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Author Topic: Kylie and Dannii Minogue - Love, Lust & Incest  (Read 1004 times)

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Kylie and Dannii Minogue - Love, Lust & Incest
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Kylie & Dannii Minogue: Love, Lust and Incest

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

Standing in her luxurious London apartment, Dannii Minogue picked up the phone again, ringing shrilly on its little glass table near one of her floor-to-ceiling windows. She’d called just earlier to try and find out whether her manager knew where her newest single had charted. It’d been selling impressively all week, and now the moment of truth was upon her. Glancing to her older sister Kylie, who sat on her plush sofa watching, she pressed the handset to her ear. Kylie smiled and gave a “good luck” thumbs up to her and crossed her fingers, looking almost as nervy as she was herself.

“That’s great news, thanks. Goodbye,” Dannii said, smiling and giving a little laugh before putting the phone down, the noise cutting through the tense air like thunder. Dannii just smiled to Kylie, giving nothing away as she sat on the edge of the seat waiting for the final, long-awaited result.

”Well?” she said, looking hopeful, her pretty eyes wide, meeting Dannii’s gaze, their blue eyes trained on each other for a moment.

”Number one!” Dannii squealed loudly, throwing up her arms in elation with a huge grin.

”Yes!” Kylie shouted, almost launching herself from the sofa towards Dannii, where she met her in a hug, both of them laughing and grinning in delight.

”Champagne is called for!” Kylie said as she pulled back from her sister, quickly releasing her and nipping to the kitchen on her high heels, which she’d not bothered to take off. The bottle was chilled and waiting in the fridge as Kylie grabbed a couple of glasses before whisking it out and hurrying back to the main room.

”You do the honours Dan,” she said with a smile, handing the cold glass bottle to Dannii, who quickly set about tearing the foil from round the top. Wrestling the wire off, she cradled the bottle against herself. She gave a little yelp and a giggle as it touched a little bit of her bare tummy between her jeans and black top before she wrenched the cork out with a loud pop. Kylie gave a little cheer as Dannii quickly tried to stop it going on her carpet, directing it to the glasses Kylie held up ready. She poured the two glasses, the champagne foaming up high before dying down as she set the bottle aside on her coffee table. Kylie handed her one, which she happily took before they clinked their glasses together.

”To your first number one,” Kylie said, raising her glass a little before taking a sip. Dannii, unable to stop smiling, took a sip of hers as well before dancing a little with a giggle, jigging cutely round the table as she sipped her champagne. Kylie giggled at the dancing, which wasn’t even drunken as she’d only just taken a sip and she was quite a drinker at times, and then joined in. Both giggling in a very girly manner, they sipped at their champagne and danced cutely round the table, wiggling and grooving to imaginary music before they couldn’t go on, giggling as they both drained their glasses, standing them down on the table with the bottle. Kylie reached out and took Dannii’s hands, holding them firmly as they both danced a little more, Kylie taking in Dannii’s unstoppable grin as they danced a little.

”Well done sis,” Kylie said with her own beautiful smile before sliding in and embracing Dannii, wrapping her arms round her sisters warm, slender figure, pressing her hands into her back as she rested her head on her shoulder.

”Thanks Kylie,” she said softly, hugging her back firmly. Kylie drew back a fraction and softly kissed her on the cheek, pressing her lips to the smooth skin as she felt her sister’s breath on her neck.

”Long overdue,” she said as she smelt Dannii’s long, dark hair unintentionally, just noticing the overpowering sweet smell of her.

”Couldn’t have done it without you,” Dannii replied, giving Kylie a kiss on the cheek of her own, just lingering a little before they pulled back. Their hands unconsciously slid to each other’s arms, just lightly holding at the elbows as they pulled just apart. Just millimetres between their noses, they looked deep into one another’s eyes, gazing right into each other’s soul at that moment. Kylie felt a little tingle go through her, her nipples stiffening a little under her padded bra, her pussy giving a definite buzz as she stared at her younger sister. Dannii felt much the same, the moment capturing both of them and sending the unmistakable shiver of arousal through them, Dannii’s large nipples showing through her thin black top even though she was wearing a bra.

Unable to deny the urge, the girls leaned forwards and locked lips, kissing firmly. Their tongues just tentatively probed, meeting in the middle and just sensually brushing and sliding past one another as their soft, full lips pressed together. For just a few seconds, the sister’s kissed softly, the illicit moment feeling so perfect and satisfying to both of them right then. Slowly breaking apart with a smooching sound, they lowered their heads, resting their foreheads together without opening their eyes as Dannii gave a blissful sigh, Kylie giving a little gasp for breath, just making the moment last as long as possible, the tender, soul-soothing pleasure sinking in and feeling so perfect. Opening her eyes, Kylie found Dannii looking up into them, a nice smile playing across her lips briefly.

Suddenly they came to their senses and realised what they’d just done. Pulling apart, they both realised they’d just kissed their own sister, and not in any kind of sisterly fashion. Hurriedly letting go of one another, they stepped back, both unsure of themselves and each other now as they looked uncomfortably around. Dannii quickly looked out her large windows to make sure nobody had seen them, which luckily they hadn’t in the light evening, the sun just setting over London. Kylie looked round for her jacket, picking it up as her other hand nervously pulled the bottom of her white shirt down to her tight brilliant blue jeans. She slipped on the tan leather jacket as Dannii folded her arms in front of her, covering her clearly erect nipples as she did so, although Kylie had already noticed them but wasn’t going to bring it up, since she was hardly feeling totally cool herself.

“Well…I um…better get going,” Kylie said quickly, picking up her handbag, just glancing to Dannii, unable to meet her gaze now.

”Oh…ok then, I’ll show you out…” Dannii said quietly, glancing at her watch, though she needed Kylie to leave so she could stop for a minute to get herself under control. Kylie walked to the door and opened it, stepping out into the hall as Dannii held the door.

”Well…I’ll…have a good night, congratulations” Kylie stuttered, blushing quite fiercely.

”Thanks, you too,” Dannii stumbled, unable to think of anything else to say. Kylie took her cue and gave a little nod, then turned and walked quickly to the lifts, her heels clicking loudly as Dannii’s eyes wandered to her bum. She quickly scolded herself and closed the door, locking it before she turned and leaned back against it, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, which she slowly released as her mind raced.

”Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god,” Dannii muttered to herself as she walked back to her lounge, quickly pouring herself another glass of the warming champagne, taking a good gulp of it and sitting down on her sofa. She rested the glass on her knee, the bottle on the other and just stared blankly at the floor, trying to process and justify to herself that she’d just fully kissed her older sister, the forbidden incident playing in her head and doing nothing to help abate her shameful arousal.

Kylie felt the rising sensation in her body as the lift descended, shifting unsurely on her heels, gritting her teeth as she replayed the incident in her head, the way they’d embraced and the way the kiss had come about, feeling a little rush through her as she recalled the very fresh memory of the feeling of Dannii’s soft, warm lips meeting her own, her slender hands holding her arms, dark hairs just grazing her forehead to tickle her pleasurably. Kylie quickly shook herself back to reality as the doors opened to the lobby, composing herself enough to smile to the security guards on the desk as she felt her nipples screw themselves up tighter, making her thankful for the padded bra so they didn’t show through her top, though she was sure they still did a little bit.

Walking out into the cool evening air, Kylie hailed a taxi, the driver smiling at her widely as she slipped into the back seat. Giving him a winning smile, she politely asked him to take her home to her luxury flat as her mind raced with thoughts over what she just did, how she could be so stupid as to let herself be swept up in such a moment with her own younger sister, wondering how it’d even happened in the first place. And one thing that really was making her frown was the fact that she was unable to get the illicit recollection from her head. Reaching her home, she paid the driver with a tip and thanked him for the ride, and then walked to her front door, fumbling with her keys before unlocking it and stepping into her building as she ran over everything in her mind, trying to work out what she was going to do with herself, and Dannii. Kylie couldn’t get the thoughts out of her head, about how wrong and twisted it was, how they couldn’t do it, that she didn’t really feel for Dannii that way. But one thought that she couldn’t drive from her mind was the soft caress of her younger sisters lips as they’d brushed against her own, just before they’d locked together for what she had to shamefully admit was one of the best kisses she’d ever had.

Kylie flushed hotly as she realised what she’d been thinking about, realising that she was completely turned on at the thoughts of her little sister’s soft, illicit touch, and that was just from the one kiss they’d wrongly shared. She sighed as she opened her apartment door and stepped in, locking it behind her and immediately going to put the kettle on to make herself some tea, knowing it’d help. Over the evening, she went through everything rationally as she drank copious amounts of tea, getting it very clear that what happened shouldn’t have done, which she’d known from the start. Unfortunately, Kylie wasn’t feeling any less aroused by the time she went to bed, and knew that tomorrow she had to face Dannii as there was a party planned for the success of her single, which had been planned as soon as it looked set to do well in the charts overall, let alone getting to number one. Having no idea how she was going to handle her sister, Kylie retreated to bed, where she lay awake for some time, unable to quiet the part of her mind that had secretly enjoyed it…

Dannii wasn’t handling things much better. She’d drunk over half the bottle of champagne now, which had thoroughly warmed, since she’d been sitting just drinking her way through glassfuls of it. She was almost on autopilot as she did, just sitting on her sofa staring out at the darkening city, well the part of it she could see, as she unconsciously got lightly intoxicated, her mind running over everything. Dannii was feeling much like Kylie. Very confused as to her feelings towards her sister, which she was sure shouldn’t have changed, only felt like they had. Then the fact that what they had done had crossed set lines, and broken the law no less, well as good as, and she had to face her tomorrow. And as much as she wanted to tell herself she hadn’t enjoyed it, she couldn’t. The tingle that’d spread through her was simply electric, and her hardened nipples, which she knew Kylie had seen, didn’t tell otherwise. Just the thought of Kylie’s skilful tongue brushing against and probing at her own as they kissed was enough to turn her on, which would’ve happened if she wasn’t still flustered from the incident itself. Dannii had to do something with herself, so just spent some time quickly checking her e-mails, returning calls to a few people that had left messages that she’d simply not noticed in her trance like state before she too headed to her bed, still feeling uncomfortably horny from what had happened with Kylie.

The next day was warm and sunny, though Kylie couldn’t match her own disposition to the weather. She had to get to the recording studio to work on her new material and make important decisions, but she just wasn’t in the right frame of mind. Despite being excited about it and enjoying it, she just couldn’t put the incident with Dannii from her mind, especially when she gave herself a moment to drift away and let her mind run with it, resulting in her scolding herself for even thinking of her younger sister that way as she sipped her morning tea and looked out the window onto the street, a few paparazzi already hanging around, waiting for her to step out like usual, so they could plaster her in their papers and magazines and complain her nail polish was the wrong shade or praise her newest hairstyle. Deciding that she simply wouldn’t manage to stop the incident with her sibling from playing on her mind, Kylie went to take a shower and get on with her day, since anything else would be improper of her, though she decided against sending Dannii a text message like she commonly did to say good morning.

Dannii was much the same, waking up a little later than she intended because of the drinks she’d had the night before, after the “incident” with her older sister. Though the day was nice and she had plenty to do, with photo shoots and a radio interview later on, she woke with a frown, unsure what she should be feeling right now. After all, just the night before she’d full on kissed her older sister. It was hardly something she was going to forget, even with the bottle of champagne she’d drunk her way through mindlessly afterwards. And she couldn’t avoid Kylie either, since there was a party to celebrate her getting a number one single and of course Kylie was going, and changing anything now would complicate matters between them even further and might potentially draw attention to them in a negative manner, stirring magazines into saying they really did hate each other and so forth, the same old crap regurgitated and reworded for the newest issue.

For both girls the day seemed to pass all too quickly, almost rushing them towards the moment when they would be thrust together again. Kylie had been working hard, finding it good to get to work and had managed to focus on what she was doing mostly, though during idle moments her mind strayed to her sister and what would happen at the party. At the moment she wondered what her sister would be wearing she got a grip and got back to work, not wanting her imagination to run rampant with her illicit thoughts and start turning her on.
Dannii got along fine, loving the feeling of being a number one single seller, which helped her push thoughts of her older sister to the back of her mind, and given she was so busy she barely had a chance to think about Kylie, only the odd second here or there, though she couldn’t forget how beautifully soft her lips were when they’d kissed, which made Dannii tingle a fraction and have to get herself back to reality immediately.

The start of the party arrived, Dannii making sure she arrived before that so she was around to greet everybody and soak it up before it got noisy and bustling. A large picture of her singles promotional shot was hung on the wall with “The number 1 hit single!” underneath it, something that was a little embarrassing but made her beam. Dannii was wearing a short red dress, reaching to about mid-thigh, snug round her pert bum though stopping just above it to leave her sexy back totally bare except for a thin strap running round from the front to hold it close to her body just below her breasts. The front was quite subtle, just close to her body to show her lovely figure, then reveal a teasing amount of her impressive cleavage before it ran into a thin strap round her neck, underneath her long, dark hair. The party got going and people gradually showed up, half of which she was sure were just there for the free drinks, though that didn’t surprise her in the least. She glanced round for Kylie as she met people and said hello. Given she was short, even with heels, most people were taller than her and had to look down to look her in the eye, and she noticed more than one blokes eyes wandering to look down her top, and even some of the women.

Around an hour after the party had started, Kylie walked casually in wearing a sexy black silk dress. The bottom was loose and flowing down round her feet and up, slowly tapering in to fit snugly round her hips and bum, where it then ran up perfectly following the gorgeous contours of her body to her beautifully slender waist, then up over her perky breasts to a straight top that concealed her cleavage, running back down under her arms to wrap round her body under her shoulder blades. From there two straps crossed over her back before going over her shoulders and down to attach to the top of the dress. She looked utterly stunning, her hair and make-up perfectly done so she looked flawless, clearly having made an effort to look elegant. Dannii glanced up and saw her entering, then looked back and almost stared, stopping mid-conversation with someone from her record label as she eyed her gorgeous older sister.

Dannii couldn’t stop her mind from quickly wondering what Kylie had on underneath it before she looked up at her, their eyes meeting. Dannii felt like she’d been hit by a lightning bolt with the way she felt that gaze, the awkwardness suddenly taking over again. She gave a slight smile and was a little relieved when Kylie did the same, giving a little nod, the tension evident on her face. Dannii returned the little nod and then looked away, hoping she wasn’t blushing as she felt a little heat in her cheeks as she turned back to her previous conversation. Kylie saw her sister turn away and then turned back to the people greeting her, welcoming her to the party and so forth. She reached up and took a glass of champagne with her slender left hand, using her right to daintily shake hands with people from Dannii’s company that wanted to meet her.

The night got into swing, some people already drinking far too much and making fools of themselves, but it wasn’t a party without those sorts of people. Kylie made the move and approached Dannii, offering a smile and holding out her hand. Dannii smiled back and took it, and they leaned in for a peck on the cheek, both quite quickly pulling away to make sure the other didn’t think they had it on their mind.

”Hello Dan… congratulations again,” Kylie said softly.

”Hey Kylie, thanks, couldn’t have done it without you,” she added, thinking of the support Kylie had given her during her career.

”Yes you could,” Kylie said after a pause, before giving her hand a final shake of congratulations, a little awkwardly still, since normally they’d have hugged. The tension between them was like a wall, and only the most minor affection could penetrate it right now. Kylie slipped away into the crowd, Dannii unable to refrain from letting her eyes wander to Kylie’s firm arse, snugly wrapped in the black silk of the gorgeous dress. She quickly stopped herself before she stared, lest anyone see her ogling her sister.

As the night wore on and the party atmosphere became all-enveloping, Kylie couldn’t keep her eyes from Dannii any longer. Despite the fact that she’d spent all day worrying about what had happened with Dannii the night before, she couldn’t deny that she’d been looking forward to seeing her, in more than a sisterly fashion. Looking across the room to Dannii, she took in her lovely voluptuous figure, her gorgeous, slender face, perfectly styled hair cascading down over her shoulders and towards her large inviting breasts, just teasing from under the red dress. Kylie had almost gasped when she saw Dannii turn round and show off her sexy back, something about it just looking so sexy, she guessed because it was so easy to imagine the dress just slipping down her legs and off to leave her naked for her to indulge. Dannii’s smooth, bare legs made her pause for a longer look, unable to tear her eyes away.

Dannii gave a tiny glance out of the corner of her eye and saw Kylie eyeing her up, more than eyeing her up in fact, practically undressing her with her eyes. She was unable to resist the urge to play, especially with a few glasses of bubbly in her that’d gone to her head a little bit. She pushed her shoulders back a little and drew a breath, pushing her more than ample breasts up and out, flicking her hair back a little so Kylie could get a good look at her profile. Turning slightly, she arched her smooth, exposed back and pushed her firm, rounded arse out a bit, giving her hips a slight wiggle, making the skirt of her dress flick up a little bit and flash some thigh for her older sister. Dannii took the plunge to make her point clearly, just turning and looking over her shoulder directly at Kylie, eyes half closed foxily as she pouted her glossy red lips to Kylie, giving a sexy little smile with a little curve of her eyebrow.

Kylie, who had been wondering if Dannii was doing it for the benefit of some nearby guys, immediately went bright red and looked down at the floor, nervously taking a sip of her champagne, which soon turned into downing the glass before she turned away and placed the empty glass on the tray of a nearby waiter and slipped away into the crowd away from Dannii’s arousing gaze. Dannii felt exhilarated that she could have such an effect, but deep down felt a bit bad because it was definitely not going to make things any easier for them.
Through the rest of the evening Dannii kept her eye out for Kylie, taking in the luscious curves of her body where the black silk followed her, loving her slim, corset-trained waist and the way her hips flared out before going down into her gorgeously firm, toned bum. Dannii realised she was as bad as most guys, perving on Kylie’s arse.

Into the early hours of the morning Kylie left to go home, catching Dannii’s eye and just giving a careful wave and slight smile as she left. They both knew they needed to talk about this, but here was not the place. Kylie slipped into her coat and walked out into the cool morning air to her waiting Audi, where she got into the back seat and was driven away by her driver to her flat.
With the party winding down and Dannii feeling quite tired from her long day, plus the fact she did want to talk with Kylie, Dannii called it quits. She said goodbye to her team and thanked them for all their help with putting her at the top of the charts, then herself went out to her waiting car. Taking out her mobile, she found Kylie in her address book and pressed ring, her heart beating just a little faster than normal as she flicked her hair back and pressed it to her ear. After a moment the ringing kicked in and she waited a moment.

Kylie’s phone vibrated and moved across the surface of her glass coffee table, making her jump as she’d been in a bit of a trance. She’d been trying to work up the nerve to call Dannii for a little while now so they could say what needed to be said to fix this situation. She quickly picked up her mobile and flipped it open, answering the call and pressing it to her head.

”Hey Kylie,” Dannii softly said, covering her other ear as a car drove past on the road.

”Hey Dannii, had a good evening?” Kylie asked, making conversation even though she knew what she wanted to say.

”It could’ve been better,” Dannii replied, sitting back in her seat and reaching to belt herself in automatically.

”Really? Why’s that?” Kylie asked, taking another sip of the wine she’d opened at her flat.

“You know why, Kylie,” Dannii said with a gentle sigh. There was a pause, only their light breathing making the phone bill.

”You’re right, we have to figure this out, now. It’s already too much,” Kylie said, sighing herself as she tried to find the right words.

”Ok sis, I’m gonna come over to your place, alright?” Dannii said, not wanting Kylie to feel uncomfortable or anything.

”That sounds good, see you soon?” Kylie said, Dannii thinking for a moment she almost sounded a little too hopeful, but shook it off.

