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Massage Parlor Sins; Client 3 (Elizabeth Mitchell)
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Client 3: Elizabeth Mitchell

“Hello, this is Justin of Justin’s massage therapy. How may I help you today?” Justin answered his phone with his new phrase for his new side hustle that’s quickly becoming just as consuming as his first passion of music.

His music was slowly starting to pick up traction. Justin and his band have been playing more venues and picking up a small, but rabid fan base, mainly through social media. The same social media had also been gaining him more customers for his side job, which, for whatever reason, has become more about the sex than the actual massages. Not that he was complaining about it at all. He suspected it had been contributed to his step sister Chloe and her word of mouth about him giving happy endings. Ever since the two of them started to sleep together and she suggested that he start a side hustle of massage therapy, every customer so far has expected a happy ending that had him doing more than he ever bargained. All he wanted to do was to earn some extra cash to help fund his music career and instead Justin felt more like a gigolo instead of the massage therapist that he’s actually licensed to do.

Of course the sex has been incredible with each lady. Natalie and Toni were fantastic, each in their own special way. Now he was on the phone with another woman who was looking for way more than he had experienced so far in his new entrepreneurial enterprise, as he was about to find out….the hard way.

“Yes, I’m told you give happy endings. I want that, like now.” The woman on the line sounded almost desperate and kind of angry at the same time Justin thought.

The response he just received from this new potential client was very bold indeed and one that he wasn’t just going to answer over the phone without knowing who he was talking to, as he didn’t want to lose his license, but also risk potential jail time for prostitution.

After all, these clients were not just paying for massages, but for sex. Something that wasn’t looked upon as on the up and up by most people. Justin didn’t see anything wrong with someone paying for something discrete and safe. Wasn’t it better that people be safe rather than seeking it out from perfect strangers in a bar or from an app? At least with him, the women knew that he could be trusted and safe, which went a very long way. He didn’t mind answering her question, but first, he needed to know who he was speaking with.

“Excuse me?” Justin replied.

He heard a sigh on the other end before the response. “You heard me. Are you the guy I’m looking for or not?” Now she sounded completely irritated.

“Well, I suppose it depends on who I’m speaking with. This isn’t exactly something that is looked at as on the up and up, what you’re asking for. So, who is asking?”

“Oh yes, right, sorry about that. I’m….uhhhh….. I can trust you to be discrete, right?”

She sounded nervous all of a sudden. Justin was completely baffled by her tone of voice. “Yes, it’s what I do.”

“Ok, that’s what I’ve heard. I’m Elizabeth; Elizabeth Mitchell.”

“Seriously?! No way!” Justin exclaimed.

“Forget it, I’m sorry I called, I shouldn’t have.”

“No wait! Don’t hang up.” Justin was excited it was her. He had a crush on her for awhile. A hot older woman was his fantasy and she was certainly that at 49. Why was she looking for a happy ending, he started wonder with excitement at the thought of what may happen.

“I am not sure anymore that I should even be considering this.” Elizabeth sounded like she was unsure all of a sudden. In the beginning she was definitely sure, what changed?

“No, it’s ok. I’m good at what I do. So, if you don’t mind me asking, why are you looking for this? No judgment.”

Justin waited through a long pause before he heard her deep sigh. “It’s… it’s…” Elizabeth paused again, unsure if she should say what was going through her head. She wondered if saying it would make it all real. “I want to get back at my husband….well, my soon to be ex for what he did to me.”

Now she sounded angry and hurt. “And what did he do?” Justin asked hesitantly, as if he wasn’t sure if he should ask or not.

“This; a massage with a happy ending.”

“Oh shit, I see. That’s ok, I get it. You want revenge then.” Justin was blown away by what he just heard.

“He got caught and that wasn’t all either. That’s why he will soon be my ex. We are going through court now and I had a bad day and I want this. Will you do it? Please.” Elizabeth added the last part with a plea.

This was definitely a first for Justin and he didn’t know if he should do it or not, not that he didn’t want to do it, Elizabeth was a dream for him, but revenge was a bad thing to do. Then again, so was him cheating on his hot wife for a hand job and who knows what else.

“Yeah, sure; that is, if you’re ok with it.”

“Yes, yes I am. I need this really bad, like now. Can you come to my house?”

“Ummm… sure. Is that the best place to do this?” Justin asked as he didn’t want any ex coming after him and ending up in some sort of domestic violence.

