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Shakira - Laundy Service Pt.2
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Shakira - Laundry Service: Part 2

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

I trudged into work for another evening shift. I seemed to have become a regular occurrence now, working double shifts because someone had called in sick or left. I hung up my jacket and signed in, heading to find my manager for a list of rooms to attend to for the evening in amongst any calls. I found him and he looked up as I entered the office.

“Ah you’re here. You’ve been requested for the evening to carry out service for one room” he said, finding the keys. I looked at him a bit bemused for a minute, waiting for him to explain some more.

“Don’t ask me,” he said, reading my expression, “She just rang down and requested you specifically and said to send you up once you started work” he said, handing me the key.

“I dunno why anyone would do that” I said, trying not to sound unsure.

“And as you know, we pride ourselves on quality customer service around here. So hop to it” he said, looking up with a finalising expression. I gave a nod and headed out, then looked down at the key in my hand. The number 69 was stencilled in white on the cheap, black plastic key handle, wisps of plastic around the edges. I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at the room number, and wondered why the hell I’d been personally requested. I figured it was just a mate playing a prank on me, maybe he thought it’d get me out of my shift.

It occurred to me, once I reached the fifth floor, that I could have checked the list of guests to find out who I was meant to be serving for the evening. I certainly wasn’t about to walk back down five flights of stairs to find out though. I headed along the corridor, counting through the numbers to reach number 69 at the end. It was an end room so subsequently large, one of the more luxurious suites at the hotel. I knocked on the door and waited a moment, hearing nothing. I slotted the key into the lock with a click and turned it, opening the large door and heading in. I stepped in and saw nobody around, but something caught my eye on the table. Walking closer I saw it was a note on a piece of folded white paper, which I picked up, flicking it open with a twist of my fingers.

“The shower could use some special attention” it said in soft, feminine handwriting. I felt my cock twitch as I read the note again to make sure I’d seen it right. I pondered for a minute, wondering what was going on, and then headed down the hall to the bathroom. I paused for a moment outside, thinking I could hear water running but dismissed it. The doors were pretty solid so you couldn’t hear a lot of things through them, and nobody was here it seemed. I opened the door and walked in, looking up. I caught my breath with a choking sound in the warm, steamy air at what I saw in front of me. Shakira stood in the open shower, the hot water cascading down over her tight, tanned body as she lathered up. A trail of soapy water ran down her spine and between the firm cheeks of her arse as she soaped up her shoulders, her hands then sliding to foam up her perky breasts. She turned slightly and looked over her shoulder.

“I wondered when you’d get here” she said in her sexy Colombian accent, her hand sliding down to soap her toned stomach as she gave a seductive smile. I still couldn’t form words as she turned back and slowly rinsed herself off, rubbing her hands over every inch of her fine body. My cock was now rock hard, which I’d barely noticed as I’d watched her gorgeous form. She reached up and flicked the shower off with a flick of her hand and then stepped out. She gave me a full frontal, her long, tanned body glistening with wetness, and a pussy clean shaven to perfection.

She grabbed a towel and blotted her face before smiling at me. She reached up and started at her shoulders, briskly rubbing the soft towel over her breasts and stomach, and then down over her shaven mound, where she paused for a few seconds. Shakira then bent over away from me and rubbed the towel slowly up and down her long legs, taking her time before moving back up and rubbing the towel around her tight rear. She wiggled her hips as she dried off, really making a show.

“How’s that fine arse been doing?” I said, my first words to her.

“It’s doing just fine, but it was really sore after last time. Next time I get my ass fucked it’s gonna have to be properly lubed. Unfortunately I forgot to get any, so we’ll have to give it a miss this time. I’ll make it more than worth your while though” she purred, giving me a wink.

She pulled the towel across her tight arse again before giving a quick drag up her back as she stood up, and then throwing the towel aside as she turned to me again. She stepped towards me a little, glancing at the bulge in my trousers, and then put one foot up on the toilet. She put her arms behind her head and stretched her smooth, tanned body out. Shakira looked at me with playful eyes.

