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Author Topic: Evangeline Lilly - Outside on the Beach Pt.2  (Read 1605 times)

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Evangeline Lilly - Outside on the Beach Pt.2
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Outside on the Beach - Part 2

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

Evie dozed for a few minutes in the warm morning sun as she waited for him to get back with the coffee, just giving a bit of a stretch and a murmur as she relaxed.

“Wake up Evie,” he said with a smile as he walked back in, carrying two mugs of coffee. Evie lifted her head lazily from the pillow, blowing her hair away from her face and smiling at him, her eyes gazing down his naked body as he stood the mugs down and slid back into bed next to her under the sheets. Sitting up, he held out her coffee as she herself sat up, rolling over and pulling herself up, sitting down a little gingerly with a slight grimace and a mumble, not attempting to cover her breasts.

“I’m a bit sore,” she said, answering the question he hadn’t asked as she took her coffee, taking a nice long sip.

“Well…understandable I guess,” he said, drinking his own coffee.

“But worth it,” she said, looking sideways at him with a little smirk. He returned it, then leaned over for a good morning kiss, their tongues just lazily wrestling for a moment.

“Maybe a nice hot shower will help,” he said after a pause, glancing slyly over at her before another sip of coffee.

“Is that an invitation?” she said with a little giggle, raising her eyebrows questioningly before looking back to her mug.

“Most definitely,” he said, draining his coffee and standing the mug aside.

“Good. Do you need some help with that?” she said with a grin, pointing down to the tent starting to form under the sheets as he hardened.

“Yeah, and I think you’re the perfect girl for the job,” he said with a smirk as she finished her coffee.

“I bet you do,” she said with a giggle, sliding carefully across to him and snuggling close, sliding her leg over his as she leaned in for another kiss, her right hand sliding down under the sheets to his growing erection. He gave a slight groan of pleasure as she grasped his morning wood, immediately becoming completely solid after a couple of firm strokes of her skilful hand. They just sat comfortably together for a minute or so, Evangeline snuggled up to him, stroking slowly at his cock, teasing him with squeezes and twists of her fist. Just as he was getting optimistic of a blowjob she let go of him, quickly dragging her tongue up his cheek and slipping away from him, sliding out of bed and standing up with a slight wince due to the soreness of the previous nights dry anal sex. It gave him a full frontal view of her gorgeous naked form, her slim figure, perky breasts, neatly shaved V of dark hair and sexy legs.

“Time for that shower babe,” she purred, giving a flick of her eyebrows and turning to walk towards the bathroom, giving a distinct wiggle of her firm arse as she did. He quickly scrabbled out of the bed, his cock bouncing against his stomach as he hastily followed her to the bathroom. As he got into the room she was already turning the water on, leaning over the tub to turn the shower on above it, arching her back and pushing her bum out a little towards him. He let his hands lead the way, sliding over the firm cheeks of her arse and onto her hips, pressing himself close behind her, his cock nestled between the cheeks of her arse as she looked back over her shoulder.

“Just right,” she said with a smirk, shaking the water from her fingers.

“I think so,” he said with a lustful tone, pushing his fingers round the front of her hips and down, through the little patch of hair to her pussy, finding her already wet. He slid his fingers straight down between her lips, quickly finding her clit and rubbing it firmly.

“Mm…down boy,” she murmured, batting his hand away from her crotch and standing up, sliding across in front of him so his cock was teased by her arse before she stepped into the tub, grasping his hand and pulling him in. With her spare hand she pulled the curtain across once they were in, the warm water washing round their feet before stepping under the spray, pressed quite closely together, which neither minded of course. After thoroughly wetting their bodies and sharing a long, tongue-twisting kiss, Evie reached for a bottle of shower gel, opening it and squeezing some into her hands. Guiding him out of the spray a little, she rubbed her hands together and started to lather him up, rubbing her hands over his chest plentifully, over his arms and round his back, her soapy touch just perfect before she finally reached down for his cock.

“I think this needs a good, long wash,” she teased, stroking at his shaft with her slippery hands.

“But so do I,” she said, suddenly letting him go and handing him with shower gel with a smile. He just smiled back and turned to guide her out of the water a bit, the warm spray on his back as he lathered her up in return, his hands taking in every sexy, smooth curve of her body, letting his hands run down her sides, sliding in at her waist and out over her hips, before he gave her bum a good squeeze. She gave a giggle as he ran his slippery hands over it before moving back up, lathering her chest and spending plenty of time “washing” her breasts, squeezing and rubbing at them, teasing her stiff nipples as she wiggled before him.

“Wash my back too,” she purred, turning round to face away and pulling her loose brown hair forward over her shoulder. He happily obliged, getting a bit more of the sweetly scented gel and rubbing over her shoulders, Evie arching her sexy back and pushing her nice rear out towards him, just millimetres from bumping his stiff, soapy erection. He ran his hands gradually down her back till he bumped the top of her arse, already soapy, but he couldn’t resist giving it another fondling, so ran his hands over the firm cheeks with a little squeeze, pulling back to give a sharp firm spank with a wet slapping sound.

“Hey, I think you got enough of my ass last night!” she giggled, looking back at him with a sexy glance over her shoulder.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of your ass,” he said with a smile, his hands sliding round her hips to her stomach, making her tremble just a little in excitement as his right hand went south, slipping through her dark, wet pubic hair to her swollen vulva.

“Well I’ll be deciding how much of it you get anyway,” she said with a little giggle, followed by a moan of pleasure as his fingers found her hard clitoris, her hips pushing forward a little as a tingle ran down her spine. Evie reached back behind her with both hands, fumbling for a moment before she found his hardon, wrapping her wet hands round his soapy cock and giving a good squeeze. She was pleased as he gave a groan and pushed into her hands a little, squeezing him again before she started to slowly slip her hands up and down his seven and a half inch shaft, firmly grasping him as she stroked him. As she started to slowly jerk him off, his fingers started to dance faster round her clit, circling faster than before, easily able to slip round and over her hard button given the situation.

“Mm right there,” she groaned, leaning her head back onto his shoulder and slipping back into his grasp, her hands still working slowly at his cock even though it was pressed against the top of her bum. His left hand slid up to cup her breast as he moved his hand a bit lower, pushing two fingers up inside her and leaving his thumb to work at her clit, flicking rapidly at it, causing her to grunt delightfully, before immediately starting to circle it again, drawing a long, low purr of pleasure from her, her muscles squeezing and clenching on his digits. He made sure to thrust his two fingers, working them firmly into her tight snatch as his thumb continued to assault her stiff nub, the water spraying onto his back fading into the background. Her hands worked a little faster at his cock, perhaps harder than she’d ever felt it she thought, the soap allowing her to slip over his smooth hardon like never before. He groaned into her ear as she teased round the base of his bulbous purple head.

“Mm yes, right there!” she gasped loudly, her pussy grasping his fingers tightly as he used his little finger to just tickle her tight arse, Evie clenching her bum a little since she was sore. His fingers pinched at her stiff nipple, twisting slightly, the rest of his hand mauling her breast as she pushed her hips forward, circling a little to grind against his hand as he took her to her climax, her hands working quite strongly at him.

“Oh god, oh god,” she gasped, her eyes squeezing shut as she dropped her head back, her hands grabbing hold of him tightly and stopping dead as her body tensed up, legs squeezing together. She arched her back with a squeal of pleasure, her body giving a spasm and them trembling as her orgasm hit her, her skin tingling as ripples of pleasure spread through from the very core of her soul. He pulled his fingers out of her slippery pussy and went to town on her clit as fast as he could, keeping the pleasure flooding the thousands of nerve endings in her delicate nub. Evangeline gasped heavily for breath, opening her eyes, staring to the ceiling as spots danced before them, a low, throaty groan escaping her as she started to slowly massage his stiff manhood again. Her hips gave a last few jolts, curling her toes before she gave a heavy, sated sigh and smiled, letting go of him and turning round in his grasp, his now motionless fingers sliding wetly from her slender body.

“That was lovely,” she said with a teasing smile, not taking hold of his cock again to finish him off, simply turning them and pushing them both under the shower again, the water rinsing away the remaining soap from their bodies before she slipped away from him.

“Right, it’s time we got dressed,” she said, stepping out of the bath and grabbing a towel, making him look down at his erection and then back at her, her gorgeous body dripping wet, getting only a teasing shrug and a girly giggle. He shut the shower off and stepped out, his cock waving before she handed him a towel, both of them drying off some before she wrapped herself with her towel and headed towards the bedroom. He quickly finished rubbing himself down with the towel and wrapped it round his bottom half, unable to conceal the huge erection he was sporting as he followed her back to the bedroom.

“How about we go for a walk today, if you’re up to it that is,” she purred, giving him a sexy sideways glance and smile, her eyes flitting down to his tent.

“I think I’ll manage,” he said with a smile, knowing she was just toying with him and would service him later to make up for it.

“I thought you might be able to,” she said with a smile, dropping her towel and giving him a little shake of her arse, giggling a little as she went to the drawers. He only had his clothes from the previous night and pulled them on, his erection abating a little even though Evie was strutting around naked and unashamed, picking out clothes. She turned and dropped something black and sexy onto the bed, which he saw were lace topped black stockings and a garter belt. Glancing back up to her, his eyes locked on her as she bent straight over, seeing her clearly shift her feet to spread her legs for him a bit, his cock immediately becoming completely hard again as she arched her back, her bulging pussy peeking through her smooth thighs at him. She wiggled her bum a little as she selected something, then stood up and turned back, throwing a short black skirt and a simple blue tank top onto the bed.

She just smiled at him as she stood and turned back, seeing his eyes drinking in every inch of her body as she gave him a full frontal, eyeing her juicy pussy which just begged him to slip inside, the engorged lips bulging below her little triangle of hair, clit still peeking out a little bit. Picking up the garter belt, she unhooked it and pulled it round her hips, stretching it a little and hooking it up round herself, looking back over her shoulder as she did before looking back to him, seeing him eyeing her intently. She gave a giggle as she picked up one of her stockings, rolling it up before lifting her foot and pushing it into the toe of the black nylon. Resting her foot on the side of the bed she rolled the stocking up her leg, smoothly coating her gorgeous limb, rolling the lace top into place at her lovely thigh and carefully clipping the garter to it, just sliding her fingers up to adjust them a little so they held the stockings snugly. She repeated the process on her other leg and then stood down by the bed, dressed in only her black garter belt and lacy stockings.

“No knickers today then?” he said, casting an eye to her neat pussy.

“I think you’ll find it’s much more fun without them. Besides, some fresh air never hurt,” she said with a grin, reaching for her top. He just smiled back before he pulled his shirt on, watching as she pulled the tank top down, not bothering with a bra for her perky breasts, leaving him to ogle her pussy as long as possible. She picked up the skirt and slipped her nylon clad legs into it, zipping it up at her hips, just covering her sexy underwear and leaving a little band of her smooth skin showing. Stroking it out smooth, she found a pair of shoes, pushing her feet into a set of simple slip on wedges.

