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Shakira - El Principio
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Shakira: El Principio

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

Walking, no lets face it, strutting along the street, hearing the heels of her knee-high black leather boots on the pavement as she walked, Shakira eyed the world from behind her dark sunglasses. It was a bright sunny day, her bodyguard shadowing her from a short distance as she headed through the bustling side streets towards the meeting place she’d decided with someone, which was a small café. The person in question was a fan she’d never met, this being their important first meeting, important because there was a lot more to it than that. Several months earlier she’d received a letter from him. He’d started with how he was a fan, but it wasn’t a normal fan letter. It’d contained his intimate feelings for her and some rather kinky details of what he wanted to do with her, which wasn’t that unusual in itself. It certainly wasn’t the first time she’d been propositioned by fans, but this was different. She’d been able to feel his pure passion and lust in the mere words he’d written down on that piece of paper and found herself drawn to it instantly.

Reading it again and again later that evening, her mind toying with every little hint his words had given at what he wanted to share with her, she realised she simply had to write back, her curiosity and own lust getting the better of her rational mind. And that’s where it began, with her writing back to him, explaining how intrigued she was and that she needed to hear what else he’d like to do to her. He’d of course written to her again saying that he’d never expected a reply to his letter and that he didn’t mean her any offence, that anything else from him may upset her in some manner. She’d made it clear to him that it was nothing of the sort, that in fact he’d turned her on and she just had to know more from him, no matter what it was, urging him to divulge every tiny detail from his mind about what he wanted to do to her. Shakira had never indulged in anything kinky, which she mused was perhaps why his words had such effect on her, but his fantasies of her joining him for sessions of bondage and submission turned her on immensely, and she more than once told him in her letters that she’d got herself off over his fantasies, which she was sure would help with his fantasies and freedom expressing them to her.

She didn’t know why but she could just feel that his interest in her was beyond just sex, more than just getting her into BDSM and owning her. He genuinely wanted her, and she felt herself drawn to him, even though they’d never met or even spoken on the phone to one another. And so it went from there, with her eagerly reading and enjoying every fantasy he wrote of her, what he’d like to do with her gorgeous body until she could take it no more and had written that she wanted to meet him, that she needed to. He’d written back, seeming a little taken aback at the move by her, agreeing to meet her enthusiastically but asked more tentatively just what she wanted. She had replied, as she recalled, by saying “Something we both want” in her letter and signing it off with a kiss from her soft lips.

And now here she was, walking along the cobbled streets towards their meeting place at a quiet café, dolled up so he’d find her attractive, fearing for some reason that she’d disappoint him despite his physical attraction to her being well established. Shakira couldn’t help but give herself another once over, glancing down at her knee high boots and fishnet covered legs, which led up underneath a tight, tan leather pencil skirt that stylishly hid her sexy thighs and she thought made her rounded bum look pretty enticing. Reaching down, she brushed out the bottom of her snug black silk shirt, feeling the leather just beneath the thin layer that hugged her slim waist, not wanting to give away too much just yet as she brushed her hair away from her face. She hadn’t done anything with it, since he’d described how he loved her hair dirty blonde and shaken out loosely to give her a “rough and ready” look as he’d so eloquently put it.

Shakira reached the café they’d agreed on and glanced around, having only a description of him to go on, though it wasn’t necessary as he gave her a wave, sitting at a table over in a fairly secluded corner of the courtyard. She eyed him up as she walked towards him, taking in his distinguished profile as she approached him, stopping just short of his table.

”Shakira, it’s just wonderful to meet you,” he said, standing up with a smile as he extended his hand.

“Nice to meet you too,” she said with a smile, taking his hand and gently shaking it as she leaned forwards and gave him a light kiss on the cheek. His smile immediately widened as they separated and sat, Shakira crossing her fishnet encased legs and reaching up to take her sunglasses off in the shady corner of the courtyard. Her bodyguard was still nearby, stopping around 10 feet away to keep a wary eye over them just in case.

“You look fantastic,” he said, unable to hold back any longer from complimenting her sexy look, his eyes roaming over her figure. Shakira could almost feel his eyes on her body, making her tingle a little and feel as if she was wearing nothing at all, undressed by his eyes.

”Thank you,” she said, her eyes flitting down, away from his gaze as he caught her eyes, feeling herself blush a little at his compliments.

“You’re more than welcome,” he said with a smile, unable not to notice the slight reddening of her cheeks.

“So how’s your day?” she asked, just wanting to get to know him a little.

”It couldn’t get any better right now,” he said, catching her gaze, though this time she didn’t avoid it. There was a moment between them right then, Shakira able to feel the same passion she had in his letters as she felt him gaze into her very soul, and she into his. He noticed how she very slightly bit her lower lip, whilst she noticed the spark and excitement in his eyes which still held her own.

”Are you sure about that?” she said in an almost whisper, giving a little movement of her eyebrows, unable to withhold a sly smile creeping onto her cute lips.

“Not any more,” he said with a grin, looking up to an approaching waiter, who gave a glance to the sexy Columbian but didn’t say anything aside from asking if they wanted anything. He offered her the decision by a little movement of his hand. Shakira, who had been slightly turned towards the waiter, glanced sexily across at him, smiling as she looked back to the man waiting patiently.

”Coffee,” she said in a soothing tone, enough to make him almost tremble as she glanced back across at him. The waiter, looked back to him, and he just gave an indication of “two” with his fingers, looking straight back to the sexy singer as he left. Shakira turned and gave a little wave to her bodyguard, who nodded and walked off. He leaned up slightly to see past her, looking back to her as he sat down.

”A girl can never be too careful,” she said, looking up as the waiter brought a tray and set it down with two cups of coffee and the usual additions.

”Of course not, I could be anybody. I guess I am…” he said, adding some milk to his coffee and taking a sip.

“You’re not just anybody,” she said as she took a sip of her own coffee, glancing up to him with a smile as she placed her cup back on the table.

”No?” he said, cocking an eyebrow, intrigued to hear how she viewed him.

”No. You’ve got me,” she said, taking another sip of her coffee and glancing over the sunlight courtyard, noting a few people glancing their way.

”That’s true, you’re all mine,” he said jokingly, drinking the rest of his coffee quite quickly, eyeing her as she delicately sipped, her soft lips pressing lightly against the rim of the cup.

“Well I didn’t exactly come here to be the boss did I?” she purred, sipping her coffee again, looking him in the eye as he caught her gaze.

“Why did you write back to me?” he asked bluntly, leaning forwards a little as she finished her drink. She leaned forwards on the table as well, their faces quite close together, her long hair hanging down over her shoulders, contrasting against the black silk of her shirt.

”Your letter piqued my interest. I’ve had plenty of letters offering sex before but yours….” she trailed off, glancing down away from him again.

”My letter?” he prodded, leaning forwards a little more unconsciously so they were even closer. She fidgeted a little on her chair, giving a glance around before looking back at him, their faces just inches apart now.

”I just got…captivated by it, your fantasy, what you wanted to share with me just….I had to experience it….” she murmured, barely finishing her sentence before he kissed her firmly, his soft lips pressing against her own, making her give a little moan in surprise and pleasure as his tongue sought hers out, sliding past her lips and probing for it. Shakira eagerly responded, their tongues meeting, melting any last resistance she may have had as they danced, his hands sliding across to find hers and take hold of them. Shakira never wanted the kiss to end, feeling all her passion and lust bubble to the surface, her heart racing as he pulled away, a hot flush rushing through her, making her look away a little shyly as her neck and face blushed a little. Her hands felt hot in his as he raised one of hers and lightly kissed it, smiling at her as she glanced at him.

“I’m amazed you want to experience it,” he said with a smile, reaching out to tenderly brush her hair back from her pretty face, feeling her delicate warmth as he brushed her skin. She just smiled, not uttering a word as they shared a moment till he sat back up, glancing towards people nearby, one or two looking their way.

”You ever done anything like this before?” he asked, meaning the fantasies that were in question here.

”Nothing at all, all my…history is what you call vanilla,” she said quietly, wearing a shy smile.

”But you still get plenty of fun that way,” he said, his hand just lightly rubbing her own, enough to make her nipples screw up a little tighter, luckily unseen for her.

“Everyone does,” she said huskily, running her tongue over her upper lip seductively.

Favourite position?” he said with a grin, enjoying pushing her a little bit, seeing how he could fluster her cool, sexy exterior.
“Doggy style,” she said with a little giggle, extending her leg to brush his with the toe of her black leather boot.

”Can’t go wrong there,” he said with a little flick of his eyebrow at her.

”Yours?” she returned, looking curious with a cute smirk, arching her back a little to pull her silk shirt tighter momentarily.

“Anything with you would be perfect,” he said, leaning out from the table to just eye down her figure a little bit.

”That’s a cop out, come on, favourite position,” she said with a sly smirk, flicking her hair back, giving a view of her slender neck and perfectly tanned skin.

”Doggy style, same as you,” he said, giving a slight laugh.

“What is it with guys and doing girls from behind?” she asked with a laugh of her own, pulling herself up a little on her chair.

”I dunno, just the power and more…primal situation I guess. And with you they get that lovely ass of yours,” he said simple, grinning at her.

“Oh yeah I’ve been meaning to ask. In your letters, in what you described to me, every time you have…anal sex with me,” she said cautiously, looking him in the eye as she asked, biting her lip somewhat nervously.

“Yeah….” He asked, waiting to know where she was going first.

”Well my ass in general. The sex, those spankings, making me wear that lingerie and stuff. I just wanna know why you want it so much,” she said quietly, both of them close together again now, able to feel the moist heat of one another’s rapid breaths.

“You’ve got such a hot ass, rounded and firm, just watching you wiggle it about can make me drool,” he said with a smile.

”Great, but why do you wanna…do me?” she continued, clearly wanting some kind of answer as she looked with her pretty eyes.

“I wanna hear the noises you make, feel how you feel as I take you that way…is that a problem?” he said after a pause, raising an eyebrow since she was clearly not entirely sure about it. There was a silence, Shakira catching his gaze for a minute before looking away, shifting in her seat.