“Do you think I need to lose weight?” she said in a light hearted manner.

“No, you look absolutely stunning” I said, smiling at her. She smiled back and put her legs down, sauntering over to me. Shakira pressed her still damp body against me and drew me into a long, lingering kiss.

“I’ve been thinking about this since we were last together” she whispered, barely moving away from me, our noses almost touching. She gave me another kiss and then slid down onto her knees, the bulge at my crotch level with her face. Her slender fingers ran over my hardon.

“This is exactly why I asked for you” she said sexily, her fingers finding my buckle. She unclipped it and the button and then drew down the zipper in what looked like one fluid motion. She pulled my trousers down a little and then took hold of my shorts. She lifted the waistband away slightly and then pulled them down to reveal my solid 8” rod. She eyed it lustily, then leaned forwards and drew her tongue up the underside in a long, slow lick. I groaned slightly as her hot tongue ran over my cock, feeling her lips plant kisses on the bulbous head. Her hot, wet mouth slid onto my cock, her tongue lapping at the underside as she slid down to deepthroat on the first go. I felt her long hair tickle my legs as her nose pressed into my groin, her mouth sucking hard on my shaft as she gave a slight groan of pleasure.

She drew back up slowly, sucking hard, her tongue swirling under and around my shaft till she got to the head. Shakira’s tongue twisted and curled around the head of my cock as she sucked hard, flicking the slit and then licking away a drop of precum. She then slid back down a bit faster, her hot, wet, mouth feeling like heaven. She went for a full deepthroat again, having no trouble controlling her gag reflex as she dove down and then withdrew again, getting a bit of a rhythm going. She started going full length for a couple of minutes, using her tongue to great effect as she slurped up and down my full 8”. Going from the head, to deepthroating and back to the head again with ease. I gave a slight groan of pleasure and then all of a sudden she stopped, sliding my cock out of her mouth. I looked up at her somewhat questioningly.

“Come with me sexy” she said, leading me by the hand to her bedroom. I stumbled after her, holding my trousers up long enough to get to her room. She turned and kissed me hard, her tongue sliding into my mouth as her fingers rapidly started undoing my shirt. I returned the kiss and let my trousers and shorts drop. She had my shirt undone and I pulled it off, casting it aside onto a chair. She kissed me again, gently turning me round before giving me a gentle push and I fell back onto the bed.

My cock bounced against my stomach as I felt the soft silk sheets beneath me, cool and smooth. Shakira dropped to her knees at the end of the bed and pulled my socks off, then my trousers and shorts followed them onto the floor, leaving me naked on the bed in front of the lusty Colombian. She eyed my hard cock as it throbbed with every heartbeat, twitching invitingly. Shakira pulled herself onto the bed, sliding sexily onto all fours and moving forwards till she was was level with my cock.

“Just enjoy, my treat” she whispered, taking hold round the base of my cock. She lay down over my leg, her slick pussy now on my lower leg. She started licking my cock, slowly dragging her tongue up the underside of my shaft and over the head. Her spare hand gently took hold on my balls, softly massaging them. My breathing was quite rapid now, seeing her look up at me with her deep eyes as she very deliberately slid the head of my cock into her hot, velvet mouth. She sucked the first few inches in and then pulled back to just the head, suckling softly at its bulbous form. Her hand jerked slowly up and down the base of my shaft, mixing the sensations with that from her mouth.

My hips lifted slightly to get more of her but she kept control of the pace. She removed her hand and slowly slid down my cock once more, taking around 5” into her mouth, still fondling my balls. She bobbed her head on the first 5” of my cock for a few moments, and then dove right down to deep throat, her tongue lapping at my cock. She withdrew with a loud slurping, pouting her lips up my shaft. I groaned as the hot Colombian sucked me off, my hands twisting in her long blonde hair. She merely gave a slight grunt round her mouthful as I pulled at her hair, continuing to suck on my cock like it was her air supply. She lapped at the head of my cock before pushing all the way back down into her throat, sucking hard all the way. She was now grinding her pussy on my leg, her juices lubricating her as she pleasured herself.

