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Author Topic: PN News is the GOAT (starring Scarlett Bordeaux)  (Read 728 times)

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PN News is the GOAT (starring Scarlett Bordeaux)
« on: November 17, 2019, 05:00:06 PM »
Disclaimer: This story is 100 percent fictional and made for entertainment purposes only.
Note: I can't thank JConn enough for both looking at the story and giving me feedback and giving me the name of the story.

Christian Marr was what you'd call a regional wrestling star.

Granted, that particular region being the small armory he wrestled in but that was enough for him.

He'd been wrestling for almost 10 years and was a reliable name for the local promotion he worked for, known for his confidence and his skills in the ring.

And now he was very nervous.

Granted the reason for that nervousness was Scarlett Bordeaux and that nervousness was a natural reaction to her.

He'd never seen a more beautiful woman in his entire life and he'd seen some beautiful women come through the promotion.

Marr had recently turned heel and the promoter had paired him and Bordeaux as an act for the dates they had on her.

Christian was never more thrilled for the recent decision to start booking more notable wrestlers.

Mainly because that meant the hot women that would probably roll through the promotion at some point.

He loved wrestling...but he loved women even more.

Christian was well known in the promotion for fucking almost any groupie that showed interest in him and that was most of them.

Scarlett, however, was on another level.

He knew that she was dating another wrestler so he was pretty sure that she wasn't gonna actually fuck him, but that didn't mean he couldn't flirt with her.

In fact, in the brief time they'd spent together backstage, she was more than happy to flirt back.

They had, to say the least, a perfect chemistry, something that shone through in the few times they had worked together.

They had just had another successful appearance, with Christian going over one of the top faces in the promotion, when Scarlett surprised him by asking if he wanted to go back to her hotel room and hang out for a bit.

Christian didn't think it would have lead to anything, but, on a non-sexual level, he liked Scarlett so he was more than happy to spend more time with her.

A short drive later and they were in a hotel room, watching some Japanese wrestling tapes that Christian had with him.

One of the nice parts of the promotion was that the owner was also a successful hotel owner so, rather than motels on the edge of town with roach and rodent problems, they were nice little hotel rooms that most people would enjoy spending some time in.

The pair spent the next few hours chatting about their respective careers.

Christian knew she was in a relationship, but from the way she was talking about that relationship, he wasn't sure that would matter soon.

He wasn't looking to wreck anyone's relationship, but the chemistry was so undeniable that both he and Scarlett were having problems holding themselves back.

Throughout their time together there had been little moments between them, the occasional touch was probably the most dangerous of those moments, it always threatened to turn into even more.

And tonight, that threat was going to be made into a reality.

The turning point came with a phone call from Scarlet's boyfriend.

She quickly excused herself and ran off into the other room to chat with him.

For a few moments, the call sounded pleasant, but it soon descended into a brief (but,from what Christian heard, intense) argument.

Her voice never rose beyond it's normal volume, but he could tell the call was really upsetting her.

After the call, a clearly angry Scarlett walked back into the room and sat next to him.

"Rough call?" He awkwardly asked, getting no verbal response from her.

Instead she kissed him.

That caught the usually self assured Christian off guard.

But he wasn't gonna look a gift horse in the mouth...so to speak.

The kiss lasted for a few more seconds before Scarlett pulled away from him.

He looked into her eyes to see a shred of guilt there, but much to his surprise, he found nothing.

He didn't know what that argument was about, but he knew it must have been really bad if she was going this far.

He he had to stop her, but he just couldn't bring himself to do that.

Christian wanted to be a good person...but his libido had taken charge at the moment.

Scarlett tended to have that effect on men.

Luckily for Christian, it appeared that he had a similar effect on Scarlett.

If that phone call hadn't happened, he'd be sure that they wouldn't have found them selves in this situation, but where they were.

"Just tonight, that's all I want and that's all you get." She whispered to him as she broke the kiss.

Christian nodded and then he took charge.

Scarlett knew that's what he liked, so there was no surprise when he began to undress her.

In fact, she liked the aggressive look in his eye.

He made sure to leave her in just her underwear before he stripped down to just his.

"Last chance to get out of this, once we're nude, there's no turning back." He said.

Scarlett gave him a comedic eye roll before taking her bra off.

"That enough of an answer for you?" She said with a smirk.

Christian was too busy staring at Scarlett's breasts to actually respond to her.

They were as perfect as he'd imagined them to be.

Nice and firm and the perfect size.

He was gonna enjoy them.

But before he could, Scarlett stopped him.

"I wanna see what you're packing." She said.

Christian was almost hypnotized by her boobs, so he didn't realize that he still had his underwear on.

But he quickly gave her what she wanted and stripped nude.

She clearly like what she saw.

Christian was incredibly proud of his dick.

It was slightly larger than average length, but it got rave reviews due to it's girth and how good he was at using it.

At the moment, none of those other women mattered, he just wanted to prove himself to Scarlett.

She wasn't just a woman who was there one night and gone the next.

This was one of the hottest women on Earth and he had to treat her as such.