”Shakira,” he prompted, reaching up to just ease her chin up so she looked at him again, biting her lip a little unsurely.

“I’m…I’m a virgin…in that respect,” she whispered, immediately looking away and blushing.

“Oh….” he said, feeling a rush go through him, his heart beating faster as he held back for her since she was fighting with herself as to whether to say something it seemed.

“But I’d love to try it, and I’ve played a bit with my vibrator” she blurted out as she looked back to him, immediately blushing at what she’d just said and looking away again. He felt a cold adrenaline rush spread through him at what she’d just said, or rather suggested. That he may get to be the one to break Shakira’s anal cherry, instantly making the already excellent day better.

“I think we can arrange that,” he said with a smile, gently raising her head with a finger guiding her chin before leaning forwards to softly kiss her again, feeling her relax and yield before him. Shakira could feel herself melt for him, because he’d greeted her news with enthusiasm and dare she say it love, able to just feel perfectly accepted and wanted by him making her glow inside.

“I think we’d better go back to my place,” he said quietly, looking her straight in the eyes, making it more then clear what he meant, before kissing her again.

”I think you’re right,” she murmured as she broke away from him, giving a little sigh of contentment. He didn’t say another word, simply taking her hand and standing up, using his spare hand to fumble in his pocket for a note, dropping it on the tray with the empty coffee mugs and picking up his sunglasses. Shakira, breathing a little more rapidly at the powerful way she was letting herself be treated, grabbed her own glasses and fumbled them on with slightly trembling fingers, feeling her heart beating faster as he led her away on the cobbled streets, the heels of her leather boots clicking on the stone.

”How far is it to your place?” she said, almost allowing the nerves, which were building within her, into her voice.

“Not very far…luckily,” he said, looking back with a sly smile.

“Why is that lucky?” she said with a smile of her own, letting him pull her along behind him.

“Because those legs of yours have more to do than walking,” he said cunningly, glancing back at her with a little wiggle of his tongue.

“And what about this ass?” she said cheekily, pulling herself forwards and sliding in next to him, guiding his hand straight to her firm, rounded rear, resting it perfectly on the top of her arse, feeling him immediately slide gently down as she slid her arm round his back. Her breath caught slightly as he gave a good, firm squeeze, taking in just how perfectly formed her bum was, feeling as firm yet soft as he’d dreamed it would do, her little gasp at his fondle making his heart surge.

“I think you know,” he said with a smirk down at her, seeing her naughty smirk and the spark in her eyes as they locked with his own. They walked in silence for a few minutes, not needing to say anything to one another, the tension between them saying all that was necessary. They walked for the better part of ten minutes before reaching his place, a small house on a quiet suburban street. Leading her up onto the porch, he slipped her to arms length on his hand so he could retrieve the keys from his pocket. Shakira gave a little giggle as she saw his hands shaking when he tried to get the key into the lock, feeling a similar tension in herself at the prospect of what was to come for them both. He unlocked the door and then stood aside to show her in, being a gentleman and also taking a good look at her lovely arse, something that didn’t go unnoticed by it’s owner as she gave a quick glance back. She reached back, seeking his hand with her own, wanting him to lead her as she had come to expect in every new letter. He took her hand and stepped forwards into his house, closing the door behind them and turning the deadlock clearly, her eyes widening a little at the sharp sound. She stood staring at the door for a few seconds, her feet unmoving as he stepped to lead her, looking back to her.

”Shakira?” he said in a questioning tone, wanting to know if she had any kind of problem as he gave her hand a little squeeze. She snapped from her trance, looking into his eyes with a devilish smile and giving his hand a return squeeze as she took a step to follow him. He smiled as he turned away and led her through his house, through the beams of sunlight through the windows and then to a door, which he opened a show a set of stairs down into the basement room. He led the way this time, pulling her through as she shut the door, locking it herself with a sly smile which made him shiver slightly in excitement, briefly wondering just how he’d managed to get her to his place, and with the plan of getting into BDSM at that. Shakira looked around as she reached the bottom of the stairs, checking out the interior of the spacious basement, furnished with a bed and a hard wooden table, along with some cupboards, which she figured must contain some of the items he wanted to use on her.

”Can make as much noise as you like down here,” he said, looking back with a grin as he led her into the room, her heels thudding a little on the floor.

”Oh it’s only gonna be me making noise is it?” she purred, turning to stand in front of him, her slim, sexy figure silhouetted by the light through the heavily frosted windows that were just above ground.

“No I’m sure it won’t. So what do you think?” he said, giving a wave of his hand to indicate the room.

”It’s nice, warm. Different to how I thought it might be,” she mused, looking around.

”What were you expecting, some kind of dungeon?” he said with a slight laugh, sliding his other hand forward over her slim waist, feeling the silk shirt slide smoothly over something beneath.

”I don’t know, I’ve never been to anywhere for…this kind of thing before,” she said with a cute giggle, sliding close to him and slipping her arms round his neck before leaning in to kiss him passionately, parting her soft lips to allow her tongue to delve into his mouth as his now freed hand went to the other side of her waist, giving her a bit of a squeeze, forcing a little moan from her. The tension released in a tidal wave of their pent up emotions, all the lust and need flowing into their kiss as turned her towards the bed, pushing her backwards so she stumbled a little and then fell onto the bed, him on top, their lips still tightly pressed together. Pressing her into the bed, his fingers immediately went for her black silk shirt, deftly releasing the buttons in a matter of seconds and pulling it open. His hands went to her stomach, and then he stopped, pulling back from her and looking down, his eyes widening, breath catching in his throat before a smile broke onto his lips as he saw what it was. The leather under his fingers was an over bust black leather corset, squeezing her slender waist in and pressing her perky breasts up to give her a delightful cleavage, barely even speaking as he took in the hot, squeezed Columbian body before him.

“Do you like it?” she whispered, her hands stroking up his arms as he leaned over her.

”It’s fucking perfect,” he said with a dirty grin, eyeing every delicate curve and stitch of the leather corset before him, encasing her slim, sexy body.

“I never normally wear one, but special occasions require a new outfit,” she murmured, licking her upper lip slowly, her tongue gliding perfectly over her gloss lips, her dirty blonde hair laying spread out over the sheets around her. He leaned down to kiss her firmly again, pushing his tongue into her mouth as his hand flipped her shirt back from her leather squeezed body and moved to cup her pert left breast, forced him tightly by her corset. Reaching up, she grabbed his wrist and gently pushed him away, sliding herself out from under him. Cheekily she gave a quick yank to the arm he was leaning on, causing him to collapse on the bed next to her as she pulled herself over the side and onto her heeled feet next to the bed.

“I’ve got a treat for you,” she purred, running her tongue over her front teeth as she sexily stepped back from the bed, her light shirt hanging loosely.

“Sounds interesting, additional treat to getting you then,” he said with a smile. She positively beamed at him as she gave a little stretch and then jiggled her perky chest, shrugging the shirt off backwards as she pushed herself out, arching her back and revealing the corset fully, and also a pair of fishnet forearm sleeves to just add a little something. Placing her hands on her hips, she let him fully appreciate her slimmed waist for a moment before turning round, giving a pronounced wiggle of her curvy hips and rounded arse under the tan leather pencil skirt. Arching her back a little more, she pushed out her inviting rear to him as he looked up her back, her dirty blonde hair hanging down over the top of the corset, a single line of brilliant white lacing running down the middle of her back to hold her in. He hands slid down over her hips and then slowly round onto her firm, rounded bum, giving a little squeeze as she glanced back over her shoulder at him, giving a little “ooh” sound as she eyed him sexily sideways through her loose hair, making his heart skip a beat.

“Bet you’ve been waiting for this for a long time,” she said huskily as she took hold of the zip and slowly pulled it down.

”Sure have, wanna see that nice ass of yours,” he said with a wry smile, his eyes flitting between her nice rounded bum and her pretty eyes. She ran her tongue slowly over her glossy top lip as she pulled the zip to the bottom, releasing the tan leather pencil skirt, which hugged her sexy rear and legs down to near her knees. With a sensual wiggle of her hips she pushed the skirt down, hearing him give an approving “mm-hmm” sound as her sexy hips and full, rounded arse came into view, also revealing the sexy underwear she had on for him. A lacy black garter belt was wrapped round her soft, lightly tanned skin just under the bottom edge of her corset, the garters leading down snugly over the top of her arse which was encased in matching tight fitting black lace French knickers, hugging the curves of her rear and the soft, warm bulge of her pussy which peeked at him as she bent a little to slide the skirt down. The tan leather slide down over her legs, revealing the end of the garters attached to black lace topped fishnet stockings that he’d seen which led down into her tall black boots.

She didn’t turn back to him as she straightened up and stepped out of her skirt, feeling his eyes burning into her as she stood before him. They were indeed, taking in every little detail of her beautiful feminine form. Her dirty blonde hair leading down over her smooth shoulders to the squeezing leather corset, its white lacing a sharp contrast as it led to a knot just above her black lacy garter belt, the garters perfectly framing the tight, sexy knickers pulled tightly up her full, rounded rear, before leading down to her smooth legs, wrapped in fishnet before disappearing into her high-heeled boots. It was a picture of perfection, and to think that he had the honour of breaking her into BDSM was more than enough to make him rock hard. She turned back to him, clearing a little shy as she kept her head down, just leaning down to move to her boots.

”No,” he said swiftly, leaning up from where he’d been lying on the bed, startling her a little and making her jolt up to look at him, blushing somewhat and clearly thinking she’d done something wrong.

“But I was just gonna…” she started, indicating her boots.

”No you haven’t done anything wrong. I wanna see you pose in that sexy lingerie is all,” he said with a smile, seeing her blush a little more as she smiled back before she gave a starting pose, flicking her head back with a hand in her hair, one on her hip with one leg forwards, arching her back to push her perky breasts out.