“Come on then, unless there’s not enough blood in your legs,” she teased, giving him a wink and turning to walk out of the bedroom, picking up her bag, mobile phone and the keys. He followed her, reaching down to sort himself out again so it was less obvious as he did, catching up to her at the door of the rented beach house. They stepped out and she locked the door behind them, securely zipping the keys into her bag as they walked away from the house, both of them slipping on sunglasses in the bright morning sunshine. Evie slipped her hand into his and leaned up to give him a soft kiss on the cheek, her lips lingering just a moment as her fingers locked with his before they set off. They didn’t waste time, walking through and out of the city, catching a few glances from people but most people just walked on by. It was nice to just walk with her, holding her hand, feeling her brush up against him occasionally, leading her through crowds of people now and then, her doing the same for him until they left the city, out through the suburbs and towards the countryside surrounding the city.

“Lovely day for a walk huh?” she said, the first speech for a few minutes actually after simple conversation they’d enjoyed on the way to this point.

“Yeah, perfect to go out for a nice long way. Tones up your legs,” he said with a smile, glancing down to her.

“Is that a hint? Because last time I checked you had no problems with my legs when they were wrapped around you,” she purred, moving in close and sliding her arm around his back.

“No your legs are lovely, perfect for holding onto when I’ve got you pinned down,” he murmured, looking down with a sly sideways smile.

“I bet they are,” she said with a little giggle as they walked through the countryside, fields and bushes around them now. They’d been walking quite a while now, the better part of an hour and were now well out into the quiet of nature, the birds singing around them from the trees, a light breeze blowing, the odd bee buzzing past them. Evie glanced about, looking into the fields before she pulled him off the track into one, wading into the dry, ankle length grass, tickling at her through her stockings as she did.

“I think it’s time for a bit of a…rest,” she said, passing a bush to find a nice spot in the grass where they could look out over the city, since they’d been steadily ascending as they walked. She stopped and crouched down, putting her hands down and stretching her legs out, looking back to him and patting the grass to invite him. He took her invitation, sitting down with her, being greeted by a nice French kiss, her tongue delicately working into his mouth. They broke apart and just sat together for a minute to rest, Evangeline resting her head on his shoulder as they gazed out through the heat haze across the city, people living their lives right under their noses. She leaned up and nuzzled his cheek a bit, tempting him to turn, where she locked lips with him again, far more energetically thrusting her tongue into his mouth this time, her hands moving to reach over him and hold his body.

“Come on big boy,” she murmured through a smile as she kissed him, feeling his hands move onto her, immediately going for her perky, unsupported breasts through the dark blue tank top. She mumbled slightly in pleasure as he cupped her, squeezing firmly as he turned towards her, pushing Evie back a little, which she didn’t protest about. They broke their kiss with a noisy gasp, his mouth moving down her smooth neck to softly kiss and lick at her, nightly nibbling as he pressed her down so she lay back on the grass, Evie relaxing and lying back, closing her eyes and spreading her legs invitingly for him. He didn’t even need to look up to take the point, turning over onto her, sliding over her sexy nylon clad leg, her skirt having ridden up just enough to show her sexy garter clipped to the lace of the stocking. He slid between her lovely legs, feeling them wrap over his as he kissed her hard again, his hands still working at her breasts, one of them sliding down and up under her top as she put her arms around his neck.

“I didn’t think it was nippy today,” he teased, now with both his hands up under her top, groping her breasts, his fingers nimbly working across them, toying with her nipples, circling and pinching lightly at the hard points.

“Well it is now, so you’d better keep your pants on in case it gets any colder,” she joked playfully, between kisses down his face as she moved, his hands pulling her top up to completely expose her humble boobs to the fresh air, her skirt having ridden up a little more to show her garters, her pussy barely covered although with him laying on top it didn’t matter, especially with the bulge of his rock hard cock pressed to her naked pussy through the skirt. They snogged and groped like horny, hormone-fuelled teenagers, writhing in the grass under the warm sun as they let their lust take hold. His kisses trailed wetly down her jaw and neck to the top of her chest, running along her collarbone as she ran her fingers through his hair, opening her eyes and looking at the lovely blue sky, wispy white clouds passing overhead.

“Eat my pussy,” she said huskily, taking her hands off his shoulders and reaching down to tug her skirt up the last little bit and reveal her juicy snatch, already wet and ready for him, glistening slightly in the strong sun. He didn’t argue with her, simply squeezing her breasts firmly, pulling back and deftly pinching her stiff nipples, causing her to yelp as he slid down, dragging his hands down her smooth sides and over her hips, taking a firm hold of them as she felt his breath spread over her most private area. He let her squirm a little, just holding his lips tantalisingly close to her juicy entrance before he planted his tongue on her, tasting her tangy, feminine nectar. She let out a low moan as he dragged his tongue up her lips, top to bottom, letting the tip of his tongue tease her prominent clit before he dragged back down with the underside of his tongue. Evangeline moaned as the soft, hot, wet sensation spread down her, teasing at her engorged inner lips that protruded a little. Her legs shifted next to him, twitching a little as he moved up again, using the tip of his tongue this time to dip into her slit, teasing her till he reached her clit, which he delicately circled, making her moan throatily and push up towards him.

“Don’t hold out on me,” she breathed, her hands on the brink of clawing at his hair. He just smiled, loving how he could make her practically beg, her legs nearly kicking out under him. He slid his hands down and wrapped his arms round and under her sexy stocking-clad limbs, his fingers playing with the garters a little as he settled down to work at her. He sunk his tongue strongly into her, feeling her clench at him with her practised muscles, just holding still a moment before he thrust it as deep as he could manage and swirled it round, licking at her soft velvet tunnel before pulling back, feeling her hips try to follow him. Dragging his tongue out of her slippery opening, he pulled it out and immediately moved up to her waiting clit, assaulting it more firmly this time. Evie let out a heavy grunt, her eyes squeezing shut as she bit her lip, feeling a rush of pleasure as he pressed on her clitoris with his tongue, just pressing down a moment. It was somewhat unorthodox, Evie wriggling under him in a love-hate moment, torn between encouraging him and scolding him before he started to rapidly flick at her.

“Oh god!” she gasped, her hands grabbing at his hair, spurring him on as he twisted his wrists to he could push his fingers up, succeeding in sinking two of them right up to his hand in her dripping pussy just under his chin as he lapped at her. She let out a moan, pushing up into him now as he ate her hungrily, his aching tongue rapidly dancing on her button, circling and criss-crossing, changing directions and pace. His tongue was gliding in her abundant juices, pushing at her soft flesh and stiff clit, a delicious contrast as he lit up every tiny nerve ending in her button like a firework display. He felt her slender body stiffen underneath him, immediately making him throw everything he had left, the ache in his tongue almost agonising now from the continual motions on her hard clit.

“Oh fuck, fuck….” She growled, going stiff as a board, her breath catching before she let out a long, low groan, her body giving jerks and spasms as her orgasm hit her, exploding from deep in her core, rippling through her sexy form, her nylon-clad legs kicking under his arms, one of her shoes coming off as her slick pussy squeezed and grabbed at his impaling fingers powerfully. He continued to vigorously tongue and massage at her love button as she came, putting as much into her body as possible as she surfed the pleasure wave, her long groan turning to a squeak as she ran out of breath, her body giving one last arch and a shiver before she heaved in a ragged breath, pulling his head away from her crotch.

“No more, no more…can’t take it…” she gasped, opening her eyes and rolling them towards the sky, looking into the gorgeous blue atmosphere as she felt the heat and tension dissipate from her body, a lovely mellow feeling taking over, a tingle down her spine and her legs feeling more than a little shaky. She murmured in pleasure as he kissed softly down the insides of her thighs away from her dripping slit, hearing her heavy breathing before he pulled himself up next to her, Evie laid out with her legs spread eagle in the grass. She lazily rolled her head to the side and kissed him, her tongue just lightly playing with his as they smooched as he slid his arms round her exposed tummy, Evie just pulling her legs together so she wasn’t quite so displayed.

“That was wonderful,” she breathed, giving a smile and slightly stifled a giggle as they broke apart.

“Well, it could still get better for me,” he said with a grin.

“Yes it could,” she said, glancing up to meet his eyes with a suggestive smile and little flick of her eyebrows.

“But not much better, since you’re already here,” he said with a smile. Her face fell a little, then she turned away from him in his arms, pulling away a little bit.

“What’s the matter?” he asked, a little concerned.

“Look, don’t get the wrong idea, I’d love to take this further than just great sex, but we just can’t. Time, location, I just can’t commit to it,” she said, not looking back at him, just resting her head on the grass.

“I…well…I dunno I guess I knew that but I still kinda hoped…” he trailed off uncertainly.

“I know, but we can’t. It’ll just have to stick to sex, at least right now. But it’s great sex at that,” she purred, rolling back over in his arms and pressing herself to him, her hands sliding down to his jeans. In mere seconds she had his fly undone and had extracted his huge erection from his shorts, wrapping her hand round his pole, which had been rock solid from the moment he’d woken up almost, abating a little after their shower, enough to walk up here with her at least. Her delicate grip started to slip up and down slowly, just teasingly stroking his cock for a couple of minutes as they let their tongues do battle once again, his cock somehow getting even harder in her grip.

“More than ready for a bit more of that great sex I reckon,” she murmured with a smile, sighing as his kisses travelled down her smooth neck.

“Been ready for ages,” he mumbled through her soft skin.

“I think maybe you should give me one then. How about you come fuck me over this fence?” she said, pulling away from him, pushing him down onto his back in the grass and springing up, not bothering to pull her skirt down, her cute naked ass bouncing away from him, framed gorgeously in the black garters and stockings. He quickly stood up to pursue her, holding his jeans as his cock bounced strongly, almost stumbling in his haste to catch up to her as she ran round the fence of the field they were in and then bent straight over it. She held onto the edge and looked back to him foxily, then turned away to look out over the view of the city as he caught up to her, immediately grabbing her slim waist, his thumbs bunching her skirt up a little more round her hips to fully expose her, her juicy pussy bulging between her thighs as he dropped his jeans completely.

“Just think, all those obvious people down there, totally unawaaarree….” She gasped as he thrust his seven and a half inch shaft into her powerfully, burying himself right to the hilt in her dripping snatch, his bulbous head stretching her velvet walls out a little as he sunk himself into her.
“Unaware, of what’s going on up here,” she growled through gritted teeth, her eyes squeezed shut. He was almost painfully aroused and knew, after her relentless teasing and having eaten her pussy, he wouldn’t last very long, so intended to give her a very thorough pounding. It’d also teach her a lesson, though she’d probably enjoy it. He took a firm hold of her, pulling back against her hips as he pressed himself forward a little before pulling back, his head making her puffy lips bulge threateningly before he plunged back into her, making her squeal loudly as he did, pressing into her ass as he drove right to the hilt once more. He quickly built a fast rhythm, pumping around four inches of his stiff cock in and out of her, Evie moaning and writhing against the fence as she felt every ridge and contour of his cock, his head banging against her cervix as he rapidly thrust deep.