“Shakira...” I gasped, pulling her hair even more as I tried to let her know.

“I know sexy, just let me take care of it” she cooed from around my thick shaft. I flopped back on the bed and tried not to grip her head too hard as she sucked, her talented mouth sliding up and down my full 8”. It only took a few more of her hot, wet, powerful strokes and sucks to finish me off. I grunted in relief and pressed her head down on my cock. She gave a groan of pleasure as her nose pressed against my pubic hair and she felt my hot cum shoot into the back of her throat. Several spurts ejected into her throat and she sucked, and then I felt her throat muscles move around the head of my cock as she swallowed. Shakira’s tongue massaged up the bottom of my cock as she milked every last drop from me and then she pulled away, my hands sliding from her hair and my softening cock from her mouth.

“That was fantastic” I breathed, sweat on my forehead.

“I love sucking a nice hard cock, and you certainly have one of those” she said with a sexy smile as she crawled up the bed. She gave me a kiss and lay down next to me as we caught our breath.

“You like sucking cock do you? You dirty little thing” I said, stroking her back.

“I’m afraid I do. Does that mean I’ve been naughty?” she said, looking up at me with an innocent smile.

“Yes it does. I think you need a good hard spanking” I said with a smile.

“If you really think so, I won’t stop you” she said, licking her lips as she stared at me with a sultry glint in her eye. I stared back for a moment, and then slid from her grasp to sit on the edge of the bed. She looked at me and I patted my lap with a slight smirk. She gave a giggle and crawled sexily over to me and pulled herself across my legs, wiggling into place so her arse was high and accessible. I reached out and squeezed the firm globes of her bum and she wriggled a little more, settling into place.

I pulled my hand back and laid down a firm slap, the healthy sound tearing the tension in the room. She gave a grunt of pleasure and drew in a deep breath. I heard her hold it as I drew my hand back again, then she let it out in a long, low moan as I laid down another spank on her curvy rear. I gently rubbed her tight rear with circular motions of my hand before I gave her another spank, a little harder than the previous two. She moaned louder, her thighs squeezing together.

“Think you’ve learnt your lesson?” I said, rubbing the backs of her thighs.

“Not just yet” she breathed. I raised my hand and gave her another firm spank, causing her to gasp, her breathing now a little more rapid, her hands holding onto the bed quite tightly. I pinched her right cheek and then laid down a final spank, harder than all the others than left a red mark on her rear. She grunted loudly in pain and pleasure, squeezing her legs together as she caught her breath. I lifted her up and rolled her onto the bed on her back, noticing the slight sheen of sweat on her chest, her nipples hard on her modest breasts. I slid down onto the bed next to her, leaning down to kiss her. She drew me in for a long, tongue sharing kiss, our tongues dancing with each other. I slid from her soft lips and kissed down over her chin and onto her neck, using my tongue to add a new sensation. She moaned softly and gave a slight shiver.

I moved further down, kissing down her chest to her perky breasts. I moved onto their firm, tanned forms, kissing down the middle and then onto her right breast, going all around before moving to the nipple. I ran my tongue around the aureole, causing her to moan as I locked onto her nipple and sucked, my tongue flicking at the tip of her nipple with my tongue. I nibbled at it with my lips, pulling the hard point away from her breast slightly as I did. I slid off her right nipple and kissed down the inside of her breast and across to her left one. I kissed over her breast again and then licked around her nipple, teasing the aureole. I finally latched onto the nipple and started sucking quite hard, gently nipping it with my teeth, my tongue teasing the tip as she moaned.

I slid off her nipple and kissed down onto her stomach, trailing my tongue over the firm, toned skin. I moved futher down, resting on her smooth legs as I slid down. She mumbled something which I thought was in Spanish as I kissed round the top of her pubic mound, and then slid down and kissed up the insides of her thighs. Her breathing was heavy as I teased her with soft kisses and licks on her inner thighs. Her thighs were trying to squeeze together on me as I tormented her. And then swiftly, I moved up and ran my tongue the full length of Shakira’s smooth, swollen pussy lips. She moaned loudly in pleasure as the tip of my tongue caught her hard clit as it poked out from under its hood, her thighs squeezing together on me.