“Yes, its fine, he’s no longer there. Besides, I can’t think of a better place to fuck another guy than where we used to fuck.” She sounded very angry and hurt, Justin could almost feel it through the phone.

Elizabeth text him her address and he picked up his stuff and he remembered condoms this time as she did mention fucking another guy. He wasn’t going to be caught without them again like last time with Toni.

Justin was nervous to meet Elizabeth, especially since he was going to fulfill his fantasy. He took a deep breath as he knocked on the door.

Elizabeth opened the door and looked as stunning as he remembered her; her blonde hair was tied up in a bun and her sapphire blue eyes pierced his heart. She was only wearing a bath towel.

His jaw opened slightly and he was unable to speak as she said, “Hi Justin, nice to meet you.” She stuck out her hand to shake his in a greeting. Justin held hers and he felt lighting struck him. “Come in.” She waved her other hand freely to show him the way.

As he came back to his senses, he smelled the strong odor of alcohol. He should have known, he should have heard it in her voice over the phone. Now, he didn’t know what to do, he paused at the door.

“What’s wrong? It’s ok, I won’t bite…yet.” She giggled.

“You’re drunk, I don’t think we should do this.”

“Oh please!” She waved her hands at him and made a face to show it was not big deal. “I had a few, I’m nervous ok. It’s not a big deal, it’s not like I’m going to say you forced me or anything. It’s ok, really. Please, I need this.”

She put her arms around his neck, her lips were an inch from his. Her breasts were pressed to his chest. She pushed the door behind him closed, which sealed the deal. That, and at that moment, her towel fell to the floor.

She let it happen and she took a step back with a sly grin. “You can leave if you want or we can fuck like animals, it’s your choice.”

Justin’s jaw hit the floor at the same time that her towel did, no turning back now. Her body was as beautiful as he imagined it. His cock went immediately stiff and it definitely was struggling to break free from the constraints of his khaki shorts. Her breasts were 34Cs and round and still perfectly shaped, her legs hid her bare privates, no hair to be found. She turned around for him, so that he could see all of her, that ass was amazing, so thick and round.

“I take the hard cock throbbing in those shorts as a yes.” She smiled at him.

“How could I say no, but you’re absolutely certain that this is what you want?”

“I said yes, didn’t I?” she said sternly.

“Ok. Wow! Fucking wow.”

"What?” Elizabeth asked shyly.

“You’re even better in person. You’re gorgeous Elizabeth.”

“Please, call me Liz.”

“Yes Liz, you’re stunning.”

“Well….” She asked.

“Well, what?”

“Am I the only one getting naked here?”

“Oh, yes, right. Let me get my things set up and we can begin your massage.” He set up his table and his lotions, then he took off all of his clothes as fast as he could while she watched him with an eagerness like a cougar about to pounce on her prey.

She licked her lips and said, “Oh my you ARE as advertised, nice and big and juicy.” Her voice sounded sultry and it made Justin blush.

“Shall we….ummm….begin?”

“Do you mind being recorded?” She asked.

“Uh, yeah, I don’t want myself out there like that.”

“How about if you wore this?” She had a black Mardi Gras mask in her hand seemingly out of nowhere. She must have been planning all this out for quite some time, “I want to show him that I can do the same thing and do it better.” She said with a sneer.

“Remind me not to cross you.”

She handed him the mask and he put it on. Justin looked almost like the Phantom of the Opera.

“I’m curious, why me?” Justin asked.

Liz stood next to him and tried for a moment to figure out how to say it, saying it made it feel real, like saying to him about wanting this.

“After I found out and I cried a lot, I talked to a close friend of mine and we talked all night and I told her that I wanted to do the same thing he did. She told me she knew someone that knew someone and your name popped up. So, here we are.” She held her hands out, it felt like the world was lifting off of her chest, Elizabeth was starting to feel anxious now.

“It’s ok if you don’t want to do this. I mean, I want to, but if you’re nervous or having second thoughts, then I’m ok with it. I can just do a massage, simple as that.” He sensed her nervousness as much as he did his own.

Liz stared at him and seemed to relax as she looked him up and down. “It’s ok, I’m sure now. Besides, look at how hard you are. You look like you’re about to cum already.” She laughed and smiled, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his lips softly.

Justin felt his entire body go limp, this was really happening. His eyes closed and he felt that he could die happy then. Liz’s warm body pressed against his naked flesh, her perfect breasts against his chest. Her hard nipples teased him as did her hands as they started to stroke him firmly. They both looked down, then kissed again, this time with parted lips and a little tongue.