”Yeah, just leaving now, see you in a few minutes,” She said, hearing the click as Kylie ended the call. Ending it her end as well, Dannii leaned forwards and politely asked her driver to take her to Kylie’s Chelsea flat. Kylie sipped at the white wine she’d opened a little nervously, not sure how this was going to go down. She was sure it’d be fine and they could sort all this out, but she just knew that after a few drinks already and with emotions high things could easily turn into a silly argument.

There was a buzz at her intercom a moment later and she was woken from her daze, where she’d just been sitting staring into space. Placing her wine down on the table, Kylie quickly walked over and pressed the button.

“Who is it?” she asked, just naturally, but she could never be too sure.

“Hello Kylie,” Dannii purred saucily, making Kylie shiver a little, which immediately embarrassed her at having done it.

”Hello Dannii,” Kylie said, hoping her voice didn’t show the internal conflict she was feeling.

”Let me in will ya? It’s a bit nippy out here!” Dannii giggled, herself shivering a little at the clear tension between them. There was a buzz then the door unlocked, Dannii stepping in and then heading up the stairs to her sisters large flat. Kylie took a moment, unconsciously checking how she looked in a full-length mirror near her door before she took the bolt off and unlocked the door, opening it to see Dannii ascending the stairs, still in her sexy red party dress that showed off her gorgeous figure. Kylie ogled her younger sister for a moment and then caught herself, catching Dannii’s eye with a tentative smile as she approached the door. Holding it open, Dannii took in her older sister in her floor length gown before walking in with a quiet thank you before Kylie closed and bolted the door behind them.

“You have a good night?” Dannii asked as she walked into the front room of Kylie’s flat, noting the wine as she sat herself down on the sofa, the other end to where Kylie had clearly been sitting.

”Yeah it was good, nice to meet some of the people you tell me about from your team and all,” Kylie said, joining her and sitting down in her previous position on the soft black leather.

“I’m glad you came,” Dannii said, looking into her eyes, trying to gauge what Kylie was thinking. Unconsciously she was leaning forward a bit and giving Kylie quite an eyeful. Her gaze flicked unnoticed to Dannii’s impressive cleavage before she picked up the bottle of wine.

”Want some?” Kylie asked, cocking an eyebrow with a slight smile. Dannii noticed how beautiful she looked, having taken all her make-up off, presented to her pure and unadulterated.

”Please,” Dannii replied, even though she’d had plenty to drink already that night, another glass couldn’t hurt, especially right now. Kylie got up and went to get another glass, Dannii just watching her, letting her eyes stray down Kylie’s perfect figure as she walked to the kitchen and got another glass, seeing the pinch of her waist and curve of her sexy rear as the white silk gown flowed down to the floor. Kylie clinked the glasses as she got one out, walking back and handing it to her sister, who looked at it for a moment with a smile, tempted to joke she wanted wine with her glass as Kylie sat down and picked it up. She held it out and Kylie poured her a glass, Dannii watching the level rise till Kylie suddenly broke the silence.

”It was wrong,” she blurted out, standing the wine bottle down and looking Dannii in the eye.

”I know,” Dannii said quietly, raising her glass for a sip before lowering it along with her head, clutching the glass with both her slim hands. They were both silent for a minute, seeming like an hour as they took sips of the fine white wine.

”It was a mistake, we got caught up in the moment…” Dannii said, looking up again at Kylie, who struggled to hold her gaze and looked away.

“It just shouldn’t have happened, we’re sisters, I don’t know how it did…” Kylie said, attempting to round up what Dannii was saying.

“Yeah. I love you, as my sister, my closest friend,” Dannii said, quickly sipping her wine and looking up to catch Kylie’s pretty eyes, which she did.

“I love you too, you’re my younger sister,” Kylie said, breaking a smile which just lifted the heavy atmosphere surrounding them somewhat. Dannii took a good drink of her wine, Kylie following suit as they sat quietly, Dannii sliding a little closer to Kylie on the sofa.

“We should just forget about it and move on I think,” Kylie said, standing her now empty glass down and just glancing at Dannii’s sexily bare legs.

”Yeah, well I won’t forget it completely, because you’re a great kisser. But I won’t let it be an issue, we can get on with our lives,” Dannii said with a smile. Kylie blushed, looking away at the comment on her kissing, which was nice but a little strange to hear it coming from her sister.

”Thanks,” Kylie said a little shyly, glancing to Dannii with a coy half smile before glancing away again, unable to look Dannii in the eye again just then.

“No problem,” Dannii murmured, draining the rest of her glass as well, feeling her head a little from all the alcohol, catching up to her a bit more now.

”Well, it’s getting late,” Kylie said, signalling that they should both get to bed, meaning Dannii should go.

”Yeah, my driver is waiting downstairs too, don’t want to keep him waiting too long,” Dannii said, giving a little stretch.

”It’s good you came and we could get this straightened out,” Kylie said with a smile.

“Well we couldn’t let this hold our lives back could we?” Dannii said with a smile of her own. The girls slid closer and embraced, hugging firmly, enjoying the feel of each other like they always had, but there was something else there. Both girls just let themselves go into the arms of their sibling, feeling totally comfortable, which was a little more comfortable than it should’ve been really. Both Minogue sisters could feel a little something more than there should be, a little spark between them that never used to be there and simply couldn’t be extinguished. Kylie gave Dannii a little bit of a squeeze, making Dannii open her eyes and just return it slightly before they slid apart. Dannii stood up, picking up her bag and stepping out from the coffee table on her heels as Kylie stood up to show her to the door.

Kylie walked down the hall and unlocked the door again, holding it open and leaning against it as Dannii stepped past and into the hall, giving what Kylie was sure was a little shake of her bum. They just looked at each other for a moment, then just stepped into a light embrace, resting their hands on each other’s waist gently as they shared a quick kiss, which got a little bit longer than it should’ve done. Their soft lips just touched lightly as they went for a peck, but as they went to pull away they both pressed forward again a little more firmly, almost breaking and then kissing harder, opening their lips slightly so their tongues could just dab at one another’s for a second before they pulled apart with a slight smooch.

”Goodnight Dannii,” Kylie said in a smooth, soothing tone with a nice smile to Dannii, who just smiled slightly back.

”Sweet dreams Kylie,” she said, before turning and walking away down the hall. Kylie couldn’t help but sigh as she saw the gorgeous naked back of her sexy younger sibling again. She quickly got herself in check, reminding herself that the whole point of that little visit was to put this issue to bed, and not in any kind of dodgy manner either. She really needed to put herself to bed as well and locked the door, just resting her head against it for a moment before walking back to her bedroom as she slid the tie on her robe undone. Kylie opened the long white silk robe to uncover her black silk slip, pushing her shoulders back and letting the robe slide sensually down her arms, gathering it with a hand and hanging it on the back of her bedroom door before closing it. Kylie stepped the couple of paces it took to get to her bed and pulled back the soft sheets, sitting neatly on the edge of the mattress and sliding her legs in. With a murmur of comfort Kylie settled herself in, snuggling down into her luxurious queen sized bed, the cool sheets sliding over her legs and, she noticed, her stiff nipples. Kylie paused for a moment at the sensation before reaching out and flicking the light off, closing her eyes and laying down with a soft sigh.

Kylie lay in the darkness trying to sleep for a while, before opening her eyes and laying on her back, shuffling into the middle of the bed so her head slid down between the pillows and she lay flat, staring up at the ceiling in the dimly illuminated room. Her mind ran over everything that had happened, knowing that her and Dannii had sorted it out but all she could think of right then was just how soft and inviting her younger sisters lips were, how that little goodbye kiss just a while before had turned her on when it shouldn’t do, leaving her feeling a little horny. As Kylie thought everything over, her mind started to get more drawn to the illicit moments they’d shared, making her feel a little flush of arousal and her pussy start to moisten. Quickly shaking herself out of her little fantasy, Kylie sat up in bed and pushed the covers back, figuring maybe a shower would relax her somewhat and she could settle down and sleep like she wanted to.

Slipping out of bed, Kylie flipped the bedside lamp on and stepped out. Standing still a moment, she reached down and pulled the sexy black silk slip off over her head, leaving herself standing completely naked, feeling the air hit her body, suddenly seeming very sensitive. Shaking the feeling off, she threw the slip down on her bed and grabbed her towel, walking out of the room to her bathroom. Reaching in, she flipped the shower on and turned the heat down a bit so it was a cool shower, then dropped her towel, waited just a moment for the water to warm up and then stepped into the spray. Sliding fully under the spray, Kylie closed her eyes and let it run over her face, feeling the cooling water run down her body, over the peaks of her screwed up nipples and down over her slightly damp pussy. She picked up her shower gel from the shelf on the wall and opened it, squeezing some out and putting it back before setting about quickly lathering herself up. Running her hands down her smooth, wet body, Kylie spread the foam over herself, her nipples feeling very responsive as she slid her hands down, cupping her breasts a little and resisting the urge to play before moving down, her hands sliding round her mid-section and over her hips, reaching round her back and then just hesitating a bit before going onto her legs and then her hot pussy, inhaling a little as she rubbed soapily over her sparsely haired lips.

Kylie moved on and soaped her slim legs, then stepped back fully under the spray again and rinsed the foam away, running her hands over herself as she washed off, adjusting the temperature to make it a little cooler still as she rinsed off, the foam collecting and melting away around her cute toes. The motions of her hands, the water and the fact she’d already been a little turned on, coupled with the fact that her mind was unable to stop a rush of thoughts about Dannii, picturing her in that sexy red dress, the way she’d sexily crossed her legs whilst sipping her wine, wondering if she too was sleepless and turned on. Kylie could no longer deny how horny she was, totally turned on, wet, ready and needing an orgasm now, and the only thing that had brought it on was her younger sister Dannii, the thoughts of her soft kisses and hot, voluptuous figure.

Kylie turned and looked into the mirror, mostly steamed up now, though a thin strip remained clear near the top. Looking at it, she looked straight into her own eyes, feeling the water jets on her smooth shoulders and back as she stared into the windows to her soul, biting her full bottom lip unsurely as she tried to justify to herself how she was feeling towards her sibling, and herself now. Closing her eyes she took a deep breath and turned back into the water again, letting it play down over her face and front of her hair as she slid her hand over her toned tummy and straight to her pussy, letting the breath out in a breathy moan as she quickly went to work rubbing her clit firmly with her thumb, shuddering a little in pleasure and release at finally touching herself properly. Rubbing in circles round her stiff, slippery clitoris, Kylie hooked her index and middle fingers back in to her pussy, just teasing her entrance for a moment with her fingertips before she pushed them firmly up inside herself, all the way to her hand.

”Mmm Dannii,” she mumbled, immediately flushing bright red when she realised what she’d just said. It didn’t matter now though, nobody would hear her and she needed this now, and it was Dannii who’d turned her on so thoroughly she had to admit. With her left hand Kylie reached up to her perky breasts, cupping her left one and flicking at the nipple with her thumb before taking it and rolling it in her fingers for a proper tweak, mumbling quietly as she continued to work at her pussy, her hips grinding a little now into her fumbling hand as her mind ran with the idea of fornicating with her own sister. Kissing Dannii’s soft, full lips, stripping her off as she did the same to herself, then pushing her down on this very bed and kissing down her body to her pussy, wondering if Dannii waxed or shaved herself. Kylie let out a groan of pleasure, realising that she wanted more now. Looking up at the showerhead, Kylie thought a moment and then reached up and took it off its holder, turning it to massage before pressing the head to her bulging slit, the water jets powerfully assaulting her stiff clit, making her hips buck, pushing another primal grunt from her as she grabbed the showerhead with both hands to expertly control its stimulation of her petite form.

Letting out a long groan of pleasure, Kylie bit her lip, her eyes squeezing shut as the pleasure flowed over her body, just like the mental images of herself and Dannii kissing, fondling and slowly stripping each other flowed through her mind. Pressing the warm plastic into her body, Kylie slid it down through the neat patch of hair she kept and onto her soft, bulging pussy lips again, grunting throatily again as the strong jets blasted up over her clit, gushing round and making her knees tremble. The hot water mixed with her own hot juices that leaked continually due to her arousal. Just imagining that Dannii was pinning her down on her own bed, licking over every inch of her hot, diminutive form before delving in to treat her to a succulent pussy licking, Dannii’s technique completely expert and perfectly suited to please her, imagining that Dannii just slid her hot tongue up into her as she added a finger to herself. Her powerful thighs squeezed and her tummy fluttered as she lightly pushed her finger in and out as she worked the showerhead on her clit, the powerful surge over her delicate button almost too much to bear as she approached orgasm.

Kylie was working her hands busily, her head back against the wall, blonde hair wet and stuck to the tiles, mouth open and gasping as she played with herself using her showerhead, pulling back to add a second finger in her pussy, groaning deeply as she pushed them both completely into herself, giving a little shiver that made her stop the motions of the showerhead for a moment. Rolling her fingers as best she could, Kylie started thrusting them busily into herself as she started up with the shower head again, pressing it harder into her soft quim and giving a loud cry of pleasure as the buzz of the water flow penetrated deeper into her groin, a large orgasm building in her like a giant tidal wave that was on the brink of breaking.

And break it did. As Kylie imagined her dark, foxy younger sibling sucking at her clit and fingering her expertly, Kylie’s own matching ministrations made that huge wave break. With a deafening scream of pleasure that Kylie was sure would wake the neighbours, Kylie’s shattering orgasm hit her like a freight train, her hips jerking and pressing forwards against the showerhead she pressed to her rock hard clit, her juicy pussy clamping and squeezing hard at her impaling fingers, milking them naturally though she was nothing to draw from them. Her back arched tightly, eyes screwing tightly shut, her nipples so hard she thought she might scratch the tiles if she bumped them. Kylie’s scream dissipated and turned to a long drawn out squeal with her renewed breath as she continued to work vigorously at herself, the water pounding her clitoris as she ground against it before she quickly drew her fingers out of herself and pulled the head away, giving herself a brisk rub with the slick digits for a moment as she gave one last growl of pleasure with a tense, then slumped back against the cold tiles with a sigh of relief and satisfaction.

Breathing heavily, her chest and perky breasts heaving, Kylie fumbled up above her and reattached the showerhead to the mounting, twisting the head to turn it off massage and then turning it so the jets sprayed over her gorgeous body, running down over her face and chest and down over her fingers that still idly stroked at her highly sensitive clit. She enjoyed that feeling, just carefully touching herself after she’d peaked, though it still got to a point and she was there now, so let her hand relax and hang loose with a little mumble of pleasure, smiling dreamily, having still not opened her eyes. Just standing under the warm spray, Kylie calmed down, the flush draining from her face and neck as she cooled off a bit, giving a little stretch before opening her eyes, blinking at the brightness. She realised it’d been a long time since she’d got herself off using the showerhead, hell since she’d given herself such a feisty masturbation session. With a contented smile Kylie rinsed herself off and flicked the shower off, getting out and wrapping herself snugly in her large towel. Holding it round herself she reached up and quickly rubbed her wet hair, leaving it damp as she left the bathroom, flicking the light off before she went over the rest of herself with the towel to dry off as she walked back into her bedroom.
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Re: Kylie and Dannii Minogue - Love, Lust & Incest
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Kylie wrapped herself in it, under her arms and over her firm breasts, the large red towel going most of the way down her sexy legs because she was so small. Using a corner, Kylie reached up and rubbed her hair again, squeezing the water out of it, still feeling the lovely glow of her fantastic orgasm. Rubbing her hair for a moment longer, Kylie paused for thought, the contented smile fading from her cute lips before she sat down on the edge of the bed and realised what she’d just done. Despite everything she knew to be right and the fact that they’d straightened this out just minutes before, she’d just masturbated to thoughts of having lesbian sex with her younger sister, and very thoroughly enjoyed herself too. And worst of all the thoughts kept popping back into her mind, threatening to turn her on again. Kylie tried to justify to herself that it was just that she was single right now, she’d had a few drinks and there was no way she’d been going to sleep when she was that horny prior to her pleasurable shower. Now however she wasn’t sure she was going to sleep either as she stood up and finished drying herself off, rubbing her hair briskly, far more than she should do, knowing she’d need to go and get styled the following day.

After drying off, Kylie hung her towel up and just enjoyed being naked for a moment before she picked up her black silk slip again, pulling it over her head and letting it slip down her perky body again, before quickly brushing her hair back with her fingers, feeling more than a little ashamed at what she’d done. Trying not to let it weigh on her soul, Kylie got back into bed, sliding down under the sheets before reaching out and flicking her light off again, just laying on her back in the darkness for a moment before rolling onto her side and closing her eyes. Despite what she’d thought, she fell asleep quickly, her climax having relaxed her like she needed so she could slide into sweet dreams.

Dannii was having similar problems. Well problems wasn’t really the word, she wasn’t attempting to sleep. From the moment her older sisters soft pout had touched her own she’d felt her nipples stiffen up a bit, just wishing that they could go further even though they just got this all sorted out and agreed it was wrong for them to feel for each other that way, and that they should be the close sisters that they were and nothing else. That did nothing to change the fact that Dannii was feeling hot, and once she started to feel turned on her mind got more active, just like with most other people, and it ran with the ideas that had turned her on in the first place. As her driver took her home, gliding through the quiet early morning streets, Dannii’s mind started to run rampant with the idea of continuing on with Kylie right there and then, rather than walking away from it, pushing her back into her flat and slamming the door, Kylie just as eager as she was and leading her impatiently to her bedroom, where she spun Dannii round, pinned her down and straddled her to kiss her voraciously.

Dannii was snapped from her daydream by a message from her driver that she was home, before he got out and opened the door for her. She stepped out carefully, picking up her bag and smiling at him. Dannii leaned up and gave him a peck on the cheek, thanking him for driving her and to have a good night. He offered the same to her, telling to sleep well with a smile and a nod before closing the door, just watching her nice ass for a moment as she walked into her expensive building, before getting back into his car and heading off since she was safely home. Dannii quickly got into the lift and up to her floor, trying not to seem in a rush in case anyone was around, though she was. Now feeling totally horny, she was eager to get into bed and take care of herself. Right now she didn’t care in the slightest that it was thoughts of her own sister that had turned her on, she just knew she needed to get herself off and fast. It wouldn’t take long with how she was feeling. After letting herself in, she quickly closed her door and locked it, walking to her bedroom and throwing her bag down, she turned and went to her bathroom. Finding her make-up remover, she took a few minutes to wipe her face clean and then brushed her teeth, seeing how much her nipples were protruding through her dress in her reflection.

Dannii gave a little shiver as she finished up, brushing her long, dark hair back and looking at herself in the mirror for a moment before turning and going out the door, tugging the cord to turn the light off and quickly nipping back into her bedroom. Wasting no time, Dannii pulled her dress down, tugging the straps down over her body till she gave it a push and it pooled at her feet over her high heels, which she’d not yet bothered to remove. Wearing no bra meant her large enhanced breasts, which Dannii was very proud of, were exposed to the fresh air, making her shiver slightly at exposing herself, something she just loved to do sometimes. Standing with her little red dress round her feet, in just her little black thong and high heels, Dannii felt inherently sexy, giving a little arch of her back as she reached up to lightly brush her rock hard nipples, giving a little sigh of pleasure with a smile before she bent over and pushed her little black knickers down, the small piece of underwear quickly sliding down her smooth legs to join her dress and reveal her pussy, sporting a neat little patch of dark hair.