”Not bad, keep going,” he said with a smirk and a nod as she gave him a playful roll of her eyes and then stood straight and leaned over, throwing her hair back out the way as it fell forwards, offering him a nice view down her corset, her firm breasts pressed up tightly by the leather, just inviting a good squeeze as she swayed for a moment and then stood back up, turning to give him a nice side profile. He took her in, her soft features, slender body defined by the peaks of her humble breasts and curve of her slightly arched back leading to her full rounded rear, all clad in sexy leather and lace. Seeing his pleasure, she gave a grin and then turned away, arching her back as tight as she could to push her arse out, squeezing her powerful legs together as she spun on her heels to present him her arse again, leaning forwards so her knickers retreated a little further between her cheeks and showed her off. She gave a glance back at him through her loose, golden hair, her deep brown eyes catching his over her bare shoulder.

”Spread those legs,” he said huskily, glancing back down to her rear. Shakira wasn’t a huge extrovert and to bend over and deliberately show herself off was not something she did. Feeling a little rush go through her, she took a deep breath as she leant forwards a little more and then stepped her legs apart, revealing the bulge of her pussy to him, hearing him breathe in a little sharper as she did so. She was already feeling a bit horny when she’d met up with him, the thrill of the new experience and all, and then with their talk and flirting she’d got more than a little turned on. And now, getting heavy with him and then voluntarily stripping had her hotter than she thought she’d ever been. She could feel the wetness of her pussy, her clit rock hard, all separated from him by just a thin layer of black lace.

“Now you can undo those boots, and don’t you even think about bending your knees,” he said, Shakira able to hear the smirk on his lips. She didn’t mind at all though, in fact she loved it, the attention he gave her and ultimately the power she had over him in a way. She couldn’t help but give a little laugh as he ordered her not to bend her knees, not making any excuses at wanting to see her arse as she bent over before him, not that she minded one little bit, loving him looking at her deep down despite her occasional shyness. Doing just as he asked, she bent straight over to reach down to her knee-high boots, hearing him give a sigh as her rounded rear pulled tight, the firm cheeks smooth and begging to be fondled, the inviting bulge of her pussy teasing him from under the lace as she reached down and slid the zips slowly down on both boots, rocking her body gently so her gorgeous booty swayed for him.

”Good girl,” he said with a smile and a wink at her as she glanced back whilst she stood up, giving a proud smile herself at his appreciation. Raising each foot in turn, she pulled off her boots and tossed them aside with a thud. Turning back to him, she leaned down and ran her hands down her right leg, murmuring sensually as her hands glided over the garters and fishnet stocking, hooking her fingers into it slightly as she slid back up and showily unsnapped the garter from it.

He watched on with hungry eyes as she unclipped the back one, not worried about her state of dress before him now as he drank her up with his gaze, making sure she kept her legs just apart enough to tease him so he could see the bulge of her hot pussy, but not enough to ruin the illusion. With the garters released, she pouted at him and pushed her hands down, slipping the fishnet stocking down her smooth, tanned leg, all the way to her ankle as she lifted it up, before she pulled the stocking by its lacy top so it was long and sprung off her foot. She gave a little spin of it and threw it towards him, landing on the foot of the bed with a purr. Repeating the act on her other delicious leg, it left her in her naughty French knickers and her garter belt, the garters hanging loosely down onto her thighs.

”This isn’t much use now then is it?” she said with a giggle, pulling the garter belt at her waist out with a thumb before she reached round the back and unhooked it, peeling the delicate black lingerie from her hips and also throwing it towards him. In just her corset and knickers, he eyed her up.

”Your legs look smooth, shaved?” he said, eyeing her smooth, shiny limbs.

”Waxed, went to my waxer yesterday to get ready,” she said simply, giving a little twitch of her eyebrows before she turned away. His heart gave a little lurch as she bent over once again, nothing in the way now though, just her smooth legs running all the way up to her mostly exposed arse as her French knickers slipped up high again before she deliberately spread her legs a little so he could see her. Taking an audible breath, she reached back and took hold of the waist, stretching the elastic out, toying with it for a moment before she pushed it back, sliding her underwear down a little to just reveal the cleft of her soft buttocks. Pushing them down further, she could hear his breathing increase as she revealed pretty much her whole bum, just keeping herself covered enough to hide his final prize. With a deep breath, she took the plunge and pushed her knickers right down, pushing them down her thighs and letting them go, the thin black lace dropping to the floor to reveal her smooth, swollen pussy lips, waxed to perfection with her deep engorged inner lips visible between them, juicy and waiting.

”They did a good job,” he breathed, his eyes locked on her sweet snatch as she held her position bent over and stepped out of her lacy underwear, picking them up before she straightened up again before turning to face him, bravely looking at him despite her embarrassment as she turned to show her naked bottom half to him, her pussy waxed completely bald and on display for him as she threw her knickers to him, landing on the bed with the rest of her lingerie as she spread her legs a little so he could fully see her, not wanting to disappoint.

”Gorgeous,” he breathed, eyeing her juicy pussy before glancing back at her worried face.

”Smile babe, you’re perfect,” he said, making her break into a smile.

“Thank you,” she said modestly, feeling more comfortable now, standing proudly before him in just her black leather corset. With a sly smile he slid onto his feet and approached her, eyeing her up as he reached her, just looking into her eyes for a moment before he slid his hands onto her bare hips, feeling the heat of her skin as he slid upwards and onto her smooth corset, his hands following the corset into her slim waist, where he stopped, holding her.

”How tight is this thing?” he said, firmly squeezing her already tight body, making her murmur.

”Four inches smaller than my normal waist,” she said softly, smiling cutely.

”Nice, not so tight you can’t bend over at least though,” he said, leaning forwards to softly kiss her before he slid around behind her, letting his hands run round her waist as she raised her arms for him. Once behind her, he flicked her hair away from her neck and lightly kissed it, her body shivering a little as he did it whilst his hands travelled upwards, cupping her firmly contained breasts in their black leather. He gave a good squeeze, since the leather was tight and she needed it, pressing into her soft boobs so she gave a grunt, immediately making her blush that she’d made such a noise.

”Sorry,” she said a little embarrassed at her wanton sound.

”No it’s good, that sounded great,” he said, pressing forwards against her with his hips so she could feel his rock hard erection through his trousers, sending a little thrill through her. He pulled back again, trailing his hands down her sides and round the back, just letting them drag at her lacing before he pushed them down onto her warm, soft arse, a hand on each of her firm cheeks before he gave a good firm squeeze, making her groan throatily and tilt her head back a little. He sucked at her neck lightly and squeezed a little harder, feeling her shudder a little before he pulled away, giving a little pat to her rear as his hands slid back up to her waist again.

”It feels even better when you don’t have anything on,” he said, hearing her laugh softly as he licked up to her ear, just flicking at the lobe with his tongue, distracting her as his hand swiftly made its way over the front of her tight leather. His fingers slid off the bottom, over her smooth lower tummy and then straight onto her pussy, making her gasp at the sudden stimulation.

”Ooh somebody’s a little turned on I think,” he teased, rubbing her hot, swollen labia with just enough pressure to make her tingle, giving another gasp as he pressed his middle finger between her lips, just spreading them enough to stroke her delicate inner petals. Pulling up he expertly found her stiff clit, making her give another grunt of pleasure as he firmly rubbed round the outside of it, making her abdominal muscles tense and her try to double over in pleasure, resisting it as best she could.

”More than a little turned on, positively horny,” he said, with a smirk, pulling his hand away and then slowly raising it to her lips, making it more than clear what he wanted from her. Shakira opened her mouth and leaned forward to capture his finger, eagerly sucking her sweet juices from it, feeling him stroke her hair with his spare hand.

”Good girl, just you wait there,” he whispered in her ear, sliding away from behind her and walking across the room, leaving her hotter than ever. He went over to a set of drawers, opening the top one and delving in, his hand searching briefly before he pulled it back, drawing out a black leather collar, its buckle glinting in the refracted light coming through the skinny frosted windows that showed just above ground. Walking back over to her, Shakira flicked her hair back in readiness as he held it out, slipping it round her soft, slender neck and moving behind her. She reached back and held her hair up out the way as he deftly secured the collar snugly round her neck. It wasn’t the first time she’d worn a collar but it certainly was during sex.

”There, just perfect,” he said with a smile, stepping back in front of her as she smiled proudly, reaching up to lightly pull at the black leather, testing it a little. His hands slid to hers, holding them as he leaned forwards to kiss her again, their lips pressing together firmly before their tongues met, entwining and massaging one another as they kissed passionately, Shakira feeling her whole soul alight with excitement from him.

“I think it’s time you did something else with your lips,” he said huskily with a smirk as they broke apart, her breath breaking the air with a little sigh. She looked into his eyes for a moment, then broke into a devilish smile, slipping her hands from his and down his sides.

”Yes sir,” she whispered, taking hold of his hips and lowering herself to her knees. She slid her hand round the belt of his dark jeans, taking hold and pulling it quite forcibly open, speedily undoing the button and pulling the zipper down. His jeans glided down his legs at her touch, her warm hands immediately sliding back up his limbs to his tented shorts, just brushing her hand over him with a little contented sigh as she took hold of the elastic at his hips. Pulling down quite quickly, she tugged his shorts down to join his jeans, letting his rock hard erection spring up, standing straight up totally solid before her. She couldn’t hold back a little murmur of pleasure, looking up at him with a little flush of her cheeks as she did so, seeing him just smiling down at her. He reached out and just lightly stroked his fingers through her hair as she locked her eyes back on his cock, taking in the saluting 7” member just in front of her face, noticing how thick he was. Certainly thicker than average for his length she was sure, something she knew she was bound to notice when the time came.

Reaching over she took hold of him firmly, feeling him shuffle his feet a little as she wrapped her dainty hand round his thick shaft, her hand not reaching fully around him. She saw no option but to use both hands, pushing her existing hand down to the base of his thick cock, placing her other elegant hand in front of it to double grip him, giving his stiff organ a firm squeeze. Shakira felt his thick cock surge and jump in her hands at the squeeze, smiling wryly as she started to slowly stroke up and down, firmly jerking him from the very base of his cock all the way to the bulbous tip that stood up just inches from her pretty face. He gave a light groan of pleasure as she started stroking up, squeezing and pressuring him in different ways as she stroked him, licking her lips in readiness. He didn’t rush her, simply letting her work, preparing herself as she rocked slightly on her knees before him, working his solid erection as he looked down her corset at her firm, perky breasts.