Justin reached around her back and felt her strong muscles and worked down lower and grabbed her ass. It felt as good and as firm as it looked. Liz pushed his cock between her thighs and he felt like he was about to cum already, her pussy was wet and her lips started to spread for him as though they were ready to let him enter her most sacred place. Justin felt his breath being taken away.

Elizabeth pushed Justin onto the table. He laid on his back and his cock was like a steel rod pointing straight up. Liz stopped and admired Justin; she ran her fingertips up and down his body as she stared at his muscles tensing up from her touch. She touched every inch of his body as he laid still. Justin was completely at her mercy, he wanted her to do whatever she wanted to him.

Liz grabbed her phone and began recording, the phone tracked his body up and down.

“Do you see this? I’m going to reenact exactly what you did and you’re going to watch.” Liz said on camera for her soon to be ex, “Except, I’m giving the happy ending first, then he will do the same to me and you’ll watch every second of me fucking him. How does that make you feel?”

She handed Justin the phone, “Record me, lover. Let’s show him every dirty little detail; we are going to fuck all night, I’m going to suck his cock and drink his semen. He’s going to fuck me like a dirty whore while you watch.”

Elizabeth was in full acting mode and she was damn good at it. Her low sexy voice was making Justin even hornier than he already was. Liz poured oil up and down Justin’s body as she prepared to give him exactly what her ex received.

“I heard your massage was good, but not as good as what I could have done for you. Why? Why not ask me to do it for you? I would have done anything for you.” The hurt she felt was palpable. “Instead, I will do to my new lover everything that I would have done for you.” She said with lust in her voice as her hands began to work his thighs.

Justin felt uncomfortable as Liz was working his body. Yet, he didn’t want her to stop; her hands teased his balls and then his long and hard shaft.

Elizabeth smiled at the camera, “Oh baby, I love your long cock. I can’t wait to taste your load.”

Liz felt his abs tighten as she worked them up and down. She was really into doing everything she could to make this as hot as fuck; she was moaning and leaning in close, she even nibbled on his nipples. Elizabeth started to kiss and lick and suck on his neck as her hands continued their relentless assault on his body with her lust. Justin was trying not to cum just yet, but it was so hard as Liz was really into it. He kept the camera focused on her face as best he could. She licked up his throat and kissed him with full tongue before pulling away and using that tongue down his entire body and ending at the tip of his dick.

Her eyes stared into the camera; sex was clearly in them, her grin was devilish, “Are you ready to cum down my throat, lover? Tell me, let him know how good I feel.”

“Yes,” Justin moaned, “Suck my cock, my dirty cougar.” Justin felt that he should act like she was, “I’m fucking ready!”

Liz squeezed his balls hard and Justin groaned in pain while she smiled. “Whose balls do these belong to?”

“Oh fuck! You Elizabeth, they belong to you. You fucking bitch!”

“I’m your fucking bitch, don’t forget that. I’m your dirty slut, your whore, use me. I want him to see all the things we could have done, I want to be used by you in ways I never even dreamed of.”

With that, Liz went all the way down on Justin; her mouth swallowed him whole, she kept eye contact with the camera. She was a pro for sure; Liz even gagged too, her spit covered the length and her lips as she pulled back, her hands played with his balls and she smacked them.

“Damn it, Liz! Fuck!”

Liz began to kiss his balls, “Does that feel better?”

She had one hand on his cock as her mouth enveloped his balls, her mouth shut down on them enough so that he felt the pressure before she popped them back out.

She smiled and giggled for the camera, “I always wanted to do that.”

Justin groaned for her louder than normal for the camera. Liz licked his cock up and down and her hands worked his full 8 inches, her tongue slid between his slit and then all around his head. He was throbbing and ready to cum for her and she sensed it too.

“Is this how it was for you? Did she make you feel as good as my lover is now?”

Justin was moaning loud for the camera.

“Did she blow you? Did she swallow your jizz like I’m about to?”

Her fingernails stroked up and down his tube under his head. His cock moved back and forth as he flexed his muscles to hold back his load. Justin began to climax; semen shot up and Liz was shocked. She moved back and giggled at the sight before she opened her mouth and began to suck every last drop. Justin held her head down with one hand and moaned loudly.

“Do you like watching my slut blowing me? Do you like watching me treat her like a whore?” Justin said as he kept cumming down her throat. “That’s it, my dirty whore, suck it all down. Fuck me! Yesssss!” Justin growled.