And, thankfully, she wasn't someone who had let that knowledge go to her head.

Before he could have another thought, Scarlett moved in front of him and knelt down.

"We gotta work fast, I don't want to think about this long enough to want to stop in the middle of it." She said to him

Christian nodded, another acknowledgement that they both knew that what they were doing was wrong.

Without any kind of ceremony, she took his cock into her mouth.

She began to suck him as fast as she could, she knew this wasn't gonna be enough to get him off, but she did want him to remember just how good she was at giving head.

It was a bit of a struggle, she had to admit, to handle a cock as fat as his, but she managed to do just that.

She moved her head back and forth as her hands worked his balls.

Christian loved how amazing she was at giving head.

He'd secretly wondered about what it would be like getting his dick sucked by her, ever since he first saw her.

And he was finding out that it was much better than he had fantasized.

What he didn't know, what that she usually liked to take things slow.

This wasn't possible at the moment, so, instead she was going as fast as the could.

Going as far as she could with her mouth without actually deep throating him (because that would take too long)

That said, her creativity hadn't diminished one bit, at that very moment, her mouth had found a nice rhythm in time with her hands, eagerly pumping his shaft, massaging his balls and using her mouth to get him all wound up.

She knew she was pleasing him greatly.

And she also knew that because they didn't have that much time together, he'd want to return the favor very soon.

Sure enough, as soon as she pulled her mouth away, he was almost jumping at the chance to eat her out.

Of chouse, there was a pair of panties in his way first and he had to deal with that.

Without even thinking about it, he ripped them off, much to her amusement.

"You do know that I only brought one pair of underwear." She joked.

"Well, hopefully you brought a skirt long enough for no one to notice." He responded with a playful wink.

And then he dove in, eager to impress her.

Scarlett moans and curses were, in his mind, her way of admitting that he was talented with his tongue.

In fact, she'd probably say that this was the best oral sex she'd ever experienced.

While his tongue was inside her pussy, his fingers were working over her clit.

He kept it up for way longer than he had planned for.

After a big, his tongue and fingers switched places.

Scarlett couldn't believe it.

She'd heard from other women about how good he was at making women cum, but this was otherworldly.

His fingers moved around in her pussy and his tongue paid all of it's attention on her clit.

She tried her damndest to keep quiet, but she failed thanks to Christian's Efforts.

She started to get louder and louder by the second.

Unfortunately for her, that meant that she had to get him to stop and quick.

Mainly because, if she was gonna scream at the top of her lungs, she wanted to do it while he was fucking her.

Christian wasn't happy with that, but he knew he couldn't take his time like usual.

"Do you wanna be on top?" He asked her.

She gave him an enthusiastic 'yes' and he immediately laid down on the bed.

His cock was so hard that it almost hurt.

So he felt nothing but relief when Scarlett got on the bed and moved his cock into her pussy.

They both moaned as she began to move back and forth, fucking him as hard as she could.

The site of Scarlett riding him with a determined look on her face was incredible to Christian.

Of course, watching her big breasts shake up and down was a pretty good perk of their current situation as well.

Christian felt enraptured by the sight.

It was a memory that would fuel many lonely nights from there on out.

And that was what pushed him over the edge.

Which in turn caused her orgasm.

He came inside of her as deep as he could.

And that was pretty deep.

That got a look of surprise from Scarlett, she knew he was gonna cum in her, but she never thought it would be that much.

Of course, normally she would have been pissed that both of them had forgot to use a condom, but this situation was a different one and they both of them knew that.

So Scarlett simply went with it, using her pussy to coax as much cum as she possibly could.

Once his orgasm finished, their eyes met again, a feeling of shock warming over both of them as they realized just what had happened.

For the next few minutes he removed himself from her pussy and they laid in silence, trying to figure out just what to say.

"Well, that was fun." Scarlett said with a smile.

"Yeah, it's been a night to remember." Christian responded.

"And who knows, maybe well do this again soon, probably not, but you never know." She said as she laid her head on his chest.

Christian entertained the idea for a few minutes...until he realized that he had to get out of there before it got too late.

Wrestlers loved to gossip and him getting spotted coming out of her room would cause all hell to break loose.

Unfortunately for Christian, that just wasn't in the cards, Scarlett had already passed out and he really didn't want to move from this spot so he knew that he'd have to make sure he was up extra early to sneak out.

For now, whoever, he wanted to just appreciate that he'd just had sex with one of the most beautiful women on Earth.

He fell asleep with one thought: Hopefully she'd put in a good word for him wherever she landed now that she was free from Impact.
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Re: PN News is the GOAT (starring Scarlett Bordeaux)
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2019, 05:34:54 PM »
Nice work, really enjoyed it!  ;) :Y: ;)
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Re: PN News is the GOAT (starring Scarlett Bordeaux)
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2019, 02:17:12 AM »
Nice to see the lovely Ms. Bordeaux finally get some love around here. Hopefully, if she and Christian get together again that wonderfull ass of hers gets some attention.

...until NXT time...
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