I moved back onto her cunt, planting lots of kisses over the puffy wet lips. She groaned and pushed her hips up to me, her hands gripping the covers. I started licking all over her shaven lips, running my tongue up the slit, tasting her sweet juices as she writhed beneath me. I slid my tongue lower down her pussy and then pushed my tongue inside her, locking onto her with my lips. I sucked gently at her pussy as my tongue darted in and out of her hot, wet cunt. She grunted in ecstasy, grinding her hips up into me as she grabbed handfuls of the covers, one hand pinching at her nipples.

I slid up, drawing my tongue from her tight folds and up onto her rock hard clit that stood prominently. I circled it with my tongue, teasing her immensely before I slid my tongue over its hard tip, causing her to moan. I kissed gently on her clit and then started to suck at it, massaging it with my lips, gently nibbling at it. Gentle sucking sounds filled the air along with the Colombians heaving breathing and gasps.

“Yeah...yeah right there” she gasped through her pleasure as my tongue worked around and over her hard clit with my sucking lips. My hand stroked her soft thigh, working its way up till my fingertips brushed the bottom of her slick cunt. I rubbed gently with my fingers as my mouth continued to work on her, my fingers teasing the lips open slightly. I moved my hand up underneath my chin and ran my fingers gently up and down her entrance, feeling her wetness as I started to push in. I felt her pussy clench as she groaned in pleasure at the penetration, feeling two of my fingers slide easily into her.

I pushed my fingers deep into her, and then gently started sliding them in and out as I lapped hungrily at her clit. She was groaning loudly in pleasure as her orgasm approached, her body writhing on the bed in desperation to climax. My other hand reached up and gave her right nipple a tweak as I continued thrusting my two fingers in harder, my tongue swirling round and over her clit. My lips nipped and nibbled on her clit and swollen lips, feeling them twitching in excitement. It was all it took and her orgasm hit with full force.

“Ungh....yeessssss!” she hissed, grabbing my head and pressing it into her groin as she pushed upwards. I latched onto her clit and sucked, my tongue licking the tip as I pushed my fingers as deep as I could and held them there. She screamed in ecstasy, her juices flowing all over my lips and tongue. I felt her tight pussy clamping down on my fingers as her orgasm overtook her, blocking out the world with sheer pleasure, her back arched. Her thighs were locked on my head, and with her hands it meant I couldn’t escape, not that I wanted to from her tasty snatch.

Her orgasm slowly faded and she started gasping to catch her breath, her body going limp and releasing me. I slid my fingers from her now sensitive pussy, withdrawing from her tender clit. Her body was covered with a shine from sweat, her face flushed, a smile on her lips. I smiled back as I crawled up next to her, leaning down to kiss her. I slid my tongue into her mouth and she tasted the sweet taste of her own juices, still on my lips from her freshly licked cunt.

“Thanks stud” she whispered sexily, still close to me. I leaned down to kiss her again and felt her leg pushing outwards against mine as she spread them further. I got the idea and lifted myself over her slender pin and slid in between her thighs. I kissed her again and then kissed down onto her neck, gently sucking and kissing it as I pushed the head of my raging erection against her tight, wet pussy lips. She ran her hands up my back as I pushed forwards, the head of my cock sliding into her hot haven with ease, her pussy just sucking me in. I eased forwards, firmly but slowly sliding my length into her, enjoying the feeling over her hot, tight pussy. She clamped down on me every inch or so felt great, her muscles gripping me for a moment then releasing me to let me slid deeper.

I pushed the another 2” of my cock into her, my pubic hair tickling her hairless lips a little. She looked down to see my cock impaling her and then smiled up at me, giving me another kiss. My cock nudged against her cervix as she moved, and I pushed slightly, bumping against her to see if I could push into her fully. She closed her eyes, biting her bottom lip as she pushed against me, my head again bumped against the entrance to her womb as she looked to be thinking it over for a moment. I started to pull out, figuring she didn’t want to go any deeper but as I did her legs hooked round my arse and she pulled me back in to where I was, my head nudging her again. I looked her in the face, our noses practically touching.