Liz sucked his cock as she never had with anyone else ever and she loved it. Everything about it was as exciting as she hoped and more, and this was only the beginning. She pulled out and opened her sperm filled mouth for the camera before swallowing it. Then, she licked his cock clean.

“Fuck me, baby! You’re delicious.” she said in her most erotic voice, “Was it as good for you as it was for me?” Liz said with puppy dog eyes.

“Fuck, even better. You’re amazing Liz, a perfect dick sucker, my pretty little slut.” Liz blushed and smiled shyly before laying on top and kissed Justin again as he pressed end on the recording.

“Why did you stop? You’re not done with me already are you?” She looked hurt.

“Of course not, I just thought that was the end of that.”

“Oh no, I meant what I said earlier; we are going to fuck all night. Plus, I want that happy ending recorded too.” She scrunched her nose and pressed a finger to his and smiled that sweet smile of hers.

With her body on top of his, how could he say no?

The two switched spots and a new recording began. Liz lay on her back with her big smile and she handed Justin her phone.

“I want you to start recording and show my body and describe what you’ll be doing to me before you hand me the camera, so that I can record it.

“Ok. Here we go.” Justin pressed play and began his recording. He moved the camera to show her body from her toes to her head, “See what you’re missing? I’m going to do to her what she wants, all of it. She’s going to get the best happy ending ever. First, I’m going to massage her thighs and tease her clit. Then, I’m going to work my way up her sexy body and take care of her big, beautiful boobs and tease each nipple. Followed by kissing her slender neck and fingering her until she’s screaming. Then, I’ll finish inside her.”

With that being said, Justin handed Liz the phone and began to do exactly what he had just finished describing. He oiled up her body and Liz was recording all of it. First, he worked her thighs and slowly massaged his way up, Justin teased her by using his palm against her wetness. He moved his palm up and down with one hand and then the other. Liz loved it and was moaning loudly for the camera. He was just starting, her clit was sensitive and he knew it. That’s why he kept pressing it over and over with his palm and watched her body squirm as she neared climax. So he stopped teasing her and with her slick, oiled body, he moved his hands up her sides and just under each breast. Justin’s hands met between them and glided down her firm abdomen and back up. Liz was moaning as he worked not only her body, but her mind as well. He knew what he was doing. Justin was working Liz up to a heightened climax and she wanted it now more than ever.

“Just fuck me already and stop teasing me Justin.” Liz pleaded between moans.

“In due time babe, be patient. I’ll get you there, trust me.” Justin winked at her for the camera.

Justin cupped each perfect breast and began to massage them. His firm hands groped her and his thumbs moved all around her hardening nipples. That’s what he was waiting to see, that’s when he knew that she was ready for him. As her nipples hardened, he used his fingers to twist and pull her nipples. Liz was squirming and started breathe heaver and faster.

“Oh God yes! Fuck yes! Baby. Oh my God. Oh my God.” Liz exclaimed.

“Are you about to cum from me touching your nipples?” He asked.

“Fuck, I think so. Oh yes! Don’t stop. Oh fuck yes! I’m cumming baby!” Liz yelled which made Justin pull and twist her nipples harder and faster. She arched her back and moaned long and hard as she came. Liz held the camera and gripped the table as she climaxed from nipple play.

“Fuck, that was hot Liz. I’ve never done that before.”

Liz smiled as her body relaxed. “Neither have I. Don’t stop baby, I want more. I want it all, fuck me all night long. I’m fucking drunk and horny and I’m not sure which I am more of right now, but I’m sure horny as fuck.”

Liz had been drinking a lot of wine when she decided to call Justin for this massage. She didn’t regret it, but she wanted to be inebriated when it happened as she was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect. All she knew was that she needed sex more than ever and she wanted to record it to show her ex that she could fuck whoever she wanted, just like he did to her.

Justin laughed and opened his mouth and used his tongue all over her nipples before sucking on each one while one hand continued to play with her breasts and his other slipped between her wet lips and curled to explore her g spot. His fingers had Liz yelling out loud in surprise.

His mouth kissed all over her chest and up kiss by kiss, he worked his way up to her neck. Liz’s free hand held Justin’s head where he was. “Holy fuck! I’m cumming again. Holy fuck! Ahhhhhh! Fuck me yessssss!” Liz screamed.