Dannii stepped out of her clothes and kicked her shoes off in one motion, stepping out to stand shorter, and totally naked, though she didn’t stay still, quickly nipping over to her large comfy bed. Jumping excitedly onto the bed, she reached over to her bedside draw and yanked it open, reaching in to find just what she wanted. Her newest sex toy, another version of the Rampant Rabbit that she and countless other women enjoyed to the maximum, had apparently just got better. She hadn’t tested that claim out yet, and now seemed like a perfect time. Pulling it out of the box, she held up the sizeable sex toy called the Thriller and flicked it on, feeling it buzz powerfully in her hand, making her chest give a nervous-excited surge, heart rate increasing a bit further. Studying it, she took in the soft rubber shaft, just over 6” long and covered in little soft rubber spikes, though they weren’t sharp, leading down into the trademark bunny ears. She was more than ready for it, totally aroused and wet, just waiting to get down to it. Dannii flicked it off and shuffled down on the bed, resting her head comfortably on the pillows, hair flowing out over the bed around her neck and shoulders as she spread her legs open wide.

Lowering the toy to her dripping pussy, Dannii just teased the tip up her wet entrance, feeling the little rubber tips round the end of the toy stimulating her interestingly already. Pulling it up a little she rubbed it over her rock hard clit, making her hips push upwards as she gave a strained choke and then a guttural groan, her eyes squeezing shut hard and teeth clenching as the wave of pleasure gripped her, reminding her just how turned on she was. Wasting no more time, Dannii turned the shaft vibration on, the toy jumping to life in her hand as she turned it onto a low setting and then slowly pushed it into herself. It was a very unique and gratifying feeling, the little rubber points pressing into her soft walls as it slid up into her, just bumping her cervix as she let out a low moan of pleasure. She just held it there for a moment, deliberately squeezing it a few times with her strong pelvic muscles and enjoying the low vibrations from the shaft before she got on with doing herself, turning on the rotation function and turning the shaft vibration up, the ears just resting against her stiff clit, only moving slightly from the main buzz. Dannii squealed in pleasure as the bulbous head rotated within her, rubbing delightfully round her C spot, the little rubber nodules certainly making for a thrilling ride.

With a long, low groan she turned up the vibrations to the maximum, using her hand to thrust it slowly but powerfully into her, the rotating shaft moving up and down in her slick tunnel as her mind dived straight back into the hot, incestuous fantasy that had weakened her loins in the first place. Dannii got straight back into it where she, or rather they, her and Kylie, had been interrupted, which was Kylie straddling her hips and kissing her passionately. As she sped up her working of the toy a little more, her spare hand strayed to her nipples, her fingers lightly pinching and pulling at the large, stiff buds, imagining that it was her older sibling pulling and playing with them, but using her teeth as she kissed all down her voluptuous body. Dannii gave a groan and pushed her hips up, her pussy grasping the toy tightly, the motor straining for a moment as her contraction almost stopped the shaft within her. Her pussy was wetter than it’d been in a very long time as she started to pump it harder into her, twisting and rolling it a little to stimulate her G spot as well as her C spot.

As she toyed, she imagined Kylie tearing her little red dress off her, her knickers following suit before Kylie attached herself to her chest, licking and nipping at her large breasts, sucking on her nipples firmly as her hand ran down over Dannii’s smooth stomach to her pussy. Just as she imagined Kylie teasing round the top of her lips for a moment before pushing two fingers straight onto her clit and rubbing her firmly, Dannii turned on the trademark Rabbit ear clit stimulator, immediately turning it up to full. It was the same as the way it worked on her older versions of the Rabbit and she knew it very well, and right now she needed it maxed out. Dannii gave a scream of pleasure, her body tightening and surging, on the brink of an orgasm immediately, the vibrating, rotating shaft within her pushing and pressing in all the right places with its little rubber spikes and the rabbit ears going like chuff on her rock hard clitoris, flicking at the engorged, juicy nub as the toy buzzed loudly. Dannii couldn’t take any more now, ramming it into herself hard and using her spare hand to press the ears down on her clit hard.

With a loud scream of ecstasy, as she imagined it was Kylie holding her hips down and sucking her clit to finish her off, Dannii’s orgasm hit her hard. Her legs squeezed shut uncontrollably, the toy pressing as deep into her as possible by her hand, just pushing her cervix open with its bulging tip as the large base pressed into her soft lips, inner ones just peaking out slightly as her body bucked powerfully on the bed, her teeth biting hard into her soft lip as her scream turned to a long growl of pleasure, her eyes screwed up tightly, head pressed back into the pillow. She shook and trembled through her massive orgasm, which flowed into a couple of smaller ones before her body slumped, sweaty and exhausted but totally satisfied on the sheets. The buzzing from the noisy sex toy suddenly seemed painfully loud, which matched how painfully sensitive she was suddenly feeling, quickly fumbling to turn it off, sighing in relief at the silence as she let her arms flop at her sides. Just lying still, Dannii breathed heavily for a few moments to get herself calmed down before she lazily opened her eyes and then her legs, looking down to see the translucent purple toy protruding from her puffy pussy.

“You certainly did get better,” she mumbled to the toy with a soft smile as she reached down for it. She took hold of it firmly and pulled it slowly out of her body, hearing soft wet noises as it slipped out of her dripping, sated pussy, just pulling her soft, deep pink inner lips out slightly as she extracted it from herself, seeing them hug the bulbous tip a moment before springing back as she pulled it clear, holding the glistening toy up with a smile. Dannii gave a stretch and then got up off her bed, walking to her bathroom again to rinse her new favourite toy off, drying it quickly before returning to her bedroom. She put it back in its box and dropped it in the draw as she noted the slight sweaty mark on top of the sheets left by her gorgeous body. As she looked at it, she thought over what she’d just done, which was toy herself to a stunning orgasm over thoughts of Kylie.

Giving a deep sigh, Dannii sat down naked on the edge of the bed and rested her head in her hands, her mind racing. How could she go on like this, feeling as she did for Kylie, which she knew was more than a little bisexual curiosity. Not being arrogant, she knew Kylie was feeling something for her that was similar but she couldn’t gauge how much from Kylie’s bashful approach to the subject. Dannii looked up at herself in the mirror, still slightly sweaty from her exertions, hair messed up and looking ‘rough n ready’. She looked into her own eyes, unaware that Kylie had done something similar to try and work out what to do with herself and her illicit feelings. Brushing her hair back from her face Dannii stood up and pulled the covers back, not thinking to put anything on, simply sliding into bed in the nude. She lay with the light on for a moment, just pondering over everything again, unable to let her mind rest as guilt filled her.

She took a breath and calmed down and said it was entirely normal, Kylie was a very sexy woman and lots of people had thoughts about their siblings. But she wasn’t going to act on them and Kylie would never know about it, though she couldn’t help but wonder in a moment of imagination whether Kylie had been thinking of her, and whether she’d let herself get…carried away as well. Controlling herself before she got wrongly turned on again, Dannii reached over and turned her light off. Settling down in the room, slightly lit from the windows, as usual the night brighter than most people thought, especially with all the lights in London. Unlike Kylie, she didn’t fall right asleep despite taking care of herself, and lay awake in the darkness for quite a while before drifting off.

Next morning, Kylie woke dozily, the few drinks from the night before making her dehydrated so she struggled to open her eyes properly, blinking sleepily as she pulled herself up from under her soft sheets, brushing her blonde hair back from her face and looking over to the clock by her large bed. Her eyes widened a little more when she saw it reading 10.37am, indicating just how late she’d slept. Kylie just gave a little dismissive murmur and a smile as she lay back down again, pulling the covers round her snugly as she enjoyed the feeling of not having to get up. As she dozed comfortably, her phone buzzed on the nightstand, snapping her awake again as the vibration was accompanied by a series of chimes to indicate she had a message. Lazily she reached over for it, fumbling across the surface for her phone before grasping it and pulling it back to her, just under the edge of the covers. Flipping it open, she felt an excited and nervous rush to her heart as she saw it was from Dannii, clicking to open it.

“Morning sis. Are you out of bed yet? Dan xx,” it said simply. It was nice to receive the usual morning message from Dannii again, since she’d missed it when their tensions had stopped them putting themselves forward in any manner towards each other. Pressing reply, she quickly clicked her response.

”Not yet Dan, guess I need some stimulation to get me going. Are you?” she replied, then realised what she’d rather heavily implied. Kylie lazily dropped the phone into the bed with her and settled back down to doze again as she waited to see how Dannii would respond.
Dannii, standing in her robe and rubbing at her hair with a towel stopped in her tracks as she read the message. It was rather forward, given how things were between them right now, even though they did giggle over dirty little jokes and such. Dannii put her phone down a minute and dried her long hair some more as she decided the best way to respond, and figured she’d play a little with it and see where it went, but not get carried away. She couldn’t be doing with turning herself on this time of the morning and building any false hopes in herself that Kylie carried the same depth of feelings she was concerned she was.

“Well I just got out of the shower if that’s any stimulation for you…” Dannii responded, clicking send and watching it do its little thing of mailing the message before putting her phone down and continuing to dry herself, looking for her hairdryer.
Kylie felt her mattress buzz from the message followed by the muffled chimes of her phone, which she reached down to find under the covers. She woke up again more as she flipped it open and clicked read, the new message springing open. Kylie’s eyebrows rose as she widened her eyes at the message Dannii had sent her, reading it again to make sure she’d read it right. Kylie just held her phone for a moment as her mind tried to make a break for it with thoughts of her wet, sexy sibling towelling off, but she quickly reined it in and decided to try and settle things down.

”Yeah it is. Stimulating me into getting up and doing the same thing before I fall asleep again,” Kylie replied, snapping her phone shut with a loud click of finality before she threw back her covers, giving a little near-shiver before stretching and stepping daintily out of bed. Walking to the kitchen she put the kettle on so she could make her usual morning tea, before walking back to her bedroom and peeling her black silky slip off quickly and casting it on the bed. Kylie grabbed her towelling robe, slipping it over her gorgeous nudity before walking towards the bathroom, grabbing a fresh towel from the cupboard as she passed. She put her towel ready in for her shower and then went back to the kitchen, where the kettle was just boiling and she could make her tea. After making it, she sauntered to the bathroom with it to take her shower…

About half an hour later Kylie emerged from her luxury en suite bathroom, having showered and washed her hair, feeling much more awake after the shower and her tea. Her phone bleeped to indicate she had a message waiting, so she picked it up again and opened it, skimming the new message quickly.

“Nice shower?” is all it said. Kylie just gave a slight smile and replied again. Given they both had the day off, well as far as Dannii had said she had the day off, they could perhaps do something, like they normally did and put all this behind them.

”Yeah lovely. Do you fancy doing something today? I dunno, get some lunch, do some shopping etc?” Kylie typed before sending the message, then set about drying her blonde hair with the towel. Kylie knew neither of them would be ready before lunch since they were washing their hair and so forth so she figured an afternoon together would be nice. Kylie didn’t hear the phone over her hair dryer so it was some 20 minutes before she picked up the reply.

“Ooh shopping! Sounds good to me, where did you have in mind?” Dannii replied. She was still drying her dark hair, since being so long it took time to complete. She had to wash it though as the party smell, especially cigarette smoke, still hung in it from the previous evening and it had to go. Sitting on her bed she continued to work on her hair as she pondered what to wear.

Kylie read the message and thought about it for a moment. It was best if she came to her place, since they were nearer to where they’d want to shop and she had her driver to take them to the shops they liked to frequent.

”If you come over to my place when you’re ready we’ll get going. K x” Kylie replied, throwing her phone back into the bed as she continued getting ready, selecting her clothes.

“Sounds good, see you in a couple of hours. D x” Dannii messaged back, Kylie smiling at the thought of just spending some nice sisterly time with Dannii to resettle their relationship and close bond in the right way. She then went back to drying herself and getting ready, as did Dannii. Kylie dressed in a pair of snug dark blue jeans, white linen shirt and a pair of black Manolos.
Kylie was just putting a couple of things in her handbag ready for their afternoon of shopping when her intercom buzzed. Glancing at the clock she saw it was just past midday as she stepped over to it and pressed it.

“Hello,” she said, a slight questioning tone in case it wasn’t Dannii, although it was.

“Hey sis, you ready?” Dannii said lightly at the other end, Kylie almost able to hear her lovely smile over the intercom.

”Just let me grab my bag and I’ll be down,” Kylie said with a smile of her, feeling much more comfortable than she had until then, still a little nervy about the way things might be between them. She picked up her handbag and sunglasses then headed out, taking a deep breath and a pause before she opened the door and went out, locking it behind her and then walking to the lift. Luckily one was right there and the doors opened immediately, allowing her to step in and press for ground, the doors sliding shut quietly. She felt the surge as the lift dropped, then only waited a moment before the doors opened and she stepped into the foyer of her building, seeing Dannii waiting just inside the doors for her. Kylie slowed her pace a little as she took her sister in, who also wore snug jeans though they were cut-off round her calves and topped off with some platform sandals that tied round her slim ankles. She had a black vest top and a little denim jacket over the top that did little to conceal her large, luscious breasts.

“Hey Dan,” Kylie said, smiling a little wider after taking her younger sibling in, hoping she hadn’t been noticed checking her sister out a little. Of course she had been noticed, Dannii looking from behind her own dark glasses had noticed Kylie pausing and visibly looking her up and down, but she wasn’t going to say anything, simply enjoying it even though they had agreed to forget what happened.

“Hey,” Dannii replied with a smile, “got your credit card?”

“Why am I paying? And isn’t it a little cool for cut-offs still?” Kylie said with a giggle as she reached Dannii.

“Because you invited me, it’s only fair. And I want to make the most of the sun,” Dannii teased, sticking her tongue out a little as she turned to link arms with Kylie.

“Fair would be us paying for our own things, don’t you think?” Kylie smiled as they stepped out onto the steps. As they reached the gate they were both glad for their sunglasses as a barrage of photographers snapped away at them, flashes going off madly around them. They stood and posed for a moment, then walked over to Kylie’s car and stepped into the back seat, where the door was closed behind them. Their driver got in, and they both greeted him warmly, then Kylie politely asked him to drive them to a favourite little place of theirs to get some lunch.

They spent a nice sunny lunchtime at the nice little restaurant-café place they liked, enjoying a nice glass of wine with a light salad as they talked over the usual things like what they were working on, fashion, men and so forth. Both girls couldn’t help stealing little glances at one another, Dannii eyeing her older sister’s bra outline through the white linen shirt as she watched her eat her salad, somehow the motions of her lips on a tomato suddenly so sexy to her. Dannii did almost get caught a couple of times when Kylie’s eyes flitted up to her, making her quickly look down and continue to eat her own lunch, though she needn’t worry since Kylie was trying to steal looks at her as well, trying to see the lovely cleavage just shown by her black vest top, even though she knew she shouldn’t be.
After they’d finished their lunch and sat for a few minutes more in the sun, Kylie handed her card to the waiter to cover the meal as they finished their wine and continued to chat, then Kylie stood up and picked up her handbag.

”Right Dannii, lets go hit the shops huh?” she said with a smile, extending a slender hand to help Dannii up.

”Let’s,” she simply replied with a smile, taking Kylie’s hand and allowing her to help her up. Linking arm-in-arm once more the girls clicked off down the street on their high heels, just enjoying being out together in the nice weather in the way they should be; as sisters, though they were both secretly wishing there was something more to it, and also both silently scolding themselves for having such thoughts.

The afternoon was pure retail therapy for them, the best kind of therapy as far as they were concerned. Both Kylie and Dannii felt far more sisterly towards each other again as they shopped together, giggling and enjoying themselves as they sifted through racks of clothing in lots of shops, just flitting into them one by one, not spending a lot of time in the sun as they nipped straight into the store next door mostly. They’d bought a few items, Kylie paying for all of them on her card as Dannii had joked even though she’d offered to pay herself, both of them holding a couple of bags each now. Kylie had bought a sexy pair of white Manolos, even though Dannii had teased her she had tons of shoes already. Kylie simply said a girl could never have too many shoes, which Dannii had to agree with.

Towards the end of the afternoon, they were in another department store, Kylie having picked out a few items to try. The store staff were offering to help them out but they simply smiled and said they were just browsing, which was the truth. They’d come to enjoy a nice shopping trip, not be waited on. Dannii stood outside the changing room, as she had a few times already today as Kylie tried the items on, which was when Dannii started to feel a little nibble of attraction and curiosity. The curtain didn’t quite close fully, and it left Dannii able to just see her older sibling as she changed, slipping out of her white linen shirt to reveal her simple but sexy white lacy bra supporting her firm breasts. Dannii eyed her carefully and glanced away when Kylie turned, lest she see her looking. Kylie tried on a few shirts and tops, pulling back the curtain and showing Dannii, asking what she thought. A couple were a little iffy but mostly they looked great, though Dannii couldn’t help but imagine what lie beneath.

“I think I’ll get these two,” Kylie commented, referring to a silky black shirt and a red halter neck top. Dannii had expressed particular enthusiasm for them, and wondered if that had anything to do with it, but shook it off. She couldn’t help peeping past the curtain as Kylie undid her snug jeans and slipped them down, offering Dannii a glimpse of her cute arse, neatly clad in matching lacy white knickers, which made her inhale a little sharper than normal, causing her to quickly turn away in case Kylie had heard her. She hadn’t and continued dressing, taking her jeans off and slipping into a thigh length dress, which she stepped out and modelled for Dannii. She struck a pose with a giggle as Dannii smiled and eyed her, saying it was nice but something didn’t quite suit her about it. Kylie said thanks for her opinion then stepped back into the changing room and put her jeans back on, coming out with the clothes that she’d tried and rejected, holding the two items she did want over her other arm.

The girls walked back through the clothes, Kylie hanging up the items she didn’t want, not just leaving them for the staff. Kylie spotted another top she fancied trying, making Dannii roll her eyes before she picked out something she wanted to try. Having already bought a few items, or rather had Kylie buy them for her, she wasn’t hunting for anything specific. She picked out a nice black strapless tube top and a looser, more summery purple top with black straps.

”Let’s just take a quick look round lingerie,” Kylie said, giving Dannii a glance as she headed towards the underwear section.

”What’s the hurry? You run out or something?” Dannii teased, knowing full well Kylie had drawers of the stuff, but she seemed to like buying new items all the time.

”You know me Dan,” Kylie said with a giggle as they entered the lingerie, Kylie glancing round over the models and posters sporting the latest ranges. Walking through the racks, Kylie looked over all the items on display, gliding her fingers over the material of some to feel them, since she did have to wear them after all. Kylie stopped at one, eyeing it carefully before taking one off the rack and looking it over.

”Yep, I think that looks nice,” she said simply, sifting through to find herself the right size and picked it up. It was a black and red lace set, a black lace push-up bra edged with red lace and a black lace thong to match with attached garters. Kylie picked out both parts as Dannii silently watched on, almost urging her to pick up a new pair of black lace topped stockings to go with it. Kylie didn’t disappoint her, not even glancing to her as she picked them up then turned to her, seeing Dannii with a slight smile. Kylie just grinned back and led the way back towards the changing area to try their tops on. Kylie stepped in first again as Dannii waited, taking a breath and stopping herself from looking in as Kylie quickly shrugged off her shirt and pulled the red halter top over her head, feeling the smooth loose top slide down her slim, sexy body to just over the top of her jeans. Just smoothing it a little she pulled back the curtain and stepped out, facing Dannii with a smile.

”What you think? I know the bra doesn’t work, just ignore it,” Kylie giggled, seeing her younger sisters eyes drinking her in. Kylie waited a moment and then turned round, unconsciously arching her back a little and pushing her bum out as she spun round and showed off the gorgeous curve of her smooth, naked back. Dannii gave a little gasp that this time Kylie did hear, sending a little rush through her as her sibling stared on at her sexy back, her nipples stiffening up a bit as she took a proper breath.

”Lovely,” Dannii said with a smile as Kylie turned back.