“Enjoying that?” she gasped, looking back at him through half closed eyes.

“Yeah, you’re so fucking wet!” he said huskily, breathing hard as he pushed quickly in and out of her dripping pussy, her juices leaking from her onto her thighs. She was as turned on as him, letting out a strained grunt as he pushed her hard into the fence, her feet lifting off the floor, her wedges slipping off as she flicked her hair out the way, looking back down the track just in case anyone was coming. They weren’t, so she let herself go again to his vigorously fucking of her body. His fingers pressed tighter into her slender body as his hips slapped harder against her firm arse, which jiggled slightly with every thrust, her clit buzzing pleasantly as he pounded on her from behind, already feeling the onset of his climax, but determined to hold on as long as he could. It wasn’t gonna take long though regardless, so he just picked up his pace as much as possible, Evie groaning continually, her fingernails digging into the wood of the fence, her face contorted in pure sensation as he thumped into her.

“Close baby?” she teased, knowing full well he was from the twitches of his thick cock within her and his urgent thrusts.

“Yeah,” he almost growled, focussing on fucking her hard, managing another little spurt of effort to pump her, his loins boiling. She gave a tight squeeze of her pussy and it was all over, his orgasm exploding harder, like a bolt of lightning to his brain that raced up his spine. He arched his back and thrust as deep into her as he possibly could, shoving her forward over the fence so her feet were held off the springy grass, a loud slap created as his hips hit her arse, one of her garters springing off as he drove into her, forcing a squeal from her as she was filled with his cock. He let out a long groan and came hard, his hot, thick load spurting deep into her as she twitched and wriggled underneath him, her hips pressed painfully to the wood of the fence, though if mixed with the rest of her sensations for a delightful mix. She worked her skilful muscles to milk his hard, ejaculating shaft deep inside her, moaning in pleasure as she felt his hot juices spill inside her, squeezing tightly to wring every last drip from him as his little jolting thrusts slowed to nothing, his grip on her relaxing as he let out a deep breath he barely knew he’d been holding.

“Better now?” she said huskily, standing down as he slid back a little, reaching up to brush her hair back.

“Much,” he said with a chilled out smile.

“I think we’d best have another lie down,” she said with a smile, standing up, his softening cock slipping easily from her, Evie reaching back to reattach the garter that had sprung off to keep her stockings properly supported. He pulled his jeans back up, buttoning them up before she took his hand, using her spare hand to push her skirt down to conceal herself at last, hiding away her sexy lingerie and knickerless crotch as she stepped back into her loose wedges before leading him back into the field, where they both flopped down, Evie immediately lying back with a sigh. He sunk down next to her, laying out at a right angle to her, resting his head on her toned tummy with a sigh of his own, still breathing heavily as he looked at the clear blue sky, as clear as his worries right now.

“That was good,” he murmured, stating the obvious but not caring.

“Just what you needed, some more great sex with me,” she said with a giggle, reaching down to brush her fingers through his hair. They lay together for a while under the gorgeous sky in the sun, his head just rising and falling gently with her breathing as they relaxed, before she disturbed them.

“Right, we’d better get going,” she said, sitting up, pushing his head up to urge him off her.

“Where to?” he murmured, sitting up and looking back at her, gorgeous in the afternoon sun.

“Back to town, there’s some shopping we need to do,” she said, giving a stretch and standing up.

“Shopping? I thought I wasn’t your boyfriend?” he said with a cheeky half-smile.

“You are for right now, so stop complaining or maybe you won’t get any great sex either,” she teased, giving a little flick of her eyebrows.

“Ooh yes ma’am,” he said with a slight laugh, smoothing his clothes out as she did before she slid her hand into his and they headed back down the track, both their legs still feeling a little uncertain beneath them.

It took them about fourty-five minutes to walk back to the town, where they nipped around a few shops, with Evie being a typical woman and stopping in a couple of clothes shops where she didn’t intend to buy anything, before they ended up in the health and beauty section of one. He stood, trying not to see uninterested though he was as she picked out a moisturiser and a new lipstick, perusing the shelves till she paused.

“Do you fancy anal sex tonight?” she said casually without even glancing to him. He gave a start and snapped his head round to see if anyone was around, looking back to her to see her looking slyly at him with a devilish smile.

“Don’t worry we’re alone. So, do you?” she said, still smiling but asking a completely honest question.

“Yeah, that’d be great,” he said with a smile, his cock giving a bit of a twitch at the thought of squeezing into her tight rear. She just gave a smile, then reached out and took a bottle of baby oil from the shelf, dropping it into her basket with a couple of other things. He followed her more interestedly now as she shopped, grabbing another couple of things for herself before she picked up a roll of duct tape, glancing to him with a little pout and raise of her eyebrows before walking to the checkouts.
After a couple more shops it was going into the evening, the horizon glowing as the sun sank. They decided it’d be much easier to eat out than try and do anything else, since he was staying at her place again tonight, so headed to a nice simple pasta restaurant. After a good meal and a couple of glasses of wine they headed back out, intent on walking back to the beach house to get it on when they almost literally bumped into a friend of his mate Tom.

“Hey mate not seen you in ages, is this your new…girl…” he trailed off.

“This is Evie,” he said, introducing them as he indicated with his arms. She extended a hand to him, eyeing him up and down quickly as she smiled.

“Hi there,” she said as he took her hand and gave it a hasty shake.

“Wow, hi...um…big fan, I love you in Lost,” he said a little shakily, taking it all in.

“Thanks, I do my best,” she said with a little giggle, pulling herself a little close to him, her arm moving from holding his hand to hooking into his arm.

“I think we should go for a drink with your new friend,” she purred to him, glancing to Tom who stood a little unsurely.

“Sure, there’s a good place just down here,” he said, leading the way with Evie, Tom taking up a position flanking her as they walked the few hundred yards to the bar he knew.

“Mm I could so hit that…” she teasingly whispered to him as they walked, making him glance over her head to his friend to make sure he hadn’t heard.

“I’m sure you could,” he replied quietly, his hand sneaking back to pat her lightly on the bum. They settled themselves in a corner booth that had a nice padded seat, Evie slipping in next to him with Tom across from them on a chair, not wanting to push his luck. They ordered a pitcher of beer and three glasses, Tom watching slightly in awe that Evie just got on and drunk beer like a guy, enjoying it just like they did, looking to his friend as if to ask how he managed to bag the sexy Canadian.

“So Tom, do you have a girlfriend right now?” Evie purred, looking him deeply in the eyes, sexily from under her well shaped eyebrows with just a hint of a smile on her cute lips.

“Not right now…” he said quietly, holding her gaze a moment before taking another mouthful of his beer, his gaze turning towards his mate at her side, who just gave a dismissive shrug using his eyebrows.

“That’s not such a bad thing. Being young, free and single, get to do whatever you want, whoever you want…” she murmured, giving a saucy smile, her gaze still on him, which he immediately reconnected with.

“Yeah, there is that side of it, but you have to find someone else interested of course,” he said, sipping his beer a bit more.

“I think you can manage that ok,” she said before finally looking away, properly swigging her beer as he watched, still marvelling at perhaps the perfect woman.

“I just have to nip to the loo, I’ll be back in a minute,” Tom said, standing up and heading off towards the facilities.

“Mm you got one cute friend there,” she purred turning to him and giving him a soft kiss.

“Careful, a guy could get real jealous,” he said with a smile.

“Don’t worry, he won’t replace you, however I’m wondering if you’d mind letting him help give it to me tonight?” she whispered sexily into his ear. His eyes widened a little and he looked round to make sure there was nobody too close by.

“You saying you want a threesome?” he said, turning slightly to her and speaking quietly.

“That I am. I could really take both of you on tonight,” she almost growled, looking at him with lusty eyes. The thought of him and his good mate Tom taking Evangeline Lilly in a threesome was a very enticing prospect and he couldn’t deny it turned him on immensely, his cock starting to harden a little again.

“Ok…” he breathed, turning to her with a slight smile.

“Thank you, you won’t regret this,” she said with a grin. She pulled her legs up from under the table, being careful not to spread them or her leg skirt ride up in case she flashed her naked pussy. She slid her nylon-clad legs over his jeans, pulling herself onto his lap, sliding her arms round his neck and nuzzling him before
kissing him passionately, her tongue delving adventurously into his waiting mouth.

“Mm, have you ever done two guys before Evie?” he said, his hand sliding round her slim waist to her sexy back.

“Never, but I’m sure I’ll pick it up,” she mumbled through their kiss with a smile, giving a little giggle too, the alcohol just loosening her up enough to go for this. They kissed heavily for a minute or so more before Tom returned, walking in on their very public display of affection.

“Wow you two don’t do subtle do you?” he said, sitting down and glancing round, not that anybody was looking.

“No we don’t, which leads me onto a question,” she said, settling on his lap and looking to Tom.

“Sure,” he said, waiting. She beckoned him closer, round the bench seat so she could speak quietly.

“How would you like to come back with us to my beach house for a good romp?” she said, cocking her head a little, inquisitively. Tom’s eyes widened and he just stared at her for a minute before he could speak.

“Are you for real?” he managed, looking between them.

“Of course, do you think I go round inviting strangers for threesomes every night?” she said, giving a slightly naughty smirk.

“No way, you guys are just playing around with me,” he said, sitting back a bit, unable to comprehend it seriously. Evie gave a slight sigh and looked back to him, wiggling a little on his lap.

“Do you think I should show him?” she murmured, her fingers playing along the hem of her skirt.

“I think you’re gonna have to,” he said, his arms sliding round her waist before he glanced round to make sure nobody was watching. Evie gave a glance, then looked back to Tom, giving a playful smile and roll of her eyes, she bent her knee up onto the bench so her thighs spread a little, then lifted her little black skirt up. He immediately sat forward again, his eyes like saucers as his jaw dropped, taking in her sexy legs, the black lace-topped stockings held up by their garters, framing her naked pussy which sported its neat V of dark hair above the slit. There were a few moments that seemed to stretch on forever as he ogled her, Evie a little amused by it.

“Do you still think I’m joking?” she said, looking at him squarely.

“I…uh…no,” he breathed, looking up and catching her gaze for just a blink before looking back down.

“Satisfied, looked enough?” she said with a slight giggle.

“I…yeah, sorry yeah,” he stuttered, looking around a little embarrassedly. She let her skirt drop onto her thighs, still a little high and showing off some of her lingerie.