Justin pressed her g spot harder and faster as he kissed her neck which drove Liz wild. He found her sweet spot that she couldn’t resist. Liz tried to arch her back, but couldn’t as his weight was pressed to her body.

“Give me that cock now!” She demanded as her fingers pulled on his hair.

He pulled out his fingers and put them into her mouth. “Yes ma’am!” Liz seductively sucked his fingers clean of her sex. “How do you taste?”

Liz pushed his head to signal him to go down on her, “Find out for yourself” she said with a sly grin.

Justin complied with her wishes and soon found out the answer; she tasted sweet. His tongued explored her depths of sexual desires, his mouth sucked and pulled on her pink lips, her clit stuck out a little as it needed to be teased and tease it he did. Liz gripped a handful of his hair and held him hostage to her pussy until she was satisfied fully with his oral prowess which didn’t take very long before she was reaching orgasmic bliss once more.

Justin looked into the camera as he devoured her completely. Liz held him tight as she screamed and moaned and Justin had to swallow her juices, her body was squirming from him. The way she moved was as erotic as her moaning, she was a true actress. Justin wasn’t sure if she enjoyed it as much as she was acting like it. Either way, he guessed that it didn’t matter. What she was doing was porn star level, sex for the camera. He couldn’t imagine what her ex would do when he saw all of this. He still couldn’t believe that he was having sex with his crush and she was recording it for revenge against her ex.

Liz finished her climax, let Justin go and said, “Now give me that big fucking cock of yours, on your knees and I want you to hold the camera so that he can see how inch by thick inch, you penetrate my pussy. I want him to see how a real man fucks.”

Justin climbed on top of the table and kneeled, she lifted her legs to his shoulders and handed him the camera. Liz grabbed his cock to guide him in.

“Watch as I fuck her rotten.” Justin said.

He took his free hand and grabbed his cock and smacked it repeatedly against her needy cunt.

“Yes baby! Fucking give it to me. Cum deep inside me; I love the feel of hot and sticky sperm deep inside my pussy. Pound me into submission Justin, so that he can see how good you are for me.” Liz said in her low sultry voice.

The way she spoke made Justin want to do anything she wanted, his head parted her lips. Slowly he guided himself into her body,

“Fuck yes. Do you see how she loves my cock?” Justin held the camera on her face as she was moaning and then back to his cock burying itself inside for her ex to see, “I’m going to destroy her cunt and she’s going to beg me for more.”

Once he was completely inside her warm and welcoming body, he held it in without movement to enjoy the moment of how she felt. He moved the camera to her face to show her joy and to show off her amazing breasts.

He grabbed it hard and pulled her nipples which made her groan and she said, “Yes, give it to me baby, all of it. Fuck me dirty and make me beg for more.”

Justin held the camera as he started to pull himself almost all the way out and he held her hips to thrust back inside as hard as he could. Justin repeated the motion over and over and over again, he did it harder and faster, her breasts bounced all over and the camera caught it all.

Liz was in pure ecstasy; she was simply glowing, her body arched, she gripped the table and closed her eyes as the rush of orgasm after orgasm flooded every fiber of her being. He fucked her as hard and as fast as he possibly could. He was enamored with watching her react to him and listening to her moans and screams, it was all intoxicating. They fucked in this position for God knows how long until Justin was nearing his climax.

He was tired of holding the camera and really just wanted to put it down, but he held it until he came for her. Justin started to moan and Liz watched him as she felt that he was nearing completion; one final hard thrust made her gasp and she held his ass to keep him deep inside her. Liz felt his sperm shooting inside and she smiled and bit her lower lip. Justin closed his eyes and groaned as more and more sperm was filling her up with love of everything that was happening tonight.

She took the camera out of his hand and looked into it, “That is how it’s done.” Liz said.

Justin finished and pulled out. Liz held the camera to see it all. Semen and pussy juices soaked his cock and white sperm made a pearl shape before dripping out of her body. She turned it off and Justin fell on top of her and they kissed, his cock was softening and lay on her lips. What happened the rest of the night is for another time.

They did fuck all night as she asked and even once in the morning. Justin was raw by the end, but it was well worth it. Liz woke up with little memory and her pussy was sore and she was still horny. Justin had to fill her in on some parts and others she watched for herself, on her phone that she didn’t remember recording, with embarrassment. She didn’t regret it, but in the end, she wasn’t sure if she should send the videos or not. She did it out of anger and spite that night.

Now that it was over, she wasn’t sure how she felt about the video or Justin anymore.

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