”Another for the score card then,” Kylie giggled as she stepped back into the changing room, sliding the curtain across though not totally. This time Dannii couldn’t help herself, glancing back at Kylie as she turned away and pulled the halter top off, eyeing her sexy back again as she hung the top up.

”Dannii,” Kylie suddenly said without turning round, making her almost jump out of her skin and quickly pretend she hadn’t been looking.

”Yeah?” Dannii asked, trying to sound casual.

”Come in here,” Kylie said softly, turning back to face the curtain. Dannii took a bit of a shallow breath and then turned and slid the curtain over a bit, stepping through a little and seeing Kylie standing in just her jeans and bra before her with a smile.

”Right this is something I can’t properly model, but what do you think?” Kylie said with a smile as she held up the sexy lingerie, holding the bra up over her own and the knickers in front of her jeans. Dannii eyed her silently, taking in her sister, who was looking delectable.

”So what you think? Should I get it?” Kylie quizzed, looking inquisitive.

“I’m just trying to imagine it,” Dannii said softly, almost dreamily, eyeing her older sister. Kylie gave a little cock of her eyebrow and a devilish smile, a little thrill rushing through her.

”Ok let me just do something, might help,” Kylie said quietly, hanging the lingerie up on a hook and then reaching down to her belt. Dannii watched on silently, locking eyes with Kylie for just a moment as she unbuckled the leather, before her gaze travelled back down as Kylie unbuttoned the denim and pulled the zip down. Kylie took a little breath and then pushed her snug jeans down, peeling them off her tight, curvy rear and pushing them down her legs, bending down to push them all the way to her ankles. Standing with a slight blush, Kylie reached over for the lingerie again as Dannii drank in her gorgeously tight body, her eyes drawn to the soft bulge of her pussy in the lacy white knickers she had on. Kylie pulled the items back in front of her again, holding them over her own bra and knickers now, Dannii taking in the new underwear before giving a quick glance to make sure nobody was seeing this. Kylie stood patiently as her younger sister took her in, totally turned on even though Kylie wasn’t even in it.

”What you think, with a pair of black stockings?” Kylie asked, seeing the effect she was having on Dannii, which was an exhilarating sensation.

”Uh-huh…”Dannii murmured softly, not taking her eyes away from Kylie’s body.

”And a pair of stilettos,” Kylie purred teasingly, running her tongue over her lip with a foxy look. Dannii suddenly blinked and looked up, seeing her expression before Kylie broke into giggles, Dannii following.

”Knew that’d get your attention,” Kylie murmured, giving Dannii a little flick of her eyebrow before she hung the lingerie aside and reached down for her jeans, pulling them back up to conceal herself again before slipping back into her linen shirt.

”So should I buy it?” Kylie said as she buttoned herself up.

”Definitely,” Dannii smiled, glancing around again quickly. Kylie smiled as she picked up her things and stepped out of the changing room, Dannii stepping in with her own and pulling the curtain across. As quietly as possible, both girls took a deep breath as their minds and bodies raced, Kylie’s nipples and clit feeling a little stiffened from her arousal at the building tension between them. Dannii slid off her denim jacket and pulled her black vest top over her head before she arranged the purple top and slid her arms into it. Kylie, standing outside, couldn’t resist just like Dannii and peeked in past the curtain, her eyes widening a little to take in the sexy form of her busty younger sister raising her arms up and stretching, giving a great view of her breasts in their sexy black bra before the purple top slid down over her. Kylie quickly rebuked herself for looking at Dannii and turned away, hearing Dannii shifting around a little before the curtain was drawn back.

”How’s this?” Dannii said with a smile, just smoothing the purple material out before looking up at Kylie, holding her clothing. Kylie looked her up and down, her eyes slowing over the generous curve of her breasts before following the contrasting black straps up and over her shoulders, Dannii’s bra straps showing past them but matching just fine anyway.

”Looks great hun,” Kylie said with a smile, which was the outright truth since Dannii looked hot. Dannii struck a little pose and flicked her hair with a laugh as Kylie grinned.

”Careful, you’ll have guys all over you,” Kylie teased, waving a little telling-off finger.

”And maybe some girls too,” Dannii teased, giving a sideways glance that Kylie could feel as their eyes met before Dannii stepped back behind the curtain and slid it across. Dannii decided to take it as she slipped it off over her head again, hanging it on its hanger again before she picked up the black boob tube top, unhooking it and sliding her arms into it. Kylie was refraining from looking as Dannii pulled it down over her head, wriggling through it and freeing her arms, pulling it down over her to sit properly round her voluptuous body, offering up a lovely amount of cleavage, hugging and displaying every curve of her body and a little bit of toned tummy.

”What about this one?” Dannii said, sweeping the curtain aside with her arm as she stepped out in front of Kylie. Kylie turned and looked at her, pausing and tilting her head as she carefully eyed Dannii, her gaze sweeping up and down her luscious body.

”I think it’d work better without the bra Dan,” Kylie said, indicating the straps that ran out from under it.

”Want me to take it off?” Dannii asked, trying to urge her sister into asking her to do it even though it was a dangerous game.

“It’s up to you Dan,” Kylie said, just giving a pleasant smile. Dannii didn’t say anything and stepped back in, pulling the curtain back over as she shoved the tube top down round her stomach, quickly reaching back for her bra. Kylie peeked in past the curtain, unable to stop herself pushing it aside a little as Dannii’s slender fingers found the clasp and unclipped it, pulling her bra off forwards and sliding it down her arms. Kylie’s eyes widened and she just stifled a gasp as she got a lovely side view of Dannii’s naked shoulders and breasts, large and pert on her chest, just looking so smooth and squeezable as Dannii cast her bra aside and turned slightly, making Kylie quickly let go of the curtain and turn away, hoping Dannii hadn’t noticed her. Dannii had been wondering if Kylie would peek since she had and had heard a slight rustle of the curtain, now fully aware Kylie was watching her, but didn’t want to ruin it and have to face the awkward moment that would follow, so had just enjoyed being ogled. She quickly pulled the top back up, her nipples feeling the fresh, cool air and hardening more, to levels she knew would show through the top. Pulling it up, she settled it round her breasts again and then stepped back out.

”There, what you think?” Dannii said, holding her arms out to invite Kylie to look. Kylie looked alright, her eyes taking in every contour and curve of her younger sibling, eyeing how her smooth tummy was slightly shown between the top and her belt before flowing with the curves of her waist to her large, supple breasts, the nipples clearly showing through the thin material as it curved over the front of her breasts and stopped to leave her lovely cleavage on display, the soft skin of the top of her boobs looking so strokable. Kylie unconsciously licked her lip, not unnoticed by Dannii before Kylie looked up her slender neck to her beautiful face and their gaze met. They both smiled before Kylie finally spoke.

”Gorgeous, suits you perfectly,” Kylie said.

”Thanks, I’ll get it then,” Dannii replied, just giving a grin before sliding back into the room. She quickly took the black tube top off and hung it again before quickly pulling on her bra and yanking her vest top on. Dannii slid into her denim jacket before smoothing her hair as she stepped out, where Kylie was waiting to head to the tills with her own choices with a smile. Dannii gave her a smile of her own and they headed to pay for their choice of clothes. The cashier smiled at them warmly and greeted them, welcoming them back to the store, asking how they were etc. She smiled a bit wider when Kylie handed over her credit card as another sales assistant packed their bags for them. They took their purchases, said a polite goodbye to the staff and then headed out towards the street, both sliding their designer sunglasses on again as they stepped into the pleasant sun, arms interlinking again.

“Fancy a drink?” Kylie said, glancing up at another nearby place they liked though didn’t really stop into enough. They really didn’t spend enough time together she realised, time that should be cherished.

”Sure,” Dannii said with a smile, feeling herself guided smoothly by Kylie into the doors of the posh restaurant. They were greeted by the smartly dressed man at the front who guided people to their seats, smiling at them as soon as he saw who they were.

“Good afternoon, how can I serve you?” he said politely to them with a nice smile.

”Table for two, outside please, since it’s a lovely day,” Dannii said before Kylie had a chance, just giving her a little smile.

“This way please,” he said, holding his arm out to guide them. They followed him as he guided them through the elegantly furnished restaurant and up a small set of stairs to the outside, leading them into a perfectly tended raised garden, a view out over the river, a few other people enjoying the sunshine. Pushing their glasses into their hair out the way, they sat down, putting their bags to one side and thanking him, saying they would order in a minute. He left them with a smile as they picked up the wine list, since they were only stopping for a drink.

“Red or white?” Kylie asked without looking up from the menu.

“Red,” Dannii replied, lowering her menu a little and peeking over the top at Kylie.

“You trying to get me drunk?” Kylie said after a little pause, lowering her own menu and looking over the top into Dannii’s gorgeous blue eyes with a little half-smile, almost allowing herself to fall into them and get lost as Dannii raised her eyebrow a little.

“Would it be such a bad thing?” the younger sibling teased, purring a little and giving an innocent look.

“That depends why you want me drunk,” Kylie teased with a little flick of her eyebrows, just pushing her sister a little that she had an ulterior motive.

”It’ll be fun, it’s a day off to enjoy ourselves,” Dannii said with a grin as her eyes flitted back to the wine list, her tongue just playing over her lips a little. Kylie felt her heart miss a beat and then speed up as she immediately saw the suggestion in Dannii’s choice of words, unable to stop her mind from giving her that impression.

“Ok red, but I know it goes to your head too,” Kylie said with a sly smile, running her tongue over her smooth white teeth before she perused the wine list again, selecting a nice Merlot, which Dannii agreed with happily since it was one of her favourites, but then she realised that a lot of wines were. With a raise of her hand a waiter was immediately at Kylie’s side and she requested the bottle of wine and two glasses, which he immediately said was an exquisite choice as she would expect and quickly walked away to arrange it. Just a moment later, the girls barely having the time to put their wine lists away, the waiter returned with a tray with a bottle of chilled Merlot and two crystal glasses, which he placed down, putting a glass in front of each sister and then pouring it for them so they had a healthy glass full each. He placed the bottle down and asked if they would like anything else, to which Dannii told him that would be all for now, delivered with a thank you, a flirty smile and pout which made his eyes widen and a smile play across his face.

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Re: Kylie and Dannii Minogue - Love, Lust & Incest
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“You’re bad Dan,” Kylie said with a giggle as he walked away, picking up her glass and smelling it before taking a sip.

“That’s nothing,” she said with a purr, lifting her glass and also taking a sip, both of them looking into one another’s eyes over the crystal rim, able to see the spark of passion, curiosity and guilt, all rolled into one.

After a few glasses of wine each that finished the bottle, both sisters were lightly inebriated. They were barely even tipsy, just feeling the warmth really, but it was enough to relax some of the tension between them. Since Dannii’s place was closest now they decided to go back there, so Kylie gave her driver a call and asked if he could collect them from the restaurant, to which he said he’d be there in a few minutes. Finishing their glasses off, Dannii paid the tab, refusing to let Kylie do it, simply handing over her card with another sexy smile to the beaming waiter.

“Thank you, will that be all?” he said as he handed Dannii her credit card back with a receipt.

“We don’t have time for anything else,” Dannii teased with a wink, then walked away.

“Sorry about her, she’s had a bit too much wine. Thank you,” Kylie said with a smile, handing him a note as a tip. He thanked her for it and she headed after Dannii, who was waiting and looking back for her.

“What was that? Getting his number?” Dannii teased as they linked arms again and walked slowly from the restaurant.

“Well I asked if I could have it for you, but he said he could do better,” Kylie quipped, sticking her tongue out at her sister a little with a grin.

“How rude. Well I guess you’re stuck with me then sis,” Dannii giggled pulling herself close to Kylie for a moment as they emerged onto the street, Kylie’s driver waiting for them. They slid into the back seat as he held the door, thanking him for collecting them, then asked him to take them to Dannii’s apartment. After a few minutes drive they arrived, being let out of the back by her driver. They thanked him again and Kylie said he could go now, she’d get a taxi home later since she wasn’t sure how long she’d be. He told her to enjoy her afternoon and headed off, just watching to make sure they entered Dannii’s building safely before driving away. It was late afternoon as Kylie and Dannii rode the lift up to Dannii’s floor, the tension almost palpable as the lift suddenly managed to create an environment that meant their conversation died and they felt awkward with each other. The opening of the doors relieved the pressure though and Dannii led the way down the hall to her flat as Kylie followed, sneakily ogling her younger sisters firm rear in the snug cut-off jeans.

“Home sweet home,” Dannii murmured as she unlocked the door and went in, holding it open for Kylie before she closed and locked it behind them, Kylie casting an eye to it before walking through to Dannii’s front room. Kylie dropped down onto the sofa, sinking slightly into the soft cushions and resting against the arm as Dannii joined her, sitting down not quite at the other end, a little closer to the middle, and ultimately closer to Kylie.

“You know, you can try on some of those clothes you bought properly now…if you want to,” Dannii said with a distinct purr that made Kylie buzz a little bit.

“Well I could do,” Kylie said, looking up and into her younger sisters pretty blue eyes. Dannii then she looked away, down towards where she nervously fiddled with her hands.

“Maybe…try on that lingerie for real this time,” Dannii said in a quiet voice, not looking back up for a minute, before she couldn’t help it and looked up into Kylie’s foxy eyes, unable to hold it, flitting away again to the floor.

“I don’t think so,” Kylie said, “not just yet,” she finished after a tense pause, making Dannii’s heart surge with excitement and nerves, since it suggested to her that Kylie wasn’t denying the attraction.

”Besides, I paid for our little afternoon of retail therapy. If anyone’s in a position to make modelling requests here it’s me!” Kylie giggled, the slight effects of the wine still present, shooting Dannii a smile as she looked up again, which eased the tension.

“Well I did offer!” Dannii protested, making a mock-offended expression and turning to Kylie with a pout, her large breasts jiggling delightfully in her top, something not lost on Kylie, whose eyes just paused for a moment at them.

”Well…what you offering now?” Kylie said in a diva-like tone, before breaking into a trademark smile, just flicking her tongue at Dannii a little. Dannii just looked her square in the eye, able to see the spark in Kylie, which she couldn’t and didn’t want to deny.

”Give me a minute,” Dannii said, almost in a whisper before she stood up, just brushing her fingers over Kylie’s denim clad knee, sending a little shiver through her older sister, who was already starting to feel energized, her heart and breathing just increasing a little at the prospect. Dannii grabbed her bag from the floor and reached in to pull out the black boob tube, swiftly walking to the adjacent kitchen. She didn’t shut the door, simply laying the small black top on a worktop and reaching down for her vest top. Kylie stared wide eyed as Dannii peeled it over her head, leaning forwards on the sofa to watch as Dannii casually reached back for her bra, unhooking it and pulling it off, casting it aside with her black vest top to stand half naked in the kitchen. Dannii turned her head, just managing to get the slightest glimpse of Kylie watching without her knowing, sending a little thrill through her.

Kylie took in Dannii’s gorgeously smooth naked back, just looking so inviting and strokable, making her feel the urge to just run her hands down it, over the sexy curve of her spine to the top of her hips and firm, rounded bum, which was clearly defined by the tight cut-off jeans. Dannii boldly stood topless picking up her top and then noticing the label, which needed removing. Since she had knives handy being her kitchen, she needn’t go anywhere else. Just stepping forward, she daintily moved across the tiled floor and picked up a knife from the rack, holding the top up to find the label. Just wanting to push it a little she turned slightly to the side, allowing the side of her voluptuous breast to become visible. Kylie now was right on the edge of the sofa, her pert rear just on the brink as she stared with wide eyes at her sisters impromptu strip show. Dannii didn’t look back but was breathing a bit fast, able to hear her heart thumping fast in her chest as she slid the top over her arms and then reached up to pull it over her head.

Kylie bit her full lip, feeling a little rush of pure arousal, a sharp burst of adrenaline released into her surging blood as her nipples stiffened fully, her pussy giving a squeeze and feeling a little moist now as she eyed her sister, knowing she shouldn’t but unable to tear her eyes from the sexy sight. Dannii pulled her hair out of the black top and flicked her head back as she pulled it down, letting it slide over her gorgeous breasts, dragging over her now almost painfully hard nipples, since having a few drinks and then doing this in front of Kylie had turned her on immensely, her pussy almost leaking she was so horny. She pulled the snug black boob tube into place over her large breasts, pulling it down to offer as much cleavage as she thought she could safely get away with, the bottom snugly hugging the top of her smooth midsection. Just reaching up, Dannii brushed her fingertips over her hard nipples, completely obvious through the fabric, not even remotely subtle. Taking a breath, she turned back to Kylie with a smile, noting how she quickly pulled herself back onto the sofa to pretend she hadn’t been eyeing her up.

“How do I look?” Dannii said, unconsciously arching her back and holding her arms out a little to show off her new top and impressive chest to her sibling. She could feel Kylie’s gaze just soaking her up for a moment that seemed to last forever, scanning her whole figure and then stopping at what she was sure were her erect nipples.

“Look’s great, suits you perfectly,” Kylie said softly, not taking her eyes away from Dannii’s rack.

“Thanks,” Dannii said, walking back over to the sofa, making sure to bounce just a little as she walked so her breasts jiggled enticingly, something not lost on Kylie, whose breaths slowed for a moment as she approached.

”You don’t think it’s too tight do you?” she asked as she sat down, closer to Kylie now, their legs almost touching. She looked into Kylie’s eyes with a lustful spark, seeing similar in Kylie’s as she tried to will her older sister to take the bait.

“I don’t think so,” Kylie said. Of course that was a lie, it was a bit tight, but that was one of the reasons it looked so good.

“It feels it,” Dannii said softly, almost purring as she pushed her chest forward just a little more. Kylie couldn’t resist any longer and reached out, pausing and pulling back a little for a moment before she moved to Dannii’s cleavage, just hooking her fingers into the top and pulling slightly to test it. Dannii just looked down at her older sisters slender hand as she tested the tightness of her little black top, Kylie running her fingers round a little, her nails just scraping the top of Dannii’s left breast, making her goosepimple with a little shiver that she hoped wasn’t too obvious. Kylie just paused a moment and then slid her fingers out of the top, brushing them softly down over the material in front of Dannii’s breast, just avoiding her stiff nipple before she turned her hand and just firmly pushed against her younger sister’s large left breast with the back of her fingers, feeling the weight of them, sending a little tingle through her body.

”Maybe a little…” Kylie murmured idly, not looking Dannii in the eye. There was a moment of silence, the atmosphere thick between them as Kylie’s hand trembled a little, before she just let her hand turn back over again, fingertips sliding over the soft fabric and surface of Dannii’s breast before Kylie took a deep breath and fully cupped her sisters large breast with her hand, spreading her fingers and gently squeezing. Kylie’s eyes flicked upwards where Dannii’s gaze was waiting. The girls locked eyes, staring right into each others souls for what seemed like an eternity before Dannii reached up, her hands sliding onto Kylie’s shoulders as Kylie’s spare hand slid round Dannii’s side, just holding round her back slightly. They cautiously leaned forwards to one another until their noses touched, both of them giving little trembles as they softly nuzzled one another, feeling a thrill just before they just slipped forward the final step and softly locked lips.

At first it was tentative, just enjoying the sensation of their soft pouts meeting, just barely touching, but after a couple of seconds they put more pressure in, kissing much harder and opening to receive each others tongues. Their tongues just naturally slipped past each other and entwined, as if they’d done it a thousand times before, tenderly massaging and pushing, going a bit deeper into the opposing mouth as their kiss reached its peak before they pulled back into just a soft lip lock, the tips of their tongues just dabbing at each other before they finally pulled apart, their lips just sticking together very slightly. They both gave a sigh as they rubbed noses again, eyes still closed, Kylie’s hand now rhythmically squeezing and rubbing Dannii’s breast, her other hand having also moved back to support the side of her younger sibling’s large right breast as well. Dannii’s hands slid down Kylie’s upper arms to the elbows, then inwards, Kylie lifting her arms a little to allow Dannii to put her hands where they both knew she wanted them. There was no hesitation, simply sliding her slender hands onto Kylie’s white linen shirt.