“Thanks. So, you gonna come back with me and my man here?” she asked Tom, a devilish smile on her sweet pout as she just touched her top lip with her tongue.

“Yes, yes,” he said, hoping he didn’t sound too eager as he fell over himself at the chance to nail Evangeline Lilly.

“Good boy, let’s get going then,” she said, picking up her beer and downing what she had left in a couple of gulps before sliding off his lap onto the floor, smoothing her skirt down. The guys hurriedly downed the remains of their beers, standing up, both of them slightly adjusting their jeans.

“Come on boys, time’s a wasting,” she said with a knowing smile. He slid his hand into hers and let her lead him from the bar, Tom quickly following, a couple of people giving a glance but quickly resuming their own lives. Stepping out onto the street she slid in close to him, her arm going round his back as his went round hers. Looking over to her right, Tom walked next to her, unsure how far to push it with her, which she could see and took control of. Evie reached out for his arm, pulling him towards her and lifting it a little, sliding in underneath it and putting her arm round his back as well. Tom slid his arm onto her back, lower than his friends though, just above her pert rear, which wiggled enticingly as she walked.

“Having some trouble walking boys?” she teased, seeing them stepping slightly stiffly, due to something else being a bit stiff. They just gave a slight murmur of something, not wanting to advertise it.

“Well I like it, at least I know there won’t be any delays,” she purred, her hands just rubbing each of them a little. She felt Tom’s hand sneak a little lower on her back, right to the top of her bum, making her look to him with foxy eyes, urging him to cop a feel. Deciding to tempt him into it, she leaned up and locked lips with him, catching Tom by surprise a little, giving a moment before he reacted properly, quite fiercely returning her kiss and delving his tongue into her mouth, his hand immediately sliding down to cup her perky rear, giving a firm squeeze and making her moan lightly. Evie broke the kiss, her own hand reaching down to pat Tom on the arse before she gave a giggle and a wiggle, settling herself between them again, pulling them in tighter to her.

“Far to go?” Tom mumbled after clearing his throat, glancing over to his mate with a smile.

“Not too far no, and it’s worth it,” he said, his hand lightly stroking Evie’s back under her arm.

“You could say that,” she purred, looking up to him with lusty eyes and a flutter of their lashes, a naughty smile he’d seen before playing over her soft lips.

“I am saying that,” he said with a grin, leaning down to kiss her, Evie extending her tongue to him for him to suck for a moment before joining his to dance as they snogged, smooching quite loudly as his hand sneaked up to just lightly pull at her hair, making her murmur as the memories of being done doggy style whilst her hair was pulled flooded to her in that kiss.

“Come on boys, keep up,” she giggled, increasing her pace a little bit. They did so and little was said for the last few minutes of the walk, simply communicating with some squeezes and strokes of hands and odd kisses, Evie feeling herself getting wetter by the minute, worried she’d drip on the pavement due to her lack of underwear, and her glances told her the guys were no better, their jeans bulging from their large erections. She paused to wonder how big Tom was, was he bigger than his friend who she’d already bedded? She’d find out soon enough though and just contented herself to planning how to conduct her little fantasy threesome. Arriving at her door, she slipped out from between them to open the door, feeling one of them smack her lightly on the arse.

“Mm thanks, whoever that was, you’ll have plenty soon enough,” she giggled, opening her door, then reaching back and boldly grabbing both of their cocks through their jeans. She grasped them firmly and stroked them both a couple of times, feeling how big and hard they were for her, just begging to fuck her even if they didn’t say it. The thought of letting herself be taken by these two horny young guys turned her on even more and she let them go and walked into her beach house, kicking her shoes aside and strutting straight towards the bedroom as the two guys quickly followed her, locking the door and almost running to the bedroom after her. Evie was standing by the bed, still fully clothed, waiting with a smile.

“Right boys, a few ground rules. Don’t push your luck here, I’ve never done this before so this is new to me too. I’m not a porn star so don’t expect me to do some hardcore you saw in a movie, and take it easy on my ass ok?” she said with a smile, but being completely serious.

“Ok, no problem,” he said, since they’d done this before, so she looked to Tom.

“Sure, absolutely, you’re the boss,” Tom quickly added, making her smile a bit wider.

“Good boys, now let’s lose the jeans,” she said with a giggle, pointing to their trousers. He immediately yanked his shirt off and started undoing his jeans, glancing to Tom, who hesitated just a moment before getting on with it. Being naked with each other was a little awkward with when they were about to take Evangeline Lilly in her first threesome they just didn’t care. He yanked his boxers down, his rock hard seven and a half inch cock springing up and stiffening completely in its new freedom, pointing towards the ceiling and bobbing a little with his rapid heartbeat.

“Mm wouldn’t expect anything less from you now, you’re always ready for me,” she giggled, before turning her eyes to Tom, who held her gaze a moment. She flitted her eyes to his tented boxers and then back to his eyes, before giving a little nod. He took a breath and then shoved them down, kicking them off and standing up so she could see his erection. His cock was a fraction over seven inches, a nice good size and it had an interesting curve in it, Evie musing that that would feel good when he slipped it into her, able to stroke curious areas inside her as they fucked.

“Nice lads, very nice, now come here,” she giggled, gesturing to them, sinking to her knees as they approached to be their good little whore. She reached out for them as they got close enough, wrapping her warm little hands round their cocks, one on each side, where she gave a few steady full length strokes, feeling Tom jump a little.

“Don’t worry Tom, I’m good at this, and I don’t bite…often,” she growled, feeling him pause a moment before stepping forward close enough to her as she smiled, her hands stroking up and down in sync as the both twitched eagerly under her ministrations. She gave a quick burst of pace, making them both groan lightly before slowing again, pulling herself a little closer on her knees so she was ready to take either of them into her mouth, licking her full lips. She went for her main bloke first, just steadily stroking Tom as she focussed on her man, looking up into his eyes as she jerked him a few more times and then extended her tongue, holding him at the base and licking round his head before letting his cock slide over it and into her mouth, hearing him groan. Squeezing the base of his thick cock, Evie started to gently work her tongue and bobbed up and down on him for about twenty seconds, sucking firmly at him and going up and down on the first four inches of his cock, feeling him thrust lightly towards her, also feeling Tom in her other hand give an impatient thrust, turned on at seeing her sucking cock.

“Ok I’m coming,” she mumbled, slipping off the first cock and going back to steadily jerking it as she moved over to Tom, stroking him a couple of times and then grasping the base of him, pulling his rock hard erection down to her waiting mouth. He gave a gasp as she took him in, letting the curve of his cock push his bulbous head along the ridged roof of her mouth and into the start of her throat, letting out a moan that buzzed his cock a treat. Holding him firmly at the base and giving slight movements with her fist she started to steadily bob as she had first time round, just moving slickly up and down, suckling firmly at him with sexy little noises, her tongue flicking and lapping at his rippled shaft as he gave a groan. She felt him brush her hair back from her face, her eyes flitting away from Tom to him as he smiled down at her. Evie inwardly smiled and jerked him a bit harder as she sucked at Tom, feeling him thrust into her mouth a little.

“Mm you guys are certainly eager,” she giggled as she pulled off with a slurp, giving both guys a start as she quickly wanked both of them a few times, going the full length of their cocks with her hands. Holding them at the base again, she squeezed to make them a fraction harder than they already were and went down again, this time a lot faster and not lingering. She dove down on him, sucking quickly up and down a few times before suddenly switching to Tom, doing the same to him, devouring his cock for a moment and pulling back off to move back. For someone who’d never done it before she was handling two cocks well, pausing to stroke both of them before resuming her alternated sucking, going down on each of them for about five seconds before swapping. Her oral attack got more and more vigorous, her hand gripping a little harder as she assaulted the stiff cocks before her, slurping, sucking, nipping and tonguing briskly at them as they groaned and grunted, hands straying to her head as she worked at him. She pulled back with a loud gasp of breath, stroking them both as she looked up with a wet smile, her pretty eyes watering.

“A bit closer, I wanna try something,” she mumbled, blushing a little. They shuffled in a little, Evie still stroking at them before she flicked her hair back and leaned in, pulling their cocks together and opening wide. They both watched in amazement as she went for a double blowjob, holding them both firmly, pressing their cocks together and sliding them into her hot mouth, saliva running down her chin as her lips stretched round them, unable to seal properly as she pushed down. Evie held still a minute and then bobbed her head a couple of times, pushing down to take them a bit better, tripping her gag reflex and giving a slight heave. She gave a shiver, holding just their heads in her mouth as she breathed deeply through her nose before she tried again, not going as deep and getting a bit of a rhythm. Evie sucked noisily, wet slurping sounds filling the air as she sucked them tandem, drooling down her chin and their cocks as she sucked, struggling to breathe properly, her eyes watering. With one last push, she got another inch of each of them into her mouth, holding a second before ejecting them with a cough as she almost gagged again. She blinked away the tears in her watering eyes and jerked them both rapidly, looking up at them, smiling down at her attempt.

“Come round and fuck me,” she said, letting go of his cock but continuing to stroke Tom’s, feeling the slight curve. He slipped from her grasp, which allowed Evie to use her freed hand to wipe her eyes and chin as she arched her back and made herself accessible to him, not needing to wait more than a few seconds before her skirt was flipped up over her back to expose her saucy lingerie and the dripping bulge of her pussy peeking between her thighs.

“Come down here more,” she said to Tom, pulling at his cock, having not let go of it since she got her hands on it like a child with a new toy. He eased himself down onto his knees, Evie dropping forward onto all fours, well as best she could whilst still grasping him, leaving his throbbing cock right in front of her face. She stroked Tom gently, looking back as she waited to be penetrated, which didn’t take long at all. Evie felt him tease the head of his sizeable cock up her slippery entrance and then plunge straight into her, making her gasp loudly and groan as he withdrew, then give a primal grunt as he drove in again to the hilt. Settling herself on her knees, she turned back to Tom and licked the head of his cock, making him tremble at the sudden act.

“Everyone loves a good spit roast,” she said devilishly, grinning before she opened wide and slipped his cock in, sliding it over her tongue, then letting go of it and placing her hands on the floor, making it clear she had relinquished control of her mouth. Tom didn’t hold back, he couldn’t, starting to rock his hips and thrust in and out of her mouth, quite powerfully but not too fast so he would last, his hands finding their way to her head, his fingers twisting in her foxy brown hair as he took a decent grasp on her and slipped his cock in and out of her sweet mouth, her tongue working double time at him, her body rocking as she was fucked from behind. His hands grasped her waist firmly as he pumped, just keeping a steady rhythm, making sure to go all the way to his balls with each thrust in her sweet pussy, feeling her squeezing and clenching on him with her strong pelvic muscles.