“Do it” she whispered, holding me still with her legs for a moment. We kissed again, our tongues mingling as I firmly pushed again. She mumbled slightly in discomfort as I felt a little resistance, and then movement. She let out a grunt and broke away as I slid in fully, my pubic hair pressing against her shaven entrance as the head of my cock slipped into her womb. She clenched her muscles once and then drew me in for another kiss. I slowly drew back, sliding all the way out to just the head of my cock and then pushed slowly all the way back in. Shakira was relaxed now and there was only a slight hint of resistance as I pushed past her cervix again, going balls deep in the blonde Colombian stunner.

She grunted as I bottomed out fully, inhaling as I withdrew from her tight snatch. She reached down and gave her clit a quick rub as I pushed back in, causing her to groan long and low in delight. A smile spread across her face as I slid right in again, and I leaned down to start sucking and kissing her neck again, nipping lightly with my teeth. I pulled back once more and pushed back in harder, drawing a squeal from her as she squeezed me with her muscles.

“Mmm you’re so tight and wet” I whispered, leaning in close before giving her a kiss. She just smiled back at me sexily as I increased my pace a little, thrusting my full 8” into her, driving all the way in and then drawing right back till the head of my cock threatened to slip out of her tight snatch. I thrust my full length in and out of her in a steady rhythm, feeling her hips come up to meet mine. She pulled me down for a series of long, tongue-swapping kisses as we fucked, her slender legs wrapped around the back of my thighs.

I fondled her perky breasts, gently pinching the nipples as I kissed down her neck, hearing her groan with pleasure. I keep my steady pace, slipping easily in and out of her tight, slick pussy. She resettled her hips on the bed, gently pushing them up with each thrust into her. I gave her another long, French kiss and then slowed my thrusts and stopped. She looked at me slightly confused for a moment and then understood with a smile as I gave a slight nod of my head.

“I should’ve known” she said slyly as she smirked, rolling herself over as I shuffled back from between her fine legs. She pulled herself up on her knees and settled her hands down near the pillows, spreading her thighs a little more as she got comfortable. I kneeled behind her and ran my fingers up her hips and sides, my fingertips just barely scraping her skin. She felt a tingle and gave a slight shiver, taking a gasp of breath. I slid my hands back down the smooth skin of the Colombian singer, taking a firm grip on her hips as I pulled myself up behind her, pushing the tip of my rock hard cock against her bulging wet pussy lips. I slid it gently up and down the swollen lips, pushing in slightly with the tip and then pulling back. I felt her pussy lips clench and heard her rapid breathing.

“Please, don’t hold out on me!” she said, a slight pleading tone in her voice. I slid my head down the back of her dripping cunt and then pushed forwards in a single motion, her tight haven engulfing the head of my cock without trouble. She sighed gratefully as she felt me push in, pushing back on me to take another inch or so of my shaft. I leaned over her, my hands sliding up to her firm breasts as I started kissing across the back of her neck. I felt her tense, her breath rapid as I pushed forwards, sliding the remaining 5” of my shaft into her. She gave a long sigh of pleasure as I slid my cock in, pushing all the way in till my balls hung against the bottom of her cunt lips. Beads of sweat glistened on her tanned back which yielded no tan lines at all. I ran my hands back up round her ribs and across her back, sliding them down her spine and into the cleft of her buttocks, causing her to give a slight shudder of excitement.

I pulled back in a slow motion to just the head of my cock, and then drove myself back in quite forcefully, causing Shakira to give a long, loud moan of pleasure. I held her hips tightly and started thrusting, much harder than before, really aiming to give her a fucking now. I pulled back a few inches and slammed back in against her curvy rear, picking up the pace. She gripped the sheets with her fingers, bunching them up as she held on against my thrusting.