Kylie gave an appreciative murmur as Dannii cupped her perky breasts, lightly squeezing them as her thumbs found the point of her nipples poking through her shirt now, despite the bra. The girls kissed again, harder and more passionate, locking lips fiestily with a murmur as Kylie shuffled back a little to the edge of the sofa, leaning back against the arm so she was half lying down as Dannii followed, their lips never breaking as they continued to grope one another. Kylie’s hands slid down her younger sister from her large breasts to her slim, bare waist, feeling the curve as it went in before the flare of her gorgeous hips, the heat of her beautifully soft skin feeling electrifying as she held her. Dannii’s hands meanwhile quickly gave one last firm squeeze, making Kylie arch her back towards her as they continued to kiss ardently, before moving inwards to quickly locate the buttons of Kylie’s white shirt.

Kylie didn’t try to stop her sibling. She knew she should but she didn’t want to, she felt so alive and exhilarated, excited to the point of trembling, which she knew she was doing in Dannii’s arms. Dannii was trembling too, excited and nervous as she deftly unbuttoned her older sister’s shirt, feeling Kylie’s soft hands gently squeezing her waist, fingers just softly massaging. Their kiss broke with a little gasp, opening their eyes finally, Dannii’s hair hanging down round their faces now like a curtain. Kylie just slid her hands up Dannii’s body, making sure to brush over her breasts and stiff nipples which made Dannii shiver, before raising her hands to her pretty face. She placed them on the edges of her forehead and brushed the long, dark hair back over Dannii’s ears and shoulders, making her smile. Kylie smiled back, then let her fingers slide into the soft brunette strands so she could pull her sister back down for another kiss, softer this time, just grazing their glossy lips and lightly meeting each others tongues as Dannii opened the last button on her shirt, exposing a strip up the middle of smooth, toned body, the middle of Kylie’s bra just visible to break the length of skin.

They held the kiss a moment longer before breaking apart with a light smooch, Kylie laying back on the soft fabric as Dannii leaned up a little, legs still sitting with her feet on the floor as she looked down at her older sister’s tight body, just waiting to be exposed. Kylie glanced down herself, over the perky mounds of her breasts and then back up at Dannii, their eyes locking again as Kylie nervously bit her full bottom lip. Dannii gave a little raspy sigh at that sexy sight, her fingers sliding up Kylie’s front over the smooth linen, just running inwards to the edges of the opened shirt. Giving a little pout at Kylie she pulled the shirt open, peeling it back to reveal her sister’s perky breasts held neatly by the white lace bra. Dannii gave an approving murmur, just taking it in for a breath before moving her hands back to Kylie’s breasts, wasting no time in giving a good squeeze again that forced a gasp from Kylie, making Dannii smile foxily. Kylie’s hands moved back to Dannii’s waist, lightly stroking before sliding back upwards to her younger sister’s breasts, again feeling the weight before she gave a firmer squeeze than she’d received herself. Dannii gave a little shiver and arched, letting Kylie take an opportunity to lean up and start to wetly kiss at her neck. Dannii gave a little giggle as her sister’s full lips and wet tongue kissed and sucked her neck, her fingers tracing Kylie’s bra as her thumbs rubbed the peaks of her nipples.

“These were worth the money,” Kylie mumbled through her kisses as she felt Dannii’s breasts completely, fingers and hands sliding all over the tight black material and the large boobs beneath. Dannii smiled, her eyes closed as her sister kissed and fondled her, her own hands still working.

“Glad you like them, yours are just so firm and perfect,” she murmured in reply, giving Kylie a little extra squeeze before she made a daring move. She pulled back so Kylie slid from her neck and then leaned back down to lock lips with her once more, kissing her firmly and pushing her tongue into her mouth, Kylie a little surprised by the intensity but receiving it happily, and then made her move. Turning her firm rear on the sofa, Dannii twisted herself over onto her left hip and pushed her right leg over Kylie’s, their soft denim rubbing together as Dannii pushed her right knee down between Kylie’s legs. Kylie gave a slight mumble, a token protest as Dannii slid her leg between hers, squeezing a little as Dannii settled herself, straightening her left leg so she could lay close to Kylie as her right leg lay between Kylie’s, who was now squeezing it firmly with her thighs.

“Mmm Kylie, put your leg over mine,” Dannii breathed as she broke their kiss and softly kissed down Kylie’s smooth jaw line towards her neck.

”But Dannii,” Kylie breathed, fighting the sensual sensations as a slight wave of rational thinking swept through her.

“Do it,” Dannii whispered hotly into her ear, making her quiver a little before Dannii kissed down her soft neck. Kylie took a breath and then lifted her right leg and twisted her hips over, allowing Dannii space to bend her left knee up under her thigh, which she eagerly did. They both mumbled slightly as they shifted, the noises of their bodies moving on the sofa seemingly deafeningly loud as the sisters settled together. Kylie was laying back rolled over to her right, Dannii’s thighs underneath and between her own as she lay over her, her hands sliding down to Kylie’s elegantly slim waist to just hold her gently as she kissed down her neck towards the top of her flushed chest. Dannii had already kicked her shoes off and used her bare toes to ease the high heels from Kylie’s feet, Kylie loving the feel of her siblings smooth lower legs in the cut-offs sliding over her heels, before Dannii hooked her ankles behind Kylie’s Achilles tendons and locked their smooth, denim legs together.

“You have powerful thighs,” Kylie murmured with a mischievous smile as Dannii squeezed her right leg with them.

“You don’t know the half of it,” Dannii murmured with a smirk Kylie could feel, moving back up and looking directly into Kylie’s eyes before kissing her softly again, her hands moving back to Kylie’s perky breasts, fingers just teasing along the underwires at the front and onto the soft, warm skin. Kylie’s hands just pulled at Dannii’s tight tube top, pulling it up on her breasts, making Dannii pull back and look down to see what she was doing. Kylie pulled it up so that she had little cleavage but the top no longer touched her body beneath them, instead exposing the bottoms of her large breasts, which Kylie’s fingers immediately stroked, making Dannii almost purr since it was so rarely focussed upon, rubbing herself on Kylie’s thigh.

“Lower,” Kylie whispered softly, her eyes flitting away from Dannii to the side as she blushed a little. Dannii stopped dead, her fingers stopping on the swell of Kylie’s perky boobs, feeling her chest rising and falling rapidly with her breathing, a sheen of sweat on her smooth skin.

“You sure…?” Dannii said, reaching up to turn Kylie’s head back so she looked her in the eye, her fingers then moving to brush an errant strand of blonde hair back from her face.

“Go on,” Kylie said quietly with no hesitation, wiggling a little underneath Dannii, who gave a smile and leaned down to kiss her again. As they locked lips once more, which just felt so right and comfortable now, Dannii’s right hand slid down over Kylie’s toned body, fingers just dancing over the smooth body and tummy down to Kylie’s bellybutton. She circled it and felt Kylie shift under her a little, squeezing her leg with her thighs before she continued down to the low waistband of the tight jeans, her fingers bumping the belt buckle. Dannii just dragged her fingers along Kylie’s abdomen above the waist of her jeans, feeling her wiggle a little underneath her before she bent her hand and pushed her fingers underneath the edge of the denim, and the soft, warm lace of Kylie’s sexy knickers at the same time, Dannii feeling a rush at the sensation of her sister’s underwear sliding over her fingers as she felt the slight bulge as she pushed down towards Kylie’s silky mound.

Her fun was short lived though as Kylie went stiff as a board, very quickly grabbing Dannii’s wrist and mumbling in protest through their kiss, her eyes springing open. They’d already gone too far as it was. Letting Dannii feel her through her jeans was one thing, through her knickers was very borderline and to let her feel skin to skin was a big no-no, at least right now.

“But you said…” Dannii trailed off, looking perplexedly at Kylie’s stoppage of her attempted ministrations as she steadily ground her own crotch on her sister’s leg. Kylie didn’t say a word, simply pulling her younger siblings eager hand back out of her jeans and lifting it up over them, then bringing it down right on top of her crotch. Dannii looked down as the stiff area of denim pressed into her little hand, then back up at Kylie, who looked foxily at her from under her eyebrows. Dannii just gave a little smile and pressed, slightly rubbing the stiff fly of the jeans into Kylie’s pussy through her lacy knickers, making her give a little moan and shudder that made Dannii’s heart pound. Kylie leaned up and kissed her hard, Dannii returning it with vigour as her hand got to work rhythmically, just pressing into Kylie’s hot pussy through the denim, doing her best to stimulate Kylie’s clit as best she could figure. Given Kylie was wriggling a little and breathing kinda heavy she figured she’d got something right, which helped spur her on to continue humping firmly on Kylie’s thigh. Their tongues did battle with one another, Kylie fairly jamming hers down Dannii’s throat as hard as she could in her arousal.

They broke for breath, Kylie lightly biting Dannii’s bottom lip with her teeth and lightly tugging at it, pulling it out slightly as Dannii breathed hotly over her nose. Kylie’s hands climbed up to Dannii’s breasts again, quickly brushing her large, prominent nipples through the tube top before sliding up and under again, just brushing the undersides of Dannii’s large breasts again before she boldly slid her hands straight up underneath the top and onto her sisters bare breasts, stretching the top out over her hands as she firmly groped the hot brunette, making her arch her back and give a slight grunt, Dannii rolling her hips in response to stimulate herself a little more. Kylie was fully aware of what her sister was doing on her leg but didn’t stop her, loving the feeling of Dannii’s strong thighs gripping her leg as she ground her own crotch against her, loving the sensations of stiff denim and soft body.

Dannii didn’t complain at Kylie being allowed to touch her naked body when she wasn’t allowed to touch Kylie’s, simply enjoying the moment as they kissed again, a little softer, their tongues entwining like never before, a way neither girl had ever been kissed it felt so good, their tongues and lips alive from the kiss alone. Wrapped up on the sofa their hearts raced, feeling as if the other was playing them like a musical instrument as they frolicked, Kylie’s hands vigorously fondling and stroking Dannii’s enhanced breasts as Dannii in return rubbed her crotch through her tight jeans and just held her bare waist through her open linen shirt, loving the curve of her delectable figure.

Dannii gave a slightly firmer rub and felt her sister tense up, on the brink of an orgasm and she knew it. She herself was right there too from her grinding and the sheer heat of what they were doing. Dannii couldn’t take any more and grabbed Kylie’s right hand with her spare left hand, continuing to rub Kylie fast with her right. Yanking Kylie’s slender left hand from her breast, she pulled away from her sister and sat more upright, and without a word pulled Kylie’s hand forward and shoved it down her stomach, pushing it down her jeans inside her knickers and onto her puffy pussy. Kylie gave a gasp at the sudden act but didn’t try and stop it, quite the opposite. Her fingers firmly rubbed the engorged lips of Dannii’s wet pussy through the soft hair as her middle finger quickly found her clit, going to work skilfully without a thought. Dannii let out a moan as she humped her hips against her sisters hand, doubling her own efforts on Kylie, who was groaning with every rub, pushing her hips up from the sofa to meet them.

Kylie pulled her other hand out from Dannii’s top and sat up more, grasping Dannii’s waist to support them, which sprung the little boob tube up over her large breasts, leaving them hanging free in front of Kylie as Dannii almost sat on her knee. Simply unable to resist, Kylie leaned forward and latched onto Dannii’s stiff right nipple, sucking firmly and lightly nipping it with her teeth, attacking the spongy, tightened nub with her tongue as Dannii humped against her hand and rubbed her own pussy hard, which was at its peak now. Within a few seconds Kylie’s gates opened, her body tensing up, then giving a spasm which sent her fingers into overdrive on Dannii’s sweet snatch as she threw her head back against the cushions, letting out a scream of ecstasy as her orgasm broke over her like a tidal wave, every nerve ending and sense buzzing, her clit throbbing with her heartbeat as she surfed the pleasure wave, gasping raggedly and arching her back as her soul melted with the intensity, feeling her sister give a jolt and a shudder as she gave one last spine popping arch and then sagged back on the sofa, seeing stars and completely knocked for six.

Dannii watched as her older sister endured one of the most powerful orgasms of her entire life, and the nipple sucking and the very rapidly working fingers on her own dripping pussy were more than sufficient to finish off her horny body just seconds after Kylie. Grabbing Kylie’s wrist tightly with one hand and her thigh with the other, Dannii used her sibling to support her as she bucked fiercely, thighs squeezing Kylie’s as she shoved forward against Kylie’s hand, leaking her hot juices over Kylie’s soft fingers as she tightened up, throwing her head back, hair flying everywhere as she let out a piercing squeal of climax, gritting her teeth as it turned to a guttural growl, her face contorted in an expression of pure release as the rush raced through her little figure, her body suddenly turning almost painfully sensitive in the aftermath of the high, making her hips twitch and shake as she gasped uncontrollably for breath, sagging limp on Kylie’s knee.

She had enough left in her to move her right hand to Kylie’s hot waist and lean down to kiss her. Kylie lazily leaned into it, totally spaced out as her equally orgasmically-shattered sibling planted one on her, just softly kissing with minimal tongue before they broke with another gasp for air, Dannii slumping off onto her left shoulder, resting her head heavily on it, her long, soft hair hanging down all over Kylie’s bare upper chest and arm, which was still resting on Dannii’s waist somehow.

All that could be heard for a couple of minutes was the heavy breathing of the two sisters, still entangled and holding one another much as they had been right before their almost simultaneous climax, not wanting to face the reality of this little romp just yet, simply basking in their sweaty, relaxed post-orgasm afterglow with one another. Each of them could hear the gradually slowing gasps of breath in their left ear, Kylie letting her head loll over just a little so that her cheek rested against Dannii’s, loving the smooth sensations of it as they recovered together, Dannii shifting a little on her leg, their legs just laying together now, neither of them squeezing the other, Dannii’s feet no longer hooked round her own, just dangling daintily together over the floor and Kylie’s discarded shoes.

After a minute more, Dannii released Kylie’s wrist, allowing her to slip her damp hand out of Dannii’s jeans, who sat up more on Kylie’s leg as she wiped them off. Their gaze met for a moment before they both looked away awkwardly, both feeling very guilty as Dannii sat up fully and clumsily disentangled herself from her older sister, pulling her leg out from Kylie’s and sitting down on the sofa next to her, reaching down to pull her tube top back over her exposed breasts as she shuffled away a little bit. Kylie hurriedly sat up and pulled her linen shirt closed, hastily buttoning it up with her shaking, sweaty fingers, pausing to wipe her hands on her jeans quickly to alleviate the problem before finishing doing her shirt up, not realising she’d done it up wrong. Quickly reaching down, Kylie fumbled for her heels, trying to put them on the wrong feet at first before quickly putting them on correctly and standing up.

”I uh…think I better go now,” Kylie mumbled, unable to look at Dannii as she shifted uncomfortably.

”Yeah, might be best,” Dannii replied quietly, her arms now folded across her chest, feeling very exhibited in her tight black tube top and trying to conceal herself, still painfully aware how much naked flesh was on display.

“I’ll call you tomorrow,” Kylie said softly, blushing quite badly now.

”Oh…ok,” Dannii said, almost a little surprised that Kylie would even speak to her after what had just transpired. Kylie leaned down and grasped her handbag, then quickly turned to Dannii, sitting on the sofa just to her left. Dannii glanced up at her, then they quickly leaned together for a gentle kiss, their lips barely grazing each other and not a hint of tongue, just lingering a moment before Kylie broke away. Dannii looked down again, playing with a ring on her finger as Kylie picked up her bag and walked out the door, almost stumbling a little on her heels at first as her legs felt a little shaky. Kylie unlocked the door and stepped out, pulling it shut carefully and then walking down the corridor to the lifts, flashes of what had just gone on racing through her mind, realising what she’d just done with her little sister.

”Oh god…” Kylie breathed, leaning and resting her head on the wall for a moment as she waited for the lift doors to open. She shifted her hips a little uncomfortably, as her knickers were now absolutely soaked from her juices where she’d got so turned on, and of course Dannii grinding them into her. Kylie stepped into the lift and rode it down, walking outside and hailing a passing cab to take her back to her luxury home, where she needed a shower and some sleep.

Dannii simply stayed sat on her sofa, burying her head in her hands as a pang of guilt hit her, remembering the hot woman she’d just romped with was none other than her own sister and they’d just crossed a major line with each other. She couldn’t deny how hot it’d been, and Kylie was as attractive now as she’d ever been to her but it simply couldn’t work, they’d already gone way past the line of common sense and to continue was surely just digging themselves a hole they could never climb out of. Dannii let out a deep sigh, pushing her hair back from her face before she stood up and walked from her front room to her bathroom to take a quick shower, hoping it’d clear her head as well as cleanse her voluptuous body.

Sun streamed brightly through the frosted glass of Dannii’s bathroom window as she stepped out of the shower, dripping water everywhere as she reached for her large white towel. She quickly wiped herself and then wrapped it round her lovely body under her arms and over her breasts, tucking it in before she grabbed a smaller one for her hair. Last nights shower had only been a very quick one. She’d needed to wash her hair, which she’d done now and was rubbing with the towel, and she’d also woken up painfully horny. What she’d done with Kylie the night before hadn’t invaded her dreams, it had however come to mind the second she’d awoken, and although she knew it was wrong it hadn’t stopped herself getting turned on. Unable to put it from her mind and needing a shower anyway, she’d figured she’d just take care of herself in there, which she’d started, but on getting half way through she’d stopped, feeling a pang of guilt about getting it on with her sister on the sofa the previous evening. Wrapping her head in the dry side of her hair towel, Dannii opened the window and sauntered back towards her bedroom, sitting down at her dressing table and reaching up to rub her hair when her phone rang. Dannii felt a rush of nerves hit her, her stomach lurching as her mobile buzzed on her bedside unit, vibrating across the surface. Standing up again, moisture still glistening on her chest she stepped over and picked it up, flipping it open and answering.

”Hello?” she said, her voice almost wavering as she spoke.

“Morning,” Kylie said softly, after a pause that’d stopped Dannii’s heart.

“Kylie….about last night…it’s…I’m…” Dannii stuttered, attempting to apologise before Kylie shut her down.

“No Dannii, it’s me that…I mean I was the one that…” Kylie faltered, unable to string words together about the illicit incident the previous evening that they’d shamefully enjoyed so thoroughly. There was a silence which seemed to last forever before Kylie broke it, moving on from the awkward attempted apologies, knowing full well both were to blame and deep down they didn’t want to have to be sorry for it.

“Do you want to go out for dinner tomorrow night,” Kylie finally blurted out, almost blushing at the other end of the phone. Dannii was a little stunned, not only that Kylie wasn’t mad but also that she’d just invited her out on a date.

”Uhh…yeah sorry that’d be great!” Dannii quickly replied, hoping she didn’t sound too eager. If she did Kylie didn’t mention it, or perhaps she liked that, as she simply replied affirmatively and suggested a place, one of their favourite restaurants, which Dannii readily agreed to.

“Great, I’ll see you tomorrow night around eight then?” Kylie finished with a more natural tone to her voice, her breathing slower and not hissing into the phone so much now.