“Having fun Evie?” he said from behind her, thrusting into her sweet pussy a little bit harder, angling down a little to tease her G-spot. She could only mumble an mm-hmm sound through her mouthful of cock, moaning a bit louder as Tom pushed his cock all the way down her throat so his balls pressed against her chin, catching her unawares and making her gag a bit. Tom held her down a moment, then pulled back so she could catch her breath before starting to steadily thrust down her throat, going full length each time. Evie took it like a pro as she was stuffed balls-deep from both ends, taking over fourteen inches of cock as they started to synchronise their spit roasting of her, Evie just kneeling between them and letting them use her body. She was enjoying it though, exhilarated, her body alive as she was taken by two men at once, her clit throbbing as she reached down for it, balancing herself as she fumbled back to rub herself with a deep moan. They did her from each end for a couple more minutes before he stopped, buried to the hilt in her tight pussy.
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Re: Evangeline Lilly - Outside on the Beach Pt.2
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“Hey Tom, wanna fuck her now?” he said with a smile.

“Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to ask stupid questions?” Tom said with a smile, brushing Evie’s hair back from her face to see her looking up, being completely ignored in the discussion about fucking her, which was exactly how she wanted it.

“Good point. I think Evie can go for a little ride,” he said with a smile, reaching down to pull the zip down on her skirt.

“Sounds good, I’ve got the perfect thing for her,” Tom replied with a grin down at Evie, who smiled round his cock. They both pulled out of her simultaneously, making her inhale sharply at the sensations, coughing a little and trying to push back on him as they did, being delivered a firm little spank to her exposed arse for her troubles, making her give a little cry in surprise more than anything. She took the opportunity for a stretch and stood up, her loose skirt slipping down her sexy legs, revealing her lacy black garter belt and stockings for Tom to see in full, her neat little V of hair above her swollen, needy pussy. Tom eyed her for a minute and then sat down on the floor, leaning back, his hard cock up against his stomach as he waited for her.

“Come on Evie,” Tom coaxed, patting his leg a little with a smile.

“Not yet, but I will,” she said with a giggle at her pun, stepping over him so he looked up her lingerie to her slippery pussy before she lowered herself down onto her knees over him. She didn’t waste any time but still wanted him to relish the moment he slipped into her for the first, and probably only, time. She grasped his rock hard cock, stroking him for a moment before pulling him up and lowering herself so he pressed at her entrance. Evie squeezed herself tight and then pushed down, her body resisting him a moment before she relaxed a bit and let him slide into her, his cock sinking into her hot, slick depths as she pressed down, going all the way till his balls pressed into her as they both groaned. He just watched as he yanked the plastic seal off the bottle of baby oil, flipping the cap open and pouring some into his hand. He quickly coated his cock with it, especially round his bulbous head as he watched Evie start to ride Tom, slowly up and down at first to just let him get the feel of her body.

“As good as you thought it’d be?” she purred with a grin, squeezing him tightly with her pussy, hearing him grunt, his hands slipping up to guide her hips.

“Absolutely brilliant, you’re lovely and tight,” he said with a smile. Evie just smiled back as she reached down for her tank top, pulling it upwards and revealing her toned body, Tom just staring as she peeled it over her head, letting her perky breasts out and leaving her naked except for the lingerie on her bottom half. He watched intently as well, seeing her smooth, sexy back and profile as she peeled the top off, something just so hot about the way she casually sat on his friends cock and pulled her top off to leave her in just a bit of lace and nylon. With that done, she got down to fucking Tom, starting to ride him properly, going up and down most of his cock as he thrust up to meet her, loving the feel of his curved penis inside her, feeling him stimulating her G-spot well even in the regular cowgirl position.

She glanced over to see him walking over with a glistening cock and the bottle of oil, giving her a smile. Evie didn’t need to even be asked, knowing her wanted to fuck her in the ass and leaning forward over Tom, which tempted him to kiss her. She didn’t resist, indulging Tom with a passionate lip lock, their tongues dancing and writhing together as they noisy smooched, Evie’s fingernails digging into the carpet as she assumed the position, spreading her legs a little more and pulling her knees up under her a bit further so she was down on Tom and spread for him to take her ass. She gave a mumble of sensations as she cool oil was poured down her crack, over her tight anus, running towards her pussy before his oily fingers stroked up from beneath and rubbed the slippery baby oil over her tight back hole, lubing her thoroughly before his finger traced round her right and pressed at it. She relaxed herself, hissing a little at the soreness as his finger slipped inside her, twisting and pressing into her a bit before he pulling out.

“Ready Evie?” he said, putting the oil aside and crouching behind her, pushing his oily cock down to her arsehole. Looking down, he could see her snug pussy stretched round his friends cock, which throbbed hotly within her.

“Just a moment,” she said, then pressed herself right down to the hilt on Tom with a slight groan, giving a little shiver of excitement. She was about to be properly double penetrated for the first time in her life and she was very turned on, clenching tightly on Tom’s cock buried in her pussy before she took a deep breath and relaxed herself.

“Ok baby, give it to me,” she said, looking back over her shoulder at him foxily.

“Ok sweetie just hold still…” he said, pressing tentatively at her arsehole before pushing forward, her body holding back a second before she opened and stretched round him, his slippery head popping into her arse as she gave a loud gasp, squeezing him tightly with her sphincter. To help her out a bit more he picked up the oil and trickled a bit more along his cock, then grasped her waist and pushed himself forward, plowing easily past the resistance her body tried to put up, driving all the way to the hilt in her as she let out a loud squeal, which turned to a low growl through a grimace and gritted teeth.

“Damn I don’t think she likes that,” Tom said, looking at her face quite concerned and feeling her tighten over him.

“Nah she’ll be ok, she’s just sore from last night,” he said, holding still to give Evie a chance before pulling back, giving her a thrust that pushed a moan of pain and pleasure from her, which regardless she reacted to, pushing back on him and down on Tom, who took the que to start thrusting again up into the gorgeous Canadian actress. Evie just lifted herself a little and held still for a minute or so, letting the guys do all the work, Tom thrusting up into her tight, squeezing pussy as he pushed down into her tight, forbidden arse, both of them picking up speed as they stuffed her. The sensation was like nothing she’d ever felt before, feeling so full and sexually contented as their hard shafts plunged into her, her body alive with sensations that pushed a deep grunt from her of pleasure, her eyes squeezing shut as her fingernails almost broke on the floor.

“Oh god fuck me!” she whined, starting to rock her body with them, which altered their rhythm, Evie leading them until she got them organised. Tom thrust up into her as she pressed down and then he thrust down into her arse as she lifted herself up, which made sure she took maximum cock from both of them, balls deep each time just as she liked it. Evie whipped them into shape, balancing them and getting them into her rhythm, speeding up a little bit more so they were in a good firm pattern, pumping busily into her with their full lengths, Evie taking them both every second or so as she rocked between them. Once they were all settled they just enjoyed it, the only sounds their heavy breathing and occasional grunts or moans, Evie feeling the slightly sore sensation from her arse, which she felt was totally worth it. Her body was alive with pleasure, the lovely stuffed sensation as two hard cocks speared her, the pleasure emanating from her two holes, which she squeezed and clenched on them to spur little extra effort and strength from them.

“How you doing Evie?” he breathed, holding her hips firmly and pushing down into her ass as she rocked.

“It’s fantastic,” she moaned, squeezing at both of them, pushing a grunt from them, Tom leaning up and coaxing her into a kiss. Evie had fantasised over having a threesome with two guys and getting a proper double penetration but she never thought she’d ever actually have the chance or guts to actually do it. And now here she was, on her hands and knees riding two cocks, and it felt fantastic, as good as she ever thought it would, her heart racing as she pushed up and down on them, feeling her body alive with pleasure. Tom pushed up harder, feeling her fit tight, hot and wet, so perfect on his cock, and so skilful as she massaged and squeezed him perfectly. She pulled away with a gasp, breaking their kiss and reaching up to shove her hair back.

“Do you want to get in my ass?” she breathed to Tom, right in his face, their bodies moving together, breathing hard, Evie’s nose brushing his.

“God yes,” he murmured, feeling her give a tight squeeze on him as he did.

“I thought you might, just hold still a moment, because I know he wants to give me some proper hard ones…” she said, turning to look back at him with a devilish grin as he plundered her gorgeous arse, squeezing the firm cheeks.

“What’s that?” he said with a smile, groping her arse a little bit harder as he sunk into her, all three of them keeping rhythm.

“Come on baby, give it to me real hard, I know you want to,” she goaded, looking at slyly.

“Ok hold tight,” he said. Evie did just that, taking hold of Tom and shoving herself right down on him with a grunt, pushing him as deep as she could, squeezing his cock with her pelvic muscles to make up for the loss of thrusts into her tight, firm figure. Both her and Tom jolted on the floor as he thrust down hard into Evie’s arse, making her give a cry and another grimace as her sore rear took it harder than it had all evening. Tom just shushed her as she growled and grunted, fingers pressing hard into her waist as she was held and fucked hard in the ass. He held onto her and plunged down into her slender body, his hips slapping into her pert rear as he did, thoroughly sodomising her, changing his angle as he powered his seven and a half inch cock strongly into her, groaning and grunting as he did, pushing interesting yelps and squeals from the sexy Canadian brunette. He slowed down, giving Evie an easy ride, but by now she was so tense and wound up she was still riding the wave of pleasure and pain as he did, her grunts and relieved gasps still escaping.

“Hush, you love this,” Tom said with a smile, teasing her and pushing his luck a little.

“Damn right I do, why do you think I invited you back?” she said with a lazy smile as he stopped in her ass and then withdrew, his head popping out of her tight arsehole, leaving her gaping a little before she squeezed shut. Evie knelt up over Tom, settled herself and then rode him for a couple of thrusts, giving him a good hard squeeze that made Tom think he might come before she pulled herself up. He stood back watching as she crouched and slowly extracted herself from Tom’s shaft, her inner lips hugging his length bulging as she got to the head, which she just let tentatively escape her dripping pussy, lifting herself up so his cock sprung back wetly against his stomach before she stood right up over him in her saucy underwear, in an almost dominant position, which really she was. They might be having fun using her body but it was only at her whim, she held the cards here, which was fine with them, playing by her very loose rules.

“Hand me the oil would you?” Evie said, gesturing to the bottle as she stepped round over Tom to get ready. He passed it to her and she uncapped it and crouched down over Tom, hovering just high enough. She poured a bit of oil into her hand and reached under to add some more oil to her anus, dipping a finger into the loosened hole a bit before she poured more into her hand and stood the bottle aside, then reached down for Tom’s cock. He gave a slight twitch as she did, her slippery touch electrifying him, her hand sliding and thoroughly caressing him, spreading the baby oil over his cock and especially his large purple head. Satisfied, she pulled his rock hard erection up, pointing it up to her and lowering herself a bit till his tip pressed at her tight back hole, not helping from her position. Evie pressed down a bit on Tom, there was a pause and then the large head of his curved penis popped into her, making her grunt. His hands immediately went to her hips, grasping her and pulling down to speed her up in taking his cock.

