and sucked her nipples as she moaned.

“Yes baby, again.” Liz said seductively.

Justin did the same with the next shot. She moaned again as he sucked the salt off of her nipple. Then, Justin decided to finger her right there. She didn’t resist at first; she gasped as one finger entered her perfect body.

“Fuck me baby.” She demanded

She let the glass fall and caught it and then placed it on the counter. Liz and Justin were kissing and she was stroking him under his swim trunks. He kissed her neck as his fingers worked their magic. Before he knew it, Liz was moaning and cumming.

“Liz…..mmmmm…..Liz. You’re going to make me cum in my shorts.” He said, moaning

“So!” Liz laughed.

He pulled out his finger and placed it in her mouth. She loved how he made her feel so good. Liz took her finger and got it all wet and put it into his mouth.

“Fuck. I love how you taste; so fucking good Liz.”

“I know I do. Now can we please go swimming?” She said in her sweet low voice.

She knew how to get what she wanted.

“I’ll race you there!” Justin exclaimed as he took off running and jumped into the pool.

“Hey, no fair. I don’t have my top back on yet.”

Liz quickly put her top back on and ran to jump in the pool too. The lovers were in the pool playing and having fun as usual. She was biting his neck and left her usual mark on his neck.

“What do you think of having kids one day my love?” She asked him.

They were holding each other tight. She could feel him getting hard already.

“Of course I do, one day. Do you want them?” he responded

“I always wanted three.” She said as she grabbed his cock through his shorts. “And this is going to give it to me, one day.”

She pulled off his shorts and put her head under the water. Liz was sucking his cock. Justin couldn’t believe it, he came quickly from it. Liz was good at giving head, but this was wild. She was down there for near a minute; maybe it was the balls being played with or her finger slipping in his ass that did it. Whatever it was it happened way too quickly for him. Liz got up out of the water smiling and dripping with his semen down her chin. She was smiling and laughing. With her fingertip, she scooped it up and put it in her mouth.

“I swear that never happens babe. I never cum that qui-“ He didn’t even have time to finish his sentence before she was kissing him.

She swallowed all of his load before she kissed him, but once she did, she held his head so that he couldn’t pull away. Kissing turned to touching and bikinis dropping. Justin was under the water and he tried to eat her out, but it wasn’t exactly easy not to swallow water, so he just came up for air and sucked her tits while he fingered her until she was moaning out her orgasm.

After she came, Liz whispered in his ear, “Fuck me on the bench; Cum deep inside me, I want all of it… Now.”

Liz seductively led Justin out of the water; her naked body was a thing of beauty to behold. Liz moved like a predator cat on the prowl. Justin knew that he would follow her anywhere. She lay on the bench and placed him on top of her, he fit inside her like a perfect match; as though they were always meant to be together, it felt perfect; Justin thought that each and every day. Justin took it slow, kissing her neck and she was kissing his, love marks left
behind to mark her territory, fingernail trails down his spine just to listen to him moan her name and beg her for more.

Methodical, rhythmic, the lovers danced the only way they knew how. Sex was a dance they both knew deep within their souls. Two became one in flesh; soon they would be one in marriage.

“Justin, cum. Cum and fill me up, I need it badly.” Liz moaned and begged him as he was thrusting into her over and over, not too hard and not too fast, he always seemed to do it just right.

Sweating and grunting, moaning and groaning; two lovers going at it like animals in heat. She would not let him change positions; Liz had her arms and legs wrapped around his body like a queen python getting ready to devour her prey. She was his queen and his queen alone.

Harder he slammed into Liz; her moans were like sweet music being sung for only him. Her touching and kissing him all over and the biting too, always pushed him as far as he could go. He was nearing climax, she had done so more than once already. In fact, he was slipping out of her as she was so wet. That made him smile when he could hear their sexual music being played to an audience of no one but themselves.

Crescendo; Justin couldn’t hold it in anymore. Liz squeezed her prey tighter, not wanting him to pull out until he was completely and utterly finished and even then, she wanted to hold him, just to kiss him and tell him her secret. He kissed with her with a passion that burned like the fire of a thousand suns, keeping his lips locked with hers as he released his seed deep into Elizabeth’s tight, soaked pussy.

“Baby you’re a fucking animal. Why are you holding me in so tight?” He asked his soon to be wife and thought, Wow. Just wow. It’s really going to happen.

Now they had to start to plan, but first this was important.

“You know you love it my little sex monster. Grrrrr!” Liz laughed and Justin thought it was the cutest thing ever.

“Of course my sexy queen. The way you’re holding me tight, I feel like you don’t want me to go. I’m not going anywhere Liz. You can let go.”

Her body relaxed and she let go now that she was sure all of his sperm was going to where she hoped they would go.

“Justin. Remember when we were talking about kids?” “Yes.” “Well…… don’t be mad, I…ummm…..I’m not on the pill.” She said it fast.

“What!” Justin shouted.

“You said you wouldn’t be mad.” She pouted.

That look always melted his heart.

“Liz. I’m not mad…..but why didn’t you tell me before? I wouldn’t have minded, I want kids too. Maybe not so soon.”

“I’m sorry. Maybe, I want your child now. I don’t want to wait for music or anything else. I want to start our family together. Please.” She begged

Her puppy dog eyes were unbearable. He deeply sighed.

“Of course, why would I say no?” he conceded with a smile

“I was afraid that you would want to wait for our music to be done. That may take years. I’m sorry, I really am. I can end this now if you want. I realize that this was a bad idea. I should have said something, I can…..you know…. If it happens.”

“What!” Justin shouted. “Fuck no you’re not going to do….. that. Yes, you should have said something. We need to talk these things out going forward, okay? I would never let you do that. I love you more than anything in the world and would do anything to make you happy Elizabeth. And, if I’m to have a child, I wouldn’t want it with any other women but you” he continued

She wrapped her arms around his neck and squeezed the breath out of him.

“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!” She squealed. “I’m truly sorry and you’re right. I just thought you would want it and I wanted to surprise you, but that was wrong. Will you ever forgive me?”

“Always my love, Always.”

They laid in each other’s loving embrace and just laid there getting lost in each other’s eyes, proclaiming their love for one another; perfect way to christen their engagement.

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