“Ready when you are,” he said with a smile down at her, her eyes just flitting up to meet his, her smile evident through them more than her lips. Leaning forward, she opened her mouth slightly and pressed her warm, soft lips to the tip of his cock, her tongue just touching and then firmly kneading at the tip of his large purple head, feeling him shift a little before she pushed forwards, just allowing her soft lips to follow every contour of his hardon as she sunk him into her hot mouth, hearing him groan as she did. He shivered a little as she pushed down to take him almost to the back of her throat, feeling his hand glide through her dirty blonde hair as she paused, just sucking lightly at him, hollowing her cheeks so their exquisite softness pressed onto his shaft as her tongue made a raking motion up the underside and off the tip, making his thick cock twitch.

“Mm Shakira…” he breathed, closing his eyes to enjoy the sensations as she slipped herself back on him, sliding his length out of her mouth as she pulled back to the head, pausing to swirl her powerful tongue around it before gliding back down his shaft to take around 5” in again, bumping the back of her throat this time, giving a little moan that sent pleasant vibrations through his cock. Shakira didn’t wait this time, slipping back up him again, starting to suck harder now, a firm suction on his member as she started to work with her tongue. Rolling her tongue back under him, she flicked it quite expertly forwards so that the tip ran down the underside of his cock, where she would then wrap it around the thick shaft, lapping up the sides. As she started to bob her head, she timed it perfectly so that she flicked it down him as she took him into her mouth and then wrapped it hotly round him as she pulled back up his cock, her lips bulging on the ridge of his swollen head. His groans and mumbles of pleasure were all she needed to hear to know she was doing a good job, since after all these things came with a little practise.

Picking up her pace, she started bobbing harder on him, bumping the back of her throat firmly, resting her tongue tricks and just using it to firmly push up along his shaft as she briskly sucked up and down, making slightly slurping noises as he brushed her hair back from her face to see her swallowing his cock. She wouldn’t deny that she was enjoying it, drooling a little round him as she aimed to give him the hottest blowjob of his life, the saliva running down her chin, which she was a little glad he couldn’t see so he didn’t think she’d done this too many times. She sucked a little harder again, hearing him give a gasp as it pulled at his engorged head before she pushed down to take a little more in, pushing at her throat and making it quite clear her long term aim as she took hold of his hips. His hand rested in her soft, dirty-blonde hair, feeling the movements of her head as she bobbed up and down, her soft lips wrapped tightly round his cock, a dream come true. He never imagined on receiving a return letter from her that things would ever get to this, and it was just perfect, the Columbian pop star sucking happily on his cock and doing a great job as he always knew she would.

“That feels great,” he said, pushing to meet her a little. Shakira responded, pressing forwards harder to take him in almost his whole length, well into her throat now as she held back her gag response and continued to suckle at him whilst her tongue worked. Her hands gripped his hips tighter as she forced herself down, giving a little shiver as she took all 7 thick inches of his hot cock, feeling her throat stretch to accommodate him as she pressed her nose into his groin, feeling his heartbeat through the erection completely in her. After just letting them both feel it for a moment, Shakira pulled right back on him then pushed down again on him, deepthroating him once more as he grunted in pleasure, feeling her moan throatily before she pulled back and did it again, building up a rhythm on his stiff cock. He could take it no more, his fingers sliding through her hair before he took a firm grasp on her head, thrusting himself deeply into her mouth as she was pushing down, making her almost choke at the sudden change in pace.

“That’s it, I’ve had enough of your teasing,” he said sternly, her eyes snapping up to look at him as he pulled back and thrust into her mouth, pressing up to her face as she took him the deepest she had so far. Holding her firmly he immediately increased the pace, pulling back quickly and driving into her mouth, his bulbous head slipping straight into her waiting throat. Shakira didn’t fight him, simply doing her best to pleasure him, still sucking well and using her tongue to attack any part of his cock that she could as he face fucked her. She held her tongue up firmly after he pulled back so that his sensitive head would hit the soft, hot underside of it each time he thrust into her mouth, which worked with excellent results, feeling him grunt and pick up the pace a little more, drooling uncontrollably now though she didn’t care. It didn’t take long till she felt the inevitable twitching and tightening that signified his imminent climax. Swiftly yanking out, she gasped for breath as he pulled her head back sharply by her long hair, making her yelp slightly.

“Open your mouth and tip your head back,” he commanded, in no mood for any game she might want to play right now. Shakira didn’t want to toy with him though, she was just as eager for him to orgasm as he was right now. Obediently she sank back on her knees, tilting her head back so her long hair hung back down over the lacing off the black leather corset, presenting her pretty face and smooth chest as she opened her mouth, her tongue slightly out. He grabbed his slippery cock and started jerking fiercely, stepping forwards and grabbing her hair again as he pushed his head to her soft lips, just resting the tip on her full lower one. Working himself hard for a few seconds more, he pushed forwards a bit and came hard with a grunt, feeling a shiver run through him. He spurted hard, his thick, hot come shooting into the back of her throat, the second spurt going a little high and hitting her top lip and teeth before he unloaded the rest into her mouth and over her eager tongue which flexed and wiggled as she breathed heavily whilst his climax endured. With a few final gasps he squeezed out the last of his semen into her waiting mouth, wiping the last drop off on her bottom lip, Shakira unable to hold back a little giggle.

“Swallow,” he said, smiling slightly at her foxy expression. Without any attempted complaints, she closed her mouth, rolled the taste a little with a mumble of pleasure and then visibly swallowed, opening her mouth and sticking her tongue out to make it clear.

”Well done,” he said with a smile, reaching out to brush his hand through her soft hair as she ran her tongue over her lips to collect the small amount that was left on her top lip, enjoying the taste.

“Thanks, hope I was good enough,” she said a little shyly, standing up in front of him, his hand sliding up to just rest at her hip, on the edge of the leather of the bottom of her corset.

“You were amazing hun,” he said, seeing her beam with pride as his other hand slid up oppositely to rest on her hips fully, holding her firmly as he leaned forward to kiss her softly. She opened her mouth eagerly and was greeted by his tongue, using her own to do the same to him, their kiss rapidly becoming far more enthusiastic, his hands immediately sliding round to her full arse. Shakira murmured in pleasure as he firmly squeezed her, just holding her for a moment before his right hand slipped down to the top of her thigh and then in between her legs, making her nearly jump as his fingertips brushed her soft, wet pussy from behind.
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Re: Shakira - El Principio
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”I think you’re ready for me,” he murmured between kisses, Shakira moving down to kiss lightly along his neck as his hands slid back up her sexy figure, one on her back, the other squeezing and brushing over her firm breasts, pushed up high in the black leather corset. He eased her back till her smooth legs bumped into the bed, then pushed her back so she fell onto it, though he lowered her down to the sheets, helping her slide back up them so her dainty feet were completely on the before sliding down on top of her, going for her neck with soft kisses. She moaned lightly in pleasure as he sucked gently at her smooth, tanned skin, his hands running down her sides to the curve of her inviting hips.

”This corset really is perfect, thank you for wearing it,” he said, running his hands over the warm leather, heated by her hot body beneath its squeezing form.

”It’s no problem,” she breathed, blinking slowly in pleasure as he kissed down onto her chest, his warm breath spreading down her prominent cleavage.

”No, my girl is going to be properly thanked for this treat,” he murmured, running his tongue onto her left breast. She felt a little tingle run through her as he took ownership of her in a way, calling her “his girl” thrilling her as she’d never been referred to in quite such a way before. He kissed over the tops of both her lovely boobs before moving down over her tight corset, dragging his tongue down the smooth black leather as he looked up to her, their eyes meeting as he reached the inevitable bottom of the garment, just a couple of inches above her sweet, smooth pussy. She was caught a little off guard as she felt his fingers bump her mound first, her breath catching as they slid across her soft, swollen lips, just brushing her stiff clitoris as it hid under its engorged hood.

She gave a moan as his hot breath spread over her bald lips, turning to a sigh of pleasure as his lips made contact with her, just planting a kiss straight on her clitoris, massaging a little with his lips. Before getting her going any more he pulled back, tugging her hood a little with his lips as he did so, allowing it to slip back a little more as he slid down, dragging the underside of his tongue down her slit, the tip just curling to dip into her ever so slightly, tasting her juices. She mumbled in pleasure as he quickly moved back the other way, dragging his tongue flatly up her pussy, pressing slightly at her soft lips before he really got to work. His tongue immediately found her clit properly, sliding up and circling it rapidly, making her back arch tightly in pleasure as she felt the pressure build quickly in her, her thighs trying to squeeze before he abruptly stopped.

”Don’t want you coming too quickly on me,” he said with a teasing smile, looking up at her before he slid down, the tip of his tongue flicking over her stiff clit before he pushed it straight into her soft folds, making her groan loudly as he buried every possible part of his tongue into her pussy, feeling her contract and squeeze at him. He powerfully wiggled it within her, pushing at her velvet walls, feeling her respond and move around him as he did, his lips pressed to her own. He pulled back to her entrance, then started to rapidly thrust his tongue in and out of her, feeling her push up at his face as he slid his hands down to hold her hips steady. Pulling back, he slid up to her clit again, pushing her hood back and sliding onto it, only gently this time, softly moving over it as she felt his fingers again, just a single one this time though, sliding up and down her slick entrance.

After a moment he slid it forwards, finding absolutely no problem in sliding a finger up into her eager pussy, her body almost sucking it in to the knuckle as she breathed heavily, her chest heaving by now as he started to slightly rotate his finger within her before moving to attach his lips to her clit, sealing around her hard nub and starting to dab at the tip with his tongue. He just worked like that for a moment, starting to slide his finger back and forth lightly before she was suddenly filled by two fingers, which still had no problem sliding right into her since she was absolutely dripping wet for him. He didn’t waste any time, pulling back and immediately starting to thrust his two fingers quite briskly into her and started sucking firmly at her clit, making her grunt loudly, causing her to blush a little at the pure noise she’d just made as her hands grasped the sheets around her, his hand supporting her hips which were still off the bed from when she’d ground upwards shortly before, her legs taut beside him, pressed quite close to him now.