“Whoa careful there, this is a bit sore, just let me…” she trailed off, slowly pushing herself down as she leaned forward. Tom just watched as she pushed down, loving the sight of her tight arsehole swallowing his stiff cock, Evie moaning as the shape of his cock teased certain areas of her, pressing down till she took him all the way to the hilt, her pert arse sitting on his hips as she gave a little shiver and approving noise.

“Right,” she said, looking back and then laying down on top of Tom, pulling her feet out ahead of her resting them on the floor and spreading her legs a bit so her pussy was accessible. Using his own legs, Tom pushed out, spreading Evie’s sexy nylon-clad pins further, offering her pussy up to be taken. Evie just gave a glance back to Tom with a smirk, and then up to him, who knelt down between her legs, his painfully hard cock sticking up in front of her crotch. He teasingly pressed it down and rubbed his bulging head over her stiff clit, stimulating the sensitive nub through her delicate hood.

“Come on, don’t hold out on me,” she purred, wiggling her hips a little. He didn’t, giving a smile and pressing down to her juicy slit, easily slipping into her as they both gave a groan. It wasn’t going to take long, both him and Tom were pretty close to climax having already fucked Evie, and now a change of holes would only hasten the end. Evie however was closer than both of them, immensely turned on and surprised she hadn’t come yet. But now was the time, as she felt them take a good hold of her at her waist and Tom at her breasts from beneath, his fingers going to her stiff nipples and squeezing her pert boobs as she lifted herself a bit using her thighs so Tom could thrust. He immediately took the invitation, starting to pump up into her sweet ass, Evie clenching a little on him, her tight ring grabbing him, making him grunt loudly into her ear as she felt her pussy tingle, since he started thrusting into her rapidly. The interesting curve of Tom’s cock in her ass stimulated areas not often worked and combined with being double penetrated and being given a general pounding, her orgasm hit her.

“Oh fuck, fuck, you guys…” she yelped, gritting her teeth and then squealing loudly with a grimace, her face contorting in pleasure as her body was wracked with it, giving several spasms, both her holes clamping down on them, her pussy milking at him, taking him dangerously close to his own peak as she trembled and gasped between them, her body covered in a sheen of sweat. Evie slowed down, focussing again on the fact the two guys were still thrusting into her, harder than before, holding her firmly and pumping quickly into her, both giving her almost full length, not wanting to risk slipping out of her sweet body.

“Almost there Evie,” he growled, breathing hard as he hammered at her pussy, her sexy lingerie-clad legs now laid out behind him limp, Evie unable to keep them up when she’d come. Her lacy stockings sexy rubbed on his hips as he pumped into her, her sexy stockings perfect to hold and stroke.

“When you boys come you’re doing it in my mouth OK?” she said, looking up at him and then glancing back to Tom, both of them replying positively, since the idea of watching her swallow after this was the icing on the cake as it were. It didn’t take much more, a minute or so of them both vigorously pounding at her, their breathing and moans filling the air till he was ready and quickly slipped back out of Evie, standing up.

“Flip her over Tom,” he said, looking to his mate. Tom glanced up, then did as asked, getting the point and quickly rolling Evie onto her stomach, winding her a little and pinning her before he quickly pulled her ass up and set her on her knees, quickly resuming pumping her hot, tight arse, smacking the sides of her bum and garters, making her groan as she pulled herself up, arching her back to get a good position for him, feeling Tom reach round her tummy to help her. His large, slippery erection waved in her face as he stepped round to her, Evie quickly reaching up for him, wrapping her hand round his cock again and quickly taking him into her mouth. She sucked at him briskly for a moment, bobbing up and down as Tom continued to pump her arse, before pulling off him and jerking him vigorously, adding her other hand to use both on him, tipping her head back and opening her mouth for him.

“Fuck Evie…” he groaned, holding back till he could no longer hold on, coming hard over her face and open mouth, Evie, guiding him expertly though his first powerful spurt went over her top lip and up over her left cheek to the corner of her eye, making her immediately shut it and direct him down a bit, wanking him fast as she aimed his spurting cover at her mouth, his come landing on her lips and mostly in her mouth. She milked him powerfully to squeeze every last drop into her mouth and then swallowed with a loud groan as Tom suddenly started pounding her quickly to get himself to climax now she was ready to receive him. He stepped away as Evie squeezed at Tom and pushed back, taking just a few more eager strokes before he yanked his cock out of her and hurriedly stood up, Evie turning towards him as he stepped round to speed up his climax.

“Hold tight,” she said quickly, grabbing his cock and swallowing it, all the way to his balls in one impressive deepthroat. She felt his cock give an impending twitch as she did, satisfied that that alone had done all it needed, and quickly pulled out, grabbing him with both hands and stroking him fast, again aiming at her open mouth. His first spurt was even harder and she was unable to get it into her mouth, his thick load shooting over her nose and forehead as she gave a gasp, quickly angling him down to her mouth, the rest of his shots shooting straight in, running to the back of her throat as she tugged at him, feeling him tremble as his climax dissipated, squeezing the last from him and letting him go, swallowing visibly. Both their hearts missed a beat as she did it, then ran her tongue round her lips and swallowed again, a smile spreading over her come-splashed face.

“Damn, I thought you said you weren’t a porn star,” Tom said with a smile.

“I’m not, any girl can take it over the face, just we don’t usually want to. It just seems to fit right here though,” she said with a smile, taking the hand offered to her to stand up, wincing a little at her sore arse, the come sliding down her cheek and nose as she stood in her sexy black underwear. There was a bleep from somewhere, which Tom immediately recognised as his mobile phone. Finding his jeans, he got his phone out, flipping it open and reading a message.

“Ah shit I don’t believe this, I gotta go,” he said, looking between them.

“That’s ok, we were gonna kick you out anyway,” Evie giggled. He just smiled and started to dress, not rushing as he wanted to ogle the naked Evangeline Lilly as long as possible. He was going to take a photo with his phone but he knew she’d never let him, so just got dressed, shook his mates hand, kissed Evie’s, and then let them escort him to the door of the beach house, unlocking it, Evie unashamed at her gorgeous nudity.

“That was great, can’t thank you enough,” Tom said, grinning.

“Yeah, thanks for helping out with my little fantasy,” Evie said, blowing him a kiss and then turning to head to the bathroom.

“Catch you sometime soon mate, you’ve got…business to attend to,” Tom said with a smile.

“I do indeed. See you soon mate, we’ll grab a beer or something,” he said, and reached out to bump knuckles with Tom, who turned and headed away from the beach house as he closed the door and locked it again, seeing light coming from the bathroom and heading over to see Evie. He stepped in and leaned against the door frame, watching wide eyed as he saw her wipe the thick come from her face with a finger and suck it clean, her foxy eyes meeting his in the mirror with a smile, her finger sexily hooked in her mouth before she wiped the last of it off and sucked her finger again.

“Hey there,” she purred.

“Hey sexy, was getting fucked by two guys everything you hoped it’d be?” he said, stepping into the bathroom a bit more, Evie’s eyes just flitting to his semi-hard cock in the mirror as she turned the taps on.

“More than I could’ve dreamed, just fantastic to let you guys take me that way,” she said with a wistful sigh, before she filled her hands and leaned over to splash her face.

“Well it was certainly hot to do to you, Tom loved it,” he said, eyeing her sweet arse again, leaning down a little to see her bulging pussy peeking out as she used some mouth wash.

“I bet he did, just like you did,” she said with a smile, looking back over her shoulder.

“Damn right, because I love fucking you as it is,” he said, sliding over and slipping his arms round her sexy waist, feeling her lean back into him, her hand managing to work its way in to his hardening cock.

“Mm I noticed, and I’d say you’re about ready for another round already,” she said with a growl, looking back at him with a bat of her eyelids and little flick of her eyebrow.

“And I’ve got you all to myself now,” he said with a smile as she turned round in his arms, sliding her arms round his neck and pressing herself close to him.

“Damn right you do, means you have to work a bit harder though,” she smirked, leaning up to kiss him, her tongue delving deeply into his mouth as his hands went down to find her arse, stroking over her garter belt and grabbing her neat rear as he enjoyed her fresh snog.

“Good,” he said simply, then scooped her up as she gave a little squeal, turning and fairly running out of the bathroom towards the bedroom with her, bounding in and diving onto the bed with her as she laughed at his playful manner, drawing him into a kiss as he pinned her to the sheets. They didn’t waste any time, Evie spreading her legs and pulling her knees up, allowing him to slip between them with perfect access, his stiff cock rubbing at her juicy slit before he slid down a bit and then up, slipping easily into her soft, hot body, feeling her tight pussy round his cock as he pushed all the way to the hilt in her with ease since she was very much in the mood now. They both gave a groan, Evie sliding her arms round his neck to hold him for more kisses as he started to thrust into her, immediately getting into a steady rhythm, pushing his full length in and out, almost threatening to escape her a couple of times.

“So how was it, watching me get fucked by another man?” Evie said with a sly smile, breaking their kiss so he could lean up a bit. He picked up the pace a little into her velvet soft haven, feeling her clasp at him a little.

“It really turned me on,” he said with a smile, plunging into her tight body, loving the feel of her round him, the perfect way to relax, and exercise come to that.

“I know, I can feel it,” she said with a giggle. He laughed slightly, pumping into her for another minute or so as they resumed kissing, loving how her stockings felt rubbing smoothly against him.

“Roll over, so you can feel it a bit better,” he murmured through their kisses. She held him down for one more long, tongue-twisting kiss before she let him go. He knelt up and slipped slowly out of her, looking down to watch her juicy, swollen pussy hug at his cock as he withdrew, her inner lips pulling out as he did, springing back soft and engorged as his cock sprung up. Evie had also been watching and looked up to him with a little giggle before she sexily rolled onto her side, pulling her legs under her then stretching them back out past the sides of his own legs. Foxily looking back at him she arched her back, pushing her arse up to him as she pulled herself up into a doggy style position so he could nail her again.

“That better baby?” she cooed, pouting and running her tongue across her soft lips with a smirk.

“Much,” he said simply, grinning as he pulled himself in behind her, pushing his cock down and thrusting forward into her dripping pussy, Evie giving a grunt as he did, taking hold of her lovely hips and driving deep into her, his balls pressed into her as she rippled around him. Quickly resuming the rhythm, Evie grasping handfuls of the sheets as he screwed her from behind, his hands sliding back more onto her arse.

“You know, you’ve been very naughty today,” he said, his hands slightly grasping her firm cheeks and squeezing.

“Me?” she said innocently, looking back with big eyes.