“Sounds good, Bye,” Dannii said softly, unable to stop herself breaking into a smile. She knew she shouldn’t, that this should just be a friendly dinner with her sister, but it was more than that. They both knew it was a date, they’d gone too far for this to just be a friendly dinner, but neither wanted to fully admit the feelings. Dannii couldn’t think how to do it, admitting she felt that way about her sister to herself, let alone to Kylie as she pulled the towel from her head, getting to work drying it as she sat back down at her dresser. She worked at her hair as she pondered their date, how to approach it. Should she go with the flow and admit what she wanted and dress to impress, or play it a little more conservatively in case Kylie had cooled off since. She quickly chastised herself for such thoughts, but couldn’t help realising that she should go and get herself waxed. Dannii told herself it was just on the very slim off-chance that her and Kylie got down and dirty, but knew really it was because she hoped they did and wanted to be perfect for her sibling as she picked up her hairdryer.

Later that day Dannii, dressed in comfy jeans and a vest top, sauntered into her waxers, going through the usual hellos and so forth before being told to go in and that her beautician would be in in a minute. There was no shyness about these sorts of things now, and Dannii simply stripped out of her clothes and lay naked on the bed, just settling as her usual beautician joined her with a cheerful greeting.

”Afternoon Dannii, you’re looking well. How’s things?” she said, not the least bit concerned at the hot Aussie babe’s nakedness, Dannii sporting a neat patch of hair.

”Hey, they’re good,” Dannii said with a pleasant smile, unashamed of her nudity since this was just a normal thing.

“Good good,” she said casually as she got to work, Dannii laying back and letting her get on, starting with her armpits. Dannii winced a bit as they were made smooth, but that wasn’t anything too bad, fairly normal, something she’d got used to, she knew it was worth the results. Moving down to her legs her beautician got straight to work on them, methodically applying and peeling waxing strips off her to leave her legs strokably smooth as Dannii gave a couple of gasps. The pain of having hair torn out never fully subsided no matter how many times you did it.

“Now, what are we gonna do down here?” she asked, indicating Dannii’s neatly trimmed pubic hair. She had a neatly trimmed bush, her bikini line well waxed and the rest kept neat so she could wear bikinis or low slung jeans.

“Completely smooth,” Dannii said simply, glancing down at the beautician holding waxing strips at the ready.

“Ooh big date is it?” she said, as if reading Dannii’s mind. Dannii blushed a little, turning her head away with a slight smile playing over her lips.

“Yeah…” she replied wistfully, shifting a little as the wax and strip was applied to her pussy.

“Really. Anybody famous?” her beautician probed, smoothing the strip on before giving a sharp yank that stalled the conversation as Dannii let out a squeal and then sharply inhaled through her teeth.

“Sorry about that,” she said, dabbing at the bald strip up one side of Dannii’s crotch.

“Haven’t had it all waxed off in a while now, stings more than I remember,” she said, her legs tensing as she tried to relax again.

“So, anyone famous?” the beautician continued, applying more wax and another strip.

“Yeah,” Dannii said simply, bracing herself for another sharp yank that made her yelp loudly and left the other side of her pussy bald, the beautician dabbing at her again and then applying more wax to get the last strip of hair up the middle of her slit, pressing the strip onto her.

“And who is this special someone?” she asked, waiting a moment before yanking the strip and dark patch of hair off as well, Dannii wincing but holding in any noises this time bar a slight hiss. She paused to look down at her smooth pussy, the beautician just dabbing at her with the strip to collect a last few hairs so she was perfect.

“Well, I don’t wanna jinx it,” Dannii said coyly, giving a slightly shy smile before rolling over onto her hands and knees so that the back of her pussy and arse were accessible to get any remaining hairs.

“Ok then,” the woman said with a smile, knowing she’d get no more from Dannii over this as she set about pressing and pulling a strip onto the sexy pop star from behind, having to admit Dannii did look extremely hot in that position, a sight most men, and some women, would kill for. Dannii cooed and twitched under her as she was made completely smooth, perfect for her date as the waxer dabbed at her pussy lips and just between her arse slightly, the motions turning her on ever so slightly.

“Right, all done,” she announced, Dannii giving a little sigh, happy that it was over. She rolled over on the table and reached down, brushing her fingers over her completely bald quim, feeling a thrill at the sensual touch she could now feel.

“Perfect, thanks,” she said, smiling to the beautician, who gave her a smile and nod as she binned the used strips and tidied up as Dannii stood up and found her knickers. She quickly slipped into the simple black cotton panties and found her bra, a comfy old black one to go with them and slid that on, doing it up and picking up her jeans.

“Think you’re gonna get lucky tonight then?” the beautician teased, pausing and leaning against a counter and watching as Dannii pulled her jeans up, Dannii looking up with a smile as she buttoned them up.

“Tomorrow night, and I’ll see, don’t wanna get too hopeful,” Dannii said with a smile as she tugged her vest top over her head, smoothing her hair out.

“Well good luck with that, you’re ready for it now at least. I’m sure no man can resist you,” she replied with a slight laugh.

“No man perhaps,” Dannii murmured quietly, picking up her bag and leaving with a simple goodbye, heading out to the reception to pay before heading back into the pleasant afternoon sunshine, marvelling at how sexy her jeans felt rubbing against her bald pussy through her underwear as she headed to hail a taxi…

The next morning, Kylie stirred and rolled over, blinking at the bright sunlight filling her bedroom, then immediately felt a little quiver of excitement rush through her as she realised today was the day of her date with Dannii. She had other things to do before she could indulge herself in getting ready for her date, but it didn’t stop her thinking about it. She gave a stretch and slipped out of her bed, heading to make herself a morning cup of tea to help get her day started. Unable to put thoughts of her sexy sibling from her mind, Kylie felt a flush of arousal spread through her, quickly scolding herself for thinking of Dannii that way. She reminded herself this was just a friendly dinner with her sister as she slid back into bed with her mug of tea, sipping the hot brew as she pondered over the day’s events, meetings with producers and so forth to attend.

After enjoying her tea, Kylie got up and dressed, just a casual pair of black trousers and an orange tank top, before sitting down to fix her hair and apply light make-up to face the day with. Around 45 minutes later she was ready to face her day, sliding on her sunglasses and picking up her bag as she walked out the door, getting snapped by a barrage of photographers as soon as she stepped out of her building. Kylie paused to give them a couple of poses for their papers before stepping into her waiting car to be taken off to get on with her day. The day was long but productive, meetings with various producers, executives and so one, wanting her to take this direction or that style etc. It was all important stuff and she did pay attention, but at brief moments her thoughts wandered to Dannii and her concentration wavered, thinking of their date. When the meetings and discussions were finally over she made her way home, getting in around four in the afternoon, kicking her shoes off. She immediately took the time to just relax, making herself some tea and sitting down on her sofa for a good few minutes.

Glancing at the clock, it was going on towards five now and Kylie knew she had to get ready. She needed a bath before to be clean and tasty before their date and stood up, taking her mug back to the kitchen and rinsing it out before walking back towards her bedroom, she peeled the orange tank top over her head, reaching down to unbutton her trousers as she reached her room, casting the top aside and quickly pushing the black trousers down, leaving her in her black underwear. Kylie quickly unclasped her bra to free her perky breasts and tugged her knickers down with the other hand, feeling the cool air flow over her tight body. She dropped her underwear into her laundry basket and picked up her large towel, not bothering to cover herself, feeling quite naughty to walk to the bathroom naked even though this was her own place. She quickly got the taps running to fill the bath, setting the temperature just right and then opening a bottle of moisturising bath oils, adding a drizzle before finding her razor and shaving foam along with shampoos and conditioners as the bath filled.

Kylie removed her make up as the water reached the desired level, quickly turning the tap off as she binned her cotton wool. Hanging her towel up, Kylie’s then stepped into the nice warm bath, giving a sigh of pleasure as the warm water enveloped her body, sitting down into the water and just enjoying it a moment before she let herself slide down. Being so small she barely had to bend her knees to sink under the water, soaking her hair before sitting back up, slicking her hair back and opening her shampoo, pouring some into her little hands and massaging it thoroughly into her now dark hair, working it through before taking a breath and sinking back down again. Kylie reached up and rubbed her hair to rinse the shampoo fully out before emerging again, slicking it back again before she grabbed her conditioner. Pouring out the thick conditioner, she got plenty and then spent a couple of minutes rubbing it into her hair, then left it to soak in, rinsing her hands before grasping her can of shaving foam. She gave it a shake, almost losing it from her wet hand before she squirted a good blob onto her hand, swelling up as she lifted her slender right leg from the water and rested it on the edge of the tub.

Kylie leaned forward and spread the foam all over her lower leg, all round it till it was covered before rinsing her hands and picking up her razor, flicking it in the water and then reaching down to her ankle. Slowly sliding up her leg she dragged the smooth, sharp blade over her leg, cleaning away the small amount of stubble she had since she kept herself smooth. Carefully she shaved her leg, smoothly stroking her multi-blade razor up her slender leg before reaching round and shaving over her calf muscle, making sure not to cut herself as she got every bit. Rinsing her razor off, Kylie then reached up to her thigh, just dragging it very gently over the wet skin to get anything there may be, since she wanted them to be perfect lest Dannii get between them. Satisfied with her right leg, Kylie lowered it back into the bath, the limb having gone quite cool out of the water so it was greeted with the lovely warmth again as it submerged.

Kylie carefully repeated the procedure for her left leg, carefully making herself lickably smooth, which she did consider for a moment, wondering if Dannii was into that sort of thing before telling herself off again, that this was not an attempt to get Dannii into her bed. It was just a friendly meal…that she was preparing for like a hot date. She gave a little sigh as she rinsed her left leg off, stroking both her limbs under water to make sure they were smooth, which they were, sensually so. She put her razor aside and reached out for the attached showerhead on her taps, turning them on again and taking a moment to run up the right temperature before turning on the head. Kylie tipped her head back and used it to thoroughly rinse the conditioner out of her hair, using her other hand to run through it and make sure it was all clear before she turned the taps off and refitted the showerhead to its holder. Kylie then looked down through the cloudy water to her pussy, which sported a neat landing strip of dark hair up her slit but was otherwise bald so she could wear little knickers and so on. Taking hold of the tub, she pulled herself up and sat on the wide edge, spreading her legs so she could access her sweet mound.

Kylie wasted no time lathering her pubic region with the shaving foam, covering her neat little strip and soft lips. Taking her razor again, she splashed it and then set to work, her first priority being to remove her landing strip. Unknown to herself it was exactly what Dannii had done, remove her normal style in favour of a completely shaven pussy. Kylie took her time and got to work, just using small strokes to remove the hair first since it clogged the razor immediately. Once that was done, she added a little more foam and then carefully used full, gentle drags of the razor up her pussy, being very careful not to nick herself with it as she removed the stubble on the soft entrance and bikini line. She felt a little tingle of excitement as she shaved herself completely bald for the first time in a year or so, loving the feeling of the razor sliding over her completely smooth lips. Just giving a check that she’d got every little bit with her fingers, she ran them over the smooth lips, finding a little bit she’d missed that she quickly remedied before splashing her razor off and then sliding herself back into the warm water.

Kylie reached down to just make sure she was rinsed off, rubbing her smooth lips and sending a tingle of pleasure through herself. Given the chill of sitting out of the water, the fact she’d shaved her pussy and the thoughts that this was for Dannii, Kylie was starting to feel a little turned on. Lying back in the water, Kylie turned the razor in her hand and grasped the head of it, turning the handle down and then sliding it down over her lower tummy to her pussy. She let out a little murmur of pleasure as she slid the smooth, ridged handle of the razor, with its raised rubber insert, through her soft lips over her clit, sending a rush of conflicting and merging sensations through her, making her prickle with arousal, feeling a little twinge to her nipples as they got a little hard. For a few moments she breathed lightly and just let the razor handle rub over her clit as she pushed it back and forth under its own weight over her precious nub, turning her on immensely and tempting her to go for it till she got herself off, but that was when she caught herself. There might be plenty of time for that later. Hell, there would be. Either her and Dannii were gonna get lowdown and dirty, or they weren’t and Kylie would be left alone with time to take care of herself then.

Kylie sighed and put the razor aside, hooking the plug with her toe before standing up, letting the water run off her a moment before stepping onto the mat and grabbing her towel, quickly wrapping herself in it and giving herself a quick rub down to dry off, rubbing her hair lightly too before grabbing a small towel from the rack and wrapping her head in it. Kylie quickly cleared up, putting away the shampoo and her shaving items before quickly rinsing her bath and then heading back to her bedroom, Walking in, she shed the towel in one smooth motion, shivering a little as the cool air hit her smooth, naked body, just pausing a moment before she picked up a bottle of moisturiser from her dressing table. She opened it and squeezed a good amount onto her hands, quickly sharing it between them, then set to work on her body, working her top half first, running down her arms, sides, paying a little more attention to her breasts than was absolutely necessary, over her smooth shoulders and sexily curved back as best should could.

Getting a bit more, she bent over to slide her slippery hands down each leg, loving how sexily smooth they felt as she rubbed the lotion into them, just taking it in for a minute before she straightened up, getting a little bit more and reaching back for her perfect arse, rubbing it into the firm cheeks and then moving her hands round her hips for her pussy, letting out a little gasp at the sensations of her fingers on her naked lips, massaging the cream thoroughly into the smooth area since it needed it to prevent any irritation from being shaved, though she knew it’d itch when it grew again. She didn’t want anything like that upsetting her evening though, so moisturised plenty. Kylie rubbed the last bit of it out on her lower back, an area slightly missed and therefore dry, before turning to get her robe. Kylie caught sight of herself in her full-length mirror, stopping to take in her gorgeous nude form, eyeing her cleanly shaven pussy for a moment with a slight smile before she got her robe and slipped it on, tying it off as she wondered what Dannii would think should they get it on.

Sitting down at her dressing table, Kylie spent the better part of the next hour sorting her hair out, just putting in light curls to it to give her a lovely bounce and hang loosely over the tops of her shoulders and round her beautiful face. Once that was finally sorted, she went to work on her make-up, choosing a nice deep red shade of lipstick for her full pout and plenty of mascara to enhance her eyelashes, coupled with the normal light brushing of powder on her face to give her a subtle, sexy look. Satisfied with herself, Kylie stood up and shed her robe, standing naked again, all dolled up, catching sight of herself in the mirror again with a slight giggle at being all made up without any clothes. Stepping over to her wardrobes, Kylie slid the door open and flicked through her clothes for a moment before stopping at exactly what she was looking for. It was a slinky black dress, showing a teasing amount of cleavage and high split up both sides, bound to impress. Picking it out, she laid the sexy gown down in its plastic cover before turning and looking at the cardboard boxes laying on top of a set of drawers, containing the new lingerie she’d bought with Dannii.
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Re: Kylie and Dannii Minogue - Love, Lust & Incest
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Kylie eyed them for a second before putting them on the bed and opening them up to reveal their sultry contents, just eyeing the black and red lace of the set before picking them out and laying them on the bed with her dress. Kylie picked up the little black lace thong, splashed with red lace around the waistband and the joints with the attached garters. She slipped them up her smooth legs, wiggling her hips a little as she settled it on them, feeling snug and comfy round her delicate areas, the garters hanging loose on her thighs and down the edges of her bum. Leaving them, she picked up the bra, eyeing its slight push up and red lace trimmed cups over the black lace before she slid into it, clipping it to its tightest setting before reaching up to just adjust it a little, pulling it down a little and then pushing it up under her breasts to give herself the optimum cleavage, which she had to admit was looking nice and stacked by the modest push-up. Smiling at herself in the mirror, she was glad she’d chosen it before she found and unwrapped her new pair of stockings. Kylie wasted no time in rolling them up her legs. It always made her feel so sexy whenever she put stockings on and this time was no exception, feeling a little buzz as she slipped them into place at her thighs, deftly clipping her garters to them to hold them up, stretching the lace top a little where they attached.

Giving another look in the mirror, Kylie eyed her lingerie-clad figure up for a moment before she unwrapped her black dress, holding it up to make sure she’d chosen correctly before she pulled the zip down and slid it from its hanger. Holding it down, she stepped her nylon-encased legs into it and pulled it up, sliding her arms through and reaching back, sliding the zip up fully and settling into it. She tucked her bra straps under the wide shoulder straps, just tugging the dress a little to show off a nice hint of cleavage subtly, her sexy bra concealed, but if Dannii happened to unwrap her it’d be there to enjoy.

With a little sigh of contentment, her legs on show through the slits if she chose to, sexily raising a knee to enjoy the idea before she looked for some shoes, searching through the rows of high heels with her eyes till she spotted a nice pair. They were black leather stiletto heels, 3” high, nicely pointed, simple and sexy. Leaning down she plucked them out from the bottom of her wardrobe, dropping them onto the floor, just turning one over with her nylon covered toes where it fell over, slipping her dainty feet into them in turn and then eyeing herself up, fully ready. She didn’t want to be arrogant but she had to admit she looked pretty damn tasty, definitely ready for the date with Dannii. Sashaying to her front room, she picked up the phone and called her driver to ask him to collect her shortly before she sorted out her handbag…

Kylie arrived at their favoured restaurant, a cosy little place, where she was greeted by the concierge who complimented her on looking stunning as she handed him her coat, to which she just gave a thank you before she was shown to a table for two. She perused the menu and wine list as she waited, although she knew what she was likely to have. She only had to wait a few minutes, then looked up to see Dannii being shown towards the table. Kylie smiled and stared slightly as Dannii walked up, wearing knee high black boots, a black skirt that came down to just above her knees and a snug red shirt, which was undone to show plenty of her enhanced cleavage, which Kylie could see was thoroughly supported by a good bra underneath. Dannii’s hair was loose and she had ruby red lipstick on and some dark eyeliner, making her look even foxier than usual. Kylie stood up to greet her, offering Dannii a look at her slinky black outfit, making Dannii slow just a little to take her in before reaching the table, where the chair was pulled out for her.

“Hey,” Kylie said with a smile, looking into Dannii’s deep eyes as she reached for her hand.

“Hey sis, been waiting long?” Dannii asked, just peeking at down Kylie’s dress a little as she took her hand, leaning forward for them to kiss on the cheek. It lingered just a moment and they both wanted to go in for more but knew they daren’t. If someone saw them it would be big trouble, so they managed to resist and pull apart, sitting down on opposite sides of the table, a candle burning in the middle.

“Only a few minutes,” Kylie said, handing Dannii a menu.

“What’s good here?” Dannii asked with a little giggle, since they came here quite often and knew well what was on offer.

“The company,” Kylie murmured, looking up from under her fiercely sexy eyebrow with a sly smile.

“How good?” Dannii said softly, glancing back, their eyes locking, staring into each other’s desires and lust. Before either of them could say anything else their moment was interrupted by the waiter, who politely asked of they wanted to order. They both had a couple of favourite meals at this particular restaurant and ordered one, Kylie choosing a nice white wine to go with it. The waiter quickly noted it and walked away to the kitchens, Kylie looking after him, which offered Dannii a moment to look at Kylie’s gorgeous face in the flickering candlelight before she turned back.

“Cute?” Dannii questioned playfully, since the waiter was a good looking young man.

“Not my type,” Kylie said with a smirk and bat of her plush eyelashes, making Dannii slightly coyly look away. Kylie couldn’t help but steal a glance down Dannii’s magnificent cleavage, her eyes taking in every millimetre of the bare swell of her younger sister’s breasts. Their wine was delivered, two glasses poured for them before the bottle was left on the table and they were assured their food wouldn’t be long at all.

“So, had a good day?” Dannii said, raising her wine glass and giving it a sniff, acting like a wine connoisseur before giggling. Kylie giggled as well at it, picking up her own wine.

“It was busy, but got some time to unwind before I came out,” Kylie said, clinking her glass with Dannii’s before they both sipped.

“Well it certainly made you look fantastic,” Dannii said nonchalantly, as if complimenting her sister’s beauty in such a fashion was normal. Kylie paused for a moment mid-sip, looking up at her sibling before finishing it and standing her glass down.