“Oh god yes!” she gasped, resisting him as he moved to pressed her round ass back down to the bed, yielding to him as he started to suck harder at her clit to overpower her.

“Try and relax,” he murmured through her clit, making her lift her head for a second to look down, wondering why before she was overpowered again by the powerful ministrations of his lips which were now nibbling lightly at her button. She realised what he meant when she felt the tip of a finger press at her anus, pushing at the strong muscle firmly with his finger lubricated by her juices. She felt her body denying him entry and tried to relax herself, no mean feat when he was licking at her clit again, swirling round it softly, enough to knot up her tummy. Shakira managed to relax herself enough for him to push his finger into her arse, immediately using her slick juices to let him drive his finger quite deeply into her as her body tried to stop him, making her gasp with little twinges of pain. He just held his finger still for a moment as he slid down to push his tongue back inside her, swirling round to send comfortable waves of pleasure into her, not as intense as his continued attack on her clitoris.

”That’s it, just breathe,” he guided as he felt her soften under him, her arse releasing its vice like grip round his finger. He was fully hard again now, just wishing he could kneel up and slide straight into her dripping pussy, but she wasn’t ready for that. He didn’t want to rush things, so just enjoying feeling her body shift and react to him as he started to gently move his finger as he pulled back to tease her soft inner lips with the end of his powerful tongue. Pulling back to the tip of his finger he felt her clamp down tightly, so tight he couldn’t even move, which sent a little rush through him at the thought of what she’d be like when he pushed his cock into her arse. Teasing her a little more to get her to release him, he raised his second finger again and pressed them into her arsehole quite firmly, stretching her out and pushing in before she had a chance to react.

”Ahh fuck,” she growled through gritted teeth, her body tensing, making her sit up and look down at him.

”Lay back down,” he said softly, glancing up to her before he lowered her mouth to her sweet pussy again, going back to her waiting clit and moving round it rapidly with his tongue, immediately making her body quiver, eyelids fluttering before she collapsed back on the bed, overwhelmed by the sweet pleasure as he took the chance to push deeper with his two fingers. He was expecting her to shut him down again, but she managed to mostly control herself, only squeezing slightly so he could push to full depth with the two fingers in her curvy rear. Just holding still a moment he slid his tongue back into her again, loving how she squeezed each time he did, hearing her moan in pleasure as he wiggled and thrust it in and out, starting to move the fingers buried in her arse, pumping them shortly into the hot, forbidden haven.

”Oh god, oh…” she trailed off, getting close now. He decided to finish it now, shoving his fingers as deep into her as he could, making her grunt and thrust up to his face, meeting him perfectly as he slid out of her pussy and straight onto her clit, making her jolt sharply at the sudden sensation shooting into her core. He quickly massaged and nibbled at her pussy with his lips, just brushing the tip of her clit with his teeth before his talented tongue took over to finish her off. She groaned loudly, her powerful thighs squeezing his head, the smooth skin warmly enclosing him as he assaulted her pussy as fast and hard as he could, his tongue powerfully swirling all over and around the hard nub of her clit, every little tiny bump and contour of his tongue exciting the thousands of nerve ends they slid over. With a squeal of pure ecstasy, she thrust her hips against his mouth and gave a spasm, her arse clamping hard on his fingers. He continued to rapidly tongue her clit through her orgasm, loving how she shook and jerked under him, her hands clawing at the sheets as she gasped for breath, grunting and groaning in rapture from her hard orgasm.

She reached down, pulling his head away as she came down, her pussy becoming too sensitive to touch as she did. He pulled away, looking up at her dreamy expression, smiling with complete satisfaction, strands of her hair sticking to her sweaty face. He slowly eased his fingers out of her arse, seeing her give a little shiver as she slipped free, her arse squeezing shut immediately as he moved up between smooth thighs, his completely hard cock bouncing a little as he did. Again it was very tempting to just slip straight into her juicy snatch and fuck her, but he didn’t want to rush things and wanted to give her a breather first. However when he moved up to kiss her, Shakira lying on her back with her legs spread eagle, his erection slid very clearly over her smooth pussy, making her murmur and look up, thinking he was about to penetrate her.

”Are you going to…?” she whispered, looking down at his cock resting on her hot, puffy lips before he kissed her, their tongues fighting for a moment before he broke away.

”Not just yet hun, just relax,” he said, making it more than clear he had every intention of having sex with her shortly. He slid off to one side, his rock hard cock sticking up ready as he waited for her to rest, cool off a bit, and regain her senses next to him. Looking over at her, his eyes drank up the smooth form of her gorgeous body, loving her slender waist, squeezed by the black leather corset, which contrasted with her lightly tanned skin beautifully.

”Want me now?” she murmured, looking over at him with a smirk after a couple more minutes, having seen him eyeing her.

”Only if you’re ready for it,” he said, reaching out to brush some of her dirty blonde hair back from her lightly glistening face.

”Yeah, come on big boy,” she said with a cheeky smile, licking her upper lip sexily before giving a little laugh. He returned it, just loving how Shakira was so feisty and fun. Leaning over he kissed her firmly, their tongues immediately seeking one another’s as he slid back on top of her, his rock hard cock immediately pressing against her swollen pussy, splitting the lips open and rubbing against her soft, pink inner ones. She moaned lightly in pleasure as he kissed down onto her neck, past her leather collar as he pulled back a little so his bulbous head slid down her slit to her entrance. Tentatively pushing, he just let the tip of his cock push in slightly before easing off, wanting both of them to savour the moment when they connected on a level they’d always yearned for.

With a firm press, he took the plunge and pushed inside her, his bulbous head and first inch or so of his cock sinking into her soft, hot body after a moment of pressure, both of them groaning in pure pleasure at the penetration. He felt her body squeeze and grab at him, urging him forwards into her hot channel, but he managed to resist, just letting her initial contraction abate first. Laying over her, he leaned down and kissed her again, Shakira eagerly returning it as lay together just barely connected before he pushed again. If he hadn’t already had his eyes shut they would have squeezed shut in pleasure as his cock slipped up her velvet tunnel, feeling her rippling and twitching hotly around as he pushed a low groan out of her, just hearing her vocal chords strain with the pleasure at the unabashed sound she made, not the least bit shy now as she loved the feeling of taking another couple of inches of him into her body.

Neither of them felt the need to speak as he held for a moment again before he pushed all the way into her, stretching her out as he buried himself fully into her in a paced, powerful stroke, pushing right in against her shaven lips as they both groaned their pure pleasure as they joined completely at the hip.

”Is it as good as you imagined?” Shakira whispered, breaking the intimate silence they shared.

”Better than I could have ever believed,” he whispered back, smiling at her before their lips locked again as he pulled back a little and gave her a short thrust. She just murmured her pleasure and he pulled back again, further this time, plunging into her a little harder and then back again, getting a rhythm going. At this time he didn’t intend to give her a pounding, just wanting to enjoy the feeling of finally having sex with her after so long by letter. Shakira pulled her knees up, just sliding them close to him so he rubbed against her smooth, warm legs as he pumped in and out, her arms sliding round his neck, rocking her hips with him as he slowly pushed in and out of her dripping pussy. She felt perfectly satisfied, his girth stretching her out just right to enjoy without being too big for her to handle, but still thicker than she’d taken before. Pulling right back to the head, he thrust in harder, bumping her cervix with the tip of his rock hard cock, making her push up to him a little.

“I think it’s time for your ass,” he said simply, pumping powerfully into her with his full length in a steady rhythm that they were both enjoying.

”Now? Sure you don’t wanna stay right here?” she purred, giving his cock a strong squeeze with her muscles, making him grunt.

”I’m not saying I don’t, just I’d rather be elsewhere,” he said with a sly smile, looking into her eyes. Both of them had a spark, just Shakira was clearly more nervous about it.

”Well I guess I have to do it sometime, just first time nerves you know?” she said with a smile, leaning up to kiss him before he slowed in her and withdrew his glistening cock, still completely rock hard as he slid onto his knees, taking her hands before sliding back onto the floor, sliding her down over the sheets to the foot of the large bed. Her dainty feet touched down on the floor and he pulled her up, sliding his arm round her to guide her towards the large table at the side of the basement room. He pushed Shakira ahead of him to the table, urging her forwards until her hips pressed against the thick wooden tabletop. He then pressed against her shoulders, guiding her to bend over, pushing firmly on her until she lay flat down on the table. Her tightly squeezed up breasts pressed against the cool wood, making her inhale a little sharply as he held her down just a moment till she relaxed.

His hands slid easily back down her sides to her curvy hips, taking hold firmly before she felt his foot between her own, nudging her smooth legs apart. She complied easily, letting him ease her legs apart quite wide so her leather clad body rested firmly down on the wood, leaving her dripping pussy completely exposed and making her arse a prime target. He however ignored it for a moment, quickly pushing his rock hard cock to her bulging pussy and driving forwards, easily sliding all the way into her, making her groan and drop her head to the table in pleasure as she was filled up again.

”I thought you wanted my ass?” she said sexily, glancing back over her shoulder with a sly smile.

”Well you know, gotta grasp your opportunities,” he said, gripping her hips as he said it, quickly beginning to pump into her with short strokes. She just groaned a response as he immediately pushed the pace, starting to pound her almost immediately, his hips noisily slapping again her rounded arse, the smooth cheeks jiggling slightly as he did. He didn’t hold back, his hands moving back to her shoulders, sliding over the lacing of her corset to pin her to the table as he fucked her hard, both of them gasping at the pure pleasure as her hot, slick snatch grabbed and squeezed at his thrusting cock. Gripping her firmly he pumped into her for a minute or so more than abruptly stopped, buried full depth in her, pressed hard into her ass. They were both gasping, just letting the pleasurable feeling dissolve away before he pulled slowly back, letting his hard cock spring up wetly from her hot haven. He stepped away and then walked across the room to a set of drawers and cupboards, opening them to look for something. Shakira started to get up from the table, not unnoticed by him.