Shakira growled in an animal lust as she started thrusting back to meet me, slamming around 6” of my solid shaft in and out of her tight shaven cunt. Her perky breasts bounced as we fucked, her grunting with each thrust into her, my head bumping against her cervix as I drove deep. She squeezed her thighs together which made her already tight cunt even tighter, the lips hugging my impaling shaft. I held her hips tight and started thrusting even harder into her, slapping loudly against her arse. She grunted and groaned loudly, her pussy lips clasping at me, muttering something in Spanish under her breath. Shakira started grinding her arse back onto me, rolling her hips teasingly. I gave the firm cheeks a correspondingly firm slap as she pushed back. She looked over her shoulder at me.

“I bet you wish you could hit this ass again huh?” she said teasingly, a sly smile on her lips.

I felt the approaching climax, my balls tightening as her tight pussy took me to the edge. Shakira sensed my impending climax and started clamping her pussy down on me as I stroked in and out of her. I felt the point of no return and gave a few more hard thrusts, then buried myself inside her and let go.

“Mmmmmm” she murmured, clenching her strong pussy muscles around me. She released the covers from her left hand and quickly reached for her pussy. Her nimble fingers found her prominent clit instantly and she gave a few quick rubs and her orgasm hit. She screamed in ecstasy and shook, her pussy milking my cock for every last drop of cum. Her thighs squeezed together and she grabbed handfuls of sheets, her gasping as loud as her moans. I held her slender, shaking form as she calmed down from her high. I slipped my softening cock from inside her dripping pussy lips and sat back on my heels. Shakira dropped forwards onto the pillows and rolled onto her back, motioning for me to join her. I crawled forwards and laid with her, her cheeks flushed red, sweat running down her face.

“That was wonderful stud” she whispered, drawing me in for a kiss as she cuddled up with me, facing away. It didn’t long for me to recover with the saucy Colombian singer pressed against me, and my cock was soon rock hard again and pushing against her arse. She responded, pushing her pert rear back against me. Shakira started wiggling her hips, grinding her tight arse back on my rock hard cock, sliding it between her cheeks. I held her and started gently pushing forwards, sliding up and down between her arse and nudging her anus. She suddenly pulled away from me and turned round, dropping down and deepthroating me. I groaned in pleasure as she worked her tongue on my shaft, sliding up and off the head with a noisy slurp.

“You’re certainly eager today, but for the moment, down boy” she said, patting my hip and standing from the bed. I watched her as she walked from the room, heading toward the kitchen, swaying her curvy hips and arse as she did. I ogled her body, eyeing her long legs and slender, tanned body. I got up and followed her into the main room, sitting down on the sofa as she stood in the small adjoining kitchen area. She bent over to get something from a cupboard, taking her time and wiggling her bum seductively as she did. She stood, gently swaying her hips from side to side as she hummed a tune, stretching up to get something from a higher cupboard.

“Lube or no lube, I’m gonna have to fuck that arse if you keep teasing me with it” I said, eyeing her up. She turned to me with a serious look on her face.

“But it was so sore after last time. It’ll hurt me way too much without lube, so I’ll stop teasing you OK? I don’t need to be taught another lesson” she said as she turned away, a slight sexy look in her eyes. I continued staring at her legs and arse, so shapely and tanned you could just imagine her rubbing in suntan lotion whilst reclining on a hot beach wearing a tiny bikini.

She behaved herself for a couple of minutes as she went about preparing something which I thought was pasta, but I didn’t divert my gaze much to check. She didn’t resist for long though, and soon started teasing again, bending over and wiggling her hips. I got up and walked over to her, standing just behind her and looking over her shoulder at her delicate, feminine hands as she worked. She pushed herself back on my, rubbing her firm arse on my rock hard cock, arching her back.

“You agreed to stop teasing me since I can’t give you a nice, hard arse fucking” I said, holding onto her waist.

“You don’t realise how sore it feels,” she replied, “but I guess I deserve it.” She continued to grind her tight arse back into me for a few moments and then spun round, her hand going for my rod. She started to stroke it a little with soft movements of her hands.