“Thank you,” she almost purred, “you’re looking gorgeous as well,” she added, giving a little flick of her eyebrow. Before anything else was said their food was delivered and they were asked if there was anything else they needed. Kylie politely said they were fine and had all they needed, and he gave a slight nod, a smile and then walked away. They both tucked into their favoured dishes, just stealing little glances at one another over the meal, their eyes meeting a couple of times as they sipped their wine. They said little as they ate, their wandering gaze and body language doing the talking, just pushing their chests out a little more, arching their backs and so forth, mostly unconsciously as they tried to make themselves appealing to one another. They finished their food, and their wine, wherein Dannii picked up the bottle and poured them both another glass without being asked.

“Thanks,” Kylie murmured, taking the glass offered to her and sipping, noticing she’d left a lipstick smudge on the rim of the crystal. They stared into each other’s eyes as they sipped, losing themselves before Kylie just edged her foot forwards, nudging her high heel against Dannii’s boot. Without looking down, Dannii slid her foot forwards towards Kylie, stretching her leg out, which Kylie didn’t hesitate on utilising. Slipping her right heel off, Kylie pulled her leg up, pushing her foot out onto Dannii’s leather boot, slipping over the soft, knee-high footwear and then to the top of it, round the edge before moving onto Dannii’s knee. Dannii gave a little gasp as Kylie’s warm, neat, nylon-coated foot slid onto her smooth leg, looking down at it, where her gaze immediately went straight up Kylie’s leg. The long split up the side allowed Kylie’s movement, and subsequently the front of the dress had slid off her perfect pin and down between her legs, leaving her luscious limb exposed.

Dannii’s gaze followed the smooth black stocking, taking in the way the wide lace top hugged her powerful, toned thigh, the garters clipped onto it and running up the bare areas of her gorgeous thighs and under the dress where it flowed back across to her hip, obscuring the waistband of the thong and where the garters joined on to support the sexy black stockings, and of course the thong itself from her view. Kylie had noticed Dannii eyeing up her sexy undies and felt a little thrill burst through her, just lightly circling her toes on Dannii’s knee before sliding up onto the inside of her thigh a fraction as she let her younger sibling soak it up. Dannii sat up a little, then reached up and took hold of her shirt, very clearly pulling the open red shirt down and then pushing up under her breasts to make sure her cleavage was fully on show for her older sister. She then shuffled her chair in a little and leaned forwards, careful to avoid her hair as she leaned close to Kylie’s ear, making her shiver when her warm breath spread over her neck.

“Is that the new lingerie you bought?” Dannii whispered, looking past Kylie as her leg wiggled slightly still as it teased her inner thigh a fraction, making her a little moist. Kylie just gave a nod with a teasing smile, really turning on the charm with Dannii now, loving the way she could affect her sister, and right now not caring that it was another woman and family member. She couldn’t stop herself looking straight down Dannii’s shirt though, between her large, soft breasts, seeing the bra supporting the gorgeous mounds, her nipples just poking through the padded garment and shirt a little. Dannii did sport very stiff nipples, even Kylie had noticed that in the past, impossible to hide when they tightened up, even with the padded bra she had on now.

“It’s just so perfect on you. Do you like the view?” Dannii whispered, turning to Kylie a little more so her nose just tickled Kylie’s ear a little, making her whole body tingle with goose pimples.

“Yes,” Kylie murmured, glancing up at the restaurant, able to smell Dannii’s soft, dark hair before her gaze was almost magnetically drawn back down her top.

“It’s all for you,” Dannii murmured, just letting her voice slow suggestively as she said it, indicating she meant more than just the view, before she pulled back and sat in her seat with a mischievous little smirk. Kylie’s foot hadn’t stopped stroking at Dannii’s leg, and continued to do so as they both downed the rest of their wine. Kylie topped them up again, finishing the bottle off, both of them taking a good sip of the strong, expensive beverage before Kylie stood her glass down, Dannii holding onto hers as Kylie’s foot surged forward, Dannii tensing up and then telling herself to relax as Kylie’s warm, smooth foot glided up her smooth inner thigh, pausing just before she got to her crotch, stroking the smooth, strong thigh for a moment. They looked deeply into each other’s eyes before Kylie went the rest of the way and pushed her toes up onto Dannii’s bulging labia, both of them giving a little gasp. Dannii because Kylie’s toes had just touched her soft pussy, and Kylie because her toes had just made contact with Dannii’s naked pussy, discovering she was wearing no knickers under her skirt.

“Dannii…you’re not…” Kylie started, but was cut off.

“For you,” Dannii said simply, giving a little mumble of pleasure and a satisfied smile as Kylie started to lightly wiggle her toes, using them to feel Dannii’s puffy pussy lips, noticing how perfectly smooth she was, a little wetness seeping through the toe of the stocking since Dannii was so turned on. Kylie was also very aroused, even more so now, and felt her own juices leak into her sexy new knickers as she felt her younger sisters soft pussy with her probing toes. They stayed that way for about a minute as they drank the rest of their wine, both feeling the effects a little now since it was quite strong. Kylie slid her foot back now, Dannii looking down at her sexy leg as she folded it back down, her stocking and garter still visible through the slit on the right side of the dress as she lowered her leg, drawing a damp trail with her toes down the inside of Dannii’s right leg to her boot. She lowered her foot and slipped her heel back on, straightening her dress out a little, covering her leg and just pushing her modest chest out to let Dannii see her own cleavage somewhat.

“I’ll get the tab,” Kylie murmured, raising her hand to signal the waiter.

“Don’t you want to stay for coffee?” Dannii asked with a little smile, straightening up a little more in her seat with a slight smile.

“We can get coffee later,” Kylie said with a sly smile, looking at Dannii out of the corners of her eyes before focussing back on the approaching waiter. Although Kylie was playing a tempting, flirty game with her sister she was almost shaking with nerves and excitement, her heart racing in her chest, her breath a little short. She heard Dannii distinctly grab a breath as she asked for the bill, clearly feeling similarly exhilarated as they went further over the line. The waiter returned with the bill and remote terminal for Kylie to slot her credit card into and pay for it.

“Thank you for dining with us, we hope you’ll visit us again soon,” he said politely, giving a smile, and clearly snatching a glance at Dannii’s boobs.

“I’m sure we will, but right now I’d best get her home,” Kylie replied, casting a glance to Dannii, who stood sporting a pair of hard nipples, still visible through her shirt, making her heart skip a beat at a fleeting image of what she could do to them. Kylie reached into her handbag and found her purse, sliding her card back into it and pulling out a crisp note, which she turned and handed to the waiter in a slick little handshake.

“Thank you,” she said with a winning smile to him, before turning and joining Dannii, walking out of the restaurant from the smiling young man.

“Do you want to come back to my place?” Kylie said quietly, just touching Dannii’s arm lightly with her fingers, hardly believing she’d just said it.

“I was about to ask you the same thing,” Dannii said in an equally small voice, giving a smile and hooking her arm through Kylie’s as they walked out.

“I’d love to,” she said, knowing she shouldn’t, things were already spiralling out of control towards what they both desired but knew was wrong. Kylie didn’t respond, just feeling a rush to her chest in a little surge of excitement at the prospect.

Kylie’s driver was still waiting outside for them, since he was paid to after all, and greeted Kylie with a smile and opened the door for the sisters. Kylie let Dannii hop in, sliding across the soft leather to the other side before she slipped in next to her, the door being shut firmly behind her. The ride home was quiet and seemed to take forever, the girls not daring to touch each other at all during it since Kylie’s driver was present of course. They arrived back at Kylie’s luxury flat soon enough though it’d felt like hours and had the door opened for them. Kylie thanked her driver and wished him a good night, giving him a little peck on the cheek before collecting Dannii and walking to the front door of her building, letting them in and heading to the lift. They rode up silently, just warmly holding hands, the atmosphere thick enough that it almost stifled their breath, Dannii just biting her lip slightly before the doors slid open, Kylie stepping out first and leading Dannii down the corridor to her door, reaching it where Kylie turned round to her sibling, still holding her hand as they stared deep into each other’s eyes.

“Well…this is it,” Kylie mumbled, neither of them blinking.

“Yeah…” Dannii breathed. Dannii had to be sure Kylie was ready. She was sure she wanted it, but she had to really be ready to take this step, not back out at the last minute or anything like that. It was the do-or-die moment for them as she saw it, and once the decision was made there was no going back, as if they could stop now anyway. Still holding Kylie’s hand with her left, she slid her right hand onto the gorgeous flare of Kylie’s hip, feeling the warmth of her body through the dress. Kylie’s gaze finally wandered, looking down with a bite of her lip before looking back up at Dannii, who eyed her questioningly a moment and then leaned in for a kiss. Kylie didn’t resist, just melting into the lip lock and returning it, her tongue making the first move towards Dannii’s as they met, just lightly massaging it as she shivered a little with nerves, her spare hand fumbling into her bag for her door keys. They continued to kiss as by some small miracle she found the right key and unlocked her door, almost tumbling backwards in since she’d been leaning against it as she yanked the handle.

Without breaking the kiss, Kylie grabbed hold of Dannii’s top below her breasts and pulled her into her flat as she stumbled backwards, Dannii giving a mumble through their extensive kiss, almost breaking apart as her booted feet thudded into her place. Kylie kicked the door shut hard and fumbled desperately to lock it, just managing it before Dannii shoved her backwards towards the bedroom. The gloves were off now and the girls were unleashed, not wasting any more time. Both their handbags were dumped in Kylie’s hall as they noisily snogged one another, breaking apart for a loud gasp of air, their hands now finding their own paths. Kylie’s hands only had one target and found them immediately, grasping Dannii’s full breasts and giving a firm squeeze, pushing a light groan from her younger sibling before they kissed passionately again, Dannii’s hands sliding under Kylie’s arms to hold her ribs as they continued to stumble towards the bedroom. Kylie kicked her shoes off, the high-heels flying to the sides of the hall, Dannii’s hand slipping round and locating the zip on the lovely black dress, pulling it quickly down to just above Kylie’s famous rear, where Dannii’s hand continued to, cupping the firm cheeks as they reached the door in the gloom, Kylie fumbling for the light switch, getting some mood lighting on. Dannii paused, holding her sister back.

“What’s the matter?” Kylie gasped breathlessly, terrified that Dannii had changed her mind as they embraced, heads together.

“I can’t just kick my shoes off,” Dannii giggled, leaning on the doorframe and raising a leg, fumbling with the hand that wasn’t holding Kylie’s arse to shove it to a point where a wiggle of her foot dispatched it to the floor. She quickly did the same to her other boot and then surged into the bedroom with Kylie, kissing her hard again and jamming her tongue deeply into her mouth, Kylie having absolutely no problem with it as her hands tightly grasped Dannii’s red shirt before giving a yank. Buttons popped everywhere as she tore the shirt open to reveal her magnificent tits, her hands immediately delving in to grasp them again, Dannii looking down a bit taken aback at the ferocity as she felt them through the padded bra, Kylie feeling the peaks of the stiff nipples in her palms as her own dress loosely slipped on her body. Kylie’s hands slid up and into the shoulders of the shirt, pushing it back onto Dannii’s arms, who yielded her hand on her bum and put her arms back to let it slide off.

They stopped by Kylie’s large bed, fresh silk sheets awaiting them as Dannii quickly continued, placing her slender hands on Kylie’s shoulders and shoving the slinky dress matter-of-factly off her shoulders so it fell to the floor and pooled at her feet, revealing Kylie’s gorgeously lingerie clad body, black and red lace cupping every mound and hugging every curve. Dannii broke their kiss and pulled away, pushing Kylie to arms length and holding her there as she gazed in awe up and down her older sister, taking in the full spectre of her hot sibling in the erotic lingerie she’d bought, looking infinitely better than she could ever have imagined. Kylie let her gaze a moment and then shoved Dannii’s arms aside, lunging at her and kissing her again, rapidly kissing down her jaw and onto her neck where she attached herself, sucking lightly as she pressed her slim, perfect body against Dannii’s, her fingers gliding down Dannii’s smooth back, over the bra strap and down the curve of her spine to the black skirt, where they immediately found the zip. Drawing it down hastily, Kylie didn’t even need to push the skirt for it to drop round her feet, revealing Dannii’s naked bottom half. It was Kylie’s turn to step back and admire, looking down at Dannii’s sweet, bald pussy, swollen and horny.

“Looks even better than it felt…” she murmured, staring.

“And it tastes even better than it looks,” Dannii quipped, practically pouncing on Kylie and knocking her backwards so she fell onto the bed. Kylie grasped Dannii’s shoulders as she did, pulling Dannii down on top of her before her hands immediately went for the bra strap. Dannii knew exactly what she was after and pulled herself up off Kylie after another series of soft kisses, supporting her weight by leaning either side of Kylie’s shoulders, her hips between Kylie’s spread thighs so that Dannii’s naked mound pressed against her older sister’s lace covered one through the sexy knickers. Kylie wasn’t any guy and Dannii’s bra strap was undone before she could blink and being pulled down her arms, Dannii quickly moving so it could be thrown aside and let her naked breasts hang for Kylie’s enjoyment, in fact leaving her completely naked for Kylie’s enjoyment now.

Dannii looked down with a slight smile, a little amused as Kylie acted like a lot of guys did by going straight for her breasts, feeling their weight and giving them a good thorough fondling, squeezing quite firmly on her enhanced pair. Dannii felt turned on beyond anything she’d ever felt as Kylie’s hands groped her chest, giving a low moan as she felt Kylie’s hot breath and then her soft lips make contact as she tentatively kissed her right breast. Savouring the first time she’d ever kissed another woman’s breasts, and the fact it was her first time with Dannii, Kylie paused a moment before planting kisses all over Dannii’s inviting rack, feeling her younger sister shift between her silky legs and arch her back a little more. Dannii let out a groan of pleasure as Kylie finally went for it and attached herself to one of her nipples, lightly pinching and tweaking the other with her fingers as she started to suck, feeling the soft fleshy tip yield to her tongue and sucking mouth with ease. Dannii let out a groan and little giggle as Kylie sucked harder before switching nipples, running her tongue round the stiff point before sucking again, lightly grazing with her teeth before giving a little nip that made Dannii yelp in surprise more than anything.

“Hey careful down there,” she chided playfully, catching Kylie’s gaze as she quickly looked up, blushing deeply at being told off. She quickly resumed her licking, much wetter this time, tongued and softly caressing the nipples and soft flesh with her full lips, leaving slight lipstick smudges as she did so. Kylie nuzzled in close, pushing her tongue out and just dragging the tip up Dannii’s sternum, making her squirm a little since she’d never had that done to her before now, and by her own sister only made it even better. Squeezing firmly again, Kylie’s little hands simply couldn’t completely fondle her sibling, and Dannii had had enough of being the one getting attention, she wanted to give it. Kneeling up more, Dannii reached down and brushed her hand through Kylie’s soft blonde hair, making her look up, where she smiled and drew her up towards herself and planted her lips on Kylie’s velvet soft pout, pushing Kylie back down onto the bed so she could go to work.

Their tongues danced as Dannii pressed Kylie down, her hands tracing down Kylie’s heaving chest to the swell of her humble breasts, pushed up firmly by the beautiful bra. Kylie just stared up, giving short breaths as Dannii’s fingers traced round and over her bra before giving her peaks a good squeeze and following the strap round under her back, Kylie leaning up to help her. Dannii deftly unclasped her bra, amusing Kylie that she had a little moment where it wouldn’t unhook, making her grin as Dannii quickly undid it and pulled it out from under her smooth back, pulling it off Kylie’s outstretched arms to reveal her pert breasts as she bit her lip nervously, feeling the cool air over her rock hard nipples. Dannii gave a mischievous grin as she slowly dropped the sexy new bra over the side of the bed before leaning down to kiss Kylie softly again, just teasing the tip of Kylie’s tongue with her own.

Slipping away from the full lips, she kissed over Kylie’s perfectly formed chin and down her smooth, soft neck, Kylie lying back and tilting her head, giggling a little at the tickling of Dannii’s wet kisses as her body trembled, tensed and shivering a little with anticipation. She hadn’t felt this way for years, not so nervous and excited since she was an experimenting teenager fooling around and exploring herself. Kylie hadn’t been so excited about a new lover quite like this before. She drew a breath and held it as Dannii kissed onto her chest, not stopping to tease her, just moving down gradually before dragging the soft underside of her skilful tongue down to the smooth valley between Kylie’s pert breasts. She exhaled raggedly, Dannii giving a little humoured tone, eyeing Kylie’s slightly sweaty skin before she moved straight onto Kylie’s left breast with her tongue, circling round the stiff nipple before she sucked it into her mouth. Kylie gave a groan of pleasure, Dannii being a little more aggressive in attacking her breasts, sucking her nipple firmly and then just grasping it with her front teeth, tugging at it firmly, making Kylie give a little gasp as she did so, nipping a little tighter before letting it go and resuming her vigorous licking and sucking.

She licked and kissed over Kylie’s entire left breast, dragging her tongue across the underside, loving how Kylie squirmed at the stimulation of a lesser-used area of her boobs. Her hand was gently squeezing and teasing at Kylie’s other breast and she switched sides, moving across to start kissing and lapping at Kylie’s right breast and using her hand on the left one, squeezing firmer this time, just threateningly scraping her nails over the silken skin. Kylie had her eyes closed and was breathing quickly, the motion of her chest almost upsetting Dannii’s rhythm as she licked teasingly round Kylie’s nipple, wetting it with her tongue and then teasingly blowing over it to make it cold, Kylie giving a little squirm and mumble as her nipple stiffened even more, Dannii smiling in satisfaction before diving back onto it, sucking it into her hot mouth, Kylie gasping at the sudden change in sensations.

As Dannii worked at Kylie’s breasts with her sweet mouth, her spare hand roamed downwards over Kylie’s tummy to find her thong. Just teasing her fingers round the waistband, she slid them down the garters to find the end where they joined the stockings. She’d worn garter belts enough times in her life to know how to get them off and quickly undid the front two, then pushed her hand down the side, onto the edge of Kylie’s perfect arse as she located the others, unclipping them to leave her stockings free from her knickers. Dannii paused, detaching herself from her older siblings chest and leaning up to softly kiss her, just sensually embracing before Dannii pulled away, Kylie leaning up to try and hold it just a fraction longer as Dannii moved down again, carefully shifting down the bed, making Kylie wriggle and giggle as she kissed down her smooth, toned tummy towards her underwear again. Kylie felt the warmth of her younger sister’s rapid breaths spreading through the lacy thong and over her smooth pussy, which was already wet.

Dannii’s heart pounded in her chest, the only thing she could hear as she breathed heavily, just teasing her tongue along the waistband of Kylie’s new knickers before she moved down, pressing her nose to the warm, soft lace, hearing Kylie moan a little and feeling her shift as her nose nuzzled, breathing in the delicate feminine scent of her sister, adding another notch to her burning arousal. Without a word, Dannii took a deep breath and took hold of the waistband, clenching it tightly in her teeth and pulling down. She felt Kylie tense, as if she was resisting her for a moment, but in fact she was trying to help, having been waiting for this moment as much as Dannii, though she’d never imagined she’d do it with her teeth. She lifted her bum up a little so Dannii could pull them down, looking down at her gorgeous, raven-haired sibling as she drew her sexy lingerie down her thighs and over her silky stockings, revealing her bald, swollen pussy, practically dripping wet she was so turned on. Dannii pulled Kylie’s knickers off her dainty feet and looked back up, taking a proper look at Kylie’s sweet pussy, feeling the blood rush to her heart.