”Lay back down,” he said quite sternly, sending a little shiver through the Columbian singer as she quickly pressed herself back down on the smooth wood. She heard the rattle of chains and his footsteps, his shadow breaking across her and the table, making her look up to see him holding a set of handcuffs. Reaching down, he slipped each cuff round her wrists and snugly clicked them shut, just letting her thoroughly feel her imprisonment without being too harsh. He lifted her hands by the chain of the cuffs, pulling firmly forwards towards the wall, making her yelp as the cold steel pulled into her wrists with a twinge of pain. Stretched her a bit, he hooked the chain over a large hook protruding from the wall a little way above the tabletop, leaving her pulled out over the table so her breasts were just accessible.

”You’re taking too long,” she semi-teased as he picked up another chain he had.

”Be patient, I’ll break you in properly soon enough,” he said with a smile, just brushing her cheek softly as he reached down to clip the end of the chain to her black leather collar. He again pulled it forwards to the wall to the same steel hook, just pulling it up firmly and then hooking and wrapping it securely round it to hold it, limiting her head movement and most certainly preventing her pulling away from the table. He stood back and eyed her up for a moment, his hand sliding down her corseted body and over her soft rear, just brushing her juicy pussy before he stood back.

”Close your legs,” he ordered simply, just looking at her. Shakira attempted to look back at him, feeling her collar pull at her neck and deciding she should just obey. She closed her legs for him, just leaving herself so that her pussy was just visible to him should he want to fuck her.

“Tightly,” he said, ruining any thought that he may fuck her again. Her thoughts were immediately halted when a good firm spank landed on her arse with a resounding slap, making her round arse jiggle a bit and pushing a gasp from within her. He waited just a moment and then delivered another, going for her left cheek this time, giving it a good sting that made her give a little moan, biting her lip quickly before he delivered a matching one for her right cheek. She felt her pussy give a squeeze, her heart jumping a little at the excitement as she strained at the handcuffs and the collar, feeling it pull against the back of her head as it slid up under the pressure. He just paused to let tension build again before he delivered another hit, harder this time, making her cry out as the sharp pain shot into her arse, the sting spreading through her skin. He smiled as she clenched and tensed over the end of the table, a slight glow starting to appear over her rear.

”Spread your legs,” he ordered, his smile audible in his voice as she breathed heavily over the heavy wooden table. Without a word she just slid her legs apart, just continuing until he said otherwise. He loved exercising his authority over the Columbian superstar, it was just so great for him to watch her comply with his requests, especially when it resulted in her exposing herself for him.

“That looks good,” he said, stopping her movement, although there was nowhere else for her to go now. Her stomach was resting fully on the edge of the table, her legs spread wide and straight. For some reason, showing off her pussy now made her feel extremely vulnerable, which was heightened as she felt his fingers just slide up and down her slit briefly before a very sharp stinging slap was administered to her, making her squeal and try and squeeze her legs together. Shakira had to fight her own urges to keep her legs spread like she’d been ordered by her master, still failing to keep her toned, powerful thighs from closing a bit. It only helped to justify what followed, which was a series of good solid spanks, landing fully on her firm cheeks alternatively, not allowing the sting to fully sink in before another blow struck. It continued until her arse was a healthy shade of pink, a hand print clearly visible from a particularly hard blow.

”Fuck…” she gasped, her eyes squeezing shut with the intensity of the sensation that surged through her as she stopped, the delayed sting hitting her full force and making her tingle, her rounded bum a little numbed by the slaps.

“Language,” he said with a teasing smile, seeing her glancing back at him with a slightly flushed face.

”Why should I watch it?” she said cheekily, flicking her tongue teasingly.

”Because it might be taken as an invitation,” he said, grasping her hips and stepping in behind her. Despite her smile, Shakira knew exactly what was coming. Her smile faded and she gave a gasp as he pressed his bulbous head to her sensitive anus as he steadied her quivering hip. She gave a groan as he just pushed forwards a little, just forcing her tight ring open a little so his cock was prone, just ready to drive into her. Leaning down over her, he softly kissed between her shoulders, Shakira murmuring in pleasure as his hot breath cascaded down over her smooth bare shoulders as he just teased her with his lips, letting out a little gasp as both his hands slid down to firmly grab her arse.

“What is this?” he whispered into her ear as he leant over, just squeezing her slightly tingling rear a little more.

”It’s all yours,” she whispered back, completely giving her virgin arse up to him now.

”Good girl,” he said, kissing her shoulders again for a moment before she felt him tense behind her and stand up.

”I’m not going to be gentle you know,” he said, wanting to make sure she fully understood the situation.

”Isn’t that the idea?” she breathed, wiggling a little in his hands.

”Bite your lip baby,” he said, pulling her arse apart with his hands to completely open her to him. He didn’t hold it though, letting her firm cheeks go and moving his hands up to her waist. Squeezed by the corset, it meant her figure now allowed him pull back on her hips for maximum leverage. His hands tightened on her warm leather waist, then he unceremoniously rammed forwards into her tight arsehole, forcing her resisting sphincter open hard and driving deep into her hot, squeezing arse as she let out an ear splitting scream of pain. He didn’t stop though, driving in as hard as possible till her body stopped him, almost half his cock in her as her anal cherry popped, her body tensing and trying to pull away from him on the table. Holding her strongly, he pulled back as she raggedly drew breath, unable to hold back sobs through her breath as he pulled back to her clamping ring. Just as he felt the ridge of his head pull against her powerful muscle he plowed himself back into her, her resistance failing entirely this time, allowing him to drive the full length of his 7” cock into her as she squealed loudly, his taut balls bumping into her dripping wet pussy, pressing into her soft lips.

Not bothering to speak or give her any time, just as she knew deep down he wouldn’t, he pinned her writhing body to the table and pulled back again, wasting no time in starting to fuck her. Her tight body resisted him as best it could but she couldn’t prevent his hard thrusts, his stiff cock holding her open and driving in and out of her hard, going full depth in her so his hips pressed into her curvy arse, feeling her body clench and quiver round him, Shakira unsure whether to push back or pull away from him as she squealed and yelped in pain of her first go at anal sex. It was painful, something she’d expected completely but sharper and more intense than she’d ever imagined it’d be. However, his thick cock pushing all the way into her forbidden hole gave her a very fulfilled and satisfied feeling, in a way she’d never felt before, and even the pain gave her the slightly hint of pleasure, though she thought perhaps it was just the situation, submitting and giving her up arse for him.

“How’s it feel, like you thought it would do?” he said through gritted teeth as he held her tightly and pumped into her hard.

”Fucking hurts,” she growled, but didn’t ask him to slow down. Without a word he slammed into her harder, making tears prick her eyes as another twinge of sharp pain speared her body, her breath ragged and heavy as she fought the pain, trying not to pull away from him since she’d agreed to this and was deep down kind of enjoying it. She almost sobbed as he pulled back, giving her another couple of thrusts before slowing to a stop and easing himself back, popping out of her hot body, leaving her much looser than she had been before. Shakira had a brief period to rest, taking it gladly. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to be doing this, but pain was pain and she needed a break to get her breath back and calm down a bit.

“You alright there? Want to carry on?” he said, stepping round so he could see her face, and more importantly the look in her eyes, since they wouldn’t lie to him.

”I’m ok, just gimme a moment. Don’t stop,” she murmured, her eyes telling the exact same story. He just gave a smile and brushed his hand through her hair before turning away to get something. She just focussed on resting while she could, hearing him fiddling with clothing and then the unmistakeable sound of a belt being yanked out of a pair of jeans. Walking back over, she tried to look back as she felt the cool leather drag over her round ass, the smooth feeling deceptive of the intentions of it.

“You know what this is?” he said, just letting it trail down over the back of her bulging pussy lips.

“It’s your belt,” she breathed, wiggling a little for him, which seemed to please him as he gave a slight laugh.

“Well done, and what do you think I’m going to do with it?” he said, still just trailing it over her.

“You’re going to hit my ass with it,” she said simply, not the least bit hesitant to face it.

”Yes I am, for your own good,” he said, just letting his fingers drift to her wet pussy, which he noticed was absolutely dripping wet, her juices starting to leak she was so turned on.

”Yes, I need to be trained,” she said, giving a little groan that made his cock twitch, almost inviting him to push back into her. He didn’t say anything else to her, since things were clearly understood, and just stepped aside, taking aim and then laying a good hard swat across her arse with the doubled up belt, a loud crack breaking the air as it landed across her full cheeks. She let out a loud squeal of pleasure and squeezed her legs shut, though he decided to let it go this time, besides it was a better way to do this.

“Count them,” he said, before laying another strike on her with the belt, making her arse jiggle and pushing another squeal from her.

“One!” she gasped, her eyes squeezing shut. She’d never been hit with a belt before, and the way it just snapped across her was a real eye opener, metaphorically at least. He paused a moment, then swatted her with it again, not being too hard, just hard enough to give her a good feel.

”Two,” she breathed, coping better now since she knew what was coming. He lowered it a bit, delivering a blow that just flicked threateningly close to the puffy bulge of her pussy between her closed legs, making her yelp.

”Three!” she quickly said, not wanting to incur his displeasure. He just smiled as she obediently counted the blows to her gorgeous ass, quite all right with him just using it for his pleasure at her pain.

”Four,” she said through gritted teeth as he gave her a slightly harder hit, smiling over the sight of her lovely ass jiggling before him.

”Five! Six!” she quickly yelped, clenching and ascending into a high pitched squeal as the sting spread through her rear, her bum now thoroughly pink with a couple of red marks appearing across the soft cheeks. Turning his wrist, he stood behind her so he could swing downwards and raised his arm. Shakira let out a howl, her right knee trying to bend as he gave a good hard smack downwards onto her right arse cheek from above, whipping right on the top of it.