“Fucking two guys at once, acting like a right slut,” he said, pulling his right hand back and giving her a little spank, making her gasp a little, giving her a moment before he did the same to her left cheek, still thrusting into her as he did. He kept at it for a few spanks, making her sweet ass shake a little, slapping over the black garters running down the sides of her bum before he reached under her and quickly rubbed at her clit, making her groan in pleasure. He pleasured her for a moment and then pulled his hand away and slid back out of her, making her look round quickly to see why he’d stopped.

“You stay right there babe,” he said with a smile, sliding off the bed and stepping over to another unit nearby and picking up the roll of tape she’d bought. Peeling the end, he stepped back over to the bed, sliding on with his knees next to her.

“Hands,” he said simply, holding the tape out. Evie did as she was asked without questioning him, it was what she’d bought the tape for after all. She put her hands through the head rail of the bed, where he reached awkwardly through it and pressed the tape to her wrists. Shifting so he could reach over the top, he quickly wrapped it round her wrists a few times, securing her firmly to it before sitting back on the bed, Evie pulled forward, resting her elbows on the pillows, her back arched beautifully.

“Perfect,” he said with a smile, shifting back round behind her. He didn’t take hold of her and plunge his cock back into her however, he simply reached out to stroke teasingly over her bum with his fingertips, making her wiggle a little under his delicate touch. She didn’t have to wait long though, as he quickly pulled back his hand and laid a good firm spank on her, making her give a little yelp. It felt very intense for her as he started to spank her solidly, about once every two or three seconds, her sore arse and exceptionally sensitive pussy not really wanting to be spanked, sending jolts of sensation through her. Her arse jiggled a little under his hand, making him smile as she moaned and gasped, wiggling, arching and straining under him as her body was awash with conflicting sensations and emotions.

“Please, fuck me,” she begged, as he paused, unclipping the garters at the sides of her arse, leaving the front ones though since he didn’t want her stockings to fall down, they were way too sexy. Evie bent over doggy style in stockings begging for a fuck was one of those things he didn’t think he’d ever properly dream, let alone experience.

“Not yet honey,” he said, giving her a couple more spanks firmly, just catching her puffy labia on the final one, making her inhale sharply. He slid off the bed and grasped the now slippery bottle of oil again, Evie watching his every move, eyes locking onto the oil bottle.

“More anal sex?” she said, not protesting but curious.

“Why not, we both enjoy it,” he said, reading her mind. Despite the discomfort she was feeling right now she was happy for him to do it, it was why she’d bought the baby oil.

“Use plenty,” was all she said, looking back forwards again. He did just that, pouring it down between her firm cheeks to her still oily anus, using his other hand to quickly spread it round, pushing a finger in easily as she groaned to make her as slippery as possible. With her lubed, he poured a bit more into his hand and put the bottle on the side unit, then quickly rubbed it between his hands and slapped them firmly on her bum, making her give a grunt of surprise and then a slightly giggle as he rubbed his hands over the firm, pale cheeks of her bum and tops of her thighs, oiling them so they had a sexy sheen. Pouring a little more on his hand, he oiled his rock hard erection again, wiping his hand over her back to get the excess off.

“Gee thanks,” she said playfully with a laugh.

“No problem, bite your lip,” he said simply, Evie wondering what he meant for a brief second before a hard stinging spank hit her arse, making her squeal in pain and clench. She looked back at him as if to ask what he was doing, grimacing as he delivered another, rocking forward on her elbows with a long, guttural groan. He didn’t say anything and delivered a few more hard spanks, leaving her pert rear considerably reddened and stinging, Evangeline gasping for breath and still wincing as he grasped her waist and mounted her. He reached down and pushed his cock to her back door, giving one little push and popping his head into her as she growled. He held for just a moment and then pushed forwards and sunk his entire cock into her, Evie letting out a long moan of pain and pleasure as his thick cock was buried in her forbidden hole.

“Take it steady,” she mumbled, pulling at her bound wrists as he slowly started to thrust. He did as she asked, happy to just enjoy her slowly, feeling her arse tightly hug and squeeze at him as he steadily pushed his full length in and out, her sensitive ring bulging as he pulled right back. She relaxed under him, loosening a bit and allowing him to move a bit faster in her slender body. He took her involuntary invitation and sped up a little, holding her slim waist and pulling back on her hips, plunging his cock in and out of her as he picked up speed. Evie mumbled and wiggled as he fucked her in the ass, enjoying the sensation but disliking the soreness from the previous nights anal sex. However the oil for the most part was doing its job and she bit her lip and focussed on the pleasure, pulling at the tape binding her wrists.

“Ok for some more?” he said, asking politely despite being in control of their current activity.

“Give it to me,” she breathed, looking back foxily at him, wanting them to enjoy themselves as she gave a tight squeeze on his cock. He immediately increased the pace some more, grasping her firmer than he had all day and starting to pump, Evie making sure to relax so her arse could take it. He pumped into her briskly, as fast as he could whilst still using his full length, something she did enjoy during anal sex, and then accelerated beyond it, using just over half his cock and starting to really bang her, still making sure she took him to full depth each time however. She gave a growl, his breathing fast and ragged as he pumped her sweet arse, starting to slap against her, his balls banging her dripping pussy as he did her, which he quickly noticed and located with his fingers. She gave a grunt as he found her erect clit, not wasting any time teasing her, simply going for gold to get her off, and he certainly knew how to do that. Circling it firmly with ever increasing speed with a fingertip made her body tense up, her stomach fluttering as her body quivered, sweated and tingled.

“Oh fuck,” she said before a loud groan, her hips bucking, shoving back to meet him, burying his cock full depth into herself, making her grunt loudly. Her body trembled, eyes squeezing shut as she let go, letting out a long squeal of pleasure, her pussy clenching as her tight sphincter clamped down on the base of his thick cock, making him grunt as well, his other hand quickly locating her perky breasts and squeezing one, fingers toying with her stiff nipple as she quivered and shook through her orgasm, toned body tensing and spasming through her orgasm. Evie gritted her teeth and let out a deep groan as her orgasm ended, pressing back into him a bit more and pulling at her taped wrists before she relaxed, sinking down on her elbows again over the pillows as he resumed his rhythm. She could tell her orgasmic squeezes had done a number on him as he was thrusting faster, his cock a bit stiffer as his urgency showed. She didn’t want him to come in her however.

“Stop, stop,” she said, pushing her arse up to him to slow him down, clenching on him as she looked back.

“What’s up?” he said, rather impatient to finish off with her.

“Don’t do it there, and I want you to lick my pussy,” she said, looking back with wide eyes.

“Eat your pussy, but I just got you off?” he said, genuinely a little confused but still pulling slowly back out of her.

“Do I need a reason to want my pussy licked?” she said with a little giggle.

“No you don’t,” he said with a smile, since he hardly needed a reason to ask her to suck his cock. He pulled back out of her, Evie enjoying the slightly strange sensation as his thick erection slipped out of her arse, giving a little sigh as he pulled free. He leaned over her and tore the tape to free her, making her sigh in relief and sit up, giving a little mumble as she pulled the tape off, odd hairs stinging as she did.

“Lay down baby,” she cooed, patting the bed and making way. He did as she suggested, laying back on the bed and spreading out with a murmur of satisfaction. She smiled and then carefully climbed over him, resting her nylon-clad knees by his head, her lower legs going over his shoulders as she pressed her sweet pussy to his face. He started licking at her slowly, Evie still a bit sensitive from the orgasm she’d had and he knew it, so just licked over her lips carefully, dipping into her, brushing at her stiff button and then delving his tongue deep inside her. Evie enjoyed it for a moment, making a mental note to her get pussy properly eaten more often before she reached out for the tape on the side unit. She carefully leaned over and peeled it up, then grabbed his left wrist, pressed it to the head rail and wrapped the tape round several times to secure him. He tried to lean up but she pressed her pussy down into his mouth, something he was never going to turn down and she quickly did the same to his right arm so he was taped to the head rail firmly.

“Evie, what the…” he said through her soft pussy, just a little surprised at it, not angry.

“Hush, there’s something I want to try, you’ll love it I promise,” she said, reaching down to tussle his hair. She lifted herself off him and turned round, straddling his chest and shuffling down to his erection, which still stood proudly towards her. Evie knelt up over him and reached back to her garters, clipping the two he’d detached back onto her lacy stockings, stretching the tops a little once more they were on, Evie looking back at him with a smile.

“Don’t want them falling down,” she purred, reaching down to just stroke his cock before she moved down, the roll of tape on the bed next to them, which she reached for. Moving down carefully past his rock hard cock, she took his right leg and pulled it to the corner more so he was spread out, pulling the tape up and then using it to secure him to the bed. She did the same to his other ankle as he watched her sweet ass and pussy sway in front of him, framed by lace and nylon of her sexy black lingerie.

“There, now baby just you relax,” she purred, seeing his erection had softened slightly. She slipped between his legs and knelt, lowering her head drag her tongue up the underside, all the way up his head before sliding it into her mouth. She hummed lightly as her hands went to work, squeezing and stroking his shaft as she gently played with his balls, quickly coaxing him back to full erection.

“There, now just enjoy,” she said with a little giggle and flick of her eyebrows, leaning back and sitting on the bed, pulling herself a way a little down the bed between his spread legs, making him aware how vulnerable he was to her right now. His heart skipped a beat when she raised her sexy leg, her black stockings hugging every contour, garters holding them up, as they had been all day long now. She placed her warm feet on his groin just either side of his cock, which throbbed between them, till she pressed her feet together and used them to grasp him awkwardly, making him groan slightly as he looked at her displayed juicy pussy between her sexily spread legs.

“This is something new to me,” she said, blushing a little as she used her toes to grasp his stiff cock, moving to carefully stroke him up and down as she got used to moving her feet that way.

“And me, no girl’s ever done this for me,” he said, looking down at her as her cute, stocking-covered feet moved a little clumsily up and down his cock.

“Hope I’m good at it for you,” she said, looking up with a smile, still blushing but with an excited, aroused spark in her eyes.

“Well you’re pretty good at everything else,” he said with a playful smirk.

“Oh thanks,” she said in mock-offence, giving a smile and squeezing him with her toes, grasping him with her stocking covered digits, feeling every contour of his cock as she gripped him firmly before releasing him a bit and stroking him again, her muscles tense as she guided her silky toes up and down his cock slowly, feeling him twitch beneath her. Keeping her feet steady she increased her pace a little bit, moving to stroke his full length, all the way from his balls to his head, just letting her toes curl over his head a bit as she did so, hearing him groan lightly and feeling him push up to her. Curling her toes a bit more, she settled them so they were perfectly curved to his cock and stayed at the top, fighting the burn in her toned legs and far more speedily rubbing her toes back and forth round his head, squeezing with her toes so she particularly stimulated the back of his bulbous head, making him grunt.