“You’re worked up aren’t you?” she cooed, continuing to stroke me.

“It’s that arse of yours, just too enticing” I said, trying not to simply let myself get carried away at her massage.

“You mean the arse that’s off limits?” she said with a sly smile.

“It won’t be off limits if you carry on” I said as she turned away.

“Really?” she said looking back at me over her shoulder. She leaned on the counter with her left hand, and then slid her right hand down her hip and onto her smooth arse. Shakira spread the cheeks open and raised an eyebrow at me sexily. I couldn’t take anymore and stepped forwards, shoving her over the countertop. She gave a grunt of surprise as she was bent over, giving me ample time to position myself. I gave a sharp thrust and Shakira screamed as the head of my cock shoved unceremoniously into her arsehole. We held still for a minute, her breath coming in loud gasps as she got used to the feeling.

“I was waiting for you to do something like that” she said through clenched teeth, her hands gripping the edge of the counter as she looked down. I held her hips tightly and pumped slowly a few times, hearing her breathing through her teeth. I slipped out of her, feeling her muscles push me out. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her away from the counter, then pulled down so she sank onto her knees. I pushed on her back and she dropped forwards onto all fours obediently, knowing all too well what was to come. I knelt down behind her and lined up, wasting no time and positioning myself against her anus.

I was a little more gentle, pushing in firmly rather than ramming in. She gave a mixed grunt of pleasure and pain and I pushed forwards, sliding my entire 8” length into her hot Colombian, causing her to give a long drawn out moan of discomfort as she was filled up. I felt the wetness of her hot cunt on my balls before I pulled back all the way, then drove my full length into her again, causing her to squeal. I grabbed hold of her hair with both hands and pulled quite hard, making her yelp with pain.

I held onto her hair firmly and started thrusting into her arse with fast, hard strokes. She groaned loudly in mixes of pain and pleasure as I fucked her arse hard, driving deep into her. She spread her legs slightly to hold herself stable as I rammed her, my hips slapping against her arse. Her fingers did their best to grip the smooth, cold kitchen floor but she couldn’t do much. I held her tightly and drove in and out, fucking her curvy rear hard. It didn’t take long for the pain to pass for her and she started getting into it, arching her back and pushing back to meet me.

“See, you really love this” I said, picking up my pace a bit and driving into her in short, hard thrusts that made her grunt loudly. She’d been teasing me with her fine rear all day and now I’d got her. I’d been fucking her fast for a good few minutes and I was nearing my climax. I plowed into her as hard as I can, shoving her knees forwards on the smooth floor as I rammed against her arse, her toned thighs tight as she tensed to brace against me. She arched her back and started clamping down tightly on me with her sphincter as I rammed in, making her extremely tight.

That was all it took, and I rammed all the way in and let go with a grunt. She groaned loudly as my hot cum shot into her body, spurts of my seed going into her forbidden hole. I slowed to a stop and let go of her hair. She dropped her head and gave her hair a shake, giving her neck a quick roll round to loosen the muscles. I slipped my softening cock from her tight sphincter with a slight jerk, a trickle of my cum dribbling down from her anus onto the back of her swollen, sticky pussy lips.

“That was what I needed” I said as I stood up, leaning on the counter to catch my breath.

“I’m gonna be sore tomorrow, but I gotta admit it was fun” she purred as she stood up and caught her breath, stretching her stiff back. Her face was flushed and she glistened with sweat like I did.

“I think we should go take a shower” I said, gesturing towards her.

“Yeah that sounds a good idea” she said with a giggle. I took her hand and led her to the bathroom. I flicked the water on to give it a moment to warm up, and then stepped into the shower, pulling her in after me. We kissed deep and long as the warm water cascaded over her, rinsing some of the sweat away from our tired bodies. I reached out for the soap and lathered it up in my hands, then started washing her shoulders.