”…Seven…” she gasped, breathing fast and shallow, her body rocking with the movement of her chest. He did exactly the same to her left arse cheek, causing much the same motion, Shakira unable to stop herself raising her thigh with a sharp motion, tensing her arse delightfully.

”Eight,” she moaned, arching her back to present her arse fully for him again as she stood her foot back down. In a blur of motion, he threw his arm back and delivered a powerful crack across her arse, catching the outside of her right cheeks before breaking across, immediately swinging backhanded to give her another blow which caught the outside of her left cheek and across her soft arse to match, making her bum tremble with the force.

”Nine…Teeeeennn!” she wailed, having counted the ninth before the sensation had registered, which hit full on as she tried to count the tenth one, barely succeeding before she broke into a loud scream at the two hard whips across her arse from his belt. Two red lines appeared almost immediately on her sweet round ass, which clenched tightly, her hips banging the tabletop as she tried to take the pain, feeling the tingle spread up her back and down her toned thighs as it passed, leaving a numb sensation. There was a thud as the buckle hit the floor where he threw the belt aside, Shakira feeling his hot hands grab hold of her hips. She knew exactly what he was about to do and tried to relax, but the stinging pain still subsiding made it difficult. He bent his knees a little as he pushed his cock between her round ass and then pushed up and forwards hard, driving himself back into her hard.

”Fuccckkk!” she screamed gutturally, gritting her teeth and tensing up as he drove back into her sore arse, in more ways than one as he plunged to full depth straight away, pressing his hips into her sore rear. He didn’t waste any time, holding for a moment to enjoy the squeeze her clenching arse was giving him before pulling back right to the head. The bulge of his bulbous tip made her strained ring bulge a little, making her give a little squeak before he drove right back into her, making her squeal loudly as he stretched her open again, driving his thick cock deep into her till his balls pressed into her leaking pussy. He wasn’t going too fast right now, making Shakira wonder whether that was better or worse as she took him powerfully in and out of her dry arse. He wasn’t going slow exactly, just she knew there was far more to come from him which she’d already felt and wondered whether it’d improve the sensations she was feeling.

”Hold tight,” he growled, his hands shifting from her curvy hips to her slim waist, yanking back against the top of her hips as he drove his full 7” length into her hard, making her yell out as he slammed into her rear, shoving up against the underside of her squeezed ribs as he pulled right back out of her, before hauling against her hips again as he drove forwards into her, giving her the speed she’d wondered at. Her sphincter was able to take it better for sure, just being beaten all the time, but being crammed with his thick cock hard and fast was certainly no easier to take, leaving her just gasping and yelping in pain under him as the front of her hips were banged against the heavy wooden table. He was loving it though, not so much for degrading the Columbian superstar although that was quite hot, the way she was just taking it without asking him to stop, but because her arse was so great for it. She was tight and hot, squeezing him strongly as he pumped her, her round ass perfect for pressing against, and it jiggled just perfectly as he body shook.

“You need this,” he said simply before he pulled straight out of her, leaving her gaping and positively disappointed. Despite the pain, she was kind of enjoying being fucked in the ass, and his cock suddenly leaving her was unexpectedly frustrating. She tried to look round to see what he was doing but it didn’t matter, she felt it before she could see anything, which was a harsh slap landing on her arse, making her clench and squeeze her legs shut.

”Open your legs,” he said sternly, threateningly patting her arse. Even though she was smarting she quickly did as she was told, not wanting to disappoint him as he proceeded to lay a hard spank on each cheek, causing her to howl and pull at the hook in the wall that her handcuffs were linked to. He knew she couldn’t take many now, her arse very red and sore from the spanking and use of the belt, the lines clearly visible. He didn’t want to leave her permanently damaged or anything. He placed his hand on the small of her back and delivered three more hard spanks quickly, making her tense and scream in pain, muttering the words “no more” to herself, though she wasn’t going to ask him to stop, knowing she had handed him the right to do as he pleased with her and not wanting to let him down.

As she was gasping and fighting through the latest arse numbing pain he grabbed her again, his cock harder than it’d ever been in his life as he stood over the submissive pop star, her jiggling reddened arse just waiting to take him in. He pushed his cock down to her loosened hole and pressed forwards, loving the feeling of her body squeezing when he entered, his head popping into her before he grabbed her hips and drove all the way into her. He just loved the sound she created when he did it, the loud piercing shriek as she took all seven thick inches of his cock, his balls pressed tightly into the top of her bulging pussy, which was considerably wet. Shakira, despite the twinges of pain she was feeling, was coping much better now and a strangely pleasurable full feeling, like she was complete now he was back in her, even though it was something new to her as he started to thrust. Most of the pain was gone now, bar the stinging in the cheeks of her arse and some jabs of it as he went full depth, but otherwise she was able to feel the other sensations, which were quite overwhelming.

All the nerve endings in her arse were alight as he pumped briskly in and out of her, using short thrusts, breathing hard and groaning as he did. Although she was new to anal sex, she wasn’t new to sex in general and she could tell he was going to come soon. She was right, he could feel it building in him, knowing it was only a short way off now and he wanted her to remember it well as her first time. Shakira squeezed him hard with her muscles a few times and knew she’d done it when his grip tightened immediately on her and he started to pump her as hard as he could, making her squeak at the increased pace, feeling the tingle as his hips slapped against her ample rear, making her jiggle as she gasped and pressed back to meet him, squeezing and stimulating him as much as she could.

He tensed up and then gave a loud grunt, burying himself as deep as he possibly could in her body, driving her against the table powerful as she felt his cock sharply spasm within her before his hot load spurted hard inside her. Shakira gasped at the pressure with which he came, feeling it like a jet inside her as the hot, thick come ejaculated into her arse, making her groan in unabashed pleasure at the unique sensation, loving how it felt in her, quite a change from the usual sensation of it in her pussy she thought. The last couple of spurts of his quite impressive load squeezed into her clenching rear and he stopped after a final push, both of them gasping for air and covered in a sheen of sweat.

”So how was that?” he asked after a minute or so, breaking the silence before he slipped back out of her tortured rear, leaving her hole just twitching slightly, her body exhaustedly slumped over the table with her legs wide. He walked round the side of the table, Shakira looking up at him tiredly through her messy hair.

”Intense…in a good way,” she breathed, giving him a slightly smile. He smiled back and located the keys to the handcuffs. He quickly reached up and just unlocked her hands directly, letting her strained body relax more. She rubbed her sore wrists, the blood slowly returning to her hands and fingers once more as he untied the lead from the hook, reaching up through her hair to detach it from the collar she wore, feeling the heat of her soft skin close to his fingers as he did so. Totally freed she stood up, stretching a bit and giving a slight grimace as she did, feeling the after effects of what she’d just been through. He walked over to her and brushed her hair back from her pretty, smiling face, smiling back at her before leaning in and kissing her, their tongues sliding softly together as their lips joined, both of them giving slight murmurs of pleasure as they did.

”Well you did great, I’m proud of you,” he said as they broke apart, Shakira blushing a little shyly as he complimented her. He reached out and held her hips, then slowly turned her round to face away from him, Shakira looking back to see what he was doing. He was careful not to bump her sore rear as his fingers found the lacing of her corset, just playing with the brilliant white cord for a minute before he worked the knot undone, the back of the corset sliding apart as her natural figure restored itself. Shakira gave a little disappointed noise as he freed it, pouting a bit.

“Why are you taking that off?” she murmured looking down as the black leather slackened at her waist.

”Shh, just enjoy,” he said softly as he worked at the lacing.

”I like wearing it, makes me feel sexy,” she mumbled, looking back at him through her messy hair and pouting at him more. He smiled and reached up to brushed her full lips with a finger, making her giggle lightly.

“You’d look sexy in a bin bag hun,” he said, going back to work on the lacing. He pulled it loose and threaded it to release her, then reached round the front and unhooked it, freeing her hot, curvy body, and for the first time, her perky breasts, the nipples stiff to the fresh, cool air. He laid the corset down on the table next to them, and then slid his hands up her sides, his fingertips just brushing the sides of her soft boobs before he slid his hands round under them. He cupped them, feeling their humble weight before his thumbs circled up and brushed over her stiff nipples, making her gasp, not realising how sensitive her nipples had become under the corset. Breathing lightly over her shoulder, his hands slid up fully and squeezed her breasts, her hard nipples pushing into his palms as he grasped her soft rack, feeling her shiver a little. Releasing her, his lands slid back to her bare hips and he turned her back to face him again, looking straight down at her lovely tits.

“Just relax,” he said with a smile, brushing her breasts lightly again as he slid his arms down to scoop her up. She laughed as he picked her up, kicking her legs playfully as he carried her to the bathroom, which was built adjoining the basement room. Standing her down, he leaned over and turned the water on. Shakira reached out and smacked him on the arse, making him look round to see her cheekily smiling at him. Standing up, he raised his eyebrows with a knowing smile.

”Don’t push your luck dear,” he said smoothly with a smile as he slid his arms round her waist, leaning in and kissing her again.

”Why not?” she teased, wiggling a little in his grasp.

“Because there’s still a lot more I can do to this ass,” he said with a sly smile, reaching down and brushing his hand over her soft, rounded arse, making her shiver a little.

”That’s a good thing,” she whispered, biting her lip sexily as she looked up into his eyes.

“In due time,” he said, lightly stroking her waist before he lifted her up and put her in the shower, making her squeal as the water splashed over her. He paused a moment to watch the water run down over her curvy, tanned body, then stepped in with her, his cock already starting to recover. The hot, steaming water splashed over him, feeling invigorating as she turned him under it, giggling as his hair soaked and stuck down, like her own was now. He reached up and slicked it back with a smile before leaning down to kiss her softly, their tongue fighting one another as her slender hand reached for his semi-hard cock, wrapping round near his balls and sliding back up and off his head. He gave a definite surge of recovery as she did, spurring his hands to explore her hot body in return, sliding down her naked, wet back towards her big, curvy ass, giving a firm squeeze before delivering a quick spank, which pushed a groan and then a yelp from her, since she was very sore.