“How’s that baby?” she purred, knowing full well that she was doing something he enjoyed, slowly her motions to a gently, flat-toed stroke up the sides of his thick erection.

“Fantastic, and with those stockings, you’re just so smooth…” he said, going a little bit red, almost ashamed to admit he was enjoying her footjob. Evie didn’t answer him, just grinning as she slipped her feet off him, resting her heels down on his hips a minute and wiggling her toes, breathing deeply to let the lactic acid drain away before she continued, watching his erection bobbing with his heartbeat as she did. Moving her feet back to continue, she looked up and met his gaze, holding it with him as her silky feet slipped daintily round his manhood, her left foot sliding under it on his stomach so the top of her foot supported him, and then pushed her right foot forward and rested her toes on his balls. His heart was pumping hard, as was hers, as she lightly squeezed his balls with her toes as best she could, then pulled her toes down and slowly pushed up, pushing her toes and ball of her foot over his sack and onto his rock hard shaft.

She let her foot follow onto the underside of his cock, curling her toes down to pressure his cock as she patiently pushed her silky sole up his shaft, her heel pushing onto his shaft just as the ball of her foot reached his tip, curling her toes over the end and then slowly pulling it back, angling her foot so the smooth arch of her foot glided over his shaft, pulling back down till she had his balls under the arch of her foot. He gave a groan as she pushed up again and a little tingle, using her foot in a more massaging manner, pressing firmer with her toes and ball of her foot on his shaft, feeling it strain as she squeezed the blood within it, pushing towards his head again and letting her heel onto him, just carefully nudging his balls with it this time, pressing between them before she pushed it up his underside, going all the way this time till she rested her Achilles tendon on the underside of his head, wiggling her ankle and her left foot underneath to tease him a moment before she pulled back.

She rolled her foot over and again turned it so she could glide her silky arch down his length, this time going back up again, using her nylon-clad arch to stroke steadily up and down, just softly sliding it up and down to tease him for a minute or so before she stopped, just resting again to give her unpractised legs a break, trembling slightly from the strain and excitement. He looked down and eyed her sexy black stockings, encasing her sexy limbs, which just wiggled a little as she rested them on the bed between his legs, her toes on his balls, just softly pressing and pushing at his tight sack as she rested a minute. After she’d recuperated, she raised her feet again, pushing both of her neat soles up round his cock, lifting it from his body and bending it down towards her and sliding the silky arches of her feet back round it.

“Am I doing good?” she cooed, giving an innocent pout.

“Very,” he breathed, closing his eyes and laying his head back. She closed her feet firmly together, bending her ankles so her toes and heels pressed together, just perfectly grasping his cock in between her smooth nylon arches, the stockings adding the finishing touch to what would’ve already been an excellent first time footjob. A little clumsily she started to work him again, starting to work her feet slowly up and down his cock, her legs tense, not moving too smoothly. She paused and repositioned her arse on the bed, then went back to it, doing better now with a bit more bend to her knees, her pussy lewdly spread for him, not that she cared. She slowly worked her feet up and down his full length to jerk him off, feeling him strain and rise up beneath her, eager for more from her.

“Easy baby, it won’t be long,” she cooed, pressing the sides of her feet down into his pelvis to just calm his motions. He’d been close when he’d been nailing her arse prior to this so she knew he wouldn’t take too long, and was clearly very turned on by the fact she was giving him a footjob with her stockings. She stroked him again top to bottom and then paused just under his head, the insides of her feet at the base of his helmet. Her legs quivering a little, she started to push them back and forth alternatively, rolling his cock between her feet a little and slipping the silky arches over his shaft. He gave a low moan as she worked him, biting her lip with concentration as she controlled her limbs, slipping off him at one point in a clumsy move, quickly gathering his cock up again and continuing the sliding of her feet back and forth on the edge of his head, his cock throbbing hotly through her thin lingerie. Sliding her feet on him a bit more, she slid back to holding him between her soles as she had been.

More deftly this time, Evie started to stroke up and down his length, pressing her soles together a little tighter round him and rubbing up and down his thick, seven and a half inch cock with her soft arches, moving her feet in a slightly circular motion forwards so she pushed his shaft back and forth whilst moving up and down. Rocking side to side from the exertion of it, it made for a very interesting workout for his cock, her skilful feet getting into the rhythm well and moving comfortably up and down his shaft, the warm, firm grasp in some ways better to a handjob, though he thought that might just be because this was different and incorporated the sexy underwear into it. She gave a few more strokes in that manner and then let him go, his cock springing back against his stomach and then lifting up because he was so hard.

“I think I’m doing real good,” she giggled, pulling her left foot down the underside of his cock to his balls. She pushed her right toes carefully underneath them, then brought her left toes down on top of him, firmly squashing his balls. Evie held them and then made circles with her toes, rolling his balls between them, making for some interesting sensations and groans from him before she wasted no more time on them and went back to his waiting cock. Pushing her left foot up him, she used her slightly less confident foot to add a slight change of sensation to her right that she’d used earlier. Pressing his cock back onto his stomach this time, she softly stroked her left sole up and down his shaft a few times with the smooth arch of her foot, pushing the blood towards his swollen head before she took a breath, gave a shake of her feet and went for it, grasping his cock again between her toes, hooking it up from his abdomen and taking a firm grip on it, squeezing him and starting to stroke up and down again, the most directly stimulating manner in which she’d used her feet today.

“Hold tight baby,” she murmured with a smile, settling her grip on him, curling her toes round his shaft and pushing him against the balls of her feet, her warm digits perfect round him as she worked her aching legs, using flicks of her ankles too to give the fastest possible movement she could on his cock, focussing near his head as she did to finish him off during a hand or blowjob. He gave a grunt and a shiver, tensing up, right on the brink and holding back as long as he could to enjoy her sexy feet. It didn’t help much though, as she gave a little squeeze tighter, working her burning legs fast.

“Oh god Evie…fuck!” he gasped, his hips thrusting powerfully up towards her with a loud grunt, his wrists and ankles pulling tightly at the tape, some of it starting to tear as his eyes squeezed shut, his mouth open in a silent scream as an orgasm with intensity he was sure he’d never felt before raced through his body. Evie felt him go a little harder and give a spasm, throwing everything she could at it, vigorously jerking his cock with her feet, fighting through the searing muscle pain to grasp his cock with her toes and give him the ultimate first footjob.

With a loud groan he came hard, thrusting up at her feet as his come burst from his cock, the first spurt shooting up into the air and then falling back down on her still busy feet, the thick rope of come landing over the top of her right foot just in front of the ankle, hitting it and sliding down over it, soaking into the black nylon. Another hard spurt ejected out, not as high and landed on her left foot, thrown to the middle by her motions and hitting on the inside of her foot, running down over the silky arch of her foot into the darkness. Giving another squeeze pulled another considerable spurt, which landed over the back of her right toes before a couple of smaller spurts landed hotly into the crevice created by the balls of her feet. Evie slid her feet down and squeezed tightly, then pulled back to milk him as he gave a post-climactic shudder, Evie working a considerable amount of come out, which ran from his tip and slid down over the toes on her left foot, her sexy black stockings now thoroughly coated with his sticky come which easily soaked through to her feet, so she could feel the heat and wetness.

“Fuck, that was a lot,” she said, pretty turned on now but far too fucked out to want to do anything about it. She pushed her left toes just under his shaft to support him and then pushed her right foot up over his head, pushing her silky sole through the last bit of come leaking from his cock, feeling it soak through to her arched foot immediately as it glided over his softening tip.

“Yeah, that was great,” he breathed, taking deep breaths and looking down to her with a sated smile.

“So getting a footjob wasn’t so bad after all then?” she purred, brushing her hair back from her sweaty face as she turned her feet and rested her heels on the tops of his legs so as not to make a mess.

“You did great, maybe you should do that more often,” he said with a smirk, hinting for the future.

“Only if you’re a good boy,” she teased, sitting up fully and reaching down to unclip the garters from the front of her lace topped stockings. Carefully rolling to each side she unclipped the back ones to free them, then raised one leg at a time and rolling them off, turning them inside out to contain his come and not make a mess, well any more mess on the bed. Rolling each one sexily off as she held her leg out straight, she bundled them up and then threw them aside onto the floor.

“I’ll get those washed sometime,” she said with a smile, kneeling up and reaching back to unhook the garter belt, which she cast onto the floor with them, and the rest of their clothes.

“Yeah might be an idea,” he said as she turned and gave a yank, tearing the tape at his ankle, making him growl and wince as she pulled some hair out. She did the same to his other leg, giving a growl as he moved his freed feet.

“Grow up, how do you think us girls feel?” Evie said with a smile, sexily crawling up over him, her sexy legs over his body as she straddled him to undo his hands, ripping the already strained tape and freeing him. He gave a sigh of relief, moving his hands and feet to restore proper blood flow to them, before he reached up for her. Brushing her hair back from her smiling face, he leaned up and kissed her sensually, their tongues just firmly meeting and dancing as their lips pressed together in a nice, simple kiss. His hands slid down to hold her waist as she lowered herself to sit on him again.

“Mm don’t get too eager, we need to get some sleep,” she mumbled through their kiss with a smile.

“Yeah, you wear me out,” he murmured, releasing Evie as she slid off the bed to stand.

“Good,” she said simply, holding out her hand and inviting him off the bed, which he did, heading to the bathroom with her to have a quick wash up and do what was needed. Evie was quicker and headed back to the bedroom first. He looked at himself in a mirror, a big spontaneous smile on his face, feeling great about everything right then before he flicked off the light and went back to bed, Evie already waiting under the sheets.

“Taking your time,” she teased, patting the bed.

“Gives me more time to appreciate you,” he said sappily, playing up to it.

“Aww,” she said sarcastically, “now get in here.” He didn’t disappoint her and slid into the bed, sliding into each other’s arms as they both wriggled down, Evie giving him another soft kiss before rolling in his grasp so he held her from behind.

“Do I get to wake up with you again?” he asked as he became aware just how tired he was now the adrenaline and excitement wore off.

“Yeah, I’m not going anywhere,” she murmured, her eyes closed, a small, satisfied smile on her pretty face.

“Goodnight Evie,” he murmured, resting his head down, smelling the her soft, sweet scented hair

“Night…” she managed, already drifting away to sleep after their busy day, him not far behind, just gently holding her.

The End.

Big thanks to Ghost for helping check and edit this story.

As usual, please send me Feedback if you have any thoughts or ideas. I like reading your feedback and suggestions, so please drop me
a line.
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Re: Evangeline Lilly - Outside on the Beach Pt.2
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2020, 05:05:42 AM »
I did not see that threesome coming, what a surprise. Evie is certainly up for the challenge to handle two men. These stories were amazing and this was the best one of the bunch. Glad to have been able to read these, never seen anyone else write Evie but you.


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