She mumbled in pleasure as I massaged her slightly, then slid my hands down her front. I rubbed my soapy hands over her perky breasts, feeling her still hard nipples poking into my hands. She moaned slightly in pleasure and smiled at me as she took the soap from my hands. The soap trickled away from her chest as the water sporadically splashed over her, blocked somewhat by my shoulder. Shakira rubbed the soap over my chest and then used her hands, her touch feeling so silky on my skin.

We started kissing, feeling the water splash down over us as we did. The air had become very steamy from the shower, misting up the mirrors and frosted glass window. My hands slid down her wet back, feeling the flow of water that ran from the bottom of her hair and down her back. I gave a squeeze to her firm arse making her moan, and then slid my hands down and lifted her up. She spread her legs and wrapped them round my waist, and then I lowered her down. Shakira slipped down onto my waiting, rock hard cock. She moaned into my mouth as we continued to kiss, her hot, wet pussy slid easily onto me. We broke apart and she smiled, tenderly brushing a hair away from my face.

I turned her around and rested her back against the wall. She tensed slightly because the tiles were cold, but didn’t resist, her powerful thighs gripping my waist. I held her with my arms around her slim body and started to slowly thrust into her, barely noticing the water still flowing over us as I screwed the hot Colombian singer. She drew me into another kiss as I kept thrusting up into her, giving long, deep strokes a little faster now. She clenched her pussy muscles on me, massaging my cock as we enjoyed carnal pleasure. Our tongues danced as we kissed, my hands rubbing her back as I supported her with my forearms around her slender waist.

Shakira tightened her muscles on me but didn’t release. I looked her in the face and she gave a sexy half smile, her eyes looking deeply into my own. I just smiled back and rested my head on her shoulder as I started thrusting hard in and out of her newly tightened snatch. She kissed softly along my neck, using her wet lips in the most sensual manner imaginable, as if it were Colombian liquid lust on her pouting lips. I felt myself getting close and increased my speed as best I could in our position, Shakira’s wet back sliding up and down against the tiles as I drove into her.

“Come on big boy, just a little more” she growled sexily, squeezing my waist with her smooth thighs. I pounded her as hard as I could, feeling my head bumping against her cervix inside her warm, wet cunt. I got to the brink and let go, giving a last hard thrust up into her that made her bounce upwards, and then let go.

“Yeah that’s it” she groaned as my hot load shot into her. My knees felt a little weak as I emptied into her, and I stopped thrusting and just held her. She ran her hand through my wet hair and then leaned in for a kiss. We shared a long, tongue swapping kiss as we relaxed and then I lifted her off me. My spent cock slipped from inside her and I lowered her down onto her feet again. She gave me another quick kiss and then we showered properly, washing away the sweat from our games and then stepped out into the steamy atmosphere of the bathroom. She passed me a towel and we dried off, heading back to her room to find some clothes.

Shakira slipped into a saucy black lace negligee, showing off her stunning form beautifully to my gazing eyes. She giggled when she saw me watching her, enjoying the attention. I put my clothes back on and we headed back to the main room, her heading to the kitchen to sort out the food she’d been making.

A few minutes later we were sat across from each other at the small table eating pasta with some cheese on top. Simply but tasty, and I was quite hungry after my evening with the gorgeous Colombian pop star.

“I’m hoping to do more work nearby, then I can stay here more often” she said, smiling innocently.

“That’d be fantastic, I hope you can” I said, smiling back and trying not to let my sheer delight at more time with her show through. After we finished eating, it was getting late and she had to be up early the next day to meet with her team. She led me to the door and gave me a kiss.

“Until next time, goodnight” she said with a smile, a happy look in her eyes.

“Yeah, I’ll be here at your service” I said with a smile. She gave a slight giggle and we parted. I heard the locks click as I walked down the hall, and a huge grin spread across my face. I felt great as I headed down the hall to sign off...

To be concluded.

Big thanks to Ghost for helping check and edit this story.

As usual, please send me Feedback if you have any thoughts or ideas. I like reading your feedback and suggestions, so please drop me a line.
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Even better than the first chapter, really love your first person narrative style.  ;)


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