”Hey, careful back there,” she said, looking up at him, a playful glint in her eye.

”I don’t think you actually want me to be,” he said with a sly smile as he gave her another squeeze, his heart rushing as he saw the way she bit her lip with a little shiver. His hands slid back up and then round to find her perky breasts, nipples still completely to attention. She gave a little murmur of pleasure as he pressed them in slightly, then almost purred as he brushed over her tight, sensitive nipples with his thumbs. Shakira felt herself tremble, a little surge of energy to her very core, her pussy wettening a little more as his hands covered her perky boobs fully and squeezed the soft, warm mounds. Her dainty hand had him at full attention now, his 7” cock standing up completely rock hard now and ready for her. Shakira gave a squeal as he picked her up and pulled her close to him, then slid her down his body. She got the hint pretty quickly, slipping her smooth, wet legs round his body as he waited a moment, before he lowered her straight down onto his waiting hardon, his bulbous tip splitting her lips before sinking in, her hot, squeezing body sliding down his erection with ease as they both gave a groan of pure pleasure.

“Ohh fuck me,” she moaned, her eyes closed in pleasure as he pressed her against the cold tiled wall, making her tense up a moment as he held her and started to slip in and out of her at a slow, powerful pace, letting them both feel every last little nerve light up. He didn’t waste any time, fumbling to turn off the taps with a spare hand before he stepped straight out of the shower with her, ducking slightly through the door so as not to bang her head before practically slamming her down on the bed. Shakira gave a grunt as he landed on top of her, kissing her neck as she writhed under him, his hips rising and falling as he started to fuck her properly.

“You wanted a fucking, you’re gonna get it,” he growled, pausing to hook her long, tanned legs up over his shoulders, leaning on his arms as he started to thrust again, wasting no time in picking up the pace. She groaned long and low as he started to fairly pound on her, using short, fast strokes in and out of her dripping pussy, her engorged lips clinging tightly to his impaling cock. He glistened with her abundant juices as he slid in and out, Shakira shoving her hands round his neck and holding on tight as her body was stretched from his weight. She didn’t mind at all though as he thrust powerfully into her, the sensations just perfect for her, loving that they had got to this point from what had started as a single kinky letter. She was getting close to orgasm now as he leaned on one arm to reach down and give her a spank, her glowing arse jiggling a little and making her squeal.

In response, Shakira lunged up and sharply bit him on the top of the shoulder, making him grunt in surprise and pain as she literally sunk her teeth into him, feeling her bite him a little harder as he continued to pump her. He grimaced as she drew blood, just breaking the skin, making him automatically start to thrust harder into her, changing his angle a little in his upturn in pace, brushing her G-spot a little bit more, which was all it took to send the Columbian beauty over the edge. With a loud, guttural groaning scream of orgasmic bliss, muffled by his shoulder, Shakira climaxed hard, her body shuddering and tensing, before she gave a spasm, her pussy clenching and milking at his impaling shaft. With her pelvic muscles grabbing and squeezing at him strongly he was taken with her, allowing them to enjoy a simultaneous orgasm as he unloaded deep inside her, Shakira mumbling in pleasure as his hot load released within her curvy body, feeling his cock pulse and twitch as his climax ended with her own. With a sigh he collapsed onto her, her legs spreading out either side of him as she also flopped. They just lay together for a minute or so, their sweat bodies and heavy breathing all that was necessary right then as they enjoyed the ultimate connection.

“How you feel hun?” he asked softly, raising his head from her soft hair and then his hips, sliding his softened cock from her and rolling carefully off as she closed her legs.

”So relaxed. This has been great,” she murmured as he leaned to give her a kiss on the cheek.

“Then what’s with this?” he said with a smile, pointing to his bitten shoulder. She blushed and shyly looked away.

”Well, I’m a bit of a screamer at times, and it’s something to remember me by isn’t it?” she said, looking back with a sexy giggle.

”I was never gonna forget you anyway,” he said with a smile, joining her for a full kiss now. She rolled onto her side and he slid behind her, spooning her, sliding his arms round her warm, soft waist to just hold her comfortably. Without another word they just lay together, listening to one another’s breathing as Shakira sported a sly, sweet smile at what had just occurred. Comfortable together, they drifted off to sleep on top of the bed.

He woke slowly, looking up to get his bearing. Looking down did far more though, as he saw the gorgeous Latin pop star in his arms, still sleeping soundly with him on top of the bed where they’d fucked so memorably earlier. How long ago earlier he wasn’t quite sure as he twisted to see the clock. It was evening now, 7 ‘o’ clock, the setting sun streaming in the thin, frosted glass of the windows that the basement room had. Just giving a little shake, he woke Shakira.

“I think you’d best get up hun, you’ll never sleep tonight,” he said with a slight laugh as he slipped back a little to sit up on the bed. With a moan she stirred, stretching herself on the bed and rolling over, smiling up at him as she glanced at the clock.

”I guess I should really, my mother might ask where I’ve been,” she quipped, giving a grin as she stepped down onto the floor, looking round for her clothes, which were scattered everywhere. Locating her underwear, he just watched as she slipped her sexy French knickers on, then slid her stockings on even though she didn’t need them now, just liking the feel. She didn’t have a bra, only the corset she’d worn, so she picked up her black shirt and slid it on over her topless body, covering her perky breasts as she buttoned it up, her nipples slightly visible through it.

”Keep the corset for me, don’t know when I might need it,” she said with a smile.

”So you think this is something you’d like to do again?” he said with a smile after a brief pause, trying to keep the hope from his voice.

”I’d love to,” she said, leaning down to give him a kiss before she located her boots, stepping into them and quickly pulling the zips up, giggling as he stared at her in the boots and lingerie.

”So you had fun, even though it hurt?” he asked, watching as she picked up her tan leather pencil skirt.

”Yeah, that was the best part. It was so…intense, it’s what I came here for. But of course all the pleasure did help,” she said with a sexy sideways glance as she stepped into her skirt, pulling it up her sexy, fishnet stocking encased legs to her curvy hips and arse. She reached back and drew the zip up to finish herself off, bar her messy hair, which she started smoothing down a little. Stepping off the bed, he found his shorts and jeans and quickly pulled them on, before going to a drawer and getting something out.

”I’ve got something for you,” he said, walking over to her with it hidden behind his back.

”Oh really, what’s that then?” she said with a smile, trying to see what it was curiously. Pulling his arm out, he held up a butt plug, seeing her eyes widen a little at it. It was quite long, about 6” and had a centre that looked like it’d be a little bit of a push for her.

“Bend over,” he said simply. Without a word she did as he asked, turning away from him and bending down to grab her ankles, legs straight so her arse was presented to him. He reached down and took hold of her skirt, peeling the pencil leather number up her legs so it rolled up to her hips, where he pushed it up over the bottom of her back to reveal her big, curvy ass, the French knickers pulling up into it from the position. Shakira blushed a little, unseen by him as he brushed his fingers over the warm bulge of her pussy before taking hold of the waistband, pulling the elastic so that the sexy undies slipped down over her form to reveal her. Leaving them at her thighs, he spread her arse with his fingers and pushed the toy to the back of her pussy to just moisten the tip, making her shuffle a little on her high-heeled boots before he raised it to her arse. She murmured as he pressed the end of the long, slender taper to her arsehole.

”Ready baby?” he asked, not that he was giving her much choice.

”Yeah,” she breathed, relaxing herself. She knew it was going to hurt though, she was still very sore from her pounding earlier on. He pushed it into her, Shakira inhaling sharply as it slid into her, stretching her out as it pushed up the taper. She reached her limit for right then, feeling her body resisting the thickness, not that he was gonna hold back. With a sharp yell at a flash of pain in her sphincter, Shakira felt all 6” of the plug slide and lock neatly into her rear as he gave it a good shove, stopping her arse completely. The base of the plug just stuck out from her, the rest buried inside her where she could feel it laying in a new area of pleasure she’d explored. A reminder of her sodomizing that she was sure would be continued now.

”There,” he said simply with a smile, giving a little pat to her arse before pulling up her knickers again, cheekily reaching down to make sure they were right over her pussy as she gave a giggle, then a murmur of pleasure as he gave her a light rub through them before his hand slid back to her arse. She knew what was coming as she felt him take aim, trying not to clench up as he drew his hand back then delivered a good firm spank to her. It wasn’t too hard, just firm, but with her arse so sore it certainly felt hard as the sting raced through her rear, the cheeks jiggling from the blow as she clenched with a squeal of pain, resisting the urge to stand up. He reached up and pulled down her skirt, rolling the tan leather back down over her back and legs, reaching down to tug it out straight and smoothing it over her bum before she stood up and faced him with a knowing smile and a look.

“I wanna see how that makes you walk,” he said with a smile.

”I think you know how it’s gonna make me walk. Just what you did earlier is gonna change my walk,” she said with a roll of her eyes and a smile.

”You’re gonna love how that feels when you walk down the street. And you can look at all those passers by and wonder what they’d think if they knew what you were wearing,” he said with a smile as he led her up the stairs to the door of his house, Shakira grabbing her bag on the way.

”I guess this is it,” he said, holding her gently.

”Only for now. I don’t think you’ll keep me away. And now you’ve…tasted the real thing, you can use it to write me those letters you do so well,” she said with a giggle before hugging him and kissing him passionately. Their lips pressed together as their tongues entwined, attacking each other vigorously as they knew it’d be the last kiss for a while. Opening the door, she stepped out onto the porch into the fading evening sun, slipping on her sunglasses and looking back with one last smile before walking down the steps, feeling a slight soreness. He watched as she walked off down the street, distinctly waddling as she did so, then deliberately wiggling as she tried to settle herself a bit, the combination of the plug and the after effects of her first anal being felt. She looked back to him with a smile before walking off down the street into the sunset…

The End.

Big thanks to Ghost for helping check and edit this story.

As usual, please send me Feedback if you have any thoughts or ideas. I like reading your feedback and suggestions, so please drop me a line.
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Absolutely loved this story. You are a real master with bondage play.


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