“Can you keep your stockings on? I always get so turned on when I see you in stockings…” Dannii asked, blushing and looking down at the bed.

“Sure,” Kylie said warmly, smiling widely and raising a nylon-clad leg to run it down Dannii’s side, making her giggle as she lay down between Kylie’s gorgeous legs, settling just inches from Kylie’s sweet mound. Taking a breath, Dannii went for it, diving in and drawing her tongue all the way up her sister’s pussy, the tip of her tongue just dipping into the juicy slit, tasting the sweet nectar as she pushed an ascending groan from Kylie, culminating with a squeak as her tongue brushed the stiff clitoris awaiting her. She felt Kylie shudder beneath her, loving the combined feeling of exhilaration they felt as she moved down again.

“You’re so smooth,” Dannii muttered, dragging her tongue down to find Kylie’s clitoris again before attaching to it with her soft lips.

“I did it for you,” Kylie gasped, her hips bucking involuntarily with a gasp, letting out a grunt as Dannii started sucking, immediately spurring her on to increase her assault, sucking harder, massaging with her lips and dabbing with the tip of her tongue on Kylie’s love button.

“Did you shave?” Dannii mumbled through her mouthful.

“Yeah…Mm..ooh…Dannii, have you done this before?” Kylie gasped, her hands grabbing the sheets next to her, trying to refrain from letting her lust take hold and guide her grasp to Dannii’s long, soft hair. Dannii gave a very deliberate slurp as she pulled away from Kylie’s soft lips, licking her own before she gave a sly smile.

“I’ve had a couple of threesomes in my time, involving other girls…” she murmured, her hands stroking Kylie’s thighs, rubbing over the ridge of the lace topped stocking to her smooth skin.

“You certainly learnt fast…” Kylie mumbled idly, her eyes squeezing shut again, head dropping back onto the bed as Dannii went back to work, holding her gorgeously slim waist now, just squeezing a little as she used her mouth to the max. Kylie covered Dannii’s hands with her own as she pushed upwards with a loud moan of unbridled pleasure, Dannii circling her sisters clit rapidly before sliding down, just letting her top lip slip over the nub as her tongue teased Kylie’s delicate petals. Just probing for a moment, Dannii went all the way and slid her powerful tongue into Kylie’s slippery snatch, being greeted by a little rush of her hot, tasty juices as she drove her tongue as deep as she could, just wiggling and circling for a moment before drawing back slowly as Kylie writhed beneath her on the silk sheets. Slipping her tongue out, she gave a firm lick from top to bottom again, her tongue going back to Kylie’s clit again and firmly kneading and working it, just enough to provide intensity with immense pleasure. Kylie was on the brink of an orgasm, her sexy legs squeezing Dannii’s shoulders and body tensing, the pleasure wave rising from deep within her as she reached down to halt Dannii’s ministrations on her.

“What’s the matter?” Dannii asked quickly, pulling back and looking frightened, worried that she’d done something wrong and that Kylie would end their date, and not how she wanted, still stroking Kylie’s stockings.

“Nothing, you’re perfect,” Kylie cooed, stroking her sister’s pretty face, brushing a hair back, “But I have to return the favour.” Dannii smiled and crawled forwards like a pussycat up the bed, knelt over Kylie as they locked lips again, Kylie tasting her own pussy on her sisters mouth sweet mouth as their lips mashed together, their tongues delving adventurously into each other’s mouths as they kissed hotly, their fingers interlocking, wrists twisting as they snogged. Just pushing up with her left arm, Kylie eased her sister over, Dannii allowing herself to be rolled over on the bed, smoothly onto her sexy back with a little contented sigh as their kiss broke, just feeling so happy to be enraptured with Kylie. Kylie immediately went back to her breasts, sucking and nibbling at the soft flesh, biting the large nipples a little harder this time so Dannii gave little squeaks before she briskly sucked and licked at them, feeling the tight points respond to her ministrations, Dannii shuffling on the bed under her.

Kylie was breathing hard, feeling very nervous now. She’d never eaten pussy before, she didn’t know quite how she was going to go about it and was trying not to panic. Her hot breath rushed over Dannii’s chest as she hissed round the nipple in her mouth, her hand’s massaging both the gorgeous breasts she was attached to at once now. Deciding to get on with it, Kylie kissed and sucked down Dannii’s toned body, loving how smooth and soft the skin was, circling Dannii’s bellybutton for a moment before quickly plugging it with her tongue and dragging down again, reaching her pubic area. Dannii could see Kylie was breathing hard, feeling it on her horny body as well, and reached down to just brush her fingers through her hair to calm her down a bit. Kylie’s heart was racing, feeling almost dizzy she was so nervous, blood pounding in her ears when she felt Dannii stroke her, thinking it was a hint to get on with it.

Tentatively Kylie kissed down onto Dannii’s sweet snatch, Dannii murmuring at the slightly sticky little kisses Kylie was planting on her, just feeling the liquid heat of her tongue as she laid more open mouth kisses, going all over her swollen vulva. Moving right down to the bottom, Kylie slipped the tip of her tongue between her labia and drew right up to the top, tasting another girl for the first time in her life, a taste that she had to admit was rather nice, enhanced by the fact it was her own sister. She quickly located Dannii’s clit, flicking quickly at the hood and then rapidly running her tongue round and over it, doing her best to massage it as she took hold of Dannii’s lovely hips with her little hands. Dannii was equally diminutive though so there was no problem as she drew back and dragging her tongue flatly over Dannii’s soft lips, pressing into them a bit before she went back to the clit, quickly tonguing at it again. Dannii leaned up, reached down and took hold of Kylie’s head with both hands, lifting her away from her crotch, Kylie looking up at her with wide eyes. She could feel Kylie shaking like a leaf between her legs and rushing in going down on her, her nerves and inexperience showing.

“Honey, take a deep breath,” she said softly, Kylie just staring at her, looking a little frightened.

“Dannii…I…” Kylie stuttered, feeling the need to explain through short, shallow gasps.

“Kylie, deep breath,” Dannii said firmly, looking into Kylie’s eyes as she brushed a strand of her blonde hair away from her slightly flushed face. Kylie took a deep breath, holding it for a second and then exhaling slowly, giving a little shiver, her hands squeezing Dannii’s hips slightly.

“There. Now, just take a minute and calm down. I know this is your first time, you don’t have to prove anything. Just do the sort of things you’d like to feel yourself, let it come naturally,” Dannii said, smiling as she ran a finger down Kylie’s cheek and playfully flicked her lip with it, making Kylie giggle. She gave a little nod, blushing deeply, taking another deep breath before she lowered her head again, planting a kiss straight on Dannii’s stiff clit, pouting a little and massaging it with her lips, pushing a groan from Dannii immediately. Kylie decided to take the chance and go for it, she’d never been down on another girl before so she might as well do the best she possibly could. With the underside of her tongue, Kylie dragged down the slit again before reversing, feeling the puffy entrance yield to the tip of her powerful tongue as she slid back up, Dannii settling in underneath her on her large bed.

Kylie decided to do the best tease she could, just flicking at Dannii’s hood before moving back down, thinking about things she liked when she received oral sex as she pressed her lips to the bulging pussy before her, flicking her tongue in to find the engorged inner lips, pulling them out just a little so she could attach her lips. It took her a couple of tries, needing to use her fingers to spread Dannii’s outer labia, but she succeeded in attaching herself to the inner one, sucking firmly on the slippery, delicate folds, quite enjoying how they rippled in her mouth as she heard Dannii murmur in pleasure, her strong thighs tensing for a moment before she relaxed again. Kylie worked the inner lips for a minute or so and then pulled away, letting her pussy spring back as she released her fingers, moving her hand to stroke Dannii’s smooth thighs as she planted a mixture of kisses and licks over her mound.

“You’re so perfectly smooth,” she whispered, reaching up to run her fingers over the slippery lips and stroke it before lowering her head again.

“I got waxed, you should try it,” Dannii said, giving a gasp of pleasure as Kylie gave her clit a proper suck, just pulling the hood away as she lifted off, immediately going down again onto her lips, kissing her widely and pushing her tongue forwards, forcing her tongue as deep as she could into Dannii’s wanton body, meeting no resistance to her powerful, talented tongue as she pushed it in. She knew she wouldn’t get Dannii’s G-spot with her tongue but she always liked to feel it and Dannii had done it to her so she figured she probably liked the idea. She ran her tongue in a circle, hooking the tip into the soft walls of Dannii’s tunnel as she did before she moved to quickly thrusting her tongue in and out, feeling her younger sister squirm under her as she did, moving up at the same moment so her upper lip bumped her waiting clitoris. Kylie pulled her tongue out of the juicy haven and moved up for good this time, attaching her lips to Dannii’s rock hard clit again and sucking firmly, rapidly stabbing at her clit with her tongue before she made a full attack on it, swirling and kneading at the sensitive bud, just bumping it with her teeth, making Dannii squeal in pleasure as she attacked again, sliding her hand close to ease two fingers in as well, feeling Dannii immediately squeeze her fingers with her strong muscles, bucking under her in a clearly pre-orgasmic shiver, thrilling Kylie that she’d got her this far as she increased her efforts, her jaw aching now.

“Mmm maybe…it’d help…if we do it at the same time,” Dannii gasped, her hands grabbing handfuls of Kylie’s expensive silk sheets, eyes squeezed shut, sweat beading all over her body.

“Help…why…am I no good?” Kylie asked, pausing her work and looking up a little disheartened.

“No babe, you’re excellent, a natural at this,” Dannii giggled, looking down as Kylie, her chin glistening with her juices.

“Then why would it help…?” Kylie asked, pouting a bit like a child not getting its way.

“Look, I just want to finish eating your pussy and let you finish eating mine, can you handle that?” Dannii giggled, wiggling her hips a little before Kylie. Kylie gave a wry smile, her heart pumping furiously in her chest because this was actually happening, Dannii much the same, her whole upper body flushed with arousal.

“Sure,” Kylie said, leaning down to give another lick up Dannii’s juicy slit. Dannii sat up and guided Kylie up again, pulling her into a hot kiss, tasting herself the way she’d made Kylie taste herself earlier, the tangy flavour of her own body just so hot as they snogged it up again, Kylie’s hands roaming to squeeze her breasts again before she guided her older sibling over on the bed, holding her shoulders to turn her and then pin her down, kneeling over her and still kissing energetically. Pulling away, she shook her hair back with a devilish grin before quickly un-straddling her sibling, turning on the bed and throwing her leg back over so her knees were either side of Kylie’s head. Kylie stared up at the sweet bald pussy over her, pink and juicy, before looking down her body to see the curtain of brunette hair hang down, tickling her thighs as Dannii lowered her head. Dannii’s slim hands immediately went onto her legs, pushing down the little bit of bare thigh and underneath her black lace-topped stockings to feel them, soft and warm against the backs of her hands.

“God you look so fucking hot in stockings,” Dannii breathed before she lowered her head, immediately going to work on Kylie again. Kylie felt a surge rush through her as Dannii’s soft lips attached to her clit, sucking and mauling at it with her tongue, the lips nibbling at her before Dannii returned the favour of using her teeth, giving a definite nip. Kylie gave a yelp of pleasure, her body tensing as it happened, something she did like. Sometimes she liked to have her pussy really vigorously eaten and now was one of those moments, she just felt so fired up for it, and somehow Dannii just knew. She let out a groan, raising her head as Dannii slid her tongue back into her body, flicking and teasing within her as she tackled Dannii’s, not worrying about the fact she was the other way up now. Kylie pulled her tongue from the top of Dannii’s mound all the way down over her pussy, the tip of her tongue just nudging her clit and then sinking into the dripping slit as she did, immediately going in with her lips once she reached the end.

Kylie nuzzled in tightly and buried her tongue in Dannii again, rapidly thrusting and swirling her tongue again before she slurped noisily back, shoving straight to Dannii’s clit and getting down to business, tugging at the delicate hood with her front teeth as Dannii groaned and trembled over her. The girls worked voraciously at each other, both of them doing much the same thing, their hands roaming nearby, Dannii squeezing Kylie’s thighs, Kylie squeezing and stroking Dannii’s fine arse, giving a teasing little spank that made Dannii grunt into her pussy, sending vibrations through her clit. Their tongues pushed, circled and pressured each others clits, lips pouting, sucking and nibbling at them and their soft hoods as they felt each other getting closer by the second, both girls hurtling towards the orgasm barrier. Kylie’s fingers slipped into the back of Dannii’s pussy, burying two as deep as she could and starting to thrust them a she sucked harder at Dannii’s clit, working her tongue as fast as it’d go, her entire jaw, tongue and throat aching from the exertions. Dannii was feeling much the same way, not sure she’d ever put this much effort into oral sex before, but it was a special occasion after all, and Kylie deserved it.

Both girls gave a preliminary shudder, only spurring one another on. They knew where they were now and neither was going to back down, which was just fine with them. Slurping and licking noisily, the girls ravenously ate each other out until Dannii gave a jerk, mumbling into Kylie’s dripping pussy before she tensed fully, going absolutely rigid for what seemed like an eternity before she let out a piercing squeal of pleasure and shuddered, her body giving a spasm, grinding down on Kylie who sunk her tongue deep into her to feel the contractions of her pelvic muscles on her as she came, using her freed fingers to rub her clit quickly. As all this happened, Dannii’s mouth went into even more overdrive on Kylie, munching at her, her clit almost on fire with stimulation as she was pushed over the edge, her back arching tightly as she let out a silent scream, before she shuddered violently, bucking on the damp bed and pushing her hips up, pressing her swollen pussy into Dannii’s eager mouth, her tongue working hard still at her clit as they both orgasmed.

Even though the screams and moans of ecstasy were muffled by each other’s luscious bodies, Kylie was sure her neighbours would hear, but right now she just didn’t care. She was sharing one of the most powerful moments of her life and all she cared about was being locked together in this incredible moment with her sister, whom she adored, surfing the pleasure wave together. Neither girl could sustain their ministrations on each other and pulled away, gasping loudly for air, tongues hanging slack with exhaustion, Dannii giving a long, final groan of pleasure, eyes half closed as she hung over Kylie, who gave a last shiver of pleasure under her, hands dropping loosely onto the bed as she flopped down with a throaty sigh of satisfaction, eyes closed and breathing hard, a sheen of sweat covering her whole body, stockings shoved halfway down her silky thighs now. Dannii eased herself back over so she was next to Kylie and knelt up, shuffling round on the bed next to her, Kylie opening her eyes lazily as the bed jiggled a little under them, both girls smiling dreamily.

“Can you take my stockings off for me?” Kylie murmured, raising a leg tiredly and wiggling it, still regaining her breath.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Dannii purred, relishing the fact she’d get to peel the sexy black stockings off Kylie, something she’d wanted to do for years. She took hold of the one on the offered leg and slid it slowly down, and then Kylie raised her other leg and Dannii did the same, loving how they peeled off like a second skin, feeling the warm, soft nylon a moment before dropping it off the bed with the rest of their clothing.

“Thanks,” Kylie said softly, sitting up and pulling herself up the bed, flipping back the silky covers and sliding in between the cool sheets, loving the smooth feel on her naked body. Pulling the covers back more, she patted the mattress to invite her younger sibling in with her.

“Come on Dannii,” she cooed, the girls staring into each other’s eyes. With a smile Dannii quickly scurried up the bed and slipped in with Kylie, sliding down into the bed facing her older sister as she pulled the red silk sheets over them. They immediately found their way into each other’s arms, hands sliding round the shoulders as their warm, smooth legs gliding together, Kylie hooking hers behind Dannii’s as they melted together for a sensual kiss. Not too little, not too much, just a soft, sensual lip lock, tongues meeting lightly and politely, almost embodying everything they felt for each other. Breaking apart, they both sighed contentedly, feeling completely relaxed and peaceful, nothing could spoil this time together.

“Dannii…should we…you know…talk about this?” Kylie murmured, looking deep into Dannii’s soul with her piercing gaze, a hint of concern in her eyes briefly.

“Yes we should…but not now. Not tonight,” Dannii said, gently pressing a finger to Kylie’s lips, “Tonight we just hold each other,” she whispered, pulling her finger away and replacing it with her warm lips, sharing another soft, tongue entwining kiss with her older sister, whose concerns dissolved in an instant as Dannii pulled her a little closer. Neither of them said another word, Kylie simply reaching out from the bed to switch off the subtle lighting she’d turned on, darkness absorbing them as they snuggled closely together, their soft breathing the only thing to break the silence as they shared a bed for the first time.

Kylie awoke the next morning, stirring before her memory caught up, remembering the night before and feeling the warm arms holding her. She opened her eyes slowly and looked around, the sun bathed bedroom, their clothes strewn across the floor, unmoved from where their passion had left them. They had shifted so that Dannii was spooning her from behind, Kylie able to feel the warm breaths on the back of her neck, their legs against one another’s. Dannii’s slender hands held her waist softly, their naked bodies almost one, it just felt so perfect that Kylie didn’t want to end it. As she’d stirred though she’d roused Dannii, who lazily opened her eyes as Kylie placed her hands over those at her slender waist, holding them gently so Dannii wouldn’t move away from her and break the moment. Dannii immediately saw the back of Kylie’s head and smiled, assured that it hadn’t been a dream as she leaned forwards just a little and sniffed Kylie’s soft blonde hair, breathing out slowly as she leaned down to nuzzle the back of Kylie’s neck.

Kylie immediately tensed, suddenly feeling a wave of guilt spread through her at the fact she’d just had sex and spent the night with her own sister. Dannii felt it, pausing for a moment and then gently squeezing Kylie’s waist, leaning up a little and looking over her bare shoulder to slightly see her pretty face, making Kylie try and roll over a little more to hide. Dannii pouted a moment but wasn’t going to let her sister do this, not going to let her hide from herself on this. Sliding her hands up, she took hold of her shoulder with one hand and moved the other down to her hip, pulling back to roll her towards her. Kylie resisted a minute and Dannii persisted, till Kylie relented and let Dannii roll her over. Dannii turned her onto her back and then Kylie just naturally continued over so she faced her sister, Dannii immediately hooking a leg over Kylie’s and holding her to prevent her turning away again. Kylie’s left hand slid onto Dannii’s shoulder, her right down between them, just using a finger to lightly brush Dannii’s cheek lovingly.

There was an awkward moment, the entire world seeming to stop as they stared into each other’s eyes, gazing onto one another’s souls again as they had days before, looking for the same things in each other now that they had then. After a few seconds, which seemed like years, Kylie leaned forwards slowly, softly nuzzling Dannii’s nose with her own before they slipped into a tender kiss, their lips just meeting lightly, eyes closing, taking a moment before their tongues joined for a light caress before they split apart again, resting their foreheads together and not opening their eyes for a minute, both just breathing out slowly as they took it in. Opening their eyes, they looked into each other again, and themselves, then pressed together again, this time far more eagerly, pulling each other in with their arms, their lips locking tightly, tongues delving into each other’s mouths in a passionate French kiss, giving in to their urges, desires and needs.
Breaking apart with a ragged gasp, they were still just a couple of inches apart, able to feel each other’s hot breath, Kylie stroking an errant strand of hair back from her younger sister’s face.

“We don’t need to talk about this…” Kylie whispered huskily, sliding her hand down and under Dannii’s arm, round her soft waist and onto her smooth back, just wanting to hold her.

“I love you,” Dannii whispered, soft and quiet, just enough for Kylie to hear, and feel as she stared longingly into her soul. Kylie didn’t say a thing, for her soft, tender kiss answered everything Dannii could ever ask…


~ The End ~

Big thanks to Ghost for helping check and edit this story.

As usual, please send me Feedback if you have any thoughts or ideas. I like reading your feedback and suggestions, so please drop me a line.
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